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Astral Fire, Umbral Heart

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Mini snapshot, quite soon after Main Scenario Quest, "Into the Aery."


Moonlight streamed in through the stained glass of the Manor Fortemps.

That penumbral glow cast cool illumination on the sun-touched cheeks of the Warrior of Light.  Her black lashes fluttered as she scanned the art of the arching windows, her mind filled with thoughts that flurried much like the quiet snow outside.

She was not the type to distract herself with romance.  Maybe idle daydreams, stolen now and then; the thirst for something real, something different—but certainly never with "love" as she knew it.  As much as she cherished her duty, her Eorzea, the thought of something romantic—the love so commonly depicted in tales like her own—was one that, frankly, overwhelmed her.

Love was exhausting.  It never turned out as planned. 

Love was a hazard, a liability—a danger that, all too often, spiraled out of hand. 

Love, for all she knew, was merely something out of fiction; a fairy tale wish, never truly existing.

Strange, then—strange and unsettling—that thoughts of the Azure Dragoon should creep behind her weary eyes; that the dark grumble of his voice should haunt her memories.

His name pressed at her lips to be spoken, and she sighed instead, a line crinkling between her brows.

There was no time. 

No time for something like this.