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7:14 In The Morning

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It’s 7:14 in the morning.

Izuku opens his eyelids and watches as his vision turns from black to white and finally to colour altogether. A tear drips from the very corner of his ducts and gently pours out from the creases of his scrunched up face.

He didn’t know why he was crying— or rather he didn’t understand. Faintly, he recalls a man with blood coming from his mouth pointing at the large TV screen, it was intense to say the least. Blood was forced to carry the adrenaline to his body and the small child brought his arms to his head, reshuffling to put his face deep into the depths of his thighs.

He didn’t like the dreams, the dreams of people he didn’t know in pain and great suffering.

Izuku stays in the foetal position for the remainder of the morning, refusing to go to sleep since he didn’t want to see those dreams again— at least, he thinks he doesn’t want to see the dream again.

His mother, Inko, comes by to check on him at 7:50, thinking of waking up the boy from his slumber later onwards though was shock to see him trembling and huddled in his blanket to seek any comfort.

She becomes his personal symbol of peace and basked him in the rays of her motherly aura and lulls him into submission but he still doesn’t dare to sleep and only absorbs the calmness through the pores of his skin and the faint dream that brewed steamed away into gas that diffused around his head.

He doesn’t forget. But he doesn’t understand.


He goes to school and plays with Katsuki after coaxing from his mother. He admires the other child with every fibre and matter that he was made up of, though All Might was still number one in his hero list, and he smiles at him.

“I’m sure you’ll be a great hero one day!” Izuku yells with a fist thrown into the air and a bright smile on his face.

Katsuki furrows his eyebrows, Izuku would always say that Katsuki will be one of the greatest heroes of his century though now the words he said had a little heart behind them and a sprinkle of truth on the sweet and innocent compliment. He doesn’t complain however, but notices that there’s something off with Izuku.

The other children began to play again and so did Izuku, throwing sand into the air and making sand angels (which he knows he’ll get scolded for but doesn’t want to look like a chicken in front of Katsuki) there Katsuki proclaims his heroism and aspiration to be nothing but number one.

“You’ll definitely be a hero!” Izuku smiles and claps his hands together in agreement.

“What, are you trying to say I can’t be number one?” Katsuki sneers at Izuku and he whimpers a little. He opens his mouth to say that the boy could but the words seemed to be lodged down into the depths of his throat painfully.

‘No. Kacchan isn’t number one.’ He thought, ‘a hero, definitely, but not the top.’

He doesn’t answer and Katsuki takes this as a sign of a rebellion, his hand went into a fist and a closed eyes smile sprung on his face.

“Izuku. I. Will. Be. Number. One.” He hisses at the innocent child who’s eyes pricked with tears of woe and fear. “What can a shitty Deku do, you can’t skip rocks as far as me, or jump as high as me, or even climb as high as me. I’m awesome and you’re not.”

“D-Deku?” Izuku whines at his friend. Katsuki’s lackeys also seemed confused.

“Yeah, cause Izuku can also be read as Deku, and Deku means good for nothing!” Katsuki beans proudly much to Izuku’s dismaying.

“Wow! Kacchan can read that far?! Amazing.” One of the children says, his wings flapping around with pure glee.

“He really is cool.” Another confirms, dazzled by Katsuki’s coolness.

‘Yeah.’ Izuku thinks dryly, ‘he is cool.’ He didn’t know when his feeling had changed but it did— he seems to be a little bitter about Katsuki— that has to be impossible since Katsuki is the best of the best and no one can hate him.

He feels a little guilty for hating on him, Katsuki means well— he convinces himself.

Katsuki doesn’t take the silence for Izuku well, he grits his teeth and lunges to the small child with speeds that Izuku couldn’t respond to, he pulls on his curly hair and attempts to tug it off his head in the most painful way.

The teachers come over to scold Katsuki, and surprisingly, they scold Izuku too for not saying Katsuki was cool and awesome.

That was wrong, he knows but stays silent as Katsuki is pulled away to the office. For a moment, he sees the blonde drag a thumb across his neck threateningly as his teeth was bared, Izuku would be given a sanction by Katsuki, regardless of his good behaviour.

Izuku sniffles at the pain.


Mitsuki comes in halfway and delivers a chop to her child’s head. She was scowling at his foolishness for fighting an innocent little boy. Inko arrives just a second behind her and comes towards Izuku, she lifts him to her lap and gently pats his head, hushing the child into yet again another small daze.

“Mrs. Bakugou and Ms. Midoriya. Apologies for bringing you in, it seems that Katsuki has yet again attacked Izuku.” The head says to them monotonously, the words fell out smoothly as if she had always been saving the words.

“It’s not my fault, Deku’s acting weird!” Yells Katsuki with a sneer on his face, his finger is extended towards Izuku who jostles and moves closer into his mother’s soft embrace. Mitsuki lifted her hand again to give her child a smack to the back of his head and he leans forwards to counteract the force.

“You’re being rude to Izuku, you brat!” Exclaims Mitsuki with her hand extended to the boy. “Don’t even know the name of your friend!”

“I don’t give a damn, old hag.” Katsuki retorts with a tongue sticking out to his mother. “He’s a follower, not my friend.”

Another smack hit his head.

“Katsuki.” Inko states and the boy stays silent immediately, Inko has this aura to her that reminds Katsuki of a lion in the midst of his pride and he was merely a deer in comparison to her. “You
said Izuku was acting weird. How so?”

“Usually he says I’m cool and agrees with whatever I say and he said I couldn’t be top hero!” Katsuki frowns.

“Izuku, did you say that?” Asks Inko calmly looking down at her child.

“I-I didn’t say it?” He questions, it was technically the truth after all.

“But you didn’t agree with me!” Another tantrum Katsuki makes before the ember flames of his pride was snuffed our by Inko’s icy glare.

“Don’t listen to him Inko, he’s just got a superiority complex.” Dismisses Mitsuki But Inko shakes her head side to side.

“He was acting weirdly today, Katsuki is correct.” Inko informs the head and the blonde in the room.

Katsuki’s eyes widens, surprised that he was actually correct but then scoffs to himself after words— of course he was right.

“H-he— I found him in his room underneath the blanket, he was crying and so I assumed it was a nightmare. I tried to make him fall asleep b-but he didn’t? And whenever he has nightmares he always goes straight to my room anyways.” Inko says. “Izuku, are you feeling alright?”

“Y-Yeah.” He replies with no heart put into it. Inko notices this and looks worriedly at her child.


Izuku goes home after the parents and teacher had their little talk. He walks in front of Mitsuki and Inko whilst still walking behind Katsuki who proudly led the way to his home.

Inko giggles at Mitsuki’s words, her body hunches inwards and her arm his steadied by Mitsuki’s hand, she has a grin on her face and babbles to Inko who continues to laugh and joke.

Katsuki slows down not knowing the way from there, “I’m walking with you cause I already know the way and I didn’t want a shitty Deku getting lost.” He blatantly lies though Izuku doesn’t seem to see through it and talks to him nonetheless but he doesn’t like the way Katsuki boasts— not hate per say but mild irritation which he wasn’t use to feeling.

First a faint dream of blurry faces and voices that can’t be heard and now bitterness to his friend.

Izuku doesn’t like the dream— he thinks.


“Thank you again for this Mitsuki, I don’t know where I would be without you.” Inko says with genuineness lacing her throat, Mitsuki smiles and hugs her friend tightly.

“Naw, it’s fine! Izuku is the best child, still willing to give him to me?” She asks jokingly and Inko giggles at her antics.

“Nope.” She says. “I better leave but hopefully I’ll see you again. Bye Izuku.” Inko kneels down to her son and presses her gentle lips onto his chubby cheeks. Izuku nuzzles her neck and let’s go reluctantly when she pulls away from his grasp.

“Bye mama.” He whispers as he watches her walk away from him, turning once in a while to check to see if he’s still waving which he is.

Mitsuki lifts Izuku and pats him on the back in a comfortable spiral motion, she also reeks of the motherly aura that Inko herself had though the wavelength and frequency was different to Izuku and he couldn’t see himself calming down.

“Don’t worry Izuku. Your mama will come back.” She comforts, “do you want more to eat for supper? Or perhaps dessert to fill your stomach.” She asks and he shakes his head, letting out a small sigh.

She takes him to Katsuki room. Her son lays with his arms sprawled across all four corners of his bed and yells at her son to “budge up” which he replies “get lost you old hag” and gets smack at the back of his head once more. Reluctantly after a few hundred smack and shouts he budges to the left and huffs at Izuku disappointedly.

“You better not use my toothbrush in the morning.” Katsuki sneers quietly, not wanting his mother to hear. Izuku nods not really wanting to use his toothbrush anyways.

Katsuki was the first to sleep, his All Might toy beside him and in his small clutches whilst Izuku stares at the stars on the ceiling before falling into a trance and closing his eyes tightly. He refuses to sleep, only promises himself that he would keep his eyes closed so his eyes won’t hurt, he justifies. He chants to himself mentally that he would never sleep, no matter what and yet he found himself breaking his promise.

Never make a promise you can’t keep.


It’s 7:14 in the morning.

Izuku’s eyes opens and he feels at peace as his vision turns from black to white and finally into an array of colours. Izuku allows himself to shed a tear from the ducts of his eyes and trail down the smile lines of the corners of his mouth.

He didn’t know why he was crying— or rather he didn’t understand. The dream was a lot more happier and was clearer than the first time. He still can’t see their faces— or hear them— but he can see the scenery and know that they do indeed mean well. He can tell.

He recognises one of their faces. it was Katsuki Bakugou.

He wonders what this phenomenon is and why he sees people he doesn’t know or remember— which makes him feel bad for a while.

Izuku removes the covers and gets up from the bed, trotting down the staircase quietly and heading towards the kitchen. There inside the room was Katsuki’s dad, Masaru, holding a newspaper in one hand and a cup of tea in the other. He notices Izuku from the corner of his eyes and smiles at the boy.

“Good morning Izuku, do you always wake up so early?” He asks and Izuku shakes his head in response. “Ahh, maybe it’s the environment,” he mutters to himself momentarily, “so Izuku, you must be hungry, what do you want to eat?”

“A-Anything is f-fine, Mr. Bakugou.” Izuku informs the man who huffs.

“I told you to call me Uncle, Mr. Bakugou makes me sound old.” He whines and Izuku giggles at the elder man who was pouting.

“Y-You aren’t-t old Mr— uncle!” Izuku insists and Masaru smiles at him.

“Of course I ain’t! Still got a few years to go.” He holds out his muscles to feel them and Izuku smiles. Mitsuki walks in and sees the situation.

“You call those muscles?!” She almost rolls her eyes into the back of her skull and groans. “Izuku don’t listen to Masaru, these are muscles!” She rolls up her sleeves and visible on her arms are bulky pieces of meat that can probably crush a can. Izuku looks in awe and admiration. “100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 1km run and some other things, and voila!” She says.

Izuku giggles and feels much happier than yesterday, even laughing harder than he usually does.

There’s a knock on the door and Mitsuki goes to open it, Masaru and Izuku continue to converse until Inko and Mitsuki walk back into the kitchen. He immediately runs up to his mother and wraps his arms around her waist. Even sniffling a little.

“Izuku, you alright?” She babbles and Izuku tightens his grip.

“I’m fine! Today’s dream was nicer!” He replies and beams.

“Really? What was it about?” Inko asks listening.

Izuku nods and begins to talk, “I remember being in this huuugggeeee school, and it was my first day! I was walking down the corridor and I went into this class called 1-A! And then there were two boys inside, it was Kacchan and he was arguing with this other boy and he came to me and said something but I couldn’t hear him and then this girl comes in and she says something to me but I-I could hear her voice too but she seems really nice and-“

“Izuku, Izuku breathe alright. Don’t need to rush, take your time okay?” Inko says calmly and Izuku takes her words into consideration before talking again.

“There was also this teacher, I could hear and he looked like a yellow caterpillar.” He giggles and Inko snorts.

“I’m glad your happy, Izuku.” Inko smiles at her child who jumps on her for another hug. “And what about the other dream?”

“The other dream was scary, there was a man with blonde hair all put down and he was bleeding in pain. He was wearing All Might’s costume and he looks so skinny and frail it was scary. H-he pointed to the TV screen and he said ‘you’re next’.” Izuku tells his mother who looks disturbed but doesn’t say anything, Mitsuki and Masaru also looks at them worriedly but Izuku reassures them with a smile.

“I thought you couldn’t hear the voices?” Inko says.

“I-I could hear his?”

“It’s fine now at least, the scary, bad man is gone?” Mitsuki comforts Izuku but the child only frowns.

“H-he isn’t scary. Or b-bad. He was i-in pain.” Izuku stutters and Mitsuki could only gape at the words.

“Then why was the dream scary?” Inko asks this time.

“Because I-I k-know the nice man will die soon.”

Izuku didn’t know when ‘soon’ was and honestly he didn’t want to figure it out.

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It’s 6:52 in the afternoon.

Izuku is sitting besides his mother with one cheek swollen and a slightly bruised arm. His lips dribbles out blood and some of his teeth feel numb. At the side of his right cheek, dry blood stained his cheek.

Eleven years from when his quirk manifested. Eleven years since the bullying has intensified.

“It’s fine, I slipped up a little.” He reassures her but she didn’t take it so well, it as if all the nous inside Izuku vanquished and was replaced with an alien cyborg.

