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Author's POV

"Now we're going to go over the notes on pag-" Sayuri spoke pacing back and forth down the isle until she came to a stop abruptly...



Stopping in-front of a desk she slammed her hand down startling awake an alpha way too dense to have the nerve to nap in Sayuri's class, that's basically handing your head off on a silver platter..



"Narumi" she asked laughing sarcastically..



"y-yes ma'm" gulping..



"Do you think this is a class for you to come nap in?" she hissed..


Everyone in the room starred at the scene..



"n-no ma'm"



"smart answer, i only wish you were smart enough to stay awake in my class don't you agree narumi?"



The alpha could only flush with embarrassment nodding his head..




"answer me with WORDS when i ask you a question!" she screeched..



Everyone jumped in their seats, no one ever wanted to deal with the bad side of Sayuri she could practically wipe your face off the planet and act like life was good the second minute, everyone in this room knew she was a bi-polar bitch; but one that you should never cross, even if she's wrong all you do is apologize, walk away and do what she says.



"i-i agree with you 100% m-ma'm" he nervously spoke making a salute motion with his hand..



" agree 100%?"



"y-yes ma'm"



"That's good..that's good we're making progress..." she hummed, with her hands crossed tapping her foot rapidly against the floor..



"because you, mister 'im going to take up my magnificent teacher's time by napping' just earned yourself a full week of detention."



"what the fu-"  Narumi stood up causing his chair to fall back and land with a loud bang, making people flinch



"Oh my!" she covered her mouth "What a lovely mouth you have narumi can you please repeat that again, and perhaps a little louder?"



"this is so unfair! all i did was close my eyes for a fe-"


Narumi's ass was already tossed out the window, pieces of glass left broken on the floor, everyone gaped with shock. Some shook in fear in their seats..



"Now.." Sayuri spoke dusting her hands as if Narumi was the dirtiest thing she ever touched...



"who wants to be a lovely dear and clean up this mess Narumi made.." she spoke; innocently smiling at the rest of the class.





Yuu's POV

"oh god you actually got your ass tossed out the window again?" kimizuki snorted joining Yuu and the rest, on the lunch table...



"oh shut the hell up she did this to you before too!" narumi glared towards the other who was sitting across the table..



"yeah, but like that was once it's been like 6-7 times since she tossed your ass out that window im surprised you've not broken a bone yet." Shinoa pipped in, sipping on some of her soup..



"alphas don't break bones, you know this, we're not built very delicately like you guys"  Narumi shot back



Yuu's brow twitched, he hated the fact that people used tittles as an excuse to justify shit, being an untamed 18 year old omega who still kept his innocence because he vowed to himself to never let a cocky bastard dominate him and think of him any lesser. He was one of the most fancied omegas in the school, alphas always pinning after him but he could care less.



"excuse me what the fuck did you just say, were you seriously tossed out that window that much?"  Yuu spoke up causing the whole table to erupt with snickers..



"oh shut it Yuu, i don't wanna hear your bullshit your the fucking saint of the school only virgin left here, i wonder how long your going to act all tough and innocent sooner or later you're gonna be dominated" Narumi smugly smirked.



"When the hell did this conversation turn to be about my virginty?"  Yuu gripped his chopsticks harder "and i am so fuckin' sorry that you can't get over my rejection,you're taking it way too hard, do us a favor and stick my nonexistent fucks up your ass"  yuu said scowling at the other, the whole table crackling with laughter..



Yuu could see the alpha's face redden with anger, he smirked with victory as the other stood up storming away from the table but not before flicking yuu off..



"jackass" yuu muttered turning his attention back to his food..



This was a pretty normal routine for the two, yuu would cuss him out, Narumi would storm out, be the talk of the day and on the next day they would repeat the same process. Most people would call it a lover's quarrel but Yuu disliked the guy with a passion, no he didn't hate him but he couldn't tolerate his cocky behavior, hell yuu didn't like alphas in general it would take a while for yuu to completely befriend and trust one, kimizuki and mistuba are the closest ones, narumi was in the process, if only he'd stop trying to get into Yuu's pants he might have been one of the lucky alphas Yuu bothered conversing with.



"So yuu-san, you coming with us tonight or what?"  Shinoa spoke causing yuu to pause his chewing and look up at the omega girl with confusion..



"huh?" he spoke after swallowing his food.



Shinoa rolled her eyes before looking around the cafeteria for any listening ears "we're sneaking into the Golden Gala tonight remember!?" she whisper yelled..



"You know if guren found us he would skin us alive, let alone the board they'd have our heads!" yuu protested.



"you can't back out, you lost the bet and you are coming with us i don't give a rats ass if i have to put you in a bag and drag you there"  Shinoa crossed her arms holding her head high.



yuu scowled at his purple haired friend "why do you want to go so bad? we're not permitted to interfere with night schoolers matters and you chose the day of the gala to go you're basically asking for us to get killed and why is no one else against this?" yuu finished looking around the table with annoyance..



Yuu's brows knitted with confusion, he looked around the cafeteria.. two of his best friends were missing..



"and where the hell did pinkie pie and yoichi go?"  Yuu said



"they left when you were busy arguing with narumi" Mistuba spoke with a bored tone looking off into space..



