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A bad wolf running beside the storm

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So far so close


Perhaps his years were already playing a joke on him. When he first met her, with those ears and the leather jacket, he thought, like the deceived man he had been, that he would never lose her. That maybe I could keep this human pink and yellow.

He regenerated, and although he had no idea who he was, he thought it would be the last time he would see her, he could count on the fingers of one hand how many of his companions stayed with him after the change.

It was never pleasant to think of those who did not stay. But he did, not only did he accept his new face, he accepted the new Doctor. While it was true that this new face had been created for her and only for her, she could still remember like a tidal wave of stars the joy she felt at her soft acceptance, and then the secret of her regeneration, had been kept, like many others.

Knowing that he was going to die after absorbing his heart from the TARDIS, he wanted to be a pretty boy. It was his last thought before he regenerated, because if there was any way for him to stay, at least with the kind of face he would find attractive.

He had become foolish with old age. I knew it. But he didn't care. Since he had never felt like this and, although he did not say it out loud, he always knew it was that feeling that had felt their hearts when he took that hand with his and ran.

But he lost it and got it back a second time and then lost it again. And that part of him, the one that made him a man, buried her, deep inside him. He couldn't be more of a man than a doctor. Because things never ended well when that happened.

But now he was there, with her, or at least something that looked remotely like her. On a beach he never thought to visit her again, with a face that was not at all the last face he had seen. His eyes glittered, brown and gold danced in his irises, and he had to close his own eyes for an instant, because he couldn't face what those eyes harbored. Those emotions were too much for him, and he feared his sanity would fade if he risked seeing her too long.

He parted, moving away from those hands. And he turned his back on her, needed space for a moment, breathed and opened his eyes again, he saw Clara, she looked at him in surprise and only hoped that her face did not show everything she felt at that moment. Spinning again, the dirt crawled under his shoes, and avoiding his gaze at all times, he lifted the sonic screwdriver from the sand.

He advanced, for a moment he thought that his legs would not work, that he would not advance more than two steps, but he did. He looked at her without really looking at her, his gaze fixed on her left shoulder.

"This universe is falling apart and ..." was interrupted.

"This universe has already collapsed."

Her voice made him shudder, it had been so long without hearing her that he still wasn't totally sure it would have sounded like this: "And how are we standing here, if it's already collapsed?" He tried to be as rude as possible, but the question had been more a grunt than anything else.

There was silence, he refused to look at her, and when he finally spoke, years could have passed.

"The last time we saw each other was on this beach, Doctor." Her eyes didn't blink, she didn't know how he knew, even when he wasn't looking at her, but he did. And when his voice said his name, something shuddered inside him, again.

"Then we have to go, right?" He jumped at Clara's question behind him, and his brow furrowed much more when he looked at her, he had forgotten her. While looking at what Rose Tyler was wearing, she had completely forgotten about her lifemate.

Old habits were always slow to die.

He looked at Clara with clear interest, and bowing his head a little, he replied: "Yes and no. As long as I'm here, the TARDIS and I will hold this reality. We can either leave now or ..." This time she looked at him. "We can stay and remember."

The moment the last word was said, he moved his neck and shoulders as high as he could and replied, "Remember ... remember what?"

And though her voice once again went over the edge, with the edge of a threat, she just smiled, making that particular move with her tongue.

"You". He was silent without understanding exactly what she was saying, his mind racing a thousand per second. How had this happened? When had it happened? Why did they both come across this beach once more after all these years? Why was he here again?

He exhaled heavily through his nose, his mind stopped from each of the calculations he had maintained, ⎼ dumb habit ⎼ and made a decision. He turned again on his axis - and he had thought that his previous body could not stop with the turns -, he looked into Clara's eyes, and advanced. Straight to the TARDIS, listening to the rushing footsteps behind him, he crossed the doors, and went straight to the console. When her right hand went to the time rotor and she heard the doors close, she stood next to him almost immediately.

