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Luck (Sasusaku Drabble)

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Sakura Haruno is not a particularly lucky person.

She was not born into an illustrious clan, nor was she particularly naturally gifted at much.

Her first attempt at love was met with brutal rejection, and her forehead is just too big.

No, Sakura Haruno is not a particularly lucky person.

But, planning an event to celebrate her crowning achievement, a whole new wing of the Konoha hospital for war orphans, she couldn’t seem to remember that.

And later, seeing all her friends talking and laughing together, their children playing in a group in front of them, she is happy.

And when her eyes fall in her husband tenderly holding their six-month old daughter, Sarada, while the baby gazes solemnly back, she can’t help leaning over and stealing a quick kiss.

Because right now, all the tears, sleepless nights and sore muscles are worth it. Sasuske, and their small family is worth it.

No, Sakura Haruno is not particularly lucky.

But some days, she can’t help feeling like the luckiest person in the world.