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A bad wolf running beside the storm

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The big red button


At first she had not understood everything that was happening around her, which had awakened her. Echoes of explosions, heartbreaking screams of men and women, of crying children echoing off the walls of their unconsciousness.

He reviewed all the systems and in a matter of seconds, hours, minutes, days, he was not very sure, he discovered everything, more than 800 lost years entered his system and he knew it. Gallifrey in the war against Skaro, the Time Lords against the Daleks, the entire universe receiving entire waves of death and destruction before the Great Time War. The space was convulsed by the loss of life and the Guardians had sent a silent call in time to awaken their latent consciousness.

But what call had been enough to wake her up? She did not attend to the Time Lords, they had locked her up because she was too dangerous, something too close to a God, and they had no control over her, and that had scared them. He didn't even remember the precise moments when he kept in touch with another living being ... No, wait, he did. The last time I had contact with a living being, it had been that child, that child who cried at night in the desert.

It was a fun thing like thousands upon thousands of years of intelligence, being one of the oldest races in this universe, the Time Lords had stumbled like insignificant bipeds upon encountering technology like their own. They did not dare to see her up close, and therefore she allowed herself to see them, from the poorest places to the great Citadel, like a virus in the Gallifrey data system, from the moment the new inhabitants of the red planet they discovered until they feared it. moral judgment, she knew everything about everyone.

Now, he understood everything again, and carefully listened to footsteps, the desert sand and time moving under the child's feet, oh, his sweet child, the one that stood out as a red giant among thousands of dying stars, had her again and she smiled pleased to see their timelines, feel them, know that they would be together again.

But I had to knit everything carefully. From the birth of the moon to the death of the sun, from the first word to the last and that was something fun over time, that this doubled at your convenience, that space see your reasons to keep your little son alone, that each star decided to shine even brighter when this creature that she had begun to love from the beginning of time looked at her.

I see the lines prepare before your plans. She saw the tears and the laughter, saw the fear and despair building around her son and realized that something very important was missing ... herself. She was nervous to discover that she was so focused on the lines that she didn't think of herself in her son's life.

And possibly he would be late, when his lonely son was no longer a boy but a man, and he decided to put his own energy, unique in this universe, in the most special place, which would be the home of his son - soon to be a human being throughout his existence, and would keep him safe. And he would keep all those creatures that were woven from her life ... lonely man, just because he loved them, and I cry for them, she would keep them safe.

She would burn just to keep him alive.

At the beginning of everything, he did not understand it, since it was something superior to everything that he lived today, he had not understood his own insistence on staying there, in that apartment that was just discovering its own potential, but then ... and then to she may have been centuries for other species: she had felt the vibrations that were only felt in the universe when new life was created. A very important life. And she ran, ran to meet him and howled. And she had never been so happy, no, she had never known the meaning of the word happiness or that feeling before, because she was alive, but the meaning of life for her was different from everything that was known, and being alive was not the same than to live and that was something that only she herself understood because she was unique of her kind.

But she lived when the two hearts of her lonely son, her exiled man, her punished God, her Doctor and her Warrior throbbed with life. He knew in all his systems that his time had come and he woke up.