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Who knows if he's been kidnapped? He's my therapist!

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When Hitoshi woke up, he expected to be home, warm in his own bed. After all, why wouldn't he be safe at home? It was only when his grogginess wore off that he realized he was in pain. A lot of pain. He tried to move his arms, only to find that they'd been tied down, and he couldn't move. At all. It was as though he'd been drugged. The thought made his stomach churn, and he wondered if there was a way to escape this mess without getting hurt.

If he was feeling the restraints correctly, then his feet were also tied down, but at an angle that spread his legs apart. He tried to squirm to close his legs, but he gave up when he realized exactly how useless the motions were.

He was mentally preparing himself for what was to come. The Hero course hadn't gone over how to react during a kidnapped situation, especially when the person who you suspected to be the captor was your former friend. Hitoshi was really hoping Deku wasn't going to follow the traditional things to do to a kidnapped person. But who was he kidding: Deku was a villain, and thus was expected to do villainous things.

Though, Hitoshi shouldn't be one to judge. Many people still thought he was better suited to be a villain than a hero, even though he'd fought tooth-and-nail to stay in the Hero course. He attempted to shift positions and realized that his clothes had been changed. He was now wearing a dark green shirt that clung to his body and opened up at his chest in a nice v-shape. Although he couldn't feel it with his fingers, the material felt like silk. Maybe it was silk. He certainly didn't know what it was. His pants seemed to hang more loosely to his body than the shirt, but they were still mildly uncomfortable. The material was also less soft and more rough on his skin.

There was a door so close to him that if his hands hadn't been tied up with rope, he could reach the door. It frustrated him that escape was so close and yet so far. He wondered if Deku had done that on purpose. If his captor was even Deku in the first place. All he remembered was seeing Deku before he passed out anyways.

He wondered if the entire situation with Shigaraki had been set up. They were villains after all. His face contorted into shame at the thought, and he suddenly wished that whoever had taken him would hurry up and arrive. He was getting sick of doing nothing but listening to his thoughts. Maybe that was his captor's aim; to drive him crazy before they even arrived to do anything to the boy.

Hitoshi pondered if his captor would come prepared for his Quirk. He pondered if his captor would gag him. He hoped they wouldn't. He disliked when he couldn't speak. It was of his only defenses. His entire Quirk hinged on being able to speak and for someone to take that away would leave him powerless, and Hitoshi didn't want to be powerless.

So caught up in his thoughts that he didn't notice the door opening and closing; the mahogany wood door locking shut with a soft click. The entire room was set in darker tones, not that Hitoshi would even bother to take note of.

The voice of his captor brought the purple-haired boy out of his stupor. "Awake, are you?" He flicked his gaze over to see Deku sitting near him, sitting in a chair, slumped over, elbows on his thighs, with legs spread wide. A predatory grin was on his face, his head slightly tilted to one side, hair covering the tips of his eyes. His head was resting on his folded hands, and unease gripped Hitoshi in its unrelenting claws.

There were many things wrong about the entire situation, but the biggest one was the fact that he hadn't gotten a read on Deku's personality yet. That much was obvious when one moment the villain was sitting down, posing, and the next he was hovering over Hitoshi, his gloved fingers tightly gripping his victim's cheeks. He leaned close, and Hitoshi could hear his ragged breath. "When I ask a question, I expect you to answer me. Do you understand, pet?" After a moment's hesitation, the villain let him go, to let him speak.

Terrified, Hitoshi spoke quietly. "Yes." When hands slammed his head, he closed his eyes as a hiss of pain escaped him. Deku was taunting him but hadn't given any clues as to what he was to be called. He ran through the common dom names he knew of. "Master?" Earned him a slap on the wrist. "Da-" Another slap on the wrist, harder. "Sir?" When no slap followed, he nearly sighed in relief. It stung, a lot.

"Good boy." Hitoshi writhed uncomfortably as the praise hit him. He knew his kinks. He was a teenager for fucks sake, but that didn't mean he wanted to be exploited by this villain.

When Hitoshi woke up, he expected some type of bonds around him, to keep him from escaping. He did not expect fuzzy red handcuffs around his wrists, which attached to a chain, which attached to a bedpost. Life was just full of surprises today, wasn't it, Hitoshi thought, cracking a smile for himself.

As he looked around his cell, Hitoshi's eyes landed on the door. It was wooden, and it didn't seem locked. Why would the door need to be locked when Hitoshi was already chained up? The questions that Hitoshi asked himself would never be answered.

As he looked down, Hitoshi noticed that his clothes had been changed. Now, he was wearing a dark green shirt that clung to him, and opened up near his neck, exposing his chest. His pants were of the same material, and of the same colour. Oh, and whoever had kidnapped was nice enough to match the fuzzy red handcuffs with more fuzzy red handcuffs. The handcuffs were locked around his ankles, and they linked to the same bedpost as the wrist-cuffs.

