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Re:Created Shots

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Aki Kikuchihara sat in her office. The Elimination Chamber Festival was about to kick off soon and now was a good time for her to rest. However, as she tried to do so, she noticed someone enter the office. Aki only glared before she realized who he was, just from the looks of his blood-stained sweater.

The man looked pretty old, but kept a bright happy smile. He was most definitely a white American whose fashion was pretty nostalgic for the time, mostly around the 70's. She was barely a kid then, but he recognized him all the same.

"What do you want?" She asked.

"I heard what you were doing. And... Is it really gonna be worth it?" He asked.

"We're doing what we can to stop the world from being destroyed." She said.

"That's what they said the last time they did an Elimination Chamber. You think you and the others were the first ones? No. I experienced it. Ten years ago, to be exact. If you go through with this, your original intent will be lost and everyone will kill each other." He frowned.

"... We'll make sure that won't happen. Unfortunately, if you want in, it's far too late to add you into the story, lest we risk destroying the audience's acceptance."

"No. I just want to warn you that you are not the first person to cause such a showdown... And you will not be the last." He walked over and looked out the window. "I can see it now. An ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. Good guys, bad guys, and explosions as far as the eye can see. Only one will survive. I wonder who it will be."

"We will survive, Mr. Rogers." Aki said. Mr. Rogers just shed a tear.

"I hope so."

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"Come on, one of the Creations has to be here!" Celesia moaned.

"Yeah, but we have no idea where it is..." Rui looked around, passing a glance at a stuffed animal. It was that of a purple dinosaur. He would have passed it off until it started to glow and explode into a giant, human sized dinosaur. Celesia screamed and stabbed it.

"... Oh shit, I think that's the Creation."

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"Blech! What the hell is this?" Celesia asked.

"Oh, it's this new thing called coffee. It's said to energize people." The villager who gave her it said.

"It's disgusting!" Celesia said.

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"Daddy... Kill me..." That's when Erina's face began to melt.

"Riiiight, forgot that Meteora's setting involved resurrection spells that result in zombies, hence why you easily beat them up. Heh, funny nonetheless." Suraga then runs off as Blitz is traumatized for the second time.

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"We did it! We won!" Everyone celebrated at Sirius' defeat. Sirius just walked over to the hat of her defeated opponent and picked it up. As she placed it on her head, her face began to warp. She now had the puffy black mustache that her enemy had. What's worse...

"IT'S-A-ME! MARIO!" He had taken over Sirius.

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"My creator poured so much into this world... Such passion... Such love for the setting... So when I hit the ending and realized that my long quest was really a two hour experience with a note telling me to shell out another sixty dollars to continue the story, I realized the true enemy of this world. The corporations that destroy that artistic enjoyment..."

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"So I just killed a two likeable girls and indirectly killed a third one, and while I got a massive burn from it, I'm able to recover from it and say 'Yeah, I won!'. You?" Cinder asked her partner.

"Pretty much did the same thing, but instead of being burnt, got to live in a cool world with my Creator. So win-win." Altair replied.

"Ugh, I'm so jelly!"

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"I'M HERE TO TALK TO MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!" The screeching reached the room where the Creations were getting ready.

"That godawful scream!" Joseph Joestar held his ears. "This must be the attack of an enemy stand!"

"No. It's Asta." Meteora muttered.

"His voice actor gave him this off-sounding voice. Coupled that with how his anime is going, and I can see why he joined the Military Uniform Princess..." Souta chuckled as he plugged his ears as well.

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"As much as I like to have you around, you're no good in battle." The Military Uniform Princess spoke to her newest subject, rather weak compared to Blitz or Charon. It's mostly blamed on the fact that he came from a slice of life story. "Besides, I heard that you got to meet your Creator. Tell me, how did it feel, talking to the man who stole your love?" She asked him.

"... I didn't talk to him." He said.

"Hmmm? Then who was it then?" She asked.

"Some studio. They apparently were making an anime based off the story I'm from. So I came over and told them my story." He said.

"So what happened?" She asked. "Did they destroy what little hope you had in this world?"

"... They changed it. They saved her life." He said. Altair's face didn't change, but there was stillness in her voice. "I told them how I loved her and they went and altered the ending so that she didn't die. You were right, Princess. This is a land of Gods." He said.

"... But that is merely another world. Your love is still dead in your world. Are you okay with that?" She asked.

"I accepted her death long ago... But knowing that Fuuka is alive somewhere else... that's enough to make me sleep better at night." With that, he turned around and walked away. "Good luck with that Elimination Chamber thingy. I'm staying far away from that shit." And that was the last Altair saw of Yuu Haruna.

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Of course, all good things come to an end.

As Morty is about to get a kiss from Mamika, Rick portals in.

"Morty! Thank God you're alright. Your mom would have uuuurp killed me!"

"Oh fuck..." This was the first time Mamika ever heard a swear. Needless to say, her jaw dropped.

"Alright, fun's over. Wave bye-bye to your little Jap friend and let's go home." Rick began to drag Morty by the arm.

"So... This is the Rick Sanchez I've heard so much about..." The trio looked to the sky as Altair descended from the heavens, smirking. "Rick Sanchez, destroyer of worlds... Surely you will bring punishment to the land of the Gods." Rick just face palmed.

"Really? Alright, SS Shebitch, listen. I'm o-only here for my grandson and possibly some Szechuan dipping sauce if you have it."

"Well, if you find your Creator, you can have him recreate your world to have all the Szechuan dipping sauce you can have." There's a bit of a pause as Rick turned to Morty.

"Oh you wouldn't-"

"Hey! Morty! I know this sounds weird, but hey! We've never been to Japan before! It's funny, Moouuurporty, all that time hopping across universes and we never-we never once hit up Japan."

"Rick, you are such an-" Rick then tossed Morty a hundred dollar bill.

"There, take your little friend a-and leave the talk to the grownups." Rick then approached Altair. "So, you want me to beat up some imaginary douchebags?"