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Love on the Football Field

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4 weeks earlier


Lakewood Plaza Heroes vs. Boxmore Bears.


The tensions were high.


This was it.


Raymond's last first game as a Boxmore football captain for his Senior year.

Rad's last first game as a Lakewood Plaza section leader for his Senior year.


 3rd quarter. Lakewood Plaza's Hero's Pride Marching Band was packing up their props and front ensemble. Rad was running around with a drum major, his special blue plume bobbing up and down. They had to go get a drum major stand from Boxmore's Pride of Boxmore Marching Band for a contest next week.

 Raymond was on the sideline on Boxmore's side, engulfed in the game. Something blue caught his eye. He turned his attention away from his teammates on the field to find the moving blue object he saw. Oh, it's just a Lakewood band nerd with the wrong color of whatever those feather things are called. The jock was about to turn back to the game when he saw his face.

The hazel eyes.

The tan skin.

The freckles. Oh, the freckles~

 He found himself staring at the band nerd. Raymond didn't even notice that he had went all doe-eyed at that moment.

That's when he took his ha...shako off. A turquoise colored afro puffed up after the band nerd handed his shako over to the drum major with him.

Raymond couldn't take his eyes off of him. He Just watching him haul the huge drum major stand by himself made Raymond feel love. He didn't realize that his knees were shaking a little at the simple thought of how strong that band nerd really was.

Someone called Raymond's name, causing him to snap out of his daze and rejoin his team.


That was it.


Raymond fell for a guy.

A Lakewood guy.

A Lakewood band guy.

And, he wasn't even ashamed by that.




Because he was too busy looking at the other band across the way, trying to find that band nerd that stole his heart. The thought of him being ashame with himself didn't exist at all in his mind.


He was in love, and that was it.


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 High school life is not so bad when you're Radicles.

 He had everything that he had always wanted. He got his letterman jacket his freshman year, became tuba section leader his junior year, and now has his very own solo in the marching band's show this year.

 What more could he ask for?

 Maybe there was something missing, but dwelling on that thought could wait until he got home. He had more important stuff to do like close up the bodega for the night. Enid and K.O. were at a wrestling tournament that night, so it was just Rad and Mr. Gar.

 Rad was at the counter, texting Enid about the slow work day when the front door chime went off. He glanced up, and his eyes widen.

 It was the Boxmore siblings.

 "Great...," Rad grumbled to himself and sent Enid a text saying that the Boxmore kids just walked in. They didn't look at him. All they did was look around. Five minutes passed, and Darrell was the first to walk up to the counter, a six pack of soda in his arms. Rad didn't mind Darrell at all. He was a lot more nicer than Shannon and Raymond. He practically had the innocence of a small child.

 Raymond and Shannon stood about a foot away from Darrell and waited for him. Rad rang up the soda, and noticed the look on Darrell's face. He was upset about something.

 "Hey, guys," Darrell said while turning towards his siblings, "Do you have like two bucks that I can have? I'll pay it back."

 "Darrell, the last time you asked for money, you never paid us back," Shannon rudely stated while Raymond glanced up from his phone with his unamused look, then back at his phone. Odd.... 

 Rad felt sorry for Darrell. He knew that the one-eyed teen came in everyday just to buy soda. That was it. He never bought anything else. Rad knew he had to do something, and he came up with the best idea.

 "You know what," Rad started, "The soda is on the house."

 Darrell looked back at Rad, and his eye lit up, "Really?" Rad nodded his head and almost laughed at Darrell's goofy smile as he gave the teen the six pack of soda. "Thank you so much," Darrell exclaimed and ran off to go catch up with his siblings.

 Rad picked his phone back up, and noticed that it was almost time to close up the bodega. He grabbed a broom, and started sweeping the floor.

 A folded up piece of paper caught his attention. Rad picked up the paper, and opened it. On the paper, Rad read something that seemed like a really cheesy pick up line.

 The note read: "We both share the same field, but I do not know if we share the same feelings. -RB"

 RB? Wonder who that could be, Rad thought to himself. He brushed it off as a joke, but that soon became false when he noticed another note taped to the front door. He pulled it off, and started reading it, his cheeks being lightly dusted with blush.

 The note read: "Our love was meant to meet on the football field. So, let our hearts become one on the glorious home of sports and music. Let me be the handsome jock to your band nerd. -RB"

 It was signed the same way as the first one. Who was "RB" and why were they using cheesy pick up lines?


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 The Boxmore siblings were the rich kids of the town. They had everything. Everything that their hearts desired.

 However, Raymond thought, no, knew he was missing something.

 Love. A relationship. Someone who would hold him and love him for who he was.

 That was what he was missing from his "glamorous" life. And, he had already found someone.


 A Lakewood Plaza band nerd, Radicles.


 Raymond felt his heart flutter at the thought of Rad.


 His hands shook as he wrote line after line in his journal with nothing more than band and football related pick up lines. Raymond knew that they were lame, but at least he was trying. He read through every one of them and found one that wasn't so lame. " 'The music that you play is like a melody to my heart. To which my heart replays over and over again,' " Raymond read to himself, and started writing it down on a separate piece of paper.

 As he wrote the note, he thought about how Rad would have reacted to the notes that he left for him. Was he shocked? Was he confused? Was he....No, how could someone get angry over a simple litte love note? 

 This "small" crush of his that he had on the band nerd suddenly bloomed when he first saw him at a football game four weeks ago. He wanted to be with him. No, scratch that. He NEEDED to be with him. But, then remembered his father's rule on the Lakewood students.


 No dating a Lakewood student. 


 That shattered Raymond's heart. However, after thinking about it for a while, he decided to break that rule. He would rather face the wrath of his father than live a boring life and be with someone from Boxmore High. Of course, another roadblock appeared.

 Raymond was gay. His dad didn't know. He didn't want him to know. Only his siblings knew. Raymond knew he could trust them with a secret as important as this.

 A quiet knock came from his bedroom door. "Yes," Raymond responded in a questioning way.

