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Bad Girl

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Izuku liked to think of herself as a good student. She always followed the rules, she never talked back to teachers, and she always turned her work in on time. She was a perfect, exemplary student in every way, and she could not deny to those who questioned it that she was proud of her accomplishments.

How, then, had she ended up in this position? Izuku was a good student, a good girl, she wasn’t supposed to let herself be pinned against the wall of a bathroom stall by a well-known delinquent.

And yet, that was exactly where she had found herself.

Katsuki kissed her with an incredible passion, something that Izuku had never felt before. It left her feeling weak in the knees, like she might crumple to the floor in a shuddering mess if she let it continue. Speaking of which, she shouldn’t let it continue. This was not what people who cared about their reputations did. This was not what people like her were supposed to do, and she couldn’t justify it no matter how she looked at it.

Even so, she stayed right where she was. Izuku put her hands on Katsuki’s shoulders, fingers curling against the fabric of her shirt. She shuddered, parting her lips a bit more. Katsuki took full advantage of that and pressed her tongue into her mouth. This left Izuku to gasp and try to keep up, which she hardly managed.

Izuku realized, not without a rush of jealousy, that Katsuki was quite good at this. She was good enough that it probably meant that she had done this before. Izuku felt a little less special at that notion, but it didn’t keep her from trying to kiss back.

With a gasp, Izuku parted her legs when Katsuki rested her hand on her inner thigh. The rush of excitement left her feeling hot all over, in a way that she couldn’t recall ever experiencing before. Katsuki worked her hand higher, and Izuku broke their kiss to allow herself to attempt to steady her wild breathing. Instead, she only breathed harder when Katsuki slid her hand up her shirt, fingers stroking over the thin fabric of her bra.

“You’re too easily excited.” Katsuki murmured, dragging her fingers over the seam of Izuku’s panties. Clearly, it didn’t bother her that much that Izuku was so sensitive to everything she did. She kissed her jaw, tongue moving over the skin and making Izuku moan brokenly. She pushed Izuku’s skirt up higher, and slipped her hand down the front of her underwear.

“O-oh,” Izuku’s knees nearly buckled as Katsuki stroked her fingers along her slick folds. She could feel how wet and sticky she had gotten, and the realization made her blush furiously.

Katsuki laughed, the sound low and warm, and it made Izuku quiver. She pulled her hand from her underwear. Izuku wouldn’t admit it, but she was disappointed at the loss. “I didn’t think you could get any redder. But this is nothing.” She announced, beginning to drop to her knees.

Being the way that she was- innocent, unaware- Izuku didn’t immediately put the pieces together concerning what she might do on her knees. “What are you doing?” She asked, furrowing her brow.

“Just wait.” Katsuki whispered. She pushed Izuku’s skirt up, revealing her shaky legs in fullness.

Without thinking, Izuku blurted out, “You’re going to get your skirt dirty on the floor!”

Katsuki hooked her fingers into the sides of Izuku’s panties, before looking up at her with a dumbfounded expression. “Is that really what you’re thinking about right now?”

“Well, I-” Izuku looked away as Katsuki pulled her underwear down to her ankles. She gulped, staring at the wall ahead of her. She kept her composure in decent order, up until Katsuki tilted her head up and gathered her wetness on her tongue. She groaned, her hands pressing to the wall behind her with her fingernails scratching at the paint.

Katsuki seemed satisfied with her response. She pushed Izuku’s legs further apart to give herself some room, very nearly throwing Izuku off her balance entirely. She flicked her tongue against Izuku’s clit, drawing a high pitched whine out of Izuku’s mouth. It was all too easy to get her worked up, but she wasn’t going to complain. She kissed her inner thighs, beginning to suck a mark into her skin once she could feel Izuku begin to relax a little bit. One thing that Izuku would never get when it came to Katsuki was a moment of rest.

“Kacchan-” Izuku whimpered. She was growing desperate, visibly so. “Please, just-”

“Please what?” Katsuki asked, pressing tip of her index finger into Izuku’s hole.

“I don’t- whatever you’re going to do just-” Izuku whined as Katsuki slipped her finger a bit deeper. “Please.”

Katsuki scoffed. “Aw, you can’t even say it, can you?” She curled her finger, seeking out one thing in particular.

“I-it’s embarrassing…” Izuku murmured. She tensed up and gave a choked moan when Katsuki touched something that made her seize with pleasure.

“What is?” Katsuki edged a second finger in alongside the first, making sure she didn’t overdo it too soon. “That I’m going to eat you out?”

“How can you say things like that…?” Izuku was managing quite well for someone getting fingerfucked, but her voice still wavered.

“It’s not that hard. Here, I can say some more things-”

“No! No, that’s- that won’t be necessary.” Izuku said in a rush.

“Fine, fine. But you do have to tell me what you want, you know.” Katsuki pressed her thumb to Izuku’s clit, rubbing against it in circles.

“Kacchan, I don’t want to-” Izuku whined.

“Then I guess I can’t do it, huh?” Katsuki said.

“No, I mean-!” She looked up, steeling herself, then looked back down at Katsuki. “Please eat me out.” She finally whispered.

“Gladly.” Katsuki replied with a wide grin. She pulled her fingers out, a glistening strand of slickness still connecting them to Izuku. She wasted no time, pressing her tongue into Izuku without a second’s hesitation. Katsuki couldn’t stifle a satisfied sound when Izuku’s hands grab her hair, tugging her closer.

“Kacchan!” Izuku moaned, shaking violently at the feeling of her tongue stroking inside of her.

Katsuki hummed, the vibration making Izuku quake. She continued to act without hesitation, pressing her still-wet fingers back into Izuku alongside her tongue. The stretch is far from unbearable, but Izuku still feels a cozy sense of fullness that makes it all the better.

Izuku rocked her hips up against Katsuki’s mouth, moving with the too-gentle pace of her fingers. “Mmh-”

Katsuki scissored her fingers and felt Izuku’s legs try to snap shut, to no avail. “You taste so good.” She said, not moving too far from where she belonged when she spoke.

“That’s- that’s-” Izuku couldn’t find the words to say, so she let them disappear under a noisy moan. The fact that someone could come in at any point, just to hear her moaning as her classmate ate her out, was terrifying. Still, there was a thrill that came with the risk of it all.

Katsuki moved back just enough to press her tongue to Izuku’s clit, relishing in the throaty gasp she got in return. She moved it in circles, out of sync with her fingers but still entirely perfect, enough to get Izuku to tip her head back and cry out.

“Please, I’m-” Izuku breathed heavily, her chest heaving. “I’m almost-”

Katsuki picked up the pace, determined to push Izuku straight to the edge and all the way off of it. She curled her fingers against that spot and made her whine, and she kept going until she felt Izuku spasm around her and heard her moan much louder than she had before. Someone really was going to hear at this rate, she thought.

As Izuku came down from her high, Katsuki leaned back to admire what she had done to her. She looked wrecked, and Katsuki would never get enough of seeing her like that. “So,” she began.

Izuku looked down at her, still breathing heavily. “Yeah?”

Katsuki put her fingers in her mouth, tongue curling around them and cleaning Izuku’s wetness from them. Izuku’s pupils were blown wide as she watched. One she had deemed them clean enough, she pulled them out of her mouth and smirked. “How about we go again?”