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For someone who was so eager to take your clothes off, he sure was nervous. But this was new for both of you, so expected it. Hovering over you like his heart knew what he should be doing, but his brain stopped turning gears. You were soft underneath him, curvaceous in all the right areas. It made him more nervous. He played with your breasts for a decent amount of time, giving them gentle squeezes and dragging long licks over your nipples - the sound of your moaning was his favorite part.

Soon his fingers traveled south, fiddling with your underwear, hesitant to approach any further. Your nerves were beginning to soar through the roof and it took some courage in your to find your voice.

“Osomatsu…touch me.”

He swallowed a dry gulp. Twitching fingers slipped carefully into your panties. You winced in pleasure at the feel of fingertips grazing your folds. He sucked in a breath, a mix of excitement and embarrassment on his face. Digits dipped into you gently and you whined at the intrusion.

“Easy baby…” he shuddered out. Those noises of yours were too good. Working his fingers in and out of you slowly, you felt small tinges of pleasure wash over you. He shifted closer, coming to take a thigh in his hand as he curled his fingers slightly. You bucked into his hand, a small sigh leaving you. He withdrew from you, a satisfied look on his face. You had soaked his hand a decent amount, not knowing how truly turned on he must have made you. Your thighs were spread open to allow Osomatsu to rest between them. You closed your eyes, heart in your throat as you reached for his shoulders - you knew what was coming next.

He kissed your temple, “I’ll go slow, alright?”

He bit his lip, lining himself up nervously to your entrance. The look on his face read utter disbelief, never in his life did he imagine he’d be here. At the end of his virginity. He slid into you cautiously, groaning as his dick was slowly encased in sheer warmth. You winced at the extremely foreign feeling, whole body trembling.

“Come on babe, relax for me…” he coaxed you, the strain visible on your face. He rubbed gentle circles into your hips when he settled fully within you. You were so incredibly hot over his dick and he was itching to move, but he pushed those urges aside to give you time. Losing his virginity was one thing…but you were more than just this, and despite what everyone else thought of him - he wasn’t about to fuck this up.

You sighed softly, experimentally moving your hips against him. There was a slight discomfort there, but it wasn’t anything you weren’t willing to handle. His hands came to your hips,


A quick nod and you felt him rock into you slowly. You winced, feeling a slight sting in your hips, but a wave of pleasure up your spine. A few languid thrusts in and you were more acclimated, straight pleasure taking over your senses. Now you needed him to pick up the pace. You skimmed your hand over his shoulder,

“Osomatsu…faster, please.”

You didn’t miss the sleazy grin that crossed his face,

“Fuck I never thought you’d ask.”



“Unghhh Karaaa” you whined, fingers tangling into his hair. You heard him groan low in your heat, at which he was currently tongue deep. It took a great deal of convincing to talk him into going this far with you. You assured him that you were ready, and when his face mimicked cherries, you were almost worried he wasn’t.

“You don’t want to?” you asked, hand coming over his. His eyes cast downward, searching the ground, unsure of his words. He took your hand up to his chest, heart pounding against your fingertips.

“It’s not that, angel…of course I want to,” he sighed, his fingers loosening their grip, “I just…I don’t want to disappoint you.”

You hummed in an exhale, your other hand traveling to caress his cheek.

“You could never disappoint me, Karamatsu. Everything you do is with love, and I know this would be no different…” you lifted his jaw to lock eyes, “That will always be enough for me.”

He nodded, tears sliding into the corners of his eyes as he took you in for a kiss.

To ease his nerves (as well as yours), you suggested that he use his fingers first just to get you a little more wet than you already were. He quietly helped you undress down to your underwear, and you to his. You had to admit you were deathly nervous for your first time, but even you had a little more sense of direction for sex than Karamatsu did. He listened to your suggestion, eyes closed in embarrassment or thought, you weren’t sure. He took you in his arms, hand easing you flat on the bed,

“Lay back, my love” he whispered, peppering your face with kisses and descending downward. You weren’t privy to what he was doing, but the intimate gesture of your comfort and his tender kisses were helping you relax. It wasn’t until you felt fingers tugging your panties down your legs did you realize what was happening. You were relieved at how gentle he was being with his ministrations as he kissed your legs, though you could say you expected nothing less when his baseline was to shower you with affection daily. Your thighs were gently parted open and you braced yourself for something to prod your entrance, only to feel a sensation of wet softness slide over your clit. You gasped, realizing then as he pressed his lips against your folds that it was face between you legs and not his fingers.

You became a moaning mess quickly, and now you were here, having to call for him to stop because you were definitely going to come undone before either of you even started. He pulled up from your thighs, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm and you wondered who the hell was this man. His eyes were starting to take on an onyx hue smoldered by passion; but you could tell by the deep blush on his cheeks that there was great hesitance still about him.

“W-Was that good, darling?” he asked, a nervous plea to please you seated in his voice. You bit your lip, lashes sitting low as you shook your head yes. Reaching around behind you, you unclasped your bra. Sliding the garment off you whispered,

“I’m ready, Kara…”

Cheeks flushed, he nodded slowly, brows upturned in trepidation. This was it - the last line before he could no longer call himself a virgin. Looking over your body, he drank in the sight before him - beautiful locks to frame your face, eyes that shone like precious stones, and soft curves that graced the heavenly figure that was you. But you were more than that…you cared. You made it easy for him to be himself, to be passionate and spontaneous, and feel supported as he was. He felt his heart swell at the thought of your smile and how you kissed him with nothing short of adoration. There was no one he would rather do this with and he wanted you to know it.

He kissed across your chest, a few kitten licks favoring your nipples that made you moan his name breathlessly. Sighing into your skin, he kissed up to your neck, his hands busying themselves with his underwear. Afterward, he grasped your thighs, shifting you closer and you felt his hard length brush against your inner thigh. Your hand shot up to grasp his arm,

“G-Go slow, Karamatsu,” you said, voice quivering. He took your chin in his hand, steering your gaze to his.

“I would never want to hurt you, my love…I’ll be gentle, I promise.”

He settled between your legs and searched your eyes, a last means for your consent. You pushed yourself to place a chaste kiss on his lips and gently laid back down. He exhaled deep, positioning himself at your entrance and slowly nudging in. You felt yourself tense at the sensation, your insides stretching to accommodate him. He was gritting his teeth above you, your pussy gripping around him extraordinarily - it was almost enough to make him cum then and there. He inched into you further and kept one eye open to gauge your face for any signs of pain. At the moment all you were feeling was a fair amount of discomfort - similar to an overextended appendage. You were relieved this was a little easier on you compared to the horror stories you’ve heard in the past - though you supposed eating your pussy had made it so. Before you knew it, he had stilled inside you, finally fitting the whole of him inside you.

“Are…Are you o-okay?” he shuddered out, “I’m…n-not hurting you, am I?”

Teeth grazing over your bottom lip, you shook your head. You merely needed to relax the tension in your lower body. As if on cue, Karamatsu massaged up your hips, whispering words of how beautiful you were and how deeply he loved you. Kisses were trailed over your collarbone and shoulder and you melted into his affections. Resting his forehead on yours he finally said,

“I’m going to move, my love…”

A slow drawback out of you made your breath hitch, only to melt into a moan where reconnected his hips with your own. He took his time, keeping a slow pace and easing you into the gentle rhythm of sex while keeping him from completely losing it before bringing you to ecstasy. When the discomfort was lost to the haze of pleasure, your voice sang of only moans. You felt him brush a spot deep within you, your nails gently biting into his bicep.

“K-Karamatsu…” his name falling off your lips in a heated breath, “Harder…”

His response was to pull your lips into a deep kiss, love and lust a delicious mix on his tongue. He wove his fingers with yours,

“My heart,” he purred, feeling a little more confidence in his system at your request, “Allow me to take you to paradise.”



He had sworn he was dreaming. You, there in front of him, wearing nothing but his plaid shirt. Literally nothing else. He had looked around your bedroom, sure there had to be another person in the room that you had put on the extensively sexy display for. You had to laugh at that, and you assured him that were there only for him. That was the beginning of his blubbering streak however, because when you mentioned going all the way with him - he froze. You touched your fingers to your lips in shock,

“W-We don’t have to, Choro!” you exclaimed, not wanting to overwhelm or pressure your poor boyfriend. The anxious face he had concerned you that he was en route to passing out. He shook his shock off, grabbing your hand, “N-No! Please, let’s do it!” and immediately bowed after. You blinked, wondering why your boyfriend acted like you offered him a handsome business deal. But you giggled, his head finally coming up and laughing alongside you albeit a little nervously.

Choromatsu was a little meticulous in his movements. He removed his clothes in a mechanical fashion in order to catch up with you. When he was left in his underwear, you called for him to come over to you. He wheezed, face flushed as he nervously climbed onto the bed with you. You pecked kisses onto his face, mumbling affirmations in between. You nuzzled your nose against his,

“I love you, Choromatsu.

His heart fluttered, but he relaxed, a feeling of genuine love washing over his features. He took your hand and pressed a few kisses to your palms and knuckles. You couldn’t help but look at him, heart soaring in adoration. Scooting forward, you pressed a gentle kiss to his lips. He froze under your action at first, but slowly melted into the kiss, even going so far as to push his tongue into your mouth. You moaned into the kiss, hands coming to his shoulders to pull him closer. His hands hesitantly went to your waist, deciding to sit innocently at your sides. Breaking from the kiss, you cheekily pulled him down with you as your back hit the sheets. Choromatsu’s eyes roamed over the entirety of your body, face beet red. You were entirely too sexy sprawled out underneath him, his favorite plaid barely covering your breasts and rest of you not covered at all. To have someone as beautiful and loving as you were to want to share their first time with him…he was a truly lucky man.

He squeaked out softly, “C-Can I touch you?”

A small smile and a nod as you pushed the fabric of his shirt off your body. He was shaking slightly when his hand descended to cover you breast. You hummed, arching ever so slightly into his touch. He sucked in a breath, squeezing your flesh gently, fingertips rolling around your nipple. You lent him your voice this time, outwardly moaning. He brought his other hand into the fray, caressing your chest fully. When his tongue came down to leave long licks across your chest was when you realized your thighs were rubbing together. There was a deep ache in your loins that you wished to chase, but was unsure how. Watching Choromatsu kiss your skin made you decide enough as enough. You wanted him, needed him.

“Ch-Choro…” you moaned out slowly, “I want you…”

The blush that dusted his cheek stretched over his ears, but he nodded slowly. He pulled his underwear off of him, carefully placing the garment off to the side with the rest of his clothes. When he returned back over you, you reached out to wrap your arms around his neck. He nestled himself carefully between your thighs.

“You’re sure?” hi hand came to thread through your hair gently, “I don’t want you to get hurt or regret this…I…I don’t know if I could live with that.”

You leaned your head to the side to kiss his palm, “I trust you with all of me, Choromatsu. I’ll never regret being with you like this.”

A shy smile crossed his face. He placed to hands at your sides, placing a soft kiss at your lips. He rested his head into the crook of your neck, “Promise me you’ll tell me if it hurts…I’ll stop.”

It was your turn to thread fingers in his hair, and you promised him you would. You felt his knees spread your thighs a little more open and took a deep breath. He pressed the head of his cock past your folds,

“Oh god…” he shuddered, sliding into you another inch. You shook right along with him, feeling full but slightly uncomfortable. You could feel yourself clenched tightly around him, and you chalked that up to your body tensing at the new sensation of sex. Your heart went out to poor Choromatsu who could see was clearly straining not to thrust into you. Your pussy was so tight and warm around him it was near consuming his every thought. At the feeling of him finally filling you to the hilt, he exhaled shakily into your skin.

“You’re not in p-pain, are you?”

You huffed out a soft no, actually moving your hips a bit to get used to him inside you. He hissed at the movement, giving a shallow thrust of his own.

“You can move, Choro…I’m okay.”

With that he wordlessly thrusted into you, slow, but fairly deep. You moaned, clutching the sheets besides you. You willed your body to relax, hands travelling up to Choromatsu’s shoulders. He kissed the crook of your neck gently, repeating in your ear how good you were: good you are to him, how good you felt how good this relationship is with you, God, you loved him. His words made your heart ache with love, and you felt yourself sighing, his thrusts rolling small waves of pleasure over your hips and thighs. When you finally felt your body open up a little more, you felt his thrusts lacking.

“Mmm…Choromatsu…” you moaned softly, “M-More…please…I need more.”

You swore you heard a choked gasp above you, but his hands nevertheless gripped your hips a little harder now.

“Y-You’re sure?” he questioned.

At your nod, he spread your legs a little further.

“O-Okay…but promise you’ll let me know how good it feels,” he began to pick up the pace of his hips, “I want to bring you nothing but pleasure.”



He snorted, almost choking on the air that near didn’t reach his lungs.

“You want to do what? With trash like me?!”

You rolled your eyes, “Yes, Ichimatsu,” you took his hand and he looked like he wanted to faint, “I love you, idiot, I want to take this step with you.”
He squeezed your hand gently, a vibrant flush coming over his face. He was having difficulty processing what he was hearing - you, this beautiful woman who he’d been with for a while, wanted to give yourself to him, and just in any old way either. You were both virgins. This was extremely special. He felt like he was going to die right there, unable to bear how truly blessed he was to have someone in his life want to share something so precious. He didn’t deserve it, didn’t deserve you. Yet you constantly argued with him on his worth and what he meant to you. His heart swirled just thinking about it.

Ichimatsu’s thoughts were interrupted when you grabbed his hand and led him to your bedroom.

“W-Wait, tonight?!”

You turned to him, “Well y-yeah! I mean u-unless you don’t want to, which I’m totally okay with!”

A dumbfounded and nervous mix sat on his features, still trying to wrap his head around everything. He quickly shook it off, his other hand taking yours, thumbs brushing over your knuckles. Crimson painted his cheeks and ears,

“N-No…I want to…with you…”

He wouldn’t look at you as he said it, and you couldn’t help but feel a little unconvinced. Though you had to giggle a bit, his shyness was cute. You pressed in close, nudging his nose with yours and taking him in for a kiss. He was hesitant at first, but quickly returned your kiss, rubbing circles into your back as he held you. You pulled him onto the bed with you, clumsily falling out of the kiss and onto the sheets. Ichimatsu’s hands were planted firmly at the sides of your head, his body in between your thighs. He was visibly shaking, eyes frantic in disbelief. You giggled softly, reaching a hand to scratch the back of his head - you knew how much it soothed him. His head nuzzled against your arm and you spoke to him softly,

“We really don’t have to go any further, Ichi…I want you to be comfortable.”

His eyes opened slowly at your words and you could tell he mulling them over in his head. He placed a hand on yours.

“I want to…” he mumbled. He cleared his throat, trying to steady his voice, “You’ve been…so good to me, and I don’t deserve it…but I want to show you my appreciation.”

Your eyebrows turned up in worry, “Ichi you don’t have to prove yourself to me. You definitely don’t have to do this to show me you love me.”

He lent you a small smile, “I know…but I do love you…and I want to.”

You almost felt tears welling at the corners of your eyes, your heart fluttered at his words. He lowered himself onto you gently, taking your lips in for a kiss. There was a braver energy in him this time around, you felt it in the way he slipped his tongue past your lips. Moaning softly, you shifted to try and relinquish yourself of your sweater and shirt. He broke from the kiss to help you, hunger flashing over his eye briefly as he took in the vision of you only clad in your bra and skirt. Heat drifted throughout your entire body under his gaze. Lips found their way to your neck and you gasped, feeling Ichimatsu press kisses and soft bites into your skin. Your hand flew into his hair, back arching into him. The sounds you made just from those small affections were already stirring a darkness in him he sought to release. But he fought it back, the necessity to be gentle outweighing his inner hunger. He loved you too much to push you to limits you weren’t ready for.

His hands rested on your hips gently, hiking your skirt up slightly. Fingers skimmed over the front of your panties and he didn’t miss how damp your panties were. The smirk plastered on his face was deviously knowing and you shuddered.

“You wanted this more than I thought,” he teased, fingers pulling your panties to the side. He slid one digit in, drawing a soft gasp from you. Your insides clenched around his finger - especially when he stirred his finger inside you. You couldn’t help your fingernails from digging into his scalp as he fingered you. You cried out,

“Ichimatsuuuu please, I-I can’t take it anymore mmm, I need youuu.”

Your other hand traveled downward, pushing at the waistband of his sweats, wanting them off of him already. He obliged, drawing his hands back from your body and shoving his pants down enough to spring his cock free. Your eyes locked, and you heard his breath stutter in his throat,

“A-Are you…sure?”

A kiss of reassurance was your answer, “Yes.”

You hooked your thumbs into your panties and pulled them down, Ichimatsu sliding them off your calves the rest of the way for you. His hands shakily held your knees as he pushed them further apart. You didn’t bother to ask him to remove his sweater, you knew he’d be more comfortable that way, though you were a bit disappointed that you’d miss the opportunity to roam your hands over his upper body. Perhaps another time you’d get him to. Right now, you were quivering as the tip of his dick barely breached your entrance.

He gulped, “R-Ready?”

You nodded, eyes falling shut. He pushed in slowly, his hands next to your waist now to control his hips. He grasped the sheets tightly, a low growl rumbling out of him; you were so tight around him it was agonizing.

“Fuuuuck,” he groaned, gritting his teeth. You whined, hearing the dip in octave his voice took on; you were never able to resist when he sounded like this, all dark and gravelly in tone. It reminded you of the way he’d half-snarl every time you sucked him off. Oh the damage that did to your normally composed hormones. Inch by inch you took him, slight pain rolling up your hips, but nothing you weren’t willing to take on. When he stilled, you noticed he was already breathing heavily. You wondered just how much restraint he was putting on himself…was it really that good? He withdrew from you and you winced, a sharp sting shooting up your back. You didn’t realize you had shed a tear until you heard Ichimatsu above you,

“Fuck, shit, I’m so sorry! Please don’t cry! Fuck, I knew I was going to fuck this up…”

You shushed him, fingers trailing over his cheek. He quieted down as you explained you just needed a minute to get used to him. His eyes radiated anxiety, his mouth drawn into a thin line of pure upset. He was gentle when his thumb brushed your cheek, wiping the tear that cascaded down it away.

“I’m sorry…” he whispered. You stayed that way for a moment, taking in small breaths to ease the tension in your legs. Pulling him close finally, you breathed in deep and rolled your hips experimentally. He hissed at the feeling, your wet warmth sliding over him effortlessly. A tiny moan escaped you as you started to feel fragmented pleasure ripple through the ebbing discomfort. He took cue of your shifting hips and added his own into the mix. Slow, languid thrusts he fed your body and you savored the reconnecting fullness. Soon you were moaning outright, loins yearning for more than just tender thrusts.

“Ichimatsu,” you managed to drawl out after a deep kiss, “I need it…harder…”

Oh the decision you just made. The telltale grin of him scratching the surface of his lust for you came to light. His hands gripped your hips a little tighter and he hit you with a deep, hard thrust, a loud gasp ripping through your lips. He chuckled low in your ear,

“You sure you want that, kitten?”



In his eyes you were glowing, sitting in his lap, donning his baseball jersey. Wearing nothing but that and a bright yellow pair of panties with the number ‘14′ printed on the back. He was used to seeing your breasts before as you two fooled around at any given chance, but you’d never made it to “the homerun” as you both affectionately called it. You explained to Jyshimatsu that today was meant to be special. You’d dressed so scantily clad so you could finally find the courage to say,

“I want you to take my virginity!”

His face beamed a bright red, and you swore he held you a little softer. He looked up at you, grin still plastered on his face, though his voice failed to match its intensity.

“Y-You’re sure?!” he exclaimed softly, a twang of nervousness melding with his inevitable excitement. You giggled, guaranteeing you were sure and that there was no one else more special to you than he was. He kissed all over your face, arms coming around your waist. Your laughter soon melted into soft pants as he descended lower, pressing kisses into your neck, down your collarbone and eventually taking a nipple into his mouth. With his other hand he yanked the jersey off your shoulders, uncovering you completely. You moaned as he cupped your other breast, starting to interchange licks and gropes between the two. You arched your back, tits pressing into his wide mouth further. He grunted into your skin, erection straining his shorts at the sound of your needy voice. You weren’t without notice though, as you gasped when you felt him brush against your thigh.

“S-Sorry!” he yelled, “I really want to do it with you right now!”

You had to love him for being honest. With a tug to his sweatshirt, you were now almost even in clothing. Your fingertips traced the outline of his stomach, taut with defined muscle. You shuddered to think about how truly strong he is, the idea of him taking you while standing or easily pinning your back against a wall hitting you with full force as the testament to his strength graced his half naked body. Pulling his head up, you pressed a quick kiss lips before standing. He watched you as you slipped your panties down, tossing them off to the side and climbing back in his lap. You kissed him with fervor, your arms locking around his neck and his around your lower back. He ground his hips up against you and you moaned into your kiss, back arching. You’ve decided. You wanted him and it was starting to take a toll on you how badly you needed him so. Pushing on his shoulder, you laid him flat against the bed. Normally he’d be playful in this situation, but knowing the occasion, he followed your direction. You inhaled shakily, hands pulling down his shorts nervously. He was painfully hard, you could visibly see it - and the shudder he let out was your confirmation. Teeth clamped onto your bottom lip; you raised your hips over his, one hand grabbing his dick gently and placed him just under your heat. His eyes snapped shut, hands choosing to settle at your hips. Slowly you lowered yourself onto him, breaths coming in choppy gulps as you tensed at the foreign sensation. You felt him rub your hips, assuming he was attempting to comfort you.

“Haaa, so warm!” he whined, his fingers gripping your hips soon after. It was taking all his of his strength not to thrust up into you; but he was going to be good. He was more afraid of hurting you and it wasn’t worth doing so to get his fill. You sunk lower on him, exhaling fairly loud when you finally took all of him in. His strained expression eased and he too let out a held breath. You rocked your hips gently, not necessarily withdrawing him from you, but helping yourself adjust to the fullness of him inside you. Finally you lifted your hips, the gentle stretch of your pussy over him eliciting a mix of discomfort and new found pleasure to roll up your thighs. You kept your thrusts slow and precise - soon you felt nothing but growing tides of ecstasy creeping up your spine. Jyushimatsu began meeting your hips halfway at your pace, peeking every so often to make sure no pain came to you. You tested your next move, as your hips came down on his fairly hard, a low groan escaping your boyfriend.

“Ahh! Jyushimatsu, yes!” you mewled, that thrust shaking a need for more into you. A deep laugh was all you heard before he sat up, grabbing handfuls of your ass. He licked your chest freely, strong arms starting to pull your hips up only to slam them back down on his cock. When he heard you shriek wantonly, his grin only served to grow in mischievous delight,

“Aha!~ Homerun!”



“Haha, Totty please!” you laughed, trying to sway away his hands. He was trailing his fingers up your sides, dancing across your skin and making you squirm. You were super sensitive and SUPER ticklish at your waistline and you were aware he knew that. There was no reason for you to be upset, however, as he was only tickling you to calm your nerves.

You had been nervous to ask him about it, and although he may come off as air headed sometimes, you knew Todomatsu to be anything but.

“What’s wrong?” he had asked, taking your hand in his. The genuine concern only made you more nervous. You bit your lip, unsure how to bring the subject up without being blunt. He sensed your hesitance and squeezed your hand tighter.

“Talk to me,” he pleaded softly. A blush crossed your cheeks as you began to explain that you wanted some more in your relationship. When he looked at you in confusion, you blubbered out,

“I-I want us to have sex!”

Eyes wide, you saw him wince like he’d been yelled at. Perhaps you had said that a little too loud. You closed your eyes, embarrassment wracking your whole body. You were terrified of what he would say, but when you felt lips press against yours softly, you were slightly taken aback. He stroked your cheek before pulling away and you with him.

“If that’s what you wanted, you could’ve asked sooner,” he laughed. He led the way back to your apartment and you felt your heart slamming against your chest. What you had failed to see however, was the devilish grin splayed across his face knowing full well what he was about to do as soon as the doors closed.

Now here you were, half naked on your bed, as Todomatsu planted soft kisses into your collarbone. He’d already relieved himself of everything except his underwear, explaining that the skin on skin contact would probably make both of you a little less nervous. You were sighing softly, as you felt his hands roaming over the curves of your hips. Todomatsu nibbled up your neck and you whimpered at the sensation. He purred at the sound of you cutely whining, but he wanted to hear more.

His hands grasped your breasts as he bit you just under your ear. Fingers toyed with your nipples under the fabric of your bra.

“T-Todomatsu!” you gasped, chest pressing into his hands. That’s it, that’s what he wanted to hear. He smirked against your skin, spreading your legs open so he could settle between them. This time, that smug grin came out within your view. Dipping two fingers into your panties, he rubbed your clit in small strokes. Your heat was so inviting, nearly sucking his fingers in with how wet you were. Something about that shook Todomatsu, the gravity of you under him finally weighing on him. He was about to have sex for the first time ever, but not with just anyone - but with you. His brothers called him heartless, sure, but with you…things were different. He felt something for you. He was…less selfish. More giving; more willing to do thing to see you happy. When you told him you loved him, he swore he felt his chest thump. He couldn’t help but love you back.

You grabbed his arm gently feeling yourself coming close at the mercy of his fingers. He shook out of his thoughts, face flushed; withdrawing his fingers, he tugged your panties off you, a wave of nervousness rushing over him. Your knees clapped shut shyly and you watched him slowly pull down his underwear. He laughed softly at your timidity, hands gently parting your legs back open.

“You’re ready…?” he questioned. You took a deep breath and merely nodded, voice failing to reach your lips. He lowered himself over you, the intimate contact making both of you blush.

“I-I’ll go s-slow,” he stuttered out. A hand delicately grabbed your hip as you felt him slip into your soaked entrance. He whined at how extremely hot you were on his cock. You felt your hips tense, gulping down a breath to will yourself to ease up. You must’ve been wincing or making some sort of noise of discomfort as Todomatsu shushed you,

“Shh shsh, I know honey…” he gently stroked your hair “Just relax…I won’t move once I’m all the way in.”

Though the way his teeth grit when he slid all the way into you told you how badly he really wanted to. His hands rubbed up your calves and thighs, trying to ease whatever tension in you he could find there. When he saw your face finally relax, he pressed a kiss onto your lips,

“I’m gonna start…”

He pulled out slowly, watching your face. When you expressed nothing but a quick bite to your lip, he continued, sliding back into you. You groaned at the reintroduction, more pleasure than pain this time. He blushed deeper now, unaware he was going to be hearing such sounds so soon. His hips start a steady rhythm, not to deep, but enough to stretch you out and get you used to him inside you. A rhythm you very much appreciated as you were feeling small sparks of pleasure begin to travel up your thighs.

It wasn’t long before you were adjusted, your loins aching for more than what Todomatsu was giving you. You peeked your eyes open, lashes sitting low as you caught his gaze,

“Totty…mmm, I need more…”

The dark giggle threw you off guard as he took your thighs in his hands. He loomed over you, eyes flashing with something heavier than the careful adoration you saw earlier,

“So cute…” he purred, “You have no idea what you do to me…”

He supplied your hips with a deep thrust and you gasped, back arching into his chest, “Or what I’m about to do to you~”

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“You want me to what now?” he called out from the hallway. You were busy fixing your wig just right and rolled your eyes when you had to repeat yourself.

“Cosplay with me, dummy. There’s a costume contest in Shibuya and first place wins money!” you let a sly grin cross your lips, knowing full well he’d do just about anything for some dough. Your sentiments were proven correct as he burst through your bedroom door, determined look on his face.

Who am I dressing up as?” tone serious as he stared in your direction.

You didn’t miss his eyes as he looked over you in your bathrobe. That charming smile crossed his face, “That’s your costume? I don’t know if we’re gonna win with you in a bathrobe, babe. Though the hair makes you look kinda cute!”

Your eyes rolled once more as you handed him his costume. He flipped through the clothing curiously; simple enough - white half-button down, blue slacks, white shoes. It looked like regular clothing.

“What are we even going as?” he asked, slipping his sweatshirt over his head in order to switch it for the other.

“It’s an old anime, Urusei Yatsura. We’re gonna dress as the two main characters. It’s a little before our time, but it was a really good anime.”

You heard him humming in agreement as he had his back to you, adjusting the pants on. Slipping off the bathrobe, you glanced over your costume in the nearby mirror. That money was basically yours, you had Lum’s look in the freakin’ bag!

“Alright babe, I’m do- holy shit” he started, stopping only when he looked in your direction. Seeing you sport the skimpy tiger-stripe outfit nearly made his nose bleed.

“You look hot!” exclaimed Osomatsu, greedily eyeing your body. You felt a wave of shyness wash over you under his gaze.

“When we win, I wanna be the one to take that off you!”

God how you wish you could shock the hell out of him.



You brushed his hair to side gently, meticulously trying to recreate Ataru’s part to the best of your ability. It helped that your boyfriend was very close in visage to him as is. He had no problems dressing up with you, though he was a little disappointed he couldn’t wear his shades or leather jacket.

“It has to be accurate, Kara” you reminded him, spritzing a little hairspray at the top of his head.

“But my love, it’s only Totoko’s Halloween party,” he pouted, and when you narrowed your eyes at him he stuttered back his words, “I-I-I mean shouldn’t the t-true costumes be our real selves?”

Then came the cool guy routine, “Heh…truly the masks we wear everyday would make for a great Halloween ensemble.”

You giggled, kissing his nose, “Nice try, smart guy.”

He bashfully tittered, blushing a little when you came close to his face to fix his collar.

“There,” you finally said. Had to pat yourself on the back for this one, he mimicked Ataru pretty damn close. Now for you to change. You excused yourself, taking careful preparation to make sure every detail was in place. The endless hours of teasing that bluish-green wig and sewing your outfit from scratch was finally catching up to you as you sighed in front of the sink. It would all be worth it though; to see everyone stare at your costumes in awe made you feel proud of your handiwork.

You adjusted the horns into your wig and took one good last look making sure everything was in place.

“All done, darling! Let’s get ready to go to Totoko’s!” you called out to him.

You knew he’d love the costume on you, as it was pretty revealing, but accentuated your curves very well.

You didn’t however, expect to have to pick up your boyfriend off the floor.




“Oh wow, that’s a classic!” he said, doting on your idea. You had came to him with a cosplay idea for Akatsukon next month. Knowing Choromatsu to be a little more in tune with anime (and his otaku culture that you rode him for when you first met him), you weren’t surprised when he recognized the cosplay costumes right away. You both agreed to try on the costumes as soon as you got yours in the mail. His costume was fairly easy to replicate, nothing a regular guy wouldn’t wear.

He came to your apartment first day of Akatsukon with a bagel in hand for you for breakfast. When you heard the doorbell ring, you inwardly cursed still needing to put your wig and makeup on. You pulled your long cardigan around your body and ran to let Choromatsu in. Playfully you whistled, earning a deep blush from your boyfriend. He pulled off Ataru pretty nicely! You thanked him for the bagel, munching on it immediately as you let him in.

“I-I asked Todomatsu to help me with my hair. I knew I wasn’t going to get it right…” he said shyly. He motioned over himself, eyes gauging you for a reaction, “How does it look?”

You laughed softly, puling him gently by the collar for a kiss, “You look great, Choro…thank you for cosplaying with me.”

He barely squeaked out a ‘You’re Welcome’ before you were off to the bathroom to complete your costume. A few brush strokes to your wig and some green eyeshadow was the last of your finishing touches before you were truly ready. You exhaled, the excitement for the convention finally bubbling up inside you.

“Okay Choromatsu! Off we go!” You opened up the cardigan, and pulled your crossbody bag over your chest.

He made a choked noise at the sight of your outfit and you giggled. Sure it was showing quite a bit of skin, but he had to applaud your accuracy. At the sound of your laughter he relaxed. This was a couples cosplay after all, and he was sure you’d be happily holding onto his arm just like in the anime.




He wasn’t big on cosplays and you knew that. So made sense of your hesitance to ask him. However the manga store from down the block was doing a free photoshoot for any couple dressed as anime characters and you couldn’t say no. Clutching the costume nervously, you headed toward the Matsuno’s living room. Thankfully his brothers were out playing pachinko, so he was alone, playing with one of the neighborhood cats as he usually did.

“Ichi?” you said, barely above a whisper. When he turned to you, he half-smiled. He lifted himself off the floor, arms coming around in a gentle embrace.

“You sounded nervous over the phone…what’s wrong?”

Any other person would think by his tone of voice he was coming off as callous, but you knew better, there was genuine concern in his monotonic voice.

You were ready to nestle into his embrace when he realized your arms weren’t available to return his hug. He looked down to see you holding some clothes.

“What are those?” he asked, head bobbing to the side. You were starting to sweat bullets now, the need for explanation presented to you. Without thinking you shoved the clothes into his chest,


He was taken aback, half by your shouting, half by your request. Ichimatsu’s face flushed as he hesitantly took the clothes. They looked like something he used to wear as a kid, or maybe something his dad would wear now; but they were simple enough for him to wear without complaint.

“O-Okay…but who am I supposed to be?” his eyes trailed toward the floor, a little embarrassed he didn’t understand.

You quickly pulled out your phone, scrolling to show him the ensembles you wanted to wear with him.

“The anime is called Urusei Yatsura…I was thinking we could go as Lum and Ataru…” your face was growing more red by the second; but you paled in comparison to when you finally looked at him.

He had a devilish grin on his face as he eyed over the photo of Lum on your phone. You? In that little outfit? What he’d give to see you dressed like a cute oni girl. He was also lowkey pretty thrilled that you wanted to take pictures with him - but he wasn’t going to lie that you in your cosplay outfit played right into a wicked fantasy.

“You know what?…” he purred, “Sure. I’ll dress up with you.”

He leaned in close, eyes narrowed in a smug look, “Just promise me you’ll wear it more than once”

He freaked out when you fainted.




“Costumes?! I love costumes! What are we gonna be?!” he was bouncing on your bed as you rummaged through your closet.

“Lum and Ataru, from that old anime Urusei Yatsura.” you explained, pulling out your tiger striped strapless top, “I was thinking we could dress up when we handed candy to the kids!”

He hopped up, taking you in his arms and twirling you around, “Okay Okay! Let’s do it! Where’s my costume?”

You handed him his outfit, thankful you knew his sizes already so you were sure they’d fit him just fine. He thanked you with a kiss, hurriedly yanking on the white button down.

“Ah? But where your costume? Aren’t you gonna change?” he asked, that cheek splitting grin tilting with his head. You booped his nose,

“I’m gonna change now, just get the candy ready. It’s almost trick or treating time”, with that, you turned toward the bathroom. About 20 minutes had passed before you finally finished fussing with your wig. Just some shadow and false eyelashes to complete the look and you were done. You laughed softly to yourself when you heard tiny voices yelling trick or treat accompanied by your boyfriends shouting of “HAPPY HALLOWEEN, HERE YOU GO!”

When you were finally done, you joined him at the front door, grabbing fistfuls of candy to give to the next set of young ones. At the sight of you his cheeks turned pink, eyes widening a little.

“Sexy! I didn’t know your costume looked like that!”

You giggled softly at his ogling, dropping candy into the thankful kids’ baskets and shutting the door. Hands on your hips you stuck your tongue out at him playfully,

“Does it look good on me?”

He lifted you in his arms, pressing kisses all over your face, “I love you, sexy demon lady!”

Your eyes rolled, but you laughed anyway, you’d have to remind him later of the characters names.





“But I wanted to go as Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon together” Todomatsu whined, head falling onto the pillow.

“You should’ve said that before, Totty, I already made my cosplay.” you shook your head at your drama queen boyfriend.

He huffed, “I don’t even know this anime, isn’t it like super old or something?”

You sighed at his reaction, the cute little asshole. If he was going to make this difficult, then you had no choice. Playfully humming, you pretended you were in deep thought. Then you snapped your fingers quickly, getting his attention.

“Okay…fine. You don’t have to dress up with me.” You didn’t miss the look of silent, relieved victory.

“I guess…” you drawled out, face turning to him with an evil smirk, “Atsushi will just have to come with instead.”

The instant horror on his face was almost enough to make you feel terrible until he screamed, “GIVE ME THAT COSTUME!”

Half an hour later and he was looking over the outfit in your mirror. It actually wasn’t half bad - the fashion was a little dated for his tastes, but he had to admit he could pull it off. It gave him sort of a preppy look and he was okay with it.

“See? Wasn’t gonna kill you to cosplay with me, now was it?”

He was about to refute you with something sly, but when he saw you there in your tiger-striped bikini outfit, he lost his words. Only a slight blush and then a low giggle,

“No, but you’re killing me with that outfit, cutie~”

You both laughed softly when he took you in for a kiss.

Chapter Text

Wrong place. Wrong time.

You weren’t expecting to cross paths with something so dangerous. But then again you were never all that lucky, were you?

You were on your way home from another late shift at work, running on the coffee you gulped down at the counter and the three hours of sleep from the night before. What you’d give to get a good nights rest for once. A small yawn left your lips as you rubbed your eyes, trying desperately to keep yourself awake on your short walk home. Just a few more blocks, you reminded yourself. Passing through a shortcut you’d found, you crept through the alleyway behind your favorite Korean barbecue place. What you weren’t anticipating was the form of a man at the end of it.

You tilted your head, squinting to try and focus on what you thought you were seeing.

“H-Hello…?” you called out. Tentative steps toward the figure earned you a low groan. Immediately you knew something was wrong. They sounded like they were in pain.

“Hey, are you okay?”

A few more steps forward and the groan grew louder. You were starting to get seriously concerned. Sure they were a stranger, but you couldn’t let it sit on your conscience knowing you didn’t help them in their dire situation. Your hand reached out to the man, “Take my hand, let me help you up…I’ll get you to the hospital.”

A mistake you were about to pay for dearly. At the near touch of your hand, thick black wire wrapped around your wrist. Yanked to the concrete were you as the figure slowly stood up. Fright crept into your limbs when your eyes connected with his - a blazing pinkish-red. Looking at your wrist, it was then you realized that you weren’t being subdued by actual wire, but a tail. Black as pure asphalt and connected to the back of him as far as you could see.

Holy fuck you were dealing with a demon.

“Perceptive, aren’t you?” he mocked, wicked grin crossing his features. He lifted you up to your feet easily. Crimson roamed the whole of your body, as though inspecting you. You shied back, unaware of his intentions. Under the gaze of this demon you felt a mix of nausea and terror, but when he yanked you close to his body, that’s when you felt yourself pale. He licked his lips, eyeing your mouth.

“Look…I’m gonna cut right to the chase, human” he cupped your chin, fangs baring through his grin, “somebody on this shithole ball of dirt decided today of all days they were gonna break open a love potion.” A twitch at his upper lip,
“And not just any potion, I mean this is some god level shit. So here I am, minding my own business, causing a little hell on Earth and I get this overwhelming need to fuck something,” he holds your eyes, “And then you come along…”

A low chuckle, his finger coming to rub under his nose mischievously, “How lucky am I, huh?”

Suddenly you were thrown unceremoniously into the brick wall, body trapped under his demonic strength. He was radiating heat and sought to catch you up - capturing your lips greedily. You pounded onto his shoulder, but your only response was for him to snake his abnormally long tongue around yours. Massaging your mouth, he fiddled around with the buttons of your work attire, seeking to quickly rid you of your clothes.

You pulled from his lips with all your strength, “WAIT!”

Panting heavily, you watched him cease his movements, annoyance sweeping over his brow. His eyes read ‘talk quick’ and you gulped down a breath,

“I-If you’re going to do this….I want something in return.”

He looked dumbfounded for a second, like you had the audacity to even speak those words. A human demanding anything from a demon was pure suicide, you thought. You worried he would kill you then and there. To your surprise, he smirked, “I like you.”
His hand eased off your body as he came to lean on his fist, “For what I’m about to do to you…I’ll be generous today. So…what is it that you want?”

Holy shit that worked?!

Unfortunately for your scared soul, you hadn’t thought that far. You were just looking for an excuse to get him to stop.

“I-I…u-u-umm…” you stuttered, gaze darting around your surroundings, desperate to think of something. He rolled his eyes, a hand coming up to touch your temple. Gentle warmth coursed through your body as you felt swirls of what you could only described as mist brushed all over your flesh.

“Sleep?” scoffed he, “You humans don’t make any fucking sense sometimes…”

As soon as he withdrew his hand, the feeling left dissipated. A shame, it was almost comforting in this situation. The devil sighed, “Six months…I give you six months of peaceful sleep as long as you give yourself to me for this one night.”

You bit your lip, mulling over whether or not you were really up for making a pact with a literal demon. Six months was quite a bit of time and you desperately could use the rest. The countless nights of tossing and turning, true sleep slipping out of your grasp every time was starting to take a large toll on your health. With six months of restful sleep you might actually be able to make a difference and improve your health. It wasn’t a hard decision in actuality…but you weren’t fond of who you had to make it for. You flushed, only one question on your mind before you answered,

“You…you won’t hurt me right? Like…I’m not going to die after this?”

His smile gleamed softly in the dark, “I won’t kill you,” he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “As for hurting you…not in a way you won’t like.” You didn’t miss the teasing laugh he let out before taking your earlobe in between his teeth. You sighed, a small bout of heat rolling over your skin.

“F-Fine, it’s a deal.”

His face read pure delight, “Yessss.”

Your lips were taken again, this time a little more carefully. A searing feeling soared through you - settling finally at your hip. Concentrated heat pressed into the flesh and you were about to shriek in pain until it suddenly ceased. He released your lips, licking his slowly,

“A seal,” he breathed out, “That mark will last for six months, as promised.”
You were dizzy with the mix of pain and slight pleasure coursing through you. He laughed at your state, opting to dip his head into your neck, taking your skin into his mouth. Your skin prickled at the feel of suction and you let slip a moan. Hands continued their work to undress you. Soon your pants and shirt laid in a crumpled heap underneath you both. Fingers dipped under the confines of your underwear, searching to tease your entrance. He reveled in how easily you took his digits.

“Fuck you’re so ready for me,” he shuddered, his hunger growing by the second. With unknown force your legs were lifted and came to rest around his torso. Hard kisses pressed into your skin, he released his length to slide teasingly over you. You mewled, body shivering with desire. Your hips in his hands he positioned himself at your opening and stopped.

“This won’t be gentle,” he warned. You didn’t know whether to consider his caution a kindness or something to be feared, but you braced yourself.
He shoved himself insistently into you, stretching you more than you’ve ever experienced. Teeth grinding as he pushed and pushed, looking to sheath himself into you. Fire scorched up your back, but in that mix was a dark pulse of pure pleasure. When the base of his pelvis met your flesh, he stilled. The hand he had placed next to your head squeezed into a fist. Never in his centuries of living had he ever been this weak to human flesh. That fucking love potion did more damage than he thought. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to thank or eviscerate the bastard who had the nerve to make it.

His hips withdrew from you, you both groaning in unison. With a rough thrust he slipped back into you, and soon he was writing a turbulent tempo on your hips. Your cries rung out in the air, sweet ecstasy sweeping you into its clutches. The clap of skin pounding skin sounded in your ears, only serving to pull more moans out of you. He fucked you mercilessly, pulling at your insides, fingernails digging into your skin hard, fangs and teeth leaving angry bite marks into your neck and shoulder. You relished every moment of it, chalking the immense enjoyment of your sex up to his otherworldly prowess. No human could take you this roughly and still yank you to the depths of rapture.

Your sex was stroked with vigor as you heard him mumble, “…Osomatsu”.

Your eyes peaked open, a question buzzing around your senses, “W-What?”

“My name,” he growled, “Say it.”

His fingers expertly teased you, slow and quick strokes interchanging.

Say my name” he rumbled, now speeding up his ministrations.

And soon you were screaming it into the night sky, your imminent release hitting you with full force. Body shaking in pleasured tremors against him, Osomatsu served your hips thrust after thrust until he spilled into you, biting down hard on your shoulder. You shuddered at the trickle of blood down your back. When he pulled out of you, exhaustion swept into your limbs at a rapid pace. He hummed in your ear,

“I almost regret not making this a yearly thing.”

You wanted to laugh, but sleep was taking you fast. Air breezed over your body, and next thing you knew, you found yourself waking up to the gentle brightness of sunrise. Your body ached, but you felt so refreshed. Energy coarsed in your veins, and you climbed out of bed with purpose. Remembering you didn’t work today only sweetened the start of your morning. You stretched, hands on your hips as you teetered on the balls on your feet.

The mark that settled on your hip was graced by your fingers. A small pine symbol etched into your skin. You snickered, almost wishing you could sleep in for the next half year just to truly enjoy it.

Either way, you were happy to have some peace.

Chapter Text



He nervously paced outside the delivery room. He wanted to be in that room with you, cheering you on, doing what he could to make sure you knew you weren’t alone. You shooed him out as soon as you were ready to deliver - knowing full well the actual birthing process would skeeve him out.

When the doctor finally showed him to your room, his heart pounded. New nerves settled into his body. Were you okay? Were you mad at him for not being there? Most of all…what did the baby look like?

He stepped into the room, you were sleeping peacefully. You looked exhausted, sweat gluing your hair to your forehead, eyes, while closed seemed tired. Osomatsu smiled, placing a soft kiss on your forehead so as not to wake you. The quiet stirring of the crib next to your bed caught his attention.

His child. His offspring. His son.

Careful fingers wrapped around the swaddled boy, thanking the heavens you taught him how to hold a baby properly. He gazed over the newborn, counting the few strands of soft hair that peeked out the baby’s scalp. Just like when he was a baby, if he remembered his mother’s photos correctly. A gentle grin crossed his face when his vision blurred, tears sliding into the corners of his eyes.

“I’m a dad…” he laughed softly, his cheeks taking on new wetness, “Holy shit, I’m a dad.”

He bit his lip immediately after. He’d need to remember not to curse around the baby.



His hand was in yours the entire time. The other busied itself with stroking your hair, your cheek, anything to ease your pain. Normally fathers weren’t allowed in the delivery room, but Karamatsu would hear none of it. He was lucky his years of drama club served him well, taking a page out of Ichimatsu’s book and imitating his death glare to secure his position at your side. The labor was excruciatingly long, but he was there, second by second.

And finally in the world…your daughter was born.

He was willing to finally step out so they could relocate you to a suitable room for you and the baby. The staff humored his pacing, offering him coffee or food, but his nerves wouldn’t let him deter from his sole focus: you and the baby. At the mention of your name and room number he dashed straight to you. Greeted at the sight of you holding the bundle, he rushed to your side. A kiss was placed on your lips, him immediately telling you how proud he was of you for bearing through the whole thing.

“Having you there was all I needed, my love” you whispered, shedding a tear when his forehead came to rest on yours. He pulled from you gently, brushing back a few strands of your hair,

“May I?” he asked, hands out so he may take the baby from you. You paid him a loving smile,

“She’s your daughter too, Karamatsu, you don’t have to ask.”

You placed your child into his arms gently, his hand immediately scooping behind her head to cradle it. She was beautiful, a full head of dark hair and rosy cheeks. He was in awe that this glorious, tiny little life was a tandem effort between himself and the love of his life. It didn’t shock you that he wept soon after, nose nuzzling the baby with gentle love,

“Hello my little one,” he cooed through his tears.

He considered himself the happiest man alive.



His palms dug into his knees heavily. It’d been a few hours now; was the baby already here and no one’d told him? No…that can’t be right.

Just as he was about to flag down a nurse for the umpteenth time, the doctor exited the delivery room. Everything had gone just fine - you were being moved to another ward for you and the baby to rest comfortably. He found his way to the Mother and Baby wing, a mix of nervous and happy to finally be able to see you. He knocked gently on your room door, scaring you awake. Your endeavor (and the drugs) left you exhausted. When you felt a hand touch your cheek, you looked up to see Choromatsu staring down at you with some concern. You kissed his palm before he could pull his hand back,

“I’m okay, Choro…” you started, reaching over gently to pick up your child, “I’d like for you to meet…your son.” His hands quickly shot out as you moved to the baby to Choromatsu, his face radiating nervousness. When the infant was settled in his arms, he let out a choked sob. His son’s limbs were so tiny, there kicking gently in his blankets. Choromatsu’s heart swelled with pride, the realization of his new fatherhood settling in him. He ran his fingers over his newborn son’s scalp,

“Welcome to the world, son” he whispered softly. He kissed the baby’s head and then yours, the tears streaming down his face flowing freely now.



If it wasn’t for the cats outside the waiting room window, he was sure he would’ve passed out ages ago. The agony of waiting to see you and your newborn was scathing in his limbs; it took all of his strength not to revisit his old habit of stomping onto the waiting room table with his pants down if he had to wait any longer. He heard the call of his name and when a nurse was kind enough to lead him to your room, he followed shyly. His fingers toyed with his wedding band, a nervous habit he picked up whenever he was on edge and you were involved - but when he finally reached your room, he relaxed.

You smiled sleepily in his direction, hand reaching out slowly for him to come take it. He tentatively laced his fingers with yours, a tender expression crossing his face. Even in your clearly exasperated and inebriated state, you were nothing short of beautiful. Mother to his child. A beautiful baby girl. God, he was so fucking lucky. He swallowed back the lump in his throat, placing a few soft kisses to your temple and cheek,

“I love you…” he whispered. You whispered it back without hesitation.

His lazy gaze drifted over to the small infant cradled in your other arm. He wanted to hold her, but he hadn’t worked up the courage to do so just yet. You understood right away, holding her up a little more so Ichimatsu could interact with her better.

Ichimatsu was never pegged as a crier, he was sturdy in his solemnity most times, and was only ever gentle when you were involved. But when his daughter’s tiny fist wrapped around his index finger, you were left consoling your husband who was promptly bawling into his sleeve.



The day you went into labor, he was on the other side of the country for an away game. You were saddened that he’d miss the birth of your babies, but you understood what his job entailed. Your sister drove you to the hospital when the contractions hit, and before you knew it you were in the delivery room, screaming at the top of your lungs. Hours flew by until you finally brought your beloved twins into the world: one boy, one girl.

Your fingers gently stroked their tiny cheeks, the both of them stirring ever so slightly at your touch. Heart swelling as you whispered gentle words of affection, you’d only wished your husband was there to share it with you. As you sat comfily in your new room, your two little ones at your side, you were ready to let sleep take you for a while. However, the sudden outburst of nursing staff strongly scolding (and screaming for autographs at) someone and a loud voice booming “MY WIFE IS IN THERE!” jolted you out of your sleepy demeanor.

Jyushimatsu burst into the room much to your surprise, but immediately winced as he realized the babies were asleep. Rarely did you ever see him drop in energy, but he subdued his excitement to be at your side, taking you in for a kiss. You shook under him, overwhelmed to see your beloved husband actually here, with you and your newborn babies.

“I didn’t think you’d be here,” you cried into his chest, arms wrapped around his torso. He smelled of fresh grass and cowhide, and it made you feel so safe…so at home.

He sighed softly into your hair, kissing the top of your head.

“I wouldn’t have missed this for all the games in Japan.”

He let you go in order to step over to the cribs where the twins slept.

“My babies” he said, tone proud, but gentle. Your husband was always grinning, but you couldn’t peg a time when it felt more genuine than now.



He wasn’t the patient type. Though he honestly had no one to blame but himself as he was deathly afraid of operating rooms. For the safety of you and your newborn, the doctors opted to deliver via C-section. It terrified Todomatsu to think of his wife going under the knife, but you and the doctor both reassured him the procedure was so quick and minimal these days.

Still…he wished he could see you already. Be next to you and see his child. He was growing irritated, ready to vent to his older brother Choromatsu before a nurse finally called him over. Leading him down a small hallway, she explained to him that you’d be a little out of it with the pain medicine, but that everything went well - you and the baby were in great health.

When she broke the news to him it was a girl, he felt his heart skip a beat. A little girl…his daughter. He tried his absolute best to keep it together until he saw you.
Finally reaching the room, he quietly made his way to you. You were in and out of dozing, your phone in your hand, most likely trying to reach him even in your drugged up state. Todomatsu set his phone down at the nightstand, his fingers affectionately threading through your hair.

“My brave girl…” he sighed, eyes softening with love and pride. He kissed your forehead and made his way to the baby’s crib. She was wrapped in soft blankets, her little arms and round face being the only thing visible.

“And you, my little princess,” he said delicately, “Daddy’s going to spoil you rotten.” He leaned over to kiss her nose, tears sliding down his cheeks when she made a soft noise in response.

Chapter Text

He wasn’t a man of many words. Whether that was a part of his bravado or because he listened more than he spoke was a mystery to all who knew him. He was giant in stature, though you supposed that had to do with the steel geta he donned everywhere he went. Still, tan skin stretched over strong arms, and even behind his torn school uniform, his broad chest was pronounced. He was the apple of every girl’s eye, and the bane of every guys existence. A fight with him was never wise, lest one be at the end of his fists or worse - the heavy spiked metal bat he carried with him. Often many with less sense than courage would try, and often they would find themselves severely battered. He was a pinnacle of pure strength with what some called “the eeriest smile”, but his constant fights earned him the title of a delinquent pretty quickly. Rough in every sense of the word seemed to describe him.

But not with you. All the girls in your school would throw themselves at his feet. Love letters, chocolates, gifts of all sorts to try and catch his attention and still he would ignore them. You didn’t care for his attentions like others - and that’s exactly what drew him to you. It came as a surprise to you when this gargantuan man eased you aside from the crowd, lowering his high collar to gently ask you out for ice cream. A year later, you stayed on his arm, finding out that the fighter in him was only a piece of who he really was. Sure he was immensely strong and energetic, but there was kindness in him. He appreciated simple things, opting often to watch the cherry blossoms fall or take comfortable long walks in the park with you during the fall season. You didn’t mind the metal of his footwear clanking against the pavement, it had a strange charm you enjoyed. You loved him dearly, finding warmth in his affectionate embraces and the grin he constantly sported behind that long collar.

However, here you sat, lonesome. Jyushimatsu’s time with you recently ran scarce - a big turf war ongoing with a rival gang from Hijirisawa Academy from the next town over. How a spot claim battle managed to last a whole week, you’d no clue, but you knew better than to get involved. You just missed him, was all. There wasn’t much in you to find an explanation why, but at that moment in time you just felt like you needed him there, with you.

You decided to shake off the feeling by walking to the nearby park. The sun peeked curiously behind the clouds, soft warm rays bouncing off the trees and warming you below. Even now, as you sat against the shadiest tree, you thought of him. Sighing, you brought your knees to your chest,

“I wish I could see you…”

“Maybe you don’t need a wish!”

Your head snapped around to find your boyfriend leaning against the same tree, eyes looking down at you softly. He lifted you as soon as you jumped into his arms, his collar yanked down by you as you came to kiss him. The grip on your waist was firm but loving, and you moaned quietly into the kiss when his tongue flicked eagerly against your own. You pulled from him with a gasp, fresh air diving into your lungs. That ever present grin of his grew wider as you both giggled, cheeks tinted with admiration. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you laid your head on his shoulder.

“I missed you so much,” you whispered, clinging to him a little tighter, “I know I might sound a little childish, but not being able to see you really got to me today.”

He chuckled, massaging your back a bit, “I’m here now! So let’s do something together - just us two, okay?”

You nodded and gave him a quick peck on the lips before he let you down. Jyushimatsu suggested taking you to the aquarium, wanting to see the dolphins and the octopi. The caretakers surprisingly knew him already, which you supposed you were thankful for considering his intimidating looks. He took your hand, pointing out the angel fish as they followed his fingers. Watching the excitement on his face made warmth settle in your chest. Oh but how the sentiment was reciprocated. When your features glowed with the gentle iridescence of the teal backdrops and the reflection of waves cascading over your skin, Jyushimatsu found himself mesmerized.


Perfect. That’s what he thought when he saw you. Perfection. He squeezed your hand a little tighter when you cooed at the turtles. After you two perused the entirety of the aquarium, his next stop was to take you to a little hole in the wall near his house. It was a mom and pop place - very homey and welcoming, but the smell of dashi stock and seared veggies was what truly made you love the place. You suspicions of its prime quality were reassured when your bowl of udon was gone in less than ten minutes. Laughter littered the air between you and your boyfriend when a noodle of Jyushimatsu’s yakisoba smacked him in the nose. You felt your heart pound with joy.

At the final hour of your date, he walked you home, fingers laced with yours as you took the busy path. The shops around you were still full of people and passerby’s, but all you both paid attention to was one another. He brushed his large thumb over your knuckles, coming to a stop when he reached the front of your home. You sighed wistfully, wishing this didn’t have to be the end of such a lovely day. A hand came around your waist and you were hoisted up, a hard kiss pressed to your lips. Your arms went around his neck once again, lashes fluttering closed as your lips part to mingle tongues. Heart thumping against his chest, you felt his grin widen just a bit more.

Sometimes words weren’t necessary.

Chapter Text

Ichimatsu willed himself to relax, heart pounding through the thick fabric of his sweatshirt. He and his brothers were always chastised for being virgins - but never in his life did he think he’d be here, under this handsome man. It had been several months since he and Ichimatsu were seeing one another. The alleyway where Ichimatsu normally visited to feed his friends was suddenly occupied with a new person. Annoyance was the first thing he felt, how dare this man come into his territory and try to take his friends away from him?


However when the guy noticed Ichimatsu walking away, he called back for him, explaining that the cats were meowing for food and he’d been a little late today. He said he’d noticed him coming to feed them everyday and that he lived around the corner.

“It’s sweet to see how much you care for them,” he complimented, bring a flush to Ichimatsu’s face. At that he laughed softly and introduced himself. After that, the two wound up feeding the neighborhood cats together. The reserved matsu was oblivious to the gentle advances of his friend at first, but when he was finally asked to grab some coffee at a quaint cat cafe a few blocks down, it became pretty clear. It made no sense that such a decent man would take any interest in a low-life like him, but he couldn’t deny the guy was handsome. A few dates here and there, and Ichimatsu found himself so comfortable. Innocent kisses, hand holding, and cozy snuggles were all things new to him, but in his boyfriend’s arms he felt at home.


Thus leading him to here. When their kissing turned heated, lips and tongue mashing in an increasingly needy pace, both men blushed. Ichimatsu pulled from his partners lips, breathing heavily already. A hand was laid on his carefully, fingers coming to wrap around it,

“Do…Do you want to do it?”

His heart skipped a beat and he looked off to the side, Ichimatsu’s face turning shades of crimson. He’d never even kissed anyone before his boyfriend, let alone gotten this far. His thoughts ran wild at the question, was this what he wanted?

“We don’t have to, Ichi…”

Ichimatsu flushed further, his mind delving into the corners of his memories. This man made him feel…good. That was the best he could explain it. He felt secure around him, relaxed and unbothered. His boyfriend’s laugh and the way he loosely hooked his pinky around Ichimatsu’s made the purple clad recluse smile inwardly. There were feelings there. Feelings that made feel loved…wanted…feelings he never thought he’d experience.

Losing his virginity was meant to be special, he was always told, and there was no one more special than this man sitting in front of him.

“…Let’s do it.” he finally answered. His hand was squeezed gently, eyes scanning his face for reassurance,

“Are you sure…? I want you to think about this…we really don’t have to. You don’t owe me anything because we kissed.”

His lovers ramblings were ceased with a soft kiss to his lips. Ichimatsu pulled back,

“I…I love you. I don’t think I’d want to do this with anyone else…so let’s.”

A touched sigh.

“I love you too, Ichimatsu.”


With that, he was laid back onto a soft bed. Passionate kisses were exchanged in favor of clothing being lost. At the feel of Ichimatsu’s nervous trembling, his boyfriend rubbed soothing circles into his legs. Words of affection were whispered into Ichimatsu’s neck, his thighs being spread open gently. His lover slowly teased the erection that laid against his darling boyfriend’s stomach, tongue swiping over the pulse of Ichimatsu’s throat. He let out a soft groan, feeling himself grow harder under the ministrations of the man above him. Hands eased off of his dick, and his partner left his side to quickly grab some lubricant. Ichimatsu tensed at the feel of fingers teasing his entrance,

“Fingers first, my love…I want to make this easier on you…”

He sucked in a deep breath and closed his eyes and the digits slipped into him cautiously. He winced, feeling himself stretch. It wasn’t too bad, considering he was being gentle. Ichimatsu focused, breathing rhythmically into finally relaxed against the careful movements of his boyfriend’s fingers. Soon, hints of pleasure began to spark in him. When he saw his face relax, he placed a kiss of Ichimatsu’s lips,

“Feels good?”

Ichimatsu bit his lip, a quick nod in response as he clenched a bit in pleasure. He groan when the skilled digits withdrew. Apprehension slid into his limbs when his lover slowly ground against Ichimatsu’s entrance. Hands found his hips and he found his boyfriend laying his forehead against his.

“I love you.”