 "Just letting you know that dinner will be ready shortly, Raymond," Ernesto said on the other side of the door. Raymond listened to Ernesto's fading footsteps, and rolled his eyes. Ernesto was probably the only one of his siblings that he could stand.


 Shannon was rude.

 Darrell is clingy.

 Mikayla only talks about cross country.

 Jethro doesn't even talk at all.

 Ernesto was... well, Ernesto.


 Raymond suddenly groaned when he heard Shannon's loud screeching.

 Darrell stoled something of hers...Again. Raymond hid his journal and notes under his bed, and practically jumped off his bed. He knew that he was going to be the one to break up whatever is happening right now.

 It happened all the time in the Boxmore household.

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 "So, someone has a crush on you," Enid bluntly stated.

 It was Friday. Game Night.

 Lakewood Plaza vs. Boxmore.

 "Yep! And, I'm going to find out who it is tonight," Rad confidently said, puffing his chest out a little.

 Rad, Enid, and K.O. were doing their normal thing at lunch. They talked. That's it. Though, today was different.

 They were throwing around ideas of who "RB" could be. K.O. was naming off every girl he could think of with those initials while Enid was naming off every guy she could think of. "Rad, are you sure it's someone from Boxmore," K.O. asked, reading one of the notes.

 "I'm positive, little dude," Rad stated, "I mean look at this handwriting. The only person I know of who can write this neat is you, K.O.."

 Enid choked on her drink, "Oh my god, Rad!"

 "I don't know whether that was a joke or not," K.O. bluntly said, staring at his friend unamusingly. Rad felt his phone vibrate, and pulled it out of his jacket pocket. "I gotta go, guys. Gotta practice with my section, so they're ready for the game tonight," Rad said as he picked up his backpack, "I'll see you guys in 7th period."

 Both Enid and K.O. waved at Rad as he took off for the band hall.

 Rad had a pace going, walking while texting his section's group chat. But, his pace was stopped when he ran into someone. "Oh, sorry about that," he said and noticed the letterman jacket the person was wearing.




 Before Rad could say anything, the person ran off. He got a glimpse of the person, and felt a strange feeling rising up. Being bi had its benefits for Rad. And, those benefits were working their magic.

 The tuba player continued on his way, trying to hide the faint blush appearing on his face. Whoever that person was, they managed to stay on Rad's mind for the rest of the day. He tried to see the person's face in his mind. The only detail that stood out to him the most was a single beauty mark under the person's right eye. Maybe if he just imagined even harder, the person's face would become more clear to him. Maybe....


 Rad jolted up, and realized that he was starting to doze off on his tuba case.

 "AH! THE GAME! I FORGOT," Rad practically screamed. A hand rested on his shoulder, and he looked up to see Mr. Peters, the band director. "Radicles, calm down. We have an hour before the game. You're fine, son," the band director calmly said.

 "Oh, ok, Mr. Peters. Sorry for yelling," Rad sheepishly said, and watched his band director walk away. He shoved his hands into his letterman jacket pockets, and felt something in one of the pockets. He pulled it out, and saw that it was another note; this time with his full first name on it with a little heart next to it.

 Oh boy.

 He opened it.

 The note read: "I know this seems weird, but, to be honest with you, I like you. No, rephrase that. I LOVE you, Radicles. I really mean it. I know that you have been trying to figure out who I am. So, allow me to help you. You will see me tonight at the game. Yes, I am a Boxmore. Look for someone on Boxmore's sideline. I will look completely different than all the people on the sideline, and I won't have a helmet on. I'm sorry if this is really sudden, but I had to get this off my chest before it drove me insane. -RB"

 Rad didn't know what to say. His words were failing him. Heat was rising in his cheeks as he read the one line that stood out to him.

 "I LOVE you, Radicles."

 Something suddenly changed in Rad. The strange feeling from earlier returned, and it felt warm to him.

 He looked around to make sure no one saw him, and put the note back in his pocket. He had to find this person. He just had to find them.

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 All Rad could think about was finding the person who had sent him the notes.

 Boxmore High's marching band was warming up with Lakewood"s band, so this gave Rad a chance to ask them if they knew someone with "RB" as their initials. Luckily. he knew the drum major.

 "Hey, Ronald," Rad called out, and watched a red head teen emerge from the large crowd of red and blue. "What'cha need, 'Rad Man'," the red head drum major asked. "Do you know anyone with the initials "RB"? I've been getting notes, or should I say, love letters with those initials on them," Rad asked, raising his eyebrow at Ronald's reaction to the question.

 "You have been getting love letters from RAYMOND?! Are you serious," Ronald nearly screamed.

 "Who's that," Rad asked. Ronald pulled Rad over to where they could see Boxmore's football team. Ronald then pointed at a tall young man with the jersey number "00".


 "You see that one right there with the pompadour haircut? That's Raymond Boxmore, Mr. Boxmore's son and captain of the football team," Ronald stated. Rad nearly had a heart attack. His raging bi side was showing for sure now. He had never seen a jock so beautiful before in his life....even if he was in the middle of yelling at his teammate. He just looked hot to Rad. Rad was quietly stuttering to himself as he just watched the jock walk around. 

 Raymond finally looked up and instantly locked eyes with Rad. Time suddenly froze. Rad raised his gloved hand and waved at Raymond. The jock returned the wave with a little feminine like wave. OH MY GOD, HE'S GODDAMN ADORABLE. Rad felt warmth rise in his faces, and pulled his shako down to hide his reddening face. "I have never seen his face that red before," Ronald's statement pulled Rad out of his little daze and he looked up to see Raymond's face flushed pure red. HE'S TOO CUTE.

 "I'm gonna talk to him after the performance," the band nerd mindlessly said as he turned to rejoin the bands.

 By some miracle, Rad managed to get through the entire marching show while being lovestruck. But, he noticed something. Raymond had watched him the entire time. He never took his eyes off of him for even a millisecond. He even noticed that the jock had a huge smile on his face when Rad finished his solo.