"what the hell why?"  Yuu asked.



"well if you haven't noticed yuu, yoichi's heat literally started like"  Shinoa paused glancing at her watch for a brief moment " two hours ago, Kimizuki probably knotted him like 3 times since you and Narumi started arguing up until now."



Yuu shuddered "just stop don't talk about them anymore please, and im still against this!"



"but aren't you curious to see how the 3 princes look like?" Shinoa smirked evily.



"they're freaking vampire princes shinoa, they'd probably snap your neck at first glance so no im not fucking curious i treasure my life even though our society is fucked up."  Yuu explained.



"we have an agreement with them, snapping our necks would cause us to go into war, they're not dumb enough to go into another 20 year long war, especially with the newer demons we recently got, so i doubt they'd kill us we might get punished yes, but it's sooo worth it"  Shinoa said



Yuu opened his mouth a few times, trying to think of another way to convince the crazy bitch that interfering with vampire events would lead to nothing but trouble.

"Sh-" yuu started




"Let's face it Yuu-san aren't you curious to see how they look like, since basically half the omegas in daylight school want to mate to a vampire and have a longer life span and beautiful children" Shinoa spoke, making Mistuba glare at her with annoyance..



"i only want you though mistu-chan calm down" Shinoa patted her alpha's thigh beneath the table making yuu throw up a bit in his mouth, due to the disgusting sight, anything affectionate to him was disgusting he hated contact with people, he got pissed when people randomly touched him without his consent.




Turning back to Yuu "so what do ya' say Yuu-san? don't be a wuss" she smirked..



"fine"  Yuu frowned at the other crossing his arms..



"well im leaving now"  Yuu added standing up and picking up his half eaten tray of food.



"dress decent yuu-san, i'll bring the masks" Shinoa called after him




pausing mid step he spun on his heels "masks? what the fuck?"



"it's a masked gala idiot"  Mistuba rolled her eyes at him..



Flicking her off for her rudeness, Yuu headed out the cafeteria and began his trip towards the Daylight student dorms. For some reason yuu felt as if someone was watching him, he slowed in his tracks looking around until his eyes landed on the night student dorm's building which was over the fence yuu was looking through, still feeling the same feeling, his eyes trailed through the windows with curiosity..



"i really do wonder what they look like, since everyone wants to get a glimpse of them.."  Yuu murmured to himself..



'if you're curious why don't you come see' a voice spoke..



Yuu squeaked turning all around frantically looking for the voice, it definitely didn't come from him, finding no one..


"i must be going crazy, i really need a nap before that stupid gala"  Yuu sighed and began his walk again..




Author's POV

Heavy pants left the blonde alpha's lips, his half naked body glistening with sweat, he moaned into the sheets gripping them leaving a tare for the maids do deal with later on. His back arched off the bed his eyes briefly flickering to red his alpha side fighting for control...



"m-mngh" the alpha moaned into the spacious room..



nearly minutes later a maid barged in,



"oh my!" she blushed upon seeing the golden prince's state, which was quite a view "i'll get the queen your highness please endure it a bit longer" the maid said rushing out the room..




Two guards, dressed in white vampire board uniforms stood by the queen's chambers daring anyone to come close, a minute later the maid arrived..



"I need to see her Majesty this instant" she spoke.



"What is your reason for coming forth at this hour to disturb the queen?" one of the guards spoke bitterly..



"I-It has to do with His Highnes-" she explained



"come in" a melodic yet venomous voice spoke, it was the queen.



The twin doors opened giving access to the maid, she rushed in kneeling before the queen's feet daring not to look in her eyes, or else the queen would have her head.



"what reason dares you to come before me, especially when that thing out there is still shinning brighter than my crown" she seethed staring down at the maid..



"i-i apologize my queen..i-it's the princ-" she began



"what about the prince spit it out already!"



"h-he's having the dream again..your majesty.." the maid quietly confessed..



Enough said the queen pulled her cloak over her sleeping gown, then used her abilities to open her doors as she rushed to her son's chambers her cloak and long strands of beautiful lavish pink hair flew along behind her..



Krul's POV



Krul was bewildered, this was the 7th time mikaela was having a lucid dream's of his unknown mate.



'who dares rock your heart like this my son? just who exactly is making you so hot and bothered nearly every night..'  Krul wondered..



Reaching her son's chamber's she used one of her abilities 'telekinesis' to open her son's own chambers. She marched right in, and saw her son's state..



"Mikaela wake up!" she spoke nearing her son's bed..



Her pitiful son was thrashing and moaning into his sheets with no shame, luckily their royal chambers were farther from the Silver/Bronze Royal chamber's if those royals heard of mika's problem, they'd not hesitate to use this excuse to lower his status as the Gold prince.




Krul called for a maid to bring some cold water and a towel, she had to be gentle with him, because the first few times they tried waking him up from this state he nearly murdered everyone within 30 feet of him, this state caused him to lose control with the alpha side of him and honestly it worrying the hell out of Krul, he was to be wedded soon if he's not able to find and claim his rightful mate.




Placing the cold towel over his forehead, Krul repeated this action a few times until his breathing calmed down, the room smelled like an alpha in rut, Krul was hardly affected by it, but the maids definitely were having a hard time standing up with their knees closed tightly together and faces flushed with arousal.




