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My Hero Academia Imagines

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Bakugou Katsuki:


“He’ll be out for a few minutes, until then you can rest with him in here. When he wakes up, press the button near the railing and a nurse will come and help you out.” The surgeon told you, gesturing to the swollen and sleepy blonde on a bed in the recovery room.


“Thanks doctor. I hope he didn’t give you too much trouble.” You responded, running a hand through Katsuki’s locks, him stirring gently from your touch.


“A bit of swearing when we put the needle in, but then he was out like a light.” The doctor answered you and bowed. You nodded back to him before he left to get ready for his next surgery.


You took a seat next to Bakugou, grabbing your phone and starting to flip through your social media account. It was winter break, meaning all your classmates were out having a wonderful time: shopping, holiday parties, vacations with their families.


You however had been Bakugou’s chosen caretaker when he was informed he needed to get 4 wisdom teeth removed. His parents would try to record him when he woke up, Kirishima would not be able to help without laughing and anyone else was not close enough to Bakugou for him to trust. When he asked you to come with him, you agreed right away.


A hand snagged your free one resting on your leg and you cast your eyes downward to see the wide red eyed boyfriend staring at you in what could only be described as awe.


“You actually came…” He breathed out, seeming to believe you would have actually left him when he needed you.


“Of course I did sweetheart.” You smiled back at him, placing your phone down and pressing the button. “How do you feel Katsuki?”


“My mouth hurts.” he stated, lifting a finger toward his mouth. He appeared to be trying to open his mouth further as well to stick his finger in.


“No no.” You scolded him and he stopped glancing at you in confusion. “Don’t stick your finger in your mouth, your stitches could come undone.”


“They will?” He asked in shock, his hand shooting back down. “You’re so smart.”


You chuckled as a nurse came in and began to go through her check off sheet to dismiss the unusually sweet and calm teen. She clicked her pen and pointed at you.


“You’re his guardian, correct?”


“Yes. I’ll be-”


“Noooo~” Katsuki chimed in, his voice sounding like he knew something you and the nurse didn’t. “(Name)’s my girlfriend.”


“That’s right baby, but you need to be quiet for a minute.” You squeezed his hand and he smiled softly. This anesthesia really was making him act off, wasn't it.


“Continuing on-” The nurse continued. “You received the pain medication already, correct?”


“Yes they are in my bag. The doctor already went over them with me.”


“Good. Bakugou-san.” The nurse turned to address said person, who was currently opening and closing his palms. A look of dissatisfaction on his face as he did so.


“Yessssss?” He trailed off the ‘s’ sound.


“Do you feel ready enough to walk? There’s a car waiting to take you back home outside.”


“Yeah. I can walk!” He shouted and tried to stand up on his own. Little did he know of the sudden dizzy spell that would hit him and cause him to stumble over. You luckily had expected his and grabbed his side before he could be in anymore pain than he already was.


“Careful baby.” You cooed him. “You’re a bit loopy still.”


“You’re an angel (Name).” He complimented you and you blushed. This Katsuki sure was sweet, but you missed the tsundere Katsuki as well.


The nurse assisted you both into the taxi and gave you a pair of ice packs before heading back inside to continue her work day. You gave the driver Katsuki’s home address and then closed the divider sparing your cabby from Katsuki’s high state.


“Where are we going?” He pressed his head on you shoulder, glancing down at his palms again. He repeated the action of opening and closing them. You watched him as he did so, curious why he was doing such a thing.


“We’re going to your house. What are you doing with your hands Katsuki?”


“Trying to get my quirk to work.”


You paled. That was the worst thing he could be trying to do at this moment. Time to get his mind off of that, or you’d end up torn, tattered and ash covered… as well as with an angry cab driver.


“Kacchan, tell me what you want to eat later tonight?” You asked him, his features lighting up when he heard a familiar name.


“No no, you’re not Deku.” He swung his finger in front of you. “That’s his nickname for me.”


“Of course.” You laughed. “How could I have forgotten?”


“Why does my mouth hurt?” He asked you, his body pressing closer to yours.


“You got your wisdom teeth removed, remember?”


“Awe. Yeah I did. Where are my teeth?”


“They took them out.”


“Well, where are they? I want to see them.”


“We don’t have them I’m afraid, the dentist took them.”


“They stole my teeth?”


“You don’t get to keep them Katsu.”


“I wanted them though… I had them for so long.”


He cast his face downward, actually looking upset that he wouldn’t be given his teeth as a momentum of this day. Though you had a hard time believing he would want them when his mind unfogged.


You hugged him close to you, rubbing his back and playing with his hair as you drove to his house. His eyes dropped, telling you how tired he must still be. Getting him into bed when you got back would be priority number one.


The cab stopped and you handed the man the money before helping Katsuki into his family home. His parents were at work at the moment, meaning Katsuki would have a quiet afternoon to sleep away the drugs in his system.


“Do you wanna lay down?” You asked him once you helped him take his shoes and jacket off.


“Yeah, I wanna cuddle though.” He stated, wrapping an arm around you. “Cause I like you.”


“I know you do, and I’ll cuddle with you after helping you get settled in. Deal?”


“Deal.” He pulled himself off of you and tried to walk up the stairs, but kept missing the first step.


You sighed and smiled in amusement and walked over and helped him walk up the stairs to his old room. You managed to not only support 75% of Katsuki’s weight, but also open the door as well.


Once inside his room, you left him to get into something more comfortable, while you pulled apart the made bed and fluffed a couple of his pillows. You’d tuck him in and then grab the ice packs, pills and a glass of ice water for him before coming back.


“I need help.” He called to you.


You turned and saw him struggling to pull off his t-shirt, like a small child. You giggled and pulled the shirt off with ease. He smiled brightly and hugged you close, relief washing over his features.


“Let’s get you into bed Tsuki.” You mumbled against him, seeing as he was down to just his boxers now, his usual sleeping attire.


After a struggle you put him into his bed, you sighed and got up. You heard him rustle at the covers and you turned to him, hoping to convince him not to get up again. Instead you were met with a frowning Bakugou, tears nearly falling down his swollen cheeks.


“What’s wrong Katsuki?” You rushed to him, kneeling down and worry coming to your face. “Does your mouth hurt?”


“W-why are you leaving? I thought you were gonna stay with me?” He explained and you sighed.


“I am babe. I gotta get you some ice first. You’re gonna be hurting in a bit and I can’t let that happen.”


He nodded and you got up. You grabbed the items he would need sooner or later and came back to find him sleeping, his mouth slightly agape, a thin trail of drool coming out of his mouth.


You hummed and grabbed a tissue, wiping away his spit and waking him up from the action. His eyes widened again and the teary eyes came back, he reached out and touched your hand.


“You’re actually here.” He spoke.


“Of course I am.”


“I had a dream you were a ghost and left me to go get water.”


“Well I did bring you water.” You lifted up said glass. “Now here’s some ice. Put it on one side of your cheeks and then in 15 minutes I’ll tell you to switch them.”


“Okay, but the pain meds aren’t working.”


“I haven’t given you any pain meds yet Katsuki.”




You smiled and handed him a single pill and the glass of water. He took out the bloodied gauze from his mouth, more spit coming with it. He held the soiled cloth in his palm and stared at it.


Suddenly his hand sparked and the gauze caught on fire, a smile adorning his face. You reached over and dumped a bit of the water on the flaming gauze and his hands. Thus cancelling his quirk for a bit.


“I remembered how my quirk works.” He proudly stated, popping the pill into his mouth and drinking the water.


“I’m glad you remembered, but promise me you won’t use it again until you can eat solid foods again.”


“I’d say no, but since you're my favorite person… I’ll do it.”


You blushed and laughed, him smiling at making you do such a pretty thing in his eyes. You reached over and handed him new gauze, telling him to apply it to his mouth. He did just that and then again with another piece.


“Can we cuddle now?” He begged, his red orbs gleaming with an enamored hue.


“You’ve been good, so yes.” You smiled and crawled in next to him. He wrapped his arms around you and pressed the side of his face, not currently having a ice pack on it, on your chest.


He shivered a bit, the anesthesia having a side effect to make one cold, so you pulled up the blankets over the two of you. He snuggled further into you as you ran fingers through his locks in comfort. He hummed, liking the feeling of you being here, it felt less lonely and cold.


“You’re really cute like this, y’know that Katsuki?”


“I am?”




“Well you’re pretty and I love you.”


You pressed a kiss to his temple with his plain and simple declaration of love for you. It seems like the medicine did more then just make him loopy. As the meds had also performed the miracle of getting Bakugou to admit his true and honest feelings easily.

Bonus Ending~


“Gahhhhh” He groaned, sitting up in his bed, while (Name) walked back into the room. She carried a plate of mashed potatoes and pudding with her, setting it on the bedside table.


“Hurting still? I thought the meds would have kicked in already.” She frowned.


“No they fucking haven’t…” Bakugou growled back. “Everything fucking sucks.”


“Now now, that’s not how you were acting earlier~” You teased him, watching Bakugou eye you.


“The fuck do you mean?”


“Not only did you cry, but you asked for cuddles. The best part though was that you told me you loved me, and without any embarrassment.”


Bakugou scoffed and pressed the icepack further onto his swollen cheeks. “Well its fucking true… Just don’t tell anyone or I’ll kill you!”

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Kirishima Eijiro:


The knock came suddenly, making you stop the set of sit ups you had been doing. You caught your breath and paced forward to the door and unlocking it.


On the other side stood Kirishima, his face smiling brightly and his arm holding up a plastic baggy full of snacks and goodies inside: some of which being your favorites.


On any other day you would have been excited to see these items in your loving boyfriend’s possession, but today or rather of late… it really discouraged you, making your mouth line into a frown and your body slump ever so slightly.


“Fat recommended some shops and I stopped on my way back! Want some?” He asked, holding the bag out to you.


You held out your hand, shying away from the goody bag, this action confirming what Kirishima had been concerned about. He had noticed the portion sizes lowering and the exercise increasing, and it worried him a bit.


“No thanks Eiji… I’m not hungry.” You mumbled, looking away from his gaze.


“You sure? I know these pocky are your favorite flavor…” He lifted up the box, and shook it, the contents inside hitting the box.


“No really, I need to get back to my exercises.” You spoke, shaking your hands.


Kirishima frowned and sighed. You froze and watched as he let the bag drift down to his legs and he ran a hand through his falling red locks.


“I know you’re not eating.”


Your eyes shot open and you bit your lip. How could you be so stupid… of course he noticed. This was Kirishima after all! He was always keen on everyone around him and how they were feeling!


“I- umm… I just!” You broke out into tears, the weight of the past few days finally wearing down on you. God you hated how you looked, you hated even more that people pointed it out and confirmed this terrible self loathing.


“You don’t have to do anything to impress me y’know.” He told you, pulling you into his embrace.


“You’re just too perfect though Eiji… and there are so many people who comment on how good looking you are and and how you deserve someone who looks good with you. A-And I’m just sick of feeling like I’m not attractive and no matter how much I try I’ll never be!”


“You do look good though. You’re the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen!” He told you, his hand brushing your hair, his touch soft and comforting as the tears formed in your eyes.




“No buts! I think you're beautiful! And I know that it might not be enough, but a lot of people think you’re amazing too! I-I know insecurity is a terrible thing and you’ll never feel good enough… but I also know hearing what you need to hear from someone you're very close to can help as well.”


“What do you mean?”


“I struggle with my self esteem a lot.”


“No way! You’re so wonderful and heroic!”


“See!” Kirishima chuckled. “You think the world of me, but it's hard for me to accept. Not cause I don’t want to, but because I can’t see myself as being amazing! But I also know you wouldn’t lie to me. So please believe me when I say you’re stunning.”


“I-I’ll try.” You shook your head, tears welling a bit from his kind words.


“I know when you look at yourself all you see is a body you hate and want to change… but I see you. I see the most wonderful, kind, smart, funny and sweet girl who I’m lucky to call mine.


The people who matter will see your beauty and the people who don’t are ugly inside. I know it's stupid to say… but trust me.”


“I do Eiji… I love you… thank you.”


“I love you too… and don’t thank you. I didn’t do anything but tell you the truth.”


“I feel so stupid…”


“Don’t. We all do things because we feel pressure to do them. Just know I’m here for you! And if you’re serious about working out and losing weight, then I’ll work out with you! We can motivate each other! How does that sound (Name)?”


“Really good… though I’m more hungry than anything right now…”


“Then how about we eat these snacks and watch a movie right now?”


“I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

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Midoriya Izuku:


“Whatcha writing now?” You asked, leaning over his desk to look at his hero journal.


Izuku’s hand moved fast, drawing and writing down little info blurbs on a familiar quirk user, his blush increasing now that you had caught him. He shouldn’t be surprised though, the two of you were the only ones in the classroom at the current moment.


But with yoru wide and curious eyes watching him write you into his hero data collection, the green haired boy could not help but feel under extreme pressure. Was he drawing your costume right? Did he put the correct info about your quirk down? Did he spell your name wrong?


“You’re so talented Izuku-kun~” You complimented him, watching as he hand snapped the pencil by accident and his face explode into a display of redness. His mouth opened and closed, his shock from his girlfriend’s words hitting him hard and making his heart pound yet again.


You giggled, finding your way into his lap and pressing your lips to his,furthering his emotional panic, until then settling down and relaxing under your kiss and touch. Your pulled away, smiling again before tracing circles on his shoulders and running them down and around him.


“(N-Name)-san?” He began only to have your shake your head and pout.


“(Name)-chan!” You childishly demanded of him, Izuku smiling by how upset you got when he didn’t address you like you wanted to be.


“(Name)-chan.” He gave in, holding your hand in his and then pointing to his new page on you. “Would you mind helping me with my remaining questions? I want to make this accurate.”

“Hmm~” You mumbled, scooting in closer to Izuku, getting comfortable on him, and making sure he could still move and write.


“So what does this part specifically do?” He gestured to a part of your costume.


Instead of answering him, you ruffled his hair for a moment. He waited patiently, knowing you sometimes did this when you were thinking and needed a moment to collect your thoughts.


As he expected, you explained it to him a moment later and he nodded, scribbling it down. You rested your head on his chest, listening to his heart beat fast, showing he was still a bit nervous. You smiled, and Izuku smiled along with you.


“What now?” He asked, curious as to what had made you so happy so suddenly.


“You’re the best person I know, and I’m happy to call you my boyfriend. You’re amazing~” You gushed, touching his cheek lightly, your warm hand palming his pink cheeks.


“A-ah…” He blushed further and chuckled. “What’s gotten you being so sweet to me all of a sudden?”


You softly smiled and connected your lips to his, letting him know how in love and appreciative of him you were from the small gesture.


“I just really am grateful for you Izuki-kun… you’re the most important person in my life and I just wanted to spoil you enough so you’d know.”


Izuku sighed in content and ran his hand through your locks, this time kissing you himself. When he pulled away, it was your turn to blush and he smiled one of his pure smiles, the ones you loved the most.


“I feel like I should be the one saying those words, but thank you (Name). I love you too.”


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Bakugou Katsuki:


“It’s Over.”


The reply was short, but to the point. The pixelated screen showing three dots popping up, meaning he was typing a reply back. But you didn’t want to hear it, nor did you want to allow him the option to give him a chance to make up excuses.


“Number has been blocked”


Sighing, you shoved your phone back into your pocket, looking up to tell the lunch staff what you would like for your meal. After ordering, you waited by the pick up line for said meal, hearing the muttering and mumbling of the day from the under classmen and your peers.


Anything to get your mind off him and the event he had neglected to tell you. The event that caused the fight in the first place. Maybe if he had been honest, maybe if he had told you right away… then maybe your trust in him would not have been broken.


But for whatever reason, Mirio had left out that key detail. The detail that after some mission or random rescue… that some civilian had kissed him. And not a simple kiss on the cheek as a thank you.


A full blown smack on the lips, her tongue shoving into his mouth for all the news media to capture and post. The worst of it though wasn’t that Mirio got kissed by some girl who didn’t know, but instead that he didn’t tell you.


Meaning that when you turned on the TV that night, the top story of ‘Lemillions New Girl’ plastered on every major station was enough for your rage to boil over and spill out.


Truthfully, the two of you had been growing apart since he graduated from UA: he was out in the hero world, while you were in your final year at UA. His time was limited and your irritation with him due to this caused you to snap at him more times then not when he was spending time with you.


He had tried to explain over the phone that he didn’t think it was a big deal. It was a simple kiss that didn’t mean anything, and you were over reacting. But he should have known your trust issues by now. He should have know him not telling you would be the breaking force.


Now single and depressed, you stared blankly at the students grabbing their food before your had finished, zoned out of the two boys jestering and talking about you from behind. One’s red hair nodded quickly, his fingers pointing and his smile never ceasing. The other had ash blonde hair, its shape as rough and strange as his quirk. This student was shaking his head, his lips snarling in a vicious manner.


Sighing, the redhead pushed forward, ignoring the blond’s protest and tapped on your shoulder, pulling you from your daze and making you turn to focus on him.


“Hey (Name)-senpai!” The boy you recognized as your junior, Kirishima Eijiro waved to you. You had come into class 1-A, though now 2-A, a few times throughout the past year and gotten to know a few of the students. He was one of them.


And the one sulking up behind him was another: Bakugou Katsuki


“Oh. Hey guys.” You forced a smile, trying to hide your heartbreak from the two who were standing in next to you know, their lunch slips indicating they were waiting for their meals too.


“Sorry about what happened with Togata-senpai.” Kirishima sighed.


You shook your head, your frown progressing on your face. “It was bound to happen… neither of us had been happy.”


“Good riddance then.” Bakugou spoke up, hands shoved into his pockets, his face still seething in rage.


You let out a chuckle, making both males turn a gaze to you. “Yeah… good riddance indeed. THough, I wish it hadn’t have been the way it was…”


“I’m sure it was-”


“He fucking deserves more than just a break up. If I were you, I would go and break something of his since he broke your fucking heart!” Bakugou suddenly called out, his face contorting further into anger.


“Dude calm down.” Kirishima sweatdropped, then walked forward, seeing his meal had finished, leaving you and Bakugou alone.


“You seem more upset than I do about what happened.” You mumbled, Bakugou clicking his tongue at your statement.


“You fucking deserve a guy who won’t cheat on you, accident or not. If that was me, I would have thrown the bitch off of me and told her I was a taken man. Then i would have called you and asked how to fucking make it right.”


“You’re a better boyfriend and friend then Mirio ever was then.” You shuffled your feet. “You’re gonna make someone very happy one day Bakugou-san.”


“The only person I want to make fucking happy is you.” He scoffed, turning his head away.


You held your breath and looked at him, not sure what he was getting at. But slowly your mind formed a question to call out and ask the blond next to you.


“What do you mean?”


“I’m not interested in being your fucking rebound or jumping at you when you need time… but when you’re feeling better and want to do somethin’... give me a fucking call.”


He grabbed shoved a piece of folded paper into your hand and then walked away. You blinked, unfolding the paper and seeing a certain order of numbers written out in rushed handwriting.


You smiled softly, tucking the phone number into the pocket next to your phone and seriously considering his offer. Anything was possible after all.

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Bakugou Katsuki:


It didn’t matter how it happened, nor did it matter how you got into this situation right now. All that did matter was the three identical, but very different boys tugging and trying to pull you into their embrace.


“Let go you fucks! They are mine, go back to where you came from!” Bakugou shouted, tugging your middle into him. His school uniform looking as it usually did: messy and sagging off of him, giving anyone looking a splendid peak at his toned chest.


“No! I want them to myself!” Another Bakugou squealed, this one smiling brightly and pulling your left arm. He seemed to nearly be the opposite of the Bakugou you knew. This Katsuki was dressed properly and actually seemed to not hold any hostilities to anyone.


“Back off you shits! They’re going to be mine and only mine!” The final Bakugou called, his grip never ceasing from your right arm. While this one’s personality matched original Bakugou, he seemed to be some some medieval period. He wore pants looking to like the material of jeans, yet he was missing a shirt exposing his abdominals to the world. His arms were littered with fabrics adorned with strange markings and symbols, as well as a large tattoo with a ‘K’ on it. Most importantly though, this bakugou was wearing glowing red gems, pierced to his ears. And he was pulling it off really well!


All three pulled you towards them, making you cry out in discomfort, as Bakugou was a physically fit and capable guy, thus it felt like you were being pulled apart. Original Bakugou growled, Chipper Bakugou laughed and Fantasy Bakugou snarled, all three tugging again, this time making you cry out in pain, as you could feel a lot of somethings being pulled.


“That’s enough!” You hollered and all three ceased their pulling and glance at the item of their selfish affections attempting to pull out of their greedy hands.


“Yeah! Leave her the fuck alone!” Your world’s Bakugou snapping, letting you go and sparked his palms.


“Oh! Are we fighting for them heart now? I won’t lose!” The bright Bakugou pounded his fists together.


“As long as I get to pound you technologically advanced fucks, I’m all for it…” The savage Bakugou growled, a smirk on his features rising.


You paled when all three had stepped forward, looking ready to duke it out her. Suddenly you stepped between all three, shaking your head at their actions and making them stop.


“What name dumbass?” Normal Bakugou clicked his tongue.


“Is everything okay (Name)?” The more polite one worried over you.


“What’s on your mind fuck face?” The warrior Bakugou demanded.


You sighed, pinching your temple and then answering. “There has to be a better way then you three beating each other up. Let’s think rationally about this.”


All three deadpanned before opening their big mouths up again. “You pick then.”




“Yeah, which of us do you fucking like more!”


“Ohhh! I hope it's me!”


“No way! They like me fucking more then you both!”


You shook your head, sighing at this sudden development. Even for such differing places and attitudes, they all had that childish attitude of making serious decisions.


“I can’t answer that.” You huffed out, then felt your arm being tugged.


You moved before you could register it and felt your body getting trapped into a warm embrace. Looking up, you met the eyes of Kind Bakugou. He winked before connecting his lips to yours in a sweet kiss.


“Maybe I can convince you then~” He purred when he pulled away.


“I-I…” You started, only to be torn from him, your neck being the neck target of attack.


“Now don’t forget about me. You could become a ruler of my empire, and I’d take such good fucking care of you.” Dragon Lord Bakugou nibbled your clean skin, his tongue and teeth making you let out a loud moan.


Before you could even answer him, once again you were pulled away, this time to the final Bakugou, the Bakugou who you had fallen for first. He stared into your pools of (eye color), his hands roaming to your ass.


He gave it a quick squeeze, you mouth opening from the action. Using this to his advantage, his dove his tongue into your mouth, letting your mouth be conquered by him.


“Do I even need to remind you which one of is will be your number one?” He cupped your face, his red orbs narrowing.




“Allow me to convince you more.” Nice Bakugou grabbed you as well.


“I shall win this, just watch as see.” Medieval Bakugou’s touch re embraced your body.


“We’ll see about that you fucks. Watch as they choose me after I leave them feeling so fucking good.” Your world’s Bakugou tightened his grip.


All three moved towards your body once again, ready to convince you or persuade you in any and all ways possible. And you had no issues what so ever.

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Combining these two since they were pretty similar~


Midoriya Izuku:


It had been happening a lot lately, or at least enough for him to notice. It wasn’t strange for the new hero Deku to be saving people from danger, but a certain civilian appeared to need his attention and heroics more than most did.


It started when she had been crossing the street, her head in the clouds thus missing the sounds of the car horn coming towards her. She had blinked up in time to the see the ten ton metal object get too close to her.


As she braced for impact however, it never came. Rather she felt the wind in her hair and the body seemingly have left the ground. Blinking her (eye color) hues to glance around, she noticed an average looking man around her age.


His face held a blush as, he was holding her much like a bride would a groom. He let out and awkward laugh and smiled down at her.


“S-Sorry… Guess I used too much power and accidentally sent us flying up into the air.” He apologized, his green eyes darting around for a safe place to land with her.


“I-it’s fine…” She breathed. “I’m not dead thank to you after all.”


Deku landed safely, holding the girl he had saved a little while longer until he deemed the rooftop garden a good area to drop her off and be back on his way. He let her go, glancing at her as she readjusted her clothing and then bowed to her savior.


“Thank you again Deku.” She spoke, her voice soft and sincere.


“I-It wasn’t an issue!” Deku waved her off, his own embarrassment growing as the pretty girl waved goodbye to him and dashed for the staircase. Finally when she was out of site, Izuku shook his head and ran off.


He hadn’t even been into his patrol for another hour when reports of some outdoor concert being held up by a gang of lower class thugs came into his communicator.


“I’m near the area! I’ll check it out.” Izuku answered, bouncing off building to building when he propelled himself with such force to send him flying towards the park.


He landed suddenly, sending air, dirt and plant life away from the epicenter. He had created a crater from his reckless impact, but could worry about property damage later. Not wasting another second, he bounced into action.


The first thug was too shocked to see the Deku to do anything, thus allowing Izuku to land an easy hit on the man, sending him flying into a group of trash cans. The next two thugs attempted to overpower him together, but were no match for the super strength of One for All.


Izuku used his legs to send a kick to each man at the same time, before giving a finishing blow to the man who he saw attempting to sneak up on him. Letting out a sigh, he glanced around, seeing the faces of the civilians lighten up.


His name was echoed into the happy cheers of the citizens and Izuku couldn’t help but blush from their kindness. He waved them off slyly, before he started walking away.


He passed by the main stage and his eyes caught and familiar figure. It was the same girl from earlier. She had noticed him too and tapped the microphone of stage, catching everyone’s attention as such.


“How about before we start the concert, we all big three cheers for everyone’s favorite hero: Deku!” She spoke, her voice loving and angelic.


The crowd erupted into cheers as well, her voice hushing them before she smiled widely. Her fingers strummed the guitar attached to her, her throat clearing before she sang her tune of gratitude.


“Hip hip-”


She stopped, pointing to the crowd. They echoed her call back almost right away.


“Hooray Deku!”


She nodded to their enthusiasm, repeating her original call again, this time even louder then the first time.


“Hip hip-”


“Hooray Deku!”


Izuku blushed, his hands hiding his face from all the gratitude and love he was getting due to him simply doing his job. He barely knew this girl, not even a name to her face, yet she seemed to have really taken a liking to him.


“Alright! One more time everyone! Let’s let all of Tokyo know who out number one hero is, okay? Hip hip-”


“Hooray Deku!”


The vibrations of the cheer could be felt, and most definitely heard as well. The girl paused and then clapped. She shot one last smile to her audience and her heroic VIP before signalling for the band to get ready to start.


“Now before we begin~ Let me give a special thanks to a certain freckled hero who saved me twice today. I’m not one who likes these kind of things, but if you're ever looking for a night out-”


The music started, an energetic tune sounding off along the park. The fans erupted into a frantic outpour of noise, this song more than likely being a favorite.


“-then just let me know Bunny boy!”


Izuku’s blush worsened, but he sat down on the bench he was standing by. He unconciously clicked his intercom off, knowing he’d get a verbal beating for this later. But something told him to stay and watch.


The girl had not only been grateful, but bluntly asked him out. She may not be a hero, but she had the courage of one as she sang and danced along the stage. And her new fan could not help but smile, enjoying the display and his newfound fondness of this girl.


Izuku sat next to Todoroki as the agency, the two talking about the lowering crime rate among other things. Suddenly a tablet was sternly placed on the table in front of the two, the gravity heroine herself having done such an action.


“How could you not tell me?!” Ochaco stomped her foot, pointing an accusing finger at Izuku.


“N-Not tell you w-what Uraraka-san?” Izuku stuttered, not sure what had set the girl off.


“Don’t pretend! It's all over the news! You're dating the most popular pop star in all of Tokyo right now! How could you not tell me!”


Izuku’s eyes widened, his mouth opening as he tore the tablet away from the bubbly girl. He skimmed the article, reading and glancing at pictures taken and written out of context and giving the illusion he had some secret relationship to this amazing rising star.


“I-I-” He started, only to feel Todoroki pat his back.


“Congratulations of your new relationship Midoriya.”


“Not you too Todoroki-kun!”

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


“And so then I told the mayor that if he wanted to cut spending on public works, then the city would look worse than a villain attack.”


“Oh Todoroki-sama! You’re so daring!”


“Endeavor is quite the elite, isn’t he.”


“He sure knows how to not only be a hero, but also act as a proper citizen and family man.”


“Now now friends. I do my best like every hero should. It's not my fault that I outperform them.”


Enji chuckled, raising his glance and his comrades doing the same. The Hero Gala was in full swing, the music playing, the drinks being served, the couples dancing. It was a scene right out of any Disney movie.


Besides the current top hero was his heir, Todoroki Shouto. The dual haired boy sighed and began to pace away from his father. Anything would be better than standing next to him and listening to this elitist bullshit all night.


His wrist was grabbed the minute his foot he swayed away, his father’s grip as tight as ever. “Shouto, where do you think you’re going? All our lovely colleagues were wanting to discuss your time at UA thus far.”


His father's eyes shown their true colors: ‘not wander away boy, I still am in control of you, and don’t forget it.’


“I’m a bit parched. So pardon me.” He responded back and pulled away, walking towards the refreshments table.  


Endeavor narrowed his eyes, but allowed him to go. Shouto was still his creation and tonight everyone here thought the same of it. So tonight, no one could whisk his child away from that purpose, like those lower classes heros at UA had recently. Turning his attention back to the people around him, Endeavor allowed his son to roam.


The table was lined with pastries and appetizers for the idle rich and elite. Shouto sighed and picked up a glass and moved towards the punch bowl. Hopefully this was non-alcoholic unlike the trays of champagne being passed around by the service staff.


He loosened the tie around his neck just a bit, allowing the teen to have some more breathing room and catch his breath. On the outside he looked calm and collected, but on the inside he was annoyed and a bit peeved. He hated these types of events.


Ever since he was a child it was a constant parading of him by his father to those he wanted to impress. And every time Shouto was forced to conform to these people and hide his true inner passions.


But not this year, not this party. If he could not be at the dorms watching the weekly movie with his classmates, then he sure as hell would be dodging his father and  attempting to get through the night.


He walks towards a more empty part of the event and watches as the dancers sway in and out with each other, their movement fluid and their bodies a perfect mix. It's rather hypnotising to him watching this, the way they turn and interact as if they know what to do.


His blue and silver eyes are torn from the dancers though as a streak of lavender crosses the floor near them, trying to politely shove past those around them and find a secluded area of their own to relax in.


His cheeks grow in flames and his teeth chatter from the sight. Its (Name). His (Name)... or at least the girl he wants to make his. She looks stunning, well she always did, not the way she looked in the clothes for such a formal event made his throat dry.


He quickly fills up another cup and makes his way towards the girl standing shyly in the corner, watching the dancers like he had been doing moments before. He bats a glances at his father.


He appears to have lost him in the crowd, as Endeavor is looking around madly for the son who had suddenly disappeared. Shouto smiles to himself, knowing full well that his father would not be able to see him once he reached her. The dancers would provide the perfect cover.


She’s leaning against a marble beam when he gets close to her. She thumbs are twiddling against the fabric of that darling dress and she has a frown present on her face. She appeared to be just as miserable as he did. Perhaps they could be miserable together.


In the corner of her eye, she sees someone approaching her. Internally she sighs: another boy to shoot down? Her father to scold her for her shyness at such a big event?


Instead when her eyes met his, the smallest and most relieved smile graced her features. Shouto nearly tripped over his own two feets and spilled the drinks of himself when he saw it. She was actually happy to see him here… that made him nod his head back in response. So she really was in the same boat as him, huh?


“You looked a bit parched.” He holds out one of the drinks towards her.


She reached out, her gentle and soft finger pads rubbing across his larger and rough ones as the drink came into her hands. Her skin was so warm against his cold half, and Shouto smiled as how happy it made him from such a smile gesture and action.


“Thank you.” She smiled and took a sip. “What are you doing here?”


“I was brought along by my father… though it was just to show me off like always.” He sighed, resting against another marble beam by the one she was resting on.


“I know the feeling… my parents did the same thing. I felt like I was being suffocated so I told them I was going to get some air. That was 20 minutes ago… sorry mom and dad.”


“My father is surely going to have my head when he finds me. The last thing he’ll want me doing tonight is socializing without his permission.”


“I guess we’re both rebels.” (Name) chuckled, her airy tune making the prodigy next to her smile gleefully. It was such a comfortable noise to him on this night of discomforts.


“I’d suggest we try to escape… but I have a feeling that we’d be caught.” He glanced at the figure of his father scanning the refreshments table, looking for his missing son.


“Yes. We’d be caught the minute we left the crowd…” (Name) sighed and he caught her gaze towards her own parents acting similarly.


The music changed to a new tune: a slow piano combined with a romantic tune played on the violin. The sound shifted into the slow dancing of the couples on the floor, their forms well hidden in each other’s arms.


“Well if we need to hide for a bit longer-” Shouto held out his hand to (Name), his cheeks dusting in light pink. “-then may I have this dance my lady?”


(Name)’s cheeks copied his hue and she nodded, her hand slipping into his own. “Nothing would make me happier, my good sir.”


Shouto gently tugged her onto the floor, quickly grabbing her waist, the crowds parting for the new and adorably cute couple that had joined in on the synchronization of the duets. (Name) kept her hand in his, her free one resting on his other shoulder.


Shouto swayed them to the left, the floor copying him, and it appeared that you were not the only person he was leading. As the other couples filed a circle around the two of you, it was made very clear that Shouto and (Name) were the main attraction of this dance.


“Is this a bad time to tell you I’ve never danced before.” (Name) chuckled as Shouto spun her, then pulled her back in.


“Is this a bad time to tell you we’ve been found?” He saw his father watching from behind you, then turned and saw your parents watching as well. The same looks of horror and shock displayed on both their faces.


“Then we might as well enjoy this song… because I doubt they’ll let us get another one.” She giggled, turning as Shouto twirled them around, his feet matching the beat and his heart following the rhythm.


“I’ll enjoy it then.” He chuckled and twirled the smaller body once again, then tugging her towards him again, this time their faces nearly touching. He blushed at this, not sure why he had suddenly done that.


He knew of this crush on (Name). But he wasn’t very connected to his feelings and at times, they acted before his mind agreed to them. Now was one of those times, when he stared down into the heavenly (eye color) orbs that looked back at him with as much passion as he had.


Slowly to the tune of the piano and violin, he leaned in, his lips quivering as her scent became more and more overwhelming. It was of snap peas and roses, it was sweet and simple like her. But so comforting and warm, like her as well.


He closed his eyes in nervousness, the moment controlling him. He felt the sweet and glossy lips of the girl on his, her head tilting to deepen it. Then it happened, he pulled her in, his hand leaving hers and trailing in her hair.


He let out a small moan of satisfaction as he realized how wonderful this kiss was. He allowed her hand to grip his suit, not caring that it was getting wrinkled. He hated wearing it anyway.


The sounds of clapping and absence of music alerted the two that they were not alone, nor had this moment been private. When they separated, the crowd had gathered during their dance and was cheering on such a sweet and sincere moment between new lovers.






The two exchanged glances and nodded to the other. Their hands remet and Shouto made eye contact with the other dancing couples. They nodded in understanding and the music began again.


Shouto pulled you past them quite easily, the exit in sight and now reachable. The calls of the parental figures ordering the teens to return was lost in the music and unable to reach their children due to the mass of dancers blocking the way.


“So what now?” (Name) asked as she kicked off her heels, not caring if she was barefoot now. Those things were deathtraps.


“It might not be too late to show up for movie night at my dorm.”


(Name) chuckled and squeezed his hand. “As long as its with you… then it sounds wonderful.”

Chapter Text

“It’s the perfect opportunity!” Kaminari chuckled, pointing to the mask cover his face. “We basically have a clean slate tonight guys! No one knows who we are, nor do we know who they are!”


“It’s pretty cool, though I worry that this might cause issues later.” Sero mumbled, adjusting his tie.


“It’ll be fine! We’re all going to have a good time!” Kirishima cheered. “It’s our last Halloween together guys and UA is throwing a huge party for us to celebrate. So let’s enjoy it and not worry about anything!”


The three cheered and got ready to leave Kirishima’s room, only to pause when they realized that their fourth and loudest member was suddenly quiet and out of character.


“Bakubro? You coming?” Kirishima called out to the ash blonde who was still leaning against the wall, his orbs hidden and his scowl even missing. He looked like he was trying to fall asleep.


Bakugou blinked one eye open and glared at Kirishima. “This is fucking stupid…”


“Then why’d you get all dressed up, buy a ticket and even get a mask?” Kirishima asked then turned to the sounds of snickering.


Kaminari was laughing loudly, Sero trying to contain his own giggles.


“It’s pretty obvious why he’s going…” Sero began.


“(Name)’s gonna be there~” Kaminari finished and made a kissy face to Sero


“Awe Katsuki! Please dance the night away with me!” The electric boy bowed to Sero.


“Of fucking course my princess! I’d kill anyone for you!” Sero attempted to imitate Bakugou’s voice.


“Oh that’s right! You have a big crush on her, don’t you!” Kirishima turned back to a raging Bakugou.


“I do not! She’s just some shitty girl who’s been in class with us since we were 15! Just cause she has an annoying smile and laughs like a nothing I’ve ever fucking heard before does not mean I like her! I mean have you fucking seen her? Who would want to date that?”


The three boys exchanged looks. Yeah… he was enamored by her. Kaminari nodded to his comrades, ready to make sure of this mentally agreed statement.


“Well if you don’t like her, then that means I can ask her out.” He played it off, only to have his collar grabbed a second later. How Bakugou got from one side of the room at the click of Kaminari’s tongue was a mystery.


“Touch her and I’ll fucking kill you!” He shook the blonde and Kaminari gave him a thumbs up.


“He loves her.” Kirishima chuckled.


“He totally does…” Sero nodded.




“Let’s stay fucking together… I’m going to grab some punch… I’ll be back after dancing with her…” Bakugou mumbled, shoving past people as he made his way towards the balcony where he could get some fresh air and clear his head.


As soon as he and his so called friends had entered the party, all three were gone within a second. Kaminari was of course trying to dance with some girls he found cute, Kirishima was chatting with some others by the DJ area, and Sero had gotten thirsty and wandered to the refreshments.


Leaving the most anti-social of their squad to fend for himself. Luckily since he was emitting such a pissed off aura no one dared come try to talk to him. Now he was resting and looking out over UA’s campus, ignoring the terrible pop music playing in the background and the itch this shitty mask was giving him.


He should have just worn his hero mask… but Kirishima said it was ‘too recognizable’. Hell if his hair didn’t already give it away that it was him, then his personality would. He really hated this…


His mind wandered to her pretty smiling face and over hearing her tell Round Face & Frog Girl that she was excited to attend the party. He bought his ticket that day, this terrible emotion called love forcing him to act like such an idiot. He hadn’t even seen her of course.


He thought he would for sure know her frame and body language when he saw her, but with so many people and each moving rapidly it was hard to spot her, let alone focus on one person.


“Not a party person either?” A figure asked and leaned on the railing next to him. It was a girl, her hair tied into a bun and her dress the color of the softest red roses, the same color as his tie. Her mask was covering most of her face, it resembling some type of bird, its colors being red, yellow and orange with feathers coming off on one side.


“It’s supposed to be a phoenix.” She spoke up again, obviously noticing him taking in her attire.


He clicked his tongue. “I didn’t ask.”


She chuckled. “You didn’t have to.”


He rolled his eyes and she chuckled. “You remind me of someone… maybe you are him.”


“That would fucking take away from this whole fucking thing.” He spat back.


“I suppose you’re right. Anyway, what are you doing out here stranger?” She asked him, this time turning her whole body to look at him.


“Got fucking tired of nothing going my way, so I left.”


“What hasn’t gone your way?”


“Why do you ask so many damn questions?”


“Humor me stranger. For all we know this will be the only time we ever see each other, so what’s the harm in telling a mysterious girl what’s on your mind. I don’t know you, so I can’t judge you after all.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue, mulling over her words. She was right, but why should he rant to her anyway? Fuck it… she was better than anyone else and like she said… he’d most likely never see or know who she was.


“Fine. I’m-”


“Not so fast.” The girl cut him off and he growled at her. Of course there was a fucking catch. “I don’t mind listening but I want you to dance with me.”


“Dance? You want me to fucking dance?”


“I came to dance and you are the perfect partner mister. So would you be ever so kind as to allow a lady a dance?”


She held her hand out to him and bowed. Bakugou groaned and moved away from her.  She stood up again and looked around for him. Did he really just walk away? Her stranger really did act strange.


Just as she was about to go looking out on the grounds again she heard him come back, a two roses torn from a bush in his hand. He was fiddling with one trying to put it in his jacket pocket.


“Here.” He spoke and tossed her the other one.


“What’s this for?”


“All the other couples have matching flowers!”


“That’s because they came together. So if you wear a matching one with me, it means-”


“FUCK!” He cried at the realization and tried to smash the rose, only to have his actions stopped by her hands.


“Don’t” She scolded him and placed the rose on his chest with a bobby pin. “Let’s continue this: our story is that we’ve been dating for 3 years. You are a prince from a far off land who fell in love with a simple maiden. The only way we can see each other is in secret. Except for the night of the masquerade ball, which happens to be tonight. These roses are the only way we can tell that’s it our lover.”


Bakugou blinked as she moved away and fixed her own rose on her wrist. He felt his cheeks light up from such a ridiculous story and her childlike attitude to it.


“That’s fucking stupid…” He barked and grabbed her hand and moved towards the dance floor. “So just shut up and fucking hold my hands and move to the music or whatever…”


She didn’t say anything about how obvious it was that he was nervous. Was this the first time he had ever danced? Slowed dance at that.


“Like this.” She moved one of his hands to her waist, the other remaining in hers. She placed her free hand on his shoulder. “And you lead.”


“I fucking know that!”


He didn’t but was too prideful to thank her from saving him from looking like a fool.


The two danced in silence for a moment before she spoke up once again. “So why are you so upset about tonight?”


He scoffed and sucked his teeth, his lips lifting in disgust. “The assholes who call themselves my friends fucking ditched me the second we got here.”

“Hmmm while I also think it's shitty… its normal. I came with 4 others, the only difference being I didn’t have a date and they all did. So the minute we got in, they started doing couple things.”


“That’s pretty shitty.” He twirled her and pulled her back in.


“Guess we both were left alone tonight stranger.”


“At least I wasn’t a fucking third wheel or in your case a fifth wheel.” He chuckled at her expense and to his surprise she laughed back with him. He smiled a bit, liking how this girl could take his harsh jokes and not get upset by them.


“I suppose I am the more pathetic of the two of us. But I have a feeling that you’re letting up on something that makes you more lonely than me…” She winked at him and Bakugou’s grip on her hand tightened.


“Calm down. I’m joking.”


“Well you’re fucking right…” He trailed off.


“I am?” She sounded surprised.


“The whole fucking reason I came was to find this girl I’ve liked since first year… she makes me feel so weird… I thought that maybe if I could dance with her… then I could figure it out.”


“And what are you trying to figure out?”


He blushed and looked away from her. “My shit friends always fucking claim I’m in love with her… but how am I supposed to know?”


“Hmm… you’ll know.” She nodded as the song came to a close. Bakugou looked at her in confusion. She bowed to him, thanking him for the dance. “Trust me Bakugou, you’ll know.”


His eyes widened and he opened to ask her a question. How did she know it was him? Did she know him? Who was she? He had to know!

She turned around from him and moved away, the crowd separating him from this girl faster than he wanted. He shoved past people to catch up to her again, but she was gone.


He stood still, his hand still out stretched from when he was attempting to grab the girl in the rose red dress and the bird mask. But instead he was staring out at a crowd of people that wasn’t her.


“Bakubro!” Kirishima called out from his left side and the boy turned his attention to the three figures approaching him. “I didn’t know you knew how to dance.”


“I don’t.” Bakugou answered and pushed past the three away heading towards the exit. Tonight had been a bust: no (Name) and now he might be in love with someone else entirely.


This night was fucking terrible.


The dorms were still quiet, as he had come back before anyone else had. As he slammed open the front door he scowled at anything and everything. His mood had majorly fouled as he walked back.


Damn her! One dance and he suddenly had his answer! He was in love with her and not even a name! Not even something that he could use to recognize her!


He was as good as screwed when it came to her!


“Oh Bakugou-kun.” (Name)’s familiar voice called to him from the kitchen. She was at the sink, filling up a small glass of water. She was dressed in a large t-shirt and some sweats. Her hair was down and appeared to have been tied up earlier. “Welcome back.”


Bakugou scowled and felt his chest bubbling up at her smiling face. Fuck! He wa in love with two girls! How much worse could this night get?!


“What are you fucking doing?” He called out to her and she shrugged, reaching behind her.


“Just wanting to keep it alive for a bit longer. Do you want a glass for your rose as well?” She asked, showing off the rose in the cup, its stem torn unusually.


“Wait…” Bakugou blinked and glanced at the nearly crushed rose in his chest, still held together by the bobby pin. Don’t tell him, no way in fucking hell. “W-where did you fucking get that rose?”


“Huh this? A prince from a far off land gave it to me. It's the only way we’ll be able to recognize each other after the night is over.” She smirked and walked past him, carrying the rose cup carefully.


“H-hold on a fucking minute! That was you the whole fucking time?!” He shouted as he watched her retreat to her side of the dorms.


“What was me?” She teased him again. “All I did was dance with an angry strange who told me he was in love… I sure do hope he tells her. As I’m sure she feels the same way.”


Bakugou blinked, his hand shaking and his mind processing what the hell just happened and what the hell just came out of her mouth.


“DON’T FUCKING WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TALK TO ME, YOU LIL’SHIT!” He hollered and dashed up the stairs after her, making sure the rose on his chest was still attached to his heart.

Chapter Text

Sequel to this~


Bakugou Katsuki:


She chuckled, her hand raising up to her mouth in a sophisticated like manner to hide her smile. Her eyes closed shut, hiding away the gems she had for eyes and the way they dazzled under the classroom lighting.


She was being fucking irresistible again and he could not stand it.


He knew she could feel his eyes on her, as did Round Face and Frog Girl. The two other girls seemed less than pleased to have Bakugou watching them, but even they knew by this point it was not them who Bakugou was watching.


It was (Name) who was being watched.


“He’s looking over here again.” Ochaco whispered to you, her hand hiding her giggles. “He must really like you to be doing this so often.”


Tsu nodded in agreement, her pointer finger tapping against her chin in thought. “Who would have guessed Lil’Baku would have fallen for anyone in the first place. But at least with you…”


“-You can keep him in line!” Ochaco cheered and Tsu shook her head.


“No Ochaco-chan. At least with (Name)-chan, Lil’Baku will have someone who can handle him and does not mind his personality.”


“Ah ah ah~” You cooed and swung your finger to your two friends. “I won’t be doing anything for that boy until he confesses.”


“I don’t get it?” Ochaco pondered and glanced at you, a frown adorning her features. “Why do you need a confession out of him, didn’t he already tell you he liked you?”


“Not exactly…” You sighed, remember the night from a week ago very well. “He confessed to liking me while not knowing he was talking to me in the first place. And then… when I gave him the chance to tell me when I told him it was me…”

“DON’T FUCKING WALK AWAY! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TALK TO ME, YOU LIL’SHIT!” He hollered and dashed up the stairs after her, making sure the rose on his chest was still attached to his heart.


You paused at the top of the staircase and made room for him at the top. “Yes Bakugou-kun?”


He stopped, red eyes widening and a small blush coming onto his face. He had ran head first into this like most things, but unlike most things, he didn’t have a plan this time around.


“That was you tonight, wasn’t it?!” He hollered averting eye contact.


“Yes it was.” Was you reply, waiting patiently for him to say what you had assumed he was going to say.


He grew a bit tense, the flush of his cheeks getting a bit worse. Finally he clicked his tongue and started moving down the steps again, away from you.


“Well you weren’t half bad of a dancer. My night wasn’t a total fuck up ‘cause of you.”

“Wow seriously?” Ochaco tossed a glare at Bakugou, who returned one back. “After all that and the amazing dance you two had… he goes and ruins the atmosphere but not saying what both of you already know.”


“Why don’t you confess, (Name)-chan?” Tsu suggested, but once again you shook your head in denial.


“Because his whole issue was that he didn’t know if he was in love with me or not. I don’t want to waste my time on a relationship where I’ll be doing all the work, so unless he tells me and proves he wants this as much as I do… then he’ll be continuing to stare at me from across the room with that unsatisfied glare.”


“Ouch~” Ochaco teased. “So cold (Name)-chan!”


“But not uncalled for.” Tsu agreed with you.


Behind the three of said, said topic of discussion was now beginning to grind his teeth in frustration. His eye twitched and his fists balled up, ready to ignite his desk and set the fire alarms up. All these strange pent up feelings were ready to burst open at the drop of a pin.


“Just tell her already man…” Kaminari drew Bakugou back to reality, the pining glare turning into an annoyed one.


“Tell who what, shitty charger?!” He spat back.


“I don’t know what’s worse…” Sero sighed. “How bad you have it for her, or the fact that you’re still denying it.


“I’m not denying anything… I just don’t want to fucking tell her and give her that satisfaction!”


“Dude, she’s not gonna wait for you forever.” Kirishima dropped the bombshell on Bakugou. “Either make your move and confess like a true man, or accept that someone else will come around and take her off the table.”


“Who the hell else would want such a dumbass like her?”


“A few students in Class B.” Kirishima answered.


“There was guy in Gen. Ed. who said she looked good at the dance.” Sero spoke.


“Me, if I had a death wish.” Kaminari chuckled, only to be punched in the gut a minute later.


“Shut your mouth, I already told you not to fucking touch her.” Bakugou removed his fist and went back to watching you.


“I-I was kidding…” Kaminari groaned out.


The lunch bell rang and everyone started moving right away. Bakugou leaned back in his chair, wanting to be left alone to his thoughts. His friends shrugged and went their separate ways from him.


His ruby orbs widened slightly as he made eye contact with you. And with the blink of your eyes, it was gone. And once again, he felt cold. What a strange feeling from someone who literally generated an overpowering amount of heat.


“You’re kinda dumb when it comes to this kinda thing, aren’t you Bakugou?”


Bakugou turned around, seeing Mina sitting on Izuku’s desk behind him. She swung her legs back and forth, her hands popping open a soda. She and Bakugou were now the only two left in class 3-A, meaning she had something she would be telling him. How annoying.


“What do you want Alien Freak?”


“Alien Queen!”


“Thank fucking God that stupid name was rejected…”


“And how many tries did it take for you to get approval for your name?”


He was quiet and Mina laughed.


“What the fuck do you want?”


“To talk.”


He growled and Mina rolled her eyes. “Try and intimidate me as much as you like, it won’t work on me.”


“Get on with it Acid Girl.”


“You love (Name).”


He clenched his teeth and turned around to face Mina, his face blossoming in red and anger.


“Why the fuck does that matter? And why do you even fucking care?!”


“Cause unlike you, I’m good with romance. And since you’ve helped me since first year, I’m gonna repay the favor by giving you pointers to confess.”


“That’s not the issue!”


“Then what is?”


He grumbled and Mina sighed. “Come again? If you want or need my help… I’m gonna need to hear you Bakugou.”


“I said I’m fucking unsure of how this shot works okay? I’ve never dated anyone before… kissing yes, but dating someone? What fuck am I supposed to do?”


“Do you mean you’re nervous or afraid to date someone, because you’re worried you’ll mess it up?”


He gritted his teeth and nodded. “Don’t you fucking tell anyone.”


“Naw, I’m not a blabber mouth. Though I can see where your problem stems from. Firstly, you’re you… and already that made it unlikely for anyone to like you romantically-”




“Let me finish!”


He grumbled and crosses his arms, letting Mina know she was walking on thin ice with him and this topic.


“Now like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. (Name) is special to you because you never felt like this about anyone before, correct? So you already have something new and strange on your mind surrounding her. Thus the night of the dance made it worse when you fell for her a second time, huh?


In my opinion, I think that’s the reason you should just come out and say it. You already know how you feel about her, once again you experienced it twice. And you accidentally let it slip to her and she even waited patiently for you to tell her.


It might be terrifying to tell her, but she’s worth it, isn’t she? If you love her, then you need to tell her! No matter what happens she’s worth it! After all, think of all the good stuff that could come out of it if you do.


But if you decide not to for whatever reason… then you need to accept and be content with watching her not only date, but fall in love with someone else.


So Bakugou, what’s worse? Confessing and figuring it out along the way, or not confessing and never knowing?


I know the answer and I think you do too, smart guy.”


Mina rose to her seat, grabbing her phone and typing on the keys, the exact words shielded from the boy in front of her. She finished and slipped her phone away, turning back to Bakugou.


“I told (Name) to meet me under the tree in the courtyard in 5 minutes. I won’t actually be going, so if you feel the need to tell her something, then this is your chance. If not then I guess she’ll be waiting there without anyone…”


Mina stuck her tongue out and made her way out of the classroom. Bakugou grumbled and leaned back in his seat. Decisions, decisions… what should he do?

The breeze from the fall season turning to winter was already in full swing, even for early November, the weather felt like the time was already in December. (Name) huddled further into her light jacket, cursing herself for not bringing more layers or thicker ones today.


She glanced at her phone again, wondering what was taking Mina so long, as it had been almost 20 minutes since she had gotten the text message from the pink girl. Apparently she wanted to be updated on the Bakugou situation, and thought standing outside in the cold was the best choice.


And now she was not even showing up.


“You’re gonna catch a fucking cold, dumbass.” His familiar gruff voice called out, a thick hand made scarf forcefully being wrapped around your chattering mouth a second later, the fabric wrapping around the lower part of your face and neck.


You turned to look at a blushing Bakugou, his cheeks either reddened from the cold air or the fact he had just wrapped his scarf around you, something he must have had an internal battle with.


“Thanks.” You breathed out and then inhaled, his scent coming into your nose: cinnamon and campfire. It was such an odd combination, but fit him so well. As Bakugou himself was a mixture of traits that one would think did not belong together, yet he made them work.


It was quiet, the chilling winds making a high pitched whistle and the screams from unsuspecting students caught in it being the only noises heard by the two of you. You glanced at him, catching him staring at you once again.


It wasn’t unusual nor was it that he continued to do so, even after catching him he narrowed his eyes and stared even harder if it was possible. This boy was strange and the one you had fallen for.


“Listen, cause I’m only gonna say it once, shitty girl.” He spoke suddenly, his stare hardening making him look almost angry at you.


You nodded keeping quiet and hoping that he finally had gathered the courage to say the thing that you both knew, but had been left unspoken.


He cleared his throat and suddenly grabbed you. He leaned in close and tore his scarf from your face, letting it loosely hang from your shoulders. But the warmth the scarf had given you was not gone, but rather still kept there by something else.


Bakugou’s lips felt warm against yours and you tilted your head into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of him finally kissing you. He settled in and pulled you close to him, holding you in his grip as he continued to capture your lips.


Sadly for the both of you, neither of your quirks allowed you to go long without air and you were forced to pull away. You could feel the redness of your cheeks and knew that his little action had made you as flustered as him.


“So I love you, okay?” He grumbled out, sounding almost annoyed.


You snorted and covered your laugh with your hands. The sounds of him beginning to get into a rage alerted you that he needs reassurance and attention. Doing just that, you swung his scarf around his neck and tugged, sending him close to you.


He blinked and looked way, still not used to this closeness, but also liking the warmness that radiated from you, not letting him move away even if he wanted to.


“My my, I didn’t expect you to actually kiss me and then confess. But I’m glad you did… I love you too.”


“Good… this would have been fucking awful if you hadn’t…”


“Hmm.” You pressed a kiss to his cheek and slipped your hand into his. “I’m cold, so it's your job to keep me warm.”


“Yeah yeah… whatever.” He huffed and moved, tugging your hand to follow him.


“Hey Bakugou-kun?”




“What did you do with your rose?”


He paused. “I put it in a glass of water… didn’t want to kill the fucking plant after I tore it off the bush.”


“Not because you love me?”


“Fuck no!”


You laughed and pulled you towards the school building, fighting back a smile of his own. Damn you were annoying, but damn did he love you.


“Alright, you guys owe me 2000 yen a piece!” Mina held her hand out.


“Can’t believe you got them both out there…” Kirishima mumbled, placing his money on Mina’s hand.


“I wonder where they’re going now?” Ochaco mumbled, watching as the new couple treated from the tree on the third floor.


“To make out more I bet.” Kaminari joked.


“Bakugou’s so gonna rub this is our face.” Sero chuckled, pacing his money in as well.


“At least they’re finally together.” Tsu mumbled.


“Ship finally sailed~ And I’m 10000 yen richer!” Mina cheered, happy her bet that you two would finally become a thing under that tree having paid off.

Chapter Text

Kaminari Denki:


“You said you wouldn’t get attached.” He sighed, sitting down on the ground in your dorm room next to you. You sniffled, trying to stop the tears that were pouring out from your eyes.


“It’s not that simple I guess… I never thought I would actually end up liking them. You can’t deny you’ve made some friends too Denki.”


His arms pushed you into his embrace and he soothed your racing him with his warmth and his calm demeanor. This Kaminari Denki was different than the one he pretended to be, or at least that's what you both tried to convince yourselves.


“Friends or not, we came here for one purpose and one purpose only. UA is going to fall and we’re gonna be the ones to do it (Name).”


You nodded against him, your heart pounding at his words and at what you knew you had to do. But you knew it wasn’t right and the moment it happened would be one of the worst moments of your life. But… it had to be done.


No matter what means of friendship were shown, you were a villain first. Kaminari knew that, and he could almost perfectly separate himself from the two worlds he walked in.


He could easily be the class idiot, or could easily act back and be this cunning, sly genius who no one expected. But, you saw the way he laughed and joked around at times, those were genuine. But he knew and would complete what he intended from the start, he was not swayed by petty acts of friendship.


You on the other hand were not as cold hearted, and if it had not been for him constantly reminding you of the reason why you joined the League in the first place, then maybe you would have confessed to these people.


And he would keep reminding you. Remind you of that man leaving your family to perish despite your small please for him to go back and rescue then. Reminding you of the sounds of the building collapsing, the event making you and orphan. Reminding you that these so called top heroes rescued a little girl who was in reach and didn’t care about her alive and begging parents.


Hero was a title. And as far as you saw it, it was a false one at that.


“I don’t want to hurt them.”


“We already had the minute we entered class. The only thing you can do now is push the inevitable further back. But one day, it’ll happen (Name), and you’ll need to accept that.”


“I know Denki… but I-I don’t want to fight them. I’m afraid of being abandoned again.”


He grumbled and positioned himself better, wrapping his arms around your quivering form and letting out an exhausted sigh. His hand rubbed your back, the motion quelling your tears at this gesture.


“I won’t even abandon you. No matter what happens, no matter where we end up, it’ll always be you and me against the world.”


You nodded and pushed your head into his neck, the dampness from your face coming into contact with his skin. He held you for a while longer, knowing well that the guilt would not disappear.


You two were traitors disguised as friends. You were here to collect info and tear this place down from the inside.


But it wasn’t easy. And when that day came, he knew as well that it would not be a good one. But for right now at least, the most he could do was push those thoughts aside and hope that the day of the reveal was still a ways away.


Right now, you both were enjoying this game of pretend.

Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijiro:


“And time.” Aizawa calls out, both students dropping their fists and defenses. Kaminari enthusiastically lets out a sigh and lays down on the cool concrete, his opponent not looking as happy as the blonde did.


Another training session where once again, all he could do was put up a defense and hope his opponent tired himself out. Sure, Kirishima had landed a few hits on Kaminari though the fight that lasted 10 minutes, but even so… he didn’t feel like he was doing so good.


“Clear out, Bakugou, Todoroki! You’re next!” Aizawa called out, Kirishima sulking off and walking towards the back of the crowd gathering to watch the two strongest students duke it out.


He was less than interested in watching them fight however, being more concerned instead with sitting down and letting his sore hands relax. Every part of him ached, and he couldn’t help but feel like he deserved it for being so useless once again.


Then from the corner of his downcast eyes, he saw a smaller figure standing in front of him. He glances up, his eyes widening to see his crush holding out a bottle of water and a smile towards him.


He blinks and accepts the water, cracking open the cap and taking a long and much needed sip from it. He lets out and exhausted breath. He mutters a thanks to her, expecting nothing of it.


“Well you deserved something, you fought really well. Especially against someone like Kaminari who’s tough to even get close to!” They gush to him and he blinks and stiffens at the sudden compliment.


“Huh? What do you mean?”


“You’re only of the few people in class who could get close to Kaminari! Usually people have to wait for him to finish discharging electricity to attack. But with you, you just harden your skin enough and dash forward, using your toughness to strike when the enemy is too shocked to do anything!”


“D-do you really see it as that? I thought I was just trying to get the upper hand…” He tosses his head to the side, causing his crush to notice his down behavior.


“Hmmm, well I think you’re an excellent fighter! And one of the nicest people I know! You’re going to be a great hero Kiri-kun!” (Name) throws their hands into the air and smiles brightly at Kirishima.


Kirishima’s mouth opens and he can’t form any words, and he chuckles in awkwardness. It felt really nice to have her complimenting him, and he was starting to accept that maybe he was being a bit too hard on himself. After all if someone as perfect as (Name) thought he was going to be a great hero, that had to be true… right?


“Thanks.” He responds and rubs the back of his neck, feeling a lot better from this short conversation.


“Huh? For what?” (Name) responds looking at him slightly concerned.


“For saying those nice things. I’m not all that great, but the fact that you're nice enough to try to make me feel better really helped.” He sighs, only to them have his temple flicked.


“Don’t make it sound like I’m a liar!” (Name) chides him, then presses their palms on Kirishima’s cheeks. “I said those things because they are true! And they are true because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and I know you are a good person at heart. And that quality is exactly what makes someone a great hero!”


“R-right. Sorry and thank you. I-I really appreciate it.” He stutters and (Name) removes their hands from his flushed cheeks.


“Good! Now remember that and if you don’t I’ll keep saying it until you do!” They cheer once again, leaning close and pressing a soft kiss on Kirishima’s cheek. “You’re amazing.”


(Name) smiles one last time, the blush on their cheeks slightly present, and then scurries away. Kirishima touches his hand to the part of his cheek where (Name)’s lips just were.


He feels a smile tugging on his features and he shakes his head. So much for feeling down, because he was as elevated as he could be from their pep talk.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


It was supposed to be simple: walk up and ask if she’d go to the dance with him. This little task seemed so easy compared to the training, fighting and villains he’s taken down. But of course, nothing simple or easy ever happens to Bakugou Katsuki.


He had tried to ask (Name) not once, but three separate times to the dance, and all three times, some shit had interrupted him before he could even begin to phrase the question to her.


Attempt 1:


It was at least an hour before he needed to leave for class, the main lounge in his dorm facility being pretty much empty. As he wandered downstairs he noticed her at the waffle iron, waiting for her choice breakfast to finish cooking.


“Morning Bakugou.” She greeted, her usual angelic voice sounding a bit tired, most likely since she had not been up for long yet.


“Yeah yeah, good fucking morning.” He grumbled, walking past her and slamming open the fridge to make himself something to eat as well.


“Always bright and cheerful I see.” She teased him, taking her waffle and putting it on a plate.


He glared at her and watched as she took a seat on one of the dining tables. Alone. In the empty lounge. Aside from herself and him.


Now or never right? Sure it wasn’t the most romantic, but at least no one would see him get embarrassed or worse, rejected...


“Hey dumbass.” He called out, walking towards her with a bowl of cereal and harshly setting it down across from her.


“Yeah?” She eyed him, curious as to what he wanted to ask her. He was usually grumpy, but the way he averted her eyes made her feel as if he was about to ask her something important.


“So that dan-”


“I DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT IS! BUT IT SMELLS GREAT!” Kaminari suddenly entered the room, eyeing (Name)’s waffle. She chuckled and rubbed his bed head worse, forgetting about Bakugou in the process.


“Want me to make you one?” She asked watching as Kaminari’s face lit up in delight and he nodded.


“Yes please!” He winked at her, causing the girl to chuckle and rise from her seat to make some more batter.


Kaminari returned the laugh, only to glance over and see Bakugou angrily eating his cereal, his ruby eyes looking to try to ignite the blonde on fire.


“What?” Kaminari asked and Bakugou scoffed, turning his gaze away and raised his lip in disatisfaction.


“Nothing, piss off.”

