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The List

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The List

The first time it actually happened, it was so other worldly, so jumbled, so...intense.... Naomi almost recalled it as one of those dreams you have when you haven't been laid for months. Something you vaguely remember when you wake with your hand in your knickers, already wet and excited.

Except it wasn't.

OK, it had become a bit of a ritual since college, dusting off this half thought through sexual fantasy of hers. Only going out twice a month, the opportunities for getting totally wasted were a bit more limited nowadays. Both older, both supposedly wiser. Comfortably in love. Couply.

Five years...five years from the halls of Roundview, and lakes, bouncy castles. even grim Bristol rooftop car parks. Five years of...well basically heaven on earth. Being with Emily totally without reservation, without doubt, was...truthfully.... fucking heaven. OK, Uni was very difficult. Both being in London helped, but Goldsmiths was a fucker to get to from Mile End where they shared a poky top floor rented flat.

It had to be Mile End because of Emily's chosen course. Photography. Hard for her to get onto, and fucking impossible to travel back and forth from, what with the odd hours for lectures and surprise practical assignments, plus shaky North/South London transport links. No, it made sense for Naomi to be the one to commute. So she endured it. Three fucking years of it.

But they survived it all. The odd screaming row brought on by exhaustion and maybe a touch of jealousy, if Ems happened to mention a particularly attractive model, or was out too late (Naomi had discovered her own latent jealousy later in life than Emily) But neither of them really doubted the other. Not then.

Five years.

Five years of sharing a bed. First a creaky single, which brought complaints from downstairs due to the, well...creaking... morning and night (sometimes ALL night...especially if make up sex was required) Then a second hand brass double, with a new mattress hand carried up three flights of dark back stairs (it got a thorough work out before it even reached the bed frame. Patience was never one of their shared virtues. Making a giggling, then sighing Emily climax, naked from the waist down, her smooth legs jerking as Naomi tongued her expertly was definitely the high point of that winter morning)

Five years of waking up next to each other. Five years of a monosyllabic Naomi before the coffee was ready, a sleepy Emily after too much post dinner wine. Five years of comfortable co existence. Evenings spent studying together, weekends spent exploring London, exploring life, exploring each other.

So...five years. And for five years, on and off, they went clubbing only sporadically, mostly preferring to eat out, or catch a movie at the Cineplex. Or watch endless reality porn on the battered set Effy had bequeathed them when she buggered off to Portugal with Cook.

Yeah Cook....after all the high drama of Sophia and MDMA...and Freddies death, and Dr Foster and 9 months in prison for their wayward friend...oh, and 5 months in what Panda called the Funny Farm for Effy Stonem. They got it together. Finally.

Panda was back too, minus Thomas who'd cheated again, this time with his Californian blonde running coach. JJ and Lara were married and still living in Bristol. And Katie? Married and divorced already...her predilection for perma tanned minor league footballers undiminished. Although currently residing in Richmond with a mildly successful session musician called Robert with long hair and strange ideas about asteroids. Odd how it all turns out....

So...anyway...5 years. And when they did go out clubbing, Naomi still somehow felt the need to get wasted in double quick time. Never a big party animal, she needed the antiseptic sting of alcohol to feel

Emily never did. Lost in the bass pulse and the throng of undulating bodies, music was her drug of choice. Naomi would watch her dark hair toss as she spun and twisted to the throbbing thump from the speakers. Watch other eyes on her. Lots of eyes.

But an hour or so later, buoyed up with neat vodka...Naomi would finally join her, gripping her by the hips and grinding her crotch into Emily's still deliciously pert arse. And then the words would flow. Into Emily's ear.

The ritual pleas.

"I wanna have a threesome Ems...look...that girl over there?..The one with big tits and short black hair. She's been looking at you all she wants to eat you...fuck, I want to to see her eat you babes...she'd make you come sooo hard...."

Emily's breath would catch in her throat, her mind would spin with desire at the thought of that girl...any girl, going down on her, licking her while Naomi watched, hot eyed and maybe touching herself. Waiting her turn.

But it never happened. Not then. Not for 5 long years. Emily would shudder and agree it would be fucking wonderful to put on a show for Naomi, then grind her arse into Naomi's jean covered crotch until they were both soaked and throbbing. Then a toilet, or a back wall somewhere. Somewhere dark. Gasps, moans, zips and buttons. Wet heat and delicious release.

Sated, the imaginary threesome fantasy settled back into semi retirement...until next time.

And then one night, it didn't.

Another night's rare outing, another dark club, another watching girl. Small and slim dark eyed and sinuous...surely not even old enough to be in this place? Face of a school girl, eyes like Caligula. Perfect.

Her eyes were on Emily all night interested, knowing eyes. She caught the glances exchanged between blonde and brunette. Saw it, logged it and recognised it for what it was. So when Naomi slid off her stool, wobbling slightly from the five shots she'd downed quickly and assumed her normal position behind Emily...grinding, cupping, mouthing the bared skin of her soft shoulder possessively, the random girl didn't shrug and walk off hunting easier prey. She joined front of Emily...not touching, not quite yet. But her eyes asked questions. Questions that were answered when Emily reached forward impulsively and pulled her in. Naomi groaned as the two brunettes kissed. Open mouthed, fierce, hungry. She clung to her girl, still cupping breasts she had mapped over years of sole possession. Watching...and aching.

A moments brief doubt as her knee encountered the strangers own between Emily's thighs. Both trying for more friction, more pressure on the smaller girls crotch. Emily groaned hoarsely then. Naomi knew that sound intimately. She'd heard it a thousand times before.

It meant meant meant take me...fuck me...suck me...I'm yours. It meant absolute Emily Fitch surrender.

