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It had been three weeks now, and Naomi was starting to think things were going back to the way they were before. Not exactly, but close.

They hadn't really discussed the night with Paulo, but she knew it was there between them, like a Brazilian fucking elephant...and thats not a reference to his oversized cock. She also knew Emily hadn't intended to get physically fucked herself at all...she'd just been overpowered by the sexual heat in the room and his stoic insistence on banging her too. Naomi wanted to talk it over with her, but every time she went to raise it, Emily quickly changed the subject. She soon learned not to bother.

Their sex lives had understandably taken a bit of a knock, but Naomi expected that. After a week or so of silent evenings and platonic bed sharing, Emily finally relented and moved over to Naomi as she laid silently beside her.

“Babe?” she whispered, stroking Naomi's cheek with a smooth hand “Cuddle?”

Naomi instinctively wrapped her in a protective embrace. Emily stayed silent for a few moments, luxuriating in the feel of her girlfriends body pressed to hers at last, then leaned closer and whispered in her ear.

“Make love to me...?” she asked in a soft breath.

Naomi smiled gently and began to replay the old familiar moves they had perfected over thousands of hours in this bed. She kissed Emily gently, cupping her face in two hands, before freeing her small breasts from the obstructive confines of the recently adopted bedtime tee. They kissed slowly and languorously, using their tongues to excite one another. Soon Emily's knee pushed between Naomi's thighs and pressed against her growing wetness.

Her own top was stripped from her and she revelled in the feel of Emily's soft lips claiming her erect nipples in turn. She moaned quietly as her lovers familiar hands cupped and squeezed her. Nothing compared to this, she decided. No randoms caress or horny boys erection could make her so wet, so aroused, just from gentle pressure. Before long, their fingers found each other. Wet heat, moans and fast breathing again filled the bedroom. When Naomi slid down Emily's body and her mouth claimed her with lips and tongue working in harmony, Emily arched and sighed just as she always had from the very first time she had done it to her. Naomi looked up to see Emily's eyes watching her work. She winked salaciously as she saw the excitement on her lovers face.

“I love you” Emily gasped before she threw her head back and groaned deliciously at the increased pace of Naomi's tongue on her swollen clit.

Emily's orgasm was quick, frantic and satisfying. When she went to return the favour, Naomi shook her head gently, seeing the exhaustion in her lovers eyes.

“In the morning beautiful” she whispered “I got just as much out of that as you did...just watching my baby come so beautifully”

“I doubt that” Emily smirked, letting her eyes droop as she drifted off “But I'll make it up to you tomorrow...promise”

And she did, rousing Naomi in the best possible way, already half way to orgasm. Emily always did have the knack of waking her just as her mind registered the busy tongue between her legs. By the time Naomi was coming round fully, her hips were rolling in time with the fingers and tongue inside her. Her own climax was just as satisfying as the one she had given her wonderful, perfect lover the night before.

“That was beautiful Ems” she purred, pulling the smaller girl up so she could taste her own sweetness on her lips “Consider me paid back in full...”

They drifted back to sleep....together again.


And then, just when Naomi had reached the stage of believing it was all ancient history.... they got a visitor.

The ice bucket had stayed in the kitchen, placed carefully away from prying eyes, up on the cabinet over the fridge. Neither girl wanted to throw it away, but equally, neither wanted to refer back to that night. So it stayed there, like a silent rebuke, full of unused and unread suggestions and dark desires.

Naomi was late that night. Her underground train was delayed due to 'an incident' or some such bollocks, she fumed silently, so it was after 7 when she slammed the front door behind her and kicked off her shoes.

“Home babe!” she yelled into the empty hallway “Fucking train delayed. If it was another suicide, I hope it fucking hurt, the inconsiderate bastard...thats the third time this month someone has held us up for an ho....”

She stopped her monologue as she opened the lounge door. They had a visitor.

But not just any old visitor.

Katie fucking Fitch.

Her rant stopped in its tracks and she gaped for a second before recovering her poise.

“Oh hi Katie....wasn't expecting you...” she said

“Obviously not” Katie smirked “sounds like you had a rough journey.... Lets hope the guy died quickly huh?”

Naomi blushed at Katies reference to her impatience

“Sorry...didn't mean it...I know that sounded...”

“...well compassionate?” Katie finished for her, giving Naomi the chance to remember why they never really got on. Even when her and Ems came back from Goa and she thought the whole Sophia, Mandy, MDMA and Cook snog thing was ancient history, Katie slyly reminded her from time to time..just to keep her hand in, you understand?