“It’s not fine!” She scolds him but it enters through one ear and leaves through another, “how many times do I have to come home and see my baby getting beaten up by that brute?!” She yells loudly, too loud for Izuku’s liking and he winces in response. Her eye softens from its harsh glare into a warmer look, she wants to prod, desperately stick her nose where it doesn’t belong but she holds herself back, restricted by the chains of her son’s sad smile. “I’m sorry Izuku.” She apologises.

“You don’t need to apologise!” He says embarrassingly, “Kacchan was a little bit to brutal with his games, he’s like that to everyone.” The lies leaves his mouth so easily, like a flow of beads pouring out in large quantities.

Thanks to his quirk that is.

He remembers a lot more now, regaining his memory in different jumbled up orders, at times it would be of him as an adult, a child, a teen and all sorts of ages, he has yet to remember what exactly made him a hero, like a specific quest that triggers him to be a hero.

He knows about One For All, that made up the majority of who he was from a teenager to latter years, he knows that it cannot be forcibly taken but it can be forcibly passed onto someone. He knows that he is the successor of All Might— which almost gave him a heart attack and made him think that he could finally dream to be a hero.

Though just because he gets memories, it didn’t necessarily mean that he remembered it— like how you’re sure you’ve locked the door but you actually haven’t— so most were written in notebooks and tossed in a pile of other memories he has written down when he realised this.

One weakness is that he still can’t hear the voices. Izuku can hear Katsuki’s and All Might’s but those was probably the only voices — Izuku thinks it’s because this body hasn’t really heard the person but that is questionable as he has never heard of a Toshinori Yagi before, and yet the gruffness of his voice is still fresh in his mind. Izuku theorises that Yagi is All Might but without enough memories he really couldn’t be confident with his theory.

Another weakness of this quirk is that he cannot choose what memory resurfaces, it could be an average day, or literally about the stresses that tomorrow might bring — ‘knowing Katsuki there will be extreme stress’ he thinks solemnly to himself— or it could just be his childhood.

Lastly, the final weakness is that Izuku doesn’t know the order things will happen, not things with huge differences in age, he can differentiate them into sections dependent on ages however if the ages are close to not be able to notice a difference, then it confuses him, nothing is in chronological order and only some are useful.

They also effect him. Emotionally. Whatever the memory is about and whatever he was feeling then, he would feel the remaining feelings when he awoke from his slumber. Izuku isn’t sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing.

“Come on, let’s get you some dinner.” Inko sighs and gets up off of the stool. Izuku sees the bandage bruises and cleaned cuts and proceeds to thank his mother for all that she had done— which results in her pouncing onto him lightly and pressing her lips onto his cheek with all the love she could muster. Izuku smiles and leans into her snug hug and closes his eyes momentarily.

“Your hugs are too therapeutic.” Izuku sighs and Inko chortles.

“You said that about katsudon last week.” She replies and Izuku backs away, eyes opened wide and hand on his chest, honestly offended by the words coming out of her mouth.

“Of course, it is.” Izuku argues and Inko immediately surrenders. It seems playful though Inko hides her worries behind the safe haven of her smile, and Izuku copies blissfully unaware.


‘Doesn’t he know that he could’ve instigated a suicide by saying that?’ Izuku thinks and looks at his hero notebook burnt to the crisp with Katsuki quirk, the fish in the koi pond came over to try and nibble the remains of his notebook and Izuku frowns sadly at them. ‘Stupid fish, this isn’t food. Stupid fish.’

Today really wasn’t his day, he knows so from his dream, he gets engulfed by some slimy villain who wanted to use his body as a human body suit. That’s sadly all he remembers, he had that dream as a child and didn’t really write a lot of his memories back then seeing as he was sure he would remember them (a rookie mistake). Luckily, he remembers the signs for it, such as the teacher throwing away the future forms that everyone took their time to write— Izuku especially, hoping to become the most thorough hero as well as the one who can make everyone smile at his presence.

Izuku thinks to take a new route home, the tunnel route, far away from Katsuki and far away from where the villain could probably come out from.

He’s scared however. What if the villain decided to change his mind, this is an alternate reality in which he has a quirk after all but happens to follow through with most things.

Things changed when it first activated, Izuku was meant to be quirkless, now he isn’t.

He doesn’t want to dwell on the thought of it. The fact he’s living with one is nice— though eerie.

“Watch Kacchan! I’ll be the hero who saves everyone! Ha ha ha ha ha!” Izuku yells underneath the bridge, one fist waving in the air whilst his legs trotted forth, spreading widely with every step he took forth. “I’ll save the people with a fearless smile on my face.”

A slime drops on Izuku’s shoulder and he gulps. He reaches over to touch it and finds a green muck attached to his blazer. Slowly, he looks upwards, eyes trailing from the floor, to the walls and then right above him.

Green mucus with two pairs of yellow eyes embedded right into it, floating around. The irises were completely black and small, gleefully watching the boy and the fear on his face.

“A size M invisibility cloak.” He says with pleasure and Izuku feel his stomach flip several times in a loop. His legs react before his mind and he’s sprinting away from the beast, but of course he’s too slow from lack of training— he damns himself for it but right now he couldn’t focus on his overwhelming self hatred.

Slime pushes it way through his mouth, stretching his jaw and restricting his whole body. He cries and calls for help but in the restraints of the villain he was weak and pathetic. His eyes swells with liquid and drip down his face, he still struggles, knowing that he does manage to get free, though he isn’t sure how he escaped in his memories.

He feels the black seeping through and blinding him, he can feel his lungs desperation for air and pounding against his ribs, demanding for air he wasn’t able to provide for it.

He feels himself sinking into the green gunk and his eyes lost most of its vision.

“Detroit Smash!” He hears someone yell and tears well up in his eyes, he isn’t sure if it’s because he’s saved or if it’s because he finally met the hero who helped him.

All Might. He thought to himself, his heart stops its constant pounding and slowed down greatly, but he feels himself fall down and his eyes close.

Wind pressure.


“Oi, oi, oi! Are you alright? Come on wake up.” Izuku feels himself being smacked repeatedly on the cheek much to his dismay, he opens his eyes to the sunlight above that was restricted with a large figure. His cheek throbs momentarily, and the feeling of a prickling sensation spreads all over his face but as soon as his vision finally cleared, he let out a large gasp as he saw his hero stand in front of him.

Izuku opens his eyes wider and see his hero standing above him. He quickly backs away with a blush on his face and eyes popping out of his sockets comically, it was him, it was All Might!

“A-All Might-sensei." Izuku said aloud, his eyes sparkling and his hands trembling. The hero had turned to him confused and itched the back of his scalp. "Ah, I-I meant All Might! It was just a slip of a tongue I swear." Izuku lies badly, though the pro hero did not think much of it.

"That's quite alright, my boy. Mistakes do happen a lot often." All Might calms the smaller teen by his side, coaxing him with his words, "that's why I'm here to fix them, as the symbol of peace." He says soothingly and Izuku is immediately one to trust him. As a fan and as a student.

Izuku searches his body for his notebook, "ah, signature, signature." He looks around the find his notebook by his side, all tattered and torn and opened to an empty page, though it wasn't empty as he had thought and it had a giant writing of "All Might" on both sides of the book. "Thank you so much! I'll keep this forever! It'll be a family heirloom." He says and the hero smiles at him.

Although Izuku had visions of All Might, he can't control his fanboying regardless of the situation.

"That's quite fine, I shall be taking my leave now." The hero says as he began to stretch his legs and arms. Izuku watches from the sidelines upset and chest swelling up with woebegone feels.

"So soon?" Izuku whispers but the hero didn't seem to hear his words.

All Might salutes, "well then, my boy, please go onto support me. Goodbye!" He yells as he shoots off into the sky immediately.

"Waaaaiiittttt!" Izuku yells, grabbing the man's waist tightly and tucked his head inwards to avoid oncoming wind pressure. "I need to ask you a few more things!"

All Might, surprised and shocked, began pushing the boy off from his leg, a single drop of sweat trickles down his forehead but his smile never faltered under any circumstance. He calls out to the boy, telling him to release his grip from around his waist but realises that it could lead to the boy's death.

"Close your eyes and tuck your head in." He says to the boy as he looks around for a place to land in. Izuku grabs on tightly like his life is at stake and waits until the pressure of the winds stop trying to pull him off the waist of his beloved hero. All Might coughs and a small drizzle of blood poured down his chin as he internally swore to himself.

When he lands, Izuku's is scolded immediately. "That's was quite a dangerous feat, even if you are a fan."

"I— I just wanted to ask if I can be hero," he asks and this time it's only a partial lie, "since I was young I have dreamt of being a hero to the world, I've always wanted to give of a fearless smile such as your own. Even without a quirk."

He lets it slip out, a small lie that was once true for him but not anymore, he couldn't help it since it was still something that happened.

Izuku looks up and doesn't find All Might standing before him, instead it is a frail looking man he knows as Toshinori Yagi.

"Yagi?" He says respectfully, hoping for a reply. He sees a flicker of surprise in the man's eyes, even though it resided in the darkness of the shadow.

"And how do you know that?" Replies Yagi, lips pressed together tightly and blood trickling out of the side of his cheek. His fists are clenched, ready to utilize his quirk at any given moment.

Izuku should told him everything, he should've let it all pour out and told the trustworthy man about everything that was going to happen but instead he presses his own lips together to bite back the truth.

"Well, its cause you're All Might's assistant, are you not? People always see you around him though they believe it's due to the fact that you work with the police force but that's debatable." He looks around for a while and then looks back to him, "where's All Might?"

Yagi seems to buy his excuse, lowering himself to the walls and leaning against it.

"I'm All Might."

Izuku screeches comedically.

It's a lie but one he's willing to live by.



Chapter Text

It's 4:36 in the afternoon.

Izuku watches a stranger being engulfed in the slime that clogged his lungs. His green eyes glowers and blood is drawn from the lower lip and pools up on the wound, still he doesn't take notice and watches over at the person, regret acting like lactic acid and possessing his bloodstream with immense pain.

He feels the person pain and he grabs his uniform, not caring if it were wrinkled by the force or stretched. Filling his eyes were drops of liquid which trails down his cheek.

It's his fault and he knows it.

No hero is able to get close, they're either too busy evacuating people or they are putting out the fire that engulfs the buildings. Or they'll die and Izuku find it appalling if they care about their lives than the stranger dying in front of them. Were they not trained for this?

Still, the heroes wouldn't be placed in this predicament if Izuku hadn't been so eager in grabbing All Might's trousers, near the pocket where the villain had resided inside a plastic bottle.

He squirms alongside the person, shaking in his boots. Sadly, he doesn't remember this part happening, he only remembers being the only one that was taken over fully. He bites his lips and stands there frozen in stone, the stranger struggles more and then a burst of explosion comes out his hands.

The loud boom muffles in Izuku's ear drum as the hormones in his bloodstream took main control of his body. Izuku eyes widens, he recognizes that quirk anywhere.

The slime villain turns— facing the heroes— the person in his grasp is none other than his friend, Katsuki Bakugou.

Izuku knows that any other person wouldn't have saved their bully, but Izuku didn't. He feels that Katsuki is misunderstood, he wants to be a hero so badly and Izuku knows that he would become the greatest hero of all time. It's complex, and whilst he doesn't encourage Katsuki's bullying, he sure doesn't resent him for it.

His face was one Izuku has never wanted to see.

Katsuki's eyebrows furrows upwards and tears out of his eyes with his hand out stretch to the heroes— they very people who were meant to be protecting him, they stand far away from the danger whilst he is engulfed in the danger itself.

The irony forces Izuku to act.

So, in the spur of the moment, Izuku runs in and opens up his bag. He swings it around, ignoring the yelling and the uproar taking place behind him, and tosses it into the eyes of the slime. It retracts its slimy form and Katsuki takes an enormous amount of air in through his lungs. He makes direct eye contact with Izuku and is angered by him, teeth gritted and saliva dribbling from his cheek.

"Why?!" He yells breathlessly, the raging red of his irises glowering at Izuku. Izuku stares back at him, his body trembles and yet his eyes shows anything but fear, instead it was swelling up with determination.

"You're eyes, they were calling for help." He exclaims, tears fall from his face but his eyes showed no sadness. A smile made its way to his face, stretching from corner to corner.

The sludge is angered by this action, cursing profanities at the two teenagers— mainly Izuku— and tries to pry Izuku off but he surprisingly doesn't back off, instead, All Might interferes with it.

All Might makes eye contact with Izuku and is surprised to not see an ounce of fear in the green forest of his eyes. With a swish of his fist, the villain is blown backwards and currents forms un in the clouds causing it to rain, everyone is cheering in joy and happiness with the exception of the two unconscious boys, they laid on the ground as the sudden change of pressure swept the oxygen out of their lung.

All Might is surprised to say the least, a person which such conviction, who'd enter a battle not due to arrogance but instead it's because he genuinely wanting to help another person out. The very basis that makes up a true hero stood before him and what would he be if he couldn't even follow the principles of being heroic, putting ones life before their own is what a hero is.

Izuku is happy, a feeling of relief washes over him since Katsuki is safe. Even though it truly wasn't because of him. He knows he shouldn't be put down by this, he will be a hero regardless of what happens here.


