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villain eradication plan 5C: let them attack budding heroes mothers, wait appropriate time for mother to defeat them

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It starts with, as all things do in the League of Villains, Shigaraki coming to a single logical epiphany that they should have a long time ago.

All Might may have lost his powers, but somehow he's still managing to be a Symbol of Peace, which is ridiculous. Then you have the tiny hero ducklings, especially the ones who are taught by him. All are secure and untouchable at Yuuei.

Even that Rewind girl who's too young to be a student.

They're untouchable, but their parents are not.

Most are civilians, and they've not even been given security. It takes a little recon from Kurogiri to confirm it.

Shigaraki is almost angry and offended on their behalf at this big ass blindspot, but not stupid enough to not take advantage of it.

And what a better way to break the ducklings spirits than attacking so close to their hearts. It's cruel, and brutal, and hits exactly where it hurts. It'll send the right message he wants to send, now with Overhaul gone (something, he's frankly happy about) and people thinking they're weak.

And Shigaraki knows exactly who to start with first.

After all it wouldn't be fun if he couldn't personally fuck with the successor to One for All.



Twice doesn't really like this.

He knows he has to do this. Things like this are necessary. Shigaraki ordered it. But Toga-chan is going to be very angry at him about this, because she wanted to "be the first to meet her beloved Izuchans mother". She would've been better suited to this too.

But orders are orders. And Shigaraki was clear. Terrorise Midoriya Inko. Send a message.

He's surprised too at how easy it is to blatantly follow the woman. Shigaraki was right about them not being given any security.

So, he takes his chance when she's on her way home from somewhere and pulls her into a dark alley. All he has to do is rough her up, and he's old hat at that. And from what they've learned Midoriya Inko is a tiny woman, weak and nervous, and has a mild telekinetic quirk.

This is going to be cake.



They only know it's Izuku who's arrived because well no one else could currently be a green crackling blur hurtling into the room trailing tears while screaming "MOM."

"Ouch, Izuku-kun I'm okay, I'm fine. Calm down." Inko says to the green mumbling ball of tears around her waist that is her son, who is supposed to be a future pro hero.

And who has apparently interrupted her while she was giving her statement, Yagi realises, as he trails in behind the boy.

He looks at Mrs Midoriya, who has a black eye and a few scrapes. She seems fine other than that, but Yagi is worried about his successor's mother, nonetheless.

"Midoriya my boy, I think you're hurting your mother."

"Izuku, you're hurting Inko."

Someone else speaks at the same time as him. Yagi turns to the other man in the room, and he isn't expecting Young Bakugou's father, who seems to be slightly amused?, and having a conversation with Mrs Midoriya through his eyes alone.

Yagi didn't know they were friends.

Well if Mr Bakugou is amused then clearly Yagi doesn't need to worry. He doubts the man would be if the situation was as dire as they initially thought it was when they got wind of who attacked Mrs Midoriya.

Izuku seems to have at least stopped trying to bear hug his mother to death (even though he's refusing to let her go) and is willing to listen to reason. And his crying has lessened. That's a good thing because no one wants him flooding the office.

"Mom, what happened? I was told you were attacked. How. What happened?"

"She was just telling us when you arrived," Tsukauchi informs Izuku who looks sheepish at this.

"I was on my way back from the pharmacy after making an emergency run." Mrs Midoriya tells him.

"Wait, why?" Izuku interrupts eyes narrowed.

Mrs Midoriya ducks her head a little. Mr Bakugou answers, all earlier amusement seeming to have vanished. "Your mom hasn't been taking her insulin and didn't even know she was out of it. And we were out of our emergency stash we keep for her."


"Yes, yes, I know. I'm sorry. Ma-chan has already yelled at me enough. It's why I went to the pharmacy to get some more. I said I was sorry Izuku, stop looking at me like that."

"Getting back on topic," Tsukauchi says, and by his tone it seems like this has happened more than once tonight. "You said were on your way back when you accosted, Midoriya-san?"

"Yes, I was pulled into an alleyway. I thought it was a robbery, so I was going to cooperate and give them the money I had. But then he punched me. A few times. I think he called me a few things too."

"Where is he?" The atmosphere in the room suddenly gets charged. Yagi has never seen Izuku look murderous, and he can't blame him. He wants to go rough up the person who did this to Mrs Midoriya, lack of One for All be damned.

