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The List

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Second fantasy explored.

"No fucking way Emily" Naomi spluttered, giving the tablecloth a pebble dash of cornflakes. "You're kidding, right?"

Emily arched her eyebrow in that 'are you trying to fuck with me?' way she’d perfected ever since Katie tried to tell her not to take Effy's shrooms at Gobblers End. Then she shrugged.

"Typical Naomi" she said flatly "OK to do what she wants, but my suggestions are off limits apparently...nice"

"For fucks sake Ems... You hated the idea of me even 'almost' fucking Cook back at Roundview, why would you even think of wanting me to actually shag a guy...and in front of you. Me muff muncher, remember....for 5, no 6 years now"

Emily stared back at her lover, not flinching.

"That was then" she said, as if that was a rational reason for Naomi to agree "You were being a total cunt to me the the time if you recall, and I felt threatened by Cook wanting to fuck you. This is different. We agreed to write down our deepest, darkest fantasies...well, I want to see you get royally fucked by a guy. Its OK, if you don't want to, we'll call the whole thing you've had your fun watching me and Jessica going at it in our bed. Naomi gets her way...again"

Naomi put down her spoon. Suddenly breakfast cereal had lost its appeal. The nagging doubt about this whole 'fantasy' thing was getting way stronger. She had hoped when they sat down this Saturday morning, that the first piece of paper out of the bucket would be her ace card...the twin thing. She was sure Emily would react the same way she always did when someone mentioned it. "Yuck, no fucking way" just about sums it up.

But her luck obviously wasn't that good and this bombshell had laid on the breakfast table between them for minutes now. Naomi decided on shock and awe to try to put this back in the box.

"So...let me get this straight?” she said coolly You want me to have some random guy back here. I suck him off while you watch me and then let him shag me, while you watch a bit more...right?"

Emily smirked and nodded. Fuck, Naomi thought desperately, that didn't work..

"You'd get really jealous and pull him off before he even got me naked " she tried again hopefully.

"Nope" Emily said crisply "I wanna see if you miss know... a real dick inside you. You have been a bit keen on the strap on recently, maybe you need to get it out of your system. Its been what, 6 years since you did it with a guy? I seem to remember you telling me once that you went for it big time before you met me?"

Naomi gulped.

"Ems, that was fucking years ago. Thats just the point, isn't it...before I met you. I did go crazy for guys, mainly just trying to pretend I was straight, but then I fell totally in love with you, and thats been more than enough...plenty, until now"

"Yeah...but that threesome with Jessica came out of nowhere to me babe. We said we'd explore whatever the other one wants...and I want to see you do it with a guy. Just once... But if you're that pussy about it...forget it"

With that, she stood up abruptly and started to noisily gather plates and cups. Naomi stopped her with a gentle hand on her arm.

"Ems...are you sure? I mean, I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes what we have...what we are. I love you, totally and completely. If you're serious about this...there have to be rules, lots of rules....OK?"

Emily's face broke into the sort of broad smile she knew disarmed Naomi at a stroke. It worked again, as always.

"OK..." she grinned, sitting down and gripping Naomi's hand tightly "What rules?"

Naomi swallowed hard and looked away for a second.

"First... I get to veto any of your choices. If I'm gonna fuck some guy for your pleasure, I want to know he's not a fucking bad breathed minger with a tiny dick..."

Emily giggled and nodded quickly.

"Second...we buy the condoms. No fucking way do I want some random arseholes love child as a 9 month souvenir. And he has to be really clean and...not hairy, I fucking hate guys with hairy backs...oh and he he has to leave straight afterwards. I'm not up for sloppy seconds or cosy cuddles in the morning, right?"

Emily kept nodding, and Naomi started to think she was agreeing too easily. With all these conditions, it was gonna be all but impossible to get just the right guy. Surely?

"And last.." she chanced, hoping this was the killer blow "You have to be right there all through it...I don't think any guy could get me off now anyway after five years of Fitch have to help me come....y'know at the be there..touching me and stuff?"

She sat back and folded her arms, smiling thinly. Trump that, she thought smugly.

Major fail.

Emily grinned back and nodded. Blissfully unfazed.