As expected, the heroes scold him harshly for saving someone's life whereas they praise Katsuki for blowing up the place without a single slap on the wrist. There's a twinge of sadness in Izuku but he knows that it wasn't Katsuki fault he blew up the place, it's because of his fear which took control and it was unavoidable for him to use it in order to get it off him.

He's sent back as soon as the heroes are done ranting to him, Izuku didn't mind since what he did was technically against the law and could've gotten him into more trouble but as soon as he mentions his 'quirklessness' they turn their heads away, uninterested by him and in awe of Katsuki.

He walks a lone, long road. Feet dragging across the pavement tiredly and disappointedly, his eyelids heavier than ever and drowsiness taking over his system and washing off the remaining adrenaline from the incident.

"Oi." He hears a call from behind him and turns. "I didn't ask to be saved. So don't look down on me alright?!" He growls and Izuku is unafraid.

He nods and Katsuki brushes past him, purposefully barging into his shoulder and walking down the centre of the pavement to his house. Izuku frowns and looks to his hands tiredly, he wants to go home and have some Katsudon. His stomach rumbles comedically and Izuku pats it to tame the beast of his hunger.

"My boy!" Someone calls for him and he turns around. The sunset in the distance behind the muscular man in the white tee and jeans, a large shadow looms over Izuku threateningly but he isn't afraid, in fact he swells with happiness, his mind finally clicks and he understands what was going on. He remembers snippets of it but he makes sure to keep composure.

"All Might?! How did you escape the media?" He asks and the man laughs loudly, it booms down the road and off the walls with its trembles.

"If a hero can't even escape the media how would they escape villains?" Replies All Might with a smile on his face, but his form compresses back into Toshinori Yagi, the man behind All Might.

Izuku smiles solemnly and looks at the man's glowing blue irises, "I'm sorry for jumping into the danger."

Toshinori sees there's no regret in Izuku's eyes and is taken by the boy's moves. He did it knowing the repercussion of going against the laws, saving someone's life over his own wellbeing, that's something he hasn't been able to see in quite a while. He nears the boy and looks at him.

"What were you feeling running in there?" He asks Izuku and he itches the back of his scalp where the forest of his green curly hair resides, it moves with his hands and the wind, swishing side to side.

Izuku lets out a nervous chuckle, "I wasn't. I saw him in danger and my body refused to let me see him any other way." Izuku believes the conversation might take a turn to the worst and begin to elaborate on his sentence. "No offence to you All Might or any of the other heroes but if I had left him there to suffocate then he might not have lived. I know that pain well and... people were muttering, saying he was there for a while and moving so violently it must've took so much of his energy."

Toshinori laughs, "no offence taken my boy."

Toshinori is radiating with joy, even though his face seems quite grim, his heart is about to burst out of his chest.

Finally, he has found a worthy successor.

"My boy, you weren't planning on given up your heroic dream, were you?" He states as mere facts and Izuku flushes red which proves his point and so he doesn't wait for a response to the rhetorical question and continues on speaking, "you may have a tongue that swift at lies but in your eyes I see the opposite of what leaves your mouth."

Izuku almost curses, he needs to improve his lies for the future. Instead, he nervously chuckles at his hero and intertwined his fingers below his waistline as his feet shuffles against the ground anxiously. Toshinori doesn't think much of it, he thinks it's due to bashfulness in being caught up in his web of lies and so he covers his mouth to stop another laugh erupting from his throat.

"It's fine, it's fine. Youngsters will be youngsters after all. But anyways. I came to apologies," Toshinori says and Izuku is just about to interrupt him until he raises his hand up, "no, let me finish. Whilst I preached and spoke about heroic values, I didn't follow it up myself. If you hadn't jumped in there, I wouldn't have. I was so caught up with my time limit that my mind couldn't function as well as it should've and an innocent young boy could've been seriously injured by it."

"Wouldn't a thank you be better than an apology? I—I mean I'm still partially to blame for grabbing onto you and all and I feel like you aren't one to take my apologies." He rambles and Toshinori gives a small smile.

Letting out a scoff, he looks into the boy's eyes. "Then thank you, my boy. But that is not the reason why I had chased you up. What I came for was actually something else. I want you to be my successor. I believe you are worthy of carrying my Quirk, One For All."

For a teenager he has just met, he seems to know a lot about his antics.

"One For All." Izuku whispers underneath his breath, his hand clenches either side of his torso and his eyes opens widely to watch Toshinori's unfaltering gaze.

"Yes, it is a quirk that can be passed down from person to person, and I am the eighth." He answers and Izuku's eyes brightens more. "And I want you to have it."

Izuku inhales sharply, the cold, crisp air enters his lungs and it is a though all the warmth in his body has left. He feels the blood rush to his head as if he was held upside down. He knows it was coming but he can't help but feel emotional, so many calls him deluded, insane, and an idiot for trying to dream so big, bigger than what he was meant to be and yet now for once someone is telling him otherwise.

He knows the visions are truthful, they've never told him a single wrong thing but hearing in person makes it just as breath taking as it should be. Without realising, he feels the tears in his eyes expand to fill the bottom lid and seep out through the red corners of his eye and trail down his cheek. He falls to the ground, kneeling in front of Toshinori as he tries to choke a sob back.

Toshinori is shocked but sympathises with him, he knows how it feels to be quirkless. He stands afar from him, stretching his hand out to the boy. "So, what do you say?"

He knows the answer, of course he does, it clear in the teens stance, his heart showing right on the cuffs of his sleeves that have been pained but now healed by Toshinori own words. Izuku looks up and Toshinori sees the same eyes that he saw from when he was saving the explosive male back at the plaza.


"Yes, I'll accept." Izuku cries happily.


It's 7:14 in the morning.

Izuku clutches his chest painfully and almost screams. He bites it back painfully and lodges the words into the depths of his throat, his head pounds with the rhythm of his pulsating heart and his hands quiver by his sides as he steadies himself off the side of the bed.

Only a day after meeting All Might and his bad dreams relapses.

He gets up as quick as possible and stumbles to his desk, pulling out the top drawer and taking out his emergency notebook and pen, writing inside what he remembers from his dream. Izuku slams it open on the desk to any odd page and begins to write quickly, pen tracing the paper with harshness as the ink spills from his ballpoint pen and taints the pure white colour of the paper with its inky blue.

He remembers seeing the Noumu and remembers one other person.

Tomura Shigaraki.

The man who disintegrates with a touch of a finger. His teacher almost dying in the grasp of an amalgamated person and Tsuyu face being held delicately in the fingertips of a frightful man. He wasn't able to do anything sadly, standing there as the scarred man zooms past and grabs a hold of her.

Izuku knows she lives to see another day, but he rather people live without having to experience trauma or extreme pain from injuries, like Eraserhead.

He writes down the signs that trigger this event which was a coach ride to USJ.




Chapter Text

It's 8:30 in the afternoon.

Thirteen days after training, thirteen days after the dreaded dream. He recalls it so clearly, it was almost as it happened— of course it did, it was a more of a vision than a dream— but it was so intense. He feels the adrenaline seep slowly into his bloodstream and forces the pump of his heart to activate.

Days had pass by so swiftly his mind couldn’t fully prepare for anything, Izuku’s head aches from the vision would blur at times. Emotions from intense events don’t usually last long, sure they effect his well-being throughout the day but this particular one really got him to think.

Izuku interlocks his fingers into one large amalgamate and dryly stares down at the tangled mess that was his hand. He feels the droplets of sweat build up from out his pours and loosens his tight grasp on his other hand, slowly it slips away until the sudden shock of both his hands flying in different directions jolted him up and snaps him out of his hypnotic state.

"My boy, are you alright?" A sound came by his side, he looks up to his all time favorite hero in despair and tried to shrug off the feeling and yet it grew stronger in the depths of his chest and clogs his lungs like one huge cloud of corruption which made him doubt everything he ever thought about.

"I-It's fine, I'm just thinking is all." Izuku replies with a light hum, hair blown eastwards alongside the waves from the sea at Dagobah Beach. Mesmerized by the way it shifted, Izuku couldn't help but watch as the ocean glistened underneath the setting sun, giving off an amber colour rather than the usual clear blue. Yet despite it being tainted by the orange of the sunset, he still could find himself unable to turn his head away.

Toshinori turns to the sea, taking a seat by Izuku side on the rocky and unused pathway and brushing his frail fingers into the grains of sand below him. "You can always ask me for help. If I am unable to do anything, it'd help telling someone." He says wisely, knowledge Izuku has yet to comprehend as a teenager but already had a grasp on it.

"Hypothetically, if someone could see the future and decided to change things from turning worse, would they then cause more problems in the later future since the event didn't happen or would the universe decide to make more problems from there to make up for it." Izuku blurts all in one gasp, he tried to be as cryptic as possible, using tentative language whenever he spoke about it and a third person point of view rather than first.

"Well, there are two types of people, the ones who believe the universe is set in stone and so whatever they do to change it will either comeback at a different time or change for the worse since that one event has been changed." Toshinori replies with a calm, solemn tone, Izuku crouches further and grabs another rock to skip into the ocean, causing ripples to form one by one in a elliptical shape from the center till the edges. "But, there are those that believe nothing is set, everything can change to the best or to the worst. The universe is infinite, so shouldn't possibilities be too?"

Solemnly, Izuku smiles and brushes his grassy, green hair away from his face. He didn’t like getting a tentative answer back, but he wasn't going to wait for any condolence or a pat on the back to reassure him, it's better to rip a bandaid clean than have it attach to the hairs of your skin and peel away slowly. Then, Toshinori decides to add a few more wiser words.

"If this person can see the future, and haven't tried to change it before they know it'd be idiotic to not do so." Toshinori says, feeling the sand fall from his tightly clenched fist, the grass tickling the inbetweens of his fingers. "If I had a chance, I'd do it if it meant that the event take a turn for the best, not watching for the reprocussions later."

"So, do you believe everything is due to fate." Izuku turns to Toshinori, his green eyes glowed from the natural sunlight and showed the individual lines circulating his pupils.

Getting up from his spot, he walks in front of Izuku. Then pivots away from the sunlight and kneels down to look the boy in his eyes. A shadow was cast upon Izuku and covers him completely even though Toshinori wasn’t in his hero form and yet he felt no threat from it, instead the uncomfortable warmth that burnt into his skin earlier became cooler, much more easier to handle. "I'm not sure myself, but I'll never know unless I try."

Izuku lightly hums, tapping his knees in a rhythmic beat, twice on his right and once on his left. It repeated from there like a loop until Toshinori lightly places his hands over Izuku’s politely. The loop was broken.

He felt a sense of comfort knowing things weren’t going to be the same. Even though, he likes knowing what was going on at what times, change was sometimes also good.

However, doubt never did leave him, it still blocks his airways and surrounds his vision, acting like a psychedelic drug and causing him to hallucinate all of the things that could go wrong just by altering the timeline.

“Thanks All Might, I really appreciate it.” Izuku beams, despite the fact All Might hadn’t fixed it, it did lift a lot of weights from his shoulders. Maybe not the weights of doubt, but more of the anxiety and pain. Pressing his hand against the rocky pathway, Izuku pushes himself up as did Toshinori simultaneously.

The wind had long before calmed and the ocean fell still, nothing on this beaches moved, it was just a dump ruined by others. It wasn’t as mesmerising— still, he was infatuated with it just as before.

“You better head home, wouldn’t want your mother to be worried.” Toshinori warns the boy, brushing of the excess sand from his knees and watching it crumble down to the larger pit of sand below him.

“A-Alright.” Izuku says, finally turning his head away from the view and to his backpack by his side.

“A-And Kid, don’t be afraid to ask me about things. I can’t say I can give you a finite answer but it’s better than over complicating to make up for other people’s opinions.” He grins grimly, it hadn’t suited his features and almost seemed rigid for a guy who’s always smiling, yet it was filled with greater genuineness than any other smile he had seen in both of his lives.

Izuku knew All Might couldn’t help, but still Toshinori Yagi seemed to be just as great as a listener than All Might was as a hero.

“Thank you, Yagi-san. I-I mean if you’re alright with me calling you that.” Izuku asks politely, reverting back to the stuttering mess he was before as he frantically waved his arms around in an anxious manner, afraid he had offended the man.

“It’s better than yelling All Might at a man who literally looks and acts the opposite from him.” Toshinori jokes back with a small laughter.

“I-I wouldn’t say you act differently, you’re still my hero.” Inaudibly, he mutters under his breath. Toshinori plays a deaf ear to it, but the fluster face he had one said otherwise.



When Izuku appears on the porch of his house with sweat reeking out of his pores on his face and body at 9:00 at night, he expects a harsh scolding or a small punishment for disobedience and yet here he was, his mother’s body thrown at his own as her arms tightens around his waist.

She’d be worried, of course, Izuku was never out late on a Friday— whilst he still did training he came back earlier— it was even on his timetable but he hadn’t been able to focus and the beach was the only place he thought could clear his mind from the problem if he stayed.

It hadn’t, but it’s healed it slightly.

“D-Do you know how worried I was these past few days.” She cries on his shoulders and weeps loudly, not caring if the neighbours heard her loud wails or saw the redness of her eyes. He takes note of the fact that she said days— plural— rather than today specifically but he doesn’t wait for her to elaborate.