Attempt 2:


This morning had not worked out, but the day was still young. It was nearly lunch time, as Bakugou was glancing out the window. Whatever lesson was being taught was in the back of his mind while he tried to think of another plan.


He knew that he had to act fast, some of the other extras seemed to be wanting to ask her as well, but like hell would he allow (Name) to go to the dance with anyone that wasn’t him.


He had long accepted his crush on her, and was now more in the mindset to actually see of she returned these crummy feelings. He hated to admit it, but like a damn lovesick teenager, she had been filling his thoughts a lot lately. As she was right now.


The ringing of the bell made Bakugou return to reality, and watch as his classmates began to leave. He lingered back, knowing she was usually one of the last few people to leave the classroom. If he waited long enough, then once again it would just be the two of them and he could attempt to ask her, again.


She fiddled with her bag, making sure all her stuff was safely inside before grabbing her lunch and walking towards the door. (Name) paused when she felt a hand on her shoulder, and turned around to face the only other person who was still in the room.


“Hey.” She smiled, a faint blush rising to her cheeks when she saw it was Bakugou who was holding her back. “Sorry about this morning. Kaminari came in so suddenly i forgot about what you were trying to tell me.”


“Yeah…” Bakugou growled, his memory of earlier replaying making him scowl at that blonde haired idiot again. “Anyway, about what I was going to fucking tell you.”


“Yes?” She asked, her big (Eye color) orbs making him pause from how they pulled him in.


“Well dumbass I was wondering if you-”


“When the bell rings, it means everyone has to leave!” Iida shoved the classroom door open, his presidential side kicking in.


“Piss off Machine Legs!” Bakugou suddenly yelled out.


“L-lets just leave Kacchan alone…” Izuku mumbled, knowing full well not to get his childhood friend’s agitation levels up any higher.


“DEKU!” Bakugou lurched forward. “You get your shit friends out of here!”


“He’s really going at us, isn’t he Deku-kun?” Uraraka laughed.


Before Bakugou could wipe the floor with these intruders though, (Name) walked past him and bowed apologetically to Iida and company.


“Sorry, we were making light conversation and forgot. I apologize for the both of us.”


And with that she walked away and Bakugou had lost his chance yet again.


Attempt 3:


With two tries down the tube, it was time to throw courtesy out the window and just come out and say it to her! Luckily for Bakugou, being rude and blunt were some of his most well polished traits.


Currently, the two of you were playing villains during a training simulation. The opposing team was nowhere to be seen or heard of, so right now seemed like good time. Sure not the most appropriate, but better than the last two attempts.


(Name) was kneeling down, peaking around one corner, trying to see if anyone was around. Bakugou watched her keeping guard, and started to make his move.


“Hey, about earlier.”




“Shitface… I mean what I tried to tell you this morning and before lunch!”


“Right now isn’t a good time to bring this up Bakugou.” She scolded him and ran forward, Bakugou following her. She wanted to take down their classmates fast to be done with this exercise, but with Bakugou trying to distract her… she was feeling like this would take longer.


“Well too fucking bad, I’m gonna fucking get interrupted if I try to tell you in a regular fashion!”


“Bakugou! We need to worry about the heroes right now! This can wait!”


He opened his mouth to speak again when he suddenly felt himself get nailed in the back, and his feet feeling cold. Then something wrapping around his arms to subdue him from attacking back or escaping.


Well shit.


“Team Bakugou and (Name) are unable to move. Team Todoroki and Yaoyorozu win.”


The announcement wasn’t even the worst part of it all, as (Name)’s glaring face towards him really made him feel like an idiot, not to mention he was now on a major losing streak.




He sulked in his room, the day having not gone right for him a single time. And to make matters worse, after his irresponsible stunt during training, (Name) had been giving him the cold shoulder.


A soft knocking on his door alerted him that someone was waiting outside in the hallway for him. Begrudgingly he rose from his bed and walked to his door and slammed it open with such force that it knocked against the wall with a thud, the sound echoing down the hallway.


He felt his cheeks rise in embarrassment when he saw (Name) give him a concerned look and he clicked his tongue to hide it.


“You okay there? Want to try and slam the door a bit harder, I don’t think everyone on campus heard it.”


“Shut the fuck up… what do you want fuck face?”


“Well you’re tried to tell me something three times today and got interrupted each time. So I thought since classes are over I’d come and find you. And since you’re in your room, it means the chances of you getting interrupted are pretty low.”


He rolled his eyes, but internally thanked the stars for you coming to find him. He was going to ask you this time. The dance was next week and he was going to ask you to go with him to satisfy these damned lovey dovey emotions.


Grabbing your hand and pulling you inside his room, he locked the door and then turned to face you. You looked at him, eyes waiting patiently and he smirked.


“That dance is next week, wanna fucking go with me and have a terrible fucking time together?”


(Name) remained silent for a moment and Bakugou glared at her. She was getting back at him for earlier wasn’t she? Raising his damn anxiety at her little tease…


“Sure. Sounds fun. You better take me to dinner first and get me a bouquet.”


He groaned. “Fuck this is gonna be a ton of work, isn’t it?”


“Oh yes, so you better look nice and be on your best behavior.”


“I’ll act however I fucking want.”


“Sure sure.” (Name) walked back towards his door, unlocking it and stepping out. “So when are you gonna pick me up?”


“Around 6. Roses fucking decent enough for your spoiled ass?”


“I’m not picky. My dress is red, so wearing a tie that color, unless you want to look like a buffoon.”


“Fuck off.”


She winked before leaving and Bakugou smirked. It was going to be a fun night with her. And most importantly, he finally had her as his date.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


How he had managed to get himself such a dedicated and loving and kind hearted omega was something Todoroki constantly asked himself every day into his relationship with her.


Being the alpha, it was his job to protect her and love her and of course be supportive and loyal to her and only her, but at the same time his own omega had shown those qualities in her own ways.


The day had run late, some villain attack making him come home later to his mate then he would have liked. He knew she wouldn’t be mad, but rather flash him that smile of hers and rub against his neck, trying to calm his tension with her calm scent.


He slid open the door to their apartment and kicked his shoes off, the outer parts of his hero costume coming next and being laid down on the table near the front door neatly.


The house was a bit quiet and he knew something was off. It was never quiet, as his omega usually sang or hummed as she cooked. He could smell her scent, its usual familiarity being now mixed with exhaustion and regret.


He didn’t waste another second, his alpha instincts screaming at him to find his omega and make sure she was okay. He had to hold her, scent her and let her know that he was here now and that she would be fine.


“(Name)!” Todoroki dashed into the kitchen and found her attempting to stand up. Her legs were shaking and she was holding her hand like like she had been hit with a mallet.


He rushed to her side and engulfed her into his arms, allowing his scent to mask her in his feelings of worry and protection. She hummed in response to him and his scent, already feeling slightly better that he was here with her now.


“Oh you’re home…” She mumbled, her voice strained. “I’m so glad… s-sorry dinner’s not ready yet. I guess my heat it coming a bit early...“


She laughs in an attempt to make it seem like this wasn’t a big deal, but she knew her mate better than that. He pulled away from her a tiny bit, enough for him to look at her and for her to look back at him.


Todoroki sighs and places a soft kiss on the top of her warm head. “I don’t care if dinner’s not ready. I don’t care if the house is a mess. I don’t care if you’re not the perfect mate. What I care about is that you’re okay and you’re safe. What I care about the most though is that you are healthy.”


She nodded and buried her face into his chest. “I love you Shouto.”


“I know you do, but stop trying to be so perfect. You already are. And besides if you’re heat is coming then you need to take care of yourself and if you can’t then it's my job.” His hand ran through her soft locks and she nodded.


“I know… I’m sorry.”


“Don’t be, you’re doing what an omega should and I’m doing what an alpha should.” Todoroki paused trying to decide what to do next.


He gently lifted his omega up and brought her to their living room and placed her on the couch. “How about you build your nest (Name). I’ll handle dinner and when I’m done we can cuddle and watch a movie. I don’t want you pushing yourself with your heat coming.”


(Name) nodded and reached for a few blankets starting to build her nest to relax and feel safe in. Shouto sighed in relief glad to see her taking care of herself. Now it was his turn to make sure his omega was healthy and well. And as her alpha, he would always make sure she was, no matter what.


Chapter Text

He’d been carrying this burden since high school, but karma was not done making him pay for his past mistakes yet.


The word seemed the have flown over his head and he looked at the doctor once again. Clearing his throat and feeling his wife squeeze his hand in support, he asked once more for the man in white to repeat the news.




That was the only word Bakugou picked up on. The only word he needed to hear in the first place to understand the situation he was in. Never in his life did the thought ever cross his mind that he would father a child who would be quirkless.


Never did the thought cross his mind that he would father a child who would be a ‘Deku’. He watched as his wife reached over and comforted the crying child, not fully understanding why their quirk had not manifested at the age of 5 and why it never would.


This was some twisted fate, wasn’t it? Some plan by someone up there to toy and make him regret every single self centered, arrogant and hostile remark he made made in his youth.


It was as if the big man on top had grabbed him by the collar and shook him silly all the while yelling “How does it look from the other side?”


His answer: it sucked.


Because he knew what his kid would go through. He knew the relentless bullying and the dark thoughts these bullies would put into his child’s mind. He knew because at one point he was the relentless bully. And though he still was much too prideful to admit it aloud, he knew what he did to Deku as a child was wrong.


And it took him years to crawl out of the self loathing inferiority complex he had built around himself because of it. His ego was not just a front at age 16, his ego was what was keeping him from having that mental breakdown and coming to the realization that being Bakugou Katsuki was not always a blessing.


He came out of it though, not completely free of his sins and past mistakes, but enough to start to realize them and attempt to make up for them. He knew that he didn’t deserve pity or respect, but as the walls came down and he returned to the land of the living from whatever far off place he had separated himself to, the people around him were willing to listen and willing to carry a piece of his crimes.

His burden was not over yet though, as he watched his wife comfort their child once again. His son cried the whole way home, begging his mother to explain why he didn’t have his father's quirk or his mother's.


Bakugou attempted to swallow another lump in his throat as he heard this, but then remembered that his throat was dried up as well. He staggered out a breath and saw his wife hugging their son. He knew no amount of comfort would fix this.


Nothing would.


“Go jump from the roof and pray to have a quirk in another life.”


The past remark bounced around in his messy head, the memory of that far off middle school classroom. The arrogant smirk he wore and the tortured face of his childhood friend, as well as the shocked faces of the two people he considered friends at that point in time.


How the hell would he comfort his son when he told someone just like him that he suggested suicide to them? It was unforgivable! It was inhumane! It was what came out of his mouth and no matter how many times he wished to undo it, he knew he never could.


“I think you should go talk to him Katsuki… he really needs his dad to tell him it's gonna be okay.” She spoke, bringing him out of this separated state from reality.


Katsuki shook his head. “And say what? That you’re more than likely going to be

called weak and defenseless all your life? And that you’re dream of being a hero like your old man is all but shot? Yeah… great fucking idea babe…”


“He needs his father right now.”


“He needs someone who can actually make him feel better.”


“And who could do that better than you or myself?! We’re his parents!”


“Deku! Kirishima! Hell even Uraraka or Todoroki! But not me!”


He slammed his fist into the couch and let out a staggered breath. (Name) looked at him in worry, knowing that he was taking this as hard as their son. But now considered that he might be taking it even further by his last actions.


“So you’re never going to talk to him?”


“No. I just fucking don’t know what I’m supposed to say!”


“Katsuki…” (Name) sighed, wrapping her arms around her husband and hugging him tightly. “If this is about how you treated everyone when we were kids-”


“Of fucking course it is! This has to be some kind of cosmic karma right? I fucking bullied the kid who didn’t have a quirk and regretted it later in life! But that wasn’t enough, not only do I get to carry around this burden of telling Deku to kill himself, but the universe up and decides to let me watch as my own kid suffers from some littles shits who will do exactly what I did!”


“Do you really think you’re the type of father- no, the type of person to sit around and watch people get picked on anymore?”


“I-” His mouth was closed by the familiar hand of his wife. Her eyes were stern and serious, but her arms were still warm and comforting. This was her famous look of ‘I know you better, so shut the fuck up and let me talk some sense into you’ aka the look that made him want to marry her in the first place.


“Don’t say anything, just listen for once in your life Katsuki.” (Name) breathed and brought him into another hug. He grumbled and returned the affection, allowing her to know that he would give it his best shot to do so.


“You are not who you used to be. If you were there was no chance in hell I would have let you marry me, let alone get me pregnant with your kid. I know you aren’t proud of that egotistical boy from the past, but you have turned into someone that I’m proud to call my husband.


You save people. So I doubt you wou ld let Katsuro get bul lied. I doubt you would let any kid get bullied! You know what it's like from both sides, and you are strong, brilliant and loyal to whatever cause you find worth it!


You think you’ll have this burden forever. And while i can’t say what you did in your youth was admirable… I can say that it shaped you into the man you are now. Into the hero you are now!


And right now.. Katsuro really needs one. But more importantly, he needs his father, not Izuku, not Eijiro, not Ochaco, not Shouto. He needs his father to tell him and help him get ready for what’s to come. I know you, and you won’t sugar coat it for him… you’ll tell him that this world is harsh and cruel.


But you’ll also tell him that if you believe in yourself… then anything is possible. Look at you as the prime example! You had the quirk everyone thought would be fit for a villain, but you became a hero and a damn good one at that!


So even if this burden is making you feel suffocated right now, even if you think this is some form of payback for past mistakes, just remember one thing Bakugou Katsuki…”


His wife pressed a kiss to his forehead and took his hands into hers. She let out a breath of air and met her (eye color) hues to his ruby red ones. She smiled through her tear stained eyes and squeezed both his palms.


“These hands belong to someone who saves people, these hands belong to someone who fell in love, these hands belong to someone who helped make and bring a child into this world… and these hands carry a burden that is never forgotten. These hands are strong because they belong to a Bakugou! And right now… these hands belong to someone who needs to go and help a smaller pair that’s trembling because they think they’ve let their idol down.


The owner of these hands need to let their son know that he’s not a failure to his father, because only his father can stop a similar burden from being placed on his son’s shoulders.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened and he bit his lip in anger at himself. He nodded against his wife and gently moved her aside, finally realizing how selfish he had been.


This had never been about just him. It was about all three of you, but most importantly his son Katsuro . His son who carried the same guilty conscious and the same pair of ruby red eyes.


Bakugou slowly crept up to the familiar bedroom of his child and knocked waiting for it to be opened. He knew the weight was on his shoulders, but he needed to try. He needed to let his kid know he wouldn’t have to carry this burden alone.

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Iida Tenya:


“You’re what?!” Mina cried and looked around at the training grounds that their class had just been brought to.


“Yeah, I’m their daughter, and this training resort is part of my family’s business.” (Name) smiled and watched as some of her classmates reacted to this little reveal. Though it was not little at all, as a matter of fact it was huge.


The (Last Name) company were some of the leading teachers, inventors and activist in the hero industry. From their labs that made the best hero gear to their offices that hired some of the best rising stars, if you got picked up by them you were set for the big time.


“Everyone relax… (Last Name)-san has agreed to let us use their training facilities today due to (Name)-san being in our class. That does not mean you all can act as you please, treat this field trip like any other training.” Aizawa rounded in his students and gestured to the man who had been introduced as your father a moment ago.


“Hello Class 1-A, my daughter tells me a lot about you. Therefore I’ll let you have the run of our state of the art facilities today. However, before you get you access passes, I ask that you all do a one on one sparing to calculate your skills.


When done you access cards will show your stats and made suggestions on what part of our training areas would benefit you the most. Now who wants to go first?”


Twenty-one arms shot into the air as well as shouting and calls to be picked to go first and thus get access to this amazing industry as fast as they could.


“Iida-san. (Name)-san.” Aizawa called out. “You two go first, as you both were being the most polite to (Last Name)-san.”


You and Iida exchanged friendly glances before you both took spots on the opposite ends of the ring.


“Don’t go easy on me okay? Give it your all or you won’t get an accurate rating!” You called out to Iida, you heart thumping softly as he gave you a thumbs up and a smile.


“And-” You father held his hand in the air the waved it down. “-BEGIN!”


Iida was fast and was quickly at your side, raising a leg in an attempt to kick you in the side and send you flying out of the ring. You had expected this though and used your reflexes to dodge him.


He watched as you jumped over him and tucked and rolled away from him to ensure a safer distance away from the blue eyed male. When you had gotten back up, Iida had wasted no time and flung a fist your way.


You barely had time to register as he scraped against you arm. You jumped and kicked him in the chest, pushing him back a couple feet as you did so. You let out a tired breath, seeing as your own stamina was dropping by the minute having to keep up with such a quick opponent.


You had to think of a way to slow him down or distract him and fast!


Iida reached out to grab you and was surprised when you allowed him to bring you close to him, ready to toss you out of the ring. But then he froze when you tossed your arms his neck.


“Sorry about this, but my dad’s watching and I want to impress him!” (Name) declared and then smacked her lips onto the class president’s.


Iida froze in his movement, his grip on the girl letting go completely and his mind sparking at what was happening. You had completely broken him down by one kiss.


“EHHHHH?!” Your class cried, watching the scene unfold.


“SHE TOOK A NOTE FROM MS.MIDNIGHT!” Kaminari called out


“A kiss in battle? That’s q-quite a tactic…” Izuku scribbled away.


You broke the kiss and smiled sweetly at Iida who was slowing coming back to reality from his sudden journey to paradise. You saw him blink and knew that now was the best moment to fling him out of the ring.


“Sorry Iida-kun! About that… and this!” You cried and released a burst of wind, sending the male flying out of the ring and hitting a bush.


The buzzer sounded and everyone looked around dumbfound.


“Where did you learn to do that?!” Kirishima demanded.


“Her mother…” You father trailed off, and gave his daughter a thumb’s up for her actions. He was a proud papa that day.

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Oh! Can I have a scenario with a girls day of Class 1-A? The girls are planning a day together and the guys are tempted to spy on their day? Something fun for them. XD

“Does everyone have their bags? And does everyone have what they need in their bags?” Momo asked, glancing around at her girlfriends. Her motherly instinct was kicking in, though all the girls were grateful for her reminders.


“All set here!” Ochaco sang and clapped her hands together, smiling brightly.


“I’m so excited!” Toru cheered and jumped up and down a few times.


The girls were all huddled near the front door of the dorms, double checking their persons and getting ready for their exciting day out. It had taken them a few good weeks to plan, organize and set aside time for a girls day and now that it was here, nothing was going to ruin it!


“You ladies heading out somewhere?”


Their faces all dropped at the sound and the realization that something or rather someone's could definitely ruin this day for them if they didn’t get their point across here and now.


Glancing to the person and his accomplices who were walking down the stairs from their side of the dorms, the girls nodded to his question.


“We’re going out to see a movie, shop and grab some food.” Jirou stated, and watched as her friends cheered at the exciting day ahead.


“Awe really!” Kaminari snapped his fingers. “I’ve been wanting to go see that new horror movie!”


“Ah the one about that scary clown!” Kirishima joined in.


“Hell yeah! Mind if we join you girls? We can see it together!”


Kaminari watched as the girls exchanged glances and nodded to each other.


“No.” They all spoke back.


“Huh? Why not?” Kirishima pouted, his excitement dying down.


“Because it’s a girl’s day. No boys allowed!” Toru broke the news.


“You won’t even know we’re there!” Sero spoke up, deciding that he needed to enter the conversation as well.


“Sorry guys, but it’s a girl’s day.” Mina chuckled to the boys she hung out with a lot.


And with that they left before another word could be said on the matter. But that was not the end of that.


“Huh! They think they can have a better girl’s day then us?” Kaminari cried out and turned to his buddies. “Gather all the dudes! We’re having our own guy’s day out!”


“Are we going to gossip and get make overs too?” Kirishima chuckled and Sero playfully smacked his shoulder from the comment.


“I mean… if you want to Kirishima.” Sero laughed along with the redhead, while Kaminari planned out their own version of today.




“How does this one look?” Mina asked, twirling around in a yellow sundress she had decided to try on.


“You’ve look good in nearly everything you’ve tried on Mina-chan.” Tsu complimented her.


“You’re so pretty Mina!” Toru spoke, showing off her own outfit that was pink, frilly and had plenty of ribbons on it.


“You look good too Toru!” Momo bubbled, swiping her card at the cashier who was near where the girls were trying on clothes.


The girls sighed in envy as Momo had practically bought half the store. It must be so wonderful being rich.


With their new purchases there and their meal together being the only thing left, they headed towards the food court. The day had been long but so wonderful. The romantic comedy was cheesy, but the lead actress played such a good part that none of them could hate on it as much as they wanted too.


Afterwards, there was plenty of shopping: from toy stores to clothing store all 6 of them had spent a good amount of yen on items they wanted to treat themselves too. And now the heavy bags they were carrying were perfect examples of this.


Crossing across the main section of the mall, they made small conversation with each other or at least until Tsu spotted something interesting and stopped walking. She tilted her head to the side and decided to ask her girlfriends for a second opinion on what she believed she was looking at.


“Hey…” Tsu pondered and pointed to a familiar group of males. “Are those the guys?”


“Oh yeah it is!” Ochaco observed. “Though they look kinda grumpy…”


Sure enough, the males looked rather irritated with each other, as if the whole day had gone to shot ebcause of their continuous actions and personal quirks.


And it had.


“Am I supposed to say something?” Todoroki glanced at the girl Kaminari had attempted to hit on.


“Dude you are supposed to back me up when I hit on a cutie!” Kaminari sighed.


“This is fucking stupid… I wasted my day off on you shits…” Bakugou scoffed and saw Izuku coming back.


“Guys! There’s a sale on All Might merch at Cold Topic!” He cried only to be shoved aside by his childhood friend.


“FUCKING MOVE THEN SHIT HEAD!” Bakugou bolted towards the store, not caring about the people he shoved out of the way as he did so.


“I had no idea Bakugou liked All Might that much…” Iida mumbled watching as Kirishima chased after the boy asking him to be more polite to the fellow shoppers.


“Yeah… he’s kinda a big fan..” Izuku mumbled back the memories of their childhood obsession coming back to is mind. “He might even like All Might more then me…”


“Excuse me.” A security guard approached the males. “We’ve got several complaints and would like to ask you all to leave the premises.”


“Huh?” Kaminari cried as two more guard came up, holding fuming Bakugou and an apologetic Kirishima. “We haven’t done anything!”


“Disturbing the peace, sexual harassment, pushing and shoving other shoppers, not to mention how rude the blond kid is…” The officer motioned to Bakugou who was swearing up a storm. “So we’re going to be escorting you all out.”


The boys sighed in defeat and did as told. Meanwhile the girls chuckled to themselves from behind a plant.


“Amateurs…” Jirou chuckled knowing full well that a perfect day like they all had just had took time and planning… something the boy’s didn’t know.

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Bakugou Katsuki:


The sun beat down harshly, the cicadas echoing their cries as the evening grew closer and closer by the seconds. The sounds of a two pairs of feet thumping along the pavement alerting other creatures near of the two figures coming out of the beating distance.


His bag was over his shoulder, a glare ever present and shooting anyone who looked at him one nasty look back. Aside him was a girl, her arms cradling a cat she had found abandoned on the street a few blocks back.


“It’s getting warmer out, guess summer’s coming closer.”


She mumbled out, glancing at a pair of children sitting on the swings at a park across the road. Her company grunted, his response to her statement. He paused at the stoplight with ehr, waiting for the light to change for them to cross.


“It’s nearly July, or course it's getting warmer.” Came his gruff reply and harsh tone directed to who knows who.


“I’ve never been fond of the summer time…” She mumbled and sighed as his red eyes could be felt on her person.


He didn’t respond, not knowing what exactly to say to such a statement. He for one enjoyed the summer, sure it got hot, but it was still much better than winter in his own opinion.


The cat in her arms squirmed out of her arms and landing in front of the pair. It wasted no time in spiriting across the road. He watched as the girl suddenly chased after it, ignoring the beating red sign and the sounds of the truck coming forward.


He watched in terror as the girl ran forward and turned around enough in time to give him one last smile before the truck slammed into. He screamed out in despair as the truck, pavement and parts of his school uniform were stained red. The sounds of tires screeching and the sight of the girl mangled and torn alerted him to what had just happened.


He collapsed onto his knees and held his stomach, the smell of death thick in the air and making his stomach churn. The body burned against the hot pavement and the cicadas were louder than ever. He turned to look for help, as he needed to do something. He saw a figure close by, a blurred image of a man with a small sadistic smile chuckling at the scene


He turned to scream at the person who had stood by and taken the death of this girl with such little concern. But when he did he saw himself looking back at him. But this wasn’t him as the color palette was of. Black where it should have blond, blue where it should have been red.


‘It was bound to happen. But is this a dream or reality? Try to find out Bakugou Katsuki…’


The buzzing of an alarm ripped him out of his sleep and he jolted almost forgetting about the bombs inside of his hands. He evened out his breathing trying to recall exactly what had just happened and who exactly was that girl.


Shrugging and deciding to ignore the strange dream, Bakugou got up from his bed and decided to get ready for his classes for that day. His uniform was clean, no stains of red or marks from tears… so it really was a dream?


He opened and walked out of his dorm room, the corner of his eye catching Kirishima walking out as well. He ignored the red head’s greeting and shuffled out, ready to get today over with so he could sleep and have a better night than the one he had last night.


“You look exhausted man.” Kirishima spoke and Bakugou shook his head.


“Couldn’t sleep for shit.”


The two made idle conversation, not caring about who picked up on the conversation or who came by. The two had nearly reached UA’s main building when Kirishima paused at the sensation of someone tapping on his shoulder.


“Huh?” The hardening boy turned to look at who had tried to get his attention. “Can I help you?”


Bakugou turned around as well wanting to know who was bothering him and Kirishima on the way to class. He slammed his lips together as tightly as he could when he saw the ghostly familiar face and the same cat being held in the non-bloodied arms.


“Oh sorry. I’m new and can’t seem to find my classroom. Could you help me?” The girl spoke, scratching the cat behind its ears and having the creature meow in delight.


“Sure, what room are you looking for? I’m Kirishima Eijiro by the way!”


“Class 1-A, I’m a new transfer. I’m (Name).” She spoke and suddenly winced as the cat broke out of her grasp and took off away from its owner. “Oh no! Leo!”


She took off after the cat the next second, running straight for the street by the entrance of UA. Her from disappearing becoming one with the summer heat was all too familiar, all too frightening for him.


Dropping his school bag and spiriting forward, he nearly took off her arm as Bakugou jerked her away from the main gate. He watched as the cat dashed towards the park near the academy and then lowered his gaze to the girl he was still holding in a death grip.


“Um could you let me go? I have to get my cat back!” She declared and pulled at his arm in an attempt to get away.


Bakugou realized the situation and shook his head. “Shut up! You were about to run into traffic like a dumbass! You should be thankful, I just saved your fucking life!”


(Name) blinked and  pointed towards where her cat had run off too. “Well thanks, but I need to get my cat!”


“Calm down, I know where the shit went. I’ll lead you there.” He grumbled and paced towards the back of UA. This path would avoid the street, and was more closed off since it was still in UA’s area.


The two of you walked in silence as you paced by machinery, cement and other tools used for construction. Bakugou sighed as the sun beat down on him, even this early in the morning he was starting to sweat from the summer heat.


“It’s getting warmer out, guess summer’s coming closer.”


He stopped walking and looked at the girl he had met no more than 10 minutes ago. His red eyes bore into her and her haunting sentence, the same way that started everything in a reality that wasn’t a reality at all.


“Are you okay? Are you having a case of heat stroke….”


‘Don’t say it… please don’t say it fucking girl…’ he begged and watched as her mouth opened up again, a small frown on her face she did so.


“This is why I’m not fond of the summer time…”


He bit his lip, memories coming back or rather scenes from a certain dream. The red staining his mind, he grabbed her again and shoved her back to the direction they had come from. He wasn’t going to risk it, not a chance in hell he would witness such a gruesome thing again.


“Hey… I think the two of us should fucking leave.”


He grabbed her hand and dragged her back towards the main campus. Even if she was protesting he didn’t care. If his dream was becoming reality… then he had to keep this girl away from the street at all costs.


He didn’t want to see her body break into millions of bloodied pieces again, nor did he want that guilt of watching her die and not doing anything to come back. He was going to save you, no matter how long or how much work he had to put into it.


The two of you had nearly arrived back where Kirishima and him had originally been contacted by her. He was so distracted by the thought of his dream that when he let you go and stormed off… he didn’t notice the movements of his peers.


Suddenly a good lot and more as the seconds passed looked up and saw the bundle carrying multiple beams of steel cracking. Then the screams of dozens of students as the cracking let out a loud simple crack.


He watched as the beams fell, directly to where he had just been standing. The image of the girl looking up as well and her body gritting together at the thought of what was about to happen.


He screamed and shot out a hand towards her. He desperately wanted to reach and pull her away but he was too rash and had distanced himself too far away once again.


He watched as one beam impaled directly through the chest, her body sticking on it as the beam rested upwards after landing and making a hole in the ground. Then came the rest of the beams, separating her arms and legs from her body and allowing a spray of red to enter the air.


Bakugou watched once again as she died in front of him, the cries and screams of his classmates drowned out by the sight he had witnessed not once but twice now. His body trembled as he realized he had once again allowed this girl to die on his watch and that once again he watched it happen due to a mistake he could have prevented.


‘It was bound to happen. But is this a dream or reality? Try to find out Bakugou Katsuki…’


He blinked up and saw himself with the opposite colors smiling down at him, pointing to the dead girl who was rotting in front of him. He blinked his blurry eyes when he saw her hand extended out towards him, the visible part of her face smiling towards where he had been when he let her go.


“Strange that she was smiling in the end huh? Too bad this isn’t a dream”


Opposite Bakugou chuckled and then the world faded to black.


“Bakugou-san!” Iida’s voice echoed in his head and Bakugou raised his head up from his desk to glare at the class president who had woken him up from his slumber. “Free period does not mean its time to nap! As your president I’m worried about your lack of slee-”


“Shut it Machine Legs… I’m fucking tired and  now I have a headache too…” He growled and heard the distant sounds of someone giggling.


“Geez Bakugou-kun. I never knew you always woke up on the wrong side of the bed.”


He glared at (Name) who was situated between Kaminari and Mina near his desk. Her head tilted to the side and he glared at the girl, not caring that she was this happy when he was miserable.


“Maybe if I stopped having such terrifying dreams…” He mumbled and she stopped her laughing.


“You’re having nightmares?” She coaxed him to share, walking over to his desk and sitting down near it, so it would only be the two of them in this conversation. “What about?”


He opened his mouth to tell her to fuck off, but paused as the past two scenes among many others came back to him. The way he gripped his hair and bit his lip hard enough to draw blood made (Name) concerned and she gently grabbed him and helped him up.


“Iida-kun, Bakugou-kun is a bit sleep deprived. Since its last period, I’m going to walk him back to his house. I want to make sure he rests up.” She grabbed both their things, ignoring Bakugou’s protests that he was fine.


“I understand, see that he is fit and ready for school tomorrow!” Iida waved them off.


Once out and walking down the street, Bakugou pushed her away and grabbed his bag. He didn’t know why he was so shaken up by those disturbing dreams, they were just dreams right?


“I don’t need you to walk me fucking home…” He spat at her and she sighed, keeping up with his pace as they walked along the scorching path.


Bakugou could feel himself sweating, his legs giving into the sudden exhaustion of his body and mind. She noticed right away and pulled him towards a park. Sitting him down on one of the two swings, (Name) reached into her back and pulled out a water bottle.


“Here, I don’t want you passing out on me. It's hot so you should be drinking something more often.”


He didn’t argue, just clicked his tongue and snatched the water from her. He chugged it down, the cool liquid waking him up more from the reality he was in or believed to be in.


“This hot weather is why I’m not fond of the summer time…”


His grip on the water left and the canteen made a clattering sound as it hit the ground, the remaining water pouring out onto the dirt ground. (Name) glanced up in concern at her companion from this sudden action.


Bakugou shook his head, trying to figure out what the hell was exactly going on. Everytime she said that… something bad began to happen starting with that damned-


“-oh look a cat.” (Name) mumbled and Bakugou stood up and stomped towards the creature resting near the slide.


“GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE YOU BAD OMEN!” He yelled at the feline, diving forward and smacking the ground with a large explosion.


The cat scampered away, one of its back paws limping as it did so. He had done it, with that cat away from her, (Name) won’t die.


“What was that for? That kitty did nothing wrong and you hurt it!” (Name) cried out, her form rushing past him and following the cat.


Her figure rushed to the street, the sounds of traffic hitting his head like a drum as she neared closer to the crosswalk. She spotted the limping cat tending to its wound across the street and run into the street, not caring to look or spot the incoming truck.


You had realized too late as the sounds of a horn entered your ears and you froze like a deer watching as the ton of metal neared you. But then suddenly you were harshly grabbed and were pushed back, the blur of something else taking your place.


Bakugou let out a sour chuckle as he watched her get completely out of the way of the incoming truck, now coming directly at him. He saw from the corner of his blurrying eyes the reverse him watching with wide eyes and he smirked at him.


“Guess I won huh? It was bound to happen. But is this a dream or reality? Try to find out other Bakugou Katsuki…”


He repeated the line to the him that looked on in defeat. He had given himself  exactly what he wa meant to get. And as the feeling of being crushed by the truck came over him, he waited for death to come.


“That was foolish you know.” She spoke to him, waking him from his slumber.


Her arm was tossed lazily across him, her from being covered by one of his t-shirts and her cascading across the pillow and top of his chest.


“I don’t care how fuckig dumb it was, I’d save you over and over again..”


“Why?” She asked separating herself from him, her scent reminding him of his cologne. “Why did you keep trying? We didn’t even know each other in some of those incidents…”


He glanced up at her and sighed. “To be honest, I wasn't’ fucking sure at first… but I guess it's cause I really couldn’t stand the thought of you fucking dying and me not being able to do anything but watch.”


“Is that your way of saying you love me Bakugou Katsuki?”


“Whatever makes you sleep at night…” He grumbled and the felt his cheeks warm up as (Name) came closer and nipped at his cheeks. She kissed him across his face until she paused at his ear.


“Katsuki.” She whispered into his hair. “ Wake up.


His sore red eyes blinked open and he glanced around his surroundings. The sounds of beeping and his body wrapped in bandages made it easy to realize where he was. A hospital, meaning he had survived the event and that she was still alive.


“Oh goodness he’s awake!” Her voice cried out and he glanced to see a few familiar faces near him.


His father sighing in relief in contrast to his crying mother who looked ready to beat the shit out of him. Near them was Kirishima who looked to just have had a weight lifted from him and her.


She smiled softly as him, coming forward and gently taking his injured hand into hers. “Dumbass… you nearly got yourself killed cause I was too stupid to look before I ran into the street…”


Bakugou scoffed and looked away from her. His face was covered in a blush, as he realized these dreams with her were far from over. But he didn't mind them, as long as she wasn’t dying in them any longer.


“Stop chasing cats dumbass…”

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“Your dorm room is kinda strange.” (Name) stated and glanced around at the amounts of random items their boyfriend had in this small space.


“Really? The other guys said so too.” Kaminari replied back, sitting on his bed and rolling one of his shoulders in an attempt to relieve them of the soreness from training. “They said it looked like I had just thrown random stuff in here.”


“Hmm… well I’d say it just looks more like you just have a lot of interests and too many things.” You giggled and turned to look at your exhausted boyfriend.


“That’s what I’m saying! They made it seem as if I was on a spending spree to just fill up my room! Thank God you get me (Name)!” Kaminari pointed both of his fingers at you and flashed you a smile.


You smiled softly and crept forward towards the boy. He opened watched as you crawled on the bed towards him and enveloped him in your warm arms and chest. He knew he was most likely blushing by how hot he felt from the sudden embrace, but remained as he liked it.


(Name) moved away a second later and pulled their face to his cheeks and lightly rubbed their nose against his flushed skin. They pressed their lips to his cheek and left small light kisses all along his face. It was not needy or intimate, but instead just sweet and cute, just like them.


“You feel okay lately?” Denki mumbled out as he felt you motion for him to lay down on your lap.


“Yeah, just dandy. Why?” You responded, running digits through his bright locks in a continuous motion. He relaxed under their touch and let out an exhausted breath he didn’t know he had.


“You just seem more affectionate than usual, not that I mind…” He spoke softly and trailed his voice off on the last part.


You lowered your head and connected his lips to yours. Denki closed his eyes as you kissed him, his rough and bruised lips meeting smooth and warm ones. He felt you remove yourself from his lips and instead rest your forehead on his, the awkward angle not bothering either of you too much.


“Hmmm is there something wrong with me giving you extra love my baby~” You cooed, knowing he was anything but a baby.


“No… but I do worry that my lover is worrying about me too much…” He remarked, propping one eye open to look at you.


“And if I am?”


“Then I’d want you to tell me why? I’m your boyfriend, so the last thing I want is for you to deal with something on your own.”


“You’re too sweet for your own good Denki-kun.” You placed a kiss on his temple and then starting petting his head again. “I suppose I’m just scared… scared that something bad will happen to you... “


“Don’t be.” Came his reply. “I can take care of myself just fine…”


“I know that… but that doesn’t make me not worry… after all-” You stopped yourself when a single teardrop fell onto Denki’s forehead. “Sorry, I guess I've been holding this in for a while…”


“Talk to me babe.” He spoke and got up from your lap and wrapped his arms around you. “I don’t want to see you cry.”


“Everything’s just happened so fast… your class has suffered so much and I’m worried that one day… it’ll be you. Iida, Todoroki & Midoriya were almost killed the Stain, Bakugou got kidnapped by the League of Villains, Kirishima nearly killed himself during his internship… and that’s only a few personal cases!”


Denki sighed and pulled you both down so you two were laying on his bed. His face was buried in your chest, his calm breathing doing the same effect to you. You sniffled and wrapped your arms around him as well.


“I’m not going anywhere. I know it’s a pretty bad promise cause neither of us know what the future holds… but at least for right now and in this moment, I’m not leaving you. And if I had the ability too, I would make that be forever.


I could always tell you not to worry, that I’m strong and have strong people around me… but I know that won’t stop you from feeling worried. So I guess what i can do is be more practical, okay?”


“What do you mean?” You asked, the tears finally stopping as you listened to him comfort you and the beating of his heart letting you know that he was here next to you and fine.


“If I’m ever in a dangerous situation by myself and overwhelmed, I’ll run for backup. I won’t try and do something reckless, I’ll play it smart. Sound good?”


“Y-yeah.” You smiled and felt him fumbling around to find your hand since he was still relaxing on your chest. “Dumbass, don’t be lazy~”


You connected your hand to his and he laughed at your remark. The two of you remained silent for a minute, listening to the various noises from the other dorms as the night continued on.


“Hey (Name)?”




“You know I love you, right?”


“Yeah Denki, I know you do.”




“Hey Denki?”




“I love you more.”


He laughed again and lifted his face from your chest and gave you a wink. You giggled as he kissed your temple.


“Now that I disagree with.”

Chapter Text

The sounds of something being dragged through the hallways alerted the girl's side of the dorm that something was happening. Being curious as to what the sound was, along with who was making it, the small group of girls from class 1-A made their way to the second floor.


They soon found the source of the noise coming from none other then (Name) herself, who appeared to be duct taping pillows along her body, groaning as yet another one fell off her form and onto the ground.


“Ummm (Name)-chan?” Uraraka piped up, causing the (hair color) girl to turn and look at her friend. “What exactly are you doing?”


Said girl smirked and moved aside, pointing to the stairwell down to the common area. The girls approached cautiously and looked down at the stairs, and blanked at what was seen.


Near the bottom of the stairs were Kirishima & Kaminari positioning a mattress (most likely what was being dragged) and scattering it with more pillows. By your feet was a tray most likely stolen from the cafeteria, and thus, it did not take long for them to put two and two together.


“You’re going to get hurt.” Jirou bluntly said and you brushed her concern away with a laugh.


“Nonsense! I have pillows on every major part of my body!”


“I don’t think pillows will protect you from crashing into the front door…” Momo tried to warn you and hopefully convince you otherwise.


“Kaminari-kun & Kirishima-kun are laying down pillows, so I’m sure nothing bad will happen! Anyway, you guys should head downstairs! I gotta warn up for my big entrance!”


Sighing, and knowing all too well this reckless behavior of yours, the girls walked down the stairs in the manner they were meant to be and paused at the bottom. Glancing around it appeared that a few other classmates had also walked in on this strange display.


Izuku, Todoroki & Iida were sitting on a couch across the way and watched as Kirishima & Kaminari set up the last of the pillows making a very thin layer between the floor and however would be stupid enough to attempt this.


Sero was next to them, a camera in hand and smiling. Kaminari stood up and admired his work as Kirishima gave you the thumbs up. Looks like everything was all set up and ready for your dive down the stairs.


“Don’t hurt yourself! None of us are going to clean up your blood!” Mina teased you, her out of all the girls not being very worried or concerned.


You chuckled to yourself and made sure your bodysuit of pillows was secure. Your heart was pumping with excitement as you kicked the dining tray closer to the peak of the stairs. You sat down right on it and glanced towards, imagining the rush of adrenaline you were about to have.


“Why are you fucks standing around?” An angered voice suddenly called and you perked up.


“Yo Bakugou! (Name)’s just about to attempt her next daring feat! Kaminari informed him and the ash blonde suddenly stopped pacing towards the kitchen.


“Huh? What’s that dumbass doing now?” He called out and came towards the stairwell. He glanced at his ‘friends’ who pointed up and looked to see you smiling and waving down at him.


“Heyo Katsu-kun!” You used one of the nicknames he hated.


“Are you trying to get yourself killed?!” He shouted up at you.


You shrugged and pointed to the pillow on your chest, held down by measly duct tape. “I took the proper safety precautions!”


“A damn pillow ain’t gonna keep you from cracking your head open!”


“I’ll be fine! And besides, if all goes to hell…” You tilted your head to the side and gave off an innocent smile. “’ll catch me right?”


Bakugou balled his left hand into a fist and shot his right hand at you, his finger pointing directly at you. “NO WAY IN HELL! If you get hurt, I’ll let you!”


You giggle, seeing as your little flirt had made him turn the tsundere tendencies on high. He turned away from the direct line of your path and you readied yourself.


“How’s it looking?” You called below, double checking to make sure your whole form was on the tray meant to carry food.


“Pillows spread over a wide area!” Kaminari called out, his hand shouting out and giving you a thumb’s up.


“Camera’s ready!” Sero reported in, and copied Kaminari’s thumb’s up.


“And no one is in the way! Go for it (Name)-chan!” Kirishima concluded, his thumb’s up joining the other ones.


“Don’t encourage her you fucks! We all know she does this shit for attention!” Bakugou called out from wherever he had disappeared to. You thought he had left, but it looked like he had stayed around.


You smiled softly at this. Even if he said he didn’t care and had just claimed you were an attention and thrill seeker, you couldn’t be mad at him. He was brash and harsh, but you loved challenges and winning that boy’s heart was the most challenging one yet.


Shaking your head from your own train of thought involving yourself and your feelings for this hot head, you took a deep breath. It was now or never.


“Now I just have to gracefully cascade down the stairs on this tray…” You mumbled and pushed yourself forward.

You took off at a fast speed, the stairs blurring to look like a flat path. You chuckled in excitement as you collided with the mattress at the bottom. In the original plan, the mattress would take away any speed and kinetic energy that you had gathered from the stairs and have you safely crash.


But you had relied on the math and science skills of Kaminari & Kirishima. They were great guys, but they lacked skills in those areas. So of course, you didn’t stop when you hit the mattress.


Instead, you bounced and flew off the tray, and soon were airborne. You cursed yourself for such a dumb decision and knew that in a moment or two you would soon be feeling the consequences of it.


Your mind raced with the possibilities: you’d crash into the door and crack it, landing on the pavement. Or you would smash through a window and get cut up from the broken glass. God forbid you somehow changed directions and were now flying towards one of your classmates, thus raising the injury total to 2 or more…


You closed your eyes in preparation, but soon found yourself in someone’s tight grasp. You blinked and saw you were being held in someone's muscular arms like a bride on top of the coffee table near Izuku, Todoroki & Iida.


The came the sudden heat on your lower back and neck and you soon realized who exactly had saved you from disaster. You looked up and met the raging red eyes of Bakugou. His upper lip was visibly twitching and his orbs knitted together to glare down at you.


He was doing his best to make sure his quirk didn’t hurt you, but you knew the heat from them was due to how angry he was at your recklessness.


“Wow! He moved so fast! I’ve never seen Bakugou-kun propel himself with his quirk that well! He must have been really worried about you (Name)-chan!” Toru bubbled and then earned Bakugou’s glare in her direction.


“I was not fucking worried!” He yelled out, but convinced no one.


“Ah, don’t be embarrassed Bakugou! Saving the girl from danger is what real men do!” Kirishima called to him.


“I only grabbed her cause she would have knocked our front door off it’s fucking hinges!”


“I don’t know why you feel the need to lie… she only does this for your attention and it’s obvious you like her back…” Todoroki mumbled next to the two of you.


“H-Huh! Todoroki-kun!” You blushed and tried to move out of Bakugou’s arms. His grip tightened when you did this though and you stopped moving.


“Are you looking for a fight Half and Half?” Bakugou growled and marched forward, seeming to have forgotten about you in his arms.


“Not when you’re carrying someone. Honestly if you still intend on pretending to not have feelings for her, then don’t carry her like you both just got married.”


Todoroki stalked off and bakugou growled and looked down at you. You blinked and turned away from him. He let you go a second after wards placing you on the couch before charging after Todoroki.




You could only sit and go over what had just happened… maybe you should increase these activities if it meant Bakugou would hold you like that again… yeah maybe you should.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


Maybe he was more than a hand crusher? In the past whenever Todoroki Shouto was around, someone he held dear would get their hand messed up. But this time, this time was different.


Instead of Midoriya or Iida getting hurt, it had been you. The girl from general studies who he just so happened to strike up a conversation with one day. He had been in the library one afternoon and you were an assist there.


It was as clique as they come, falling for a librarian after all. But Todoroki was pretty clique at times himself. But even so, his chance encounter with you blossomed into something more. He soon started finding himself in the library during your assistance times and striking up conversations with you about books and the mundane events of both your lives and differing curriculums.


Soon he had invited you to join him and his group for lunch, to which you accepted. From that point on, you had sat with him regularly at lunch: always squished between himself and Tsuyu. He had gotten used to the sounds of your laughter when Ochaco made a joke, or your scoff when Mineta attempted to make some type of sexist remark.


It was not long before Todoroki realized that he was in love with you. But he was much too afraid to say anything. He’s rationality was that if he had inherited half his father’s power, then at least some part of his personality would be from that man as well.


And he was not willing to take the risk that he would treat you the way his father treated his mother. Todoroki would much rather watch you from a safe distance then risk it. As much as he loved you, longed to touch and be with you… it was too heavy on himself.


The day had started out normal, classes for general subjects went by without a hitch and by lunch you had happily sat down with his usual group of friends. Izuku gushed about something, Iida was energetic about this, Ochaco was giggling at that. He watched as Tsu smacked Mineta with her tongue, thus knocking the small pervert out. Nothing seemed out of place, but for some reason, Shouto could not shake this ominous feeling.


You had taken notice and gently poked his cheek on his cold side. He turned and looked at you, feeling both sides of him start to raise in body temperature. You smiled and pushed forward a container of something.


“I made everyone cookies that look you!” You buzzed happily and opened the box to show the artistic cookies that had been designed to look like the 6 heroes in training.


“Wah! They’re so cute (Name)-chan!” Uraraka smiled and grabbed her cookie form. She took a quick snap of it before taking a bite. “Ah! And they taste good too!”


Soon enough everyone had grabbed their designated cookie except for Todoroki, who still seemed a bit on edge. You tilted your head in worry and tapped him once more. “Todo-kun? Are you feeling okay?”


“H-huh? Oh.. um yes. Just a bit on edge today I suppose.” He mumbled, glancing at you for a second before staring down at his ignored lunch.


“You should eat though.” You warned him and he sighed, knowing better than to worry you further.


“Of course. And thanks for the cookie.” He smiled softly, feeling rather happy to have you hold him in such a place of worry, meaning you cared for him as well.


If the afternoon had stayed that way it would have been perfect, but of course when attending UA the risk of something going wrong at the worst time was always high.


You had been walking with their group, lunch now over and there hero portion of the day about to begin. Uraraka had urged you to walk with them since you could go late to your shift at the library today.


You didn’t want to disappoint her, so you had agreed to tag along, but just to the changing rooms. If it had stayed that way, things would have been fine, you would have been fine.


Soon enough you were meeting the other 14 members of class 1-A and talking to them while they waited for their teacher to arrive. You had been having a lively conversation with Mina about cute summer hairstyles when suddenly an alarm went off.


Everyone suddenly froze in place and turned to look towards the direction of alarm. It was the same one during the media break in, but to everyone present… it didn’t feel like it did that time.


The intercom was announcing the arrival of villains on campus and that students should remain in groups and seek a safe zone. Class 1-A was used to a situation like this before, but they realized that unlike at USJ, they had someone who did not have the training or knowlegde of such things.


Todoroki had grabbed your hand right away and looked to Izuku and Iida, worry and determination on his usually blank features. The duo nodded back to the prophecy son and took up the rear.


“I’m getting (Name) to safety! Everyone else be careful!” He called out as he took off with you towards a secluded area, knowing that if he could find a hiding spot you would be safe from harm.


“Todo-kun! I’ll be fine on my own! You, Mido-kun, and Iida-kun should stay and help your class!” You tried to protest, but to no avail.


“No!” Todoroki’s grip on your wrist tightened and he pulled you further. “I won’t allow you to get hurt! I’ll bring you to safety, that’s what a hero does!”


You blinked at his declaration and nodded. But soon saw something that would replace that comfort to fear.


“Todo-kun!” You called and he looked up to see a villain charging at your small group.


“Stay back!” He ordered and ignited half of his body.


The villain lunged forward, his hand reaching out towards Todoroki. Todoroki wasted no time in dodging and firing back a display of flames. The villain smirked and put the flames out in an instant.


It appeared he could create water from the particles in the air, thus making him a more dangerous foe. But he had more than one trick up his sleeve as well, as he lifted his hand up and showed off his palm. Slowly he began to turn it into a fist and as he did so a bubble of water started surrounding Todoroki.


“Todoroki-kun!” Izuku shouted and lunged towards the villain only for his backup to arrive and stop any actions of freeing the boy from the water prison.


“Say goodbye to your boyfriend, girly. He’s about to have sleep with the fishes.” The villain chuckled.


You didn’t waste time in using your own quirk, and soon Todoroki found himself out of the bubble and standing exactly where you had been standing. And as such, you had taken his place inside the water bubble.


“Huh? A spatial manipulation quirk? Either way as long as I drown one of you.”


Todoroki coughed out the remaining water and gasped as he saw you free floating in the water like he had been moments before. He knew your quirk made you unable to move after you used it, the reason you failed the entrance exam. And now you had so foolishly used it to save him….


… he was supposed to be a hero, but he only ended up putting a civilian in harm!


“If you did anything to cause her harm…” Todoroki stood up, a dark and protective aura burning and freezing everything in his path. “... then I won’t care if I what I do even makes my father scold me.”


The rest was a blur of fists, ice, fire and kicks. But one way or another, he had taken out the villain and as a result freed you from your watery bed of death. The only problem was that you were not breathing when he caught you.


And so that brought him to know… him sitting next to your bedside in Recovery girl’s office. His hands were tightly grasping your and his eyes were tearing up.


“I don’t know if or when she’ll wake up… but you’re welcome to stay as long as you like dear…” Recovery Girl mumbled to him, gently rubbing his shoulder.


“T-thank you…” He spoke and heard her footsteps fade away. Soon he knew that he was the only conscious being left in the room. The constant beating of the heart monitor was the only thing reminding him that this was not some bad dream, but rather a terrible reality.


“Damn it.. Why couldn’t I have been stronger?” He finally cracked and felt the tears being released. “I should have been the one to save you.. Not you save me.


And now your- your sleeping for who knows how long! It’s not fair… why does everyone I care about disappear from me? First mother… and now you?


I never got to tell you how grateful to you I am… those books you recommended? The ones you said I would relate to and enjoy? You were completely right! I related to the main characters more then you know!


A-and those cookies you made? I-I ignored your kindness when I should have thanked you and told you much I appreciated it!


M-maybe I really am like my father? He never let my mother know how amazing she is! And I did the same thing to you… I never…”


He looked up and saw your calm and soft face breathing softly thanks to the machines connected to you. He pressed his lips together and lifted your joined hands up toward his face. He pressed a desperate kiss to your knuckles and felt his tears hitting your cold skin, for once not being a comfort to him.


“I never told you that I love you! I love you (Name)... i love you so much… so please. Please even if you reciprocate them, please at least wake up so I can tell you. Y-you deserve that much. You deserve to know.”

Chapter Text

It was pretty well known that Kaminari Denki was a flirtatious kinda guy. From the flashing smiles when someone cute passes by him in the hallway, to the ridiculous stunts he and eye candy he would purposely show off, he knew that many girls liked him.


And while he was not the most popular guy at UA, he did have his fangirls. For the most part, he kept them under control, knowing full well that he didn’t want to lead any of them on or get their hopes up. He wasn’t an asshole…


So of course, when (Name) had started developing feels for the electric boy, she knew that it was not more than a simple crush. It wasn’t like this was a crush on Midoriya, Todoroki, or Kirishima who would politely deny feels if brought up, this was Kaminari who was too afraid to hurt a girl’s feels and instead allowed them to tag along in some weird harem.


You were not a jealous person, nor were you the type to get angry over small things. But man oh man did you get internally angry watching Kaminari gush over another cute girl as she asked to touch and pet his unique locks.


You continued eating your lunch, this time much angrier than before, catching the attention of those around you. Jirou sighed and placed a hand on your shoulder and you looked at her in surprise.


“You’re hopeless (Name)-chan…” She mumbled and pointed down to your lunch that looked to have been make in a washing machine by how destroyed it was. She glanced over to what you had been looking at and saw as one girl handed Kaminari a homemade lunch.


“He’s an idiot…” She mumbled and looked back at you.


You looked at the boy, longing and sadness in your eyes as he happily ate some general education girl’s lunch for him. She sighed and removed her hand from your shoulder and stared at the site as well, trying to figure out something to say to her close friend.


The two of you had been in the same class every year during your middle school years, so when it came time to apply to a high school, it was a shock to learn you both had applied to UA. While Jirou had selected to apply to the hero course, you had thought the support curriculum was more your style.


When you both got your acceptance letters, it was a bittersweet victory: because while you both got into your first choice high school, the realization that the two of you would no longer be in the same class hit home hard.


You both had grown closer the past 3 years and knew a lot about the other. Which is why Jirou knew this crush on Kaminari was something serious. You had never had an interest in a boy until high school, and it was when Kaminari had walked into the Support class one day.


While Hatsume had been the one helping him out, you had been in the room at that time and had thought he was really cute. Hatsume had called you over after talking to Kaminari and explained that you were an expert in making support items to help with aiming.


“Awe really? This cute girl?” Kaminari had teased you and you blushed a bit before giving him an annoyed look.


“Oh, I wouldn’t make her angry electric boy, (Name)-san only works with people she likes…” Hatsume joked around, though it was not a lie.


“Oh sorry sorry!” Kaminari apologized. “I’d really appreciate something though! I’ll leave it to you two!”


You had called Jirou after school that day and filled her in on the strange boy who had suddenly captured your heart with such a small interaction. When you had finished telling her about how cute the streak in his hair was, you heard Jirou groan.


“What is it?”


“Out of all the boys, why did you have to fall for Kaminari-kun? He’s quite…” She paused trying to find her words. “...special.”


“Do you know him Kyoka?!” You yelled into the phone forgetting the honorific from sheer excitement.


“Yeah he’s my classmate. I still can’t believe you like him!”


“What can I say? The heart wants what it wants~” You cooed.


“And apparently your heart wants a complete idiot…”


Back to the present, Jirou had decided that enough was enough. The longer you watched Kaminari put up with these other girls just meant the more sad and depressed you would get.


“Kyoka-chan?” You asked and watched as she got up from her seat among the mix of heroics students and support students.


“I have something I need to go do. I’ll text you later.” She spoke and you nodded and watched as she walked off. She approached Kaminari who was still talking to his followers.


“We need to talk.” She spoke and grabbed him by his collar, successfully dragging the boy away from the group. “Hurry it up.”


“H-huh? Jirou-san? Where are you taking me?” Kaminari protested but walked along with the earphone girl.


She led them down a few hallways and finally stopped when they were in an empty hallway. Jirou sighed and shook her head before turning to look back up at Kaminari.


“Listen… we need to talk about that little ‘harem’ you have.” She started, twirling her earphone jacks as she spoke.


“What about them? They're all pretty nice, and they know I’m not interested in dating, so there’s no harm.”


“Kaminari, that’s not the issue. The issue is that you are making yourself seem like a player and some others are really upset by it!” Jirou attempted to reason with him.


Kaminari’s eyes widened and he flashed Jirou a smile before leaning against the locker. Jirou watched as he did so, ready to smack him for what she had suspected he would do next.


“If you’re jealous Jirou-san, you could always join in too! The more the merrier after all, and I always had a feeling you liked it.” he said rather loudly and rather flirtatiously.


Jirou’s eyes widened and she prepared to zap him with her quirk, only to suddenly hear the sounds of someone dropping something a few feet away from them. She looked behind Kaminari and he turned to look as well.


You stood a few feet in front of them, small droplets escaping your eyes as you looked on at your crush and best friend. Scattered around your feet were your textbooks and guides for class, meaning you had decided to head back early since Jirou had left you.


“O-oh s-sorry… I didn't know I was interrupting something. I-I’m sorry Kyoka-chan, I had no idea that you liked him… I should hav-” You covered your face with your palm and turned around.


“(Name)-chan!” Jirou called out as your form quickly retreated down the hallway. She turned to Kaminari in the next second and stomped on his foot as hard as she could.


“Ow! What was that for?!” He called out, and looked down at the fuming girl.


“Dumbass! (Name) is the one who likes you! Not me! And now she thinks that not only I betrayed her, but that the boy she likes is dating her best friend!”


“H-huh? (N-name)-chan likes me?!” Kaminari only heard half of what was said.


“Were you not listening?! I just said she does!” She calmed herself after yelling at him again.


“I-I heard you! I just-” He coughed into his hand and glanced away from Jirou, a soft pink coming onto his cheeks. “S-she’s really cute…”


“And you just made her cry because you assumed I wanted into your stupid hoard of fangirls!”


“I-I know… I feel really bad.”


“Go find her and apologize then!” Jirou poked him in the chest. “She’ll only feel better if it’s coming from you sparks for brains!”


Kaminari nodded walked away from Jirou. Jirou sighed and took out her phone, deciding that an apology text and an explanation was still needed on her end.


Meanwhile you had retreated back into your own classroom and pulled out a blueprint sheet. Hatsume was also in there like always and came forward to look over what you had decided to work on.


“Oh! A new project! Tell me ALL about it!” She jiggled your shoulders back and forth from the excitement of a new baby being made by her friend.


“A weapon that drains electricity out of a target…” You fumed and continued to angrily scribble.


“Oh ho ho~” Hatsume chuckled, knowing full well someone pissed you off. “Who. Pissed. You. Off?!”


“Hatsume-san! Is (Name)-chan here or come around?” The door slid open to reveal Kaminari. He looked guilty about something and then suddenly brightened up when his eyes fell on you sitting at your workshop area.


Hatsume watched as your face gritted together in anger and you clicked your tongue at his sudden appearance. The pink haired girl chuckled as she realized who exactly had angered you and knew that whatever was about to go down would be A-maze-ing.


She sped towards the door and and pushed past Kaminari. She pushed him in and flashed him an evil grin. “Good luck, she just might kill you…”


Kaminari’s face drained of color as Hatsume closed the door and her chuckling could be heard as she disappeared form where a murder was about to occur. Turning around to look at you, he let out a breath of relief.


You had turned back to look at your blueprints and was at least no longer giving him the scary death glare. He awkwardly sulked over to you and looked over your shoulder, feelng the true weight of how much he had hurt you.


“How much electricity can you let off before it becomes deadly to you?” You asked suddenly.


“U-um why do you want to know?”


“So I can make this thing absorb twice as much…”


He dropped his jaw at your statement and then shook his head. This was all a misunderstanding! If he could get you to stop and listen to him long enough, then maybe things would calm down. And if they calmed down… he could tell you how he felt!


“H-hey… listen I-”


“I hope you and Kyoka-chan are happy together or anyone of those other skanks you associate yourself with.”


“(Name)-chan please. Just hear me out for a minute!” He called out to you in a stern voice.


You sighed and looked at him. “You have 59 seconds remaining.”


Kaminari’s eyes widened as he realized that he had less the enough time to actually tell you how he felt. But, he had to take the chance!


“I-I know I’ve been less than a ‘proper’ potential boyfriend and I’m sorry for that. I guess the attention felt nice and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings… but I know I let it get out of hand and I’m sorry for that.


The truth is that Jirou-san was trying to get me to stop because she saw how much I had hurt you and being a dipshit, I assumed she was the one who liked me and I did someone inappropriate and I hurt you.


Believe me hurting you is the last thing I wanted! Truthfully I always thought you were out of my league, after all why would such a cute and smart girl want to date someone like me who’s quirk makes him stupid?


I guess what I’m trying to say is-”


“And zero.” You interrupted him and Kaminari choked on his breath.


Shit, you were still pissed at him. There was no way in Hell you’d even consider going out with him now…


The sounds of paper being ripped and torn into pieces made him look up and see you tearing the blueprint you had been working on. He felt his heart flutter when you through the small pieces of it into the air and it rained down on the two of you.


“You’re lucky that you’re cute Kaminari-kun… otherwise I would not agree to go out with you.”


“Y-you want to go out?!” He shouted, excitement and happiness in his voice.


You giggled and playfully slapped his shoulder. “Well you’re the coolest guy I know, so why not?”


He could only smile widely and chatter happily about what you wanted to do for a date.

Chapter Text

(Full Name) had easily become the shy and quiet girl of class 1-A since she had started at UA. Maybe even rivalling Koda in terms of amount of times one had heard them talk.


Therefore it was logical to expect someone like Bakugou to stay as far away as possible from someone had had literally the most opposite of his personality as one could have.


But it was fairly obvious why he always hung out around them and did most of the talking. He was smitten with her. The way he toned down his swearing and attempted to be nice was enough of a reason to cause Kaminari, Sero and Kirishima to tease the poor hot head during lunch everyday whenever (Name) had silently waved to him.


Poor Bakugou could not help but plus as his friends chuckled and pointed out his goofy smirk and pink dusted cheeks from such a simple gesture from the girl.


“Just ask her out already dude.” Kaminari spoke like it was such a simple and easy idea.


“You don’t fucking think I’ve wanted to?!” Bakugou called back, his hair getting spikier from his anger.


“What’s the problem then? Its pretty obvious (Name)-san likes you back.” Sero chuckled as Bakugou was left speechless.


“Are you shitting me Smiley?!” He yelled, his hands slamming down on the table.


“Nope. She likes you bro.” Kirishima patted his back and gave him a thumbs up. “Go win over your woman!”


Later that day, Bakugou was preparing himself up to ask out the quiet beauty. Aizawa was rambling on about something or another, the blond boy not really caring about whatever the hell he was talking out.


The final bell rang and Aizawa dismissed his students. Bakugou took and deep breath, knowing that he was going to get a yes from you when he would cooly stride up to you desk and ask you out.


As he stood up he paused when he noticed (Name)’s phone suddenly going off. She smiled down at the number and rushed out of the classroom, wanting to talk to whoever was on the other side of the line privately.


“I’ve never see (Name)-chan look so excited.” Tsu mumbled.


“It must be an old friend from middle school! She told me they were calling her after school today!” Uraraka explained and then spat out her breath as she observed Mineta and Kaminari walking towards the door.


“Hush guys!” Mineta cried out. “I wanna hear what kind of conversations a babe like (Name) has!”


“Awe I bet its about cute things like animals and sweets!” Kaminari drooled.


“Everyone stop! This is not polite to our classmate!” Iida scolded the pervy boys.