He refused to look at that face, his face, again. Even when he was so close that he could feel her breathing ⎼ and how wonderful that was ⎼ against his right cheek. Even as his hand, small and so equivocally young, was placed on top of him, and he trembled, of course he trembled at the differences. He looked up at Clara, who was looking at him and her with clear bewilderment on the other side of the console. And he understood each of her unspoken questions, but the one he knew stood out among all of them like a beacon was one: Who is she, Doctor?

And how would you explain it? How could he speak of that girl, girl, woman, who had taught him to be the Doctor again? How could he explain Rose Tyler, or Bad Wolf, when his name and that story had crossed his lips never before in his last two bodies? From the first brave girl you met? How to talk about the Time War and the big red button?


Everything shook ... and the most agonizing pain he had not had in a long time concentrated in his head, his knees gave way and he fell, even with his hands on the console, and he could not contain the moan that came from his lips, another burst near his temples and his hands flew to the sides of his head.

The TARDIS shook, the lights in the room shining too brightly through his narrowed eyes, vertigo attacked him and something exploded nearby. He yelled through his teeth, with these clenched so tightly that he was sure they would split, he tried to stop the pain, using every defense he had, but he was sharp, smashing all his barriers one after another, his fingers were nailed to his hair, and if after this he found gray streaks in his hands he would not be surprised.

And the images and sounds attacked him, feeling a mass of emotions in the background, he screamed, because memories he didn't know he had, or had ever forgotten, were coming back to him like a blast


Hybrid. He ran after hearing the prophecy, because he had to run. And then he stopped, breathed and swallowed, tense, because the hairs on the back of his neck rose and his two hearts hit hard against his chest, because something was following him through the Clautros, and it had taken him too long to realize, that's why He turned on his shoulder, ready, but the vision stunned him. I blink several times and it was still there. Canis lupus. Mammal, place of origin: Earth. Golden eyes looked at him intently, the coat was in a variety of colors, with brown and yellow being the most predominant, he was sitting, his ears were erect, his head was high and stiff, with his tail completely down. There was no way the animal was there, but he was fascinated.

I hesitate, before turning and walking slowly toward the wolf. But the wolf narrowed his eyes, which lit up with a golden glow, he growled and he stopped, because it was not logical that he was seeing and he knew that if the animal attacked it would die, but, just as the animal had appeared, disappeared ...

And he was suddenly restless, uncomfortable because he had been standing, looking at nothing, without remembering how he was so still, when the urge to run was still tingling on his feet, after hearing the prophecy. So he ran again. 


His fist hit his chest, hard, because he had felt his right heart had stopped, he listened attentively, someone calling him from a distance, but his groan of pain completely attenuated him, he spat between his teeth when another wave made his legs go twisted ...


He entered the TARDIS, and it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, he said it out loud, but his heart skipped a beat and his tongue tangled, making him stutter, hearing the slight "Thank you" in his completely feminine direction, and for a moment he wondered if the girl who had told him that taking this TARDIS would be much more fun, had made a joke, because on the other side of the console was a woman, blonde, wrapped in a simple white dress, leaning against the computer on the back "wall" and smiling at him.

He undoubtedly felt his ears warmer and was about to demand an explanation when the woman disappeared.

And he ... suddenly felt uncomfortable, looking everywhere to verify that no one had heard those words from him, went to the computer that had not realized he was looking, and found it warm under his hand, and inside he decided that he would have to disappear, although he was not completely sure how to do it.


And without ideas, he found himself thinking about every impregnable wall he knew on Earth, there were many, but few had endured the passage of time, but before raising the walls, another memory came to his already liquefied brain ...


Jamie, Victoria, Yeti Robots and bloody Great Intelligence in the Himalayas. It had almost been a disastrous combination, his head still throbbing with pain as he remembered the aftermath of the tremor and the cold hadn't completely left him.

He turned the heating knob, bringing it to the center, his fingers faltering on the time rotor, and decided that while his human companions slept and warmed up, he would take the TARDIS to the vortex, go to the library, search for a book on quantum physics, editing 30th century, and I would have a cup of tea.

