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It starts like this.

They don't have a set routine. Sometimes he wakes up before Taehyung , and that immediately meant an hour or two on his phone as he waits for his hyung to stop sleeping, because he never quite does unless the pandemonium of Tokyo Dome screams in his ear through the headphones. Sometimes Taehyung wakes up before him, and Jeongguk would groan, lazily combing his fingers through the other's hair while his morning brain was being sucked through his dick by Taehyung's mouth.

Other times, they stay asleep and its up to the hyungs to drag them both out of Jeongguk's bed.

All in all, it's a day in the life of Taehyung and him. Featuring his hyungs.


"Is he done yet?" Taehyung asks, arms wrapped around Jeongguk's waist for support and forehead resting on his nape. Jeongguk hums, pats his boyfriend's arm consolingly and says, "No. Jin hyung's still cooking."

"Ugh," his hyung says, terribly offended, "Ugh." He repeats.

Jeongguk grins as Seokjin, menacing in his frilly pink apron, cuts in, "Kim Taehyung, you've been barely awake for ten minutes. I'm a cook, not a miracle worker and the food is not ready. Not yet."

Taehyung, oddly enough, perks up at that, "When do you think you'll have it ready?"

"Taehyung, I swear to God-"

"No, hyung. Seriously."

Seokjin sighs through his nose, "In about an hour. I've only started."

Jeongguk didn't need to turn around because he feels the promising grin on his hyung's face. Taehyung unwraps his arms from Jeongguk and slips his bigger, softer and more elegant hand into his instead, "Okay," he concedes with a nod, "We'll be in bed so."

Their oldest swivels around to pin them with a glare, "You are not fucking while you wait for food."

Jeongguk stiffles a laugh and replies, innocently, "What gave you that idea hyung?"

"Your libidos are projecting air frequencies right now," came the quip, their designated cook chopping the garlic for their fried rice with the disposition of a man unable to listen to post-sex talk and during sex talk and should we have sex right now talk, "No, seriously. I can feel them. If I hear you two fuck, you're getting the boiled rice instead."

"We''ll make sure to be quiet then hyung," Taehyung intones solemnly, a tarty grin on his face. Jeongguk mirrors it, knowing that the promise was as much of a lie as Seokjin hyung's threat of fried rice ban.


Sometimes, when the schedule hasn't cranked up to a hectic notch, they'd have morning sex. Usually, they'd have it before they've actually left the bed, but today, they've been pulled out by their ankles and dumped into the kitchen before their Rapline trio left them to gallop off somewhere else while they watched Seokjin hyung mechanically dice up the sausages.

Jeongguk has never been a traditional man - whose sociological sphere consisted mainly of conservative oldies that would hiss at a rainbow even though they're going blind and anti-everything nutjobs - but  morning sex had always been the sort of custom he tries to religiously follow as often as he can.

So while they wait for their oldest to finish up breakfast, Taehyung rides him deep and slow, one hand on the headboard and the other on his thigh.

"Fuck," his hyung moans, and Jeongguk hums, placing his hands above the finger shaped bruises on Taehyung's hips, "Ah-God-"

"Just Jeongguk, actually." He says through gritted teeth.

Taehyung stops bouncing to gyrate his hips, clenching his ass tighter for the cheeky comment, which meant torture in all the right places because fuck, that felt good-

Then he watches as his lover's head throws back, mouth parting to release high pitched, breathy keens while his eyes close and his eyebrows knit in concentration,  breath hitching sporadically as he meets Jeongguk's upward thrusts.

It didn't take long for them to become desperate and loud, granted, but they're a little past the point of propriety and he suspects that Hoseok hyung had been at their door a century or two ago to make them shut up, but it's either that or it's the headboard against the wall. Taehyung's on his back now and he's hitching up the bed with every deep piston of Jeongguk's hips, whimpering, fingers scratching against the muscles on Jeongguk's back.

It's hard to say what exactly spurs him to fuck a little harder- clutch his hyung's hips a little tighter and bite his skin purple and red until they bruise a little brighter but it's easier to lose himself when his orgasm seemed like four quick thrusts away. He gets sloppy, because he's so fucking close and he scrambles to find Taehyung's hand so he can hold it when he comes. 