Everyone suddenly froze and blinked. That sounded a lot like… but it couldn’t be…


“Pshhh yeah he’s kinda a dumb fuck… I’ve been giving him all the signals that I like his stupid ass… but well boys will be boys.”


Was that (Name)? She swore? She could be sarcastic? She could be louder than a whisper?


“Holy shit… Bakugou you’re girl swears like you…” Kirishima mumbled, only to be hit the next second.


“She ain’t my women shit face!”


“Hush! She just hung up! Everyone act normal!” Mina cried out and dove towards her desk again.


Everyone froze on the spot and pretended to be having a conversation or on their phones. The door reopened and (Name) walked back in as if nothing had ever happened or that she had a secret loud and confident personality under that shy demeanor.


(Name) paused when she could feel everyone watching her. “Yes?”


Everyone quickly flushed and looked away. (Name) simply sighed. This is why she never talked… they were all so intimidating and she was afraid her true self would make a bad impression.


Maybe that’s why she liked Bakugou… because that hot piece of ass didn’t give a single shit. And to her, that was fucking hot.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt # 35- ‘Well this is awkward’


Of all the costumes that could have accidentally been in your case… it had to be Momo’s.


Now in most cases you would go to find the tall girl and ask her to switch back with you, but this was not ‘most’ cases. As Momo was at her internship, possibly with your hero costume…. Across town.


Meanwhile you were at your internship and was staring down at the risque outfit, deciding your best course of action. On one hand you could stay in your jeans and baggy sweatshirt saving you from the embarrassment of not being able to fill out Momo’s curvy outfit.


However… your strict mentor and senpai had already told you not to be late and to change into a costume to show that you were a hero. Meaning jeans and sweatshirt would not cut it. So that left one thing to do… it was only for one day right?


You sent Momo a quick text about your surprise before before you're began changing. When you had finally managed to get your breasts to stay in whatever the hell kind of top Momo wore, you saw your phone light up again.


Yao-Momo-chan: ‘Oh, I thought the support department might have messed up. You’re didn’t fit right in the chest, so I made myself a copy of mine. I’ll come by your dorm tonight to swap them back. Be safe.’


You felt your eye twitch at the text message. Momo was sweet and super close to you, but did you get ticked off at times when her quirk seemed so much more helpful than yours.


Shaking the thought away, you sighed and walked out of the changing room. Your senpai was waiting in the hallway and when she saw you walk out in your outfit, she nearly fell over.


“Don’t.” You warned her and she nodded.


The two of you walked down the hallway to where your mentor and pro-hero was talking to two more figures who were standing in the hallway listening to what was being said.


You froze and your senpai glanced at you. You shook your head and then felt the sudden need to run back to the locker room and put on a more appropriate outfit, or at least one that covers you more.


“And this is my new intern- hey kid what was your name again?” Your mentor asked, motioning to you.


Bakugou and Todoroki did a double take when they saw you standing off to the side, wearing a very revealing outfit belonging to another classmate.


“...(N-Name)...” You sighed in defeat. Too late to run away now.


“Anyway, we’ll be having the provisional lesson kids shadow us today, since their teacher is a close buddy of mine. Hey, you three know each other or something?” The pro asked and you covered your face with your hands.


God was this awkward. Bakugou you could deal with, that boy didn’t seem like the type to give a shit about what you wore.


Todoroki was another story however, as he was a hard read. Not to mention you were crushing big time on the icy hot boy.


Awkward was the understatement of the year.


“We’re classmates with (Name)-san.” Todoroki cooly answered and glanced you up and down. “Though it appears her usual costume has been switched with someone else’s in class.”


“She’s not usually dressed like that?” Bakugou commented, staring you down, trying to figure out if you were Momo or (Name).


“NO I AM NOT!” You yelled back, realizing he most likely had no idea who you were.


“HUH? WHY ARE YOU YELLING?!” His usual spark ignited.


“Both of you stop, you’re embarrassing yourselves.” Todoroki sighed.


“That aside, the kid with the spiky hair is with your kid’s senpai. And Endeavor's son, you’re with Strip Tease.” The pro hero sighed and led you towards a meeting room. “We’re going to go over evacuation drills and then work in pairs.”


“THAT IS NOT MY HERO NAME AND YOU KNOW IT!” You freaked out, realizing how with each moment things got worse and worse.


“(Name)” Shouto asked from behind your ranting form and you turned to look at him.


“Y-yes Todoroki-kun?” You stuttered and gave him a blank expression.


‘She reminds me of Midoriya with that face.’ He thought as he watched you blink and slightly shudder.


“Does your quirk work with…” He paused. “... that outfit?”


You blinked and glanced down at your exposed skin and then opened your mouth and then closed it. You hadn’t thought of that…


“We’ll find out soon…” you whispered and sulked back to the meeting room.


You took a seat in the chair and listened as the plan for the day would be explained. Apparently a small town a few miles into the woods had been hit with a bad earthquake and some of the people needed assistance.


The job would require lots of lifting, moving, carrying, and running. Furthermore you were supposed to stay with your partner the entire time and assisted them if they needed it.


“Therefore, this rescue training not only requires a lot of physical movement, is everyone here prepared for that?”


Bakugou’s laughter at your bad luck along with your senpai muttering a ‘how scandalous…’ was enough to finally drive you over the edge.


You got up from you seat and sulked away from the group. The pro was about to speak up when you held your hand up.


“I’m practically naked right now, so if you see any decency… then let me at least go and find something to cover myself with….”


Your mentor nodded and you walked out.


Little did you know someone was watching you as you did.


‘She looks better in that then Yaoyorozu…’ Shouto thought as he watched you walk back to the locker room to change, the blush on his cheeks present and vibrant.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:



4 Years Old~


“She’ll be your wife one day, Shouto.”


The statement at the time was something that had gone over his head, the situation not fully being grasped by a 4 year old at the time. Shouto could only hide behind his mother’s leg and look at the strange child that was doing the same action to her own mother.


“And you’re sure your child has both your quirks.” His father pressed the older man. “I don’t want my Shouto to be associated with such a weak girl when he gets older.”


“I was thinking the same about your son… while his appearance looks to have it.... You did claim his quirk only manifested a month or so ago.”


“I can assure you that Shouto is the real deal. Now please enlighten me about your child…” Endeavor coldly threatened.


“Yes. She is such as special as your son. I’m sure they’ll both create wonderful children when they get older. Shall we signed the paperwork?”


6 Years Old~


“Shouto-sama… what happened?” You asked your betrothed.

The boy gritted his teeth and gripped the bandage around his eye. He didn’t answer, but you knew that it must be something bad. You came forward and reached out to touch his hand, wanting to help him.


The moment you touched his hand, he smacked yours away and glared at you. He came forward and pushed you onto the floor in the playroom, looking as if you had been the one to cause him harm.


“Don’t touch me! You’re just some girl my dad got me! I don’t want anything from him!” He yelled at you.


You watched as he walked out and left you alone. You wiped your tears away and held your chest. Why was it so hard to breath when he acted like this towards you, did you do something wrong?


9 Years Old~


“Why are you so nice to me?” He had suddenly asked you one day.


You had come over with your father and were told to go see your future husband while your fathers discussed business. You had found him in the garden and took a seat next to him, watching the birds chirp and cicadas cry.


“What do you mean?” You asked, your voice low and worried. You knew he was less than happy about your presence, so the less contact the better.


“What I mean is that you still put up with this arranged marriage, even though I look like this…” He trained off, both of you knowing full well what he was talking about.


“Looks are not a big deal to me.”


“Even so, who would want to be married to a monster. My own mother didn’t love me…”




“It’d be better if you stopped coming over.” He spoke and got up, no longer wanting to be around you. You were just a present, a toy, a tool his father wanted him to use, therefore you were of no interest to him.


12 Years Old~


“You’re father’s training you for High School already?” You had spoken to him, trying to form some sort of passing conversation.


“He wants me to get into UA… the bastard’s really driving me insane…”


It had been a while since the last time he was willing to talk to you. As time went on, he would refuse to see you more and more. The only reason he was sitting with you in the parlor right now was because his father had forced him to talk to you.


Said father and yours were discussing your high school plans with the other.


The both of you were maturing more and more now, your child forms now changing into adult ones. Shouto’s face had become more handsome, even the scare seemed to add to his own charm.


Your hair had started getting shinier and your face was thinning out. Your quirk had also began to calm down, the healing and water quirks obtained from your parents finally starting to come under your control.


“It’s hard to breath at times…” You suddenly said and noticed as he glanced at you. Your face was staring at the tea cup, the liquid inside being more interesting than anything else in the world at that moment.


“...will… will it always be like this between us, Shouto-sama?” You whispered and then suddenly dropped the tea cup. It shattered upon impact on the ground and you covered your face to muffle your tears.


He didn’t know what to say or do, so he just allowed you to keep crying in front of him.


15 Years Old~


“Shouto!” Her voice entered his ears as he was walking home from the Sports Festival.


He turned to look at her when suddenly he felt her body connecting with his. He steadied himself and her, trying his best to not fall over from the force she had struck him with. She wrapped her arms tightly around him, and he sighed.


“What’s gotten you so worked up?” He asked her, not sure how to emotionally react after the day he had.


“A-are you okay? I was so worried…” She cried into his clothes, brushing her face against his chest.


“Why would I not be?”


“Don’t play dumb with me! I know you!” She shouted at him pulled away, her hands still holding the fabric he was in down. “I- I know you… I know you would rather hold it all in and pretend everything is fine.”


“(Name)...” He breathed and watched as she looked down further and then suddenly collapsed to her knees. He lowered himself to the ground with her and finally returned the hug.


“I’m sorry… it wasn’t right of me.”


“What are you talking about?” She mumbled, her eyes widening at his sudden touch and calm demeanor, something he had never showed her before.


“I always thought you were another thing to hate because my father had forced you upon me like everything else… but I never realized that you were in the same situation as me.


You didn’t choose me, nor did I choose you… but here we both are.”


“Shouto.” You softly pushed him away and he glanced down at you. “You really are dense sometimes…”


She leaned forward and pressed a kiss on his cold side, the moved toward his hot side and repeated the action. The boy’s cheeks heated up as you rested your forehead against his.


“I may have not had the chance to choose you at birth… but right now if I was told I could break off our marriage I would say no. Because I choose you… and I just hope one day… that one day you’ll choose me.”


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

Writing Prompt # 46- ‘What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.’


Looking back, the promises made in one’s childhood should never be taken seriously. For example, if one had promised themselves at a young age that they would fall in love with a Prince and be married off happily by age 16, chances are one would not see this as a serious promise.


However, if one had promised to marry a close childhood friend at an early age, that should also be taken lightly right? It was a simple toddler idea of love and how marriage works, not an actual proposal right?


Or at least that’s what Bakugou had wished his childhood friend (Name) would take into account and realize. His stupid declaration of puppy love and marriage was enough to make your small heart flutter at the time and both of your mother's squeal with delight. Though in reality he only wanted to marry you because he had been there when your quirk emerged.


And to the four year old Bakugou, you suddenly became someone much cooler, thus he wanted you all to himself. And what’s the best way to do that? Marry them. But when he got his quirk, the thought had all but vanished from his mind.


Or at least he wanted too, but you would always bring it up when he least expected it.


“So Kacchan, I was thinking…” You had started during one of the breaks. “Do you think pink and ivory or blue and ivory would be better for our wedding colors?”


“For the last fucking time… I’m not marrying you!” He huffed.


By this time and after hearing about it for over a decade, his explosive calls had ended whenever you brought it up, and now were instead retorted with an exhausted and frustrated tone. Like a parent after a long car ride with a young child.


You giggled and scurried away before he would actually blow up at you. You had known him since the two of you were newborns, thus you knew his tendencies fairly well.


“Y’know… you’ve never explained why they always brings up this marriage thing? You two in an arranged one or something?” Kaminari asked.


“She fucking wishes…” Bakugou growled and scoffed at the thought of his parents actually trying to have him in a quirk marriage. If that ever happened… there would be more swearing than usual.


“So what’s the deal then bro?” Kirishima pressed on.


“When we were little, according to my shit mom, the moment they got their quirk I asked then to marry me… to which they accepted.”


Kaminari let out a snort and Kirishima beamed excitedly. This was quite a piece of information!


“Well I suppose it makes sense then.” Kirishima mumbled.


“Yeah it sure does!” Kaminari agreed.


“What are you fucks going on about now?”


“Well they're waiting for you dude!” Kaminari exclaimed like it was obvious.


“Huh?” Bakugou huffed and got worked up on his cryptic words.


“Well it’s pretty obvious that they still like you. It’s not like (Name)-san is not popular amongst the students at UA. But they always turn down the people who ask them out.”


“So do you like them?” Kirishima asked, poking the explosive student as he did so. “Come on bro! You have to like her, that bond of childhood only grows stronger as you get older!”


“What does it matter? They never told me, so it must mean I’m not good enough to be fucking told!”


“Naw man, (Name) just doesn’t want to risk losing your friendship. So instead they’ve relied on the promise you made to them to see if they should or not.”


“Wow Kaminari! You’re pretty smart when it comes to romance stuff!” Kirishima complimented his friend.


“It’s my specialty!”


“You’re both so fucking dumb that it’s driving me mad…” Bakugou stood up and paced towards the classroom door.


“You going to confess to (Name)?” Kirishima called.




He slammed the door shut and the red haired and blonde haired boy exchanged knowing glances.


“He totally is… and he’s gonna fuck it up.” Kaminari chuckled.


“Good thing (Name)-san knows the type of person Bakugou is.” Kirishima responded.


During this whole confrontation, you had been at the vending machine idly sipping on a strawberry milk. Break would be over soon, but you were in no hurry to get back.


“Hey shit eater, move over.” Bakugou called out and you moved to the side so he could make a purchase.


When he had bought a drink he popped it open and leaned against the wall near you. He watched as you lazily sipped your drink and stared down at your phone.


“Hey.” He said suddenly and you looked up at him.


“Hmmm?” You asked back, not sure why he suddenly wanted to make conversation now.


“You shouldn’t hold onto such a dumb thing I said to you when we were kids, it shows how fucking ridiculous you are.” He scolded you.


“Hmmm but that’s the problem Kacchan.” You swung your finger in front of him.


“And what’s the fucking problem?”


“Well you see, that proposal changed everything for me.”


“How so you dumbass?”


You giggled and shrugged your shoulders.


“How would you react if I told you that I’ve been in love with you since we were kids? Because you told me that?”


He choked on his drink and nearly blew up the can as a result.


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

Prompt Number 24- “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad”


Angry: adjective

  1. having a strong feeling of or showing annoyance, displeasure, or hostility; full of anger.
  2. A term used to describe Bakugou Katsuki


It was normal in the relationship you found yourself in with a certain hothead for the daily occurrences of swearing, threats and just bad attitude in general. However, as your relationship with Bakugou would go, he was the angry one. You on the other hand were his pillar, his rock, his medicine for his outbursts and the saving grace of his peers.


It was common for him to be yelling at one of his classmates for something, only to suddenly stop when a gentle and calm hand was placed on his shoulder and an (eye color) gaze looked at him with a soft and understanding gaze.


The ruby orbs that stared back would scoff and break away after a few long seconds. Whoever had been on the receiving end of Bakugou’s rage would then subtly see him move his hand into yours and walk off.


His formly beastly and uncontrollable nature was suddenly tamer the longer the two of you stayed together. Now you loved Bakugou for who he was, but you worried about his temper. You knew that he was insecure at times and would lash out, but he also was straining himself by holding these feelings in.


So, when you had started dating, you had started asking him if he wanted to share his feelings with you.


The immediate response back was: “I’m fucking fine! I don’t have any shitty feelings or issues to work out?!”


But slowly, almost agonizingly so, he started to come around and talk with you more. And soon, he had come to realize that when you were around, his mood also seemed to calm down.


It was by some miracle that he was able to gain more control the more he talked with you and shared with you. If he didn’t already know you quirk, he would have guessed it was emotional influence.


However… the more he did talk to you the more he realized that you were less than willing to allow him to return the favor. As a matter of fact, in the amount of time the two of you had been dating, never once had you come to Bakugou for venting or just to get something off your chest.


At first he thought it was because you didn’t trust him enough, that he was not good enough to hear about your issues and help work them out or at least comfort you. But he was observant, and noticed that this idea was nowhere near the truth.


Rather, he came to the conclusion that you tried to always keep up one appearance, even in front of him at times: supportive.


Now he didn’t mind this, in fact he actually loved this about you. But it was a bit worrying, even for someone like him who was the furthest away from being sympathetic at times. You didn’t want to talk about yourself.


Which now brings us to the present. Class 1-A was dismissed for lunch a few moments prior, leaving the students to wander down the hallway towards the cafeteria at their own pace.


Your fingers were connected to Bakugou’s and you lazily swung your connected hands back and forth as you both absent mindedly listened to Kirishima describe some new restaurant he had tried yesterday.


Ahead of you were Izuku, Ochaco, & Tenya, who were making conversations of their own or at least until someone decided to ram into the green haired male. Izuku fell to the floor, landing with an ‘oof!’.


Ochaco was at his side right away, and Iida bent down and reached a hand out to his friend. Everyone was either looking at their fallen classmate, or looking for who did this.


“Oh sorry there class A, guess I didn’t see you… though i should have since your combined egos take up this entire hallway!”


Monoma, the resident class A hater from class B.


“Hey Monoma!” Kirishima called out, catching the blonde boy’s attention. “What’s your deal, man? We’re all part of the hero curriculum!”


“While that might be true, all you class A guys are way too full of yourselves. Therefore someone needs to put you all in your place!”


“Oh would you shut it already?” You sighed and pinched your temple from the oncoming headache. Bakugou turned and looked at you, feeling as if someone new had suddenly taken over your personality.


“Oh, the student who’s been flying under the radar? Do you have a problem with my words?”


“It’s more a problem with you and your self entitled attitude you asshat.”


Bakugou’s eyes widened and he felt his heart beat just a tiny bit faster. You. Just. Swore.


“Self entitled? Please the only thing I’m entitled to is what my quirk allows me to have.”


“Sure sure, but no one likes a copycat, especially a copy cat who seems to think he’s being fucking original. News flash bieber bowl, any quirk you copy is a lazy excuse for the actual person you took it from!”


Oh man… who was this girl and why did she make him start to feel so strange and so turned on?


“Excuse me? I think you’ve stepped out of line! My quirk is-”


“Oh please, no one likes the fucking rip off brand cereal at the grocery store. And that’s what you are Monoma… an off brand, cheap knock off. Now fuck off before I show you the class A you think we are.” You spat at him, crossing your arm and glaring.


Monoma scoffed and walked off, leaving you with the shocked faces of your classmates. Never before had they ever heard you swear, let alone tell someone off in the way you just had.


“I’ve never seen that side of you (Name)-san.” Todoroki spoke up, being the first to snap everyone from their daze.


You rubbed the back of your head awkwardly and chuckled. “Y-yeah something left over from my middle school days… I used to be a delinquent but when I got into UA I fixed myself up a bit… I try not to do it as much.”


“No you should do it more.” Bakugou spoke, his hand retaking yours and squeezing it hard before he leaned in closer to whisper something to you.


“...cause hearing you swear was so fucking hot~”

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki

Writing Prompt 43-  You’re lucky you’re cute


“Oi (Name)? Have you seen my fucking sweatshirt?” Bakugou asked you from his closet. He had piles of clothes surrounding him since he had been searching for his favorite sweatshirt in his dorm room for the past 20 minutes.


“What does it look like?” You called back from his bed, having taken a nap earlier while he was doing his homework. By the way your voice was groggy and fairly quiet, he guessed that he had just woken you up from your slumber with his call.


He could hear the bed sheets being moved, but not the sound of you getting up, meaning you were still sleeping or not wanting to leave you warm cocoon of his blankets and sheets.


“It’s my black sweatshirt with the white skull on the center! I wore it yesterday too, so where the fuck could it fucking be?”


“Nope, no idea.”


He paused, and glanced back at you. Your face was now buried in one of his pillows and his sheets were around you tightly. The way you had answered him struck him as odd too… you answered it to quickly and almost as if you were trying to move on past his questions.


“I’m going to give you 5 fucking seconds to give it back babe.” He spoke coldly to you, his mind quickly coming to realize where his sweatshirt was.


“I don’t have it.” You lied, hoping he would believe it.


“Bullshit.” Bakugou glared and came closer to his bed. “So either prove me fucking wrong, or give it back.”


“And what if I don’t?” You tested him.


“I’ll fucking throw you on the floor and take my sweatshirt back myself.”


“...fine…” You groaned and sat up, removing the blankets from your body and then finally kicking them away.


You began to take off said sweatshirt when Bakugou spoke up again.


“Fuck…” He breathed and you glanced up at him. He was staring his red eyes right into your chest, or at least the fabric covering it. His cheeks were a tiny bit flushed and his eyebrows were knit together. He appeared to be in some kind of internal struggle.




His eyes widened when you caught him staring at you and he blushed even further, as well as raised his voice even further.




You sighed and tugged on his t-shirt, causing him to shut his mouth. “If you’re so cold, then come cuddle with me for a bit. That way I can sleep longer and you don’t have to be cold.”


He sighed in annoyance, making you think he was going to say no. but when he kicked his shoes off and crawled onto his bed with you, you smiled softly. He was such a good boyfriend when he wanted to be.


“You’re fucking lucky you're cute, you know that dumbass?”


“Hmm.” You yawned and snuggled into his chest as he pulled the blankets over the two of you.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt 43- You’re lucky you’re cute


“You have a strange habit…” Todoroki had suddenly said as the two of you walked hand in hand in a park one afternoon.


You blinked and glanced at him, asking him to continue his statement or at least make it more clear as to what he meant.


“Which is?” You tilted your head to the side and he blushed softly at the adorable action.


“What I mean is that you’re hot or cold too often and when that happens you cling to me.”


“Do you not like it when I do that?” You asked him, worrying that you had made him uncomfortable with your physical interactions with him.


“No, I’m okay with it. The reason I bring it up is because you do the opposite of what one would think though.”


“What do you mean?”


“It’s the middle of winter (Name)... and yet you very very adamant about holding my cold side. And in the summers you always walk or are near my hot side…”


You shrugged and squeezed his gloved hand tight, letting him know you were still in a good mood. He watched as you flashed him and smile and opened your mouth again to share your answer.


“I guess it’s because I always feel too warm indoors during the winter and vice-versa in the summer. And since you are the best of both worlds, I tend to stick to whatever side of yours will help me the best at that moment! You’re like the perfect heating and cooling system Shouto-kun!”


His lips twitched upwards and you gave him a confused glance as to what he found so entertaining about your last statement. He squeezed your hand back, letting you know you had said something to the emotionally reserved boy that had struck him in some way.


“How did I end up dating such a cute person?”


“Where did that come from?”


“(Name) if anyone else called me a heating and cooling unit I would not know what to make of it, but you said it in that voice of yours with your eyes sparkling. Therefore it made me think that you were trying to compliment me.”


“I didn’t know what else to say!”


“And that’s why you’re lucky you’re cute.”




He smiled at you again and pulled you towards a small cafe. The way you whined out his name was another cute tendency you had and he loved it a lot.


“Cold or not, I won’t let you get frostbite. So come on, Ill buy you something warm or cold to drink.”

Chapter Text

Kendo Itsuka

Writing Prompt Number 43- You’re lucky you’re cute


In Class 1-B it was pretty easy to tell that some students had taken on certains roles of a family than others. While no one really seemed to care or mind, it was fairly obvious those the members of the class and those outside of it on who was who.


The class president, Kendo Itsuka was obviously the big sister figure. Her actions of calling out her classmates for less the admirable behavior as well as her support of them when them as well shone through each and every day.


Even a few students from class 1-A had also noticed this anytime Monoma had started bothering and harassing them, only for Kendo to come and save them from the slightly disturbing boy.


So if Kendo was the big sister, that made (Name) the younger sibling, that was for sure. How so?


“Wah! Kendo-chan! You’re so amazing!” You cried as you handed back her latest test. She had scored fairly high and you were so impressed.


“It was nothing, I just studied really hard.” She responded back to you, smiling as you nodded to her energetically.


“I’ll do the same on my next exam as well then! I’m going to do well because you’ve inspired me!” You told her and gave her a determined smile and accidentally smashed the remaining papers in your hands.


“HEY! The rest of our exams!” Tetsutetsu called out at you and you whimpered in disappointment at yourself.


“Oh no… I’m sorry…” You spoke, eyes a bit teary.


“It’s okay (Name)-san, just be more careful next time.” Kendo comforted you and you nodded back at her.


“R-right! Sorry everyone! I’ll pass them remaining tests back now!”


Your childish and energetic attitude certainty was uplifting for class B, as the constant stress of the hero classes would wear down on them from time to time.


So your cute little thoughts and actions were enough to stabilize them all when the needed it.


“(Name)’s pretty cute, isn’t she?” Kendo mumbled to Monoma.


He chuckled and glanced back at the little sibling like girl who had started making conversation with Ibara now.


“You and her have a pretty nice chemistry as well Kendo.” He comments and the orange haired girl glanced to him, blushing slightly.


“Well I guess it makes sense if I’m the older sibling and she’s the younger one, especially since (Name) looks up to me so much.”


“I think it’s more than just a friendly admiration that they have for you Kendo-san.” Monoma concluded. “She likes you in an romantic type way.”


Kendo blinked before reaching over and hitting the boy on the back of his head. He collapsped onto the front of his desk and let out a strangled moan from the sudden strike.


“What was that for Kendo-san?” He mumbled and looked back at up the girl who was shaking her head at him.


“Monoma…” she started and looked back at you one more time.


You noticed her eyes on you and turned around quickly to look at you and send a small wave and smile her way. Kendo returned the gesture before turning her attention back to the copy student.


“We’ve been dating for a month now… did you not notice?”


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki

Writing Prompt Number 1 - We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.


His lips met yours in a sudden kiss, the feeling of his hungriness for you taking over will to push away or fight off his dominant actions.


His tongue shoved its way into your mouth, not caring if you had wanted or were willing for it to enter in the first place. His tongue fought and defeated your easily, like most fights between the two of you.


He roamed your mouth like it was his own, not caring that your mouth was feeling much too full at this moment, or that his forcefulness was both turning you on as well as making you question your own sanity.


Bakugou had your hands pinned together above your head, one of his larger and rougher hands cementing them in place. The sounds of students passing by the broom closet did not make him cease his actions.


You whimpered as his hand lifted your head up, meaning he was about to start attacking your neck now. The hickies he had already made were no longer covered by your concealer, as he wanted to see them.


He pulled his tongue out of your cavern, a thick trail of saliva being pulled with it. He snapped his tongue, breaking the trail and causing most of it to attach itself to your chin. You wiped it away from your mouth, the now cold strand off putting and a reminder of what had just happened in your mouth.


Bakugou started biting your neck: an array of love bites, nibbles, and kisses all over your already messy and bruised skin. He was enjoying this, that much was certain.


“Stop.” You whispered.


He didn’t, or didn’t hear you. You’d have to be more assertive.


“I said stop!” You cried and he ceased his actions and looked up at you.


His ruby orbs looked curious as to why you suddenly no longer wanted this. You had never protested before. He let go of your hands and moved away from you, giving you the space he so desperately did not want you to have.


He was dominant and had a high sex drive, but he was not the type to force you into things. He’s wasn’t a complete asshole.


“Why?” He finally spoke, looking over your mortified form.


“Because we’re friends Katsuki! Friends don’t do… do this!” You shouted and gestured around to everything. The closet, the hickies, the intense atmosphere of the room.


It was true, the last couple weeks you and Katsuki had suddenly gone from not so close friends to sudden friends with benefits. You tried to recall how it happened…’


Was it when your uniform ripped and he gave you his jacket?


Or when it was 3am and you showed up at his dorm room looking for some typr of comfort?


Possibly the argument that led to the sudden kisses and passion that both of you held and tried to suppress?


It didn’t matter now, either way, you and Bakugou had been sneaking around like a couple. But You weren’t a couple… nor were you friends anymore. You were something in between.


Something awful and confusing and strange and enticing and passionate and thrilling. He was all these things as well, making whatever sort of confusing feelings you already had for him even more confusing.


He chuckled once and then moved forward towards you once again. You pressed against the wall, not liking that dark intent in his eyes or the way his lips curved up into a smirk.


He pulled one of his arms above you, locking you in place. The typical boyfriend stance, the ones you’d see the protective ones do. He definetly fit that bill…


“Friends? What sort of friends do this?” He laughed and ran his free hand through your locks. His warm fingers were relaxing, making you give in to his touch. “Face it (Name), the last thing we are is fucking friends, and you fucking know it.”


You blinked and felt him kiss you again. The same familiar and overwhelming touches coming back and making you crave more. You didn’t know if this was love or just some desire you both needed to fill… but for now it was what you needed.


Bakugou was what you needed.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt Number 31- Stop biting that fucking lip!


“Ouch!” You cried, you hand flying up to your lips the second the small whimper came from your mouth.


“Is everything alright?” Todoroki asked you from across that table.


You nodded slowly and removed your hands from your lips and lightly nibbled on the plump red part of yourself. You winced slightly and licked your lips just a tiny bit next, trying to soothe the pain.


“I’m fine, I guess the coffee was much too hot for me though, it burned my bottom lip…” You frowned, and licked your lower lip again, the sensation of something cooler making it feel better.


Todoroki nodded. If he was going to be honest… he hadn’t been listening. Though he was paying attention to what you were doing.


He tried to be a gentleman in the course of dating you: holding open doors, giving you his jacket when cold, the usual things. But watching you bite your lip in such a fashion was driving him just a tiny bit crazy on the inside.


“I’m sorry (Name), I missed that. Could you say it again?” He asked, feeling bad that he was lost in his own fantasy land while you had been explaining something to him.


You nodded and explained again that you had burned your lip on the hot coffee and it was hurting pretty bad.


Then you bit your lip again and he internally screamed at you for being such a tease and not doing it on purpose.


“Could you stop that?” He asked, trying to hide his embarrassment.


“Hmm? Stop what?” You responded back, not sure what he was asking about.


“You’re biting you lip. If it really hurts that much, biting it won’t make it feel any better.”


“I burned it Todo-kun. It only feels better when something cooler is on it.”


“What side did you burn it on?”


“Hmm?” You gave him a confused glance.


“You’re left or your right?”


“My left.”


“I can help then.” He spoke and got up.


You watched as he came closer to you and then placed his hands on your shoulder. He moved in closer and then suddenly kissed you.


You froze at the sensation and wondered what had suddenly brought this upon you. Then it hit you, or at least the numbing of your left side of your lip did.


Todoroki’s cold side was his right, and when he kissed you, it touched your right side. Meaning that this action was him attempting to give you some sort of relief.


You couldn’t complain though, as you moved to deepen his kiss, liking how he felt against them. He moved closer to you, his left hand running through your locks of hair and his right steadying him above you and making sure neither of you moved too much.


After a few moments he moved away and looked back down at you. You blinked and hid your flushed face from him.


“Does your lip feel better?”


“Y-Yeah thanks…”


“Not a problem. I’d help you whenever you needed it.” he spoke and walked back over to his seat.


As you covered your face, you missed him heating your coffee up again. He did after all, want an excuse to kiss you like that once more, or a few more times if possible.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:

Writing Prompt 8- Why Are You So Jealous?


He had been watching you compliment Midoriya for the past 10 minutes. The way you pressed your hand to his shoulder, making the green haired boy’s face brighten into shades of red. The way you complimented his team’s usage of Uraraka’s quirk & Hatsume’s inventions, and Izuku saying it was nothing.


He didn’t understand why you were not telling him that. He took that headband off Izuku right? He made the best possible team right? He even stopped himself from using his flames right?


So… why was he not getting the attention you were giving Midoriya? Was it because you could also sense this weird relationship he had with All Might? Did you admire Midoriya for his battle ready mind and tactics?


Well even if the cases were different he and Midoriya were similar in these aspects… He was the son of the second greatest hero (though he hated to admit it…) and he was cunning and brilliant in battle too! He took down multiple enemies by himself during the USJ incident and even saved All Might at one point!


So why did you not shower him with attention like you did Midoriya?


Todoroki silently broke his unseen glare away and moved towards where he would relax for a bit before his first fight against Sero. He didn’t need to practice or train right now, what he needed was to get these worthless emotions out of his head.


He was sitting outside the stadium by himself, trying to calm down… but it was not helping. He could feel his father’s words getting to him as well as the thought of you being with… someone that was not him.


He had never been the jealous type of guy, but for some reason the thought of you liking or even complimenting another guy or girl really made him work harder to suppress the flames that wanted to burst from one half of his body.


Soon enough he was fighting Sero and soon enough the fight was over. He cursed himself for going over so much, his poor classmates looking terrified as Todoroki attempted to dig him out of the ice he had encased Sero in.


He happened to glance toward the stands where his class was sitting and his heart froze on the sight. You looked at him and what he had done with such a scared and concerned expression.


Todoroki internally sighed and shook his head, finally freeing Sero from the ice. He trailed his eyes away from you, no longer wanting to feel the sadness and guilt for scaring you so much.


This jealousy was not helping his case and his latest actions might have just ruined it for him. He had never said it out loud, but internally, the boy knew of his feelings for you. But saying them or getting close to the person you held dear was difficult and scary, especially for Todoroki.


Time once again passed by fairly quickly and sudden he was the one left still standing in the ring after his fight with Midoriya. The opponent in question was knocked out, several bones fractures beyond reasonable doubt.


He meanwhile was standing with the only damage to him being a few minor scrapes and bruises as well as half of his uniform torn off thanks to his flames.


He ignored his father, he idly listened to Recovery Girl and then mindlessly changed his charred uniform into a clean one. He wasn’t sure where his emotions were, but they definitely were not staying in one place.


He opened the door from the boy’s changing room and glanced down the hallway. He spotted a familiar display of (Hair color) hair and the owner looked up at the sound of the door opening. (Name)’s eyes widened and then shut in relief when they saw the second strongest’s son was unharmed.


“What are you doing here? I thought you’d be with Midoriya.” He asked you, his bland tone hiding the hurt he felt that you liked Midoriya over him, though he could understand why now.


You shook your head and got up from where you had been sitting. “Uraraka-chan and Iida-san went to go check on him as well as some others. I wanted to make sure you were okay though.”


“Why? I thought you and Midoriya were close?”


“Huh?” You blinked and shook your head. “He’s a nice guy and a smart hero, but I only hang out around him cause he lacks confidence in himself a lot.”


“He’s plenty capable… look what happened between us…” Todoroki spoke and started moving past you, the usual cold front reemerging.


“Todoroki-san!” You cried and touched his hot side, making him stop in his tracks and turn to look back at you. “I-I’m sorry.”


He blinked and stopped his attempts to pull away from you. “What are you sorry about? You’ve done nothing wrong.”


“No I have… I’m always there for Midoriya because I thought he was fragile and broken… but I was wrong. I thought you were the cool and confident one who didn’t need me around to cheer you up and praise you… but that’s not true, is it?”


He blinked and then suddenly without warning pulled you into a hug. You blinked from the sudden contact and then wrapped your arms back around him. He was frozen in place by his and your actions.


Why did he just suddenly do that? Why did you feel so right in his arms? Why did you stay and not push away?


“We all hurt Todoroki-san… but letting someone in is not always a bad thing. I’m sorry for not seeing it before… so if you ever need me.” You pulled away from him gently and then smiled at him. “Then I’ll be here for you, no matter what!”


He nodded slowly and then cast his head down. He felt his chest bubble up softly, but the emotional pain still swelling up. He was nowhere need ready for what his love sick side wanted, as his ice and fire side were still at war.


A dying down war. But still an active one for right now at least.


And until he could accept both sums of himself, he would not allow it be drag down on you. Therefore this petty jealousy would be ignored and resisted as best he could until he was able to be the person he wanted to be for you.


And he just hoped that person would be here for you soon, just like you would be for him from this moment on.

Chapter Text

Tomura Shigaraki

Writing Prompt 7- I hate how much I love you


You should have known how bad it would be the moment you saw him. You should have known how little he cared about the wellbeing of others. You should have known that he was toxic and bad and manipulative and- and everything a relationship should have not been!


But you were still here, sitting next to him in the bar, watching as he continually scratched at him neck and mumbled nonsense about this and that. The tv was nothing but static and Kurogiri was slowly cleaning glasses.


The regular air of the League of Villains was normal, but that did not make it healthy or comfortable to be in. Tomura ceased his neck harassment and moved to the array of images in front of him.


He one by one began to lift up the pictures of the students from that certain hero class and activated his quirk, the images during to dust and crumbling away under his touch.


“Damn them, they must be thinking they’re so wonderful! So great! So strong! Ha! But they’re wrong, so very wrong… they have no idea what we’re capable of… what I’m capable of.”


He laughed and you sighed quietly and nodded to his irrational and psychotic speech. Toga clapped her hands from the background, Twice joining her as soon as she started. Dabi was leaning against a wall, his eyes rolling at what he believed to be a pathetic display.


Everyone one else in your little group of outcasts listened and nodded in agreement. It was toxic. This place was toxic.


But you couldn’t leave.


Shaking your head as Tomura finished destroying the images that his mole had received for him, he continued his rant, his fingers once again flying up to his neck and agitating his flaky skin even further.


You closed your eyes and tried to imagine a better place. A better scenario where Tomura was not like this, where he was happy and not obsessed with this new world order his mentor had flung upon him and as a result you and the rest of the League.


A world where it felt good to be his, a world where he treated you like he gave a shit about if you lived or died. A world where you both were happy and thankful for the other.


You reopened your eyes, reality once again setting back in that this world was and would never be that way. The life you had chosen and the Tomura you were with would never be that either.


He had picked you up from the streets after your quirk had gotten the best of you and resulted in the deaths of 42 people at your high school all those years ago. He had promised you a safe haven, a home, a group of people who would not care about your sins or your past.


But a haven was not what this place turned out to be. No this place further pushed you into the realm of darkness that you didn’t want to be in from the start. You had since accepted that you were a villain, one of the worst at that.


It was all for Tomura. It always was for Tomura. Everything you did, everything you were was for this devil in disguise as an angel.


If he wanted to invade UA, you would agree wholeheartedly while that little voice in the back of your mind screamed at you to stop. If he wanted to kidnap a student, you would help formulate the plan, despite not wanting to be involved in a kidnapping. If he told you to sacrifice yourself for him, you were pretty sure you’d do it.


You loved him, but you hated him so much as well. You knew he knew of your affections and were playing them to the best of his abilities. Some stupid criminal who could not control their quirk was not worth his time unless he could us them.


You were not a person to him, you were a tool, a weapon. Everything for his master, even if it meant leading a love sick dog on. Everything for him if it meant he would come out on top at the end.


‘I hate you Tomura… I hate what you’ve made me. I hate how dependent on you I am. I hate how in love with you I am… but I love you. I love how right it feels when you compliment me. I love how good it feels when we hurt people. I love how amazing it feels to not let anyone tell me what to do. I hate you so much, but I love you so much.’


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki

Writing Prompt 7- I hate how much I love you


Bakugou didn’t do relationships. He was not the type to make friends, he was not the type to date. He always believed that being distracted by trivial things like love and friendship would take away from his personal pursuit of being number 1.


Hell he already was falling behind with all these shits from UA moving up and improving so fast. He felt as if he was moving by inches while they moved on by the miles. And it pissed him off.


But something pissed him off more. You did. Ohhhhh did you piss him off.


The way you laughed made his heart flutter. ‘What a cute laugh, only a real shit head would laugh that way.’


The way you visibly perked up when he interacted with you. ‘There must be something wrong with them if they get this fucking excited when I ask to borrow a shitty pencil of theirs.’


The way you’d compliment him when he moved forward another inch despite everyone else constantly starting to outshine him now.. ‘Fucker… it’s not that impressive, but I’m glad someone fucking noticed…’


It took him a long time, as emotions and Bakugou were not a familiar mix in the cocktail of his life. But slowly he started to realize why he would insult and compliment you at the same time.


He was head over heels in love.


And it pissed him off! He remembered punching a hole in his wall when he realized it. His mother was not happy about that in the slightest…


But it wasn’t his fault! You were the one who did this to him! He would have been fine and back to his usual self if not for you! If you hadn’t existed or shown up in his life, then he would not be having this problem.


Yes that was it. He hated you! He hated everything about you! From your smell that drove him crazy and calmed him down at the same time, to your light touches when he walked next to you in the hallways and your fingers accidentally scraped together.


Yes, everything you did was terrible and therefore he hated it! But why did he miss it when you were not around? Why did he feel so jealous when you would talk to Deku or Icy Hot? Hell even laughing at something Round Face said made him grind his teeth and scratch his nails across his desk.


You had him wrapped around your finger and you didn’t even know it! He was obsessed with you in the same way he was obsessed with becoming a hero! He was in love with you and he hated it!


Or at least he wanted to hate it…


He wanted to hate it so badly, but something inside of him kept urging him to accept it and do something about it. His innerself wanted him to like it.


“Are you feeling okay Bakugou-kun?” You squeaked and broke him out of his trance.


He looked up at your concerned face and then looked around the classroom. The clock read 15 minutes past the final bell, and the only two people remaining in the room were yourself and him now.


“I’m fine!” He yelled at you and then bit his tongue hard at his sudden harsh tone. “J-just leave me the fuck alone.”


You blinked and shook your head in protest. “Something’s wrong, you never stutter!”


“I said I was fine! So get out of my way before you fucking regret it you weakling? God I swear you are the most fucking persistent whor-”


The classroom became silent after the radiating sound of your palm connecting to his cheek was made. Bakugou blinked, not sure exactly what had just happened. D-did you just slap him?


He was pissed! What gave you the right to slap him? He was so ready to tear you a new one!




He was beat to it though.


“Seriously? Is it by choice that you act so arrogant and rude? Or do you do it without realizing it? Either way it’s a major problem!


Ugh! All I’m trying to do is be your friend! But apparently you’re too good for those too huh? Well guess what? You’re not on as high of a pedestal as you think and one day when you finally realize it, no one will be there for you!


And you’ll deserve whatever pain comes your way.”


You slammed the door closed behind you and Bakugou glared at where you had last been seen. He hated being in love with you. He hated that he was too stubborn to act upon it.


He hated that his mother was going to get a call later that night that he broke a desk in his rage from him being such a stupid person.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt Number 40 - You’re so fucking adorable


Love is strange. You think that you know what you’re looking for when you’re in the market, but sometimes what you want or seek is not what you need. Sometimes, the thing or person you need the most is the last thing you’d think you’d want in a relationship.


Todoroki had always thought he’d want someone calm and patient, much like his mother was. Someone who would support him and allow him to know what he needed before he even considered it.


But when he started to fall for (Name), he realized that calmness and quietness were the last things used to describe them. (Name) was the type of person to laugh happily at anything and everything, they were a literal personification of happiness!


He could never understand at first how someone could be so open and easy to read with their emotions, yet here you were. Whether is was a bad test grade or a misstep during hero training exercises, you always smiled at your misfortune.


“I’ll do better next time! Just watch me!” You’d declare at every bad end.


And at the good ones, your own vibrant attitude would be even more up on the scale. You would smile like nothing he had even seen before, a smile so pure and happy that it would cause him to smile as well. It was so infectious.


Sometimes when something very good happened, you would be unable to contain your happiness and would engulf whoever or whomever was near you into such a heartfelt and warm hug that even the grumpiest of your classmates would feel a bit of your emotions shining through your actions.


“Shit face! Stop fucking hugging people every time you get so fucking happy!” Bakugou called out one particular time, but even he didn’t want to be the one to ruin such a happy person’s smile.


“Awe! I can’t help it! I’m so happy and I need to share it with everyone! And you were the closest person Bakugou-kun!” You chuckled and latched further onto the hit headed boy, much to his dislike.


“(N-Name)-san!” Izuku attempted to coax you to let him go another time. “Y-You’re so close…”


You nearly sent the green haired boy into a coma from how tightly and warmly you were hugging him. Iida finally managed to get you to release him when he passed out from the sheer overwhelmingness of it all.


It was in those few times that your hugs found themselves in his presence that Todoroki would bloom into shades of red and pink, his cheeks displaying the colors to those watching.


“Awe (Name)-san!” Mina would chuckle and you would look at her, Todoroki still in your embrace. “You’re embarrassing Todoroki-kun again!”


You’d chuckle and let him in the next second. “Ah sorry Todoroki-san! I just got so excited and you happened to be the person right next to me!”


He’d shake his head in understanding and walk away quickly. You always thought it was because he wasn’t a fan of things kind of actions.


But in reality it was because he was trying to very hard to not reveal to you or the rest of his class that you were driving him absolutely mad with all these kind actions, bubbly laughs and shining eyes.


It wasn’t just your actions that made you seem so irresistible to Todoroki however, it was everything about you.


The way you spoke, speaking with a cute voice that always held your speech between that of mutuals who you held the utmost respect for. The only way to make it more cute was if you were to suddenly start calling people ‘-sama’ afterwards.


He’d for sure not be able to handle his hidden emotions if you called him ‘Todoroki-sama’ but then again, he didn’t think anyone would be able too.


You, like a few others in class, also spoke through your body. Your hands danced around like Iida’s in excitement. You’d throw your head back and forth like Midoriya when you found something embarrassing but not enough to make you cease your bubbly tone and chatter about it.


To Todoroki Shouto, you were the most adorable thing he had ever seen.

Chapter Text

Kaminari Denki

Writing Prompt 2 - Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry


In his whole life, he would have never thought that a knocking at his door at 3am would be (Name) shaking and tears streaming down her face.


Kaminari nearly was slapped awake just by the look of terror and devastation on your face. What had happened? Why were you so scared and upset?


He wasted no time in pulling you into his room and closing the door quietly to not wake any of his neighbors up. When he had made sure you both were alone, his attention was 110% focused on his (Name).


“Babe, are you okay? What’s the matter? You scared me half to death when I opened the doo-”


He stopped when you suddenly rang into his chest and tightly wrapped your arms around him. He noticed how tightly he was being held by you, as if you were afraid that when you let go… he wouldn’t be there.


“Talk to me beautiful…” You cooed and moved to sit down and lean against his bed with you still tightly holding him like a precious heirloom.


“Bad- no… terrible dream.” You finally managed to say.


“I see. Can I ask what it was about?”


He was hesitant to ask, seeing as you were still trembling. It must have been quite a nightmare to send you into such a scared mess. He knew you and he knew that it had to be something really big to turn his confident (Name) into his clinging sobbing mess.


“We were all back at U-USJ during that villain invasion incident. E-except this time instead of it being a bunch of petty thugs… they were real villains who had been trained for this sort of thing…”


You stopped talking and shook your head back and forth, your tears starting up again. You covered your mouth in an attempt to silence your tears but you it was no use. The idea and memory had already come back to the surface and was scaring you again.


Kaminari’s eyes widened as he watched you break down again. Shit! How do you comfort someone after a nightmare that resulted in all their friends and loved ones dying in front of them?


He didn’t have a clue what to do, but he couldn’t just leave you like this! It wasn’t right, you were a broken bird right now and desperately looking for someone to fix your wing.


“H-hey.” he attempted to start, a tad bit rocky. “I-it’s okay? Look! I’m right here and I’m fine! I’m sure if we were to go and wake the others up they’d all be pissed for it being 3am… but they’d be alive and fine too!”


You continued crying into his chest, showing that his attempt was less than helpful. Kaminari even hated himself for that pathetic speech. Alright, time for round 2: sappy teen romance.


“I’m sorry.” He pressed his hand to the back of your head and gently moved it closer to his form. “It must have been really scary… I can’t imagine watching you or anyone else from class die in front of my eyes… dream or not.”


He watched as your sniffling started to gradually calm down, alerting him to whatever he was doing was working. Now he understood why so many couples had this ‘late night heart to heart’ in movies and shows… because it actually worked and moved them closer than a normal conversation would!


“And you can stay here as long as you want, I’m not the type of guy to kick out someone when they needed me so much.”


“Thank you Kaminari-kun.” You muffled voice came to his ears.


“J-just promise me you’ll stop crying soon okay? You scared me when I saw those tears… I really hate to see you cry.”


“Keep holding me like this and I think they’ll stop eventually… your arms are really warm and comfy to be held in.”


“I’m glad about that then.”


“H-hey *yawn* Kaminari-kun?”


“Yeah Sleeping Beauty?”


“Thanks for opening your door… I really needed to see you.”


He didn’t say anything, just hugged you closer to him and pulling a blanket over you both. It was enough to let you know that at least for the rest of the night, he’d keep the nightmares away.



Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt 2 - Please don’t cry. I can’t stand to see you cry


You had played this game of ‘we’re just friends and nothing more’ for far too long now. The lie you had been telling yourself all these years would not be working for much longer. Your feelings for Todoroki Shouto were drawing closer and closer to the surface everyday and it was tearing you up inside.


Todoroki had been such a wonderful friend to you and the thought of risking that friendship for some feelings that may or may not work out in the end was not worth it. But lately, your emotions had been pulling you toward the opposite idea. That may be he felt the same! That maybe you were meant to be together!


Your heart told you to scream it, to not waste any more valuable time. But your mind was more reserved. It warned you, scolded you for having such delusions in the first place. Confession? What are you some romance clique? That’s not how the real world works and you know it!


There was a war going inside of you, with the casualties to your sanity and emotional stability taking the largest hits and highest number of casualties as more and more days passed by.


The small smiles and laughter was made as a way to distract yourself. Don’t allow those feelings to manifest anymore. You’ll only get hurt (Name), it’s best to let them die rather than your precious friendship with Todoroki.


He was much too important. That damned monotone sarcasm. Those heterochromatic eyes that showed the bluest sky and the silverest gray. The way his hair split right down the middle naturally.


Every part of him was unique and so very interesting! But you… you were just some girl he shared a class with. You were a close friend, but he had people he understood him more.


Midoriya and Iida for example seemed to have gotten even closer to Todoroki as of late. He had even started eating lunch with them, leaving you to sit without him. Heck, even Yao-Momo was closer to Todoroki now then you!


You weren’t jealous though, he could form bonds with anyone he wanted after all… but you were hurt. You were hurt that he was leaving you behind without even a second glance.


Maybe this is why these feelings had started to come out more, as you were worried about already losing him to these new friends? Or maybe it was because you needed to make sure that some sort of bond was still there between you and the boy you had known for years.


You shook your head and rested against the side of the gym. Lunch had started a while ago, but you were not hungry. These feelings were making you nauseous and even the thought of food was making you feel like you were about to up chuck.


Maybe he was getting along with these new friends better because they had been the ones to reach him? After all, you had never seen Todoroki so happy. He was not bouncing off the walls full of it, but he did smile occasionally now.


Maybe it was for the best that he had started to drift away from you?


You knew you had started crying now. Your droplets falling into your skirt and the ground, leaving dark little marks as a result. Your eyes were blurring and you couldn’t help but bury your head into your skirt as the dam continued to flow.


“(Name)? Is everything alright?” He called out to you and you shook from his voice. His voice hurt you…


“I-I’m fine Todo-kun.” You lied through your teeth and you wiped away your tears before looking back at him.


Todoroki stared at you before coming closer to you. He stopped before you and gave off a small sigh of his own. His warm hand touched your chin while his cold one wiped away the tears on your face.


“Please don’t cry anymore…” He paused and then suddenly engulfed you into a hug. His warmth relaxes your love sick heart and his cold calmed down your worried mind.


“I don’t know what’s gotten you so worked up, but I can’t stand to see you cry.”


You sniffled into his uniform and nodded against his frame. “I-I’ll try.”


“I’m sorry as well.” He spoke and you listened as he did so, not knowing why he should or would need to apologize to you. “I’ve been quiet rude to you lately, it wasn’t right of me to ignore you. I’m sorry if that’s what upset you so much.”


“It’s okay Todo-kun.”


“It’s not… I should have been treating you better.”


“No. It’s okay now because you’re here now.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt Number 1 - We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.


The line between friendship and love was blurred a lot at times. Were you protectful of him because he was such a dear and close friend of yours, or was it something more?


Did you always partner up with him because you enjoyed his company and personality? Or was it because you needed it?


Was Todoroki a friend like you kept telling yourself? Or had he become something more as of late?


Unbeknownst to you, said boy was also considering these feelings. Did you see him as a great ally? Or someone who you could spend the rest of your days with?


The two of you were not the most normal of friends either, had the rest of the class not known already, they would has assumed you two were already dating.


“Shouto? Do you think a romantic or comedy movie would be better?” You asked as the two of you shared a couch, blanket and seat. You were on his lap, the remote in hand as you scrolled through movies to watch with him on a Saturday night.


“Doesn’t matter to me.” Was his monotone reply.


The classmates in the kitchen could not help but try to understand how either of you had seen it? Friends don’t cuddle regularly, if at all! But yet, here was a living breathing example.


“Do they not see it? Or are they both that dense?” Mina asked.


The remaining classmates shrugged and left, knot wanting to attempt to figure out the question of ‘Todoroki & (Name): couple or not?’


The strangeness of your relationship didn’t stop there, but that’s not what’s important. What was that neither of you ever considered that these actions were nothing more then friendly and respectful.


The movie had stopped playing, the credits rolling as you both watched. In truth, the movie had been terrible, leaving you both to daydream about the what if’s and possibilities of the other.


“Hey Shouto?” You asked suddenly, not knowing where this courage had come from.


“Yes?” He asked back, still watching the words on the screen was a blank and far off expression.


“We’re friends, right?” You asked, your own voice sounding so unsure of this.


Shouto’s mind returned to the present and he glanced at you, who was still sitting on him comfortably, his arm wrapped around you. He thought it over and came to a conclusion.


“No. I don’t think we are.”


“Why do you think that?” You asked curiously, wanting to know if he had reached the same conclusion you did tonight.


“I suppose it’s because no one else does what we do… Midoriya and Uraraka don’t sit like we sit, nor do they hold ons and share umbrellas on rainy days like we do…”


“So we're not friends then?”


“I don’t think we are.”


“Are we a couple then?”


“I’m not sure?” He paused and you moved to look at him. “Do you want to be more than friends?”


You chuckled and rubbed your nose along his. He flushed at the sudden contact, never having you done that before, despite all the other couple like things you did.


“Yeah… I’d like to try out this couple thing.”

Chapter Text





Why the fuck was he awake? It was way too early in the morning to even be 100% aware of his surroundings. However, something rather irritating had caused the pierced man to wake up in the first place.


He was laying on his bed with only a pair of boxers on. Next to him was his peacefully sleeping lover. The blanket was wrapped around their form, making them look like a caterpillar in their cocoon.


He sighed before grabbing the blanket and unraveling his lover from half of blanket. He rolled his eyes as he watched them continue to sleep peacefully once more.


“Just cause my quirk is fire based doesn’t mean I’m immune to the cold…” He sighed and then laid back down, ready to fall back to sleep soon.






You shivered and felt around for the blanket that would more then likely be near or around your knees. When you couldn’t feel it, you finally cracked open your eyes and saw that your precious keeper of body heat had been stolen from you.


And the culprit of that damn boyfriend, Dabi.


“Hey shit face… you think this is funny?” You whispered to him.


When he made no move, proving he was actually asleep, you rolled your eyes and grabbed the blanket. It took a few tugs to get him to let go of the death grip on it he had, but eventually you got half of it once again.


Now the only thing left to do was fall back asleep and peacefully wait for morning


However… as time went one, each of you continued to wake up at some random point in the night to reclaim the blanket.


At one point you had both pillows. At another Dabi had woken up on the floor. There was even one time when you could have sworn he chuckled when you couldn’t get him to let go of the blanket.


Either way, it was a continually tiring, restless and most importantly cold night for both you and your cool headed boyfriend.

That Morning~

“Good morning!” Twice announced as the dating duo walked hand and hand into the League of Villains’ headquarters.


Their faces were sleep deprived and their eyes were glaring at the other. They appeared to be a couple ready to break up rather than one who was in love.


“Or not.” Twice gloated at their misery. “What happened did you two wake up on the wrong side of the bed?”


Dabi and (Name) both visibly stiffened before their faces became even further angry. This anger was then directed towards Twice making the talkative villain sweat at their scary looks.


“Shut it or you’ll wake up in a body bag…” (Name) threatened.


“And I’ll make sure your remains are unrecognizable.” Dabi joined in.


The two moved past him, each bumping against his shoulder.


“Oh wow… you sure pissed them off Twice!” Toga bubbled, twirling her knife.


“Maybe the sex wasn’t great last night?”


They shrugged and continued doing whatever they had been doing previously

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt Number 19- I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me


There’s always been a small voice in the back of his head since he started taking a liking to you. One that liked to torture him, to make him feel like he wasn’t the right choice.


‘You’ll only turn out like your father. You’re half of him after all.’


He tried to shake the nagging thoughts away, but they liked to stick around. Todoroki didn’t want to fall in love, it scared him like no villain or hurdle ever could.


But yet here he was, watching as his heart both hurt him and made him feel wonderful with the mere thought or appearance of your face. You were the most perfect human being in his mind, you could do no wrong.


Of course he knew this was from his love sick mind allowing cupid’s arrows to stir the pot of emotions that he had kept under lock and key fairly well. But he couldn’t help it, even the rational part of his brain was telling him to notice all the small things (Name) did.


He was certain no one else knew the way you twirling your hair when deep in thought, how you’d sigh in content after a long day of classes in the dorms, or how you’d always put your pencil to the left of you exam when finished.


He frustrated himself thinking about why he was so obsessed about this! It worried him more that he might hurt you if he tried to do anything. So in the end, it was you who asked him out.


It started out as simple study dates that turned into movies and meals and eventually Shouto had earned the term ‘boyfriend’ before he really knew it. But nothing was ever perfect in a relationship, and he was sure you had come to realize it as he had even before you both started dating.


“Is something wrong?” You had brought it up while studying today. “I know we haven’t been dating for long, but I can tell when you aren’t happy…”


You voice was low and hurt, thinking he had lost interest in you. You liked Todoroki so so so much, and losing him already was hurting you even if it was an irrational thought.


“I’m just dealing with something and I’m afraid that’s why I haven’t been so active or emotional in our relationship.”


“I’m here of you want to talk Todoroki-kun.” You spoke to him softly and touched his hand gently, letting him know you were here for him, no matter what.


“I’m-” He took a deep breath. “I’m afraid of being in love.”


You felt like this was not the whole statement, and waited for him to continue what he wanted to say.


“I’m afraid that I’ll hurt you or you’ll end up hating me.”


“Why do you think that?” You asked, no hint of annoyance or anger, but rather curiosity.


“I-I’m not entirely sure. I have a habit of the people close to me always getting hurt.”


“That’s not your fault.”


“You don’t know that.”


“I do. I do know. Do you know why?”


He shook his head and sighed in despair. Was it really possible for him to ever trust himself or love you the way you wanted him too.


He blinked his eyes back open when you pulled him into your embrace. Your arms were so warm and inviting and you scent was small and comforting. He liked being in your arms.


“You’re kind. Maybe not the most social butterfly in showing it, but when it matters the most you show it. You saved Iida and Midoriya, you gave Yao-Momo her confidence back and you have helped pull me out of my own darkness more times than you ever know.


You’re my hero Todoroki-kun. And heroes always save the day in the end, even if it’s from their own demons… they always come out on top.”


He nodded against you and you smiled happily, glad to have reached him and crush this insecurity that had been plaguing him for so long.


“Thank you.”


“Don’t thank me… it’s my pleasure to let you know how amazing you are and why you deserve all of my love.”


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


How anyone could get along with fucking Deku was beyond him.


How anyone could fucking like Deku make his blood boil.


How (Name) could have a crush on fucking Deku made him question every single fucking thing he knew about this life and universe.


Bakugou watched from across the lunchroom as you laughed at something Deku had just said and how his face lit up in embarrassment. Weren’t you both just such a fucking cute couple?


If most cases, Bakugou would not give a shit. He’d scoff at the brain dead person who’d want to fucking get with that… but he’d ignore it for the most part.


The problem was that it was (Name) who was crushing on Deku. His (Name). His sweet little sunshine child who could do no wrong and even make him crack a smile at their antics. You were supposed to be his!


So why wasn’t it him you were making jokes and casual conversation with. Why was it that fucking socially anxious nerd?! He was so much better in every way possible!


He was strong, he was protecting and he was totally in love with them! Sure that last part had never been said out loud, but he had at least come to terms with it. He loved you, but this was too fucking much.


He didn’t know how, he didn’t know why but as he watched you and fucking Deku accidently rub hands when you both reached for the salt, something snapped. He didn’t care that Kirishima told him he was catching his water bottle on fire. He didn’t care that the table fell over when he suddenly got up. He didn’t care that his loser friends were yelling at him to calm down.


The only thing that mattered was the shitty person who was crushing his feelings without them even knowing it.


The only that mattered right now was you.


He strode up to the table and kicked his leg up. He brought it down on top of the table, causing the lunches of the group to spill over or fall off the table completely. He sucked his teeth and lifted his lip up, showing his disgust.


He ignored Motor Legs and Round Face calling him out. He ignored Icy Hot’s cold glare. He ignored Frog Girl and the Grape Looking Shit’s upset eyes and gestures to their lunches.


What he gave his attention to was you.


You looked right back into his ruby orbs, holding so much shock and disappointment in his actions. He looked right back at the calm (eye color) orbs, his own showing anger and jealousy.


“We need to fucking talk.” He grabbed your arm and roughly forced you up from your seat. He didn’t mean to make it look so forceful or actually literally pull you, but he was so mad. He was so jealous… “Now.”


It was never a suggestion, or a question from him. It was always a demand.


He pulled you out of the cafeteria and through the hallways, attempting to find a closed space to talk this out and tell you to stop being in love with Deku.


Finally he slammed the door to the roof closed and let go of your arm. How clique… the roof with the love of his life. What was this? Some shitty anime?


“What was that about?” They shouted at him suddenly, their arms cutting the air. One of his favorite traits about you, it was so fucking stupid but so fucking cute how you talked with your arms.


“I’m sick and tired of you hanging out with shitty Deku!” He yelled at you, not missing a beat. These feelings had been bottled up for so long that they were overflowing from his mouth. The faucet had long been damaged, but now it was broken.


“He’s my friend! And it’s not your decision to choose who I hang out with Bakugou-kun! Izuku-kun is nice and is a great friend!”


He could feel his eye twitch.


Izuku. Izuku. Izuku


Not Midoriya


Not Deku


Izuku. Fucking Izuku.


You and Deku were on a first name basis.


Meanwhile he was still ‘Bakugou-kun’


Not Katsuki-kun or even just Bakugou.




“WHY THE HELL AM I NOT KATSUKI TO YOU? WHY IS IT SHITTY DEKU WHO’S ON THE FIRST NAME BASIS!?” He screamed, his emotions continuing to grow and his own body starting to lose control over itself.


You had seen Bakugou angry. You had seen Bakugou yell. But you had never heard him scream until now.


“What do you mean? You never let anyone call you by your first name! And I asked Izuku-kun and he said yes!”


“Well fucking call me Katsuki then! No honorific either! I won’t be overshadowed by that shit when it comes to you!”




He growled, making you stop.


“Katsuki.” You corrected yourself. “Why do you want to have a better relationship with me then Izuku-kun? Don’t tell me you… have feels for me?”




You blinked at his sudden confession and then quietly started laughing. You tried to cover your mouth and hold back the giggles, but they would not stop.


Meanwhile Bakugou was experiencing his own version of heartbreak. He had just confessed and his love instead of smiling and admitting they too had feelings instead started laughing at him.


For once he was silent and unable to talk.


“I-Izuku-kun was right… you’re so prideful that even your feelings come off as rougher than expected.” You walked up to him and cupped your hands on his cheek. “Your such a smart guy Katsuki, but you’re pretty dumb when it comes to this huh?”


“W-wha..?” He asked in utter disbelief. What was happening?


They laughed again and leaned forward. Their lips met his in a short but sweet kiss. His eyes burst open and his hands trembled a bit. What was happening?!


“I was only hanging out with Izuku-kun to ask him about you. I’m sorry it made you so jealous… but I’m kinda glad so I could do that. I love you too Katsuki.”


He wasn’t sure if at that moment he should kill Deku or you. Either way… at least you were finally his.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto

Writing Prompt Number 24- You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad


When Todoroki and yourself started dating, you had always noticed that he was much more interested in your home life then his own. He would listen quietly as you would talk about some funny thing your father had done the night before or some embarrassing thing your sibling did.