“I-I’m sorry mom.” He says with his own eyes tearing up, “It was an off-week for me and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I was just blowing off some steam.”

Delicately, Inko traces his jawline and looks at her son’s eyes, it was dark and brooding, like a solid block of green than the usual multiple shades it had. She knows that it probably wasn’t her fault, and that it was an off week but her logical thinking sank into the back of her mind and the regret floats over the top to take its place.

“P-Please, next time tell me. I was so worried another villain had gotten to you or that you’ve had enough of me.” Inko cries aloud, Izuku was her only child, the only other person who she has by her side to protect, to rely on one another.

Izuku frowns at his mother’s thought process, it was his fault and he dislikes having other blame themselves on something he clearly done wrong. Swiftly, he pulls Inko into a warm and loving hug, placing his chin on top of her head and burying his face into her straightened hair.

“I’m sorry mom, I didn’t mean to make you worry.” Izuku replies with genuineness, his eyes shut closed and his teeth gritting anxiously. “I-I just didn’t know what to do.”

“Oh, hun,” she says without a single moment of hesitation, “you can always rely on me. You can be the hero for the world, but at least let me be yours.”

Izuku would’ve cried by then, bawling out his own eyes alongside his mother, but instead he gives a knowing nod and a softer, more kinder grin. “O-Okay mom.” He whispers in a hushed voice. “I promise.”



The training was just as hellish as it were in his visions, his body was trembling constantly and wobbly, he could feel his bones click whenever he tries lifted up something heavier than what he was use to.

Toshinori cheers him on, sitting on top of a discarded drawer and watching Izuku trying to drag the lockers which were still not budging an inch. Izuku never had complaints, excluding the few grumbles under his breath or the grunts he’d make whenever he realises there was more to the beach than he thought.

“I’m surprised by your determination, most people would question what they’re doing it instead of diving their head face first into something.” Toshinori states and Izuku gulps.

“H-Ha well, isn’t this the basic of superhero training,” he asks curiously, “heroes weren’t exactly people with quirks in the past, they were the people who had done community service.”

Satisfactorily, Toshinori jolts from his spot on the drawer and transforms, sticking his thumb out as a ginormous smile made its way across his face.

“Correct, my boy.” He declares with a loud, booming voice that echoed throughout the site of dump.

Izuku bashfully rubs the back of his neck, skin sticking outward from the sudden cold from his fingertips. He remembers All Might elaborating on it.

“However, It’s is because you are not a proper vessel. You’re thin and skinny, that’ll cause your head and arms to explode since you wouldn’t be able to contain the power of One for All.” All Might says and Izuku trembles, he knew that it doesn’t happen but knowing it was a possibility if he didn’t train his body well enough it’d explode kinda frightened him nonetheless.

He goes back to lifting another item, the distaste of exploding was evident on his face as his eyes were dull and he has a dry smile made its way onto his face.

Still, Izuku doesn’t complain. His determination was still his personal fuel. Just like his first life, he overworks himself, he needs to be better than this. He couldn’t afford to have people die on his watch, after all what kind of hero would he be if he was incapable of saving someone knowing that they’d die, it was disgraceful. It didn’t include USJ, it includes other things like Katsuki kidnapping at the camp site or the fight against Stain.

He keeps pushing forth, when he’s on the verge of collapsing he forces himself up, when he feels like giving up he remembers the future fate and picks himself up from there.

Toshinori likes the boy’s determination, he doesn’t like the fact that he’s overworking himself in the slightest bit. It reminds him of himself when he was younger, and at one point, every time he tries to bring the situation up to Izuku, the boy is quick to dodge or act like it was t effecting him and it’s so convincing even Izuku himself sometimes believes it— but the lactic acid in his body says otherwise.



A few months into the training when Izuku collapses, Toshinori scolds him, telling Izuku that heroes need to schedule themselves well and trying to cram everything wouldn’t do anything but what was even more shocking was Izuku response to him.

“I can’t just get into U.A. I need to fly through, I can’t be a hero by barely making the limits places down. I need to soar through.” Izuku cries and it seriously touches Toshinori.

‘This kid.’ He thinks to himself impressively.

Izuku is trembling, his muscles reaches it highest capacity and yet, he lifts himself up without the help of Toshinori or the nearby wall. He levels himself and continues, ignoring he throbbing pain that aches his entire body.

Toshinori never did have second thoughts on things, once’s his guts agrees with an issue he’ll stick with it like glue. But Izuku makes him rethink his decision— he thought Izuku was going to be a hero at first— now he thinks he’d be the greatest.


Chapter Text

It’s 4:20 in the afternoon.

Izuku jogs lightly from corner to corner of the beach, lifting trash that weighed a lot heavier than prior and running around with them before dumping the rest of the load onto Toshinori’s truck. It was old a rusty, cream, white paint tore from the edges and the front was broken down at the front. Still, it could lift a lot for its size and structure and it reminded Izuku of himself.

Izuku lifts up pieces of a broken CPR doll and tosses it over into the truck.

It was finished and he didn’t even realised it, he blinks once and all the trash on the beach seemed to have magically dissipated from the scene, it’s just under two weeks before the examination and Izuku already done cleaning the beach.

He’s still not at the top of his condition, he merely fits the criteria of being a vessel than being the perfect form to contain it.

“Ah, Yagi-san.” He calls loudly to Toshinori who stood at the cliff, he felt his vision fade and his muscles tremble nonstop, the rate of his heart increased with the never ending pounding in his ears. He closed his eyes, drifting off into a slumber as he fell from the heap of the last of the trash.

“You— you helped me,” he pants breathlessly, eyes dropping shut and his breathing uneven, “you altered my timetable to make me strong without overwhelming myself—“ he smiled at the taller man from the distance, not realizing he was about to fall.

Toshinori was quick to transform, with speed he dashes forth to the kid and caught him in his arms. Softly, All Might coddles Izuku close to him to soften the fall greater and watched him snore. To say the least he is surprised that Izuku had completed more of what he had actually asked for, he gave the portion of the work and Izuku went on ahead and decided to excel.

“I cannot believe it my boy, I still condone you for trying to overwork last minute but—“ he looks over at the beach and it’s cleanliness, “you’ve really surpassed my expectation.” He knows that Izuku was asleep, he can tell from the rising and falling from his chest and his eyes which are tightly shut— as well as the quite snores erupting from his mouth— but even so he continued to praise Izuku.

Later, he allows Izuku to take a rest on the beach, he sits by the boy’s side and watches over him. He brought out a large red and yellow umbrella that he found in the dump in his truck and places it near the teen to avoid damaging his skin from the sunlight, even though it was just about to set. He had long before changed back to Toshinori Yagi and was now merely a guardian to Izuku.

Izuku twists in his sleep, moving from side to side whilst muttering and calling out. Toshinori notices he was in distress which made him ponder on what could make the boy feel so upset. He tries to prod and whenever he did he’d always get hypothetical questions which confused him, like the future and fate.

His breathing is becoming laboured and his teeth are gritted tightly in pain. His eyes are glued shut and and he curled up into a ball, similar to a foetal position. Toshinori decides that maybe now it’s the best time to wake him up before he injures himself from the sudden spasms.

“Young Midoriya.” He calls, rocking the boy back and forth like a baby in a cradle, which is the best way to describe a boy so fragile and disoriented with his life— not like he’d ever admit so to All Might.

“I—I’ll save you, Eri. I promise you.” He whispers and Toshinori feels confused. Who exactly was this ‘Eri’? Is she the reason behind the sudden and sporadic behaviour of Izuku. He wants to prod further and so he shook the boy a lot more violently than he had wanted to— but gentle enough to show his care.

“Midoriya my boy, are you alright?” Toshinori asks and Izuku further scrunches his face up, hands flailing and breath knocked out of his system. His breathing has changed to irregular intervals, he’d breathe more air in at times and then exhaled a lot more than needed. “Izuku!”

It’s 5:13 in the afternoon.

Izuku awakes from his sleep which is a bad thing. He needs to finish his dreams or he’ll never see them again, he knew this from his mother waking him up and he’d never recall the end of his vision. He remembers seeing Sir Nighteye, so bloodied and battered with a rock pierced through his chest and it’s so sickening he wanted to vomit all the contents of his food out.

Mirio-senpai has long before lost his Quirk trying to save Eri from the clutches of Overhaul. He remembered writing about the eight precepts of death but nothing so serious and god he felt so disgusted. His surroundings are muffled by the noise of his pounding head and tears falls from his head.

“Breathe! From eight— and then eight out— Izuku.” He hears a voice in the void of his mind and decided it was best to listen and so he breathed in and out, the emotions as pungent as ever and clouding his body.

“Nighteye. Mirio.” He whispers and Toshinori barely got a listen to the words as he was focused on the boy and trying to calm him down.

“Izuku, breath in and out. It’s alright,” he says and Izuku’s is disoriented, “why, because I’m here.” He feels like crying, he chokes back a sob and holds his arms close to his torso whilst he trembles greatly under the shadow of his dreams.

Does he live? Does he die?

Finding comfort in Toshinori, he leans in closer and nuzzles his face into the depth of his chest. It’s so scary and he doesn’t want to think about it.

Toshinori wants to desperately prod, but he doesn’t, instead he brushed down Izuku’s hair and coddled him close to his chest. He made sure that Izuku was able to breath as his sobbing didn’t help and gave him a pattern to follow to help him.

He’ll prod another day. When Izuku isn’t suffering. It is, after all, a heroes business to butt in whenever it’s unnecessary.



“Eat this.”

Izuku cringed as he quickly grabbed the strand of hair unquestionably and stuffed his down his throat to trail down his oesophagus. The feeling definitely didn’t fade the second time around as it did with the first and it was still really gross.

All Might let out a loud laugh from his diaphragm and placed his hands on his hip, amused with the boy and his judging eyes. Still, he doesn’t complain and listen to All Might as always and he doesn’t know why— maybe it’s cause he’s his idol but All Might finds some doubt in that, gut feeling and all.

Izuku thinks back to that memory as he stood in front of the doorways to enter U.A.— ginormous and unnecessarily gracious as per usual. He didn’t feel as nervous knowing how things were going to work out, so he felt fine with it.

Taking a lunge forth he walks into the place and heard a shout from behind him.

“Move away you shitty Deku.” He growls and Izuku greets him as per usual.

“Oh, hi Kacchan.” Izuku stutters, confidence diminished slowly as he took a step away from blocking the explosive’s pathway. Katsuki was less scary compared to his vision of him, doesn’t mean he lacked the same things, just that experiencing something makes it feel less scarier than it should.

Katsuki ignores him, brushing off the thinned boy and walked in far away from him. Rattled, Izuku follows behind the confident boy and shrunk behind his shadow.

Then the world spun, his vision met the horizon of the ground and he knew from then that he was falling down. Subconsciously, he tucks his body in and braced himself until he came into a sudden halt.

“Sorry to use my quirk on you like that.” Said a girl by his side, he knows from his vision that it was the short, brown haired girl with the round face and this is the first time he’s ever heard of her voice.

Izuku peaks out of his cocoon and turned to face her. Bashfully, she smiled and pressed her fingertips together for Izuku to land onto the ground gently.

“I just thought it’d be bad luck if you’d trip or something.” She kindly says and Izuku doesn’t say anything, pressing his lips together tightly and shyly looking around. Ochako doesn’t say anything more as she runs away, not before curtly nodding at Izuku.

“I talked to a girl.” He says to himself quietly, his face flustered and his hands cupping his cheek.

He hadn’t actually spoke to her.

Still, shyly he continues into the building, skipping in every step as he tilted from side to side in awe. This was her, the girl from his vision, who had helped him so many times in the later future, who had turned his childhood insult into the most heroic name.

Coyly, he takes his seat beside Katsuki after entering and watched the stage ahead of him, bouncing out of his seat as he awaited for Present Mic to show himself upfront in the stage.


Izuku still couldn’t control his fanboy habits, ended up being called out more than once by the seemly robotic boy, hands rocking back and forth like a conductor. He hadn’t tried to avoid it, he hadn’t tried to avoid seemingly meaningless events, since everything has a rhyme or reason for happening and so he let out his constant mumbles out.

Izuku only avoided events he found unimportant, so when he tried to avoid the sludge villain he had long forgotten about All Might showing up as he had that vision at such a young age. He tries to stop avoiding things unless he knows that regardless of what happens he would still be on the same path.

“And start!” Present Mic yelled from above.

Izuku waits like everyone else, even a few seconds more after they had ran off before grinding his feet into the dust and sprinting into the exam. He needs only sixty points from rescuing Uraraka, but there wasn’t any harm in actually trying to beat down the robots, as long as he hadn’t placed first then it would’ve been fine.

Firing up One for All, he leaps into the air and kicks down the robot in front of him, then he’d wait crouched down on the floor before moving onwards, it would look like a weakness in his quirk as well as a solid excuse for not reaching his full potential.

It was certainly surprising for Yagi, his face is mildly surprised momentarily before he regains himself, the boy was just like him, honing one for all as soon as he had received it. Surely he must have had some talking to, even Toshinori needed some basis to fully utilize it. But that was a question he would ask another day, along with the question of how Izuku knew Sir Nighteye and Mirio.

Still, he notices the odd pauses in between each kick and realises that every users is different in some way and so it is sensible to think that this was Izuku’s drawbacks.

