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Injustice 2 ft. DamiJon

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Damian: "If this is payback for standing you up at our date yesterday...

Jon: "Don't kid yourself, i have a life outside of you"

Damian: "Then what were those missed calls for?"

Jon: "Trying to steal a kiss?"

Damian: "Youre not gonna distract me"

Jon: "Youre not the man I fell in love with" 

Damian: "And you're too naive to see the truth"


Damian: "Youre gonna turn against your own father?!" 

Jon: "Guess I took a page out of your book"


Damian: This isnt the first time youre gonna walk away from me limping 

Jon: likewise handsome


Damian: "I liked it better when we did this during training." 

Jon: "Our training didn't usually last long with you in the lead" 

Damian: "I have stamina, and you know it!"


Jon: "Im not here to stroke your ego, Damian." 

Damian: "Dont worry, you've stroked something else"


Damian: "Is this a dream?~~~~" 

Jon: "Keep your hormones in check" 

Damian: "And people moan about my ego"


Jon: "Anytime you want to stop, just say so" 

Damian: "Won't be the first time you pulled out"


Damian: "I just cant take you seriously" 

Jon: "Says the Boy with a Bird name"


Jon: "Batboy"

Damian: "Super Bitch"


Damian: "After I win, wanna get something to eat?"

Jon: "Are you asking me out on a date?"

Damian: Loser buys (;


Damian: I never lose

Jon: You can't win everything

Damian: I won your heart, didn't I?


Damian: Prepare to be amazed

Jon: Ive known you since I was 10 and im STILL waiting Damian.


Damian: "ill never be in Batmans shadow again" 

Jon: Jeez, teenage angst much?


Damian: Superman was more of a father to me than Bruce

Jon: Dude. We're dating. You can't say that. It's weird


Jon: "Need a kiss for luck?"

Damian: "I don't need luck. But your kisses however..."

Jon: "Earn one then, Boy Wonder"


Damian: "Am I supposed to be scared?"

Jon: "Fair warning, this will hurt"

Damian: "And people moan about my ego


Jon: "what do you want Damian?"

Damian: "For you to leave the battle"

Jon: "Big words for a little bat"


Damian: In thirty seconds you'll be out cold

Jon: Someone's overestimating himself again

Damian: It's not overestimating if it happened last night~~


Jon: "Are you gonna show me all of your toys?"

Damian: "These aren't the ones we played with as kids"  

Jon: "Funny. I remember using them to play with YOU."