Turning to face the group of maids " how dare you think you're on the same level with my son to be aroused around him, how dare you try to seduce him with that putrid smell, do you all have no shame!?"  Krul seethed staring down the group of desperate maids..




"w-we a-are so s-sorry your majesty! please spare us! it is not our intention!" the maids chorused shaking with fear..



"why did you sign up for this job if you can't control your urges! It is against the rules to feel aroused around a royal blood! do you understand the level of this filthy act!"



"w-we are deeply sorry your majesty it won't happen again" they cried..



"you're right it won't." krul tore her eyes away from the sad sight, looking back at her son, raising her hand to gain the attention of a guard "take them to the lowest level and make sure they rot there for the next one hundred years before they dare think they're worthy of serving a royal blood ever again" krul finished.



"As you wish your majesty" the guards spoke dragging the group of maids away..



Krul knew that was harsh but she needed an excuse to rid of them before they exposed of mika's state, and they so happened to make it easier for her to get rid of them with less issues, the poor things are worried way too much about their terrible act to expose mika now, that was the goal.



Mika's POV



Mika's eyes flickered open, he looked around his room in confusion it smelled like rut, specifically his own..what the hell happene-



"good-evening your highness, your bath has been prepared" some random maid Mika didn't give a shit about spoke up destroying his peaceful evening..



"what time is it?" mika asked annoyed, sitting in his bed his muscular chest getting exposed with the action..



"it is 8:53 P.M your highness" the maid answered with a faint blush..



finally sensing his mothers scent.. "was her majesty here in my chambers while i slept?'



"yes, your highness" the maid confirmed.



Mika groaned, he already knew what had happened it seemed his mother was successful with keeping the golden palace in one piece while he had another episode. Laying back down on the bed mika stared up at his bedroom ceiling..



'who are you? and why do you make me feel this way?' mika thought to himself a faint blush covering his pale cheeks..





He'd been having very vivid almost real like dreams of his rightful mate, every time mika was about to see his face it would blur out, and this happened after they touched in so many ways, but mika never got to see their face nor hear their voice, their lips also never touched. It was as if mika was heavily drugged because no matter how many times he tried it never happened, instead he was touched almost sexually by his mate and the alpha in him liked it very much, it was no lie that mikaela was still a pure alpha, it was forbidden for him to perform in any sexual acts before he came of age. It was frowned upon and you might even get banished for it.






"your highness it's time" a guard spoke.


Mika stood up from his chamber royal seat, following his guards out of his chambers and into the narrowed hallway, they were headed for the gala, mika was probably tardy for it but his mother most likely covered up for him, tonight was the night the 3 princes would celebrate their coming of age, mika knew the board would force someone onto him and he needed to hold back a little while longer until he discovered his mate. The gala was also held in his honor being the golden prince and all, he'd be taking his mother's throne in less than 500 years.




"The Golden Prince Mikaela Tepes, son of Krul Tepes the third progenitor and current golden queen, has arrived" everyone in the gala stopped in their tracks as the grand twin doors opened revealing mika...who looked uninterested in the whole situation.




Some clapped, some feared, some just went with the flow, Mika strode down the isle with confidence he could see some omegas dying for his glance at least once so they could brag to their friends that they had been noticed by him..



Reaching his seat his cloak covered him, he bowed to the board respectfully then to his mother and took his rightful seat which was a deck lower and right next to his mother..



"Mika-ela glad you could make it." the thirteenth progenitor bowed before mika champagne in his left hand..



"you have some nerve referring to me by my name" mikaela accepted the champagne "Ferid Bathory." mika finished taking a light sip of the divine drink.



"don't be sour on such a great evening my prince, you've come of age you get to experience all that life has planned for you" Ferid smugly spoke daring to look up at mika..



"how d-" mika froze mid sentence..



His eyes flickered red, sniffing the air mika caught the most enchanting smell he'd ever smelt in his 1800 years of life, the smell was soo sweet but had a hint of bitterness to it, it was perfect, it was...



"i-it's him.." mika uttered dropping his champagne as he stood up from his seat eyes searching through the crowd of masks..


'he's here' mika thought..

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Author's POV


1 and half weeks later after the gala..


Inside the Golden Palace, the prince marched through the dazzlingly extensive halls, practically killing people with just his glare, he had just received the news of his betrothal. Not wanting to believe the news he walked out in the middle of his mother's public announcement, the prince knew this would definitely stir up some commotion in the castle. He was upset with his mother for deciding to announce the grim news without informing him of it first. This was a fatal blow to all the walls he built around himself, to all the time he's been trying to use to find "him"





Mika's POV

"Mikaela stop right there!" Krul followed after him, along with a group of unlucky butlers and maids..



"I am not going to wed someone that is clearly not my mate!" clenching his fist Mika stopped in defeat, his steps slowing...



"Do you think we have a choice, do you think this is some fairy-tale?" his mother spoke venomous but truthful words "your time is limited, the board wants you to attend the meeting tonight." she finished..




"b-but im so close to finding him mother! he was there that night!" Mika vainly spoke, spinning around his cloak flying in the air briefly...



Raising her hand she signaled the faction of maids and butlers behind her to give them some privacy.