Then a stumbling, giggling walk along cold pavements. A fumbling key in the lock. Then soft, pink light from the single lamp in the hall.

Jessica...that was her name. 18 and already more adventurous, more predatory than either one of the older girls. Took control. Took the initiative.

"Bedroom?" she said, her voice smoky and low.

Naomi pointed dumbly and followed the girl and Emily into a room which had echoed for years to moans and whispers and climactic screams. Their bedroom... but now with a pretty stranger in it. A stranger who instantly stripped off her tight black singlet top, revealing tiny cone shaped tits and a flat stomach.

"Clothes?" she said softly. And suddenly it was real. Not just a fantasy, half imagined, half feared. Emily reacted first, pulling her own shirt off and unclipping her bra, throwing them to one side. Her eyes hooded and dark, waiting for Naomi to respond. She did so, a little more selfconciously. Pulling her top over her head and watching as Jessica unzipped her short skirt and dropped to the bed.

"Beautiful" she whispered and Naomi didn't know which body she was referring to. It didn't matter...not at all.

Naked, they folded themselves together. Emily in the middle, already moaning softly as Jessica kissed her again, cupping a soft breast, kneading it firmly.

Naomi copied her unexpected partner, nuzzling Emily's neck, as she had a thousand times before. Only this time Emily was gasping into another mouth, her hands gripping another body.

They flowed round each other smoothly, Jessica always in total control. When Emily came for the first time, Naomi was holding her hand silently, watching the other girls hungry mouth working between her lovers legs. Jessica watched Naomi's almost shocked face as Emily arched and thrashed under the younger girls tongue. Watched her until the spasms subsided, then moved easily across the foot of the bed, parting Naomi's thighs and dipped her head to taste more tart sweetness.

It was Naomi’s turn to thrash and moan. Her turn to grip a strangers hair and curl her toes in exquisite delight

The girls tongue was practiced and inventive. Emily leaned on her elbow, cupping Naomi's breasts alternatively and thumbing hard nipples. When the blonde came, Emily was kissing her hard...the moans and cries shared between them.

After a few minutes recovery, Jessica moved up and slid onto her back between them. She pulled Naomi into a hot, searching kiss, palming her still sensitive nipples. Emily kissed her way down Jessica's flat stomach and pushed her thighs apart. This was something Emily had always been good at...

Naomi lifted her lips from Jessica's in time to see the heat in Emily's eyes as she moved closer to the girls wet open sex. Her small pink tongue...the tongue that had only ever pushed inside her first lovers folds before...tasted Jessica's wetness before dipping inside, mouth covering her completely. Emily's murmur of pure contentment as she licked and sucked thrilled something inside Naomi too. When Jessica whispered a request in her ear, she complied without question. Kneeling over the strange girl, thighs either side of her head, she looked down at Emily's bobbing, twisting head and moaned helplessly as Jessica pushed tongue and fingers deep inside. Inside everywhere. Places even Emily had never ventured.

And so it went on...for an hour or more. Time seemed an irrelevant concept. Tangled naked limbs, hungry mouths and thrusting straight fingers. When exhaustion finally overcame them, the combined orgasm count for the women was possibly in double figures.

When Naomi woke in the morning, the clever stranger was gone. Only the faint odour of Coco and sex remained.

It could almost have been a dream, apart from the dull ache between her legs and the sight of fresh pink nail marks down Emily's back as she snored gently on her stomach.

Not a dream then...

And so it began. They didn't talk about it, but it lay between them most nights, like the stranger had never really left.

Finally, one Sunday morning, Naomi sleepily sipping coffee while Emily sat beside her scanning the papers, it came back. Not one mentioned the girl by name, but Emily cleared her throat and dropped the paper onto the quilt.

"I think we should make a list Naoms" she said.

Naomi, still in that semi conscious state between first and second cups, murmured an indistinct reply.

Emily looked sideways at Naomi and sighed.

"I'm being serious...we should make a list or something"

"A list of what?"

"A list of all the things we want to bed"

Naomi was suddenly wide awake.

"You want to do that thing...y'know, with another girl...again?" She croaked, not knowing whether it was hope or dread in her heart.

"Not necessarily" Emily said brightly "Just other stuff we haven't done...all the secrets we keep for when we're know?"

Naomi didn't know actually. Her masturbatory fantasies had been pretty vanilla up to the night with Jessica. She wasn't sure she knew where this was heading...

Emily jumped out of bed, giving Naomi the chance to admire for the fifty thousandth time her girlfriends behind. Now THAT was something she fantasised about...a lot.

When Emily came back into the room, she was carrying two pens, some squared paper note pages and the never used ice bucket from the kitchen

"Right" she smiled "We both write down our deepest, darkest, sexiest fantasies, fold the paper in half and put the squares in the bucket. We close our eyes, toss it around and then choose one each...I'm sure we could think up half a dozen between us. You've already had your threesome idea...but there's heaps of others...we pick one at a time...and then do it. Nothing will shock us...will it?"

Naomi blinked and thought about it for a couple of long seconds.

"Anything Ems?" she smirked eventually.

Emily stared back at her steadily, a little confident grin on her face

"Anything" she nodded "Fucking know I never say no to you"

Naomi gulped. Then a sneaky thought almost made her giggle. She knew what to write...something that would stop her little pocket rocket in her tracks. Something which would stop this getting completely out of control.

They tore the sheet paper into smaller squares and began to write, facing away from each other.

Naomi had to suppress a giggle at the first suggestion she scribbled. One that she knew Emily would indignantly refuse. Cook had asked often enough.

'TWINS' it said.

She folded it carefully and tossed it into the bucket. It was with some shock that Naomi saw that her girlfriend had already thrown three other folded squares in....

Someone was serious about this..