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Through the Sliding Door

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Through the Sliding Doors

February of 1996 was bitterly cold, but the skies were a bright blue and the pale sun made the leafless frost covered trees sparkle. Behind the protection of glass, Yuki relaxed at her kitchen table and sipped her hot coffee while she gazed out the windows at the languid scene. The lifeless winter trees didn't bring back nearly as many memories as they did when they were full of summer's lush greens, but there were a few that could make her smile. Memories…

Yuki reflected on her wild days in the late 80's while she looked again at the letter in her hand. It was from the same publishing company that had put her pictures from her earlier experiences, in the BDSM magazine. They had been memorable times that she would never want to forget, but it had been several years since she had done anything like that and she wondered what this might be about.

It was wonder too. Not fear, concern, or regret. There were no shadows or skeletons in her closet that she had to worry about. Although a lot of people might think of the pictures that were taken of her as blackmail material now, she didn't. It had been fun. She had enjoyed it. She had decided never to hide or regret anything and so far, she had never had cause to. Even now, as she fondly recalled the incredible spring and summer experiences, and the magazine issues that had covered them.

In the summer of her freshman year of college is when it had all begun. There had been her debut in the 1986 summer issue of her going through sex-slave training at the hands of her masters. With their help and attentive training, she had learned to use her body in the most pleasurable ways possible. She was instructed in the art of pleasing individuals and groups in many possible combinations.

Later that year, another issue ran a larger article on her experiences from when she willingly returned to the farm to be converted to livestock and graduated to the status of dairy cow. Those pictures showed her as she was bound and trained at the hands of both her masters and the more experienced slave/cows. One of the most praised pictures was of her surprised face when her master squeezed her breasts and milk flowed out of them for the very first time. There had also been many pictures of her being hooked up to the milking machines and drained as she hung suspended from her bindings. At the end of it all, she had been stamped with her branding as #53 before her master allowed everyone in the audience to take their pleasure from her.

During Golden Week of 1987, and in the summer of her sophomore year, Yuki (or #53 as she was known on the farm), helped to train two other girls. #54 and #61 would both learn to enjoy the pleasures of being bound and becoming a milk producing human dairy cow.

In her Junior year, during the summer vacation of 1988, Yuki wanted to have less of the preparation and more of the livestock experience than she had ever had before. She wanted to go deep into the experience and stay there as long as she could - but still be able to return to her college’s fall semester. Her understanding masters fulfilled her needs by sending her regular shipments of the additives that promoted milk production and furnished her with a portable pump to keep up her dairy output throughout the winter and spring. That summer, she was immediately bound and treated as a human dairy cow as soon as she arrived at the farm. For eight weeks, she was only allowed to eat food that was laced heavily with the lactation inducing additives, milked several times a day, and given to groups of men for their carnal pleasure. By the time her vacation was over, she had a difficult time leaving to go back to her ordinary college life. She had thought seriously of signing a multi-year contract like #32 and #48, two of the girls that had helped train her when she had started down this path. But her master wouldn't allow it. He insisted that she leave and if she still felt the same way by Golden Week of the next year, he would consider it.

As it turned out, that conversation never came up. Just a few days after her last year of college began, Yuki got a letter from the publication company once again. They were going to be sponsoring a special program and asked her if she would like to participate. Without even reading through the details, she answered yes and sent off her response. There had been no reason not to. Everything she had previously done with the the publication company and with the farm had always been safe, exciting, intensely pleasurable, and very memorable.

A few days later, she got the call that she had been selected and was told to go to the farm during Golden Week. There, she would begin her preparations and receive instructions for what she must do to be ready for what was to happen to her during the summer vacation. After arriving at the farm, she did have a moment of doubt when she saw how many people were there.

