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Ice Cream Date

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    Jimin choked out a laugh as he curled closer to Seokjin as they walked. Seokjin had promised him ice cream, and they were finally both free to see each other. He had missed his hyung. It felt like a century since he had his comforting presence beside him.


    “ It has hardly been that long since we’ve seen each other, Jimin-ah” Seokjin laughed when he told him, but pulled him closer as they entered the shop.


    “You know it’s almost getting too cold for ice cream, Jinnie-hyung. I think maybe we should get something warmer?” Jimin pouted cutely. It was half a tease and half out of the genuine desire to eat together. Seokjin raised an eyebrow.


“Oh really? Well I guess we can just go home.” He sighed. “I was so looking forward to it.” Jimin’s pout grew stronger and he hit him in the arm. Seokjin yelped and glared.


“Hyungie, don’t play. I wanted to see you. Meals just taste better with you.” Jimin huffed to look at the flavors. Seokjin smiled softly at his back. He gently pressed a hand to the small of Jimin’s back.   Jimin leaned into the touch. They ordered quickly, Seokjin a mint mocha and Jimin strawberry, and took it outside to eat.


Seokjin kept his hand on Jimin’s back, guiding him through the crowd as they ate. Jimin kept making small satisfied noises as he licked away, desperate to keep the ice cream from sliding onto his hands. Seokjin cleared his throat to push away the thoughts and slowly rubbed Jimin’s back as he tried to eat. Jimin cut through the silence to talk about the ridiculous shit Jungkook and Hoseok pulled during class.


Seokjin laughed loud and happy as Jimin tried not to get ice cream everywhere as he flailed around. He moved them to the side as they stopped. He felt his ice cream melting but he couldn’t take his eyes away. Jimin slowly reached the end of the story as they locked eyes.


“Hyung, it’s melting.” Jimin said softly. Seokjin smirked, but he kept his eyes locked with his as he licked the straying ice cream off his hand. Jimin let out a small squeak. Seokjin broke and giggled. Jimin pouted again.


“Don’t worry, Jiminnie. I got it.” Seokjin pulled him closer. Jimin smiled and glanced down to his lips. Seokjin hummed and closed the distance. It was a soft kiss, but was sticky. They both laughed as they rested cheek to cheek.


    “Do you still want that lunch?” Seokjin asked. Jimin stared at his unfinished ice cream and nodded.


    “Yeah I’d like that, Jin-hyung.” he answered softly. They rush the rest of the ice cream (Seokjin refused to throw them away) and headed to lunch at Seokjin’s favorite noodle place. (“Cheap,” Jimin teased. “Oh hush I’m feeding you aren’t I?) They hold hands tightly, slighty sticky but warm. Jimin looks at Seokjin, sun making his soft brown glow, and he never wanted to let go.