"come with me my son" his mother spoke leading the way to her chambers.






"you've been feeding off my blood for 1,800 years Mika.." his mother spoke with her back turned to him, as she fixed a glass of champagne for herself "...the board is not on our side, you and i both know that well.." she the moved the glace wine in a circular motion making the drink swirl...



"Mother i can find him! I just need a few more days!" he opposed, taking a few steps towards his mother..



"Listen to yourself, Mika where can we find this 'time' , Your step uncle Lest, is fighting day and night to keep the silver throne, the board is rapidly turning against him!" she turned to him sorrowfully, placing her drink on the maroon colored table



Mika could see the pain in his mother's eyes, Lest was the King of Silver and also a third progenitor, he had it all good, the board adored him until he risked everything to marry Krul's omega twin brother Asura Tepes, the board was not happy about it, he went against their wishes and made Asura his mate, but why are they fighting harder now?





"why is the board going against him now, Asura has been his mate for nearly 200 years" Mika asked



" pregnant.." Krul admitted, looking at mika with pitiful eyes, he could almost see a fleck of fear in his mothers eyes..




"And you're telling me this now, how come i couldn't scent his pups at the gala?" Mika spoke discontented by the whole situation itself .




"Because we've been combining our powers to mask the scent"




"By 'we' you mean.."




"Luc, Saito, Lest and I" Krul spoke running her fingers along the spotless table..




Ky Luc was the fifth progenitor, who followed under Krul loyally; not once in 3,000 thousand years had he ever betrayed Krul, they had a history no one could overstep and everyone knew that, even the board, he was under Krul's wing and his power as the fifth progenitor is a great support for her. As for Saito, Mika was shocked to silence, he was the Second progenitor that worked under the board he was one of the ten elites.




"Saito?! mother he's part of the board!?" mika spoke, as his brows furrowed in confusion..




"He's our spy" his mother spoke not even bothering to worry what was going on through her son's mind at the moment, it was all just bizarre news to him.





Everything made sense now, all those times Saito would stall the board for Mika just so he could find his rightful mate, he'd seen the latter in board meetings countless of times, he always thought the guy was trying to figure him out but all this time he'd been helping his mother, he’d been doing it on his behalf..



"You've been keeping all this from me..why?" mika sucked in a breath, speaking hesitantly as he took the guest seat..





"Why? to protect you of-course!" his mother spoke approaching him, cupping his cheek "the board is ruthless Mikaela, you can't have love when they exist, we're doing this for Asura, if the board confirmed their suspicions they'd most likely send an assassin after their offspring before they're even born, i don't want you to deal with this.." tears fell from her ruby eyes as she caressed his cheek, his mother hardly cried it's been 400 years since his mother cried, that was the day Mika's unknown father passed, she grieved for a long time and still wouldn't tell Mika who his father was..





"We won't know if this will happen to me..the board might accept my mate.." he held his mothers hand in place..





"There's a 10% chance they'll accept them mika, you know how nasty they are, they go against what you wish for..please understand.."





"I am not going to give up on my mate mother, especially when he's this close.." mika gripped his mother's hand tighter, but not tight enough to hurt her " he's at the tip of my fingertips, and I'm going to find him and claim him as my own whether the board accepts it or not." Mika spoke bravely, his own sapphire jewels bore into his mother's ruby hard gaze.





A few more moments of silent staring, as they had an inner battle. His mother finally breaks the gaze sighing, letting Mika know he'd won her over..





"You have a week Mikaela" she turned, removing her hand from Mika's "a week do you understand? after that you have to devote yourself to your assigned mate."




"Thank you mother!" mika spoke perkily, he stood up bowing multiple times to show his gratitude..




"you still have to attend the meeting tonight though" she gazed out her window, lightly smiling at her son's unusual but swell behavior..




"Fine." Mika groaned and turned on his heels leaving his mother's chambers..




That night, Mika could've had his mate at the palm of his hand. If only the board wasn't there, his mother had to use nearly 70% of her vampire strength to yank him back into his seat during the gala.




'And that stupid good for nothing, ass-hat Ferid' mika muttered to himself as he strolled down the halls in the direction of his chambers.





Mika hated the Royal with all his being, since he was born he felt a very wrong vibe from the older vampire, he of-course was always content to Mika representing as an omega so he could claim him, which seemed extremely absurd to Mika, the older seemed to have a peanut for a brain is what Mika assumed.




Thankfully he'd stopped lusting after Mika as soon as he came out as an alpha, and also because he ended up claiming Crowley the most alpha like omega in the vampire kingdom. The guy was built nothing like an omega, from afar you would think he was an alpha, that's until his scent reached you.





Reaching his chambers, he beckoned his guards to open the doors, strolling in he unhooked his cloak letting it drop on the spotless marble floor and unzipped his thigh high lady killer boots, it was time for his rest and he needed lots of it before the night came meaning he had to deal with the daily dose of bullshit he'd be receiving from the board.







Yuu's POV



Laying on his bed, Yuu bit his pen trying to solve a calculus problem he'd been staring at for the past ten minutes, and his purple haired midget friend was doing nothing but being a nuisance to his struggles.