Hitoshi wondered why anyone would need two sets of fuzzy red handcuffs, then decided not to dwell on it. The cuffs were not purchased with the idea to actually handcuff people. Hitoshi squirmed with the thought of who touched these handcuffs before he did. He moved his wrists because he saw words printed on the cuffs. It read: Sex Slave. Hitoshi's face turned bright red.

"I see you're awake now," A familiar chilling voice spoke up. Hitoshi's eyes flickered towards the sound of the voice. It was Deku, the villain that Hitoshi had been chatting with. He was still wearing the same outfit as he had earlier, but instead of the shirt being splattered with pink, it was splattered with red instead. He had recently shed the blood of someone, Hitoshi guessed.

"One might be able to say I'm awake, but I'm still emotionally dead." Hitoshi raised an eyebrow, entertaining Deku. Deku's dead green eyes lit up with the statement. Deku's face split into a grin that made Hitoshi shudder. It was terrifying, and it looked like Deku was about to bite the head off of a puppy he was holding in his hands. Hitoshi wasn't sure how his mind made that connection, but once it was made, he couldn't unsee it.

Deku sat in a chair that was near the bed Hitoshi was chained to. His face soon dropped into a frown again, but it was more because it hurts to smile for a long time, and not because Hitoshi did something wrong. Deku seemed content to watch Hitoshi for a while, and Hitoshi didn't break the silence that followed. The more the silence stretched out, the more Deku looked like he was in pain.

As soon as Hitoshi was about to ask, Deku suddenly got up and left the room, slamming the door behind him. I wonder what that was about, Hitoshi thought to himself, watching the door for signs that Deku was there.


But after a while, Hitoshi heard something. It was muffled but it sounded like- Hitoshi thought it was- now he was sure- it was-


Hitoshi heard sobbing from the other side of the door.


On the other side of the door, Midoriya Izuku thought he was dying. He felt the world crash down around him, and he fell to his knees. Izuku tried to breathe, but he just couldn't. He honestly thought that Shinsou could help him, but no. Shinsou would be disgusted by the things he had done, just as Izuku was. Izuku had sat next to Shinsou, trying to work up the courage to ask, to speak, but he couldn't. Izuku realized he had been sobbing the entire time. Izuku was worthless. Izuku was truly a villain. Everyone hated Izuku, himself included.

Izuku can't do anything right. Everyone who thought Midoriya Izuku couldn't be a hero was right. Izuku couldn't even be a villain right.

The voices of everyone Izuku had ever known swirled around his head. Kacchan, his mother, Todoroki, Uraraka, everyone. They were all saying the same things. Deku. Deku. Deku. Deku. Worthless. Worthless. Villain. Villain.

Izuku believed them.

Izuku really was just a "Deku".

A worthless piece of garbage.

"It shouldn't be my place to care, but are you okay?" From the other side of the door came a tired, worried, somewhat familiar voice. Izuku had never been more grateful to hear someone's voice. But, it was the voice of someone he had kidnapped. Izuku let out another sob. He had officially kidnapped someone, and that someone was worried about him. About Deku. "You know, when I feel like I'm dying, I usually go somewhere that calms me down. Did you know that Musutafu has several cat cafés? I never knew that until I went looking," The voice of Shinsou rambled on.

Izuku leaned his head against the door. Shinsou's words had a calming effect on him. He was already feeling better. The voices in his head weren't screaming at him now. Instead, Shinsou's voice drove them away. For a long while, Izuku sat while Shinsou rambled. He spoke about nothing at all, but it meant everything to Izuku.

"Thank you," Izuku eventually cut Shinsou off. There was silence from the other side of the door. During the silence, Izuku made the mental decision to keep Shinsou Hitoshi with him. Shinsou Hitoshi would make him feel better. He would take care of Izuku. Even if Shinsou didn't want to, Izuku would force him.

After a while, Izuku stood up and left the room where Shinsou resided. He was thinking of the best way to take care of Shinsou.

Izuku wanted- no, needed to get better, and Shinsou Hitoshi was the only way to do so.

This was Izuku's plan. Use Hitoshi to make himself better, and never let him leave.


Hitoshi had heard the footsteps of Deku as he left. Hitoshi sighed, and stood up. As it turned out, the chains let Hitoshi go anywhere in the room he was in. There was a king-sized bed with heavy comforters and a padded chair next to the bed. On the other half of the room was a round table, a deck of cards sitting on it. In a little side room, there was a toilet, shower, and sink. Hitoshi could reach the toilet just fine, but the other two appliances were just out of his reach. Hitoshi had yet to see food, in any form.

He had helped Deku. Hitoshi had helped a villain. But, in that moment, Deku didn't seem like a villain. He just seemed like... a teenager. Well, a slightly deranged teenager, but he needed help just like anyone else. Hitoshi wondered what had happened to Deku, for him to have that state of mind.

Hitoshi made up his mind. Hitoshi was going to try to help Deku, but he would get out. If the opportunity arose where Hitoshi could leave and Deku wasn't fully healed yet, he would leave, and leave Deku behind.

This was Hitoshi's plan. Escape, but help his kidnapper along the way.