 As soon as Rad got off the field, he almost ran right into Raymond. Raymond's pompadour was almost tangled in Rad's blue plume and they were REALLY close to each other.

 "I...uh..I really like your solo.....Celine Dion is one of my favorites...," Raymond said bashfully. 

 "Thanks.....I...Uh...Been working on it for the past couple of weeks...," Rad said while rubbing the back of his neck.

 Rad then took off his shako, letting his aqua colored afro fluff up. "That's a pretty color...," Rad heard Raymond say.

 Before Rad could answer back or anything, Raymond's coach started yelling for him. The football captain made a last minute decision.

 "Meet me at Lily's Diner tomorrow at noon," he quickly said and gave Rad a little peck on his cheek before running off.

 Rad put a hand on his cheek, stood there lovestruck


 After the game, Rad started making his way to his van in the school parking lot. He wanted to get back to his apartment quickly, so he could go straight to bed and be ready for this sudden lunch date that he was going to have with Raymond. 

 Of course, who said that it was going to be easy to sleep while a really cute guy that you just meant plagues your mind, and won't stop being cute. 

 Just the thought of Raymond made Rad squeal internally, and not even having his Russian Blue named Coraline sleep on his face helped him at all. Rad wasn't able to function properly in the morning, but he somehow managed anyway. SOMEHOW.

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  He was amazed that he didn't get lost trying to find the diner that was hidden away in the corner of a shopping strip.

  Raymond felt a little embarrassed by the fact that he was the only one there with a brand new car parked in the parking lot. At least, he'll be able to find it later since his dark green corvette stood out.

  His phone was being blown up by Shannon and Darrell texting him, asking him where he was at and why he left his room an absolutely complete mess. He ignored them. Raymond had more important things to do.

  A familiar voice caught the jock's attention, and he looked up to see that Rad had arrived. Raymond shoved his phone into his pocket, and tried to act cool. He watched as Rad made his way to the window booth that Raymond picked out on purpose. The perfect spot for a potential first date.

  "Well, good afternoon, Radicles," Raymond said as Rad sat down across from him. "Good afternoon to you, too, Raymond," Rad managed to say without stuttering. 

  Oh my god, he's adorable. Help me.

  They talked for a while. It was if they were already just friends, and nothing more.

  But, it wasn't enough. Raymond wanted more than just a friendship with Rad.

  "So, about what you were trying to tell me last night at the game before your coach yelled for you," the tuba player said, snapping Raymond out of his daze. Oh, that. The notes. What happened last night. Him asking Rad to meet him here at the diner today. All of that.

  "Oh! Well, umm...Yikes, this is a lot harder than what I thought...," Raymond mumbled, then tried to explain himself. He was having a hard time getting what he wanted to say out. But, Rad caught on to what he was saying.

  "You have a crush on me, don'tcha," Rad asked without realizing the question actually left his mouth.

  Raymond's face heated up. "Yes....," he quietly admitted.

  That's when he felt it. Rad's hand barely touching his. Even with that slight touch, Raymond became a blushing, babbling mess, stumbling over his words and trying to hide his face in his letterman jacket. 

  Rad couldn't help, but crack a smile. He placed his hand on top of Raymond's, somehow stopping his babbling.

  "To be honest with you, I kinda also have a crush on you...But," Rad trailed off his confession.

  "But, we're from different schools," Raymond finished Rad's statement.

  They sat in silence for a bit until Raymond decided to just throw caution to the wind. "Let's forget that difference," Raymond started, "Let's just be high school sweethearts."

  "Yeah, let's do that," Rad agreed.

  They left the diner after their "date", and went to Rad's apartment. It was fairly nice minus some of the trash wanting to fall out of the trashcan and cat hair on his couch.

  "You live by yourself," the jock asked, looking around the place and spotting the culprit responsible for the cat hair; a Russian blue cat.

  "Yeah. My parents didn't want to move, so I just moved myself out. It's actually nice living by myself. I get some peace and quiet," Rad stated, clearing off the couch so Raymond could sit down. The two sat down, Rad turning on the T.V. for background noise.

  Raymond leaned on to Rad, who wrapped an arm around the jock. This is nice.

  Maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

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  It had only been a few days since the start of their relationship, and it has been going somewhat smooth. Raymond has been trying his best to hide his phone and personal journal from his father because of some.....mature thoughts in there that would make his father have a heart attack.

  Rad, on the other hand, had it easy.

  No one questioned him on anything. Well, only one person has ever said anything to him about his phone.


  "you know that this stuff can get you arrested, right," Enid asked as she scrolled through Rad's gallery, completely unfazed by some of the pictures, "Some of these are suggestive, man. I'm just tellin' ya."

  "Oh, you should see our texts," Rad quickly said. Enid raised an eyebrow and switched to his messages. Her eyes widened and she smacked Rad on his neck.


  I have made a huge mistake! WHY DID I TELL HER ABOUT THOSE?!

  Enid read every single message sent between Rad and Raymond. "You know this kind of stuff should wait until.... I don't know... COLLEGE," the wrestling captain pointed out, emphasizing on the word 'college'. "I know, Enid! Cut me some slack," Rad whined, "We got ahead of ourselves already, dude."

  Rad snatched his phone back, and started scrolling through all of his saved snaps for his snapchat. Every single one of them was at least some form of a kiss, but Rad and Raymond are both adorable dorks when it came to kissing, so each one was stupidly adorable. Enid gave Rad a side glare, and jokingly said, "Why were we never this cute when we were dating?"

  "Because you told me you were never into that cute stuff," Rad stated.

  "Oh, what? Is Ray your excuse for wanting to do that cute shit," Enid asked, wiggling her eyebrows at him.

  "I fucking hate you, Enid," the tuba played said annoyed.

  Rad's phone started ringing, and Enid glanced over to see who it was.

  " 'Ray Ray' is calling you," she said, trying to hold back her giggles.

  Rad glared at her, and answered the call, "What's up, babe?" Enid got closer, but got shoved away by Rad and earned herself the middle finger from him.