"In custody already, in worse shape, thanks to your mom. Calm down kid." Mr. Bakugou says.

"Yes, he has a broken arm and severe lacerations."

Mrs Midoriya winces at this.

"Eh?" Now Izuku looks confused, and Yagi is glad he voiced it because he is too.

"Yes Midoriya-san was telling us how that happened," Tsukauchi presses on actually shooting Izuku a glare

"Er... yes so, I tried talking to him, but he wouldn't stop. So, well I kind of retaliated?"


"I kicked him, and then pulled trashcan toward him. I really didn't realise it would be that heavy. Or that there was glass in there. I managed to tie him up and tried to stop the bleeding."

"You did an admirable job Midoriya-san. Just one last question. He didn't sustain any grave injuries to his face. Why did you wrap it up with your shirt?"

Mrs Midoriya flushes a little, and Yagi cannot help but notice she looks exactly like Izuku when she does. "Oh um, his mask tore, and he seemed really distressed about it. He was mumbling, but not like Izuku's mumbling, and the mask seemed to help his mental state. So I thought that a makeshift mask would help him?"

Tsukauchi looks a little surprised, Mr Bakugou snorts as if he's used to this, and suddenly Yagi gets exactly where Izuku gets his whole personality from.




The thing is, while this would seem like a one-off, considering the villain Twice targeted a student's mother, and he belongs to the Villain League, it's not something to be taken lightly. The fact that she got away with minor bruises is a miracle.

Security is beefed up for the parents of all students. It's added into hero patrols and what not.

That still does not stop them from preventing Midoriya Inko from being kidnapped anyway.



Yagi stares again at Midoriya Inko, thankfully unharmed, being hugged to death by Izuku and he can't blame the boy. His mother was kidnapped, even if it was for a few hours at the most.

At his side, Masaru Bakugou (who Yagi was told is Mrs Midoriya's emergency contact which explains why he's here) sighs. The police are on their way to get her statement, and Yagi should wait for them, he should, but he's really curious.

"It's not that I'm not glad that you got out unharmed Mrs Midoriya, and apprehended your kidnapper too, but I am curious as to how."

"Oh, I kicked him and used pepper spray."

Izuku and Yagi stare at her. Mr Bakugou snorts.

She says the same thing when Tsukauchi gets there, and with the way he nods, Yagi knows it's the truth.





Because their luck is shit, Inko-san gets kidnapped by the Villain League again. While Present Mic is guarding her no less.

And then, she comes back two hours later, with Present Mic and Compress in tow, so Yagi is relieved. Next to him Masaru Bakugou sighs out in relief.

"Good job Present Mic." Yagi says.

"Yeah thank you so much, Present Mic." Izuku says from somewhere around Inko's waist, where he'd bounded to her and attached himself. Which was okay when his mother was on a bench or a hospital bed for a cursory check up, but Yagi thinks it should not be possible when she's standing the ground. She's shorter than him.

"Oh no, I didn't do anything. It's all this little lady here." Present Mic says, and he looks a little starry eyed.

Inko-san blushes and Yagi very very patiently distracts himself from how cute he personally finds it.

"Mom, you what?" Izuku has finally let her go to look at her.

"She tazed him. On his prosthetic. Dude went down like a sack of lead in two seconds."

"I told you I didn't know he had a prosthetic! And even then I didn't know that taser was that strong!" Inko protests exactly like her son would do.

"Mom since when did you have a taser?"

"When doesn't she?" Mr Bakugou interjects. "She's been carrying one since she was in elementary school. I'm surprised she took so long to use it now."

"Ah well, the one Hatsume-chan gave me is odd. I couldn't find the button."

"Mom, did you really take down a villain with a taser?" Izuku asks, sounding just a little incredulous and awestruck.

"She did. It was awesome. I wish I could've recorded it." Present Mic says sounding as starry eyed as he looks. And Inko blushes harder.



"That's one third of the Villain League, now," Yagi tells Present Mic when they're alone.


"She's apprehended a third of the Villain League on her own, while they were trying to hurt her."

Present Mic whistles.

And then news about it spreads throughout the school because gossip travels faster than the speed of light, and even though it's supposed to be a secret, Present Mic doesn't like taking credit.