Even when you had asked how his family was, you’d get a shrug or a ‘Fine.’ followed by him changing the subject or an awkward silence. Thus you had learned early on that the Todoroki family dynamics were not something to be brought up or mentioned around Shouto.


The last thing you wanted to do after all was make your Shouto uncomfortable or upset by your prying questions. It wasn’t like he was an emotional bundle all the time, but you could tell that specifically during those moments he was trying his best to contain his emotions.


You could never understand why, or at least until a certain visit to the Todoroki residence. Shouto had texted you earlier saying he was running late for your date and that he would meet you at the train station.


You had told him you were in the neighborhood by his home, thus you would meet him there. He saw the text message too late, and someone else had answered the door before he had the chance to.


“And who might you be?” His father glared down at you and you looked up at the number 2 hero in confusion.


“I’m waiting for Shouto-kun. We have a date sir.” You answered back.


“A date? With my Shouto?” Endeavor frowned. “What’s your quirk?”


You were caught off guard by this statement. Why the sudden interest?


“M-my quirk is called ‘Perfect Aim’ I can hit any target I can see within 100 meters.”


“So you have a useless quirk and have been wasting my son’s time?” Endeavor sighed. “Leave. DOn’t ever come back here or contact Shouto again.”


You blinked, and were ready to retaliate back with your words when you knight in shining armor had appeared.


“That’s enough father.” Shouto coldly glared back at his fiery parent. “(Name) is a wonderful significant other and I won’t stand for you harassing her or trying to end or relationship. I’ll be back later.”


Shouto wasted no more time dealing with his arrogant father, and instead pulled you down the block. You blinked at that display, your heart fluttering from how protective and dedicated to you Shouto was. He loved you.. And you were so happy about that.


“I’m sorry you had to see that. I’m sorry for what my father said to you.” Shouto continued pulling you down the street, his voice low and angry.


He knew his father was less than a kind man, but to insult you just because the pro hero didn’t believe your quirk was fit from someone like his son…. Made his hatred and blood boil even further.


“Don’t apologize.” You squeezed his hand, one side his mother gave to him. “We can’t always choose our family. And I had a feeling you had a less than pleasant relationship with Endeavor.”


Shouto stopped walking, just listening to your words or attempted comfort and understanding. He wasn’t mad at you in the slightest, but he still was upset that even you were facing this abuse from his father.


“I don’t know how this will make you feel, but I hope at least a little better.” You chuckled in awkwardness and Shouto looked at you, feeling his heart warm and his anger subside at your adorable sounds.


“But I thought it was pretty hot how mad you got when your dad was telling me off.”


“Take this seriously (Name).” Shouto mumbled, his face lowering in an attempt to keep this serious atmosphere, though he himself was also trying to hide a smile and blush from your compliment.


“I am!” You snickered and brushed a few strands of his white and red hair out of his hidden face. “You already proved to me that you’re not your father! You defended me! If you were him, you would have pushed it aside or agreed. You didn’t, so stop worrying.”


Shouto sighed and pressed a kiss to your cheek, his way of thanking you for reassuring him of his greatest fear and worry that you would be scared off by his father.


“And just cause your father doesn’t like me means I’m gonna leave. The only thing I care about is if you and the people you care about like me. If you’re father ain’t one of them, then the hell with him!”


“You always know what to say, don’t you?” He asked you, as his hand and yours squeezed each other again and the walk turned into a comfortable pace.


“Nope! I never do! Kinda funny huh?”


Shouto chuckled at your honesty, and you smiled back at him. The conversation with his father now long forgotten and the only thing on your minds being where you would go now.


The night was young and so were the two of you.


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


“Right foot green.” Uraraka announced and watched as you attempted to move your right leg to said spot. If it wasn’t for the growling and slightly sweaty and angry boy basically hovering over you, it would have been easy.


But with Bakugou’s arms were on either side of you: his right hand on the green and his left hand on the blue. Your left hand was placed on the yellow, meanwhile your right was one circle below Bakugou’s on the blue.


He hung over you, exerting his strength to stay up and keep his balance, while you were closer to the ground but still feeling like a trapped animal with him so close and personal with you right now.


Your legs were spread apart, as each foot needed to be on a separate color: being blue and yellow, the two furthest part colors. Meanwhile Bakugou’s feet were placed on the red and green, making it look like he was ready to dive his face inbetween your legs.


“Move your upper leg Baka-gou…” Your eye twitched, not wanting to make him lose balance and fall on top of you.


“No way in hell…” He mumbled back. “I’m not fucking losing…”


This little game of twister had started about an hour ago. The residents of Class 1-A had all decided a friendly game would make their night go a bit more excitedly then just sitting around and being bored.


Twister had been found and Mineta had been locked in his dorm room, so everyone was more than willing to play. Yourself had found Mina wanting to play with you, so you agreed.


Sero and Kaminari also wanted to play with the two of you, so it was decided that the first round would be the Bakusquad. Kirishima had gone and fetched Bakugou from his dorm room, saying that his ego was on the line if he didn’t come down fast.


The explosion quirk user was less than pleased when he found out that Kirishima was talking about Twister and not some shit head talking smack about him. He was so pissed that he nearly left.


But when he saw you preparing to play, he suddenly agreed. He couldn’t let you play with these idiots without him now, could he?


The game started, with your non-playing classmates calling the colors and body parts as the game went on. 10 minutes in, Kaminari fell over, making him the first one out. Sero was quick to follow.


Kirishima and Mina managed to hold out for about 30 minutes, but soon enough could not complete an action or fell over as well. Thus leaving you and Bakugou as the only players left. Thus bring you to now.


“I always had a feeling you’d be a top Bakugou.” Kaminari called out, a sly smirk on his face.


“Shut the fuck up.” He snapped back.


“Uraraka…” You mumbled, feeling ready to end this embarrassing and compromising shit show.


“Yes?” She tilted her head to the side.


“It’s whoever falls first loses, right?”




You smiled wickedly and winked at Bakugou who was still hovering above you, his own stamina starting to reach it’s limit.


You lifted the foot you were supposed to move, but instead of moving it to the corresponding color, you cut through Bakugou’s legs. His legs gave out easily and he gasped in anger as he fell.


The only problem was you didn’t think out this plan, so Bakugou ended up falling right onto you. And came the realization that something rough and warm was gripping your breast as well as another down near your stomach.


However the biggest shock was the new pair of lips on your own. You widened in shock and terror as you realized you had accidentally caused Bakugou to fall and lip lock with you.


Someone whistled at the scene. You two weren’t even dating, but the attraction and constant playful remarks were enough for everyone aside from you and Bakugou to know that you liked each other.


You watched as Bakugou shrugged and then suddenly pushed his tongue through your lips, his teeth grazing your lips in a rough addicting kiss. You moaned in approval from his actions.


He used both of his hands to start playing with your soft mounds of flesh on your chest, liking the feeling of you squirming and moaning at his touch.


You two seemed to have completely forgotten about your classmates who were watching this sudden make out session.


“Jesus… get a fucking room… we can all feel the sexual tension.” Kirishima laughed.


Bakugou didn’t break the kiss, instead he let out of one of your breasts and raised his hand to Kirishima.


The middle finger was enough for everyone to know that game night was cancelled.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


Supplementary lessons were the worst. The early mornings, the draining lessons and training, spending more time then one should with Bakugou…


So by the time the day was over and he finally managed to unlock his dorm room, Todoroki nearly collapsed from exhaustion on the spot. Going to UA all day was one thing, but the extra lessons to get his license like his other classmates added on made things a bit harder than it should have.


The soft knocking on his door made him turn his head towards it. He attempted to get up and allow whoever was outside in, but his body was on sleep mode.


“It’s unlocked.” He called out instead and watched as the door softly opened and his girlfriend peek in through it. Her face smiled at him, her happiness from just seeing him warming his heart and his mind questioned how he even got the attention of such a considerate person in the first place.


“Can I come in?” She asked, not wanting to disturb him if he wanted time to himself after such a long day.


“Yes, it’s fine.” Shouto called to her again and she walked into his unique room, slipping her shoes off near the entrance.


She hopped on the bed next to him and wasted no time in wrapping her arms around him and pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. He blushed form the affection and swung one of his own arms around her.


“Long day?” (Name) asked, tracing her fingers through his hair.


“It felt like a week…” He sighed.


“I see you got another bruise… what exactly are they making you do?” She worried for him.


“They claim it’s make up training for my actions during the actual exam… but I’m starting to think otherwise.”


She giggled and broke away from hold and started to reposition herself. Todoroki waited patiently, knowing she wasn’t leaving but preparing to stay for a long while.


These lessons had cut their time together to much less than usual, and he was missing his (Name) a lot, more than he thought possible. He guessed it was one of those strange parts of being in love.


“Well of your sore, you need something softer than those pillows to lay your head against.” She cooed and lifted his head up gently moving it to rest on her breasts.


He blushed at this, never before having touched her bosom at any point or with any part of himself. She giggled, no doubt seeing his flushed face.


“Relax Shouto, I don’t mind. But if you’re uncomfortable then you don’t have to lay on my boobs.”


“N-No. I just wasn’t expecting it... “ He coughed before continuing. “And besides… they are much softer then my pillows.”


She giggled again and moved in closer to him, being the big spoon in this moment. It was rare, as Todoroki usually was the larger spoon, but right now he was too tired to care.


And right now being wrapped in her soft arms and cherry scent, as well as his head being cradled in such a warm and squishy set of pillows, seemed like peace on earth to him.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


He just had to tell fucking Kirishima… and now he was really regretting it. That motherfucking period colored freak had just done the one thing Bakugou was worried about.


He fucking told Bakugou’s crush that he had feelings for them.


“Come on dude! It was an accident, I swear!” Kirishima attempted to tell him, but Bakugou continued to stare him down menacingly from across the lunch table.


“How the fuck does the sentence ‘Bakugou likes you’ come out on accident, shithead?”


Kirishima sighed and gave Bakugou and apologetic look. He really did have the best intentions at heart, but he could understand why his bro was so pissed at him.


It was not everyday Bakugou would find someone to tolerate, let alone someone he actually had romantic feelings for. The crush in question was quite different than the type of person you would expect someone like Bakugou to be after.


They were rather calm and quiet, but knew when to speak when they needed to. While they were not in the top 3 for their class, they still had made quite the impact at their Sport’s Festival this year. And the biggest thing: they were a year older.


Bakugou had first spotted them when he watched the second year’s sports festival over the days he had off and was head over heels at the site. He cursed himself for not only being sappy and acting like a regular teenager, but also because he had fallen for his ‘senpai’ !


That was not the problem though, as Bakugou didn’t care if they were a year younger or a year older… what made him worry was the fact that he had never actually ‘talked’ to you. He had passed them by in the hallway as they walked by with friends, but he himself had never talked to you.


“Excuse me?” A new voice entered the small lunch table’s discussion and all four boys turned to look at the owner of said voice.


“Oh hey (Name)-senpai.” Kaminari waved to them and they waved back.


“Oh, do you know them?” Sero asked.


“Yeah, Kaminari-kun mentored at my internship.” They responded and then glanced down at Bakugou.


“It’s Bakugou, correct?”


“What’s it to you?” He spat back.


Shit… he didn’t mean to say that. He was just so pissed at Kirishima still that he had taken it out on you by accident. So much for a good first impression…


They let out a small giggle and Bakugou’s red eyes widened. H-had not fucked up?


“You’re just as sharp tongued as my classmates said.” They smiled and then looked to Kirishima and pointed at him.


“That guy over there told me that you had a crush on me, is that true Bakugou-kun?”


Bakugou-kun, he could just explode on the spot from the words… no way was this happening? Did they enjoy his abrasive personality?


“...Who the hell takes that hair-for-brain’s word for anything?” He scoffed and looked away from them.


“Hmm.” They pondered and then took out a pen and grabbed his hand.


“The hell are you doing shit-pai ?!” He barked, giving them a nasty nickname.


“You’re lucky I like tsunderes so much…” They trailed off and caped the pen. “Call me~”


They turned around and left, knowing full well that Bakugou was looking back and forth between the number on his hand and the retreating figure of his crush that had practically told him that they wanted to go out with him.


When the shock was over he smirked and took his phone out, ignoring the kissy faces Kaminari & Sero were making.


“Well Kirishima, you helped me out this time…”


“I told you I got you br-”


“But do that ever fucking again and I will kill you.”

Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijiro:


“You did what?!” Kirishima hollered and rubbed his hands through his spiked locks, thus ruining the 30 minutes he had spent doing it this morning.


“It fucking happened to pop up in the conversation, so I told them. What’s the big fucking deal?” Bakugou snapped back, already pestered that Kirishima was bothered by his ‘helpful’ actions.


“BRO?! You told the person I’m crushing on that I ‘fucking have the hots for them?’ Word choice aside, that’s not cool! Not cool at all!”


“HUH?” Bakugou rolled up a study exam and smacked Kirishima on the top of his already messed up hair. “I did you and your shitty ass a favor! If you were the man you keep saying you are, you would have told them already!”


“Awe! I’m so screwed!” The redhead yelled and slammed his head down on the table of the cafe the two had been sitting in and attempting to study in.


“Well I did my job in more ways the one today, so fucking finish the rest of the problems on your own. Later loser.” Bakugou slammed his money down on the table and walked out.


Kirishima sighed and started collecting his own papers and notes before leaving his share of the bill on the table and walking out. Man… could today get any worse?


Midterms were getting closer and now he had the added problem of the cute genius from the Support class knowing that he liked them.


He sulked down the residential area where he lived, hoping that when he woke up tomorrow it would all turn out to be some terrible dream and that his secret was still a secret.


“Kirishima-san!” A bubbly voice called out from behind him and he felt his cheeks redden when he recognized the voice.


“(N-Name)-san?” He stuttered a bit and watched as the shorter student of UA came running forward and stopped in front of him. They placed their hands on their knees and attempted to catch their breath.


‘D-did they run all the way here?’ He thought as he watched his crush finally feel better and pull out their own school bag and start to rummage through it.


“H-how did you know I lived over here?” He asked as they continued searching for whatever they were looking for.


“UA lists the address on your quirk information sheets that the Support Class gets to work off of… so I may have copied it…” They mumbled and puffed their cheeks out. “I-I swear I’m not a stalker though!”


Kirishima laughed a bit at their statement and rubbed the back of his head awkwardly. “N-no worries, I trust that wouldn’t give it out willy nilly…”


“Here!” They cried suddenly and held out a letter with hearts on it towards him. Their face was covered in a deep red blush and their eyes were closed shut in embarrassment.


“I-is this for me?” Kirishima questioned it, as he knew this was a love letter. He had seen enough anime to know that this was a confession… a confession to him!


“Y-yes! I’ve been wanting to give you this since the first time you came in asking for upgrades to your hero outfit… but I was too scared to do so… or at least until your friend told me this afternoon.”


“S-seriously! You like me back? And you’re giving me this incredibly cute letter to show it? Ah!” He beamed and eagerly took the handwritten note from you. They looked back up at him and smiled when they saw the smile that was enveloping his own face.


“Y-yeah… sorry it’s pretty fluffy…”


“No way! As a man, it’s my job to accept and love all things cute! And that includes you!” He smiled and punched his fists together in his manly pose.


“Of course!” They smiled and then turned around. “W-Well I should g-get going! B-bye Kirishima-san!”


“W-wait (Name)-san!”


They turned around and looked at them, curiosity in their eyes. “Y-yes?”


“L-let’s go see a movie sometime! My treat!”


They nodded and gave him a thumbs up. “Sounds like fun! I’m free whenever!”


Kirishima watched as their figure retreated and he smiled to himself. Okay… maybe if this was a dream he wanted to continue having it for a bit longer.

Chapter Text

Ashido Mina:


“Y-you’re kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding…” Mina desperately clung to Toru’s clothing.


The friendly and talkative locker room discussion had suddenly turned awkward when Toru had suddenly said that (Name) would be stopping by after classes got out that day. Mina, who had been crushing on the Class 1-B member for a while, was quite interested in why.


“Oh! I told her you liked them! They seemed pretty shocked to hear it too.” Was her chipper reply.


“Toru-chan, don’t you think that was a little out of line, ribbit.” Tsu addressed the invisible girl.


“No way! Now Mina can tell them how she feels!”


“Mina should have eased into the confession herself though.” Momo chided Toru. “Now it’s as if you’ve forced her to confess.


“Ah? Did I?” Toru realized and suddenly felt incredibly guilty. “M-Mina-chan I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to… I was trying to help.”


“It’s okay Toru-chan, I know you didn’t mean any harm by it. And who knows guys, maybe they feel the same way. I guess I’ll find out after class.”


“Good luck Mina-chan!” Uraraka cheered her on and the pink girl gave her a wide smile back.


The rest of the day went by extremely slow. Focusing on lessons and her friends were the last things on Mina’s mind as the final bell drew more and more near every second.


How would they feel? Toru had said they seemed shocked when she told them… but was it a good shock or a bad shock? Did they even know who she was?


The ringing of the bell separated her from her inner conflict and then came the realization that she was about to come face to face with her crush and ultimately find out if her heart would be broken or not.


Her classmates began to clear out, the girls shooting her smiles and thumbs up in reassurance. They helped to calm her nerves down a little bit at least, or at least until her crush pushed past the last few students and was now in Class A’s room.


“Hey Mina!” They called and waved at her very energetically.


A good sign thus far as they came closer to her and pulled up and chair next to her. They observed her face for a minute, taking in her features and staring at every part of Mina’s unique form.


Mina watched as her crush retracted their close gaze and closed their eyes. They suddenly snapped their fingers and pointed to the girl next to them.


“Yup! You’re adorable!” They declared smiled brightly, causing Mina to blush and laugh awkwardly. “Therefore, I wanna treat you to dinner! Anywhere you want!”


“Seriously?!” Mina called out and slammed her hands on her desk and watched as her crush giggled.


“Of course! You’re super cute, super cheery, and pink! I love pink!”


Mina laughed happily and watched as her crush held out their hand to her. “Well Mina-chan? Shall we?”


Mina snatched her hand into theirs and smiled back at them. “Of course! I hope you like natto! I know a great place that serves some that’s to die for!”


They nodded back at her and she smiled to herself as they walked out of her classroom hand in hand.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

He hated every second of this. How he even got into this situation made him want to punch the shit out of the person next to him (who happened to be Kirishima). He was currently sitting in a large 20 person circle on the floor of the common room space and watching as an empty soda bottle spun around.


Kaminari had suggested that the class play a game of spin the bottle to pass the time and to relieve some of the boredom they all had been feeling lately. The boys were all for it, most of them thinking at least one girl in their class was at least cute.


Meanwhile the girls agreed to play but only if Mineta sat out, as none of them wanted to land on him or have him spin on them. So with the rest of the boys throwing him under the bus, Mineta was forced to sit out.


It was actually quite surprising how even Bakugou agreed to play. Sure he had scoffed at it and called them ‘horny bitches’ but he sat down in the circle nonetheless. The reason?


(Name) was playing and if he had even the slightest chance to lip lock with her, then he’d fucking take his chances. And luck behold he was given the chance to spin first.


“And remember if it comes down to it, you can refuse the kiss, but then you have to take a mystery shot of whatever the hell we find in the kitchen and blend up!” Kaminari cried, rubbing his hands together.


“Whatever…” he glared and watched as the bottle started slowing down. He watched as it spun towards its person of fate.


Deku, Icy-Hot, Kirishima, Round Face, and then finally stopping on (Name). He could feel his face heat up and he quickly shook his head to drive away his look of disbelief at his luck.


“Oh! (Name) has to kiss Bakugou! (Name) has to kiss Bakugou!” Mina cried out and shook her friend back and forth.


“I can see that Mina-chan.” She giggled and crawled on all fours toward Bakugou. “So are you going to kiss me or sit there with that angry pout, Bomber?”


He rolled his eyes and glared at her. “Huh? Well dumbass I’d rather not drink that shitty smoothie, so I guess you the lesser of two evils.”


You giggled and cupped his face, causing the male to flush a little. “Those lovely red cheeks of your say otherwise.”


“Shut the hell up… how am I supposed to feel about kissing someone as stupid as you?” He barked not liking not being in control.


“Then shut up and kiss me. The sooner you do, then the sooner I can take my turn~”


He grabbed the back of your head and slammed his lips against yours. He admitted it was a bit rougher then he would have liked for his first kiss with (Name), but with so many eyes watching he had to keep up appearances.


So as much as he enjoyed the feeling of her lips on his and her sweet taste of strawberries and raspberries, he pulled away after a few seconds. (Name) blinked her eyes and stared at him.


“What?!” He shouted as she looked at him with such a blank and bewildered expression.


“You’re a really good kisser… I didn’t expect that, but damn.”


It took everything in him not to smash his lips on her again and prove that that first kiss was nothing compared to what he could actually do.

Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijiro:


“Awe hurry up (Name)-chan!” Kaminari complained. “It’s your turn and we all want to see what lucky person gets to kiss you.”


You rolled your eyes at his flirt, reaching across the circle and rubbing his blonde locks, messing up its natural state. He chuckled and patted your hand away, and then attempted to fix his unique hair.


Seeing this as your moment to start your turn you spun the empty bottle and leaned back and waited for it to land on the person you would kiss. Or the person who would deny your lip lock and instead take a shot of some drink.


From what you had seen Kirishima, Kaminari & Mina blending this liquid was made up of mustard, chips, a banana, some gatorade a pinch of tabasco sauce, as well as tomato paste among other things. Therefore you must truly be appalling if someone would rather chug down a shot of that then kiss you for less than 10 seconds.


The bottle finally began its slow descent and then landed right in Kirishima. His face went from mild interest to a pure and excited smile as soon as he realized what it meant.


“Awe man! Really? I get to kiss (Name)!” He cheered obviously happy that he was the chosen one for this encounter.


“Well unless you would rather drink whatever the hell you made.” You chuckled.


“Are you joking? I’d rather kiss Bakugou then drink that thing we made…” He shivered and ignored Bakugou screaming at him from the other side of the circle.


He got up and kneeled down in front of you smiling like a kid on Christmas morning at how lucky he was. He had been crushing on you big time, maybe since the first day of classes. But he was always beat himself up to much when it came to saying something to you.


But now was the perfect time do something or at least know what it felt like to kiss his princess.


“Well are you going to look at me or are you going to kiss me Kirishima-kun?” You batted your eyelashes at him, pulling on his arm to bring him closer to you in a gentle manor.


He blushed and nodded. He closed his eyes and ever so slowly moved forward. He could smell your addicting scent of berries up close and he couldn’t get over how this was actually happening.


Then slowly he felt his lips meet another pair and a soft hand on the side of his face. He blinked his red orbs open slowly and saw his crush with her eyes closed, enjoying his kiss as much as she was enjoying his.


She opened her eyes much too soon for his liking and broke away from him, a small blush spreading across her face as she did so. He chuckled, knowing his own face was more then likely the shade of his hair.


“Wah! You two were so cute!” Toru chirped.


You chuckled at her happiness and glanced to Kirishima. “You’re turn to spin.”


He nodded and spun the bottle, hoping that he was extra lucky tonight so he could do that again.

Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijiro:


The crowds moved quickly, pushing and rubbing against him more then he was comfortable with. As what seemed like the 20th person to accidentally collide with him, his locks falling more and more, Kirishima finally gave up.


Sitting down at an empty table, the only remaining indication that someone had been here before being the empty or nearly empty cups and plates, Kirishima was finally able to catch his breath.


He glanced around, attempting to look for the people he had come with, knowing that they were here somewhere… doing something. He saw Kaminari getting turned down by some girl near the front of the ballroom. Across the way was Sero, helping himself to some punch, his smile wide as he chatted with who Kirishima assumed to be Mina. (Her pink skin and golden horns were pretty recognizable after all).


His blood red eyes finally found the last member of his inner circle, standing outside on a balcony. Bakugou appeared to be having a conversation with a familiar girl in a soft rose red dress, the male’s body language not very happy to be talking in the first place.


Kirishima sighed, it appeared even Bakugou had found someone to spend time with tonight, leaving him to be the odd one out. Sulking, he pushed down the last strands of his hair, the dyed color no longer being up, but rather down as it naturally did.


“Not going your way either?” The sound of a chair being pulled out, made the mask covered teen turn to see a girl sitting down across from him. She wore her hair in a braid, it being pinned in a circular fashion to her head. Her mask was black on one side and the other in white, almost like Ying and Yang itself.


Her dress was mostly white with black floral accents hanging around below her waist, as if the flowers were bursting outwards. She looked nice, if not a bit strange since most of the girls here were wearing bright colors and frilly fabrics.


“I guess, more lonely than anything. My friends all found someone to talk to, yet I’m here by myself.” Kirishima chuckled, feeling a bit awkward for dumping this onto a girl who he was pretty sure he’s never had a conversation about before.


“Well if you want some company, I don’t mind sitting and talking to you for a while. Like I said night has been pretty poor on my end.”


“And why would that be? I-if you don’t mind me asking.” He fit the last sentence in quickly, not wanting to impose.


“Not at all. I was originally supposed to come with someone… but he suddenly decided he didn’t want to come. We had a fight and I called it off… was getting kinda tired of him anyway…”


“He sounds like a major jerk. It's a man’s job to at least dance with his woman once.”


She chuckled at his words, Kirishima smiling softly at this. She was kinda cute and she seemed really sweet as well. Maybe… he should ask for a dance?


“You’re really nice. Can I ask for your name if that’s alright?”


“Kirishima Eijiro.”


Her eyes widened behind her own mask, Kirishima’s eyes widening slightly as well. While hers eyes were unreadable, Kirishima’s easily told her he was a bit nervous about her reaction.


“N-No worries! I’m only shocked cause I didn’t think I’d be sitting and talking to the infamous Red Riot.”


Kirishima blushed. “I-I’m not that famous…”


“Are you kidding me? You’ve been trending and growing in popularity among young adult fans since you took down that thug in the alley during your first year! I’d be more surprised if someone didn’t know the name Red Riot!”


“Y-you can’t be serious? Do I seriously have that many fans?” He choked, feeling his heart leap from excitement. His smile glowed in the dimly lit building, making his mysterious company chuckle a bit more.


“Strong, kind hearted and level headed… you really are the ideal package aren’t you Kirishima-kun?”


Kirishima blushed, rubbing his locks and laughing at her sweet and almost flirty compliment. “Awe come on, you’re gonna flatter me too much ah-”


He paused realizing he still didn’t know her name. And odd feeling since he usually tried to make friends with everyone, and yet not knowing her name or her story seemed to flow easily at first.


But now feeling as if he had opened the door to her, he wanted to know her name. He wanted to be able to know at least that if anything, as a name was such an important fact about someone and possibly even a symbol of themselves as well.


“(Name).” She smiled, knowing what he was wanting to ask her even before he did so.


“Wow… your name’s really pretty…” He said without thinking, watching her flush up and blush. He reacted like a mirror to her when he realized what he said, quickly throwing up his hands and letting out a nervous chuckle.


“S-Sorry that was weird! A-anyway what class are you part of?”


He wanted to change the subject. And she happily obliged.


“General studies. I don’t have any interest in being a hero, but UA will help me get into a wonderful college.”


“What do you want to do?”


“I’d really like to be a children’s doctor.”


She softly smiled, her cheeks reddening. Kirishima smiled as well, liking how passionate her face showed she was about her dream. Plus a doctor! She must be smart to get into UA, but a doctor was another thing entirely! She must be a genius.


“Well you’ll still be a hero then!” He called out, throwing a fist upwards, showing off his eagerness.


“Huh? What do you mean?”


“You’ll be saving and helping out little kids, just like a hero would! You’ll be a hero and a doctor!”


She laughed and he joined her, the air feeling light and easy, much like how their conversations had flown. Things just felt right to talk to her, and Kirishima wanted to ensure he could see her again after the dance.


“Thank you Kirishima-kun. But I’m afraid I have to get going, my friend just asked for me to leave with her. Safer to travel in groups righ?”


“Ah yeah, of course… but before you go… um? Any chance I could give you my number? If you want it that is!”


(Name) smiled, whipping out her phone from her pocketbook and handing it to him.


“I’ll text you later. Until then… I hope you enjoy the rest of your night.” She smiled.


Kirishima typed in the number’s he knew by heart and then gave her the device back. He watched her approach another girl and the two left together: one in red and one in white.


Kirishima smiled and then saw bakugou standing in a crowd, once again by himself, looking utterly lost and confused. Sprinting up to him, Kirishima could not wait to tell his best friend all about the girl he had talked to.


Though he was also pretty sure Bakugou wouldn’t listen… but he’d cross that problem and keep talking anyway. He was much too excited not to after all.

Chapter Text

Shinsou Hitoshi:


Let’s face it, the recommended tab on Youtube was one of the most inaccurate and annoying parts of the video sharing website. You watch one click bait video by accident and the next thing you know… all of your recommended videos are clickbait titles and thumbnails you really have no interest in.


Poor Shinsou just wanted to watch one the newest video of one of the few youtuber’s he actually liked. But of course, the minute he pulls up the page to Youtube, his feed is full of videos the website he thinks he would like.


Sighing in irritation as he really does not need ‘20 life hacks for the busy mom’ he starts clicking the tab indicating he’s not interested in the videos. Slowly but surely he gets to the last one, but his finger hovers over the keyboard.


The girl on the thumbnail looks familiar… but it couldn’t be? She was always pretty shy in class, so what would make her want to record herself for… 7 million people?!


Feeling his curiosity being peaked, Shinsou clicked the video. As her face appears on the video, he knows for sure it's her: (Full Name) the cute and shy girl who sits two seats to the right of him in class. And now here she is smiling brightly for the camera and addressing her audience.


Curious as to what kind of content she makes, he continues watching soon realizing she’s a story time youtuber and a vlogger. He understands why: nearly everyone in Japan as well as the world wants to know what being a student at UA is like and she’s sweet and detailed enough to allow people the chance to find out.


“Today I embarrassed myself a bit more then usual…” She chuckles in embarrassment and then squishes her cheeks together. “... and in front of the boy who I like…”


Shinsou flinches from this… she likes someone? Shaking his head he continues listening, not wanting to miss a single detail, as she had really wound him in.


“I had just finished buying my lunch and was walking to my seat, when my klutziness acted up again and WHAM!” She lightly smacks her desk and then shakes it, obviously smacking it harder than she meant to.


“I fall forward as I tripped over my own two feet! And to make matter worse… my sleepy hero was walking by and grabs me before I collide with the ground.


Then he just nods at me and walks off! Gah! I’m so embarrassed! He must think I’m a total idiot!”


She continues to talk, the subject changing, but Shinsou is no longer listening… rather he’s comparing to what she said and how he had literally grabbed her last week when she tripped. Both stories matching up nearly perfectly…


He shakes his head, feeling his warm cheeks and then chuckles. She said it was the boy she liked who saved her… and well… he was the one who saved her! This meant she liked him! She liked him back!


The Next Day~


(Name) is sitting calmly at her desk, waiting for the day to begin, her eyes focused on reading the comments from her latest fans. She pauses a moment when she sees a familiar name and a profile picture of a cate from her latest story time.


Shinsou Hitoshi: Good story. But my version is a bit different.


She lets out a small shriek and then turns off her phone. No way did he find her channel! And no way did he watch her video gushing over him and his heroic save of her during lunch! This was not happening… he must think she’s some obsessed stalker now…


As if on cue, the door to the classroom slides open and Shinsou walks in. The two make eye contact before (Name) blushes and buries her face in her hands, hoping to hide from Shinsou.


“I can still see you.” He mumbles coming closer and standing next to her desk. “And don’t be embarrassed, you’re a very gifted speaker.”


“Y-you were not supposed to find my videos…”


“Blame Youtube’s bad recommended feed then.”


“I’ll tell then.”


“So…” He pauses, clearing his throat. “When’s your next story time coming out?”


She pulls her head up looking at him in shock, her mouth open and her cheeks painted pink. “Y-you actually liked my stuff?”


“Yes. You’re very good at making entertaining videos. I gave you a subscribe.”


She chuckles. “Oh and whenever something happens that’s of interest, I make a story time.”


“Would the boy you like and have dubbed you ‘sleepy hero’ asking you out fit under something of interest?”




“Would you go out with me?”


(Name) blushes and nods. “The shippers on my channel are going to go crazy over this… plus you’ll need to come on too!”


Shinsou smiles, chuckling at her excitement. “As long as I can take you out on a proper date, it's fine with me.”


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

“Oh Katsuki! Look at this shop!” You called out in front of him, pointing eagerly to an array of multicolored blown glass orbs in the shop’s windows. Your eyes sparkled at the handcrafted items, the professional craftsmanship showing in the products.

“Jesus… for a pregnant woman you move fast as fuck…” Bakugou growled, marching up to where you were at, glancing at what you were looking at. Glass? Really what was so special or cool about glass?

“They’re pretty aren’t they! Oh we should see if they have any classes available!” You excitedly told him, turning to you husband in happiness.

He sighed and touched your arm before you had the chance to march inside the store and ask. He didn’t want his wife who was carrying his child to go anywhere near melted glass, sharp objects or an open fire, so this was out of the question.

“I don’t think so, let’s find you another activity to do.” He scolded, tugging you away.

“Oh come on! Just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I’m helpless or unable to do things.” She tried to convince Bakugou, but knew that it was a bit useless.

Ever since you had told him that you were pregnant a few months ago, Bakugou had turned up his general protectiveness about you. He always tended to be a bit possessive and overprotective of you, from when you first started dating to when he proposed and to the wedding. But now it was ridiculous… he didn’t even let you use a butter knife.

He was being irrational, and with enough nagging and hormone induced crying, he finally realized it and had bought you a week’s getaway to a good sized beach town. The rented condo was perfect and the town had plenty of fun things to do… if someone would let up on his overprotective mother side.

“Pregnant or not, I ain’t lettin’ ya play with fucking hot glass… I know from experience a burn is not a fun thing to have form on ya.”

“Alright fine. You’re right.” You sighed, watching him straighten up and smirk in victory.

“Of fucking course I’-”

“But you're taking me out to get some ice cream right now!”

He stopped, turning to look at you, his eye twitching. “We just fucking ate lunch 20 minutes ago…”

You sighed, touching your growing stomach and giving him sad eyes. “But the baby is making me crave ice cream…”

He let out a soft grunt before sighing. He glanced down the street, seeing an ice cream parlor and gently grabbed your hand once more, this time gently. He walked side to side with you, watching as his wife unconisouly rubbed her growing belly.

It was strange… you were three months along yet it seemed so much longer than that. Not because of the hormones and craving, but rather because with every passing day Bakugou found himself getting a bit impatient. He wanted to meet his kid already, but he still had a long way to go.

“Hey.” He called out, making you look at him. Those big orbs of your making his heart flutter like the day he first saw you, his palms getting sweaty from his boy reacting to the love he had for you. “I never thought I’d want a fucking kid…”

You blinked, your head casting downward at his words. His mind smacked him, and he quickly finished what he had meant to tell you.

“Hold on shitty wife, I never thought I’d have kids cause I didn’t think I’d ever meet someone stupid enough to want to marry my shit self. Yet here you are, and pregnant with my kid too…”

“Katsuki… I’m not sure what you’re saying.” (Name) tilted her head, her eyes clouded in confusion and concern for him. Did he finally crack?

“UgH! For fuck’s sake…” He breathed and then suddenly reached out and touched your belly. “I’m fucking excited to be a dad!”

Your mouth opened into a ‘O’ shape and you lifted your hand to hide the small giggles coming from your mouth. Even after all this time he either messed up saying what he meant, or he just yelled it at you bluntly.

“I know you are. You’re gonna be an amazing dad.”

“Hell yeah! Our kid is gonna kick Deku’s kid’s ass!”

You sighed and shook your head. Yup… he never changed, no matter what.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


Sometimes working as a hero meant less than exciting fights or activities, as such was his task today. Rather than taking down a villain, Bakugou found himself inside a burning building. Some dumb resident had left their stove on, thus the entire apartment had erupted into flames.


The only benefit was that several other heroes had arrived in time and gotten the flames under control, but there were still people inside, needing assistance getting out and away from the flames and smoke.


Passing through another burning hallway, Bakugou angrily kicked open another door running inside the apartment and checking out the surrounding area, making sure no dumb kids had hidden themselves in the room.


He was annoyed, as some the the senior heroes had assumed that since he could create explosions, this meant he had an immunity to fire. That wasn’t always the case as even Bakugou could get burns on himself, nor did he had an invincibility from the poisonous air filling his lungs the longer he stayed inside the building.


On the bright side, he only had to check one more room and then he could evacuate the building as well. Coughing a bit and then finally smacking the hot door open, he scurried inside, glancing around the living room.


With no one there, he saw an opened door to a bedroom near the living room, and charged towards the area. His red orbs widened as he spotted a figure sitting on a bed calmly, the person looking relaxed among the ash and soot.


“Hey! You need to get out of here!” Bakugou called, reaching out and tugging said person up, a deck of cards falling from this girl’s hands as he did so.


She immediately let out a gasp, breaking out of his hold and grabbing the cards before they could be burned by the flames. Bakugou didn’t give up, and when he saw she had grabbed her cards, he scooped this idiot up and swung her over his shoulder.


“Hey! Let go!” She pounded on him.


Bakugou ignored her, but knew that this idiot was one of the biggest ones he had ever seen. Why the hell was she sitting on a bed and then freaked out when he dropped her cards? Was she crazy?


“Shut the fuck up! We’re getting out of here and then getting your head checked!” He barked, dashing towards the nearest window, his grip on her tightening as he jumped out the window. He smirked and breathed in the fresh air as glass fell around him and the girl he saved, their bodies falling quickly to the ground below.


He landed on his feet, the ground bumping from his weight and how harshly Bakugou hit the ground. The girl on his shoulder had quieted down, finally deciding to cooperate with him it seemed. Good on her.


Bakugou sulked over to an ambulance, glancing the girl down. He shot a paramedic a glare, his finger pointing to you. The young man dashed over, stopping at the two of you.


“H-how can I help?” The paramedic asked, his voice trembling. Bakugou roe a brow, must be his first day on the job.


“Check us over dipshit.” He growled, the man doing so.


He cleared Bakugou quickly giving him a cold bottle of water to rehydrate. He then approached the girl, but she held her hand up.


“I have some more important subjects I want you to look over-” She spoke, taking out her cards once again, holding them up. “-They’ll need more attention then I do.”


She through one card into the air. It bursted into a blinding light causing Bakugou and the paramedic to look away from how bright it was. When the light cleared, a small ash covered child was standing in front of them, her eyes watery and her teddy bear singed from the fire.


The girl released one card after another, each holding a child inside of it. Finally the last and 17th child was released from the deck of playing cards and the paramedic was calling for extra assistance.


The girl glanced at Bakugou, her smirk rising and his eyes widening. Before he could say anything to her though, she opened her mouth.


“One save to you… though I didn’t need it. And 17 to me. I win this round~ Better luck next time!” She waved walking off, her statement making Bakugou’s blood boil.


His eye twitched and his mouth snarled. This wasn’t over, he’d beat you the next time you saw him. Just you wait and see.

Chapter Text

“Did you hear about the student who got kicked out?”

“No, who got kicked out?”

“I don’t know his name… but apparently some first year got kicked out last week because he became really mentally unstable and put another first year into the hospital.”

“Are you serious? What happened to this psycho?”

“That’s the thing… no one knows. He just up and disappeared after his expulsion… pretty freaky right?”

“Yeah… I just hope I’ll never run into that guy.”

The sound of someone slamming their textbook shut with an echoing thud alerted the two gossiping girls that they were easily heard, the person who caused the noise obviously not happy about their words.

You turned, your eyes projecting knives into their hearts, the cold glare making them both gasp slightly. You rolled your eyes, pacing to towards the self to return the book and then head home for the afternoon.

It had been a week since Aizawa Shota had put one of your classmates into the hospital. The rumors starting up right away of course from the incident, most of them covering the true with an addictive coating of addictive lies.

Your eyes batted along the nearly abandoned streets, the only living figures being yourself and a few strange cats wondering about lazily, their tails swaying as you passes them by.

You sighed, feeling the same uneasy feeling coming over yourself again, the events from that training simulation playing in your mind. You had been on Aizawa’s team when he suddenly lost it, your classmate having been lucky to survive.

“I came looking for stray cats, but looks like I found something more interesting.”

You paused in your pace, glancing behind you to see the former student, his attire different than last week. His hair was messy, no longer clean and slicked back. His clothing was all black aside from the straps of beige around his neck. His eyes looked disinterested, despite him being the one who started this conversation.

“I thought you had skipped town.”

“Is there a reason I should?”

“Because UA has notified the police of what you did. They’ve been told to take you into custody when they find you.”

He sighed, bending down to rub the ears of a cat who came forward. The cat meowed happily, liking the man’s attention and affection. Aizawa smiled, picking the cat up in his arms and then responding to you.

“I assume that makes me a villain then. Does that mean a hero like you is going to try to take me in?” He spoke, his voice dull though he sounded genuinely curious of what you would do.

“Is this some kind of game to you?” You spat back, hands balling up and eyes staring at him. “You’re some kind of scary story that the other students are spreading around for God’s sake!”

Aizawa placed the cat down, walking closer to you. He smiled that slightly disturbing smile he had shown you many times before, but this time you finally knew just how sinister it could be and how terrified you should be of it.

“Any good villain has a reputation (Name).”

“You’re not a villain, but you’re allowing people to make you into one.”

“No.” He spoke, his eyes casting away from you. He was gone in the next second, but his parting words left you shaking, the walk home seemingly more haunting now.

“Everyone thought I was meant to be a villain from the beginning. Only now, I’ve come to embrace it.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


“(Name), do you have a moment?” Todoroki asked, his voice appearing out of nowhere. You blinked and nodded, getting up from your lunch table and following the multicolor haired boy to an enclosed area.


“What’s up Shouto?” You asked, leaning against a wall, Todoroki joining you near your side. His breathing seemed strange, as it picked up when his hand accidentally brushed against yours.


“How long have we known each other now, (Name)?” He prompted you, his voice holding that familiar somewhat monotone way of speaking.


“Umm?” You thought it over a minute, trying to remember the exact years. You had known him nearly all your life, you being the only child he was allowed to play with and spend time with as a friend during his terrible childhood.


Enji had originally intended for his son to simply use you as a tool to better Shouto’s progression, but somewhere along the way Enji uncharacteristically seemed to drop that and allow his son to hang out with his best friend whenever Shouto was given free time.  Very out of character for Endeavor, but one Shouto didn’t try to think too much on.


“Almost 12 years right? We were four when we started having playdates, right?” You finally answered back, snapping your fingers from finding the correct answer to his question.


“We’ve know each other for a long time then, I knew you before I even got my quirk.” Todoroki mumbled, raising his right hand slowly staring at his hand in thought. “So it's not easy to say this… as I fear what you might do in response…”


You stiffened at his words as they seemed so lost and hopeless, an emotional display that you had not seen from him in ages. Was he feeling okay?


“Shouto? Are you alright?” You asked, grabbing his held up hand and pressing it against both your palms. Your hands felt warm, but everything about you was warm to him.


“Yes. I’m fine, just nervous about telling you what’s on my mind.”


“You can tell me anything, you’re my best friend.” You smiled softly squeezing your connected hands.


“That’s part of the issue though.” He began. “I don’t want to just be your best friend any longer.”


You tilted your head, not understanding his cryptic response. Your (eye color) orbs met his blue one as well as his silver one. Your heartbeat a tiny bit faster at this, your cheeks feeling a new warmth as well.


Todoroki looked so handsome staring at you the way he currently was. The way his hair was tousled the part dividing his hair in an exact way that looked to have been cut by a surgeon. His eyes different, yet holding the same look of dedication that they always held, but only recently softening up.


He looked at you though in a foreign way, one you had never received before or at least not seen. Truthfully, Todoroki had been giving you this devoted pining look a lot lately since he came to realize his feelings, but it was only known he had come to build up the courage to tell you.


“What do you mean by that?” You inquired, glancing away in doubt. His words didn’t feel like he no longer wanted to be friends, but what else could it mean?


He sighed, using his free hand to gently stroke your cheek, his voice humming as he did so. You glanced back up at him and kept your eyes locked with his, your heart pounding against your ribcage, wanting to burst out by the second.


“I think I might be in love with you. Therefore only being your friend no longer holds the meaning or the relationship I desire of you. However… I don’t wish to lose you if you don’t return my feelings…”


He trailed off, sighing. He closed his unique hues, his pale eyelids hiding away the enchanting beauties you loved. You nodded, his hand moving with the movement. He glanced back at you, his heart hitching when a smile but growing smile was met.


“Shouto… you have nothing to worry about, you won’t ever lose me.”


He chuckled dryly, knowing what you meant. He leaned in pressing you into his hold and breathing in your scent. A scent of comforting nostalgia from his childhood and the scent of the person who he had given his heart to.


As well as the scent belonging to the person who gave him their’s in return.


Chapter Text

He was in a bad mood. Hell, he was in a bad mood 75% of the time. But this time was different, this time he let that anger consume him and he ended up yelling at you. His voice carried high, dishing out annoyances and pet peeves he didn’t even have about you, but wanting nothing more than to get this build up off his chest.

You were just as stubborn as he was though, so when push came to shove his yelling caused your yelling. You insulted his attitude, his personality and even his hero costume telling him he was damn old enough to stop being an angsty teenager and act like a ‘fucking adult’. He sure didn’t like that.

In all truths, this was probably the worst fight the two of you had ever had and it all started out with a simple ‘Guess worked fucked you again?’. You had meant it as a playful remark to his slamming of the door when he walked in, but it was this that set him off.

And it was him grabbing his jacket and slamming the door one final time that made you realize he probably wasn’t coming back anytime soon or at all for that matter. Bakugou didn’t apologize, nor did you when you knew you were not in the wrong, such as right now.

It didn’t set in at first that he had just walked out of your argument, of your shared apartment and of your life. How could it? It had happened so quickly!

It did however when you subconsciously finished making dinner, the two plates you had set up from before the fight sending a thought through your mind of what had happened and allowing your emotions to finally react to it.

He wasn’t coming back.

No more kisses when he got home. No more dinners where he talked about his day at the hero agency. No more teasing him when you treated his wounds. No more cuddling with him pretending like he didn’t love it. No more sleeping together where he kept you warm on cold nights. 

No more Katsuki.

Droplets of crystal clear water like orbs mixed in with the spicy curry, one of his favorites. The taste would become sour now, as you had soiled it with your tears. Your hands rubbed the water away, but it only caused the droplets to well up more until you were eating them and stuffed down hiccups.

He was gone. He said he was done and slammed the door behind him. Katsuki wasn’t coming home because this was no longer home for him.

You trembled as flashes of scenes appeared like a scrapbook in your head, each one sending another spike into your heart as you left the food out. You could care less about dinner or eating, your appetite had vanished, your heart following close behind it appeared.

You found yourself in you room next how you got here a blur as the tears had blinded you. Your mind was fading, your heart fueled by pain being in charge now. You searched through his clothes, finding an old sweatshirt of All Might’s ‘M’ he would wear during his lazy days at home with you.

His smell was still sticking to it of course, he had worn it so often and had it for so long that his smell of firewood and cinnamon was just part of the fabric now. Your nose breathed it in, like his smell was an addictive drug and you were craving a high.

You leaned down on the mattress, it bouncing you slightly, tear drops breaking off and landing on the covers as your body moved. You cocooned yourself under the blankets, clinging desperately to his sweatshirt. Maybe if you fell asleep fast enough you’d wake up and get a chance to not have this become reality.

Several hours later, he paced back in through the doorway an eerie silence greeting him back. He kicked off his shoes and through his jacket back off, pacing in his socks and black tank top to the living room.

It was past midnight and he had finally cooled down enough to realize he had messed up enough to feel guilty. It was a strange but not foreign emotion to him. He had felt it several times through his young life, but not enough for him to be familiar with it or know how to properly deal with it.

He had been in the wrong, yelling at you in such a manner and then going as far to threaten to leave you was low, even for him. He wouldn’t be surprised if you had left first if he was being honest.

He never thought when he asked you out it would turn into this. He thought he was the kind of guy who a girl would give 2-3 dates at most before saying he just wasn’t the type of guy she was looking to have a long term relationship with.

Yet here he was, 16 months in with you. He could count all the major life steps he had taken with you on one hand and the ones he was still hoping to do on his other. But after tonight, the story might have ended here.

He spotted the curry left on the stove, his favorite and another punch to his already remorseful mind, his stomach churning in pain at the sight. You had even gotten out one of the nicer bottles of wine, meaning you had been looking forward to seeing him tonight.

He picked up dinner, not wanting it to go to waste. It very much could be the last meal of yours he’ll ever eat and he sure as hell would not be letting it go into the trash. He would savor every bite and cherish every second put into making it.

The clock read an unGodly time for him to even still be up, so he decided to retire for the night. Nothing good happens late at night after all, so dwelling on his idiotic actions from earlier would lead him to make more he would regret.

The bedroom door creaked open, causing you to sit up. Your eyes adjusted to the source of the light from the hallway being blocked by a single figure in the doorway. Your eyes swelled up again, your tears making their return.

Bakugou stared back at you. Your eyes red and puffy, your body holding that ratty old sweatshirt of his like your life depended on it, and your lips coming and going between a smile and a frown.

“Katsuki… you actually came back.” (Name) spoke in uncertainty.

“You stayed…” He responded, his own fears having died down from seeing you in his bed. But his guilt quickly took its place, as he had made you cry.

Bakugou was a harsh tongued and rude individual. But he hated seeing you cry. Even more so if he was the one who caused it.

He hesitantly walked in, pausing at the foot of his bed, the familar soft sheets wrapped around his broken lover. He sat down abruptly, his hands rubbing viciously through his hair.

You crawled towards him, knowing he only did this when something was eating away at him. Neither of you made a move to touch or say anything though, the wounds from each other fresh, but the vulnerability of being alone again had caused deeper ones.

“I fucked up.”

“I shouldn’t have agitated you.”

You both spoke at the same time, each of your gazes turning to the other. His red orbs looked angry and guilty, your (eye color) holding remorse and longing.

“It was my fault Katsuki!”

“I was the one who fucking snapped!”

You both stopped and stared at the other. A soft giggle escaped your lips and Bakugou rose an eyebrow at his.

“What’s so damn funny now?”

You shook you head, voice still raspy from crying for so long.

“Just that we’re arguing about who caused the other argument…”

He nodded, another long pause filling the air. He sighed, getting ready to sleep on the couch for the night. Your hand reached out and tugged on him gently.

He looked at you, his gaze softening a bit more at your form looking at him in such a needy way. A look he wasn’t used to seeing from his strong and beautiful lover.


“Are you sure?”

“I don’t want to fall asleep without you by my side again Katsuki.”

He nodded, getting in with you, tugging you close and allowing his guilt to finally take over. You’d both need to talk about this in the morning, but for right now at least you both would survive the night with the other next to you.

“I won’t fucking leave you again then.”

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


His thoughts were restless, his mind making the ceiling seem more interesting than it actually was. The question from a few weeks ago bothering him every night at this God forbidden hour. The way she smiled brightly when she brought it up, how his own damn nerves made him have to turn her down, and how her mood has been a bit low ever since.


He turns his gaze to glance at his sleeping wife of a few years, her face peaceful her lips parted slightly, some drool coming out of her mouth. He stifles a laugh at how stupid she looks, rubbing her saliva away with his thumb making her stir.


“Katsuki?” Her voice echoes back to him, his eyes closing to recall the memory once again.


It had been a calm evening, the two of you walking home from the grocery store, a few bags in each of your arms, the meals for the next few days planned and bought for.


“Yeah?” He responded, widening ruby hues at her smiling face.


“Do you want kids?”


His mind froze, his hand in hers loosening from being caught fo off guard with such a question. He shook his head to return to reality, his face heating up and his hands feeling sweaty.


“I-I never really fucking thought ‘bout it. Why? Have you?”


(Name) nodded, pulling him to continue their walk. “A bit. We’ve been married for a while, and a few of our friends are expecting or have had their baby already… I was just curious if we’d ever have one as well?”


Her voice quieted down near the end. Bakugou clicked his tongue, making her turn to look at him. He scowled and shook his head.


“The hell do you want a kid for? They eat, shit, cry and will be a huge annoyance for years…” He seethed expressing false feelings to this matter.


“I didn’t know you felt that way…” She mumbled dropping the subject and all conversation as well for the remaining part of the walk home.


However, little did his wife know that true reason Bakugou had denied having children. And the reason why he decided to lie in the first place to get her off his back about it.


Now he wasn’t trying to be cruel, so when he saw he had hurt her beyond what an apology could do he felt extremely guilty, but he didn’t want to tell her the true reason he was denied it.


He was embarrassed.


He had tried to be intimate with his wife several times and nearly every time something had gone wrong right when things had started to get good. The first time he accidentally burned her arm due to him letting his quirk off without realizing it. The second time he slammed her too harshly into the bed and as a result (Name) got a concussion. The third time he literally exploded the bed and not in the sexy way… in the ‘I have explosive sweat and I’m excited’ kind of way. The fourth time he was kneed in the face by you when you had tried to give him better access to your body.


While he had also had successful sex a few times as well, his track record was still poor with this kind of thing, thus he didn’t want to risk hurting her when this type of sex would be so important.


Which brings him to know, staring holes at the ceiling and rethinking his life and his damn mistakes. He felt a weight shift onto him, his eyes reopening to see his beautiful wife had crawled on top of him.


She rubbed her legs against his, her touch very light but sensational to him. She watched as he looked at her, his blood red orbs looking at her curiously. She smiled, coming forward and kissing him on the lips, her kiss feeling hungry. He knew what she was getting at.


“Take care of me dear husband~” She cooed, fingers pulling at the elastic of his underwear.


“It’s 2am damn woman.” He barked, but sat up nonetheless.


(Name) smiled as Katsuki kissed her collarbone, getting himself in the mood. He wasn’t going to mess up this time. He had overcome worse and so a little episode of sex with his wife was child’s play…. Child?


He stopped his actions suddenly, pulling away and reaching forward and grabbing his wife by the shoulder’s and causing her to stare at him in concern.


“Katsuki? Are you okay?” She asked, voice full of concern.


“I’m not going to wear a condom.” He told her, her head tilting in confusion and her eyes blinking.


“Okay… I’ll just take a pill tomorrow like I usually do then…”


“No, don’t take a pill.”


“Are you going to pull out then?”


Bakugou groaned, his hand slapping against his face. “Do you want a fucking kid or not damn woman?!”


He slammed his hands over his mouth, not meaning to yell or suddenly declare that either. He watched as (Name)’s eyes widened and a large smile etched across her face.


“You want a baby?” She called out, Bakugou blushing when he heard the words from her.


“Y-you wanted one so bad and have been a fucking mope since I told you no… so I thought about it and decided that maybe a kid won’t be too fucking bad. I mean I’m the best and you're not half bad yourself, so our kid is pretty much fucking set to be a badass…”


(Name) chuckled, sweetly kissing bakugou on his lips. “Of course, we’ll have the number 1 baby.”


“Damn right we will… should we start then?”


She nodded, allowing bakugou to flip her onto her back, his body hanging over her. She smiled softly once more at him, the final piece encouragement he needed to do this.


“Let’s make a fucking baby then.”

Chapter Text

Domestic! Bakugou Katsuki:


The baby monitor was going off again, your infant daughter crying her tiny heart out again. You rolled over, eyes opening and taking a moment to wake up before you decided to sit up and take care of your baby girl.


Katsuki was stirring next to you, his eyebrows knit together in annoyance from hearing his daughter’s cries in his unconscious state. You sighed but smiled softly at your husband, moving softly as not to wake him up.


He had just started returning to work this week after his long paternity leave, leaving you to take care of Katsumi on your own during the days. It wasn’t as much of a hassle as it was before, especially now that Katsumi was nearly 11 months, but even so you could not help but feel utterly beat when these 3am screams started.


You had insisted though for Bakugou to go back to his agency, even though he could still take at least another month off with paid leave. But you knew he missed his hero work and was craving to do heroics again. So after much coaxing and pushing him out the door, he was finally back at work.


Truthfully the house was a bit quieter with him out during the late mornings and afternoons, allowing you to take care of Katsumi as well as finish your own todo lists. You loved Katsuki… but at times he was a bit too loud and emotional to have around a small child.


As such you had been taking the nightly calls, letting Bakugou sleep. He was going back to work and being more careful now that he had a daughter in his life, therefore the least you could do is let him sleep.


Your feet hit the carpet near your bed and you raked a hand through your hair, trying to find the stamina to stand up and walk down the hallway. The sooner you comforted Katsumi, the sooner you could go back to sleep. Plus you precious child needed you and you would do anything to calm her bubbling whimpers.


“Lay the fuck back down.” Bakugou’s voice caused you to jump slightly, his rough hand gently pulling you back. “I’ll get our brat.”


“You’re awake? Sorry, did Katsumi wake you?” You spoke to him, watching as he got up effortlessly. He was so full of energy, unlike yourself.


“Yeah but unlike you I’m not running on fumes. Lay down, I can take this one.” He repeated himself.


“You have work tomorrow though.”


“And you're fucking taking care of Katsumi all day in my place.”


You gave in, laying back down underneath the covers and sheets. You heard Bakugou click his tongue, obviously proud to have won the argument with his usually stubborn wife. But he knew why you gave in so suddenly, and was going to help you out.


His bare feet tickled against the cold hard wood as he arrived at the door he had now become accustomed to looking at and checking for nearly a year now. Katsumi’s shrill sounds were still on max volume, however the minute Bakugou turned the knob her sounds lowered.


Katsuki walked in, turning on a small purple desk lamp lighting up the room so he could see his pride and joy. Katsumi was standing up against her crib, her small fists balled against one of the blankets hanging from the crib. Her red eyes were bubbling with hot tears, her small lips quivering.


When she recognized it was her father who had come to her aid, she let go of the blanket and stretched out her arms grabbing her palms towards him. Bakugou sighed coming forward and picking up his scared child.


“You lonely or something brat?” He asked her like she could say more than a few words.


Katsumi clung to him, her cries finally dying down against her father’s chest. He heard her mumbled incoherent words and babbles, the occasional ‘dadda’ spoken by her as well.


Bakugou rubbed her small head, rocking his baby back and forth waiting for her breathing to slow and her words to stop. He had never been very successful putting Katsumi to sleep, but he was determined to try tonight.


“You’re exhausting your mother, did you know that baby girl?” He asked her, her red eyes looking at his matching pair, her soft features looking at him in wonder.


“You have no idea what I’m fucking saying, do you?” He chuckled head lowering, feeling Katsumi reach up to grab his locks. Her arms were luckily too short to reach his shorter locks. He knew better than to let her grab onto his hair, as when Katsumi grabbed his lovely wife's hair her cute little hands turned into a death grip. Her determination to keep her grip already strong and a force to be reckoned with.


She was acting like him more and more everyday, making Bakugou swell with pride already. Katsumi was perfect in his eyes and nothing would change his idea of her: she was his baby, a product of the love he had for his wife and every single good thing he had about himself was Katsumi.


Katsumi yawned, her grip loosening and her eyes starting to droop again. Bakugou continued rocking her in his arms until he was sure she was back asleep again.


He observed his baby for a few minutes in her crib to double check and when she didn’t stir again, he left Katsumi to her dreams. She was finally asleep again and he could return to his bed and to (Name) who was keeping the bed warm.


He creaked the bedroom door open, seeing the other most important girl in his life peacefully sleeping. He sighed, crawling in next to her again and observed her breathing for a few moments, a small smile on his lips.


It was rare for him to give off one of those pure smiles, one filled with happiness and love. But you had given him enough of a reason to give one at this early morning. Pulling you close to him, he breathed in that scent he had fallen in love with all those years ago.


Very quietly he pressed a kiss to your temple, then closed his eyes once more as the alarm clock would be ringing sooner than he wanted. Taking one last glance at you he mumbled his words at you before retiring back into the realm of dreams like everyone else in the Bakugou residence already had.

“Thank you for giving me the greatest gift I never knew I needed.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


“Ugh my head…” You drawled out, the pillow to your side being tossed onto your face now. The light hurt and the pillow felt cool, so it was the only thing relieving you of one of the many things making you ache.


“I brought you that medicine you asked for.” The neutral but comforting voice of Todoroki whispered out to you. Once again his ability to read the mood showing through by the tone of voice he was using to speak you.


“Thanks lover.” You whispered, removing the pillow and taking the pills into your hands. Todoroki handed you the water glass sitting by your bedside, your eager hand taking it from his.


“How are you feeling? Should I take your temperature?” He asked softly, touching his cold side to your burning forehead.


“No. No.” You waved him off. “I took my temperature before you showed up, so I should wait another hour or so before taking it again.”


“Well alright then.” Todoroki responded, attempting to pull his hand away. However it had appeared you were holding his hand down with a death grip.


His quirk was such a blessing, especially for your hot skin. The way his skin cooled down your own made you let out a soft moan in relief at the feeling. At such a sound, Todoroki coughed catching your attention and reminding you that it was his hand and not an ice pack you were holding.


“May I please have my hand back?” He asked, soft flush in his cheeks. He was still getting used to light and loving touches, as he had been physically starved due to his upbringing.


“O-oh! Of course! Of course you can! Ha ha!” You tried to talk over your embarrassment, only for it to send you into a coughing fit. Damn flu making you feel like shit and making you act so stupid in front of your boyfriend.


Todoroki, being the kindhearted soul he was, rubbed your back. When the fit was over he handed you a cough drop, once again providing excellent care to you. He was too good for you at times, right now being the perfect example.


He had texted you this morning asking why you had missed first period. After your reply of the flu and not being able to leave your dorm room let alone your bed, you had assumed he would keep his distance.


However, once classes ended for the day a soft knocking was heard followed by the heterochromatic boy entering your room. His face was covered by a mask to save himself from the germs, but his hands carried various items, foods and drinks to help with your illness.


“You really didn’t have to come or stay…” You told him as he was icing an actual ice pack.


Todoroki shook his head handing you his frost covered gift. “I wanted to make sure your care was being properly handled.”


You smiled a bit, pressing his ice pack to your forehead. “How was class today?”


“The same as usual: we trained, learned and moved forward a bit more.”


“Sounds like I missed out.” You chuckled pitifully.


“I brought your homework. Would you like to do it together?”


“That sounds wonderful Shouto.” You coughed into your elbow and then took another sip of the water near your bedside.


Todoroki brought your desk chair towards your bed, handing you a blank sheet of math homework practice problems. He began to go through and explaining the new lesson from the day.


It was fairly simple, so your grasped the subject matter very quickly to your relief. Todoroki and yourself worked through the set, asking each other for help when you needed it or stopping when you suddenly coughed or felt nauseous.


Todoroki paused every time, trying to find some remedy for your sickness. Sometimes it was passing you another cough drop, other times it was quickly handing you the waste basket but most importantly it was the way he nodded and gave you that soft smile when you laughed or spoke to him.


He didn’t want to say it in fear of freaking you out, but slowly day by day he was beginning to fall for you more and more. It had started out as a simple infatuation with you, but as he got to know you more… the more he could feel himself falling for you.


He didn’t come over to take pity on you in this terrible state. No, he came over to take care of you and risk his own health because he felt this desire to see you at your best again. And he for some reason felt like him being with you would make you better, more so than any medicine could.


And he would stay here and help you as long as you needed, because he knew he was in too deep. But he didn’t mind the fall… as long as it was you he was falling towards in the end.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


“And next time you decide to skip class, you better hope I don’t catch you!”


“Y-yes ma-am!”


Red eyes watched the scene in front of him, an impressed face on his features. The three alphas on their knees begging for forgiveness and for her merciless tongue to finally stop harassing them.


The omega stood her ground, foot tapping in annoyance as the three idiots below her groveled at her feet. If they wanted to skip class fine, but don’t do it when the support class had an important showcase coming. Everyone needed to be on their best behavior and be creating their best items.


“Now go and assist Hatsume-san! She obviously has made enough to showcase for all three of you, so you’ll be her assistants until it's over! Am I clear?” The omega barked out, her scent making all three alphas tremble at her inner rage. She was definitely an OA type… that was for sure.