  "Yeah, I'm free tonight for a date. We can do it at my apartment," Rad responded after a moment of silence. That's when he looked at Enid and saw her wiggling her eyebrows and doing a certain motion with her fingers. Rad's whole face went red.

  "Hey, I gotta go, love. I gotta smack one of my friends in the face cause she doesn't understand what 'Mind your business' means," Rad said, ending the call, and nearly elbowing Enid in the face, "I swear to fucking god, Enid!"

  All Enid did was laugh at his red face. 

  "Why did I ever make you my 'wingman'," the tuba player angrily asked.

  "Cause we've been best friends since like preschool, and you suck at dating, man," Enid joked, earning a punch to the shoulder, "You're lucky I don't have my arm wraps on."

  "Yeah, yeah. Whatever, 'Miss WWE'," he joked back.

  Unfortunately for Rad, he didn't hear the end of Enid's nonsense for the entire day.

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Of all the people Raymond could have asked about Rad, his middle school best friend was not that person.

"Lady Dragoness" Minnera was a force to be reckon with. She had fought off countless bullies in her middle school years and became known as "The Dragon of Lakewood Plaza High" during her freshman year of high school after she single-handedly took down the football captain for that year. Rumors about her supposedly being an undercover cop started up, but it was partially true. She was interning for the local police department. No one messed with her, and no one messed with the Lakewood marching band when she was around.

Of course, "Lady Dragoness" Minnera was the most ideal person to ask about Rad. After all, she was on the band's leadership team with him, so she knew something.


"I can't believe you're dating Rad. Oh my fucking god. Does your dad know yet? Oh, shit, you're so de-," her rambling was cut off by Raymond chucking his letterman at her.

"Shut up and tell me what you know about him, LD. I need that tea asap," the jock stated, "What is there that I don't know?"

"Oof, still pushy as usual. Alright, I'll spill some tea about your man. First off, Rad is a fucking dork. Like, the biggest dork ever," the teen stated, "And, I hope you like cats cause he has one, but don't worry. It's a cute cat."

Raymond rolled his eyes, "Bitch, I want the good stuff. Give me the GOOD stuff."

"Lady Dragoness" snorted, "ALRIGHT, CHILL. Listen, I don't know much about his 'sex life', but I do know this: Abs. He has abs."

"We talking abs or ABS?"

"ABS, Ray. ABS. Like, that nice six pack abs every girl drools over."

Raymond whistles, "Oh, hell yeah. What else?"

The guard captain raised an eyebrow, "You are a fucking.....You know what? I'm not gonna say it out of respect for you, man."

"Hey, he's hot. What's a gay dude suppose to do? Not drool over every hot guy they see," the jock joked, "Besides, I gotta get some info somehow, and you're on the leadership team with him and you're one of his best friends."

"And, I'm one of yours. You know he's gonna ask for some info on you," the girl pointed out, taking a big gulp of her soda, "Especially.....the thing."

Raymond almost choked on his coffee, "I completely forgot about that," he paused for a moment, "I'll tell him when and if he asks."

It was a good enough answer for the guard captain as she didn't push the subject futher. Her phone buzzed and she looked at it. "Oh, damn. Ms. Maria wants to see leadership in 30 minutes. I gotta go, Ray. Hope everything goes fantastic for you and Rad," 'Lady Dragoness' said, throwing her half of their brunch.

"See you, LD," The jock replied, taking another sip of his coffee and pulled his phone out to text Rad.

'You free tonight?'

He waited.

A beep.

'Yeah! Wanna meet up at that club I told you about?'

'Would love to! I'll see you then!'

Another beep.

'Alright! Can't wait, babe! <3'

Raymond felt his heart skip a beat a little over the little heart at the end.

God, why am I such a softie for stuff like that?


Oh, yeah. Cause I love stuff like that.

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  Music blasted from every corner of the spacious room in The Danger Zone, a night club tailored just for teens. It was a more suitable location for teen dates and after school partying instead of the more explicit clubs. Rad's go-to choice for dates.


 He found himself seated in one of the quieter areas of the club, patiently waiting for Raymond to arrive.


"Ah, Radicles...Always the first one to get here and, on occasions, the last one to leave," a familiar voice sarcastically said as Rad looked back at who was walking up.


  "Well, well...If it isn't LD 'the Dragon Queen' gracing us with her glorious presence tonight at our little hole-in-the-wall place," The band nerd joked as his fellow band member took a seat. Another person sat down next to her, swinging their arm around her shoulders. Rad looked at 'Lady Dragoness', "Um, LD, who's this?"


  "Oh, this is my boyfriend, Randall. He plays for the Marron Elks. He's the guy I was talking to that night at the football game," the guard captain gestured towards the young man sitting next to her. His face said it all. He did NOT want to be here.


  Yeah, no.....he's scary. Probably could rip my head off if I messed with him or LD.


  Rad's thought was confirmed that Randall was more than capable of murdering him when someone got too close to where LD was sitting. The glare he had said it all. Even when the person moved away, his scowl never left. It was like he was angry all the time.


  Though, one thing caught Rad's eye about the dude.


  He looked like Raymond.


  A deep red eyes, the very faint beauty mark under his right eye, the hair style.....




  A complete opposite to Raymond's green dyed pompadour.


  Speaking of.....


  "Hello! I'm so sorry that I'm late! Shannon wouldn't shut up about some dude for a second," Raymond hurriedly said as he plopped down next to his boyfriend. "Nah, you're good, babe," the band nerd said, wrapping an arm around the jock and giving him a quick kiss on the forehead.


  "Ooh, it's a scandal! A Lakewood and a Boxmore dating! Oh my! The schools' reputations ruined by young love," 'Lady Dragoness' joked. "Bitch, you're one to talk," the tuba player retorted back. Raymond giggled, and made himself right at home snuggled into Rad's side. 


  Rad noticed the look on Randall's face. It was disgust.


  What the hell, man! We literally just met and you're already judging!