"Actually, Naoms, I think I already have a candidate who fits all that stuff. The guy who runs my course has a son. They're Brazilian, and the kids name is Paulo. He's always hanging around after class. He fancies me something rotten, but I've told him I'm gay and he's backed off for now, but he's seen pictures of you I've taken, and he'd totally go for a shag with you....especially if he knows I'll be there too"

Naomi's mouth opened in disbelief. For fucks sake, Emily hadn't just come up with this scenario, she'd actually plotted it out.

"Before you say anything" Emily said as Naomi struggled to speak "He ticks all the boxes. He's young....17 or 18 at most, I think. Beautiful, in that South American kind of way, you know, permanent tan, white teeth, great arse..."

Naomi blinked at that.

"You've checked his arse out?" she spluttered "What the fuck Ems, you're even gayer than me. Since when did you find guys backsides attractive?"

Emily laughed.

"I didn't say I found him attractive Naoms...but you might. And two other things work in his favour...him and his Dad go back to Rio on Sunday night. For good, which means its guaranteed to be a one time thing, no repeats and no office gossip. And..."

Emily smirked again and Naomi braced herself for the punchline.

"...I've talked to know the punkish girl works down the market..all piercings, no bra and tattoos?"

Naomi nodded uncertainly.

"She says she fucked him at a party last month...and he's hung like a horse. Said its the biggest cock she's ever had, and he definitely knows how to use it"

Naomi ducked her head and looked at her chipped nail varnish. How the fuck could she say no now? Emily had touched all the bases. Why the fuck couldn't the twin suggestion have come out first. Finally, the silence got to her. She looked up to see Emily staring at her expectantly.

"Well?” Emily said brightly

Naomi swallowed again, wishing she had kept her dirty fantasies inside her head for the fiftieth time..

"OK..." she said quietly "If you really want it...I guess if its just a one time deal...then fuck it...lets do it"

Emily beamed and squeezed her hands in delight. She got up and started to collect the dishes again.

"Oh, and Naoms" she breezed, turning on the tap and looking back over her shoulder at the shell shocked face of her partner. "Its going to be amazing, don't worry...and if it goes as well as I think it will...maybe next time we can do that twin thing I know for a fact is on your list?"

For the second time that morning, Naomi was completely lost for words...


It took half a bottle of tequila and two little yellow pills Emily had sourced at work, but by 11pm Saturday night, they were on the couch, giggling like two horny 15 year olds, waiting for Paulo to appear. Emily seemed to know that Naomi still had lots of reservations, even with the industrial strength amphetamines inside her. But she worked on her all evening. They took a bath together, Emily careful to merely arouse Naomi with her soft stroking and teasing caresses. By the time they were dry and the whizz was coursing through Naomi's central nervous system, all she really wanted was to strip her girlfriend and feast hungrily on her sweet cunt till morning.

Emily allowed her a few light brushes of her nipples and a single finger dip into the moist darkness between her legs, but she wouldn't let her go further, even when she dropped onto her knees and begged, with pink extended tongue, to let her eat her.

When the doorbell finally rang, Emily had just finished a filthy joke Effy had told her on the phone in the week, so Naomi was snorting her amusement and spilling Tequila Gold onto her legs. Neither of them were wearing much. Emily knew Naomi was nervous, so she’d dressed her personally. A purple and white bra and knicker set under a simple black cotton dress. Black silk holdups to complete the picture. Emily herself had gone for the skimpy yet virginal white cotton underwear she knew made Naomi's mouth go dry for. They had played out the odd schoolgirl fantasy in the past (Naomi had laughed sarcastically at first until Emily proved not only did she still own her secondary school uniform, but more importantly, still fit in it.. she stopped laughing pretty quickly when Emily put it on and proceeded to fuck herself with a purple dildo in front of her girlfriend) but nothing compared to what they were about to do now...

Emily jumped up and walked a little unsteadily to the door. The guy Paulo, stood there...looking quite nervously at the original object of his desire. Emily kissed his cheek, before dragging him by the hand into the lounge.

He stood by the couch and extended his hand to Naomi. God, he looks so young, she thought.