And when he does, he clutches it tight and whispers an "I love you," in his neck, because this too, was a custom and unlike the sporadic fucking on mornings or quickies down in the dancing room, Jeongguk could say I love you and I love you more and I love you most even if they're tight on schedule.



Morning bickers happened more than he could count and it usually stretches into their day, turning into afternoon bickers and what the fuck is with your coordination bicker in the dancing room to evening bickers because someone wants to watch Stranger Things for movie night while someone else argues that it wasn't even a movie.

"I can't believe you guys were fucking," says Jimin when they finally washed up and Jeongguk had fingered Taehyung's ass clean in the shower, thus resulting in a second but quick round. 

His hyung plops an egg roll in his mouth and chews viciously, "You kept me up last night and then you woke me up this morning. I wish fucking hell on you both."

"To be fair now," Taehyung defends, wrapped up in Jeongguk's jumper and trackies, "We barely got to do anything since the comeback so I say - shut up Hoseok hyung, I know you were about to say something don't even start," He clears his throat, "Where was I? Oh yeah - our balls were fucking bluer than a Super Junior concert ocean, it's justified."

Yoongi doesn't bother vocalising an answer as he deftly chokes on his rice.

"Fuck," Namjoon says, "Fuck."

"Yes, that was essentially the point." returns Taehyung. He punctuates this as he angrily shoves his chopsticks in his mouth.

"Brutes," pipes up Seokjin, "Brutes, the absolute lot of you. And in front of my bloody table, do you not have an ounce of respectability?"

Hoseok lets out a sigh in aghast, "Respectability? You want to talk about respectability? You?"

"What're you implying here-"

"He's talking about the time you bought the fucking Mario dildo online using Hobi hyung's fake name hyung," says Jimin, looking a little disgusted, "Which is - a little fucked up I admit. Christ, No, you know what? You're just cracked in the head hyung-"

Seokjin stands up and Jeongguk notes that Yoongi hyung had already tuned them out and was now staring intently at his bowl, "Excuse me?"

"Calm down boys," starts Namjoon only to wither underneath their stares, "Or not. Carry on."

"Namjoon, you aren't spiffy clean either you dirty, conniving cunt-"

"What? What did I do-"

"You know exactly what you did-"

"Hyung, please-"

"Jesus, I just want to eat my breakfast, can you both just sit down and chill-"

"I cooked this breakfast, I can take it away too-"

"You wouldn't dare-"

"Did I stutter?"

"Fucking hell," Jeongguk whispers, sending an amused look to Taehyung to which he returned, "It's not even ten o'clock yet."

His boyfriend laughs, eyes crinkling prettily at the corners, "New record I suppose?"

Jeongguk considers it for a moment before shaking his head, "Nah. We argued about the shit water pressure in the previous dorms at three in the morning once remember?"

One of the most pettiest fights they ever had started with them cooking below the sun for the whole day, wearing suits underneath a 35 degree scorcher and accepting the fact that they were fucking drenched in their own sweat, which was saturation of an entirely different plane of uncomfortable. It was twice as harrowing though, because they had to perform and actually smile, like Jeongguk's balls weren't shrivelling up because of the heat, like he wasn't sweating through the crease of his arse and oh god - right, time to veer away from nasty thoughts.

But the water pressure is shit in the morning and their attitudes even shittier after a taxing day, so they dissolve into a shouting match to see who gets a shower first.

(Which was essily resolved by aggressively making out instead, resulting in them sharing a shower which was, in all honesty, might've been the best course of action from the start. They also had a sorry for shouting at you mutual blowjob combined with a sorry for being stupid shower sex, so all was well)

Taehyung giggles, "Yeah, I remember. We do tend to bicker a lot over the silliest things, don't we?"

"We do," he concedes. He stares at their rowdy family and then at Taehyung, who's smiling gently, soft around his edges and Jeongguk grabs his hand underneath the table and thumbs at his pulse point, "I wouldn't change it for the world."

The cacophony was broken by Seokjin nicking Hoseok hyung's bowl of fried rice and running away with it to their kitchen.