With a gentle push, he slid into Ichimatsu, slowly and wary, watching Ichimatsu’s face. Wincing was heard, but gentle kisses willed them away to dwindle into soft sighs. The soft touches his sweetheart paid to his half rigid form was easing his nerves little by little. He pressed forward, pressing more kisses into the flesh of the matsu under him. It was long moments before he was finally fully within Ichimatsu, whose lip was snatched tentatively between his teeth. Ichimatsu held onto his lovers arms, releasing his grip little by little as the tension in his lower back dissipated. His sex was stroked once again, much to the pleasure of his lover, as Ichimatsu clenched against him. Soon the purple matsu found himself writhing a bit under his boyfriend. With that cue, he gently reintroduced hips against Ichimatsu, who groaned, a small shockwave of electricity tingling his spine. The pain and pleasure was heavenly in his flesh. A few careful thrusts and his significant other found hips pushing back against him. He chuckled softly, supplying Ichimatsu with harder thrusts than before. He quickly tried to contain his moaning, teeth biting into the sleeve of his sweater, but his lover knocked his hand out of the way. Picking up the pace of his thrusts, he leaned over, taking Ichimatsu’s lips for a rough kiss. Tongues mingled messily and when he pulled back he growled,

Don’t do that…I want to hear you…


The poor matsu flushed heavily, his fingers snaking into his boyfriend’s hair as lips descended to bite into the skin of his neck. A swift hand came over Ichimatsu’s cock, quick strokes along his shaft to drive him to his peak. His body burned with pleasure, a strong overwhelming feeling rushing up his limbs. Without warning, he came suddenly, head pitching forward and eyes snapping shut as his partner slowed his strokes upon orgasm. He looked over Ichimatsu as he chased his own orgasm, licking his fingers of his lovers cum. With a handful of hard thrusts (and the overstimulated whines of the man under him), he came soon after, expletives rolling off of his lips. Hips stilled as the sole sound of heavy breathing filled the room. Ichimatsu peeked his eyes open to find his boyfriend gazing down at him lovingly. He nuzzled his nose into Ichimatsu’s neck,

“My perfect kitten…”


The genuine grin on Ichimatsu’s face lasted the whole day.

Chapter Text

“Hands up, Ichi, I mean it” you scolded, trying to catch your teasing boyfriend’s wrists. He chuckled under you as you sat on his tummy, swaying his wrists just out of your reach. When you huffed and pouted, arms crossing over your chest, he relented. You thanked him mockingly and proceeded to get to work. The tweed was fastened around his wrists to your bedposts, knotting the rope as you read from the website. He tested the hold, barely able to budge past the length the rope would allow. You’d insisted on a softer texture for the line, but he assured you he’d enjoy the roughness of it.


“Okay...good”, you said, looking over your knot work, happy with what you’d done. With that, you hopped off his stomach. You had something special to show him beneath the bathrobe you were wearing right now. The ropes were a distraction, leading him to believe that you were going to subdue him and ride him. Which you were - but you had an extra ace up your sleeve. Something you knew for sure he’d enjoy. Ichimatsu eyed you curiously when you moved off him,

“What are you doing?”

You smiled over your shoulder, hands clasping at the tie of your bathrobe. Unknotting the thing, you slowly slid it off. The gasp you heard behind you reversed into a full inhale for breath when you turned around. Sitting on your hips and deliciously curving over your ass were a pair of purple boyshorts, the design of which had a stitched pawprint above your thigh. It didn’t stop there either - your boyfriend’s hungry eyes drank in your figure, coming over your supple breasts to find a matching lace bra...with pawprints barely shielding your nipples from view. His expression read shock, mouth slightly agape, eyes dazed. But then you saw that grin stretch across his face, pointed teeth gleaming threateningly. Wicked and hungry was Ichimatsu, lips licked lustfully by a long tongue. He tried to sit up, arms moving to reach out for your form - until he remembered that he was tied to the bed. He grimaced in annoyance, but made no further movements to try and pull free, instead opting to focus on the way the lingerie hugged your body so tantalizingly.


“For me, huh?” Ichimatsu rumbled, eyes narrowing in pleased mischief, “Why don’t you come closer...I want a better look...”

Giggling, you swayed your hips for effect as you walked over to him. You settled in your previous position, sitting a little lower now, ass seated comfortably on his lap. He groaned, the heat between your thighs covering his growing erection. It was your turn to grin, a slight twist of your hips allowing you to shift over his clothed dick. You both shivered, the hardness ghosting over your clit.

“Fuck!” he growled under his breath. Seeing you like this above him, so incredibly sexy and wearing his were lucky he was bound to the bed. A few ruts against him and even you were starting to bite your lip, soft moans escaping you. He was staring directly at your face, eyes darkening from their soft dark brown to a menacing ebony. You shuddered, deciding not to tease him much longer. Hopping off his lap, you slipped the panties off, tucking them into the pocket of his sweats. Figuring he’d get a kick out of the pawprints on your tits, you left the bra on. You winked at him before climbing back over his lap. With nimble fingers you yanked the waistband of his pants and boxers down at once, springing free his painfully hard erection.

Lip curled between your teeth, you took him in your hands, the soft ‘ahh’ he let out sounding so much more sweet when it grew in note as you sunk all the way down. You arched your back gently, the stretch of him inside you sending rivets of pleasure to tingle up your spine. Your hips shifted to lift off of him and sank back down, earning another expletive from your significant other. The rhythm you set served to torture Ichimatsu, the wet heat of your pussy gripping him. He needed more, needed you to move faster, harder, something. In your punch drunk state, you didn’t notice wrists twisting out of their binds. You sped up your movements, realizing you were panting above him. A near scream left your lips when a vice like grip came on your hips, slamming you down onto your boyfriend’s cock. How he managed to free himself you’d no idea, but that mattered little to you when you were flipped hard onto your back. Your knees in his hands, Ichimatsu immediately went to litter your neck in hard bites. Against your skin he hummed dangerously,


“Should’ve watched yourself dressed like this...” a rough kiss pressed into the crook of your neck, “Tigers don’t like to play with their food...”

He lifted his head to pay you the most treacherous smile,

And you look good enough to fucking eat.

The only thing heard in the room after was a mix of his deep grunts and the sound of your voice climbing in octave by the minute.

Chapter Text

He was nervous whenever he kissed you. Like hands jittery, completely shaky mess of a man when you leaned in to lock lips. It’s not that he didn’t want to either, it’s just brand new territory. You never reprimanded Choromatsu for still easing into his comfort zone when it came to shows of affection, but you also couldn’t lie and say you didn’t want to kiss him seriously. Lately you’ve been daydreaming about what it was like to make out with him - pressed close against his frame, his hands roaming the contours of your body as your tongues fought. It was enough to make you devise a simple plan: make the first move.

He invited you over one evening for some tea and fruit, thanking the gods above that his idiot brothers were out playing pachinko. Upon your arrival, he kissed you softly, enough to call it chaste as he pulled away immediately after. You clumsily chased his lips for more - thankful he didn’t notice when he turned around. The atmosphere between you both was comfortable, chatting about new episodes in anime’s you’ve been watching and talking about potential visits to conventions or nearby bookstores. Choromatsu peeled an orange for both of you to split and you squealed, he knows they’re your favorite. He laughed softly watching you bite into the pieces. As soon as he bit into one of his, he must’ve caught his tooth near the middle, as he found the corner of his mouth wet with juice.

“A-Ah! So clumsy…” he griped, moving to get up and retrieve a tissue. What stopped him was your hand, which promptly yanked him back to his seated position. Your hand came to his face, caressing his cheek as you leaned in,

“Please…let me.”

You licked the corner of his lips, the subtle taste of oranges gracing your tongue. His hand grasped your arm, a nervous tremor buzzing from him. When you pulled back from him, he was painted like a cherry, eyes searching yours. You licked your lips, a hand settling on his chest as you leaned in once more to whisper,

“Kiss me, Choromatsu.”

Your lashes fluttered closed when he obliged and pressed his lips against yours. This was it, time to make your move. Fingers threading into his shirt, you yanked him close, pushing your lips against his hard. At his soft gasp, you slipped your tongue into his mouth, finding his own to massage with yours. You were worried for a second when he made no noise, thinking he was either too shocked to move or that you’d overstepped a boundary - but the sudden push back of his slick appendage on yours and the hands that came around your back told you otherwise. Swiping across your tongue, he explored your mouth with nervous curiosity. You moaned into the kiss, already so content at the response you were receiving by you taking the lead. Choromatsu groaned right behind you, hands digging into the back of your shirt, desperately trying to pull you closer. Tongues mingled excitedly, both your bodies beginning to heat up slightly from how passionate your kiss was. Eventually you had to pull away, huffing heavily as your lungs were beginning to crave fresh air. You smiled cheekily, watching his reddened face match the half-lidded gaze he was giving you. The pat on the back you’d have to give yourself for bringing him to this state was well deserved, especially seeing how much he enjoyed it.

You touched your fingers to your lips, warmth meeting you fingertips. With a gentle hummed you sighed,

“I knew you could do it, Choro~”

His face flushed further into hues of red, as he frowned in slight embarrassment, “Wh-What do you mean?! I know how to kiss!”

Your eyebrow lifted in teasing curiosity, “Oh? Prove it then.”

What a pleasant surprise you got when his hand came to the back of your head and his lips took the lead this time.

Chapter Text

“S-Slow down, Jyushimatsu!” his boyfriend stuttered with his pants and underwear halfway down his legs. He’d forgotten how quickly the guy could move. Go figure you ask Jyushimatsu to do something and he’s on it without question. It was endearing knowing that sunshine boy would gladly do anything for the one he cares about. Even if it was just a teasing joke at first. He was honestly going to stop him, but when that long tongue lapped along his shaft, all he could do was groan.

“Aha~ I knew you’d feel good!” Jyushimatsu grinned, placing his hands on his boyfriend’s thighs. He continued his long licks over the hard cock, finally taking it all into his mouth. Jyushimatsu giggled at the man above who was letting out a string of curses already. The reverberations of his laughter pulled a groan out of his lover as fingers came to thread into the matsu’s hair. Eyes half lidded he watched as Jyushimatsu bobbed his head over his dick, swirling his tongue each time he reached the head.

“F-Fuuuuuck, Jyushi, you’re so amazing”

Jyushimatsu peeked an eye open and grinned through his sucking, his tongue slobbering messily down his cock. The man above him groaned out in pleasure at the site, messy or not, his yellow clad sweetheart knew what he was doing. He picked up the pace now, sucking his cheeks in to give his boyfriend a better gripping feeling. He was panting above Jyushimatsu, his peak being reached quickly at the hands of the energetic man. His hands tangled into Jyushimatsu’s hair further,

“Fuck! I-I’m-” and without warning he pitched forward, orgasm spilling down Jyushimatsu’s throat. The latter stilled, coming off his significant other’s dick with a soft pop. He licked his lips and laughed excitedly,

“Wow! You came a lot! No worries though, I got it all!”

Exasperated look on his face, the man chuckled softly and pulled his boyfriend up for a soft kiss.

Chapter Text

You remembered your classmates talking about a gang of brothers who frequently caused trouble around your school. Considering you were new, you appreciated all the help you could get. It had been a fairly peaceful morning until you got to your English class. There he stood, hair in a slicked back pompadour, dark shades hanging off the bridge of his nose, and his uniform torn at his chest, nipples out completely. Trying his absolute best to woo the girl next to his desk with a rose in his mouth - the resounding slap in the room let you know just how well his efforts were appreciated. You stood at the front of the classroom, the teacher introducing you to the rest of your classmates. When your eyes connected with his you giggled, and he immediately blushed. You took your seat at the back of the class, preparing yourself for the lesson at hand. Not even a minute in and you found yourself wondering how someone with such garish fashion sense managed to be a delinquent. It made you giggle inwardly...if only you could ask him yourself.

As the days went by you watched him from afar, never really dredging up the courage to talk to him. His name was Karamatsu as you found out, and he was one of six twin brothers. You recalled all the things your classmates said especially about him - the words “painful” “unbearable” and “idiot” coming to mind. Yet you thought none of those things. Sure he spoke overly poetically, but it suited his charm. His taste in clothing set him apart from the rest of the school. It wasn’t long before you’d developed a little crush on him, though you had no means of seeing it through. There was no way he’d accept your crush, you didn’t have the wherewithal to even say hello. You cursed yourself, always being too nervous to make the first move. Oh how adored him though - it took courage to still be yourself even when others didn’t see you in a positive light.

At the end of the week, just as class began, you had an idea. If you couldn’t tell him upfront...maybe you could leave a letter. It may have sounded a little cliché, but the way his personality seemed, you didn’t think he’d mind. All throughout the day you wrote your letter, detailing how you admired his tenacity, thought his fashion sense was brave, and even how you couldn’t help but feel happy that he was true to himself despite being publicly known as a delinquent. At the very last class you sealed it, a shaky breath leaving you as now you had to deliver it to his locker. Waiting until the day truly ended and most students left, you sat at the entrance, watching the long distance runners race around the track nearby. You were sure that most students had gone home by now and so you quickly made your way.

Matsuno, Karamatsu’. Bingo.


Looking over your shoulders carefully, you pulled the letter from your bag and slipped it into his locker. A quick sigh escaped you, the nerves in your shoulders instantly easing as you were finally done.


Non, non chérie, don’t you think it would’ve been better in my hands instead?”


You froze in your tracks, absolute dread locking your limbs. Turning your head slowly, you found him leaning against the wall, peeking just over his sunglasses at your terrified form. A knowing grin stretched over his face as he pushed himself off and headed toward you. You swore your heart was ready to leap out of your body, in utter disbelief and embarrassment. You’d been the object of your affections no less. Would he scold you? Make fun of you? Would he tear that letter to shreds saying you had no chance? Your thoughts raced as he finally reached you. You willed yourself to run away, but then he took your hand gently. A soft kiss placed on your knuckles,

“Fear not, I’m not as scary as everyone paints me to be...but you, darling, are dazzling.”

Your face turned ten different shades of red and your eyes darted back and forth between him and his locker. He hadn’t even read the letter yet and somehow you felt he knew. Karamatsu took your hand in his, pulling you gently in a direction you weren’t sure of. Your poor thoughts were still stuck on the fact that he caught you...and...kissed your hand as a result? He left you confused at the moment - that was until you found yourself pulled into a supply closet. Blinking, you tried to adjust to the lack of light.


“K-Karamatsu, what’s go-” “I’ve noticed, you know.”

You shivered, afraid of what he meant. He continued, moving a little closer to you now, heat from chest slowly enveloping you,

“I’ve noticed the way you’ve looked at me, little shades may serve their purpose, but they do not make me blind...”

You bit your lip, feeling transparent and sheepish. Being read like an open book made you feel foolish, and you wished you’d had the confidence to tell you liked him sooner. Having it happen like this was overwhelming for you. His hand came to the side of your head, and you eased yourself into the nearby wall, shaking as he was slowly closing the proximity between you two. It wasn’t unwelcome, as a whole this was what you wanted, fantasizing about him being with you and making you his girlfriend. Just not exactly in the way it panned out.

“...I should’ve confessed sooner...” he whispered, taking your chin into his hand, “I’ve had eyes on you too.”

Heart skipping a beat, you stuttered, “Wh-What?....B-B-But why didn’t you e-ever say anything?...”

The regret was audible in his low hum, “Perhaps for the same reason you didn’t approach me, hm, chérie?”

Your eyes lowered, he was right. It seems the both of you secretly crushed on one another...but neither of you had the gumption to do anything about it. His reputation as a delinquent stopped him from approaching you - fearing you’d be chastised for being seen with him, while you were too shy and lacked confidence. What a gloomy situation.

Only now you were this closet with him, up against the wall with your faces achingly close.


It was in that moment you were thankful for his bravery, because it gave you a burst of your own, you reaching up to kiss him. He stood rigid at first, unsuspecting of such an affection, but quickly melted into the kiss, arms coming around your waist. You slipped your tongue into his mouth, moaning softly when his pressed back against yours. Seconds ticked by in lengthy fragments as your kiss turned heated, you clutching him close for dear life. Your body was beginning to burn with a need for him - the months of pining surfacing in your body with extreme force. He returned the eager sentiments, pushing your body into the wall now, a hand slipping up to the back of your head. He pulled from your lips, tilting your head slightly so he could trail wet kisses and soft bites along your skin. Hushed mewls escaped you and you pressed your chest into him. His other hand came up to cup your breast through your uniform, this time fully drawing a moan from your lips. Your fingers found purchase in the padding at his shoulder blades,

“Karamatsu...” you whispered, slowly losing yourself in his ministrations. It was your voice that snapped him back, kisses stopping to pant against your neck.

“You want this...?” he questioned, half-lidded stare roaming over your flushed features, “I-I’ll stop otherwise...”

You stroked his cheek affectionately, “I want this.”

Wordlessly his lips latched back onto your neck, hands coming to his pants to shift them as low as he could get them. He stopped only to flip you over, your back against the warmth of his chest. Beating him to the punch you slipped your panties down, hiking up the skirt of your uniform just enough for him to grab your hips. Bracing yourself against the wall, he pushed into you in one smooth stroke.

“H-Heh...just look how wet you were for me already” he crooned, sliding back out and pushing back in. You bit your lip, half-bashful, half fired up, as he thrusts into you slowly. A hand glides up your hip, grasping a breast once more and you cry out when its accompaniment is a rough jolt of his hips. You were pushed further into the wall, his knees spreading your legs farther apart as he sought to stroke deep inside you. Wanton whines littered the room to contrast the low rumble of his grunts. Each thrust he supplied your backside coiled the knot in your belly tighter and tighter. He played with your nipple until you no longer felt it, and then he sought to slide his fingers over your clit. You shook in your gasp, your orgasm approaching double time as he fucked you and stroked the bundle of nerves. He leaned over, taking your earlobe into his teeth,

“Be my girl...”

You screamed the loudest ‘Yes!’ you thought you probably ever would as he slammed into you one more time, a deep groan leaving him as you both came in unison. His arms wrapped around your waist, holding you close. You melted into his sturdy frame, desperately trying to catch your breath. A kiss was pressed against your cheek,

“Guess that means we’re together now, hm?”

Funny how things worked out that way.

Chapter Text

You two had just returned home from your cousin’s birthday party, a little tipsy off the champagne you drank. Thankfully your heads were clear enough to make it to your apartment safely where you immediately kissed him as soon as your door closed. He giggled into the kiss, teasing you about being so eager and how it was kind of turning him on. Walking backwards toward the nearest surface you two could fit on, you shoved him onto your living room couch.

“You don’t have to be so forceful!” Todomatsu laughed softly, back hitting the cushion. You bit your lip, flashing a coy half-grin as you slipped your heels off. Reaching over to the side you unzipped your skirt, letting the clothing hit the floor without a thought. He watched your hips sway as you sauntered over to him, clad in just your shirt and black thong. You didn’t miss the flash of hunger in his eyes, masked behind a devilish smile. Climbing into his lap, you were shocked to feel how hard he was underneath you already. Furthermore, when his hands pulled you teasingly over his clothed sex, you couldn’t help but let you a soft whimper. You weren’t about to let him take control, and with a quick move, you pinned his arms to his sides. A twist in your hips made Todomatsu whine, your ass sliding over his dick deliciously.

“O-Okay! Okay!” he pleaded. You leaned over, turning your head to the side to feign your inability to hear him. He growled a bit and huffed out, “I give, okay? Just...” and his hips ground up against you. It was your turn to whine, wetness beginning to pool in between your thighs. You had plans to tease him further, but with the alcohol in your system and his cock so hard underneath, you weren’t patient enough to keep your dominant attitude. Your fingers dove at his fly, unzipping him and quickly yanking the materials down his legs. The sight of his length springing free from the confines of his clothes made you lick your lips and you dove back onto his lap without thinking. Shit, you’d forgotten to take off your own underwear. Before you even had the thought to get up, Todomatsu smoothed his fingers over the curve of your ass, promptly taking the back of your thong and pulling the material to the side. With it bunched at your inner thigh, the soft sigh you let out turned into a full shriek as he thrust up into you.


“That’s it...that’s my girl,” he teased breathlessly, eyes clamping shut at the feel of your wet heat around him. A few strokes and you were already panting. Waves of warmth and pleasure coursed through your veins as he stretched and fill you. Todomatsu’s hands interchanged between grasping your hips and skimming over your stomach, tracing the outlines of your bellybutton as he so fondly did. You needed more. A quick thought passed your mind as you bent backward a bit, your hands holding your weight on Todomatsu’s legs. He stopped his thrusting, half-curious at what you were doing until you lifted your hips and slammed yourself back down on him. Your named was called as his faced twisted in pleasure - and you did it again. Hips rejoined hips as you impaled yourself on him, sliding effortlessly over his length. The pace was in your control and you wasted no time in increasing it. You fucked yourself on him, angling just right so when your ass met his pelvis, you saw stars.


“Ungghhh, Todo you feel so good in me” you moaned, quickening your movements. You were so close and you both knew it, but the extra push you needed, your boyfriend supplied. His fingers shifted from your hip to your clit, looking to push you over the edge as his voice grew more shrill by the moment. A few more of your own thrusts on him and you came, thighs trembling against his frame. You pitched forward, unable to hold yourself up on his legs anymore. He held your hips in your orgasm, now slowly bringing them up your lower back. Todomatsu took your lips into a loving kiss, before smacking your ass, making you yelp. He chuckled as he parted from your lips,

“Get off me, ugh, you’re all sweaty.”

You instead laid your entire body on him for being such a brat. His mouth protested, yelling that now he was gonna be all gross, but the soft kiss he placed at the top of your head after he called you a scoundrel let you know he was teasing.

Besides, now that meant you two could shower together. When you lifted your head up, the knowing look in his eyes read the same exact thought.

Chapter Text

He slurped down the broth, a pleased sigh escaping him. Osomatsu gulped down his beer shortly after, grinning like an idiot at you.


“Y’know, I gotta say thanks for this delicious meal you treated me with, babe, you’re a real one,” he said, waving the waitress over to bring him a helping of yakisoba, “But I love me right? So I guess it makes sense, ha!”

You laughed alongside him, cocky ass that he could be sometimes, he wasn’t wrong. You did love him. But...

“Just like you love being under me, right?~” you teased, shooting him a playful smirk. He nearly choked on his beer, face instantly turning red. Putting his drink slowly, he tried not to wheeze out a response, but found himself failing.

“Th-That’s uhhh, I...aha...umm...”

Your hand came over his in a tight grip, “I wonder how well you drink down other things besides beer, hm, Oso?”

“f-fuck” you heard him mumble under his breath. The grin that stretched over your lips was filled with amusement. You didn’t think it’d be this easy to turn make Osomatsu a mumbling mess. Cheekily, you reached under the table to dance your hand up his thigh. The immediate jump from him followed by the biting of his lip to hide the sound of his growing arousal from public earshot was delectable to watch. You tilted your head, feigning concern,

“What’s wrong, Osomatsu? You look like you’re having a hard time right now.”

At the word hard you rubbed your fingers over his crotch, chuckling low at the prominent tent in his pants.

“Oh...looks like you want more than just dinner, hm?” you stroked over his clothed erection, carefully watching for any passerby’s, “Tell me what you want, Osomatsu.”

He was clutching onto the table shakily, eyes sitting low as he inhaled deep to try and mask his need to pant. When he took too long to answer, you palmed him a little rougher, your head leaning on your other hand,

Osomatsu,” your voice taking on a sterner tone, “Tell me what you want.”

You...” he replied, voice barely above a whisper. Not good enough. Your hand teased him, finger drawing light circles around the head of his cock through the material.

“I’m sorry...what did you say?”

Shit...fuck,” he grumbled, eyes casting aside as he blushed further, when you grasped him again he moaned quietly; eyes focused on you now he answered, “You.”

Tell me what you need

He groaned under his breath at the stroke on his covered dick, “Fuuck...I need you.”

“Good boy.”

You stood up, searching for the nearest bathroom. His hands fell to his lap, palming his erection in an effort to will it to go down. Before you left to the restroom, you stopped next to him.

“Meet me in the bathroom in five minutes...otherwise you don’t get to cum for the rest of the night.”

He knew that meant for a fact that he was in for it. Luckily for you he didn’t even last five minutes before he was running into the bathroom stall with you, pants down and hands pressing to the door.

Chapter Text

“Karamatsuuu” you giggled at your boyfriend’s affections. He had your arm outstretched, planting kisses upward, starting at your fingertips. As he pecked up your wrist, he whispered sweet phrases against your skin. It made your heart flutter, the higher he moved up your arm. His lips were warm - grip strong, but still tender. Soon he moved to hold your waist, bringing you close. You flushed as your chest stayed steadily against his - his lips still moved up your bicep. It tickled as his mouth trailed feather touches over your shoulder and you tittered, though it quickly turned into a soft whimper when he roamed up your neck. He smirked at your soft gasp just as he kissed under your ear. Finally, his lips trailed up your cheek and came to rest gently on your lips.

As soon as you closed your eyes to lean into the kiss, he pulled back. You blinked, wondering why he had stopped so soon. He laughed softly at your confusion, taking your hands in his,

“Were you expecting more, little dove?”

You had to blush at his words. Try as you might to stay innocent, he caught you. His finger came up to swipe at your bottom lip, his signature ‘heh’ accompanying it. Eyes sparkling something crystalline, his gaze bore into your own,

“All you need do is ask, flower, I will lay a thousand kisses upon you at your request~”

With that, he held you closer, the arm around your waist gripping a little tighter. The other smoothed up your back, tangling into your hair. Your lips met, chaste at the beginning. Naturally your lashes drifted to a close, allowing yourself to be enveloped in your kiss. He sighed, trailing his tongue across your lips and easing into your mouth. You met him a hair too eager than you should’ve been and he half-moaned in surprise. Cheeky girl that you were, you laughed, your hands sliding up his chest to wrap around his neck. The dance of your tongues was gentle at first, a rhythm smooth in pace for both to follow. But it was perhaps the way you gently ran your fingertips over his upper back, or the cute whine you hummed into his mouth that gave him the push. His tongue began massaging yours with a little more zeal, fingers in your hair itching to lock into a grip. You felt your cheeks heat up, passion pouring not only over your lips, but spreading a velvet warmth down your body. Chasing the sensation you pressed into him further, paying his mouth a moan that rolled from the back of your tongue. This was the height of his ardor, toeing the lines between love and lust when your kisses became heated.

He immediately pulled from your lips, occupying himself with scorching your flesh in a blazing trail of kisses down your jaw. Your head was eased back as he littered nips of affection along the length of your neck. Fierce was his enthusiasm, but in his arms you felt safe. Whispers of adoration ghosted over your skin,

“My love…never do I wish to let you go…” he finally said, pressing more gentle kisses up your neck, “The day I do I would merely be a shell of the man I am with you.”

Head swimming slightly, you sighed in bliss. His words always strummed lovingly across your heartstrings. His fingers caressed your cheeks,

“I love you,” he said, voice thick with genuine devotion.

You swooned, “Karamatsu…”

Pulling him into your own ardent kiss, you spelled out just how much you returned his feelings.

Chapter Text


Another case, another innocent client under the hands of the most backwards lawyer in all of Akatsuka: Matsuno, Karamatsu. As crazed as his methods were, the verdict ended the same - not guilty. You were proud to call yourself his girlfriend, watching him from the sidelines. He was frantic in his approach, some would even call him unsettling; the word spirited was better suited in your vocabulary for what you described him as. Even though you two were dating for a while, you were still having trouble opening up to him on a few levels. You were worried a man of his status and profession would carry himself with an air of cockiness or hold an alpha-male attitude, but you were pleasantly surprised when you came to find that he was a rather warm soul. Eccentric and comically maniacal, but a good man throughout.


Still…you didn’t have much in the ways of experience with relationships. Your awkward teenage years freed you of the sexual gripes everyone faced, but you never had a relationship with substance. The unfortunate motions of your past flings and partners left you a little on the shier side, which many mistook for total innocence. Even Karamatsu himself teased you, calling you ‘lamb’ when you first got to know him. The more time you were with him, the more you felt what your boyfriend gave you was real. Something you looked forward to sharing with him. There was just one thing missing from your relationship…


Now it’s not that that wasn’t a possibility between you two, but he was quite the busy man preparing for case after case and you…poor sweet thing that most called you, you hadn’t had the gumption to initiate anything. You were so afraid of mentioning it - the thought bringing a crimson flush to your cheeks. Terrified of him finding you repulsive or too needy for even considering something so bold even though you slept together in the same bed…you couldn’t chance it. He never pressured you, never did more than kiss you tenderly when you shook in his arms. Karamatsu held you innocently in bed, a simple arm draped around your waist when you two slept.


But it bothered you. You weren’t a child, you were fully capable of grasping the needs of a man, and far more, you had needs of your own. It was taking a toll on you that you weren’t able to express these emotions and wants without feeling like you were going to be rejected or that you would paint yourself to be this undesirable, lewd vixen. An exasperated sigh left you as you readied for bed, your thoughts mulling over these repetitive inward monologues you had constantly. You headed for the bedroom, only to find it vacant. A soft light illuminated the living room and you instantly knew where to find your boyfriend. Huddled over manila folders and stacks of documents was Karamatsu, brows furrowed in concentration. Your plan was to make your presence scarce and head to bed, but a set of eyes caught your frame.

“Mon amour, what has you up so late?”

You turned to face him, your features turning sheepish, “You weren’t in bed, I-I came to see where you were.” A tilt of your head as you eyed the papers he held, “I thought your next case trial wasn’t for another week.”

“Aha! While it is true I have some to spare, darling, a man can never be truly prepared!” he flashed you a winning smile, “The midnight oil burns, and so does my heart to set my client free!”

You had to admire his tenacity, the man’s heart was in the right place. A small laugh escaped you at his words, a wave of admiration coursing through you. He looked spectacular there, on the couch, clad in nothing but his boxers and t-shirt. Yet he was completely fired up and diligent even in a relaxed setting, you could nearly see the sparks fly off his frame. The soft cough in the room made you realize you were staring. Immediately your cheeks were on fire, a solid scarlet painting the whole of your face. His browns drew up in concern,

“What’s wrong? Do you feel sick?”

He moved to approach you, and the way the sleeves of his shirt clung to his biceps made your breath catch in your throat. The months of agonizing over your intimacy issues would pick the perfect opportunity to manifest itself in the form of your internal pining. The back of his hand came to your forehead, assessing for any signs of fever. When he felt you weren’t too flushed, his hand gently stroked your cheek.

“Perhaps rest sounds like it’s in your best interest, darling.”

A quick peck to your lips (for which you jumped slightly) and he was already returning to his makeshift work station. You hadn’t noticed your lip trembling, but the blurring of your vision and the lump in your throat were too swift for you to cease. A small whimper and the frustrated tears fell from you, sliding quickly to bunch at your chin. Karamatsu didn’t miss the sound, immediately rushing to your side with his arms moving around you in a gentle hug,

“Shhh, shhh, my love what’s wrong?” his voice was a little panicked, unsure why you were crying, “Did I say something? Are my late nights stressing you?”

Just like him to think he was the problem. You shook your head vigorously,

“Oh Kara…I can’t hide it anymore,” you blubbered, “I’ve…I’ve been having these awful thoughts and they’ve been plaguing me for months and I know we’re not ready and I-I-I”

“Easy, lamb, just talk to me…what thoughts do you mean?”

At the mention of your old nickname, you felt your heart drop in embarrassment.

“Th-That’s just it! My mind keeps racing with these thoughts of us…doing it…and I’m so scared what you’d think of me!”

It didn’t take him long to understand what you were talking about, a slight blush dusting across his nose. He cleared his throat, a gentle push on your shoulder directing you to the couch nearby. He settled down your trembling form, rubbing gentle circles into your arms as he let you finish your tears. When you quieted down to occasional sniffles, he took your hands in his,

“Angel…there is nothing wrong for feeling the way that you feel. It’s perfectly natural to feel those temptations,” thumbs brushed over your knuckles, “But I would never judge you or think lesser of you for it. If and when it’s something you feel ready for…then I am but a humble man to your whims, my love.”

You heart swelled at his honesty. It was reassuring to know that your major threat of worry was gently laid to rest. But now that he calmed the sea of unease all that was left was to confront the ever crashing waves of your fantasies. You were never going to shake this if you didn’t approach it. No better time than the present, your emotions laid out at the forefront.

“E-Even if that meant…right now?”

He jolted in surprise, but quickly snapped back into a loosened position. Eyes drifted closed, face unreadable. His hands never left yours.

“Is that what you desire?”

A shuddered breath. You tightened your grip on his fingers.


A deep chuckle, and sultry eyes met yours, “Then so it shall be.”

You were pulled into a quick kiss, expecting a rough demeanor with the look he gave you, but he was nothing short of tender. Your tongue met his in a slow wind, figure being pulled into his lap. Tendrils of warmth slid down your form as desire newly crept into your limbs. The sensation of need tugged at you, and you were nervous to chase it. Karamatsu felt your shaking under his hold - he called your name softly,

“I’ve got you darling…you’re safe here in my arms.”

And you were. There was no one who would make you feel more wanted despite your childish fears. He kissed along your jaw and you felt yourself swoon, each touch of his lips sparking gentle flame after gentle flame within you. Your fingers laced behind his neck as he kissed down your collarbone. Curious hands roamed under your shirt, skimming lightly up your stomach. You gasped, but made no move to stop him. Karamatsu cupped under your breasts, the weight of them in in his hands arousing him to no end. Your nipples pebbled at the contact, which he noticed, and decided that the flimsy piece of clothing covering what he wanted was no longer necessary. Top yanked from you, you yelped, arms immediately crossing against your chest. Ruby hue splashed across your cheeks; Karamatsu anticipated as such, fingers wrapping around your wrists to pry your arms from your form. The squeal that bubbled from your throat dissolved into a rather wanton whine as his lips found the end of your nipple. Tongue dancing over your soft flesh, he relinquished one wrist to knead the unoccupied breast. Your senses were swimming in arousal, the sounds of his tongue taking your hardened peak into his mouth to suck making your thighs quiver. Your free hand tangled into his hair and you shrieked when his fingers pinched the nipple in his busied hand. The attentions at your chest were only the beginning. Both of his hands moved to slip eagerly toward your back. Down the curve of your lower back and over the roundness of your ass. Mouth switching to your unattended breast, he smirked. With a rough push, he ground you over the evident tent in his boxers.

“K-Kara!” you gasped, a strong shiver your response to the friction. He released your nipple to purr out low,

“ Who knew what a beautiful flower my rosebud’s bloomed to be… ”

The man was mad, setting out to make you blush from head to toe. Was this the same man two seconds ago?! You were staring again. Karamatsu found it adorable how lost in the cocktail of adoration and desire you were. He planned on milking that.

The slap to your ass was not expected, and to your shock - not unwanted.

“You know…” he started, eyes narrowing in sly amusement. Another slap and you jumped, a mewl tumbling out of you. His hands smoothed over your ass, palming the ample flesh. Your lips parted as he ground up into your clothed sex again, exhaling shakily. Suddenly, you were pushed onto your back, shorts pulled from your form, and thighs resting on broad shoulders. Looking down you saw Karamatsu, lips carefully pressing wet kisses into your inner thighs. Your senses weren’t knocked back into you until you felt his nose nuzzle against the fabric of your panties. The back of your hand served to quell your noises. But who knew for how long.

Ravenousdo you make me, darling,” he purred out low, fingers wrapping around the band of your underwear and tugging, “I cannot help but hunger.”

Your eyes snapped shut, the scene almost too much to take in. No matter. What you were about to experience didn’t need eyes for sensory comprehension. A long tongue ran over your mound and your breath hitched.

“Oh god,” you whined. He chuckled at that. Fingers clutching to your thighs, he dove right in. His tongue curved into your sex, dipping between your folds to lap fully at your wetness. Oh how you dripped for him, and by god if it didn’t drive him to want to take you then and there. Your back fell into an arch as he tongue-fucked you at once, swirling inside of you and slipping back out. Fingernails scratched his scalp, your desperate attempt to find anchorage with the new heights you were being taken. Karamatsu shook a lewd cry from you as his lips came to suck over your clit. You swore your body was going to combust, heat taking your skin in passionate clutches. His mouth moved against you with purpose, seeking to devour your pussy like he’d never eat again. Your cries grew louder the more he pleasured you, but Karamatsu could not let it end like so. He pulled from your heat, lips saturated by your arousal. It made your cunt ache with need, a need even you knew you’d only get with him buried deep inside you.

Wishes were useless when reality was so obtainable. You were pulled back into his lap, but this time, the lack of fabric on your boyfriend’s crotch obvious. Your hands found his shoulders, and he looked up at you. A pinnacle of timid beauty, but he wasn’t blind to the zealous look in your eyes.

“My innocent lamb..” he hummed. His hand found your ass again, coming down on it hard. You gasped, the pain mixing deliciously with the pleasure of his length so close under your entrance. He snickered darkly, “ How I’ve craved to see you like this… ”

Another slap. God…he was so close..

“So wrapped with lust…” Slap once. And Again. There was bound to be a hand print there tomorrow. You cared less by the minute. The head of his cock was barely outside of you as his hand smacked your ass a bit harder.

You needed him.

“It’s enough to drive me hysterical.”

He’s right there.

The tremble in your thighs told Karamatsu all he needed to. Cupping your ass, he sunk you onto him, a deep groan filling your ears. You bit hard into your lip, a moan pushing to escape. He was so thick within you, filling you fully. Deeper and deeper he reached, your pussy spreading slowly to accommodate him. When he was finally sheathed inside you, he set his hands on your hips. You found yourself shifting on your own, pulling your slickness over him and back down in a weak thrust. He hissed, the friction delectable. Karamatsu sported the beginnings of a delirious grin. The air of pleasure seeped into both your senses, and soon he was meeting you with your short thrusts. His hands on your sides loosened and slid over your thighs. You felt yourself slowly unraveling over him, getting lost in the way his thighs bounced off of your ass.

“Ungh..Karamatsu…I…” you whined, hips twisting to match how hard he was thrusting into you. At the sound of your voice he sat up, arms encasing around the small of your back. He was slamming up into you now, tongue lapping over your breasts once more. Words failed you as he reduced you to short gasps and incoherent words. His hands slid down to your ass, both palms coming hard over your flesh before cupping them again. He sped up your movements manually, sliding you up and down over his cock with his grip on you. You cried out every time you took him to the hilt, your clit being shocked with the impact. Thrust for thrust he impaled you and the way you began clenching on him, he didn’t have long. He took your lips hard and worked into you with equal fervor. As quickly as he kissed you did you cum, his lips swallowing your scream in the process. Your fingers near pierced into the flesh of his back, and that infliction of pain tipped him over the edge, spilling deep within you. He paid you a few more strong thrusts before still completely. He pulled from the kiss, the both of you panting for air. Karamatsu laughed breathlessly, his forehead resting against your shoulder. You had to remember to mentally evaluate yourself, as currently you were wondering why you let your fear get the best of you.

A little depravity was so good on your skin, and you were believed the word ‘lamb’ was no longer applicable here.

Chapter Text

Hands on your thighs, it was like mentioning the word ‘treat’ aloud in front of a dog. The grin on his face hadn’t faltered, eyes wide with genuine excitement. You suggested a little while ago that you two try something new during sex. Osomatsu wasn’t a great listener on most things, but utter the word ‘sex’ and he hangs on to your every word.

“People just call it sixty-nine. But I mean it’s still pretty fun,” you explained earlier to your curious boyfriend. His eyes were closed in delighted wonder, head in your lap.

“So let me get this straight…you basically sit on my face while my dick’s in your mouth,” you rolled your eyes and nodded, “I guess I get why they call it ‘69’.”

You combed your fingers through his hair gently, “I know the position is a little funky but-“

“Sounds hot, let’s do it!”

Your eyes involuntarily rolled again, leave it to Osomatsu to never turn down getting his dick sucked. Really anything having to do with sex, he was game for, now that you thought about it. You supposed you didn’t have room to complain. Matching his energy was something you were good at. So as horny and blunt he could be sometimes, you couldn’t lie to yourself that you weren’t right there with him. Shit, trying this position was entirely your idea! You had to scoff though, you already knew the answer before you even asked the question.

Fast forward to this very moment - Osomatsu’s hands on your legs as you sat over his face. Admittedly, you were already wet at the thought of what you two were about to do. The man knew how to eat pussy, you gave him credit. It took him a while to learn your body, you having to direct him where to lick and suck at first.The worst of it was needing to explain what a clit was and where to find it, but he learned pretty swiftly.

You made quick work of his boxers, dick bouncing free. Lip curling between your teeth, you wrapped your hand around him. The shudder against your thigh served to make you smirk, and you supplied your boyfriend’s cock with a few quick strokes.

“Fuuuck,” he groaned. A small giggle escaping you, you wiggled your ass above Osomatsu, shifting your position so your heat sat just over his mouth. Cheekily, he poked out his tongue to swipe ever so slightly over your clit and your squeaked,

“Oso! Gimme a second, jeez!”

He chuckled under your thighs, a hand reaching up to palm the flesh of your ass.

“Whatever you say, babe.”

You punished him with a few strokes to his dick once more before pulling away. Tbe needy hiss followed by the annoyed groan let you know he got the message. Palms placed on his legs, you lowered your lips over the swollen head of his cock. Osomatsu cursed against your thigh, pulling your hips down to dive his mouth over your pussy. Warm waves spread immediately up your body, a moan rolling over your tongue as you took him deeper into your mouth. Eager as he was, the feel of you around him was too good. Without thinking, he bucked up, the tip of his head hitting the back of your throat. You pulled up immediately, coughing on choked air.

“You asshole, don’t do that!” you yelled, “Swear to god Osomatsu, if you choke me with your dick, I’m sitting on your stupid face and never letting you cum.”

He whimpered against your folds, his thumbs apologetically rubbing your thighs. You shivered as his tongue slipped inside you. Leaning back over, you took him into your mouth once more. Exhaling from your nose, you slowly slid down his shaft. A whimper echoed in your mouth as he gave your clit a quick suck. The rhythm you started was steady, your tongue flat against his him. When you reached the head, you rolled your tongue, the slight salt of precum hitting your tongue. Osomatsu sighed deep, heat and voice vibrating inside you, making you moan out. The consistent exchange of pleasured noises and constant sucking was making both of you slowly lose it. Hands clapped over your ass, immediately gripping you after to pull you harder against an eager mouth. Tongue fucking you relentless, every inch of your pussy caressed by the wet muscle. It made your efforts double down, hands pressing into the mattress as you willed your throat to take him down to his balls. You were careful enough to hold him down this time, god forbid he try to fuck your throat; pleasantly surprised were you, that despite his desperate groaning into your heat, he was behaving himself. Pulling up his shaft, you released him for a moment to take in fresh air. With the way he was lapping over your clit and dipping into your pussy, you were getting so close. What was meant to be a quick breather, turned into a moaning mess of curses and his name as you pumped your hand along his cock.

“Fuck, Oso, don’t stop” you whined, thighs beginning to quiver. An overwhelming coiling in your body shook you, your muscles pulling more and more taught by the minute. You slid your lips back over the tip, tongue wrapping around him. Luckily for Osomatsu you had more reactionary self-restraint than he did - when he pressed his thumb over your clit, slick appendage thrusting relentlessly in your hole, you nearly screamed.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

“Osomatsuuu!” you cried, yanking yourself from your ministrations as you came hard on his tongue. Being the sly asshole he was, he kept going, pinning your thighs down with his arms. Electricity was jolting up your spine, over-stimulation building intensity.

“Shit, shit, Oso, dammit, okay!"

You had to physically pry your thighs off of him, lest you actually start screaming. He wheezed, breath lost in a laugh and being actually winded, “Sorry, sorry! I was just having some fun!”

The look you shot him was a dirty one. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, shit-eating grin plastered on his face. You could practically see him writing a tally in his mind, knowing he made you cum before he did. Concentrating hard so your eyes didn’t roll for a third time, you swung your body over. Osomatsu yelped at the feel of your chest pressing against his still hard dick. You slipped his cock in between your breasts pinching your nipples and letting out a needy whine. Your tongue found the head of his cock once more, your hands cupping your breasts to sink around him. The combination of sensations were quick to leave him panting, expletives flying from his lips. You moaned as you worked him over, making quick eye contact when you were able. Watching you suck him off with those beautiful breasts wrapped around him pulled him close faster than he thought.

“Fuck! I’m-!”

He came fast, spilling over your tongue and down your throat. You stilled your movements, lips pursed around his cock and swallowing everything. When you were sure he was finished, you pushed off of him gently. The sight before you was astonishing - Osomatsu dazed in his orgasm high, face flushed, with his eyes half lidded. To fuck with him, you licked your lips, a sultry smile paid his way. He winced, cock twitching at your gesture. You were too good for him, he swore it. He slapped a hand over his head, laughing mostly to himself,

“Who knew numbers weren’t just for nerds and pachinko…”

You smacked his arm, roaring with laughter. He was an idiot sometimes, but damn if you didn’t love that idiot.

Chapter Text

Putting a little purple handkerchief around his neck, you scratched behind his ears. Your new puppy, who you named Komugi (Koko for short), shook his leg happily at your affections. He was a cute little Shiba Inu, colored a soft light brown, almost like wheat, for which he was aptly titled.

“I wonder how he’ll feel meeting you” you said to yourself, pinching your dog’s cheeks lightly. Pulling up on his fur, you manually made him smile, tail wagging in the background.

“…He’s gotta love you, there’s no way he wouldn’t.”

After giving your puppy some food, you finally heard the knock you’d been waiting for. Your long time boyfriend, Ichimatsu, was called over so he could meet your Koko - your fingers double crossed he would like him considering his affinity for cats. He gave you a quick kiss before stopping in his tracks, a pair of cat ears springing forth from his scalp.

“W-Who’s here?” he stuttered. Eyes frantic, he shuffled around, trying to find the source of his immediate, high-alert discomfort. You wanted to be concerned, but before you could, he locked eyes with your pet, who was coming to greet his new friend. Ichimatsu cowered backward, skin crawling at the beast. That mattered little to your dog, who pawed playfully at his leg, wanting to be pet.

“Why do you have this here?!” Ichimatsu screamed, desperately willing himself not to run away.

“He’s my new pet, Ichi…and I think he likes you!” you laughed sofly. Scooping Komugi up in your arms, you held out his paw to Ichimatsu. Your poor boyfriend was shaking, but he carefully took the paw between two fingers and shook it. A gentle smile crossed your face,

“See? He’s not big and bad.”

The ears rescinded back into his head and you could tell Ichimatsu was starting to get a little more comfortable with him. Seeing him as no threat, Ichimatsu hesitantly laid a hand on your dog’s head and rubbed it slowly. The wagging of Komugi’s tail beat heavy against your stomach, but it made you happy to see your two boys getting along. Soon enough you found them playing fetch together, eating lunch together, and even taking a nap together. How quickly your boyfriend could acclimate! Though you should’ve have figured - the way he has a literal animal magnetism.

You noticed at dinner time, Komugi would sit next to your boyfriend instead of with you. When you called him to come to you, he would look at you, tongue out, and saunter over to Ichimatsu. Your boyfriend gave a slightly sheepish grin, not wanting to upset you. Whenever you tried to hold him or play with him, you found yourself unwanted - he’d whimper, saddened he was being taken from your boyfriend’s lap. It made you a little jealous.

“I thought I was the owner….” you mumbled to yourself, dishes in hand at the sink as you cleaned them.

An hour passed and Ichimatsu decided he was ready to head home,

“My brothers want to do pachinko tonight…I told them I’d fuck everything up, but they annoyingly insisted.”

At the sight of him leaving, Koko’s ears fell flat, a loud cry escaping him. He came to Ichimatsu’s feet, laying on his sandals so as to block him from putting them on. You watched Ichimatsu’s face soften, him whispering that it would be okay and that he’d be back to your crestfallen pet. Your poor heart sank at the spectacle, and you tugged Ichimatsu’s arm gently,

“Stay…he’s comfortable with you here.”

Your tone had a little envy behind it, but you coudln’t deny the truth. Komugi liked him more than you it seemed, and it didn’t seem right to make Ichimatsu leave knowing that. He grinned, seeing right through to the little spots of jealousy dotted in your voice, but he agreed. It was cute making you jealous. As if understanding what just went on, your little Koko barked contently, rubbing his face on both of your legs

The three of you sat on the couch, bowl of popcorn on the table, scary movie flashing on the screen. In your combined laps laid Komugi, belly up, sleeping soundly. You scratched his belly, giggling at the site of his little leg kicking with joy. Ichimatsu snickered and he came to wrap his arm around you, a small kiss at your cheek.

A small sigh escaped you. Maybe you should consider having Ichimatsu move in with you. It would be good raising Komugi together. Besides…you were already starting to feel like a little family right here anyway.

Chapter Text

Testing your limits was something you appreciated in life. Meeting your boyfriend, who constantly was testing every limit there was to test, was your own personal joy. Falling in love with him made everything you did together sweeter. You adored the physical go-getter that he was, always being the one to match him as best as you could. However, even you couldn’t keep up with the vast amounts of energy he expelled. Which you held no real complaints - it made you want more. So when you were laid up under him, ankles locked around his strong torso, you decided to apply your lifestyle here.

“Jyushimatsu…let go,” you said, already breathless from the way his hips claimed yours over and over. He lifted his head, lips detaching from your bruised up neck. Eyes dark with carnal desire, he was barely able to get his words out,

“Ah..? What do you mean?” You hissed at the deep thrust he supplied you. When Jyushimatsu fucked you, he fucked you hard. Yet…there was a piece of him he held back. An animalistic side to him that begged to be freed - one that hid behind that constant grin and jovial attitude. You felt it in the way his back flexed against your fingernails.

The way he growled when you cried in ecstasy.

How his eyes glazed over watching you writhe and moan under him.

All flashes of the dark beast inside him, but still he caged it, in fear of taking you too far and doing more harm than good. But you were always willing to push yourself for more. And right now…you wanted him to give it all to you.

“Let. Go.” you whined through clenched teeth, “Take me, Jyushimatsu haaa…give it to me rough.”

A pithy laugh fell off his lips, hips coming to a halt. A question rose to your thoughts, but the nip of Jyushimatsu’s teeth at your earlobe stopped you. His muscles were rigid under your heels, desperate tension waiting to be released. Mouth lining against your teeth, he rasped huskily in your ear,

You’re sure?

Your skepticism was on the nose, he was holding himself back.

Never have you been more sure of what you wanted. Fingers thread into his hair as he pressed kisses into your neck, awaiting your answer,

“Fuck me, Jyushimatsu.”

With the words leaving your lips, you were moved with lightning speed. Your lover slipped from you quickly, pinning your legs all the way back. He sat your knees on his shoulders, biceps straining against your legs. You were given no warning, no kisses to prepare you. As soon as his hands touched back down on the mattress he was inside you, slamming into you balls deep with each thrust. Your back arched instinctively, his thrusts tearing loud moans from your throat. Fingernails clawed wherever you could reach: over his shoulders, down his arms, across his chest. The angry red marks only served to fuel his lust and he sped up his movements inside you. Jyushimatsu worked his throbbing cock like a piston, nailing into your g-spot with greedy fervor.

His cheerful voice was drenched with desire - gravelly and heavy in your ears. His smile - lost to the intense gritting of his teeth as he pushed himself to fuck you into submission. You asked for this, didn’t you? For your sweet-natured boyfriend to claim your body in such a voracious way? Your voice was climbing in octave, and the hungry look in his eyes was pushing you close to the edge. This was the Jyushimatsu you wanted…driven by lust - the only goal intended to make you cry out his name in absolute rapture. What an accomplishment he must’ve felt he achieved as you were already clenching around him. His name was tumbling from your lips like a mantra, and just when you didn’t think he could move with any more speed - he fucked you faster.

A weighty growl bellowed in your ear as a single word, “Scream.”


Yells echoed off the walls of your room, your orgasm hitting you with incredible force. He roared into your shoulder as he came along with you, your pussy milking him in a tight grip. Huffing into your shoulder, he ultimately stilled. As if shedding skin, his voice softened back up to gentle laughter when he panted. Jyushimatsu kissed up your neck, peppering words of love and adoration across your skin. Your legs were let down slowly, but you already knew at the deep ache of your hips that getting up wouldn’t be an option for a while. You welcomed the pain though, finally knowing the extent to which your boyfriend would take you.

Knowing both of you, things could only go further from there.

Chapter Text

Your meal steamed beautifully as the chef unveiled it. Ichimatsu insisted you two eat out at the terrace tonight, most likely so he could feed the strays that slipped through the nearby garden. A few bites in and you were in near tears, the chef truly outdoing himself. Ichimatsu snickered shortly, pleased at your enjoyment of the meal. The sound of his voice jogged your memory for something important. You’d be toying with the idea of trying something new in the bedroom…something you knew he’d like. Gossip unfortunately was a rampant pest amongst kingdoms, and being the daughter of a Duke, you were prone to hear a thing or two. Before you even got to know him, you were well aware of his affinity for letting the courtesans tie him and aggressively have their way with him. It didn’t bother you much, everyone had their tastes. When your fathers ended up signing an ally treaty and uniting the countries in brotherhood - you found yourself seeing the plum prince much more often. He ignored you at first, face contorting almost in pain at the sight of you. It sunk your heart. He seemed like a gentle soul, one you were sure you’d get along with.

Thankfully your opportunity came when your little calico had escaped from your quarters, darting down the lengthy hallway and right into the arms of that same stoic prince. When he realized it was yours, conversation was finally struck, the rest being history. Fast forward to this moment, as you pat your lips gently with your kerchief,

“Ichimatsu…as you know, my birthday is coming up soon.”

He looked up from his quail, “I do…and what of it?”

Your hands nervously fiddled around with the lace of your dress, “Well…there’s something I’d like for us to do on my birthday…it’s a bit of a heavy request but-”

“Just spit it out, the answer will probably be yes anyway” his eyes shifted lazily off to the side. You swallowed, absentmindedly biting your lip, “Can…Can I do that thing you used to tell your courtesans to do?”

A shocked glance.

Then, a knowing smirk. His head came to rest on his palm playfully, eyes narrowing in mischief, “Naughty princess, I didn’t think you knew about such things.” He chuckled low, conjoining fingers and resting his chin on them, “You want to tie me up now, is that it?”

At the sound of his blunt words, you flushed. He hit the nail on the head however, so you had no choice but to nod. You watched his smile widen slightly, swearing his teeth shifted into points.

“If my dirty little girlfriend wants to whip me up for her birthday, then what kind of man would I be if I didn’t let her?”

Your head snapped up. What? He agreed way too easily for you to not feel skeptical, but he assured you he wanted to honor your wishes in full. You two finished your dinner, making conversation about the subject. It regarded mostly of him imparting actual knowledge on the subject and getting an understanding of what you’d be comfortable starting with. After dessert, you two spent the night in each other’s company, sitting by the fireplace in the foyer.

Ichimatsu really outdid himself. After the extravagant meal and the breathtaking view of the countryside you got via horse and carriage, you both returned to his bed chambers. Neatly laid across his bed was an outfit: knee-high, royal purple heeled boots with a body suit to match (tasteful zipper in the front), and a black leather riding crop. You hadn’t expected him to put great detail into your outfit, as he didn’t mention that in your discussion, but you appreciated the efforts. The crop seemed a tad bit cliché, but you chalked that up to him wanting to ease you in the role of a dominatrix with something simple to use. Your fingers skimmed over the thing, material gliding smoothly. A rough etching caught your attention and you picked the crop up for inspection.

“I had your initials carved into the handle,” Ichimatsu said, coming from behind you and kissing your neck. You sighed softly, fingering the lettering with care. Devil was truly in the details, and this purple devil was constantly claiming your heart.

“I love it…” you said, eyeing it with admiration, “But there’s only one problem…”

He ceased his ministrations, eyes seeking yours, “Problem?”

You inhaled a deep breath. Turning around to him you put on the best seductive smirk you could muster, “I didn’t tell you you could touch me, did I?

His eyes sat low, hands moving to remove his cape. That dangerous grin plastered on his face was sending shivers up your spine. You swallowed hard, steadying your resilience. Ichimatsu slowly remove his royal attire, gaze hungrier by the minute. Tearing yourself away from his devious looks, you made your way to the bathroom, unlacing your dress and underthings to slip on the tight, skimpy outfit. Once you zipped up the body suit and laced the heeled shoes up your calves, you glanced at yourself in the full length mirror. You actually felt…incredibly sexy. Your curves were hugged, breasts pushed up in the secure clothing. You were a sensual goddess in your own right…and you were about to tread into unpredictable territory with a tiger.

When you stepped out of the bathroom, you found your boyfriend in his bed on his knees, one wrist already bound to the bed by a leather strap, the other sitting in the strap - waiting for you to secure it. You did your best to hide your blushing behind your riding crop, slowly tapping your heels over to his half naked form. Taking his wrist in your hand, you slowly secured the strap around him. He yanked quickly just to make sure he was fastened. At the hum of his reassurance that he was all set, you leaned over slowly - placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“If I become too much, the word is nekomatsu”.

You doubted he’d need it.

With a swift lift of your crop, you came down on Ichimatsu’s outer thigh, reveling in the pleasured hiss he let out. Another strike to his other thigh. Ichimatsu watched you, trailing the head of the crop up his stomach and under his chin. Pushing it gently so he could look at you, you purred,

“Is this what you wanted, Ichimatsu-kun?” Fuck, what a voice you had. The crop reversed its journey, tapping against his shoulders. This time it struck in the middle of his back, the crack a bit more audible this time. A groan let his lips, head tilting to the side,


You hit him in between his shoulder blades now, rubbing the end into the mark it left, “What was that, filthy prince?” a strike came to his back again, “You’ll have to speak up.”

Cheekily you aimed a little lower, crop hovering over the soft cheek of his ass covered in cotton, “I said…” and you cracked it onto his flesh, “Speak up, Ichimatsu.

“More! Please, fuck! ” he yelled, head being thrown back fully now. The half lidded gaze in his eyes pleaded for your pain, and smiled deviously at his state.

“Good boy…now let’s take these off” you cooed, fingers yanking at the fabric and tugging it down his thighs. He shifted slightly, allowing you to slide the garment all the way off of him. You dragged the crop up his thighs, stopping just over the bare skin of his ass. Leaning into his frame, you ran a hand up his chest and rested loose fingers around his throat. He moaned at the feel of your lips on his neck, slowly approaching his earlobe. The low noise he began ended at a pleasured shriek when you brought the crop down hard on him. Pointed strike after pointed strike, you made sure to interchange between each his cheeks. You didn’t miss the way his hips bucked at your attentions, and when you looked down, you were greeted with the sight of his incredibly hard cock. You eased the crop off of his skin, you whispered,

“On your back.”

Releasing him swiftly of his restraints, you pushed Ichimatsu onto the bed. He was reminded to keep his hands above his head, to which he did without You bit your lip at the sight of his cock standing upright, and it twitched angrily under your gaze. Carefully, you swung a leg over his lap, ass settling over his erection. The feel of his member hot against the only piece of fabric separating you two was teasing you, but you bit your lip and continued to see this through. You zipped down the front of your body suit enough for your cleavage to be unmistakably visible, “You want to fuck me, Ichimatsu?”

A sharp smack to his thigh, “You want me to rip this bodysuit off and sink all the way down onto that cock of yours, huh?”

Another pointed hit, just under his ass, “Beg for it, trash.”

Strike! “Beg.”

Strike! “Beg for it.”


“FUCK, I WANT TO BE INSIDE YOU!” he screamed, hips jutting up against you. You shuddered lewdly, losing your composure for a brief second and involuntarily dragging your hips along his length. The dominance in you was weakening fast; the sounds of his raspy voice screaming out for you, the feel of him underneath you so hot and so extremely hard…keeping up your role was becoming incredibly difficult. There was an internal struggle in you - you wanted to do this and it was fun for you…but in this very moment? In this tight outfit with your beloved prince so aching with need underneath you, dick throbbing between your thighs?

All you wanted right now was to be fucked.

Ichimatsu studied your face. You looked completely flushed, but the way your brow was screwed up in concentration even as you just sat there on top of him left him curious. Upon closer inspection, your lips were parted, chest rising quickly in short, quiet pants. Inquisitive, he ground up against you again. The bite to your lip, stifled moan, and the way your nails began digging into his chest was his answer. You looked down and watched your boyfriend’s teased expression shift from dazed and horny, to devilish and knowing.