Her ever present cynical side couldn't resist what came out of her mouth then, unbidden.

"Bit fucking formal mate, considering your cocks gonna be up me in about thirty seconds..but hello anyway I guess?"

The shared laughter broke the awkward mood, which was further helped by the small plastic baggie he produced from the inside of his jacket.

"Best quality Colombian coke" he said unnecessarily. The snow white powder was divided into six thick lines on the glass coffee table. Paulo pulled a twenty pound note from his back pocket, rolled it and then offered it to Naomi first. Despite the dexamphetamine still rushing through her, she accepted and snorted a line up each nostril.

"Fuck, shit, bollocks" she moaned as the pure cocaine rush pounded her neurons. It was probably the most brutal hit she had ever experienced. Paulo grinned happily as she burst into laughter and grabbed him in a bear hug. Emily was next and her eyes bulged as the rush hit her too.

Five minutes and two tequilas later, it was as if they were old friends.

Paulo had taken his jacket off and was wearing just a plain white tee and grey cotton cargo pants. Emily was one side of him, Naomi the other. She heard Emily whisper something into Paulo's ear and he chuckled dirtily. She knew it was about her, but strangely she didn't feel any resentment, rather a growing desire to prove to Emily that she could do this thing.

She put her empty glass down on the table and turned his head towards her. He smiled and looked at her lips. It was enough.

A second later they were kissing. Open mouthed, tongues dueling. A proper, drug fueled dirty kiss. Her hands grabbed at his shoulders as he pressed harder. She heard Emily gasp once, then felt the couch bounce as her lover got off. From the corner of one eye she could see Emily pushing the coffee table away, then dragging the single soft chair in the room over to them, so it was positioned directly opposite.

Paulo started to unbutton Naomi's short dress at the front and, still trying to keep her mouth moving on his, Naomi helped him, until it was pulled off her shoulders. She saw the appreciation in his eyes as he leaned back to look at her. He reached up with one hand and cupped one breast firmly. She groaned as her sensitive nipple was grazed by his palm over the sheer silk. Another groan showed her that someone else was appreciating the view. She stole a quick look at Emily, who was watching them with eyes like glowing coals. As she watched, she saw Emily's hand reach between her own legs and start to cup and stroke...

Now she wanted more.

Naomi reached behind herself and unhooked the bra. This time Paulo groaned appreciatively as her breasts came free. The cool air on her nipples made them stiffen even more.

Again, she looked at her girlfriend for approval. Emily had her hand right inside those pretty white knickers now, and Naomi could see...and hear...her middle finger working under the material. It was a sight she never tired of, watching Emily fingering herself, but tonight it seemed even hotter. Suddenly she needed more too...more everything.

She allowed Paulo to cup and knead her tits, before reaching down to stroke the growing bulge in his trousers.

She grinned at the way Emily's eyes widened and darkened at her stroking. She was sort of OK about this part. Although she’d sucked and fucked a few guys between kissing Emily in that garden at 15 and allowing herself to fall completely in love with her at 17, she’d always been more comfortable taking care of her dates like this. Her long distant gag about tennis elbow wasn't entirely artificial.

Opening his button fly, she fished out the burgeoning erection slowly, as if presenting a rare specimen to her lover. Another gasp from Emily as it became clear her information about his size was correct.

He was a very big boy. Throbbing...dark, and if a cock can ever be called pretty, it was a magnificent specimen.

Naomi had never exactly been a connoisseur of dicks, preferring to do the business in the dark if possible, but even she had to admit he was an impressive size. If the legend of Cooks 8 inches was true (their aborted fumble in a deserted classroom after the student elections was inconclusive because she stopped him before they got to actual bumping uglies) this kid was at least as big. She stroked him deliberately with cool fingers, making sure Emily could see everything. Judging by the gasps and moans coming from the chair, Emily wasn't missing much at all.

"Suck him baby" Emily hissed suddenly, her hand moving faster between her spread legs "I wanna see that big thing in your mouth".

Paulo was still kissing her neck and softly kneading her tits when Naomi decided to go for broke. She pulled back and watched her girlfriend for a few seconds longer. Legs open, knickers now nowhere to be seen, Emily was now just flat out fingering herself. It was a sight to give a marble statue a hard on...