(He also likes spending far too much time with Inko-san, and Yagi does not crush his cup when he finds out.)

And then because their luck is shit, Compress escapes.

And then because their luck is shit, Stain escapes from prison.




When the news about Dabi comes in Yagi doesn't know if he should even be surprised any more or resign himself to what he realised seems to be a growing pattern.

"How?" he wonders out loud.

"Probably because she's Inko-san." Present Mic seems absolutely gleeful about it. He's started a campaign to have Inko-san become an official hero, and pulled Snipe and Midnight in on his shenanigans. (He thinks Aizawa may secretly be in on it too.) This incident just gives the loud hero more ammunition.



"How?" Detective Tsukauchi asks at the precinct. Mr Bakugou's shoulders are shaking silently in the corner with what Yagi realises is barely controlled laughter. Present Mic has invited himself along with what Aizawa has dubbed the Midoriya Inko fanclub (now with three new members: Ectoplasm, Thirteen, and Nighteye of all people) to listen in as well.

"You do have my ex-husband's files right? You asked for it for Izuku's registration for his provincial hero license. Haven't you read them?"

"What does that have to do with it Inko-san?" Tsukauchi asks, and has everyone also started calling her that, Yagi wonders. When?

Also ex-husband? He thought Inko-san was still married.

For the first time, Inko doesn't seem shy or bashful about, well, accidentally apprehending a villain in self defence. She seems calm and blunt. "Tsukauchi-san, my ex-husband is a fire-breather, prone to losing control of his quirk when he gets emotional. He's also someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, which happen to make him lose control often. Of course I know how to handle someone like that so that they don't burn the house down."

"Well," Tsukauchi says, "can't argue with that."

Mr Bakugou gives up on trying to control himself and starts laughing out loud.


"Do you know Mitsuki, Hisashi, and me actually have a bet going on how long it'll take before you end up taking down the whole League on your own?" Yagi glares at the man because he would like if his protégée's mother, who's a civilian, not get involved in this.


Mr Bakugou looks around as if realising who his audience is, "Ah sorry."

Izuku looks thoughtful. "Can I get in on this? I mean I can't really join the class bet because well, it would be strange."


"Sure thing kid."


"Can we join in too?" Present Mic says, and The Fanclub all join in while excitedly chatting about odds. Aizawa pinches the bridge of his nose, like he's done with all of them, and he's the only hope here for their staff, honestly.

Inko puts her head in her hands, and Yagi pats her lightly on the back. "I'm sorry about them."




It's a bright beautiful afternoon when Himiko Toga and Stain proceed to turn themselves in.

Yagi was having a good day until then. He brought Izuku out for lunch because he's finally worked up the courage (read: repeatedly been smacked by Gran Torino and given the side eye by Tsukauchi and Nighteye) to ask Inko-san out for dinner, and he wants to know if the boy will be okay with him, well, attempting to court his mother.

He's just about to spit it out, when the call comes. And Izuku seeing who is it, and considering the last few months, answers after the first ring.

"Yes, Mom, is something wrong?"

His face looks worried, and then grim, and Yagi feels a spike of fear. "I'm with All Might right now. We're on our way. I'll contact some heroes and Detective Tsukauchi."

He puts the phone down and turns to Yagi, "Compress tried to attack mom, but now he's knocked out and Stain and Toga are having lunch with her."




"Do you think she'll adopt me?" Himiko Toga asks. For once she is not smiling in a homicidal way. For once she looks nervous and shy.

Inko has been taken to another room. Izuku has gone with her, attached to her waist once again.

Stain has yet to say anything. He's still nursing a cup of tea that Yagi learns, Inko made him. Compress is still knocked out cold.

In the silence of his brain, Yagi repeats, 'What.'

This whole thing is surreal.

They get Toga to start from the beginning.

Apparently she's been keeping an eye on Inko for months now and using her shapeshifting quirk to interact with the woman. And thanks to that she's gotten genuinely fond of the woman.

For months.

Right under their noses.

Yagi's blood runs cold. By the looks of it, the others in this room share the sentiment.

Stain huffs at this, and chooses at this moment to talk, "Some bunch of heroes you fakes are."

"It still doesn't explain why you're here," Tsukauchi asks.

"That kid is the only true hero worth keeping around. Having something happen to his mother might change that. And you shitheads seemed to be doing a great job of keeping her safe."