#32, who she had met during her training to become a dairy cow, was already at the farm when Yuki arrived. She also saw #54 and #61 as well. All of them had responded to the invitation and Yuki worried that she might not be selected for this special opportunity after all. But it turned out that they would all get to participate in the publishing company's new project. Seeing them all wearing clothing reminded her that she never did know their names. When they were doing the slave / dairy cow thing, it was common practice to refer to each other by their livestock number, since that was the experience that they were there for. Yuki was about to ask the others what their names were when one of the trainers came out to talk to them.

“Hello girls, welcome back.” he sounded genuinely glad to see them all.

“Hello Master.” all of the girls replied. Immediately after their reply, many of them wondered why they had all replied that way. None of them thought they would call him by that name if they happened to run into him in their regular life, so they wondered if it was something about this place that made them think that way.

“You are all here because you accepted the invitation of the publishing company for this special session, am I right?” he asked them with a smile.

“Yes Master.” they replied together again.

“Excellent!” the old man almost laughed with the excitement of another fun experience with these lovely young ladies. “That being the case, let’s get started and not waste any of the publishing company's time. Please remove your clothing and place them in the numbered bins.”

“Yes Master.” Yuki started taking off her simple button-up dress even before the Master finished talking and soon had her clothes in the bin with a tag that said simply #53. She noticed that she wasn’t the only one and in only a few minutes, all of the girls were completely naked. Yuki watched as Master and two of the other workers surrounded #32 and began closely inspecting her breasts and her belly.

“You haven’t had any problems since the childbirth?” the old man asked. He had a fist full of her hair and was forcing her to look into his eyes as the workers continued to inspect her breasts and began to prod at her labia to see the condition of her vagina.

“No Master,” #32 replied, “I haven’t had any problem staying in shape either. I think it was because of the exercise routine you put me through after the pregnancy.”

“That’s good to hear!” Master chuckled, then asked as the workmen finished up their inspection, “How is the little girl? Did you decide to keep her?”

“Yes, I did keep her!” #32 said proudly, “Her name is Kyo. She is healthy and smart and I’m very proud of her. She’ll be two years old at the end of May!”

“Very nice.” Master complimented her, “Now go through this door for the official measurements and pictures.”

While #32 disappeared through the doorway, Yuki wondered about the pregnancy they had been talking about. If her daughter will be two years old at the end of May, that means she was impregnated three years ago at the end of August… The realization hit her hard. That’s when I was here for my livestock training! Yuki recalled that #32 and #48 weren’t bent over and fucked quite as much as she was, but still… The other two girls that had been there were getting fucked by the workers and other customers just like I was. If she was impregnated back then, there’s no way to know who the father is!

As soon as the rest of the girls had been inspected, they were sent through the doorway after #32 as well. In the next room, they were weighed and photographs were taken of their profile, side, and back. Not only were their three measurements taken, but also other measurements around the rib cage, neck, biceps, wrists, thighs, calves, and ankles. Their last examination was to kneel over a grate and pee into a funnel so a sample of their urine could be collected. When they were finally finished with all the preliminary work, they were ushered through another door into the sunlight.

Yuki felt the nostalgia of all that she had gone through as she entered the familiar farm yard. This was the place where she had been trained to be a sex slave and then to be livestock. A year later she had been in this place to help train a few other girls. And finally, she had been here a year ago to spend the entirety of her summer vacation in a deeply immersive experience as a Human Dairy Cow.

Now, a year later, Yuki was back as #53 and she wondered what wonderful plans they had in store for her. She got excited when the workers moved up behind the nude girls, pulled their arms behind their backs and folded them together. This was a fairly standard position and none of the girls struggled as the workers placed binders over their forearms to lock them in place and out of the way behind their backs. Yuki felt the exhilaration of being tightly bound again and looked around to see how her fellow livestock friends were faring.

#32 stood proudly with her long ponytail running down her back like a mane. She was clearly excited too and looked like she was close to getting a sexual release just from the arm binders. #61, in her short hair and blue hair band, looked like she was eager to see what would happen next. #54, in her two long braids, also looked excited but a bit nervous too. Yuki could see her fretting as she opened her mouth wide for the workers to set a ring-gag in place just behind her front teeth.