His steps were light, and when a small shiver went through him, he realized that his clothes were wet and decided late, before going to the galley, that he needed a change.

He went to the locker room, but his feet hesitated at the door, his eyebrows raised, and his mouth opened slightly when he saw an unknown woman, with a green hardcover book open in her hand and covering her face, with curly blonde hair. , wrapped in a kind of white chiffon dress, sitting in the red velvet chair, her legs tucked underneath her, but her left thigh was fully exposed, and he swallowed hard, so she quickly raised her gaze to her covered face. But her own face felt suddenly hot, and she thought that maybe she had exaggerated with the TARDIS temperature.

And he hadn't spoken, but decidedly his throat, or his tangled tongue, had made a noise, because the woman in question had looked up from the book she was reading -Extinct Mammals of Planet Earth, 19th Century Edition-, and looked At that, with chocolate-colored eyes and a giant smile on her lush lips, a strangled sound came from her throat, her eyes sparkled with something that could only be interpreted as amusement, so she brought her fist to her mouth and cleared her throat, willing to demand from this strange woman the reason for her invasion of her ship, to appear, and perhaps fix the damn dress, but the woman's voice was much faster, and her next words stunned him.

"Great intelligence will cause problems for you in the future." His mouth moved several times, spitting out the beginning of a question, but suddenly the woman's eyes glittered gold, and he disappeared, the book fell onto the sofa and he ...

He had to change. Although he was not as cold as a few moments ago, his clothes were no longer presentable for the next adventure, he entered the locker room, took a shirt from the row and went to look for a bow tie, but his gaze drifted to the chair, where an open Earth book I take it and read the page entry: Canis Dirus. Terrible Wolf, lived during the Pleistocene period. I had thought about reading about quantum physics, but perhaps reading about wolves on planet Earth was a good subject to learn.


Wolves, wolves, why always wolves? Using the old trick to protect his mind from the assault, he thought of the Wall of Constantinople and the Roman Wall in Lugo, the two together, built wall after wall in a matter of a centisecond, but the pain was again like a grand cannon. gunpowder and went through it. He felt his own tears fall down the sides of his face and he was getting tired, the chills invaded him, his body felt cold against the fire that was in his mind and he shook himself, like a child against the cold, unable to stop it, a memory came back and groaned ...


A simple test trip with Jo had ended at Peladon in 3885. With the Galactic Federation, the Ice Warriors, the Alpha Centauri, and the Arcturus. Just his damn luck, and he'd spent half the time worrying that Jo wasn't doing anything that would lead to his untimely death. Having been mistaken for a human dignitary and then desiccated the blessed Templó, they were not in his plans, but the result was brilliant. He had appealed, for the sake of the Aggedor creature, and himself, he wanted to keep his neck, but he never thought he could really have a fight with Grun.

But Grun hadn't really been a threat, he was just scared. And since violence was not always his favorite alternative, he had not been quite sure that this body was made for the fight, much less a melee, but to his internal surprise he had won and his chest had filled with a special pride.

With a smile on his face, he switched off the engines of the TARDIS, and when he turned to leave, he belatedly remembered that he had a new part for Bessie and the shock absorbers. And he went to the Depot, went down the hall, turned to the right and then down, jumped a small ramp, turned to the left, crossed the doors of the Library and, when he was about to turn the corner, his feet they stopped . He had seen something out of the corner of his eye.

He retraced his steps and returned to the doors of the Library, and there he was, in the small room that was in the center of the room, there was a woman, with curly blonde hair, completely wild going in all directions. sitting against one of the individual armchairs, with her feet and, therefore, her legs bare, and sincerely hoped that the woman would be dressed, stretched out to touch the table legs, and with a book in her hands, and from the distance could only make out the red cover. She was in profile, completely absorbed in what she was reading.