You were flipped onto your back, a rough hand yanking your zipper all the way down and tearing the bodysuit all the way open. Ichimatsu didn’t give you time to process what was happening, as the next thing you knew your lips were captured in a deep kiss. It was desperate, needy, and in the background, comforting. He left you without words, merely separating your tangled limbs and sliding straight into your dripping heat. A scream tore from your throat, his thrusts relentlessly against you. Your hands that clutched so intensely to his shoulders were pulled above your head, fingers constricted around your wrists. Ichimatsu buried his head into your neck, sucking hungrily around your pulse. Back arching into your lovers chest, you were lost in the throes as he fucked you. The ever present need to feel skin on skin made words die in both of your throats. Your limbs were taught with your impending orgasm rushing up your hips. You cried out as Ichimatsu pounded into you, harsh pants sinking into your neck. He slid his hands up, lacing fingers with your own as white heat burst from your belly to rush across your entire body. He hissed at the feeling of your fingernails digging into his hands, but that only spurred him on more to slam into you. As one last brave act, you tried to redeem yourself and you dug your heels into his lower back. A deep growl echoed into a long groan just under your jaw as you tipped him over the edge, hips slamming deep in you in one final thrust. His muscles relaxed and pulled out of you; his hands slid down your frame, coming to wrap gently around your waist.
Coming down from your high, your pulled him close, your fingers running through the purple streaks in his hair that you so adored. You kissed his face, whispering affirmations of love and scratching the back of his head the way he liked. He took your lips in a loving kiss, repaying the words in sentiments. When he finally pulled from you, your eyes began to grow glassy.

“I’m sorry…” you whimpered, “I disappointed you…I…I couldn’t do it the whole way through.”

Ichimatsu shushed you, “You did just fine. Next time.”
His calm tone helped put your heart at ease. You untangled your legs from his waist, fingers dancing across the marks on his back. He was used to this kind of treatment, this you knew, but concern still nested in you and you had to ask,

“Does it hurt…? What can I do for you, Ichi?”

Tired eyes dragged their way up to yours and press a soft kiss on your lips once more.

“No…I’m okay,” he lowered his head to nestle on your stomach, sleep heavy in his limbs, “All I need is you…Happy Birthday, princess.”

A slow smile stretched across your face, the comfortable warmth of Ichmatsu’s body egging on your own bout of sleep.

Happy Birthday, indeed. Now to make his birthday the better one.

Chapter Text

Osomatsu loved to tease. You knew this. He adored messing with you - calling you his princess in front of his brothers, or naming you 'babydoll' in public, knowing that was a word he really only used when you two slept together. You weren’t one to draw attention to yourself as it were, and that’s exactly what Osomatsu got a kick out of.

So when he let himself into your apartment and saw you cooking, clad in a cute little apron and summer dress, his sleazed up instincts kicked in. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he purred a greeting into your ear and you shivered slightly. A soft blush came over you as your boyfriend planted a few kisses on your neck,

“Look at my domestic little love wife,” he said, sly smirk plastered on his face, “betcha that doesn’t taste half as good as you do.”

You let out an embarrassed whimper, wishing you could bury your face in your shaking hands, “O-Osomatsu! You’re being so-”

“What? Honest?”

“Oh my gooood” you groaned out, palm coming to cover your red cheeks. He snickered behind you, rubbing your arms gently, “So cute”

You stirred your meal in the pan, being careful not to burn the edges. He was still there with you, head resting on your shoulder as he watched you cooked. His bold words were echoing in your head, keeping the blush on your cheeks more permanent than you’d liked. Maybe if you pulled the conversation in a different direction...

“Oso, did you want to get dessert outside or do you want me to whip up something here?”, a simple question. Looking over your shoulder, your boyfriend seemed to be thinking a great deal. Thumb touching his chin, he hums, “That depends,” his eyes lock with yours and the grin he has is unholy, “You gonna let me eat it off you?”

You nearly shriek, whole body flushing scarlet, your face actually diving into your hands.

Chapter Text

“A bottomless oasis…I could drink for eternity,” he purred, tongue slipping between your folds, “and I swear I would never catch my fill.”

Your toes curled, back arching in bliss as Karamatsu worked his mouth over your already dripping heat. Warmth rolled in waves up your legs, and you felt his hands smooth over your hips. Shoulders served to lay your trembling thighs to rest, though the whole of your body was coming in disarray. With a low hum, he kissed your clit, pulling up from between your legs. Licking his lips, he paid you a coquettish smirk, “A paragon of ambrosia, my love.”

Crimson dusted across your cheeks, and you had to look away. Karamatsu chuckled softly, leaning down to trail kisses up your stomach, “Time and time again I find myself in wonder…” a kiss at your collarbone, “What pleasantry have I bestowed to be rewarded with such divinity?”

A mewled rolled off your tongue when you felt his hands cup your breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth, the other - busied between his fingers. His name was whispered into the air, adhered solidly to the four walls that enclosed you. You felt him press firmly between your legs, a sweet hiss escaping you; your body begged to have him closer. Your lover crooned against you, releasing your sensitive flesh to bring audibility to his voice. Baring his weight down on you now, he continued, pressing kisses into your skin, “Yet what atrocities I have performed to find felicity in sweet sin…”

“Karamatsu…” you sighed. He slowly kissed up your neck, stopping only to nibble on your flesh. You wove your fingers into his dark locks. Strong hands found your thighs once more, spreading you open further beneath him. Karamatsu took your lips in a hard kiss, drinking in the loud gasp you let out as he entered you smoothly. Tongues mingled in a feverish dance, your fingernails finding purchase in the muscle of his back. He took you slowly, hitting you deliciously deep - you swore your back would break at the mercy of this man.

“Ah..truly…mmm I am blessed…” he exhaled, “To be in the graces of a goddess…”
A hard thrust. “To have known the depths of her sanctuary…”

Another, accompanied by your whine, “To have explored the essence of pure heaven…”

He sped up his thrusts a hair, your wanton moans sounding in his ear. Karamatsu hummed, kissing along your jaw, “How culpable I must be to put such beauty in ruin…” His arms came under your lower back, pulling you closer to pound into you now,

“Your cries…fuck… will never quell my passion,” he panted into your neck, “so as long as I may have you, unghh, you will always know my zeal.”

Karamatsu… ”You will always know my adoration…”

Oh, Karamatsu… “You will always know my devotion…”

Yes, Karamatsu…You will always have my heart.

With his name on your lips, your body trembling under his working hips, you found yourself coming undone. Grit teeth intensified the sound of low growling and soon you drowned out all noise - your pleasured scream filling the air.

“I love you, god, I love you so much” he rasped, breathless, thrusting recklessly into you. He followed you shortly after, choking out his moans as his orgasm took him. It took several moments for him to relax, forehead coming to rest against your own. You stroked his cheek lovingly, pecking his face with feathered kisses,

“I could have lived forever knowing what it felt like to love you,” he captured your lips briefly. Tracing your cupids bow, Karamatsu caught your eyes, gaze profound with emotion, “but to know you felt the same is what would have made it all worth it.”

Chapter Text

A broken guitar string.

Who knew the fraying of nylon would bring out the sun in a beautiful set of eyes…and who knew those eyes were lost in tired ones.

Karamatsu winced at the snapping of the filament against his fingertips. The pick in his hands clattered on the stone of the bridge, and he sighed in desolation. It would be a while before he could afford a new string. The leather clad Matsuno say in thought deeply, eyes closed behind his shades. Head hung low, he didn’t see the young lady approach him,

“Excuse me?” she called to him softly. His head snapped up, shades bouncing on his nose, “I think you dropped this, sir.”

Karamatsu adjusted his sunglasses, flashing her a glowing smile. The nervous laugh he let out as he choked out a thank you made her laugh. She eyed over his outfit, her focus finally ending on his snapped string.

“Oh no, did that break today?” she asked, moving to take the guitar from his hands. He let her hesitantly, watching her run her fingers down the neck and over the injury. A small hum, “Come with me, I can fix this.”

Before he could protest, he was following the lady to a small music shop a few blocks down. It was a little hole in the wall place, easily missable, but stocked to the brim with instruments and accessories for them. Karamatsu’s head swiveled slowly, taking in the sight of the place. He wouldn’t brand himself entirely as a proper musician, but he had skill, and this was a place he knew he should’ve been coming to a long time ago. His attention was pulled to the counter, where the stranger beauty was diligently working on his guitar. She’d relinquished the instrument of its torn wire, setting the thing aside carefully. With the bridge pin at the end removed, she reached under the register for a small packet - a new set of strings. She quickly pulled one out, and with skilled fingers, moved to re-insert the new wire. Karamatsu watched in awe as the bridge pin was reset, and she carefully wove the string through the tuning peg. She hummed the scales for reference, turning the peg until her strums matched the note. He was enthralled by her voice, the simple notes alone leaving sirens in fury. His gaze never came off her and he silently prayed she’d pluck at his heartstrings the way she did his guitar.

“There!” she exclaimed, happily handing his fixed instrument back into his possession, “be a little more careful when you play, I can tell a pick is not the only thing you’ve used here.”

With that in mind, she handed over the extra strings and a new guitar pick, royal blue in shade. She was ready to explain further, but a little jingle sounded in her pocket. Her lips made an ‘o’ as she uncovered her phone, eyes shifting from surprised to gentle warmth.

“I’m sorry I have to cut this short, I have to meet someone right now,” she gathered a plastic bag sitting behind the register, “Take care of your guitar!”

“W-Wait!” he shouted behind her, hand outstretched, “How can I repay you?”

Over her shoulder she giggled, “Keep playing music.”

A small smirk and his heart soared.

His thoughts were occupied with the beauty in the music shop. The way her fingers were so kind to his beloved guitar; how her eyes glowed with adoration for the instrument, nursing it back to full usage like a nurse to a loved patient. There was respect in the way she handled her task - her fondness for music wasn’t missed on him. Karamatsu’s mind raced with questions: What did she like to listen to? What instruments does she play? She can clearly sing, but for how long has she been? What was her name?

What was her name?

What was her name?

His steps came to a halt, a look of shock and anguish plastered across his features. He’d forgotten to get her name! Silently scolding himself, Karamatsu turned in the opposite direction, making a beeline for the music shop. He’d been far away enough to give the girl some time to hopefully be back at the shop. As he walked, he could only think of her - features graced by silk hair and kind eyes. He had to know his maiden’s name. A soft chime of laughter caught his ears, and he immediately recognized that giggle. Heading in the direction, he was ready to shout for her until a flash of purple came into his peripheral. There, in the near distance was his younger brother, Ichimatsu - fingers laced with the same beauty who fixed his very first love. She paid the purple clad brother a sweet smile, one that Karamatsu could’ve sworn looked familar, but he knew better. There was feeling in her laughter with him, love tucked into the corners of her upturned lips.

And he…his dear brother, returned her sentiment. Never, in all his years of being a sextuplet alongside Ichimatsu, had he seen him so happy.

Karamatsu felt his heart burn with envy, jaw clenching as an immediate reaction to what he was seeing. Ichimatsu had found love before him; quiet, self-depreciating, apathetic-at-all-times Ichimatsu. He felt scorned, that he, a man who openly proclaimed his devotion for romance, had been beaten. His fist grasped tightly to his guitar, a need to almost destroy the thing readying itself to settle in his blood.

But he couldn’t do it. Not when his brother pulled his mask down to give the girl a gentle kiss.

Not when he saw her mouth the words ‘I love you’.

Not when he heard Ichimatsu repeat them back to her.

Karamatsu eased his grip on his guitar, instead opting to swing the strap over his shoulder and secure it behind his back. A solemn sigh was let into the world, and he smiled half-despondently. Ichimatsu was happy. That was all Karamatsu knew he would want for him, no matter where that left him in the race of adulthood. If it meant watching his brothers prosper - putting himself in last place, then the sacrifice was an easy one to make. He pushed his sunglasses over his face; besides, who knew if love was merely around the corner for him too?

His brothers, including himself, didn’t know about her - he was sure of it. Walking in the direction of home, Karamatsu slipped his hands into his pockets. He’d take Ichimatsu’s secret love to the grave until he was ready.

He’d probably maim him anyway if he tried to tell.

Chapter Text

“Come can do this.”

A deep exhale.

The envelope trembled in your nervous hands, fingers gripping it tightly. You waited by the entrance, watching carefully as students filed out of the building. The school day was long over, but you had an agenda once it was empty. In your hands was a letter, handwritten and drawn on with care to your classmate. His name was in gold lettering, adorning the front: Ichimatsu; the fourth born of the sextuplet Matsuno brothers, he’d caught your interest when you happened to catch him playing with a group of strays behind the school building. He was normally unnoticeable, blending in with the crowd unless he was around his brothers. Ichimatsu didn’t seem the type to be very outgoing, keeping to himself during classes - distant stares and sleepy expressions being his baseline. Your eyes would sometimes connect for a brief second when you’d take your seat; even in moments so fleeting, it made your heart flutter.

Weeks passed, and everyday you’d notice little things about him. The disheveled look of his dark hair gave him character. His tired eyes held something inside of him that you wished to discover. In his school uniform you caught glimpses of purple, a color he must’ve favored. He took time with his words, when he DID speak, and the low rumble in his voice struck you heavily with fondness. When you thought of him during class, you would find your notes littered with little sketches of cats: some sharing his sleepy look, some detailed with an ‘I’ on the collar. In your subconscious, he was clearly present. Your courage, unfortunately, was not. As much as you wanted to talk to him, the emotional unavailability was apparent - and the last thing you wanted to do was force him out of his comfort zone.

So this was your only viable option. Gathering a week’s worth of courage you decided to write him a letter. You wracked your brain with what to say: should it be short and sweet? Long and profound? Should you cut to the chase, blunt words spilling on the page with sharp edges or should the curves of your letters hide your feelings in reservation? Staring at the stationary, damn near three in the morning, you picked up your pencil. Thinking back to how you simply let yourself daydream and wrapping your thoughts around him, you began writing thoughtlessly. By the end of your wandering mind’s journey, you had the perfect letter in front of you - poetic and messy in tone, but heartfelt and honest. You gently slipped it into an envelope and sealed the thing with care.

Now here you were at his locker, lips pressed gingerly to the letter. All you had to do was slip it into his locker and that was it. Your feelings would be out in the universe and whatever it brought back to you, you would face - though if you were lucky...he’d never find out. Eyes scanning your surroundings you finally took the plunge and shoved the letter through the small slot in his locker.

Another exhale. It was over.

Hand to your chest, you backed away slowly. You ran home, with relief and anxiety both on your heels.


Making your way to school the next morning wracked your whole body with a wave of nerves. Your outcome here was unpredictable, and you wanted so desperately to get it over with. Walking to your seat, you felt eyes on you. Gaze drifting throughout the room, you found Ichimatsu’s head turned in your direction. With the blink of an eye, you shook your head thinking you were seeing things when you swore he flashed a shy, but knowing smirk. At your chance to focus, you found him staring out the window. A soft blush painted over your cheeks and you scolded yourself for letting your imagination get the best of you.

The rest of the day dragged on, a tense flutter in your stomach every time you thought of the letter. As you continued to let it poke at you, it made you silently wish that you’d never wrote it. He’d never accept it. He didn’t know you existed and you’d honestly made no effort to make yourself known to him. You tried to take solace in the fact that you didn’t leave your name. A silly little crush he’d never know about. At the final bell, you made your way to your locker, switching your shoes so you could leave. You waved your friends goodbye, gathering your things at a sluggish pace. Quiet disappointment tugged at you, but you prepared yourself to come to terms with it.

“You shouldn’t leave letters to strangers, you know.” came a low voice. You snapped your head to find drowsy eyes staring directly at you. Heart in your throat, you squeaked out that you had no idea what he was talking about. When he produced the carefully folded envelope from his pocket, you screamed internally. He played with a corner as he tilted his head to the side, as if intrigued though his expression mirrored indifference.


“Your tastes are questionable...confessing to vermin like me.”

You eyed him, taken aback he would speak that way about himself, “M-Matsuno-san, I...” you started, voice dying quickly at your lips.

He stuck a hand in his pocket, gaze drifting off to the side, “It wasn’t hard to figure you out. You’re the only one I’ve seen who writes their capital I’s like this,” and he swiped a finger over the gold lettering of his name; you felt your heart backflip, “And the cat doodles?...” he chuckled softly, “A dead giveaway.”

Your whole face flushed crimson. At this point the jig was up - he’d seen right through to you and recognized who wrote that letter from the start. It struck your heart in a strange way that he’d been actually paying attention to the silly little etchings you made in your notebook during class. You could do nothing but stare at him, smirk plastered on his face, leaning back on the wall like he’d claimed a victory over you. Tears blurred your vision, burning embarrassment rising up in your throat. Ichimatsu’s expression immediately shifted into panic at the sight of your trembling lip.

“S-Shit, don’t cry!” he was raising his palms, mentally willing you to stop. His head sunk, eyes covered by his shaggy hair, “I came to ask you to come feed kittens with me...but of course I fucked this up. I don’t deserve this letter you gave me.”

With that, he offered the letter back to you. Your eyebrows turned up in sympathy...he really thought so lowly of himself. Carefully, you moved your fingers over his hand, curling the letter into his fist. He lifted his head in confusion, and you saw the tears pricking the corners of his eyes.

“I’d love to, Ichimatsu.”

It was an unspoken confession. But when he scoffed, half in disbelief, half in silent joy, you smiled. There was warmth in your features - you felt it unnecessary to say much more. Pocketing the letter quickly, he reconnected his fingers with yours,

“...Yeah, alright.”

Gentle smile ghosting over his face, he pulled you toward the back of the building.






Knowing how much those cats behind the school love makes me wonder who you really are behind those tired eyes. Watching the world outside our school windows, daydreaming our class days away, what do you think of?

Do you know I think of you?

Your tousled hair. The delicate, low tone of your voice. Apathetic in nature, but still so gentle. The dreamy look on your face when you aren’t paying attention turns my heart.

Did you know I like cats too? How I wish I could tell you...

You stand out from your brothers, you know. Your own person, coloring my thoughts in shades of purple.

Six same faces and all I see is yours.

Chapter Text

You were thankful your job was forgiving, considering the circumstances. Allowing you to work from home was ideal...but you couldn’t call yourself at home, per se. You were in the states - your parents had called for you to come visit, after breaking the news that your grandmother wasn’t doing well. The doctors notified them that she had only a few weeks left to live, and you hopped on the first plane there to be with her in her last days. Back in Japan, your boyfriend, Osomatsu, was understanding.

“It’s only for a few weeks, Oso. She means so much to me...I can’t imagine not being by her side.”

He shushed your oncoming tears, “Hey hey, you go do what you have to, alright? Like you said, it’s only for a few weeks. It’s not like I’ll be doing anything anyway!”

You hugged him tight.

When he saw you off at the airport, he was all reassuring smiles. An occasional joke here and there helped to lighten your mood. It wasn’t until you reached the gate that your realities set in. You were pulled into a strong embrace, one with apprehension and sadness, though his face masked it with precision. He awkwardly gave you his condolences, Osomatsu never being great with goodbyes of any kind. A kiss was shared between you two, and it took all your strength not to cry, opting instead to tell him you loved him.

“Come back soon.” was all he replied with.

Cell in your hand, you mulled over breaking the news to him. Your grandmother passed away peacefully, but your poor mother was distraught with grief. You didn’t have the heart to leave her like this, so you decided to stay a couple of more weeks to be by her side and console her. Taking a deep breath, you dialed his house number. A few soft rings, and then Choromatsu’s voice sounded at the end,

“Matsuno residence.” “Ah, Choromatsu? It’s me...I’m sorry for the abruptness, is Osomatsu around? I need to speak with him.”

He replied quickly, saying it was fine and that he was sure Osomatsu would be happy to hear from you knowing you were due to be home again soon. To no surprise, he was completely correct, as your boyfriend bellowed out your name, extra tinge of excitement in his voice.

“Just a few more days and I’ll have my favorite pachinko partner back in my arms! Oh, promise we’ll get ice cream, your treat right? Ahhh just come home already, I’ve been so lonely without youuu”

He rambled on that way for a while,

“My stupid brothers keep getting on their nii-sans nerves you know-” “Oso”

“And then Choromatsu had the nerve to say ‘Put that back Osomatsu-niisan’ but the girl was giving them out for free and just because I took five-” “Oso

“So we found Jyushimatsu swimming back to the shore, screaming about freeing dolphins and we all-” “Osomatsu

A wince at your stern tone, “Y-Yeah?”

You sighed heavily, so much so, it shook Osomatsu, “I’m not coming home in a few days. I cancelled my flight to stay with my parents for a while. My mom’s not handling my grandma’s death well...and I...” your eyes dropped to the floor, “...I can’t leave her.”

His body froze, lungs almost forgetting how to intake air. He set a hand on the table under the phone, “So...when will you be coming back?”

You bit your lip, heart sinking - you knew this wasn’t going to end well, “I...don’t know. I’ll be here until she starts to feel more normal without my grandma around. I’m not sure when that’ll be...”

Silence. He paid you no hum of acknowledgement, no growl of anger, not even an awkward cough. Just eerie silence. You clutched your cell a little tighter, giving anything for him to say something.

“Oso I’m sor-” “You’re not coming back.”

It was said flatly. No malice nor rage - and that frightened you the most.

“Osomatsu!” you said, shock combed through your voice, “No. That’s absolutely not true, I’m coming back home I just don’t know when.”

“That’s a lie. That’s a lie because you would know! You’d tell me! You always tell me! You said a few weeks and a few weeks is what I waited, and now you’re not coming home? You’re going to leave me here?”

You were ready to tear him a new asshole, acid on your tongue to burn his selfishness - he knew damn well what your reasoning was and he had the nerve to say -

Just like them.”

Your opened lips fall shut and you listen.

“You come into my make me forget about the shitty person I can be...but just like my want to leave me too?” His voice broke, and you heard the strain when he spoke.

What do I have to do for everyone to stop leaving me?”


You clutched your chest, the emotional wrench of your entire situation pulling at your heart. Osomatsu cried softly on the end, quiet whimpers and sobs making you spill tears of your own. You let him get it out - you knew that story all too well. The deep rooted hurt of all five of his brothers leaving him behind left a wound in him that you weren’t sure would ever properly heal. When he’d told you about it, he never showed what he felt. He shrugged off the ordeal, picking at his ear and saying it felt like it was so long ago. Yet you knew better. Osomatsu didn’t handle his emotions well sometimes, and he was frigid when it came to expressing real pain - so knowing that that wound reopened and presented itself in the form of you...he couldn’t take it.

And so he cried. He cried because he missed you. Cried because he knew he was being selfish, knew you’d be upset later but he didn’t care. Cried because he couldn’t stand the idea of not having his brothers with him back then, and not having you with him now. Cried because he was too scared to face being alone...because he knew it’d eat him alive.

You cried with him.

As selfish as he was being right now, your heart went out to him. Your hurt was temporary, you’d move on from your grandma passing and so would your mother one day. You could catch that flight back tomorrow and make him feel better in an instant. But Osomatsu’s hurt was still a reality he didn’t have the heart to fathom. Knowing one day he would be alone. Without you or his brothers. Knowing he was thrown into that scenario before he was ever ready left him emotionally bruised...and that was a hurt far worse.

When he finally settled down, his sobs stifled to sniffles and hiccups, you wiped your eyes.

“Listen to me, Oso...” you began, your voice hoarse, “I would never leave you...not like this. Never like this,” your eyes shut, willing a fresh set of tears to cease, “I’m coming home sweetie...I just want to make sure my mom is okay first.”

He sniffed, and you heard a soft thump, not knowing Osomatsu had placed his head against the nearby wall. He was reluctant to, but he was letting himself come to terms with the fact that you’d be gone a little longer than he’d hoped.

“Promise you’ll come home...?”

A sad smile graced your lips - if only you could see each others faces. You leaned into your cell, half wishing you were on his shoulder.

You whispered as reassuringly as you could muster, “I promise, Osomatsu.”

For once in his life, he believed it to be true.

Chapter Text

A soft cry woke him from his rest. At first, thinking he was hearing something in a dream, he scanned the room. All was silent for the most part, eyes falling over your sleeping frame. Suddenly he heard the stirring and wailing of his daughter in the next room. Being that he was awake, he left you to sleep peacefully. Parenthood was equal share, and Karamatsu knew you deserved your rest. His gaze lingered over you quickly, thumb grazing his wedding ring until he finally turned to head toward the baby.

Her tiny limbs were moving restlessly, crying out in distress. Karamatsu scooped her up gently in his arms, one hand cradling the back of her head. She didn’t seem like she needed to be changed...and it wasn’t time for her to be fed yet either. Thinking something might’ve been bothering her, he looked over the room to search for anything out of place. Over by the corner of the room, he found a baseball-shaped rattle (courtesy of Uncle Jyushimatsu), that had bounced to the floor. Picking up the thing, he noticed that as it shook, the beads inside were quite loud. It must’ve fallen off the bureau and startled her awake, Karamatsu rationed. He placed the rattle in a nearby drawer, being careful as he held her with one arm. Now with both hands free, he stroked his daughter’s back in soothing circles.

He rocked her slowly, nose pressed lightly to her head as she shushed her sobs.

“There, there, my little princess, Daddy has you now...” he kissed the top of her head and she hiccuped, sobs beginning to quiet down. In an effort to bring her back to a peaceful slumber, he held her close and began a mellow lullaby. Karamatsu rocked her still, humming soft notes into the air, slow and dulcet in tone. He felt her cuddle up against him, tears steadily stopping as he sang. He stepped over to her crib, laying her down gingerly. He tensed when she stirred, voice halting in his throat for a second - but she finally relaxed, settling to the sounds of her father’s humming. Karamatsu quieted his humming just a hint, finding her blanket to cover up. As he did so, he trailed off his lullaby, hand coming over her head to softly stroke her scalp and cup her little cheek. She let out a soft, sleepy sigh of contentment at his touch.

He felt his heart swell with emotion, looking down at his sleeping daughter. There was so much life in her already, and it warmed him to know she felt at ease hearing him sing. He bent over quickly to kiss her forehead,

“Only the sweetest of dreams I pray for you, firefly.”

Karamatsu crept quietly out of the bedroom, finally rejoining you in your bed. His arms wrapped around your middle and you moaned softly, still deep in slumber. He kissed your shoulder and let sleep take him once more, his last thought being of how elated he was both as a husband...and a father.

Chapter Text

With your boyfriend gone for most of the day, you took the opportunity to get some well deserved rest. Work had been killing you that week, and now more than ever the constant feeling of being tired caught up with you. You’d just finished washing your laundry, which was tumbling quietly in the dryer. Jyushimatsu had warned ahead of time you he’d be out practicing his swinging and different pitch styles. Which basically translated to ‘I’m going to come home a mess’. Figured you might as well get a decent nap in now before he returned, all smiles and boundless energy. The fall air was especially chilly today; searching your drawers for something warm to sleep in lead to no avail - all your sweaters were dirty!

Luckily for you, Jyushimatsu left his oversized one sprawled out on your bed. Without a thought, you slipped it over your head, pleased that it covered you comfortably. Before you knew it, you were deep asleep. Hours flew by, and soon Jyushimatsu returned to your home. He panted heavily, having just ran from the field all the way in a bought of light rain. He called your name enthusiastically as he took off his shoes, but when he heard no response his head tilted in curiosity. Why weren’t you responding? Your boyfriend searched around the house, finally find your sleeping form in the bedroom. He clapped his hands over his mouth so as not to wake you, but before he could leave, you rolled over onto your back. Jyushimatsu drank in the sight of you, thighs shifting restlessly, with your arms above your head.

“Jyushi...” you whispered, a hint of need evident in your voice. The yellow clad Matsu found himself flushing entirely red, sporting a tent in his pants almost immediately. Catatonic look on his face, he wasn’t sure what to do in this situation. Here you were, moaning his name, wearing his sweatshirt. What were you dreaming about that involved him? Curiosity escalating by the minute, he had to know. Reaching out a hand, he touched your knee. Jyushimatsu called your name several times, the only result being you calling his name back to him in sleepy whispers. Fingers pinched the inside of your thigh and you finally jolted awake, a mix of a moan and a scream coming from you. Your hands involuntarily flew to strike whatever was touching your thigh, only to have them caught. Shaking yourself into consciousness, you came face to face with a very embarrassed Jyushimatsu. His calloused fingers were wrapped gently around your wrists, mouth formed into a flustered squiggle.

“You were calling me...what were you dreaming about?” he asked, grin slowly returning to his face. Knowing Jyushimatsu, he was genuinely curious, but he also wasn’t an idiot. The blush on his face said he had an idea already, but he was waiting to hear it from you.You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him,

“I-It was just a dream, Jyushimatsu...don’t worry about it.”

His head titled once more, “But I heard you saying my name, was I doing something to you in the dream?”

Your face burned in shame, you couldn’t bring yourself to tell him. Into the heart of your dream, you were pressed firmly against the wall, hands restrained as the same lover who stood before you, took you mercilessly. You guessed it’s been a while since you two have been intimate, what with your work schedule, that your mind was trying to fill in the blanks somewhere. At your flushed features, your boyfriend dropped into another frown,

“Did I hurt you?” he said, alarm lacing into his voice. This entire time your wrists were still firmly in his grasp, and he moved closer with each sentence, “I’m so sorry! Dream me is such a bad man! But I would never hurt you! Forgive me, please!”

You were touched by his concern, but his close proximity was toeing the line of intimacy for you and you finally let go. Cheeks red and noses touching, you closed the gap between you two. Jyushimatsu was confused by your kissing - he thought you were upset. When your thigh brushed against the incredible hard-on he had, both of you jumped. The quick jolt allowed you to slip your tongue into his mouth. He moaned as you brushed your leg against him purposefully, pushing back into the kiss now. His hands released your wrists to weave behind your back and pull you close. You two were a mess of limbs, teeth and tongue - a sloppy combination that was rekindling the heat between your legs. Releasing his lips, Jyushimatsu immediately descended downward, long licks trailing down your jaw, and mixed with the kisses that he littered over your neck. Your back arched into his chest and with a deep exhale you panted,

“You...You wanna know what I was dreaming about?...”

Dark eyes connected with yours, and in them was definite interest.

You took his lower lip in between your teeth gently before quickly letting go,

“Take your sleeves...” a lick of your lips, “and tie my hands.”

The giant smile he sported held weight with the way his gaze dragged up your body. His sweater rode up your stomach, leaving your panties the only thing separating him from you. Jyushimatsu climbed onto the bed with you, slipping off his Matsu jersey, though you begged him to leave the black compression shirt on. Something about the way is stretched across his muscles made you extra weak in the knees. He let out a low laugh, fingers reaching up to tie the lengthy sleeves of his sweatshirt. It took a good minute, but when he was finally satisfied, you were yanked up by the knot.

“Got it!” he exclaimed. He smiled down at you, innocent at face value, but there was very much a man behind that wide splayed smile. Your boyfriend trailed his hand downward, and at first you think he’s going to touch you, but he skimmed past your thighs and onto his belt buckle. The soft clink and rustle excited you, wiggling your hips as he slid the material down his thighs. Strong hands gripped your inner thighs and pulled them open, spreading you over his lap. Your lashes fluttered closed, the sight of him raking his eyes over you in becoming almost too much.

“Ne...” he began, fingers curling into your panties and give them a rough tug down your legs. Jyushimatsu flung them to a random corner and slowly slid his hands back up to your hips, “Is this what you wanted the whole time?”

You felt his length against you, head right outside your entrance. He placed a hand at the side of your head, lips coming to kiss your collarbone. So close. God he was close and all you wanted was to be filled by him,

“You know you coulda told me, right? Right?” He slid along your lips, pushing over your clit in slow strokes, “Silly, I would’ve given it it you, ahaaa!”

It was then you realized your sweet Jyushi was teasing you. He slid his shaft against your steadily soaking folds, boyish grin still plastered on his face,

“Tell me when you have dreams like that next time” he whispered playfully into your neck, “then we can do it sooner!”

You gasped, the mix of his words and the sharp thrust over your clit once again leaving your cunt aching. Biting your lip you huffed out, “Jyushimatsu, please!”

He chuckled at your plea, both hands resting at your thighs now, “Okay, okay! No more teasing, I’ll be good!” With that, he slid into you in one solid thrust. He exhaled a low “haa” as his fingers gripped your thighs a bit tighter. You were so wet over him, taking him deep within you easily. You’d waited long enough however, and you slowly shifted your hips against him. Those eyes of his widened, not expecting your eagerness. However, you knew Jyushimatsu better than to back down from a challenge. Pressing the full weight of his hips down on you, he slammed into you at full force. Your toes curled at the feeling, him pulling at your insides with how quickly he worked you, and all you could do was arch your back. He reduced you to shameless whines, your wrists aching to be freed from your makeshift bind, desperately wanting to claw into his back for purchase. Jyushimatsu panted into your shoulder, hints of laughter escaping him now and then. He spread your legs further, pulling them closer and locking your ankles behind his back. Holding himself up by his forearms now, he rocked into you hard - so much so you swore he was knocking stars into your vision. It wasn’t before long that your muscles were tensing in waves, an impending orgasm on the rise. Your lover bit into your neck harshly, animalistic in how he grunts into your skin. The whine bubbling up your throat rips into a loud wail as you cum hard, pussy spasming on his cock. He groans in your ear, bucking rough as he rides out your orgasm, finally reaching his own. His arms come around you and he locks your hips into place while he cums deep inside you. You moaned, lip tucked between your teeth at the rush of warmth.

You two stay still for a few moments, Jyushimatsu opting to lean his head on your shoulder, panting heavily. The back and forth of warm and cold dampness on your flesh almost tickles you, and you squirm under him.

“Ah! I almost forgot!” he jolts upright, taking your wrists and undoing the knot of his sweater. You immediately rub them, massaging blood back into them. He watches you sheepishly, and you giggle. A quick kiss on his lips,

“I’m okay, Jyushi.”

A sweet smile, “Good haha, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to end up like dream me and hurt you!”

You had to laugh, maybe he was a little innocent sometimes.

Chapter Text

He thought the first few times he’d heard you wrong. The cries you let out when he’d bite down on your thigh or bring down slap after slap on your backside sounded like noises of pleasure…but there was something off about them. Ichimatsu loved being rough with you, that sheer essence of dominance swam in his blood, and he appreciated that you loved that aspect about him. But it wasn’t until he had you under him, wrists bound by duct tape, ass and thighs red from claw marks and palm strikes, that it happened again. Fucking you into the floor as he was - he heard your peculiar cry once more.

“You’re taking my cock so well, pet…” he paid you a hard thrust, “You love being my plaything, don’t you…”

The feel of teeth sinking into your breast was a delectable mix of pleasure and pain, and you whined out his name. Your reward: his hand around your throat. The pressure against your windpipe made you all the more wet, and you parted your legs further to take him in deeper.

“That’s it…spread yourself more for me, you fucking slut.” He was slamming into you now, reveling in the deep arch your back made, “Tell me how good my dick feels…”

He let go of your throat, the deep inhale of air making you slightly dizzy but still very much swimming in pleasure. He grasped your thighs, fucking you to the hilt at every thrust.

“Ahhh! Ichimatsu!” you yelled, orgasm creeping up, “N-Nyaa!~”

There it was. That noise. Did you really just…?

He continued to pound into you, and your cries continued.

“Nyaaa~ Nyaaaa~ Oh my god, Ichiiii”

Thighs trembling in his hands, he knew you were close. As you meowed out your pleasure, Ichimatsu found his dominance slipping. He’d never heard such sounds from you before, and it was melting stripping his authoritative demeanor by the minute.Soon he was drooling, lovedrunk look splayed across his features.

“Those noises…so cute…” he drawled out, tongue hanging out of his mouth now, “more…I wanna hear more!”

Your voice flew up an octave as he bore all of his weight down on you, angling his hips at just the right angle to knock you over the edge.

“NYAAAAA!~” you wailed, cumming hard on his cock. Legs shaking against him he snapped his hips into you a few more times, chasing your climax with his own. After a few minutes, were both finally coming down from your post-coital high and he eased your limbs to the bed, shuffling to release your wrists from the duct tape. Ichimatsu pressed a few kisses into your neck and collarbone, whispering how much he loved you, how you were amazing - very gentle in his approach. When he was sure you were comfortable and didn’t need anything, he rested his head against your chest, intending to fall asleep that way.

And then he heard it. A soft sound, no louder than a low whisper against his ear. From your chest came a rumble, and Ichimatsu looked up at your sleeping form, pupils forming cartoonish heart shapes.

Holy shit you were purring.

Chapter Text

“Can…C-Can we try something different?”

You looked down at Todomatsu, who was already in between your legs. He was still fully dressed, while you were in nothing but your underwear and a t-shirt you borrowed from him. He seemed a little nervous, but you already knew what he was referring to. Lately when you two had sex, you’d feel his fingers running over your navel as soon as he was close to cumming. Yanking him up by his sweater, you pulled him up for a quick kiss.

“I already know what you’re going to ask, Totty…yes.”

It was easier to save the poor thing from embarrassment, seeing as how you already figured it out long before he could tell you. Taking his hands, you curled his fingers around the hem of your shirt and tugged up. Slowly your bellybutton was revealed to him, and you bit your lip at the change of Todomatsu’s expression. Watching his eyes glaze over with something a little more sinister than the sugary sweet side of him turned you on indescribably. His eyes flicked between your navel and your face. You nodded quickly and let a soft moan slip from your lips when he pressed his mouth to your abdomen. With a shift of his hips, he slipped his jeans down his legs - dick already hard from the simple act. You watched with feverish eyes as Todomatsu stroked himself, desperation seeping into his features fast. Leaning on one arm, he pecked kisses around your navel, warm breath rolling down your stomach. Your thighs shifted under him, entranced by the way his hand pumped his shaft.

“Ahh~” he whined, hips thrusting against his hand. He moved his free hand to circle around your bellybutton and your skin prickled at the contact.

“Todo..” you whispered. He bit his lip, the sound of your voice pulling him closer to his peak. With no warning, Todomatsu slipped his tongue into the dip of your navel. His eyes connected with yours as he lapped at the shallow cavity and sent electricity up your spine. You reached down, thumb stroking his cheek,

“C’mon, Totty...”

Suddenly he was on his knees above you, hand massaging his cock with haste, face twisted in ecstasy. With a shrill shriek, he came on your stomach, pitching forward as the waves of pleasure hit him. He nearly fell onto you, had he not caught himself on his forearm. Thick streams of cum roped over your navel and you shivered.
When he finally got his bearings, he giggled softly,

“You’re so dirty, you know that?”

The look you gave him was one of appalled shock and amused lust.

Chapter Text



Welp, he broke his promise.

He did his absolute best to watch his mouth around his son, especially when you warned him that kids’ brains were like sponges. Go figure your son would hear Osomatsu spill a line of expletives after stubbing his toe. However, that pain was nothing to compared to the verbal assault you’d give him when you heard what he did. He turned, face paling as he watched his son, who was shouting the same string of curses he just muttered.

His eye twitched in fear: this was not good.

“H-Hey!” he interjected, hands waving to gain his son’s attention, “D-Don’t say that!”

When his son asked why, he searched around the room, making sure you weren’t on your way in, “Those are bad words. Dad shouldn’t be saying them and neither should you.”

Once again, his son questioned why, “Because Dad said so!”

Looking him directly in the eyes, Osomatsu heard his child repeat the word nonchalantly. Panic lacing into his voice, he frantically looked around, swearing you were going to show up at any second and tear him a new one.

“Listen, if you stop saying those words, I’ll take you to get ice cream right now!”

That seemed to distract the child enough, shouting his joys over the frozen treat. Osomatsu sighed, relieved he managed to dodge that bullet. Watching his son bounce around, excited over ice cream gave him a weird sense of pride. Guess he took after Osomatsu in some ways after all.




He was in the midst of preparing dinner, waiting for you to come home from work when he heard his daughter giggle. His heart warmed at the sound of her innocent laughter…until she finished it with an awful word. At the sound of it, Karamatsu cringed heavily, fingers almost being taken out at the chopping block he had in front of him. Placing the knife down with haste, he hustled over to his daughter’s play area,

“Sweet pea, w-what did I hear you say just now?”

She repeated herself, all smiles as the wretched word left her mouth. It struck his ears like a bad piano chord, and he knelt down to her level.

“My little peach, such words are unbecoming of a princess!”

His daughter stared back at him, confusion in her stare. He continued, feigning a look of concern to draw her in, “We wouldn’t want to upset Mommy, would we?”

Guilt immediately wracked his heart, as tears started to form in the corners of her eyes, “N-No, Daddy! I love Mommy!” and she clutched onto his apron, trembling gently. He took her into his arms in a tight embrace, “Now, now, don’t cry…let’s just forget about those bad words, okay?”

She nodded, hiccuping against his chest. He pat her head gently, moving to dry her tears with the corner of his apron.



He was in the middle of buying a new set of bed sheets, with you over by the cookware. With his son’s hand in his, he flipped the packaged set of pillow covers, mumbling about the thread count. Passing by the pair was a giant stuffed bear, being carried to the back of the store by an employee.
“Oh shit!” came a small voice. Immediate alarm set into him, in disbelief of what he just heard. Choromatsu clapped a hand over his son’s mouth,


The poor boy looked frightened against his father’s fingers and Choromatsu removed his hand, “I-I’m sorry!” He understood his father was angry, but the trembling child didn’t understand why. Noticing his terrified confusion, Choromatsu crouched down, a hand softly coming to his son’s head.

“Let’s not use a word like that, okay? It’s not a nice one.”

The young Matsuno nodded slowly. Choromatsu beamed at his son, a small mixture of father-like pride and sympathy swirling in his heart. So young, but already so intuitive.

“We can choose a better word to use, don’t you think?” “Yeah!”




Taking his daughter to the cat cafe was one of his favorite to do with her. Not only for his sake, but it seemed she picked up his love of cats - and he swore he’d never been more proud of anything else in his life. He placed the newborn kitten in her hands gently, “Hold it right - hands like a cup, remember?”

She mimicked the hand position he taught her and she giggled when the tiny ball of fur curled up in her palms. A few moments of soft nuzzles and whispered words and the kitten fell right asleep. The young girl showed Ichimatsu just comfortable she’d made the little thing, and he kissed the top of her head, growing prouder by the moment. What she didn’t expect however, was the sound of one of the employees dropping a food dish, the whole thing clattering in an explosion of metal smacking tile. The tiny kitten in the girl’s hands awoke with a hiss, hopping out of her hands and onto the floor - but not before startling her.


Ichimatsu’s heart shot up into his throat when he heard his daughter curse aloud. Sweet, innocent pout on her face, she stuck her tongue out at the kitten. He gently put his hand on his daughter’s shoulder, dropping down to her level. A dark aura pulsed over his brow, “Where did you get that word from?…”

She blinked and titled her head, slightly confused. Being she’s seen that face a million times at this point, it no longer set fear in her like it did with anyone else.

“I heard mommy shouting it last night!”

It took her a solid twenty minutes to pry her father out of the corner with what little strength she possessed, a different, darker aura washing over him this time.




Watching his children play catch with one another was a treat. Not being around all the time due to practice and major league games took a toll on him sometimes. Jyushimatsu relished when he got to be with kids. He sipped his tea, stretching out his arms before he decided to join them. A concerning shout filled the air and he peered over to see his daughter clutching her hand. Her brother had tossed the ball a little too hard - and it smacked her wrist before she had time to catch it. Jyushimatsu was over there in an instant, ready to kiss any booboos his daughter cried about.

He ended up surprised however, when she socked her brother in the shoulder with her free hand, cursing at him in anger. He cursed back, sticking his tongue out and pulling his eyelid down. Poor Jyushimatsu froze, unsure of where his twins learned those bad words. With lightning speed, he scooped both kids into his arms, carrying them like bags of rice.

“Dad! OW! C’mon!” his son complained, accidentally knocking heads with his sibling. His sister rubbed the spot where her head connected with his and huffed, “Daddy, let me down!”

A blank stare washed over Jyushimatsu’s face as he continued hiking his children back into the house.

“No more catch for you two until you stop saying bad words!”

A loud groan escaped the both of them before they were put into chairs for time out.




You had warned him it was a mistake to introduce your daughter to electronics so early. Kids these days were hooked on the things, and you thought it would’ve been a better idea to let her be a child first before bringing her into the world of phones and computers. Your husband, the tech obsessed man that he was, disagreed…to an extent. It was never to your face (at which he yes’d you to death), but when you weren’t around he was letting your daughter play games on his phone or watch Youtube videos.

All of his sneaking behind your back backfired however, when amidst his daughter’s laughing, he heard her giggle out an expletive. He zoomed over by her side, snatching the phone out of her hands. She’d been watching some let’s player, who was currently cursing to his heart’s content after losing a boss battle. Horrified, he closed the app and looked down at his stunned daughter,

“Don’t ever say that word!” he scolded, fuming slightly. His daughter frowned, head hanging low. She knew she was in trouble whenever Todomatsu pouted like that.

“I’m sorry, Daddy…”

Todomatsu frowned, her sadness weakening his stern demeanor. He rolled his eyes, crouching down and pulling his little girl into a hug.

“You’re lucky you’re adorable,” he scoffed, kissing her forehead, “Now get washed up for dinner. And I don’t want to hear you say that word again, okay?”

The little girl nodded, “Okay.”

“Good girl.” He released her so she could wash her hands, and he looked down at his phone.

“Remind me to put on parental controls…” he said to no one.

Chapter Text

The day your best friend discovered her soulmate was the day you were ready to give up. Your siblings were off and married already, and now your best friend finally found her own love. You knew how this worked - but whenever you’d write on your skin, nothing would come of it. For years you tried to garner the attentions of your supposed soulmate, but to no avail. So you were starting to think you didn’t have one.
In celebration of her engagement, you headed into town to find a flower shop. Tigerlillies were her favorite - the tangerine beauties matched her personality so well and you knew she’d adore them as a congratulatory gift. Akatsuka was lively with townspeople, markets full and restaurants crowded - but to your chagrin, no flower shop in sight. You were ready to turn it in; being disappointed with your life situation was enough for one day, but being unable to even procure a simple bouquet of flowers was about to be the unraveled string to make you come apart. Fighting frustration, you halted. Before you could turn around, a voice interrupted your griping thoughts,

“Miss…are you alright?”

Turning to the voice, your eyes met with coffee hues. Dark locks framed a softly angled face, which was currently drawn in concern. You eyed him over carefully, dressed in shades of blue and carrying a prickly pear cactus.

“I’m…fine.” But were you?

Your eyes drifted off of him embarrassed. He was incredibly handsome, you had to admit. His head lowered as he tried to catch your eyes again, “Even a beautiful flower can wilt, and you seem to be on the verge of doing so, my dear.”

That voice dripped through your eardrums like velvet honey. You blushed heavily. Beautiful? No one had ever called you that before and hearing it from someone who didn’t know you made your poor heart skip a beat. Ready to cover your face in your hands, you were about to squeal until the apron around his body caught your eye.

Flower Akatsuka

“A florist!”

He blinked at your exclamation, but quickly caught himself, “Ah, yes! I run the flower shop right here. A most fitting occupation for one who appreciates all beauty as I do.”

You giggled softly at his ornate words, peering over his shoulder to see the quaint little store. Outside the windows sat an array of flowers, the colors near iridescent in their hue. Entranced by the simple, yet lustrous beauty of them, you absentmindedly set your hand on his forearm.

“Tigerlillies…” you muttered.

He turned around, trying to see what’s caught your attention. Your blank staring was adorable, and he laughed as he nodded over toward the shop,

“They just bloomed a few days ago. I’d be more than happy to sell you a bouquet.

You followed him into the shop, eyes roaming over the entirety of the place. It was decorated tastefully, cuts of every flower you could think of set up in pre-made displays for customers. Setting the cactus down, he you over to the back of the store. If you’d thought the front was mesmerizing, it paled in comparison to the sight you were introduced to. A spectrum of colors graced the garden, and in the middle was a simple pathway, surrounding you entirely by flower and foliage. Walking through it, he introduced himself as Karamatsu, explaining that being a florist and gardening brought him a sense of peace. You gave him your name, telling him the flowers were for your friend’s engagement. He didn’t miss the way your eyes sparkled as they reflected the garden, but lucky for him you were too busy being mesmerized by the cacophony of pigments. You were led to a small corner - there they were, a whole array of the citrus color kissing the area.

“Tender, but striking…their name suits them.”

Pulling a pair of scissors from his pocket, he clipped a decent sized bouquet. Fluidly, he removed any extra leaves and wrapped them with skillful precision. You were in awe was you watched his hands work. Taking you back inside, he picked a few white calla lillies on the way and tucked them into the arrangement. Karamatsu fit them with wrappings made from the leaves of beech trees, tying them delicately for a magnificent touch. You were floored by their beauty, almost too afraid to take them in your hands when he finished.

“They’re heavenly…” you sighed, both out of jealousy and gratitude, “How much do I owe you?”

He paid you a gentle smile, “No charge for a smile that puts them to shame.”

You flushed, his kindness and his suavity making your heart flutter. Holding the bouquet close you stuttered,

“P-Please! For such a beautiful display I…I wouldn’t feel right not paying you back somehow.”

He thought for a moment, and then a sudden snap of his fingers, “If I may…could I have your number? Perhaps we could meet for a cup of coffee tomorrow afternoon.”

You smiled. A simple but intimate date. He scrambled through his pockets for a pen once you agreed. Lifting up his sleeve, Karamatsu moved to jot down your number. His handwriting was fitting for his personality - smooth lines and careful cursive. You double checked to make sure he had it correct and grinned when he did.

“I’ll call you at morrow’s noon and we’ll go from there,” he explained; you gasped at the sudden claps of your hand, “It’s been a pleasure to find radiance in something other than flowers for a change.”

A kiss to your knuckles, “Until tomorrow, chérie.”

You giggled, “I’ll see you then, Karamatsu.” The exit from the shop left your feet feeling weightless. It thrilled you to meet someone new, and there was a lure about him you couldn’t put your finger on. Quickly your thoughts of him dissipated as you lifted your sleeved to check the time. Your best friend would be home from work soon and you wanted to surprise her with the striking display. As you checked your watch that laid under your wrist, something else appeared on your skin. Pushing the sleeve further back, there it was, in stunning royal blue print - your phone number.

You stared at the cursive dumbfounded. But that quickly melted into quiet tears at the realization. Of relief or absolute joy you couldn’t tell. Your head turned in the direction of the shop, and you hugged the bouquet to your chest with tender affection before you headed home.

You, however, were more of a rose person…and you couldn’t wait to tell him that.

Chapter Text

Shackles. That’s what was keeping your wrists locked to the deck. You were exhausted, beaten down by endless rain and the roughhousing of the crew behind you. Tears never ceased from streaming down your cheeks as you looked down at your tattered gown. Queen of the sea was to be your rightful status, yet you already felt stripped of your title. Your mermaidity. The sapphire encrusted crown bestowed to you by the gods themselves, was stolen. Locked away in the hands of a band of filthy pirates. The same pirates who chained you to their ship with a motive.
You were to be wed today. Your dress was of the finest caddisfly silk - woven carefully with white seaweed and embellished with pieces of cerulean coral. The garment that represented the happiest day of your life…was in shambles. You didn’t make it to the altar before your wedding reef was ransacked - hooks and nets scattering throughout the place. Some of the citizens (your family included) ended up hurt, some escaped by the nick of their fins. Come to find you were the prize they were after.

A rugged captain, known far and wide by the name of Osomatsu, had pulled you from your home.


“It’s nothing personal,” you remembered him laughing, “I just owe a sea witch a favor.”

His boots thumped against the deck, circling your frame, and your eyes narrowed at the monster of a man. Drawing his sword, you squealed in terror behind the parchment that was stuffed in your mouth. He chuckled at your fright, taking the blunt end to lift your chin. Misty eyes spilled fresh tears in the gaze of ruthless brown.

“Such a shame I have to give up a beautiful mermaid…” he withdrew his weapon from you to sheath it, “but immortality comes with a price.” Your chains were yanked, pulling you forcefully to the dampened wood, “…And I’m willing to pay anything.”

You were terrified of what would become of your fate. Did your husband-to-be know of your kidnapping? What did a sea witch want with you? Were you going to die? Your dejected thoughts had run through your mind all day as you were quickly whisked away to the far side of the sea. The rain that accompanied your somber situation was fitting. The storm in your heart, restless like the sea itself.

Wait…a storm?

At the sudden realization, the boat rocked dangerously, your form being dragged with it. Waves smashed against the sides, angry in their targeting of the ship. Thinking quickly you chewed on the parchment in your mouth, the dampened paper minimizing at your ministrations enough for you to spit out. You gasped, head turning out to the bow where an eruption of water began. Water piled high - higher than any mammal or sea creature could make and you knew that meant one thing -

“KARAMATSU!” you screamed, wrists yanking at the steel that bound you. At your cry, azure eyes peered through the veil of the geyser. A roaring voice sounded over the vicinity in the sound of a war cry, and the crew behind you cowered in terror. You heard the captain’s door slam open, “What the hell is going on?!”


Osomatsu’s face dropped at the sight before him. Water rolled off the gargantuan god, and it was then he realized he was staring at a titan. The god of the sea, Poseidon himself - your engraged fiancée, Karamatsu. The scales that adorned his body glowed menacingly against the black of the ocean.

“You mortals…” he growled between grit teeth, “The gall of you to defy a god!”

A thunderous clap clashed against the side of the ship. The old wood was slowly being stripped with the dark waves.

“I bring you food so your kind wouldn’t starve.” A hole was punched through the port side.

“I give you the vastness of my kingdom…MY WATERS WITH WHICH YOU ROAM.” The stern was obliterated by water.

You assumed a deal with a sea witch could overthrow me?! I HAIL FROM IMMORTALS.

Your beloved was blinded by fury, seeing you shackled like a prisoner. He shook with anger, piercing gaze glowing amidst the dark mist that surrounded him. He eyed the tiny captain, whose face read of amusement. At the snap of his fingers, his crown manifested over his brow,

“You were foolish to infiltrate my wedding,” Karamatsu rose, tides rising with his movement, “Barbaric to harm my family and my citizens…”

He outstretched his armored hand, a golden glow shining over his fingertips. The deity let out a low growl, and in his hand materialized his trident. He gripped it with great vehemence, spinning it with precision to aim the blades at Osomatsu’s ship. With venom on his tongue he seethed,

Return my wife at once.

The pirate captain glared at the god, arms coming to stretch completely out. Judging by the king’s words, he knew he was beat. The chase for immortality sweetened the pot too much so that he could not finish the meal. So, pride at the forefront, he stood between the king and his bride.

“You’ll never take her as long as I live.”

With that, Karmatsu drew back, narrowing his eyes at the vacuous pirate,

Then you’ll die for your transgression, impudent mortal.

Closing his eyes, Osomatsu let the strike hit the bow. The sea swallowed the blow, taking all living aboard the ship into their awaited graves far below the waves. Karamatsu’s trident pierced the steel of your shackles, breaking you free in an instant. Heart in your throat, your fins propelled you to his gigantic form, sobbing freely as you did. The king pulled his trident back, icey stare ensuring no signs of human life remained. With a soft glow, the trident dissipated, and the waves slowly calmed.

You touched a hand to his leg, the cool scales bringing you comfort. He sighed aloud, the same geyser encasing him in a shroud of water before slowly decreasing down toward you. When he moved from the covering, you immediately swam into his arms. He took your lips for a desperate kiss: sadness, fear, anger, and relief all tastes that danced on his tongue. His arms came around your waist and he held you close, like he feared for his life he’d lose you again. You trembled against his chest, terror and happiness a weighty mix on your heart. He pulled from your lips, hand cupping your chin gingerly,

“Are you hurt, my love?”

You shook your head, and you sobbed once more, “I was so frightened…they were going to throw me to a sea witch!”

He stroked your hair, chin resting at the top of your head, “Shhh, shh shh, I’ve got you, darling,” he sneered at the mention of the witch, “She wants what she can’t have…me.”

You lifted your head, “Kara…?”

His gaze lowered to meet your own, “No witch will take you from me…promises of immortality or not.” He kissed you briefly, “You are my queen. I made that apparent to all of our kingdom. There isn’t a soul alive who can break our bond.”

There was anguish in his voice, but you knew the repercussions of your kidnapping was aching him. Karamatsu was never the type to use his power as a deity this way…his benevolence preceded him. But seeing you, the love of his life, in chains - royalty being treated like a common tuna. Fire burned in the king’s heart. No human nor magic wielder had the right to come between him and his beloved. Imprudence had no place in the face of a god…so Karamatsu was left to impart an undesirable reminder.

Your hands came to his face, interrupting the slight grief that plagued his thoughts. Seeing the understanding in your gaze, he leaned into your gentle touch.

“…Come,” he said, taking your hands into his, “Let’s go home.”




It was weeks of rebuilding the wedding reef and making sure the people injured were rehabilitated to full health, but you finally made it.

Your dress was resewn, your crown repolished and adorned gracefully atop your head. At the front of the reef was the king, trident in hand and aureate robes flowing off of his shoulders. His eyes were glued to your ethereal form, feeling that if by Cronus’ hand alone were to kill him at that moment, you being the last thing he saw would be a fitting end. Your hands were taken in his, and the Monsignor began the wedding ceremony.

This is where you belonged and no one would stand in his way of being with you. His goddess; queen of the sea, and of his heart.

Chapter Text

“No! I wanted that one!”

Your daughter griped, stomping her foot on the ground. The both of you finally arrived home from the park; on the way, you happened to pass a toy store. Watching her eyes light up as she pressed her nose to the glass warmed your heart. That was, until she started squealing about the teddy bear on display in the window.

“Mommy! Mommy! Can I have that teddy?”

Your brows turned up in slight worry, not sure how your daughter was going to react to your next words, “Sweetie, you have a bear at home, remember? Daddy bought it for your birthday.” It was the truth, her birthday was only two months ago,
She stared at you in confusion, voice falling flat, “…But I want that one.”

You chewed your lip, fretting already this wouldn’t end well. Lowering to her level, you stroked her hair gently, “Honey, I don’t that’s very nice to replace Daddy’s bear with a new bear. You don’t wanna make your bear at home sad, do you?”

“Why can’t I have both bears?”

You sighed, “Because you already one friend. Play with that friend first and then we can add more friends.”

The silence that came over her was concerning, but you took her hand and kept the two of you moving back towards your house. It wasn’t until you brought it up again at home (when she wouldn’t look at you), that she let loose her frustration. Now here you two were, arguing about a little teddy bear. Your husband came in shortly after you two returned, groceries in his arms. Quickly setting the bags down on the nearby table, he raced over to see the commotion.

“H-Hey! What’s wrong?!”

“Daddy! Mommy is being a meanie!” your daughter cried, pointing at you. Karamatsu looked over to you, a question forming on his features. You sighed, combing your fingers through your hair, “She saw a teddy bear at the toy shop on the way home and she’s insisting on having it, even though I already told her she has a teddy here to play with”, your voice raised at the end of that to insinuate you were talking to her. Karamatsu looked at you both, a bit nervous at the tension.

“You’re just evil, that’s why you don’t want me to have both bears!”

Before you could retort, she took Karamatsu’s gift and began hitting your legs. You stared at your daughter in disbelief, “Hey! Stop that! You’re gonna hurt Mommy!”

“Hmph! Good! Then you can hurt like I hurt!”

At the sight of your daughter trying her best to do damage to you with the plush animal, Karamatsu dove in to intervene. He pulled the little girl away from you, taking the bear from her hands.

“Now that’s enough, young lady! We don’t hit in this house!” Karamatsu’s brows were furrowed in slight anger, voice stern as he took his daughter over to the living room. He placed her on the couch, kneeling to her eye level. You watched from the doorway of her bedroom as he spoke,

“You’re going to sit here and think about your actions. We need to be happy with the things we have, sweet pea. There are people in this world who have nothing at all,” he softened a tad as she saw her start to cry. Biting his back his urge to hold his crying child, he continued, “Mommy and I want you to know that. We always want what’s best for you because we love you. You already have a bear friend, sweetheart. Let’s be happy we have him, okay?”

When she nodded her head reluctantly, tears streaming down her face, Karamatsu stood slowly, “I’ll come get you when dinner is finished, pumpkin” and with that, he gently pat her head and returned to your side. You were impressed by his tact, authoritative and serious was a good look for him, you thought. He wrapped his arms around your waist slowly, head resting on your shoulder.

“…We need to hurry up and make dinner.” he mumbled. When you noticed he was shaking behind you, you turned your head over his shoulder to catch the tears welling in his eyes, “I don’t wanna l-leave her there t-too long.”

You scoffed at your tearful husband, but your heart couldn’t help but melt. He was such a tender man and you loved that about him. Giving him a quick kiss, you pulled him into the kitchen to prepare your meal. A speedy fifteen minutes passed and you were done. You had to be thankful for your husbands superb cooking skills. Whipping anything into full meals seemed to be a specialty of his. He approached your daughter with caution, inviting her to the table. She walked over hesitantly, her cheeks rough with dried up tears. Without saying anything, she came up to and wrapped her arms around you,

“I’m so sorry, Mommy. You weren’t being the meanie…I was,” she looked up at you, fresh tears forming, “Please don’t be mad at me, Mommy, I promise I’ll be good and I won’t make Daddy’s teddy feel sad!”

How could you stay sad at such a sweet little face?

“I forgive you, honey; and I love you.”

She squeezed tighter, “I love you too, Mommy.”

Karamatsu scooped her up in his arms, holding her with one arm, the other coming around your waist, “Well, I love both of my ladies! Now I think it’s time we eat before dinner gets cold, hm?”