Yuki had to stop looking around as her mouth was opened wide for her own ring-gag to be installed. The workers weren’t gentle, but they weren’t rough either when they inserted the steel ring behind the teeth and pulled the stout leather straps around behind her neck and fastened it there.

“Very good,” Master called out as the last girl got her ring-gag properly installed, “let’s get your brands back on and we’ll get you to your first feeding.”

As before, the hot paint stamps were pressed onto the skin of their naked flesh. One went on the ass cheek as always, but the other stamp was placed higher up on the belly just under the breasts. Yuki wasn’t the only girl to wonder why there had been a sudden change in the placement of the livestock stamps. But, it wasn’t that important and the workers were pushing them toward the place where they were usually milked.

This time would be different though. Although the girls were all lowered into the traditional kneeling position for milking, the vacuum hoses weren’t attached to their nipples. Instead, collars that were thick across the front of the neck and narrow at the back were placed on the girls so that they were all staring up at the ceiling with their mouths still open wide from the ring gags. This time Yuki wouldn’t have the luxury of seeing what was about to happen since she couldn’t turn her head. She heard the muffled grunts from several of the others and then it was her turn.

A worker plunged a penis shaped probe into her mouth and down her throat in a shingle shove. Over the past several years she had been trained by her Master and senpai’s at the farm to take a cock deep into her throat without choking. Still, it had been so sudden and she hadn’t actually had a cock in her mouth since the previous summer… She tried to writhe away but found she was held in place. She couldn’t scream since her mouth was completely filled. Realizing that she had no choice but to accept whatever was about to be done to her, she felt the moisture release between her legs as she looked up into the eyes of the worker.

He had pushed the probe deep into her throat until the base of the unit rested against her teeth. Only then did she realize that the thing was a giant syringe. A huge plunger stuck out of the end of the thing now embedded in her mouth. The worker smiled as he held the base of the syringe with one hand and pushed down on the plunger with the other.

Yuki could feel something filling her stomach. It felt cool as if she was drinking a large glass of cold water. A… a very large glass! Her belly felt full when the worker had only pushed the plunger halfway down. Yuki started to panic that she wouldn’t be able to take it all or that she would run out of breath before the worker was done.

The worker had no such concern however. He leaned into the plunger when it started getting difficult to push any more of the serum into the cow’s belly. From where he was, he could lean over a bit and see that #53’s belly was looking a little inflated now. Looking back at her face, he could also see that she was about out of air. He was confident that she would make it though – he was almost done injecting the serum.

Yuki was starting to black out when she suddenly felt the long probe pulled from her mouth and was finally able to take a great gasp of air. As her senses cleared, she could hear the other girls around her also gasping for air and knew that every one of them had just been fed this way. Then, without a word of explanation or apology, the collars were removed and they were all helped up and led over to the cleaning stall.

Yuki had been terribly embarrassed the first time she had been taken to the cleaning stall. It was not so much a stall as it was an open bit of foundation with a drain in the middle and a hose for the workers to clean the livestock. By the time she had finished her first training to be livestock, she had become used to being watched as she was cleaned and even when she was made to purge her bladder and her bowels.

While she was reminiscing about her training, Yuki noticed that the cleansing stall was a little different this time. Aside from the two posts where her arms and ankles would be bound, there was another post with hooks mounted on it. It looked like several medical saline bags were attached to the hooks as she was led up to stand between the posts. This time, she would be the first of the girls to experience whatever new things they had in store.

As expected, her legs were spread wide and her ankles were chained to the bases of the posts on either side of the stall. They left her forearms bound together and used large padded “S” hooks that ran under her armpits to keep her standing. The ropes connecting to the “S” hooks were pulled tight and tied off so that Yuki found herself standing on her tiptoes between the two posts. Unable to resist, or even object, she watched as a worker knelt in front of her and pulled a sterile catheter out of it’s package and approached her pussy.