Naomi smirked at the sight of her girlfriend abandoning any attempt at subtlety and dipped her head slowly towards the thing she was holding. She saw Emily stop stroking herself abruptly as Naomi's tongue slipped out of her mouth and circled the plum like head. She was never an expert fellatrice, but the odd bit of practice as a teenager had given her enough pointers on what guys liked done to their erections.

So she licked, and sucked and stroked and hummed, until Paulo strained upwards and warned her in between strangled sounds, that he wasn't able to last much longer. She didn't want him to come in her least not yet, so she stopped sucking him and drew back until just the tip was between her lips.

She heard Emily groan desperately, then as the glistening rod became more visible Naomi saw her partners slim legs tremble and jerk uncontrollably. Someone had just beaten them to it in the orgasm race.

Still, they had plenty of time yet...

She released the long, purple hard cock from her mouth with a final audible plop and straightened up.

“Wait Ems” she said slyly “...I want to see it in your mouth before me and lover boy get right down to it?” not expecting for a moment her girlfriend would comply, but deciding to go for broke anyway. But she was as shocked as Paulo when Emily quickly stripped herself naked and knelt before the boy. She didn't do it for long, or very skilfully, but the sight of her lovers small mouth stretched over the guys quivering cock turbo charged Naomi's libido even further.

Again, Paulo had to physically remove his erection from a female mouth before he exploded in what would surely be the quickest orgasm of his young life

"Bedroom, I think" Naomi said dryly as she saw Emily’s puffy lips reluctantly deprived of the prize., stripping off her knickers as she walked "I think my girlfriend said something about me getting properly fucked?"


Fifteen minutes later, Emily had got her wish. Paulo fucked Naomi into a sweaty, panting bundle of naked limbs. He was methodical, experienced and inventive. From the moment his condom covered cock slowly entered her, he was in total control. Slow, unstoppable and utterly dominant.

Emily had watched avidly, lying beside her lover as she went from slow acceptance to clawing, gasping surrender. Then finally, as the boy lifted himself up on his elbows, arching over Naomi, the angle forcing his pistoning cock against her super sensitive clit, Naomi howled her intense release to the ceiling. Emily watched her lover come, caressing her own and Naomi’s nipples, then saw Paulo pull out of her girlfriend, the condom slick with Naomi's juices.

Shockingly the boy then pulled the petite brunette to her feet and almost threw her onto her back, right next to Naomi's exhausted, panting body.. She found herself spread open, helpless as he took her too. He was going to fuck her, in just the same way he'd just done to Naomi. She couldn’t blame shock any more as he slowly penetrated her and she groaned in total surrender. This was no JJ, compliant and quick, lying under her while she ground on him this was a guy who wanted her to come for him.

Naomi watched with drug numbed eyes as the boy took his reward for agreeing to fuck her first. Her stomach flipped with unease as he took his time screwing a sighing and fully compliant Emily. It was obvious this was the reward he had really come for. Naomi had merely been the delicious appetizer. Emily had said he'd fancied her...well here was the living proof.

Unused to his sheer size, Emily winced more than once as he first filled her, then began to stroke into her expertly. Despite her hetero inexperience and inherent dislike for cock in general, friction is friction after all? Gradually, with short strokes, long strokes, tight circles of his hips, and the sight of Naomi lying beside her, watching her being screwed, Emily got her second hard orgasm. Naomi held her girlfriends hand as she thrashed and bucked underneath Paulo's relentless thrusts. Their eyes stayed locked on each other. A combination of lust and guilt in their eyes.

After that, when the boy had at last let go his tight control and hammered into the twin impossibly quickly, finally ejaculating in gasping, uncoordinated thrusts, Emily meekly held his forearms and allowed him to finish. Eventually, he reluctantly and slowly pulled out of her hot, clinging sex. She rolled onto her side foetus like immediately and didn't make a sound as a still naked Naomi gathered his clothes and showed him out.

They lay silently all that night, neither of them knowing what to say. Both deep in their own thoughts until the grey tendrils of dawn crept over the bedroom wall.

Number two on the list then...but at what price?