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Closing that god damn door

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Everybody who went to UA new about the gigantic halloween spirit they had. Every year the school would do a big activity and have so much fun. But it would be different this year, they couldn’t leave the school because of the league of villains and their goal of killing all upcoming hero’s. Or actually just class 1-A not many people remembers the rest of the school. This meant that they weren’t going to the cinema to watch a horror movie or go and visit a haunted house. Trick or treating was also not an option (and no not because they were too old that was totally not the reason). Even though there was some protest from the students from the other classes at the end everyone agreed that they should just stay in this year. That didn’t mean that they were all happy. This is how Shinsou found himself babysitting a grumbling Monoma who just couldn’t shut up about how he shouldn’t have let kendo convince him to stay in and how she is having fun while he is absolutely miserable. Once again reminding shinsou what a huge drama queen he is. Shinsou had his fair share of bitterness against the other students of UA, but even he thought that Monoma took it to a whole other level. But Shinsou couldn’t say it wasn’t an incredibly amusing way to spend his halloween. Two guys dressed as a vampire and a mummy complaining about everything and everyone while watching everybody else make a fool out of themselves. To Shinsou there were so many worse ways to spend his evening.

Monoma would say that this was probably the worst evening of his life, but even he could admit that although he complained allot the evening really wasn’t that bad. Yes he was kinda bored and yes he would rather have gone out but really he was kinda enjoying himself. He had Shinsou who listened to his complaints and even added some of his own. Add the mystery slamming doors (they first thought it was Hagakure but when they saw the flying sheet passing by at the totally different side she was quickly ruled out) and the boring part was solved. That freaking door had startled him more than once already and Shinsou admitted that the sound of the banging door really annoyed him. This was the start to mission: Who The fuck is banging these god damn doors.

Shinsou has to admit that he really liked playing detective. Nothing felt as good as uncovering secrets. He also had to admit that having his quirk was helpful for solving the mysteries. Of course he would never use it on people he didn’t want to but it came in handy when monoma hid his stuff to be petty. Yes that were small puzzles and mysteries but he still managed to solve them with or without his quirk. Being the silent lurker he was did help, people tended to forget he was in the same room as him and spilled all their secrets right in front of him. Not that that was helpful in anyway right now. He really was at a loss right now. They checked Uraraka, she had nothing to do with it. They asked the whole support department and all of them were cleared cause nobody of them would ever pass the change to brag about bugging the UA doors. At this point Shinsou really began to consider the possibility of a ghost. Tired he and monoma gave up and decided to go back to the party, If they found the way back… UA was big and even after going their for a while the buildings still had many secrets.

When Monoma and Shinsou entered that door they really shouldn’t have been surprised when the door closed and didn’t open again. Outside Yaoyorozu couldn’t help but smile as her plan finally worked. How that she knew that they would be the one to respond to the doors would be a secret forever. Just like nobody will ever now what those boys did while in that room together. But if you want to know i would tell you to use your imagination.