“Ahhh!” she cried out through the ring gag as she felt the lubricated catheter pushing up into her urethra. She wanted to buck away from this excruciating pain, but there was nowhere to go. The only thing she could do was scream and take it while the invader slowly moved into her bladder.

“Couldn’t something have been given to her for the pain?” one of the observers asked the Master as they watched the worker now connecting the syringe of saline to the short hose that would inflate the balloon at the end of the catheter probe.

“We could, but why bother?” the Master replied, “Each of these livestock have been well trained to accept what we do to them and to follow any of our commands. They may occasionally experience pain, but they know that the pain is part of their training be become better cows. Therefore, they will obediently and willingly take whatever abuse we offer them. Of course, the relationship between trainer and livestock is a two way street: to keep their obedience, we have to keep their trust that we will never do anything to permanently hurt them.”

“Still, she seems to be in a lot of pain.” the observer worried.

“Come over here.” the Master walked up to #53 and took her left breast in his hand. Then he asked, “What do you see here?”

“Her nipple?” the observer offered.

“Yes, but see how it is hard and swollen?” the Master then said, “This is because, despite the pain… or perhaps because if it, she is getting off to the experience even now.”

“It… it could be because she is in pain.” the observer differed.

“Perhaps a test then.” the Master turned to the struggling girl and asked her, “Number 53, would you mind helping me prove a point? In a moment, I am going to ask the worker to deflate the balloon inside your bladder and remove the catheter from your urethra. Then, I am going to ask him to put it back in and re-inflate it.”

“Ah!” Yuki was only able to cry out with the ring gag still in her mouth but she wanted to know why he would ask such a thing of her.

“Let me explain fully,” the Master said, “having the catheter removed will be painful but having it pushed back in when your urethra is already sore from the first attempt will make the process more painful by far than the first time.”

“Ah?” Yuki’s eyes opened wide at the idea of suffering a greater pain than what she had already gone through.

“I know you haven’t done anything wrong and this isn’t a form of discipline either.” the Master actually caressed her face as he told her, “I just really want to see the face you make when you feel that much pain. It means a lot to me. So, will you do this?”

The tears were already starting to slide down Yuki’s face in anticipation of all the pain she was about to have to endure, but she would endure it. She only realized she was nodding yes when she saw the stunned face of the observer and the smile on her Master’s face.

“Very good number 53.” he patted her head and nodded for the worker to continue the described process between her legs. His smile was unreal to her as she felt the fingers between her legs beginning the process that would soon have her screaming.

The feeling of the balloon deflating was actually quite comfortable. But that comfort ended when she felt the tug on the probe and the hideous thing started sliding out of her body the way it had come in. Yuki grunted as the thing passed through her abused urethra and cried out as it finally exited her body. The tension fell away even as the nose of the probe fell out of her pink insides. She felt weakened and sagged from the hooks under her arms. But not for long.

It suddenly became clear to her that there would be no rest before that cruel probe was re-lubricated and on its way back inside her urethra on its way to her now empty bladder. Yuki cried out as the thing slid past her most sensitive places and felt like broken glass slicing its way through an open wound, as it inexorably slid inside her. When the rubbery balloon material tugged against the pink flesh of her urethra, a blinding flash of pain erupted from between her legs and wracked through her body all the way to her brain. Her back arched painfully and she screamed into the air above her.

“No, number 53! I need you to look at me.” the Master pulled her head back down by her hair, “You can scream if you want to, but I want you to look into my eyes the whole time. I want to look at you when you scream.”