“Yeah, that too...” she grinned ruefully “So, Katiekins... to what do we owe the pleasure? Boyfriends dick fall off? Shoe shortage in Richmond?”

Emily frowned slightly, and Naomi flushed at her sharpness. Katie bought it out in her every time. It was a gift.

“No to both” Katie said flatly “My sister said it was about time we had some twin time, so I thought I'd come over and annoy you. Sort of buy one get one free, huh?”

Naomi giggled at that and the ice was if not broken, at least defrosted a bit.

Four huge glasses of Shiraz each later, and dressed in just her night time tee, Naomi was feeling 100% better. Despite her ongoing verbal war with Katie, they actually got on better now than at any time in their lives. When she wasn't being actively bitchy, Katie could be funny, amusing and downright filthy. Her anecdotes would have made a stand up comedian blush, and she could certainly hold the floor better than most. Curled up on the sofa between Emily and Naomi, she regaled them with outrageous tales about the tour she had just been on with her boyfriend. Like a lot of bands now, the one he was working for used session musicians behind the stage curtains to flesh out their sound. Robert was much in demand as a back up guitarist and he certainly added a quality of guitar playing to some of the manufactured so called 'stars' up front.

The bonus from Katies point of view was that she got to go on tour with him occasionally. That meant luxury tour buses, extravagant hotel suites and... tales of excess from all around the world. By the time she’d been with Robbie six months, she’d seen and done an awful lot of things she's never dreamed of doing back in Bristol. And of course they got to hear about it.

She was just finishing a story about the lead singer and a pair of 16 year old blonde Swedish sisters, involving long garden vegetables and olive oil which made Naomi gag and splutter hysterically in equal measure, when she stopped in mid flow and looked at her glass with undisguised disgust.

“Can we have a fucking proper drink now babes” she pouted to Emily “I can only drink so much of this French shit...have you got any tequila?”

They had, a bottle of Casa Noble that Katie herself had brought back from the last trip to Mexico. It was too expensive to waste on the friends they normally had round, so it sat on the top of a kitchen cabinet for months, gathering dust.

“I'll get that bottle off the top of the unit” Emily slurred,already half bombed from the wine. She too was in her night tee, and she giggled as she tried to get up without falling over, failing and falling back onto her bottom.

“Let me” Katie said, more sober than either of them “Where the fuck is it?”

Naomi waved drunkenly at the kitchen door “On the top of the cabinet Katie...better get a ladder... its above knee height” She giggled at her own joke, even when Emily jabbed her resentfully in the ribs.

“Fuck off jolly green giant” Katie said amiably “We all know you have your own micro climate up there in peroxide land”

She weaved elegantly across the room and disappeared into the kitchen. Emily took the opportunity to kiss her girlfriend sloppily. The kiss was just turning into something more, when Katie's voice rang out.

“And you can stop fingering each other bitches...I fucking know you two are at it as soon as I’m out of the room..rabbits...fucking rabbits....” Her voice tailed off as the sound of a chair being pulled across the tiles made both girls giggle. Seemed like Katie did need some vertical assistance, after all.

They kissed again, this time putting their glasses down and indulging in a bit of groping too.

“Got it....” Katie yelled..”Just getting some ice...and a fucking bucket to put it in....what the f...?”

The kiss was quickly ended as both their booze fuddled brains registered what was still inside the ice bucket, so conveniently placed next to the tequila.

Too fucking late

Katie walked back into the living room, tequila in one hand, ice bucket in the other. Trouble was, she also had a few pieces of unfolded paper gripped between her fingers. Her face was unreadable.

“Interesting wish list...” she said wryly “Public sex, double ender strap-ons, anal sex, threesomes...and....oh yes...twins. Wonder what that means?”


It would have been honestly would have. If they had all been sober, if Naomi and Emily hadn't been so conveniently in nightclothes, if Katie and/or Emily had been their usual selves and faked gagging noises at the very idea, then thrown the paper in the bin. But six months with her new boyfriend. Six months of witnessing (and lets be honest, participating) in stuff her 17 year old self would have thrown up at had broadened Katies mind in a way none of them were anticipating.

Instead of condemning them as perverts and 'lezzer bitches' as usual. Katie found it funny. Extremely funny. While Emily cringed and Naomi sat with open mouth, Katie sat between them on the suddenly much smaller couch and went through the folded notes again in turn.

“Tried it....yep, done that fucking hurts, use lots of lube Ems, or a fucking small strap on...pick your partner well, me and Robbie fucked this tiny Norwegian girl together once..and...”