"Yuuuuuuu-sannnnnnnn" shinoa whined poking his cheek repeatedly, which seemed to finally make him snap.




"don't fucking touch me." Yuu spoke irked as he swatted her hands away..




"well you shouldn't have ignored me the first 20 times i called you." she rolled her eyes, propping her head on her palm.




"OK, as you can see i was trying to do my homework goddammit" Yuu gestured to his homework dramatically "now what the hell do you want from me?"




"let's be part of the night patrol tonight, i want to see them again." she chirped..




Yuu starred her down trying to figure out if she was just plain stupid, if she was the result of a broken condom or failed plan B (birth control), everything that flew out her mouth was crazy but this was by far the most craziest, practically insane enough to want to go to school while the vampires were there.





"haha funny story" Yuu sarcastically laughed "no thanks" he turned back to his homework..





"god you're such a wuss yuu-san" she spoke clicking her tongue, turning to lay on her back she starred onto Yuu's dorm ceiling..





"I'm not a wuss, i just happen to value my shitty life, more than you do yours." Yuu fixed her with a bored gaze "and anyways why do you want to see them again, was the gala not a good enough experience? "





"We got fucking lost the first half of the ceremony, we got there after the last royal arrived, we missed the whole damn intro" she stewed "and might I add, half the time your face was stuffed in the food, so i was busy taking care of your fat-ass thank you very much."





"Okay! fine I apologize for that, but they had some really good food okay!" Yuu defended holding his hands up




"I'll refrain from pulling pranks on you for the next month if you agree to go with me one last time.." she turned to Yuu, attempting a puppy face which Yuu just rolled his eyes at "...pleaseeeee" she nagged..




"Fine" Yuu sighed, granting her wish..








Glancing at his watch it was exactly 9:37 P.M, Yuu looked up the sky, it was pitch black and getting foggier by the hour, Yuu's feet hurried towards their meet-up which was by the gates, he had no idea how they were going to get past the tight security without at least getting chased down by one of the seraph demon hell hounds. They were literally dogs from hell, specifically some of many pups by the original Hell hounds had, that guarded hell; possibly still guard it today.





Nearing the gates Yuu hid behind the bush, Shinoa had told him to. His small frame did well to help him cover up, squatting patiently he blew warm puffs of air into his small hands.




"what the fuck are you doing here?" a voice whispered behind Yuu, causing him to fall back on his butt, turning to the location of the voice, Yuu's heart rate slowed down a bit, upon recognizing the person..




"I should be asking you the same question dumbass." Yuu spat, glaring towards the brown haired alpha as he got back in position..




"Well shinoa told me to come" Narumi said, squatting next to Yuu..




"Oh that's just great, the more the mirier " Yuu answered back sarcastically..





"You need a class A alpha like me to have your back when you omega's get into tr-" Narumi began, before Yuu cut off his worthless rant with a slap..




"ouch! what the hell was that for!" Narumi flared at Yuu..




"Sorry, i thought i saw a mosquito on your cheek" Yuu spoke innocently starring up at the other who was rubbing his cheek "opsie" Yuu giggled, turning away from the other with a evil smirk..





'god damn that felt good' yuu muttered to himself smiling proudly..




"well as i was sa-" Narumi began once again before the rustling of leaves cut off his words..





"Shinoa hurry your god-damn slow ass up, we don't have all night for this!" a voice spoke restlessly, Yuu recognized it as kimizuki..




"Relax! we'r-" The group of four emerged from the trees, "oh you guys are already here, eager I see" shinoa smirked placing a hand on her hips..




Shinoa, Mistuba, kimizuki and Yoichi approached them...




"No the fuck we're not, im doing this for ‘a peace of mind’ for the next one month" Yuu answered back casually..




"I'm here for the same reason except 3 months" Kimizuki snobbishly said..




"wait why the hell does he get three months of gandi treatment while i get one?!" Yuu protested




"Well it's because I didn't cower in faster than you did shortie" Kimizuki spat back...




"Listen here pinky pie, i could walk away from this right no-"




"okay! okay! princesses let's calm down" Shinoa interrupted the two..




"Can we just get this over with I have an AP history test tomorrow" Yoichi tentatively smoke emerging from Kimizuki's back..






"As you wish your highness" Shinoa spoke jokingly, as she bowed before Yoichi who was rolling his eyes but going along with it..








They somehow managed to sneak past the knocked out guards and distracted hell hounds, Yuu at this point knew they were in much deeper shit than he signed up for, they had no night patrol badges, which Shinoa had promised she'd have for them, she chose to tell them this ‘sweet’ piece of news after they'd arrived the school campus after practically running there, which was harder on him, Yoichi and Shinoa being omegas they had lower stamina. Narumi definitely didn't miss the chance to try and talk Yuu into getting onto his back if he was tired, which Yuu responded to by telling the guy 'the day i get on your back is the day i become crippled, jackass'






Getting back into his present actions, Yuu hoped on the stone next to the window Shinoa was starring into, he too peaked into the school, and yes indeed they came in time the night-schoolers were strolling in the halls dressed in white uniforms.




The rest had picked their own windows looking inside as well, everyone was silently staring into the windows as if it was the most enchanting view. They had bizarre hair colors for sure Yuu noted that and they were really pale but flawless.