He approached, with stealthy steps towards her, how dared that unknown woman enter his boat and be in that state? How could you even want to be inside your TARDIS? And now, getting closer, she realized that she was wearing a long, white and chiffon dress, this piece left nothing to the imagination, leaving her bare arms tied around her neck, she found herself loosening her own tie, before the Sudden heat that attacked him, as she had a long neckline and the skirts of the dress in front fell between her legs, leaving her bare legs up to her thighs.

His neck was long, his nose small, and his eyes, which were dark, but since he didn't look at him, he couldn't be absolutely sure of their color, were adorned with long lashes.

He opened his mouth, ready to speak and ask for an explanation, but suddenly the woman looked up from the book - Greek mythology, 20th century edition - and her chocolate eyes, she realized, looked at him with intensity. A lot of questions in his mind, he closed his mouth and opened it again, unsure of what to do suddenly, and the woman's lips curled around the edges, making a small amused smile, and outrage was present. How dare she?

"Miss! Can you tell me what you do ..." He didn't finish, because his soft laugh interrupted him and suddenly the woman was standing very close to him, so close that his nose, if he only leaned down. little more, they would touch their respective advice. The woman's tongue came out and touched her own upper lip, and he felt her cheeks redden at the display of so much insolence.

"I like this face." he whispered softly, looking at him with that intensity that had frozen him at first, he couldn't locate his accent, and ... wait what? I try to speak, but only broken syllables came out and what was going on with his voice? The woman laughed again, their hearts leaping in surprise. "So cheeky and haughty." she told him, and he frowned, because she did not agree with her descriptions of him.

"Miss! Who are you and what is my ship doing?" his tone was rude to the question, and it was inevitable, a part of him was furious and outraged, but he was certainly intrigued by this mysterious woman. And when she kept smiling and ignoring him, her fury grew and she took two steps back, but followed her. "St-stop!" His voice was sharp, but his babble made him lose all his strength when his face was so close to hers again.

He had thought it was impossible, but the woman's smile grew and the strange image of a cat hunting a mouse came to mind. His temper flared and he opened his mouth to challenge the woman, but suddenly his chocolate brown eyes gleamed gold, something that was impossible like the entire existence of the woman herself, and disappeared, and he simply ...

I had to find the part for Bessie, what was in the library? Before I left, out of the corner of my eye I picked up an open book, carelessly left on the tea table, almost on the shore, I let out an exasperated sigh.

Jo had surely re-entered the Library without her permission, took the book, but stopped when she closed it. An interesting topic had been read by his partner. Greek mythology, specifically the entry about the god Apollo and the wolves. He smiled, closed the book, and walked to the shelves, placed the book between two others - Hamlet and History of Two Cities-, and left, thinking that perhaps his next adventure would be the ancient city of Licosura.


Another scream came from his chest when that last memory left him and then ... everything stopped, as fast as it had started, the assault on his mind along with the pain, and the tremors of the TARDIS, everything had stopped. And he wasn't entirely sure what he had seen in his mind.

What had exploded had left a slight layer of smoke that now with his eyes wide open he realized that it fluttered throughout the room. He was looking at the ceiling of the TARDIS because he was lying down, his own hands were being covered with hers and now his brown eyes were looking at him, directly. And felt, as before landing on that beach, the light caress on his face, at the union of his shoulders and the warm murmur returned to his head. Calming the aftermath of pain.

"Hi." His voice was soft, and he would almost have missed it if he wasn't staring at her face. He detailed, no, he drank like a thirsty man his characteristics. The shape of his eyes narrowed with concern, his eyelashes fell without a trace of the heavy makeup he had used before, but he had a light layer of makeup, as light as if he had not at all, his hair still golden as he remembered, it was curly and wild, and another memory invaded him, not like the others, no, this came back to him, soft, like the caresses he was feeling, even for the environment full of violence as London Blitz had been, this memory filled him with life .


A boy looking for his mom. A 51st century captain and himself with a northern accent like now, but with another face and another body. Both caught and with Glenn Miller's Moonlight Serenade on the radio.