When they’d stopped goggling, and Katie had run out of lurid anecdotes about her sudden departure from vanilla land, they started sniggering. All of them. Eventually, after the laughter jag was finished, Katie picked up the last piece of paper she had had.

“Nope...not tried this one...well... lately” she said slowly...Although once upon a time....” she looked meaningfully at Emily, who first flushed bright red, then paled.

“Fuck off Katie...that's a promised...”

Naomi's smile faded on her face, to be replaced with a look of utter shock.

“You two have....fuck, shit....when?, Where the f...?” she spluttered. She thought she knew all Emily's secrets. Five years of sharing a bed with her lover had surely exposed all their past?

Apparently not.

Katie arched a perfectly plucked eyebrow at her sisters defensive expression.

“Emsy babes, I think the cats out of the bag. I thought you would have filled in ALL the blanks for your nearest and dearest muff diver by now…?”

She turned to Naomi and smirked knowingly.

“...and didn't it ever occur to you, big old lezzer that you are...that Emsy here was a bit too experienced for a virgin...I mean, you must have had some idea?”

Naomi shook her head. She didn't...she hadn't.

“I never even thought about it...I mean why would I...?” she said quietly.

Then the memory of the night at the lake flashed across her mind. Up until then, Naomi and Emily had only kissed. Passionately, yes, but never going any further than the occasional breast squeeze. And then that night there had been blow backs, and hot kissing and stripping...and then Emily had topped her, moved down her body and...and...licked her so comprehensively, so skilfully, all she could do was gasp and moan and look up at the black sky before exploding into the most intense orgasm of her life. Of course...Emily had done it before.... probably more than once?

“But how...when?” she said, still not quite believing what Katie had revealed, although Emily's shamed face and lowered eyelids were a bit of a giveaway.

“You were so against us being together...such a fucking homophobe...and you two had already....?” she said to Katie, who still looked amused.

Katie smirked again. “Fucked?...hell yeah, lots of times”

“Why do you think I was so much against you two getting it on?” she carried on briskly “...remember in that café..when I said I loved her more than you ever could?”

“Katie...don't” Emily whispered, but she might as well have pulled up a chair on the beach and asked the tide to go out.

“Look Ems...” Katie said briskly, topping up shot glasses with neat tequila “The secrets out now...and anyway....isn't it there, in fucking black and white...the twin thing? At least one of you wants to go for it, yeah?”

And that much was true, although Naomi, even in her wildest masturbatory fantasies, ever imagined it would actually happen. After all, she’d written that note to stop this thing getting any weirder, not to make it utterly surreal.

Katie grinned maliciously again and spoke.

“Lets just say, from when we were 13...right up until I discovered that not all guys come too fast, or hold your head down on their dick too much, we enjoyed a bit of sisterly loving. I started getting myself off ages before she did...and Emily always did like to watch a girl get down to it...and don't tell me you don't know that about her, otherwise I'll think you're not really lesbians after all”

Naomi nodded, and then thought to herself, fuck knows why I did that.

“So....” she said nervously, not knowing if she actually wanted an answer “How did it all start then?”


Bristol seven years earlier

Katie started it off as a punishment. Emily wouldn't do something for her, she’d use up all the shower hot water. Emily wouldn't let her steal that new top, she'd turn up her Lady Gaga so loud Emily couldn't get to sleep. Stuff like that.

Then Katie discovered the joys of self pleasure. At first it was enough to wait till Emily was out, and have a delicious half hour on her back with a photo of Beckham in his scuds, the suspiciously enhanced bulge looking straight at her.

Then Emily came back early one night, just as Katie was, err... coming....way too late to stop her busy fingers. She expected her sister to make a disgusted face and run, which she did, but only after a few seconds watching Katie's fingers moving under her cotton knickers. Too many seconds by far for someone who was really disgusted. More fascinated, really.

Then Katie got the combination of Emily's fanny box from James, who’d apparently been wanking over it whenever his sisters were out. The contents first appalled then amused Katie. Women, girls, alone and together, entwined, kissing, stroking...licking. So her sister fancied girls, that was obvious. But the only thing the pubescent Katie cared about was Katie, and how to turn a situation like this to her advantage. So later that week, she deliberately let Emily catch her again. This time Katie was semi naked above the waist, her breasts clearly visible. Again the mock disgusted departure from her twin....but the delay was longer...much longer.