"They're so ...." Yoichi began from his spot..




"Graceful.." Yuu finished his sentence..




"well duh, they age slower and have natural beauty and were practically raised extravagantly.."Shinoa pipped in...




"how old are these freaks?" Kimizuki spoke irritably




"I don't know if this is true but from the research i did i think every 100 years counts as year for them.." Shinoa explained




"wow, it'll be like 1 million years before they die?" Narumi questioned turning away from his window to look at Shinoa..




"not all of them age that way.. some age a year every 500 years..depends on how powerful you are.." Shinoa said placing a finger on her lips





"how do you even know this?" Mistuba turned her attention from the window staring warringly at her girlfriend




" you forget that im a hiragi.." Shinoa smirked at her girlfriend..




"oh right." mistuba rolled her eyes turning her attention back onto the window




"who the hell is that?" yuu whispered to shinoa, pointing towards the blonde who was followed by a large posse..





"that there.." her eyes glimmered with admiration under the moonlight " is Prince Mikaela Tepes, son of Krul Tepes the Third Progenitor and heir to the golden throne."





Yuu's mouth dropped in shock his face glued on the window, he did not expect to find an heir to one of the vampire thrones, especially the Golden Throne this breath taking, it was almost as if he was living in a fairy-tale..




The platinum gold haired prince strutted down , the halls his sapphire irises fixed disinterestedly at the path ahead of him. Cloak flying freely behind him, with each strut, Yuu got a perfect view of his thigh high kill worthy boots.





Yuu's eyes trailed up more he spotted the bulge in his pants, almost drooling at the sigh-




'wait what the hell am i thinking?' yuu thought smacking himself mentally..




Forcing his eyes away from the drool worthy sight, he looked up squinting his eyes trying to study the guy's face,





"I can slice Narumi's nut sack off with that sharp jawline" Yuu murmured to himself, forgetting he was still around his airhead friends






"oh my god, he's a goner.." shinoa moved from the window laughing as she clutched her stomach..





Yuu could care less, about Shinoa's outburst to his comment, at the moment. He kept starring at the guy on the other side of the window, his hands plastered onto the window while his face was still heavily glued to it zoning out whatever his friends were ogling on about.




The Prince stopped or had been stopped is what it looked like to Yuu, he looked irritated while a light pink haired female vampire spoke to him, he noticed the lingering touches the female would leave on the blonde haired prince, obviously she was flirting, their conversation came to and end as the prince resumed his journey without his entourage, he was nearing the window Yuu and his friends were hiding at, for some reason Yuu's heart beat got ten times quicker as the prince got closer..





'he's not gonna see us why am i panicking' yuu thought..




Wrong, the minute, he passed Kimizuki's window Yuu could tell he sensed them, he crossed Yoichi's and Mistuba's then his eyes finally snapped towards Yuu's and Shinoa who stood frozen. When Yuu's emerald eyes locked with the other's stunning sapphire gaze through the window all he could say was 'wow'






"Yuu what the hell are you doing?" Kimizuki yanked Yuu from the window by his collar..




"how the hell did he scent us through a window" Narumi asked, suprised..




"he's the fucking golden prince, put two and two together fuckin' knuckle head" Mistuba spoke, unimpressed..




the group began to bicker, unaware at the fact that they might be running for their lives soon..





"what the he-"




Pieces of glass landed by their feet, shocking the group of 7 troublemakers into thick silence as their gaze snapped back up..




"did he just break the fucking window...." yuu whispered, looking up at the now red eyed prince who stood at the edge of the window starring Yuu down like a piece of meat, his golden locks swaying with the light breeze..

Chapter Text

 Yuu's POV


"did he just break the fucking window...." Yuu whispered, looking up at the now red eyed prince who stood at the edge of the window staring him down like a piece of meat, his golden locks swaying with the light breeze..


“Uh yes..yes he did.” Mitsuba confirmed nodding her head.


“We come in peace!” Narumi spoke, putting his hands up


“We’re not fucking aliens ya’ dumb bitch” Kimizuki grumbled,


“The fuck di-”


“Who are you?” the blonde questioned the group, precisely Yuu who was frozen on the spot. The rest turned to each other with weary faces, the blonde alpha hopped off the window landing elegantly before the startled group, taking a few strides towards Yuu.


Everyone took cautious steps backwards, due to the approaching male vampire alpha. Yuu who unlucky backed up into a tree, couldn’t process what the heck was happening his mind was screaming for him to run, but his heart was eager to be close to this approaching male. He was soo handsome to the point Yuu couldn’t help but just stare.


As the other reached Yuu who winced upon making contact with the tree behind him, his friends gasped a bit as they watched the scene unfold before them. The blonde alpha who was now standing before him with curious hungry eyes, was patiently waiting for Yuu to speak.


“Me…?” Yuu silently whispered, blinking up at the breathtaking sapphire eyed  male before him, “My name is..Yuichiro Ichinose..”  he finished.


‘What the fuck?! Why did I just tell him my name?Am I that easy?’ Yuu mentally questioned himself, his mind was totally saying the opposite of what he wanted to say.


“I’m Mikaela Tepes..” the other gestured to himself, “’re an omega..”