“Y-yes! Thank you ma’am!” The leader of the trio called, pulling his buddies up and dashing to find Hatsume Mei. She was their only salvation from (Name) now.


(Name) sighed and shook her head at the idiotic alphas in her class. Honestly… if all alphas believed themselves to be as high and entitled as these three… she would prefer to never be mated.


Feeling as if she was being watched, (Name) turned a (eye color) gaze towards the row of vending machines near her classroom door. Standing with a leg kicked up on the wall near the machines was Bakugou Katsuki from class 1-A. He had been coming to these machines at this time everyday now for almost a month, watching and smirking at the scenes from class 1-H.


The omega held her breath, his scent of firewood and cinnamon strong, but not enough to drive her into a heat or mad desire. Instead she glanced at him one final time before walking back into her classroom, leaving the strangely silent alpha to his own accord.


With the door closing behind you, the final puff of your vanilla and sweet pea scent hitting him, Bakugou turned to go back to his own class. You had made eye contact with him this time at least, before you would see him and turn tail right away.


You were the strangest omega he had ever seen. Not afraid to stand up to alphas and didn’t even seem to care about the a/b/o system in the first place. As a matter of fact, he believed you saw yourself as (Name) before you saw yourself as an omega.


Kicking the door to his classroom open, he saw his usual crew of idiots shuffled around Kaminari’s desk. The two other alphas and beta waved to the approaching head of ash blonde.


“Here.” Bakugou tossed Kirishima the milk he had asked for.


Kirishima caught it was ease, smiling brightly at his friend for the drink and easily sticking the straw through the opening. Kaminari and Sero eyed each other, seeming to be having some debate before Kaminari sighed.


“You were gone for a while, dude. Something happen?” Kaminari asked, watching as Bakugou stiffened slightly.


“Something tells me we hit the mark.” Sero chuckled, watching the alpha start to tick down till he exploded.


“It’s that omega from support, right?” Kirishima slurped his milk. His blunt statement caught all three off guard.


Bakugou had an omega he was pining after? Since when? And what kind of omega made Bakugou pine?!


“You found an omega you wanna mate with?” Kaminari beamed, only to be hit across the head.


“Shut it! And no! She’s just fucking interestin’ is all!” Bakugou furiously attacked his friend to distract from the furious blushing of his cheeks.


“Don’t be embarrassed by it dude!” Kirishima finished his drink, throwing a fist in the air as he did so. “Any omega who can catch your attention must be pretty manly!”


“She’s in support? She must be really smart… and patient…” Sero thought back to a certain pink haired alpha who was a bit much at times. Yes… this omega must have the patience of a saint.


“No, she fucking doesn’t put up with anyone’s bullshit…” Bakugou sighed the scene from earlier, the way she stood her ground in front of those three lazy shits. Something about the way her hands rested on her hips or the disatisfaction in her eyes made him purr internally.


That smart ass omega from 1-H was a rarity among omegas, that much he was sure of. Most omegas he had run into were timid, begging, clingy fucks who annoyed the hell out of him. Those omegas were only looking for a strong alpha to mate with and be protected by, the type he hated the most.


Bakugou, despite being an alpha, wanted to mate with someone who could handle not only him, but themselves. And an omega or a beta or anyone who begged him to scent items or only tried to get close to him due to his strength could go fuck themselves.


But (Name)... oh she seemed less than starstruck when she saw him. The first time their eyes met, she had rolled her eyes and walked away. He knew she was different at that moment and he started coming around everyday since then in hopes to see her again.


He hated to even think it… but he wanted her all to himself. The thought of this rare and beautiful omega getting claimed by someone that wasn’t him seemed like a death sentence. But Bakugou was also too much of an abrasive alpha himself to want to make first contact.


“I wanna see this omega!” Kaminari brought Bakugou back to reality.


“I’m sure if we hurry fast enough, we’ll see her leaving after classes!” Kirishima spoke, being the only other person aside from Bakugou who knew what you looked like.


“So we’ll all go and see her after class?” Sero smiled, watching the alphas around him amped up their spirits.


“No way in fucking hell! You stay away from my shitty omega!”


“My?” Kaminari chuckled, watching as Bakugou froze.


“Dude, if you’re calling her yours… you might wanna try talking to her.” Kirishima whispered back, hardening himself as Bakugou’s exploding fist collided with his arm.


“Shut the fuck up!”


As the end of the day rolled around, Bakugou attempted to ignore the chatter amongst his friends as they all bought a drink from the vending machines and watched as the support class filed out of their classroom.


“Is that her?” Kaminari pointed to one omega.


“No.” Kirishima shook his head.


“What about that one?” Sero asked, pointing to another omega.


“Nope!” Kirishima answered them again.


Bakugou scowled. Was this some sort of fucking game to them? His eye twitched in irritation and the three idiots continued to play their guessing game. The can of coffee in Bakugou’s hand reacted to his anger when the heat made it bend inward, sending coffee all over the alpha’s face.


Bakugou coughed, attempting to clean the coffee off of his face, only for the dark liquid to get onto him further. The roaring laughter of his friends behind him didn’t help and right as he was about to send a flying fist towards Kaminari, the sweet smell hit it.


“Oh goodness!” His omega cried out, the feeling of her body near him. He would have opened his eyes, but the coffee in them was currently making them sting when he attempted to open them.


“Are you okay?” She asked, touching his sticky arm and pulling him to where ever she was going towards.


“Let me go fuck face!” Bakugou hollered, not enjoying being pulled or taken care of. He was the alpha and could handle a little coffee in his eyes.


“Shut up and let me help you.” She barked back at him, flinging him onto a desk inside class 1-H. The three others this alpha was with had followed giggling and whispering like schoolgirls as they did so.


“That’s her.” Kirishima chirped.


“That’s the omega Bakugou likes?!” Kaminari uttered in giddiness.


“She certainly handled him in 2 seconds flat.” Sero muttered.


Meanwhile, (Name) had gently started rubbing her handkerchief along Bakugou’s face, wiping up droplets and cleaning his skin of the drink and its stains. Bakugou grinded his teeth all the while, feeling like a total idiot.


“Can you open you eyes a bit? I have some droplets that will make the stinging go away.” She spoke to him, Bakugou nodding and opening his burning eyes slowly.


As quickly as they opened, the omega squeezed two droplets of a clear liquid into each eyeball. Bakugou blinked a few times, feeling the pain go away completely. The omega sighed in relief.


“Oh good. Looks like your eyes are reacting positively to the droplets. As for your clothes I’m afraid I won’t be able to do anything.” She chuckled and rubbed her neck awkwardly, a scent of nervousness enveloping the love struck alpha in front of her.


He hadn’t seen this side of her before, but seeing you act like an omega just made him more enamored by this strange omega. The way she not only calmed him down but took care of him when he needed it made him realize just how much he truly liked this omega.


And how others would be quick to notice her inner kindness and sweet soul as well if he did not act fast.


“Go out with me.” He said, though his tone came out more like a threat than anything else.


“Excuse me?” (Name) uttered in disbelief. What a strange alpha.


“You heard me you dumb girl! Go out with me! You’re the only damn omega who has peaked my interest, so I wanna see if you’re all your cracked up to fucking be!”


The omega sighed, running a hand through her hair at Bakugou. Behind her, Bakugou could see Kirishima, Kaminari and Sero shaking their heads in distress. Kirishima made a motion for Bakugou and the blonde understood.


“I-I mean you’re really interesting and I can’t get you out of my fucking head! I’d love to buy you a fucking meal and I don’t know? See a movie?”


His friends nodded at his reworked confession. It was still Bakugou, but less hostile than the first one.


The omega blinked and then let out an airy laugh, bakugou’s heart fluttering from the sound. He had made her laugh and damn did that make his inner alpha proud, as well as his own ego.


“Well its better then you standing outside and staring at me like you’ve been doing.” Her hand touched his neck. The cloth still in his hand rubbed against his scent glands, successfully rubbing his scent on her hanky.


“Plus you smell good~ So pick me up at 6 at 1-H’s dorms on Friday. Bye Bakugou and friends.” She turned tail and run out of the room, her heart pounding from what she had just done.


It was so bold for an omega and she knew it. But Bakugou was too good to let him pass up… and she was just as curious to what made him seem so special and different to her eyes as she seemed to his.

Chapter Text

Kaminari Denki:


He didn’t think he’d actually make it home tonight. There were several times throughout the day where it seemed like his life was flashing before his eyes. Several times where he apologized for leaving her on her own. Several times where he realized all the things he had wanted to do with her, had promised her and needed from her that he had been neglecting.


But he survived. They all did this time, luckily , and the villain tearing up downtown was now being transported somewhere far away, hopefully never to hurt anyone again. Even so, his vibrant yellow eyes looked to have seen the border between life and death itself, and in many ways Kaminari Denki would agree with that.


He knew how closely he had come to being killed tonight, and how if he would have been fighting alone he surely would be. But that didn’t matter now, he was alive and he was home. And God did he just want to collapse into your arms and realize that his world was okay. That you were okay, you were his world after all.


The small apartment was dimly lit, the only sounds being the soft buzzing of a television and the sounds of the shove on. You must still be up, making tea to calm your nerves from the TV coverage that was surely on when everything went to hell.


The electric hero casually placed his things by the front entrance, soft padding across the hallway and coming to the adjoining living room and kitchen. (Name), just as he expected, was leaning against the kitchen counter, her eyes not facing him, nor the front part of her body.


She must not have noticed he was home yet. He was watching her carefully though, her current activity captivating to him. She looked like a still life to him: late night tea in the dim lighting of the kitchen, waiting around for someone. Her posture close but semi-relaxed. Her hands, one holding the cup of tea, the other resting on the counter, fingers tapping in impatience and no doubt worry.


She was gorgeous and showed the perfect scene for a museum. He couldn’t stand watching any longer however, he wanted to be near her once more. He needed to know that he would be okay and that she would be okay. He wanted to make sure, he had to. His nerves were still wracked and the only remedy would be that warmth she always held.


As he moved again, his sounds were more hearable for her, driving (Name) out of her thoughts and anxious mind. She turned to meet his bruised and beaten body, the blood soaked bandages and covered gashes a reminder that he crawled through hell and back tonight.


“Denki.” She spoke his name like he was a phantom, come to haunt her for letting such a good thing in her life get taken for granted. “Denki. Denki. Denki.”


His name rolled off her lips and she dropped the cup on the counter, luckily not spilling, but letting off a loud clammer. She rushed into his arms, his shaking one's dying down as he realized he was safe once more.


Despite the pain he was feeling everywhere, he pushed through it. He saw his wife’s clothing and smiled in nostalgic memory of it. One of his old band shirts, the one he had bought on their first date back when they were young teenagers. He had outgrown it, but the sentimental value of the shirt had become (Name)’s night attire as a result.


And despite how good she looked in his old clothing, he currently didn’t want to see her in anything. He almost died tonight, she almost became a widow tonight. He almost left her in mourning tonight.


“I’m home.” He breathed, kissing her neck through torn lips. “I’m home (Name).”


He hoisted her up, not caring about the pain from the extra weight nor from the way his lips scratched against her soft untouched skin. She greedily pulled him away from her neck, connecting her lips to his. The taste of blood on them was off putting, but not unexpected.


He sat her down on the counter, easily pulling her top off hands touching her exposed breasts and listening to her whimper and squirm from the sudden touch. Now she knew what he wanted, and why he wanted it. They were on the same page at least.


“I didn’t think I’d be here right now…” He admitted, pinching a nipple and then using his mouth on the other one. He knew that tomorrow morning, she’d have just as many scratches and bruises as he did. The only difference being she would be fine receiving hers, while he got his from fighting.


“I know. I know.” She pulled at his hair gently. She would not scratch him much tonight, he had already been through enough of a beating. Tonight she would let him do whatever he wanted to relieve that anxiety she knew he was feeling.


“I’m sorry, I was too reckless.”


“You’re here now, that’s all that matters.” She cooed him, placing a kiss on the top of his head as he nodded. He was free on his clothing within seconds, his nakedness matching hers now.


“I might not come tonight.” He told her, easily finding her clit and beginning his usual treatment of it. She let out a soft moan, gaining volume as he continued. Her hands grabbing at his arms and squeezing.


“Tha-That’s okay. I-I just wanna feel close to you.” She admitted. Right now didn’t matter about reaching that high or feeling your body absorbed by absolute bliss. Right now, all that mattered was feeling as close to him as two human beings could feel.


The heat from you both and your limbs entangling would be enough for tonight. Today could have ended badly, but it didn’t. So instead of worrying about what could have happened, you’d focus on what did.


You would focus on him being here. You would focus on living another day with the person you loved.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

NSFW Below~


“Well this sucks.” Kaminari groaned, fumbling around.


Currently a thunderstorm had knocked the power out, leaving class 1-A standing around trying to decide what to do. One one hand if someone like Todoroki used his quirk they would be able to see. On the other hand, it might set the fire sprinklers off as well.


“Can anyone see?” Momo called out, running into someone as she moved.


“Ouch!” Toru mumbled out. She was used to be not seen, this getting run into was a new one.


“Everyone relax. The power will kick back on in a minute! UA has an backup generator after all!” Iida informed his classmates.


“It better be fucking soon…” Bakugou grumbled feeling and hearing his classmates shuffle around him in the dark dorms.


Suddenly something crashed into his side and he toppled over, the person falling with him. He didn’t stay down for long though, as he quickly shoved the weight off him and picked himself back up.


“Which one of you fucks ran into me!” He hollered out, the room falling silent upon his words.


“ANSWER ME, DAMMIT!” He screamed, throwing his hand behind him ready to spark and catch a quick glance at the person. However, his hand made contact with something else and he smirked darkly.


His hand pressed against a very soft and squishy round object, his mind clicking at which one of these extras had ended up shoving him onto the carpet. Now the fucker would feel his anger through being touched with his rough hands.


That grape shit was already the most annoying of them all, and now Bakugou finally had a reason to fucking get back at the shit. Those disgusting comments about his female classmates, and his disrespecting of the females heroes like Mt. Lady and Midnight… it was despicable. That diaper wearing shit deserved this!


Bakugou’s hands gripped both of the balls tightly, letting out a satisfied breath of hot air as he squeezed and pushed together the boy’s dumb shit quirk. But why did this feel off? Like Mineta’s quirk wasn’t supposed to be this soft? Was that fabric?


“You wearing a hat you grape shit?” He called out, the room filling with awkward silence.


“A-are you speaking to me Bakugou-san?” Mineta asked out, his voice trembling from the way Bakugou had seethed out pure hatred towards him.


However, Mineta’s question was the last thing on Bakugou’s mind now. Why? Because Mineta’s voice came from behind him, not in front of him like he had assumed it would.


“Y-YOU’RE NOT IN FRONT OF ME?!” Bakugou raged, accidentally squeezing tighter on what he had assumed to be Mineta moments ago.


“N-NO! I’m not!” Mineta called back out. A loud slap sounded behind Bakugou, Mineta’s voice crying out in pain.


“Next time you touch my butt it’ll be an acid slap you no good pervert.” Mina threatened.


Oh no… this wasn’t Mineta. Which meant… who was this and what exactly was Bakugou squeezing for the past 2 minutes?


As if matters could not get any worse, it was that exact moment that the backup generator had turned on. The room lit back up to everyone’s delight, but to Bakugou’s horror.


In front of him, face very red and eyes brimming with tears was (Name). The (Name) who he had been majorly obsessed with… the one he would even dare say he… ‘liked’.


And Bakugou’s hands were currently touching her breasts, his large palms cupping them perfectly, showing off her size and outline of the bra she was wearing under the baggy t-shirt.


Someone whistled. Someone audible gasped. And someone clapped in delight. Bakugou made a mental note to murder whoever they were later. As for right now-


“Looks like we actually have two perverts in class…” Jirou mumbled, her voice laced in irritation at the sight.


“I never thought Bakugou was the type of guy… guess you really just don’t know people.” Kaminari sighed, running a hand through his locks.


“Are you okay (Name)? Did he threaten you to stay quiet while he touched you?!” Ochaco yelled out.


Both you and Bakugou lit up in embarrassment. Things were growing out of proportion and fast. Bakugou opened his mouth to yell, only to not find his words. At least his hands were finally off your breasts…


“N-No…” You finally started talking. “I-I tripped over him. We fell and when I stood up he grabbed me for support I guess… he must have grabbed my boobs and thought it was Mineta…”


“Oh man… I wish I was that lucky.” Mineta mumbled.


The Bakugou blasted him through the wall. Looks like class A was down to a single pervert once more.

Chapter Text

“Ah you’re so muscular Bakugou-sama!”

“I can’t believe this is the actual Bakugou-sama! Who knew we’d meet UA’s best first year!”

“Could I touch your abs, Bakugou-sama?”

You turn your head in a huff, a scowl appearing on your features at the attention a certain ash blonde was currently getting from some girls. Knowing him, he must be loving this attention. He always loved attention… only not yours it appeared.

It was supposed to be a normal beach trip: sand, waves, swimsuits and friends. But it was soon found out by some other beach goers that the infamous students of UA were here and as a result… the more popular ones were being showered in love and admiration.

“Someone’s jealous~” Ochaco cooed in your ear causing your face to brighten up.

“Oh who would want a bunch of girls fawning over them anyway?” You rolled your eyes.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it. It’s obvious to everyone here that you’re jealous of the girls who have more guts than you to show Bakugou how much they like him.” her teasing continued.

“I-I- I don’t like Bakugou!” You grabbed the brown haired girl by her shoulders and shook her back and forth.

Ochaco laughed and continued her remarks, watching in delight that for once it wasn’t her getting her face red and stuttering. She loved you to death, but having a crush on Bakugou was too good to not tease you about.

“Oh come on! I see you looking at him when he’s not looking. And how your blush when he glances at you for just a second. You don’t just like him~ I think you might love him (Name)-chan~” Ochaco gushed.

“Ochaco-chan!” You playfully hit her, the gravity hero in training. She rubbed her arm and dashed away, sticking her tongue out at you.

Once she was gone you returned your gaze to the group of girls and their idol, only to see a different look on Bakugou’s face. Prior, he was wearing a prideful smirk, obviously happy to be getting the attention he thought he deserved.

However…. Now his face was stuck in a scowl as the girls tugged on his arms, another rubbing his abdominals like she was wiping away a dirt spot. Bakugou looked ready to erupt, and those poor girls would learn quickly why no girl at UA really asked him out.

“He’s gonna blow.” Kirishima mutter near you.

“He’s totally gonna lose it on them.” Sero chuckled.

“Well… the beach was nice while it lasted.” Kaminari sighed, feeling as if the peaceful beach day was soon going to come to an end.

You didn’t know what came over you next. Maybe it was Ochaco’s words. Or that no one was looking like they were going to help him. Maybe it was that flare of jealousy in your stomach.

But either way you had picked up the sunscreen laying next to you and made your way to Bakugou, shoving the girls out of your way while you did so. Bakugou calmed down seeing you coming towards him.

“Bakugou, you’re looking a bit red. Want some sunscreen?” You asked him, opening and squirting the lotion on your hands.

“Huh?!” Bakugou widened one eye, not understanding why you had asked him this.

“Come on! Let me help!” You winked, motioning to some of the girls beginning to back off.

His mind clicked and he nodded. The girls were backing off, thinking he and you had some kind of relationship. So if he played along, he would be free of these annoying typical fangirls in no time.

“Sure dumbass, whatever makes you fucking happy.” He scoffed, letting you come close and start to spread the substance over his hot muscles.

You worked fast and Bakugou would be an idiot to admit that he was not enjoying the feeling of your fingers on his glistening skin. He closed his eyes in ecstasy as your fingers cooled his skin down and how they seemed to even die down the inner boiling rage inside of him.

“There! All done!” You clapped your hands.

“Fucking finally… you took forever!” He hollered walking away.

He stole one glance behind him, eye raising in curiosity at what he saw. Behind him you were walking with a smirk on your face, while his fangirls were fighting back tears and hugging each other in comfort.

He clicked his tongue, not understanding why you throwing sunscreen on him made these girls so upset. But the following morning, when he woke up and caught a glance in his mirror… he understood why.

Turns out you had spelled ‘MINE’ in sunscreen on his back, as a result leaving a very visible mark on his back. His eye twitched in irritation at this, his teeth grinding.

Despite the small crush he had on you… he was going to kill you!

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


Despire much much of a fuss he put up claiming he hated being hugged, touched, cuddled, etc the truth was that Bakugou Katsuki did in fact enjoy such things. He, at first, never thought he was the type of person to enjoy physical affections. Boy was he wrong...


The way his arms fit perfectly around her form, how soft her hair and skin was, the way she smelled so damn good all the fucking time! Hell he even liked to rub your back and watch as your form visibly relaxed into him. It was addicting to him. Even more so when he thought about how he was the only person who got to be with her like this.


However, Bakugou was a very prideful person. He liked to have things done his way, but his idea and with no help from anyone. And despite how much he heart fluffed up his emotions when it came to the thought of cuddling the afternoon away, his prideful mind was in control.


And his prideful mind believed cuddling to be childish and annoying. If only he would listen to his true feelings and need for affections, then maybe he would not be having the current problem.


Currently his lovely girlfriend was curled up in the couch in the shared are of class 1-A’s dorm hall, a book in her hands and a nearly empty cup of hot chocolate on the table in front of her. She looked so at peace.


She looked so comfortable.


Bakugou shook his head, going back unloading the dishwasher. It was his week to do the chore and he had no problem doing so. Especially if the apple of his eye was across the room from him, not aware of his watchful gaze.


He was cracking below the surface however. He had been distant in more ways than one this week: not eating with her, or talking to her, or texting her or spending time with her. Maybe it was because he was freaked out by his own feelings.


His heart had long decided on it, maybe even from the first time he saw her. But his mind was a stubborn thing and didn’t like to listen to his heart. However, his mind had finally been brought down and relaxed enough to realize the small little detail that his heart had been attempting to say for so long.


“You love her.”


A short sentence, but one that held a lot of weight behind it. One that made him distance himself from you for the following week. In any other situation, one would assume he had broken up with you. But thankfully, he was dating someone who understood him.


And (Name) understood that at times Katsuki just needed to have a break to collect himself. He didn’t mean to be rude to her, or at least she assumed, but rather he needed to think some things out.


It didn’t help that the things he was thinking about made him internally shiver. He was excited. He was nervous. He was frustrated. How could he be so many things surrounding one emotion for one person?


Love was such an idiotic emotion. You fall in love, but it didn’t mean you would be caught.


Thus bakugou was attempting to figure out if you had been falling as well, and if you would catch him as a result. He would catch you… that would be for sure. Hell, he’d let you land on him if it meant you’d stop falling and instead just be with him.


Be with him in love that is.


The sensation of burning on his fingers brought  him away from his enamored thoughts, realizing the plate he was touching was scolding from the water still. He cursed under his breath, putting the plate back.


Seeing as now his daydreaming was making him start to actually harm himself, he begins to actually focus on the task at hand. However, every once in awhile, he would peak back up at you, watching your form mindlessly flip a page.


‘You’re not helping yourself.’


He shook his head, putting the last plate away. Damn feelings making him want to do something embarrassing! But- but was it really embarrassing?


He had unwantedly been part of the discussions about wanting to cuddle with a girl by his single friends. Kaminari’s pathetic calls to hold a girl in his arms. Kirishima’s pout to run his fingers along her skin. Sero even wanted to press his face into his hair.


They didn’t seem to think it was embarrassing at all, in fact those shits seemed to think cuddling was a good thing to do with the one you loved. And unlike them.. Bakugou could do those things. So why was this so hard?


Why could he not just admit to himself that he wanted and loved to snuggle with you? That he enjoyed it and wanted it so desperately?


He was finished a moment later and strolled over to the object of his desires. She hadn’t moved an inch, her eyes not even shifting to glance up at the familiar figure that he knew she saw in the corners of her vision.


He felt his lips rise, the infamous scowl once again painted onto his features. He inched closer, close enough for him to hear her gentle breathing. Likewise you could feel his warmth radiating from his body.


Pausing a moment, you glanced up. Bakugou had his arms crossed, a developing pout on his lips, but very much overshadowed by that nasty scowl. His behavior had been strange the last few days… but the current situation had been the peak of his strange behavior.


He had been hovering quite a lot today and with him now literally hovering over you you had seen enough. Time to confront the boy about his actions, but you would most certainly have a little fun first.


“Are you attention strapped, Katsu?” You closed the novel with a soft puff of air.


“Huh?” Bakugou clicked his tongue, looking away and scoffing further. “Why the fuck would I need your attention?”


“Well maybe you don’t need mine…” You paused, stepping you and coming close to his face. Inches away from his reddening face, you spoke again. “-but you’ve been giving me plenty of yours, haven’t you?”


Bakugou growled, knowing that you had in fact noticed or felt his red hues on you. If there was one thing he hated more than his current dilemma- it was when you teased him.


“Shut it damn woman…” He mumbled, hearing you you softly giggle at his unsure and hesitant attitude towards the situation.


“I’m sorry babe. Now what’s the matter with you? You’ve been pretty distant lately.” Your hand tickled his arms, rubbing his muscular skin up and down with your smaller hand.


“None of your fucking business.” He snarled, your eyes widening at his tone.


His chest convulsed when you pulled your hand away, your loving touch leaving his skin. Damn it… he was touch starved, wasn’t he?


“I’ll leave you be then. If you want to talk, I’ll be in my dorm.” You spoke, backing away and reaching for your text.


However before you could, Bakugou had returned to your side. Expect this time, he engulfed you into his presence. The familiar but missed arms around you brought a small smile to your features.


“I don’t want to fucking talk.” He spat out. Your eyes rolled at his tone, knowing full well that it was not anger at you, but his own internal struggle to say how he felt.


“Then what do you want to fucking do?” You used his vile language back at him.


He didn’t answer, but rather quickly hoisted your weight into his more than capable arms. He didn’t answer as he walked towards his room, your body comfortably hanging onto his.  He didn’t answer as he slammed the door with his foot and then laid you both down onto his bed.


By the time he had buried his head into your neck, you were very much aware of what he wanted. He wanted to cuddle with you, his actions speaking for him. He meant it when he said he didn’t want to talk, didn’t he?


“If you wanted to cuddle Katsuki, you just had to ask. No need to be so aggressive.” You teased him again, fingers dancing in his locks. Despite how prickly and rough his hair looked, it was actually very soft and fluffy to the touch.


“Shut up.”


“Come on~” You cooed him. “Just admit you wanted cuddles and to be close to me~”


“Fuck off.”


“If you want that, then I’ll go.”


You had no intention to do so. However, Bakugou seemed to think you were, as his grip on you tightened and to top it off- his head pressed onto your chest. Using the breasts as a soft and padded pillow for his head.


“Why the hell are you the one I fell in love with…” He grumbled out.


You laughed at his tone, then suddenly stopped. His words had nearly gone over your head, but a certain one made sure it would not. And now with the realization of the words, you could not stop from becoming shiff.


He-he loved you?


He said it?!


As your mind ran a million a minute at this confession, Bakugou had also realized the words that slipped from his mouth. His own anger and frustrations once again proving to be his worst enemy.


He didn’t mean to say it! He- he… he… fuck maybe he did? His head was tired of fighting this intense feelings. He just hoped he hadn't freaked you out. He said it so suddenly and without that passion he felt.


He said it like he was irritated for God’s sake! His first ‘I love you’ was said with vain and annoyance and anger! God what a fuck up he was! What kind of person would do that? A jackass.. That’s who.


He sucked his teeth as he heard the hitched breaths and then whimpers from you. Yoru body trembled softly and your hand moved to cover the cries.


He lifted his face up, seeing that you had begun to cry. Tears feeding into your mouth and others escaping down your chin and free falling. Your eyes were closed, but the droplets continued even so.


Fuck! This was not what he meant to do! He didn’t want to make you cry! He didn’t want to be the kind of guy who made his lover cry!


“F-Fuck! H-hey! Don’t fucking cry!” He yelled, mentally slapping himself for it.


‘Try and be nice.’


Nice? How the hell was he supposed to do that? He didn’t do nice. Nice thinking…


“Y-you love me?” (Name) squeaked out, (eye color) orbs opening to look at him brimming with tears.


Bakugou looked away, slowly nodding in an almost forced way. It wasn’t romantic in the slightest, but it was Bakugou. And for him, it was better than how he could have said or done it.


“I-I get it if you’re freaked out… it was so sudd-”


His eyes widened as you kissed him with such passion. Where did this come from? It happened so fast that you didn’t give him a chance to kiss back before you broke from him and then pulled into his warm chest.


As you listened to his fast beating heart, your hands squeezed his shirt. His body was unsure of what to do, but luckily you would make him comfortable once more with your next set of words.


“I love you too Katsuki.”

Chapter Text

Domestic Bakugou Katsuki (With some slight IzuOcha for IzuOcha week~):


Things had changed a lot since your days at UA: you were no longer a teenager, but a woman in her late twenties, with a boyfriend who had become a husband, a house in a good area and two small children who looked exactly like their father.


It wasn’t even funny how much they looked like him either! Katsuko may have your hair texture, but her red eyes and ash blonde hair was most definitely from her father. Katsuro, though a little older than a year old shared your (eye color) but other then that, he was a spitting image to the baby pictures Mitsuki had showed you of Katsuki when he was younger.


But, much like Katsuki himself, you loved the ashe blonde hair your children had. They were the products of your and Katsuki’s love, and no matter how much of their father presided in them, you would never stop loving them.


Though at times… it worried you a bit how much of Katsuki was shining through Katsuko’s personality as she got older. If it wasn’t the swearing she was slowly picking up on thanks to Katsuki, then it was the way she had been acting as well.


Drawings on the walls, refusing to eat foods she didn’t want, and the tantrums. She was four now, and was quickly learning she had her own say in things and was not afraid to show her feelings about them.


But unlike her father, you could handle her well enough. Despite being the calmest one of the family, both Katsuki and Katsuko knew that upsetting the mother would lead to some very bad and scary things.


Katsuro was for the most part, unlike his sister. He was a calm and quiet baby, only crying when he wanted his mother or father, or when he was hungry. It was a shock to both you and Katsuki when he was born.


You both lived through the Katsuko’s early years which was a lot of crying, late nights and not knowing what to do. She was the first born after all… but when Katsuro didn’t do any of these as often as his sister did, you both believed him to be sick.


Turns out Katsuko was just a louder child then Katsuro was at his age. But a blessing for you and Katsuki since Katsuko was growing up faster everyday. Her quirk should be manifesting soon as well.


Katsuki brought it up one night when the kids were sleeping, the two of you laying on the couch catching up on some show you had been missing due to parenthood.


“I got mine when I was around 4.”


“I was somewhere between 4 and 5. So Katsuko is close, she just turned 4 after all.”


“I bet she’ll get my quirk.” Katsuki chuckled, sighing in thought of his little firecracker taking after him even more.


“Really now?” Your head hit his shoulder, resting on it comfortably.


“Well she has my fucking personality, looks and love of heroes… so I’m calling it now.”


Aside from your loved family, your classmates from the days at UA had also stayed in contact with each other through the years. Lots of bridal parties, weddings, and late nights at the bars having a good time until the kids started happening.


It was quite amazing to think about how many of your classmates ended up getting married to people they knew in high school: Todoroki and Yaoyorozu, Kirishima and Ashido, Kaminari and Jirou, Iida and Hatsume, and of course yourself and Bakugou.


However, unlike those couples who seemed to suddenly occur after a lot of time and development, one couple everyone was glad had finally happened and got married: Izuku and Ochaco.


It was plainly obvious to all parties involved that the two had a major crush on each other through high school and it wasn’t until third year graduation that Ochaco had asked Izuku out.


The two dated steadily for a couple years, got married and even have a son of their own now. Midoriya Hiroki was born 3 months after Katsuko and the two had gotten to become great friends.


Similarly to their fathers, the two children attended school together, lived fairly close by and would spend afternoons and weekends with each other playing heroes or climbing the jungle gym near the park.


Yourself, Izuku and Ochaco were thrilled for your little beans to have such a wonderful friendship. Bakugou, while he had moved on past a lot of his resentment and hatred towards Izuku, still was not 100% accepting of his precious daughter hanging out around ‘ Deku’s kid .’ But he never tried to stop it, he saw how happy Katsuko was when she was playing with Hiroki.

Today was one of those days that Katsuko would be going to the park after school to play ‘heroes and villains’ with Hiroki and today was her turn to play hero! She was so excited as well as being the hero made it worth the turns she had to play the villain.


Hiroki was walking next to her, chatting about if she saw the fight both of their fathers were in last night on the news.


“And then Red Riot showed up and was like ‘Bam! Crash!’ and then your dad was blowing stuff up and my dad was kicking that villain so hard in the face! And then Shouto showed up to finish the guy off! And they won! They won like they always do!”


“Hiro! You’re dad was so so cool!” Katsuko explained attempting to do the moves Izuku had done the night before. “One for All: Full Cowl!”


“No no! It's like this! ONE FOR ALL: FULL COWL!”




The two kids laughed and dashed off to the slide, climbing up the steps. Katsuko was down first, pointing to the swing set, letting her friend know she was going there first. Hiroki nodded, sliding down after her.


He chased after the older girl but suddenly collided into someone as he ran. His butt landed on the ground and he let out a small ‘ouch’ and he rubbed his head. Nothing felt broken at least.


“Huh? Look at this little baby, guys.” An older boy called out, pointing to the fallen child.


Hiroki’s brown eyes widened and he stood back up. There were three older boys in front of him, looking a year or two younger then a first year middle school student. He gulped and apologized for running into him.


His mom always told him to be kind and sweet to people, as being rude would lead him to some trouble and fast. The older boy smirked to his two friends, their faces returning the gesture.


“Well I guess it's only fair if I return the favor.” The one Hiroki ran into smiled, pushing Hiroki in the chest with more force than the initial collide.


Hiroki fell to the ground, his elbow scraping against some rocks, causing a small cut on his small form. Hiroki sniffled, rising to his feet and putting up his fists, in a way reminiscent of his mother.


“T-That wasn’t nice.” He stuttered, fighting back the tears in his eyes. He was afraid of these three older boys… they were so much bigger then him and he had not even gotten his quirk yet.


“Awe, looks like we got a hero here!” One of the boys laughed.


“We should teach this brat a lesson then, this is our playground after all!” The other one spoke.


“Guys guys, come on.” The leader spoke. “We should at least fight him with no quirks since the baby hasn’t even gotten his yet.”


The two followers nodded happily, raising fists and marching forward. Hiroki gulped, ready to not give up. His father didn’t, nor did his mother or any hero! He would fight like a hero.


“You’ll have to fight me as well then!” Katsuko had appeared by Hiroki’s side suddenly, punching her fist into her open hand.


The three boys paused and glanced at each other then bursted out laughing. They pointed and chuckled at the two little kids they were picking on.


“A little girl? Seriously? What are you gonna do?”


“She’s wearing a dress and has ribbons in her hair as well! Soooo scary!”


“Looks like we have two wannabe heroes at the park today! Ha!”


Hiroki watched as Katsuko suddenly pushed him behind her, her bright cherry colored hues narrowed and she smiled strangely.


“You don’t know who you’re talking to.” She spoke, pointing to the leader. “I’ll take you out first!”


The leader paused and poked his buddies. “Sure. Go ahead and tr-”




Katsuko’s fist collided with the older kid’s face and suddenly not only was she skyrocketed upwards but a puff of heat and smoke erupted from her hands as she did so. Hiroki’s eyes widened at what he saw, as did the two non-injured teens.


“A quirk!” Hiroki cried on joy.


“W-what the hell?” One boy cried, seeing their leader had been knocked out, scorch marks on his face.


“L-let’s get out of here man… that little girl’s some kind of monster!”


The two picked up their knocked out friend and dashing away quickly. Hiroki dashed towards Katsuko who was on her back, letting it all sink in.


“You got your quirk! You have your dad’s quirk! That was so cool too!” Hiroki beamed, his blushing cheeks getting redder as he gushed about what Katsuko did.


“Monster…?” Katsuko mumbled, sitting up and rubbing her sore fist.


“Huh? What did you say?” Hiroki asked, not hearing what his friends muttered.


“N-nothing. Let’s go back to your house and ask your mommy for a band aid…”


“Okay, you need to get cleaned too. You have ash all over your face.”


The two walked off, not noticing two figures hiding in the bushes, having watched the whole thing go down.


“She. Got. Her. Quirk!” You cheered and continued to shake Izuku back and forth, tears of happiness escaping your eyes as you did so.


“I- I saw (Name)!” Izuku attempted to stop your actions as his stomach was feeling rather sick suddenly.


Being the worrywart parents you were, yourself and Izuku had started a bad habit of following your children home from school. Yourself and Izuku worked at the same agency, and were two of the top performers, meaning you could cut your afternoons short to make sure your children got home safely every day.


Like always, you both were watching them play from behind a group of trees when Hiroki had run into the older boys. You watched as Hiroki apologized, but then was pushed over.


Izuku right away began to attempt to step in, as he didn’t want his son to be bullied like he was when Izuku was his age. However, you quickly grabbed him and tugged him back into hiding.


“What are you doing? I need to help my son!”


“Hush and watch! This is their moment to prove themselves!”


Izuku widened his forest hues, glancing back at his child, seeing that he had his fists raised now. His mind filled with nostalgia of a certain moment from his childhood when through tear struck eyes he stood up to Kacchan in a similar fashion.


The day he discovered not all people were created equal, but sent him on the path of hard work, kindness and heroics. The day he would be destined to become a hero and inherit the ultimate quirk.


A day his son would now be experiencing no doubt. One he had to let happen, despite how much he wanted these bullies to know they were messing with Deku’s son. That alone would cause them to dash off running.


“Katsuko’s coming now too.” He heard (Name) muttered, as her daughter strode over.


“That’s right, Hiro has Katsuko… he’s not alone.” Izuku sighed.


The next events happened awfully fast: one moment the boys were making fun of Katsuko for being a girl, the next Katsuko had in a rage jumped forward, then smoke and a loud crack… and finally the bullies running away.


Katsuko had gotten her quirk and her mother was utterly proud of her daughter.


“H-Hurry! Let’s get back to your house and see what the kiddos say!” (Name) dashed off, making sure to keep a far watch on the little children running back to the Midoriya residence.


Izuku sighed and rubbed his neck. “Katsuko turns more in Kacchan everyday…”




“And then there was a loud pop and the big one fell over! It was just like when Ground Zero beat up an entire Yakuza group by himself! It was so cool!” Hiroko chatted.


“Those meanies better have learned their lesson and never fucking bother you again Hiro..” She muttered, rubbing her sore arm.


“Katsu! You said a bad word!” Hiroki gasped, glancing around to make sure his mom was not outside to hear his friend’s potty mouth.


Katsuko’s eyes widened. “S-sorry! Don’t tell my mommy!”


“I won’t, just don’t say that word in front of my mom, okay?”


She nodded and Hiroki opened the door to his family home.


“We’re home!” He shouted and dashed to the living room, Katsuko following close behind.


“Welcome back sweetie, is Katsuko with you?” Ochaco called out, hearing two pairs of feet shuffling to her. She had a feeling Katsuko would be coming over, so she prepared extra food for her.


As the two children rounded the corner, Ochaco’s eyes widened and she nearly dropped the cookie platter. She placed it sternly on the table and ran over to her son, looking over his features.


His straight green hair was messy and covered in dirt and ash along with a large gash on his elbow, still bleeding it appeared. She looked back to Katsuko, seeing her covered in more ash and rubbing a puffy looking arm.


“Y-you two sit down. I’m getting the medical basket!” Ochaco freaked out, nearly tripping over her own feet as she made her way to the tallest cabinet in the kitchen. She took out the basket of medical supplies she and Izuku would use after fights and came back to the two children sitting at the table.


“What happened?” She asked and handed Katsuko a wet cloth to clean off the soot.


“Katsuko got her quirk! And she used to to scare away some bullies who were trying to be mean to me! Ouch!”


“Sorry baby, but this anti-infectant will sting a bit.” Ochaco mumbled, spraying a bit more of it onto the cut before using another cloth to clean the wound. “But you got your quirk Katsu? That’s amazing, who’s is it?”


“My dad’s…” She trailed off, sounding unlike her usual self.


“Hello hello!” Her mother’s voice called from the front door, before Ochaco could ask what was wrong. Hearing her mother, Katsuko dashed down from the seat and raced into her mom’s warm arms.


“Hi hun! How’s my girl?” (Name) asked, petting her daughter’s ash blonde hair, careful of the ribbons you put in this morning.


“Good.” Was her daughter’s quick answer, glancing behind to see Izuku. “Hi Midoriya-san.”


“Hello Katsuko. Is Hiro with Ochaco?”




“I’ll see you later (Name). Bye Katsuko.” Izuku squeezed your shoulder.


Though he had not said anything, he knew by your daughter’s tone that something was bothering her. And that reassuring squeeze on your shoulder was his way to urge you to tell Katsuki was had happened and get him to talk to his daughter.


Like father, like daughter for those two, right?


“Ready to go home to daddy and Katsuro?” You asked your baby girl and she nodded, grabbing your hand.




The two of you walked the ten minutes in silence. You waited for her to bring up what happened, but she didn’t. Instead she was quiet, and walked looking at the ground. You worried for your daughter, but didn’t want to give away that you saw what happened.


You knew your little girl wanted her quirk so badly, but now that she got it… she seemed almost bummed, possibly upset. Did those boys say something to her? Oh… please let Katsuki know what to say, this was his quirk after all…


You opened the unlocked door and let your daughter’s hand go. She dashed up the stairs and ran into her room. You sighed, walking towards the sound of the burner in the kitchen.


Katsuki and your son were setting out bowls for the ramen your husband had just made. Katsuro was pointing to a pepper, Bakugou’s eyes watching him with interest.


“Eat?” Katsuro lifted the object to his mouth.


“It’s gonna be hot, kiddo.” Katsuki mumbled back.


“Daddy eat?” Katsuro extended his tiny hand to Bakugou.


Bakugou shrugged and grabbed the pepper. He winked to his baby boy as he bit down on the object, enjoying the taste of the hot food in his mouth.


“Hey babe.” You said as you walked in, setting your bag down. “How was your day off?”


“Welcome home dumbass.” Katsuki smirked, picking up his son and walking over to you. He kissed your lips and then gave your youngest to you. “And it was fine. Suro and I went to the park and then we made our damn meal. Where’s Ko?”


“Mommy!” Katsuro embraced you, his hands grabbing at your work attire.


“Hey baby.” you kissed his forehead, causing the little boy to giggle happily. “And speaking of the park…”


Katsuki rose a brow as you pulled out a chair to sit at, placing Katsuro on your lap. Bakugou sat across from you, watching as you bit your lip, the sign something was bothering you.


“Well? Fucking out with it.”


“Katsuko got her quirk today.”


His facial features lit up and he pounced up, hands slamming against the dining table, a wide smile on his features.


“She did?! Well was it your fucking quirk or my fucking quirk? O-or a mix of them both?!


“It was yours… or at least that’s what it looked like.” You mumbled, letting Katsuro play with the buttons on your shirt.


“Seriously!? That’s fucking great! She really is my baby girl, huh?”


“Katsuki…” You voice sterned and he stopped his momentary proud father moment.


“I don’t think she’s happy about it… she didn’t even tell me she got it on the way home from the Midoriya’s.”


“Hold on a fucking minute…” Bakugou narrowed his eyes. “How the fuck do you know she got it… if she didn’t tell you? Wait! Don’t fucking tell me you and Deku are still stalking the kids?”


“Don’t say it like that Baka-gou!” You snapped, Katsuro nearly falling off your lap. “S-sorry Katsuro. And unlike you, we wanted to make sure the kids got home quickly and safely!”


“Overbearing mother.” Bakugou teased you. “And don’t forget that you’re a Bakugou as well, Baka-gou (Name).”


“Oh shut it and go talk to your daughter! She has your quirk, so she needs your encouragement!”


Bakugou rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah damn woman… I’m on it. We’ll be down for dinner in a few fucking minutes, so don’t fucking start yet!”


He disappeared up the stairs, pausing at the door with his daughter’s name across it, the label being shaped in his hero colors: red, green, orange and black.


“Hey, you in here Katsuko?” He knocked and waited for her to reply.


“Yes daddy.” Came her voice, and he opened the door.


Bakugou walked in, seeing his daughter rubbing her hands against her arm. He paused and rushed up to her, taking her swollen arm into his hands as gently as he could do.


He glanced over the arm and sighed, getting up. He pointed to his daughter, telling her not to move an inch. He returned a moment later, an ice pack wrapped in a washcloth in his hands.


“This should bring the fucking swelling down.” He spoke, pressing the cold object to her lower arm. “Can I ask you something Katsuko?”


She nodded and Bakugou replied without missing a beat. “You got your quirk, didn’t you?”


Katsuko’s eyes widened and she nodded, tears starting to come from her eyes. Bakugou sighed, rubbed his daughter’s back and muttering to her.


“Did you not want my fucking quirk?”


“N-no.” She hiccuped. “I-I was called a monster when I used it… and i-it’s really scary.”


Bakugou’s eye twitched and he growled. Someone called his precious angel a monster? Did they have a death wish?


“I know it's scary at first.” Bakugou sighed, pulling up her unswollen hand and putting it against his. “But I’ll fucking help you figure it out.”


“Really, daddy?”


“Really. We’ll train every damn day I get back from work. You’ll be a hero like your old man and your momma, how does that fucking sound?”


“Really really cool!” She beamed, her usual excited personality coming back.


“Yeah, and just remember one thing Katsuko.” He looked at her.


“And what’s that daddy?”


“It’s the person who makes the quirk, so if you want to be a hero, your quirk will be used like a hero would use it, alright?”




“That’s my girl, now come one. Your mom and brother are waiting for us downstairs. Let’s go eat.”


“What’s for dinner?”




“Is there pepper?”


“You fucking bet, firecracker.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku:


Something was wrong, that much he could tell. You had not been as active, nor as around as you usually were since training that day. You had taken a rough landing on your knee, an audible cracking sound heard to much of the class when it had happened.


You had claimed you were fine though, just pulled a muscle and that you could walk it off. So when you did rise up to your leg and attempted to walk off, it was fairly noticeable when your face contorted into pain and you struggle to limp off to the girl’s changing room.


The rest of the day was no different, seeing as Aizawa excused you for the remaining part of the day to go and see Recovery Girl. But when Izuku and company had arrived back at the dorms, they saw you icing your knee.

“What did Recovery Girl say?” Ochaco had asked right away, her gut feeling telling her that something was wrong.


“Oh. I didn’t go.” Was (Name)’s curt reply.


“You didn’t go?” Iida was quick to react. “Y-you’re beyond injured and can barely move! You must go and see Recovery Girl right away!”


You held your hand up, gesturing to the ice pack and held a thumb up. “Relax Iida-kun, I just pulled it! A little ice and some rest and I’ll be as good as new!”


The three exchanged glances, both Uraraka and Iida giving Izuku a look to say something to you. He was the best at not only motivating, but talking some sense into people as well… and right now (Name) needed someone to.


“(Last Name)-san… I think it’ll be a good idea- just have it looked at.”


“I’m fine Midoriya-kun.” Your voice was stern, smile turning into a slight frown.


“But you don’t loo-”


“I said I’m fine. Please take my word for it!” She interrupted him, watching as her tone had caused the boy to take a hesitant step back.


(Name) turned her face away from her friends and glanced down at her leg, the pain increase by each moment. It had been doing so since she landed on it. It was bad, that much she knew, but she was scared to go a find out exactly what was wrong.


She had never been found of medical procedures for as long as she could remember. As a child she remembered trying to get out of doctor’s appointments and crying when learning she would need a shot.


It wasn’t her fault though, everyone had a fear after all. Hers just happened to be going to see a doctor. And she had been so careful as well! Avoiding being hit in training, dropping out of the Sport’s Festival after the obstacle course, and even going as far to surrender in battle if it looked like she was about to get beat up.


But alas, the charade looked to almost be up. Her knee was most likely broken, or even fractured. Losing your footing and landing on your knee from 3 stories might do that to you. Even so, she had attempted to gloss it over as nothing.


Like a damn fool.


“S-sorry. You guys are right… something is wrong with it.” You mumbled, burying you face in your hands.


“Why didn’t you go earlier then?” Izuku asked, bending downwards and patting your back ever so softly.


“I-I’m afraid… I really don’t like the doctor or anything related to medical stuff.”


“Would it be better if I came with you? Would that be better?” Izuku blushed, feeling his heart beat slightly at his question.


Holding your hand and comforting you through your fear… like a- like a boyfriend would do..oh goodness!


“W-would you really come with me Midoriya-kun?” You sniffled, then jolted back in pain from trying to move slightly.


“Yeah, I’ll be right by your side. Y-you can squeeze my hand when things get scary or you can talk to me if you need a distraction. D-does that sound okay?”


You hummed in agreement, then glanced down at your leg shyly. You turned back to the three people standing in the room with you. Your cheeks reddened significantly and you looked away in embarrassment.


“I-I can’t walk… c-could someone carry me to Recovery Girl’s office?”


“I-I can’t! I don’t have any upper body strength!” Uraraka spoke, dashing off to the stair case.


“U-uraraka-san… your quirk is anti-gravity.” Izuku mumbled, looking to Iida who was walking away as well.


“Iida-kun?” You voice caused him to stop momentarily.


He turned around and pointed to his watch. “It’s nearly time for my daily cleaning of all my glasses. So I’ll leave this to you Midoriya-kun.”


You and Izuku looked at each other, then back at where iida was slowly ascending the stairs.


“T-that’s a lot of glasses to clean…” You mumbled as Izuku began to do this own mumbling.


“If I lift her which way should it be, if she’s on my back that might lead to her knee getting injured, if she’s over my shoulder it would further hurt her leg, but a standard bridal carry might make people assume something else. Then what way would be the best possible way to not only get her to Recovery Girl, but also assure her injury is not worsened-”


“Midoriya-kun!” You shouted, breaking him from his daze.


“Y-yes (Last Name)-san?!”


“Just carry me on your back, it’ll be fine.”


Izuku nodded and picked you up carefully, making sure your body was against his with ease, a well as keeping your injury elevated. He could feel you relax against him and he began to move to the nurse’s office.


“Thanks for coming with me…” You muttered, closing your eyes and inhaling Izuku’s scent: like new books with a dash of mint.


“It’s not a problem… that last thing I’d want is for you to be hurt or in pain. I care about you too much.”

Chapter Text

Amajiki Tamaki:


He was never one for parties. The lights were too bright, the music was too loud, people bumped into you at every moment and the food was always really terrible. But it was the last one of the year and within the next week, he’d be graduating from UA. So one party would not kill him, right?


Especially if she was here tonight. Her usual smile and polite attitude towards her classmates on the dorm lounge floor, the beating of the music drowns out that addictive laugh. He knew she was laughing too, as when she laughed she would raise on hand to lightly cover her mouth.


It was what she was doing right now, and he admired it from across the room, smiling to himself about how she made such a cute little action. He couldn’t even hear her or see her very well for that matter, but even still… she looked so good.


“Admiring from afar again?” Mirio slung an arm over tamaki, causing the third year to shrink into himself a bit, the punch in his hand twirling slightly from Mirio’s sudden hug and words.


“Yes, I guess I am.” Tamaki replies, watching as Nejire was suddenly pinching (Name)’s cheeks and admiring how no doubt soft and warm they were. Nejire always had a bad habit of getting into people’s personal spaces, but at that moment, Tamaki wished to switch places with her.


“So you’re not gonna go and talk to her? We’re practically done at UA and you have barely had an entire conversation with (Name)-chan. You like her, don’t you? Why not go and talk to her then!”


Tamaki shook his head at Mirio’s encouragement, going back to staring at his half empty cup of punch. Mirio sighed, patting Tamaki on the back a bit more gently then before. He knew of his friend’s antisocial and nervous ways, but not talking to him meant he was really feeling it tonight.


“I- I just can’t bring myself to do so Mirio. Every time I try I overthink i and I psych myself out. I’ll never be able to talk to her unless something happens that forces me to.”


“Something that forces you to?” Mirio mused, a spark suddenly igniting in his head.


“Yeah, like the two us trapped together and need to work together to get out. I can think fine when I’m in hero mode after all… but talking to her in a lace like this isn’t my scene…”


“So what you’re saying is you need that scene to occur for there to be a chance for you to even talk to (Name)-chan? And maybe if the ball got rolling you’d talk to her more?”


“I-I guess so? What are you thinking about now Mirio?”


Mirio waved his hands, flashing a pure smile. “Nothing Tamaki! I’m gonna go grab some more punch, want any?”


“No, plus tasting by it, someone spiked it. I’d stick to one of the canned milks.”


“Thanks for letting me know, I’ll be right back!” Mirio walked off, leaving Tamaki to watch his classmates once more.


A group of girls chatting, a couple boys who obviously had a bit too much of the punch, and two people who had hooked up it seemed. Quite the array of people tonight it seemed, but that’s what happened when their homeroom teacher had ‘urgent business’ to attend to and left them all to their own devices.


“Tamaki, come with me!” Mirio had appeared back by the darker featured boy, tugging him towards a more secluded area.


“M-Mirio where are we going?”


“I found some cool party games in a closet by the front entrance, could you help me get them down?” Mirio asked, innocent baby eyes flashing.


Tamaki gulped, hoping he would be able to help his best friend out as best as he could. “S-Sure I guess…”


“Great! There on the top shelf!” Mirio beamed and then shoved Tamaki into the closet, the door slamming behind him.


“M-Mirio I can’t see!”


“It’s a life or death situation now Tamaki-kun!” Nejire’s muffled voice came from outside the closet. “In 7 minutes the coast will be clear and you can escape from your hiding spot!”


“H-hold on a minute!” Tamaki came to the realization of what was happening, his own dumb words coming back to bite him in the ass.


Slowly, he turned around to see (Name) in the closet as well. She was sitting underneath a few hanging winter jackets, the light from her phone making her face barely visible. But enough for Tamaki to recognize her.


“(L-Last Name)-chan.” Tamaki threw himself against the far wall, trying to call down his racing and beating heart. He was locking in a closet with her… for 7 minutes. Any teenage knew what that meant.


“Hey Amajiki-kun, Mirio rope you into this?” She spoke back, tucking her phone away and glancing at him. It was hard to see, but the dim light from the crack on the floor provided some light when your eyes adjusted enough.




“Well Nejire dragged me into here… said she found a secret stash of candy. Should have known she was lying through her teeth when she would not stop giggling on the walk over here.”




“You alright Amajiki-kun?”




(Name)’s eyes batted a few times, then her face shifted into a devious smirk. She stepped towards Tamaki and ever present smirk on her features as she neared close to him. Tamaki gulped again, pressing himself further against the wall.


“You do know why we’re in here, right?” She asked sweetly, only a mere inch from her body connecting with his.


“I- um… well-”


“Hush Amajiki-kun.” (Name) pressed one of her warm hands on his cheek, cupping it. “Can I call you Tamaki?”


Tamaki nodded slowly, forcing his eyes closed in embarrassment and let out a nervous staggered breath.


“You’re really cute, you know that?” (Name) complimented him, her other hands cupping his other cheek.


She moved his head so he was now looking directly at her, or he would be if he opened his eyes. He stood frozen still though, not even letting himself breathe at this point.


“Are you nervous because of me?”


“A-a little bit.”


“Well let me make you a bit more relaxed then, Tamaki.”


He felt something brush against his lips next, a soft and glossy feeling on his own lips. He sucked in a large rush of air through his nose, his eyes widening at the realization that something he only dreamed about was occurring.


The soft and plump and sweet taste of your peach lip gloss against his own pair, your hands still warm and holding his cheeks as you did so.


You pulled away after a moment, looking at Tamaki’s blushing face, smiling softly at the way his cheeks flushed and his eyes blinked quickly. You had really caught him off guard.


“Do you like me Tamaki? Because I like you a lot.”


Your voice ghosted over his skin on his neck, your hot breath sending shivers up his spine and onto his hairs. His breathing stopped once again and he mentally had to recall how to move and speak.


“Yes.. I do like you a lot.”


“Well, thanks for letting me know.” (Name) purred, her mouth allowing her tongue to trail across a small part of his neck.


Tamaki let out a husky moan as he felt her tongue dance along his nervous skin, the warmth from her making him relax. How long had they been in here by now? It felt like short a short amount of time, but also a blissful eternity he never wanted to end.


He called out a bit when her teeth nibbled down on him, then let out a loud gasp when she bit down hard the following moment. She smirked into her handy work, treating her bite with kisses and more of her pink muscle on his neck.


She pulled away a moment later, getting up close and personal with him once more.


“Is this the type of closest experience you wanted Tamaki?”


He was too stunned by all the recent actions to even do anything, so he just nodded slowly, watching as the door creaked open. As his eyes readjusted to the light, he could see the shocked faces of Mirio and Nejire standing outside, both of their eyes wide and mouths open.


“Way to go tamaki!” Mirio cried out, clapping his hands.


“Congrats you two! Hookd up in a closest! What was it like?!” Nejire cheered, wanting to hear all the details.


You shrugged and looked to Tamaki whose face was becoming more red by the second. He would need a minute before he could function properly it seemed.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


With the winter months approaching so quickly, it made sense for his dates with his lovely (Name) to be moved to more close and personal spaces. One of their dorm rooms had quickly become the scene for so many date nights: a movie or a video game, sometimes even just napping together after school was enough.


However, today’s particular indoor meeting had quickly turned from the usual to instead a very different and very enticing encounter instead. It had started with a short chaste kiss on his lips by his darling girlfriend, however it quickly shifted into something else when he moved in for a longer more passionate second kiss.


His uniform shirt, jacket and tie were off within the next second, his divided temperature abs pressing against her messy form. Her tie was already thrown off landing somewhere else in the room. Meanwhile, her jacket hung loosely from her arms, her dress shirt unbuttoned but still on her.


His hands ghosted over her breasts as he kissed and nipped at her lips and skin, his desires growing fast and steady as more and more of her body was exposed to him. The blanket that had been covering the two at the beginning was now twisted around his ankle, a small corner under her foot. Thus locking them together, tying them together in this situation.


“Shouto.” Came a word from her lips, a small gasp her afterwards as he bit her neck and she moaned. He licked the mark, wanting to make sure he left a visible mark on her neck.


He wasn’t usually the type to do so, but right now in this moment with her giving her whole being up to him, he had felt this strange urge to do something he normally would never do. Something in him wanting to make her his and only his.


She belonged to him and no one else could steal this very beautiful being away from him. If they attempted to… he would aggressively prove to them why he was your chosen lover and not them.


“Ah, oww.” She mumbled the next second, his latest bite not feeling as blissful as the other had been, but rather, it felt like it was close to drawing blood. A sensation of pain running through her was enough for her body to react before she realized it.


Upon hearing her mutter a sign of disapproval from his actions, Todoroki ceases right away, his mind filling with images and memories. That small ‘ow’ was enough to trigger some repressed feelings and former emotions he was sure had been long moved on from, but right now, as he realized what he had done, he realized how wrong he had been and how he had acted.


“I-I’m sorry,” He spoke softly, pulling away from her completely and scooting back to lay against the bed behind him. His back hit the side, his head laying on the mattress as his bottom sat against the matts.


The images of how he had suddenly started thinking like that man when he was getting into the mood had sent him in shock, killing anything he felt and replacing it with worry. Worry for himself and for his lover, knowing how he could easily turn their relationship into his parents if he was not careful.


“Shouto?” She crawled towards him, her clothing still untidy, the lacy bra underneath her clothing still very visible to her eyes, though it had now long lost its lust and now was instead just a reminder of what he had thought.


“How disappointing.” He muttered to himself, lifting his left arm and glancing at it, a small but striking snarl of a face forming. “How revolting.”


“Shouto, what’s the matter?” (Name) asked, taking his chin and drawing his eyes away from his hated side to her concerned (eye color) hues instead.


“It’s nothing, just a reminder of who I’m half of…” He told her, shaking away her touch. He didn’t deserve it at this point, nor did he deserve her.


“You’re not half of anything. Your Todoroki Shouto, and that’s all I see you as.” She scolded him, placing her hands back on him, this time tracing her fingers through his multicolored locks.


“Even so… I can’t help who I might become.”


“And who might that be?”


He turned his gaze away, not wanting to say it. It was a ridiculous idea, but one that had been plaguing him for such a long time. One he, even today, feared and attempted to run from.


“You can tell me, y’know.” (Name) spoke again, pulling him into her and allowing her calming smell of linens to calm him down.


“I just… I had a thought similar to what my father would have when…” He coughed, a blush rising to his features. “-when things were starting to get interesting.”


“O-oh.” You blinked, shaking away the embarrassed look as well, wanting to come back to the issue at hand. “What was the thought?”


“That I would do anything to make you stay by my side, and anyone who threatened that would feel my wrath.”


(Name) paused a moment, thinking over his words and an accurate response. How does one respond to a statement like that after all. (Name) was very much aware of the Todoroki family drama, but she didn’t realize it still held a spot in Todoroki’s mind.


“Wanting to protect your most important person is not something to be ashamed of. In fact, I’m really touched you care about me that much… Even so, I know you Shouto- and I know that no matter how much you fear it, you’ll never be your father.


You’re much kinder, gentler, stronger and loving than he ever could be. So even the thought of you becoming him shows that you are not like him. If you were, you would not care, but you do. So you’re not him, and you won’t ever be.”


Shouto nodded slowly, then ever so gently pushed you back into his embrace. His arms, one warm and one cold, held you close to him as he felt your own kind warmth back around him. So familiar and comforting, just like you voice, eyes and everything about you.


“Thank you.”


“No need to thank me… I’m just happy I could help a little bit.”

Chapter Text

Monoma Neito:


“This is all your fault, y’know.”


The short haired blonde gasped, looking back at the classmate who dared accuse him of such an act… though the teacher did as well. But they got punished for it too! Therefore they were in this just as much as he was!


“You’re in detention too, so you’re just as guilty as I am.” Monoma smirked, going back to doing his math homework.


Suddenly a storm of pens, pencils, erasers and more school items were being thrown at him, a very angry (Name) being the cause of such a terrible storm. He lifted his math book up, creating a successful barricade from the wrath of his friend.


“You’re such an ass when you want to be, now I finally understand why Kendo smacks you so much…” They grumble, laying their head down on the desk and staring holes into the whiteboard.


3 hours after school detention, for something you didn't even do. Sure you had tagged long, but only because you wanted to see Monoma mess up and be the idiot you knew he was.


But instead, when the teachers found out on the surveillance cameras who had thrown toilet paper all over the dorms of Class 1-A, the images of Monoma laughing manically and you standing there with a disturbed frown on your face was enough to land you both in the slammer.


“I hope you’re happy… not only do we have detention, but we have to clean up the outside and the inside of Class A’s dorm this weekend.”


“I’m very happy, seeing their no good stuck up faces after what I did was so worth it all.” Monoma laughed, reliving his happy call and arrogant declaration from a pile of bushes this morning.


You rolled your eyes, glancing downwards to start getting back to work on your own homework, only to notice that you were missing something very much needed to even start. You grimaced and glanced back at Monoma.


As expected, he held up one of your pencils and smirked in victory. “Looking for this? Or one of the tens of others you through at me minutes ago?”


You glared, reaching out a hand and demanding you pencil back. “Give it.”


“Not so fast! If you want all your supplies back, then you have to do something for me first!”


Your eye twitched, not sure what this boy was forming in his mind, but it was no doubt something disturbing, cocky, sadistic or all three and even more.


Groaning and pinching your temple you looked back at him, eyes narrowed and holding much malice to your classmates who was ever so slowly becoming your new worst enemy.




“A kiss.” Monoma winked at you, pointing to his lips.


“You’ve got to be kidding me…”


Your eye twitched, seeing Monoma move even closer to the single desk you sat at next to his. He moved in close, not leaving even enough space to not spell his arrogant attitude and see every inch of that cocky smile.


“Come on now (Name), if you want your stuff back, then just give me one kiss on the-”


He blinked when you didn’t even give him the chance to finish his sentence, your lips connecting to his in a rushed and almost dominating manner. Your teeth bit down on his lips, causing him to slightly widen his mouth long enough for your tongue to snake in.


You wasted no time in exploring his mouth, a strong taste of mint invading your senses. You pulled away after a few seconds, but what seemed like an hour to Monoma. You wiped off the spit and took back you pencils and other devices.


