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Bequeathed from Pale Estates

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Updates for all of my readers and those who have commented...


First of all, let me offer all of you the deepest and most heartfelt of thanks. Your kind words and endless responses have been a joy to read. I'm sorry I haven't been responding to them lately! Several things have been going on, both in Real Life and in my writing process, so let me catch you up on each.


Real Life... I work in a High School in the United States. Starting last month we entered Standardized Testing Season. We lost 5 instruction days to two days of testing and three days of make-up. If you work with students with accommodations as I do that multiplies testing times by double, as the students are allotted more time to get a fair chance at the test. That starts the cascade of makeup work that leaves everyone running to catch up with our students' needs while they get overwhelmed by the stress of the standardized testing cycle. We've got four more weeks of testing sprinkled through the end of April and mid-May to get through as well, not to mention county assessments. During this crunch time I'm often too burned out from the stress to write, as schools are liable for thousands of dollars in fines if they don't follow testing protocols exactly and the testing protocols are fiddly and difficult for teachers to follow. Especially given that we get a single thirty minute training session to prepare us for this task. I'm going to try and build up my old writing momentum again, but work is making it difficult. 

The Big Sequel - Madrigal_in_training is the most patient partner in crime ever. Really. She should get all the cookies on the internet (but not the kind that make your computer run slow or the NSA is spying on us with. ;) That said, I realized my story timeline was totally off if I was going to work in a couple of the awesome ideas she'd helped me brainstorm. That means I have to rewrite an outline that is 20+ pages long and totally redo my timeline and my muses for the story decided not to cooperate. So I've been struggling to get that sorted out. 

On the plus side, there is a New Story being posted right now in the series. It's a short story, with just four chapters. It will follow Theon Greyjoy, Quentyn Martell, Robb Stark, and Domeric Bolton and show us little snapshots of what they've gotten up to in the five-months-and-change that elapse between Bequeathed from Pale Estates and its sequel Heir to the Telling Senses... which, yes, has a name now. :) 


So, in short, I don't know when I'll get Heir to the Telling Senses posted or what the chapter posting schedule will be for it, but there is a new story in the series and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you, every one of you, for reading and always giving me so much encouragement. It means the world. 


(P.S. clicky on the series button, I posted Wandering Suns' first chapter already...)