Your daughter jumped from his arms, “Yeah, yeah! I’m hungry!”

Karamatsu let out a quiet laugh, moving to kiss you on the cheek,

“Shall we, darling?” he said, moving to set the plates.

Paying him a soft smile, you looked over to the table. Karamatsu turned to serve your daughter a spoonful of stir fry. The sound of her giggle, and hearing him laugh right along with her gave you a sense of peace.

You knew parenting wasn’t easy, but damn was it worth it.

Chapter Text


Finally she was old enough to take with him to his favorite place. With her tiny hand in his, Ichimatsu took his four year old daughter to the cat café. She was always watching him feed the strays in their backyard, intrigued by the sheer amount of kitties that would flock to him. Her interest in cats made his heart soar with absolute joy; fitting his adorable daughter would take after the only good aspect about him.

When they entered the place, Ichimatsu was greeted by the employees. He returned their hellos, having known the establishment for years. His daughter shied behind his leg, peering only a teeny bit to see who her father was talking to. Ichimatsu kept a hand on her head for comfort, letting her choose when she wanted to make her presence known. Being that she was still so young, it made sense that she’d rather stay close to him. He gently took her over to the kitten play area and sat down. A small bowl of food was purchased, and Ichimatsu took his daughter into his lap.

“These kitties are babies, just like you.” he said, a small smile coming over his face as he rested his chin on her head. She giggled when one of the kittens nibbled food out of her small hands. His daughter looked up at him,


She pointed to a little maine coon, who couldn’t have been more than a few months old. He nodded, and was ready to reach out the tiny thing for her to pet. The opportunity was spoiled, however, when his daughter yanked the kitten by its tail to pull it closer. Her rough treatment was met with a shriek, and the animal swiped at her hand, claws fully bared. She ripped her hand away, a loud “OW!” sounding in the area. Ichimatsu’s expression morphed into complete worry at the sight of blood dripping down her fingers. Tears immediately fell down her cheeks; she wailed, pain rippling in her hand. Ichimatsu took her hand in his, applying a damp cloth given to him by one of the employees who overheard the commotion.

“Shhh, Daddy’s got it, it’s okay,” he whispered, squeezing her hand, “Lemme see it.” She continued to cry for a few minutes, screaming at one point when an antiseptic was applied to her wound. He rocked her gently, guilt and exasperation wracking his heart. He hadn’t meant for her to get hurt on her very first trip here…now she’d never want to come back. His guilty was slowly growing into frustration, he couldn’t believe he fucked this up for her! How could he have been so stupid and careless?! Ichimatsu was ready to get up and take her home - until he saw her watching the other kittens, wonderment still visible in her eyes. It tore down his vexation, and he held her close. Kissing the top of her head he said,

“It was scared of you…” he looked at her bandaged hand and she looked up at him one more time, “Kitty tails are special spots. They don’t like when you pull them ‘cause it hurts.”

Her lower lip trembled and Ichimatsu swore he was going to cry with her, “Sorry, Daddy…”

Sometimes he couldn’t believe he made such an innocent thing, “It’s okay. Wanna see how to hold one?”

She nodded slowly, opting to wait for her father to demonstrate first. He held his palms out, “Make a shape like a cup. The kitties sit in your hands like that and then you can hold them to your chest when you have them.”

He gently lifted a kitten from the play area under its belly, and put it in his free hand, “Like this.”

His daughter nodded, making a cup shape with her palms and fingers. Carefully, he set the kitten in her hands, and when she didn’t flinch, he felt a wave of relief. As did she. The kitten mewed softly in her hands, and she slowly pulled it to her chest,

“Daddy, I did it!”

Actually letting out a soft laugh, Ichimatsu nuzzled his nose in her hair, “You sure did.”

He’d never felt so proud.

Chapter Text

You were bringing a life into the world. Hand over your belly, you looked at your husband who busied himself with feeding the neighborhood strays. Normally you were right there with him, petting the kittens and giving the older babies gentle love. However, your doctor advised against being around stray animals during your pregnancy. That didn’t stop Ichimatsu from letting ESP kitty in the house - who you noticed started to show you more affection than him. The day he noticed you were pregnant, a paw was gently laid on your stomach. Next thing you knew, he would curl in your lap every time he saw you - loud purring and head rubs against your belly always a must. It didn’t bother Ichimatsu in the slightest. He knew ESP kitty loved you both, and on instinct was already loving the new life inside you. Your husband would be right there with you both, keeping you warm when you felt cold, or massaging your aching feet (boy was he good at that) when being on them throughout the day became too much. Knowing you were going to share love for your child made your relationship feel even more full. No matter what self-depreciating comments Ichimatsu had to say about himself, you knew he’d make a terrific father.



“Damn thing…” you griped, trying desperately to pull your yoga pants up your widened hips. Being 6 months pregnant, it seemed even your maternity clothes weren’t fitting you like you thought they would. You stood in front of the mirror, your gaze trailing up your swollen feet, over your thighs, around your baby bump, and finally up to your tired face. Your husband stepped out from the bathroom, towel draped over his head. He yawned, stretching out slightly, sleep ready to take him for the night. That was…until he heard your sniffling.

“Oi…you oka- ah…” he trailed off. You turned to him, tears in your eyes as your arms were wrapped around your frame as much as you could muster. He was taken aback, unsure of what to say to cease your crying.

“I-I look like a-a-a m-monsterrrr” you sobbed, “I-I’m so big nothing fits! I’ve blown up like a b-balloon and I must look like s-s-so gross to youuuu”

Ichimatsu made a choked noise at your emotional outburst. You thought he didn’t find you attractive because you were pregnant? His heart half-ached at your words. You were so beautiful…and even more so knowing you were carrying his child. With a loud sigh, he dropped his towel and wrapped his arms around you. Your crying ceased if only for a second, the warmth of his chest comforting,

“Don’t be stupid, you know damn well I still find you attractive.”

Lip trembling you leaned your head against his shoulder, “Y-You do?”

His eyes rolled, and he gently sat you at the edge of the bed. Leaning over, he planted his arms at either of your sides. Those sleepy eyes you loved so dearly searched yours, hints of affection swimming in his gaze. His breath caught in his throat as he tried to find the right words,

“You’re…You’re my wife…” Ichimatsu whispered out slowly. His forehead touched yours, “I’m lucky enough you even married me…how you look, no matter what you look like…doesn’t affect how I feel.”

You shook at his words. Ichimatsu is always blunt, but hearing him say such tender words went directly to your heart. Your hands brushed over his shoulders and into his disheveled hair. Voice cracking under the adoring weight of his words, “Oh, Ichi…”

A hand came to tangle in your hair and he brought a lock to his nose, inhaling briefly, “The way you smell…”

Lips ghosted down your cheek, and dipped into the crook of your neck to take skin between his teeth. You gasped, not expecting the bite. He chuckled into your skin, and moved to slowly ease your back against the bed. Trailing his kisses downward he continued,

“From your tits…” the swell of your breasts were nipped as his fingers dragged down your body - making sure to come softly over your stomach, “all the way down to these thighs…” and his rough hands were spreading your legs, “God I’m so fucking lucky…”

You flushed at his words, his hands burning trails against your flesh. He noticed your lip biting and let that be the last shred of gentle. Yanking your yoga pants off of you, Ichimatsu knelt at the foot of the bed. With your legs on his shoulders, he purred out on your thigh, “Let me show you how fucking crazy you drive me…”

He tore a scream from your mouth as he lips sunk over your pussy. Ichimatsu held nothing back, sloppily lapping at your quickly dripping hole. You moaned out his name in desire, cheeks mimicking cherries in the way your husband spelled out his attraction to you in between your legs. You desperately tried to hold yourself up on your elbows, but when your husband flicked his gaze in your direction and hummed on your clit, you mewled - your strength leaving you. He chuckled, tugging the bundle of nerves gently and releasing it with a soft pop,

“You’re so goddamn beautiful…” he panted, slipping a finger into your heat, “You don’t know what you do to me…”

“Ichiiii, oh god, Ichimatsu…” The moans he pulled from you were music to his ears - and he wanted the whole fucking symphony.

You were his. Pregnant with his child. Married to him. Mrs. Matsuno…

A low growl sounded as he felt your thighs shake at his ministrations, “My wife.

“Yes! Yes, Ichimatsu, I’m all yours…” you moaned breathlessly. You were dancing on the peak, and it was only a matter of seconds before he pushed you over. Right on cue - Ichimatsu wrapped his lips against your clit, giving it one good suck as his finger pumped into you relentlessly. His name was shrieked into the night air in parts, and he continued to lick your slit, withdrawing his finger now. You writhed under his mouth, the over stimulation a delicious mix of pain and pleasure. It was only when your thighs began to dig into his scalp did he let off your mound. You were breathing heavy breaths, the waves of your orgasm flowing over your body, and pulling you toward sleep. Your husband stood up, licking his lips with a shit eating grin - but you loved it. Loved him. Without hesitation you pulled him for a kiss, which he returned with fervor.

“I love you,” he mumbled out against your lips.

You pulled from him, feeling splashes of emotion lap at you, “I love you too, Ichimatsu.”


He was so angry. Angry for the stupid things his brothers said whenever he brought you around.

Furious for the way Osomatsu had the nerve to compliment your physique in a less-than-subtle way of basically calling you “still fuckable”.

Enraged at the way Todomatsu tried to lecture you about staying active and what you should be doing with decorating the baby’s room, like the little micro-managing shit he was.

And shittymatsu? God, shittymatsu.

His brothers rubbed him the wrong way, and he supposed it was in his blood to be protective of you. You were the mother of his child. He had every right to feel the way he did - wanting to tear out his brothers’ throats for even looking at you a certain way.

It burned him all the way home. Poor Ichimatsu was so perturbed by his brothers sometimes, and tonight was no different. His thoughts wandered into a dark corner - one where your back arched into the chest of one of his siblings. One where your child lay in their crib as you were taken under the whims of one of his family. The mere thought made his blood boil, at first…and then died into a self-deprecating spiral, feeling it was what he deserved should it ever happen.

“Ichimatsu?” you called for him from the kitchen. He looked up at you, dark aura sewn into his brow. You moved to touch your palms to his cheeks, asking if he was okay. At the gentle wisp of your voice, his thoughts ceased.

You were his rock. Solid ground beneath his feet when all else felt fleeting. He’d live for you. He’d die for you. You would never hurt him. Not with the way you looked at him. Not considering the vows you cried at the altar - and especially not with the joyful tears in your eyes when you told him you were pregnant. Everyday you showed him how loved he was by you…and he needed to remember that more.

“Yeah…” he responded, features lifting into a small smile.

He led you to the couch, letting you sit, “Let me make dinner tonight.”

You blinked, but didn’t argue. He kissed the top of your head, and headed off to the kitchen, thumb brushing his wedding ring as he walked.

Chapter Text

“A-Are you sure that’s what you want?” he stammered, face turning redder by the second. With Choromatsu, you knew you had to present this to him calmly. He was a nervous wreck as was, always focusing on your pleasure, making sure he was doing everything he was supposed to. Your boyfriend was a very ‘by the books’ lover, and while there wasn’t much room to complain, you did wish he would just let himself have fun for once.

“Sex is supposed to be a mutual experience, Choro” you explained to him and you placed your hand over his, “I want you to have fun too.”

His gaze dropped, hesitantly moving to lace his fingers with yours. It wasn’t that Choromatsu was incapable of showing passion or excitement when he did it with you, but rather he was concerned about how much of him he was about to let go. A small sigh and his eyes met yours. You offered him a comfortable smile,

“Please, Choro?”

His hands pulled from yours to ease onto your shoulders. Before you could blink, he’d smashed his lips onto yours. Eyes wide, you were stunned. Slightly impulsive was interesting for Choromatsu, but definitely welcomed nonetheless. You parted your lips and returned his kiss, to which he moaned into your mouth. Ah, but that was merely the beginning. Hands roamed your figure, chest heavy in his hands - which he adored. The sounds you made as he rolled your nipples in his fingers only served to make him crave you.

You were pushed onto your back, your shirt coming off you a long time ago in the midst of your lengthy kissing. Mouth agape, you looked up to find dark eyes staring raking over your body. A wave of embarrassment rolled up your body, setting color across your nose and cheeks. He lowered his body over yours, licking a long stripe up your neck,

“Don’t seem so surprised,” he said, a hint of playfulness in his voice. Your thighs were grabbed and separated so he could settle between them. The moan that slipped from your lips when you felt how hard he was already was enough to shock even you. He ground against you in long, slow movements, making sure you were fully aware how erect he was. You gasped as he smoothed over your clothed clit, cursing yourself for wearing a skirt that day. He hummed above you, drinking in the sweet looks of pleasure: bottom lip bitten, lashes sitting low to cover eyes glossing over with desire - so you liked this, did you? A hand snaked its way up your thigh to flip up your skirt,

“White panties, hm?” he paid you a mischievous smirk, “Very cute.”

The gentle sigh you were ready to let out double over into another gasp when the feel of two fingers slipped inside your heat.

“…Next time, let’s see how you look in green.”

You couldn’t believe this. Choromatsu, your stuttering, nervous, straightforward boyfriend had a take charge attitude! What’s more, you couldn’t believe the way his fingers were curling into your walls, stroking you slow, but ohhh so good. Your thighs were plastered at his sides, desperately wanting to close in on his hand, but he forced them further apart. A ‘tsk’ noise, and he pulled his fingers from your panties. You whined at the loss, but that didn’t spur on Choromatsu. In fact, he headed south, gliding his fingers down your thighs and under your knees, until finally falling off your skin. A soft rustle of his jeans broke the quiet of your soft panting, and you tensed. He quickly removed his jacket, kicking off his pants and underwear soon after. With a half-lidded stare, he placed himself between your legs once more as he shifted to bear his weight down on your hips. Nuzzling his nose into the crook of your neck, he pressed a few kisses into your skin as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of your panties. Slowly he slid them down your legs until finally letting them fall to the floor. Choromatsu wasted no time in letting you get your bearings, as his hands planted firmly at the side of your head. Your hands found his chest as you mewled, his length coming to slide over your sex.

“Ch-Choro!” you cried, lips parting when he slid inside of you in a rough thrust. He held himself up on his hands as he worked quickly to reconnect his hips with yours over and over. Narrowed eyes full of untapped stared down at you, pounding into you as your back arched. Your nails dug into his shoulders when he brushed a spot deep inside you - a lewd whine being knocked from your throat. You caught his devious gaze, your eyes glazed with passion and curiosity. This bravery…this…intensity, out of Choromatsu was setting your skin ablaze - the way he looked at you was playful, almost hungry even. A twisted cry from his usual self.

You loved it.

“What?” he mused, noticing your staring. He supplied you with an extra rough thrust, and your lungs caught air you didn’t know you needed. Your boyfriend leaned over, lips coming to your ear, “You asked for this…didn’t you?”

Another hard thrust and you whined out his name. He made a noise of satisfaction, moving to take your lips into a deep kiss. Sloppily he kissed you as his cock filled you thrust after thrust. You were pulled closer and closer to your peak. His hands found your hips, pulling you into him as he worked to hit deeper in you.

“Choro, oh god, Choro, I’m…” you huffed out, heat surging up your thighs. He sped up his thrusts, eyes snapping shut as he worked you, “A-Ah, fuck, c-cum for me! Cum for me!”

The gruffness in his voice sent you over the edge and you wailed as you clenched around him, your orgasm slamming into you. He fucked you as hard as he was able, pitching forward when he finally came inside you. You hissed at the warmth between your thighs, but it melted into a soft moan when Choromatsu leaned down to kiss you. Soft and on the sweeter side of careful, like he normally did. You relished the feeling. He cupped your cheek affectionately,

“I…I didn’t hurt you did I?”

A soft kiss to his forehead, “Not at all, sweetheart. In fact I…” you laughed softly, a little apprehensive at your next choice of words, “I kind of liked it?”

He blushed, hand brushing the back of his head, “W-Well, it was pretty fun for me…”

You giggled, and pulled him for another kiss, “I’m sure it was~”



You heard the loud shriek of your boyfriend in the next room. Soapy dish in hand you bolted into the bedroom, “What’s wrong?”

His face was swept in horror as he was peering over his shoulder,

“M-My back! You left all these marks on my back!”

Your features dropped, “Really, Choro? And here I was thinking you were hurt!”


Chapter Text

The first time Todomatsu told his brother’s he was going to the gym, might have been for a different reason than he told them. Come to find out, with a bit of snooping from the lot, he was there to fawn over a guy he met there. Fast forward to a few months later, it came as no surprise to his brothers (and much suspicion to him) when he told them about his new boyfriend, you.

That didn’t stop him from getting pulverized by his older siblings however, with the chants of “How dare you try to get laid before us!” and other jealous mantras sounding in the Matsuno household.

Even though you two were properly together now, Todomatsu actually loved going to the gym with you. You taught him a thing or two on target muscles and their exercises, and you even helped him with properly positioning himself for squats (plus the little blush on his face when you held his hips was cute, you had to admit).

Today you decided to have a little fun. After working up a decent amount of sweat with the hour long cardio you usually did, you went off to the side to work on your arms and chests. Simple bicep curls were a good place to start, you figured. Your boyfriend was already off side, finishing up his cardio. He tossed the jump rope in his bag and joined you by the weights. Picking up a set, he followed your lead, blushing at the grin you flashed him. Rep after rep, the burn felt good in your arms.

…But that wasn’t the only thing burning you. The latte eyes of your boyfriend fiendishly taking in the sight of you was not missed. It was cute the way he watched you. So if he was going to…why not put on a show? You gripped the dumbbells, adding an extra flex to your curl. Todomatsu bit his lip, watching the muscles in your arm ripple and stretch taught on your skin. The exercises you executed for the rest of your routine all fanned out the same - with a small flair of flexing your muscles, and your boyfriend swooning more and more by the second. It wasn’t long before he was peering over his phone, eyes low with desire. You chuckled under your breath and threw a towel over your shoulder, heading to the locker room. Todomatsu followed you like a lost puppy, the blush covering his cheeks indicative of how you’d affected him. You grabbed a fresh towel and a change of clothes, ready to hit the showers.

However, at the sight of your boyfriend following suit, you spun him, pressing him hard into the lockers. He squeaked, immediately shushed by your thumb at his lips. Tucking a finger under his chin, you pulled his gaze to yours,

“Liked what you saw, Totty?” you purred, leaning forward just a smidge. He bit back a moan, “I-I…”

Even closer you moved, lips barely hovering over his, “You…what?”

His hands came to your chest and he whined, “D-Don’t tease me, you know exactly how hot you are!”

A soft chuckle, and you pulled him in for a kiss. Moans immediately sounded from him, swallowed in the mingling of your tongues. You slide your hands up his shirt, removing it from him completely. The mere second apart from his mouth only made you more hungry. Burying your face into his neck, you bit down - quickly sucking at the skin there.

“A-Ah!~ That’ll show!”

You laughed low, “And?”

The muffled mewl you received as a response was enough. Todomatsu ran his hands down your arms, hissing as you nearly crushed him against the metal wall. The feel of your muscles tensing and relaxing under his fingertips turned him on to no end, and that became extremely evident when your hand brushed over his already hard length. Lifting his legs up, you pulled them around your waist and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.

“What do you say we take a shower, hm?”

The glittered daze that came over his features only allowed him to moan out a wanton “Yes~”.

The water in the showers went up a few degrees that afternoon.

Chapter Text

Seeing him around the neighborhood was as fleeting as a leaf falling. It was always a passing glance, never for more than a second and it was wordless. But there was acknowledgement, and that was usually the extent of his presence.

With a new semester, your unwarranted all-nighters became much more common than you’d hoped. A lengthy sigh escaped you as you checked your phone: 3:19 am. Willing your weary self to move, you pushed out of your seat and into the kitchen. The deep onyx of the night sky was a blanket that slipped into your apartment - the window just above your sink giving the vast view. Across the short way was your neighbors window, reflecting the hue of the sky surrounding. That was…until you saw the lights come on. Out from behind the walls of what his window allowed you to see came the exhausted form of the man you always saw. All yawns and sleepy hunching, he reached into his cupboard for a mug. You watched him pull a small jar from the pantry, as well as some milk and cream from his fridge. It didn’t occur to you that you were staring until his frightened eyes bore back at you. A quick yelp and you ducked down. Maybe it was time to turn it in for the night…

You thought that’d be the last you’d see of him. His presence grew scarce when you walked around - and even when you did see him, it was only for the both of you to shove yourselves in your coats and awkwardly breeze by one another.

However it seemed that 3 am was a time for strangers meeting. Cup of coffee freshly brewed, you sipped in delight, the stars out in the stretched sky pricking light into your dimly lit kitchen. Your neighbor had just awoken as well, pajamas ill-fitting in their ruffled state. This time around you kept your gaze - and he kept his. You wouldn’t lie when you thought the blush that dusted his cheeks was cute, and you wondered what kept him coming to the before-dawn demitasse. A small wave produced a smile, and so the beginnings of a subtle comfort.

He would meet you like this for many nights, at first opting to simply sit at his window like you did yours, sharing the midnight heavens. The silence mixed with the richness of your brew was a calming luxury. Night after night you made steps in a direction - one that involved opening windows and small talk.

He worked night shifts for a factory, you were a college student trying desperately to finish your bachelors.

He preferred the tangerine glow of the sunset, you were partial to the morning rays.

He took his coffee with sugar, milk, and a splash of french vanilla. You liked yours about as black as the cosmos themselves.

Nightly meetings grew longer and longer, only ever being cut short by the desperate needs of human function and night jobs. Cups being long finished never ceased quiet exchanges and soft laughter through windowpanes. You wondered some days what the inside of his apartment was like: was it simple and clean? Or perhaps he had some sort of conversation piece that always intrigued his guests. What shows did he watch on blu-ray? Did he have a book collection?

All interesting thoughts that lead to an even more interesting decision. You waited until three again, a travel mug in your hands this time. The pot stirred quietly in the background as you sat patiently. Fifteen minutes ticked by, and still no sign of him. A bit of concern plagued you, and you wondered if he was okay. With quick thinking you pulled on a coat and slipped your shoes on at the door. Just as you swung your door open, pursuit in motion, there he was - a mug in each hand. You stared blankly at him, eyes traveling from his sheepish expression and the mugs interchangeably. Silence. Your usual, comfortable silence was weighted heavily with this new territory. Gazing traveling elsewhere, you found it difficult to reach words.

“Can…I come in?” he said softly. Your tension melted, his voice was probably about as sweet as the coffee he loved to drink. You reached for the mug he held out for you, both blushing at the brush of fingertips. Wrapping your fingers around the warm container, you hummed at the bitter notes swirling around in the blend. Smiles were traded,

“Please do” you replied, stepping aside slightly to allow him passage.

It was then you realized, with arms linked and sips of late night coffee taken one after another, that the night sky looked better next to somebody else

Chapter Text

The sound of your mother sobbing was lost on you when your cell fell to the carpet. Your blood ran cold, and your hand plastered itself to your chest. Fingers dug into your skin, your body urging you to remember to breathe. The sharp inhale that you took bubbled into your throat, and soon tears were spilling down your hot cheeks.

Your brother was dead.

Younger than you by 7 years, he was murdered by the mafia for undisclosed reasons - though at your guess it was most likely for sneaking around with the Don’s daughter. You clapped a palm over your mouth, desperately trying to keep the yelling sob that threatened to leave you from escaping. Thunder struck heavily outside, and with it went your power. In the darkness your devastation was welcomed, but it was poultry compared to what you saw next. At the next boom of thunder, your front door creaked open. Your bloodied fiancée stood at the doorframe, expression stoic. Karamatsu, second born brother in Matsu Mafia of the Akatsuka district. You’d met him at your father’s restaurant, where he and one of his brothers were eating one day. A loose floorboard stopped your foot, but before you could hit the ground, a pair of arms caught you. As quickly as you nearly fell to the floor was the same speed you ended up falling for him - and a few years later, a blue diamond found its way on your hand. Without thinking, you rushed at him, screaming bloody murder with your rage at the forefront.

YOU SON OF A BITCH!” you shrieked, fists coming to pound at his chest, “HOW COULD YOU?! HOW FUCKING COULD YOU?!

His face glossed over quickly with regret. Your hands weren’t doing much damage, but your words cut like sharpened steel. He moved to wrap his arms around your frantic form, but you continued to shove at him. You were fully sobbing now,

“DON’T TOUCH ME, DON’T YOU FUCKING TOUCH ME” the last of your words broken apart by your choked weeping. Your strength was lost, and you found yourself clutching to his shirt as you shook out your sobs - complete grief finally taking you. Karamatsu’s arms encased you, holding up your trembling figure. Wave after wave of sorrow lapped through your chest, your crying hardly ceasing. Bringing your chin into his hand, he lifted your tearful gaze to his own,

“I’m sorry…” he whispered, pushing as much sincerity into his voice as possible. Your eyes searched his own, hurt at the forefront that boiled into immediate rage. A resounding slap echoed in your home, your hand striking across Karamatsu’s face with all your strength. He took the blow with no qualms, barely flinching. Just desserts for a cruel deed done. You clutched your chest as your eyes fixed on him in a sorrowful, but livid sneer,

HE WAS MY BROTHER, KARAMATSU,” he lowered his gaze…he knew that. Of course he knew that…but even you knew no one refused an order from Don Oso should they want to keep their life. Heavy as his heart was and as crushingly devastated he knew you would be - he carried out his task, the choice long out of his hands. You dropped to your knees, burying your face in your palms. Karamatsu stood there watching, expression hardened by his conflict. So badly did he want to hold you, console you, but the dried flecks of blood on his fingers served as a reminder that he didn’t deserve to…he didn’t even deserve you. He was the reason you were in so much pain, and that was the last thing he ever wanted to be to you. You shuddered out a solemn wail,

“Who’s next, Kara…hm?” your head raised slowly, red eyes scorching him with the pure malice lit within, “What if my father happens to make your brother’s yakisoba a tad bit too salty - would you kill him too?!”

Karamatsu’s fist clenched in response, only to let go with a heavy sigh, “My love…you know that’s not how this works…”

“I DON’T CARE HOW IT WORKS, YOU TOOK MY BABY BROTHER!” you quickly wiped your tears away, the sting starting to become too much on your face. Your ring scratched your cheek and you winced, eyeing the jewel in annoyance. With your opposite hand, you pried the thing off of your finger. Pinched between your fingertips, you shook the band at your fiancée, “Take this back.

Eyes wide he swooped in immediately to drop down to his knees in front of you. His hands wrapped around your forearms, and he looked up at you, “Please baby, no,” his vision blurred, voice cracking in instant heartache, “a-anything but that, angel, god…please!” He couldn’t lose you. Not the woman he loved. Not like this. Karamatsu continued to plead, apologies and regret a sour mix in his throat - but you would hear none of it. You yanked your arms out of his reach and bitterly shoved the diamond into his hand,

“You should’ve thought of that before you murdered my fucking brother.”

With that, you turned to gather your things. Your mother was bound to need comfort, and the house over your head no longer felt like home. Karamatsu stared at the precious stone, disbelief clear on his face…the ring shouldn’t be in his possession right now. The fact that it was burned him inside, and when he watched you walk away, he remained in that spot - knees firmly planted into the floor, tears flowing openly down his face.




The funeral was a lengthy one. Many of your brother’s friends, classmates, and even teachers had shown up to give their condolences. Your mother wept nonstop, clinging to the arm of your stone-faced father. It killed you to see both of them this way…but even more so to know your little brother was in the casket before you. You kissed the cool mahogany and bit your lip as he was lowered into the ground. Flowers were thrown cheerlessly in after him. Dabbing just under your sunglasses to catch any falling tears, you thought you might’ve been going crazy seeing the figure you caught in the distance. A good mile away was Karamatsu, hands in his pockets, leaning against a black Chevelle. He was donned in a suit all onyx, save for his signature color that came in his button down - a rich steel blue. He peered at you from behind his shades, and you looked back at him from behind yours. A moment of acknowledgement. No words, no tears, no movement. Your heart ached to run into your ex-fiancée’s arms - you were still in love with him no matter how much it hurt…but your grief helped you stand your ground. You turned away, making small strides to be at your family’s side.

The life Karamatsu led was one he never wanted to get you involved in…and when he married you, he had every intention to leave it. Go straight, get a decent job, start a family…

It would take an immeasurable amount of time for him to fall back into your good graces, if he ever even could again. But that didn’t for a second deter Karamatsu from wanting to try.

Chapter Text

“O-Oso!” you gasped, the roughness of his tongue sliding up your thigh. Hands gripped to your slender hips, he chuckled against your skin, “You want me to make you feel good, right?”

Your hands came over your face, trying desperately to cover the scarlet that stained your cheeks. Sporting a cheeky grin, he continued. Osomatsu pulled your legs over his shoulders, flipping up your skirt to get a good view of your barely clothed pussy. He wasted no time in hooking his fingers to remove the clothing, pulling them just enough down your legs so he could slip his head under them. A protest formed at your lips, but you were silenced when a long stripe was licked up your slit. Immediately you regressed into moans as Osomatsu dove between your folds, moaning when he fully pressed his mouth over your sex. Your back arched, legs struggling against the fabric of your panties that stretched at your calves. A moaning mess you were under his hungry tongue, and you shivered at the thought: was he really so desperate to taste you that he wouldn’t even pull your panties all the way down? The way he lapped at your folds, lips sucking at your clit every so often to make your breath hitch - it was becoming too much.

As good as it all felt, your cunt craved more than just a silver tongue. Your smaller hands barely registered on his his scalp as your smoothed your fingers through his hair - but the tug your gave caught his attention. He pulled from your pussy, a thin sheen of your wetness coating his lips. You looked down at him with half lidded eyes, chest heaving in heavy pants,

“Please…Oso…” you half-begged, shyness creeping into your tone. Being that he’s seen one too many AVs, he already knew what you were trying to ask. Fucking with you was too fun though,

“What’s that, babe?” he asked, tilting his head toward you. You flushed, having to explain yourself a little better was going to be the death of you. Osomatsu smirked and without warning slipped a finger inside you. A whine escaped you, and his finger curled inside your walls, “A-Ahhh, Osooo, I need youuu”

His tongue ran slowly over your clit and you hissed, “You need me to what?”
Dipping his head back down you were starting to lose yourself in his affections, but you would be damned if you let him take you over the edge. Thighs bunching as best as you could, you were relieved when he finally stopped teasing you. He cocky grin almost make you want to suffocate him with your legs, but you loved him a little too much to do so - and all you wanted was for him to take you. Biting your lip, you didn’t care how desperate you sounded now,

“Dammit Osomatsu…fuck me already.”

You barely had time to blink before your underwear flew off your legs fully and he was naked from the waist down. That was your Osomatsu, never one to beat around the bush when it came to getting his dick wet. He pulled your tiny frame against his, a heavy breath at your collarbone,

“Fuck babe, I was waiting for you to ask”

Chapter Text


He’s honestly stoked beyond comprehension, and what’s funny - this was an AV he’s seen dozens of times already! She looked different obviously since this was years ago, but that didn’t stop his rotten mind from having all sorts of ideas and fantasies. He needed to get ahold of her right that moment - he had some questions; maybe if he was lucky, he’d get a demonstration on some answers.



It was a shock at first, his sweet hunny not even seeming the type to get roped up into such a field of film. Worry settled into his heart, there must’ve been some things during that point in time of her life that she wasn’t comfortable with, but he knew that’d be a conversation for another day. Actually watching the video, he found it quite tasteful despite the porn aspect - her acting was fairly good, and the role she took…a courtesan to a king and their forbidden love. It was so up his alley. He’d wanted to know more about her life before they met, and he hoped she’d be willing to tell him.



He actually had legitimate questions. Some on the business end, some pretty intimate. Curiosity gets the better of him, as he’s never met anybody on that side of the film industry - though he won’t admit he enjoys it just as much as his brother (his excuse was that he was trying to get Osomatsu out of the R-18 section so they could make it home for dinner). He will say however, that he noticed one of her AV’s was a porn spin-off based on one of Nyaa-chan’s movies. When she mentioned how striking her resemblance was to Nyaa’s actual visage (according to the staff at least), Choromatsu found that he had to place his hands in his lap for the rest of the conversation.



Conflicted on the matter was how he felt. On one hand, he was a little jealous that other men have ogled at the adorable body he came to like squishing next to his in hugs and sleepy cuddles. On the other however, his alter persona whispered filthy things into the back of his mind - things like how maybe you had a little of an exhibitionist in her and he had to wonder how much of those moans were real, the way some of the videos had her positioned. When he’d come across her solo video, the dark look in her eyes as her fingers disappeared into her soaking heat over and over told Ichimatsu that he might’ve been right on both accounts.



He was less confused and more curious. Sure he watched an AV here and there, but never to the extent of his brothers. When she explained to him that the necessity was for money’s sake, he immediately understood and pressed it no further. As long as she was okay now and it didn’t continue to bother her, he didn’t care! Considering she laughed constantly when he was around, he took that a good sign. She was swooped up into his arms, cheek to cheek as he held her close.



When he found the photos of her in the website he frequented, he was both shocked and super intrigued. He asked her pretty casually, his relationship with her was a pretty honest one. But when she shied back and grew quiet, he dialed back the playful teasing he had prepared for her, and instead chose to be gentle with his words. Todomatsu tried to be reassuring that it was nothing to be embarrassed about, comparing his five demon brothers being a real embarrassment. He felt better when she laughed. After a few awkward questions, she opened up about that part of her past, and then the playful teasing began - though Todomatsu was a little more careful with what he said.

Chapter Text

You giggled, wiggling your hips in your boyfriend’s lap, “What’s the matter, Choro?”

The poor thing inhaled quickly as he felt your teeth graze just under his earlobe.

Taking Choromatsu shopping with you was underwhelming sometimes, as he was very reserved in his tastes and didn’t care to dress outside of what he normally wore. Today, however, you had plans to change that. It took a significant amount of begging - you saw this really nice olive button down that you really wanted him to try on. You already knew he’d look great in it, it was convincing him that was the hard part. But when slipped on the thing and buttoned it up, his expression mimicked pleasant surprise.

“It doesn’t look half bad,” he admired, peeking over his shoulder to view the back, “and it’s really comfortable.”

He looked back at you, a shy smile adorning his face, “Th-Thanks. Maybe I should listen to you a little more often on clothing advice…”

The way he looked in that button down was catching your attention. The olive tone settled so nicely against his skin, and as he was buttoning it, you imagine it messily half open as he threw his back in ecstasy. Without thinking, you nudged Choromatsu to the seat in the changing room, where you immediately sat yourself in his lap. Before he could protest, you sealed his words with a searing kiss. Now here you were, a visibly flustered Choromatsu under you, and a burning desire in the pit of your belly. Your lips found his neck, and he squeaked,

“H-Hey! Someone could walk in! We..mmf…we shouldn’t be doing this…”

He whimpered out as you licked along his neck, attaching your lips after to gently suck at the skin there. Tried as he might to object, you didn’t miss the way his hands slid up the curve of your ass. A few bites were placed down the nape of his neck, and slowly but surely, he was gripping your backside to hold you steady. Continuing your ministrations, you pressed hard kisses into the junction of between his neck and shoulder, stopping only to nibble playfully at his flesh. He let out a low groan, and a drawn out grind against you snapped you into full awareness. You’d meant to tease Choromatsu, sure, but to the point where he was rubbing himself against you was toeing a dangerous line and you both knew it. Deciding to play nice for once you pulled him into a soft kiss. A slow mingling of tongues, and you parted lips. You did your best to cover your blushing cheeks as you moved off of his lap.

Choromatsu removed the button down with haste; the trip from the changing room to the register and out the door seemed like a blur with your wrist in his hand. You tried to ask him to slow down, but before you knew it, you were at the car already. The same wrist being squeezed in your boyfriend’s hand was pinned to the passenger door. A deep shudder ran down your spine when your eyes connected: his rampant with dangerous desire. Your little stunt in the changing room pulled a mighty need out of him, and with his voice dipping in an octave, he leaned in to warn you,

Wait until we get home.

Oh, you were so fucked.

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The Sultry Six, the hottest drag troupe at the hottest club in Akatsuka. Your boyfriend was the ringleader, and striptease extraordinaire, Osomatsu. The red dress he donned at his shows accompanied with his crimson wig and heels made him as fiery in costume as he was on stage. You were in the crowd that night, watching him dance, patrons whistling when he pulled up his dress to show some thigh. Smirking, you noticed he was wearing the garters and thigh highs you bought him last week. He caught your eyes in the crowd and winked, a kiss from you being blown back into his direction. He sauntered off, continuing the show, and you made that your mark to head to the back toward his dressing room.

Not fifteen minutes later did your boyfriend follow you in, stretching out his post-routine fatigue. He wrapped his arms around you, putting his full weight on you lazily and pressing kisses to your cheeks and lips.

“Osooo,” you whined, “C’mon, you know your lipstick is gonna stain my face, ughh!” You pushed him away gently to rub at the rouge, only to smear it further. Glancing in his direction with annoyance, Osomatsu paid you a cheeky smile as he sat on the nearby sofa. If that’s what he wanted, then a little comeuppance was in order. He yawned loudly, throwing his head back in exhaustion - your chance to strike. In a flash you were on your knees before him, hands smoothing up the satin of his thigh highs. He yelped in surprise, but it melted into a shit-eating grin at the sight of your mischievous face.

“Whatcha doin’ there?” he purred, eyeing you with interested curiosity. You flipped his dress up, licking your lips as you dragged your gaze over the the red g-string he was wearing. A few soft kisses were trailed up his thigh, “A little payback.”
He scoffed, trying to suppress the moan that threatened to escape him when you palmed his length, “D-Doesn’t look much like that, babe…”

You mimicked his trademark grin, fingers yanking aside the thin red cloth. Slowly you licked a long trail up the span of his cock, your eyes never leaving his. Under his long false lashes he watched you, only to snap them shut once you swooped down and took him into your mouth. A gloved hand tangled into your hair, the other sunk between his teeth. Bobbing your head, you hollowed out your cheeks just to make sure he could really feel you sucking - and god did you love the sounds he made when he did. He groaned aloud, “F-Fuck…” as you came up to swirl your tongue around the head. You continued that way, watching him devolve into needy moans and desperate half-thrusts into your mouth. It was heaven seeing him like this: a panting mess, wig slipping in disarray, smearing his makeup as he got closer to cumming.

However…you had other plans. As his breathing grew quicker, you suddenly pulled back, mouth leaving his throbbing dick completely. You watched it twitch angrily with it having no stimulation, and he hissed, so close to his peak. He peaked open his eyes, frustration reading loud and clear, “S-Shit babe…why’d you stop?”

You said nothing, only pricked a few bunny kisses to the tip of his dick. He whined, hips jutting to encase his cock back into your hot mouth, but you pinned his thighs with your hands and continued your barely-there ministrations. When you felt he was being good enough, you sunk back down over his cock, lips touching all the way to his pelvis. He threw his head back, desperately trying not to fuck your throat. You laid your tongue flat against his shaft and slid back up, restarting the rhythm you had before. Osomatsu bit down on his hand once more, expletives flying out from his red stained lips.


But once again, you were torturous. You released his length from your lips, licking the precum from the tip as you pulled away. He was visibly distraught now, pounding a fist into the sofa cushion like a child who couldn’t get his candy, “I wanna cuuuuuum”, he whined, lip trembling.

Making no moves to touch him, it amused you to watch him thrust into nothing - aching for any type of friction to ease the pressure of his impending orgasm. A satisfied smirk crossed your lips, you decided he’d had enough. With a hum in the back of your throat, you took him into your mouth once more, this time with your hands letting his thighs go. You tried not to gag as he gave you a few thrusts, hitting the back of your mouth. The feel of you tongue twisting around his cock was enough to throw him over the edge, cumming down your throat with a loud yell. You swallowed it all, lips leaving his sensitive dick with a pop. You eyed his tired form with pride, his chest heaving as he melted into the couch. Licking your lips, you sat next to him, a simple smile - as though you hadn’t just sucked him dry. One eye peeking open he huffed at your smarmy expression,

“Fuck me…all that for some lipstick?”

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His day had finally come. When he and his son had just finished playing a racing game together, he popped the question. Osomatsu turned his head slowly towards his boy, grin growing wider with paternal pride as he saw his son’s confused expression. He stood, outstretching a hand to help his child off the floor.

“Come my’s time I finally showed you.”

Confused by his father’s sudden sagely persona, he followed strictly for curiosity. Where was his father taking him that had to do with his question?

Osomatsu stopped in front of a spare closet; he pulled the extra tatami mats from the ground shelf, placing them aside carefully. A soft click was heard by the two, and Osomatsu pushed aside the false wall. He grabbed his son, shuffling him to see the treasure laid in front.

“Everything the shadow touches will be yours one day” he said, prophetic in tone. His son gazed upon the collection, an air of wonder around him. Osomatsu pulled out a photo and handed it to his son, “Take this my child...and then use google.”


“OSOMATSU!” you shrieked, clasping a crumpled photo in your hand. You found it in your sons room, hidden under a stack of manga. It wasn’t anything too terrible being that everything was covered, but still - the imagine of a woman with her legs wrapped around the man on top of her was NOT anything your son should be looking at. You clenched your teeth, knowing exactly whose fault this was.




It was a casual question, but not one Karamatsu expected when sitting at the riverside with his daughter. He liked to take her there during the summers, a little father-daughter bonding time he cherished - just them both and sometimes his guitar. However even the summer sun couldn’t stop his blood from running cold. Where did his precious angel hear that word?! His gaze darted around frantically, trying desperately to find the words that would match her innocence. He clutched his guitar shakily,

“I-It’s uh...It’s...ummm”

Looking down at his daughter’s curious stare, he cleared his throat. He set his guitar down gently, “It’s something special mommies and daddies do when they’re in love.”

Her eyes lit up with interest and he laughed softly, pinching her cheek, “It’s how we made you, turtledove.” She giggled at his words, snuggling up to him. He pet the top of her head, the both of them staring out the river ahead.

“Do you and mommy do that a lot?”

He nearly had a heart attack.




“Dad, what’s sex?”

You dropped your chopsticks at the dinner table, mouth agape as you stared at your son. Your husband let out a strangled wheeze, bits of rice falling from his mouth. Attempting to regain his composure he yelled, “Who told you about sex?!”

The boy explained he’d overheard some adults talking about it on his walk home. Choromatsu’s brow furrowed, not immediately sure what to tell his curious child. You moved to interject, but Choromatsu held up his hand to stop you. Letting out a quick sigh he said,

“It’s what two people who are together do when they want to make babies.”

He was expecting a slew of questions to follow, but instead received a simple, “Okay.” A sigh of relief was heard from you both, and you continued the meal, thankful you dodged a more painful bullet. That was...until your son asked,

“Is that what I saw you and Mom doing yesterday?”



He was going to die. This was it. Ichimatsu felt the tug of her hand at his shirt while he was feeding the strays nearby. He wasn’t prepared for those words to come from his innocent offspring. His face paled when she asked him what sex was, and he raced into the house, swearing he was going to pass out if he didn’t sit that very moment. His look was wild as he contemplated how to respond, clutching his chest in agony. His daughter looked concerned, but stayed at his side, the question still hanging in the air.

Gripping the table, Ichimatsu dragged out in a stressed growl, “A special dance, hnk, for two people in love.”

The little girl turned her head in curiosity, wondering what kind of dance he meant. However she let it go, opting instead to giggle at his strained expression. She bounced into his lap, paying him a huge smile. His emotions shifted, and he wrapped his arms around his daughter, chin affectionately placed on her head. The little rascal must love giving him a heart attack.

“I can’t wait to do that dance one day, Daddy!” glee singing in her little voice.

And that was how the table ended up flipped over.



Instant war flashbacks of the bathhouse played in Jyushimatsu’s head as he heard the twins chanting. A loud mantra of “Sex! Sex! Sex!” sounded in his home, and he peered around the corner, his concerned eyes staring at his children. Wordlessly, the two stopped, the atmosphere in the house shifting.

Dad was upset.

They moved to run to their room, but a pair of hands clasped over both of their heads. Turning both of their gazes toward him, he peered down at his children, wide mouth smile and stare taking on a menacing aura,

Where did you learn that word?”

The two shuddered, his son speaking first, “W-We heard it on tv!”

“Y-Yeah, we don’t know what it means, Daddy, honest!”

He let their heads go with a dramatic sigh, reminding himself to monitor what his children watched on television better. Their curiosity got the better of them however, and soon they asked in unison, “What’s sex?”

That look came over him again, as his covered hand came to hold his chin. He didn’t have an immediate explanation, as the only train of thought running through his head was the way your breasts were bouncing in front of him that morning. Turning several shades of red, he pushed at the twins’ backs, shoving them toward your direction.

“Let’s go ask your mother!”



“W-What did you say?!” he screamed, slamming his phone down on the table. His daughter tilted her head at her father’s reaction and repeated herself, “What does ‘sex’ mean?”

He swore he was going to maim whoever let his poor little girl’s ears come across that word so soon. His pinched expression calmed as he leaned his head on his hand. How to go about!

“It’s something only grownups do”

That didn’t seem to appease her and she jut her lip out, “Aw, but I wanna do it too, Daddy!”

He throat ran dry, “A-Absolutely not! You don’t even know what it is!”

She huffed, “I don’t care, I wanna!”

His hands roughly ran through his hair, “No, no, no! No way! Daddy says no!”

The bickering continued that way for a while, Todomatsu never really explain what sex was, and his poor clueless, but adamant daughter insisting she partake. You walked into the house to the both of them with their backs turned on each other, cheeks puffed out in annoyance. It was laughable, had you not already known them well enough to know the reason behind it was probably petty or stupid. When you asked your husband what was going on, and he reluctantly explained your daughters question, you too found yourself amongst his chorus of no’s,

“What?! No, no, no! Absolutely not!”

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It started with a noogie. Your head being captured in his arms, knuckles digging into your scalp. A cheeky laugh escaped him as you struggled to break free from his hold,

“Let go, you asshole,” you half-giggled, shoving at his arm. When he finally did, you dove at him, taking his arms into a full nelson. He scoffed at your attempt, an audible tsk in the air as he broke your hold with a quick jolt of his forearms. You yelped, not expecting the force, and it taking you along. Thrown off to the side were you, your boyfriend trailing his fingers up your calves and behind your knees. He dug his fingers into the dip at the back of your knee - where you immediately burst into laughter. Hissed laughter sounded from Osomatsu, who loved tickling you as much as you hated being tickled. Tears formed at the corners of your eyes during your laughing fit. You’d warned him several times in the past not to tickle you, lest he get his shit kicked in one day.

Karma was always on time, and the swell of your heel connected with his stomach. The loud wheeze that sounded ebbed your laughter back, revenge seething through your limbs. You sprang up, throwing your whole weight into him in order knock him onto his back. He was caught under you, your thighs and ass pinning him down at the waist. Before you could dig your fingers under his armpits (his ticklish spot), you hands collided with rough palms. Osomatsu laced his fingers with yours, pushing back on your arms with sizable strength. You weren’t to give up that easily however - gritting your teeth as you doubled down the force in your biceps and pushed back. All that earned you was a low laugh, and playing dirty as Osomatsu was known to - he caught you off guard with a playful thrust of his hips. You gasped - your biggest mistake. The window of opportunity was seized and you found yourself flipped onto your back at the force of his legs. Here you had no leverage, and all your attempts to fight back against him were proving futile. Watching in defeat as your arms slowly sunk to the power he held above you, you decided to concede.

“Okay, okay,” you giggled softly, palms up in defeat “You got me, Oso…now get off me, you’re heavy.”

Another tsk, “I don’t think so, babe.”

You eyed him suspiciously, but you spoke once more in a warning tone, “Osomatsu. Get off.”

A shit-eating smirk crossed his features, and no sooner did you find your fingers relinquished - and your wrists captured. With gripping force, your boyfriend pinned your wrists above your head. It was then you understood that you two were no longer play-fighting and you blushed heavily. Your eyes disconnected from his face, you no longer being able to hold the weight of his gaze. He chuckled at your shyness, the pressure of his hips bearing down on you. You bit back a moan, but that only proved to goad him. Your wrists were let go, but not before his hands threw your knees apart. The shocked inhale never left your lips as Osomatsu smashed his mouth onto yours. His tongue scrambled to find yours, taking it under his control, a half-menacing grunt pushing through his lips. You grasped his hoodie, white-knuckled in the wave of heat that soared through your body. His fingers dove into the waist of your pants, and with a heavy yank he tugged them down your calves - your panties going with it. You shuddered at the chill of the air hitting between your legs, but the warmth of your lover above you eased you. Osomatsu stretched back to remove his hoodie in one deft pull, tossing the clothing aside with little care. He quickly dove into your neck, harsh nips at your skin lighting you ablaze. Your fingernails dug into his arms, desperately trying to find anything to anchor yourself to. He moaned at the bite f your nails, a jarring suck at the pulse of your throat.

He kissed lower down your body, fingers gripping the collar of your button down and tearing the thing open. You shrieked at first at the ruin of your clothing, but your noise only doubled in timbre when he yanked your bra from your shoulders and caught a nipple between his teeth. Arms pinned as he lapped at your sensitive flesh, your thighs quaked in need. Your heat ghosted over his clothing erection - you coming to squeeze your thighs against his torso. He inhaled sharply on your skin, a languid lick allowing him to exhale over you,

“Mmm…say you want me.”

Your head was swimming with desire, and you nearly missed his question, a whine of confusion being your response. Osomatsu bit up your collarbone in a deadly pathway, coming up your neck and over to your ear,

“…Say you want me.”

There was no doubt you heard him right this time, and a mix of embarrassment and overwhelming need pulsed in your belly. When he felt you took too long to answer, he ground his solid length over your bare sex, a sweet hiss whistling through your teeth. He continued over you that way, stroke for tantalizing stroke, a slow burn scorching up your hips. You moaned out at each one, and shortly after came your entreat,

“Oso, please, mmm! Fuck me!”

Half-lidded in his stare, he drank in the sight of you - all parted lips and desperate grip on him. He’d had enough teasing. With lightning quickness he removed his jeans - and your knees were grasped in heavy hands. He took your lips once more, swallowing the long moan that poured from your throat as he lined himself up to your waiting entrance and buried himself to the hilt. Osomatsu gave you no time to adjust, but he knew you wouldn’t need it. The way your back arched into him, nails already clawing at his chest as he took you over and over. His hands slid up your supple thighs, palms cupping the cheeks of your ass - only to inflict hard smacks to the flesh. Your cried out, feeling yourself grow wetter over him at the intertwined pleasure and pain.

“Fuck yes…” he growled out, digging his hands into your hips and screwing you down hard, “Take it. Take all of me.”

Your voice grew in chorus as he pounded into you, hips unyielding the way he fucked you. Osomatsu had no intention to be gentle: he bit down wherever he could reach, and his fingers made no signs in stopping the grips and soft blows the fat of your thighs and ass. He licked a long stripe up your neck,

“You like this shit, don’t you?” he purred, pushing your thighs open further, “Like when I fuck you like this, huh?”

He was hitting you deep, stroking a spot in you that was bubbling a scream up your chest. The force of his hips shook electricity into your back, and it was the clenching of your cunt around him that let him know he was fucking you just right. His arms looped around your lower back and he pistoned into that spot inside you, smarmy look plastered over his dampened brow,

“C’mon baby, tell Osomatsu how it feels” and he worked into you faster. He tweaked your nipple to life, and you suddenly found your voice amidst the wanton whines, “Unghhh, Oso, god it’s-” your pant forming a gasp, “I’m gonna-”

“That’s it,” he growled, picking up his thrusts to his fastest capability, “Fuck…cum for me”

No sooner did he say so - you did. His name rolled of your tongue at rapid fire, your thighs quivering in his hands. Waves of pleasure flew across your limbs and for the moment, his heart swelled with pride. He kissed you hard as he pinned you down for a handful of thrusts - a low groan hummed on your lips when he followed your orgasm with his. The rush of warmth pulled a soft moan from your lips, but that mattered little when he eased his hips.

You stayed that way for a while, Osomatsu still locked inside you. When he finally slid out of you, you mewled at the loss of warmth. But he soon came to snuggle his head into your chest, arms wrapping around your waist. He laid the whole of his body on your stomach, still fitting snugly between your legs. You stroked his hair affectionately, the both of you exchanging “I love you’s” and finding peace in a gentle slumber to counteract your wild deed.

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He wouldn’t admit it aloud, but he was envious. A few days ago he heard his son’s first words - “Mama”. Of course you were giddy, showering your son with extra affection and doting on him each time he repeated it. Your poor husband on the other hand sat with his cheeks huffed for several days after. Anytime you tried to approach him to ask what was wrong, he’d turn his nose up and respond with a curt, “Nothing”. It was obvious he was jealous - any time your son would call out for you, his eye would give a little twitch.
Thankfully that didn’t stop him from showing either of you love, but you admitted you had to feel bad for the guy.

When Osomatsu left to visit his brothers, you devised a plan. Taking a picture of you and your husband from your bedroom, you headed towards your son - who was currently knocking his building blocks over. You knelt down next to him and pulled him into your lap,

“Okay kiddo,” you said, kissing the top of his head, “Daddy’s being a jealous little mope, so let’s make him feel loved.” You pointed to Osomatsu’s face, leaning over your son to make sure you had his attention. The plan was to hopefully get your son to finally learn his name too, it was excruciating watching your grown man of a husband devolve into a child because your actual child learned to say ‘mama’ first. When you were sure he was looking at the photo, you said softly,


Your son made a soft noise of confusion at first, but immediately giggled after, clapping his hands in recognition of the man in the photo. Already a great start. You continued doing so for a couple of days, pointing at Osomatsu and repeating ‘Dada’ to your son each time. It seems your hard work finally paid off one day, when your husband came to frome the race tracks, hefty winnings in hand. He was already on cloud nine with the amount of cash he was able to earn back from his bets, but paled in comparison to when his son greeted him in the living room, broad smile on his face,

“Dada! Dada!”

The currency was tossed aside in order for Osomatsu to pick up his little boy, laughing tearfully as he held him in his arms. It pulled at your heartstrings to hear him so happy. You walked in to find him nuzzling your son, but when he noticed you, his expression went from tender joy to victoriously evil. He beamed at you, pointed smile adorning his features,

“I’m the favorite now.”

Eyes rolling, you turned back around. That’s not how that worked, but you figured you’d let him have his moment.



He wiped his hands on his apron, the sticky sweetness of the apples piling on his fingers. It was just him and the baby for the afternoon - the flower shop was covered for today and you were off getting groceries for dinner. At the edge of the dining room table was his little daughter in her highchair, giggling to herself. She brightened when Karamatsu walked toward her, a plate of fresh slice apples in hand. He sat next to her, popping one into his mouth - and breaking another slice in half.

“Open up for Daddy, ahhh” he said, moving his mouth for her to mimic. She took the apple piece joyfully, a pleased noise coming from her as she chewed. He watched her, making small indecipherable words to express her enjoyment. It was getting time for her to start learning actual words! At the thought, Karamatsu hatched an idea. Taking the other half of the apple piece, he gently smiled and lifted it to her face,

“Say Dah-dee” he worded slowly. Her expression spelled confusion, and he repeated himself, “Dah-dee. You can do it my little pearl, say Dah-dee.”

His daughter watched the movement of his mouth and very slowly she uttered roughly, “Dahhh-dee?”

Karamatsu’s heart gave an energetic leap, his breath coming out in an emotional exhale - tears immediately spilling down his cheeks. He fed her the apple piece, her face lighting up once more.

“That’s right, sweet pea…Daddy’s here,” he took her little face in his hand and caressed her head against his cheek, “And he loves you so much…”



Choromatsu watched his small son play with his toys quietly in the living room. It warmed his heart to watch his child already playing with bigger things like cars and action figures though he was barely a year old. He sipped his coffee, at some point opting to sit with his son. Taking a car in his hand, he laughed softly when his son climbed into his lap to try and grab at the toy. He was propped on Choromatsu’s knee,

“Daddy wants to show you how a car sounds,” he said, leaning his head on his child’s. With wonder, the young child eyed the way his father handled the toy car. Choromatsu dragged thing around the floor, making sputtering and revving noises as he turned imaginary corners and zipped around the floor. Small hums of intrigue came from the boy, and Choromatsu smiled. He pretended to narrate an ongoing race, imagining a small track, and continued to zoom the tiny plaything to his son’s enjoyment.

Not but fifteen minutes later did he feign a crowd’s applause, lips buzzing from the constant car sounds. His son had fallen asleep in his lap, cozied up between his arms and legs. A tender smile came to the green matsu and he moved to pick up his child - to his bed he goes for a little nap. As he made his way, the young one cuddled against his father, a soft murmur just reaching Choromatsu’s ears,


Choromatsu shook as he laid his son to rest in his room, biting his lip so the proud sob that threatened to leave him wouldn’t wake his child. He exited the bedroom filled with so much love.



He was feeding her his special onigiri when he heard her say it. She enjoyed his onigiri he came to find, as he always made in shapes of things she loved: birds, flowers, even bumblebees. Gentle pats to the balls of rice and a few nimble tweaks and voilà - onigiri shaped like cat heads. Ichimatsu felt pride settle in his chest, the snacks taking on a visage to his favorite animal. He plated them carefully, heading toward his daughter who was coloring wildly in the book he’d bought her a few days ago. His hand came to rest on her head in order to get her attention,

“Papa has snacks” he said, gently laying the plate on the table. At the sight of the onigiri, she clapped her hands, recognizing her favorite snack right away. She giggled at the kitty shape, and for the first time she pointed at the rice balls and then to her father, giddily shouting,

“Papa! Papa!”

Immediately Ichimatsu pressed a hand to mouth, and before he knew it, he was silently crying. Hearing his little girl call him ‘Papa’ for the first time ever…Ichimatsu wasn’t sure his heart could take such a hard hitting milestone. But when she laid her little hand on his and hummed a noise of enjoyment, he calmed. She was taken into his arms, the top of her head messed by the chubby, wet cheek of her father. His daughter continued to nibble at her onigiri, snuggling back her father in the process.



Chasing his little ones around the house was his current favorite thing to do. Jyushimatsu was quick enough to catch them should they trip or be close to bumping into anything, so he enjoyed running after them. Hand in hand, his twins clumsily dove behind furniture and under tables to escape his capture. He laughed, wide smile stretching at the little game,

“Daddy’s gonna getcha!”

The pair giggled at his voice, rolling under the coffee table to evade his strong arms. He bent over, a soft acknowledgement as he watched them slip through the other end. With lightning quickness, Jyushimatsu hopped over the table, landing on his feet in front of the two little ones.They were scooped into his arms without hesitation initially yelling in surprise - but that melted into fits of giggles when their father blew raspberries into their tiny cheeks. He held them close, hugging them to his broad chest, a feeling of warmth spreading over him - his two pride and joy in his arms. They looked up at their grinning father, and in soft unison said sleepily,


With that, they nestled in their fathers arms, the sudden exhaustion of trudging around the house taking them. Jyushimatsu beamed at his twin babies, their first words being said with such happiness. His heart swelled with pride, and he couldn’t stop the tears of joy from pricking the corners of his eyes. He pressed gentle kisses at the top of their heads and held them still as he sat on the couch, drifting off to sleep after them.



“My little princess” he cooed, nuzzling his nose with hers as he tickled her soft cheeks. The giggle that escaped her put joy in his heart. Nothing to him made him feel more happy than the sound of his daughter giggling. He lifted her into his arms, taking her to the kitchen with him, where he sat her in her high chair. You were on your way home from work, and Todomatsu promised he’d have dinner ready. Hearing her father hum, the little girl swayed gently. He took notice, a small laugh leaving him. With a quick hit of his knife, he cut a piece of the pumpkin for the tempura dinner he was making and fed it to his daughter,

“Daddy loves you, silly little girl” he said, fingertip booping her nose. She paid him a soft chuckle and wrapped her tiny hand around his,

“Daddy! Daddy!” she repeated, rocking excitedly at her father’s words. Todomatsu’s face instantly scrunched as though he was about to burst into tears, and he kissed his daughter’s forehead quickly before taking off. Wet trails ran down his face as he rushed to find his phone,

“I NEED A VIDEO” he wailed, tearing apart his bedroom for the device.

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Whenever Ichimatsu bent you over the couch or took you in his lap, he always had a nice habit of bringing a hand down on your ass. He’d grin lecherously as he cupped the supple flesh afterward, the moan you usually let out after spurring him on further. Your favorite precursor before he took you.

Today, you had a devious plan in mind. Ichimatsu always had a little extra chub on him - to which you found adorable. He was soft whenever you snuggled up to him, and he was always willing to share the warmth that radiated from him. Whenever you got handsy, he froze up, and you assumed that it might be out of self-conscious. You tended to kiss his apprehension away, but there was always one spot you never got a good hold of.