The observer was stunned. Not only did number 53 do as she was told and look into her Master’s eyes while her urinary tract was violated, she did it despite the obviously extreme pain she was in. Even after the balloon was inflated in her bladder and the worker was done, she continued to look into his eyes while an enema probe was pushed deep into her bowels and a hose was attached to fill her up with cold water. She was not allowed to expel the water in her bowels until the workers had washed her body with soap and brushes. Then, while the soap suds were still covering her body from head to toe, she was told to expel and she did as she was told. The observer watched as a good amount of feces and water splashed to the platform and was promptly washed down the drain. Along with the dirty water, the soap was sprayed off her body as well and she was finally released from the cleansing stall so the next cow could be processed.

“I’m going to stay here and make sure every cow gets the same degree of care as number 53, while she was being cleaned up.” the Master gave the younger man a shove, “But you should follow number 53 and continue your observations.”

“Yes, thank you!” the observer noticed that number 53 was already being tied up to another wooden frame as he walked over to her.

Yuki could feel the weight of the liquid filled balloon inside her bladder and wondered why it had been left there. It was a strange feeling as if her bladder was full and she needed to pee. But she knew she had been drained by the catheter at the cleansing stall… it was a very uncomfortable feeling, and it was about to get worse.

The workers bound her between another two posts with her legs pulled wide again. The observer realized he had an excellent view of her hairy pussy and could easily see the two tubes dangling from the urinary catheter that was embedded in her urethra. He knew why the tube used to inflate the balloon was clamped shut, but the longer tube that was typically used to drain the bladder was also clamped – and that seemed odd. He watched the workers set about their work as if they had done this kind of thing a hundred times, and marveled at how quickly they completed their tasks. In no time at all, they had inserted an anal catheter into number 53’s ass and inflated the ball to also lock it in place. Then they brought out several clear plastic bags full of a slightly blue colored solution and hung them from the hooks on the posts. The solution filled bags were connected to the tubes that led to the urinary and anal catheters and the clamps were released. Number 53 groaned as the solution began filling up her bladder and her bowels. She already had a liter of whatever it was they had injected into her stomach, and now they were filling her other cavities up as well. With all this fluid flowing into her bladder and bowels, the observer wondered if he might see her tummy swell up even more than it had from the feeding, but he didn’t get that chance… this time.

No sooner had the workers started the solution flowing into her, they had donned long rubber gloves and were spraying a thick orange foam onto all her exposed skin, from her neck to her feet. As soon as the foam hit her skin it seemed to really foam up to the point that she started looking like some kind of puffy orange creature.

“Make sure you get under her arms and between her legs real good.” the older worker that was pumping the delivery can said to the younger worker that was using the spray wand, “And don’t let none of that stuff get on your skin!”

“Okaaay,” they younger man’s response sounded more bored than compliant.

“Excuse me, but what is that stuff?” the observer asked from a safe distance.

“It’s a depilatory agent and hair growth inhibitor.” the younger worker explained, “It’s going to burn off all her body hair and keep it off for five or six months.”

“Will it hurt?” the observer asked.

Yuki could hear their conversation and was pretty sure she didn’t want to hear the answer to that question, but the men talked on as if she wasn’t even there… or rather, they continued their conversation as if she was just a farm animal and was incapable of understanding them.

“Oh hell yeah it’ll hurt!” the younger man answered as he focused the spray on number 53’s exposed pussy until it was entirely hidden underneath an expanding orange foam layer. “This stuff penetrates the skin and kills off the hair follicles in a chemical process. Before the process is complete, the cow will feel like it’s being slow cooked over a fire that touches every part of her body south of her neck.”

Yuki groaned. She could already feel the foam heating up on her arms, chest, and back. At the same time though, she felt the pressure in her bladder and bowels approaching the bursting point.

“Why is it necessary to use such a strong chemical on her if she is only going to be her for a week?” the observer asked.

“What?” the old man seemed surprised to hear that she would only be here for a week.

“She’s a student.” the younger worker explained to the older worker, “As soon as Golden Week is over, she’ll be going back to school.”

The observer noticed that the younger man seemed to understand a lot more of the processes and logistics than the older one.

“Just like you?” the older man asked.