... Is Stain actually implying he was here to protect Inko?

"She got attacked what thrice without you all being able to do anything? So someone had too."

.... is Stain implying he broke out of prison to protect Inko?

"She's clearly where he gets it from." His voice sounds warm.

"She's so kind. She's a better mom than mine was. Will she keep me? I'll even stop being a villain." Toga joins in.

Yagi cannot deal with this. The last thing he needs is two villains being enamoured by Inko.

"Well, if anything else, we must thank you for aiding Inko-san when she was attacked," Tsukauchi says.

"She took care of it herself," Stain informs them and proceeds to sip his tea.

Toga gleefully joins in homicidal smile back in place. "Yeah, Compress said something about hurting Izuchan, and you," at this she points to Yagi, "and that's when Stain dropped in but before we could do anything, BAM a baseball bat came flying at him. Then she tazed him. Then she gave us tea when we said we wouldn't do anything. She's awesome."

Stain actually nods to this, and Yagi gives up. Everyone does.



Izuku is fine with Yagi dating his mother and Inko actually says yes, so at least something goes okay today.

Although she does almost break up with him when she finds out he's joined in on the betting too.




"Oh good, you're finally here," Inko says as Izuku and Yagi rush to her, others following behind them. Sweat is beading down her forehead and her nose is bleeding, and she's clearly straining herself and her quirk. She's not turning away from where Shigaraki is pinned to the wall with her quirk, hands pulled out in front of him unable to touch anything. One of is hands is twisted in a weird angle.

People are staring but giving them a wide berth.

Midnight wastes no time in using her quirk to temporarily put Shigaraki to sleep. Inko slumps a moment later and Izuku beats Yagi in catching her.

"Are you okay mom?" Izuku asks but she's already unconscious.

Apparently, they find out a little later, mostly because of Shigaraki's yelling and piecing other information from witnesses together, that Shigaraki tried to threaten her and threatened to hurt others here if she alerted any one like he'd done with Izuku a year ago. And then he said something more because Inko got furious and used her quirk to break both his wrists and arm and keep him pinned to the wall.

Some of the witnesses closer to her mention hearing something about "not my son and fiancé" which earns a loud "awwww" from Present Mic and okay Yagi will just have to deal with his ears burning, and Nighteye's warm "I've never been so jealous of you, All Might-san".




Black Mist turns himself in the next day, saying that he really doesn't want to deal with going up against Midoriya Inko and other heroes. He'd just like a quiet cell in Tartarus if that's okay, and maybe to check in on Shigaraki once in a while because someone has too.

Inko borrows the precint's kitchen to make them all tea.





The call comes in on a Thursday afternoon. "Honey," and mom's worried tone immediately puts him on alert.

"Yes mom?"

The class watches as Izuku's tension leaves his shoulder. Watches as Izuku blinks at the information. Then, "Hold on for a second." Watches as he mutes the mic, looks up to see the whole class looking at him worriedly but ignores it and gestures for Todoroki to come over.

The boy does looking entirely confused. Izuku holds up a finger, unmutes the mic, and puts the call on speaker.

"-zuku? Izuku? Look I know I shouldn't have lost my temper. Poor Shouto-kun will be so angry at me. He's twitching on the ground. I really need help and don't know what to do and Toshi isn't here and I can't get through to him..."

"Sorry about that mom, calm down. I'm back. Could you repeat what you just said when you called?" He looks like he's trying his hardest not to laugh.

"I said that I may have accidentally thrown Endeavour out of a window! "

"Midoriya-san, this is Shouto. I want to you to know that I am utterly sincere when I say this. Thank you."

".... Shouto-kun?"

"Also," Todoroki continues, "Please use your quirk to bring him back in and throw him out again."

"Preferably through a different window," Momo chimes in.

"One that's higher than the bastards ego and has more glass," Izuku adds.

"In short, Fuck Endeavour!" Momo, Torodoki, and Izuku says. Even Kaachan joins in adding an explosion in the background.

".... Okay then," Inko says cutting the call.



Unfortunately Endeavour gets better because Inko is fundamentally a kind person.

Fortunately, he gets better just in time to see the news that the woman who threw him out of the window is currently ranked as Japan's #1 Hero, despite not even being an official one.