After a week neither of them were pretending any more. Emily liked girls, liked their soft breasts, their hard nipples and...other places. Katie liked giving herself pleasure. An audience of one just intensified the experience

So at night..several times a week now ...they’d lock their door against invasion by a perverted small brother (neither wanted another family spectator) and Katie would strip deliberately slowly while her younger sister watched from the doorway with hot eyes, lay herself on Emily's bed (always Emily's bed...neither of them knew just seemed right) and played with herself brazenly until her twin perched quietly on the bed beside her, biting her lip...squirming.

Voyeurism was plenty at first. Katie got off spectacularly watching her sisters fascinated face. Emily would wait patiently until Katie had curled up on her side, fingers still inside herself, then slip quietly out of the room. The shower would run and before Katie had moved to her own bed, she would faintly hear the sound of her twin satisfying herself with the shower head.

And then one night watching wasn't enough. It started with Emily surrendering to her desires....just a hesitant touch at first. A cool, trembling hand on Katies leg as the older twin accelerated her fingering. She came harder than ever, with that small nervous palm just resting on her thigh.

Two nights later, Emily stroked Katie's smooth, flat stomach as her sister climaxed. Again, the orgasm was intense. Both knew where this was leading, but neither discussed it before or after the event. It was enough to experience it, to feel it.

Another week later, Emily caressed her sisters breasts, well before she reached the point of orgasm. Long before....and Katie let her. She bit her lip, closed her eyes and enjoyed the delicious sensation of curious fingers on her nipples as she came.

Yet another week went by and now Emily was further up the bed, lying beside her sister, kissing hard nipples on breasts she had always envied. Bigger, rounder, sexier breasts.

Katie came so hard the first time Emily did that, she actually passed out for a couple of seconds, which worried them both. But not enough to make them stop.

A whole month later, Katie gripped Emily's hand as it reached for her tits. Her twin gave her a sad look, it was over then? But no... Katie pushed the small hand lower, between her already open thighs. To the place Emily had craved all along.

“Touch me there Emsy” she said softly “I want you to do it for me this time...”

Emily knew what Katie needed, had read enough, and explored herself enough to know what to do. It was so easy, almost like touching herself, just infinitely more exciting.

This time when Katie came, she allowed Emily to kiss her neck frantically while she fingered her older sister. They moaned together, and this time...Emily didn't leave the room straight afterwards to get her own satisfaction. Katie didn't help her, but it didn't seem to matter. Just knowing who was watching was hot enough for the youngest twin. This time it was Emily who came hard with Katie staring at her curiously.

In fact Katie never did reciprocate properly in those days. Not then, not even later, as they reached 16. But Emily didn't need it. She had her sisters willing, compliant body to practice on. Fingers developed gloriously to mouth and tongue. When Emily made Katie come with her eager lapping the first time, she did so with a pillow held over her sisters face. The sensation was so huge, so exhilarating for Katie, she knew she would scream loud enough to wake the neighbours on either side, let alone their parents.

So for a whole winter Emily practised diligently, and Katie let her....and let her...and let her. Every two days, the bedroom door would be locked and Emily would raise an eyebrow at Katie. Her twin was never one to deny herself that sort of pleasure. And as Katies ecstasy continued, Emily's skills increased....and sharpened. By this time too, they weren’t even pretending it was a one way street any more. Katie had progressed to helping Emily just a little. An open mouthed kiss here, a nipple suck there...sometimes even a straight finger slid inside right at the end.

Then came 6th form, and Danny Guillermo, who although fucking useless as a pussy licker, had a dick big enough to get Katie off most times, so long as he let her use her own fingers to help. It ended their experiments abruptly. Much to Emily’s regret.

And then Emily rediscovered Naomi fucking Campbell, on the first day of college. She’d found a new outlet for her fevered imaginings.


Katie finished telling the story, while Emily sat head down, only nodding when asked to confirm something. Naomi alternated between staring wide eyed at her, then her girlfriends twin. She knew she should feel horrified, disgusted. But she didn't. Instead, the heat of the neat spirit seemed to transfer directly to her crotch. They had fucked these two, many times, before she even got together with Emily?

They'd fucked?

And it meant, suddenly, the prospect of the ‘twin thing’ wasn't just a was a strong possibility.

Katie spotted the hungry look in her eyes of course. Ever the sexual predator, she knew naked desire when she saw it….after all, she’d seen that emotion in her sisters eyes often enough.

It only took two words. But it was enough. Katie took Emilys hand in one of hers, then reached over to Naomi with the other

“Bed then?” she said in a low growl

“Now I'm fucking turned on by telling you all that...and I don't think you wanna miss seeing this, now do you Naomikins?”

The time for talking was apparently over...

None of them needed a translator anyway.

Twins then...