“Not quite.” the younger worker turned to the observer since they were now done with the spray foam and told him, “I saw her forms and it looks like we go to the same school, but she is a senior while I am a graduate student.”

“Ahhh!” Yuki cried out from the sudden and unexpected embarrassment. This place had always been safely remote enough that she had convinced herself that she would never run into anyone she might know from her hometown or her school. But now…

“It’s a pretty large school though and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before, so it shouldn’t be a problem.” the younger man finished his explanation. He had heard number 53 cry out a moment before, but who was to say whether it was from the pain of the blue solution filling her bladder and bowels to the bursting point, the liter of serum being processed into her blood stream by her own bodily functions, the orange foam setting her skin on fire and burning off all the hair follicles, or the embarrassment of knowing that she was being handled and processed by a fellow student from the same college that she attended.

Before long, Yuki found that she was left alone to grunt, groan, and cry out at the pain from both inside and outside her body. The workers had moved on the the next girl to be processed and then the next. She recalled her earlier livestock training and how painful the wooden horse and the metal pipe had been. In those training sessions, she had been made to sit on them for hours on end until she felt like the pubic bones themselves would be bruised for life.

When the time came to finally spray off the orange foam, the wonderful relief from no longer feeling as if her skin was on fire was blunted by what she saw. Her belly was swollen from all the fluids inside of her. If her mouth hadn’t already been held open by the ring gag, it would have dropped open in shock from seeing her own body looking like she was several months pregnant. Of course, that just reminded her of the fluids trapped inside her bladder and her bowels. She wanted to beg the workers to hurry and pull the catheters out of her so she could finally relieve herself, but still she could only make animal sounds with the gag in her mouth.

A sturdy leather collar was buckled around her neck and locked in place. From the front of the collar hung a brass cow bell about as large as her fist. Yuki would like to have had a chance to admire it more, but her attention was stolen by the cramping pain from her bladder and intestines. She barely noticed when a leash was attached to her collar until a worker pulled on it to get her moving back toward the cleaning stall.

With every step, Yuki could hear the tinkle sound of her bell and she could feel the weight of the fluid inside her as it sloshed with her movement. Each step seemed to awaken a new cramp in a different place until she finally made it back to the Cleansing Stall.

Moments after the workers finished binding Yuki between the Cleaning Stall's posts again, she felt the balloon in her ass deflate and the catheter was removed to allow her to expel the fluid that had been trapped inside her for so long. Although the catheter in her urinary tract wasn’t removed, the tube was unclamped and she was allowed to finally drain her bladder as well. Amazingly, the sense of release was nearly orgasmic as she rejoiced in the long awaited relief. So enraptured was Yuki from the sense of relief that she didn't notice the two workers giving all of her exposed skin a thorough rubdown with some high friction towels.

At first, the observer couldn’t tell what the rub-down was all about, but then he noticed the hair. Or, lack of hair. Apparently, the orange chemical foam had destroyed the hair follicles but had not burned off the hair. As he watched, the observer could see that everywhere the workers swiped with their towels, the skin came away sleek and completely free of any hair. In only a few minutes, only a redness remained on her skin anywhere that she had ever had hair on her body below her neck.

The observer noticed the expression of pleasure on her face while she was being drained and decided that she probably wasn't even aware of the defoliant scrub she had just received. Along with little tufts of body hair from the friction towels, he could see the blue fluid from her bladder and bowels as it splattering on the concrete and ran down into the grated drain. He wondered that there was so little fecal matter this time, but the workers were diligent in spraying everything down the drain regardless. As soon as she was finished with her expel and the workers had finished cleaning everything up, another set of workers tugged on her leash after releasing her bindings, and she was again off to something new.

The new workers guided her over to a wooden table with heavy leather straps screwed firmly into it. The workers helped number 53 into position on the table and used the thick leather straps to bind her firmly in position with her arms down by her sides and her legs folded back severely and spread very wide.