  "Randall, quit staring! That's rude," the guard captain sternly said, giving her boyfriend an agitated look.


  "Sorry, love. Just realized who's sitting across from us," Randall responded, "Damn Boxmore cap."


  "I beg your fucking pardon," Raymond snapped, "Is my presence bothering you, damn Marron cap?"


  Randall's glare became more intense as he stared Raymond down, but the jock didn't move. He didn't flinch. He just shot back an equally intense glare. Something was going to go down, and it was not going to happen on 'Lady Dragoness''s watch.


  "Randall, stop it. You promised you wouldn't start shit with anyone tonight," she stated, and watched as her boyfriend's glare faltered a bit, "Randall Marron, I fucking swear if you fight my middle school best friend, I am dumping your ass right on the spot." Well, that stopped him.


  Randall got up and started walking away. "I'm gonna go get us something to drink, babe," he called over his shoulder and disappeared from sight. 'Lady Dragoness' slumped into her seat with an annoyed sigh, "I'm so sorry about that. He can be a complete ass sometimes. Been trying to get him to stop for the past couple of months."


  "And, how long have you guys been dating," Rad asked, then added, "Not trying to sound rude here."


  "Since last year. He was really sweet when we first started dating, but it looks like his apparent mean streak showed up," 'Lady Dragoness' deadpanned.


  Rad noticed how miserable she sounded. She even looked miserable with the way she was sitting and the look on her face. Both Rad and Raymond looked at each other, and made a decision.


  "I heard there's an ice cream joint open until midnight. We can get out of here and hang out there," the jock suggests, gaining his friend's attention.


  "I don't know. Randall gets a little mad if I just ditch him," she says.


  "Actually, he ditched you, LD. He walked out when he said he was getting drinks," the band nerd pointed out. He waited for her to freak out, but she didn't. She just sighed and got up.


  "Well, then let's go to that ice cream joint. I'll ride with whoever I guess," the guard captain said.


  "I'll drive you, LD. I have room in my corvette for a passenger," Raymond offers.


  "Me? In a corvette? Fuck no," 'Lady Dragoness' joked.


  "Do you want the damn ride or not," the jock rudely asked.


  "Geez, don't get your fucking boxers in a twist there, Ray," the guard captain retorted.

  "Honestly, I feel like he's not great for you, LD," Raymond started, "He seems....I don't know.....controlling."


  'Lady Dragoness' set her spoon into her empty ice cream bowl with a clinking sound, "He isn't. He's just an ass and doesn't know when to not act rashful. He especially does not know how to act around my brothers."


  "Wait, you have brothers? I thought you were an only child," Raymond inquired.


  "Yeah, some stuff happened between my parents, so a friend of my dad took me in. He didn't want me to have to deal with that, so I live with him and two other people he adopted a long time ago. It's actually nice having older brothers," the guard captain explained, "The issue I have is my younger brother's boyfriend...Oh, excuse me, Fiancee. He's a dick, but he behaves better than Randall."


  "Is he that dude up at the school," Rad asked.


  "Yep, he's the SRO for Lakewood and the dude that calls me 'Samsung'," LD stated, taking one more bite of her ice cream before pushing the bowl away, "Him and my brother live together across town in some nice apartment complex with four cats running around. He's a real cool dude if you give him a really strong black coffee and a jelly-filled donut."


  "Interesting.....And, he'll let anything slide," Raymond questioned.


  "Not if I tell him to look out for a green-haired Boxmore jock walking up to him with a coffee and donut so he can get into Lakewood to 'see' his man," the guard captain said, glaring at the jock in question.


  "Bitch," Raymond retorted.


  "Back at ya," 'Lady Dragoness' shot back.


  "Anyway," Rad started, "Where's your car at, LD? I haven't seen it all week."


  "It's in the shop. Some dude slashed my tires then proceeded to try and smash all of windows. Never caught him though. He got away before I could wring his neck for damaging my pride and joy," the guard captain explained, "I'm getting her back tomorrow."


  "Her," Raymond questioned.


  "My baby girl, Cobrareta. You know, my Shelby Cobra GT, Ray? My dream car I raved about all of middle school," LD asked.


  "Oh....Ok, gotcha," the jock said, nodding his head.


  'Lady Dragoness'' phone buzzed and she looked at it, then looked up at the windowed store front to see another car parked next to Raymond's corvette. She recognized the car as a white and black Dodge Challenger. She knew who owned it.


  "Well, I have to go, guys. The rat man and my brother are here," LD said.

  "Wait, why," Rad asked as she got up from the table.


  "When my brothers finds out that Randall ditches me, one goes looking for him and the other comes and picks me up," she explained.


  "I was wondering who you were texting on the way here," Raymond said.


  "Yeah, Ni texted me asking where I was. I told him I was with y'all and we were heading to the ice cream parlor close to where he lives," 'Lady Dragoness' stated as she pulls her wallet out of her purse and pulls out some money, "Here's my part of the bill. Don't argue with me and just take it."


  Rad paid for both his and Raymond's parts, and was about to head outside with LD when his boyfriend grabs his hand and practically shoves himself into his side.


  "Good lord, you two. Control yourselves," the guard captain jokes.


  Both Rad and Raymond roll their eyes at her, and walked with her outside. 


  Standing next to the white car outside is a very tall man wearing all black and a gold ring on his left hand. His eyes seem greyish in color but there are hints of ice blue in them and his stare almost seemed cold to the jock and the band nerd.


  "Hey, Ni. How's your night going," the guard captain asked as she walked up to her brother, noting the other person in the car on their phone.


  "Just fine....Until Tina called to tell us that she spotted your boyfriend with his friends when he should have been with you," 'Ni' stated, fixing his cuffs, "He slipped through once again, but we will get him eventually."


  "God, you make him sound like a criminal," Raymond muttered.


  "That's because he is. He wanted for several different charges, but they're mostly vandalizing school property," 'Lady Dragoness' explained, "I only know cause I'm interning up at the station and I get to hear EVERYTHING that happens at that fucking station."


