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The List

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Of course....Katie took complete charge. That was as inevitable as what happened after. Naomi followed the two sisters as they walked hand in hand into the bedroom. Katie pulled her expensive blue silk dress over her shoulders as she walked, stepping out of her designer shoes at the same time. Emily's eyes locked onto her sisters body, just covered in a tiny grey silk teddy now. The atmosphere was hotter, steamier, just for that brief gesture.

Katie watched their eyes take in her full breasts as they pushed above the flimsy material and smirked. Not for the first time, her tits were the stars of the show. She couldn't resist a well worn dig.

"Make the most of it girls" she drawled "This is a one time deal...enjoy it while you can"

She laid herself artistically on the bed and waited for them to join her. Both were slow to react. Naomi because she wasn't certain what was expected of her. This was so far out of her comfort zone, it was practically a foreign country. How did you react to the offer of a threesome with your girlfriend and her twin sister.....a twin sister who had apparently enjoyed the adolescent exploration of her twin many times before you knew them? So she bit her lip and took her time stripping off her tee, leaving her just in a pair of black knickers. She waited for her cue to join them.

Emily was just nervous.

Katie grinned in anticipation and raked Naomi with her brown eyes.

"Nice tits babe...Great to see Emsy has some taste after all...."

Naomi heard Emily gasp beside her, and her peripheral vision registered the flurry of movement which meant her girlfriend was also stripping. Still neither made the first move.

Katie tutted in impatience.

"Fucks sake, you two... A body like this...and you can't decide who's first...let me show you exactly what you're missing"

With that, she pulled down the top of the teddy and her beautiful tits bounced gently into view. This time there were two gasps. Naomi knew Katie was better endowed than her sister, but lying there exposed, she saw how glorious her tits actually were. Smooth, rounded and tipped with erect brown nipples, they looked good enough to eat...and suddenly she was ravenous. Glancing sideways, she could see they had affected Emily in the same way. Her girlfriend was staring at them, fists clenching and unclenching beside her.

"Well?" Katie said..."Have I got to draw you lezzers a diagram?"

Suddenly, Emily growled throatily.

"Fuck Katie...I've got to..Fuck...."

And she moved onto the bed.

Things happened quickly after that. With Emily lying beside her sister sucking and kneading one perfect breast, there was only really one place left. Naomi lowered herself on the other side and began to mimic her girlfriend.

Katie let her head fall backwards onto the pillows, sighing contentedly as her obedient lovers worshipped her. All was well in the KFF universe.

Naomi dipped her head to take one erect nipple into her mouth. It was beyond strange doing this to Katie, while Emily watched...her own mouth sucking and lapping too.

The heat in the room rose another notch as Emily's hand began to weave circles on Katies stomach over the silk material. Her sister arched at the increased stimulation and pulled Naomi's hand off her breast until it joined Emilys. Together they stripped Katie of the flimsy teddy. Finally she was totally, gloriously naked.

Two gasps echoed in the silent bedroom then. Katie was completely smooth down there and as they watched, her thighs parted for them in surrender.

Emily growled huskily again, and Naomi knew some long remembered memory was filling her mind. How many times had Emily done this? How many times had her teenage head dipped between her sisters willing thighs to taste, to serve, to adore?

Whatever the answer to that question was it didn't matter now. Emily quickly positioned herself between Katies widely spread thighs and her mouth covered the place between them. Katie moaned in satisfaction as her sister began to lap her deliberately. It was a sight Naomi had never imagined would exist outside of her wildest masturbatory fantasies. Only this was way hotter than anything her brain could have conjured up.

Watching was one thing...hearing...feeling and even...smelling it was quite another. Emily's newly red again hair (she'd dyed it that deep red colour she hadn't worn since 6th form..another change Naomi was unsure of the meaning of) was splayed across Katies spread thighs. It obscured her view, but the sounds...the smell of aroused woman, was overpowering enough. As Naomi watched, still thumbing one of Katies erect nipples, Emily reached round her sisters thighs and gripped her with scarlet painted nails. Katie's hips bucked as Emily did something with her lips, her tongue, and she moaned something Naomi didn't catch at first. Then she did it again as one of Emily's hands released her leg and reached below. By the long moan it produced, Naomi guessed Emily's skilful fingers were now joining in. She had experienced that herself, and the sight of her girlfriend pleasuring Katie so expertly was more erotic than she thought anything could ever be.

"Kiss me" Katie hissed

She moaned it again "Fucking kiss me Campbell..."