Yuu cocked a brow, why was the other stating the obvious was this an attempt at getting him irritated, “uh..yes?”


What confused Yuu even more was the sudden smile the taller had suddenly given him. God, it was breathtaking to Yuu, who was not really paying attention to what the other was doing. Mikaela had already leaned forward, startling Yuu for a second time.


‘Oh god is he going to kiss me??’ Yuu gulped down nervously, blinking up at the other. Curse his luck, the other was getting too close to him and everyone knew Yuu disliked closeness with any alpha. His senses were kicking in hard telling him to move out of the way but his instincts also wanted him to stay planted on the spot and wait for the alpha to do whatever he wanted to do. Yuu bit back a whimper as the other leaned closer to his neck, the sweet smell of Jasmine and  Rosemary invaded Yuu’s nosestirls sending waves of something Yuu didn’t know to describe as. As if that wasn’t enough the other’s nose lightly grazed over his scent glands taking Yuu’s scent in. That’s when Yuu realised the other was scenting him, causing him to push the other away lightly his eyes widening in fear.


“What do you think you’re doing?” Yuu covered his neck protectively, his cheeks redding with embarrassment he glared up at the other.


“..mine…” was all he managed to say..


“what..?”Yuu’s eyes widened, blush covering his cheeks “yours..?”


“Yuu-san...I think it’s time we go..” Shinoa spoke..


Yuu still looked up the other with curiosity, before ripping his eyes away from the alpha before him, fixing his weary gaze on Shinoa who stood by Mitsuba who looked at Yuu anxiously.


‘Right we came here for Shinoa..’ yuu recalled.


“Uh yeah..” Yuu let his arms drop loosely against his sides, before making a move to side step away only to have the alpha in front of him block his path..…


“Can we meet again..” the alpha spoke, softly “..privately perhaps..” he finished with a whisper..


Yuu narrowed his eyes before speaking, “..Why? We have no business with each other..”


“Don’t deny it..” the alpha yanked the alarmed Yuu even closer, “I know you feel it too..we’re destined..”


Yuu gasped softly before yanking his hand away from the other’s wrist only to have his omega instincts scream at him for cutting off the little physical contact they shared. Yuu didn’t know why his instincts were acting out line but he definitely knew this alpha had lost his damn marbles.


“E-Excuse me?? We just met! You must have me confused for someone….You!” Yuu pointed at the other, “are a vampire prince… and I” Yuu pointed to himself, “Am leaving.” he tried once again to leave…


Failing once again Yuu was backed up into the tree, the alpha had caged him in, “..tomorrow 7 P.M at the gates  I’ll be expecting you Yuichiro.” he growled, “..please..” he pleaded his tone softened along with his gaze making him seem desperate..


Yuu could sense the distress in the alpha’s scent and for some reason it affected him, leaving a feeling of dissatisfaction within Yuu. Yuu looked anywhere but the other’s eyes.


Yuu hesitated but gave in knowing it was the only way the other would let him go, “okay fine..”


Yuu didn’t need to look up, to know the other was excited with Yuu’s reply. Instead the other’s Jasmine scent overpowered the Rosemary making him smell much sweeter and richer. The smell brought a surprisingly small smile to Yuu’s lips and a light blush. The other smelled soo good to Yuu making him want to just nuzzle himself into the alpha’s neck and breathe in his scent. Yuu had never wanted to be close to anyone in his life this much, he was trying his best to control himself in this moment, it was new to him. All these feelings and reactions the other was getting out of him was scaring Yuu.




“ go now..” Yuu cleared his throat nervously...


“Oh…Yes! I apologize...”  the alpha spoke, moving away giving Yuu space to leave...



Yuu speed walked to his group of friends, no one spoke a word. Which surprised Yuu he would’ve thought all of them would bombard him with questions. They all silently walked towards the field, yuu couldn’t help but glance over his shoulder one last time and to his surprise the alpha was still watching him, yuu narrowed his eyes ‘just who are you. Mikaela… and why me….’ Yuu bit his lip in wonder before breaking off their eye contact, following after his friends..





Mika’s POV



Mika raced through the castled halls, his vampire speed leaving maids with their dresses covering their faces, butlers losing their serving trays with how fast Mika had ran passed them. Mika couldn’t care less though; he just couldn’t believe it! His mate… soulmate… Mika had found him.


“Mother!” Mika practically barged into his mother’s chambers, his whole being was pumped with adrenaline.


“Mikaela what is the meaning of this!” Krul placed her book aside on the queen sized mattress, taking off her glasses before glaring softly at Mika.


“I found him!”


“What? What do you mean you found him” she sighed fixing Mika with a curious gaze?


“My mate!” Mika oozed pride...




Chapter Text


Yuu's POV

Yuu sat at the squads lunch table, picking up rice and few meats with his silver chopsticks, every once in a while he'd catch a random alpha's gaze staring him down. It was normal for him to get stared at, he played hard to get, no alpha ever lasted more than a day trying to get to know him, he'd dismiss them with a wave of his hand or simply reduce them to nothing with a few of words.

He was cruel, And he had every right to be ever since that night. Yuu hasn't been able to trust any alpha just like that. To Yuu alphas were nothing more than needy jackasses, that only wanted you for sex and nothing more.