  "Well, sucks to suck, I guess," Rad jokes.


  "Fuck you, Rad," LD quipped.


  "Watch your language, young lady," 'Ni' scolded.


  'Lady Dragoness' looked at her brother with a look that could kill, but he shot back a look of equal strength.


  "Let's head home before dad starts wondering what's taking YOU so long, Ni," the guard captain said with a smirk and watched as her brother's eyes widen.


  "Get in the car," was the only thing he said and LD did as he said.


  "See you guys later! I'm gonna go get my ass kicked by my brother," 'Lady Dragoness' called before she got into the backseat of the car. Her brother rolled his eyes as he got into the driver's seat.


  The pair waved at their friend as the car drove away and disappeared into the night.


  "Well, what now," Raymond asked, looking at Rad.


  "Wanna sit in my van for a bit and possibly make out," Rad suggested.


  "Wow, subtle, Rad," Raymond sarcastically said, "I ain't opposed to that really."


  "Well, then....shall we," the band nerd asked.


  "We shall, love," the jock said.

  Raymond was NOT expecting to get home so late, but what can he say? Rad was a fucking great kisser.


  But, he knew he was in trouble when he walked into the dark house, closed the door quietly and all of the lights came on. Sitting in the living room was Ernesto, Jethro, Shannon, Darrell and Mikayla.


  "Where have you been, Raymond," Ernesto questioned.


  "Out with LD," Raymond quickly replied, wanting to get out of this awkward situation as quickly as possible.


  "Is that so, Ray? Cause I got a text from someone saying you were with her AND a Lakewood," Shannon inquired, "What were you really doing?"


  "Her friend tagged along. They were already hanging out and she invited me," the jock answered.


  "Really? Shannon's friend said you and the Lakewood were really lovey-dovey with each other the whole time," Mikayla said.


  "Yeah, REALLY lovey-dovey," Darrell added.


  Raymond didn't know what they were talking about.


  Until it hit him.


   The fucking cashier was Shannon's friend.




  He had to think of something quick. Something that is convincing enough to get them off his back.


  "Oh, that.....yeah, see, the guy's really bad at flirting so he wanted to practice," Raymond nervously said, hoping his siblings will buy the lie.


  They all looked at each other and then back at Raymond.


  "The jury has come to an agreement. You're free to go on with your night, Raymond," Shannon declared, "But, tread lightly."


  "Shannon, this is not a courtroom," Ernesto said, "You need to stop that."


  And, now the argument begins and Raymond decides he wants no part in it. He slinks away to his room and debates on whether he should lock his door to keep them out. There is that one part of him that says don't because of Jethro not liking conflicts and usually comes to Raymond as a safe zone. 


   Lock it for now, but if Jethro comes, then unlock it and lock it back.


  But, as soon as he locks it, there's a knock on his door. The jock unlocks his door and opens it to see Jethro as predicted.


  "It's bad down there, isn't it," Raymond asked.


  Jethro nodded his head.


  "Come on in, buddy. The safe zone is open," the jock says, opening his door more to let his little brother in. Jethro scurries in happily and makes himself at home in Raymond's huge bean bag chair.


  Raymond closes his door and locks it again. He pulls out his phone and checks his messages and sees one from 'Lady Dragoness'.


  'Hey, can i talk to you about something?'


  'Yeah. Whats up?'


  'It's about randall.'


  'what about him?'


  'What are your thoughts on him? my bros keep telling me to break up with him and some of the guard said the same thing.'


  'You want my honest opinion?'


  'Yeah. Be as upfront as possible.'


  'I don't like your boyfriend.'


  'Funny. rad said the same thing.'


  'He's not the best for you, honestly. i kinda agree with your brothers, but i'm not saying break up with him right now. try working things out first and if it doesn't work end it.'


  'thanks ray. i appreciate it.'


  'no prob'


  Raymond looked up from his phone to see Jethro looking at him and point at his phone.


  "Alright, Jethro. You can play on my phone," he said, handing his phone to Jethro and watch him scroll through his apps to find his little section of games. The jock sat down next to his brother in the bean bag chair and watched him play his game with content.


  "Jethro, you won't 'tell' anyone anything, right," the jock started.


  Jethro looked up and signed 'yes' with his hands.


  "Promise you won't tell anyone this," Raymond asked, holding out his hand. Jethro shook his hand.


  "I lied about the whole Lakewood practicing his flirting thing. Me and that Lakewood are dating. The others can't know and Father can NOT know," the jock explained.


  Jethro signed, 'Why did you lie?'


  "Because I knew Shannon and Darrell would go running to dad about it and I didn't want them to," Raymond said.


  'Because of the rule, right,' Jethro signed.


  "Yeah. Because of that stupid fucking rule," Raymond muttered, "Sorry, Jethro. Didn't mean to cuss."


  'It's ok. You're mad. You can cuss,' Jethro gestured, tapping Raymond's forehead and then his chest, 'Does the Lakewood know yet?'


  "His name is Rad, and no, he doesn't," the jock stated.


  'Why? I'm sure he wouldn't mind,' Jethro signed.


  "I'm waiting. I don't wanna just throw that on him out of the blue," Raymond answered.


  'I think you should tell him. You'll have someone who knows outside of the house and someone to go to Pride with next year,' Jethro signed.


  "Yeah, you got a point there," the jock said.


  Now that Raymond thought about it, he really should tell Rad just in case.....something happens. But, the question was when he should tell him.


  Speaking of Rad, his phone buzzed in Jethro's hand and his little brother handed him his phone. It was a text from Rad.




  Attached to the text was a picture of a cat asleep in the most uncomfortable position but it had a slight smile on its face, so it was comfortable.


  'That's cute, hon. What's her name?'


  'Her name is Coraline and she's my sweet Russian Blue baby!'


  'Oh like the movie?'






  'OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!'


  Raymond rolled his eyes at his boyfriend's craziness and looked over at the end of his bed, seeing what he was looking for.


