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While Shooting (A Tv Show)

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They got to Jason’s house a few minutes later. Still no talking with each other and she’s still trying to keep her mind quiet. Why she had to say all of those things? It was official, she is in the middle of a fucking bisexual mess.

She get out of her toughts when she heard the elevator announcing they were in the 11th floor, Jason’s floor, but still she didn’t make a move.

“Are you coming Kim?” - she heard Trini saying out of the elevator

“Yes! I was just thinking”

“In how fucking cute I am, I know princesa” - the latina girl said laughing. She couldn’t help but smile a little bit, her mind and heart guessing everything was okay again and there’s no need to worry, at least for now.

Trini opened Jason’s door and let her get in first and the first thing she notice was the boys playing twister on the living room floor “that’s a weird position” she tought before starting laugh getting the boys attention.

“Yo, you’re finally home - Zack said coming in their direction and doing so making Billy fell over Jason’s body – ops, I’m sorry guys” - he laughed

“How was the interview girls? Are you hungry? I made some food for all of us” - said Jason, being the mommy of them all

“It was great, I learned a few british slangs – Trini said closing the door behind her and walking to seat on the couch – and there’s no need Jace, me and Kim eat at Krisppy Cream”

“You went to Krisppy Cream without me?” - that was Billy and he seemed pretty upset

“Oooh, I’m sorry Billy we’re pretty hungry”

“At least you asked for my favorite? Stra….”

“Strawberry Filled - she interrupted him – yes Billy, of course, after all you teached us what was the best at Krisppy Cream”

“So I’m cool with that” - he said making everyone laugh

“Come on girls, go change your clothes so we can finished our Power Rangers marathon!” - Zack said pushing them to the stairs

“I’m telling you Zacharias, if you push me one more time I’ll. Kick. Your. Ugly. Face.”

“You don’t have the courage” - he said
“Try me” - Trini teases

“Ok, let’s go Trin, I know you want to watch the episodes as much as we do” - Kimberly said holding Trini’s hand and forcing her to walk.

“What time is it?” - the shorter girl asked as soon as they enter the guest room

“It’s almost 4pm, why?”

“Great! - Trini said starting to unbutton her jacket revealing toned arms – I will put my pijamas”

“Pijamas? this hour?” - she was a little bit confused and a little bit amused because now Trini was ubutton her pants seeming not to care with her presence at all, and of course they changed clothes together another times but this time was different, after all something weird hovered them 30 minutes ago.

She decided to forget about everything and then she started changing her clothes; first she took off her high heels and collant.

“Need any help there princesa?” - she heard Trini asking


“With your dress, you know – she said approching her – unzipping it because the zip it’s on your back”

“Oh… yes, please” - she manged to reply turning her back to Trini and feeling her soft hand touching her shoulders before she heard the low sound of the zip being opened and a short breath on her skin, Trini’s breath. Her mind was trying to keep up with her skin messages and heart beating fasten than usually.

“Done princess, I going down stairs now so you could properly change, see you in a bit” - the latina girl said leaving the room right after.

“Okay, okay, what the fuck is going on?” she asked to herself. She would pass a lot of time talking to herself if it wasn’t Zack screaming down stairs asking her to come down already, so she did, she dress up with her pijamas and went to the living room, pretends nothing ever happened, pretends her mind was quiet.

Of course it didn’t work out the way she wanted but she keep it cool and forced herself to pay attetion to her TV show.

“Ok guys it’s my favorite scene now, everyone shut up” - Zack said

“But no one is talking Zack”
“Shut up Jason!”

“Your favorite scene its just you kicking some aliens butt?” - she heard Trini asking from the other side of the couch, she was sitting next fo Billy this time around.

“Sushhhhhh Trini!” - he said, his eyes still on screen


It was late in that night now, she was laying in bed ,scrolling up her twitter page laughing at some icorrect quotes from the show and talk to some fans while Trini was in the bathroom brushing her teeth.

“You know what princess?

“Hm?” - not really paying attention in what the other girl was saying

“I was thinking about earlier today”

“About the interview?” - she asked pretending not knowing what the other was talking about

“No, about us on Krisppy Cream and you saying that you think I’m pretty and that I have a good smell”

“You do have a good smell” - she said laughing a little

“Well, you smell good too and I’m think you’re very beautiful”

“Thanks” was the only thing she said before Trini turn off the lights and lay down next to her. She could see the small light of her cellphone illuminating her face, she could also see that Trini’s countenance was okay so why she wasn’t okay? Just because she felt something weird between them?

“What are we doing?” - she asked looking at the roof

“What do you mean?”

“About today, what were we doing and what are we doing?”

“Well princesa, it took sometime for me to thank you for the compliments and say some to you, I’m sorry if it take so long” - she said turning her body so now they were facing each other.

They just stared at each other a bit longer than they should be doing, but she couldn’t stop looking at those green eyes, she couldn’t stop looking at Trini.
“I want to propose something” - Trini said with a smirk on her face

“What?” - she asked confused

“Let’s see who is the best at flirting. We’re always flirting with each other, so I want to know who’s the best”

“And how exactly we know this?”

“If you kiss me first I am the best at flirting and if I kiss you first you’re the best” - she laughed

“You know you have a girlfriend, don’t you?” - she said laughing

“I know, but I’ll keep it to my pants, I don’t know if I can say the same about you Hart?”

“Are you really challange me, Gomez?” - Kimberly said getting closer to the other girl, if they were going to start a game she would make sure to start winning.

“Yes” - the latina girl whispered

“Okay. Let’s play” - she said before turned her body against Trini and closing her eyes to sleep. Of course she didn’t sleep right after, her mind was telling her that this was madness at the same time it was telling her that everyone is a little mad sometimes. But one thing she knew for sure, she wouldn’t lose.