When seeing him not react or having some sassy comeback, you turned, giving him a concerned look with one eyebrow raised.


He was in some sort of trance, his face having not shifted from that stunned look of ‘omg, I’m actually getting kissed’


“You okay Monoma?”


He blinked back to normal, and recollected himself. “Ha! Of course I am! I sure got you, didn’t I! Thinking that some little kiss made me break down! I’m a master of disguise!”


You rolled your eyes, turning back to the english assignment. “Sure, whatever you say.”

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku:


It wasn’t often that a group assignment was given out in class, nor was it common for the project to be on a topic of choice for the students to pick. What was common however, was the randomly assigned partner that every student was given.


On this particular assignment, Midoriya Izuku found himself with none other then (Name). A very friendly and academic classmate, who no doubt would help him make a great project to present to the class the next week.

There was only one slight issue however, and that issue being the heart pounding, nerve wracking and tongue twisting feelings the green haired hero felt towards his classmate. If it wasn’t already obvious to everyone within the greater Tokyo area, Izuku was the last person who could hold himself together when it came to romantic feelings.


It was already a miracle he was able to ask for (Name)’s home address so he could come over after school and start on the project. Which led him to the now, standing outside her apartment door, only a few blocks from where he and his mother lived, waiting for her to open the door.


He calmed his nerves down, trying to explain that he was here to work on a project and nothing else. But nearly jumped out of his red sneakers when the door was opened, breaking him out of his mental preparations.


(Name) looked at him, their clear (eye color) orbs rising in concern. “Are you okay Midoriya-kun?”


“A-Ah! Um- Yes! Thank you f-for a-asking (Last Name)-san.”


They chuckled, waving him in. “For the last time, call me by my first name, or at least chan. You’re too formal Midoriya-kun.”


Izuku nodded, slipping out of his jacket and shoes. (Name) pointed to the living room, motioning for him to head in there.


“I’m going to grab my laptop and backpack from my room, I’ll meet you out in the living room in a moment. Make yourself comfortable though!” They called, their form disappearing down another hallway.


“O-Okay.” Izuku mumbled, walking towards a small couch.


He placed his backpack by the coffee table in front, nearly missing a sketchbook on it already. A few scattered pens, pencils and erasers near the book, his interest rising as he looked at the object further.


It was a convenience store sketchpad, nothing too fancy, but judging by the worn and stained cover, it must have been used quite a lot. He had often seen you drawing in it during class, lunch, breaks and even a few times during training.


You would usually be scolded by a teacher for not paying attention… but it just made whatever you were drawing seem that much more mysterious. What could be so captivating that you didn’t pay attention to instructors every now and then?


His rough fingertips lightly touched the cover, slightly lifting it up. This was an invasion of privacy though, wasn’t it? He didn’t ask and it was your property.


But he was so curious… small peak wouldn’t hurt, right? Just a look at one page and no more! He would stop after he saw one example of what always held your attention. He would be satisfied after that!


Glancing behind him real quick, he turned the page, opening it to see the image on something he wasn’t expecting. An image that made him stop breathing and a brilliant heat rise to his cheeks as a result.


Staring back at him, sketched in black and white, aside from the eyes which were colored a vibrant green- was him. An image from the sports festival you must have witnessed and captured from the stands.


The image of him holding his fist in a dedicated manner, a determined and moved face capturing his inner ambitions. A moment of time, a moment of his character captured so wonderfully on this fragile page.


Without a thought, he turned the page seeing another one of him from a training session, his newer hero costume version drawn like you had been the one to design it. His wide grin staring back at him from the page.


Another one where he was staring absentmindedly out the window in classroom 1-A. His hair shaded to reflect the sunlight entering the room, and once again the only pop of color being his forest hues.


“The next one’s my favorite.” You snapped him away from his wonder and daze, remembering that he wasn’t alone.


“Ah! (Last Name)-san! S-Sorry! I-”


“It’s fine Midoriya-kun. I just hope you didn’t mind that I made you my muse for so many pieces.”


“I-It’s fine… you’re really good after all. I’m kinda honored.”


“You have some really beautiful poses,  you could be a model, y’know.”


“M-me?!” Izuku blushed waving his arms around. “N-No way! I’m so plain looking!”


(Name) chuckled, reaching forward and turning the page to the one that was apparently her favorite one. On it was a still life of the cafeteria: one of Izuku sitting at his table, conversation being made with his friends.


As always, the only color coming from their irises and their shading and poses being so natural and perfect looking. Izuku’s eyes widened, now realizing why this was her favorite, it was beautiful and truly showed how much he cared for his friends. And how they cared so much for him as well. You could easily tell by how they were drawn, a warm and close feeling radiating from the people in the image.


“Wow.” He muttered, looking at her.


“I know, you guys are really wonderful models.”


“N-No. I mean you’re really talented!”


(Name) laughed, shaking her head. “It’s only a hobby. There are so many better artists than me.”


“I could never do this though! And you make it look so stunning and unique. The way you only color the eyes is what makes it really stand out for me! You’re naturally drawn to the eyes like you are in real life, so it gives it this real feeling… if that makes any sense…”


“It does! And thanks for liking it so much.” (Name) blushed, tugging on a piece of their hair. “I-if you want… I can scan these and give you the prints. If you want them that is?”


Izuku nodded excitedly. “Really? You don’t mind? I would love them… its kinda silly, but seeing them made me feel like a real hero. Cause they have all these drawings of them from admirers… s-sorry, that’s really dumb.”


“N-No! I think it's really interesting how you think of it that way! And if that’s the case, I’ll make sure to keep drawing you! You deserves to be recognized for your hard work!”


“Y-you’d really do that…”


(Name) smiled, giving Izuku a thumb’s up and smiling widely. “You deserve it hero!”

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


Four figures were standing near the crowded train station entrance, each hanging around and waiting for their fifth member and undisputed leader to arrive.


“He was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago, what’s taking him so long?” Mina pouts, getting tired of waiting for Bakugou to show up.


“He said he had to go and pick something up. So he’s most likely running late.” Kirishima stated, looking out over the moving crowds to try and see the familiar mess of ash blonde.


Sure enough, an explosive top of hair was seen making its way towards the statue the group was scheduled to meet at. As he grew closer, it could be made out that someone was walking awfully close to him. And as he came into direct view, it was seen that Bakugou and this smaller female in fact had their hands linked.


“ that?” Kaminari asks the group, just out of Bakugou’s earshot.


“His girlfriend…?” Sero shakes his shoulders. She looked like she was his girlfriend, but at the same time, this was Bakugou and you could never be sure.


“Hey Bakugou!” Kirishima greets, flashing a smile to his friend and then giving one to the girl next to him. “Hiya!”


“Hello.” She greets, smiling softly and waving her free hand to the confused group of four in front of her.


“What are you fucks looking at?” Bakugou growls, tugging the girl’s hands towards him a bit more.


“Relax Katsuki.” She smiled, giggling at his attitude. “They just wanna know who I am. From what it seems like, you’ve never mentioned me before, huh?”


“First name basis?!” Kaminari whispers to Mina, the pink haired girl fawning over how cute and sweet this girl is. Even more so that she’s dating their group’s resident demon.


“Shut up pikachu, anyway you shits since you’ll annoy the fuck outta me if I don’t tell you sooner- this is (Name). She’s my damn girlfriend.”


“So romantic~” She teases, her words making Bakugou scoff and slightly blush.


“Ah! Its nice to meet you. I’m-”


“Kirishima. I know.” (Name) interrupts Kirishima as he speaks. “Katsuki has told me a lot about you. I also know that your Kaminari, Sero, and finally Mina.”


She points to each figure, the correct name going to each. She turns to Bakugou in the next second, a pout visible on her features and her eyes narrowing.


“How come you won’t shut your mouth about them, yet you don’t say a word about me?”


He scoffs, breaking their connected hands and then gently punches her arm. “Who the hell would want to talk about you?”


“Well… I guess it just shows how embarrassed you are to admit you have other feelings besides anger.”


“Oh shut the fuck up!” Bakugou yells, causing the girl to laugh.


It was so unexpected to his friends: not only did he have a girlfriend he was obviously head over heels for, but she could keep in line line as well. A true miracle for not only Bakugou, but possibly them all as well.


“S-So tells us about yourself (Name).” Sero mutters, driving you and Bakugou away from your own personal realm of teasing.


“Well I’m (Name), but you already know that. I attend a preparatory high school for students who wish to enter the medical field, and I’ve been dating Sir. Grumpy Gills for about 4 months now.”


“Fuck off…” Bakugou rolls his eyes, tongue clicking as he finishes.


“Oh! Do you want to be a doctor?” Mina asks, breaking forward and excitedly waving her arms up and down.


“Yes, for children.”


“That’s so cool!” Kaminari joins in, his golden eyes glimmering in the midafternoon sun.


“Why are fucks so excited about that? We go to UA!” Bakugou spats, though he was just as impressed about his girlfriends chosen career path. But he had to keep his darling ego up after all.


“Yeah but being a doctor is so much harder.” Kirishima waved his finger up and down. “Even after high school we’ll be done, but (Name) will have to go to college and then medical school. In the end, she’s doing a lot more hard work.”


Bakugou’s eye twitched, feeling as if Kirishima was stating that his chosen path was less work then (Name)’s. Before he could snap, his bicep was touching lightly, making him turn his gaze to (Name), his features softening.


“Relax. You’re going to be an awesome hero. Without heroes like you all, my job would be more hectic and more people would perish. All of you are amazing.”


(Name) smiles gently, leaning forward and kissing Bakugou’s cheek as she does so, feeling the skin underneath heat up considerably.


“Yeah yeah… no more sentimental crap. I’m gonna be sick. Now come on you shits, we’re gonna miss the movie if you don’t hurry.”


He walks away, shoving his hands into his pockets- face hidden to hide his red blushing cheeks. He won’t admit it, he won’t say it… but he was glad to have brought you along today. He had long wanted his so called friends to meet you, as he wanted to spend even more time with you.


His reasons for not talking about you before was not that he was embarrassed, but rather because he wanted you to make your own impressions on them without his words. You were amazing, and him simply attempting to say anything would not do you the good you deserved.


Maybe that’s why he fell for you, because you were too good for his words to even describe.

Chapter Text

Domestic Bakugou Katsuki:


You had not seen him like this for a few years, but it brought back a few fond memories. Back during your early days of dating the one and only Bakugou Katsuki, he would arrive back to your small shared apartment exhausted from his days as a new sidekick.


He would collapse onto the couch, passing out from the moment his head hit the slightly worn out and hard cushions. His mind slipping into unconsciousness, his breathing and face slipping into calmness and peace for the rare times.


His hard work and drive shining through his sore muscles and sleepy face. Calming even more when you would creep onto the couch, lifting his head gently to rest on your legs. Your fingers running and brushing through his locks softly, earning a slight comfortable sound from his lips.


You would always continue, your fingers running, turning and twisting his hair as he slept, enjoying the feeling of being so close to him, even if he was sleeping. He looked so at peace, like some part of his mind knowing that the object of his desires was right there, holding him and watching over him as he slept, not caring that she was so close and touching the explosive locks that he was so picky about.


He was never exactly happy when he woke up however, stealing a glance at his appearance in the mirror in the living room. His ash blonde hair tied up in small pony tails, sticking every direction and the bands made of plastic colors.


His eye would twitch, his red orbs looking to how the hell he was going to pull out these annoying accessories and fast. He didn’t want them in any longer, nor was he pleased that you had found them so funny.


He would yell at you as he viciously pulled them out of his hair, your laughter roaring as he pulled too hair, a lock or two getting stuck in the plastic. You would assist him a moment later, showing him that if he didn’t want to pull his strands out, he needed to move the bands out gently.


Once again, he relaxed as your hands came into his hair, his mind wondering as you did so, his own heart reminding him of how his feelings for this particular girlfirend were quickly becoming something new and different from the other ones.


It happened several times through your years of dating: him coming home tired as a new sidekick and then a new hero, falling asleep on the couch for an hour or two, you letting him rest on your lap, hands messing and tying his hair up, and him waking up to his strange hairdo.


The only difference as the years went on was how calmer he got every time it happened. His angry and disbelief changed to slight annoyance, to comfort and appreciation to the plastic bands of elastic in his hair.


He was falling for this one, his attitude and inner raging calming down the longer she stayed with him being a testament to that. By the time he had dated yoru for three years, he made up his mind.


He was marrying this one before she got away. That was for sure.


And he had done just that: proposed, married, large house, stable careers and two kids. Not too shabby if he thought so himself.


But as he got more busy with his own agency and his lovely wife with her own chosen path as well, the two of you made sure to always put family first. No more late nights, no more missions that lasted days unless it was dire, and no more coming home so tired your children would not be able to see you.


So it was a blast from the past when Katsuki came in one evening from a three day mission he was asked to go on with some other top heroes. He could not spare you details, but the way he told you to keep an eye on the kids before he left told you it must have been important.


But it looked to have turned out alright, as now he was back home- a little worse for wear yes- but home nonetheless. Meaning the heroes had won once again.


You watched as he passed out quickly, the way his body reacted similarly to when he was in his early twenties: mouth slightly open some drool coming out, head tilted back, his arm hanging off the couch while the other one was being used as a pillow for his head, one leg laid out, the other shot up.


Nostalgia filled your form and you quickly turned and walked down the hallway to the bathroom, grabbing the object you were looking for and smiling softly. If he was going to relive past memories, you could as well. But with a small twist.


You knocked on the door to the playroom, opening it slowly to see your two children inside, playing with action figures of yourself, Katsuki and a few of his friends from his days at UA.


Katsuko turned her head, curiosity peaking when she saw her hair bands in your hands. Katsuro just looked at you, not sure why you were here.


“Your dad’s home.” You spoke, watching as your children’s faces lit up, and they looked at each other in excitement rising up to their feet.


“Dad’s home?!” Your daughter cheered, her small hands pushing together.


“Daddy?!” Katsuro spoke as well.


You lifted a finger to your lips, silencing them and asking them to keep quiet. They watched you in silent curiosity, wondering what their mother was up to.


“Follow me and be as quiet as possible so we don’t wake him.” You motioned for them to follow.


The followed you to the living room, their inherited eyes locking onto their sleeping father. Katsuko pouted, not happy that he had fallen asleep without saying hello to her first, her brother looking more hurt for the same reason then upset.


“He’s asleep!” She whispered stomping her foot.


“Did he fight a lot?” Your son asked, grabbing your free hand.


“I don’t know hun, he just walked in and fell asleep before saying anything.” You chuckled, making both kids look at you strangely. “He used to do this a lot before we were married. Coming home and falling asleep for an hourish to regain his strength.”


You paused, opening the small bag of hair ties and gave your children glimmering eyes, making their own shine back at you in a small devious way. They had definitely inherited that from you… that was for sure.


“So I wanted to know if you two wanted to help me tie your dad’s hair up as revenge for him being so mean?”






You quickly and quietly moved not only Katsuki’s head to rest on your lap, but also moved him enough on the large couch for your three and six year old to have a seat as well.


You showed them how to tie them in Katsuki’s hair, as his short and thick locks could be hard to tie, meaning all the ponytails needed to be small.


Katsuko took on right away, using all the pink bands to tie her father’s hair, giggling as she did so, thinking this was the silliest thing in the world. You actually had to hush her a few times due to Katsuki starting to stir a bit.


Katsuro was a took a bit longer to learn, having to have his mother teach him how to twist the band enough for the ponytail to come. Your larger hands on his baby sized ones working together with multiple orange elastics.


“There we go, one more and you’re father will look perfect!” You laughed, watching as your two kids worked together to tie Katsuko’s butterfly hair tie in, making sure the sparkly purple wings were seeable near his front side.


It was a few minutes later that Bakugou actually woke up, feeling much better then when he had stumbled home. He walked into the kitchen to see his family setting up the table.


His scarlet orbs widened as they all stifled laughs, his daughter giving away his wife’s old tricks when she asked him if he liked butterflies. Immediately he glanced at the mirror near the dining room, seeing his hair tied in an array of children’s plastic hair ties.


His lips twitched, eyes narrowing and turned back to his family.


“You all think this is fucking funny huh? Your dad comes home after a long mission and you fucking make him look like a Goddamn Barbie?”


Though through swears, you knew he was joking, as did his children. Your daughter and son running up to him, explaining what ones they put in and how silly he looked. He rolled his hair, giving both his kid’s a kiss and a rub on his own ash blonde heads.


“Blast from the past huh?” You asked him when he sat down across from you, the dinner hot and ready to be eaten.


“Yeah…” He mumbled, pulling out Katsuko’s butterfly band carefully.


“Welcome home Katsuki.”


“Damn glad to be back.”


Chapter Text

He would never say it to your face, he wasn’t that cruel… but he hated your boyfriend. No hate was a strong word, he had a strong dislike of the current person you were dating. The way he flung his arm over your shoulder, how he would occupy all your time and how he talked to you in general.

It made his skin crawl.

But he was your friend, so he bit his lip and let it happen, knowing full well that if he said anything, it would ruin the relationship he had had with you since he was a small child. The only friend he was allowed to have as a child.

Todoroki wasn’t one who got angry very often, nor did he get possessive very often, but (Name) was the exception, as she was his childhood friend and the only one who knew him even better than he knew himself.

And as a result, the minute you had told him you were dating Bakugou, his protectiveness rose three fold. He had been in classes with bakugou for long enough to know that he wasn’t exactly the nicest guy.

Todoroki hated how he talked to you, the ‘terms of endearment’ being made of words like dumbass, shitface, fuckhead and more. You didn’t deserve those words, you deserved to be call honey, baby, sweetheart.

It never seemed to bother you though, in fact you seemed to find it humorous when bakugou called you these things. In your words, even having a nickname from Bakugou proved he liked you. And him calling you a dumbass was his way of saying he really liked you.

What did bother you though was the fight you had that morning. He had stood you up for your date the previous night, and tried to play it off like it didn’t matter. It quickly blew into the argument of if he really truly wanted to be dating you in the first place.

In you opinion, he never seemed to want to at like a couple. Meanwhile he was arguing that he wasn’t fond of being overly affectionate. It ended with you both storming off.

And with Todoroki finding you crying to yourself in a secluded part of campus. He had been running some papers to the incinerator and found you near it, bawling your eyes out.

He dropped everything right away, taking a spot next to you on the ground and asking what was wrong. He spoke softly, trying to give his best version of comfort. Eventually you spill what had happened and Todoroki’s inner fire igniting.

“I’ll talk to him.” He speaks, suddenly getting up and heading to where he knows Bakugou is.

He finds him easily near the vending machines, sipping on a can of dark coffee while glaring into space. He glances up in rage when he sees Todoroki standing near him, a present frown on his face.

“What the fuck do you want?”

“To talk.”

“About what icy hot?”

Todoroki points up. “Let’s talk on the roof, so no one hears us.”

Bakugou watches in suspicion but follows none the less, trailing the dual colored student in front of him. Eventually after hiking up a couple steps, the duo arrive on the roof, the door shutting with a loud click.

“So what the fuck is it?” Bakugou starts off, crossing his arms.

“You need to go apologize to (Name).” Todoroki states back, not missing a beat.

“Excuse me?” Bakugou snarls, walking forward and getting into Todoroki’s face. “Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do in my relationship?”

“She’s my closest friend and from how I see it-” Todoroki pauses, making eye contact with the boy opposite to him. “-you’ve been nothing but an asshole to her.”

“She seems plenty fucking happy.”

“Because she’s convinced herself of such. She thinks that every little thing you do shows your true feelings, if they are even there. Either start acting like you like her or let her down easy. She doesn’t deserve to be strung along.”

“I’m not stringing her along to fucking anything. I like her and she likes me. Why are you ever fucking bothering me about this?”

Todoroki grits his teeth, attempting to control the rage that so desperately wants to be let out. “Because from the way you’ve been acting in this relationship… you don’t deserve her.”

“Don’t deserve her?” Bakugou’s eyebrow widened, his teeth grinding together. “Who the hell are you to tell me that?”

Todoroki’s own eyes narrowed, his hands balling into fists. He didn’t say anything but stared back at the blonde in front of him, his words not coming. Bakugou clicked his tongue, realization coming to his face, causing it to smirk.

“Hah… you fucking like her, don’t ya half and half bastard?”

Todoroki is caught off guard by the accusation, his mind suddenly becoming confused as well, but he quickly shook it off. This wasn’t the discussion that he should be having right now, nor would he allow it to become.

“Doesn’t matter if I do or not. What does matter is you start treating her better or else.” He states coldly, turning and walking back to the staircase down from the roof.

“Or else what you jealous fuck?”

Todoroki pauses, turning back and sending a dual eyed stare right into Bakugou’s soul. 

“Or else I’ll take her from you.”

Chapter Text

Animal Shelter

Aizawa Shota x Reader

Contest Prize


Working at the local animal shelter was quote the relaxing and self enlightening job believe it or not. For the most part, people would come in to adopt an animal and give it a second chance to be loved or cared for, warming your heart.


Others would stop by and ask if there were any possible volunteer hours, as they wanted to give back and give some much needed love to a few of the cute shelter animals that were desperately needing it.


You had quickly gotten used to a few of the regulars who entered the shelter: the group of school kids here to fulfill a requirement, the elderly couple who volunteered to brush and pet a few abandoned kittens and puppies and of course the overly zealous mothers who would come with their eager children to bring home a new friend.


It was an easy job to get lost in as well. Seeing all the warm, bright smiling faces deciding on which animal would become their new best friend. Even better was the react of these animals when they learned that they would be taken home.


Their paws scratching against the glass windows as a shelter employee was unlocking the door, the bouncing and excited emotions barely contained in their forms and the numerous amounts of kisses and rubs they would give their new owner when the lease was handed off.


It was heartwarming and made you tear up nearly every time when you someone took home their new pal.


However, as always in any job, there's always that one regular who would always come in. This regular was the stereotypical cool and mysterious type, only asking for when he needed something or when he believed something was wrong with an animal.


This man in particular was quite strange. He looked over exhausted every time he came in: hair messy, face scruffy, and most importantly eyes that had the darkest circles you had ever seen. Yet despite it all, he still came in every Sunday.


It was a usual routine for him. He’d stop by the front desk, show his ID and then head to the cat area of the shelter. He would come into play and allow the kitties to learn how to once again form better social relationships with their human counterparts.


On this particular Sunday however, your boss had asked you to manage the Cat Corale, as someone had brought in a box of kittens they had found abandoned on the street earlier that morning.


You were crouching over the small bundle of newborn fluffs, feeding one a bottle of nutrients since it had been separated from its mother much too early. The small creature meowed softly, opening the eyes it had recently learned to use.


The door to the large room was opened and shut just as quick, as the cats would attempt to run out if given the chance. You glanced up, seeing the gruff looking dark haired man watch you from his place by the door.


And despite his tired eyes and baggy attire, something about him just seemed to scream delight. His black eyes trailed downwards to the bundled kitten on your arms and he motioned to it.


“Did the shelter get kittens in?”


You nodded, realizing he had come here so often that he could easily tell when a new cat arrived or when another one left. Despite his rough appearance, it was obvious that he really truly did care about the animals he came to nurture.


“Yes we did. Would you like to play with them?” You asked, motioning for him to follow you.


He nodded, walking behind you as you led him to a staff only room. You unlocked the door, and waved for him to come in. He did as you had granted him staff permission of course.


“They just got in this morning, so we’re taking them out to the other cat’s one by one when feeding to try to get them used to other cats. But we’ll be keeping them in here until we’re sure they all can get along with the other cats.”


You explained to him and placed the now fed kitten back onto the floor and watched as it tumbled to its sibling. The blonde shorthaired crashed into its brothers and sister, causing all the kittens to crash together.


The man next to you chuckled, bending down and helping up the kittens. In total there were five of them from this litter: a blonde one that would cause all sorts of trouble, a sweet chocolate colored one, an orange one that seemed to do extremely well among its siblings, a black haired one that seemed a bit spooked by the others and a multicolored one that spotted white and red specks across its fur.


“This one’s the trouble maker, isn’t he.” He spoke, picking up the blonde one and putting him away from the others. This kitty could rejoin later once he was calmed down, and when the others were back up on their feet.


“Yes, but he’s very protective of his siblings.” You spoke, petting the orange one as well as the chocolate one. They purred in delight, enjoying the attention and affection.


“They remind me of my students.” He spoke, watching as the blonde one returned.


The blonde kitten wasted no time in pawing the black one, causing it to fall over. Lucky for the weaker black haired kitten, the speckled one defended it. The blonde and speckled soon took to a playful fight, not caring that they would tire each other out.


“You’re a teacher?” You asked, distracting the two fighting siblings with a string.


“Yes. That’s why I can only come in on my off days. Aizawa Shota by the way.” He introduced himself, taking the nervous black haired one into his lap and comforted it.


“Well it's wonderful to meet you finally. And fee free to call me (Name).” You smiled and then gasped as the black kitten nuzzled into the teacher. “No way! He’s been shy all day! You’re a miracle worker Aizawa-san!”


“I suppose cats are just fond of me.” He scratched the cat’s ears.


“Do you have any cats at home?” You asked, finally prying the blonde and speckled cat’s away from each other. The blonde went with the orange haired one, the speckled one onto your lap to be pet.


“I have two: Shiro & Kuro.” He answered. “Shiro is a burmilla and Kuro is a bombay.”


“You really know your cats!” You exclaimed, happy to have found someone to chat with who seemed just as passionate as you were about animals.


“Yes, they're very good. Unlike these trouble makers. Though i suppose that’s because their young…”


“I’m assuming your students are the same way?” You laughed, thinking about this poor and tired man having to take care of a classroom full of crazy and hyperactive students.


“Very much so.” He let out a soft chuckle, thinking about how some of these kittens acted similar to a few of his own students. “You’ve worked here for a while now, haven’t you.”


You nodded. “About 6 months now. I’m still new by shelter standards, but feels like I’ve been here for a while now. And I enjoy the work, the people, and of course the animals.”


“Sad how they got here though… I can never understand how people can just leave them alone and abandoned.” He spoke, his eyes glancing at each cat, as if he was debating to adopt them all at this very moment or not.


“Yes… but at least they're in a safe space now. And hopefully a good home will come around soon and take them in. That’s what we can hope for at least.” You giggled as the brown and fire haired kittens stepping up onto your lap, wanting your attention now as well.


Aizawa sighed in content at the sight. He had always felt unsettled by the people who left animals alone, but your words had calmed him some. Enough for him to realize that the shelter would not just give the animals out to someone who would treat them wrong. Their choice would be people who would care for them.


And until that time, he knew that these animals were in good hands. After all, these kittens who had not even been here for 12 hours were already loving and happy to be in your presence. Your heart must truly be a kind one for that to happen.


And it was also another excuse for him to try to come in more. This soft spoken but kindhearted employee had caught his eye, but now talking to you eh knew why. While he was a hero to the public, you were one as well.


Maybe not to people, but to these animals for sure. And in his book, that made you just as big of a hero as he was.


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Music Recommendation

Jirou Kyoka x Male!Reader

Contest Prize


Mulling over the selection he could not decide what CD looked good. On one hand that new CD from that current rising K-Pop group seemed like a good choice, but that new indie punk group might be a better fit.


Oh why did this have to be so hard! Just pick one out already, he scolded himself. He quickly checked the price tags on each and sighed. They were both already pretty pricy, meaning he would have to pick one. No but one get one specials for this boy.


“Having trouble selecting a CD?” Her voice caught him off guard, the items in his hands nearly slipping and falling to the floor.


He caught them and reaffirmed his grip luckily, then turned to look at the girl who was watching him. She chuckled a single time, having not know she would have spooked him so much from her just asking him a question out of the blue.


“J-Jirou-san!” He called out, face lighting up in a soft tone of pink. “W-what are you doing here?”


Jirou chuckled, gesturing to the aisle selection he was currently blocking, pointing a finger to another punk band. She grabbed the album with ease and showed it off to his curious (eye color) eyes.


“I wanted to pick up this one and the one you’re holding… but it looks like you got the last copy.” She smiled, pointing to the punk record in his hand.


“O-Oh this one? Yeah I was gonna buy it.” He admitted.


“And the K-Pop one too?” She asked, her eyes looking a bit unappealed.


“W-well I could only afford one… and between you and me, I much prefer this emotional band way more then the generic love songs the top signs have.”


Jirou’s eyes lit up and she nodded enthusiastically. “I feel the same way! I don’t mind K-Pop, or J-Pop… but these artists just speak to me so much more.”


He smiled listening to her ramble on a bit more about her love for music and how if she ever found herself unable to become a hero, music would be her fall back.


The two teens approached the counter, each placing their items up at different registers, a different clerk helping them each as they paid and soon their items were placed into bags and they could leave on their merry way.


The duo walked next to each other as the exited the music shop, looking very gleeful at their purchases. Jirou turned to bid goodbye, but (Name) had stopped her, his own words reaching her ears before his could reach his.


“Here.” He spoke, holing out the bag of the newly bought CD.


“H-huh?” Jirou looked at him in confusion, not understanding why he decided to give her his newly bought item.


“I-It’s a bit embarrassing to say out loud… but I bought this for you. I found out you really liked the band and wanted to get you a copy of the new album. Guess I got lucky and got the last copy.


Then I saw that K-Pop CD and I knew all your girlfriends talk about them alot… so I was really confused on what one to get you… luckily you showed up and helped me make the right choice.”


He rambled on, the suddenly stopped hearing Jirou let out chuckles as he retold his last battle and how she had saved him at the last moment. He paused, face lighting up for what felt like the hundredth time since she started a conversation with him.


“A-anyway, please accept your gift.” He held it out, smiling gently at her and hoping she would take his gift from his hands.


He liked her so much, and since he was bad with his words and his actions… maybe a gift would at least let her know he thought very highly of her. Even so, none of it would mean a thing is if she denied him the object still resting in his hand.


Gently, he felt some of the weight shift from him to someone else, the plastic bag being taken away from him. He blinked, looking back at her, his blush softening, but his heart rate increasing.


“Well if you put this much thought into it, then I’ll accept.” Jirou tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, smiling gently.


“I-I hope you enjoy the music… what am I saying.” He laughed, smiling even brighter, his radiance capturing her attention. “Of course you will, you’re the one who convinced me to buy it after all.”


“I’ll make sure to lend it to you when I have it downloaded.” She smiled and then suddenly widened her eyes, her own face lighting up. “C-Can I buy you something as a thank you?”


He waved his hands, shaking his head as well. “N-No! You shouldn't feel obligated to give me anything, I’m fine.”


Jirou linked her arm with his, tugging him forward down the street with her. He glanced at her, watching as she flashed him a convincing look to shut come with her.


“Well I’m buying you a smoothie. So let’s go.”

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You looked at the snap he had just sent you, unable to tell if it was his face or a piece of burnt toast from the terrible lighting. You sighed, feeling the need to yet again let his terrible photos slide, but you had had enough.


It was time to teach this cocky piece of shit how to take a decent selfie.


You showed up to Kurogiri’s bar later that day, knowing the League would either be out or sleeping since they mostly operated at night anyway. You knocked three time, pausing 4 seconds before the third one.


The door opened, revealing Tomura. He sighed and tried to shut the door on you, but you had kicked your foot in and glared at him.


“Is Dabi here?” You asked, not letting this man child shut you out once more.


“Yes, but only members of the League are allowed in. So leave.” He attempted to scare you, smiling sinisterly at you.


You had long since become numb to the criminal underground though, and simply stared at him blankly, tapping your foot not trapped in the door impatiently. When he saw that you were not going anywhere he moved away.


“At least buy a damn drink.” He spat, allowing you to enter the secret hideout.


“I always do shit stain.” You harassed him, never having been fond of this man.


Much like the man you were looking for, you were not fond of the League of Villain’s leader, but you put up with him because Stain had followed him. However unlike your boyfriend who would be a little shit around Tomura, you were much more cold.


Walking in, you spotted a few familiar faces: Kurogiri behind the bar, cleaning a glass, Toga admiring a picture of that plain looking boy with green hair, Spinner play GTA on the TV with Twice.


Finally, sitting near the end of the row of seats at the bar was Dabi, a halfway gone tall glass of beer by his hand, resting on the counter. You walked over, taking a seat on the stool next to him.


He lifted his eyes up, seeing you next to him. He wasn’t expecting to see you today, so this was a nice surprise.


“Hey beautiful, what brings you to this shit hole?”


You held up your phone, the screenshot very visible to his face. He smirked and glanced back at you.


“You liked my picture that much you came to see me? I didn’t know it would get you that hot and bothered.”


Your eye twitched. “Oh it got me hot and bothered, but not in the way you’re thinking of. As a matter of fact- I hate it.”


Dabi widened his blue eyes slightly, a visibly shocked at this declaration. He knew you could be foul mouthed and rude at times, but you hated the picture. What crawled up your ass and made you such an asshole today?


“I’m going to teach you how to take a proper one.” You started, opening up snapchat.


“Really? This is what you’ve come to bother me about?” He huffed, picking up his beer and taking a long swig. “So annoying.”


“You obviously need to be taught.”


“First, you need to take them in better lighting.” You spoke, showing him how dark the lighting in this particular spot was.


He could see how those cute little cheeks he had a sick liking to were barely visible, as was that twinkle of mischief in your eyes. Strange since he could see both perfectly fine without the camera.


You pulled him towards the larger sitting area, as the lighting was better. You sat him down once more and you sat next to him. You snapped another shot, showing him how improved the lighting was.


“See, now you can actually see the glow of my face. Now step 2: angles.”


“Why exactly do I need to know this?”


“Because I’m sick of everyone getting cute selfies of their boyfriends, but not me.”


He rolled his eyes at your petty and childish reason, but continued to listen anyway. It was kinda entertaining how you were treating this like an art. Though… photography was an art he guessed.


“You gotta get the angle that shows off all your best features. Toga, you’re great at this.” You brought the psycho girl into the convo.


Toga giggled, grabbing her phone and snapping a quick pic. Your phones showed a new snap from her and you clicked it. Dabi and you looked on at the great example.


Toga had tilted her head to the side ever so slightly, one of her buns showing off and her golden eyes catching the attention of the on looker. She had her lips pursed out, one eye winking near a peace sign on her hand.


“She’s a high schooler, of course she knows how to take a damn selfie.” Dabi complained.


“Then why don’t you, Mr. I’m Too Cool For School.” You rolled your eyes and handed him the phone.


“What now?”


“Try it again.”


He groaned opening up the app. “I’m doing one to get you off my back.”


“OOoooooh no.” You sang. “I’ve got all night to get you to take good selfies and you can bet your piercings I’m not letting up until you do.”


Dabi huffed out in irritation. It was going to be a long ass night.

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Bakugou Katsuki:


It had become painfully obvious that you were not fighting him as seriously as you should be. Every time you had gained the upper hand and he left himself open for an attack, your form would shrink and you would go back into yourself.


He snarled, grabbing you by your arm and slamming you into the ground. His body held you down, pushing your face further and further into the dirt. Breathing ragged and choking on the substance entering your mouth, your hand slammed against the ground three times.


He let you go right away, backing off and sitting down on the ground. His scarlet eyes trailed you as you got up onto your knees. You gasped for air and then began to viciously cough and spit up the dirt that had been forced into your mouth.


He growled, not understanding why it always ended this way when you two spared. It wasn’t this time as a single, lone incident. But rather every single time he and you mock fought. He wasn’t perfect and knew when he messed up.


And when he did, he knew you could easily take the breath out of him. And he knew you saw it when he did. But you did the same thing every time: you’re eyes would widen and you would ever so slightly back off, allowing him to recover and knock you back with a force.


And it had gotten on his damn nerves too many times now.


“The Sports Festival is next week.” He stated, voice bland and unnervingly neutral.


“I know.”


“If you know, then why the hell are you not trying your fucking best? I can tell you keep fucking letting me win.” He spat, he got up walking over to your crouching form.


“I’m trying my best.”




You were grabbed by the back of your shirt and forced onto your feet by Bakugou. He pressed his hands into your chest, causing you to stumble backwards.


“Fight me.”


“I am fighting you!”


His mouth twitched and he sent another shove into you, and another and another. He continued his pushes until he was a bit too tough and you fell over, crashing into the ground underneath him.


“What the hell is you-”


“You think you can win by not fucking giving it your best?”


You stopped talking, listening to his angry tone. Though, it seemed to also hold disappointment in you. Was it really that easy to tell you we're not giving it your all… though there was a good reason for that.


“Do you pity me or something dipshit? I don’t need your pity! Now get up and fight me for real!”


“I can’t!” You called out, feeling your own anger rise at his lack of understanding of the situation and of your quirk.


“Well too damn bad! No one of going to go easy on you at the Sport’s Festival and neither am I damn it! So why the fuck do you keep pulling punches?”


“Because I don’t want to hurt anyone, you jerk!”


Bakugou pauses, not understanding where this had come from. Could he have assumed the wrong thing…?


“The fuck are you talking about, dumbass?” He calmed down ever so slightly.


“You’d never understand…” You mumbled, hiking your legs up into your form and burying your face into your knees.


He sighed, taking a seat next to you on the dirt training ground. He groaned and turned a vicious glare at you.


“Fucking try me.”


Your eyes watered and you nodded slightly, deciding that not telling him would make him even more fired up then he already was. Plus maybe if you did tell him… he’d let it go why you never used your quirk.


Though… this was Bakugou. Any reaction out of him would probably be anger and overbearing rage.


“My quirk…” You trailed off, waving a hand over a small budding plant near where you both sat.


Bakugou’s eyes widened as when you ever so lightly touched the plant, it wilted. You hand retracted and you sighed. The plant looked dead, what in the hell was your quirk?


“You the fucking grim reaper or something?”


You shook your head. “No.. my quirk absorbs the life energy of living things. One touch and I can train a little bit or all of it. The difficult part is that the minute I touch something… it becomes difficult to remove my hand. It's like it gets stuck to the object.”


“Have you ever fucking killed anyone?”


You shook your head. “No. Thankfully.”


“Well is the life gone forever once you take it?”


“No. The creature’s life force will return slowly after I disconnect my head… that is if I left any life force left.”


“Then what the hell are you so afraid of?” He clicked his tongue, getting up and dusting off the dirt from his pants. “If you haven’t killed anyone, then it must not be fucking bad.”


“Are you not listening? I could kill you Bakugou-kun!”


“And I could kill you. But you don’t see me crying like a little brat.” He spat out, showing you his tongue and calloused hands.


“It’s different.”


“No its fucking not. I could blow someone up and you can drain their life. Doesn’t mean you will. So get up off your ass and fight me.”




“I said get up! You think I’m going to willingly let you touch me neither? The minute you do I’ll blow up your arm! Now fight me!”


You blinked, realizing he was trying to be understanding. He himself knew the dangers of a deadly quirk, but he wasn’t letting that stop him. And he would be damned if he let it stop you.


“It might hurt when I drain your life force.” You spoke, getting up and facing him.


He smirked. “Then I’ll return the favor three hold when you do.”

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Todoroki Shouto:


You both had been feeling out of it for a while. Things were… they were just not working out like they should be. You fought, ignored each other’s texts and calls and had not spent anytime together for months.


It was plainly obvious to everyone around you that either of you were very happy in your relationship, but it had finally come time that even the two of you realized it now. And while you both had at first hoped that it was just a small bump in the road, it was quickly turning into the realization that the road was damaged beyond repair.


So that’s why you had approached him after school before he could leave, asking if he would hang around for a few extra minutes to talk with you about ‘some things’. He had a feeling what it was, and knew that it must be time for you both to rip the band aid off.


He still liked you… God did he like you. It was that smile and little shrug that made him fall for you in the first place. But he knew you both were far too different and were looking for different things in partners.


He wanted someone who was a bit softer spoken and not as impulsive as you could be. He didn’t mind the trait in a friend, but dating someone like that put a lot of strain on his mind. And it was all too much now.


Meanwhile you had hoped Shouto would open up and become more affectionate as the relationship latest. But it didn’t… he was still wary of touching and kisses. You wanted someone who you could shower in yoru live at anytime and they would not care. Shouto was not that kind of person.


And so, it had led to this.


You glanced one last time around the classroom, letting out a sigh of anguish. Todoroki remained silent. You had asked him, so you were to be the one to say it. He would not take this from you.


“We’ve been fighting an awful lot… and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking as a result.” You began, awkwardly shuffling your feet and avoiding eye contact as you spoke.


“I have been as well.. Thinking that is.” He answered you back, his body language very similar to your own.


“I think it would be best for not only us… but all those around us if we went separate ways Shouto-kun. We’re much too different and as much as we tried… it's not working out.”


Todoroki nodded, feeling the weight of that statement finally being said in the open. This was happening, you were breaking up with him. He was breaking up with you.


“I understand. I’ve been feeling the same way as of late. You’re still very dear to me, (Name)... but I don’t want to be the one to make you so upset anymore.”


You nodded pulling him into one final hug, gently kissing his cheek as you did so. A tear drop fell from your eye and absorbed into his uniform’s fabric. Todoroki sighed, wrapping a single arm around you as he held you.


“Thank you for everything up until now.” He whispered to you.


You were the first girl since he started learning to accept himself, the one he had held back from trying to get to know because of his self hatred. But you had taken him into your heart nonetheless.


But now he was moving out, as you had no more room left for him.


“You’re welcome. Thanks for trying to get used to me.” You mumbled back.


He pushed away, nodding once more. He smiled one final time at you, letting you know he didn’t hold any hostilities towards you. You both were just different people, and you could not help that you grew apart.


At least this way it was mutual.


At least this way you both could cry knowing the other would be alright once the initial pain passed.

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Bakugou Katsuki:


It was highly unusual for bakugou Katsuki to ever take a second glance, let alone recognize someone who didn’t even know. The boy was so self centered and bad at social interactions majority of the time that he still didn’t even know the names of most of his classmates.


Yet, as his ruby orbs glanced up and down at the girl who was absentmindedly glancing out the window on the train, he could not help but recognize her. Her uniform could have been the indicator why, but there was something else about her that he knew he had seen before.


Two days ago he had been making an anger fueled run to a convenience store around 11pm. The dumbasses in the dorms had gotten into his food and after he beat the shit out of them, ventured out to get something for himself.


As he entered the shop, he noticed that only the cashier and one customer was present. A girl, looking around his age, staring down the aisle of refrigerated sweets. She rubbed her hands in anticipation about what sweet she would choose.


He scoffed walking past her and grabbing can of soda before deciding to see whta hot foods were near the front of the shop. However, his eye could not help but watch her a bit more, his curiosity somehow peaked.


Stuck in this strange daze, he didn’t notice until too late that the girl had turned around. The two bumped into each other, her front and face smacking into his chest and he froze on the spot.


She felt so soft.


Immediately she had begun to spur apologies and offered to buy him his drink, despite the fact that he didn’t trip or spill it, nor did her strawberry shortcake get on him. Apparently she just felt really bad about their run in.


He clicked his tongue, rolling his eyes and ignored her. He didn’t even look back as he bought a meat bun and paid. Nor did he notice that a few feet behind him, she too was walking back to her campus dorm room.


However, that would not be the only time in recent days he would see her. As a matter of fact, it seemed like some cosmic joke how often he started to see her in such a short amount of time.


The second encounter occurred the following morning. He was walking to class, minding his own business when he glanced up upon hearing a similar voice passing by him. His eyes caught onto that newly familiar pair of (eye color) from last night.


You had noticed him as well, giving him a shy smile and wave. He took notice right away scowling in your direction, but not understanding why something so fucking stupid had made him blush.


She waved at him. Why the hell did she do that and why did it make him so damn happy? Stupid…


The two girls walking with you had taken notice to who you had waved too and right away started laughing and ushering your attention with soft murmurs. Your face lit up and you furiously shook your head before all three sped up away.


Bakugou rose a brow, wondering why they had suddenly bolted. He was pretty famous, but that was a different reaction.


The third time he saw her was in the library of all places, Bakugou’s natural enemy… a quiet area. She was attempting to reach up for a book placed ridiculously high on a shelf. Her form was visibly stretched and she was struggling to even touch the lower spine of the novel.


Bakugou watched from inside the aisle, a sadistic smirk of amusement on his face. This was kinda funny… and seeing her huffed out in irritation was a little bit cute. Sure you were still pretty boring and your sounds of struggle were annoying as fuck.


But he would not deny the fact that watching you get so upset at your height made you a bit more entertaining in his eyes. Like a small child who did not get what they wanted. Yeah… that’s why he thought you were cute.


Your arms retracted back, your form bending over in disappointment. You looked ready to give up and call a defeat for that book. Very quietly and swiftly, almost not to your noticing, an arm reached above you and snagged the item you had wanted with ease.


Your eyes watched as the book was held out in front of you, and you grabbed it happily. You turned to pay thanks to the person, only to see that familiar mess of blond hair and those piercing eyes of scarlet.


“Oh hey! Thanks for helping me out.” You had started, but stopped once he began to walk away, not paying any mind that you had attempted to start a conversation with him.


Bakugou rolled his eyes again, but internally smacked himself. Why did he do that? You had attempted to thank him and like a jackass he walked away.


Better yet, why did he care? You were just some girl he had started seeing… so why did he suddenly start caring about what you thought of him and the actions he performed around you.


Something must be wrong with him.


The fourth time was no different than the last times. It had started out like all the others had: you and him seeing each other at some strange place out of the blue. This time it had been in the hallway.


Bakugou was walking with his group of idiots, trying to ignore the  mindless and annoying chatter, when his eye traced to the sliding door of a nearby classroom. His body paused in sudden stride, a buddy or two bumping into him as a result.


You and those two other girls had appeared out of a general studies classroom. You three were chatting about something, when you noticed the figures standing still in front of you, or rather your friends did.


The one on your left nudged your side and the one on the right giggled, pointing to the ash blonde staring. The friends behind him, now attempting to find why he had stopped, their eyes also falling on the general studies students.


Your friends pushed you away, smiling and waving to Bakugou and company. You waved once more to the ash blonde, mouthing a ‘hello’ and a ‘goodbye’ under your breath as your form was tugged along and away from him.


Bakugou shook his head when he realized he had been lost in some kind of daze. Behind him he turned to see his confused friends, who only then widened their eyes in delight and started chuckling.


Apparently his cheeks had decided to react without his permission and caused him to go as red as Kirishima’s hair. He didn’t hear the end of it that day… as those idiots thought he had some sort of crush.


How stupid. He doesn’t do crushes. They’re a waste of time and energy.


And were they a waste of time and energy. He had somewhat unconsciously started looking around for you since yesterday afternoon. He took the long way to class, the long way back to his dorm in hopes to see you near your classroom or dorm. He started actually going to the library and even made another convenience store run last night.


He was mentally exhausted as well. Damn it… he did have a crush, didn’t he. As much as he tried to convince himself other wise, it was no use. All these sudden behaviors were not him, or rather not a version of him he had ever experienced before.


So, as he stood on the train and watched as your attention wasn’t on him… he had no idea what to do. The logical answer was to go and say hello, right? But he had seen you four times already and had not muttered a single word. It was too late for a hello, wasn’t it?


The train came to a stop and you rose from your seat, walking towards the door. His mind panicked at the thought that it would be what felt like forever until he saw you again. In a rash and not thought out decision, he followed you out, forgetting all about his plans to get new hiking boots.


In his rush, he bumped into someone fairly hard while leaving the train. Luckily for him, someone had heard him cry out in sudden irritation and snagged his arm. At least he wasn’t going to smack onto the pavement like an idiot, but the softness that grabbed him was too familiar.


He pulled your arm off of him, scoffing and averting his reddening face from you. However, despite his best efforts not to unleash the embarrassed rage, the sounds of you giggling was what broke him.


“Hey! Stop fucking laughing!”


You waved your hand and attempted to calm yourself down, but to no avail. In light of your giggles did did manage to speak back to him.


“The Bakugou Katsuki, tripping and falling… you must have been in a hurry.” She laughed, wiping away a tear.


Bakugou snarled. “I just didn’t want to fucking miss my stop.”


It took him five tries to say something, and on the fifth try he ended up making an idiot out of himself. And despite it all… the way she was laughing made him feel like he had made the best impression.


Even if he did make a complete fool out of himself in the process.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

It had come to him as a surprise that lunch when the chef called out an order of an extra spicy ramen. Being the only one who ordered it, he didn’t even check the number to make sure it was truly his.

However, when her voice called him out and he turned to see the girl tapping her foot annoyed and asking for her meal, he scoffed. This was her meal? She was so small and tiny and was trying to make him assume she could eat this spicy of a meal?

Yet he was proven wrong when the receipt on the plate matched the one in her hand. Bakugou was left in slight awe as she woofed down the meal, after adding a ridiculous amount of pepper flakes prior.

(Name) seemed to have his kind of tastes: hot, spicy, peppery, burning. Whatever it was called, she liked it. And now that he knew of this, he could not help the small but soon growing urge to challenge her.

He was the one who could handle eating spicy foods the best after all, and in his mind, allowing her to think she could eat something so spicy without batting an eye to the champ was very provocative.

Thus that night in the dorms, as everyone was relaxing, he returned with a single shopping bag. No one had expected it, but suddenly Bakugou was fired up and demanding that (Name) step up or admit defeat.

Defeat to what?

An eating contest.

“How shit.” Kaminari mumbled as he saw Bakugou pull out a pair of ghost peppers among many more pairs, bottles or bags of other legendary spicy foods.

It was quite the show that night as well: Mina had started a betting ring, most of the money going on Bakugou. However, the 6 girls all decided to place their faith on you, a small hope that maybe by some miracle you would win.

And so the challenge started: Tsu carried over the rice maker so the two combatants would have a way to clean and dowse their tongue’s after each round. Izuku had also brought over two large glasses of water, having a feeling they would be needed.

The first challenge was eating ten flaming hot cheetos. Simple enough and the both of you were able to move on without any issue. Child’s play.

“And remember dumbass, first one to pass out, puke, or need medical assistance is the loser. And the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for a week.” Bakugou reminded you of the Devilish contract you agreed to.

“I’m aware. Now hurry up and take out the next item.” You rolled your eyes, feeling confident in your spicy levels.

“How do some spicy meatballs sound then?” He held up a box of the items he had bought from the store.

Soon enough the two of you had gone through the spiciest meats, sauces, spices and flakes Bakugou had gotten his hands on. And by the time you reached the last item, it was hitting him quite hard.

He had never eaten this much spice before in one sitting, nor did his nearly empty stomach agree to it being filled up with only these tortuous foods.

He glanced up at you, hoping to see you look more miserable. If you did, that would no doubt empower him to push through and win this.

However, what he saw was your face still calm and collected, no looks or panic or illness on your face. You winked at him, reaching across and picking up the ghost pepper.

“This is the last one right?” You asked.

“Yeah. I’m no-”

He felt his breath hitch as you ate the pepper in one single bite. One. Single. Bite.

And then he waited.

You chewed, and swallowed, enjoying the taste and then sighing in content when it went down your throat and into your happy stomach. You wiped your mouth and then glanced at him.

“You’re turn Bakugou-kun.”

He blinked, not understanding how you could have eaten it like an apple! It was one of the spiciest things on earth! Your form didn’t even look bothered or upset… you looked normal!

He in a rage reached across and slammed the pepper into his mouth. He didn’t even let the spice consume him as his body took over.

The next thing he knew someone had dumped water on him and he was on his back staring at the ceiling. The boys were shouting about losing all their money and some cheers were coming from the girls.

He lost? He lost an eating contest involving spicy food?

You winked over at him, walking forward and whispering something in his ear. He snarled, pulling back.

“If you think I’m doing that for a week, you’ve fucking lost it.”

“You made an agreement.” You teased him, turning to the girls who held up a maid costume with matching cat ears and an attachable tail. “Now be a good maid Catsuki-sama.”

Lesson learned by everyone that day to not challenge (Name) to an eating contest…

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:


Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake ” She spoke, his hand held in hers. Her body leaned close to his, her eyes looking downcast and away from the lover next to her.


He gulped opening up his mouth to speak his next line. “ Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take .”


You were quite impressed that he not only managed to not swear, but keep his voice sincere and love struck, much like the character he was playing. You leaned in close to him, ready for the next part of the scene to take place.


As you did, he suddenly pulled away, letting his true character come back and that familiar sneer as well take over his face. He snarled, throwing his costume mask at you, not caring that it took Yaoyorozu a good amount of time to make.


“The fuck are you doing?!” He called, face red in a blush and his eyes boring into yours with that inner rage everyone knew so damn well.


“I’m following the script Bakugou-san.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes.


Just when you thought he had finally accepted this lovey dovey parts he went and refused to kiss you when the script called for it. Now everyone had called out in agony and gone to restart setting up the scene.


“We have a week everyone! We must get it down before the cultural festival!” Momo called out, being the classes director, designer and stage manager. She really loved to work and lead others… didn’t she?


“We would be fine if Romeo got it together.” Todoroki called out, reading through his next few lines, seeing as he’d have to try harder to capture Tybalt’s inner rage towards well… Romeo.


“Are you trying to fucking start someone half and half bastard?” Bakugou snarled and looked at the boy in question.


“Todoroki-kun, please reconsider playing Romeo… Bakugou-kun is gonna ruin our performance!” Toru whined, fixing (Name)’s costume. She didn’t want to act, thus decided to help Momo with costumes.


“I have no desire to be on center stage.” Todoroki admitted, fine still with his chosen role.


“Why did you want to play Romeo, bro?” Kirishima asked, happy to play the Benvolio to Bakugou’s Romeo. Like a true bro would.


“Cause I get to fucking murder Icy Hot and steal Deku’s girl.” He mumbled, though eh also wanted to show he was the best actor in the class.


“I think he’s taking this a bit too seriously.” Ochaci mumbled, next to her play husband, iida.


“We must stay in character Uraraka-kun! And right now our son is facing a crisis!” Iida called and motioned towards Bakugou.


Bakugou clicked his tongue and turned away, looking at you and Mina talking, discussing how a stage slap went, as Mina was the Lady Capulet to your Juliet. He glared holes into you, as it was your fault he was having so much trouble acting.


If you had been casted as someone else, then he could do it. But the thought of locking lips with you so many times and having you say those romantic words to him were too much. You were nearly convincing… nearly.


“Neither way, you gotta get through this kissing scene so you can avenge my death!” Kaminari peeked into the conversation.


“Who are you again?” Bakugou turned, looking dumbfounded.


“M-my character or me?” The electric boy looked shocked, as they had nearly been in class for a year now. “Well I’m gonna assume you know who I am, but I’m playing Mercutio.”


“Heh. Have fun dying.” Bakugou smirked.


“You die at the end as well Kacchan.” Izuku brought up, glad he was cast as Paris and also away from this craziness that would soon begin.


“HUH?!” Bakugou’s eyes widened and he grabbed the script from Kirishima’s hands, flipping through.


Sure enough, there it was… him dying in Juliet’s arms and then her killing herself as well. His eye twitched, how many scenes were like this? How in the hell would he be able to keep up with this utter bullshit when it happened.


“Bakugou.” You came forward, dragging him from his growing anxious thoughts. “Are you worried about looking genuine?”


“Ha? I can act better than anyone here.” He scoffed, but watched as you stifled a giggle at his words.


“Seems like he didn’t read the play though…” Mina huffed.


“Or even know of Shakespeare’s greatest work until now.” Momo cried, not understanding how someone could be so dense.


“Cause it fucking sucks. Hamlet was way better!” Bakugou yelled. “We should have fucking done that!”


“Well it's too late to change now!” You form jumped. “So we have to get this down Bakugou! Come on! Let’s take this scene from the top again. Momo, where should we start?”


“Start where Romeo takes Juliet’s hand and go till the end of the scene.” Momo called, motioning for everyone to clear off the stage that was currently being created.


“Whenever you’re ready Bakugou.” You flashed him one of this heart wrenching smiles and he felt his lips twitch.


He steadied his breathing and decided to actually try and get into the play. If he could fight villains and deal with the annoying shits from class, then he could handle a stupid fucking old ass play.


He cleared his voice, glancing over the lines one last time before he started, watching as you waited patiently with closed eyes and a calm face.


If I profane with my unworthiest hand. This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this: My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready stand, To smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss.


His hand carassed your face as softly as possible for him, your free hand rising to allow him to do so, resting against his skin. Your eyes trailed downward, your bottom lip being bit.


Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much, Which mannerly devotion shows in this, For saints have hands that pilgrims' hands do touch, And palm to palm is holy palmers' kiss.


You pulled away, turning and walking away slightly. You sighed deeply and trailed your arms to rest on your torso, crossed and rigid. Bakugou trailed behind you, pulling you into him and continuing the line.


Have not saints lips, and holy palmers too?


Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer .”


He turned you to face him, his hand lifting your face up to stare at him. His eyes shown longing, as did yours. He opened his mouth for a moment before he closed it again. After a pause he spoke yet again.


O, then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do. They pray; grant thou, lest faith turn to despair.”


“Saints do not move, though grant for prayers' sake”


“Then move not, while my prayer’s effect I take”


He pulled you towards him, his lips pressing against yours in such a desperate and needy way. You kissed him back, seeing that he indeed was telling the truth about being a damn good actor.


Though in reality, he could relate to Romeo being so desperately to smash his lips onto the girl he was majorly crushing on. Bakugou too, wanted nothing more than to kiss you. But if this would be the only time he would be able to, he was not going to do it half assed.


You broke away before he could continue, feeling as if he would have continued if you gave him the chance.


“Thus from my lips, by thine, my sin is purged. ” Bakugou breathlessly confessed to you, his own face seeming genuine.


Then have my lips the sin that they have took .” You spoke back to him, casting a guilty face away from him.


Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again .” He spoke up in slight hurt.


He wasted no time in claiming your lips as his own yet again. He was more hungry this time as well, keeping you locked in place and he forced his lips against yours. His tongue licked the bottom of your lips, but you denied him.


He didn’t like this, but knew you must be trying to keep him contained and focused. If in any other circumstance, he would do anything in his power to show how he truly felt. He wasn’t usually one to deal with the issues of the heart, but you had slowly started consuming his desires.


It was obvious now was not the time for a show of how badly he wanted you thought, thus he broke away. You tucked your head downward, hand rising to gently brush against your lips as you spoke up once more.


Thou kiss by th' book. ” You finished the scene, feeling like you were missing something rather important from those kisses just then.


Your classmates behind you erupted into cheers and even a few whistles. You broke away from Bakugou’s close hold, pressing a hand to your chest. You caught your breath and reaffirmed yourself.


“Holy crap dude! I never knew you had it in ya!” Kaminari hung to Bakugou and smiled brightly.


“The fuck is that supposed to me shit hair?” He angrily grabbed Kaminari by his collar.


Kaminari laughed awkwardly. “Careful Romeo! Maybe Juliet would actually fall for you outside of the play if you acted more like your character.”


It looks like Mercutio would be dying earlier in the play then usual tonight and by the hands of Romeo as well.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:


He was always rather distant when it came to even the most basic physical forms of affection. You attempted to hold his hand, only for him to apologize and pull away. You would want to hug him, only for him to gently push you back. Not to mention how he had left you hanging several times when you attempted to kiss him or kiss a part of him.


And it was beginning to make you feel down. You knew going into the relationship that Todoroki was not the biggest person on physical affection. But you had assumed he would get past it the longer you dated and the more he got to know and trust you.


But it appeared to be the opposite. Instead of wanting to further get comfortable with your small but warm advances of touch, he would shy away further. SOmetimes going as far as to walk away from you if he felt like you would attempt to touch him.


Now it wasn’t like you were overbearing with these touches either, but rather only did so when you both were relaxing or in a situation where eyes would not be on him. You wanted affection, as you were in a romantic relationship with Todoroki.


Maybe you were not a good match for him after all? He obviously needed someone who would be okay with his aversion to touch, and you were not that person. You just wanted to be with him and let him know how much your adored him. But you struggled t say it, and instead opted to show your true feelings through touch.


Something that he was not receiving, thus not getting or knowing how you felt about him.


However, unknowingly to you, he did in fact know what you were feeling. He knew you wanted to hold him and hug him, kiss him… and all those similar physical affections. And he wanted it too, he wanted them so so so badly.


But he was stuck. Stuck feeling like he would hurt you if you got any closer to him: physical or emotional. He was guarded for a reason, his past and family being a bit too much to bare. Let alone the thought of your relationship with him turning and souring as time went on.


But he could also see what this distance had done to his relationship: you had started pulling away, not attempting to show him those affectionate smiles or giggles like at the start. Nor did you even try to hug him or hold his hand anymore, it was like you had given up on him.


No. That wasn’t fair. You had not given up on him. He still received your text messages daily as well as a hello in the morning and your company at lunch. What he had done was not make you push him away, but rather you act how you assumed he wanted you too.


And that was even less fair. He, unknowingly so, had shaped his kind and loving girlfriend into a emotionless and distant one. In better terms, he had turned her into him when it came to showing her love.


And it was slowly eating away at him, that guilt. He didn’t mean for this to happen, but it always seemed like no matter what, he always hurt the people he most cared about.


So maybe that was why he was standing outside your dorm room at past midnight. He couldn’t sleep, or even clear his mind. He needed to see you, and let you know he would try to be better.


He wanted to tell you that he should be the one changing for you, and not the other way around. But he froze on the spot when it came to actually doing so. He tucked his hand back into his side and looked away.


All he had to do was knock on the door! Why was it so hard? Just a simple knock and then tell you he would be better and for you not to give up on him! Yet, why was it hard for him to do?


Was it because… he had never felt that warm affection that you so generously were offering him? Did he fear what might come with it? Commitment? Love? Understanding?


Before he could rationalize or rather irrationalize it any further, he heard the door squeak open. He jumped back slightly, not expecting it to open. When he glanced at the open doorway he could see the holder of his heart.


She looked tired, rubbing her eyes from sleep and giving off a small yawn. Her pajamas were wrinkled and her hair messy. Did she just wake up?


“Shouto? Are you okay? What time is it?” You muttered, seeing your boyfriend standing there so sadly, a frown on his face.


He sighed, watching as she got concerned over him without so much as a word from him. She really could read him well, couldn’t she? He glanced around the hallway, feeling awkward just standing there.


Once again she noticed and ushered him into her room. He followed and bee lined for her bed, taking a seat near the end of it. She closed the door to her room before following him, worry crossing her features yet again at his depressed behavior.


You paused at the bed and looked up at him, smiling sadly and sweetly. “You can tell me anything you know.”


He bit his lip, knowing he was the reason that statement had changed. In the beginning she would say just that, but add an offer of hugging him till he felt better. Now it was gone, her believing he would not like to hear it.


“I’m sorry…” He spoke, glancing at her form, eyes of (eye color) gleaming at him. “You’ve done so much to make me feel more comfortable… but at the cost of your own happiness.”


“What are you talking about?” You kept your voice positive and supportive, smiling at him. No soft hand or slight brush of his shoulder like it used to be.


“I’ve been terrible to you. I’m sorry… I should have made it past my own problems by now and realized you should not be placed with them. But here I am, realizing it too late.”


“Shouto. If this is about you not liking being touched, it's fine. I get it.”


“No…” He accidentally spat back, silver and blue striking you. “It’s not that I don't’ want to be touched… I’m just so-”


He stopped, realizing he had no idea how to say it. This feeling in his heart of wanting to embrace her, but also fearing it. How could those two emotions exist in him at once? It should be one of the other.


“Could it be you’re afraid?” You spoke gently, this time returning that warm hand to his own. “We could take it slow and not make it overbearing if you want. You can’t just jump into this if you’ve been touch starved.”


“Touch starved?” He echoed back, looking confused.


“It means it's been awhile since you receive affection and don’t know how to handle it.”


He nodded. There was a word for this feeling after all. “I could try.”


You nodded and lifted up your bed sheets. “Do you want to sleep in here tonight then? You can lay next to me and if you feel ready you can cuddle with me or even just hold my hand?”


He nodded slowly, moving in after you. His face blossomed pink when you felt you so near him, but it felt so nice. The air holding your scent, the sheets being the perfect temperature and now the slow and gradual way he pulled you into him.


“Are you sure you’re comfortable?” You voice muffled out from his chest.


“Yes… this is nice.”


“You’re really comfy Shouto.”


He pet your hair, watching as your form relaxed and heard your breathing die down. You must have been really tired to fall asleep this fast. Though he couldn’t blame you, this was extremely comfortable.


