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One Kick to the Heart

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Really, am I the only boy in this school?

"?!" Jaegu began noticing the looks from the other girls standing in the hallway.

"There he is. It's him, isn't it?" said one girl.

"Yeah! You know our school is coed now. But really? Just him?" said the other girl.

"It's pretty cool seeing a boy at school," said the first girl.

Jaegu began running, passing many other girls.

W... what's this? How is this possible?!

"Ah!!!" The scream came from both of them as they both fell to the floor after Jaegu ran into her.

Jaegu was the first one up, while the girl he ran into was still on the ground rubbing her aching butt.

"Ouch..." Then, the girl began speaking, "Hey! Watch where you're g...going..." She had paused when she caught a glimpse of Jaegu's face. She thought to herself, "Wow, he is... compose yourself Daldal!"

"I apologize, I wasn't looking to where I was going and I ran into you. I hope you're okay..." Jaegu held his hand out for her to use to pull herself up. He thought to himself, "This isn't like me, but I feel like I can trust her."

Thinking to herself as she pulled herself up using his hand, "He's nice too..."