As Ichimatsu trailed rough kisses down your neck, you arched into his ministrations. His hands on your legs were hot, and he rubbed soothing circles into your skin. Your nails ran down his back, lower and lower until you reached just where you wanted. Pulling your hand back, you aimed blindly - praying you landed correctly. A resounding slap aired in the room - your palm making direct contact with the ample fat of his ass. He jolted upright, eyes wide as he felt the sting. Immediately after your fingers dug into him, a good chunk of the flesh held in your grasp. He flushed further, this time staring down at you in disbelief.

Your eyes narrowed in cheeky bliss, biting your lip as you jiggled him around a bit. He shuddered at the feeling, but quickly shook his composure back into place - devilish grin donning his features,

“Such a bad little kitten…”

The squeal you let out when he cupped your breast harshly was probably more than you could ever get out of him noise wise - but considering he liked what you did, you were willing to try again in the future to see what noises he could make.

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He’d be right there with you, matching your comedic energy at the annoyance of his younger brothers. Stupid faces and loud noises, you two are a constant ball of laughter. Osomatsu looks at you while you’re in the midst of a laughing fit and he cracks the most sincere smile. He thinks about how much he loves you, and just before you can ask him what he’s looking at, he pulls you in for a noogie and coats his voice with a garish accent, “You dummy!”


All drama and show colors, your humor blindsided him at first. Karamatsu is more on the passionate side of things, but he admires how carefree and bold you are. It’s why he’s always liked you. When he’s brooding over something troubling him - he looks forward to feeling better whenever you’re around. Your laughter is a comfort, and he often finds himself chuckling alongside with you.



Everyone who knew you both figured you’d never last. You’re too easygoing, very outlandish and spunky, a goofball who most liked to call childish. Choromatsu was the opposite, more prim and proper - a gentleman with the air of doing things the right way. A straight man. But it’s so funny, because even though he chides you from time to time about your awful timing with jokes and that you shouldn’t be making faces at children or balancing plates on your head just because you saw it in an anime, he loves you. You bring balance to his personality, where he feels he can be too serious, you even him out the way you are - and he feels more whole. Plus, he loves the way you laugh when he imitates his brothers.



You were actually pleasantly surprised at how well Ichimatsu was able to match your humor. He’s actually always good for a dirty joke, and when you dance around him like a wobbly calf, he chuckles low the way you liked. He occasionally gets a good laugh out of you himself patting his hair down and being the other matsu that likes to imitate his brothers. He kills with his Karamatsu impression every time - you didn’t know how much Karamatsu actually like Saturday Night Fever, but apparently your boyfriend was under the impression it was his favorite movie and that made it all the more hilarious.


He actually makes YOU laugh more than the other way around. Jyushimatsu is very unafraid to be himself, and that includes when he’s around you. So any silliness coming from you, he’s howling in laughter and doing something equally as silly. You learned the hard way one time that bodily noises are maybe something not to do in public too much because apparently Jyushimatsu has no problem ripping a huge fart rush no matter the amount of passerby’s. But he loves it when you’re laughing, it makes him laugh too - and you end up laughing more when he scoops you in his arm and kisses your cheeks, blowing raspberries on them afterward.


Totty adores how funny you are. Your sense of humor is very familiar, but his devil brothers could never pull off a dramatic shoulder shimmy with the same amount of cuteness you can. You poked fun at his seriousness at times, reminding him to lighten up as you lent different accents to your voice. When he caught one that sounded like Choromatsu, he couldn’t help but crack up. It warmed your cheeks when he said nonchalantly, “Aha…that’s why I love you, you’re always know how to make me laugh.”

Chapter Text

It was a simple gesture. At the height of a meeting, you entered the room to kiss your husband good morning. He’d secured another client as usual, his weapons cartel steadily growing. Now normally he was affectionate in return, placing a quick kiss on your lips or kissing your hand as a tender greeting. But under the predatory eyes of his guests, you were rudely waved off. Osomatsu said your name in a biting manner, pulling from your cheek. Whatever presence these men had in the room, your husband was catering to it to your unfortunate awareness. You bit back a few choice words, and instead sauntered off in a quiet huff. Being his wife meant being his equal - that was the very foundation of your marriage. The life of a don’s wife was exhilarating and terrifying all in the same breath, but you knew what it was when you met him. He was merely a rookie back then…and together you built his empire. When he slipped that 14 carat diamond on your finger, he promised you a better life. One where yours was his, when he rose, you rose. You agreed all those years ago, even being the one to fire shots on his behalf.

To be treated like a trophy wife, like you had less place in the room as a minnow among sharks - that was how he made you feel. It made you angry, but bitterness wasn’t your forte. Revenge however…

“Godmother,” chimed your maid, cutting into your thoughts, “The Don requests your appearance with him tonight.”

‘The Don can fucking shove it’, is what you would have liked to say. However, you knew where he was going tonight, and it was strictly for business. It was an unfamiliar town, one where he was just sprinkling his influence into. You always attended his meetings when he asked, if his brothers weren’t his muscle - then you were right there, magnum strapped to your thigh just in case. His little stunt today sparked an idea in you,

“Tell the Don I’ll be there…but I will not be arriving with him”

Your maid bowed out, and soon your mansion echoed with a loud “WHAT?!”

Blowing your bedroom door wide open was your irate husband, “Are you not coming?!”

You pulled the hairpin from your teeth and tucked into a fresh lock of your curled hair, “Not at all, my love, I’ll be there…just not at the same time as you.”

He eyed you in confusion, but your answer seemed to roll his anger back. A step forward,

“What’s this abo-” “I said I’d be there, Osomatsu.”

Your abruptness almost cost you, but you quickly looked over your shoulder, apologetic doe eyes peeking out under long lashes as you softened, “I promise, darling. I’ll be there.”

That was all he needed to hear. He sighed and took to brushing stray dust off of his shoulder, “I’ll be there at 8. Just don’t be long.” After he shut the door, you took to your plans. Running to your closet, you pulled out your ensemble: a solid red dress with a deep neckline, open mid-thigh slit and plunging backline. Your cleavage was bound to be on sultry display and that’s exactly how you wanted it. After hours of bringing your hair into loose curls and dolling your face up to your liking, you slid your heels on, donned your mink fur and made your way to your convertible. An hour has passed after your husband’s arrival, and the shoddy bar was packed to the brim with mafioso of all kinds. A few faces recognized you, but there many an eye that did - and those same eyes drank your figure in. Cat calls and wolf whistles sang in the room as you catwalked slowly to the back. Osomatsu was mid-conversation when his eyes landed on you, surrounded by grunts and goons whose chins were three inches from the floor. Flirtacious winks and seductive hello’s were thrown in their direction as you kept walking. When your eyes finally connected with your husband’s - you snickered. Staring back at you was pure fire, a mix of rage, lust, and jealousy conveyed strongly in his features. You narrowed your eyes, turning your back on him and ordering a drink from the bartender. The intention was for things to end there, you expressing to him to never forget exactly what he was married to. Your hand mimicked his from earlier, waving off his fuming looks.

You overheard him excusing himself from the table, and you turned to leave the joint - but a resounding slap hit your ears. A raspy, drunken voice assaulted your ear, “Hey baby, what’s a sweet thing like you doing here?”

Wafting past the scent of vodka and cigars, it was then you realized the noise was his disgusting hand clapping over your ass, which currently was cupping you freely. Immediately you raised your hand to smack the life out of the bastard, only to find your wrist being caught. A revolver slunk over your shoulder, the soft click of the safety being the last thing heard in the room. You were jerked back into a hard chest,

You have thirty seconds before I paint the fucking floor with your brains.”

Shock came in hushed waves, the name “Don Oso” flittering in the air. The idiot at the front of the barrel recognized that title immediately, and fled without being told twice. Your hand was let go wordlessly, and you watched your husband quickly pass by you. His long jacket swayed as people parted like the seas to let him through,

“Lets go, babe.”


He insisted on taking you home in the limo, calling Choromatsu to retrieve you convertible when it was at his convenience. The ride home was a near blur, but you chose to keep your gaze away from his burning one. He was livid. You knew it. Did you care? Sure - but he didn’t need to know that. A little justice for thinking he could treat you like a bimbo instead of acknowledging you as you should’ve been. Was it petty to still feel that way? You were starting to think so. The limo pulled up to the doors,

“That little shit you pulled was uncalled for.”

No wait, nevermind. You were helped out the vehicle, your maid taking your mink fur delicately and bowing away once you were inside the mansion. Taking your heels off, you shot him an uninterested glance,

“I could say the same.”

You made your way to the bed, exhausted already from the barely beginning conversation. Your point was made and you were satiated from your piece of revenge - you wanted to leave it at that. Osomatsu wrapped his fingers around your arm, pulling you toward him,

“Those men looked at you like a piece of meat,” he growled, eyes narrowing, “Is that what you wanted? To be reduced to a bimbo just to make me fuckin’ jealous?”

His hand was smacked away and you dug your index finger into his chest, “Then don’t fucking treat me the same, Osomatsu! Just because you’re the Don and you have clientele to impress, doesn’t mean you can act like I’m a plaything” you leaned in, your seething words slipping through gritted teeth, “You don’t own me, Osomatsu, we’re married. This is a partnership.”

On your heel you spun, no more words left in you to say. Osomatsu, however, wasn’t done. He threw his coat to the nearby chair and took you by the waist, effectively turning your gaze back to his. His eyes held something dangerous in them behind all of that fury; your left hand was grabbed and shoved in your face, your wedding ring nearly taking your eye out,

You are mine. MY wife,” his fiery stare dragged down to your lips, “No other man can have you

And with those words he slammed his mouth on yours, gripping your waist tight to his. You were ready to shove him off, but his hands slid over the curve of your ass and squeezed. He took advantage of the gasp you let out, sliding his tongue into your mouth. As you fought tongues, Osomatsu pulled your legs up and around his waist, walking both of your bodies to the bed. You were shoved onto the bed, your husband towering over you. Your eyes met, and soon your anger melted, replaced with desperate need. Fingers thread into his hair and he’s on your neck, teeth scraping at your flesh and lips pressing in apology. He was pulling moans from you quicker than you’d thought, but that mattered little when his hands were slipping your breasts out of your dress.

“Ahh! Osomatsu!” was the mewl that sounded from you when he took a nipple into his mouth. Your back arched against him, each lick and suck stirring delicious heat in your loins. Long licks were stroked over your sensitive flesh and the tremble of desire in your body shook against your husband. The shuffling of clothing stopped Osomatsu’s ministrations for merely seconds before his hands found your legs. He slid the material up your thighs and hips with haste, hands gripping your thighs and sliding your toward him. The hunger in his eyes put a shudder in your breath, only for it to hitch when he tugged your panties to the side. Gripping the backs of your knees he buried himself swiftly inside you - a low groan vibrating in Osomatsu’s chest. You moaned lewdly, your husband anchoring teeth and tongue over your slick skin. He raked his gaze up your body, taking in the sight of your features wracked with pleasure. He leaned into you, chest pressed to yours, and his lips found your ear,

“No other man will ever appreciate this,” the gravelly tone of his voice sent a chill down your spine. You could never love another man, and he knew that. Not when he was knocking your hips into the bed the way he was. Not when it was his name you were calling into the night air. You clung to him so desperately - like you’d die right there if you couldn’t feel him on your body.

Harder he took you, your breasts bouncing against the rough fabric of his shirt. His mouth found the pulse of your throat and the suction sent a wave of warmth in between your thighs. Your ragged breath in tandem with the octaves your voice climbed told Osomatsu you were close. He slammed his hips into yours, grunts and pants the only things you heard - his voice lost in his animalistic need to fuck you. Your thighs quivered in his fingers, and with a sudden bite under your jaw, you were cumming.

“OSOMATSUUU!” you shrieked, nails digging into his scalp and back. Tides of pleasure soared in pulses over your body, and you panted at each rough thrust he gave you. His breath quickened on your dampened shoulder and you both seized up when he spilled inside you. You bit your lip at the sudden rush of heat but softened into a moan when he sealed your lips in a kiss. His hand came to cup your cheek, though his eyes failed to hold yours,

“I’m…” he grimaced. Apologies weren’t his strong suit, but he knew he needed to. He took your left hand in his, eyeing the diamond with an unreadable expression.

Vita mia, I’m…I’m sorry,” he sighed, “It was no excuse to treat you like I did.”

It was your turn to kiss him now, “You’re forgiven.” He sighed once more, but goofily so as his face came to fondle your chest,

“Good because I can’t live without these tits.”

Your eyes rolled, yet you couldn’t help but laugh.

“I love you, stupid.”

His signature grin peeked through the valley of your breasts and he chuckled,

“I love you too, babe.”

Chapter Text

Todomatsu had taken you out for the night, a need to calm his nerves after the hit he and Karamatsu just pulled off. The crushed rose velvet of your dress left him stunned. You knew him all too well. How his signature looked on you was enough to make him weak, but even moreso - it was an alluring distraction from his lifestyle. Having you on his arm made him wary, even IF you were capable of handling yourself. You were beautiful, more than he’d ever met in his life. When word broke that you were dating the youngest of the Matsu Mafia, he feared you would become a target. He was almost correct, had he not seen you knock a man out cold with a stiletto. The mafioso life wasn’t for you, but he admired how little you cared about him being wrapped up in it. At the rooftop where you had dinner, your hand was kissed by your beloved, who was grateful to have such a stunning lady at his equally stunning side. He laughed softly at your giggle, calling you cute and toasting to nothing in particular as you clinked your glasses filled to the brim with Pinot Noir. A delicious dinner of herb salmon and fresh greens satiated you, but the several glasses of wine long after your meal was finished made your head swim in bubbly delight. Your boyfriend was a snickering mess alongside you, touching his fingertip to your nose and then tittering about it immediately after. Eventually he figured it was time you two got home, and he hailed a private car to take you there.

You stretched, feeling so relieved to be in the comfort of your own home. Todomatsu had an arm slunk behind your back, though you swore you weren’t wobbling, he said he wanted to ‘make sure you didn’t bust your ass’. Heels clicking up to your bedroom, your shimmied out of them, pleased sigh filling the room when your toes hit the plush carpeting. Following you in shortly was Todomatsu, sniggering at the silly expression on your relieved face. You bounced over to him, wrapping your arms around one of his, and pressing your lush lips to his cheek,

“Thank you for dinner, Totty” you hummed, and the blush he saw dusting over your cheeks didn’t attest to whether that was the wine or actually you. He kissed your forehead, “Anything for my princess.”

You smiled gently, releasing his arm. Fingers dipped behind your ears, reaching to remove your earrings and take the pins out of your hair for the night. At the swift sway of your curls, your perfume wafted in your boyfriend’s direction. Coco Chanel…his favorite scent on you. He watched you shake out your tresses with bated breath, the notes of your perfume beginning to swim in his lungs. It reminded him of the nights when you two first started seeing each other - both fiery and quick-tongued but sparking something heavy. He’d never met his match before, and you were truly it. Todomatsu became suddenly aware of how your dress hugged your curves; so sensual, yet so soft. His eyes raked along the bend of your shoulder, down your sides, tracing the dip in your hips and over the contour of your ass. The air in his chest shook out slow when he caught you unzipping your dress slowly, the fabric caressing your body as it slid all the way down.

For something so angelic, you sure did have a way of being devilish - even if it was unknowingly. You thought nothing of it when he moved from his spot at the doorway, but you didn’t expect him to be right in front of you when you turned. A startled laugh escaped you when his palms held your arms, somehow your fingers naturally placing themselves his chest.

“Todo…?” you questioned, eyes connecting with his to understand why he was so close. His expression wasn’t familiar to you, but the arm the slid around your waist was. Entranced by your long lashes and pouted lips, he could take no more. He needed to make you aware how wanted you were; how mad he was for his devil in a pink dress. Your lips were stolen in a heated kiss, the both of your taking to moan in each others mouths. Todomatsu wasted no time mingling tongues as his hands slid sensually to cup your ass, smooth up your hips and graze playfully over your stomach. His destination finally landed in your hair, both hands cupping your face as he kissed your harder. It was passionate for Todomatsu, something you rarely saw from your coy fiend of a man. He walked you to the bed, shoving you with a smirk once the backs of your knees found the edge.

“You looked too good tonight…” he purred, fingers skimming up your parted thighs. Breath hitching, you shook as Todomatsu tucked his fingers into the lace of your panties, moving them slowly off of you. Your fingers trembled against the satin sheets, unsure of his next move. Gentle kisses were pressed up your calf - soft and barely there which made your skin crawl in anticipation. His eyes locked on your face, watching your face twist in excitement and trepidation. The intention was initially to get you to beg for him - a slow decent into desire with your nails pawing at his chest in dire need. Yes…that was what he wanted at first. However the soft pink of your cheeks and those luscious lips being bitten by your own accord, Todomatsu’s patience ran thin. In a sudden move he knelt, settling your knees on his shoulders. You immediately tried to sit upright when his warm breath came over your mound, “T-Todo!”

“Shhh, shh-shh,” he started, thumb stroking your thigh softly, “Let me take care of you, gorgeous…”

Your mouth open to protest, but all that slipped out was a stammered moan, your knuckles turning white at the feeling of his lips on your pussy. Very light at first, enough for you to know of his presence, but no where near enough to please you. Then - his tongue was as deep as he could plunge, tasting every inch of your walls. He purred once more against your folds, pulling back with a noisy slurp to huff out, “Never knew you could taste this sweet~”
The blush on your cheeks deepened in hue, and you arched your back slightly when he pressed his nose into your clit. Deeper and deeper it seemed he reached, pulling out every so often to whisper words of praise over your dripping heat,

“Such a pretty pussy…” and then he’d lick slowly up your cunt.

“I can’t stop tasting you…” and you’d find yourself moaning as he tongue-fucked you once more, “Like pure sugar…”

But what really threw your hormones over was the moment your eyes connected, dark brown muddied by blackened lust, and he whispered, “I could watch that cute face forever like this,” he dipped down momentarily to curl his tongue into your sex and back out, “The look of pleasure…when I kiss right here”

And he dove into your slick channel once more. With no intention of stopping, Todomatsu closed his lips over the swollen bundle of nerves, interchanging licks between it and your cunt. Your voice grew in octave with every passing minute, and the trembling of your thighs made a swell of victory rise in Todomatsu’s chest. He swirled his tongue over your clit and back into you; in one fell swoop managed to sink his slick appendage in you while flicking your clit and suddenly you were cumming on his tongue in strong waves.

“Ahh, Ahhhhh~ Todomatsuuuu!” you cried, hips squirming in pure ecstasy. He captured your hands in his, fingers lacing as he ate you through your orgasm. You were ready to scream as you started to become overstimulated, but he giggled softly and pressed a light kiss to your pussy. When he released your legs from his shoulders, he paid you a kittenish grin, wiping his lips with his thumb. Your breathing came in heavy pants, half-lidded eyes barely able to watch the man above you. The orgasm that rocked you was still buzzing in your limbs. Time was what you needed merely just to catch your breath - but other plans were in place without your knowing. You found your legs spread slowly, unaware that your beloved boyfriend had removed his clothing rather swiftly. A surprisingly strong grip took your thighs and bent them a smidge, and suddenly solid heat sat at length against your heat. There was no way he was going to let you get away with only cumming once. Not with how badly he wanted you. He leaned in close, lips nearly touching yours - hard cock just outside your entrance,

Let me see you make that face again

Chapter Text

You saved this present for last. After a long-winded Christmas morning at the Matsuno household, you were ready to exchange gifts personally with your boyfriend at your apartment. Knowing Osomatsu to love sex as he did, it took you nearly all year to summon the courage to get his gift. It was technically for him, but it wasn’t for him - and you hoped you’d be able to explain without losing your nerve. In your shaky hands was a red box - innocent enough, though you knew the contents spoke otherwise. You held out the box, to which he took, handing you bag a small black one.

“Open yours first” he suggested, boyish grin on his face. A soft blush on your cheeks, you gently pried open the thing, and inside: a gold necklace. At the end of the chain was the letter ‘O’ made of ruby. You nearly fainted from the sight of something so beautiful, before your wits came about you,

“H-How did you get this?!” eyes wide you look up at him and he gives you an embarrassed look, “Haha…it took a lot of bets and even more convincing my brothers…”

Floored was the only emotion you were feeling. Osomatsu wasn’t usually one to hit the nail on the head all the time when it came to gifts or knowing what you liked (even though he made up for it), but he knocked this out of the park! You turned around when he offered to put it on you. The graze of his fingers on your neck make your skin crawl and your blush deepened into a red hue. Fingertips brushing against it, you looked away shyly at his look of pride.

“Welp, now to see what you got me!”

Instant terror. Your face paled and your inner voice scrambled to stop him, but your limbs were frozen in place. He tore the wrapping off of it in one quick pull, head cocking to the side in wonder. Upon opening the box, he immediately changed pitch in his chuckle. From the presents there stood: a crimson leather leash - smooth to the touch and sturdy in strength as Osomatsu yanked on it. Next was a collar to match in the same material, but the coup de gras: a cherry red, remote controlled, bullet vibrator. He slowly turned his head, menacing grin on his face,

“Merry Christmas to me, huh?,” he laughed, twirling the collar on his finger, “I knew you were naughty, but rrrowwww”

You would have laughed at the way he pawed the air, awful cat impersonation and everything - but instead you were hiding your face in your sleeves.

Deep breath. “O-Oso, it’s…” You can do this. “I-It’s not for me…”

His face twisted in confusion, smile dropping slightly, so if it wasn’t for him to use on you…then…

“Oho, you really are naughty,” he sang low. He came by your side slowly, an arm coming around your waist. So it was a dominatrix you wanted to be, was it? Fine. He’d play your game…if you could hack it, that was. Under the impression that your shy demeanor didn’t a dominatrix make, he kissed your cheek and agreed to all of it. The vibrator was new for him, but fuck it, he’d read a thing or two about stimulation back there making the orgasm better anyway. You swore you were going to pass out, did he actually say yes?!

The disbelief being shaken from your shoulders, you were led to the bedroom. Osomatsu chuckled at your near frightened expression, kissing your fingers as he slipped the collar into your palm, leash already attached by his doing. Your hands were guided around his neck, and thoughtlessly you click the collar securely around him. He put the leash in your hand, smug expression as he watched your next move. A stutter,

“C…Could we take off our clothes?”

Your domming personality didn’t sound so convincing, and it was starting to bug you. So as you stripped your clothes down to your underthings, gropes and tender touches exchanged, you tentatively brought him in for a kiss. He groaned into your mouth, his hands grasping your arms. You were getting lost in the intensity of your kiss, his hold on you making you weak as you fought tongues.

Take control. You gripped the leash tightly. Take control. You pulled from his lips suddenly.

There was a question hanging in the air, but you gave Osomatsu no time to ask it when you shoved him onto the bed. Your head was hung, hair shielding your eyes as your boyfriend eyed you in confusion. A hard shake was laced in your breath and you gripped the leash tighter. With a sudden tug, Osomatsu was yanked forward, near falling over had you not slammed your foot into his chest. You nearly knocked the full wind out of him - but that paled in comparison to the fiery look you donned as you towered over him.

“From here on out - you address me as Madame and nothing else,” you yanked the leash once more for emphasis, “Anything else, and you don’t cum tonight, understand?”

He nodded absentmindedly, dumbfounded shock being his sole expression. You pat his cheek, “Good boy. Now…while we’re at it - a few rules are in order”

You switched sides with him, pulling him to the floor so he sat on his knees while you stood at the edge of the bed, “One, you will do everything I say no questions asked.” Your fingers hooked at the edge of your panties, slowly sliding them down, and his eyes followed the movement. A quick yelp came from him when you pulled the leash once more to snap his attention back.

“Two, I cum first. Always.” He grimaced at that, but nodded regardless. Your panties hit the floor and it took everything in him not to drool knowing you were exposed.

“Three, only I can touch you. If I find you touching yourself…you definitely don’t get to cum tonight.”

He visibly gulped at your words, making a mental note that you were more serious than he thought you’d be, “Y-Yes, Madame.”

Fingers pushed back his bangs, your lips pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead, “That being said…if it becomes too much, just say so, okay?” Another nod as you sat on the bed. Laying back gently you sighed, “Good. Now…” your foot trailed up his chest and you tapped your toes under his chin. You slowly spread your thighs, delighting in the stammering of his breathing. With as much force you could muster, you guided his head with the back of your heel, “Eat.

The blow to his head caught him off guard, but he didn’t need to be told twice. With your thighs in his hands, he quickly pressed his mouth hard onto your pussy. You moaned at the immediate pressure - tongue dipping into your folds and curling up to draw circles around your clit. Osomatsu always knew how to take you higher when it came to oral sex, him already being very familiar with what made your legs shake. The noises he made between your thighs were alluring; the rough moans and slight slurping against your heat slamming an overwhelming feeling into the depths of your belly. He massaged your walls with tongue slowly, shaking his head at the same pace to rub his nose into that sensitive bundle of nerves. You winced in pleasure, already finding yourself reaching your peak. Osomatsu had to admit, this was incredibly hot watching you take charge - but the way you were so eager to cum on his tongue already, he wasn’t totally convinced you had all the reigns in your hand just yet. Your thighs trembled when his lips closed over your clit and before you knew it, in a lewd whine you were cumming. He continued to lick at your cunt, taking in the rush of wetness that pooled after your orgasm. Thankfully, you weren’t done just yet. You shoved his head away, gathering your limbs under you as you sat up.

On his face sat a drunken expression and your essence around his lips was being slowly licked off. You pulled him up gently by the collar and motioned for him to lie down. His obedience took you by surprise, but judging by the literal heart shaped pupils, you should’ve known. Through his boxers he sported an incredibly erect tent, and you figured now was the time to pull out all the stops. Ghosting your hand over him you cooed,

“You’ve been such a good boy Oso…maybe you deserve a little treat,” and with the end of your sentence, you lightly grasped him. The needy “haaa” he exhaled delighted you to no end. He was instructed to take his underwear off, while you grabbed the last piece to your fun. You coated the bullet with a generous amount of the lube that came with it and turned back to your boyfriend. His dick stood at perfect attention, and oh how badly you wanted that inside you right this minute…but your plans were far more devious, and Osomatsu needed to understand that you were serious with this role. Prying his knees apart gently, you kissed the tip of swollen head,

“Behave now and relax…” you purred, licking up his shaft. He shuddered at the affection, desperate to thrust his cock into your mouth. A few kitten licks and you felt his legs ease their tension. Perfect. In a slow, but effectual motion, you took all of him into your mouth, while pressing the bullet into his ass. He hissed at the sensation, but was too caught up with the feeling of your lips pressed so firmly against his cock to say anything. In fact, fuck it felt good. Your lips slid up his length and when you were sure the bullet was correctly in place, you kissed the head once more and let go. Osomatsu’s fingers were promptly balled into the sheets, a heavy exhale escaping him as he watched you. Slowly you climbed over his lap, your pussy just over the tip. Your fingers trailed down your body, mewling softly when you pinched your nipples - a little show just to rile him further. You licked your lips,

“You want me, Osomatsu?”

You’ve never seen him nod so fast. However, that’s not going to be enough. You grazed the head of his dick with your folds, the unobtainable threat of you sliding down on him so delicious, “Use your words.”


“F-Fuck, yessss” he whined out, fingers twitching against the linens. Still not good enough. Your hips lifted, the heat of your pussy leaving him and he almost had it in him to cry, “Yes, what, Osomatsu?”

He grit his teeth, conceding finally that maybe you did have it in you to take control. Painfully hard and desperate as he was? Damn, you were good.

“Y-Yes, Madame.”

You smirked, “Good boy.” A soft click of the remote and suddenly Osomatsu jerked against you, the vibrations in his ass jolting a shock of pleasure up his spine. His fingers grasped your thighs, but he still didn’t thrust. He really was being on his best behavior. You marveled at the sight of him, so incredibly horny under you - mouth agape as the bullet massaged him in a whole new, and dripping warmth of your cunt just hanging in the balance to drive him even crazier with need. It was a beautiful disaster of a man you’d created and you internally pat yourself on the back for your work. A hand wrapped around his length and with a shimmy of your hips, you sunk down, taking him all the way to his pelvis. Biting your lips was involuntary, the shiver up your hips so strong as he filled you. A slow pace was started, you lifting yourself on your knees, hands placed on his chest for balance. His eyes were snapped shut, the pleasure coursing through him leaving him unable to focus on much else.


But that just wouldn’t do. Twisting his nipple, you caught his dazed eyes and said in between pants, “I…ahh…I want you to…mmm…to look at me.” He groaned in response, half-lidded gaze watching his cock disappear into your taught sex over and over. Fuck, you were so hot like this.

You couldn’t help the blush that fell over your cheeks, him adamantly staring at the motions of your sex. However you were knocked out of your embarrassment when you felt his hips thrust up into you. His teeth tapped together, a growl rumbling in his throat. He’s close.

“Uh-uh…what did I tell you, Osomatsu?” you scolded playfully, lifting your hips all the way. He cried out at the loss of your vagina encasing him, thrusting into the air hoping to chase after it. You wrapped the leash around your hand twice and yanked, “I said I cum first.” His bottom lip quivered as the bullet pulsed inside him, he needed to cum so badly. Osomatsu’s grip loosened on your legs, and you took it as a sign of submission. He hissed as you slid back down on him, moaning aloud, “Ughhh, Oso you feel so gooooood”

His dick pulsed at your sounds, eyes on you once more as you bounced on his cock. Your fingers flew to your clit, rubbing it in small circles as you impaled yourself on him over and over. Small waves of pleasure washed over your hips and you almost lost yourself to the feelings, but once again, you found your boyfriend slipping towards the edge. With great reluctance you slipped off of him once more,

“What did I say Osomatsu?!” you shrieked, grasping tightly onto his cock. He keened, the action a mix of pain and pleasure, “Y-You c-c-cum first, Madame!”
You shot him an annoyed look, “That’s right! If I don’t cum, YOU don’t cum,” and you pulled him by the collar, “Understand?!”

Shoving him back down, he shuddered, tongue lolling at the side of his mouth. For what you would hoped was one last time, you let him slide back inside you. You snatched his hand, placing his fingers over your clit, “Stroke.
The rippling annoyance in your chest died quickly when your hips reconnected with his. He massaged you with his thumb slowly, making sure he was buried to the hilt in you with every move you made. Your brows furrowed, this time the pleasure hitting you deep. The soft vibrations of the bullet were starting to reverberate against your thighs, edging you closer and closer. Osomatsu panted heavily under you, the combination of pleasure on both ends throwing everything into overdrive. Heading your words, he was determined to make you cum. So he sped up the brushes of his appendage on your clit and joining you in your thrusts. At this point, you were so far gone in ecstasy, you no longer cared. Your nails latched onto the skin of his chest as he pounded into you,

“Oso Oso Oso Oso godddd Osomatsuuuu” you whined, throwing your head back. He growled your name, slamming hard now and as if on queue, the both of you pitched forward, screaming in tandem as your orgasms took you. You choked out an exhale, seeming like you held your breath the entire time, only to inhale shakily as he spilled into you. Osomatsu hissed as he slowed his thrusts - but the vibrator continued to stimulate him. Realizing what it was with the faint buzzing in the air, you scrambled to find the remote. When it was finally off, he relaxed, hands gently caressing your hips. The vibrator was gently slipped out of him, and you off him with it. Spent, you leaned over, taking him into a gentle kiss.

“You were amazing, Oso-kun,” another soft kiss and then a childish pout, “I’m so sorry I was mean.”

He laughed breathlessly, “Pretty convincing shit babe, I gotta hand it to ya.”

Snuggling against his chest, you hummed, “But it felt good, right?”

Osomatsu kissed your forehead, “You have no fucking idea.”

A soft giggle and you ran your fingers over the near forgotten necklace he gave you, lovingly. Sleep was so adamant on taking you, but not before you asked, “You’re okay though…? What can I do for you?”

He pretended to think, a yawn unfortunately cutting into his facade, “Just promise…ahhhhhm…that I can use that thing on you next time,” referring to the vibrator. You smirked, a yawn catching you now, “Mmmm…sure thing, babe.”

And with that, exhaustion got the better of you two. Though the next morning, covered in all that stickiness, admittedly was not your favorite way to wake up.

Chapter Text

On summer days, you liked take your boyfriend to the roof of your house to laze around. He enjoyed soaking in the sun just as you did, which should have come as no surprise considering his affinity for felines. As you both laid there, warm rays covering you like a cozy blanket, you rolled to your side,

“I love you, Ichi” you sighed out, arms coming one of his. A curt grunt of acknowledgement was what you received. That, you were used to. He showed in many different ways that he returned your feelings, even though he was no longer afraid to use his words on occasion.

“…But why” he replied. You looked up at him, and he was still staring up the sky, expression unchanged when the words left his lips, “Why do you love me?”

A small frown tugged at your lips, but not because you felt he doubted you. In fact, it was the opposite - you knew Ichimatsu to feel so unworthy of all the love you gave him. It was hard for him to truly grasp that you had real feelings for him. You squeezed his arm a little tighter and let slip a gentle smile, “Well…how much time you got?”

His gaze lazily rolled to you, misunderstanding on his features. You giggled at that, “It’s a pretty big list, Ichimatsu.”

He remained silent, opting to close his eyes instead. A hand reached into his hair, your nails scratching gently behind his ears - the way he liked it. His throaty groan was so similar to a cat’s purring it made your heart melt. You felt him adjust so he could curl a little more towards you,

“You’re sweet, Ichimatsu…Kind…not just to the cats, but to me,” your fingers moved up his scalp a bit, “And I love your hugs, they’re always so warm and inviting, even when your face doesn’t reflect that.”

Ichimatsu swallowed, a little self conscious about his demeanor. You continued, “But I’ve always loved you, even when your looks could kill.”

Switching your position a bit, you moved to nuzzle your nose in his messy hair, “I feel safe with you…like I can be myself and feel wanted no matter what mood I’m in,” a gentle kiss to his cheek, “I feel weightless and grounded at the same time…all because I have you.”

Your hand touched his cheek, gingerly turning his face to yours. Heartfelt gaze met misty eyes, Ichimatsu quietly being touched by your words. A comforting grin and kissed his nose this time, “You make me happy, silly…need I go on?” He trembled against your touch, shaking his head softly and pulling you into a tight embrace. With his head dipped into the crook of your neck, you were left stroking his hair once more. He pressed a few soft kisses there, a soft shudder traveling through his whole body.

In a shaky breath he whispered against your skin, “…I-I love you too…”

Chapter Text

For her birthday, Karamatsu had a solid plan in mind. A few years back, Ivette had taken him to a burlesque show as a fun date night idea. Little did she know, Karamatsu had become completely captivated by the performance. The sheer weightlessness these acrobats and dancers emanated on the objects and poles they swung from. Like deities of show business, he figured. He wanted that. To feel incomprehensible excitement as he moved and danced.

And what better way to do that, then to surprise his incredible wife with a one man show. On the nights he’d told Ivette he was meeting his brothers for a little quality time - he was actually heading to the other side of Akatsuka to take pole dancing classes. Several months he kept his classes a secret from his darling, though it near killed him to. She was the world to him - beautiful in every syllable of the word with her long dark locks and sultry sunset eyes. Karamatsu could describe her voice like melted honey, and her laugh…god he could hear that sound for the rest of his life and be happy. However, it was knowing she felt the same that really ensnared him. Ivette was loving. She found his perfect fashion endearing, something she loved and complimented with ease. It was a part of him, his personality. Though he could be timid and unsure at times, he was expressive, a gentleman, and often selfless. A little dramatic sure, but it made him so interesting. A girl like her liked a little shake-up, according to her. Oh but how easy it was to love her…

Karamatsu screwed the last of the nuts into the ceiling carefully before wiping the sweat from his brow. To test it’s strength he wrapped his arms around the steel beam, easily hoisting himself up stretch parallel to its length. He swung himself around it slowly, checking that it’d support his weight during movement. Thankfully, it stayed solid the whole time - even when he jerked and pushed against it. Ivette would be home later that evening, her afternoon comprising of plans with some girlfriends she met at work. A quick shower and a shave was all he needed before he donned his outfit for the night; a simple ensemble to the naked eye: black slacks, cobalt blue button down with his sleeves rolled up at the elbow. However, it was under the street clothes that held the real outfit. He fixed a black bow tie into place and made his way to the kitchen. Her favorite meal was in the works, and Karamatsu hummed in delight as he chopped up the ingredients to toss in the pan. When she finally arrived home, he was just plating their meal.

“Ah, and so comes home the light of my life,” he hums, garnishing the dish, “Tell me, my love” and he turns to her, eyes sparkling, “Was the sun envious?”

Ivette laughed softly, coming to wrap her arms around his waist, “You’re incorrigible, Karamatsu,” she leaned her head against his shoulder, sighing wistfully at how much she missed him. He rested his head on hers, a warm smile gracing his features, “Did the girls behave?”

Her eyes rolled as she smirked, “You know them, a wild bunch.” Letting him go, she slipped over to the dining room table, setting a napkin on her lap as she sat, “But they did take me to this little terrace restaurant. Italian place…pretty authentic for being in the middle of Japan.”

Placing her plate before her, he kissed her temple, “We’ll have to go some time, chérie”

She returned his affections, opting to kiss his lips instead, “Not when your cooking is this good, sugar…and you made my favorite no less~”

He beamed with pride as his cheeks warmed, and he set his own plate down across from her, “Only one of the gifts I plan to impart on you tonight, darling.” Ivette curiously pursed her lips, “Oh? Do tell, Karamatsu,” she playfully raised an eyebrow as she took a bite. A quick tsk in response, “That, my dear Ivette, will have to wait until after dinner.” She made a face to simulate a coy ‘Well, excuse me~’ and took another bite. The dinner continued on as planned, with comfortable conversation, a bit of aged wine and shared laughs all throughout.

Now…for the show.

With the dishes in the sink that he promised to clean later, Karmatsu led his beautiful lady to the bedroom. There, in the middle of the room was a blue velvet throne chair, red roses embellishing the rim. With her hand in his, he moved for her to sit. He leaned over, pressing a soft kiss to her lips before grazing his fingertips just under her chin,

“Allow me to entertain you, mon amour”

Ivette bit her bottom lip in excitement, she had already noticed the pole on the way in and knew she was in for a huge treat. Karamatsu was a pretty good dancer, she was aware of that, but this? This was new territory for the both of them and she could hardly wait to see what her beloved beau had cooked up. Her fingertips came to her lips to try and hide her simpering, ‘Happy Birthday is right’, she thought.

Okay, Karamatsu. You’ve been training for this for months. He made his way over to the small radio nearby. Clicking through his phone, he found the song he had planned to use. He took a deep breath and hit play, closing his eyes. Once the jazzy music hit, he turned abruptly, fingers wrapping around the pole. Karamatsu swung his body, propelling himself halfway up and catching his legs over it. Twirling slowly back down, the music came to its opening right on cue as he turned to face her.

Fish in the sea, you know how I feel

He gripped at his bow tie, tugging it loose as he mouthed to Ivette the words,

River running free, you know how I feel

Thighs taking the steel between them, he leaned backwards, placing the tie in his teeth and undoing the top button of his shirt. He caught her gaze and paid her a flirtatious smirk. She giggled, leaning her head on her hands as she watched him.

Blossom on a tree, you know how I feel

A quick movement allowed for him to spin upright and reface her, his back to the pole and one arm and leg holding him in place. With a foot on the ground, he pulled away from the beam, snapping his fingers to the slow beat as he approached her and tossing the tie in a random direction. His arms caged her, resting comfortably beside her head. His fingers slid over the smooth skin of her cheeks, a thumb grazing her lips on the way, down over her shoulders, and up toward her arms. He took Ivette’s hand in his, the other popping the rest of the buttons of his shirt on lyric,

It’s a new dawn. Pop!

It’s a new day. Pop!

It’s a new life. Pop!

At the sound of “For me”, he echoed the words, boldly sliding her hand down his exposed chest. Karamatsu curled his hands around her fingers and pressed it to his heart,

And I’m feeling good

He pushed himself back, ripping his slacks off in one fell swoop (with much thanks to his instructors for the costume suggestion) during the short trumpet break, and Ivette squealed in delight. Under those plain clothes, Karamatsu spotted royal blue bikini briefs, comfortable, and with barely enough to leave to the imagination. Ivette bit her thumbnail, drinking in the sight of her husband in so little clothing. Modest as she should’ve been, it was hard not to stare, he looked too damn good.

Dragonfly out in the sun, you know what I mean, don’t you know

Carefully, Karamatsu sat himself in her lap, hips winding to the music as his hand cupped her chin. Licking his lips, he rolled his crotch against her in an impromptu lap dance and it took everything in Ivette not to grin like a madwoman.

Butterflies all havin’ fun, you know what I mean

Slipping slowly off her, her moved to switch their limbs around a bit.

Sleep in peace when the day is done, that’s what I mean

Her legs were slowly spread, Karamatsu swiftly nudging himself between them. With the backs of her knees in his hands, he bore his hips down, rotating to grind against her with the rhythm. A slight “Oh!” escaped her, not expecting the intimate handling so soon, but it quickly melted into a soft moan, her fingertips running over his biceps.

“Kara…” she whispered, her breath hitching in her throat. He leaned over her, hips continuing their slow grind as he pressed kisses into her skin.

, A kiss on her cheek.

Is a new world, A kiss to her neck.

And a bold world, He grazed his teeth against her skin.

For me, oh for me…

She hissed softy at the feeling, shifting under him for her back to arch slightly. He hummed into her neck, trailing his kisses back up to her face. On cue, he took her into a deep kiss as the interlude blared behind them. Tongues danced almost in time to the tune, Ivette’s arms coming around Karamatsu’s neck in a needy embrace. He parted from her lips in a pant, and she smiled in a daze, her lipstick smudged all over his mouth. Karamatsu slid the back of his hand over his mouth, and quickly removed himself from her to snap back to the pole at the end of the pitch change. He slammed his hand around it and twisted, dropping to his knees for dramatic effect when the words started back up,

Stars when you shine, you know how I feel

Facing her, with one hand on the pole still, he slid the other sensually down his chest and stomach, hooking a thumb into his briefs to snap them against his hip.

Scent of the pine, you know how I feel

He jolted up, and jumped to grasp the beam, legs tight around it as he climbed to the top in a cat like manner

Oh freedom is mine, and I know how I feel

Shifting his hips he swung up further.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life

When he reached as far up as he could get, he turned towards Ivette once more, moving his hands as though he was pulling a rope she was tied to. She followed suit, shimmying her shoulders in his direction with each pull.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life

He pretended to release the ‘rope’, and he twirled around the beam, catching a fairly moderate momentum

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new a life

He locked his knee around the pole, It’s a new life

Now an arm, For meeee~

He suddenly stopped, singing out to her, “And I’m feeeeeeeelin’ gooooood

At the last word, he cascaded down the pole in steady spiral, arm out showman style. Broad grin on his face, he internally pat himself on the back. He actually did it!

I’m feeling good…

Karamatsu touched his heels to the ground, sauntering over to Ivette. He took her hand in his as the music slowly faded out. Pecking a kiss to her knuckles, he smiled a bit shyly, “Happy Birthday, Ivette.”

At this point in time the brunette stood with what could only be considered shock. Other hand to her chest, she exhaled, replaying the scene in her head. When she finally met Karamatsu’s eyes, they were fiery with adoration…and something else. Karamatsu began, “M-My lo- mmf!”

Ivette pulled him in for a deep kiss, hand coming to cup his cheek as she did, and soon her husband followed her lead. With his arms snaking around her waist, Karamatsu pulled her by the hips, effectively wrapping her legs around his torso. He never broke their desperate make out as he sat down on the chair, Ivette siting rather widespread in his lap. His hands slid from her hips up her back, fingers wrapping around the zipper of her dress. She pulled from the kiss to pant out,

“Don’t even ahh…don’t even bother,” she removed herself from his lap strictly to hike her dress up and strip herself of her panties. Karamatsu would’ve passed out then and there at the sight had she not just as quickly sat back in his lap. She leaned in, taking his earlobe between her teeth, “No time for that, hunny…” and with nimble fingers she tried to yank down his briefs while on top of him. Karamatsu felt her struggle to do so, and wrapped an arm around her waist, lifting her hips just high enough so he could pull them down his thighs. She bit her lip, the heat of him under so maddening. Thankfully for both their sake, once he was settled, Karamatsu wasted no time. Both hands on her hips now, he slid into her in a solid thrust. The two lovers groaned in tandem, foreheads touching as the sensation shook them. His lips quickly dove into her neck, planting kisses and small bites in a local trail. She bounced off her knees, taking him into her over and over as she mewled into the night air. Her waist was crushed in a tight grip - their thrusts meeting halfway every time.

“Oh Kara…” Ivette whined, fingers threading into his hair. Her body was on fire, a beacon of pure pleasure. Her husband drove into her at a leisurely pace, but that quickly became insufficient, “I-Ivette…I…”

Without further words, his hands smoothed over the curve of her ass, and he worked her faster over him at his manual pace. His wife cried out, moans changing timbre as he drilled into a spot deep inside her. She looked down at her husband, her brows knit together with lips parted in an ‘O’ shape. An angelic visage if Karamatsu had ever seen one. Half lidded gaze stared back at the beauty before him,

God, Ivette…I…shit…I love you…”

She managed to smile amidst her moans and pants, though she teetered at the edge, “I…mmm…I love you too, baby…”

And in the time that they shared the passionate kiss that befell them, they were just as quickly coming undone. Shock waves of her orgasm lapped at her in waves, only to be electrified at Karamatsu’s pounding inside of her. A scream and a deep groan were mixed via tongues, as the high took them both. Slowly, but surely, their motions slowed to a comfortable halt, and Ivette leaned into his chest, head resting on his shoulder so she could catch her breath. His arms came around her in a gentle embrace.

A few moments passed by in the silence of the afterglow before Ivette sighed out,

“I loved my gift, darling, thank you~”

A sincere smile. Karamatsu kissed her forehead, “The moon itself would never be good enough for the goddess who married me…but I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

She laughed softly, kissing his cheek for his sweet words. Just then, she thought of something devious. With a cheeky grin she purred out, “Say…you think I’d be any good on that thing?”

Ivette felt a spark jolt her back, instant heat between her legs rekindling. She looked up at her husband to find a wicked look in his eyes. Hands on her thighs, he chuckled low at the thought, but reserved his words. She raised an eyebrow at him, and pulled him down for another kiss.

Guess her birthday wasn’t over just yet.

Chapter Text

The loud pops and crackles of New Years fireworks sounded in the background as your boyfriend sealed your lips in midnight’s kiss. Watching from the balcony outside of your bedroom, you felt elated to have Karamatsu by your side at the stroke of the new year. A few drinks of champagne had wrapped you both in heat rather quickly. You moaned softly when his hand came around your waist. He left you melting in his strong grip, and you tilted your head back, fingers digging into the leather of his jacket.

“Kara…” you sighed, feeling kisses trail down your neck. He chuckled deep as he continued on, his sunglasses slipping down the bridge of his nose. You couldn’t help but swoon, when his voice rumbled in your ear, showering you in compliments. How positively stunning you were in your ensemble, the radiance of your eyes against the lit up sky, how happy he was to be in the arms of his beloved girlfriend. However, you truly felt heat rise to your cheeks when your chin was taken into his fingers, intensity of his gaze piercing you,

“Shall we ring in the New Year on a love note, chérie?”

The way his hands gripped your hips gave way to your understanding what he’d meant. Your lips in his, tongues mingling in immediate passion, he backed you slowly into the room. Knees connected with the edge of the bed, you found yourself colliding gently with the sheets. He looked near ravenous above you, dark hair falling over his thick brows and a wicked glint in his chocolate eyes. Hands traveled to his broad shoulders, slowly moving down to trace the solid contours of his chest. Karamatsu dipped into the junction of your neck and shoulder, placing pointed nips along your skin. You bit your lip as the graze of his teeth sent heat between your thighs. A long lick sent a shudder up your spine - but not as electrifying as the feel of his fingers slipping up your thighs to take the edges of your panties. The material was slid down your legs as he kissed over your throat. A shaky whine escaped you, the anticipation of what you two were about to do making your heart race. With your panties gone, you moved to slide your calves around Karamatsu’s waist, assuming that was how he wanted you: under him, writhing in need, ready to sing his name to the heavens. How surprised you were when your hips were gripped tightly and twisted - suddenly finding yourself upright, legs spread over your boyfriend’s lap. Instinctively, you steadied yourself, palms flat over his chest. You were confused by the intention until you felt something solid slide over your bare sex. Underneath you, Karamatsu pushed his hips up, eyes half-closed as he already felt your wetness dripping onto his jeans.

“Feel that?…” he rasped, hands clasped on your thighs as he ground against you, “Nngh…all for you, my love…”

You whimpered, wanting to feel him inside you already. He sensed this, and with a smooth quickness snatched your wrist, bringing your fingers to his belt and zipper. The low hum sounded in the room as your hand was guided downward. You lifted your hips, understanding what he wanted, and stripped him carefully of his jeans and underwear. Soon the heat of the room became too much, and you quickly disrobed, your skirt being the only thing left on you, bunched up over your ass. You re-positioned yourself over his length, expecting Karamatsu to meet you with a clean thrust…but he stayed still.

“My flower…” he started, licking his lips at the sight of your bare chest rising and falling, “2018 proves to be a year of bravery, does it not?…”

Flushed, you tilted your head in confusion, half not from understanding him, half from the way his eyes raked hungrily over your chest. Sinful grin on his face, Karamatsu continued,

“Don’t be afraid…grab this bull by the horns” and just under you did you feel the head of his swollen cock breach your folds, “and ride.

Breath hitching, you finally caught on, and slowly you sunk down on him. An exhale as the fullness of him inside you shook pleasure in your hips. With your knees locked tight to his thighs, you slid yourself up his length. You desperately tried to stifle a moan, starting a rhythm that pulsed up your thighs. Karamatsu eyed you, all lowered lashes and parted lips. Ethereal was your form above him, and he counted himself the luckiest man alive to be connected with you in such an intimate way. He hissed in pleasure as he felt you slam down on him, your pace picking up. His hand snaked up to cup under your bouncing breasts, nipples teased between his fingers.

Ahh! Karamatsu!” you mewled, arching your back into his touch. He groaned low, biting his lip, “Unghh, that’s it love…let me take you higher,” and his hand dipped below your belly to stroke your swollen clit. He began meeting your thrusts with a few of his own, growling out, “I’m but a slave to the passions of a goddess…”

“KaraKaraKara” you chanted, body flushing at his words and the electricity soaring through you. Your fingernails bared down on his chest, to which he grit his teeth, only to slam himself up into you. The sound of your ass smacking against his thighs pulled you faster toward your peak. You pushed yourself down on him, panting out now how good he felt inside you. Throwing your head back, he frantically rubbed circles into your sensitive bundle of nerves and your body was swept in a sudden orgasm. You pitched forward, his name a shrill yell off your lips as your thighs quaked. When your movements began to slow, arms suddenly came around your lower back as you were sat upright in his lap. Karamatsu pulled himself up to encase you, hands on your ass as he drilled up into your center.

“Kara! Fuck, Karamatsuuu!” came your heady voice, pussy sensitive from your release. His lips found their way to your neck once more, rough pants dampening the skin and the sting of his teeth making you moan. Your fingers curled into his dark locks, hips colliding with his, and shock waves being pounded into you.

“I love you, Kara, oh god, I love you”

That was all he needed - the song of his siren pushed him over the edge, warmth rushing between your legs as he came deep within you. He groaned low against your skin as you were held tighter in his embrace, the working piston of his cock slowing to a stop.

A few moments you spent there, kissing him softly and exchanging loving words. Finally, when you pulled off him, you were taken into his arms once more, his chest pressed against your back. Ringing in 2018 with him by your side…there was no other way you could’ve imagined it. You loved him. For all he was worth.

Gentle kisses were pressed up your shoulder blade,

“Truly I am blessed to have such a beautiful woman by my side…Happy New Year, my Karamatsu Girl.” You snuggled into his chest further, a small laugh leaving you, “No other place I’d rather be, Karamatsu…I love you too.”

He sighed into your hair, arms squeezing you gently. It didn’t take long before you both fell peacefully asleep.

Chapter Text

You awoke to the gentle sound of birds chirping by your windowsill. The slow flutter of your lashes peeked in the daylight, and you took in your first breath of the morning. Warmth surrounded you, the source of it being the man behind you, Karamatsu, whose arms were strewn loosely around your form. His chest was pressed into your back, rising and falling in slow waves as he dozed. You peered over your shoulder to take in his sleeping form. A slight burst of heat in your chest radiated at the sight of him: bangs brushed off to the side, thick brows settled comfortably over sleepy lashes. The necessity to kiss him lapped inside of you, but you kept your composure. He’d wake on his own and kiss you anyway.

You shimmied a bit to shift into a different position, readying yourself to drift back into a slumber. Wisps of last night replayed into your memories: hands gliding over the entirety of your body, his words ringing in your ears like a profound melody as he took your body into the fires of passion. The height of your orgasm still hummed in your legs and hips. There was a slight soreness plaguing your limbs - but you welcomed it. At your movement, you heard the soft groan of your love behind you. A small smile came to your features when you felt soft pecks against your shoulder blade.

“Good morning, my love,” he rasped, the grit of sleep still caught in his throat. You turned to kiss his cheek, “Good morning, Karamatsu.”

His fingers grazed over the contours of your body, lingering in places you loved him the most touching you. Clips of last night played in his head as well, and he blushed slightly at the memory of you crying out. Karamatsu touched his forehead to the nape of your neck, a shuddered breath going down your back before he pressed a kiss into it. His arms drew you tighter against him, and he lazily began a trail of warm kisses up your neck and toward the back of your ear. He sighed in your ear, voice trailing afterward to rumble out,


“I love you…”

You knew it. In the way he held you, in the kisses you shared, in how masterfully he’d come to cook you breakfast later, you felt it.

And so it was returned, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

This was the first time he’d ever seen you in something like this. Shopping with your cousin, you stopped inside a lingerie store for her to buy new bras. There it was, on the display mannequin in its red laced glory. Your cousin demanded you try it on, snickering at how much Osomatsu would love it. The clerk took your measurements and lead to the backroom, where you did your best to slip the garment on. Managing to finally wrestle the thing onto your body, you stepped back and looked over your frame in the mirror. Slender hips were caressed by thin red fabric, and the thong sat high enough on your hips to elongate your legs despite your height. The actual bra sat gorgeously on your smaller chest. Your breasts were lifted in the cups, and the straps hugged just over and under you chest to give the illusion of a very ample bust. Fingers tracing down over your cleavage, you were in awe of the lace that covered you. It was so…you. Mouth slightly agape, you couldn’t believe how perfect you looked in it - transformed from the dainty thing you usually were to this goddess. You were a sexual creature in your own right, and you felt it in your limbs the confidence boost the soft material gave you. Never had you purchased something so quickly.

Meeting Osomatsu at your place for dinner was the plan. You whipped up something quick, laughing softly as you watched him tear into your home cooked meal.

“Oso…” you trailed off gently. Your boyfriend looked up from where he lazed, strewn across your couch like an engorged cat who ate too much. Biting your lip, you willed yourself to say, “I…I have a surprise for you. Wait here.”

Osomatsu’s gaze followed you as you left the living room to your bedroom. That boyish grin came across his face, curiosity as to what your “gift” could be plaguing him. You carefully slipped on the lingerie along with a pair of thigh highs you’d purchased. Draping a bathrobe around your form, you inhaled deep, eyes closing to focus.

You can do this.

When you finally emerged from your bedroom, Osomatsu snickered, “I’ve seen you in that bathrobe dozens of times, babe.”

It was near impossible for you not to roll your eyes, but you continued you on. Fingers undoing the knot, you said flatly, “It’s what’s underneath that counts, silly,” and with that, you dropped your robe. Watching Osomatsu’s face drop from cheeky asshole to sinful shock sent raw heat up your thighs. His eyes crawled slowly up your legs, satin material of your thigh highs caressing your soft legs. Up your sides, licking his lips at the teeny strap of the thong sitting on your petite hips was starting to drive him wild. Ah but the icing on the cake was your bra - that cherry red lace push up was practically begging to be ripped off. Your tiny frame was suddenly taken into his arms - a quickness you didn’t know Osomatsu possessed.

“Oh, babe…” he purred, lips at your ear now. He pecked a few kisses down your jaw, “You shouldn’t have~”

A giggle left you, dipping softly into a moan when his tongue swept over your throat. Pleased as punch were you hearing how much he liked your ensemble.

“No babe, you don’t understand…” and then he pulled from you softly, arms slowly traveling up your back. When you finally locked eyes, you shuddered; Osomatsu stared you down in hunger, bourbon irises darkening to an enticing brown-black. His toothy smile held mischief and a promise for something carnal in the moments coming. Your legs were taken in his hands and wrapped around his waist as he pushed you into the wall,

You really shouldn’t have.

Chapter Text



She slinked down the stairs, trying her hardest to be quiet in heels. Her friends were parked around the corner, ready to round her up for the party they’d heard about across town. Peeking around the corner she exhaled in relief, her father not asleep on the couch like he normally was each at. Tip-toeing to the front door she barely wrapped her hand around the handle when it swung open.

“I swear Choromatsu cheats evvvvvery time” Osomatsu griped drunkenly, “That’s the lassssst time I play rock, paper, scissors. Pulling rock all the time issss a fucking chump move.”

He slammed the door behind him, much to his daughters surprise, “WHEN AM I GONNA WIN?!”

She covered her ears at his shouting, desperately trying not to make a sound, seeing as how he didn’t seem to notice her there. The door clicked open quietly, but just as she pulled it open once more, a hand clapped onto her shoulder. His daughter was spun around, Osomatsu donning a serious, sobered look as he shut the door softly.

“Your uncle maaaaay be an idiot,” he slurred, “But that doesssn’t make me one, kid.

Immediately she went to pout “Ughhh but Daaaaad my friends- “

“Nope!” he cut her off, “Don’t wanna hear it. Upstairs you go.”

She huffed, stomping up the stairs with her fists balled at her sides.

“And burn those clothes!” Osomatsu called after her, “In fact, we’re going to the nun store tomorrow!”

His head hurt thinking about how fast his daughter growing and he wasn’t ready to deal with her already trying to sneak out and wear adult’s clothes so soon.

What a nun store was, he didn’t know, but at the moment he was too drunk to care.




Abruptly was how he woke, lyrics snapping into his thoughts with haste. Karamatsu slipped quietly out of bed, the goal to tip toe his way to his study so he could scrawl his words out before they left his memory. He made it down the hall and downstairs, almost passing the kitchen before a hint of movement caught his eye.

Turning his head, he caught his daughter, clad in a bodycon dress and booties trying to quietly undo the locks of the backdoor. Immediately his brows dropped in a serious stare, arms folding at the sight of his daughter,

“And just where does my little firefly think she’s going at such a late hour?”

His daughter yelped, not expecting anyone to be awake so late. She peered shakily over to her father, who was leaning against the wall. His expression was what she liked to call his ‘mafia face’ - because that look seemed like it could kill.

“D-Daddy! I…was…” Dammit. Nothing came to her on the fly.

“Surely my precious, good-natured, angel of a daughter wasn’t about to leave the safety of her home to go gallivanting into the night wearing next to nothing, was she?” He cocked an eyebrow, stern look still hardening his features.

She’d been caught. No denying that now. Taking her hands off the door she sighed in defeat, “No, Daddy…”

He pushed up off the wall to let her pass him, “Good! Then get some rest sweetheart, you’ll spend tomorrow morning polishing my guitars with me!”

Her face sunk, “Daddy you have like 50 of them!”

Karamatsu snapped his fingers as he walked toward his study, guffawing on the way, “Then you should sleep soon, you’ll need your energy!”




Dressed in a miniskirt and crop top, she peered around the corner to find the living room dark. She had plans to meet up some friends up the block, who, funny enough, had the person she liked with them. Nearly squealing at the thought of getting to spend a little time with her crush, she shuffled over to the door. As quickly as she’d managed to get the thing open, she still heard the faint click to her left.

A light came on - and under it was the half-illuminated face of her father, sitting calmly with a hand folded into his lap. His glasses held a menacing sheen under the artificial lighting and she paled at the sight.

“It’s 2:30 in the morning.” Choromatsu said flatly. Aware she couldn’t see it, his eyes narrowed in fatherly irritation. Wearing something that barely covered her legs and heading out in the middle of the night? Unacceptable.

She stood there like a dear in headlights, “U-Um…hi, Dad?”

Choromatsu pinched the bridge of his nose, “I mean…I don’t think this even bares mentioning, but you know you’re grounded right?”

The exasperated expression she paid him reminded him of his own in his younger days. She groaned in frustration and headed back to her room, trying not to cry in the process. He watched her trudge back, faintly catching her mumble about meeting someone she liked, and he instantly felt bad for his daughter. He hated being the stern out of the parents, but it always seemed to end up that way. Choromatsu sighed, a father’s responsibility wasn’t always a fair or easy one…and watching her get older was sometimes hard. It felt like just yesterday she was dancing with him to one of his old Nyaa-chan singles. How time flies.