“Such a shame~ we could’ve made a great duo too.” A boy with laser shooting out of his belly button adds on as he moves onto the next target. Izuku blinks at the other boy who would be in his class and watches him move away in the distance.

“Ah, was that a three pointer?” Izuku says frazzled as he counts on his fingers, “how many points would that be? Five from five one-pointers and three from this, that’s eight so far.”

Looking up and watching the distance he listens to Present Mic’s calls, it’s about time that the nice girl who had helped him were to show up in peril. He runs, not using One for All for multiple reasons, since it’d be too early and he wouldn’t want to loiter there awkwardly.

“That boy, he’s dodging so many robots.” Nezu says, pointing to the screen where Izuku was, using Eraserhead as his stand. “Odd, he’s capable of destroying three pointers with a simple kick so why would he run.”

Nezu was simply fascinated with Izuku, he was an enigma that Nezu wants to solve.

Whilst everyone ran off straight away, he waited behind for a few seconds longer, even when his body looks so ready to make a break for it. And his recovery times between every time he uses his quirk varies, from twelve seconds to thirty and the lowest time was ten, max had been thirty two.

When everyone had been determined to work their hardest he merely went by the exam as though he knew the outcome of it.

“What do you think about him, Aizawa?” Nezu asks him with a glint of white in his beady black eyes.

Eraserhead simply blink once and slouched back in his seat, “a hero shouldn’t break himself and render his team useless,” he says, “but he shouldn’t hold back because of fairness and earnestly, not all villains play nice.” He continues as he shuts his eyes.

“Why would you be interested in the little listener?” He says to Nezu and the small creature merely smiled.

“He’s intriguing, he’s the opposite for everyone else,” as Nezu watches Izuku blow away the tall robot he gave another smile in realisation, “unless he knew the true reason of the exam after all.” Nezu wonders longer and holds up a number ten attached to a long stick. “What will you rate it?”

The remaining held up a ten in response, even Aizawa did— assuming that he was basing this on rescue alone than all the other factors like injuries or organisation.

Izuku body recoils and breaks back and he is about to fall when the same girl he saves saves him instead.

“For a near death situation, he was extremely calm.” Nezu watches as they both fall, injured and in pain. “I’ll keep my eye on him for now.”


Chapter Text

It's 1:40 in the afternoon.

"Izuku hun, what's wrong?"

Izuku snaps out of his trance and turns over to his mother who is washing the dishes, her arm extends to hand over the newly wet dishes. He lets out a sheepish chuckle as he envelops his hands around the plate with a firm grasp and drys it with a cloth on his other hand.

"Nothing really." Izuku adds, "just U.A. letters take really long to be sent out, I'm sure most students have theirs by now."

"Oh, Izuku." She sighs, taking another plate from the rack and washing off the leftovers from today's dinner, holding the plate at an angle as she leans it against the side of the sink and rubs the plate around in circles.

She doesn't need to say anything more, Izuku knows that she thinks he failed the exam and it still disappoints him but nothing much could be done about it.

"It's also the future, I'm afraid of it." Izuku sighs exasperatedly.

His mother probably suspected that he had a quirk but he never confirms, if she directly asks him he would tell her without a doubt— but he remembers seeing Inko's face of distraught as a child whenever he'd bring up quirks, he was a late bloomer and it actually took him a while to realise that his dreams are real life event when he starts seeing places he has yet to see.

"What about it?"

"I want to know what it is so that I can judge, not just guess or assume. Do small insignificant events all have a meaning later in the future? Is it going to be like the butterfly event in which it'll change everything by a storm?" Izuku grunts and his lips curve down to a frown, his eyebrows pulls together and his nose scrunched up.

Inko chuckles, "another one of your existential crisis?”

Izuku nervously let out a laugh but it came out broken and monotonously.

“Pretty much.”

Inko wipes her forehead with her arm, avoiding the glove that drips with soap residue, she pushes backs one of the curls on her head, “try thinking about all the things that has happened in the past, and using that see what could happen in the future. I’m no specialist but things lead to other things, so I’m sure the future is the next piece of a domino chain.” She says to him.

Izuku listens to his mother’s advice and focuses on the past, he can’t focus on anything specifically since it’s an array of events. He bites the side of his check precariously and dries off another plate, placing it into the cabinet.

"But it’s okay to be afraid of the future," she says, hand over another plate to his direction, "everyone is."


It's 7:14 in the afternoon.

The moon is high in the black depths of the sky and Izuku had received his letter of confirmation to enter U.A. It happened enacting the way it had done so in his dreams, his mother was startled by the sudden letter she had lifted up from the other letters and ran to Izuku as fast as she could.

Gently, Izuku opened the letter which was bulky and waited for it to drop onto the

"Am I a mouse or a bear? Who knows what but who I am is the principal of those esteem school called U.A." Izuku visibly shakes as he watched the principal on the hologram.

One of the many feelings that he had in the depths of his chest was anxiousness and worry, wasn't All Might meant to tell him he had passed— or did this mean that he had ended up failing altogether— he watched the hologram bounce around giddily and curiously, it made Izuku feel wary.

His chest almost feels like suffocating but before he started to panic there and then, the voice of Nezu interrupts him once more.

"I'm delighted to inform you of your success into U.A. You've certainly stood out from the rest with 60 rescue points and 8 villain points, not quite first place but you are technically first in highest rescue points which is an achievement in itself." The principal elaborated with his paws pressed against one another and tail flickering behind him curiously. "I personally asked to create this for you, as I have taken interest in your actions during the exam."

Izuku gulps and his hands clench by his side, he doesn't understand what he could've done to have gotten the attention of the intellectual— bear/mouse he wasn't quite sure still— though he didn't glance away.

Nezu attention is focused on the background where he's interrupted by a man in the background who Izuku could assume was recording the thing, "Oh my, that many more to go through, well, I wouldn't want to waste anymore time. I'll see you Midoriya but welcome to your hero academia."

Vanishing, the hologram dissipates and retract back into the circular disk laid flat upon his desk. Izuku blinks once, then twice before turning to the door where his mother is standing and telling her of his status.

Inko's hands trembled visibly as she extends both hands to her son's, she can't see the distorted look on his face and feels her own heart welling up in woe and solemnity.

"Oh, Izuku dear. I'm—" she hadn't had the opportunity to even apologise until Izuku interrupts her midway through and clasps onto her own hands.

It's soft and warm, extremely therapeutic but still he is ridden with nothing more than anxiety to well up in the depths of his chest.

"I've gotten in." Izuku whispers unbelievably, he looks down to his hands and bore his green eyes into them. His mind still hazy and filled with nothing but confusion. Inko takes this as shock— since she too was surprised at the revelation and yet it was anything but shocking that he has gotten in.

His phone buzzes once in his pocket and he reaches in for it, lifting it up and holding it in front of his face.

'Come over to Dagobah Beach.'

It was a brief message but Izuku knew what it was about, what All Might was going to say to him and everything else but the future had changed so would that mean this has too, would he be congratulated or would All Might now feign ignorance until he officially starts U.A, he doesn't know anymore.

Izuku doesn't like not knowing more than anything, not for greedy selfish reasons but with a quirk that's so use to remembering things that happen in the later future, for it to not happen is one of the scariest things.

It brings more questions to his quirk, now that he has changed a few things does that mean his vision would too in order to fit in with the other events, if so then he wouldn't have been quirkless then... right?

"Izuku dear, you spaced out for a moment." His mother calls him back to consciousness and he gives her a warm coaxing smile in order to calm her nerves.

"It's no worry, I was invited to celebrate with someone is all." Izuku reaches over for his jacket and puts it on whilst running down the stare case of his house, he reaches the hallways and then the front door and leapt out.

There was only one way to find out.


"Izuku my boy, how did it go?" Toshinori asks him and Izuku gives him the biggest grin he could muster.

"I passed, I scored third in general but I still managed to pass." Izuku beams as it was still an achievement.

He stands there as the taller man ruffles his already messy hair and gives him a thumb up in order to express how happy he was, it was clear he had knew beforehand but Izuku doesn't say anything.

"I must've been a great teacher." He hints and Izuku smiles softly at him. "But anyways I'm here to tell you two things— or three rather. Firstly, congratulations on getting into U.A through your own accord, I may have trained you but it's you who's utilize the full capacity."

"Yagi." Izuku states his name with glee, he's flustered in embarrassment at the praises he has received. His hands tuck into the depths of his pocket, he kicks the gravel in and is unable to stop moving.

"Secondly, I'm also planning on becoming a teacher at U.A. It was to scout for a successor at first but I've already met someone I've chosen." He adds on and Izuku tries to act surprise by the entire ordeal, his eyebrows raises and his lips part purposefully. "I wanted to surprise you by being the one who gives you the acceptance speech but Nezu is... intrigued."

"He mentioned that." Distastefully, Izuku muttered with a slight feeling of fear, he smacked his lips together dryly and crossed his arms over his torso, allowing the breeze to freely ruffle with his hair.

"I can't say if it's a good thing or not." Toshinori gave a sour expression which Izuku chuckles at.

"I changed the future you know." Izuku says to Toshinori— and the man isn't surprised anymore since Izuku is always talking about his fear of changing things and the universe and what it truly is to be, half the time he'd get an existential crisis thinking back to it.

"And how did it go?" He asks the boy worriedly, it's the first that Izuku hypothetically changed anything— or he assumes it to be hypothetical.

Izuku laughs, "it was... frightening." He lifts his hands and brings them behind his back, interlocked behind him. "I didn't know what was going on and there were so many what ifs. But." Izuku pauses and tilts his head up, his eyes shone underneath the moonlight, exposing the emeralds of his eyes.

"But what?" Toshinori asks once more prodding, his bangs are swaying in the crisp, cooling winds of the beach as the night sky was brightened with freckles of tiny little lights, unexposed to the light pollution.

Izuku is hesitant, he doesn't know how to explain it until he remembers the way Toshinori helps him to understand— through metaphors.

"The universe is a canvas and we can paint it however we like it to be, if you paint over the dried up parts that were already set in stone then it'll still look different but it still has the same base as always, colours can coincide to make new colours." Says Izuku and Toshinori blinks at his words.

Toshinori grins and gives Izuku two thumbs up, “that’s my boy, you’ve found a resolve. Which brings me to my third point... why do you bring up these ‘hypothetical questions’, about the future and what it truly is to alter it?”

Izuku itches the back of his neck, “it’s....” he pauses and looks to Toshinori, the man is waiting in anticipation and watches Izuku’s subtle movements. “My ‘quirk’.”

He wants to punch himself, to kick himself for revealing such a thing but what good is it if things stays the same, if Sir Nighteye dies or Mirio loses his quirk, there’s no point in being a hero, he might as well forgotten the fundamentals of what it is to be one.

Certainly not the answer Toshinori expects but still one he’s not going to ignore, “your quirk?”

Izuku nods, head is looking up to the sky as the wind blew chills down at him, his coat is swaying back and his legs are apart at shoulders width with hands in his pockets.

“I can see the future whenever I sleep. It’s the same as the one happening now but there is one subtle difference.” Replies Izuku. “Like having a quirk, in my prior life I was... quirkless. But I did meet you, I did enter U.A. and so many things happens.”

“So you know what’s going to happen tomorrow?” He doesn’t scold him, not until he knows the whole story he can’t judge this boy.

“I see it in random segments, it’s my childhood, my future, my teenage years. There is no clear path for me, I’ve written most of them down from when I was eight I think.” Izuku adds on, elaborating about his quirk. “It’s scary too since I experience it, like all the waves of emotions pour onto me.”

Toshinori lets out a sigh, “no wonder you weren’t afraid of my frail form back on the roof.”

Izuku blinks, “huh?”

“Kid, I’ve been a hero for a long time, even though you have seen the future and what you’ll become, you’re still a child, I could see your pained expression regardless of how hard you try to hide it.” Toshinori elaborates much to Izuku’s dismay.

“I’m sorry I lied to you... I haven’t even told my mum.” He scoffs at himself, trying to make light of the situation but the mood had just gotten tense.

“That’s why you’ve heard Mirio and Sir Nighteye from, your dreams right?” Toshinori asks him and Izuku nods— he was aware he sleep talks and remembers when he had that dream since he always dated them by time frame and by the day it was dreamt.

“Something bad happens, not at the moment, but way later in the future, when I join U.A.” Sighs Izuku.

Toshinori blinks, “I understand now, if things have changed then you might not be able to predict them and it means everything you’ve written will go for null.”

Izuku nods once more and looks down ashamed.

“My boy, you said you were quirkless in your dreams but now you’re not— clearly. Wouldn’t that mean that the life in your dream is different to the one here.”

“Pretty much.” Izuku squints his eyes not seeing where Toshinori was going with the conversation.

“Then they are two separate lives, are they not?”

Izuku blinks and thinks about his point. “Well, yes. But I don’t see your point.”

“What I’m trying to say is, why worry? This is your life, your events, you’re not meant to follow in the footsteps of other people, even if this other person happens to be yourself, you can be better, you can improve from this experience and be an even greater hero.” Toshinori turns to Izuku and itched the back of his head, “you do become a hero.”

“Of course. But... what if changing makes things worse?” He asks and reaches to grab his upper arm, rubbing it up and down slowly as his face was pained. “What if I changed everything and the league change their plans and more people die instead of being saved, then what?”

