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Poisoned beauty

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A tale, as ugly as can be
And dangerous, as you will see
It started joking, funny, shining
‘till it made all the good ones crying.

Her voice, like thunder in a storm
Protects herself through roses thorn
Bloody lips, porcelain skin
A character like paper thin

Don´t bother asking
Don´t hesitate
Don´t think –
He said that ´he must clean the slate´

His attitude, like fresh new air
His face, burying in my hair
His lips on mine, his love so warm
I never thought that he could harm

I´ve been so blind
I served the drink
I did as told
I didn´t think.

Her lips, now of a shining blue
Oh, how I wished I had a clue.
I hear her whining still at night
Her presence gives me such a fright

At some point
I wished she was gone
Why, oh why
Can´t I move on?