Choromatsu promised himself he’d be lighter on the topic when they’d awake the next day, but in the meantime…


From under his lap he pulled the latest volume of the manga he was invested in. In this situation it was easier for him to seem like he was an overly concerned parent than to really explain why he was awake in the living room so late.




This wasn’t going to be easy. She donned a black dress, short enough to show off enough skin to catch some eyes on the dance floor she planned to tear up. Hoping the hue of her ensemble would cloak her in darkness, she trudged on. Up and out of her window, sliding down a makeshift rope and landing quickly on her feet. Cat-like reflexes handed down in her blood-line - she had to be thankful for that much. Brushing off some stray debris, she walked steadily out toward the side of the house, being careful that her boots didn’t catch on anything. She was nearly down the block when a soft noise caught her attention.

Blinking, she was immediately startled at the feeling of something brushing against her calf. Looking up at her was a small tabby, green eyes shining against the moonlight and tail upright at friendly attention. She bit her lip, gently willing the creature away.

“Shoo, little one, shoo! If Daddy hears you…”

A headrub to her ankle was the response, before a quick meow sounded from it. Her fingers grazed behind its ears to appease it. She heard the soft purr of adoration, before the cat’s ears pricked up and soon it dashed from her side.


Careful steps were taken in the direction she was heading, until just around the corner a figure turned. Her unaware status lead her to smack right into the person, and she quickly mumbled out an apology until she looked up. Staring directly down at her was none other than her father, whose pissed off aura was already coming off in great waves. She whimpered innocently, the frown behind his mask VERY visible.

“P-Papa, I’m so-” “We’re going home.

How did he even know she was out here?!

Again, the soft meow she heard earlier chimed from behind Ichimatsu’s leg, emerald sheen almost human-like when they narrowed. She silently shot the cat a dirty look, ‘You snitch!

Looking up at her livid father, she switched her gaze to mimic sad kitten eyes. He drew back slightly, his daughter knew how to play on his weakness. It was hard to be as threatening with her when all he sees is his little girl. The same little girl who looked almost grown up, and it was killing him to think so much time had passed. Still…she was too young for whatever she thought she could accomplish here, and he had a job as her father to make her at least aware that there were rules.


“Tch…” Ichimatsu tapped on her forehead with a knuckle. He leaned down, lowering himself to eye level with his daughter “I have eyes and ears everywhere. Be smart to never forget that before you think of bright ideas like this one.” With that, he brushed past her, leading the way back home. She followed without another word, a quick shudder leaving her. Ichimatsu being lenient with her wasn’t uncommon, but in this particular case, she knew it was because the lecture she’d get in the morning from her mother was going to be far, far worse.




A run for it. That was the only way she knew how to make it out if she wanted to go this party. In her short shorts and crop top she dashed out of the house, converses barely making it on her feet. She peeked over her shoulder from time to time, thankful she was alone in her running. That was…at least until she heard a familiar wild laugh. In the distance she heard the quick footsteps of her father chasing after her.

“Shitshitshitshitshit” she chanted, picking up speed, as she rounded the corner. The agility nearly knocked her off balance, but she continued down the streets of Akatsuka, nipping corners and cutting through backyards to evade her speedy parent. She’d taken a great deal after Jyushimatsu, and he almost felt proud - if he wasn’t so angry. Hands pressed to the concrete, she’d made the mistake of turning down a straight lined road. He kicked off, his expression dropping into a thin line as his arms swung at his sides to aid his sprinting. She was easily swept off her feet, Jyushimatsu’s arm catching around her middle and holding her under his armpit like a bag of rice. He skidded to a stop, and huffed out a quick exhale before his exaggerated grin returned.

“Haha! Thought you could sneak out!” he laughed, “Dad’s gotcha!”

She flailed slightly in his strong grip, “Aww c’mon Dad, I wasn’t gonna be gone long!”

He looked down at her, smile still in tact, but his eyes stretching to cat-like wideness, “It’s 3 in the morning. The only place you should be is in bed.”

She shrunk back nervously, only to finally bow her head with a groan, “Yes, Daaaaad”

Jyushimatsu lifted his head once more, childlike laughter sounding like cruel mockery, “Ahaha, oh man you have no idea how grounded you are!”




She was hesitant about meet her friends, but they’d finally convinced her to come out with them around 1 am so she could go dancing with them. Donned in a bustier and highwaisted jeans, she took her pumps in her hands as she slid down the hallway. Paying especially careful to her parents bedroom as she passed, she almost had a heart attack when the soft sound of buzzing filled the air. She clapped a hand over her back pocket, willing the noise to stop - trying desperately to stifle it.

…Only the noise wasn’t coming from her phone.

“Cute outfit…” a voice taunted sarcastically. Looking over her shoulder she caught the barely lit face of her father, unamused look on his face.


Shit…so the buzzing came from him. Should’ve known, the way he’s attached to that thing.

“You’re fucking nuts if you think, A: you’re going out wearing nothing but a bra, B: that you’re going out at all!” Todomatsu yelled, arms going up in anger. “It’s like 1 in the morning, there’s literally nothing you should be doing right now but sleeping, are you kidding?!”

“Ughhh Daddy, okay, I’m sorry!” she retorted, rolling her eyes. He watched her stomp back toward her room, his eyes narrowing in annoyance,

“Yeah, you should be! About to have me up all night worrying about you?! Ridiculous!”

She sighed as she listened to her father drone on, jumping near out of her skin when his fist tapped the door, “You’ll thank me when you’re in your twenties and then all you’ll ever wanna do is sleep!”

Her head hit her pillow, a loud groan escaping her as he continued.

“Oh my God, Daddy go to bed!” she whined.

Sneaking out was not worth this.

Chapter Text

“Absolutely not!” came the shrieking of your mother, hands on her hips. You clutched the box tight to your chest, a small calico cat being its contents. Your father looked at you with great disgust, “You barely take of yourself, how the hell do you think you’ll be able to take care of a cat?”

You bit back your tears. Being a student didn’t make you incapable of taking care of yourself. Just because you lived under their roof didn’t make you unkempt or inept, and it hurt to think your parents would think so little of you. Finding the little one on the side of a road, you couldn’t just leave it! It was going to rain later, the last thing you’d let happen was leave that poor little kitten out to fight the unforgiving conditions. So you did what any sensible person would do - you took it home. What you didn’t expect was this backlash from your parents. You didn’t have the heart to argue with them as you were to afraid to do so, and you felt yourself shrinking at their words. Enough so, that when it became convenient, you slipped away, tears threatening to fall as you ran to the only other person you knew would help.

“So…it was on the side of the road?” he repeated, opening the box carefully. The kitten tilted its head at Ichimatsu, big hazel eyes shining in wonder. He lifted it carefully with his hands, turning the creature gently to make sure it wasn’t hurt. You nodded, fingers clutching onto your coat. You were beginning to recall your parents screaming at you again. A quick sniffle brought Ichimatsu’s attention to you - and it was then he noticed you’d been crying. His borderline frown deepened at your oncoming tears.

“H-Hey…what’s wrong?”

Biting your lip, you let slip a short sob, “M-My parents…they won’t let me keep it,” you shuddered, wetness covering your cheeks now, “I…I couldn’t leave it out there…b-b-but they don’t understand.” His brows upturn in concern, almost not being able to comprehend how anyone could let a defense creature suffer… but he let you continue,

“I didn’t know w-where else to turn…” your wrist came to rub tears out of your eyes, “That’s…that’s why I’m here. I’m so sorry t-to thrust this on you, Ichimatsu.”

You looked at your hands in shame, “I didn’t know what to do…”

The calico meowed in Ichimatsu’s arms, played swatting at the cat toy he’d procured as you were talking. His fingers came under its chin, gently coaxing a loud purr from it. He looked down at the thing, a mix of pity and adoration on his face. A thoughtful noise came from the purple matsu, and you felt a hand touch your sleeve.

“…It can stay with me.” Your head shot up in shock. With a hand coming over to his sleeve now, you clutched his arm, “I-Ichimatsu, no! I could never do that to do!”

He looked away, a bit shy at the sudden outburst. Your hand released his sleeve, and you mumbled out an apology. The kitten had curled up in his lap at this point, ready for an afternoon snooze. Tense was the room, if only for a moment when Ichimatsu cut in, “I take care of cats all the time…you know this already.”

A shift in your sitting, “Y-Yes, but…this isn’t your burden to bare.”

You almost missed him roll his eyes, and he leaned over, nonchalantly catching your gaze, “You act as though I wouldn’t have taken it in myself if I’d been in your shoes.”


He had a point. Ichimatsu was well known for feeding and caring for the local strays. Kittens and older cats alike were all well acquainted with his care. Would this really be any different? You mulled over the idea, settling on a compromise, “Okay…but I want to help you however I can.” Ichimatsu gave you a short shrug, but he ultimately agreed. It took a good hour to think of a name, but you finally settled on Gan-Gan, short for Ganbarou. You figured it would fit, girl or boy - to which you’d find out at the vet’s tomorrow.

In the meantime, you were just thankful to have the kitten somewhere safe and in good hands. You couldn’t thank Ichimatsu for helping you help the cat. As though on cue, he teased, “You know…since we’re raising a cat together - you might want to be careful…you might find you can get used to me.”

The slight blush that accompanied his pointed little grin only served to make you laugh, although you know it was meant to be playfully menacing. He didn’t expect you to bust into a fit of giggles, but the way you laughed sounded much happier than the last few times he’s heard you. Ichimatsu smirked, only to end up tensing when you moved to kiss him on the cheek. You were grateful for him, a whole different set of tears coming down your face now.

Chapter Text

Oh god, he’d think you were stupid. You couldn’t do this, you couldn’t do this!

Sitting next to you was your boyfriend of barely a month, Ichimatsu. The one all your friends warned you about because he seemed “terrifying”, and at first, you thought it to be true. He didn’t say much to anyone, not even his brothers if he could help it. Yet he caught you one day, feeding the same strays he usually took care of - and apparently that was enough for him to strike a conversation. Several conversations later, and you found yourself on an actual date with him - playing with cats at the local cat café.

Everything about him at first seemed like he’d kill before he’d date you, but his words tended to be the opposite: gentle. They weren’t often said with much feeling, but you figured he’d still need time to get to that point. Your date today included merely enjoying each others company on a small picnic. You’d brought a light spread, some things you knew he liked to munch on. The sun was comfortable for you too, but here you sat, shifting uncomfortably. Feeling like a middleschooler, you were trying to find a way to bringing up the idea of…kissing. It was insane that in your twenties you didn’t feel able to just dive in and do it - but Ichimatsu didn’t move like most. You weren’t able to read him, and what you often took as something wrong, was actually him being unable to express himself. Yet he treated kindly, never overstepped his boundaries and while people tended to paint him at apathetic, he was actually quite interested in what you had to say. Was it weird for you to want to kiss him?

You were starting to think so - and the sweat that dripped from his brow was letting you know that you were possibly making him uncomfortable. His eyes kept passing between you and the basket - a nervous aura about him. He was well aware you were staring, and it was at this point you realized you shouldn’t have made it so obvious. If only you knew when a good time was! Ready to pack up the picnic basket, you moved to put away the extra food when a hand caught your wrist, “Hey…”

Your eyes traveled to the hand on you, and up to look at the anxious expression he wore. His face slow began to flush, but his hand remained on you,

“I…I-I have something to…shit…I have something t-to ask” he stuttered out, eyes drifting off to the side, desperately trying to get his bearings. You tilted your head, and he snapped his eyes shut,

“Can I kiss you?” he muttered, shrinking back slightly. It was as though he was waiting for rejection, unbeknownst to him that he’d read your mind. An answer never even left you before you dove on him and pressed your lips against his. His body froze, unsure what to do as he hadn’t planned this far, but when your fingers found his messy hair, he melted. His arms came around your back, pulling you closer, and you felt him press back into the kiss. It was a good minute before you parted, you slowly taking in the air that you’d knocked out of your lungs.

“I’d….been waiting…” you huffed, brushing your hair out of your face, “to do that…for a while…”

Ichimatsu looked up at you in disbelief, the soft blush on his face looking so adorable - until it faded and a mischievous grin fell over his lips.

“So why didn’t you?” he purred.

You lifted your head, eyebrows scrunched together in faux annoyance, “Well you don’t exactly make it easy, silly!”

To that, he sat upright and shuffled closer to you. You were in his arms again when he nipped at your bottom lip,

“Tch…maybe I should then.”

Chapter Text

He’d be so lovestruck, you being so cute and coming to find that you were attentive and actually interested in hearing what he had to say? Well it only made him feel for you faster. He’d open up to you, sometimes tearfully, sometimes boldly, and eventually your friendship turned into something so much deeper. He took your hands in his one day, blush covering across his cheeks and ears. His words would start, but trail off each time, and you realized he was nervous.

“Tell me, Karamatsu,” you gently said, your fingers giving his a reassuring squeeze. His thumbs brushed over your knuckles and he exhaled, brows turned down in a serious manner. You shivered at the bold connection of his eyes with yours,

“I’m in love with you.”

Chapter Text

It’d be nice to watch the sunrise in Karamatsu’s arms…gentle tiredness wrapped around you both. His head would rest on top of yours, arms encircled around you. You can feel the gentle graze of his fingertips on your forearms.

“I love you” he whispers, planting a soft kiss at the top of your head.

The morning comes quietly, dew drops glowing on the grass below. You feel right here, safe. There’s warmth in both of you.

“I love you too,” you hum back, shifting your shoulders to press further into his chest.

The sun rises in brilliant hues. Your heart beats the same.

Chapter Text

Imagine you and your matsu have been intimate for a little while now, and you’ve been letting them experiment with taking the reigns and leading during sex (since you felt it necessary to do so before, being the one with more experience).

You two are talking about it casually and he expresses that he feels a lot more comfortable being dominant. He thanks you and gives you a kiss telling you he loves you and he’s happy to be in a meaningful relationship with you that feels comforting and exciting all at once. His sentiment is returned and you express how happy you are that he feels comfortable, you were actually really enjoying him taking the wheel.

“That’s great,” he says, and suddenly there’s a shift in atmosphere. You’re pushed onto your back, as his hand takes your chin. In a low voice he rumbles, “Then maybe it’s time you start acting like a proper sub.”

Chapter Text


This couldn’t happen again. Not after all the shit you’ve been through. The way your ex tore down your heart like cheap sheetrock…and the careful precision you put into building your poor spirit back to fullness.

But the way he looked at you…he didn’t look at anyone the same way. You were friends for a long time. Just friends, or so you thought. Crying over something so minute was how he found you and when his arms came around you - something about it felt so natural. Like you belonged there.

Like you’ve belonged there for a while now.

And then you kissed him. Kissed him like you felt you were always meant to. Desperate that you’d never feel right again if you let him slip away.

And he kissed you back. Favor and fervor returned at the slip of his tongue against yours.You whimpered, not at the kiss - but at the rush of emotions that blew through you.

Safe was how you felt when he was around. No…

When he laughed, it sounded like home. Oh no…

He was different when it came to you. Less shitty, more giving. He’d always said how glad he was you two were friends…but the kisses he was placing down your neck, and the way your name rolled off his tongue…

All the times he’s heard you complain and cry…

The late night oden and the talks at the park…

You clutched at his hoodie, moaning when he nipped at the junction of your neck and shoulders. Overwhelmed by the feel of him radiating over you entirely, you bit back tears - it hit you with no warning:

You were in love with him.

Chapter Text

Just…imagine running your fingers up the soft peach fuzz at the back of his head and into the silken locks at the top of his head. You’re pressed gently into the wall: one arm at the side of your head, the other around your waist. His lips press kisses down your cheek, trailing over your pulse and into the junction of your shoulder and neck. Like a heavy whisper, his name falls off your lips and your nails gently scrape his scalp. He purrs into your skin, body encasing you further into the wall.


You’re punchdrunk over the sensation of him; surrounded by him entirely, the way he smells, the strength you feel in those arms of his when he hikes your leg around his torso and the way his back tenses when his hips grind into yours. Drinking him in inebriates you - and there’s nothing you’d rather getting fucked up by.


“Karamatsu…” you whine, when his teeth scrape over your neck. His soft hickory eyes have darkened to a robust onyx, brows lowered in a heady expression. Your words leave you when your eyes connect, but even when they’re found they’re swallowed in a heated kiss. He takes the air from your lungs and you feel yourself buckle under him. A chuckle leaves him as he catches under your standing thigh, pulling your leg up to wrap around his waist entirely. Without breaking your kiss, he walks you to the bed, and you flush - knowing full well that the heights the man is about to take you just might ascend heaven itself.

Chapter Text

You hear a knocking at your door.

Unexpecting of any visitors, you quickly wipe the tears that trailed down your cheeks and curiously unlocked your door. Peeking through the crack, you recognized those shades anywhere. At your doorstep, with his hair clinging to his forehead, and his jacket drenched from the pelting rain - was Karamatsu…with two bags of takeout in his hands.

“You…You didn’t sound yourself earlier on the phone, my sweet, so I thought I’d come to you.”

Recalling your conversation with him earlier, you didn’t realize that you sounded off. Though, you supposed the crying session you’d have only minutes before his arrival alluded to something bothering you. You blushed, realizing that Karamatsu picked up on that quicker than you did. Letting him into the house, you took the bags from his hands as he shook of his jacket to dry at the door step. He fussed with his wet hair, opting to shake it out with his hand and brush it off to the side.

‘Just like him to get my favorite stuff’, you thought, plating everything for you both to eat. You settled at the couch, Karamatsu having raided your closet for your most-loved blanket. He threw one side over his shoulder, the other coming around you as you took a few bites of your food. Small talk was made: he talking about his day with his brothers earlier and you laughing at their antics. Eventually you settled to ask,

“What were you thinking going out in the rain like that?”

Your response came in the morning of a thoughtful noise, “I needed to make sure my honey was okay…” the charming grin he usually sports drops in concern, and he gently curls his fingers around your hand, “…Are you?”

It didn’t hit you at first, but your blurred vision reminded you that you were crying. You eased your plate onto the coffee table and felt your resolve slowly breaking. Next you knew, you were sobbing out your words. The underlying root of your upset was slowly choked out to Karamatsu, who gingerly held your hand as you cried. A gentle clattering of dishes sounded and you found yourself taken into his arms. You leaned into his chest, whole body shaking from your tears. His fingers tangled carefully in your hair, soft strokes coming down your head.

“Shhhh shh shh, it’s alright,” he whispered, resting his chin on your head. He held you through your crying, moving only so he could grab the remote from the coffee table. Karamatsu continued to murmur words of reassurance and comfort, pressing loving kisses to the top of your head and your forehead. It took a little while before your sobbing died down, quieting into tiny sniffles and hiccups. The tv was clicked on, and you immediately heard your favorite show in the background. A thumb grazed your wet cheek, trying to wipe your tears. You instead leaned into his touch, to which he laughed softly. It stayed that way for a while, you comfortable against his chest, his arms loosely around you, tv playing in the background.

When you felt brave enough, you flipped over, settling yourself in his lap. You brought the blanket around you both, and Karamatsu shifted to bring you closer against him. He leaned down, another kiss coming to the top of your head,

“…I love you.”

A small smile graced your features, “I love you too Kara…”

You spelled your thanks out by reaching up to peck a kiss to his cheek. He wrapped his arms around your, holding you tightly as you both spent your afternoon watching Chopped, a calmness coming over your previously troubled heart.

Chapter Text

Todomatsu (He uses lotions and takes great care of his skin. Fingernails are clean, if not manicured. Soft to the touch and he enjoys how often he’s told ‘They’re so soft, oh my god!’)

Karamatsu (Also takes care of skin because how else will he look dazzling. Despite playing guitar and running the risk of having callouses, he does his best to prevent that. He can’t bear the thought of his touch being rough on his lover’s skin)

Choromatsu (Doesn’t do a whole lot, but will put on lotion if he notices his skin a little dry [or for y’know…other reasons]. Fingernails are also clean, though he’ll have a hangnail or a papercut from his manga collection that he’ll put a band-aid around. He’s nervous when it comes to his hands, they tend to shake a lot.)

Osomatsu (Doesn’t do anything at all to his skin. Hands are pretty nimble, but kinda dry. Only reason they ever get moisturized is so he can fap. He’s expressive with his hands: always rubbing his nose, his stomach, under his chin, snapping, picking his ear, etc.)

Ichimatsu (All the kitties giving him kisses have roughed up his hands a bit. Plus when he goes out to feed them during the winter, he sometimes forgets to wear gloves so the winter air is a little harsh on him. Hands are perfect for hand-holding as they’re big and warm most of the time)

Jyushimatsu (Hands are definitely calloused from all the gripping he does with the bat and catching those fly balls sometimes with his bare hands. He’s not averse to using for his hands for many different things. Push-ups, knocking around a speedbag with his fists, punching through wood, and so on. His hands are pretty big all over, but he touches very gently and the coarse feel of his fingers honestly makes one shiver.)

Chapter Text

He’d be very gentle at first, pressing kisses down your stomach, fingers running up over your knees. Slowly he’d spread your legs, lips ghosting over the skin of your thighs. His eyes, like blackened marble, watched you. Watched your chest shudder with anticipation, felt your toes curl at the feeling of him so close to your flesh. The backs of your legs were taken in his palms, hiking them over his shoulders. Your panties were gone long ago - the heat between your legs at his mercy now.

Karamatsu exhaled over you, slowly dragging up your frame,

“Spare me no note of your song, darling” and pressed a quick kiss to your pussy, “I want to hear you sing.”

Suddenly his tongue was inside you, curling against the velvet of your walls, practically drinking you. He groaned loud and long, arms caging your thighs to steel you. For a second he pulled from you to rumble out low, “My love…you taste…” and he placed a breathy open mouth kiss over your lower lips, “Like absolute honey…”

It didn’t take long until you were a shaking mess before him. With each stroke he lavished inside you with or the rough sucks over your clit, you felt your body rise to the flame. Your thighs quivered in his hold, and the way you mewled when his tongue circled your clit was the sweetest music he’d ever hear. His eyes roamed your body once more, falling on your face. Never had he seen something so angelic, yet so sinful. Perfect lips parted, cute nose scrunched slightly with each jolt of pleasure to your core…he loved watching you come undone. Your fingers found his dark locks and your breathing was coming uneven. He pressed hard down over your pussy, tongue exploring every inch of your sex. Your breath hitched as you came, and Karamatsu made no effort to move. His tongue slid back into your folds, taking your essence back onto his tongue. You panted, keening a little when lips grazed oversensitive clit. It took a great amount of restraint not to snap your thighs against his head - but Karamatsu spared you, pressing a gentle kiss to your pussy and easing your legs off of him. He licked his lips, half-lidded gaze eyeing you,

“Did my honey enjoy?”

Your answer came in the form of you pulling him down on top of you for a kiss.

Chapter Text

You’d invited Jyushimatsu over for a comfortable afternoon in. The snow outside wasn’t lightening up anytime soon, and it was just so comfortable in your quaint apartment that you figured it a good idea. Your boyfriend bounced on your couch as you inserted the blu-ray. You thought ahead, popping a full bowl of popcorn for the two of you to share.

“Okay Jyushimatsu, we’re watching The Sandlot like I promised” you chirped, coming to join him. He wrapped his arms around you, peppering your cheeks with gentle kisses, “Yay yay! I love that movie!”

You internally pat yourself on the back, knowing his love for baseball and all. Plus…it didn’t hurt that you loved the movie too. Bowl of popcorn in hand, a sudden idea struck. Jyushimatsu had told you a few weeks ago about his dolphin training, something you found adorable - and now you wanted to put this “training” to the test. Grabbing a few kernels, you quickly nudged your boyfriend,

“Think fast, Jyushimatsu!” and you tossed them toward his face. Without thinking, he caught them in his mouth, munching happily in no time.

“Aha! Thanks!”

He grabbed a handful himself, “You try to catch them now!”, with which he tossed the handful up in the air. You tried to aim your mouth near the biggest group, only managing to catch a few onto your tongue while the rest smacked you on different parts of your face. A giggle came from you as you chewed the pieces you caught,

“I’m not very good at that” you whined. Jyushimatsu didn’t mind, whatever you weren’t able to catch, he speedily caught behind you. He laughed as he chomped,

“Try again! You can do it!”

Soon enough popcorn ended up everywhere - some in your mouths, some on the couch, and a bunch littered on the floor. You both laughed in each others arms, not caring about the mess, the movie menu looping in the background. The warmth of his arms felt like the best place to be at that moment.

Chapter Text

A few slow thrusts and you were already flushed. Osomatsu didn’t let you go too far past the closed door before his hands were on your thighs. Your entire face mimicked sweet cherries as you found yourself slowly losing your clothing, your boyfriend whispering filthy things in your ear. He loved to tease you, knowing very well that it got such a rise out of you. His hands held your slender thighs, spreading you open just enough to give you a view of his cock slipping in and out of your slick opening. Your eyes snapped shut, unable to view the sight lest you become a completely short-circuited mess. Osomatsu took notice, a smug grin coming over his face; he leaned over, licking a long trail up your neck and over to your ear,

“Feels good, huh?” he purred, nipping at your earlobe. You whined, biting your lip - he was tormenting you, you knew it. It was exactly what he wanted. He hit you with a fairly hard thrust, “C’mon…I know you like it…tell Oso how good it feels~”

Your hands came over your face, desperately willing the deepening blush on your cheeks to fade. Snickering was heard above you, and your boyfriend mumbled to himself “So cute!” to which you huffed out. Unfortunately, Osomatsu had no intention to let up, and instead pressed hard kisses into your neck and shoulder. Your smaller frame was caged by him as he wrapped your legs around his waist. He leaned on his forearms, and soon he was ramming into you double time.

“If you won’t tell me on your own….” he growled playfully, “then I’ll have to get it outta you”. He bit down on your neck, strong suction prickling your skin. A shriek left your lips and you arched into him involuntarily. The backs of your hands still covered your eyes - it was too much. The way he fucked you, his mouth on your neck, the lust in his voice…you were going to pass out the way he was taking your body.

“A-Ah! Osomatsuuu!” came your cry, and the red matsu chuckled. His eyes came up to your face, disappointed slightly that you were still trying to hide. Balancing on his knees now, he took both of your wrists in his hands, “K-Keep making those noises for me…”

Your eyes widened, and you weren’t sure your body could feel anymore on fire the way it did right now. He was pulling you closer and closer to your peak, a strong coil pooling at the pit of your stomach. His eyes narrowed, staring directly at your heated face, shit-eating grin plastered across his face. In a heated gesture, he slipped his tongue between two of your fingers, wrapped around one suggestively.

“Cum for me, baby…Oso wants to watch that pretty face cum”

Lips open in a full ‘O’, it was like he commanded your body promptly. You shake from your head to your toes as a striking wave of pleasure crashed into you. A high-pitched scream left you as you came - though he continue to pummel into your now sopping core. The hands that left yours were now plastered to your slim hips, as he pulled you in to fuck you faster. His eyes screwed shut in concentration and expletives flew from his tongue. You were a panting mess, overstimulated from your orgasm and the constant strokes to your walls. No sooner had you gasped “O-Osomatsu!” had he let out a keening noise, leaning forward slowly and stilling his hips. His cock pumped the sticky release deep inside you, and the rush of warmth made you shiver.

Coming down for your orgasmic high, he eased your legs off of him when he pulled out, settling between your legs and onto your breasts. He rubbed his face against them, wrapping his arms around your back.

“Ah…so soft. I wish these were always my pillows~”

You squeaked out an embarrassed, “O-Oso! Oh my gooddd” and all he could do was chuckle at how absolutely adorable it was. Teasing you was way too easy and wayyy too much fun.

Chapter Text

“C’mon, kitten…purr for me” Ichimatsu whispered, his hand slowly slipping down your stomach.

Your pants were tossed aside in the midst of your makeout prior, with Ichimatsu practically ripping the fabric from your legs. He eased you onto the bed, the thin piece of fabric barely covering your dampened sex. You sucked in a breath, shudder running down your spine as you felt his fingers dip into the waistband. Ichimatsu reveled in your attempts to stay silent…but he would have none of it.

He leaned into your neck, teeth dragging over your skin as a digit rubbed agonizingly slow circles over your clit. He felt you shake under him, your body unable to determine whether the teasing was too little or too much. Breathing picking up a slight pace, your thighs moved to find one another, desperate for excess friction. However all you received in your attempt was a dark laugh - Ichimatsu using his free hand keep your legs apart, “…I don’t think so.” The whine that left your lips was sweet music to the purple matsu, pointed grin splayed on his nonchalant features. Your head tossed in frustration, and you could hear the slickness of your pussy as Ichimatsu brushed his fingers over your folds. He chuckled at the sight of you: lip curling between your teeth, nipples pebbling in arousal through you shirt and your fingernails clenched so tightly into the fabric of the sheets under you. A messy perfection that he couldn’t wait to ruin. Without a word, a finger was slammed into you, knuckle deep, and with absolute ease. You hissed at the swift intrusion, less out of pain and more out of surprise. Ah, but it didn’t end there, a second finger was added once he pulled back, both curling against your walls. There was no stopping the moans now - the short jolts of pleasure being stroked into you. His thumb slid over your clit and he mused at your hips bucking into his hand. Twisting his fingers, Ichimatsu pushed you a step further: a third finger gliding into your now sopping heat. You cried out, eyes clamped shut as your cunt clenched.

“Three fingers?…” he purred, licking a long stripe up your neck, “My dirty girl…You must really want me to fuck you, ah?”

You mewled, your fingers clasping onto his arm. Ichimatsu swallowed a predatory growl, drinking in how gorgeous you looked like this, on the verge of cumming all over his fingers because of him.

“Look at the way you’re taking my fingers…your pussy’s practically sucking them back in, I barely have to do anything.”

“Yessss, Ichiiii” you groaned, a sharp gasp squeaking out of you immediately after. A quick curl of his digits was all it took and your walls clamped down on his hand, warmth rushing down the length of his fingers. He nipped your ear gently, soft praises in your ear. You exhaled a well held breath, opting to cling to Ichimatsu still as you came down from your orgasm.

He however, had other plans. Your shirt was forced over your breasts, the cool air peaking your nipples to life once more. A gluttonous tongue swirled around a nipple, meanwhile your slick heat was met with the solidity of Ichimatsu’s length at your folds. He let your flesh go, instead licking a long trail up your breast and onto your collarbone. Dark eyes met yours as he panted harshly over his lolled out tongue,

“Let’s see how well you can take my cock now.”

Chapter Text

You were tired of this ball. Another year of your parents holding a mundane extravagant party in the hopes of you finding a suitor. It would be another year you would find no man interesting. You danced with a few, all who tried to woo you in one way or another, but you would never take to their whimsy. As well as the pair of eyes that watched you, sharing your sentiment. Dressed in the royal garb of servitude stood your bodyguard, Choromatsu. Poised properly as he always was, the look from his one eye behind his monocle led you to believe that he held the same disdain you did for this grandiose waste of time. It would be hours before the party would come to a close, your parents sighing at the lack of your fraternizing among the princes that matched your rank. You however, were delighted to finally be done with their nonsense.

As a gracious host, your father housed several royal families before their departures in the morning, which meant you needed to be walked back to your quarters with Choromatsu in tow. The door to your room was unlocked with haste, you and your bodyguard sealing yourselves behind it.

“I swear, they’ll never learn,” you groaned, unfastening the ribbons of your dress from behind the changing wall, “Every year they throw this stupid thing and every year they end up disappointed!”

Choromatsu hummed from the other side, “True, milady, but you know your parents just want you to find a suitable husband.”

A lengthy sigh escaped you, half from the irritating truth, half from finally being relinquished from your bodice. You slipped over your head a sleeping dress and shuffled your hair out of the straps. Choromatsu’s words rang in your ears and it stretched a soft burn through your chest.

“I know that…but I don’t need to marry a prince,” and you came from behind the wall to face him. Hand to your chest, your brows turned up, “…Not when I have you.” Choromatsu lowered his gaze, blushing in delight, but bowing his head in fear and shame. For months now he’d known your feelings - you didn’t hide it when you’d came crying to him in the rose garden all that time ago. Being by your side for so many years, he felt he knew you so well…far too well to know that none of these men, royalty or not, would ever-

A lengthy sigh. …That didn’t matter.

Any man would’ve been lucky to hear such a heartfelt confession from someone so beautiful as you were, but Choromatsu also knew his place in the world. His life of servitude was below your status - and he could never take that away from you, dirtying your reputation. Still…the way you treated him was unlike he’d ever experienced. You were sweet, kind to all you met, and even moreso to those you’re just meeting. There was sharp wits about you, which complimented your soft features. When Choromatsu told you stories of his training, all mindgames and slight of hand sword-fighting, you listened with interest. In fact, you shared quite a few interests, a bond between you two was imminent. You were in your 20′s, old enough to marry and rule; not that he was much older, being only a year your senior. But this…the way you laughed around him, the gentle touches and the soft smiles…this was more than just a bond between a princess and her servant. Your tearful confession in the garden had sealed it,

“I love you, Choromatsu, I love you and I don’t care if you hate me for it” you had cried, palms shielding your eyes. He remembered being stunned, but the sounds of your sobs made him rash. You were taken into his arms, leaned back slightly as he took your lips in his. Choromatsu had but one thought in the matter: he loved you too.

“You know we can’t be, my princess,” he sighed, turning away from you now. Sure he’d held you here and there, and in the darkest corners of the castle, tasted your lips, even going so far to dot an invisible path on your neck…but never more. He always held himself back, guilt bleeding into his gut as his conscience reminded him of his standing. He’d wanted you with everything in his being - but you were long out of his reach even with you standing in front of him. Arms came around his middle from behind, a sob crawling up your throat as you shuddered,

“I don’t care who you are, Choromatsu…” your fingers clutching at his coat, “You are all that I love, all that I want.”

He peeled your hands away from his form, “You cannot have me” he stated bitterly, and he hung his head, “Or really, I cannot have you.”

You shook with anger, quickly stepping in front of him, hands on his chest, “That means nothing to me! Princess or not, that doesn’t change how I feel.” It was his turn to be angry now, your wrists snatched into his hands, “Don’t you think I’m aware? It was not my choice to feel the same!” Your tearful gaze quivered at his harsh tone, which allowed his features to soften. To be on the end of your sadness was never his intention. He spoke your name with a lovers gentleness, “You know I love you…but I would ruin you. Ruin your reputation, your life even.”

Choromatsu felt your fingers curl in his grasp, and you inhaled shakily, “I would trade my kingdom if it meant we’d be together.” He paled, “Princess, you can’t mean that-” “I do! I do and I would tell them tomorrow if that would sway you!”

“Princess, please, you’re being irrat-!” but you held your hand up to silence him. Smoothing your fingers over his chest, you pressed upward, touching your lips to his. A sharp intake of air, yet he did not resist you. He released your wrists in order to favor your waist, holding you tightly to him. The familiar dance of your arms around his neck relaxed him into the kiss further. For a mere second you pulled back, a whisper against his lips,

“Make love to me, Choromatsu,” your palm stroked over his cheek, “Be my first….and if by the mercy of all holiness, my last.”

His blood ran cold, “I…milday, I c-couldn’t…” but you pressed on in your kisses, an unfamiliar ache in your loins starting to rise, “Please, my knight…”

Ah, your pet name for him. The torment he felt in his soul when you moaned it each time with his lips on your neck. Choromatsu, as he’d have it, would find tonight no different. Soon your head was tipped back, the accustomed nips to your flesh sending heat in your belly. It was too much. Too much to deny you any longer. Too many months spent lusting over the woman he loved so dear - whose eyes returned his sentiments…and now to have her here, offering the last shred of her purity to him? He was a fool…a lowlife heathen about to defile his country’s precious jewel…

But he loved you. And you loved him. There was no longer fight left in him.

Your back stretched against the length of the bed, dress accidentally hiking above your knees. A soft blush painted your cheeks, only to deepen when Choromatsu’s weight dipped into the bed with you. He carefully shrugged off his guard’s coat (his monocle going with it), laying it at the corner of the bed before returning to you. Tangling a gloved hand into your hair he leaned in once more to capture your lips. His tongue dove into your mouth, an act of bravery on his part. You moaned as the slick appendages met, trying desperately to wear the other down. His undershirt was clasped onto by you, and in a swift move, you yanked him onto you. Choromatsu yelped at the loss of balance, his whole weight baring down against your body. Chest to chest, you shuddered out - feeling something solid brush against your thigh. Your hips bucked up as Choromatsu took to your neck, leaving rougher bites than before. At the feel of your clothed sex grinding experimentally over him he tensed, embarrassed that he was already so hard. However the whine he let out at his predicament sounded deeper than he meant it to, which led you to believe he was enjoying it. You ground against him again, your thighs parting further to allow him to press into you more.

The heat of you under him was almost dizzying, and Choromatsu’s resolve was slowly diminishing as you trailed your nails over his back and shoulders. He shakily held himself up on his arms, eyes searching yours as his hand came to your cheek,

“Is…Are you s-sure this is what you want? If we do this… “he frowned, eyebrows furrowing in a more serious look, “There’s no taking this back, princess. We can’t undo what is done if I…” he gulps nervously, “I-If I take you.”


A chaste kiss to the corner of his mouth, “There is no other man I would rather have.”

Choromatsu near choked up at your words, but instead let relief seep into his limbs. He dipped into your neck, trailing gentle kisses down to your collarbone. The straps of your nightgown were pulled down your arms, your breasts slowly coming exposed to the night air. With a heavy blush, Choromatsu slipped his tongue over the curve of your breast. Your breath hitched at the contact, hands catching onto his shirt. A nipple was slowly taken into his mouth, tongue rolling over the sensitive flesh - his other hand coming to tease the opposite nipple. The whines and mewls that sounded from you was maddening, and even Choromatsu, with all of his control could not hold himself back much longer. He kept his lips attached to your breast, his hands however, traveled south. Fingertips slid your gown up your thighs, the black satin of your panties coming into view. Your lover groaned above you, two fingers hovering over your hidden slit, heat emanating from between your thighs. He inhaled sharply, leaving your skin with a pop as his hand slid into the confines of your underwear. Cherry hue plastered on his cheeks, “Y-You’re so…” and he curled his fingers to slip into your heat.

“A-Ahhh! Choromatsuuu” came your whine, taught walls clenching to accommodate his digits. Despite never being touched by a man, your body responded so easily to his touches. You were near soaking into his gloves, pussy squelching lewdly as he stroked in and out of you. Soon you were moaning, head rolling back to thrust your hips forward. The half-lidded gaze that Choromatsu raked over your body made you squeal in embarrassment. Never had he seen something so…good. The way your mouth parted, his name falling off your pretty lips slowly, hair strewn about, clinging to your slightly dampened brow. It was perfect. You were perfect.

…And you were his. Something in Choromatsu provoked him to stop. He pulled his fingers from your pussy, wiping the excess of his gloves as he pulled your panties off of you.

“My princess,” he started, voice tinged with a heady rasp, “I c-can’t hold back any longer,” the buckles of his pants were loosened, him shoving the material down his legs and off. Settling back between your legs, he pushed your thighs apart, pressing a kiss to your ear, “I must have you”

Your hand wove into his dark hair and you bit your lip - the anticipation shaking your core, “Please, Choro…be gentle.”

Lining up to your slick folds he nodded slowly, his words failing him as he concentrated. Slowly he sunk inside you, stretching you in a slow burn that stung your hips. You hissed, though not in pain - you were so wet that the strain of him inside you felt amazing. He littered your neck with soft kisses, focused exhales on your flesh as he continued at his current pace. A jolt in your hips was felt when he pressed deep into you, only for your muscles to ultimately relax afterward. When he stilled, the both of you sighed in tandem. An experimental rock to his hips and the pressure of being filled slid a wave of pleasure into you. He caught your eyes, the question you already knew laying in them. You rested your head against his, “I’m okay, Choromatsu…”

Your lips were seized in a heated kiss, your lover sliding out of you and back in in a patient thrust. He needed you to get used to him, you were too good, too precious to him - he would make this night your most memorable. Soon your back was arching, fingers clutching him for dear life, “Choromatsuu,” you moaned breathlessly. He expected you to follow up, but nothing would pass your lips. The feel of your hips bucking guided his belief however, and he rocked into you harder. Deeper he thrusted, pulling back to leave merely the head of his cock in you and gliding in to the hilt. He picked up his tempo, an arm wrapping around your thigh to push himself in further. Your cries grew in volume, chest flush against his as he took you. Dizzied by low rumbles in your ear and slamming of his hips against yours - you were coming undone with haste.

Haaa…I-I love you…IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou” Choromatsu rambled, thrusts taking an erratic pace now. Tears pricked at the corners of your eyes, and your loins seized, a wanton whine escaping you as you came. Your cunt clenching in waves milked him of his own orgasm, cumming deep inside you. The gasp that left your lips was both out of shock and sensation. Though you both know what that meant. Immediately Choromatsu picked up his head, horrified look on his face, “No…” and he quivered as he looked into your eyes, “Milady…God, I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t ha-!”

But immediately you moved to cut him off. Arms wrapped around his neck, you kissed him, every heartfelt emotion in your being pouring from your lips. He moaned softly, closing his eyes as he held you close. When you parted, you nuzzled your nose with his,

“All the more reason to stand my ground,” you whispered, “To make you my king…and my husband.”

He said your name in a gentle murmur, and he sat up, pulling you into his lap. Arms laced around your frame, you were locked against him in a loving hug. Choromatsu feared that it far more complicated than the black and white portrait you assumed of this, and he knew it might not go over well in the kingdom…but the fire in you lit his own flame. If courtship between you both was what you truly wanted, he could never deny you. Not when he loved you as he did. Forbidden as your relationship was - he would stand by you.

A princess and her “knight”.

Chapter Text

Imagine you and your matsu were just handed the keys to your new home. Married only a few days prior (you were very meticulous about ensuring you two had a new place to live). With your hand in his, you moved forward, leading him into the house. There’s resistance at your palms however - and you turn back to see him with an unreadable look on his face. A question rose to your lips, but before you were able to ask, his arm swept under your legs. You squealed at the loss of balance, only to find your back and legs in the arms of your new husband. His eyes have gentle hints of adoration in them as he leans in to kiss you gently. Your face is tinted red, even moreso when he pulls back.

“Welcome home” he says, walking you through the front door, bridal style.

The two of you crossed the threshold, a new chapter of your lives at its beginning sentence.

Chapter Text

So…do you think Jyushimatsu gets jealous?


Because what if one day you were passing in the park nearby and you saw a soccer game going on - the guys playing were really into it. It looked fun and you were kinda fascinated at how quickly they could move! Later on that day, you go to tell Jyushimatsu about it, only for his smile to drop ever so slightly, and then he make that infamous face: wide cat eyes, sleeve covering his mouth in quiet thought. You move to ask him what’s wrong, but he doesn’t answer. All he thinks about is how your face lights up when you talk about soccer, how excited you sound over a sport that isn’t the one he thought you both loved.


Maybe his cheeks puff out a little, and you realize at the childish reaction that he’s envious that you might like another sport. To which you poke the ballooned flesh and tell him that you’ll always love baseball the best.


Or maybe he actually gets his feelings hurt, tears blurring those normally so happy irises - thinking that because you may like soccer now, you won’t love baseball…and in turn won’t love him.


Do you think he gets jealous?

Chapter Text

He’d be so lovestruck, you being so cute and coming to find that you were attentive and actually interested in hearing what he had to say? Well it only made him feel for you faster. He’d open up to you, sometimes tearfully, sometimes boldly, and eventually your friendship turned into something so much deeper. He took your hands in his one day, blush covering across his cheeks and ears. His words would start, but trail off each time, and you realized he was nervous.

“Tell me, Karamatsu,” you gently said, your fingers giving his a reassuring squeeze. His thumbs brushed over your knuckles and he exhaled, brows turned down in a serious manner. You shivered at the bold connection of his eyes with yours,

“I’m in love with you.”

Chapter Text

And he’d do it with that dark desire right behind those impish chocolate brown eyes, fingers ghosting over where he KNOWS you want him to touch you. He’s the king of the feather kiss, so close to gracing your skin, but so barely there. He loves knowing that despite his cutesy persona, he can still pull that submission out of you.

The face he makes when he goes down on you? Fucking sinful. He smirks, the same one he uses when he knows some shit about someone he can use as leverage, and it’s because he knows how badly you want him to bury his face in between your legs. So you whine at the kitten licks and gentle kisses to your sensitive areas until you finally beg him and then he’s all hot mouth and long licks on your sex, eyes narrowing as he revels in the fact that he’s got you so fucking hot for him.

He’s not a pink devil for nothing, darling~

Chapter Text



Would you find yourself having to hold your hands at the small of your back when you stand because you know Karamatsu blew your back out last night?


Or perhaps your hips hurt because of the way Jyushimatsu pounded into you mercilessly early that morning?


Could it be maybe your knees are a little sore…the afterthought of the way Ichimatsu throatfucked you shocking your memory every so often.


Are you thinking about desperately wanting another massage from Todomatsu, the way his hands glide over your thighs and how quick he was to spread them?


Hm…or it could be how sore your ass is from how roughly Osomatsu took you from behind over the weekend; him constantly smacking your ass with the intent to make you scream.


Or was it that your thighs felt a little tender from how hard Choromatsu clutched them when he went down on you? He knew it’d leave a few bruises, but with the noises you were making then…


Anyway, I wonder what it could be, hm?

Chapter Text

After the day you’d had today, you wondered how you were still in one piece. You called your boyfriend on your break to vent your stresses over work, which admittedly made you feel a little bit better. You weren’t prepared for the workload when you walked in the door, and even less so when there wasn’t any help available to you. Clocking out for the day was your biggest accomplishment, though you left a knotted ball of tensed up muscles, exhaustion and a dash of aggravation. When you unlocked the door, you came home to a rather pleasant surprise.

The house smelled of spices and fresh veggies, which automatically led you to check the kitchen. In the middle of cutting up a mushroom was your boyfriend, Choromatsu. You eyed him with suspicion,

“Choro…?” you said, the obvious question laced in your voice, “I…didn’t know you can cook.”

He turned, slightly skittish in the fact that he’d been caught. Next to him was a tray of meats and veggies, “W-Well I’m not actually cooking…ah, I thought we could do hot pot for dinner?” He slid the cut up shiitake onto the tray and settled them next to the giant pot he set up for you both in the dining room. With the back of his hand he wiped the sweat from his brow,

“It doesn’t really require a whole lot of effort, and I know it’s one of your favorites…so I-I thought it’d be a good idea.”

You thought it wonderful that he remembered how much you loved sukiyaki. The loud sizzle of the vegetables and tender pork cooking was a strangely pleasant sound. Choromatsu watched you, the expression of your face slowly relaxing into comfort, though your shoulders looked awfully tensed and you shifted uncomfortably from time to time. The two of you ate in quiet conversation, with Choromatsu listening to how the rest of your day went. At some point your free hand was encased his; a shy, but concerned smile gracing his features. He knew you were stressed by how you sounded over the phone, but he wasn’t aware to what extent.

Dinner was finished within the hour, and you sighed contently with your full belly. Your boyfriend refused to let you get up to help, and so you were left to wait for another ten minutes as he washed and dried everything for you. Seeing him doing even mundane tasks brought you comfort, and your heart swelled at the idea of this one day being a daily thing between you both. Chin to your palm, you let a smile naturally cross your lips.

The sound of a his low hum broke your thoughts, “Ah…I had one more thing set up for you…” he began. A fingertip absentmindedly found his cheek, “I hope it’s okay if I ran you a bath. After how hard you worked…” and he flushed slightly, a little sheepish. Would you think it was weird?

Quite the opposite.

You stood up, and in a gentle motion, wrapped your arms around him, “You’re so wonderful, Choromatsu…”

He tensed, “M-Me?” but your words glossed over once more in his mind and he relaxed, pressing you closer to his chest, “You sounded so…upset earlier. I couldn’t leave you like that…I have a duty as your boyfriend.”

You threaded your fingers in his hair when you pulled back from the embrace,

“You do more than enough just by listening and loving me, green bean, but all that you do, I appreciate.” A kiss was placed at the tip of your nose, and then once more at your forehead. He let you out of his arms so you could head to the bathroom. Your tub was filled as the water gently ran, the warmth emanating from the water already beginning to soothe you. You wasted no time stripping yourself of your work clothes - and along with it, you stripped yourself of your day as well. The caress of the bathwater held you in a gentle clasp, and you couldn’t help but sigh when you felt your muscles loosen slightly.

The knock at the door almost shook you before you remembered that Choromatsu was still in your home.

“Come in, Choromatsu.”

He shuffled in awkwardly, arm over his eyes to preserve your modesty. You giggled softly, even after the many times he’s seen you naked, he still has a modicum of a gentleman in him. He flexed and relaxed his free hand in a nervous tic, “Hey…um, c-can I try something for you?”

You didn’t respond right away, turning at full attention toward him now, “I borrowed Todomatsu’s phone to study a little on how to do this properly…but could I maybe, g-give you a m-m-massage?” The anxiety in his voice was obvious, and you visibly saw him turn redder, but he said it with sincerity. Full of surprises today, he was. It made you adore him all the more.

“I’d love that” and you leaned up against the side of the tub, to ease your back out for him. The sloshing around the tub was Choromatsu’s cue to sit behind you on the edge, and so he did. Pulling from his back pocket was a bottle of lavender oil he’d borrowed from Karamatsu, to which he poured a decent amount into his hand. You closed your eyes at the sound of his palms rubbing together and idly held your hands in your lack. Warm fingers made contact with your shoulders, thumbs immediately sliding down in a circular motion with some slight pressure. The majority of his held you in place while his palms eased into your skin in a gentle knead. He’d slowly switched between techniques and spots - cupping the back of your neck in scoop-like motions, and pressing tiny circles over the length of your spine (that he could reach) with this thumbs. Each maneuver pulls pleased groans from your lips, tension and some slight pain slipping from your high-strung muscles. Choromatsu stopped every so often to make sure he wasn’t hurting you, but you begged him each time to keep going. Finally your muscles had let go of the tension you’d held all day, and Choromatsu rested his hands on your shoulders to signify he was finished,

Sleepily, you leaned against his arm, “You said you watched a video on this?”

“Mhm, he replied, leaning over to tuck his chin on your head.

You sighed softly, “…You’re pretty good at it, you know.”

A shy chuckle, “Thanks…I just wanted to do something…more if that makes sense, “ the smile on his face drops a bit, “I’m sorry your day was so terrible.”

Out of the water, you put a hand on top of his, curling your fingers around his still slick fingers. He grasped onto your hand as much as he could, kissing the top of your head. You tilted your head back, rubbing your nose against his,

“It’s better now that you’re here.”

Chapter Text

“Well this new place looks like it’s pretty good,” you murmured, scrolling through Todomatsu’s phone. You and your boyfriend hadn’t really thought of anything to do in particular, so you decided to pretty much run with whatever you two came up with! He had the idea to walk in the park and you’d wanted to try a new cafe in town. Figuring you had time for both, Todomatsu went with your idea first. Thankfully it wasn’t too far from where you met up, and with your arm linked in his, you walked around town.

The cherry blossoms had already fallen throughout the city, scattering the nearby streets in soft waves of pink. You smiled softly, the hue bouncing off of Todomatsu to bring an odd radiance about him. He pulled your chair out for you, chuckling lightly when you called him a gentleman for it. A melon soda for him, green tea latte for you, and between you both: a slice of strawberry cheesecake. The waitress took little time to bring you your sweet treats, your eyes glittering with anticipation. Todomatsu clinked spoons with you and soon you both dug in.

“Ah! So delicious!” he mewled, face scrunching with joy, “You were so right, this place is great!”

You beamed with pride as you took another bite, “See? Would I ever steer you wrong, Totty?”

A sly look crossed his face, “With a face as cute as yours, who knows what you’re up to.” You pouted at that, “Now that’s not fair, Totty, I’ve been a good girlfriend!”

And you weren’t lying, he’d thought. Since you two had been dating, Todomatsu felt himself feel a lot more..himself. Normal. Not under the same chaos he deals with at home with his brothers, but the comfort was the same. It was indescribable.

You thanked the waitress for her service, leaving a sizable tip, and found yourself at the end of Todomatsu pulling you in the direction of the park. Your hand moved to lace fingers, taking in the sights of the local park. Astounded were you by the amount of greenery and flowers that lined the pathway. Todomatsu clicked away with the shutter of his camera app, capturing some surprisingly good stills of natural bouquets. He raised his arm to take an off-guard selfie as you were talking.

“H-Hey! Totty!” you laughed, playfully poking his cheek, “Warn me when you wanna take a picture with me!” In the midst of your teasing, you missed the genuine smile he sported as he looked at the photo.

You ended your day sitting at the edge of the park’s centerpiece water fountain. The sun had finally started to set, watercolored streaks of blushes, tangerines, and a hint of cerulean painted the sky. A comfortable silence was shared, with you leaning on Todomatsu’s shoulder. A quick nuzzle, a content sigh, and you were comfortable.

“Hey…” came his voice, and when you looked up, Todomatsu’s stare kept straight ahead, “You…know I love you, right?”

Gently you hummed, thumb rubbing soft strokes over his arm, “Of course,” you turned your gaze back ahead, “…You know I love you?”

Todomatsu tittered quietly, and placed a tender kiss to the top of your head, “Absolutely, babe.”

Happy. That’s how he would describe it.

Chapter Text

“You should’ve just stayed away from your brothers,” you said, placing a cool towel on his forehead. Ichimatsu merely grumbled quietly, stuffed sinuses ailing him too much to really give you a proper response. A soft sigh and your brushed the back of your hand on his cheek. His fever was finally starting to come down a bit. You were grateful for that much, the poor man was almost stumbling over in delirium when he came to your front door. An idea popped in your head,

“Oh! I have some soup I brought home from my moms house. I’ll heat up a bowl for you.”

Normally Ichimatsu would stop you, but at his current state, a warm bowl of homemade soup sounded inviting. He watched you move toward the kitchen, but before you made it out the doorway, he immediately inhaled,

“Ehchooie!” was the noise that escaped him. You stopped dead in your tracks, face dropping at the sound. Your shifting aura made Ichimatsu nervous; even moreso when you turned slowly to face him. In a deadpan voice, “Ichimatsu?…”

He cowered slightly, “…Yeah?”

In a sudden burst, you squealed, the sound playing over and over in your head, “What was that?! You sounded like a kitten!” you crossed your hands over your chest, simulating your need to contain your heart in your chest, “Do you always sneeze like that?! Oh my GOD, that’s so cute!”

Ichimatsu paled at your zealous reaction, opting to shrink himself further under the sheets of your guest bed. You made a noise akin to one you’d make seeing a puppy roll over, and you returned to the bed. Gently you pulled back the sheets, eyeing your clearly embarrassed boyfriend. A kiss was placed at the top of his head, to which he winced.

“You’ll get sick, don’t be stupid,” he chided, eyes rolling off to the side. Thankful was Ichimatsu that he had his mask on, it did well to hide the blush that adorned his cheeks. Rolling your eyes, you tugged down his mask, pecking a soft kiss on his lips. You quickly pulled back, and moved off of the bed to actually warm up his soup,

“Hard not to be when my boyfriend sneezes like a baby panda~” you teased.

It was Ichimatsu’s turn to roll his eyes now, though the small smile that you didn’t see would’ve shown how content he honestly was to be in your care.

Chapter Text

“Why do I have to close my eyes again?” he questioned, as you placed his hands over his eyes for good measure. Rolling your own, you scoffed, “Otherwise it wouldn’t be a surprise, Totty, duh.”

A dare from your best friend, you’d decided last week to get your bellybutton pierced. You’d almost denied her request, that was until you remembered a little tidbit of information about the pink matsu on your arm. With that in mind, you gladly followed her into the shop to get your piercing done. Fast forward to a week, with your skin already healing quite nicely, it was time to show your boyfriend the goods. In place of the regular ball, you begging the specialist to insert a small pink, heart-shaped jewel instead. Lucky were you when he agreed - and you knew it would suit Todomatsu’s tastes perfectly.

You sat him down, hands pressed firmly to his shoulders while his eyes were still closed. Pulling your hands back, you lifted your shirt slowly, being careful not to catch the jewel on your clothing. With your navel exposed, you inhaled: this was it.

“Okay, open your eyes,” you squeaked, ironically closing yours. You bit your lip, not knowing exactly what to expect, and his silence only served to make you more nervous. When his hands found your hips, you nearly jumped out of your skin, “W-Well, what do you think?”

What did he think? That his wonderful significant other went through the trouble, and a little bit of pain to get something so beautiful in one of his favorite spots on their body? That the person he loved so much paid more attention to the stuff that turns him on more than he’d imagined? What did he think?

A devilish chuckle was heard by you, and you swallowed dryly. Todomatsu was known to be a little unpredictable at times, and it made you feel extremely vulnerable when you were under his scrutiny this way.
“What do I think?” he purred, face inching closer to your navel, “I think….” and he ran his tongue from the edge of your jeans up to your bellybutton, flicking the hanging jewel ever so slightly, “that you knew exactly what you were doing when you got this.

Your breath hitched at the contact, the need to squirm pulsing through your body. Todomatsu didn’t let you, however, the same tongue licking your stomach, travelling over your lips now. In between heated kisses, he murmured out, “I..mmf…I love it…ahhhm…and I love you…”.

Needless to say, you regretted nothing.

Chapter Text


He’s twitching in his seat, watching with a clearly dazed look as you rub your clit right in front of his face. You promised he could watch up close if he absolutely promised not to touch you or himself, and surprisingly he’s following through. The soft whines and mumbled expletives spur your movements on a little faster and he’s begging at this point, “Please, babe, pleeeease, let me fuck you” but you click your tongue hand easing away from your sex. His cry of desperation, “No no no, fuuuuck, okay I’ll be good!” almost makes you feel sorry for him as he grips the edge of the bed.

…It’s more fun to tease him though.



On his knees, arms wrapped behind his back in royal blue ribbon was how you’d wanted him. It didn’t take much to bring him to a panting mess - and with so little effort! With your legs spread open like that, the movement of your fingers barely visible through the material of your panties that you kept on.
Shielding away your most precious parts from him was both a torture and a gift, for he so badly wanted to watch you take yourself into ecstasy - but then that would dull down his other senses. “My flower…” he’d groan, erection straining uncomfortably against his jeans. Hearing you moan and smelling the mere scent of you, god could he smell you; it was driving him to madness. He prayed you’d let him loose soon, because your thighs were singing a call to his own.



You loved it when he teetered on the edge like this. Choromatsu didn’t mind the teasing, and even when you brought up this idea, he was game. However, he hadn’t expected this: you, bent over in front of him, ass in the air and fingers stroking your folds as he sat there, helplessly watching. It didn’t skim past you how his hands desperately clutched at the outline of his dick through his pants, but he simply cupped and nothing more. After all…you made him promise. Words escaped him, your small whines of “Ungh, Choro…” and “Ohhh, Choromatsu~” littered his already red ears. Lip snatched in his teeth, he made a high pitched keening noise as tears gathered into the corners of his eyes. You peered over your shoulder at your whining, red-cheeked boyfriend and decided he’d had enough before he devolved into full blown, horny sobbing.



Half-lidded gaze and tongue lolling out of his mouth was he, a harsh crimson spread across his cheeks. You had tied his arms behind the back of the chair, ensuring he wouldn’t be able to touch you. It started out as simple teasing, your nails fluttering over your thighs or barely touching your clit and he sat in the chair with that knowing sharp-toothed smirk, thinking he was going to best you in stoic glory. Yet when you finally slipped your fingers inside your pussy, it was then the tables had turned. His grin faded into a scowl, as you pumped your digits in and out, in and out, and he suddenly realized why you tied his restraints so tight. He struggled against them, a predatory growl escaping him as the soft squelches of your dripping cunt assaulted his ears. “Fuck,” he rumbles, eyes narrowing as he’s so hungry to lick the sweet essence that slips out of your hole, “wait until I get out of this restraint pretty kitty…your ass is mine.”



Mmmm, Jyushimatsuuu” you whined, just above his head. To test your boyfriend’s limits, you wiggled your ass, the skin of your cheek barely grazing his nose. Nimble fingers teased mercilessly over your clit; slow, even strokes slipping over your entrance - all within Jyushimatsu’s direct line of sight. Wide cat eyes stared at your soaked folds and his tongue near poked out every time, so close to diving into where he wanted to most. He made no effort to hide his hardened length - it poking menacingly upright in his shorts. The soft, but desperate exhale against your mound made you whine, and you swore you felt the bed vibrate underneath you. Jyushimatsu’s threshold was impressive, you had to admit. However a few droplets of your wetness falling into his mouth must’ve threw his control to the wayside…at least, that’s what the hands that suddenly gripped your ass told you.