As uncomfortable as the unpadded wooden table was, the vulnerable position and strong bindings were exciting to Yuki and she wondered if she was finally going to get fucked by Master again. It’s not necessary to bind me so thoroughly Master, I would let you take me any time you wish! Surely you should know that by now. Yuki recalled the last time she was with Master fondly. It had been at the end of the deep immersion session from the previous summer. Having bent her over a metal rail in the milking barn, he had taken her forcefully from behind while one of the workers was thrusting his cock deep into her throat. It had given her that sweet feeling of painful pleasure while Master’s long cock brutally pounded against the back of her pussy in thrust after thrust. No matter what position Master chose to take her in, it always resulted in a bruised and battered pussy for Yuki. She knew that her vagina was not as deep as other girls and that his cock was longer than normal, so it stood to reason that he would never be able to completely fit inside her sex. But that didn’t mean he would ever give up trying and every new attempt left her in pain… and in ecstasy too. Just thinking about it made her wet between her legs again. However, the hopes for a pleasurable romp with Master evaporated when she saw the tray full of medical looking instruments set down on a table next to her spread legs.

“You should find this interesting,” the Master said to the observer when one of the workers moved in between Yuki’s bound legs and reached for the vaginal speculum from the array of devices on the metal tray, “She will now go through her first session to dilate her cervix.”

What? Yuki wanted to shout. Her cowbell tinkled as her head snapped around in surprise. Only then did she notice that the workers were taking her remaining catheter tube and connecting it to a fill bag again. “Ahhh!” she groaned her incoherent objection as she felt the speculum push deep into her vagina.

“Since the womb lays over the bladder, probing and training of the womb is normally… difficult.” the Master explained while Yuki felt the speculum being cranked to open her vagina up while a fresh load of blue liquid began filling her bladder again. “You see how number 53’s tummy swells where the bladder is being filled?”

“Yes?” the observer watched as the bulge got larger and larger.

“While it is swollen like this, it is not only pushing her tummy out; it is also pushing her womb back so that it is more in-line with her vagina.”

“But why would you need to do that?” the observer asked.

“It will help with the training.” the Master said while gesturing to the tray that held several long metal rods and an object that looked like a cross between a skinny dildo and a catheter. The rods were much narrower than the strange dildo-like device even though they had a thicker oval shaped metal tip as well. Noticing the observer's interest in the long rods, the master suggested, “Let’s watch the process, then I will explain any questions you may have.”

Yuki was hoping the Master would explain first. The idea of having her cervix dilated was scary to her. But the observer agreed to hear the explanation later, so both of the men watched as the worker selected one of the long metal sounds and inserted it deep into Yuki’s vagina. It felt very strange… with the speculum holding the soft walls of her vagina open all the way back to her cervix, she felt nothing until the tip of the sound made contact with the sensitive cervix itself.

“Aaaaah!” Yuki hollered and her cowbell tinkled, as the tip of the sound pushed into the middle of the swollen looking cervix and slowly pushed deeper and deeper into the tight place. “AH!” her cry was loud but brief as the large head of the sound passed through the cervix and into the womb itself. Just as she thought she had beaten this challenge, she felt the oblong head of another sound pushing against the cervical opening that was already occupied with the first sound. “Ehhh?” she tried to make an inquisitive sound so someone might explain to her what was going on. But no-one seemed to be paying any attention to the inarticulate noises she was making as the workman finished pushing the second sound deep into Yuki’s womb and reached for a third.

It was only after a dozen of the long metal sounds were anchored deep in Yuki’s womb before she heard Master speak again. The pain of having that sensitive place stretched by the numerous metallic instruments was mind numbing. She wanted to writhe from the pain – possibly move her hips into a position where it wouldn't hurt so much, but every movement caused the rods to reshuffle within her womb and ended up rekindling the pain from a numbing soreness to an incandescent flare that made her cry out. She still wasn't used to the pain from her stretched out cervix when she saw the worker reaching for the long slender dildo-like object from the tray.