“You were born quirkless in your other life, and now you’re not. Did things still stay the same?”

His eyes widens in realization and his arms drop to his side. “I— I guess so.”

Toshinori laughs boisterously and pats Izuku on the head once more, Izuku can see semblance to All Might even though he wasn’t in his hero form.

“It also explains how you were able to harness One for All so quickly, I expected your arms to be shattered by the blow, but you managed to use a small percentage and evenly spread it over your body.”

Izuku chuckles dryly, “haha. I suppose so.”

Toshinori inflates in size and looks to the sky, “always go beyond! Plus ultra.”

The people behind Izuku stares at All Might in awe and chatter amongst themselves.

“Oh, we better go before they run to us.” He says with all seriousness but there’s a bit of humor and amusement laced itself somewhere in his words.

Izuku follow behind him.

Chapter Text

It's 7:14 in the morning.

Izuku has a dream of All For One and he is more than just confused. He had always heard Toshinori mentioned it in his dreams— since he is the only voice he could hear along with his own and Katsuki and anyone else he's met up with.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t mute like all the other people in his dreams which he hadn’t met. He hears the man's words from him himself rather than Toshinori talking about him, he didn't focus on the details of his words since it was to incoherent and raspy but the fact remained that it was still there so it must have meant that Izuku has met this man before.

But who could he be?

Did he accidentally bump into someone on his journey who happened to be All For One?

Maybe he's disguised as a normal civilian?

He doesn’t remember it.

It's highly unlikely All For One would know about this quirk, the only other person who suspects he has a quirk is Dr. Tsubasa, telling him of the chances that he may gain one later in the future— Izuku was happy then but now it fills him with anxiety.

Izuku is unaware of how quirk anatomy works on a higher level, he just knows that the pinky toe indicates someone’s quirk but is it a main cause or merely a factor building up to the whole idea? If it were a cause than Izuku would know that Dr. Tsubasa probably knows that he would later develops quirk in the future, or that the quirk is extremely subtle and unnoticeable but still there.

He doesn't think much about it but jots his thoughts down in his notebook just in case, he'll tell Toshinori if it brings relevance to him.

"Good morning honey, how was your dream?" Inko came in with a tray of cereal, accompanied with a spoon. Inko isn’t surprised by Izuku being awake at such a time writing, she was use to this sort of behaviour.

"What's this about?" Izuku asks mildly surprised, ignoring the previous question without even realizing. He places his pen and notebook inside his drawer subconscious and sat back in his bed.

Inko gives a hesitant laugh and itches the back of her neck sheepishly. "I've... I've never got to support you the way I should've. I'm not asking for an apology, but I want you to know that from now on I'll always be on your side no matter what." She places the tray onto the side and grasps his hands on her own lovingly.

Izuku feels his eyes welling up and he clenches his hand around her own gently, as though it was fragile. "I know... but I'd forgive you anyways since you did it for my own good."

Inko's eyes mimics Izuku, the water threatening to leap out her eyes any given moment, she lets out a soft gasp and her lips parts behind her hand which covered her face. "Oh, Izuku." She cries and leaps onto him with her arms wrapping itself around his neck.

Izuku feels it's warmth, her motherly love coaxing him and calming his palpitating heart.

"Did I ever say your hugs are therapeutic?"


"Izuku... you're mega cool now." She waves him off and Izuku gives a sheepish smile in return.

"Thanks Mum." He calls off before leaving her behind at the doorstep and running to school, he was already running a bit late but he would make it on time, hopefully at least that is all he could remember from the second vision he has ever gotten.

His outfit was stunning, it fit him well and he wore his red sneakers as his first choice of footwear— it always was regardless of where he went.

The only thing that was off about his outfit was his tie, mangled up with one end shorter than the other. His mother doesn't comment on it and he doesn't ask her, it was a silent, mutual understanding— or just fear that one would upset another by bringing up his father, the only other man in the house who was meant to teach him how to do it.


"Tenya and Kacchan are going to argue." Izuku recalls, and opening the doors is isn't shocked to find them yelling into one another's ears— one informing and the other screeching profanities without a care in the world, legs in the desk and hands stuff inside the depths of his pockets.

Tenya distractedly turns to the door where Izuku stands and greets him in the morning with an apology.

"I'm Iida Tenya, from Soumei High School. My apologies for mocking you! You realized the true extent of the exams didn't you?" Izuku is aware that Tenya doesn't mean to yell at him, he feels like reminiscing on the life he hasn't experienced. What he realizes now is how apologetic the boy is, his words aren't empty and said to merely please the other party, he means it from the bottom of his heart.

"Don't apologize, you were right. I shouldn't have tried to be so distracting, so thank you for pointing out my mistakes." Izuku beams and Tenya eyes widen in surprise but he quickly collects his attitude and bows down to Izuku once more.

"Oh! It's you! Curly hair boy!" Ochako smiles as she enters the room, her cheeks are red and her hands intertwines with one another.

Izuku gives her a nod, "hi there," Izuku greets with a bow, "I'm Midoriya Izuku."

"Uraraka Ochako. At your service." She salutes at him and gives him a wider smile which Izuku believes is impossible if it weren't for the physical evidence in front of him.

"Nice to meet you too.” Izuku says, “I’m Midoriya Izuku.”

Aizawa eye glints as he lays himself by the entrance of the door but he now decides its best to get these kids attention. “It took you eight seconds to stop talking, life is short but here in the heroic department, it’s shorter.” He slurps on his juice pouch and removes the sleeping bag that envelops him so he could get his arm out. “Now, get dressed and go to the field.”

Shouta Aizawa manages to startle everyone in the room with the exception of Shouta Todoroki and Katsuki Bakugou— whilst Izuku knew it was a long time coming, he didn’t know a few of the things since he was unable to hear their voices.

When everyone snaps out of their daze, they reach out for the uniform and get ready to change.


“You think this is for fun? Alright then, the person with the lowest score will be expelled from this school.” Shouta says and everyone in the classroom almost screams comedically. Izuku itches his arm all jittery— no wonder there was a wave of anxiousness as a child.

As time flew by, the events coincides with it and drifts right by, Izuku did well in most of the events since he was able to utilise his quirk properly, he’s sometimes glad he mutters aloud since he can’t see (or hear for that matter) his own thoughts.

He’s tenth place, not too high to steal attention but not too low to be expelled. Izuku is careful when using his quirk— One For All that is, he doesn’t want Katsuki to find out even though he ends up suspecting.

“Midoriya, you’re next.” Calls Shouta with his hand clasping onto a device and holding it over to Izuku’s direction.

Izuku nods and walks over to the field, reaching for the baseball and stretching his arms. He brings back his arms and activates only a small percentage off One for All before catapulting the ball high in the air.

But it drops, down and down, curving like a negative parabola and hitting the ground with a soft thud. Izuku looks over to Shoto and tilts his head.

And his mind blanks out and he itches the side of his scalp. All prior attachments to his school friends disappear as he looks around confusedly.

Why couldn’t he remember something, the words tickles the back of his throat but he absolutely can’t say them because he doesn’t know what he wanted to say? He remembers about his quirklessness and how he enters U.A by gaining rescue points alone and it was his turn.

“A few kilometres, surprising since I erased your quirk. But why are you holding back?”

Some students gasp and Izuku squints— holding back? When on earth did Izuku learn to use his quirk let alone hold it back.

“I-I don’t quite understand your question, sir? Holding back?” Izuku blinks at the man and itches the back of his scalp.

Shouta narrows his eyes in a suspicious manner, reeling back the machine and looking at Izuku, he notices the boy is either a really good liar or extremely confused by his what his output is. “Do it again.”

He blinks.

This overloads Izuku’s minds back with the memories, all overflowing like a giant wave of emotions and experiences, it was strong and pungent as he could hear every vision overlapping, unable to focus onto one. He holds his ears and clenches his teeth as they all slowly die out.

Izuku doesn’t want to experience that again.

His teacher gives him a glance, deciding whether or not to send him to the medical room.

“Do you want to try again?”

Izuku nods but grits his teeth in pain, the residue of the dream making his muscles feel so fuzzy.

Eraserhead tosses another ball and Izuku clutches onto it, he brings back his arm and moves it down so it is perpendicular to his body whilst simultaneously activating a high percentage of One for All to his finger before shooting off the ball far, far away from him.

His classmates watch in slight awe of his powers.

Izuku clenches his fist and looks towards his teacher, he returns Izuku’s determined look with a grin of his own— it was manically and made him seem like a deranged wild animal.

Katsuki widens his eyes and watches Izuku, ever since he was a kid Izuku was nothing more than gravel beneath his feet being kicked off behind him, and he suspects that there was something off during the practical but he should’ve known.

That Izuku was lying to him about this power.

So he lunges forth, arms outstretches and feet gliding across the field to his direction, he feels sweat building up in his glands and waiting for the activation but it doesn’t come and he finds himself unable to move.

Shouta stares at him annoyingly. “Stop making me activating my quirk, I have dry eyes.” He says and everyone gives a normal smile— it was such a waste of a good quirk.

Katsuki relaxes— he’s still mad but if he wants to stay in U.A and be unbounded by Shouta, he needs to prove it.

“By the way, no one is getting excluded.” Everyone either collapses or screeches at their teacher. He gets yelled at from all side but he ignores them all and continues, “it was a logical ruse to get you all the highest score.”

It was logical but very frustration, Toru Hagakure, the invisible girl, collapses as relief floods through her— just having her wake up call that she needs.

“Midoriya, go to Recovery Girl to check that finger of yours.” Aizawa says, handing over a pass to Izuku.

Still holding his ever-beating heart, he reaches forth to the slip and drags himself off into the recovery room, he doesn’t know what to feel about it, there’s too much memories that are mixing in with his dreams.

His back slouches and he slowly trots into the building, making his way to Recovery Girl.

When Izuku arrives timely, Recovery Girl is quick to scoff at his broken finger, “and here I thought you wouldn’t be the careless one.”

Izuku lets out a hesitant chuckle which was hard with the feelings of woe and sadness taking over the happiness or fear. He stretches out his hand and shows her his broken finger, she examines it then proceeds to give the hit a kiss to heal it.

In awe, he watches the purple turn back into the colour of his skin and the crunching of bones snapping back into place. It feels weird as always. Then there’s a wave of exhaustion that follows afterwards and Izuku bobs his head tiredly.

“You must’ve used a lot of stamina beforehand.” She reaches into her pocket and hands over some gum drops over at Izuku, dropping the load onto his hand. “Here have some gummies.”

Gladly, Izuku takes it, stuffing the sweets into his mouth and breaking it down with his saliva and teeth until it’s nothing more but red mush in his mouth. He swallows the flavour filled sweets and allow it to trail down his throat and into his stomach for digestion.

Effective since the wooziness disappears, but doesn’t stop the emotions crashing into his mind and eroding what’s left of his brain.

Recovery Girl looks at him and sees how sweaty and in pain he looks, she doesn’t need to glance a second longer to know something was obviously wrong.

“Is there any other injury you’re hiding?” She asks and incoherently Izuku shakes his head.

She pushes him back onto the mattress of the infirmary bed and makes him rest, Izuku doesn’t argue back, closing his eyes tightly and digging his nails into his skin.


It’s sometime in the night.

But Izuku is not awake, he stays asleep on the infirmary bed as his mind tries to reorganise the mess of his memories. He struggles and twists around, his form mangles and twists as another memory forms.

It’s anarchy. Buildings set aflame and piles of corpses high enough to reach small buildings as multiple, mutilated people are rotting away. It reeks of rusting iron and burning flesh.

A few are alive, regardless of status they come together inside small bunkers and underground tunnels to avoid the success of the villainous mastermind behind the destruction.

Whoever it was, his plan has been effective in the destruction of Japan as a whole.

Izuku— a much older one— lays beside a bunch of people whom he knows and some strangers in the mix, they all sit in a cluster to share warmth. He sees some of his classmates and he can hear them too, they’re talking about him as he pretends to sleep.

“I say we send Deku back.” It’s a statement by someone in his class but he doesn’t know who, he tries to turn and yell back but they must have done something to him.

Izuku wants to yell and scream but his body doesn’t move or shift, the only control is in his eyelids and his ears perks up.

“Are you sure?” Asks one of the strangers, she rubs her arms up and down in an uncomfortable way, “I don’t want to be doomed again.”

“If anyone’s going to be a hero, it’s him.” He says, “I wouldn’t want anyone else. No offence.”

There’s a round of agreement from multiple people, some he recognises, others are still muffled and some can’t be heard at all.

“If I send his consciousness back, he’s dead here from the moment my quirk activates. I’m confident it’ll work but you guys don’t want to say your goodbyes?” She asks once more and the classmate speaking grits his teeth.

“He wouldn’t let me, that’s why I drugged him. So hurry up before it wears off.” He acts and speaks calm but by the gruffness of his voice cracking Izuku can tell there were some feelings of remorse. “But are you fine with it?”

“I would have to transfer parts of my quirk back in order for it to work, it’s fine if I die since it’s here than elsewhere.” She adds. “Sending him far back into the past is hard, I’ve only sent people weeks back so it’s expected.”

No, Izuku hasn’t asked for this. He’s activates his quirk and forces himself to get up.

“Do—Don’t y-you dare.” He slurs with his finger pointing at the source, his vision is blurry and can only make out the outline of certain people. “I... I wo-won’t f—forgive.”