You held the camera phone up against your stomach, free fingers zooming in on Todomatsu’s exasperated face. “Like what you see, Totty?” you teased. Just under the phone was widespread thighs, with your sex in full view of your beloved pink clad boyfriend. His hands curled into fists over his knees, sitting bow-legged on the carpet in front of you. You giggled as your dipped your fingers into your already wet pussy, delighting in the slight noise of distress Todomatsu let out. His face scrunched in absolute need, and the strain against his jeans was throbbing almost painfully, “Come on, Todomatsu, tell me how much you love it~” The look in his eyes were a mix of terrifyingly sinful and outright hopeless - you didn’t know if he wanted to fuck you, or be fucked…and you loved every minute of it.

Chapter Text

“Half of my heart is in Havana ooh na na~” you sang, swaying as you flipped the omurice over. You’d managed to get up a little earlier than your fiancée, and so you took to making breakfast for the two of you. The deep bass of the song directed your movement as you stirred the chopped up potatoes in the pan to fry. You let the music slowly entrance you and your arms absentmindedly raised as your hips twisted to the sultry rhythm.

You didn’t take notice of the eyes that watched your figure turn in your hypnotic makeshift salsa-ing, so when a pair of hands found those circling hips and a rumbling voice purred into the crook of your neck, you nearly jumped. It seems Karamatsu hadn’t slept too much behind you as it were. There was little time for your exclamation however, as hands travelled quickly to take your waist and palm against him, putting you into a proper salsa position. You were guided back, Karamatsu eyeing you in a catlike gaze when you followed his footwork. The pattern of your dancing followed simple 1-2-3-4s, but soon you found yourself diving into the music once more. Chasing you in dance, hands gliding over your thighs and up your waist when you leaned into him and wrapped your arm around his neck. As soon as you stilled into that pose, your hand was snatched and you were twirled around his frame before he pulled you tight against his chest. One hand on the small of your back and the other on your calf, your were eased back into a low dip. Karamatsu paid you a seductive smirk before laughing softly and taking you in for a kiss. You couldn’t help but giggle against his lips, finally upright when he released your lips.

“Good morning, my love,” he said, kissing your shoulder as he came to wrap his arms around you, “Breakfast smells heavenly.”

You cupped his cheek gently before he could pull away, “Hand me a plate, handsome, I have your favorite ready for you.” He took your hand to simply press a kiss to the top, “I’m undeserving of such delicious homecooking…but I’m appreciative nonetheless.”

A quick kiss to your cheek, “Thank you, darling.”

You smiled softly and plated his food, nearly laughing at the coincidence that the next song to play was a slow, heartfelt love song.

Chapter Text

The soft click around your neck knocked you back to attention. Your chin was tilted up, eyes locking with your boyfriend’s. His gaze hungrily traveled over your form: electronic moving cat ears adorning the top of your head and a matching purple collar and leash around your neck. The only word Ichimatsu could think of to describe you was ‘adorable’ but he was aware his intentions were a far cry from anything cute. He brushed a thumb against your cheek,

“You’re sure?” he repeated, the question feeling like it’s been asked a dozen times already. You remembered explain to him that this was what you wanted, and perhaps a little more. Aware of what your limits were and you were completely sure of everything - you trusted him to treat you well throughout, even when he tapped into that side of him. A simple nod, “Yes, Ichi,” and you leaned into his touch, “I’m sure.” He gave you a soft grunt before pecking your lips,

“Safe word is ‘onigiri’’; you nodded in understanding.

Suddenly you found your face shoved into the mattress, “My cute little kitten wants to please her master, does she?” His thick fingers traveled down the length of your spine, “Look at you - ass in the air so quickly, ready and willing for me to take you.”

He draws a wanting hiss from you when his hand dives between your legs. You were expecting him to curl the digits inside you, but he lingered, the rough pads of his fingers merely teasing your folds. The pressure was laid on delicately, never dipping inside of you and stroking ever so slightly over your clit. It was torturous in its own right - you whimpered out for more friction, anything to satiate the growing ache that settled uncomfortably in your loins. A low laugh,

“Already so wet…” and he plunged two fingers into your sex. You gasped at the intrusion, though it was short lived; as soon as Ichimatsu finally entered you, he pulled away. He eased off where he held your head down, only to yank the collar up, forcing your gaze upright once more. Two digits, glistening with what you could only assume came from between your thighs, were shoved in front of your face,

Lick.” he growled.

There was hesitance in your heart, but your body seemed to move on it’s own. Darting your tongue out, you pressed kitten licks over his fingers, lapping at the wetness that soaked his hand. You couldn’t call it unpleasant to taste yourself, and doing so under his watchful gaze only served to make you all the more horny. He chuckled darkly above you,

“That’s it…lick it off like a good kitty,” he brought the other hand to affectionately pet your head, “Now you know how delicious that pretty little pussy tastes when I’m face deep in it.”

You couldn’t help but flush at his bold choice of words, and your red stained cheeks gave you such an adorable air of innocence…one that Ichimatsu would love nothing more than to ruin. When he’d figured you’d done a sufficient job, he pulled from your lips. Ichimatsu shoved at his loose sweatpants, letting the fabric gather at his ankles, and leaving you with a full frontal view of his swollen cock. The cherry colored tinge grew in hue, but you’d little time to feel embarrassed. Guiding the back of your head to his crotch, he beamed at your shy form in hunger,

“Go on, please your Master.”

Small licks is what you brought to the length of him, playing hesitant to keep up your appearance, though at this point - you were beginning to be more aware of the ache that pooled in your heat. You made small noises to accompany your teasing attentions…but Ichimatsu would have none of it. Gripping your cheeks, he forced your mouth into an ‘O’ shape and adjusted his hips so the head of his dick sat just past your lips, “Take it all now,” he warned, like a teacher to his student. Your fingers gripped the backs of his knees in preparation, and no sooner this he smoothly slip himself all the way into your mouth. The nudge to the back of your throat nearly made you gag, the thickness of his length always took some getting used to for you at first, but you inhaled through your nose slowly and willed your muscles to relax. The leash was maneuvered to wrap twice around Ichimatsu’s hand, hips rocking to slide in and out of the cavern of your mouth. He groaned low, the soft wetness of your tongue gliding and swirling around the tip when he withdrew. It wasn’t long until his pace picked up, your moans coming out as short, choked noises when he knocked back into your mouth at each thrust. You began tearing up, desperately clutching at his legs as you half-struggled to keep your mouth open. Already he was drawing close,

“Fuuuck,” he hissed, “That mouth of yours is too fucking good.”

With a sudden pop, he pulled from your mouth, and you panted. Mouth hung open, saliva running down your chin and a dazed look - you were nothing short of angelic. Ichimatsu licked the corner of his lip before quickly wiping his thumb over it and loosening his grip on your leash. Your shoulder was shoved, putting you on your back. Impatience and pure lust driving him now, he spread your thighs apart, quickly settling between them. Words were left behind as he gripped your legs, moving to slide slowly over your slicked folds. The heat of your pussy was tortuously inviting, nearly sucking him up at each advance, but he held his ground. Brows knit in a mix of hidden agony and concentration, he locked eyes with you.

“Beg, pet,” he said flatly. Your voice was lost to your focus on the feeling he was giving you. Lip curled under behind your teeth, you arched into, praying by some miracle he’d slip up and slip in. As if reading your mind, his mouth turned up in a half-smirk, half-snarl,

“I said BEG!” and he delivered a pinch to your clit. The mix of pleasure and pain sent a sharp sting up your back and you found your voice, “I-Ichimatsu! Ichimatsu, ahh, pleeeease!”

A quick jut over your slit and you whined again, but the dark aura that hung over your boyfriend’s brow sent a quick shiver through you.

“Ichimatsu…what” sneered he through closed teeth. Any more near misses into your hole and you swore you were going to lose your mental; fingernails finding his arms, you sunk your nails in as you cried,

“Fuck me, please Ichimatsu-sama, fuck meee” and you felt tears pricking at your eyes once more out of desperation, “I need it so baaaad!”

High-pitched in tone did Ichimatsu cackle, immediately sinking into you in one swift thrust. You threw your head back, satisfied groan passing your lips to finally feel some friction inside you. A quick pull back - only for him to slam into you with twice the force. Watching those cute ears move as your body arched into his steady fucking, he let a smarmy grin come over his face,

“You love my cock, don’t you, pretty kitty?” and you shrieked when grunted into his extra hard thrust, “Tell me how much you fucking love it…”

Ahh, ahhhh Ichimatsu-sama,” the wail on your lips ringing against the bedroom walls, “so gooood sogoodsogoodsogood

The crooked smile on your boyfriend’s face only grew in point as he filled you thrust after rough thrust. In the midst of your fucking you felt slight pressure around your windpipe, Ichimatsu slipping two fingers under your collar as you trailed your eyes over. He caught your gaze, a subdued look flashing in his eyes behind that twisted smirk. Knowing what it meant, you gave him a curt nod before gasping when he flicked his thumb over your clit. With the same two fingers, he twisted the collar over your throat, effectively cutting off your airway. Your body was assaulted with constant pleasure and the lack of air was boosting those waves to new heights. Your hand slowly ran down his arm, inch by inch you were coming closer to his hand and even closer to cumming in general. Thighs trembling, you hand found his wrist, to which you tapped twice - his cue to let go. In the same breath that you inhaled, he railed into you. Back in full arch, you clenched hard around Ichimatsu, strangled cry trying to leave you while you came. The feel of your walls spasming against him spurred him on to fuck you harder, you walls hugging his cock at each reentry. It wasn’t long until he was close, and in a last minute maneuver, he yanked your head back via your hair, effectively knocking the cat ears off your head. Lips and teeth sank over the junction of your neck and shoulder as he pumped into you in his final thrusts, sticky fluid bathing your walls in heated release. You bit your lip at the sensation, dark roar ringing in your ears while you carefully wove your nails through his messy locks.

It would take long moments before your heart began to calm. Your racing pulse hammered against your rib cage, head dizzied from the lack of oxygen and intense orgasm. Ichimatsu eased his fingers out of your silken strands, breath backpedaling from harsh exhales to quiet ones. He pressed gentle kisses along the line of your neck, hands busied with rubbing circles into your thighs. A kiss to your cheek,

“You’re okay…?”

Your arms came around his upper back, pulling him just a smidge closer,

“I’m okay, Ichi…thank you.”

He pulled back from you, slowly slipping out of you and easing your legs down to the bed. Your hand in his, he pulled it to his mouth and pressed a kiss to your palm. A softer look on his face, and you moved to touch your hand to his cheek,

“Does anything hurt? Can…Can I do anything…?”

You pretended to think, but ended up just smiling, “Just come cuddle me.”

An easy request, and one he was eager to fulfill. Ichimatsu settled behind you, one arm cradling underneath you. You were ready for the warmth of his chest to grace your back, but instead fingers flitted up your back,

“Almost forgot,” Ichimatsu murmured, and you heard the soft click of the collar. He removed the purple accessory, tossing it off to the wayside. The remaining arm joined the first, pulling you into a comfortable hug. Shimmying into his chest, you sighed softly as the weight of sleep blanketed you, “I love you, Ichi.”

He pecked a soft kiss to the nape of your neck, “Love you too, kitten…”

Chapter Text



He’s got two left feet in this situation, poor guy. Osomatsu prefers to be the leader (in all situations if we’re honest) and dancing is no different. So if you’re attempting to take the lead, he’s tripping over his backwards foot placement and might constantly forget where to place his hands. It’ll take him some time to get used to be the one to follow, but when he DOES get it, he cracks this adorable smile, waiting to be praised.





Being that he loves to dance, he can play both parts with ease. If being the lead is what you’re used to, Karamatsu will have no issues following. He’s able to match your movements with a pretty decent amount of skill and even will put on the dramatic flair when he’s spun and dipped in your arms. Don’t expect him to fall back on the costuming however, that, he might just have you beat - but don’t worry, he’ll make you one just as fantastic to match!





Another who is more used to leading. The difference between him and Osomatsu is that he’s much more willing to learn to follow AND he’ll pick it up quicker. He’s more precise in his movements, and you understand now why he gravitates a little better to classical dances like the waltz or the foxtrot. He’ll need a bit of time to adjust, but soon he’s moving in time with you as you lead the way.





While not one for dancing at all, he doesn’t necessarily mind not being the one in the lead. If anything that’s easier for him since he doesn’t need to think ahead. However, as I’ve said, he’s not really one for dancing, so instead of an actual dance, I’d imagine he’s more of a two-stepper or a swayer. Either of which he wouldn’t mind being held or eased along by you. I honestly see a scenario of you hugging him from behind as you sway to a soft beat as something very plausible.





This boy here doesn’t care what he’s doing as long as he gets to dance with you! If you’re most comfortable leading, he doesn’t mind at all and he’ll follow how you move to the best of his ability. He’s all smiles through the entire ordeal, no matter the dance - though with Jyushimatsu, I’m sure he’s more excited if he gets to do something high energy. Either way, he’s just happy to be dancing with his favorite person.





He actually prefers to follow. Not because he can’t lead, because he’s quite capable, but rather Todomatsu feels he looks cuter when he’s the one to follow. So hearing that all you know how to do is lead is no skin off his nose. He’ll give you a dreamy look as you dance and most likely be the same as his nii-san when aiming for a dramatic touch. He’s another to be competitive with outfits, though he’d most likely aim to outshine you.

Chapter Text


That was the only way he could describe the meal that sat in front of him. Toast burnt to a crisp, eggs covered in a black sear and the only edible thing on his plate were the pears you had already shamelessly popped in your mouth. From beyond the lap tray sat your daughter, all smiles and wide eyes as she beamed proudly for accomplishing making her Daddy breakfast in bed for his birthday.

“Take a bite while it’s still hot, Daddy!”

He took the fork in a shaky hand, cutting into the eggs and rolling back his natural response to wince when he heard the crunching on contact. Small bite at the end, he brought the piece to his mouth. The smell of soot and hint of egg was an assaulting mix to his senses, but he bravely continued. Majority of the bite has withered to chalky ash on his tongue, and the taste and texture was only comparable to licking a freshly used charcoal grill. Yet…the look on his little girl’s face, glowing with a sense of achievement as she looked at him with all the love in her little heart.

How he wished he could capture that look forever.

He swallowed the grating piece of food, a hand coming to her head to stroke her hair, “It’s delicious, my little snowpea.” She held on gently to her fathers hand, large grin displaying across her features. For her to keep that smile, he’d eat a hundred of these blackened meals.

The next thirty minutes he spent gulping down the rest of his plate, though his love for his offspring fueled him to the finish. At the end of his meal, she wrapped her small arms around his neck and pecked a kiss to his cheek, “Happy Birthday, Daddy!”

Karamatsu held onto his little girl tightly, nuzzling his nose into her cheek, “Wouldn’t be one without you, my Karamatsu girl.”

As touched as you were from the spectacle, you had your coat on, ready to leave to the nearest convenience store for the pepto bismol you knew your husband would need.

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At the sound of eggs crackling in the pan, you barely heard your husband creep into the kitchen. You were humming one of his favorite songs absentmindedly, being careful not to step too close to the stove with your belly. Five months flies by pretty quickly and you were showing more than you thought you would. That mattered little to you though, your husband being supportive throughout the entire ordeal. The eggs were flipped and you continued humming, only this time a soft voice joined your tune. Hands found their way carefully under your heavy chest to wrap around you as a chin was pressed into your shoulder. Osomatsu swayed you softly, dulcet tones of his singing breezing past your ears. The smile on your face felt near permanent as you leaned into him, the two of rocking back and forth and the sound of a sweet morning in the kitchen.



Watching his eyes light up to your good news was the epitome of a Kodak moment. A baby…Karamatsu could hardly believe it. Tears immediately found his eyes, and soon you found yourself swept into his arms. Hugged tightly against his chest, he peppered soft kisses over your face and lips, whispers of love and joy against your skin. A hand pressed to your back and a palm clasping your own, Karamatsu led you into slow twirls around the room. With his forehead pressed to yours, he sung “Fools Rush In”, tears streaming down his cheeks. You did your best to kiss his tears away as you were led in his arms. Spinning and spinning in your beloveds grasp, his head finally throwing back in utter jubilation, “I’M GOING TO BE A FATHER!”



At your baby shower, Choromatsu ran around like a headless chicken making sure preparations were in place and all your combined guests were catered to. Watching him exert himself like this was nearly making you exhausted, and so you came to a quick decision. Making your way over to the DJ, you whispered in their ear for a few seconds before they nodded. “Choromatsu!” you called, gaining his attention and waving for him to come over.

“H-Hey…you shouldn’t be standing too much, you-” and then the music hit. Your fingers ran over his cheek, and his eyes melted into calm softness; this was the song you played the very night you came home from your wedding. Just you two. Choromatsu felt the swell come up his throat, and his hand came to your belly gently before wrapping his arms around your lower back. With your hands on his shoulders, you moved slowly to the song, the bump of your stomach being the bridge between your hearts. “You’ll be a great daddy, Choro…” you whispered, kissing the corner of his mouth. That was all it took to make him cry as you both continued to sway.



“Ahh, she’s kicking” you giggled, fingers running over your stomach. You were in the middle of feeding the strays in the backyard, your new home a place they would frequently visit. Humming to the cats as they ate, you were startled softly by Ichimatsu’s hand on your shoulder. He helped you up, seeming like he wanted you for something, but instead took you into his arms. Soft meows sounded behind you two and your husband held you close, cheek to cheek with you and just moved you side to side. “Ichimatsu…” you whispered, fingers gently scratching the back of his head, “Everything okay?” He hummed quietly, holding you only a little bit tighter, “I…wanted to dance a little with you and our daughter…I’m not great at dancing.” At the realization of his words, you smiled, taking the easy swaying in stride as you cozied up to him.



It was in the garden that you broke the news. Something about seeing Jyushimatsu up against the sunflowers made you feel better. So when you broke the news to him that you were having twins, it came as no surprise that you were hoisted into his arms. Legs wrapped around his middle, he held up you bouncing back in forth in a joyful two step, laughing loudly even with tears in his eyes. He planted kisses on your face, and when he finally set you down, you were swung around in an awkward set of circles, almost akin to a messy foxtrot. The entire time Jyushimatsu beamed with pride, shouting things like “I’m gonna be a papa!” and “I LOVE MY WIFE!”. Soon you found yourself joining him in expression, soft giggles and happy tears while you danced in your garden.



“There’s no way you can still do that” he goaded, giving you a look of sly disbelief. You returned the look, leaning in quick enough feign a kiss (and laughing when his lips followed) before pulling away to the fake stage. Six months pregnant and you were taking the karaoke stage, ready to do a dance number you hadn’t done since high school. “This one goes out to my husband,” and the expression on Todomatsu’s face was the same one he made the day he knew he loved you. Your spontaneity and bravery hadn’t changed…even when you were carrying - and he loved you for it.

“Alright princess, I can’t let you have all the fun,” he laughed, hopping up on stage with you. You sung the words to the song in the microphone, Todomatsu right besides you as you both did the dance routine you’d thought you’d both forgotten. Move for move, you stayed in sync, cheers echoing with the other patrons. At the end of the song, you both posed, earning quite the ovation. You turned to your husband, eyes saying ‘I told you so’ before erupting into a fit of giggles. He followed suit, holding your cheek to pull you in for a kiss. Your hand came to his, covering over your belly - and the slight movement of your daughter brushing his palm. “I love you, crazy girl,” Todomatsu said softly, heart full as he held you

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Osomatsu, The Don: Head of the Matsuno Mafia, all shots are called by him. He has clientele all over Japan and the States, and he isn’t afraid to hold his power over anyone’s head. Whether that means literally or figuratively depends on the person he’s introduced to. He’d rather not be the one to get his hands dirty, but as I’ve said in the past - if need be, that coat comes off and his twin set of crimson steel berettas come out. 99% of the double-crossers end up shocked that he’d approach them himself, and Osomatsu isn’t hesitant to use that to his advantage, effectively lodging one between their eyes. He likes his cigars Cuban, his cars fast (and never driven by his own hand unless ABSOLUTELY necessary), and his alcohol expensive.

Karamatsu, The Debonair: Righthand man to the Don, he’s the closest to Osomatsu in everything, and the one he consults with the most. He’s romantic in speech, but lethal in action. He’d prefer to use his words before having to maim or kill, but he understands sometimes words are ineffective. Thus, he carries his Desert Eagle on him at all times, tucked against the length of his lower back. He dons tailored suits quite frequently, though at times he’ll end up removing the jacket to roll his sleeves up - where his tattoos can be seen. His favorites among them include the royal blue pine symbol he has tatted on his chest, the tiger mural he has that’s wrapped around his left calf, and the long, blue stemmed rose piece that sits beautifully on his right forearm. He enjoys finer cuisines and wines, and as much as loves his family - he wants out of this life. Money means nothing to him, especially when it’s soaked in blood. And when he finds a partner who truly loves him despite his life, he’s leaving everything behind.

Choromatsu, The Tactician: Dubbed the brains of the boys, he’s their go-to for information on any person, place of business, or item. He prides himself in being expertly knowledgeable behind a computer, as well as taking some of his personal time to learn a bit of hand to hand combat. A bit of Krav Maga, Brazilan Jiu-Jitsu and Jeet Kun Do to make up for the lack of weaponry he prefers not to use. Though, on a rare occasion that he needs to get physical, he like to use piano wire, thus the necessity for the black gloves (so he doesn’t slice his fingers). He owns a collection of glasses, changing them up often depending on the occasion. To many who do business with the Matsunos he’s known the “stoic shithead” since he’s very no nonsense with clientele and makes the atmospheres quite tense when he’s around. But he never fails to get business when he talks numbers, so Osomatsu always brings him along whenever it’s necessary. Lowkey, he still very much enjoys Nyaa-chan, and nearly managed to woo her once before called for an emergency: which ended up being Osomatsu smacking him on the head and reminding him that celebrities were off limits due to their high profile.

Ichimatsu, The Executioner: The highest death toll comes on this matsus hands. Armed with a literal dungeon full of tools and contraptions, the brothers throw 75% of their victims to him. He’s the lead in torture, using any method he feels is fun for the day to retrieve information or merely torture and kill because of their negligence or betrayal. Sadistic as you can imagine, he spares no life that he isn’t instructed to keep alive. On the other hand, he’s still very much a cat person and has plans to own a cat sanctuary once he decides he’s done with the mafia business. He also headlines as the cook of the family, being very adept with several knives and watching a lot of cooking shows in his spare time, Ichimatsu picked up the skills and love for culinary quite quickly. Considering they have plenty of money, he likes to get his ingredients fresh, and will usually ask Jyushimatsu to retrieve a list of items for him every morning so he can make meals throughout the day.

Jyushimatsu, The Muscle: He’s the one that people fear the most, as they consider that wide, cheerful grin VERY ominous when he has his nail-riddled bat in hand. He also prefers the simpler things in life, enjoying baseball games, sweets and being with brothers - all things he can afford in more ways than one. If he’s not out running errands for Ichimatsu in the morning or aiding his brothers in the heavier fights, he’s training on his own or out running around town with the stray dogs in the city. Ladies actually flock to him more than he recognizes or cares to admit, but he pays them no mind. Whether because he prefers not to or because he’s actually that oblivious, no one seems to know.

Todomatsu, The Socialite: The other information gatherer of the brothers, his specialty lies more on a social level. He uses his connections and networks among the lower ranks to dig up dirt that can destroy on moral levels rather than financial or power ones. He’s also pretty much the peacekeeper, taking it upon himself to join Karamatsu in any sit down meeting he wants to have to iron out any miscommunication or situations or forcing the brothers to talk it out with one another should their be an argument. He’s rightfully nicknamed the “cyber demon”, being a manipulative terror to anyone who thinks they can slander the Matsuno name over the internet. It’s petty, he’s aware, and he definitely doesn’t care, because he has a dark pink revolver he keeps handy and he’s not afraid to stuff it down someone’s throat should they piss him off enough. That cutesy laugh is more terrifying than adorable and he likes it that way.


They all speak Italian, though Karamatsu and Osomatsu tend to use it the most.

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Your hands were shaking in his. This was your third date and the third time you still weren’t able to do the one thing you’ve desperately wanted to do: kiss him. Ichimatsu looked down at your shaking hands, brows furrowing slightly. It wasn’t cold, why were you shivering like this…? Were you sick? His mind mulled over several questions, some of them pointing to your behavior being his fault, though he did his best to push those thoughts away. You were kind to him, made him feel better about who he was a person and less of failure for being himself.

You’d shut your eyes, screaming internally, “JUST DO IT, JUST DO IT, JUST DO IT” though your body made no movement and your face burned brightly in soft shades of red. Leaning forward in the tiniest of increments, your lips trembled as you struggled to pucker them. Meanwhile, Ichimatsu had his head slumped, thoughts now racing on how cute you were and he didn’t understand how you wanted to be around someone like him, and if he just could…

And so you inched closer, pushing your lips out ever so slightly.

If he just could…!

Without thinking, Ichimatsu whipped his head upright, mushing his lips against yours. He wasn’t aware that your lips has already been half-puckered, thus the kiss ended up more a mashing of soft flesh. Nonetheless your eyes snapped open, fully aware now that your lips were touching. He inhaled, throat catching the air as he did and he almost choked. Your quivering fingers were clasped tightly in his hands now. Realizing that you weren’t pulling away, Ichimatsu did something he never thought he’d do: relaxed. His hands loosened, and his eyes eased their clenching, this time instead just relishing in the kiss itself.

Feeling him against your lips as he was, despite how equally nervous he was, no matter how much you heard Ichimatsu refer to himself as many an awful things… feeling him give into this one moment - with nothing but this on his mind, it gave you the ounce of courage to do what you didn’t think you’d be able to:

You kissed him back.

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Cat and Mouse. Your beloved being the predator always, as you sincerely enjoyed the chase. In the hallways of the Matsuno mansion you dashed, light on your feet as you felt danger looming around every corner. Scared, however, was the furthest thing from what you were. As you rounded corners and dashed down the lengthy hallways, you heard the dark rasping of your purple clad gangster,

“Here kitty kitty~”

He didn’t sound far - which meant you definitely need to keep running. Small snickers escape you as you flitted down a flight of stairs, thinking you’ve finally outrun him - only to have your wrists captured and wrapped behind you when you rounded the banister. Immediately you were pulled up against the figure that grabbed your arms. Teeth and lips trailed pointed bites up your next until they found the shell of your ear,

“More like a mouse, actually” he chuckled low, “…Game over.”

You were spun around to face him, gasping in delight at the hunger that poured from his expression, grin seemingly in a snarl - though you knew better. He smashed his lips against yours, thick fingers digging into the loose strands of your hair as he forced his tongue into your mouth. You groaned at the sensation, your own hands bunching the material of his eggplant vest. Without warning, he slammed you into the nearby wall as his tongue wrestled down yours - and your leg was hiked up to wrap around his waist. A mixture of lashes and licks was how your tongues danced, and your body was heating up pinned against Ichimatsu the way it is; when he pressed his obvious erection up against your ass you gasped into his mouth, for which you felt him grin. You felt his hand twist in your hair and suddenly your head was yanked back.

“Mmmf, Ichi…” you whined as he leaned into suck hard in the crook of your neck. He freed a hand from behind you, looking to slide behind the zipper of your jeans and aiming lower - until a loud, blaring tone sounded in the stairwell. A warning growl left the man, ready to maim whichever one of his brothers had the fucking nerve to call him right now of all fucking times. He dug into his pocket, whipping the phone out and swiping,

“WHAT” he barked, only to reel back in fright for a second, “S-Sorry Osomatsu-niisan…”

Ichimatsu trailed his gaze off to the side as he listened carefully. No other words were spoken from your boyfriend other than “Got it. Bye.”

He closed his eyes, inhaling to shake off his annoyance, “I have to go…The Don has a job I need to take care of.”

You nodded, moving to peck a quick kiss to his cheek, “I’ll wait for you,” and you flashed him a look of something mischievous. He grinned wickedly, biting at your lower lip only to catch it and immediately let go.

“Wait in my room…Order dinner if you want,” he slipped past you slowly, the pleased expression sinking into one more sinister and serious, “Who knows how long this could take…”

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Honestly they’ll probably start all yelling at once as to why you won’t ask THEM on a date!
I mean you can play like you didn’t expect that to happen - but c’mon, you know for a fact that given the chance, one of them (or all of them if you really want) would love to date you!)

However, if you would prefer to keep things platonic with them, it depends on who you talk to:

Osomatsu would probably have one of those moments where he actually says something profound and suggest that you be yourself.

Karamatsu would tell you, “Follow your heart and the rest will fall into place!”

Choromatsu would suggest to start with interests and hobbies and see if there’s anything similar between you two to start the connection

Ichimatsu would ask you “…See if they like cats” followed by “If they don’t, fuck them.”

Jyushimatsu would request that you and the guy arm wrestle to see who’s stronger, which makes no sense, but you appreciate his answer.

Todomatsu would demand that you put yourself out there on some sort of social media (and when you have all of the guy’s social media on the first date, tell him about it, and then you find out everything you need to know about him thanks to FBI Agent Totty)

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Osomatsu doesn’t have a particular position he likes. He’ll do all of them as long as he can fuck you.

Karamatsu pegs me as the type to either have you cowgirl (while he’s laying back or sitting up, either or) OR he’d take you missionary, but with your legs over his shoulders

Choromatsu I can see would do regular missionary or he’d take you from behind, but with you upright, with his head in the crook of your neck, hands on your hips type deal.

Ichimatsu might prefer doggy style while he’s gripping your arms or have you laying down on your belly while he fucks you from behind. Anything where he can pin you face down.

Jyushimatsu is another one that I don’t think is particular with his positions, though holding you up for wall sex or having you on your back, legs up, with his hands wrapped around your ankles seems to be ones he gravitates to sometimes.

Todomatsu in my minds eye likes the scissor position. He also might be quite fond of cowgirl - anything to get a good look at your belly and skim his hands over your legs and thighs.

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Todomatsu: Only because he likes his space. He doesn’t mind cuddling, just not all the time! He likes to have you sit in between his legs with your back to his chest and his arms wrapped around you.

Choromatsu: He’s more nervous than anything. Even after you’ve been together he still shakes a bit at the idea of you two cuddling. He’ll usually prefer to have his arm around you as you lean into him.

Jyushimatsu: His problem is sitting still. Being the ball of energy that he is, he loves to go go go. However, he THOROUGHLY enjoys cuddling when he’s actually settled. His favorite way to hold you is from behind, strong arms around your waist and his face in your hair.

Karamatsu: A man of many moods - he loves to hold you close. Depending on plans, he’ll either cuddle you all day or cuddle you until you know you need to move to do something. He’s not a huge layabout, but that doesn’t stop him from taking you into his arms. His head against your chest, arms around your back is how he holds you.

Osomatsu: A lazy, lazy man, but he gives a good cuddle sesh. Beware: he WILL try to tickle you at time, but he adores nuzzling your laughing self and reminding you how comfy you are. He doesn’t have a specific position he holds you, he just likes to have you close.

Ichimatsu: The cuddle king. He’s so soft and his sweater feels like a cloud when you lean up against him. Cuddling with you is his favorite activity and it’s so comfortable you often end up napping together. Half the time when you try to leave - he’ll wrap his arms around you and pull you back, saying in the softest voice you’ve ever heard from him “Stay…”. He loves holding you against him, chest to chest, with his chin tucked on top of your head. Hearing his heartbeat lulls you to sleep 90% of the time.

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“Hey little guy,” Ichimatsu cooed at the feline. Lazing in the sun was a rather large tiger, one that Ichimatsu had raised from infancy. He brought his hand under its chin, scratching rigorously. The loud rumble of its purring brought a small smile to the purple matsus face. In his other hand he held a fresh steak, for which the tiger eyed predatorily.

Ichimatsu wasted no time and tossed the steak away so his friend could tear into it. Taking only a few minutes, the tiger devoured its lunch, licking at its whiskers for any stray bits. It purred once more when hands stroked behind its ears, and it leaned into the loving touch. Ichimatsu peered down at the tiger’s content expression, glimpses of the little cub he’d raised flashing in his mind,

“Good boy…I missed you, friend.”

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You didn’t understand it, but there kneeled your boyfriend, his hand slipped gently under yours. Sapphire cut in a princess shape glowed bright against the moonlight, though the glitter of his whiskey gaze outshone everything. Just minutes before he’d mention needing to ask you a question. As soon as you’d turned around, he was down on his knee - ring clutched between his teeth.

“Angel…” he began, though muffled through his limited speech capability, “When I’m with you, I’m constantly soaring through the clouds…” his other hand came to join the first, loosely clutching your own, “Marry me…and for eternity I promise you we’ll never come down.”

You shook, disbelief piercing your heart, but you immediately melted. Through blurred tears and a cracking voice you blubbered, “Yes…Yes, Karamatsu, oh my god, YES!”

Tears pricked the corners of his eyes, but he blinked them back as he carefully took your hand toward his mouth. In a position to seem like he was going to kiss your fingers, you felt him shuffle the precious stone around carefully. Your finger lifted, he eased the band over your digit, and slipped the gem from his slips with near precision. You were in awe at the sight of something so beautiful on your finger, but that mattered little at the moment.

As soon as he let up off your hand, you wasted no time yanking him up for one of the happiest kisses you two would share.

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The afternoon was slowly passing by as you lazed in the living room. Phone calls, texts and a whole wall of Facebook greetings littered across your screen for your birthday. You weren’t expecting much, some dinner with your friends later, but that was really about it.


…That was until a knock came to your door. You turned toward the noise, not expecting anyone for a few hours. Peeking the door open, you locked eyes with your purple clad crush. He quickly flushed, casting his gaze downward and shoving out the plate in his hands. Blinking, you looked down to see a small cupcake. The frosting that coated it was chocolate, with M&M’s for eyes and whipped with surprising expertise into cat ears at the edges. In the middle was one singular purple candle, buzzing quietly aflame.

“I remembered today…w-well it’s your birthday right?” he stammered, nerves clearly starting to get the better of him, “It’s a shitty gift…but…I….”

You quickly hushed him, taking the plate out of his hands and pulling him for a hug. He stiffened at the contact, but ultimately decided to lean the side of his head on your shoulder, “It’s perfect, Ichimatsu, thank you.”

A soft shudder, and you couldn’t tell if it was from relief or if he was possibly going to cry, but he managed to whisper just loud enough for you to hear,

“Happy Birthday.”

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This time, for once, he catches the look of disdain present on her face as she’s looking directly at the character on the screen right before she turns on her heel. He looks back, watching her stomp toward the kitchen. Choromatsu frowns as the voiceover from his dating sim sounds behind him, knowing right away what was wrong.

She was found fiddling with the coffeemaker, deciding she needed a cup. Eyeing the ground, Choromatsu rounded the corner only to linger at the doorway. He rubbed at his elbow, unsure how to approach her.

“H…Hey…” Choromatsu started. Anxiety bubbled in his throat, but he watched her carefully. She didn’t turn to him, but merely put down her coffee cup.

“What is it, Chormatsu?” she replied flatly. The apathetic nature of her tone stung more than it should’ve and to bite back guilty tears, he lunged forward instead. His arms came around her waist, hugging her from behind, “I’m sorry!” he squeaked out, burying his face into the nape of her neck. Shock seeped into her limbs, only to be replace quickly with soft tremors. Her hand came over his and she croaked out gentle and tired,

“I’m right here, you know…” a small sniff brought his head up for attention, “You have me, Choro…am I not good enough in comparison to your games?”

As he feared.

A tighter squeeze came to her belly and he nervously pressed his lips to her skin,

“Never…” he sighed, his own self-inflicted hurt obvious his voice, “You are more than I deserve. I’m…I’m so sorry!” She was twirled around by his arms, her tearful eyes meeting his. Hands shaking, her stroked his thumbs over her cheeks and brushed off her oncoming tears.

“I had…no idea how I was making you feel…” he said quietly, his eyes searching hers, “Why didn’t you say something?”

Her lashes dropped, feeling foolish that she wasn’t able to communicate her frustration sooner, “I…I don’t know. But…B-But I hate feeling like I’m not enough for you.” Lip trembling, she couldn’t bring herself to look back at Choromatsu’s concerned stare - but she didn’t need to. He pulled her into a gentle kiss, continuing to hold her face as he did. Both sets of eyes remained closed as Choromatsu whispered,

“I love you more than anything in the world…Please…Please forgive me for ever making you feel second best.”

She nodded quickly, sputtering out a soft sob before she was taken into his arms for a loving embrace. He stroked her back in slow circles, letting her cry while softly reminding her how much she was loved until her tears finally ceased.

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Just imagine - you see him by the bridge he stands on sometimes and you ask him how he’s doing. You two have been talking for a little bit, taking brief walks in the park or sitting by the river and just conversing. Your hair comes in your face and you brush it out of the way hurriedly, causing it to flip back in a dramatic sort of way. All of the sudden he’s lost his train of thought, sunglasses slipping down the bridge of his nose a bit as he watches that unfold - and his tongue is tied completely as a result.

“I-I’m ah…well…yeah, I…” he stutters, and you can’t help but notice that he’s blushing more and more by the second. Half from how unbelievably stunning you are and half from his embarrassment of not being able to string together a simple “I’m fine, how about you?”

You find it endearing, blushing yourself as you didn’t think anything you were capable of doing would make anyone jittery like this. Giggling, you pat his cheek, looping your arm in his afterward and mentioning that you’d like to eat at the cafe, your treat. He’s stumbling a bit in your grasp, but he finally gains his footing and squeaks out “I-I’M FINE, HOW ABOUT YOU?”

And then he groans at his own words, but you just pay him a smile and tell him, “I’m glad to hear it, Kara.”

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The brick wall was the only thing in your peripheral view, and soon the only thing up against your back. There was no where left to run, no where to hide. At this point you were way over your head and even you knew it. Heist after heist, you were able to get away (more often than not by the skin of your teeth because of him), but this - this was levels above your paygrade. Fists clenched at your sides you turned and slammed them into the wall.

“Shit…” you whispered, leaning your head against your forearms. You were strategizing with the precious seconds you had…until the soft click of a safety sounded behind you. Head lifted, you couldn’t help but close your eyes and laugh, “Bet you feel real proud of yourself right now, don’t you, Matsuno…”

Choromatsu Matsuno, police chief of the Akatsuka District, who had been viciously on your tail all year - had finely had you cornered. Eyes narrowed, he spat your name out in a sneer, “Hands where I can see them.” You sighed, half in defeat, half in respite. This chase between you and him was tiring, and now that he finally had you, you were done. Your hands pressed into the brick above your head, and you heard the clean heel of his boots thunk in your direction. Without much resistance, your hands were yanked behind your back, secured tightly by a set of steel cuffs. A bitter laugh broke his movements,

“So what’s in store for me, Matsuno, twenty-five to life?…” your head sunk, “Or perhaps the death penalty?”

Hardened eyes watched your desolate response, “What you stole from Akatsuka was worth more than you’ll ever be able to pay back in ten lifetimes,” and you smirked, letting out a sour laugh. Your restraints shook in the chief’s hands, and he ultimately let out a sigh,

“…Why do you keep doing this to me?”

A pause. What did he say?

“A woman as intelligent and as…” he looked to the side, choosing his words carefully, “beautiful as you are…this isn’t a life for you.” You flushed at the word beautiful, but you stood upright, wiggling out of his grip enough to face him. The same firm glare was softened with genuine concern, which left you taken slight aback, though you swallowed your emotions. Crooked smile adorned, “Never thought you’d get so soft…you must really like me, hm?”

His brow furrowed in slight annoyance, “I’m tired of playing this game with you. You’ve been nothing but a nuisance to my team, and especially to me!” as he spoke, you found yourself slowly inching into the wall behind you both, “Every time you commit grand larceny, and every time we know where you are and how to trap you - but somehow, SOMEHOW, you escape me every. single. time.” He straightened up, “But not this time.”

His downward stare struck a nerve in you, on your heel you spun, shoving out your restrained hands, “Then why wait! You finally have this criminal once and for all. Lock my ass up if I’ve been such a problem!” You felt tears stinging at your eyes for reasons you couldn’t place, “That’s what you do isn’t it?! I’m tired of this game too, so take me in already!”

Silence. Silence that stretched for minutes as your head awkwardly sat on the rough brick, back turned to the chief who refused to say a word. Maddening as it was, you didn’t move - until he took your hands. You were yanked around, coming face to face with Choromatsu, whose eyes read something fiery mixed with something untraceable. Before you could say something, your lips were captured in his, an arm coming around your waist. Stunned was all you felt, “though your body involuntarily leaned into him. When your lips were released, he met your bewildered eyes,


“This entire year…you’ve eluded me. Forced me to take an interest in you when I had better things to do with my time…” he gripped tighter around your waist, “I found out who you were, where you came from, how you’re the only one left in your family.” His free hand came to rest against your face, palm to cheek.

“You’re a thieving criminal…” he whispered low, teeth near clenching at the thought, but he eased back into his concerned tone, “…And yet all I want to do is save you. I want you, but not like this.”

A soft click came from behind you, and it was the pressure lifting from your wrists that you realized that he relinquished you from your handcuffs. Your words still failed you: the kiss, your sudden freedom; you didn’t understand.

Choromatsu tucked the handcuffs into the pocket of his coat, reaching into his back one instead to retrieve a folded manila envelope. He shoved the thing into your hands, before speaking once more.

“In that envelope…is the new you. New name, new identity, new life. Go here…and stay there until I come for you,” and his hand came over yours, “And I will come for you - but on the single condition that you give this up. I make you disappear, you quit your life of crime and start with a clean slate.”

Your hands shook as everything bled into your thoughts, mind racing at this grandiose favor being handed to you by the one person who should hate you the most. He turned, ready to leave you to your own devices and set up your death that he was planning to fake.

“…Why?” you whispered, fingering the material of the envelope, “Why would you do this after all I’ve put you through?”

Stopping in his footsteps, Choromatsu didn’t turn, but he spoke with sincerity,

“…I don’t have a straight answer. But you can do better than this, BE better than this. Now you can take the opportunity I gave you or you can toss it and be on the run from me forever,” he turned slightly over his shoulder to shoot you a wistful look, “And like I’ve said…I’m tired of this game between us.”

He left without another word, and you…you headed toward your new life.

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Tucking his little girl into bed each night made it easier.

But laying down in that king size bed without her made it hard again.

When she’d told him the news of her pregnancy a few years ago, he considered himself the happiest man alive. He shouted from the rooftop, in parks, at restaurants of his love for his stunning wife and the joy he felt of her bringing a new life into this world. For months he watched her stomach stretch - the stirrings of tiny hands and feet skimming the edge of her belly. His little girl would kick at the sound of his voice, and on the quieter nights, he would sing to his two favorite ladies.

“Ah! Another kick” she’d exclaimed, hand gently running over her stomach. Karamatsu laid his palm over his hers, soft smile gracing his features.

“I can’t wait to meet our little one…”

And meet her he would.

Where one life was made anew, an old life was extinguished as they said…but what he didn’t expect…was for that life to be his wife’s. In the midst of bringing her baby girl into the world, her blood pressure skyrocketed - too high for any medication to bring it down fast enough. Soon, under the serious gaze of the medical staff and the panicked eyes of her husband, she took her last breath and exchanged the last of what she had left in her, so that her daughter could live.

To this day Karamatsu hears the loud keen of the flatline in his nightmares.

He cries to himself a lot. Never in front of his daughter, and only once in front of his family, at her funeral. His brothers see the way he laughs when he’s with his child, and although it’s genuine: they know he’s hurting. They hear it in the way he speaks. He’s still boisterous in speech, but it’s lackluster. Forced even. A facade to keep an appearance. Something that wasn’t uncommon for Karamatsu, but this was different than hiding your grievances from your siblings. This wasn’t easily solved by reminding him he’s being silly to bottle up his emotions or to cheer him up the way they usually are able; this is uncharted territory. Unfamiliar. Thick with despair and hurt that no comfort can sustain at the moment.

They all try, nonetheless. But it only makes them recoil when he pays him the charming grin he’s so used to putting on.

He keeps himself busy with the work he’s picked up - some days working from home, other days traveling to where he’s needed. Matsuyo never turns him down when he needs someone to look after her granddaughter - and even then, his brothers step in sometimes to care for her in his absence. As she grows, he almost feels like it’s easier.


One night, in the darkest hour of night, he finds himself unable to sleep. His empty stare burns into her vacant side of the bed, more cold than ever. The soft gleam of his wedding band catches in the moonlight, and an unnatural force in him pulls him out of bed. He heads to the closet, fingering through her old outfits. He can’t bring himself to donate them, though he promises one day he will…when the scent of her perfume fades. In the corner he finds a photo album. A token of memories she made on a whim, filled with photos of the many steps they took together. He thumbs through each page, watching as both his and her faces change. They grew together…and they were supposed to continue. Karamatsu realizes his face is wet now, but he doesn’t brush off the tears. It’s the only time he knows he can truly let it out.

His daughter has her eyes - and when she laughs, he’s reminded of her in a pang of bittersweetness. He comes to the last page in the album, a photo of her and him together, she heavily pregnant at 8 months. In her delicate handwriting he reads the words aloud, unable to hid the shake in his voice,

“…With Our Love Comes a Life…”

His fingertips graze over the photo, tracing the outline of her hair and face. It’s killing him. To be alone in this world. To see the light and the life in his daughter’s eyes, knowing in the same breath that he mercilessly had to watch the same leave his love’s. It’s cruel. And Karamatsu swears some days it’s unspoken punishment for something from his past though he wishes he could know what he did wrong to receive such a sanction.

Everything hits him at once. The flatline, the memory of hearing his daughter cry for the first time, the hard hitting realization that she’s actually gone. He remembers her smile, the moment she said I do, the way she cried happily when she said she was pregnant…

Clutching the now shut photo album to his chest, he doubles over, forehead touching to the ground. Karamatsu cries for what feels like the umpteenth time. For the constant struggle he deals with as a lone parent, for being unable to truly let go of his lost love, for having to endure his nights alone and to never being able to hear the woman he so adored tell him ‘I love you’ again. He sobs for his motherless daughter, for the hole in his heart and the weight on his soul. It feels like hours he’s been crying, but he picks himself back up and lays in bed, red eyes blankly staring at the empty space once more.


On one afternoon, in the middle of the fall, he takes his daughter to the park. He watches her play with the falling leaves. A sharp inhale as he hears her laugh, and it brings a small smile to his face to witness such unbridled joy.

Karamatsu’s eyes well up, and a single tears slides down his cheek, which he quickly brushes away.

He’s realized he can heal.

Chapter Text

Your dates weren’t always the most romantic, but you couldn’t deny that he was fun. Tonight however - tonight was about pride. At Chibita’s oden cart, Osomatsu challenged you to a duel of the drunkest; the prize: not paying the tab for dinner and shots.

“You’re on, Matsuno. Can’t wait to watch you ring what little bit you have left out of those pocket.” He laughed at that, wiping under his nose, “Don’t underestimate me, babe.”

So shot for shot you knocked back sake, a wave of inebriated heat washing over you both as you dove deeper and deeper into getting drunk. Unfortunately for you, five shots was your limit. Adding to your misfortune, was watching Osomatsu down his sixth. You would’ve been upset at any other given moment (you guys racked up quite a tab), but your attention was taken to him pulling off his sweater. He sighed in relief, fanning himself with the t-shirt he wore underneath.

“It’s so hooooottttt” he whined, rubbing at the cherry blush that adorned his face. You giggled gently though you realized he was right. The heat from your jacket was unbearable, so you took it off as soon as you’d thought to. Osomatsu turned towards you, ready to ask why you were laughing, but immediately found himself fixated on your chest. He didn’t bother to hide it, tuning Chibita completely out as he read you both the total for the meal. He’d almost forgotten how super fucking sexy you were, and when your breasts bounced every so slightly when you yanked the money of your wallet, he damn near lost it. Well aware of his staring, you were heating up under his gaze, knowing exactly where this night was about to lead…and you couldn’t lie to yourself that you wanted it to. The money was handed to Chibita with haste, tip included, which made the bald man chirp with delight. You failed to hear his goodbye however, as you pulled Osomatsu back to your apartment. The both of you half-stumbled on the way, your footing getting lost as Osomatsu grabbed your ass and pressed kisses onto your cheek and neck as you made your way to the complex.

“Jeeeeesus, Osooo…” you huffed breathlessly as he palmed your breasts through your shirt, “L-Let’s get inside first.”

You grumbled, fingering through your keys trying to find the one for your house - and when you finally made it inside - no time was wasted. Osomatsu attached himself at your lips, hands tugging at your zipper and practically yanking your jeans off of you. Your hands were busy reciprocating as your tongues danced heavily against one another, the taste of hard sake and salty oden at the tip of your tastebuds. Your head was spinning with the feel of his hands messily caressing your half uncovered chest - fingers and thumbs pinching at your nipples. Fingers thread into his disheveled hair,

“Unggh, Oso, pleaseee” you mewled.

He sported a cocky grin, choosing to laugh softly at your plea as he licked a long stripe up your neck. Warm saliva cooled quickly on even hotter flesh, but that mattered for merely a brief second. Next you knew, you were bent over the edge of the couch, a knee separating your legs. Your fingernails dug into the arm, and you arched slightly at the feel of Osomatsu pulling your panties aside to slide into your extremely sopping cunt. One hand grasped tightly on your hip while the other slinked it’s way back up to your chest to cup a breast,

“Fuuuuuuck babe you’re sooo wet” he slurred against your shoulder, nipping at your skin.

The sound of his hips slapping against your ass filled the air, the quick, jerky thrusts of him sliding in and out of you making you bite your lip. You felt heavy under him, your limbs like lead as you focused on the feeling of him fucking you. “Osooo, god, Osomatsuuu,” you groaned loudly. He pressed lazy kisses on your back and you relished the feel, but soon whined out loud when fingers dipped between your legs. Osomatsu had pulled his hand from your hip to circle clumsily over your clit. The small jolts of electricity at your hips coupled with his hard thrusts was pushing you to the edge more quickly than you’d anticipated.

“Fuckingtakeitfuuuckyestakeitakeit” he mumbled against your neck as he sped up considerably. The harsh breaths on your neck let you know he was coming close…but you had little time to think about it as your orgasm slammed through you with his last thrust. You screamed into the cushion of the couch, your legs quaking as you clenched hard around his cock. He hissed at the feeling, giving a few weak thrusts before groaning aloud himself. The rush of warmth on you walls made you shiver, but not as much as his fingers that still lazily brushed your clit. Small mewls escaped you in protest against the over-sensitivity. With a final kiss to your cheek he let go of your flesh and laid on top of you, spent. You strained with what little strength you had so that you could peck a kiss to his cheek…only to find that was sound asleep. Grimacing you did your best to wriggle your body in order to shake him awake,

“You can’t sssleep on me ya big dummy, get ooooff”

He merely moaned in half-asleep complaint and pulled out of you so that he drag his feet to the couch and drape himself over it.

You stared at your boyfriend, the afterglow of your orgasm starting to sober you up a little bit. A small laugh and a peck to his forehead, “Looks like you win two rounds tonight, Osomatsu,” and you turned to retreat to your bed.

You swore you heard him mumble “Told ya notta underessimate me” but decided to ignore it as you rolled your eyes and closed the door.

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You don’t know how he convinced you to do this, but you felt the chill run down your spine when you arrived at the rink. The last time you went ice skating was far too long ago to remember fully, though you DO recall falling on your butt a bunch of times.


“This is gonna be so fun!” chirped Todomatsu, whose arm was linked around yours. To your surprise, he paid for your skate rental, hastily lacing his up and when he saw you finished yours, he dragged you to the rink opening. The ice glistened sheens of silver and white, marred in its brilliance only by the children and adults that slid over it. Todomatsu pushed himself onto the ice with ease, a soft giggle whispered into the air before you. He glided through the rink, momentum built off of alternating feet. You watched his grace with quiet interest, unaware that you were absentmindedly stepping into the rink yourself. Balance escaped you however, and the slippery terrain robbed you of your footing. So on your ass you fell. A quick hiss of pain and the pink clad sextuplet was by your side in an instant.


“Oh no! Are you okay?” he said, brows upturned in worry. You were helped to your feet, only to have your limbs wobble threateningly under your weight. Todomatsu held your arms tight in order to keep you steady. Ugh, you knew you couldn’t do this.


“Don’t tell me this is your first time ice skating”, Todomatsu teases. You figure he’s ready to laugh, so when you embarrassedly admit this isn’t and that you just really suck at it, you’re braced for humiliation. However, seeing your twisted expression accompanied by your shaking knees actually makes him feel bad. With a soft sigh and a playful roll of his eyes, he takes your hands,


“Come on…take baby steps with me.”


You’re shocked by him not tittering in that “Omigod, really?” manner you’re accustomed to, but seeing a genuine smile on his face melts your concern. You take a step forward, while he takes one back. Same with the other foot. And so Todomatsu leads you through small steps in his guiding grasp. Soon you were finding your balance on the ice, with much thanks to your makeshift ‘instructor’.


Though skating hand in hand with Todomatsu, who was staring with a mix of peace and pride, and the soft sounds of winter wonder as your background…


…Well that left you with a different weak in the knees.

Chapter Text


He didn’t hear the door slamming since he’d been asleep on the couch, but her crying was actually what woke him. He tapped on her door, only for her to shout for him to go away. Mouth in a tight line, he said flatly, “You know I can’t do that when you’re crying…tell Dad what’s wrong.” She opens the door slowly, blackened tear streaks stain her face and something in his mind just short circuits.

“He dumped me, Dad…” she sniffs, “I’ve never felt like such a fucking loser in my life…”

Her head hangs, tears running down her face again though she furiously wipes at them. Osomatsu blinks, staring expressionless. Quietly he puts a hand on her shoulder, to which she looks up - finding his trademark smile plastered on his face…but there’s something different about it. With a short laugh he brings his hand up to pat her head softly, “No asshole breaks my daughter’s heart and gets away with it.” She looks at him in confusion at first, and then it hits her, “Dad, c’mon, don’t!”

He’s already half way down the hall however, texting Ichimatsu, “I’ll be back, tell your mom I went to pachinko or something.”

Now just to get the hot mustard from Chibita…



He’s alarmed by the sudden sound of feet and slamming doors, and he pokes his head out of his bedroom to see the commotion. Unfortunately for him, matters are only made worse when he catches a glimpse of his sobbing daughter locking herself away in her bedroom. His heart drops, and he knows something is wrong. Karamatsu stands at her bedroom door, and the sounds of her crying are killing him. He turns the knob, “Sweet pea…? What’s the matter…?” and his brows knit in worry when he sees his daughter curled up, crying into her pillow. Gently, Karamatsu sat at the edge of her bed, hand stroking her hair softly. He noticed out of the corner of his eye the shattered frame of her and her boyfriend of a year.

Ah…so that’s it.

He eyes narrowed at the thought of his precious girl hurt like this…but he knew it was an unfortunate part of growing up. Undoubtedly he wanted to kill the guy, his clenched fist made sure of his anger - but his daughter was more important.

“I’m sure it hurts…but I promise you this will come to pass, turtledove.”

She shuddered, swallowing a sob as she slowly sat up. Her big eyes misted over with tears as she faced her father, “I…I l-loved him, Daddy…” and her tears fell once more. He immediately took her into his arms, his cheek resting on top of her head, “I know, baby, I know…Daddy has you.”

His daughter cried into his shoulder, Karamatsu donning a straight face as he rocked her slowly. When exhaustion finally took her, he laid her down gently, pulling her sheets over her. He left the room, malice seething in his being, but no matter how much he wanted to drive his fist straight into the kids’ guts - he knew it’d only lead to trouble. Karmatsu made his way to the kitchen instead, throwing his apron around his neck and waist and got to work. When his daughter woke up, he’d have her favorite meal hot and ready.



He’d unfortunately seen this coming. His daughter wasn’t one to hide her feelings well, and she’d voiced her frustrations with her current boyfriend in the past. What he didn’t expect, was for the dick to leave her first. He found her in her room, knees drawn to her chest. Judging by her sniffling he knew that she’d been crying…and Choromatsu thought momentarily what to say. He opened his mouth to speak, but his daughter cut him off, “It’s okay Dad…we both knew this was coming.”

Oh how Choromatsu wished he could put this asshole in a chokehold.

He sighed, “I…I know. But that doesn’t mean it hurts any less…right?”

Shakily, she nodded, “…I just didn’t think it would like this.”

Slowly, Choromatsu kneeled to level with his daughters line of sight, “He won’t be the last guy in your life, that much I can tell you. I’m sorry he hurt you…but you’re gonna be okay…okay?”

She sighed softly and shook her head, “Okay.”

He nodded curtly in response, “Do you want me to kill him?”

“Jesus, Dad, no!”

“Okay, okay! I figured I’d ask,” he laughed, throwing his hands up. Choromatsu took to his feet, brushing off his knees, “Well then get your jacket, we’re going to Akihabara.” She blinked in confusion, “…What?”

“Don’t think I haven’t seen you building up a manga collection in secret - your mother was right to tell me you take after me, so let’s GO!”

It made him happy to hear her laugh, even just a little.



A freak.

That’s what the son of a bitch called her. He knew something wasn’t right with her so called boyfriend, but hearing that he’d said such ugly words at her (and with another girl on his arm no less)…Ichimatsu was already plotting how cut this kid’s dick six ways to Sunday. He scratched the little Persian under her chin, feeding her a few bonito flakes as a thank you for her message. She meowed in delight, and then took to licking his hand in more solemn comfort in order to lend him her moral support. She disappeared at the sound of footsteps approaching the front porch. When his daughter’d swung the front door open, he stayed right there.

She looked up at her father, expressionless at first. His short brows turned upward in concern, and softly he said, “…I know.”

That was all it took for her to crumble, a pile of tears and wails on her fathers sweater. He seized up at first, not expecting his on-the-tough-side daughter to cry so easily - but his arms enveloped his offspring gently, lightly shushing her so she wouldn’t wake her mother. Her fingers grasped onto his hoodie as she sobbed,

“W-W-Whyyy am I so unlovable?” and Ichimatsu’s heart sunk. To think that fucking prick could break his little girl down like this…it made him see absolute red. He laid his chin on his daughter’s head, taking a deep breath to collect his buzzing murderous thoughts so he could focus. Slowly he pulled from his daughter, and raised a hand to wipe her tears. He did his best to keep a calm composure, though it took a viable amount of strength seeing her cry like this. He brushed a stray tear with his knuckle, “You’re not unlovable…” he tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, “You’re different. And that’s okay.”

Her lip trembled and she tilted her head, not fully understanding what he was saying, “Papa…?”

Ichimatsu offered his daughter a small smile, “Your different is good…and someone else will appreciate it too.”

A choked laugh escaped her, “…Thank you papa.”

He hummed, “…C’mon, kittycat…I’ll make you onigiri.” She sniffled softly and followed him into the kitchen, his advice, oddly enough making her feel better.

“Oh and by the way,” he started, stopping strictly for emphasis, “If your ex-boyfriend goes missing…I was in the house all week on vacation, okay?”




He didn’t even have to ask; like a weird sixth sense he’d heard his daughter softly crying from a few blocks away. When she came through the backyard door wiping at her waterfall of tears, he was ready - one arm out and his prized bat in the other. She tried explaining what had happened, but her words were so garbled by tears, and further muffled into his oversized sweatshirt. Jyushimatsu spaced out in a catatonic stare, having difficulty balancing out his feelings of sadness for his baby girl and his feelings of going on a rampage.

“Daddy…” she whined, her arms around him hugging him tighter, “Why doesn’t he love meee” He snapped back to attention, expression shifting into one of slight fret, “Ahhh?”

Seeing her pull away from his sweater, eyes welled with giant globs of tears, he felt so awful. She expressed that her ex leaving her as he did made her feel ugly…and that no one would love her.

“Not true” he said gently, plopping a sleeved hand onto her head, “Daddy loves you - you know that, right?”

She sniffed, swatting at oncoming tears, “It’s not the same…”

Jyushimatsu hummed thoughtfully, “Maybe…but think about it like this,” and he leaned on his bat a little, catching his child’s gaze, “See how your mom and I are together? We love each other a lot…for a long time now! So much we even had you,” and he tapped her nose gently. She giggled shortly, and he pat her head when she did.

“My point is…you’ll find that one day - and you don’t need a stupid jerk like that guy.” He grinned warmly at his daughter who finally managed to cease crying. She wrapped her arms around his neck, muffling a soft thanks. He kissed her forehead, “I love you, sunflower.”

And with that, he swung the slugger over his shoulder. His trademark grin stretched over his features, though its intention was a little…off.

“Now…Daddy has a game to play,” he laughed, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. Before she could ask, he’d already sped off with a fierce “MUSCLE MUSCLE HUSTLE HUSTLE”… and it wasn’t until she’d told her mom where Jyushimatsu went (and also watch her take off at lightning speed), did she realize what the bat was for.