And as such, he was not far behind. It was the best night’s sleep he had in a long while.

Chapter Text

Away From You

Bakugou Katsuki x Reader



“So… tell me again what happened?” Ochaco mumbled, handing you a mug of hot chocolate.


You currently sat on the couch belonging to said brown haired girl, or rather her and her husband. You had shown up suddenly at her door, tears pouring down your face and your form collapsing into hers as soon as she let you inside.


She had allowed you to get comfy while she fetched you a warm drink in hopes of it making you feel better. And now, buried underneath a warm blanket and idly sipping at the chocolate liquid, you were ready to speak to her about what had occurred a while ago.


“I had a fight with Katsuki… a really bad one.” You mumbled, tears still held at the meeting point of your eyeballs and skin. “I-It was really bad Ochaco…”


“What happened? You guys never fight.” She mumbled, leaning in closer to you and wrapping her arms around the depressed friend.


“He came home a little worse for wear… so I got worried and tried to help. He kept insisting he was fine, but he was covered in bruises and scrapes and broken concrete… so I kept pushing him.


And then he told me to fuck off cause I was getting on his nerves. So of course I got mad back and told him I was only trying to help. And after that… it was just a screaming match until I ran out.


He tried to follow me… but I told him I didn’t want to see him.”


You collapsed into your arms and let out a deep breath, breathing in the air and attempting to stop all the thoughts of those terrible things you told him. You knew he could take care of himself, but you could not help but worry about him and his line of work.


“Hey. Hey.” Ochaco gently took your hands in hers. “I’ve known Bakugou for a long time, and he’s just being a bit grumpy. I’m sure he’ll come back around and you two can make up.”


“That’s the thing though Ochaco.” Your tears finally poured over, mouth trembling and gasping for the air. “He told me we were through when I ran out…”




Kirishima had no idea why he was here, but apparently he was not the only one to get the text message. Kaminari waved his hand up as well, gesturing to the bar.


“You get his strange text too?” The electric hero asked, the hardening hero nodding.


“You got any idea what it meant?” Kirishima asked.


“Nope. Should we go in and see?” Kaminari flashed a smirk towards the entrance and striding in.


The two strode in and spotted the familiar blond at a booth by himself. They walked over, each taking a seat on either side and watched as he realized his friends had actually come.


Bakugou smirked, raising a half empty mug and pointing to the empty pair of glasses and pitcher of beer. Both males shrugged and accepted his offer, knowing it was rare for Bakugou to ever give something away.


“So what’s gotten you into the bar mood? You usually hate this kinda thing.” Kaminari brought up, watching as Bakugou ungracefully sipped his mug.


“We’re fucking Celebrating.” Was all he said, his voice not matching the tone one would expect with that word.


Silence echoed him back, but the pairs of red and yellow eyes urged Bakugou to give more detail. The ash blonde smirked and then slammed his mug down with a hard bang, causing a few patrons to glance their way.


“I’m a free man once again!”


Kirishima and Kaminari exchanged glances both finally understanding what was happening: he and (Name) broke up and he was taking his pain away by drinking himself silly. Sure he had started out growing angrily beating his rage away, but this was no better.


“What do you mean you’re a ‘free man’? You told us last week things were ‘fucking amazing’ with (Name)!” Kirishima was the first to search for answers, pushing away his beer.


“Well… I lost my temper tonight and broke up with her by accident. Oops.” He laughed, already obviously tipsy and hiding away his true feelings with an arrogant laugh.


“Dude, you have to call her and apologize. (Name) loves you! She must be fucking crying her eyes out.” Kaminari attempted to appeal to that worry and guilt part of Bakugou.


“Well… I don’t deserve her.” He muttered, and looked into his beer mug. “What fucking idiot yells at the love of their life when she was worried about him anyway…”


Kirishima and kaminari sighed, knowing that their friend really was feeling the bad end of his own mistake. But as he was now and what time it was… Bakugou was in no way going to be able to apologize and get you back.


So tonight the two would watch their friend and then make sure the first thing he did the next morning was find his girlfriend. But until then, they would be hear for his broken heart and attempt to talk some sense into his slightly drunk state.




“Would you like any more coffee (Last Name)-san?” Midoriya asked you, gesturing to the pot in his hand.


“No thank you Midoriya. And please, no need to be so formal.” You told him, continuing to drink and eat your small breakfast: a black cup of coffee and a single piece of buttered toast. A real breakfast of champions.


“Do you need anything while we’re at work?” Ochaco called, grabbing her hero duffel, Izuku’s in her free hand. “And you’re welcome to stay with us as long as you like.”


“Thank you Ochaco. But I’m gonna go and try to grab my stuff later today. And then maybe head back home… it's been awhile since I saw my parents after all.”


Ochaco nodded, Izuku opening the door for her. The two were gone a moment later, leaving you to your thoughts and regrets. Despite the warm coffee, toast and friends… you felt cold.


Two years of your life gone and wasted… so many wishes now gone and scattered because of one stupid fight. You had assumed for the longest time that he was the one meant for you. He was everything you ever wanted in a partner, and more of course.


He had his flaws, but you two moved past them… or at least you had assumed you did. And he even helped you move past your own flaws and at one point loved you despite them.


You knew he had grown up from the Bakugou Katsuki that Ochaco had told you she went to UA with. He and you didn’t meet until you were twenty, ironically thanks to Ochaco once again.


It was at her and Izuku’s engagement party. He had come to simply say congratulations and then get the hell out of there. But you had caught his eye and as a result he stayed the whole party and even walked you home afterwards.


Ochaco had giggled to you saying Bakugou had really fallen for you. Apparently she had never seen him hold himself together and act as nice as he did that night. You had told her he was just interested in your work as reporter, but of course it turned into something else.


He had indeed fallen for you and you had for him. Coffee dates turned into movie dates and then dinners, spending the night together and moving in. You two had growth together and for what?


A simple but bad fight and now a terrible breakup… 2 years wasted and what could have been now being the question on your mind.


“I said let me the fuck in!” The front door crashed open, the sounds of the photos on the walls obviously crashing to the ground from the rough opening.


Your eyes widened, knowing what person spoke with that much venom and rage in their tone like you spoke normally. You lowered your head, not wanting to see him, but here he was… breaking and forcefully entering the Midoriya’s apartment.


“Bakugou! Get out of my house this instant! (Name) does not want to see you!” Came Ochaco’s voice, no doubt attempting to get Bakugou out of her home.


“K-Kacchan please! If you want to see (Name)... then don’t do it like this.” Izuku attempted to hold his childhood friend back.


Bakugou shoved and attempted to break free, but Izuku held just as much if not more physical strength then he did now as compared to when they were children. As such, he was locked in a three person hold down in doorway to the Midoriya’s home.


“Dude. This is not what I meant when I told you to go see her!” Kirishima’s voice spoke sternly.


“You need to calm down or she won’t want to talk to you!” Kaminari attempted to reason.


“The hell with that… the longer I wait.. The more she’ll get further away from me!” Bakugou called out.


“And I’m telling you she’s already moving on. You don’t deserve her forgiveness for what you did.” Ochaco scolded him.


“You don’t think i fucking know that?” Bakugou snarled at the brown haired girl. “But she needs to know that I still love her!”


You cleared your voice, the three heroes holding Bakugou back dropping him right onto his face, and Ochaco jumping slightly. All five people looked at you and you sighed.


“Can you guys give us a moment in private?”


Soon, and after much nodding and scurrying, it was just you and Katsuki left in the hallway. He was sitting with his legs folded. He looked awful as well. Same sweats and old t-shirt from yesterday, hair messy and more unruly than usual, not to mention the bloodshot eyes and dark black circle under his eyes.


“(N-Name) I-”


You held up your hand, silencing him. He bit his lip, knowing you didn’t and would not listen to his excuses. You sighed, bending down to him and wiping at his dark circles gently. He remained still, not wanting to give you any impression.


“You get drunk last night?”


“What made you fucking think that?”


“When All Might died… you looked like this too.”


He was silent, realizing that you knew him more than he knew himself. He nodded slowly, letting you know that you were right, but not willing to verbally admit it.


“What you said and then how you called things off wasn’t right. I don’t care how angry or tired you were… when I see you come home like that, I’m going to worry. So don’t get mad at me when it happens.”


“I know… I fucked up. I was just so fucking mad that I couldn’t handle it on my own… and I took it out on you like a fucking dumbass...I’m the worst.”


“No.” You brought his head into your chest, feeling his warmth again. “You just have a lot to learn still. Just because you’re a grown man, it doesn’t mean you know everything.”


“I know… I just fucking lost it…”


“Well don’t do it again next time.”


“Next time?” He stiffened.


Were you forgiving him? Were you going to take him back? It wasn’t over yet?


“Don’t think this means you’re forgiven. We both have to come up with some ground rules on how to handle your line of work and how I should react… but I know you’re sorry.”


“I’ll be better.”


“You have a good track record according to Ochaco of turning into less and less of a douche everyday… so I’ll take your word on that.”


He didn’t care how long it took, he would earn your trust back. And he sure as hell would not make this same mistake again.

Chapter Text


Bakugou x Reader

Soulmate AU ⅓

The first time it happened, the sound of a TV clicking on was faintly heard. One of those soft purrs that an older television would have, but instead of in a family’s living room, it was projected into the entire part of my brain. A sudden click making me think the old tv in my room had been turned on.


When I realized it wasn’t- it was due to a sudden roaring voice making me jolt out of my bed and suddenly hit the floor with a thud. With my heart racing and my eyes scanning the small room for any sign of an intruder, I realized whoever shouted was still talking.


And the more I looked around my room, the more I realized that I was still the only one here, the only one in this small room as well. But if so, who was this person and why were they yelling so much?


However, before I got the chance his voice was gone. Another soft click and then silence again, my mind becoming my private space one more. No strange voice- nothing. It was just myself, and the loneliness of my thoughts.


The second time it happened, I was at school. Like the last time, nothing seemingly caused it to happen, it just started up again. Another faint snap of the television turning on and the sound broadcast of this boy’s own thoughts and voice in my head.


It was so sudden that I stood up, excusing myself from class. I lied through my teeth, telling my teacher and classmates that I wasn’t feeling well and decided to walk straight home.


It was only then when I spoke to excuse myself that it turned out he could hear me as well.


“The fuck?” Came his reply, obviously not expecting a girl to suddenly appear in his thought just like he had in mine.


“So you can hear me too?” I remember saying, thinking about how his voice sounded much smoother when he it was toned down.


“You using your quirk on me fucker!?” Was his next response, anger once again flared up.


He seemed as confused as I did about our situation, but it seemed he didn’t have any more of the answers then I had.


“I assumed it was yours?” I thought, hearing the sounds of what I could only assume to be a growl next.


He seemed to be angry by nature, a quick observation and one I had even before I knew his name.


“So it ain’t your quirk?”


“No. And I assume it's not yours.”


“Well fuck…”


“You sure swear a lot stranger.”


“Shut the fuck up! I’m trying to think!”


“It’s kinda hard to do since everyone is always thinking.”


Then once again, before he could reply with those nasty words of his, our connection shut off just like before. The same ‘ click ’ and then nothing but silence. The only thing different this time was how much longer it lasted.


Unlike the previous time, this one lasted upwards to a few minutes rather than a few seconds. And unlike last time, he was able to hear me as well, and we gathered that this strange connection was not because of him nor myself.


From then on, those strange clickings would be the start of our mental connection, the notice that our thoughts were not private, but rather shared between two parties. It got annoying pretty quick.


His ideas of crushing enemies, and blowing up everything in his path. My rather calm attitude, almost ‘emotionless’ in his opinion and my lack of concern about this situation. It was quite easy to tell he didn’t like this, and me as a result.


Whenever the clicking started, the first thing I would ever hear would be him cursing my name and the feeling he was clicking his tongue and rolling his eyes. He was rough and rude, more than likely the type who didn’t make friends or had very few around.


His observations of me were no different though: distant, studious and diving myself into work to distract myself from ‘whatever’ my ‘issue’ was. He was vulgar, but observant. At least he wasn’t a liar. He told you how he felt and it was easy to tell by his thoughts how he felt.


“This has been happening for nearly a month and I still don’t know your name.” I had confronted him one night, growing tired of him ranting about some ‘Deku’.


“What’s it to you?”


“I just thought it’d be nice to call you something other than ‘the angry boy in my head’.” You teased, snapping a chip in your mouth, the worry of speaking while eating not affecting this conversation.


“Tch… we ain’t even friends girly.”


“So I have to be your friend to know your name?”


He was silent, a strange thing for him to do. Clearing your mind enough for that to happen was quite the exhaustive thing to do.


“Well I’m (Full Name), in case you ever wanted to call me something aside from girly and dumbass.”






“My name, dumbass. My name is Bakugou Katsuki.”


“It’s nice to meet you then Bakugou.”


“Huh… wish I could say the fucking same…”


“Ever the charmer. Since we’re getting to know each other, where are y-”


It got frustrating a lot, not knowing when the connection would shut off, or even if it would ever start up again. It was just something we learned to live with, like trying and hoping your favorite show would get renewed for a new season.


It was frustrating.


Normal POV


Eventually by the time the months had flown by, the two of you had gotten quite used to your sudden appearances in each other’s heads. And slowly, as time went by, the awkwardness and initial coldness shown to the other was melted away.


You learned Bakugou was a second year at Yuuei Academy, the most prestigious hero school in all of Japan, and possibly all the world. He had a talented quirk that involved him being able to create literal bombs from his hands. A skill that you teased him about, only for him to demand what your ‘wimpy’ quirk was.


He learned that you lived near Hokkaido, in a small blib city up North. Your parents owned a ramen shop and you attended a good school but no where near as good as UA. Your quirk was shadow clone, the ability to clone yourself and when the clone got hit it turned into a shadow.


“So do you sneak out a lot with that fucking ability?” He thought one day, wondering if you were as good of person as he was assuming.


“Sometimes, when things get hectic at home or if I want to disappear without people noticing. And the clones stay there until they take damage… sure they don’t talk or move… but I don’t really either.”


“You’re a real fucking downer, you know that?”


“We can’t all be as prideful and hyperactive as you.”


“Hey! Who are you calling hyperactive you shit!”


You laughed, catching the attention of some of the people in your classroom. Their eyes glanced from your single form by the back of the classroom to their small groups. Their hands covering their mouths but their words still very hearable.


“She’s so weird! All she does is sit there and stare out the window.”


“It’s even weirder that she keeps laughing to herself.”


“Maybe she’s got a few screws loose?”


They snickered, making you grimace and look away, ignoring their words and paying attention again to the sudden loudness in your head.




That’s right, he could hear your thoughts and you had suddenly started cursing out the other girl’s in your class.


“Not you Bakugou… just some rude girls in my class. I was laughing and they were making some comments…”


“Well tell them to fuck off!”


“I don’t think I have the balls to do that.” You smiled, enjoying his company even if he was just a disembodied voice in your head.


“Naw! Just let the anger fucking take you over and let it out through every fiber of your fucking being! And if you can’t think of any threats, just scream ‘DIE!’ at the top of your lungs.”


His voice was was dripping in ego, but also this strange comfort, like this dark thing he was telling you actually brought you the solace you needed to forget the words of your classmates and focus on the one person who actually seemed slightly more interested in talking to you.


Though he didn’t really have a choice now did he? Your minds would be connected at random times: during tests, lunch, before bed, when he was training and you heard all sort of scary things from his thoughts.


However, whether he or you had a choice in this sudden and abrupt connection… you were happy to finally have someone to talk to, even if he wasn’t a friend…


...or if you had never met him either.

Chapter Text


Bakugou x Reader

Soulmate AU ⅔


“He’s staring off into space again.”

“He’s been doing that a lot lately, huh?”

Kirishima and Kaminari spoke, glancing at the blonde who was looking intently at the front of the room. Though this should be normal, the small detail was that it was a good 20 minutes before class and Bakugou had been in his own little world since he left the dorms this morning.

He smirked suddenly, then it fell from his features just as fast. His whole behavior for the last three months had been rather strange and out of the blue. In fact, he had become much more of a ditz: zoning out, not paying attention, suddenly reacting to something that no one else knew of.

It was unsettling to say the least, as this was not normal Bakugou behavior in the slightest. But rather it seemed to slowly be taking over his personality, his usually angry attitude gone and replaced by a cool and silent one.

It didn’t mean it was any less threatening, but rather more terrifying since he didn’t vocally announce what he was going to do to someone who annoyed him.

Little did his classmates know that he really had not changed, but was just talking or rather thinking all these things to someone else, someone the others could not hear.

“You did not!” She spoke in disbelief. “Please tell that you really didn’t!”

“Swear on my fucking grave. Moment those fucks let me go, I grabbed his face and exploded it.”

“You’re either brave or crazy Bakugou… maybe both.”

“Oh shut the fuck you you weird girl! For all I know I’m losing it and you’re just a figment of my imagination!”

“I could say the same about you.”

“Well I can hear you loud and clear. No doubt you’re real to me… you know too much useless info for me to just have laying around in my fucking head.”

“You’re too self obsessed for me to have made up as a friend as well.”

“I’m not fucking good enough to be your imaginary friend now?”

“I mean… you do swear a lot.”

“You fucking bet I do.”

The sound of a familiar click in his head alerted him that the conversation would be over for now. But by how often these connections had become, it would be back within another hour.

It was strange to think about. How three months ago he would go days without hearing from her, and wishing it would just go away. But now he found his heart beat just a tiny bit faster when he heard that click and suddenly her thoughts became one with his own.

Even more so when he found that he didn’t even want to wait the hour in between anymore. He wasn’t sure of it yet, but he might like you. Like you like he’s never liked anyone before.

After all, you kinda grow on the person who’s in your head and they become dear to you. Even more so when you realize that only the two of you have this connection, like a secret meeting.

However, he was never really sure of his feelings to begin with. For all he knew, he was confusing infatuation with something else, something not as pure. Was he selfish for liking that only he was this way with her? Was it wrong of him to consider that maybe he had a small, possibly insignificant ‘crush’ on some possibly fake girl in his head.

He didn’t know. Nor did he really care.

Class for the day went by rather fast, lunch coming sooner than he realized. But as he listened to the sounds of a bell chiming, he realized nearly 4 hours had passed since he last heard from you.

Lunch went as usual, his friends chatted and goofed around, only this time he joined in instead of staring off into space like he had for the last couple few weeks. His friends were glad to have his grumpy self back, but then they noticed his body language.

Eyes darting around, fingers tapping the table and his untouched meal. They exchanged glances, Kirishima nodding to them before speaking up for the group.

“You okay dude?”

Bakugou snapped from his daze, scarlet hues matching up to ones of a similar shade. “Yeah, just fucking fine.”

“You don’t seem like it… it fact-” Sero smiled. “-You seem kinda nervous.”


“Ah, there’s the usual Bakugou.” Kaminari teased, his features lighting up into a smile.

“Shut it fuck face, I’m just waiting for something.” He mumbled, deciding to finally touch his lunch.

“Waiting for what exactly?” Sero asked, curiosity getting the better of him.

“None of your fucking buisness.”

“Awe! Come on Bakugou! We can keep a secret!” Kirishima begged, throwing his hands against the table, banging on them.

“Why would you acting like a fucking brat make me want to tell you any more.”

“Come on man, just tell us what’s been eating at your mind lately? Is it a girl?” Kaminari rose a brow, his face lifting up into a smile.

“I said no. So shut it.” Bakugou rose from his seat, his hunger just not here today. Nor was his patience.

He sulked around the empty halls, ready to give into his stress when suddenly a small ping resounded into his head. His eyes widened and he had to physically calm himself down to keep his cool.

“Hey. Took you lon-”

“So fucking dumb. So Goddamn fucking dumb.” Your voice echoed in his head, anger and sadness filling his mind.

“Woah, calm the fuck down!”


“Who the fuck else?”

“S-sorry… I guess I didn’t realise our minds got reconnected…”

“I can tell…So what’s fucking got your panties in a twist?”

“J-just some stupid girls in my class.”

“Are they picking on you again?”

You didn’t answer, making him snarl outwardly, his hands beating together.

“Answer me damn it! Are those ugly bitches picking on you (Name)?!”

“Yes! Is that what you want from me Bakugou? Yes they are picking on me! They told me that my contributions to our cultural festival were shit. But no surprise since that’s the same for everything I do!

And low and behold they started to push me afterwards… thinking I’d turn in a shadow and run away like always. Is that what you wanted to hear?!”

“Don’t fucking blame this one on me! I’m trying to fucking make you feel better!”

“Well you’re doing a great job at it!”

You voice laced in sarcasm was enough to set him over the edge, his hand slamming against a locker.

“If you’re so fucking sick of me trying to help your weak and pathetic ass, then get out of my head.”

“I would love that! Having you come in whenever is making it even worse for me! The day you disappear will be a welcomed one!”

Before he could even shout back another word or another thought, a click happened. However, unlike the previous times, right after the first click… a second one occurred as well.

He blinked and walked away, not wanting to think about you any longer. He knew he had gone over the edge, but he was only worried. Even so, saying those mean things would not prove anything and he could feel his stomach churn with an emotional pain.

He’d try to make you feel better the next time he was able to talk to you.

But that time never came.


One Week Later~

It had been a long week. No connections, no other voice in his head. And as a result the worry from his last conversation with had had risen to its highest point. Making him drain part of his savings and look at train and bus times for the destination on his mind.

Bag packed, jacket on and phone charged, he walked through the main floor dorm, his face the same as always but holding just a hint of determination. It had been too long since the last time he heard your voice. The last time he spoke, he had rudely told you those things and then you were gone.

He had left you at a time you were vulnerable and he would be damned if he let it continue on any longer, hell he was going to find you himself if whatever started this connection had also suddenly stopped it.

He was deadset. Find (Name) or return by force from a worried family or friend.

He marches downstairs, seeing a few classmates hanging around the dorms chatting about something stupid. They pause when they see him, slight worry and curiosity rising in their features. He looked ready to drop off the face of the earth.

“And where are you going?” Kaminari speaks up first, his voice a bit dry and irritating to Bakugou’s ears.

“Why the fuck do you want to know?” He growls back, not wanting to waste anymore time here.

“Well you’re dressed like you’re about to go hiking Kacchan.” Deku speaks up, glancing his childhood friend up and down. “But it’s already dark out and nearly curfew.”

“I don’t give a shit, and that’s not where I’m going anyway!” Throwing open the door and taking a single step out, before someone else speaks up.

“Dude where are you going?” Kirishima calls him, getting up in the hopes to convince him to stop.

“I’m going to find someone!” He yells back, turning around to face his classmates. “And none of you shits can stop me!”

“A-at least let us know where exactly you’re going.” Kirishima tries to reason, sensing the desperation in Bakugou’s words.


“That’s at least 8 hours by car though! And we have school tomorrow, Kacchan.” Deku attempted to coax him out of whatever the hell he had suddenly started thinking in his quick mind.

“I know. I’ll be back by Monday.” He turned, slamming the door behind him and leaving his classmates stunned.

What could be that far north that would send him on a do or die mission to find it and why now of all times?

As his presence lingered to nothing, the remaining members of class 1-A could only hope Bakugou found whatever he was looking and that he would return home safely. Him doing without thinking usually led him the worst situations possible.

Hopefully right now would not be one of those times.

Chapter Text


Bakugou x Reader

Soulmate AU 3/3


He had made sure to gather all his facts and double check them before he bought the ticket. Every little piece of information you had put together would be needed for him to follow. Every mention of where you lived, what was in your town, the people, and of course that it was up north.


He crossed everything: a beachside town near the island of Hokkaido, a high school about to have its cultural festival, a ramen shop with your family’s name on it. It all fit together, leading him to believe that you lived in Nakadomari.


If he was wrong, he would have spent a good 10,000 yen for nothing but a sightseeing tour of the northern regions of Japan. But he was certain, there were too many clues in place for him to not have found the right town.


Even more so, this weekend was your school’s cultural festival, meaning it would be his only chance to sneak onto campus and ask around for you without attracting the attention of the school officials.


The train ride was long, the bus ride was even longer, but after nearly 15 hours he arrived on a Friday afternoon, the time slightly after 1pm. If anything good came out of his long trip it was that he was able to sleep and pull himself together.


The town itself was extremely small, a lot of residential houses and a few commercial ones. There were signs pointing to the seas shore and the hot springs along with ones showing the way to attractions and inns. Quite the place to live.


He found the school fairly easily, stomping up to the main entrance, the school’s president and vice president greeting visitors as they came in, their faces adorned in false smiles.


“Welcome to the cultural festival, is there anywhere I should direct you?” The president asked, her voice bright and cheerful.


Bakugou snarled, making her jump ever so slightly and nervously turn to face him. He took in her appearance: brown rabbit ears on the top of her head, her school uniform pressed and neat looking. She was treating this shit like a Goddamn display or honor.


“(Last Name, First Name).” He spat out, looking at the president with fire in his eyes. “Where can I find her.”


“I-I um- I- I don’t know that s-student.” The president answered, her form melting the longer she was held under Bakugou’s gaze.


“HUH?! Well where is she?!”


“Is something the matter?” The vice president asked, stepping in, seeing his senpai getting harassed by this strange boy.


“Yeah, I’m looking for someone and your school’s president is acting like she doesn’t know shit.”


“Sir, please calm down. Perhaps I know who you’re looking for.” He spoke, adjusting his arm band.


“(Last Name, First Name).” Bakugou stated again, watching as the vice president’s face lit up a bit, his eyes widening in what appeared to be shock.


“W-we’re in the same class. Room 3-C.” He mumbled, pointing to the main building. “Enjoy your stay and welcome.”


“Thanks for nothing assrags.” The hero in training rolled his eyes.


‘3-C’... Were you a year older than him? He had no idea, but usually that number related to what year you were in… meaning it was highly likely that he was younger by at least a few months.


Finding the classroom was easy enough, the large label above the door telling him he had arrived at his destination. He didn’t wait to tear the door down, sliding it was such a force, he dared say that the entire floor shook.


When he glanced in, he saw the terrified faces of what was no doubt supposed to be a cafe. Girls were dressed as anime characters, carrying pieces of paper to take orders. The boys were dressed as chefs, shoves in the back sizzling.


The looked back at the scary teen who had just thrown open their classroom door and had done nothing but shoot nasty glare after nasty glare to the people inside. Finally one brave student. More than likely the class rep, decided to speak up.


“C-Can we help you sir?” He asked his words stuttering.


“I have two questions.” Bakugou’s voice narrowed and every gulped deeply and turned to look at him, fear evident on their faces.


“One. Where is (Name). Second. Which group of you fucks have been bullying her?”


“(Last Name)-san…” One girl dressed as Aqua from Konosuba shook. “I-I um… we told her she would be out of place here… and gave her the job to walk around advertising.”


Bakugou’s eye narrowed. “Now tell me what you actually said. And be thankful I’m giving you a second chance to be truthful. I’m not usually this fucking patient.”


The girl shook in her wig. “M-Myself and a few of the other girls told her she was too ugly to be a waitress… and we forced her to leave.”


“That’s better.” Bakugou walked in, shutting the door behind him as he left.


He was debating destroying their classroom, but his own personality and appearance should have been enough to make them piss themselves anyway. After all, even that class rep was terrified of him. Just shows you how censored country folk were, he guessed.


He asked around for a girl advertising the cafe of 2-C. Many were not helpful, a few motioned where they had seen her, and finally one had said he saw a girl walking up to the roof after throwing away the fliers moments ago.


Bakugou nodded, giving a stern head nod to the teen before carrying on his way. He jolted up the staircase, being careful of the steps. He finally saw the door to the roof approaching, his heart accelerating even more.


He paused at the top, his hand just lightly touching the knob as his stomach finally forced him to freeze. It flipped and turned, his body even sweating a bit suddenly. He felt so nervous.. Maybe because the girl he had been searching for was right beyond here.


It was stupid, oh so stupid. He wasn’t the type of guy to get nervous around crushes! He was the one to crush the crush, destroy it and make what he wanted to happen come true! That was how he operated an how he lived.


So, he threw all feelings of nervousness to the wind, turning the knob and throwing open the roof door. He stepped out, glancing to try and find a figure. To his relief there was only one figure with him, a girl was turned to look at him.


His breath hitched, his spit getting stuck in his throat and drying out. She was the most beautiful person he had ever laid eyes on. The way her hair fit her frame perfectly, how her eyes shined like gemstones and how body language seeming to be just slightly less hostile than his.


“Can I help you?” She asked, not liking this strange boy suddenly staring at her after loudly coming up here like he owned the place.


That was her voice. No doubt, that voice he had in his head for the past few months.


This is (Name).


“Yeah. I wanna know why a fucking dumbass like yourself is hiding away on a roof.”


Your eyes and body didn’t cease to change, but rather rolled and turned away from him. He marched forward, resting besides.


“Nothing to fucking say to me? After I came all this fucking way!”


You looked at him in confusion, your brow rising. “Do- do I know you?”


He stepped back a moment. No way.. He couldn’t be wrong. But then again how could she have forgotten? His own voice and foul tongue should have been a give away.


Suddenly she chuckled and his eyes narrowed in anger.


“That’s what you get for showing up out of the blue after our fight. Dummy…”


He relaxed… she did remember. But like always, he got angry at her. How dare she fucking do that to him!


“You’re such a fucking tease! Goddamn it and to think I spent so much fucking money to come an see your gloomy ass!”


“Oh shut up. It's always so freaking loud when you talk!” She scolded him.


The two stared at each other in anger, then suddenly she rushed into his arms. Her form melted into his, her arms wrapping around him, tugging him closer to her. Her body heat becoming one with his and her eyes tearing up.


“I’m glad to see you… I’m glad you’re real.”


He huffed, rubbing a hand through her (hair color) locks and sighing in irritation.


“I’d be a pretty big jerk to leave you like I did the last time we spoke… plus I was getting tired of not knowing what you looked like.


“Well you’re exactly as I pictured you: rough and like a delinquent.”


“I can leave your ass again y’know. Walk right outta here and back to my school.”


(Name) laughed, grabbing his hand and tugging him back to the festival.


“Well I better treat you to some food before you do then! It's the least I can do since you came all this way for little old me.”


Bakugou clicked his tongue, his eyes glancing away from her and that dazzling smile. “ better be good.”


He was happy to have found her as well, and unlike last time… he wouldn’t end this conversation on a bad place.



Chapter Text

Fatgum’s Apprentice

Kirishima x Reader x Amajiki

Part 1


“Alright boys!” Fatgum’s voice boomed happily, a pile of fatty foods and sweets in his arms. “Since you both do so well at the raid, we’re celebrating today!”


“Ah! Really sir?” Kirishima bubbled, red hues widening in delight that he was being congratulated for work that he didn’t think was all that special.


“Of course. We’re going out for lunch. My treat.” The pro-hero smiled, waving his two interns to come with him. “Oh, but before that, we’re picking (Name) up at the airport. You boys want to tag along?”


“(Name)?” Kirishima mumbled the name, glancing to his senpai for answers.


Tamaki gulped, his form visibly shaking and beginning to tremble. His black eyes widened ever so slightly and his lips were met by his teeth, and then he began to chew on them.


“She’s my kouhai like you… but your senpai like me.” Was Tamaki’s answer.


Kirishima blinked, trying to absorb the information just said to him by his nervous upperclassmen. “So she’s a 2nd year at UA then?”


Amajiki nodded, shaking his head as Fat Gum motioned for the boys to follow him to his car for the short drive to the airport. Fat Gum took the driver's side seat, Tamaki fitting in nicely next to him and their newest addition in the back.


“So where has (Name) been?” Kirishima asked, feeling his curiosity about his newest senpai begin to grow by the minute.

“She spent the last semester abroad in (country), but now she’s back to finish up her year and internship.” Fat Gum answered, turning the key in the ignition and the car hummed to life.


“She’s very strong and smart.” Tamaki mumbled, ringing his hands together and letting out a breath of inhaled air.


“Well I’m excited to meet her!” Kirishima called out, watching as Fat Gum stifled a laugh.


“What don’t you get excited about kid?” The pro-hero laughed and Kirishima joined in.


Tamaki gave a small smile, feeling more relaxed among these two then he did around usual people. However… he knew it would not last long if she would very soon be back in speaking area with him.


Like Fat Gum had said, the car pulled up at the airport arrivals area. Fat opened his window, glancing out to see the familiar figure of the intern that should be walking out and looking for him at any minute now.


Soon enough, the hair of (hair color) up put in a (hair style) was seen, the familiarity of it being easily seen by the man in the driver’s side. Fat Gum got out, waving his hand excitedly at the girl. He pulled both hands to his mouth and cupped it in a loudspeaker like way.




Said girl turned to the sound of her name being called and her smiled widened as she spotted her mentor waving to her from the car that was also as familiar. She sprinted over in no time, tackling the man with all her might.


Fat Gum let out a deep stomach laugh, wrapping his arms around the girl and ruffling up her hair a few times between hugs. She glanced at him with those familiar and awestruck (eye color) hues.


“You lost all your fat! How and when did that happen?”


“Oh trust me, there’s a great story behind that! I’ll tell you in the car.” Fat Gum laughed, grabbing her bag and motioning for her to get into the back seat.


(Name) thanked him with a smile and opened the door to the backseat. As she got in, she caught sight of two figures: one familiar and one not so much.


Across from her on the passenger side was Amajiki Tamaki. He looked no different then when she left last summer: still a bit nervous and fidgeting. He looked ready to get the hell out of here and back into his safe space, but would never actually say so, as he didn’t want to appear rude. He didn’t change.


Next to him sat a new face, one with cherry red eyes and red hair formed into spikes, actually, a ridiculous amount of spikes. This boy had originally had a large toothy grin for you when you got in, but as soon as your orbs of (eye color) had met his of red, that smile melted into a small ‘o’ shaped mouth.


“Kirishima, (Name). (Name), Kirishima.” Fat Gum reentered the vehicle, pointing to each of you before he started to get ready to drive you all to the meal he had been planning.


“I-It’s nice to m-meet you.” Kirishima stuttered, shaking his head once to snap him out of this strange trance.


The moment he saw your face up close, his own body started reacting so strangely: hot face, sweaty hands, chest full of pressure. You were so pretty though… and it suddenly crossed his mind as you buckled your seatbelt that he might have just developed a crush on you.


“You replace me, Fat? That’s not very nice!” You whined, poking Fat on the back as he pulled out of the parking space.


“And you allowed him to, Amajiki?” You continued, pointing feigned hurt eyes at the nervous boy. He actively gulped in shock from your words.


“I-I’m not trying to replace you! I swear!” Kirishima suddenly burst out, catching everyone’s attention. “I didn’t even know you existed until today… wait that sounds bad. I mean I had no idea Fat Gum had another sidekick!”


You blinked, making the redhead nervous. Suddenly you rose your hand to your mouth to cover the wide smile and bubbly giggles that came out of your mouth listening to his not needed apology.


Before Kirishima could continue, you waved him off. “Relax Kirishima. I know you weren’t. I was just kidding, no worries! Glad to have another member on team Fat!”


You watched as he physically relaxed: his shoulders stiffening, his torso unclenching and his eyes losing that distress in them that was there a moment later. Seeing as the younger boy was calm, you decided to focus attention on the older one.


“How about you Tamaki? Take my place as favorite sidekick yet?”


“...I could never do that…” He mumbled, stiffening and then glanced at you from behind and across. “Besides… I-I don’t want to b-be in the spotlight that much any-anyway.”


You chuckled again, slapping your knee in delight at this interaction. You had missed your boys and now you had a kouhai of your own as well.


“Man.. did I miss you two. And now Kirishima too? What a warm welcome home!” You reached and grabbed Kirishima and Tamaki pulling them into an awkward car hug, laughing as they both made sounds indicating how terrible and awkward this was.


Fat Gum bellowed his laugh throughout the car, liking how well his chicklings got along, especially (Name), as she was the only female in a group of males. He never worried too much about this, but he knew how the media would sometimes… talk…


“So Tamaki-” You pulled attention back on him. “-how has third year been so far?”


Tamaki shifted in his seat, fighting away his reddening cheeks from already being so close to her so many times and how she still smelled the same. That scent of cotton candy and fresh flowers: a scent as sweet and alluring as her.


“Terrible. There’s too many tests and oral exams and physical exams… not to mention the media started picking up on me last semester…”


“Awe don’t say that senpai!” Kirishima butted in. “He’s amazing (Name)-senpai! Amajiki-senpai is in the top three of his year and is already making great strides in the hero world!”


“Ah! Really! That’s amazing Amajiki!” You beamed, from turning into an excited bubbling mess of smiles and happiness for your senpai.


“No it's not… and there’s way too much attention.” Tamaki mumbled, gripping his shoulders and holding them tightly. “Besides… Kirishima has already gotten more attention in his first year then I did.”


“Huh? Really?! Like what?” You batted your eyes, looking at the boy sitting next to you. Then something clicked, a small article or rather several from the recent events that made you realize something. “Wait! Are you in the infamous Class 1-A this year, Kirishima?!”


Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck, his voice letting out an awkward chuckle and he nodded sheepishly. He paused a moment and thought of his next choice of words, not sure of what to say.


“Yeah I am. I-Is my class known overseas?”


You held up a few fingers and began to name off articles from the past 6 or so months. “USJ incident, first year Sports Festival was dominated by, League of Villains incident, not to mention the pass rate for first years this year in getting your licenses… yeah. You’re class is pretty well known.”


“Are you serious?” Kirishima mumbled, having no idea that his own class had garnered that much news coverage.


“Heck yes I am! Gosh… I’ve been overseas studying international hero foundations… meanwhile you’ve got two freaking prodigies Fat!” You poked his back in irritation again.


“Relax (Name). I’m sure these two hold you in just as high of regards as I do.” Fat Gum laughed, not knowing exactly how true his words were.


Nor did you as you laughed again, not noticing the two pairs of cheeks blossoming pink at the sound of that addicting laughter once again. On yes… they held you in the highest regard they could. The only issue was… did you think the same?

Chapter Text

Fatgum's Apprentice
Kirishima x Reader x Amajiki
Part 2

"You can not be serious!" You erupted, slamming your hands down on the table, eyes wide.

"Swear to God. Kirishima hear blocked the hit and gave me enough time to strike back. Without him there.. I doubt I would have won, let alone walked out of there."

"Holy crap! And you took down three of them on your own Amajiki?"

Tamaki nodded shyly, not wanting you to gush over him any more than you already had today. It was becoming quite apparent in the latter half of your lunch that the three heroes and gotten into some major fights and won last week.

"I can't believe it… you two are more bad ass then I thought!" You smiled, breath leaving your mouth in disbelief, but still immensely impressed by these two boys separated from you by a single year.

"It wasn't that good… I still have a lot of training to do before I'm anywhere near Fat…" Kirishima admitted, glancing down at his arm, still feeling the pain if he thought hard enough about that raid.

"Well, we all do. What matters is that you all had the guts to do what you knew you needed to do! Carpe Diem, right? Seize the day!"

Kirishima's eyes widened, your words holding more influence on him then you had intended. Likewise, Tamaki had a similar reaction, the mention of getting what you desired by performing to the best of your abilities that day and not looking back seemed like such a strange but alluring idea.

"I'm going to go pay." Fat Gum got up, walking away from the private booth and heading towards the cashier near the front of the small ramen joint.

In all the four of you had racked up quite the meal: Fat Gum had 7 bowls, Tamaki and Kirishima both had 2 and you settled in nicely with 1 and a half. You poured your remaining meal into your to go bowl and listened closely to both boys.

They had gone quiet yet again, the conversation always seemed to do that whenever Fat Gum would leave or be absent from the conversation. You had not minded carrying it for a while, but by now… you had run out of things to talk or ask about.

So as a result, the three of you sat in silence. You tapped your fingers lightly against the table, listening to the sounds of the other patrons enjoying themselves. Kirishima was looking at his phone, but in truth was on his home screen, not sure what to do or say. Tamaki had his head pressed into his folded arms on the table, attempting to hide.

"So…." You mused, both boys lifting their eyes to meet yours. "Want to play a game while we wait for Fat?"

"What game?" Kirishima asked, curious as to what game you might be wanting to play with him and Amajiki.

"You guys ever play ‘Never Have I Ever?" You mused, a small smile gracing your lips.

Kirishima shook his head no, but Tamaki paled and buried his head further away. You chuckled, reaching across the table and pulling his face up to glance at you again.

"Have you played Amajiki?" You smiled in mischief.

"...Once with Mirio and Nejire… they just wanted to confirm something…" Tamaki admitted, ironically enough his two close friends were playing to find out about his crush on you.

"Do you want to play while we wait for Fat Gum?" You asked the nervous boy.

"You won't make me admit anything specific to me… right?"

"Nope. I'll keep it open to all three of us."

"...Fine… I'll play one round."

"Um? What are we playing?"

Kirishima chuckling awkwardly made you and Tamaki turn to the youngest student. Tamaki nodded for you to explain and you clapped your hands to gain further attention.

"It's pretty easy Kirishima! Basically, we all hold up ten fingers and one by one we each say a blunt statement. Like… ‘Never have I ever had my hero costume destroyed in battle'. If that specific thing has happened to you, put a finger down. If not, keep them up. Basically whoever is the last one standing wins. Sound easy enough?"

"Yeah, I think I get it! Let's play! My manly spirit won't back down from this challenge!" Kirishima fumed, making you chuckle and Tamaki shields his eyes from the brightness of his kouhai.

"Alright, who wants to go first?" You asked, glancing at Tamaki. "Amajiki?"

He nervously jumped, feeling overwhelmed that he had to kick off the was very unnerving! He mumbled a few times, eyes glancing around at everything except for you and Kirishima, then finally he decided on his first idea.

"Never have I ever studied abroad for a semester."

As soon as he said it, however, he knew he messed up. You had promised to not do anything specifically about him and now here he was doing exactly that to you. What kind of jerk was he?! You must hate him now…

"Oh wow… go against my back like that." You teased, not really caring that he did so.

You saw him internally freak out, but was glad he did make a phrase in the end. Even if it did involve you. However, Tamaki was internally and now externally freaking out.

"I-I'm sorry! I- I didn't… mean to.." His voice trailed off, his guilt and avoidant eyes glancing everywhere expect for you.

"It's fine Amajiki. Its all in good fun." You smiled and brought his eyes back to you and the game at hand. "Alright, Kirishima! Your turn!"

"Hell yeah! Alright! Never have I ever placed in the Sports Festival!"

"Ah man…" You grumbled and put a finger down.

"Wah! Did you really (Last Name)-senpai?" Kirishima's eye twinkled at this new information and you nodded.

"I got second place in my first year."

"Holy crap that's cool!"

"Her fights were very cool to watch as well…" Tamaki complimented you.

"My turn right?"



You smirked quickly, then dropping it from your features before either boy could notice. You had a feeling you would get both of them out with this one, at the cost of your own finger, but worth it if you could bring them down a finger as well!

"Never have I ever been kissed!" You cheered, watching as they would sigh and each put a finger down.

Instead, both boys blushed deeply and turned to look away, their fingers not moving an inch or even twitching. Your eye twitched and you stared down at your now three down fingers.

"You guys can't be serious! You've both never kissed anyone?!"

"I Umm… never found the right person?" Kirishima admitted, making your heart squee.

"Awe… that's really sweet Kirishima. Saving your first kiss for someone special!" You turned to Amajiki. "I assume its the same for you, Amajiki?"

The quieter boy nodded, daring to not meet your gaze… less his feelings spill out. You giggled at the cute boys and then suddenly felt daring. Like you wanted to do something that would maybe be cheating in this little game of yours… but they both seemed rather embarrassed to have never kissed anyone.

"Well… can I have it then?"

Both suddenly froze bodies stiff and unmoving, then as suddenly as they had stopped moving, both of them stared directly at you. Eyes of hope and shock, possibly with a little disbelief staring right into your own eyes and into your own soul as well.

"A-Are you serious?" Kirishima asked, unconsciously scooting closer to you.

"I-I mean… only if you guys want."

"Why though?" Tamaki asked, he himself leaning across the table to you, watching your form with a high intensity.

"Let's just call it a gift for taking and watching over Fat and Japan while I was gone." You mumbled, though in truth… they both were very kind and attractive in your eyes.

"Well…" Kirishima tossed his head to the side and let out a staggered breath. "I-If you don't mind… I um… would enjoy a kiss from you."

"M-me too! I'd like a kiss as well… i-if its okay." Tamaki joined in, then hid away in embarrassment.

"I offered, so I don't mind at all." You smiled. "Who wants t get their kiss first?"

Tamaki nodded to Kirishima and he moved right next to the older girl. He stuttered and froze, not sure of what to do. You noticed right away and cupped his cheeks, his cherry eyes widening in a slight heartfelt euphoria.

"It'll be quick, I promise. No need to get so nervous." You smiled.

"A-Alright." He spoke and closed his eyes.

He waited patiently and then ever so softly another pair of soft plump lips met his own. They pressed against his softly, the pressure increasing as time went on. Soon Kirishima got over his nervousness and returned the kiss.

After about a minute, you're broke away and left Kirishima in a lovesick daze. His heart thumped loudly against his chest and his eyes were lidded in bliss. That was one of the most amazing experiences in his eyes and he could not believe he got to share it with you.

"Ready Amajiki?" You blushed, knowing the dark-haired male must be feeling awfully awkward having watched that display.

Tamaki could only nod, his words lost on him. He pushed himself across the table, your form meeting his at the center. Unlike Kirishima however, you leaped straight onto Tamaki's lips.

He was much shyer then Kirishima, letting you do whatever you wished and he simply allowed it. You quickly caressed his cheek, letting him know he could move into the kiss as well.

He did just that and slightly turned his head. Then like Kirishima, after a minute you moved away. Tamaki blushed darkly, realizing that he too just had his first kiss.

"W-well… looks like you two had your first kiss…" You mumbled in embarrassment wondering what had made you act like that so suddenly.



No one spoke again in embarrassment and also being so distracted by that heavenly little experience. Or at least that was until the Pro

"Well we're all set kiddos?" Fat Gum arrived back.

He glanced up and looked at all three of his blushing and awkward looking shadows, his brow rising in confusion and worry for them each.

"Are you three okay? Did something happen while I was gone?"

All three of you exchanged looks and then in a unified tone of terror yelled back a "NO!"

Fat Gum nodded and motioned for them all to follow. He had a feeling something, in fact, did happen… but it wasn't his place to ask. Though… he was curious as to what would make all three of you freak out consecutively.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto x Reader

It was a calm Sunday: no school, no work, no plans. Just a little time to yourself as you wandered around the partly crowded mall. It wasn't close to any holidays and none of the shops seemed to be having a crazy sale either, so not many people were here.

You had decided to come due to just relax and catch your breath from the week. School had been picking up, your job had asked you to cover more shifts then you should have been doing, and your family was always crazy. But this week was over and a new one beginning.

Meaning anything could happen! You could find a new shop you loved, you could make a new friend, you could even meet your destined partner if the odds were in your favor enough!

Laughing a little at your overly optimistic attitude, you smiled and thought more about what it would be like to meet the individual you had been tied to since birth. Your long awaited soulmate, your soon to be found lover… whatever you would call it.

You had heard stories of what it was like to meet them. Your parents described it as they had made eye contact and their string of fate had appeared. The red string that connected your lives and allowed you to know you had found the person you were to be with.

But… a soulmate was more than just a string attached to your wrist when you first meet eyes. But someone who held a precious and amazing gift, more special than any quirk could have. More brilliant than the strongest hero.

A soulmate had the ability to heal their own soulmate: physical, mental, emotion, anything troubling you could be whisked away into oblivion if your soulmate decided upon it. All they had to do was wish from the bottom of their heart to heal them and then gently kiss the area where the pain was… and it would be gone.

It seemed ridiculous when just being told about it, but even as a little girl you didn't fully believe it. It seemed almost too good to be true… someone who would love you unconditionally and who could also make you better with a simple kiss.

But that was until your parents had told you their family secret when they had figured out that you were skeptical of it. And the story itself had made you realize that maybe… this soulmate system and the gift it came with was exactly what people seemed to think it was.

Your mother had sat you down on the couch at the ripe age of 10, your father coming over on your other side. On his lap was their wedding album, a thin layer of dust upon it. Your mother wiped away a tear.

You father opened the book a moment later, the first picture being one of your mother and father… but something different stuck out. Something you had never seen before or even heard at the dinner table or family gatherings.

In her wedding dress, dressed for the most important day of her life was your mother. Her hair done up perfectly, her eyes smiling and your father next to her, his hand on her shoulder.

But what stood out was not the younger versions of your parents, but rather the object your mother was sitting in. Despite wearing a wedding dress and smiling so widely, you could not help but feel conflicted about the wheelchair your mother was sitting in.

You glanced at your mother, grabbing her hand in worry. She kissed your temple at the time, muttering words of comfort to you. When you both calmed, your father explained that your mother used to be restrained to a wheelchair.

Apparently, when she was a child, your mother had gotten into a car accident, rendering her paralyzed for much of her young life. And when she met your father, she still even believed that she would be forever stuck in that chair.

"The day of the wedding, I expressed how much I wanted to walk down the aisle to him. And then by some miracle, when he kissed my legs… it was as if the accident never happened." Your mother cried, kissing your father.

"It's strange to think… but the soulmate system does work. I wanted to grant your mother's wish. So I decided to try it out myself… and lo and behold it worked." Your father reminisced.

"That's why we only have to pay for medical when you get hurt or sick." You mother teased you, though in reality… this had hit you like a ton of bricks.

You really did have a soul mate out there somewhere… and whoever they were would not only love you… but could heal and fix you like no medicine could. A literal miracle kiss.

Ever since that day you had become quite fond of that thought. Of meeting them finally and falling in love. Not worrying about sickness or injury as long as the other was around and living life peacefully with this thought in mind.

You had been so lost in your thoughts and dreams that you were not looking where you were going. As such, your body collided with someone, knocking you both over and onto the tile surface of the mall's floor.

"Oh no! I'm so sorry!" You called out, embarrassment lighting up your features.

You knew it was one of your flaws to get lost in your realms of fantasy and love, but today it had actually managed to knock you and someone else off their feet. You quickly began to clean up the dropped objects.

Your hands picked up your fallen department store bag with the new top you had bought, as well as a cookbook for soba, obviously this stranger's purchase. Your corner vision saw him grabbing the latest comic on All Might, as a plastic bag from another clothing store.

You rose to your feet, stretching out the object that belonged to him. Your eyes stayed tuned on the floor, not sure what to do or say, as this stranger had yet to even speak a single word to you.

"Thank you. And I believe this is yours." He mumbled, touching your hand softly to grab his book of recipes.

"O-Oh.. thank you." You shyly spoke, glancing up to reach for your comic book.

You grabbed the object, catching a glance at red and white hair… strange. In this world of quirks, you had seen some interesting people, but he looked so normal aside from that strange hairdo.

Your eyes wandered down further to see if maybe he had more strange parts of his appearance. Your eyes met his, a vibrant pool of blue and a striking silver looking sternly into your own soft shades of (eye color).

Suddenly your body felt snug, as if you had just put on a fluffy and warm jacket that fits you perfectly, like it was meant for you to wear. You watched as his eyes widened, a realization crossing your mind that he had felt this odd feeling as well.

You shifted ever so little, but your ears caught the sound of a small bell chiming. Your eyes broke away from his, his own looking to the bell as well. You gasped as a thick red string decorated with lilies and daisies was tied around your wrist, the red string breaking off and going forwards toward this stranger.

He lifted up his end, arm shaking at the detail the two of you had just found out by total accident due to your clumsiness. On his arm was the other end of the scarlet string, tied as snuggly on him with the same florals as the one on your wrist. A bell chiming softly as he trembled as well.

You glanced up at him, trying not to get over emotion over this finding. You urged yourself to keep it together and turn this first impression around and show him how happy you were for finally finding him.

But as you lifted your eyes up again, you noticed a detail on his face that you had missed the last time. Some trance must have come over you when you locked his eyes the first time, as you missed a major part of his appearance.

You gulped, turning away from his face, not wanting to be rude by staring. But it was fairly noticeable, the scar on his face. Right on his left side, making that gorgeous ocean blue eye stand out more, was a large burn scar.

You shook your head, not wanting to focus on this and make yourself seem so petty and ridiculous to this boy whose name you did not even know yet. You smiled softly, looking back up at him and hesitantly holding out your hand.

"(Name)... it's nice to finally meet you." You smiled, the bell on the arm extending chiming beautifully and filling both your ears with only that sound.



Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto x Reader

The two bubble teas sat across from each other at the small round table in the cafe. A set of plastic bags of various dull colors were leaning against the chairs their buyers were in. A woman sat on the left, idly twirling her newly bought tea, attempting to think of something to say. Across from her sat a man, his face dull and almost emotionless looking.

"S-So your name's Todoroki Shouto." The woman began, attempting to make conversation.

The man across from her nodded, tugging up his own drink to his lips and taking a nice long sip. He placed it back down, some of the condensation on his fingers freezing on one hand or steaming off on the other. He was a bit nervous.

"Yes. And you're (Full Name)." He repeated the name he would soon get used to saying or thinking of frequently.

You nodded shyly and then cleared the air with an awkward laugh. Todoroki glanced at you, feeling a smile shy smile of his own creep onto his features. You were rather cute, weren't you?

"I'm sorry." You continued giggling a bit more. "I'm not really sure what to do or say. They tell you all about what will happen when you meet your soulmate… but not what to say when you do."

"I completely understand. It's rather awkward, isn't it? We're two complete strangers, yet fate has brought us together as something more."

"Yeah…" You hummed, lifting up the red string still connecting the two of you together.

It had slowly started fading since you had met, the ever-present flowers starting to drop their petals and the string once again becoming invisible. It had done its job and now was no longer needed as your fated lover and yourself got to know one another.

Within the hour it would be gone and the two of you could walk off without tugging the other with you. So in the meantime, Todoroki had suggested taking a seat in the bubble tea shop and getting to talking.

And thus here you both were, sitting and attempting to make conversation. And as it appeared, small talk was neither of your best hands, yet talking about something more interesting or at least not trivial got you both yammering on.

"So, what's your quirk?" You asked, glancing once again at his unusual appearance.

It was like he was two people at once: one side with snow-white hair and a silver eye, this side protecting a coldness towards you. The other with fiery red hair and an ocean blue eye. This side was protecting an comfortable heat. As well as that scar on his left side as well.

"Half-Cold, Half-Hot." He mumbled on. "My left side can produce fire, while my right side creates ice."

"So that's why your sides give off such different temperatures!" You snapped your fingers, smiling widely at him.

"I-I'm what?" Todoroki checked himself, and sure enough, he was.

He quickly calmed himself down enough to not make it noticeable to the people around him that he was either making them shiver or sweat. He hadn't even realized he was doing it either… the girl in front of him had just captured his attention so much… that he was started to become flushed and nervous.

"How about you?" He asked, once his voice would be steady enough to speak again.

"My quirk? Well, it's not as cool as yours, that's for sure." You laughed. "I can read and speak any language at first glance."

"Really? That's impressive."

"Not really, it's kinda boring compared to all the people who could become a hero with their quirks."

"Did you want to be a hero?"

"When I was younger I did… it was all I dreamed about. Though as I got older I learned to be more practical. So I thought that maybe if I couldn't have the occupation of hero, a job in the government would be a good second."

"So you want to be a translator then?"

You nodded and smiled at his correct guess. "You're pretty smart Todoroki-kun. So what about you, any ideas for the future?"

"A hero if all goes well."

Your eyes widened in excitement and you slammed your hands on the table, the widest grin Todoroki had ever seen erupting on your face.

"Really?! Well I mean it makes sense with a quirk like yours! But that's great! What hero school are you attending?!"

He chuckled, your enthusiasm rather contagious. Despite deciding to be more practical in thinking of a way to use your quirk for good, you still held that childlike awe of watching and hearing about heroes. It was very enjoyable to watch and he felt a small swelling of pride that this girl was his to love.

She was a literal bundle of joy and support… something he knew he would no doubt need to steady him.

"I'm a first year at Yuuei Academy, in the hero course."

"Are you serious? That's like the best school! Holy cow! My soulmate is incredible!"

Todoroki was taken aback by this sudden compliment, his hand rising and covering his mouth and parts of his blush. He had never been held in this sort of attention before: kind, sweet, appreciative. It felt so different and so nice.

You noticed his sudden retracting and backed off ever so slightly. He must not be used to this. You met his eyes and smiled softly at him again, pools of (eye color) apologizing for any possible overwhelming words or feelings you had said.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. I just…" Your voice trailed low, hand enclosing in slow warmth. "... I just wasn't expecting someone as amazing as you to be my match. I suppose I'm just a bit excited is all."

"It's quite alright. A few of my classmates are much more overly excitable. Plus… your words are very kind."

"What's your family like?" You asked, covering the next base of getting to know someone. However, at this mention, you saw him freeze his face changing from a small smile into a long frown.

"Y-you don't have to answer if you don't want to Todoroki-kun."

"No. It's fine. I'll just say that my father and I are not on good relations and I'm rebuilding my relationship with my mother."

"I-I'm so sorry… I didn't mean to bring up any wounds…"

"I know you didn't, nor did you have any malintent either. I understand that you're just trying to get to know me and I appreciate it. I'm just…"

He allowed a glare to rise to his gorgeous features, his hand rising up and touching scar ever so slightly. He sighed feeling the tarnished skin underneath his skins, the smooth skin touching the damaged and unredeemable one.

"- I'm just learning how to accept both sides of myself."

You nodded and reached out to clasp his hand to yours. He allowed your hand to comfort his on the table, the warmth of your soft skin calming him down. Strange how even though he had not even met you an hour ago, yet he felt like he could tell you anything and not have to worry about oversharing.

He felt at ease with you, like he was meant to be talking to you about these things… and in a way, he supposed he was.

"I-I could get rid of it you know…" Your voice caught him from his inner thoughts, making his attention come back at the full amount.

"Y-You could what?" He breathed, not understanding.

"Soulmates can heal injuries." You took a deep breath and met his eyes, allowing him to see every emotion and intent you had for him were positive.

"I-I was always told it was only new injuries…"

You shook your head. "My mother was paralyzed from the waist down… my father healed her and she can walk like she was before her accident."

You reached forward delicately touching your hand to his scar, your soft and tender hand touching his most hated part with such care and compassion. It was strange, he always thought it made him unsightly and hideous, yet here you were caressing his left with a sensation of love.

Love for him, despite what he looked like and who he was.

"You would… heal me." He breathed, realizing the true weight of your words and just how world-changing this was.

"It's up to you, I won't force you into a decision or make one for you. But if you want it gone and believe that maybe it'll help you feel better about whatever happened… then I don't mind helping you."

He gulped, his throat dry. "How is it done?"

"I just have to kiss your scar and wish for it to go."

"It can't be that simple."

"Believe me.. I thought the same thing… but it is."

He remained silent, holding your hand with his free one against his face still. He closed his eyes and breathed out a long-held deep breath.

He reopened his eyes and met the ones of his newly found soul mate once more, his heart at ease, despite this whole day's sudden happenings and findings.

"Well, Todoroki-kun? What would you like for me to do?"

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto x Reader

It was strange to think about what had been said that day… what had been offered to him. Who would have guessed that meeting his soulmate would not be the thing on his mind that might as he stood in thought, but rather what she offered to do for him.

Heal the one part of his body that was a constant reminder of everything he hated about his past, his family, his power. The scar that represented those negative and self-consuming feelings suddenly being gone if he wished for it.

But did he wish for it?

He shook his head, glancing back at the familiar sliding door in front of him. Despite how many times he had come here now, he could never get used to the thought that this was where he had to come to visit her.

So many bad things in his past, and her being kept here for a life she didn't choose was the worst of it. Even worse being that she was stuck with a partner she didn't want or choose.

He opened the door, glancing to see the similar shade of white hair glancing out the window like she almost always was when he came here. Her silver gaze met his and she smiled softly.

Todoroki nodded, stepping in and shutting the door after him. He held onto the two plastic bags he was still carrying and she took notice right away, that maternal instinct still being inside of her despite the riff in their relationship.

"Were you out shopping Shouto?" His mother's calm voice asked, getting up to greet him properly.

"Yes, I wanted to pick up a cookbook. I was hoping we could make soba tonight." He answered, gesturing to the small but decent kitchen she had in her hospital room.

She had been here since the accident, thus was placed on the long stay wing of the local hospital. And despite her being labeled unsteady and mentally ill, she seemed like she always did.

He wanted to say it was because she was no longer with his father. He wanted to say it was because she was getting the help she needed. But some small part of him hinted that the true reason she was so much better was that she was finally living the life she wanted.

No abusive husband. No kids she was forced to have. Just calm and peaceful days to herself.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea. I should have all the ingredients. If not a nurse will bring us what we require." She softly spoke, moving to look in her kitchen for what her son would require.

The cooking went off fairly easy. The atmosphere with his mother always seeming to improve day by day as he visited her more and more. She asked him a lot about his school life and how hero classes were. It amazed him that she not only remembered but still supported him in this dream.

There always seemed to be amazingly strong woman in his life: his mother, sister, Yaoyorozu and now (Name). Each having been through their own hardships in their lives, some he did not even know about, yet they always strived for the next day.

They always tried to make others feel good… they always put others first when it mattered. And even if they lost it at one point, they always seemed to come back at least. Despite it all, they each were more of a fighter then he would ever be.

"Something happened today, didn't it?" His mother brought him back from his train of thought, her meal temporarily being untouched.

"Pardon me?" Todoroki answered back, noticing his mother give him another soft smile.

"You've always been rather quiet my son, but today you are more lost in thought." She mused, tapping her chopsticks against the wooden bowl.

She tapped once, twice, three times before she continued on. "You met her today, didn't you?"

Todoroki gulped, hoping to play this off like he didn't know what she was talking about. After everything she and her less than pleasurable soulmate had put her through, he did not want to remind her of past memories.

"It was just a long day is all. School is picking up and the underworld seems to be striking back even harder than before."

"That's nothing new though. So I'll ask again. Did you meet her today?"

"You're going to have to be a bit more specific mother. I know a lot of females in my life, you being one of them."

His mother left off a single chuckle, reaching across the table and laying her cold hand on top of her son's larger one. She let out a depressed sigh, wondering how he had gone from such a small hand to such a large one in what felt like so short of a time.

"Your soulmate Shouto."

He licked his lips, glancing down at his food and ignoring the kind silver eyes that he knew would make him cave if he decided to look at. She always had that power, like the time he drew over the walls when he was three. That single look of disappointment on her features was still the worst punishment he had ever received from her.

...Well except for that other incident. But both had come to the terms that why she had done was not to punish him, but rather the final breaking point of her sanity in that household. But that was besides the current moment.

"Why would you think that?" He asked, moving his hand under hers slightly to get a bit more comfortable.

"You've constantly been looking at your wrist and even scratched it a couple times this evening. The red string of fate appeared on it earlier today, didn't it? And you've been thinking about it."

Todoroki sighed, deciding to finally give in. She seemed to know or at least figure him out fairly easily, so he might as well come clean. He lifted his head up, meeting her softening gaze, and nodded his head slowly.

"Why did you not tell me sooner? This is wonderful Shouto." She praised him, her hand gripping his in excitement.

"I- I didn't want to remind you of that man." He admitted, letting his voice go to the wind by the end of the sentence.

His mother sighed. "What do you mean by that?"

"I thought if I talked about her, it would bring up some bad memories from before."

"Why would you talking about your soulmate do that?"

"He's yours, isn't he? I wanted to spare you any negative emotions you have towards the system or any traumatic memories if I had told you."

"Shouto." His mother's voice strained and he met her eyes once more, this time unable to break away from her silver hues. "Your father and I are not soulmates."

He blinked, mouth opening slightly as if to speak. Though he had no words to say, let alone what he should even be thinking at this moment. He was aware of just how little he truly knew about his parent's relationship, but he also would have at least thought that they were…


Was all he could say at this moment, everything in his swirling and bubbling around too much. How did he not know this? Should it have been obvious right? But, it wasn't and he had gone years fearing the soulmate system, himself and his future lover.

But… it was enlightening. Knowing this now brought so much perspective to not only his life, but his family's and now the one he would be starting with her.

"No. Just because soulmates exist, it does not always mean you meet. This was the case for your father and I. So we married… me assuming I could learn to love him and him wanting to create- well you already know the rest.