Naomi obliged. Katies mouth met hers almost violently. Usually kissing Emily, Naomi was used to gentleness, desire...and only at the end, when Emily was thrashing beneath her on the verge of orgasm, did their kisses become frantic, aggressive.

But this was Katie Fucking Fitch of course. As Naomi touched her lips, she was met by an open mouth, searching tongue and hands that gripped her hair painfully.

It was a kiss intended to dominate. But something inside Naomi rebelled at it. She responded by duelling aggressively with Katies tongue, daring her to bite.

Bite she did, disengaging long enough to break the skin on Naomi's bottom lip. But again, something inside the blonde rebelled against merely being Katie's foil, a substitute for her sisters willing mouth, a mouth which was currently making Katie swear and moan almost continuously.

Naomi pulled back, watching the dark eyes of the girl beneath her widen.

"Fuck this Katiekins" she gritted "Its not always about you"

Even as Katie writhed and panted under Emily's continuous oral assault, Naomi had an idea which changed everything. She knew Katie probably just wanted this orgasm to happen. Once satisfied, she might deign to watch Naomi and Emily go at it. But she probably didn't intend to participate any more than a few strokes or kisses.

Naomi knew even as Katie tried to pull her mouth back into another kiss, that she had seconds to make her move. Otherwise Emily's talented tongue would take the edge off Katie's had to be right then.

She freed herself from the twins hands, and pushed them down, so they were tangled in her sisters hair. She pulled back, ignoring the puzzled look on Katies face. Then she lifted herself over, so that her thighs were either side of Katies head.

"No....what are you doing...fuck, no Naomi...I don't...I'm not...." were the last words Katie uttered for quite a while. Carefully and deliberately, Naomi lowered herself over Katie's mouth. She heard Emily moan deeply behind her and knew her girlfriend was watching, even as her mouth brought her sister closer to losing it completely.

"Come on Katie...lick me" Naomi said softly, looking down and feeling the girls breath against her heated folds "Do it...come on bitch...lick me..."

The first lick was tentative.

The second was accompanied by a muffled gasp as Emily increased her efforts between Katie's legs.

The third was more a thrust than a lick.

And then Katie forgot all about pretense. All about just doing this so she could dominate her sister...tick off another sexual a delicious game.

Because Naomi tasted, she tasted fucking wonderful, and pushing her tongue deeper, Katie found a rhythm that made Naomi groan and shake and plead. And it felt so fucking hot...making this woman shudder.

It didn't last long, of course. Well before Naomi could reach her climax, Emilys increased teasing of Katie's throbbing clit pushed her sister over the edge. Violently.

She screamed her pleasure into the cloying wetness above, her mouth was hungrily devouring. Bucking, moaning, writhing...

If you'd asked her for an honest opinion, (before she had time to lie about better heterosexual encounters), Katie might just have admitted that being licked like that, while her sisters girlfriend sat on her face, undoubtedly made her come the hardest she had ever done in her life. But no one asked her, not then, not even later.

But after they had subsided into a languorous mass of tangled smooth limbs and bed hair, she thought it....she definitely thought it.

Emily, realising that Naomi hadn’t come, moved across the bed and finished her off quickly.

Later, Naomi made slow, deliberate love to Emily, with fingers and tongue while Katie watched them, flicking her impeccably manicured nails over Emily's nipples, Her twin writhed and begged for release. A release Naomi gave her gladly.

Then they slept.


It must have been three hours or more later. Naomi had gone to sleep with Emily on one side, Katie on the other. She spooned Emily, knowing her lover needed this position to drop off. But she was wakened by a gentle nudge from behind her. She groggily turned her head, to find a still naked Katie standing by the bed.

"Wha..." she slurred, not from drink, but lack of sleep.

"Shhh" Katie whispered "Come with me..."

Naomi shook her head slowly "What...what the fuck Katie...its fucking...its 3 am..."

"Get your arse out of bed...I need to talk to you..." Katie whispered fiercely

Grumbling, Naomi got up and followed Katie out of the bedroom, carefully closing the door behind her.

As soon as they got into the lounge, Katie spun her, slamming her against the wall. As Naomi gasped in surprise, the other girl pinned her with her naked body and kissed her hard.

Naomi let the kiss go on long enough for Katie to relax her hold on her hips, then pulled back, her face shocked.

"What the fuck Katie?" she hissed "Emily's just in there...asleep, what...."