"So Yuu-san are you going to meet him?" Shinoa spoke with a wigle of her eyebrows, placing her tray in front of Yuu's before taking her usual seat.

Seconds later the rest joined the table as well taking their usual seats, and as usual Narumi managed to squeeze in between Yuu and Yoichi who both seemed to get irritated.

Yuu's brows furrowed in confusion before realization hit him, "Oh..probably not"

"Who?! Another alpha?!" Narumi began his usual ranting..

A few snickers and comments could be heard around the table,

Yuu's brow twitched in annoyance, " This was an A and B conversation please C your way out it" he spat.

"I was just worrie-" Narumi defended, sending Yuu a light glare from the corner of his eye.

"I didn't ask for your concern!"

Yuu shot back a glare of his own before he got a whiff of Narumi's scent causing his eyes to widen. Yuu didn't know if it was just him, but Narumi's scent smelled stronger today, the strong smell of Pine and Ginger invaded Yuu's nostrils leaving him ...furious?

"Are you.." Yuu narrowed his eyes towards the other while leaning towards him, " pre-rut?" Yuu managed to grit out through his clenched teeth, lucky for Narumi who was frozen from Yuu's sudden comment, no one else on the table seemed to have heard Yuu, for they were too immersed in their own personal conversations.

"Judging from how tensed up you got, I guess you are." Yuu sighed, placing his chopsticks on his tray, due to his loss of appetite.

"..How could you tell? Am I that obvious...?" Narumi whispered, looking over at Yuu, his cheeks flushed with embarassement

"Better hope you’re not.." Yuu blankly stated with shrug, "I have a sensitive nose, I don't think anyone else picked up on it yet" It was true, Yuu did have a sensitive nose, he always was able to pick up scents faster since he was 4, doctors claimed it was normal so Yuu went a long with it and so did his parents.


"If you're sorry you shouldn't attend class, what were you thinking exactly? that your pre-rut scent would attract me?" Yuu scoffed at the other

"N-No..! Why won-"

"I gotta go, my study hours for the night begin in like 20 minutes so deal with your self confidence problems on your own, I don't have time to listen to your excuses" Yuu stood from his seat, gaining a few of his friends attention.

"Oh Yuu-kun you're leaving already?" Yoichi pouted up at Yuu from his spot between Kimizuki and Narumi..

"I have to, sorry, got an AP Chemistry test tomorrow" Yuu tried to reason sympathetically,

"We still gotta talk about that incident last night..we all keep acting like it didn't happen.." Kimizuki pointed out, while adjusting his glasses by the bridge.

Yuu gave a sigh, it’s true they have been ignoring the topic, although Shinoa seemed to have heard his conversation with that Prince causing Yuu to wonder just how close she was to them. Shinoa being herself of-course questioned Yuu as soon as they got back in the dorms.

They all shared knowing looks, all mentally agreeing with Kimizuki's words.

"..Alright, later guys!" Yuu waved off his group of friends, as he exited the crowded cafeteria..


It was currently 5:37 P.M, Yuu was already halfway through his chemistry notes. Yuu couldn't help but move his study supplies next to his bedroom window, the sunset was truly beautiful, watching it helped Yuu figure out his thoughts.

Without really noticing it, time had flown and it was now 6:51 PM, Yuu stretched his limbs a small yawn leaving his slightly chapped lips, his gaze landing upon his desk clock Yuu suddenly remembered..

'..7PM ...i'll be expecting you Yuichiro' the words echoed Yuu let out a soft gasp, why did he suddenly care, the other probably forgot anyways there was no way the other would be waiting for him.

'was he?!' Yuu pondered on the thought for a mere second, the other did seem persistent last night,Yuu thought..

"Ugh!" Yuu groaned, grabbing his sweatshirt before sprinting out his dorm room


Mika's POV

Mika was eager, he had arrived at the gates 30 minutes early. He was both excited and nervous... too scared he'll something wrong and scare the smaller away.

Mika looked down at his wrist watch it was 6:58 PM and there was still no sign of his omega. Mika had cancelled his night classes today not wanting to deal with what the board had to say as well.

7:00 PM, Mika sighed looking around campus, how bodyguards stood on the other side of the campus, in case someone "human" tried to attack. Mika pocketed his hands in his royal attire.

It was now 3 minutes past their arranged time. Mika was ready to sulk, thinking he got stood up when his ears picked up on the sound of quick feet approaching, catching the sound of someone panting and that lovely scent Mika had been chasing in his dreams for far too long.

Mika looked over his shoulder, gaze landing on his omega who had his hands on his knees, catching his breath. He looked up at Mika a second later, nearly knocking the air out of Mika himself.

This was their second meeting but Mika still couldn't get over how his omega's eyes were so alive.. so beautiful, it honestly caught the Prince off guard a lot.

Mika blinked down at the other, his lips curving up into a smile a moment later.

"Sorry..!" Mika cocked his head, the other was still catching his breath, " wait long?"

"No need to apologize I would wait for you for a thousa..." Mika trailed off blushing in embarrassment realizing his own words, he knew Yuu wasn't aware of the fact that they were mates. He needed to be cautious with what he said around the omega, after-all he didn't want to scare him away when he'd just began courting him.

~To be continued