  A giant lump of silver fur was laying at the end. It was the family's silver sable German Shepherd, Crimson.


  Raymond whistled for the dog, watching it raised its head and look his way. He held up his phone, took a picture of his dog and sent it to Rad.


  'This is Crimson. She's my baby girl who's a good girl.'




  'Yes, she's a SS German Shepard.'


  'Oh my God! Wait, babe, have you ever seen LD's dog?'


  'No? She has a dog?'


  Rad sent a picture of two dogs and two people next to them. One was a huge Saint Bernard with someone who looked like a more friendlier version of 'Ni' and the other a tan and cream colored dog with 'Lady Dragoness'.


  'The tan one is LD's dog, Sachiko! She is so sweet and is really chill for a Japanese Akita.'

  'What about the other?'


  'Oh, that's Sumo. He's her dad's friend's dog. He's just a big lovable lug.'


  'Is the dude next to Sumo said friend?'


  'Nah, that's Ni's twin brother.'




  'Yeah, Ni and that guy are twins. What's weirder is he's older than Ni.'


  'What the fuck'


  'Yeah.....Oh shit LD is calling'


  'Better answer quick'


  As he was about to hand his phone back to Jethro, a text popped up from 'Lady Dragoness' herself.


  'Bitch tell ya man to pick up his damn phone'




  He knew that he probably just pissed her off, but he didn't care. She never stays mad at him forever. Raymond gives his phone back to Jethro for him to get back to his game and yanks over his backpack. He pulls a book out for a class.


  "Romeo and Juliet, huh? Guess my teacher hates me that much," he muttered and opened the book to start reading, "Everyone else gets really interesting books for their projects and I get romance that ends in death."


  A loud bang at his door pulled him out of his book, and he yelled at the top of his lungs, "WHAT?!"


  "FATHER'S HOME, RAY! HE WANTS EVERYONE DOWNSTAIRS FOR LATE DINNER," Shannon shrieked from the other side of the door.


  "Come on, Jethro," Raymond said, picking Jethro up, "It's time for hopefully Ernesto's homemade chicken pot pies."


  Raymond prayed that no one brought up the whole deal from earlier in front of Father, but he just knew two in particular knew nothing about keeping their mouths shut.

Chapter Text

  It was a tradition for Rad and LD to go run through the park during the early hours of the morning on the Saturdays that they didn’t have a contest. The only reason was ‘Lady Dragoness’ was technically Rad’s “personal trainer”. They worked out together despite the fact that Rad can’t keep up with her half the time. Today was different though. It was LD’s day to walk the dogs and she had Sachiko and Sumo in tow.


  “Can we stop please,” Rad said, “Ankle’s acting up.”


  “Yeah, we can,” ‘Lady Dragoness’ sighed, “I think Sumo’s knee is starting to hurt.”


  The two stopped despite the protests from LD’s dog. The large Saint Bernard hobbled over to his owners’ sister and laid down for a bit.


  “Poor boy. His age is starting to catch up with him,” the guard captain said, petting the dog, “Vet keeps telling us to keep him active, but it’s only hurting him more.”


 “How old is he,” Rad asked.


  “Oh, about five or six now. He’s kinda old. Hank got him when he was a puppy and has had him since,” LD explains.


  The huge dog got back up and gave off a huff. He was ready to go again and was becoming impatient by the second.


  “Alright, Sumo! Yeesh! I see now why Ni hates walking you,” the girl said.


  The group started their run again and finished around noon. They headed to a cafe near the park that allowed dogs to grab a bite to eat and sat outside on its patio.


  “You know, you don’t really talk about your brothers a whole lot,” Rad starts, “Why?”


  “Because no one asks,” LD answers, “People aren’t interested in hearing about someone like me talk about their adopted brothers who are cops. Plus people see them up at the schools all the time, so there’s no point.”


  “Yeah, but like, isn’t ‘Siblings Day’ coming up,” Rad asks.


  “That old day? They work that day and I’ll be interning at the police station so I can catch up on some paperwork,” the guard captain stated, “Everyone’s behind up there and we have to have everything caught up before the captain blows a gasket.”


  “Yikes,” the band nerd mutters.


  They continued eating in silence for a while. Rad was checking his phone and answering various messages from Enid, Mr. Gar and, of course, Raymond. ‘Lady Dragoness’ was answering emails from the station and was also replying back to her brothers about a case they were working on.


  But, it was ‘Lady Dragoness’ that broke the silence with the most strangest thing ever.


  “Oh, by the way, Con and Ni think you and Ray make a really cute couple,” she says out of the blue.


  Rad chokes on his food a bit and croaks out, “What?”


  “Connor and Nines. They think you two are really cute together,” she repeated herself.


  “Oh, so now, your brothers have names,” Rad jokes.


  The guard captain rolled her eyes at her friend and flipped him off, earning a laugh from him.


  “Yes, their names are Connor and Nines. Don’t laugh about Nines’ name. He doesn’t tell anyone his real name, so he gives out his nickname that Gav gave him,” LD replied.


  Rad did a hand gesture that said ‘Continue’ and ‘Lady Dragoness’ rolled her eyes.


  “‘Gav’ is short for Gavin. He’s the student resource officer for Lakewood,” LD elaborated.


  “Oh, you mean Mr. Reed! I know him,” Rad exclaimed, “He’s the one that stands outside the doors near the grid every morning, right?”


  “Yeah, that’s him. The reason he does that is he takes me over to the tech center after practice then comes back to the school to start his shift,” the guard captain said, “He’s an ass, but he’s my brother, Nines’ ass.”


  “What about Connor,” the band nerd asked.


  “He’s single and definitely will never mingle. He’s a happy little ace,” LD said.


  At the mention of that, LD had glanced over to the sidewalk a bit and saw said person.


  “Speaking of Connor, here he comes now,” she says.


  Rad looks up to see a police officer in full uniform walking up to the cafe and noticed how his face went from serious to delighted when he saw ‘Lady Dragoness’. The person walked up to their table and took a seat.