But Katie was on fire. She pressed her finger to Naomi's lips and shook her head.

"Shut the fuck up know as well as I do, after shagging she'll sleep for hours. We've both slept with my sister after all. A fucking air raid wouldn't wake her after she's come that hard. This is about you and me"

Naomi's jaw dropped in surprise.

"There is no you and me Katie..For fucks're straight...well, mostly. And I fucking love your sister...what the...?"

"Don't be dense Naomi...I'm not talking about that. You two can go off into the sunset hand in hand for all I care...but you sat on my fucking face....made me lick one has ever done that to need to pay for it."

Naomi shook her head in amazement and tried to pull away but Katies strong fingers dug painfully into her flesh, making her wince.

"You're fucking crazy" she whispered harshly "What do you think I'm gonna do...beg for forgiveness? fucking loved it Katiekins"

"Besides the point, lezzer" Katie smirked "No one tops me babe...I think you owe me one"

"Owe you what?" Naomi floundered "what do you want...a signed apology?"

"Nope" the older twin smirked "This..." and she moved her hands up onto Naomi's bare shoulders, pressing her downwards.

"You want me to go down on you?" Naomi said hoarsely when she realised what Katie wanted her to do "But...we've done all that there...with your fucking sister as willing assistant"

"Not like this Naomi babes...this way I get to watch you do it...and you do it on your a good little girl"

"You're fucking know that...your sister could come in and catch us like this....fuck Katie, what about Emily...your twin, my girlfriend?"

Katie carried on pressing down on Naomi's shoulders until she found herself kneeling on the soft carpet in front of the older twin.

"Well then...the quicker we get it done the better then? Right...I'm still fucking horny and you're supposed to be shit hot at this muff munching game, so I wanna see you do it...get licking"

Katie leaned back against the wall and parted her thighs. Naomi swallowed thickly, looking up at her. This WAS crazy...but seeing Katies sex this close, the smooth skin of her stomach and thighs...the aroused smell coming off her was intoxicating. Part of her wanted to tell Katie to fuck off, to get up and walk back into her bedroom, but another part was goading her to just do it.

Katie saw the indecision in Naomi's blue eyes and acted first. She reached down and gripped a handful of her blonde hair, pushing her hips towards the kneeling girl.

Naomi just had time for one whispered "Oh Jesus" before her mouth was pressed against softness and wet heat. Her resolve vanished. Without any more encouragement, she opened her mouth and extended her tongue. As Katie groaned deep in her throat, Naomi began to explore and probe. By the time Katies controlling hand dropped from Naomi's hair, it was unnecessary anyway. The other girls hands were gripping her pert arse tightly, pressing hard to get her tongue deeper inside. They maneuvered to the nearby couch, Katie dropping onto her back, spreading her thighs obscenely wide. Naomi moving quickly to replace her mouth on her prize. The only noise then was heavy breathing and liquid sounds.

It took Katie longer to come this time, her sisters earlier efforts had given her an orgasm to remember, but she relished the sight of her kid sisters girlfriends blonde head moving steadily between her legs. When Naomi inserted two fingers and began to pump, Katie finally gave up watching her conquest serve her, letting her head fall back as an intense orgasm began to shake her body.

After it was over, Naomi felt strangely calm. She had been used, dominated, but it felt weirdly OK. Katie looked down on her as she sat back on her haunches, lips still wet from Katies climax.

"That was fucking mint babes...I might have to rethink my orientation if you two get that much fun out of sex every time"

She chuckled dirtily

"Maybe I'll even take up Stonems offer in future"

Naomi blinked in surprise.

"You and Eff? When the fuck did that get started"

Katie laughed again.

"What...did you think you and my little sister invented muff munching? Me and Effy got it on straight after she got out of the nut house. We had fun...until Cook showed up again. No way was I letting that male whore anywhere near my fanny...especially after he'd spent all that time in prison...fuck knows where he'd dipped it... But Effy decided to go back to cock, so I did too...but she still calls occasionally to suggest we hook up. After tonight, I might give her another go....don't look so shocked Naomi...I've seen your little list of fantasies, remember?"


Katie left at dawn. Dressed to kill again and not looking at all as if she'd spent most of the night in debauchery.

Naomi had gone back to her sleeping girlfriend. She slept the sleep of the truly exhausted. Neither she or her departed sister knew that their little early morning tryst had been another pair of brown eyes. Sad, miserable brown eyes.

But both would know about it soon enough.