He’d been tending to the small zen garden in the kitchen. Something he did to pass the time and give him a few moments peace throughout the day. Around this time was when his daughter came home from school, and today was no different. She sped through the front door, intent on getting to her room - which was normal for her…except she’d usually say hello to him first.

“Hold it!” Todomatsu hollered. Like hell she was going to ignore him, teenage rebellion or not. He heard her stop at the top of the stairs, “Uhh, no hello for me?”

She cleared her throat, never actually turning around to face, “…Hi, Daddy.”

His eyes narrowed, catching the shaky tone of her voice. Todomatsu climbed the stairs, stopping just behind her. Something was wrong - he could feel it.

“What’s wrong?” he asked softly, frowning as he tried to lean over to see her face.

“Nothi-” “Look at me.”

She inhaled with a quiver, and turned to face her father, face wet from crying. He knew it. Fresh tears slid down her cheeks, and Todomatsu’s expression softened at her sadness, “What happened, sweetie?”

Clutching her cell she stammered, “He…He broke up with me!” and her crying rekindled anew, “He s-s-said I wasn’t good enough…and he left me for some other girrrrrl”

Todomatsu sighed, fist shaking in anger. Unbelievable that some idiot would every say something so cruel to his little girl. He placed his hands on her shoulders, “Listen to me…” he said, brows turning up in sympathy, “That jackass was never, and I mean never, good enough for you, understand?” Todomatsu took a handkerchief from his pocket and gently wiped at his daughters tears, “No man worth your time would ever make you feel this way.”

Todomatsu pecked her temple softly as he took her into a tight hug, “You’ll be okay, princess, promise.” She nodded slowly, trying to soak in her what he was telling her, though her eyes still welled with tears. An idea popped into his head and he smiled softly, “Let’s go make you cookies - we can even make ice cream sandwiches if you want.”

Her nose wrinkled, but she nodded, “Okay.”

“Great!” he sang, “Oh but first,” and he took her phone, unlocking it and opening up her Facebook. When she asked him what he was doing he giggled darkly, “What else? Destroying his reputation.”

“Daddy, I’m not a mean girl!” she cried, snatching her phone back.


Chapter Text

Down the road from your boyfriend’s house, you smiled coyly as you exited the convenience store. The plastic bag crinkled with it contents bouncing around as you made your way to his home. Knocking at the Matsuno household, you were even happier to find Choromatsu be the one to open the door.


“I thought you weren’t going to be here for another hour,” he questions as you remove your shoes. A toothy grin flashed across your face and you shake the bag in your hand, “I came early! In fact, in this bag here is a fun little game we’re gonna play!” The man’s head tilted in confusion, “A…game?”


Thankfully he’d cleared the table of the book he was reading earlier (as he was expecting you) so you had an optimal playing setting. Though he was skeptical, they didn’t exactly have an up to date tv that you could play video games with; that bag also looked too small to hold a mahjong set or a board game. Maybe you’d bought a deck of cards? He didn’t really peg you to be a card player, but he wouldn’t be averse to the idea. Sitting beside you, he lent you a small smile of curiosity as you rummaged through the plastic bag.


“We’re gonna play…” you hummed as you pulled out a familiar red rectangular box, “The Pocky Game!”


Choromatsus expression soared from shock, to nervousness, to a vibrant shade of crimson when he eyed the snack. Reliving the days of his youth, or honestly a half a year ago, he remembered playing the pocky game all too well. Perching that lengthy chocolatey biscuit between the hands of his Nyaa-chan figure and shakily chomping down on it…he’d always chicken out before he reached the figurine. Now here you were, insisting him to play with you. Words escaped Choromatsu, leaving only small squeaks to escape him.


“W-W-Wh…B-B-B-But that’s…!” he stammered, and his hands clutched at the neckline of his jacket.


“Tons of fun?” you interjected, “Oh, I know~ But now that begs the question…will you play with me, Choro-kun?”


If he wasn’t red before, he was outstandingly so now. He inhaled sharply, trying to calm his thrumming heart, ‘Think Choromatsu, think! The Pocky Game could mean…C-Could mean…!’


An accidental kiss.


He’s kissed you plenty times before, but something about being teased and it being seemingly innocent made the whole thing feel so virginal. Plus he was always a blushing mess when you kissed - he was still finding his bearings after all. You laughed softly when he peeped out a quick yes, and slowly tore the box open. Peeking out of his covered eyes, he watched you remove a stick, “Open up Choro~” you sang. He screwed his eyes shut, gently taking the biscuit between his lips and holding still. Your hands fell away, and you leaned in, taking the free end between your teeth.


“Aaaand, go!”


With a loud crunch, Choromatsu effectively crumbled his half of the Pocky. You snickered, knowing full well he let his excitement run wild. He groaned at his mistake, dusting the crumbs off of him. Thankfully you had plenty more, and you pulled a fresh one to start over after you munched down your half. The same initial steps were repeated, though you booped his nose this time, “Relax, leapfrog.”


He scrunched his nose at the pet name, and curled his hands into fists on his lap. You readied yourself at your end,


“Aaaand go!”


Gentle bites, one after the other, you two pressed forward on the snack. You’d bite, then he would, then you would, and so on. In mere seconds it came: the final bite. You half expected Choromatsu to back out - the heat of his lips was dangerously close to your own. Yet to your surprise, he did not relent. You took in a breath, preparing to push forward…until a set of lips graced yours. A gasp rose to your throat, and you accidentally chewed through the pocky. Though your physical tie was severed, there your boyfriend’s lips stayed. Too lengthy to be chaste, but too soft to be considered passionate - the kiss mimicked Choromatsu perfectly. Your hand carefully placed itself on his arm, and you pursed your lips to match his gentle fervor. A brief second settled warmth across your cheeks, and then it was gone.


Pulling away from you, Choromatsu chewed the pocky stuck to his cheeks slowly, unable to relinquish himself of his heated blush. Though that mattered little to either of you when he bravely chuckled out “Y-You’re right…that was fun.” It was adorable to watch him shyly sneak glances and scratch at the back of his head when clearly replaying the moment in his head.


But my were you pleasantly surprised when he took the box from the table and settled another piece between his teeth,


“Round 2?”

Chapter Text

He’d only meant to go to the park to catch a pokémon or two and go back home. You caught the corner of his eye, and instantly he felt his heart swell. A smile graced his face, though his heart was pounding at the sight of you. He raised a hand regardless, waving and calling your name to catch your attention. When you didn’t stir, he was concerned he had the wrong person. Another call of your name however and your head lifted, seeing Choromatsu finally coming towards you. He was smiling for a moment…that was until he saw your tears. His features dropped, and an immediate look of worry crossed his face,

“H-Hey…what’s wrong? Are you okay?”

Choromatsu held his hands out trying to gauge why you were crying. He didn’t touch you, but boy he desperately wanted to hold you. You wiped your eyes,

“Can…Can I vent to you? I’m sorry if it’s troublesome, I just…I need to get this off my chest.”

He sits slowly, hands clenched nervously in his lap as he listened. At first he was worried; worried about what might’ve happened to you or if you were hurt. That worry however…melted into anger. You told him about your ex-boyfriend who recently up and left you behind. Not a word, not an argument, nothing. Took all of his belongings and left you completely alone. Tears fell as you explained you’d never saw it coming, “He never told me he was unhappy…I don’t know what I did wrong…”

“Nothing! You did nothing wrong! He’s a loser!” yelled Choromatsu, who bounced off the bench full of raging verbal vigor. You were taken slightly aback by his outburst. He continued, “What a moron! Leaving you alone like this! I’m so angry I feel like my asshair is on fire! You don’t deserve this - someone as smart and kind and gorgeous as y-” and then it hit him. In the midst of his angry ramble, he’d admitted to how he perceived you and it all just spilled out and oh god he’s such an idiot and -


You were laughing.

But it wasn’t a mocking laugh…it was genuine. Soft and sweet, like he’d done something funny that touched you at the same time. The tears this time had come from laughter, and you gently wiped them away, settling down. You felt a little bit lighter, a smile easily gracing your lips.

“…Thank you, Choro-kun.” you said gently, “You made me feel better.”

He was stunned, both from his embarrassing rambling and your positive reaction. He was near ready to faint from how cute your laugh was. A deep inhale, and with a slight shake in his voice,

“D-Do you wanna go get i-i-ice cream? M-My treat”

Another soft laugh, “You know what? Sure,” and you stood up a slight pep in your step now, “I’d really like that.”

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Out of the warmth of the dryer and onto your cold shoulders you slipped the button down. Being alone for most of the day, you figured you’d get both of your laundry done. Your boyfriend had gone to visit his brothers for the day, giving you a little time to yourself. It felt nice to wear Choromatsu’s clothes, and though he often let you do so, the subtle scent of him was comforting nonetheless. You bent over, sticking a new load into the washing machine,

“WH…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” came a screech. Jolting upright you flipped around, on the offensive in response to the shouting. At the doorway was your boyfriend, hands clapped over his face. Occasionally he peaked from between his fingers only to shut them again once he was sure he wasn’t seeing things. You, ass sticking out, in nothing but panties…and his plaid button down?! The more he took in the sight before him, the more he felt his face light aflame. A few blinks,

“I’m just…washing…clo-“ and then it hit you.

The squeaks in his voice, the desperate need to try and execute himself as a gentleman by averting his gaze though you still felt his eyes roam over your thighs…he was flustered! Had you been a more modest woman, a quick squeal and a round robin of apologies would have ensued. However, your mind wandered into a devilish corner, and your hips began to sway. Fluttering your lashes, you spun a spell of honey into your voice,

“Just getting our chores done, Choro-kun,” stocking out your bottom lip, you feigned a worried look, “Did I do something wrong?” He lowered his hands, feeling a little guilty that he gave you that idea. However, watching the fabric of his long sleeve shirt stretch over your ass made him clap his fingers back over his face. Stuttering,

“M-My plaid shirt! Why a-a-are you wearing it?!”

When you’re sure he wasn’t looking, you briefly smirked before melting back into your doeish persona. You swiftly unbuttoned the top two buttons and stood upright, “It was all that was clean…” Gentle fingers came around his hands, taking them from his face to hold them. Your eyes glittered crystalline, soft and sad was the look that drew him in. Meanwhile, you’d cheekily squished your elbows closer together, a nice view of your cleavage poking out of the unbuttoned space.

“It’s just so comfortable…and it smells like you…I just thought…” you bit your lip, turning your eyes away slowly in acted shame all the while jutting out your chest a bit more. Truly Choromatsu felt terrible for seeming like he was ready to reprimand you, but his eyes could barely tear away from your unintentional sexiness. A peek of your breasts from his angle, how innocent and big your eyes flashed in his direction, the full pout of your lips…it was almost too much. Impish in your motive, you leaned forward, same fretful expression. In a hushed voice you whispered, “Should I…take it off?” At first he wasn’t sure he heard you correctly. His mind raced to fill in the gaps of what you actually might’ve said that he failed to see you inching closer to his face. With your lips mere inches from his, Choromatsu finally gasped. Your fingers found their way to his chest,

“Because if you want me to…I’ll take it off…”

You’re not wearing a bra underneath the button down. He knows that at this point. So if you took it off you’d be… oh god.

“Mm…but maybe I should take care of this load first…hm?” you purred. Fingernails trailed down his chest, flitting barely just above the buttons of his jeans. He sucked in a breath, aware now of how turned on he was in the few moments he was with you. Eyes shut, he bit his lip in waiting..

…But the moment never came. Instead, you spun on your heel, prancing back over to the washing machine. At the sound of your fingers shuffling the basket, Choromatsu’s peeked open an eye to see you continuing to load the basket. His expression mimicked confusion,


Another “dumbfounded” look, “I said I should take care of this load first. We have quite a bit of laundry to fold!” You had every intention to stick to your words, but sometimes ruffling his feathers was fun for you. Judging by the way his stare burned into your backside, you were sure that he was quite ruffled as it were.

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Another year, another ball. His birthday no less, shared with his five other brothers. Every May the castle would be wrapped up in absolute chaos blueprinting the plans for the Matsuno princes. Normally Karamatsu thoroughly enjoyed the festivities: the lively music, the delectable food, even the drink left him often feeling like a featerweight. Yet this year…he felt tired. Bored of the same droll spectacle that came every year.


You noticed Karamatsu sulking into his palm. It concerned you, both from a personal and a dutiful place. A life of servitude was what you knew, though at this point you called that a formality when it came to the azure prince. Friendship was an easily struck goldmine between the two of you, leaving the titles behind and putting you both on a first name basis. You never failed to do your job, but you also didn’t hinder your tongue around him. He was honest with you always; poetic in nature and a great listener when you needed it. It wasn’t until winter of last year did you observe the wistful stares when he thought you weren’t looking, or the blank expressions when he’d peer out of his windows. It had something to do with his brothers finding princesses of their own to court…and not him. Karamatsu wouldn’t admit it, putting up a front and acting as though nothing ailed him - but you knew him better than that.


The prince perked up at the sound of one of his favorite songs. The band littered the ballroom with a slow and soft tune, meant to showcase the princes and their significant others. He scanned the room, feeling pangs of jealousy strike his heart watching his brothers sway softly to the soothing rhythm…until he caught your eyes. Always at his side, Karamatsu recalled the countless times he felt so…himself with you. Your role meant nothing to him, and what’s more, you saw past the crown. There was a genuine man behind the riches and power, and he was so glad to have someone understand that. He cherished you dearly, though you never outright knew it. That’s why, with the music gentle and the lights low, he rose from his seat and made a beeline for your stationed spot. It caught you by surprise to find yourself being yanked onto the ballroom floor by royalty - but it was in your best interest to go along with it, lest the disapproving eyes of the many wealthy families around you smite you where you stood. You were spun around by the prince, you held you in position, and slowly moved forward. Your feet mimicked his movements (he’d used you for practice for years), and you were slightly perturbed by the hard look he gave you. Quick thinking told you to smile, and as you swayed you muttered through pearly whites,


“Karamatsu…What the hell are you doing?” your eyes finallly locked with his, nervous gaze to his solid one, “This is a lover’s song.”


He chucked softly, “I know what it is…and it’s exactly why I brought you out.”


Confusion clouded your mind. You knew what he was insinuating, and yet your senses denied all meanings to his words. He twirled you slowly, and you got a good look at the room - half of the high court seemed horrified at the sight. It was unheard of for a royal member to even be seen fraternizing with servants, let alone dancing with one. You flushed, half at the realization that Karamatsu had brought you on the floor to dance with him, half because you were suddenly fearing for his reputation. When you faced back to him, he squeezed your hand,


“Focus on me, flower, they do not matter here.”


You continued to sway to the melody, “Karamatsu…I don’t understand.”


A short hum was heard from him as he closed his eyes, “For a long time now you’ve always seen me as I am - who I truly am,” he dipped you gently, easing your back over his hand to allow you to bend backward, “I’ve known for a long time now…that it was always you.” Before you knew it, you were straightened back up, stepping once again into formation. Your mind raced at his words, as close as you were, you’d never considered the two of you as an item. Your status was far below his, a fact you knew you could not change.


And yet you’d be lying if you said you didn’t wish things were different.


Karamatsu continued, “My brothers…what they have with their respective significant others,” his brows furrowed, “I…I want that…with you.”


You couldn’t help but go wide-eyed at his statement, did you hear him correctly? Twirled again by his hand you had to say it, “But Karamatsu…I’m -“


He cut you off, “A servant. I know…but you know that doesn’t matter to me. These titles between us…they’ve never held weight.” You were pulled close, chest to chest with the man now, “If you’ll have me…be mine.”


It was your turn to squeeze his hand this time, “Everyone in this room is looking at me like I’ve killed you…” Karamatsu pulled you around, facing you in another direction, “Ignore them, darling, it’s just you and me here.”


You caught his eyes one last time, a reassured smile gracing your lips, “…Just you and me?”


He returned the sentiment, “As it’s always been…and as it always will be.”


That was enough for you.

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Sokudo cuddles include:

Plenty of snuggling and warmth, with Choromatsu stroking your hair or tucking his chin at the top of your head and holding you around your shoulders; Osomatsu prefers to hold you at the waist, his head against your chest so he can hear your heartbeat. For once, they’re calm and quaint as they hold you close.

Kinniku cuddles include:

Tons and tons of love. Karamatsu will opt to lay his head in your lap, hands laced with your own as he hums softly while Jyushimatsu will wrap you up in his long sleeves allowing you to feel comfy and cozy. They both kiss you gently before they tell you they love you.

Sue cuddles include:

Giggles! These two boys giggle often, whether it’s because of your blushing cheeks or because you happened to tickle them (on purpose or accident is your choice!), they’re always vibrating with laughter. Totty likes to hold you between his legs, spread out comfortably as he taps away on his phone or snuggles you with his arms wrapped around your shoulders. Jyushimatsu is right underneath you, nuzzled similarly between your legs; he enjoys resting his head on your leg and dozing off.

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Osomatsu is a little shocked at how bold you’re being, but that immediately melts into mischief. You’ll find him between your legs almost instantly, pulling your pants off and tearing at the button of his pants. He’s got a shit-eating grin on his face, “Well since ya need me so bad, I can’t say no, right? Tell ya what…I give you this quick dick now, and the sooner ya get done with your homework or whatever, the sooner I can give ya round two~”

“M-My honey…are you sure that would aid your creative process?” Karamatsu stammers slightly, a slight dusting of pink forming across his cheeks. You nod slowly, telling him that you can’t relax to think no matter what you try and this is the last option that you thought would actually help. He gingerly cups your face swiping over your cheek and flashing you a look of concern. You seemed so distraught and frazzled from all your hard work, it nearly made his heart ache. He pulled you in for a kiss softly, as he reached behind him to remove his jacket. Pressing kisses down the length of your neck, “…Allow me to ease your mind for a while…”

You watch Choromatsu as he shivers at your words. His fingers crumple around the book he’s reading as he nervously bites his lip, “Won’t that distract you?!”
Your fingers rub at your temples, “I feel more distracted now because I can’t seem to get my mind right…” you let out a sigh, “But if that makes you uncomfortable, Choro, it’s okay, I’m sorry for being brash.” You made your way to the kitchen in order to make your third pot of coffee for the afternoon. As soon as you poured your cup, you felt hands at your hips. Lips pressed onto your shoulder and you hummed at the gentle contact. Over your shoulder was a cherry-red faced Choromatsu who was intent on following through, “I…I’m sorry…” he whispered. His fingers slowly ducked under the hem of your shirt, “Let me help you…”

With Ichimatsu, you didn’t get much of a reaction at first. He stood up, taking you in for a gentle hug. Seeing the strained expression on your face made him actually feel bad - and he did notice you were cooped up at your desk for so long. Your arms came around him, appreciating the hug, though desperately aching for something more fulfilling. His lips found their way up to your ear, “My poor kitten can’’t focus…” suddenly his hands yanked your sweatpants down, dropping them to the floor. You were shoved back toward the wall, and his fingers were busy removing your feet from them entirely. Before you knew it, one leg was lifted over his shoulder, “I’ll give you something to focus on…me.”

Jyushimatsu’s head tilted at your statement, almost as thought he wasn’t processing what you said. You blinked, biting your lip gently before beginning to explain again, “Jyushi, I-” “So will it help if we did it?!” Taken slightly aback, you couldn’t help the blush that spread over your cheeks, “I…I mean…I think so, yes.” Without another word, Jyushimatsu hoisted you over his shoulder. You squealed a bit, not expecting to be up in the air anytime soon, “Jyushimatsu! What are you- ah!” He playfully smacked your ass, laughing giddily, “Let’s play first! You can work later, promise!” He finally let you down onto the bed, worming his way between your legs. The usual boyish grin held something sinister behind it as he said, “I hope I can help~”

“…Is that right?” Todomatsu scoffed coyly. He wasn’t expecting such a lewd and daring confession, especially not over the phone - but knowing you, with how frustrated you sounded, you really must’ve meant it. He leaned back into the couch, and twirled a finger around the drawstring of his hoodie, “Okay…I’ll help you,” he purred, “…But you have to do everything I say…and when we’re done, promise me you’ll finish your work, okayyyyy?” You whined a promise to him, not willing to admit just yet that you loved it when his voice dipped like that. A low, drawn out giggle sounded into your ear, “Good…maybe you should start by taking off your pants…oh and one more thing,” You had to pull back the receiver once you realized he was switching the call to a video chat; half-lidded eyes and a coquettish smirk graced your screen, “Hope you don’t mind if I watch~ I have to make sure you’re doing everything I say after all.”

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Karamatsu bounced on the balls of his feet at the entrance to the pachinko parlor. You’d said you’d had a little bit of extra money and were feeling pretty lucky this week so you figured you’d make it a night full of fun and drinks for the both of you.

“Come on, Kara, it’ll be tons of fun, promise!” you’d chirped earlier, pocketing the excess cash for later. How could he say no to your adorable self?

Truth is Karamatsu was absolutely thrilled to be in your company, having had his eye on you for a while now. If any time was a good one to try and make your friendship something more, now was his chance. He leaned against the wall, heart hammering when he heard your laughter from afar. A sweet song that lifted his spirits, he always thought.

“Ah! Karamatsu!” you called, waving in his direction. He straightened up, arm out to wave back, “My Karamatsu honey, you finally made i-”

No. Not him.

“Oi, what’s up, Karamatsu?” said the eldest brother, Osomatsu.

Why him?!

“Look what schmuck I found loitering around Akatsuka on my way here,” you scoffed playfully, “Told him I was on the way to see you, so I figured I’d invite him.”

Mouth curled into a frown, Karamatsu followed right behind you as you all entered the pachinko parlor. He stood in disbelief at the sight of his older brother disrupting your date time together. You noticed Karamatsu being quiet, which you knew to be very unlike him. Before you asked him what’s wrong, it didn’t take long to survey him staring daggers at Osomatsu. So that was it. An idea lit in your head, and you swiftly hopped over to the blue brother. He didn’t realize you’d approached him until you swooped in and took hold of his arm.

“W-Wha? Where are you going?” questioned the curious man. You gave him so answer, instead your lips fell over his in a soft brush. Stunned and immensely overjoyed, Karamatsu straightened up, stiff as a board. When you finally pulled back, your lashes fell halfway down in a coy gaze,

“Pouty lips are better for kissing, dontcha think?” you giggled.

He laughed nervously along side you, still registering the kiss. You laced your fingers with his, “Come on Kara…let’s go get some drinks, just you and me.”

Guess your luck just rubbed off on him.

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Midday rolled gently through the windows, the sun gawking at its highest point in the sky. You were comfortable in your oversized sweater, warmth spreading over your limbs while you read the newest book you picked up. Your crossed ankles slowly came apart in a set of warm fingers. The page you began turned dawdled in your fingers as you peeked the edge of your book; dark locks fell over a thick brow which was slightly knit in concentration. Lips caressed the swell of your ankle, presses of pointed affection trailing its way up your calf. The shiver that ran up your spine was the reason you shut your book entirely. A ticklish giggle escaped you amidst the intimate pecks, “Karamatsuuu,” you teased, “What are you up to?~”

The bourbon shade that swirled through his irises branded something playful in you - a look that absentmindedly had you biting your lip. You sat upright as you watched him place delicate affection to your skin. A kiss to your kneetop, “My love…” he breathed over your flesh, “Of all the things in this world a man could want…you’re are the only thing on my list right now.” You left him no time to strike a dashing pose as your fingers bunched into the fabric of his shirt and pulled him forward. Swiftly your lips took his own, and he matched your fervor, intertwining tongues at his lead. His fingers slid up the backs of your thighs, parting them far enough for him to settle between. You were laid back down, and in the beginnings of your haze you had the mind to wiggle out of your sweater - a move which, you swore made the hues of his eyes darken in hunger. At the pull from your lips you were still left breathless in the wake of his teeth nibbling over your neckline. Shakily you mewled his name, your fingernails digging into the back of his shirt now. Hands gripped your hips in an effort to anchor himself; for with each kiss he left on your flesh, Karamatsu found himself closer to heaven. He hummed across your throat, “Darling flower…I’m coming close to my limit,” and he ground his hips into yours; thickly he swallowed, “Let me have you…please, my love, I must…”

The desperate jerks of his clothed erection sent fire up your back as he stroked over your barely covered clit. Your need matched his own, and you very well knew that the friction he was causing would be your an untimely undoing if you both weren’t careful. Licking your lips as he bit your shoulder gently, you whined, “Kara…quickly, please.”

A few keywords were enough to suffice. Nimble fingers wrapped around the lace of your panties and tugged. Karamatsu bunched the garment in his hand, stopping only momentarily to bring the scrunched thing to his nostrils. You watched in lewd curiosity as he inhaled the faint scent of your essence. A guttural moan was his response, followed by his hand firmly grasping the tent that threatened to tear his jeans. You sat up once more, swiping a palm over his clothed length before taking the buckle in your fingers. The aged leather slid through the loops with haste and the thing clanged to the ground in your urgency. The matsu above you shook his denim down his legs before repeating the action of taking your legs in his hands. An initial thrust slid over your now sopping lips, giving extra slip to thrust over your clit. Another, awkwardly hit the meat of your labia, earning a growl of frustration from Karamatsu. His hands flew downward to correct his trajectory, finally lining up the head of his cock with your welcoming entrance. However, where you expected quickness - he delivered the opposite. With the head barely sliding in and out of you, Karamatsu somehow pushed through his fog to lavish attention to your chest. Your nipple was teased to life with his wicked tongue, and you felt yourself clench around him every so slightly from the attention. His lips closed over your sensitive bud while a free hand cupped your opposite breast. Karamatsu reveled in the feel of your chest in his hand. He grazed his teeth against your chest, earning him a lengthy whine in the process. You were squirming under him, feeling so good as he licked wet circles over your breasts, and yet you felt so empty as he teased your hole into unfulfillment. Your body begged to be filled, your own hips now inching downward at their own accord to take him any further you could muster. Wrinkling your nose in frustration, you finally cried out,

“Gooodddd, Kara, please! Give it to me!”

He released your nipple with a pop, licking away the line of saliva in solidarity.

“As my love wishes” he rasped.

Pressing his thighs to your own, he took you in for a searing kiss as he finally sunk into you to the hilt. Your hands found purchase at his arms, gripping for dear life as he wasted no time taking you thrust for delicious, deep thrust. He huffed into the crook of your neck, balls slapping on your ass at the intense angle he fucked you at. Fingers were desperate to wrap around him, but you loss the opportunity when you felt him shift upward. Karamatsu took your ankles now, lifting your heels to rest against his shoulders as he his thrusts angled upward. Your nails raked down his stomach, wanting to touch him somehow. He reciprocated your sentiment, a brash hand leaving one legs to swipe a thumb over your swollen clit. The wet squelching of your pussy mixed with the constant buzzing shock of stimulation was bringing your voice to a whole new pitch. Your body felt heavy with desire, and it burned under the hard gaze of the man above you.

“So….beautiful….” you thought you heard him grumble.

Karamatsu bit down on his lip, a tic of concentration so he could focus on fucking you.

“Fuck, Karaaa fuck, harderpleaseharder” you mumbled mid back-arch. At the sound of your voice he eased his hand from your clit, taking the backs of your thighs and pushing them forward. The air you were able to take in was wearing thin in this position: your knees pressed against your breasts, pinned there by Karamatsu’s chest and arms as he worked in and out of you as fast as he was able. Though you struggled to make much noise, the head of his cock was brushing hard against a spot inside you - more than enough to make you scream if you could. Stroke by stroke, you felt a wave of pressure climb up your hips.

“Shit..God, I’m…so lucky…”he choked out, slamming into you hard at the word ‘lucky’, “You’re all mine…my honey…all mine…”

The skin on skin contact was rather audible at this point, and Karamatsu grit his teeth, his release teetering forward as your walls continued to hug his cock. You were close and he knew it, just a few more thrusts -

“KARAMATSUUU FUUUUUUCK KARAAAA” you screamed into his shoulder as you pitched forward. Your pussy squeezing in waves as you came around him, and in your orgasm he found his own. A few hard thrusts into you and he emptied himself inside you. He teased the head again within you, making sure you milked him of every last drop. It was your turn now to initiate a kiss - though you opted to be passionate in your approach. Sloppy in its essence, you kissed him without thought for oxygen, breathless “I love you’s” passed between you both. He would eventually bring your legs down and slide of you gently in order to settle himself next to you. Your back connected to his chest, and his arms cradled your tired frame carefully.

“You’re alright, mon chéri?” he whispered, kissing the shell of your ear. A hum was all you could muster in response, though your hands gave his own a squeeze for reassurance. He nestled his chin to your shoulder and placed a few lazy kisses there.

“I love you,” he sleepily whispered. You leaned your head back onto his own a gentle swirl of joy at the front of your chest, “And I love you, Kara.”

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A late desire in the form of lips at your neck. An ungodly hour was no match for the sheer throes of passion. Hands, busying themselves in the spreading of your legs, held a grip full of need. Your nails raked at his shoulder blades, sliding to coat his back in a dose of rough ecstasy. He kissed your skin in greed, and yet he wrote absolute admiration across your body. In the switch of positions, you sat atop him. Dark eyes gazed over the contours of your figure - and he swore he saw you radiate an aura that rivaled angels.

His hips collided with your own. Your lashes desperately sought to shut as pleasure wracked up your spine. The bruising of your lips continued as Karamatsu fed the ache deep in you. The words barely sputtered out of you when he dug his fingers into your flesh and jerked up into you. The spontaneity shocked you and pleased you all the same,

“Wh…ahh…W-What’s gotten into you?”

In a low growl he sat up and took your ass in his hands, forcing your hips to roll faster over him. His mouth found your collarbone and he huffed out in a harsh pant,

“Everything…” he nipped at your neck once more, “Everything you are…”

His tongue danced devotion over every inch he could reach; your voice found a range of noises that night that were pulled from your lips…and Karamatsu…Karamatsu was sure he’d found heaven.

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“You’ll stay with me forever…won’t you?” you asked softly, shuddering out softly when he lapped at the fresh bite wounds. The gloved hand at your other shoulder tensed considerably and you felt his breath ease off of your neck. This feeling was nothing foreign, you’d been doing this dance with him for years now. You loved him, there was no denying it - he noticed the saccharine swirl when he tasted you.

But love was something a man like him could not give you. Choromatsu was afraid it would come to this.

He whispered, “What brought this on?” and he was afraid to catch your gaze; afraid of what he might see. Your wistful sigh drifted into his ears, “…I know you know, Choromatsu.” The nightcrawler lowered his head in shame, long lock of hair falling over an eye. It was true, he’d known for so long now. Not from just the blood, but everything else as well. The long looks you gave him when you thought he wasn’t looking, the way your hand would fall over his as he drained droplet by droplet of your sanguine sweetness. He’d be lying to himself if he said he didn’t care about you…but therein lay the problem.

“I can’t give you what you want,” Choromatsu said abruptly, turning on his heel so his back faced you. Approaching him slowly, your hand merely touched his back and you felt his whole body turn rigid. Your fingers retreated; biting your lip you dared ask, “Why…W-Why not…?”

He clenched his fist and slowly released it in a heavy sigh, “…I’d outlive you.”

Your head perked up at his words. Boldly, you took a step forward, “Choromatsu, you know how you could turn me and -” “You know that’s not guaranteed.”

You persisted, “I know, but if we just tried it,” and his eyebrows knit together, “I could stop you if I felt like -” “I’m not willing to take that risk.

Still you would not let it, your own hands balling into fists now, “How would you know if we didn’t try-”

“I WON’T KILL YOU!” he shouted, facing you finally. His fangs were at full length, frustration visible in his features. Choromatsu drew back immediately however at the realization of your stunned expression. Gingerly he took your hands, the rough texture of his aged gloves brushing down the length of your fingers.

“I’ve…lived for so long now…” his eyes roamed over your hands, searching for something inside himself you couldn’t begin to place, “you aren’t the first to know me, and you won’t be the last.”

He trembled slightly, squeezing your palms a little tighter now, “And it’s not like I haven’t tried…there are have been plenty attempts…” Choromatsu bit his lip, “But no matter what I did…They never…”

It made sense now. Why he’d always drink just enough for his fill - just shy of the boundary it took to turn you into one of his kind.

“…I can’t lose you. You’ve been too good to me.”

Tears welled in the vampire’s eyes as he finally met your gaze. They were riddled with sadness, yet deep within them, lay a hefty decision.

“That’s why…” and he took a step back, splaying out his cape from behind him, “I have to do this…”

His hand swiftly wrapped around the edge of his cape and he easily brought his arm up to cover half of his face, his eyes being the only thing visible. A chill ran down your spine, “

“Choromatsu! No…!”

Trails of crystalline soared down his pale cheeks, though his eyes remained trained on you. Slowly his dark hues lit up to take on a crimson color, entrancing in beauty as it took hold of you. You felt your eyelids grow heavy; your spirit fought his hypnotic gaze, but not for long,

“Choro…matsu…” you slurred, fingers twitching to will themselves to touch him, “pl…please…don…t…do this…”

He narrowed his eyes, swallowing the sob that crawled up his throat. In a shaky whimper, “I need you…to forget me.” You seemed like you wanted to protest, but under his spell, your words finally ceased. When he was sure you were under, he approached cautiously. Your chin was gently grasped by his hand, and he took a good look at you one last time.

“Forget me…my love.”

You would wake up in the morning nestled under your covers. You couldn’t remember how you got there. The bite marks that once embellished your skin would cease to exist. He made sure it stayed that way, erasing every trace of him as he set off to wander another world without you.

You would inexplicably feel a great deal of sadness every time you saw the color green.

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He shuts down. The minute he hears you didn’t make it after the accident, he shuts down - all life leaving his eyes. He’s thankful his daughter is with her grandmother because he can’t bear for her to hear this news so soon. His brothers are all at the hospital with him. He says nothing, just idly thumbs at his wedding ring. Choromatsu tries to talk to him - he doesn’t answer. Todomatsu and Osomatsu both try to touch his arm or pat his shoulder as a simple gesture of comfort, he shoves them off. Jyushimatsu tries to hug him from behind and he bites at his hands. It’s not until Karamatsu, with the most stoic face he’ll ever wear, rushes his younger brother, encasing him in a hold.

“Let me go.”

It’s said flatly, but they all know there’s pure venom in that sentence, they feel it in his aura. He struggles in his hold and says it again, a little louder, but with much more emphasis in each word. Karamatsu grips tighter,

“No. Not until you let go.”

He twitches, a growl in his throat, ready to curse out Karamatsu…but it dies. It dies when his first inhale is shaky and the tears surface and he hangs his head on his brothers shoulder.

Then he screams - screams at the top of his lungs; it’s angry and it’s sorrowful and it’s laced with an unfathomable amount of pain. He screams and screams and screams and slowly crumples to the floor, a mess of tears and an eventually dying voice. He doesn’t know what he’ll do. The only good thing he had in his life is dead and he doesn’t know how to raise your daughter alone or how to cope with sleeping alone or seeing you in everything he’ll ever at look at. He can’t deal with the idea that every time he looks at his child, he sees you and it hurts - it hurts because you can’t see her laugh anymore, or watch her grow. He sees so much of you in her and it’s like daggers straight to the heart

He doesn’t know how to be happy without you. Not anymore - and he’ll convince himself the only reason he’ll even want to stay alive is to raise his daughter. He’ll never love again. He doesn’t want to. No one understood him and cherished him like you did and no one could replace you. He’ll struggle being alone, and it will take him a long, long, time to even wrap his head around the idea of healing.

A chunk of him goes with you - and he never gets it back.

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He doesn’t. He physically is incapable of telling his daughter the tragic news because he can’t handle being the one to make her cry. Matsuyo tells her. She takes the little girl into her arms and tells her “Mommy had to help the angels” and that you won’t be coming back. She’s tilting her head, asking why Mommy isn’t coming home and Matsuyo can’t bring herself to say it. The pain her poor son is going through - she can’t even imagine; and everything in her wants to console her grieving baby boy.

“We’re home” Choromatsu calls sullenly from the entryway; Ichimatsu has come to the house with them all and he looks like death. Matsuyo immediately rushes to wrap her arms around him and he finds himself sobbing into her shoulder.

“Kaa-san…I….” he squeaks out between ragged breaths, but no other words come out. He tries desperately to hold in his bawling, but everything hurts. It’s too much to put on a facade for. Too much to keep in.

“Shhh, my little NEET, Mommy has you…” she rocks him gently, trying her best to comfort him as she cries herself. She strokes his hair softly and tells him she loves him even though she knows it won’t get through to him completely right now. Her sweater is soaked through at this point, but she doesn’t back down from her tender hug. His arms weakly come around his mother’s back, and cries out softly,

“…What do I do…”

Matsuyo blinks her tears out of her eyes and holds him just a little tighter, “…You are all your daughter has left….survive. For her.”


“…Why are you crying, Papa?” came a small voice from the nearby doorway.

Hearing her voice throws him into shock. Without thinking, he separates from his mother and drops to his knees as his little girl leans finds a way to lean her head into his chest, her arms wrapping around his neck as best as she can.

“Mommy’s helping angels Papa, it’s okay. She’ll come home soon.”

His arms encase her gently, tears streaming down his cheeks, his hand coming to the back of her hair. He knows she doesn’t understand - and he’s grateful to a higher power for her innocence. He says nothing. He can’t, there’s no voice in him. She’s not able to comprehend why he’s shaking so hard, and she hugs him tighter,


“Don’t be cold, Papa. I’m warm, we can hug!”

Hearing her concern for him is the only thing carrying him from losing his mind. Matsuyo gently pulls her away, telling her he’s going to take a nap because he’s tired, and she pays him a despondent look. She takes the little girl to the kitchen, tempting her with the promise of making her favorite food together. The air feels heavy. Ichimatsu drags himself to his old bedroom with the intention to actually sleep, silently praying to himself that this is all a horrible nightmare. He’s only able to nap due his crying tiring him out. He dreams of you, alive and laughing softly as you run your fingers through his hair. He feels at peace.

Osomatsu wakes him gently for dinner - and the mournful look he wears is a grim reminder of his reality…for which Ichimatsu feels his chest cave in for. He doesn’t fight his tears, just lets them fall, sobbing softly as he’s re-reminded of your death. Osomatsu takes him in his arms, rubbing his back gently, wordlessly. It takes a while before he calms, but when he does, he wipes his eyes and follows his brother out of the room.

Seeing his daughter eating dinner as her uncle Jyushimatsu playfully boops her nose with his chopsticks, he holds only one thought:

He’ll survive. For her.

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Taking a long drag from her cigarette holder, she tapped it gently, allowing the ash to flake onto the floor. She donned signature colored lingerie: black garters to accent the aubergine stockings and bralette that slid up her creamy thighs. She peered down at you under dark lashes, expressionless. Your arms were lovingly tied behind your back, mouth slightly agape from knowing that she’d just taken off her panties for you. Ichiko exhaled, smashing the lit cigarette out into the ashtray next to her. She flipped a long lock of her raven hair over shoulder and quickly climbed into the bed. You were confused at first at her sudden movements - think she was going to sit on your chest and kiss you (as she did when she was feeling affectionate, thus not making sense of your binds), but then the sudden view of her pussy so close to your face in the next instant, nearly made you choke.

“It’s like swimming,” she said softly, running her lengthy fingers through your hair, “you only come up when you absolutely need air.” You gulped, shimmying yourself into a more comfortable position as you tried not to lick your lips. She giggled low, as her hips slowly descended down over your face, “Then agaaaain,” she moaned when your tongue slid into her folds, “I think you knew, mmm, what you signed up for.”

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Resting on the bed was where he found you. All of those you spent working on your art…he knew you had to be exhausted. He’d thought about just leaving you to sleep while he watched tv in the living room, but then you turned over. With your hair strewn about a bit from your slumber and the softened, peaceful expression on your face…he couldn’t help but want to snuggle next to you.

And so he did. Creeping up gently behind you, he pulled you into his chest, arms wrapping around your waist in an affectionate hold. His lips gently pressed against your shoulder blade - a move he almost regret when he felt you stir. However with your sleepy gaze and tired voice you whispered, “Ichimatsu…?” and he nearly melted. His hold around you tightened momentarily and his lips found your ear,

“You…” he said quietly, the soft smile in his voice evident, “are so cute…”

Spent as you were, you didn’t have the energy to reply, so you merely hummed with a vivid blush on your face. He snuggled against you further, you doing the same, and soon sleep took you once more.

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Perhaps you’re trying to choose an outfit for your cousin’s wedding this weekend, with you two just hanging out. He’s picked something perfect, and you squeal looking at the ensemble,

“That’s why I can always count on you, Todo! You have such a knack for these things. I swear you have a better touch than me.”

He hears you rant and rave about his effeminate prowess, but what really stings is when you call him your “best friend”. It’s not like he doesn’t accept that title, he always has…

…But maybe he’s sick of it. Maybe he notices the way you look at him sometimes with hopeful eyes; maybe he notices the tension between you two when you watch romantic comedies together; maybe he’s tired of being ‘just the friend’ because he has a gentler side to him in comparison to his rowdy brothers. He’s not daft - he knows there’s a part of you that wants him…and he’s tired of fighting it himself.

He’s tired of being considered fragile. If it took a little roughness for you to understand then…

Out of your own thoughts you were snapped when arms came around your middle. One hand sunk lower and lower, fingers ready to dive into the confines of your underwear, the other skimming up and over your navel - worming its way to underneath the wire of your bra. At first you didn’t register what was happening, and questions ran through your head at rapid fire, but before you were able, a voice sounded low in your ear,

“Arms around my neck,” Todomatsu growled, and you swore you were going to melt under his words. Never had you heard a bravado like that in his voice before…and the fact that what you’d been dreaming of was happening at this moment…Todomatsu? Touching you? Whispering in your ear as peppered small bites down your neck? Unbelievable and yet…

“Say you want it, princess,” he purred, nibbling on your ear, “Say you want this man to fuck you like you know you’ve wanted for so long…”

Your bottom lip trembles, and your breath hitches as his fingers finally slip between your folds. He grins, a low chuckle sounding against your shoulder when you whine out,

“Mmm, Todomatsu!~”

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Osomatsu would smush you up against him and cuddle you, reminding you how much he loves your looks and he feels like he's the luckiest guy.

Karamatsu would kiss the places you feel most insecure…and tell you those are the spots he loves most.

Choromatsu would squeeze your hand and tell you not to compare yourself to other people…you’re perfect for him and he wouldn’t change you for the world.

Ichimatsu would hold you gently, cheek squished on your head; he’d tell you not to worry about it and he’d stutter (very flustered, might I add) that you’re beautiful.

Jyushimatsu plants kisses EVERYWHERE and twirls you around, exclaiming that you’re the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, genuine smile on his face and everything.

Todomatsu takes both of your hands, interlocking fingers and calling you silly. He’d never want you to change…as you were always so pretty to him, and he pecks your cheek, shy smile and giggle accompanied right after.

Chapter Text


The sounds of your coughing rang in his ears as he made his way down the hall. In his hands he held a small bowl of cool water. Osomatsu kicked the door open with his foot, “How ya feeling?”

“Like shit,” you moan, stuffiness slamming your sinuses against your skull, “I can’’t even tell if I’m breathing or not sometimes…”

He laughs softly, “You’re breathing dummy, relax.”

You have a half a mind to glare, but the cold towel he places on your forehead feels like a godsend; you hum in delight, relaxing as the gentle coolness takes over your body. In the distance you hear Osomatsu fiddling with what sounds like wrapping, and eventually your curiosity piques, “…What are you doing, Oso?”

The small clanking of a spoon is heard at your bedside, and you realize that he has a tupperware in his hand. He dips the utensil in, pulling a large bite of broth and veggies, “Open up…my mom made some soup for you since she found out you were sick.”

“Osomatsu you didn’t…” said you, wanting to chide him for burdening his mother. He rolled his eyes playfully, “Relax babe, she insisted. You know I couldn’t stop her if I wanted.” You hummed once more, taking the bite in full. The savory flavor mixed with the freshness of the stewed veggies nearly made you cry. You felt your sinuses clearing already. Managing to finish half the container, you settled back into bed, content and now sleepy. The towel on your forehead was removed slowly, “Lemme go dip this in more cold water.”

“…Hey, Oso?”

He turned over his should to you softly smile, “…Thanks.”

A quiet laugh, and he turned back to refill the bowl, “Anytime, babe.”




“…Ah, 100.9,” he says quietly, shaking the thermometer in his hand. You’d been feverish for a few hours now, though thankfully it was finally starting to come down. When Karamatsu had heard you felt sick, he immediately rushed over to aid you. At first you insisted you were okay - that was…until you nearly passed out from dizziness. Now here you were, in your bed, huddled under a warm comforter. He insisted on feeding you a simple broth to keep your strength up - and it was surprisingly good for such a plain little soup.

Karamatsu laid an ice pack across your forehead, “Is that too cold, my dove?”

You shook your head gently, “It’s fine, Karamatsu, thank you…”

A gentle smile. He kissed your cheek, the third time he did today, and you’d already scolded him, knowing full well he’d catch your illness.

“A price I’m willing to pay to care for my favorite flower~”

The entire time you’d laid down to rest, you tossed and turned, trying to find some comfort in order to rest - but it never came. Karamatsu noticed, and without you needing to say it, he cleared his throat. Against the stillness of the room, he hummed, low and dulcet. It was a song he knew you enjoyed at your most peaceful of times - and it reminded him of the first time he heard it…and saw you. The notes swam pleasantly through your ears, lulling your tired body into a soft slumber. When he saw that you’d finally drifted, he eased off the notes gently. He sighed, another smile adorning his features as he watched you rest. He’d be there when you woke up too, promising to never leave your side until he was sure you were feeling better.

Chapter Text

”Oi, Ichimatsu!” Chibita calls from the cart. Ichimatsu slowly turns from the table he’s wiping down, attention dragging up from the wet rag he’s folded now. Chibita makes a swift movement of his head to signal Ichimatsu to come over. He does so, taking the empty beer stouts along the way to place them in the dirty dish bin. When he looked up, he was staring at a small yellow envelope.

“Ah…but I thought payday wasn’t for another week” Ichimatsu rolls out, looking to the wayside. Maybe he thought wrong? Shit maybe this wasn’t a paycheck…maybe some sort of weird way Chibita fires people. How could he have fucked this up already? He’d just started!

Before his thoughts ran further amok, Chibita cut in, “Yer right…it’s not until next week. But this is a little something extra, from me.”

Ichimatsu stared blankly as he was handed the envelope, unsure how to process what was happening. Chibita continued, “Having ya around has been a big help since my business kicked up a bunch…it’s my little way of sayin’ thanks.” His hand began to shake, fingers unintentionally crumpling the envelope a bit; he wasn’t sure whether he wanted to cry because he was grateful or relieved. In the midst of his thoughts, a hand came to his head. Chibita gently waded his hand back and forth in the thick locks of Ichimatsu’s hair, an affectionate rub. Ichimatsu displayed the tiniest of smiles, thoroughly enjoying the praise to himself.

“…I appreciate yer help, Ichimatsu, I do,” Chibita pulled away with a gentle blush and turned, ladled hand on his hip as he looked at the moon, “We’re gonna do great things with this cart here, you n’ me.”

Chapter Text

Jyushimatsu, being the happiest one out of his brothers, is very sensitive to the emotions of his nii-sans, and protective almost of his otouto. If for any reason he finds Totty upset, he may shift into an offensive, opting to bring harm to the thing that made him sad. 9.5/10 Todomatsu assures him that that’s not necessary. Jyushimatsu will probably then listen to Todomatsu rant if he needs to and cuddle his brother to make him feel a little bit better. It normally works, Jyushi’s smile is pretty infectious.

Todomatsu knows if his nii-san isn’t smiling, something is really wrong. So he’ll be the first offer an ear, listening to his brothers solemn words and offering any advice he could give. If he finds that that’s not making Jyushimatsu feel better - he’ll take him outside. Cloud watching, lazily tossing rocks into the river, simple things that he knows Jyushimatsu would enjoy to take his mind off of his troubles. Todomatsu sometimes worries he’s not doing a great job, but is almost always surprised when Jyushimatsu gives him a big ol’ hug after their day together.

Chapter Text

Chibita heard a familiar thump at the front of his cart. Thankfully sunset had just hit, and he had finished preparing for the dinner shift. Stirring the last batch of broth with his oden, he peaked up to see a familiar head slumped at the bench.

“Oi…” Chibita called, propping his head on his fist, “What’s the matter with you?”

“I can’t take these shitty NEET brothers anymore”, responded the voice. He lifted his head, mouth locked in a tight frown. Ah, so Choromatsu had finally had enough. Pouring him a glass of beer, Chibita settled it next to the green clad brother. Choromatsu clutched the glass, immediately taking a good swig from it and near slamming it back down.

“I’m through with them!” he shouts, making Chibita turn up his brows in surprise, “I’m sick of being called ‘fappymatsu’ and being ridiculed for liking idols. They treat me like I’m just as bad as they are…and I’m tired of it!” Another swig of beer and one could practically see the steam leave his ears.

“So prove them wrong.”

Choromatsu turned his attention quickly to the cook, confused look on his face. Chibita rolled his eyes, “Look…I ain’t saying yer wrong. Yer brothers are literal demons…but that don’t mean you have to be cut from the same cloth, idjit.” He crossed him arms and locked eyes with the matsu, “You obviously have a drive they ain’t got…so do somethin’ about it!” Coming from him, someone who often cursed out the sextuplets for their unpaid tab, it was a little…different, to say the least. Before Choromatsu could respond, a hand came over his,

“You always have my support, okay?” Chibita said softly, a pink blush spreading across his cheeks. He didn’t have the heart to make eye contact with Choromatsu, but he continued, “I know you can do it.”

Blinking in disbelief, he sat with his mouth agape, processing Chibita’s words. Eventually he turned his hand over and curled it around the oden chef’s. Face darkened a gentle shade of crimson, he smiled.

“…Thank you, Chibita.”

Chapter Text

They’ll both try to be gentle. Though admittedly Choromatsu is unbelievably nervous, opting to touch you instead, while Jyushimatsu does his best to take the lead. He’s got the dopiest grin on his face and he seems dazed in pleasure just from the feel of your soft skin, but he lets you on top of him, whereas Choromatsu strokes over the more sensitive areas of your body. Your shoulder blades are kissed as Jyushimatsu writhes under you when you finally join. It takes time, but if there’s anything Jyushimatsu understands - now is the one time to be patient. Eventually when he’s had his fill of you, he’ll switch places with Choromatsu - who prefers to take you from behind. He’s aware your expressions will make him lose himself too fast, though your moans are enough to make him flush profusely.

They’re gentle in their own ways and needy in others, but they both love you very much and would do their best to listen.

Chapter Text

Ichimatsu is one to use his actions more than his words, and he of all people knows that if something is bothering Jyushimatsu - it shows. At least to him. Gentle head rubs, maybe he’ll make something simple that Jyushimatsu likes to eat or drink. If Jyushimatsu cries, Ichimatsu usually will let him, opting to hold his upset brother in silence. He tends to be very warm though, and that comforts Jyushimatsu.


Jyushimatsu’s approach is a bit different. Ichimatsu doesn’t openly express his upset, and Jyushimatsu normally finds himself gauging his aura. Out of respect for his nii-san, he’ll leave him alone if he truly feels Ichimatsu gives off that vibe. But otherwise, he’s gentle. Carefully wrapping his noodle arms around Ichimatsu and squishing his cheek on his brother’s head. He also likes to give head rubs, which ends up being the most comforting thing for him. Jyushimatsu’s smile is pretty infectious when genuinely shared, so even though Ichimatsu doesn’t grin like his brother - in a situation where he feels down or upset, it ends up making him feel a little better.


There’s a mutual respect between the two and they gauge each other’s emotions pretty well.

Chapter Text

Karamatsu tries to be his showy self, and sometimes Choromatsu responds to it - laugh and calling his brother stupid or an idiot in an affectionate way. But if Karamatsu sees that his younger brother is really upset, he reels back that personality, and out comes big brother. He’s gentle, but firm; being a listening ear and doing his best to offer advice should he feel Choromatsu needs it. He’ll try to temper down his brother’s hot-headedneas.

Choromatsu is the opposite, he starts off firm, assessing the situation and chiding Karamatsu if he sees fit, but he ultimately settles down and is soft toward his nii-san. He reminds Karamatsu that it’s okay to show weakness or to assert himself if he feels he’s being wronged. Choromatsu does his best at times to back Karamatsu up should he need it, and he doesn’t mind being the shoulder that Karamatsu cries on.

There’s a genuine hug shared between these two when they do hug. They may poke at each other at times, but they really do have love for one another.

Chapter Text

Karamatsu always loved his brother’s poems. They were gentle, full of breezy wording and very true to the self - something Karamatsu could relate to. He figured Todomatsu wouldn’t have minded if he performed one of his pieces: open mic night at the café known for slam poetry seemed the perfect opportunity.

He asked Todomatsu to be in attendance (after all it was his work), who came with some reluctance, but figured a few artsy college girls would probably be there too. Karamatsu’s performance came with feeling: boisterous and glittery, a specialty. Limbs flailed about the stage, words flowing with pinpoint articulation…and then he was done, wilted on the ground like a torn winged-butterfly. The audience, not expecting the overzealous theatrics half-applauded, half-snickered. Todomatsu sunk into his seat, hoping no one would recognize the similar face - but that was an all too fleeting mercy. His name was shouted into the crowd, Karamatsu waving toward him in thanks for the creation and inspiration.

Mortified was the best word he could use.

Backstage, as Karamatsu wiped the glitter from his chest, he felt his brother hover behind him.

“Ah, Totty, was my performance not a delicacy to the ears? I hope I did your poem justice dear bro-“

“You didn’t.”

A look of concern, “Todomatsu, I-“

“NO!” the pink matsu shouted, “I never said you could use my poems for this. I didn’t WANT people to know that I wrote poetry…” He lifted his head, angry tears at the corners of his eyes, “You had no right - I mean god you didn’t even understand what those words meant to me and you just take them and twist them into something stupid so you can prance around on stage!”

Karamatsu’s lip trembled; none of those things came to mind. He, in his excitement to perform, had forgotten that these words could have been a private thought for his little brother. He should’ve been grateful he was even allowed to read them. Hands folded in his lap, he shook out, “I…I’m so sorry, Todomatsu.”

His brother let out a soft sob, “I thought of all people you’d understand…but instead you’re a disappointment, nii-san.”

Todomatsu turned without another word.

Karamatsu never spoke of what happened, and every attempt to talk his younger brother was met with fake laughter and smiles to “forget about that” or mention that he was “in his feelings over it”. Todomatsu played it off as though nothing jarring had happened. But Karamatsu knew better.

Todomatsu would never write again.

Chapter Text

Osomatsu is frozen in place when he sees them limping in a lifelessly animated fashion. He thought you’d be together forever, make it out of this hellhole and finally get married like he promised that night on the beach. He has his hand on the pistol at his hip - he’s got enough time to aim for a perfect headshot…but he can’t do it. He can’t kill them. Osomatsu grits his teeth and runs instead, already desperate to suppress the memory of their untimely demise until this chaos is over.

Karamatsu has the gun in his hand, barrel aimed directly at their head. His hands are shaking and he knows he has to do this…but he just…can’t bring himself to. He still sees their smile, hears their laugh. And then when he looks at them, really looks at them, he sees it. That small glint of gold around their neck. His chain. The tears stream down his face at this point, and he cries as he pulls the trigger.

Choromatsu can’t seem to choose between crying out at the top of his lungs in pain or aiming the bow and arrow at their head. He feels like he’s lost someone so important to him, and being left with the decision to kill the person he loved most is an awful internal struggle for him. He ultimately ends up just shooting them in the leg, pinning them to the ground momentarily so he can make his escape. He spends the rest of the apocalypse hardened by grief.

Ichimatsu understands what this means. He shuts down entirely and the memory of their rotted corpse hobbling toward him at the smell of flesh will haunt him forever. Shotgun in his possession, he screams at what he’s about to do, and even moreso after their body drops to the ground. The weight is too much, everything hurts, and this life was already hard enough with everything going to hell. Ichimatsu, after weeks of solitude and heavy grieving, is renewed - solely with the purpose to eradicate the zombie population.

Jyushimatsu tries to call for them. He’s aware of what they are, but he clings to the desperation and somehow prays that they revert back to their normal selves. Bat in hand, hearing the gurgling and the limp shuffling of their worn down bones, he whimpers as he takes his stance. It takes one hard swing. Jyushimatsu, much like Ichimatsu, lives out the rest of apocalypse grief stricken and absolutely angry. Rage and sorrow overwhelm him as he manages to take out zombie hordes in retaliation every so often.

Todomatsu is a screaming and crying mess. He’s horrified by the sight of his beloved turned into something horrible and inhuman. He’s armed with a gun, and he knows he should use it. Bloodshed and murder, even toward a monster is too much for him. Before his significant other can even get close, he shoots blindly, hoping that he’s hit something with his eyes closed - and then he runs. He doesn’t stop until he can’t anymore. Todomatsu is heartbroken as he continues his search for a safehaven alone.

Chapter Text

The woods around seemed quiet enough to roam around in, and you did love the outdoors quite a bit. What you didn’t expect…was the campsite nearby - with bodies littering the ground, save for one.

A male it seemed, average height and build, dressed in clothing you could only place appropriate for a gothic rave. Over his mouth was a mask, and it looked as though he was surveying the area. At the snap of his fingers, a blade appeared - two gritty chainsaw heads attached to a handle in a sword-like fashion. The blades began whirring at once as he lifted the contraption in the air. You covered your face, expecting a gruesome sight. However, when the sound of metal and flesh didn’t come, you peeked open an eye to see why. Instead of cutting cartilage from bone, as most blades would, you witnessed something more inexplicable. Light tore away from the bodies of the victims, and you watched as they ascended upward.

Thinking you’d seen enough (and at this point, feeling like you shouldn’t have stayed in the first place), you slowly backed away from the scene, trying desperately to make yourself unnoticeable. The twig that snapped under your footing however, sought to change that. Your head whipped up to see if he heard you, only to find the mysterious man missing.

“You shouldn’t have come here…” a velvety voice sounded behind you. Glowing orbs, piercing in their gaze looked down at you. You shivered, the air around you both exponentially colder. Huddling your arms around yourself you asked,

“What did you do to those people?”

Though you couldn’t see it, you felt the smirk from behind the mask he wore,

“What I was born to do, cherie.” He snapped his fingers, dissipating the blade into smoke. You winced when he abruptly stepped in front of you, tucking a finger under your chin. His flashy eyes roamed over your figure, causing you to flush. Leaning in close, you trembled a bit under his grasp. A sudden strike of lightning, and you swore you saw parts of his face resemble a skeleton in the brief flash of white.

“The question is, my sweet,” he whispered, eyes narrowing with something sultry, “What do I do with you?”

Chapter Text

Showing up at Chibita’s cart was a common occurrence for Osomatsu. Showing up alone? Less common, but still an occurrence. The oden chef was aware of what was ongoing, with Karamatsu living in his home with him. Stirring the broth, he watched Osomatsu pick at his nails idly, already drunk off the few beers he’d chugged down at the stand. Head leaning on his arm, Osomatsu said nothing, opting to stare instead at the half empty glass. Chibita’s brows furrowed,

“Didja…Didja wanna talk about it?”

Osomatsu kept his eyes trained on the glass, “Nothin’ to talk about, Chibita. My brothers all left and now there’s me. But you knew that already.”

His friend rubbed the back of his head, “Y-Yeah…but y’know I can listen to whatcha have to say too, idjit,” he gently stirred the broth once more, “I know it ain’t the same with yer brothers not here - but it ain’t the end of the world, y’know?”

To Chibita’s surprise, Osomatsu finally lifted his head. His emotionless glare caught Chibita for a second before he closed his eyes and gave a slight scoff. His fingers curled around the glass, and Osomatsu threw his head back in order to gulp down the remaining beer in the glass. A lengthy exhale and a soft clunk to the wood of the cart. The emptied cup was shuffled toward Chibita, signaling that Osomatsu was done for the night. The shorter man took it gingerly, a slight look of concern crossing his features. Another exhale, softer this time,

“…When Choromatsu left, I’d convinced myself I didn’t care. Same when Todomatsu left, and Karamatsu, and so on.” He reached into his pockets, fumbling for all the change he could find to pay the man, “I was so angry. I thought they were stupid, and that they’d betrayed the family - betrayed their onii-san…and at the end of the all, I told myself I didn’t care.”

With the yen in his hand, he looked down, making sure he placed every last coin he had in front of his friend, “I lied to myself…to keep from feeling anything else but anger - at least that way I wouldn’t miss them.” The amount wasn’t enough, it was never enough - but Osomatsu didn’t care right now, and he knew Chibita didn’t either. He lifted his hand off the counter, joining the other he’d stuffed into the pocket of his jeans, “…But my lies aren’t working anymore.”

Slowly, he turned up, flashing Chibita his signature smile, but twisted by his tear stained cheeks. He said a quick goodbye to the chef, turning toward home, his gait the same as it always was…and yet irreparably different.