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Attuned to catch the distant view-halloo

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Black boot

Just bought. Unworn.

Vanished from hotel room.

Nothing to sniff about.

Brown boot.

Snatched after black boot reappears.

Well-worn. Well-loved. Perhaps

better to go



Bitterns retire

Devil-bound hound howls

Man on the Tor


luminous, red-eyed agent of the Devil howling at the moon

pair of croaking ravens nesting on the craggy cairn

grey curlew soaring aloft in the blue heaven

pouring rain making morass of the firmest

rolling clouds rising now and then

last of the bitterns booming

flock of moor sheep

little curly-haired spaniel

miserable ponies


fleeing fugitive

dog-less, downhearted doctor

watchful, wondering, waterproofed Watson

mysterious man on the Tor

last of the Baskervilles beckoning fate

all-seeing eye of Mister Frankland’s rooftop telescope

boy bearing tinned peaches, clean collars, local-via-London news

sisters and wives, warning, aiding, heeding conscience, fearing man

butterfly-chasing villain losing his way for the very last time