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Five Mini fills (3x The Faculty / 1x Jeremiah / 1x Lord of the Rings)

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1. Jeremiah
"Oh, that's just beautiful," Smith thought while standing at the small lake.
Usually, he wouldn't come near to any waters, but the beauty of this sight for sure was mesmerizing.


2. Lord of the Rings
"Look, Mr, Frodo! As long as something beautiful like this does exist, I refuse to think that the darkness can win," Sam said and pointed at the colorful trees in front of them.


3. - 5. The Faculty
"Zeke, look," Casey whispered.
"A black cat. Isn't she beautiful?

Zeke shuddered.
"She looks as if she is already preparing for Halloween," he growls.


Zeke put the arms around his boyfriend; he could feel him shiver from the cold of this November morning.

"C'mon, geek boy," he murmured.
"Put the camera down. It's time for a hot shower."


Zeke smirked wide.

"What," Casey asked.
"Even you can't deny that this place is full of magic."

"Sure it is," Zeke admitted.
"But ... time traveling???"