Later, they find out that Yoongi hyung had been completely mystified by his one grain of rice and two tiny scrambled egg pieces which made up a wrinkly dick in his bowl.

"It's trying to tell me something," he whispers, "I don't know what, but I'm going to find out."

Summarily, it ends in another fight.



After breakfast, they're usually left to their own musings. Yoongi hyung, sporting a bruise from where Hoseok had punched him, slinked off to his studio with Namjoon hyung in tow. Seokjin normally stress bakes but today, he decides to spend his day with Sandeul because he couldn't spare another second of his life wasted on ungrateful twats. Hoseok and Jimin had fucked off to somewhere and all he and Taehyung knows is that both of them were also socialising.

"Fucking nuts the lot of them," says his hyung, furiously clicking his keyboard, "It's our first day off and they're already milling about doing...productive stuff."

 "You fucking get me?" He replies, also furiously clicking on his keyboard, "And Jimin hyung had the absolute gal to complain about being woken up early but-Shit, the dickhead just shot me!" 

Taehyung, the ever lovable boyfriend he is, gravely declares, "Don't worry babe. I'll avenge you."

Thirteen minutes later, three headshots including the fucker that killed Jeongguk, and a victory that is still as sweet as their past revenge victories, Jeongguk has Taehyung on his lap again.

"Victory sex?" Taehyung says, already rocking his hips forward.

Jeongguk licks his lips, chances a brief glance at the computer screen displaying the corpses Taehyung killed for him, and decides that that was an appropriate turn on.

"Fuck yeah."


 When evening comes and they have nothing left to do but relax and not think about work, Namjoon insists they marathon Stranger Things Season 1 to commemorate the new season and as expected, Jimin denies his persistence, arguing that movie nights are for movies and that he'd been dying to watch My Fair Lady for God knows how long.

"Series and Movies are fucking different," snaps Jimin, "There's a reason why it's called Movie Night and not Series Night."

"Those terms are abstract concepts, they don't have a set meaning." Namjoon begins to desist Jimin's arguments, "It's like saying the only one definition of sex is genital to genital contact. It's fucking not, isn't it? There's oral sex and anal sex and a whole bunch of other sex so a series, which contains episodes half as long as a two hour movie, is the same fucking thing."

"Oh God," murmurs Hoseok, "The fact that he explained it that way is just - Oh God."

Yoongi, who was now curled up on the sofa with three different blankies, says, "By this point, I've run out of fucks to give. Just pick something already."

Seokjin hyung isn't even paying them attention.

"Hey," someone whispers from beside him, "Wanna ditch the hyungs and do something else?"

Jeongguk turns his head and cocks it to the side, "It's movie night though. We never miss movie night."

Taehyung, who was sporting an utterly convincing vulpine grin, laughs, "There's always a first for everything."

Jeongguk hums. He sweeps his gaze across his hyungs, who by this point, seemed more invested in taking either Namjoon's side or Jimin's side than attempting to find something worth their while. Seokjin had texted five of his friends to gather their own opinions, Yoongi hyung had taken it in his stead to Google up a definitive answer judging by his confused mutterings while Hoseok hyung remained sequacious as he see-saws between Namjoon and Jimin's debate. 

"What do you propose we do then?" He drones out, eyeing his boyfriend lazily.

Taehyung licks his lips, "Let's go to the bedroom and find out."


"Fuck, the username GamerChick is already taken, you're taking the fucking piss!"



"What? It costs 600 coins for a pet, nah, you're having me on."



"Where the fuck is that sensei, I want to play fucking judo damn it."




The most stressful part of his day was playing club penguin for the first time, Jeongguk notes.



It ends like this.

They don't have a set routine. Sometimes, Jeongguk sleeps before Taehyung and he knows because his hyung hasn't started kicking in his sleep yet. Sometimes, Taehyung sleeps before him and Jeongguk would content himself to watch thinking he's the luckiest man alive.

Other times, they don't sleep at all and the hyungs would join them for a bit of silent cuddle time.

All in all, it's a day in the life of Taehyung and him. Featuring his hyungs.