"The world is not going to end because the Doctor dances."

The world did not end, but later in the TARDIS, it had been as if she was dancing at the end of the rope, with adrenaline running through her veins and with a pink and yellow girl holding her hands, both smiling dancing around the console with their newly remembered steps, because that body had completely forgotten how to dance, embittered by the aftermath of war, for a long time feeling happy had not been in the plans. Moonlight Serenade had been hers and Jack, but In the Mood in conjunction with his swing steps had been theirs. And it had been fantastic.


He swallowed thickly, and his hands tangled in hers, both warm as he remembered, but something was missing, what? What was missing? He was lost again when his eyes lit up with joy and his mouth made a smile.

" Hi." That greeting had come out almost breathless, and it was. It was never easy to remember, because he remembered everything, because of his blessed superior physiology with his photographic memory attached to each of his senses.

The smell of rain in 1950, the smell of fresh bread 1492, both on Earth; or the perfume that Barbara used when she got into her TARDIS the first time and especially the smell of the Gallifrey desert, each dialogue she had with each of her companions was heard as an echo in her own ears: "Our destiny is in the stars so let's go find him " the time he said goodbye to Susan, knowing that he would never see her again: "One day I will return ... yes, one day I will return. Until then, there should be nothing to lament about, no tears or anxieties. You just have to go ahead in all your beliefs, and check that I have not been wrong in mine. "

And he remembered every feeling behind his words, those he didn't want to show and those he so blatantly displayed, he remembered the sound of laughter and crying, his own and that of everyone around him and they remembered the time together in the space. how he remembered too clearly his time on earth. Then he forced himself to forget and not visit his companions. So he kept each of his memories behind a closed door in his memory, and then lost the key.

If only it had been so easy to have removed every memory of her. He never wanted to do it. But at one point, a long time ago, when I still couldn't live without the pain of remembering her, I was tempting to do so. But then he regenerated and forced himself to move forward, as he always had. And 300 years went by without saying his name ...

"I know your mind is racing now, wondering how I am here."

And went. Oh, she knew him. Another set of caresses, on the sides of his eyes, on the chin, on the temple and then in the heat below, the delicate touch spread through each part of his body, calming the cold he had felt before and the heat in your anguish. mind.

"And while I know you can hold your breath longer than a human, I need you to breathe." and that was another true thing. He was not breathing. From the moment he had his eyes on hers and his hands together, his breathing had stopped.

9 minutes, 38 seconds and counting had been the time he had been lying down looking at her face without breathing. And he forced himself to take oxygen for his lungs and only when he could breathe well did he open his mouth.

But nothing came out. He was forcing himself to remember saying his name out loud, saying it in this voice and with this face. No grunting, no threats, just the name of a person who had ... was still etched in their two hearts. Because the eyes that looked at him were from Rose Tyler. There was no longer any doubt.

But why did it feel like a distant memory?

"Rose Tyler," he whispered, tempting a smile on his own lips, wishing his eyebrows didn't decide for him, because there was something honestly wrong with his eyebrows and this new face and he knew it, therefore he said the name as if it was a secret.

He listened carefully as his accent had thickened. Their hearts beat strongly in his chest, but she smiled, her eyes sparkled and the tip of her tongue came out once more, doing that trick that in the past had always indicated how happy she was.

But ... something was not quite right ...

Her face was getting blurry, the gold edges were gray now, and she remembered, like nonsense, that just a moment ago their hearts were beating much slower and that shouldn't happen. He tried to stand up, took his hands away from hers and brought them to his chest, feeling how their hearts had slowed down and his body felt bad, because it was not correct, and he tried to move, but gravity was not collaborating with his desires, getting heavier, the pink lips move, telling him something.

What did they say to him? He concentrated, even though his mind was clouded and the edges of his mink were just a tunnel around him.

"Goodnigth, Doctor"

And the tunnel, no, the black hole, gobbled it up.