Getting a nod, the lady touches his forehead, pressing two fingers on his forehead and closing her eyes. They glow in a wave of colours, moving all synchronous to one another as they envelop him, it turns dark and Izuku is dead there along with the girl beside him.


It’s 3:32 in the afternoon.

Izuku doesn’t wake up with a scream or yell, but with a understanding. His body lurches forward fast and he tries to speak but can’t bring himself to.

This explains a lot more than just timelines and whatnot, Izuku still lives the same timeline but this quirk of his it changes and he was so scared at first that it would appear without any reason but now it makes sense.

This isn’t his quirk, it’s something that’s been transferred to him, not his own quirk.

“You alright?”

Izuku turns to Recovery Girl and gives a hollow smile at her direction.

“Yes. I’m fine now.” He lies.

Chapter Text

It's 1:29 in the afternoon.

The third day of school had begun Izuku stands right in front of All Might, his fist trembling as he bites into his inner cheek in anxiousness. He breathes erratically through his mouth after a quick jog to his office and stands with his back straight.

He's eaten his lunch and needs to talk with Toshinori about the dream.

"Change might not be so bad after all." Is the first thing that comes out of Izuku's mouth, his mind not focusing and his hands trembling by his side. "If things were to go downhill now, the future would already be doomed."

Toshinori tilts his head and looks at the boy in question, his eyes glances away from the mountain of paperwork's in front of him to face the boy, "what do you mean the future is doomed?"

"If everything I was scared to change wasn't bad enough, if I don't change it then we would get the bad ending." Izuku begins to talk, "I don't have this quirk because of chance of random alternative paths of the future, I have it because—"

Sirens blare and Izuku stops mid sentence.

They both look up and immediately bolt to the window to see what would turn on the level three sirens, and there a hoard of people enter the entrance of U.A. with cameras in their hands and microphones ready to be shoved into the next person's face.

There's a hint of relief from Toshinori, but Izuku watches as a murky, ambiguous figure disappears from the corner of his vision with a frown.

"What on earth?" Toshinori sighs as he makes his way to the door but Izuku shakes his head and holds him back.

"It's going to be hectic." Izuku states and Toshinori nods, pulling his hand away from the knob and looking over at Izuku.

"I'll be fine, I've walked around in this form for a while and no one really seems to focus on me."

"I-I guess not, it's still worrisome."

"Thank you for worrying, my boy," Toshinori ruffles his hair and his hand extends to the doorknob once more, "could we continue the conversation later, or is it important?"

Izuku bit his lip.

"It's nothing really," he laughs with his hand itching the back of his neck, "it was just another hypothesis I wanted you to hear. You can listen to it anytime."

It wasn't a lie, a hypothesis is an idea that has yet to be proven, and thus as he didn't know the true story everything he believes now may or may not happen, and it can be be listened to at anytime, regardless of how important it wasn't much of a lie, but an omission of truth.

Toshinori doesn't seem upset or worries about his answer, only leaping out of the meeting room— which is now his office— as he made his way to Nezu.

Izuku stands by the door, leaning onto the frame as every student made their way back calmly, there's a few minutes left till lessons starts so Izuku goes back to the cafeteria where Tenya and Ochako sit back down.

"Oh Izuku! There you are! We were so worried." She smiles and Izuku clears his throat in awkwardness.

"I went to use the bathroom, it seems that it wasn't the best timing to go since I was swarmed as soon as I left." He jokes around, giving a hesitant chuckle as Ochako grins at him.

"You should've seen Iida though, it was amazing, he was like an exit sign and he yelled for everyone to calm down." She laughs and Tenya isn't as flustered as he should be, just thinking about it makes Izuku want to laugh to himself.

"I saw from the very end of the hall." Izuku smiles at her, "but let's head on to class, I heard we have Present Mic for English." Izuku ecstatically exclaims to them both as he jogs ahead of them to the classroom.

Ochako blinks once, eyebrows furrows down and her lips curve down in confusion, 'wasn't the toilet on the other side of the hall?'

She doesn't dismiss it, but for now, she represses her thoughts down and follows behind Izuku, telling Tenya to follow behind her.

She can't prod as she doesn't know him well enough to make him talk about his personal feelings.




"I want to give my position of class president to Iida, his display at lunch time should speak for itself. Whilst everyone else was panicking, he reassured them calmly. I wouldn't want anyone else to have this position." Izuku says and Tenya flushes in a sense of pride, his chest is puffed out and his head is held high in the air.

Everyone else cheers for him, hands clapping together and a smile on their faces to express their feelings— some still remember and find amusement to it.

"I shall gratefully accept the position you've given to me Midoriya and I won't let anyone down." He walks up to the board of the classroom and Shouta nonchalantly shrugs as the change happens, it doesn't matter as long as there's someone worthy of that position.

But what he's more suspicious about is Izuku Midoriya— the boy who had his quirk erased momentarily and stayed in the medical room till the end of the day, only for him to wake up dissociative and scared— Recovery Girl says that it's an overuse of a quirk but none that matches strength which she finds surprising herself.

He also has his own fair share of secrets Aizawa can tell as much from the way he twitches with every lie he spouts but what confuses Shouta is that he doesn't know the reason why, it's his job to know— as a hero and teacher because both of them mean butting into businesses that doesn't involve them.

Shouta leans in closer, wrapped tightly in his camper bed, "meet me after school, I want to talk with you."

Izuku flinches but nods his head as he makes his way back into his seat, he is as discrete as possible with the entire silent conversation.

Present Mic to enter and begin teaching his class for the last period of the day after Shouta's.

Izuku presses his fist onto his face with elbows angled at the table to support his head and looks at the blandness of the table.




"What's up with you?"

Izuku blinks and faces Shouta in his office.

"I'm not sure exactly what you mean, sir." Izuku says hesitantly with his hands behind him and his stature straightened high.

"You look like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders."

Izuku wants to cackle at the teacher, it was a great simile he must admit and the understatement of the century. But still, he refrains from laughing and a solemn expression makes its way to his face.

"I don't know, I guess. I'm seeking knowledge without wanting to ask anyone else for help."

"Why is that?"

"Because if I do then that could cause more harm than none at all."

Shouta blinks at the kid and leans back on his chair slouching, his hair a mess as always and the hairs on his hair and chin prick out. He lets out a slow sigh before continuing, "I need more to go on, kid."

Izuku nods, "let's say, hypothetically if I knew what the future held but it was nothing good." Izuku starts and boy was it a kicker, "it's complete anarchy but you get another chance to change it, would you try to change it for the best and hope that outcome doesn't pop up, or would you try keep things the same so when that event does pop up you can change it for a better alternative route?"

Shouta blinks once more and furrows his eyebrows.

He's has his fair share of hypothetical questions and all but how would that relate to what the boy was feeling, there was no connection he could possibly make from that to real life but as a teacher he sighs and stares at Izuku.

"If I give you a solid answer, would you please enlighten me as to how that relates to your personal problems?"

Izuku lowers his head and brings it back up quickly.

"Do you know for certain that the future can change?" Shouta asks.

Izuku gives a hesitant nod.

"And that this major event is one of the worst events that could possibly happen?" He elaborates and Izuku hums this time as a response. "Well, I'd change it, the minor events leading up to this one big thing because things will always change and maybe getting rid of these minor events do nothing but lead to the large event itself. So if you loosen the screws to this grand contraptions, it'll fall into heaps of broken metal."

Izuku gives a small frown.

"But," he continues, "I think that if you can save lives, regardless of the impending fear of the future messing everything up, than as a hero, changing the future will always be the best course of actions."

He doesn't understand why, but he believes Izuku has gotten the answers he wants since his eyes shine and tears almost pool out of it.

"Thank you, sir." Izuku beams as he reaches into his bag and shuffles his books around.

"Now, keep your end of the deal."

Izuku is hesitant at first but aside from Toshinori, Shouta is probably the second most trustworthy person in his life. So, he stretches out his hand and in them is a notebook, it's burnt, stained and smelt weird but Izuku holds it as though it held as much value as it did in its prior state.

"What is this?"

"My side of the deal, it's better if you read it than to have me say everything, you can take it home and read everything there." Izuku smiles, "I need to go home too, but I promise you, everything about," he gestures to himself, "this, is probably in there."

Shouta dismisses him haphazardly and opens up the book, it's worn down to the spine and the pages have creases on the corners where Izuku would change the page, surely this would bring some enlightenment to Shouta.

I'm not sure where to start from, the visions or the actual basis of my quirk so I decided to analyze both in the least bias way.

My quirk doesn't have a name, not that I'd know what to call it, it's not like any of my parents or their parents or my greatest grandparents. It's odd, my dad breathes fire (it's all I know from my limited knowledge of him) and the closest would be my mother with her telekinesis but it's still extremely far off.

I can see the future, only problem is that it's sporadically spread, I dream of different days with different emotions and feelings. I've only begun writing the visions down after they've gotten scarier.

I can only hear people I've heard voices off, this does include T.V. and radio shows or else I wouldn't have been able to hear All Might or Present Mic, if I don't than I can't hear them in my dream.

Just because I have these visions don't necessarily mean they're embedded into my skull for the remainder of my life, they will disappear like short term memory so I try to write down as much as possible in my other notebook.

I can also feel what I'm feeling in these visions— if I'm happy in the dream, I feel the residue of happiness when I wake up.

It's scary since there are dreams where I hear nothing but the dreaded silence and yet a wave of intense emotions, it has led to a few panic attacks and that was before I realized the dreams has a connection to the real life.

Furthermore, if awoken from a dream, I would not dream of it ever again— from my knowledge that's been true so far, I am never one to wake up on my own, it must be an outside source.

I always wake up at 7:14 in the morning, it's never a minute early or an minute late, I predict that's because it's when my quirk manifested but it's inconclusive so far, nothing has ever link these dreams to this specific time so I can dismiss it as a chance and that it could have been at any time but 7:14 was the one out of the many picked.

There is one thing in my dreams that differ from this reality and that is that in this dream I am for some reason Quirkless. I am unsure if this is to stop inception from happening, to accidentally trap myself in a dream of a dream until I get closer to my subconscious and not be able to distinguish reality from dreams, it's inconclusive as to what it may be about.

Maybe the voices could also be an added measure? So that if I can tell the reality from the 'fiction' which would make sense but if everything followed my dreams as planned than I would meet all these people and end up not being able to tell at the end of it all.

It could be a reality theory going on, where I am not dreaming of the future but rather the alternative one I could've walked but everything coincides with one another too well, little to no alterations unless it's too minuscule for me to actually notice but if the universe is as infinite as believed than the tiny details would be the least of my worries.

I cannot control my quirk, by that I mean lucid dream to be able to change what I see, it is practically impossible for me to do so.

(There's a page of scribbles that Shouta couldn't decipher, it goes across seven pages before retreating back into its more readable words.)

I've tried to change the future, and nothing bad has happened, things are fairly the same but what if that’s not good enough? I’m not sure if it’s better to tell or to keep it silent and everything can always cause a worse change rather than a better once.

Still, it’s comforting to have someone to tell. It’s nice not to bottle it up unnecessarily.

I’d tell others if they:
-catch on

Of course, there are a few people who know already, like Toshinori, or Dr. Tsubasa (not sure yet, but he was the doctor who knew my quirk would come soon but has yet to see it), my mom probably suspects something but not linking to my quirk, just worry.

Mr. Aizawa knows too, he seems keen on observing me after the incident on Monday. That’s why he called me out today.

(Aizawa could only assume that Izuku was talking about today— what else would he talk about?)

No one else knows thought.

It ends there and Shouta flicks through the remaining blank pages of the book, on the second to last page, just before the end cover of the notebook, there’s a small writings with a star on it.

If necessary, tell Toshinori of ‘the dream - page 13 of my visions book.**

Reminder to tell him about the other dream - page 23 of my visions book*

The latter had been crossed out with fresh, black ink from today’s black ballpoint pen.

Shouta hums.

His class is just filled with problematic kids just like all the other years he has to deal with them.

He needs to have a long conversation with Toshinori.

Chapter Text

It's 7:14AM in the morning.

Izuku blinks heavily as his vision fades from black to white, he winces at the brightness of the light from the room and hisses from the pain it brings. 

Still, with his eyes slightly closed, he drags his feet over to his drawer groggily and takes out his notebook, turning it to a fresh page and began writing into it tiredly.

It's a mess when he writes, which he can decipher later when going over it, this dream was a lot calmer, about the hero exams for a license— he doesn't know that the shapeshifter is a villain, but knows he recognises the quirk from somewhere so he jots it down onto the sheet of paper.

When he's done scribbling any memories he could remember from the tip of his mind, there's not much to remember— since it's not a distant memory he needs to worry, he lets out a long, yawn from his mouth and packs away his notebook away into his drawer messily and rolls back onto the bed, closing his eyes tightly.

But he knows he can't— or shouldn't sleep— if he does and his mother or alarm comes to wake him up and what could be an important dream is gone forever.

His visions never reoccur.

He lets out a long croak from his throat, eyes closed shut and left arm over his eyelids blocking out the single stream sunlight from the window by his side, but he forces himself awake.

Luckily he doesn't need to force himself any longer as the door creaks open by the side of his bed and enters his mother.