  “There’s my little sister,” the police officer said, “How have you been?”


  “I’ve been doing good, Con. Any new developments on the case,” the guard captain asked.


  “Not yet. Captain says not to let any interns work it right now, so you’re kind of off of it for the time being,” her brother explains, “Sorry, little sis.”


  “It’s fine. I wasn’t liking the way the case was going anyway,” LD admitted.


  Rad cleared his throat to get their attention. The two looked over at the band nerd and almost immediately the realization hit ‘Lady Dragoness’’ brother.


  “Oh, You’re Radicles, aren’t you,” Connor blurted out, “The one who’s on tuba for the Hero’s Pride band?”


  “Yeah,” Rad questioningly said, “How ‘cha know?”


  “Oh, Gavin told me about you. You’re the one who runs all the way back to the band hall because the drum majors keep forgetting the metronome,” the officer says.


  LD cleared her throat.


  “And, the one who’s with the Boxmore kid,” Connor added.


  Rad choked on his food again. He started questioning everything that the person had just said. Whoever this Gavin person was apparently can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life.


  “You know, bro, I didn’t want you to blurt it out loud to the world,” the guard captain said.


  “Sorry. You know I’m the ‘loud mouth’ of the station”, her brother sheepishly said, “Dad’s not lying when he says my mouth gets me in trouble.”


  “Yeah, and your buddy, Gav can’t keep his shut either,” Rad muttered.


  “We’re working on it,” both LD and Connor said at the same time, “We keep telling him to stop, but he never listens until Cap screams at him.”


  Rad rolled his eyes, and thought of a question that he had meant to ask LD the other night. “Hey, Dragoness, quick question,” he started, “What happened after you left with your bro the other night? Me and Ray are curious.”


  “Had a talk with both Con and Ni about Randall. Did not go over well,” the guard captain stated, “Nines tried to pull the ‘He’s not good for you’ card on me, and basically a huge argument broke out between us.”


  “Calling that an argument is an understatement,” the police officer commented, “That almost became a physical fight, sis. You’re lucky Dad and Gavin held him back.”


  Rad became really concerned at the mention of that. He looked between the two of them and asked, “Is everything good now though?”


  “Yeah. Nines apologized for flipping out on me. Said he didn’t mean to lose it like that. He’s just a little too overprotective of me sometimes and something like what happened the other night really pisses him off,” ‘Lady Dragoness’ answered, “Everything’s fine at the house. Nothing horrible happened, Rad.”


  A buzzing sound catches their attention, and Connor pulls out his phone. “Cap wants to see me about that damn case again,” he grumbles, “This damn thing is gonna be the death of all of us.”


  “Well, get a move on then,” the guard captain said, “Keep me posted on what he says.”


  Her brother gives her a thumbs-up, and gets up from the table. Both Rad and LD watched him walk away from the cafe.


  “I think I prefer that brother over the other,” Rad blurted out.


  “Yeah, a lot of people prefer Connor more than Nines. Don’t worry. You’ll like both of them eventually,” she said, looking at her phone and seeing a text from Shannon, “Oh, shit. Shannon just texted me.”


  “What did she say,” the band nerd asked.


  “She’s asking about the night we went to the ice cream parlor. I think someone told her about you and Ray,” LD explained.


  Now, Rad started panicking. Someone might have just exposed his and Ray’s relationship to Raymond’s siblings, and only God knows if they’ve already told....Mr. Boxmore.


  Almost every Lakewood kid was terrified of Mr. Boxmore. Every time he came to visit the school to talk to Mr. Gar about stuff, everyone remained in their class. No one left the safety of the classroom even if they needed to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t because he was scary-looking. He was just outright mean to the Lakewood students. Only Lord knew what he would do to a Lakewood dating one of his children.


  “I’m gonna lie and tell her that you were hanging out with me and Ray. She has to buy that,” the guard captain said as she typed quickly on her phone, “I’m not gonna throw you two under the bus like that.”


  The band nerd was able to breathe easy. He was thankful that his fellow section leader was on his side and was also on Raymond’s side when it came to this mess. But, at the same time, he was kind of scared for her. She was risking a lot to keep this secret from Mr. Boxmore. He could easily have her demoted from her captain position despite him being Boxmore’s principal. He can do that. He could do whatever he wanted, and no one will say anything to him. They don’t need to tell him when they can just go to Ms. Cosma the superintendent of the school district. Now, she’s more terrifying than Mr. Boxmore.


  “Hey, Rad. Are you working tonight,” LD asked.


  “Yeah, Enid and K.O. have a wrestling match tonight, so I’m covering both of their shifts with Mr. Gar,” Rad answered, “Why?”


  “Oh, one of the flutes is having a party tonight. I was just wondering if you were going,” the guard captain explained.


  “Nah. I don’t hang around the flutes for a reason. They’re kinda crazy,” the band nerd says.


  “Yeah, I don’t blame ya. They are a bunch of nutjobs,” LD says, pulling out her wallet, “Here’s the money for the bill. Don’t argue with me. Just use that and pay for both of us.”


  “Where are ya heading,” Rad asked.


 “Gonna go practice my sabre work. It looks like shit right now,” she states, “Then, I’m going to go talk with Randall about his bullshit and what he pulled the other night.”


  Rad gives her a nod, “Good luck with that, Dragoness.”


  The guard captain grabs the leashes to her dogs and urges them along. Her friend watches her walk away from the cafe and resumes eating his salad. Scrolling through his news feed, he notices an article that seemed a bit troubling to someone like him.


  ‘New high school opening soon near Boxmore High school.’


  He had heard about this new school. It was that Marron High that ‘Lady Dragoness’’ boyfriend attends. It was finally opening after being delayed for months and it was opening up near Boxmore High. Maybe this might get Boxmore to back off a bit from Lakewood for a while. Then again, Marron High might become Lakewood’s rivals and team up with Boxmore.


  Or, maybe Rad is just overthinking it since Friday is going to be the very first football game for Marron High and it just so happens to be against Lakewood Plaza High.