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While Shooting (A Tv Show)

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"Action!" - was the last word she heard before her mind blanked. 

Now her name is Amy. Amy Johnson, and she is the fucking pink ranger. 


Her   breath   was   fast   as   her   heartbeats the   only   thing   she   could   think   of   was   that   she   couldn't   take   anymore . It  seems   like   all   of   her   body   was   begging   her   to   sit   and   rest   and  for stop  fighting   with   this   alien But even   with   this she   kept   going   and   going after all   her   besties   friends   needed  her. 

She   got   up   of   the   floor   and   ran   through   the   aliens  5  feet   taller   than   her   and   much   strong   than   her but   she   was   with   her   suit so  it  was   almost   even . For  him . 

It  was   easier   to   her   to  crash  all   of   them   to   the   ground   but   they   kept   coming   and   she   was   getting   tired   of   this of   fighting of   punches   and   kicks almost   tired   of   being  a  power  ranger. 

"Amy!" -  she   heard   by   her   side . It  was  David,  the  blue ranger. 

" Why   they   keep   coming   Dav ?" -  she   asked   punching   an   rock   alien   to   the   floor 

"I  don' t   know ! I  will   ask  Alpha. " -  the  blue ranger  told   her  "Alpha,  why   they   keep   coming We   already   did   everything   and   we   can't   take  it  anymore " -  she   heard   trough   the  communication system  on   her   suit . 

" Ay ay ay ...  maybe   if   you  use  your   weapons   together !" - Alpha 5,  the   alien   robot told   them   

" Alright   Rangers It's  time  to   combine  our   powers " -  the   red  ranger  said   while   he  came  running   to   them . 


"Cut!" - she heard and then her mind blanked


"Awesome job guys! I'm pretty sure this show is gonna hit all the media, people are gonna to love this and feel so nostalgic as i am now" - Zordon, the director, said while hugged them 


"Thank you Zordon, i hope that as well" - Jason said 


She and her fellows' new friends were wearing a suit representing their ranger color on the show. She liked her "uniform" so much and loved when she could see everyone in them owns, that makes her fell powerful and, somehow, connected to them, like a group who became friends at the detention in school. 


"Let's have lunch, I'm so hungry right now i could eat the entire table" - Trini said in front of her. Trini is the shorter of them and was kind of comic see her telling that she could actually eat the whole table. Such a small body couldn't take so much food. 


"Ok, but let me change my clothes first" - was Jason; Jason is always the "follow the rules guy", "the good guy", "the perfect guy". He is cute, and everybody likes him and the media have nothing negative about him


"Yo, no! Let's have lunch like this it'll be easier to connect to the characters and plus we can get awesome photos" - Zack, the funny guy and the trouble guy. Always having problems with girls, because he dates two or more at once. 


"Zordon will kill us if he finds out that we take pic with the suit, Zack!" - this time was Billy. Billy was the smarter of them and he started his career as an actor since he was a kid. He's the "truly angel" by the media. 


"We don't need to post the pic, just take a lot of them. Please!" 


"Alright, alright. I want pictures in this amazing suit as well and me and Trini are starving, so please let's not discuss this right here, right now." 


"Thank you! Finally, someone who's on my side" - the latin girl said raising her hands 


The group walked to the refectory making jokes about how their suits makes them feel that they had big butts or big breasts 


"Yeah, pretty sure my boobs are bigger with this suit" - Zack said looking down his chest and making everyone laugh 


"And they are bigger than mine Zack!" - was Kim's time. Hey, she could make jokes too 


By the time they all get food and sit on a table they were already feeling better and rested. Shoot a tv show for hours its tiring, but they all love it. "It's all in a day's work", Billy would say.  


"Smile everyone" - Kim said with her cellphone right on the camera, ready for a pic of all of them. 


"Let me see, let me see - Trini said taking her phone from her hand – nah, i didn't like it. I'm looking weird" - she spoke giving the cellphone back 


"You're looking cute, Trini" - the other girl said simply 


"Yeah, thanks" - she said weirdly, making Kim narrow her eyes and give to the girl a little smile. Why she couldn't take an accomplishment? It was true. 


"Let me take one" - Jason said on the other said of the table 


"I liked it, i liked it, Jason" - Billy said clapping his hands together with joy 


"Yeah, this one is so dope"  


"Zordon will kill me if i post that photo?" - Trini asked 


"Yes. Absolutely." - Billy confirmed 


"Well, i prefer my pic. It's better and Trini has a funny face on it" 


"Oh, shut up princess, you're only saying this because you look gorgeous on your pic" - Trini said smiling 


"You're saying this because you're not a good photographer as am I" 


"Yeah, you go Jason!" - Zack spoked up making everyone laugh 


"Ok, that's not a competition. You can post your photo and i will post mine." 


"Fine" - And they all kept eating, talking and laughing 


The day was finally over and now she could rest on her trailer. Unfortunately, she couldn’t go home because she would be keeping shooting for another 3 months and travel at the end of the shift for another country doesn’t seem a good option to her, nor rent an apartment close to the set, because she liked to be right on time and why not use everything she has the right to when is on the contract? 

Most of the crew would sleep on their trailers, except for the most part of the actors. Sometimes Trini would sleep on her trailer and knocked on her to practice some scene. She liked that, it made her feel she wasn't so alone at night. It was comfortable to have her around and after a few weeks she feel that they were already best friends. 

And, in fact, they are.