"Mornin' sweetheart." Greets Inko, entering the room and approaching her son. She made it a habit of her own to wake up at the same time as his own since there are times he wakes up, wrapped around a blanket and crying constantly from a 'bad dream'.

She has doubts that it's just a dream, most kids get over it but for some reason Izuku records them for later usage.

"Morning mom," he lifts his body up to face her and smiles at her, which she returns with a small grin on her own face, "you don't always need to come here early in the morning."

"I know." She states confidently as she moves to the end of the room and parts the All Might themed curtains to either side of the room, "I like the morning sun."

Izuku winces further from the blinding light but lets out a chuckle from her lie, "no you don't," he laughs, "you've threatened to destroy the sun more times than I can count on my fingers." 

"Well," she draws on, "I wanna see my morning son, then. Is that wrong?"

Izuku feigns embarrassment, though he is not in the slightest, "mom, that so bad, I can feel the second, third and forth-hand embarrassment, it wasn't even funny." 

"You say that as you're laughing." She points out, and Izuku is laughing, hand on stomach, hunched over and legs tucked in as he lays upon his bed breaking out into fits of giggles.

"But don't you need to be up and running, you're going to miss your daily jogging and you wont have time to shower when you come back." She asks.

Izuku is up and ready to run.

"Don't forget to change your clothes, you're not really going to run with your pyjamas." Questions Inko, hand covering her mouth as she holds back a small chortle from her throat.




"Homeroom is dismissed, Midoriya, come with me." 

It had come out of the blue, the sudden declaration from Shouta causes him to feel so uneasy and uncomfortable. He shouldn't have left the notebook with him, but it wasn't a matter of choice.

Aizawa-Sensei is someone he can trust, and having already confessing All Might it would be bothering him if he hadn't told Aizawa. Izuku might've just met him yesterday but everything in his visions told him that Aizawa was a great teacher and an even greater hero.

That was half the reason why, the other was so he can ask selfish advice on his quirk and what he should and shouldn't do, All Might was great at advice but seeing his teacher lean into the more logical side rather than the emotional — 'feelings' — side of things, it would be greatly beneficial.

His classmates stare curiously, eyes flickering back and forth to him and Aizawa. He brings his backpack for extra precautionary measures.

He walks out of the classroom by Aizawa's side and when he finds himself a long distance away he decides to talk.

"Don't worry, you're not in trouble."

Izuku leaps at the sound of his voice, legs wobbling and allowing the jitteriness to engulf him completely from head to toe. He knows it was meant to work as a calming phrase but clearly it brought the opposite effect on him.

"I-It's about my quirk, isn't it?" Izuku clearly knows the answer to the question but he asks away to break the silence. 

He can’t help but stammer around the teacher, he’s use to things following the future but after entering U.A pathways have began to alter. Who knows what could happen from here on out?

"Yes. It is. I have questions, I can read parts of your work but not everything, you keep crossing things out, adding new things." Aizawa casts a glance down at Izuku's side. "I need to be able to guide you, and it doesn't help that you never wrote on your application that you don't have only one quirk but two."

Izuku is hesitant as he itches the back of his neck, "s-sorry Aizawa-Sensei."

Shouta stares down at him quietly but is not mad at him, only letting out a sigh he closes his eyes and nods at Izuku.

"If you're sorry, no more secrets that are life changing." He says to Izuku, opening the teacher's office and entering. 

Some teachers on break lock eyes curiously at the duo but then shift their attention after being glared at by Shouta. He begins by lifting Izuku's notebook and handing it over to the boy, "so, to confirm, everything on your quirk is written on here."

"Y-Yes sir." Izuku confirms, "everything that I know so far." He salutes and Shouta jots it down as a mental note.

"So you don't know the full capabilities of your quirk." Shouta sighs, holding the notebook and flailing it in the air by Izuku’s side lazily.

"I-I'm asleep when it's active so it's hard to record it without another person." Izuku rebuttals politely, a hint of sarcasm was laced but went undetected by his teacher.

"And no one else knows."

"Except All Might, h-he knows about my quirk."

"Should've known as much, but care to elaborate on how he figured it out?" Asks Shouta, tapping against the table repeatedly waiting for a clear and concise answer from Izuku.

"He didn't, I only really tell people I trust if necessary, I told him because it was... stressful and he might have some fair input but in all honesty, unlike you, he follows things with no other basis other than emotions." Izuku crossed his arms over his body and tapped his foot, "I was planning on telling but not so early on."

"So, I don't have much questions on your quirk but rather questions for where you want to go with it. I can keep it a secret— as long as you confide in me about it— or you..."

"First option." Izuku said without a moment's hesitation, his eyes dead set on Shouta.

Shouta sighed fustratedly, "you're a problem child, but I can work with it." He replied to Izuku's response, "however, I want you to talk to Recovery Girl if you ever feel stressed— you can always divert the conversation away from your quirk but she's a license therapist and I can’t have you go about your days with a quirk such as your own.”

“Yes sir.”

“And you mother? Is she aware of your quirk?” 

“No, sir.”

That had caught Aizawa’s interests.

“And why might that be?”

“When it first manifested, I hadn’t made a connection that my dreams were the work of a quirk, I had assumed that it was really sad and weird dreams, but then some dreams would come true a day later or a month later and I made the connections, I hadn’t told her at first because I thought I was quirkless and I couldn’t bring myself to tell her since she would worry over it exceedingly.” Izuku explains to her, “there was also the fear or changing the future, ruining the course of whatever is meant to help me.”

Aizawa slides the book back onto the table but his hands rest upon it, Izuku’s eyes are locked onto Aizawa’s but glances ever so often to the hard work inside,“But telling me now is quite the risk.”

Izuku looks up with his eyes bright and stern, “a risk I was more than willing to take. For a better future than for it to rerun the course of history and end up failing it.”

Shouta’s ears perks up curiously, “failing?” 

“I-I didn’t r-really have much of a dream suggesting so until yesterday in the infirmary, it... was grim. And it concluded the heroes have lost.” Izuku itches the back of his neck, “at least then it did, my dream is more of a vision of my prior self rather than reading the future, which is why I know it could possibly change for the better.”

“Did you have a quirk like that before?” Shouta asks with his hands folding on his lap and leaning back on the swerving chair, though his back posture remains somewhat slumped forward.

“No, I hadn’t. It was only strength-enhancement then.”

Shouta has gotten up from his seat and bumps Izuku’s head lightly with the side of his notebook, lack of emotions is showing on his face though his body runs with an overwhelming amount of distress. “Your visits with Recovery Girl are going to be compulsory, I want you to go to her either after school or swap it with one of your free periods when you get the chance. And I expect to know of what happens in your dreams.”

“But sir, the future..”

Aizawa looks around at the other teachers— who aren’t as interested anymore and begins to speak in a low voice, “the future is changing, as you had said before, and it was meant to for a reason otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now with a quirk like this. Everything has changed right, not everything is word for word, correct?”

“N-Not precisely.” Izuku blurts out.

“But it follows a general plot, with certain events, that could be changed for the greater.”

Reluctantly, Izuku let out a sigh and nods at his teacher, hesitantly giving his response, “only if it’s unnecessary, some events must happen regardless of how many is lost... others I don’t think as much.”

“That’s fine by me,” he waits for a single moment and stares at Izuku, “anything that’s going to happen soon?”

“Um, I have it written down, I can’t memorise all of my dreams but I think somewhere this week someone’s going to target U.A’s gate and force the reporters in.” Izuku mentions trying to remember things from the top of his head, “it’s not to worry about since no one gets hurt or attacked.” 

“Do you have your journal?”

“No, I never bring my journals anywhere.” Izuku replied sternly, “there’s... too much, a lot of them, all out of order. Some things I’ve written years ago, some are just from this morning, I’d have to do a sweep of my room to find the right one.”




Izuku wasn’t immediately asked about what happen as he enters the classroom when the first period has just begun— getting curious and questioning gazes from those around him, anxiously waiting to pounce onto him for unanswered questions desperately.

He can feel their glances linger and it burns his skin, it was irritating for the most of it because he has yet to expect what they may asks.

Then, Present Mic’s English lesson came to and end.

“Are you alright?”

“You’re not in trouble are you?”

“What did he even call you for?”

Izuku was immediately bombarded with questions from his fellow classmates, some he hadn’t even yet to introduce himself to, but he wasn’t intimidated or fearful as he might have been so in his other life of his.

Izuku is not afraid of these people, they’re kind souls who have done nothing more than wanting to help him throughout his life and he could never bring himself to lose any one of them.

At least, lose them again.

“I’m fine. It was nothing serious.” Izuku knows he’s a great liar most of the times to strangers, he can be the serpent that whispers in the ears of innocent little lambs. But, then again, Izuku can’t bring himself to lie to people he trusts— people he’s close with— like his mother, his classmates, even his teachers.

And yet, those are the people he always lies to.

Those are the people he’d hide away from, to shy away from the most as if they were strangers in his eyes.

It’s very easy for the fib to formulate on his tongue and lash out to those who are even the hardest to persuade, but he’s told countless of times by those who he knows that his eyes give away everything.

All Might, and his mother. 

Soon enough, his friends might catch on, but he’s so glad that they don’t know him but he knows enough about them.

“Really? You were gone for so long I thought he was going to expel you.” Uraraka approaches cautiously and places a gentle hand upon his shoulder.

“He was checking up on me, asking me questions about yesterday.” Izuku lies once more, biting his lip and tucking his hair back. “If I were expelled I wouldn’t be here.”

“I guess so.” Uraraka became visibly relieved by his answer, holding her hand to her chest and lowering the other hand from his shoulder. “That’s great!” 

“Yeah, I guess it is then.” Izuku warmly grins at her with a hand behind his head, rubbing it in an up-down motion. 

”You can borrow my notes on the first half of the lesson, as you missed it.” Tenya hands over a writing book to Izuku, hands moving a mile a minute as he gesticulates to Izuku. 

“Thank you, Iida.” Izuku smiles at him and takes the book calmly out of the blue haired teen’s hands and tucking it into his backpack. 

He likes the attention, not to boost his own ego for being somewhat popular in his class but the fact he is able to make such great friends who care for his wellbeing. 

He glances over at Katsuki and stares at him as the other two kept on babbling around him, he sees the fury in his face and the confidence in his posture and begins to wonder about the visions he has of him.

It’s always them never getting along with one another— even in the place where cooperation is significant in changing the tides of the future, big waves that can easily be avoided if he has better relations with the blonde, even stopping them altogether.

And yet, he frowns when Katsuki sits slouching back smugly, blissfully unaware of the future. Izuku can’t blame Katsuki for what the future may hold, but he could avoid it if Katsuki decides that there are more important things to fuel than his own ego. 




“Ah, Aizawa! You’ve called for me.” Toshinori deflates in front of the man and coughs little specks of blood into his handkerchief, wheezing in pain as the crimson red taints its pure, yellow daffodil design with its own dark and brooding colours.

“Yes, its about Midoriya. I presume you know about his quirk.” 

For a moment, Toshinori almost wants to leap out of the window in fear that Aizawa has either caught on that Izuku has some connections with himself or that he has told others of his quirk when telling him not to do so.

“Why yes, of course, strength enhancement was it not?” He decides to feign ignorance to Aizawa claims, only giving what he thinks Aizawa would think he knows.

Shouta nods, “the other one.”

Toshinori feels slightly guilty about feeling relieved it wasn’t about One for All, he lets out an audible sigh which doesn’t seem to catch Aizawa attention, “future vision, kind of like my partner.”

“I understand his need for secrecy, thus I’ve granted him the right to keep it a secret.” He says, “but I’ve made it compulsory for him to visit Recovery Girl. Due to the fact this quirk of his is draining him emotionally. But I was enlightened to the fact that you knew that he had this quirk priorly and hadn’t taken the necessary actions as his teacher.”

“That’s highly unlike you.”  Toshinori sheepishly mutters, he doesn’t understand where Aizawa was going with his speech.

“I need him to trust me.” Aizawa countering Toshinori’s statement. “But I came to tell you that he’s a child, with knowledge of the future— and a devastating one— and you never decided to prod or take any actions for it.”

“I believe—“

“I’m not finish. This child can have years and years of future he has yet to experience, and so much pressure is already placed on him from the moment his quirk decided to manifest. Imagine waking up as a child to dreams about being killed or everything going into anarchy? It’s going to take a toll on him.” Aizawa speaks out to Toshinori. “He’s the kind to overthink more about others than himself, and so it’s going to bring more devastating effects on him. I expected you to at least get him to open up than bottle it in.”

“Aizawa, I know—”

“I don’t want to hear an apology, or an explanation but I don’t care if you’re the symbol of peace, if you see a student who’s hurting— even if they’re unaware of it themselves— then I expect you to deal with the situation appropriately.” Aizawa interrupts him once more and gets up from his chair, “we’re going to USJ is tomorrow, so don’t go over your limit.”

He walks past Toshinori, not with anger or woe on his face but slight disappointment, as though he has expected better from the man who was called the number one symbol of peace in Japan. 

Neglecting Izuku might have been unintentional but it’s not one a teacher could afford to make— especially when if it leads to more consequences at the end of it all. 

“Of course.” Toshinori replies in a low tone shamefully, guilt brewing in his system at unhealthy levels and bubbles in the centre of his stomach menacingly.