“Aaanh! Aaanh!” Yuki's cowbell also tinkled excitedly as she vigorously shook her head in an effort to tell the worker and Master, No! Please, no! I'm not ready for that! Please don't put that thing into me now – it will break my womb!

“Mmmm, now this should be good.” the Master said softly as he intently watched the worker's next step.

The worker gathered the ends of all the rods in one hand, then took the long dildo-like device and began pushing it in through the middle of all the gathered rods. As it got closer to Yuki's cervix, it forced the rods to separate and open up wider and wider. Yuki started gasping and panting as she tried her best to deal with the pain that felt like she was being ripped apart from the inside. Tears burst from her eyes when the pain suddenly became too much.

The Master and the observer had been so intent on watching the worker at his task that they were taken aback by number 53's sudden, and very loud scream when the strange looking device penetrated her abused cervix.

“You can't possibly tell me that she is enjoying this.” the observer challenged the Master, but continued to watch the worker push the device even further into the college girl's dilated vagina.

“No, of course not.” the Master chuckled, “But an athlete must go through a lot of training and pain before they can perform well at a competition.”

“So this is necessary for her development too?” the observer asked.

“Indeed it is!” the Master explained, while they watched the worker begin removing the long metal rods one after another, “Not just number 53, but all four of the livestock in this roundup have, what we refer to as, a short cunt.”

“What is that?” the observer thought the name crass, but had not heard it before.

“The depth of their vagina's are only twelve to fifteen centimeters, so anyone with a longer cock is unable to enter them fully… at least not in the vagina.”

The observer was trying to figure out the necessity for such a procedure as he watched the last of the rods come out. Then the worker removed the speculum so that the only thing still visible that remained of his work were two tubes that connected to the dildo-like object now deep inside Yuki's womb. While the worker that had finished removing the rods got up to move on to the next girl that was now ready for him, another worker arrived with a tray full of saline filled syringes.

“So, by stretching out the cervix and training the womb to line up with the vagina, these girls will be able to allow a man with a longer cock to achieve full penetration?” the observer asked while both of them watched the new worker attach a saline filled syringe to one of the tubes hanging out of the girl's swollen pussy lips.

“That is correct.” the Master smiled and moved close to number 53. His hand reached out to her face and he caressed her cheek before taking her protruding tongue between his finger and thumb.

“Ah?” Yuki looked into the Master’s eyes and saw lust, but also kindness there. Feeling him grasping her tongue had surprised her – she hadn't realized that it had been hanging out. But it was what Master had said that had surprised her first. It had always bothered her that he had never been able to penetrate her vagina fully, but she had no idea that he had noticed her regret.

“Don't you worry little one,” the Master told number 53, “soon, your body will be trained so that you will be able to take my cock all the way into your very womb.”

“So that's it?” the observer asked in disbelief, “All of this is being done so you can go balls-deep when you fuck a girl?”

“Oh no!” the Master laughed, “This is just a happy side effect. The real purpose of the training this week is to get the girls ready for what will happen to them during the summer break.”

What… what is going to happen to me? Yuki wanted to scream the question but she knew that it would not be answered even if she could articulate it. An immediate feeling of trepidation gave way to excitement as she followed that thought.

The workers led her over to the milking area again as soon as the cervix dilator's balloon was filled with saline and firmly lodged in her womb. Once again, she was not connected up to the milking hoses and instead had to crane her neck up for the special posture collar. As the feeding probe was pushed down her throat for the second time that day, she wondered – not for the last time, what she had volunteered for.

How many more times today will I be fed this way?

Will they let me eat any real food at all?

What's in this stuff? Will it do anything else to me other than make me lactate?

This is only the first day and I've already been through this much. What else will happen to me for the rest of Golden Week?

W hat are they getting me ready for?

What is going to happen to me this summer?