But please Shouto, let's not talk about that right now. I want to hear about her. You've met the most special person in your life and I want to hear all about her."

Todoroki nodded, smiling softly at the single memory he had of you, his heart fluttering at the thought that he would soon make many more. His mother waited in eager anticipation as he spoke to her.

"We bumped into each other at the mall and made eye contact… it was the strangest feeling mother… like some part of me that I didn't even know was missing suddenly came back.

And there she was, apologizing for running into me and tugging me off to buy me a drink to make up for things. The rope around our wrists was strange, but so lovely… it had your favorite flowers on it.

And- and she's so wonderful… I barely know anything about her… but I know she's possibly the kindest person I had ever met in my life. She even- she even offered to heal my scar."

He paused, and came out of his trance, glancing over his mother for her reaction. He didn't mean to let it slip, but it just happened. He got so bubbly and excited when he talked of you. His mother nodded, her eyes still calm and pure, no signs of anger or guilt.

"She sounds wonderful. And what was your answer to her?" She prodded him, sensing he didn't give her one.

"I told her I needed time to think… but I think I know my answer." He smiled, grabbing his phone and calling the newest number on it.

His mother sat and watched as he did so, ever proud of her youngest for the person he was becoming. Someone that she nor Enji could take credit for… Shouto was Shouto because of his own choosing.

She grew worried however when he pulled the phone away without talking to her. She frowned at this, her child's face rising in confusion and slight hurt.

"What's the matter?"

"H-her phone sent me straight to voicemail."

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto x Reader

Straight to voicemail yet again… you knew it wasn't right to continue ignoring his calls. But you couldn't help it. You had acted so impulsively and so terribly… offering right away to get rid of something that obviously held such a huge impact and emotional baggage on him… selfish… so very selfish.

You glanced away from the phone, looking at the wall near your bed. Your eyes closed, only to see his face when they were shut.

One side as pure and clean as freshly fallen snow, yet looking so soft to the touch. A glimmering tone of silver near the pupil, with that fair skin. And the other side was so opposite, but made him that much more interesting to look at.

As red as a mid-summer cherry and with another hue that was the color of the sea, you could tell this side of him was much warmer than the other. His scar held many questions, but brought so much more… you didn't even know how to phrase it. He was just interesting.

Everything about him was interesting and you wanted nothing more than to just listen to him talk and retell the adventures he had no doubt gone through this far in his life. His school tales would no doubt be interesting since he attended UA. As would be the hero tales he must also be experiencing.

But you didn't deserve to hear him talk. You didn't deserve to hear him or see him or even allow the thought of him to cross your mind. You had crossed a line, that much you were sure of.

The minute you had offered him the chance to remove his scar, he had pulled away. His hand left yours and his gaze left you. You watched with a growing pit in your stomach as his face dropped in what you could only describe as a state of melancholy he wasn't sure what to do with or where to place.

"I'll consider it. If you'll excuse me… I have to go meet someone tonight."

And then he left, not even turning to say goodbye or when you two could see each other again.

And as a result, you had known you messed up.

So you came home. You didn't come for when dinner was called, nor did you go on the computer to enjoy your life online. You sat just crawled underneath the sheets and allowed everything inside of your frame to poor out.

Every mistake, nerve, and regrettable nerve came out of your silent breakdown. You must be the worst soulmate… and you would not blame him if he never wanted to speak or see you again.

And even when he proved you wrong by not calling once, twice, but five times… you didn't answer. In your mind you had ruined your chances and thought he would be best off without you...who would want such a nosy and overbearing soulmate after all.

Your phone stopped ringing for a while, and you assumed he had given up. But then ever so softly, you heard your phone vibrate in the text tone.

You wiped away a few stray tears, glancing at the device. You must have believed that reading something from him was okay, as you finally took the phone. Your eyes took a moment to clear, but finally, you glanced down at the pixelated screen.

‘Can we meet up.'

You hiccuped, rubbing away at the running nose and debating to even say anything back. He could tell you saw his message though, and suddenly three little dots showed on the screen. After a moment they changed to his next message.

‘Please. I want to see you.'

You typed back a simple ‘okay' and waited once again. You were really doing this, weren't you? But maybe at least this way… you could apologize for what was said. It was impractical to hide away from him forever.

He'd find you after all… he seemed crafty enough to be able to track you down and devoted enough to not give up until he found you. So you could at least make it easy for him.

‘Do you know where the memorial park for fallen heroes is? Meet me there in an hour. By the large fountain.'

You told him you would be there. It was only a short 15-minute walk to where he was talking about from your home. You would get dressed and eat something before leaving. You didn't want to do this on an empty stomach after all.

You had arrived early, but it appeared he had as well. Sitting and glancing outwards, seemingly keeping an eye out for when you showed up was Todoroki Shouto. When he saw your form walking out of the lit path he stood up right away.

You could see him visibly calm himself down before he began to move over to you. You paused a few inches away from him as he came closer to you. He smiled softly, ushering for you to follow him to the bench near the flowing fountain.

You did so, making sure to keep your distance. Your heart pounded against your chest… such a funny sensation. Was it from nervousness, guilt or that you had already begun the descent into unconditional love for him.

"Is everything alright? You didn't answer any of my calls earlier." He asked once you were sitting, though he was on one end and you the other.

"Just fine." You mumbled, breathing in the cool night air. "I just…"

"Just… what?" He urged you, slowly and gently scooting closer.

"I just didn't want to reopen any of your wounds again… I'm sorry for doing it in the first place."

Todoroki felt himself stop breathing for a second there. You assumed you upset him? He thought back, seeing as his sudden and rather emotionless actions would definitely give that impression off.

His fingers rubbed against yours, the digits slowly but sternly hooking into a lock with yours. His warm hand brushed against your skin and you could not help but blush at what people walking by were seeing.

"You did nothing wrong… I'm the one who ran off. I'm sorry if I made you think so."

You nodded, and turned to him. You pressed your face into his chest and let out a small cry of pain. You had thought you would lose him already, but hearing that… it made whatever doubts had formed in your mind that much easier.

He was stiff, but then hesitantly put his free arm around you, holding you in his comforting embrace. You cried harder allowing all these emotions to spill out. It had all been so much these last few hours.

But it was beginning to feel so right. With him here and holding you… a sensation you had never experienced. After what felt like too long to be bawling your eyes out, you pulled away. You wiped the remaining tears away and giggled softly.

"I'm sorry. I guess I was just so afraid of losing you… it turned into that."

"It's fine. I'm glad you were comfortable enough to let me know… now if you don't mind-"

He stopped, lifting your hand to touch his scar and you inhaled a long deep breath.

"-what do you think of it?"

"W-what?" You asked breathlessly.

"How do you feel about it… if I wanted to keep it…"

You could feel his grip on your hand falter, then come back. He must be nervous. You sighed and moved forward pressing your forehead against his. You could feel the heat suddenly come off his skin and you smiled.

Without thinking, you unhooked your hand from his and used both hands to cup his cheeks in each palm separately. He watched in awe as you leaned forward, slowly to him, but too fast too you.

Your lips met in a sweet first kiss, your lips moving and fitting to his perfectly. It took him and second to react, but he did. He moved with you, hands tugging at your waist and holding you so softly. You felt as of he was treating you with delicate care.

You pulled away from him after a moment, keeping his face cupped in your hands. You smiled brightly at him and pressed a final kiss to his scar. He widened his eyes, assuming you had just made the move to erase it.

However, he felt no different and when his shakily rose his finger, he could feel the damaged skin underneath still. He blinked, looking back at you. You nodded to him, head tilting as a soft breeze moved your hair.

"You are already perfect to me Todoroki. With or without the scar, it makes no difference in how I love you. So if you wish to keep it, then so be it."

"You're fine then… having me look like this?" He answered back and you lightly flicked his temple.

"What is that supposed to mean? I only see an incredibly handsome and amazing hero who I'm lucky enough to call my soulmate. I want the world and everyone in it to know you are my chosen love!"

He quickly shot his head down, letting out a chuckle or two silently, his hand's touchings yours still on his face.

"What did I do to deserve someone like you?"

You sighed and leaned into him again.

"I was just asking myself the same thing."



Chapter Text

Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

There were only 2 sounds that could compete with the loud booming of your feet along the pavement at this very moment. Each connection of your worn out sneakers to the very cracked and much older pavement echoing through the air.

The first sound was that of the rain itself. The millions of droplets falling, hitting and cascading down the buildings and objects along the streets. The water making the ground more slick than usual, your mind having to take an extra precaution because of such. One wrong step and you could easily slip into a bench or trashcan.

The second sound was that of sirens. The flashing lights reminding you that you were not exactly model citizen number one, or any for that matter. Instead, you had been on the high alert list for not only the police department, but also various hero agencies across Tokyo.

The pitter patter of your feet, mixing in with the torrential downpour and ear pitching sirens were not the biggest concern though. Nor was it that you had decided to rob a jewelry store in broad daylight.

No, what was the biggest issue in your current escape was a certain hero who you had been captivated by your activities for the past 2 months. His efforts never ceasing to catch you, but failing miserably every single time.

"Freeze!" The hero declared as Shouto hollered from behind you. Your mind instantly reminding you that his voice sounds much closer than the last time he had shouted this at you.

"You can't do that yourself, Ice Prince?" Your voice dipped, face turning slightly for him to see your masked face, an ever-present and familiar smirk on it.

Shouto's eye widened, his right side extending with a swing of his hand, a wall of growing ice catching up to you. Seeing your chance to escape him and this chase in total, your well trained and agile body quickly leaped up. Your smiled widely as you used the ice wall to skate your way further down the street, dashing into an alleyway.

Todoroki's eyes widened, realizing if he didn't follow and fast he would lose you- again.

And not to his surprise, the minute he did indeed lock vision with the alleyway, you had disappeared. Escaping was not a word he liked to use about this particular criminal… as she seemed to simply vanish.

The minute all eyes were off of you, you vanished like a phantom. No trace of evidence or even a calling card. Just gone, like you never existed in the first place.

And it was slowly beginning to drive him insane with how you did it. He was at least sure you had a teleporter quirk, nothing else could explain how you moved around. But what kind of quirk not only acted so fast, but basically erased your presence.

Sulking back, allowing the police overs to come in and search the area for clues he was sure they would not find, Todoroki left. This had happened much too often for his liking. He wasn't even assigned to your case, he just took it up.

He had just so happened to be off duty one day during one of your robberies. He was trying to burn time by just wandering around the city. It was a clear day, the financial district chaotic from the usual hustle and bustle, but then it was taken up a notch when suddenly an ear piercing alarm went off.

He had started ordering civilians to the side, trying to see what exactly was happening. Then right as he glanced upwards, his silver and blue hues met a pair of (eye color), slowing down everything around him expect for her.

He had caught her eye as well, his right eye giving him a quick wink and smile before time resumed and she dashed down the area. Todoroki started a few moments, soon scolding himself for his bystander actions.

He had chased her for nearly 15 minutes after that, only to lose her the same way he lost her every time. She ran out of his line of sight and then was erased from the area. After that he was invested, something pulling at every fiber of his being to take her down.

She wasn't a supervillain, or a member of the slowly dying out League of Villains, but she did possess a quirk and skills that were obstructing justice. And thus the two months long game of cat and mouse continued, with him diving at holes and leads proving to be false.

The mysterious woman had been dubbed ‘The Vanisher' by the local tabloids, their authors loving to gossip and write about how she had been actively avoiding capture and even leaving some top heroes stumped as to who she was exactly.

Soon drawing back from his thoughts, he realized he had come to a small park near the residential area. It, of course, looked nearly abandoned on this gloomy and wet afternoon, aside from a few quickly passing my citizens, and a single figure sitting and slowly swinging back on forth on the swings.

Todoroki glanced at this woman, watching as her hair wetted from the rain as her hood was not even up. But as he watched further, he noticed that he (hair color) locks were already soaked.

Her clothing was ripped and torn, the rain jacket she had on looking to not be very fit to keep the chill from her bones. The fabrics themselves also soaking as well. In his opinion, this woman looked to be homeless or at least in dire need of a new and dryer set of clothes.

He walked forward slowly, hoping to not spook the girl who seemed to be lost in her own thoughts. He head was tossed back, the droplets falling onto her face as she watched the sky.

His foot stomped into a puddle, making her slowly lift her head to glance back up and see the hero walking towards her. He noticed her eyes flash for a quick second, but thought nothing of it.

More than likely she recognized him from the news and was attempting to hide her excitement that one of the top heroes was approaching her at this very moment. In an attempt to calm her nerves, Shouto nodded at her.

She flashed him a smile back, watching as he took a seat on the unoccupied swing next to her. The two sat in silence a moment, just listening to the sounds of rain and the city around them. It was quite peaceful.

"Shouldn't a big hero like yourself be occupying himself with more important matters then playing on a swingset?"

He turned a gaze to her, an odd sense of familiarity hitting him, but not connecting. Even more curious, despite her words coming out as somewhat rude, she had said it in a tune that made him assume she was teasing him.

"My shift just ended."

"A hard day's work done right then?" She asked again, this time kicking the ground a bit harder, making her swing up even further.

"Not every day is exactly newsworthy."

"Those sirens from earlier beg to tell a different story." She called, legs no longer able to touch the ground, her own moment being what would drive her higher up.

"You could hear them?" His eyes narrowed, suspicion rising. The chase had occurred from the opposite direction and where it had ended was a 15-minute walk away.

"Of course. I was downtown when the cars suddenly came out of nowhere."

He paused, knowing that maybe she had just been in the same place as him and wondered here faster than him as well.

"Did you catch her?"


"The woman who the police were chasing." She paused, smirking softly. "And you too of course."

Hid gut stiffened up, making the hairs on the back of his neck stand up considerably. Something was not sticking right, and the tone and body language of this woman also seemed to be very off, almost like she knew something else.

"So you witnessed what happened then?"

He didn't give her the time of day to answer his question, he had a feeling she very much knew the answer already. And if he was right, she had been playing with him this entire time, to her own amusement.

She didn't answer his question, however, simply ignoring him like he had done to her previous questions.

"If you had ma'am, I'd like to take you downtown and ask you a few more."

He reached forward to grab the metal set, ready to act upon his intuition. However, before he could even touch a hot hand to the metal, the woman leaped off at the swing's peak height.

Todoroki watched in shock as she moved through the air, legs already moving into and run, her wet hair whipping about. She tucked herself as her body hit the muddy ground, rolling and then bouncing up into a sprint.

Shaking himself from that trance she always put him in, Todoroki gave chase. He was not losing her this time, that was for sure. She ran into the street, jumping over a moving car, Todoroki close behind.

He attempted to ice the ground, only to have her turn a corner the minute he did so. He cursed himself for his fire not being strong enough to use in the rain. It took a major toll on him physically, thus not a good idea.

Instead, he followed close behind, waiting for the moment he could ice her legs or freeze her escape. If he acted recklessly and rash like all those times before, he would lose her.

And he would not let this encounter slip away, not when he had seen her face and she looked almost defenseless without any of her usual tricks to use on him. She was dressed as a civilian, and thus he assumed her weaponry was elsewhere.

Soon the two came to a small tunnel, their path being the upper section, the one not actually leading into the tunnel. He had her now. The area was open and thus the risk of property damage was at its lowest.

Before he could even make a move though, she jumped over the fence free falling to the road below. He gasped in shock, running to the trailing and watching in terror for a splattered body.

However, he was met with her smirking face, standing on the bed of a truck. She waved as she went into the tunnel, disappearing from his view. He dashed madly to the other side, glancing down to see her again, and maybe even jump down himself.

However, as the truck reappeared… it was empty, not a trace that she had been here or on it a moment ago. And even when he navigated down to check on the tunnel, it too was lacking an agile thief.

You had vanished and right when he had nearly caught you… again.


The walk home felt worse than it usually did. Not only had he lost her once today, but that girl in the park was more than likely her. Putting the pieces together in his mind, it all pointed to it.

And if it was her, he pretty much knew her face and could actively seek it out now. Her masked face was no longer a hindrance to him.

Eventually, he arrived at his luxury apartment, the steps to the third floor feeling much more of an exhausting hike from all the chasing done today. Even so, he reached the door.

Unlocking the door was easy, just a twist and a turning of the knob, what wasn't easy was the door itself. He had asked the landlord several times to get a new door, due to the one sticking at random points. Tonight is one such time.

By the time he had finally shoved the door in and gotten into his home, the faint light down the hallway was enough of a subtle ‘welcome home' to him.

However, something was off… that much was certain. He never left a light on in his home, nor did he so graciously leave a single lavender on the small table near where his keys and few framed photos of dear friends sat.

Someone was definitely in here. An uninvited guest and someone who could very much be threatening his safety or that of someone else if they were wicked enough to try.

Sternly and bravely walking down his hallway, his came to the source of the light: a single lamp in his living room, near a corner with a chair and a bookshelf. Upon this chair with a novel from the self-clasped in her hand was the girl from the park earlier.

The same one his gut had told him was the Vanisher as well, and from how she had not only disappeared from him before, but now also mysteriously had gotten into his locked apartment… this settled it.

This girl was the disappearing criminal.

"What are you doing here?" He called out, leaving a good distance from him in case she was armed, but not enough for her to turn tail and disappear from him if she chose to do so.

She shut the book with a soft thud, her eyes glancing up to make eye contact with Shouto, the same hues he had been seeing so often for the past two months. She rested her hands on her chin, smirking at him.

"I can't drop by and say hello to my favorite pro hero."

His eyes narrowed at her tease, dissatisfaction growing by every minute. What did she want, it had to be something. What criminal not only actively showed their face but gave their enemy the upper hand.

"I don't know what brought you here… but breaking and entering is the least of your worries at the current moment."

You chuckled, eyes narrowing. "Relax Shouto. I simply came to talk."



Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijiro:

It was supposed to start out as a simple and fun trip to the mountains. It was supposed to be a 2 day trip of fun, snow, snowboarding and hot drinks. It was not supposed to take this turn.

Your eyes squinted as you watched the branches directly above you swinging back and forth. Every few seconds a ray of light would be shone on your face, the intensity having been dimmed down since time had wandered on from you.

Your form was surrounded by nothing but numbness and a slow itch of tingles working up your arms and legs. It had at first only been the lowest parts of your fingers and toes, but now had injected your iced skin more and more.

Your eyes continued to stare up at the dimming lights from above, counting as the swinging branch lit up and then took away the only source of illumination for you at this current moment. Two seconds of heavenly brightness, followed by the single second of cold and unloving shade in the small area you were rested in.

Your hair was entangled in stray and misplaced pieces of fallen snow, leaves, dirt and whatever else the forest had at this moment. Though, your hair and how damp and cold it was was the least of your worries at the current moment.

There were several bigger issues at hand. Ones that had not even hit you yet, despite the amount of time you had been down here: hoping, waiting, listening. Each had appeared and vanished in that order as the day continued one.

"They're gonna find us…" He spoke, drawing your mind away from the blank slate it had been in for the moment passing. "I'm sure of it!"

You twitched your neck, your head jerkily turning to look at the boy beside you. He was in almost as bad shape as you were: his arm twisted the wrong way, his snowboard cracked and broken into three pieces from the impact and his once spiked and infamous hair now fallen and lifeless.

"They must have noticed by now!" He attempted to say, his red hues flickering between hopeful desperation and anxious comfort. "It's getting dark! A-And we're not back!"

You stared at him, lips pressing together in a thin blue line, your eyes looking as dull and lifeless as his scarlet locks had become. You gulped down what little saliva had emerged from your mouth, the dryness of your throat getting some relief for that half second.

He had felt your eyes on you, quickly glancing back to look at you and see how dark your features had become. But not from this, he had noticed nearly right when it began all those weeks ago.

But he had not said anything. Instead, he had allowed you to carry on like this, hoping that this new mood and emotionless state was just a small phase. But how wrong was he. Now in this situation, he could see how this state was not a passing mood, but rather a state of being that had slowly consumed you.

The bus ride over had involved you staring out the window, not wanting to make any sort of conversation, Everyone had seemingly read the mood and left you to your own devices, not wanting to bother you.

Kirishima had decided to keep a close eye on you since your shared class arrived. And when he noticed you sneaking off on your own, he was quick to grab his own jacket and brace the elements as well.

He was even more surprised when he had seen your form walk towards the more wooded area of the snowy resort, your pace never stopping, making it seem as if you knew where you were going. And that was the most unsettling part of it…

And thus, like the pining fool he was, your safety was his main concern. He had intended to keep his distance and only watch you. But instead, he had messed up in more ways than just seeking out your feelings.

He had overestimated his quickness when a large branch above you snapped, the weight of the snow on it too much for it to handle. He had crashed into you, and the ice and snow were enough for you both to slip.

The sensation of falling was not foreign to him, as his chosen school and career path had taught him enough to know what to do. But at that moment, he was caught so off guard that his mind blanked completely.

He remembered the breath leaving him as he watched the sky appear before his eyes, a flash of magenta fabric flying upwards and onto the ridge. The figure he had been following near him, their warmth enough for him to still feel next to him.

Then it was the crack. The sensation of his arm bending a direction it was not meant to bend, the feeling of his back landing against something hard and rough. And finally the body next to him and the thin trails of blood coming from her.

Like a fool, he had accidentally pushed and slipped you both into what appeared to be a miniature ravine. The surface was jagged and sharp rocks of dark blues, blacks and grays greeted his vision.

"(Name)." His spoke to you again, knowing full well he caused this. "I swear I'll make this up to you when we get out…"

He watched as for the first time since you both had fallen down here hours ago, your mouth opened up.

"No." Your hues of (eye color) closed, a visible calm tone on your face and in your voice. "No one is coming to find me, Kirishima…"

Said classmate shook his head, feeling his back lock from the movement. His spine stung, the thought of him causing himself serious damage becoming more and more feared as he laid here.

"What do you mean? Of course, someone is going to come looking for us?" He chuckled in disbelief. "Don't say stuff like that (Name)...please don't…"

Your eyes met his once again as you opened them. "I know people are looking for you… but-"

"They are looking for you!" He shouted, his hoarse voice cracking from the pain skyrocketing through him as he crawled forward.

His whole body screamed as he pushed himself forward, not carrying of the damage done to his body. He was already in agony, a few more scrapes and bruises would make no difference.

You eyes stayed tuned to the crawling teen coming closer to you, the thin but deep trails of red appearing behind him as soon as he moved off of the frozen ground. He was pushing himself much too hard again, and he would more than likely pass out from exhaustion within another few minutes.

He was lucky. He would die in his sleep from the cold and frostbite.

Kirishima stopped next to you, his from falling further into the snow, only his eyes now seeable through the frozen liquid crystals. He shakily throughout a hand, his paled skin slapping onto your in his last feat of strength and willpower.

You softened you gaze at him. He was the only one to have noticed your ultimatum for this trip. And was the only one who seemed to give a shit about you as well. He had attempted to stop a branch from crushing you, only to end up on this journey with you.

You had wanted to do this alone. But now you had an extra passenger.

Now it would for sure happen. If Kirishima perished with you… then your fear would manifest into reality.

"We're going to die."

"Don't say that!"

You looked at him, seeing as his hand had gripped your even tighter now. Lifting a gaze up, you could see his eyes begging you to listen to him. He was throwing out enough hope for you both, but you were not a fool who clung to such things any longer.

"We've been here for nearly 4 hours. I've lost all feeling in my legs and have a cracked skull. You have a broken arm and possibly a fractured spine. We both have been bleeding for hours.

We'll either freeze to death, die from blood loss, or be picked apart by the wild animals."

"No, we're going to get out of here."


He paused, not used or having expected your voice to crack as it just did. He somehow managed to move his head enough to lay it on its side, glancing and looking at you as you spoke again to him.

"Why are you s-so dead set on this? No one is coming for me… no one wants to help me."

"(Name)...." Kirishima muttered, hoping his pressing hand would provide some sort of comfort that you so needed right now. "-W-why don't you think no one's looking for us?"

"Looking for me." You spoke, the last word being heavily pronounced. "They're all looking for you. I'm sure of that much… but who the hell would be thinking of me?"

"(Name)... come one. Everyone is class must have noticed by now! They would not let anyone suffer alone."

"Then why-"

His orbs of ruby widened as the first prickling of emotion reentered your eyes. The only signs that something in you still was kicking. However, it was not the emotion he had wanted in this dark and desperate time.

It was despair.

"-then why did nobody notice expect you? Why did no one care enough to try and help me… dear God…"

You stifled your cries by biting your lip, knowing full well your intentions for coming on this trip in the first place. The rope in your backpack and isolated forest had brought you plenty of space to disappear forever.

"N-no one cares about me…" You mumbled your final confession, eyes shutting in pain.

"I care!"

Hues opening back up to meet red, you watched with slight shock and slight awe as Kirishima forcefully locked you into his own emotions through the simple ways of eye contact. His own tears had begun to boil over onto his ice-covered face.

"I-I know things have been bad! And I know I should have done something sooner! B-but I promise you (Name)... if I'm worth coming after to find, then you are too!

S-so, please! Please if there is any part of you that wants to be hopeful again, now is the time! Our classmates are coming to find the both of us right now! I know it!"

He choked on a hot bubbling cry, knowing that despite the situation you both were in, he had ultimately postponed an even worse fate. He knew that he was not the person who could stop it from continuing… but at least right now needed to be your weight back to the world.

"I don't know what I would do if you suddenly were not here. And I know I'm not the only one.

I know goddamn well you can't help how you feel… but just hang on a little longer. Either we'll get rescued together… or I'll be here with you until the end. Either way… you're not alone, okay?"

Your lips trembled and your head shook with a nod. Kirishima nodded back, knowing how difficult it was for the two of you currently to even do that. And so the two of you sat there, using what was left of your strength to stay awake and attempt to keep warm.

Hoping that someone would find the two of you under that swinging branch as the sun set down.


Chapter Text

Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

"You want to talk?" Todoroki's voice held a tone of disbelief.

"Is there a problem with that?" You smirked back, taking a sip from the glass of water you had helped yourself too.

"Maybe the fact that you broke into my home and are casually sitting in my chair like you're not a wanted criminal?"

"I only want to ask you a few things, maybe answer a few of yours in return. And then we can resume our game of cat and mouse. You can chase me a little bit, only for me to get away yet again, how does that sound?"

"I would much rather arrest you right now on the spot." He flatlined his voice.

"And I have no issue with that if you're capable of doing that… but at least humor me for a moment."

He narrowed his eyes, an internal battle occurring in his form. His left side sternly ordering him to grab the girl and throw a pair of cuffs at her at this moment, she didn't deserve any of his possible good graces.

His right side begged a different issue. Why would she come here and relax if she truly had something important to tell him. She was a criminal and she would face her justice, but maybe there was more to this thief then he thought. A single chance would not be bad, it was called negotiating, right?

He huffed, giving in to his preferred side and sat down across from her on the opposite side of the room. He rose a single finger, his hues of cerulean and silver striking her where she sat.

"You have one minute before I report your location."

You hummed, tapping a finger on his glass. "Why do you try to hard to catch me?"

He rose a brow, as she had jumped into this so suddenly. But this question was rather odd. One he knew the answer to, and she would be a damned fool for not knowing herself.

"You're breaking the law. And it's my job to put criminals such as yourself away."

You chuckled, giving him an amused face. "What a very principled answer. Did you get that from a Hero Training textbook?"

She laughed again, ignoring Todoroki's emotions becoming to become irritated. However before he could speak up she opened her mouth again, a pointer finger touching her chin.

"Y'know what I think it is?"

He remained silent, watching as the cup in her hands twirled and she placed it back down on the table near her.

"I have two theories for why you try so hard to catch me. Theory 1: I've made a fool out of you so many times you've become filled with rage and obsession.

It makes plenty of sense. I'm not a high-class criminal, or the smartest one you've ever faced. Nor the most cunning, evil, corrupt, or daring…. But at the end of the day- I'm the only one you've never caught.

Hell… you caught that Dabi a while back and from the rumors, he was a bit closer to you than me. Yet not even he could escape your arrest. So why am I this special case?

From the tabloids, you are a well-rounded hero, yet this obsession you have formed around me is not a characteristic I would have pinned on you. Which leads to theory 2."

You paused, glancing at him before getting up on your feet and making your way to the kitchen. You pressed the drink to your lips, finishing off the liquid inside with a refreshing breath afterward.

Todoroki's eyes followed you. The kitchen was not attached to the living room, but he would be able to see you from the inside since the wall had an opening on it.

"And what do you believe to be your second reasoning for my ‘obsession'." He spoke, hearing you chuckle again.

He heard the and saw you place the glass near the sink, ready to be cleaned. The you scooted away, walking out the other entrance of the kitchen. Todoroki's eyes widened, realizing he could no longer see you.

He had been much too at ease, finding your little speech too amusing to really think on the matter at hand. He dashed towards the hallway, hoping to catch you before it was too late.

"Well, I think I'll keep that one to myself. It's not like you could ever understand. Until next time Shouto."

He looked at the sound of your voice but saw nothing. Just a dark empty hallway and the pit in his stomach increasing. He had lost you again. But this time, it felt much more personal than the lasts.

However… there was something else that had occurred. A spark of curiosity towards you, and a small push for him to seek you out on his own.


He was going to get his hand smacked for this for sure, maybe even be taken out of the field for his current actions… but it was bothering him. The way you had spoken that last sentence to him the night before.

It sounded spiteful, but also desperate. Like you had wanted to tell him, but you also were afraid of his response.

And yet here he was, changed into civilian clothes after a hard day of work… and deciding to spend his off time at a children's park. The only place aside from the robbery sites he had seen her at.

Maybe you would show up? But he wasn't one to get his hopes up about anything, despite the hope-filled heroes he worked alongside.

Even so, he did find himself coming here. Maybe a part of him was hoping as well.

His eyes scanned the playground, seeing the swings were empty. The slide barred the same results, as did the see-saw and sandbox. The only thing left was the jungle gym.

Turning as he did so, he spotted the figure he had been looking for. She sat at the top, watching him, a smile on her face as her hand pressed her cheeks to her face. She winked at him, but made no motion to move from him.

"Obsessed~" She sang, giggling at how his body stiffened.

"I'm simply trying to understand how you work. And why you keep allowing your face to be seen to me. Are you not worried I'll be able to figure out who you are?"

"Not really. I'll tell you myself if you asked." You clicked your tongue, watching as a group of children dashed to the swingset. "Besides there's nothing connecting me to this town aside from one thing."

"And what would that be?"

You blinked, glancing down at him curiosity sweeping through you.

"Why the change of heart to want to talk to me? I thought you were trying to arrest me."

"I still am… however, you have peaked my curiosity. So just this once you can talk to Todoroki Shouto and not the Hero Shouto."

You placed a hand on your heart and swooned. "How kind and heroic!"

Todoroki glanced in unamusement at you words, knowing full well you enjoyed attempting to get on his nerves. Luckily for you, he was much calmer and level-headed than some other heroes.

"Let's start with my name then, how does that sound?"

You jumped down next to him, landing gracefully. You winked and ushered him near a park bench and sat down with ease. You, of course, were still on high alert in case he attempted to do anything, but he didn't need to know that.



"Yeah, that's my name. I don't go by my last name any longer, so don't bother asking."

"I won't. Now then, why are you robbing stores?"

"That one's a bit tricky."

Todoroki was silent, watching as you tapped your chin in thought, then snapped your fingers together.

"Ah! I owe a debt and have been paying it off my stealing."

"You struggled to say that?"

"I didn't want to glamorize it and make you think I was a liar."

"So I can assume you haven't been lying to me."

"I may be a thief, but I'm no liar. I can assure you of that much."

Upon your words, you turned and looked at him in the eyes. Your orbs were holding genuineness and no hints of trickery. Todoroki nodded, deciding to give you the benefit of the doubt this time.

"So what did you do to end up with a debt?"

"I was a stupid kid in high school. Poked the sleeping bear, was forced into it and am nearly cleared of my debt. But of course, since they are aware of this, the missions they are giving me are much more high profile.

But I want out. And if that means I have to steal a few rings and stacks of money, then so be it."

"How do you do it?"

"With my quirk of course. But I take it you want to know the specifics."

Todoroki nodded, watching as you took out a small fan. It was colored in a rainbow, each color holding a sparkling hue on the fabric. You opened it up, smiling from behind.

"My quirk allows me to teleport to the locations of people I have formed a deeper relationship with. By selecting the color, I can show up within a 5-mile radius of them."

"So that's how you have been disappearing so easily… you're teleporting to someone."

"Yes… it's a bit strange though." You mumbled, rubbing the red part of the fan.

"What is?"

"That one day this red one appeared… and one the same day we first locked eyes."

Todoroki's eyes widened, his mind clicking on what you meant.

"You have a portal… that leads you directly to me."

"That's what leads me to theory 2."

He narrowed his eyes again, not liking how this suddenly was back. He wanted to ask you more about how in the hell you had gained a relationship with him enough to be able to teleport to him when desired.

"I can only teleport if the person I go to is has strong feeling to me… as I am to them. Theory 2… is that you feel something towards me aside from hatred."

"You're in debt to some Yakuza, are you not?"

You blinked at his changing of the subject, not understanding how the flow of conversation was happening. He continued on, however.

"That's why… I had a feeling there was something more to you. You're being taken for a ride, therefore… I'll be taking you in and will have the chief of police made a plea deal with you for any info you have on this Yakuza."

You scoffed, pulled away from him and rising to your feet. He stood up as well, reaching to grab you. You would not be escaping this time.

You rose your leg, harshly kicking him down before he could capture you. You turned to him, eyes filled with rage and hurt.

"I guess I was wrong. The only reason I have a portal to you is because you're just an obsessive hero… goodbye Shouto."

You turned, walking to the wooded area. He stood back up, but knew already you were gone. But you had at least left with some information this time, along with an emptiness rising as every moment passed.


Chapter Text

Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

How does obsession turn into depression?

Possibly from when you make a stupid mistake, only to realize that all along the feelings you had assumed them to be… were not that all.

He sulked over the paperwork at his agency, ignoring the other heroes chatting about. He had already not been the most social butterfly of them all, but everyone could tell he was feeling less talkative than ever before.

"I heard he got his heart broken." Was the rumor going around the office?

While the rumor before of having romantic feelings had made him roll his eyes and ignore them, now that he realized the truth… he had also realized that this obsession with capturing a thief- was not because he wanted to serve justice.

It was because he enjoyed their little game. He liked playing the big hero trying to capture the naughty villain. He liked the rush when she appeared and even more so the adrenaline when she would taunt him before escaping

She was some high he had to constantly be chasing to satisfy some damn need. Some dependency he had developed the moment he laid eyes on her and made him crave more the moment the first time she had disappeared from him.

And he was having withdrawals. Terrible withdrawal making him fall into a slight depression, losing almost all of his motivation to carry out the work he loved. As such his boss had put him on desk duty for the last 2 weeks since Todoroki was found unfit to be in the field.

And until he got his passion back, he would remain there.

But how could he get back his mojo, when the thing that had given it to him in the first place had confessed her life story to him. Every little detail about why she did it, how she did it and why she trusted him.

And now it had been over a month since her last appearance. The issue is that he had tried to get her to go see the police, making her run.

He didn't blame her, he only thought of what he would do, not her. And because of that, he had assumed she skipped town.

But that nagging feeling of unsaid words was still inside of him, begging and pleading to be realized. But without her here, the words would never be fulfilled.


Something had urged him after work, a sense of nostalgia in his stomach building gradually as the day went by. Though in truth, it was strange to even call it nostalgia, as it had only occurred one month ago.

Yet he found himself at the park once more, walking towards the empty swing set in the empty park. It had gotten late, the children who would usually play after school not here since it was nearing dusk.

He sat down on the plastic device, hands gripping the metal chains on either side of him, kicking softly as the swing began to go up and down ever so slightly. He had never had much of a childhood, so he felt even more out of place not knowing if he was using the object correctly.

"You need to swing your legs more."

He lifted his head up in shock, that familiar voice filling that strong urge hole in his eyes and heart. She stood there, placing away the fan she had traveled with a brilliant color of red shining.

"You really do have a portal function to me." He blinked, having not entirely believed her words at the last meaning.

"I may be a thief, but as I told you before- I am no liar."

"I know. I apologize for not believing you sooner."

"My my, what went and warmed your heart." You teased, thinking about how his personality had suddenly done a complete 180.

"Where have you been?" He asked, not sensing the urge to listen to her teasing words any longer. He had more pressing questions to find the answers to.


"And that business."

"Cleared. I stole my last item and now my debt has been cleared."

"T-That's good. You won't be stealing any longer, and in due time you won't even be remembered."

(Name) clicked her tongue, thinking over his words. They sounded so… different.

"You're not going to arrest me? I had assumed that was your number one goal. After all, your obsession with me was because of how I kept outsmarting you, right?"

His own words, coming back to bite him in the ass it appeared, his teeth biting down on his lips, sending a small but noticeable spike of pain in him.

"No. It wasn't."

You remained silent, sensing he was pausing to collect himself before he told you the true reason for his obsession and then slight depression from when you disappeared. Something he had forced deep down into his heart because he had refused to accept it.

"I was so crazed about capturing you… because I think I might have feelings for you."

"Feelings for little old me?" You smirked, pressing down on a swing yourself. "If so… we're both in a terrible mess."

"How so?"

"Well…" You chuckled, rubbed your locks with a hand and smiling widely. "I think I always teased and annoyed you because I might have feelings for you as well."

"We really have gotten ourselves into a mess then, haven't we."

You nodded, feeling like he knew the same idea he was alluding to. The tale as old as dramatic love stories: the star-crossed lovers, the Romeo to your Juliet, the tale of two lovers being on opposite sides of the spectrum.

He was a rising hero, one who should never soil his hands with romantic feelings for a criminal, no matter what her excuse is for her actions in the first place. He was supposed to lock up villains, not give them the key to his heart.

She was a criminal, having been brought into the life for a mistake and having to repay it for perish. And even now that she was free of her burden, she had added more on as a result. So many that not even a hero could save her.

"So what do we do now, Shouto?" You asked, turning to look at him.

He sighed, wanting to say something that would provide hope to the two of you, but it appeared like that would not be the case.

Instead, he reached forward grabbing your shirt collar and tugging your form towards him. Since you were sitting on the swing, it was much too easy for him to bring you close. He let out a hot breath before his lips met yours, his mouth hungry for your plump lips.

Your eyes widened, but you kissed him back, placing your legs back on the ground to remain in place. You opened your mouth, inviting him in and he eagerly took your mouth in his as well.

The kiss felt so right, but so wrong. Neither of you should have these feelings, despite you both being right-minded, this possible relationship was not. It could never work, you would never work, he would never work.

It was addictive though, knowing full well all those facts. It was bad for you both, but that's what made it so good. The knowledge that at any moment this small little world you two created would come crashing down and reality hitting you both hard.

But it needed to stop before it reached that point.

You pulled away, Shouto breathing softly. You rose from your seat and flashed him a knowing smile. He nodded, understanding that it was time.

The kiss may have been the first, but also the last. At least this way you both knew and you had some sort of closure for these feelings. They were real and had been suppressed for months, but now they had been given their 15 minutes of fame.

They should hopefully be satisfied now.

Todoroki got up after you, hand touching your hair lightly. He sighed, knowing very much as well as you did what it was time to do.

"This is goodbye." You pressed your lips to his cheek. "May your life be a happy one."

"You know where to reach me, if you ever need anything." He held your hand close, hoping to enjoy your body against his for just a moment longer.

"Goodbye Shouto." Your form pulled away gently, fan stretching out and turning purple.

You waved it out in front of you, a portal of a matching color opening. The mass of swirling energy, the air beginning sucked into it. You walked forward, pausing right before the entrance, a soft chuckle escaping your lips.

"Funny how the goodbye is also the first time you see me use my quirk…" Your voice spoke, and though you had begun with a chuckle, your tone lacked any sort of humor.

"Yes. Strange how the world works… strange who you end up falling for...only for them to have never meant to be yours."

"May we meet again in the future or in another life where we can be together." You tucked your head down, walking straight into the energy field. The moment your body having been taken in, the portal closing.

It took for him to simply blink for it all to be gone. And once again he was left standing alone in the park, looking for a woman who was not here.

But unlike the other times, he knew she would never be seen again by him or anyone in this city for that matter. Gone and dead to the world as far as she was concerned, no longer having to evade suspicions.

However, unlike the other times, she had escaped him… he felt at ease. For once Todoroki could finally accept that he lost her. Despite how much this time hurt so much worse than the others, he knew it was meant to be.

He could never catch her before after all. And this time was no different.


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki x Reader

There were multiple things he hated about his chosen agency to intern at. The first was the number 4 hero, Best Jeanist. The guy was so stingy and stuck up it drove him mad. This fucker would not let up on anything he did: no yelling, make yourself look presentable, and not to mention the number of times the pro-hero had groomed him to look like another one of his minions.

The second thing he hated the most at Best Jeanist's agency were the sidekicks. There were at least a dozen of them in total and each was more annoying than the last. They'd make him do the dumbest desk work, and go for coffee runs every time he thought he had a break. Plus that loud obnoxious laughter…. Oh did it get on his nerves...

But despite it all… these two things were not the worst things in the office. Despite their overbearing and forceful nature on him… they were not even a close second when it came to the one thing that made this whole experience worse than the other ones.

And that was her. His senpai who had apparently worked as an actual intern and not one that would be here for a week. She and he had never even met prior, but each knew of each other.

He was the winner of the Sports Festival this year, a rather disappointing win, but still, one that landed him this shitty gig, but one that he could hopefully learn one fucking thing from. He had already made a name for himself as the highly unmanageable first year from UA that he nearly sent Endeavor's son into the emergency room.

Meanwhile, you had been the third place winner for your own Sport's Festival for the second years, quite an amazing feat, as the Sport's Festival got harder and harder as every year went on. Bakugou himself had recorded all three events: first to watch how he kicked ass, and the upper years to see if he could create any new fighting moves.

So when you had approached him on his second day and told him you would be the one he would follow around today, he was a bit underwhelmed by it. He was here to learn from the best, not some shitty second-year intern.

She had started out by telling him what they would be doing: a simple patrol around the city. But in truth, when her mentor had told her that she would be in charge of him the majority of the time this week… she had a feeling it was not because he and his official sidekicks had hero business to do.

This was a test she was being given, wasn't it? The test of whether or not she could handle someone like him without pulling her hair out. A trial she would no doubt have to give her all to. This Bakugou was not someone she could let sit on the side… as he might burn over and cause a house fire.

Nevertheless, the two had started their patrol and were slowly walking through a residential area. Not a word had been said by either, obvious by both that they did not like the other. Bakugou attempted to keep walking in front of her to show his dominance, but she had threatened to leave him.

And she did at one point. He acted like he knew where he was going, but didn't. And when he turned around to ask directions, she was gone. He had to backtrack 15 minutes to find her sitting on a bench waiting for him to come back.

After that and a loud argument (though he was the only one yelling), he shuffled behind you, no doubt glaring holes into your head as you both walked. At least he was being orderly this time around.

Nothing of importance had caught your eye during patrol, so you guided him back. A block away from the office, however, he paused and scoffed.

"This is such bullshit." He breathed out, not even attempting to hide the fact that he was pissy.

"Care to repeat yourself, kouhai?" You breathed out, knowing where this was going.

But by now, you had seen enough of this behavior and would no doubt shut it down if given the chance. So you would allow him to speak his mind, only for him to have to swallow the bitter pill when you would respond.

"I signed up to learn the tricks of the hero business. Yet you and the Best Fucker's staff are giving me shit to do. Patrol? That was a fucking 3-hour walk…. Pathetic."

"You sure are full of yourself, you know that?" You batted an eye, pointing to the garage of the agency. "You want to do some hero type stuff? Fine. Let's go do something."

You strode in front of him, walking into the area. He followed close behind, a look of anger and a click of his tongue, but internally was smirking that he finally would be able to do something good and fulfilling.

Inside the garage, he watched as you moved quickly to lock and block off all entrances. He rose a brow not understanding what was happening. He watched with an annoyed red glare as you reached down and opened up two pockets on your outfit.
A dancing trial of ribbon came out, twirling around you and then tying around your lower arms, before your stance changed to one ready for a fight. Bakugou clicked his tongue, knowing and understanding what was happening.

You were going to fight him.

He smirked, not seeing any possible chance for a shit girl like yourself with a dumb fucking quirk that controlled fabric like puppets could fight him and win. He could just burn all of your ribbons.

"Whoever pins the other first- wins." You told him.

"Yeah yeah… come on shitty girl… I'd like to fucking win now."

You nodded at him and waved for him to come at you. He wasted no time in doing so, propelling himself upwards with a single explosion. He pulled his right arm back, ready to deliver an exploding punch to your torso.

However, he noticed too late, his own clothing starting to become restructuring. The pair of jeans he had been forced into wrapping around his legs and preventing him to move. He attempted to reach to burn the fabric, but he was instead grabbed by the forearm.

You forced him to his knees and used your ribbons to wrap and control the one arm he would have struck you win. The ribbons moved to hold his palm against his side, his sweaty hand touching his exposed skin.

He barely had time to fire another explosion when you suddenly grabbed his extended arm, forcefully and almost painfully pulling it behind himself and pressing the palm to his back. Your form then jumped onto his back, sending him into the pavement.

You remained on his fallen form, holding him down. He was trapped: any explosion created would hurt him as well since both his hands were pressing on him. If he attempted to throw you off, it was useless. Your quirk would not allow it, those damned ribbons keeping you balanced on him.

He was beaten without him even being able to fight back. You had used him and tricked him into the situation and now he could only eat concrete and feel you against his form.

"You're too cocky. Not only did you willingly agree to a fight, not knowing the extent of my quirk, but you decided to fight in an enclosed area was a good idea. What would have happened if you struck the ceiling or a beam?

You would have hurt or killed someone, kouhai. Take your surroundings into account next time. You have the potential to be better than me and most of the heroes here, but you are too full of yourself.

Therefore, it's now my job to knock you down as many pegs as I see fit. You're remaining days here with me will be grueling, embarrassing and terrifying. When I'm done with you not only will you think better, but you will appreciate people better.

You're going to be my good little kouhai, got it? And if you don't, I'm going to make sure you are next time."

He snarled, biting his lip. You nodded and got up from him, allowing the ribbons from your attire to return to your form. They retracted to their holders and you glanced at him one final time.

"Now go get yourself cleaned up and head back to the hotel you're staying at. I'll tell Best Jeanist I gave you the rest of the day off." You paused looking back at him, a stern frown on your face. "And show up with a better attitude tomorrow, if you don't I won't hesitate to tell everyone your arrogant ass got beat up by a ‘shitty girl', got it?"

You strode towards the entrance and the elevator up to the main office floors. Bakugou didn't move for a few moments allowing his thoughts to continue swarming and for the realization to happen that he got his ass kicked… easily.

As he stood up and dusted off his clothing, something struck him as odd. A growing and nagging sensation in his chest, a warm brush of heat across his cheeks and even his palms being a bit more sweaty than usual.

He blinked in realization and shook his head, hoping to drive away the thought of what was slowly becoming more and more of apparent through his physical interactions. Yet despite it all, he would fight it…

There was no way in hell he would let it happen. He would not allow himself to develop a crush on you. Not in a million years.

Too bad for him it had already started, and he could do nothing about it now.


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Ch. 2

The rest of his internship had gone off the deep end faster than he could detonate his palms. Best Jeanist was a stick up his ass for nearly every minute and when he wasn't around his senpai was the one making him feel completely opposite.

He tried to act like he usually did: badass, intelligent, heroic and the cream of the crop. But as the week went by he went from that to stuttering, embarrassed and even at times hesitant to even ask her where he was supposed to put the copies of case files he had gotten.

But the week was over, he was finally free from all that shit. No more Best Jeanist! No more annoying sidekicks! No more courageous, strong, amazing… Fuck! No! No more annoying ass senpai!

He had been putting up a losing fight with his heart as well, each day he was near her making him fall further and further into the inescapable cage that was affection, longing, desire… and it made his blood boil.

Bakugou was not the one who fell for someone and pined desperately for them to return their affections. No. He was the one people fell for and had to convince him to give them any attention at all.

Yet here he was, back at school attempting to listen to Midnight's lesson… but utterly distracted by something else. He snapped his pencil in half when he realized he had been daydreaming about his senpai instead of the literature lesson for over 25 minutes.

He just had to ignore it. Now that he was away from her stupid face and annoying calm and comforting voice, he could get back to normal. Thought, he would soon learn it was not that easy.

He sat currently at the lunch table with his so-called friends, each excitedly telling of their internships and what they got to do. Kirishima had gotten to see his friend from 1-B, Sero learned some new tricks with his tape and even Kaminari got to do something interesting.

"So how about you Bakugou?" Kirishima handed the conversation over to him. "Besides your hair from this morning, anything manly happen at your internship?"

Bakugou snarled, staring intently at the redhead, causing him to even shudder from the intense look. However, before he could even open his mouth to utter out every single thing that ticked him off from the past week, he was harshly slapped on the back of his head.

"Don't look at people that way. You're going to give off the wrong impression and make others think you're a villain, not a hero."

He snarled, glancing up at that familiar and nagging voice. Sure enough, there was (Name), staring at him with those same unimpressed eyes and present frown she had shown him all week long.

"Fuck off… you're not in charge of me any longer."

You let off a single chuckle, smirking at him in amusement. "You really think that just cause you're not at Best Jeanist's anymore… that means you're not my little unruly kouhai?"

You leaned in close to him and got close to his reddening ear. He muttered incoherent words, unsure of what to say about you being so close, his body feeling as hot as his palms when he lit off an explosion.

"I'm still your senpai, so don't think you're done with my lessons yet. You'll be the best damn hero when I'm done with you. That is if you survive my lessons."

You pulled away, sending him a wink before taking a stick of pocky from the box you were holding. While making eye contact with him, you violently bit down on the cookie, snapping it.

You watched in delight as he seemed to stiffen further by this display, another smirk on your face. You waved to him before walking off to buy your lunch. Once out of earshot, Kaminari spoke up.

"Hot damn… that's your senpai?" The straw blond let out an airy breath. "Hell… I want her as my senpai."

"Shut the fuck up! That woman is a demon in disguise!" He snarled, rage back after his temporary blanking.

"She sure knew how to shut you up though." Sero chuckled, thinking of how Bakugou shut up right away when she started speaking to him in the low and silk voice.

"Yeah dude, I thought you would blow her up… but you just sat there and let her intimidate you." Kirishima spoke, and while it sounded rude, he truly meant it as a worry.

"HUH?! She didn't intimidate me! Unlike you shits, I have respect for my elders!"

"Since when?" Sero laughed, dodging the stray palm aimed at his face.

"Hey, I know." Kaminari laughed, snapping his fingers. "He likes it."

Bakugou stopped, glaring at the annoying other blond. However, the red on his cheeks at the mentions of liking something about her reminded him of those swirling feeling inside his chest and head.

"Oh! You're blushing! You do like it!" Kirishima chuckled.

"No way! Never pegged you for that kind of guy Bakugou!" Sero joined in.

The two, however, had their heads smashed together, and they moaned out in pain as Bakugou retracted. He snarled viciously, knowing damn well he carried no feelings for that shit of an upperclassman.

"Say that again and I'll fucking rip your arms off."

"Woah Bakugou. Calm down, we're joking." Kirishima attempted to say.

"Y-yeah man. Anyone would get red-faced if an older girl did that to them!" Kaminari rose his hands in surrender.

"Dumbasses…" Bakugou looked off, no longer willing to talk or say anything for the remainder of lunch.

This would not be the last time he saw you today though. As he was walking home, he noticing your figure by a vending machine near the train station. Sensing someone's eyes on you, you turned to see his staring face.

"Hey." You spoke, gesturing to the machine. "Want one? My treat."

He shrugged, not having anything better to do and not having a certain time he needed to come home either. So he decided to waste some time and get a free drink out of it.

"What do you want?" You asked, feeding in a few yen.

"Coffee. Black." He ordered and you pressed the button.

Your hand grabbed the can and gave it to him. "You really seem to like bitter and spicy things, huh?"

"Better than all that sweet shit you eat." Pointing to the pocky stick in your mouth. "You're gonna get some disease if you keep eating like you do."

"Rude…" You rolled your eyes. "You seriously have to work on the way you talk to people, kouhai. You're gonna get attention from the wrong type of people if you keep this up?"

"Psh… who fucking cares. As long as I know I want to be a hero, then I could give less of a shit about what other people see me as!"

You sighed, reaching and pulling one of his ears. He yelped and smacked your hand away. His red eyes turned and glared at you, but he held his tongue. For some reason, he didn't feel the urge to scream at you until you dissolved into nothingness.

"The hell was that for?"

"Because you're so twisted in your thinking!" You scolded him. "Firstly, remember heroes are public figures, so you should be slightly concerned with how people see you. Do you want to be referred to as an Endeavor? Or as an All Might?"

He closed his mouth, never having considered that before. It was true though, people always spoke well of All Might, but with Endeavor… it was always either or. Especially with the rumors surrounding his son and the Todoroki family in general, that Bakugou knew were true.

"Secondly… be careful. You're heading for a rude awakening if you keep trying to do everything on your own. Whether it's fighting or personal… you need to let people in. If you don't it's gonna catch up with you and hurt like hell. Trust me on that my foul-mouthed kouhai."

You playfully tapped his shoulder and waved goodbye, letting him stew over your advice. In the end, he decided to ignore it. What the hell did you know anyhow? You were only a year older, so there was barely a difference.

However, as you had said… he soon regretted not listening to you. He got the shit beat out of him by All Might, and ended up having Deku carry him out. Then he refused to work with the protection squad, resulting in his kidnapping.

But to make matters worse… when he was rescued and things died down. He found out the worst piece of information. A small little detail: you had been on the hero's rescue team.

And like many of the heroes who had come to save him… you had gotten hurt. The only difference being you ended up having your side torn open and in were currently in the hospital.

A rude awakening indeed…



Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki x Reader
Ch. 3

The door to the hospital room opened, the head of unruly hair peeking in. He had been told this was the room, but he wanted to make sure. His classmates still teased him about that time with Todoroki during the Sports Festival… he didn't want to walk into the wrong room a second time.

He saw this was the place though, the correct room on the correct floor in the correct hospital. (Name)'s form was resting gently on the bed, a small vase of flowers near her bedside, a matching card from her classmates there as well.

He bit his lip, knowing it was partly his fault his senpai had ended up here. She looked pretty peaceful though, for someone who had their side ripped open. He slumped in the chair next to her bed, watching her breath for a few moments.

Seeing that she was really truly out like a light, he decided now would be the best time to reach into his backpack and take out the item he had bought just for her. He raised a lip at the sticks of chocolate covered cookies, placing the small treat near the card and vase of flowers.

"I still don't understand how you can eat that shit…" He grumbled, ears always picking up on the beats of her heart monitor. "You're gonna get fucking sick and fat if you keep eating it…"

He sighed, realizing he was basically talking to himself at this point. His face descended into his hands and he let out an overdue sigh. It was his fault you were here. You were on the damn rescue team and now just like Mt. Lady, Best Jeanist, All Might and so many others, you had gotten hurt by him getting kidnapped.

He didn't know the exact details, but somewhere along the way, you had attempted to protect Best Jeanist, only to have some member of the League rip your side open. Apparently, you collapsed and stop responding moments later. Ending you up here.

The doctors had told him the good news though… the one that you had no serious or life-threatening injuries. But instead that your body needed time to recharge and heal before you woke up. As such, they deemed you not quite in a coma, but awfully close to just that.

And now he was here for some bullshit reason. Part of him was hoping you'd wake up and see him by your bedside, your feelings for him realized at that moment. But he didn't believe in those bullshit love stories.

He knew that it would most likely end up with him talking to you like a crazy love struck idiot to no avail. You'd wake up days later with no memory or knowledge of him doing so. And things would return to normal: you being the unreachable senpai and him being your unruly kouhai.

But as he sat there, looking over your peaceful but damaged form, he slowly started to realize that he didn't want that anymore. He almost lost you. If that wound had been an inch deeper or closer to your center, you would have surely died.

"You know how stupid you are? You really fucking risked your life for a dumb shit like me?" He cursed, feeling an immovable spark of regret making its new home in his chest, the feeling building up and making it hard to breathe.

"They had plenty of fucking heroes already! So why the hell did you tag along? You could have just as easily stayed outside for ground support like fucking Endeavor… but you came in! You came in to save the idiot who got himself kidnapped!"

He rubbed away at his eyes, pushing past the well threatening to make his cheeks into streams if he got any more emotional. But damn it… he almost lost you.

"God… you know how fucking much it hurts to realize you're fucking right about all that shit you said to me? I thought I could take on the entire fucking League of Villains...shit…

I knew I was a bit stubborn and headstrong… but I might also be fucking delusional. You knew that though, didn't you shitty girl? You knew from day one, and took those swipes at my ego to save my sorry ass in the future…. Didn't you?"

He paused, letting out a deep breath and deciding he was going to try something. He would most definitely regret it later, but he was just so suddenly filled with this impulsive urge to do so.

Carefully, as to not irritate the IV in your arm, he grabbed your hand laying next to him and held it in your arm. He slowly traced his thumb across your skin, not knowing how your skin could be so damn soft.

"I guess what I'm trying to say is thank you. Whether I knew it at the time or not, I'm fucking glad you kicked my ass so many times. Don't get me wrong dumbass, I'm still gonna be the best in every damn way possible, at at least thanks to you I can be a little less reckless."

He squeezed your hand, his own shaking for a moment as he thought longer about what had occurred. This guilt was not going anywhere… it was going to stay until he told you everything.

"Before I go… I have one more thing to tell you. And don't fucking laugh at me! I'm shit at this kind of stuff anyway… but I'm sorry. I should have been more grateful to you and Best Fucker… you both saw the path I was going down.

The League thought they could convince me, and if you guys and some other shits had not knocked me off my high perch before, I might have joined. Fucking crazy to even think about…

But I was an ass, and it was uncalled for. What I said, did and acted like. So, I guess this is some kind of apology for it. Your a fucking piece of work challenging me though, I seriously considered murdering your ass a few times."

He chuckled, scooting ever so close to you. He hovered over your forehead, deciding if he really should do this. Quickly, he leaned down and pressed his lips to your forehead. He tenderly left his mark on your skin, then turned back to finish his speech.

"Don't tell anyone I did that either… cause I really will murder you. Anyway… if you couldn't tell already… I like you. Like really like you.

You were super annoying and got on my nerves so fucking much… but then I saw how fucking strong and collected you are. It's stupid, but I can't stop fucking thinking about you like I'm a fucking in love or some shit."

He gently let go of your hand and got up, glancing at you one last time before he exited the room.

"You better wake up soon… I hate waiting."

It was two days later when he got the call from Best Jeanist's agency that you had woken up. It struck him as odd when he was told by his mother that you were requesting to see him as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, he paused in his actions of packing up to move into the dorms and made his way to the hospital. He didn't knock this time when he entered, knowing that unlike before you were waiting for him.

He saw you sitting upright, glancing out the window as he entered. Your form looked at peace, body relaxed and calm. He slumped down in the familiar chair and rudely cleared his throat to alert you to his presence.

You sighed and turned to him, seeing the usual snarl and unfriendly scarlet orbs looking back at you. He pulled his legs to sit crisscrossed on the chair, his arms proud and spread apart. Your eyes rolled, as he looked ridiculous.

"The hell do you want?" He snarled, knowing he didn't mean for his words to be this harsh, but it had come off as such.

"I wanted to see how my dumb kouhai was doing." You spoke back, watching as he began to rise in irritation.

"Are you fucking serious? I'm damn fine! Nothing can fucking stop me!" He laughed arrogantly, pointing a finger at you.

You sighed, seeing he was attempting to blow everything that had happened recently off. But you were not having it today…

His laughter turned into a shocked gasp and you tugged on his outstretched hand. He barely had time to regain his breath from the pull before he found himself exchanging spit with you. He widened his scarlet hues, not sure what to do.

Finally by some miracle the part of him that had wanted this took over, smashing his lips further with yours. He tried to make sense of why your lips felt so good against his, but gave up. Some questions were not meant to be answered.

He opened his mouth and let out a trail of hot breath when you pulled away from him, wiping away at the spit on your face. His eye twitched in irritation and he sucked at his teeth.

"Why the fuck did you do that?!" He roared, realizing he sounded more ungrateful then shocked.

"You told me you liked me. Lucky for you, I feel the same way." You breathed out, reaching to your nightstand and grabbing the pocky he had brought you. "And it's not nice to call a girl fat kouhai."

Bakugou remained speechless. "H-How… you were fucking asleep."

You chuckled and gave him a devious smile. "Actually I wasn't. Turns out all the medication from surgery made my body extremely tired, so I couldn't even open my eyelids or make a sound. I was like that for three days.

Lucky for me, you came by and entertained my thoughts for the last two days. And as soon as I could talk today, you were the first name out of my mouth."

He rubbed his hand through his locks again and cursed. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You weren't fucking supposed to hear that shit!"

"Hey calm down. And don't say that, if you had not told me, then we would have stayed senpai and kouhai for longer. Be glad I'm willing to give you a chance."

He looked up at you, eyes wide. Suddenly he narrowed them and his scowl reappeared. "The hell is that supposed to fucking mean?!"

You sighed. "Take me on a date idiot."

It was already the start of an unusual relationship, but it wasn't like you and Bakugou had a normal one, to begin with.


Chapter Text

The hum of the coffee machine in the cozy little shop was the only consistent sound of this afternoon, aside from the casual talk of the barista behind the counter and the soft ring of the cash register.

It was a soft cushioned seat that he found himself upon, a hot cup of bitter liquid facing him, waiting to be drank and enjoyed by the consumer who had decided to purchase himself a cup. Yet, as he sat there, staring at the cup and the rise of steam from the hot beverage, he could not help but attempt to make sense of why he bought it in the first place.

Kaminari Denki was not a fan of bitter tasting things, as he much rather prefers sweet tasting foods over bitter ones. He had never even had a cup of coffee before, let alone knew how to order one. He struggled immensely as the barista waited with a worried smile for him to make his decision.

But why all the trouble for something he didn't even like? It was simple: the barista behind the counter had caught his eye. She had for some time now, and he had just finally today built up the courage to actually walk into the cafe that was on his way home and place an order.

Yet now he felt rather silly, knowing full well he would not enjoy the cup he had spent his already little amount of money on and look like a fool or a jerk when he dumped it out without so much as taking a sip.

He sighed deeply, glancing out the window near his seat. His brain racked for some kind of idea as the darkening clouds overhead looked ready to start a downpour. The weather report had predicted thunderstorms today, so many he could ask for a to-go cup? That way he would be under the impression that he didn't want to walk home in the rain.

But then came the issue of why he didn't ask for the to-go order in the first place. Plus she was still at the front, currently wiping off the counter. And he didn't want to fumble over his words a second time.

Oh, why was this so hard?

Before he could answer his own question, however, his vibrant golden hues caught sight of something being placed on his table, a figure behind it. The feeling of warmth in his cheeks and his tongue-twisting was enough for his mind to realize who it was.

The cute barista smiled softly, her apron now gone and her hair out of that enticing messy bun. She pulled out a chair, allowing Kaminari to dart his orbs momentarily to her own cup of coffee and a small white pitcher, as well as a stack of sugars.

"Have you never had coffee before?" She asked, reaching for the pitcher and tilting it.

"That obvious?" Kaminari chuckled, his finger rubbing against his cheek in embarrassment.

"Just a bit." She spoke as the white liquid flowed into her cup, the dark brown turning into a color reminding him of milk chocolate. "Would you like me to show you how to make it sweeter?"

Kaminari blinked, his finger lifting from his skin. His breathing was momentarily halted as the girl across from him waited patiently for his answer.

"I-um… sure?"

He berated himself internally for making his answer sound like a question. He was usually so good around girls, as he believed himself to be somewhat of a flirt. Though in reality, he had never dated anyone before, thus his own nerves were his worst enemy at the current moment.

The girl across from him chuckled, his heart relaxing upon seeing her giggle at his own strange response. Maybe he had not made a total fool of himself yet.

"I'm (Name). It's nice to meet you-"

"Kaminari." He spoke, taking a breath to calm himself more. "Now tell me again how to make this not taste so bitter?"

(Name) laughed again, the atmosphere between the two almost becoming as calming as the shop itself. And now that he would finally be able to enjoy his purchase, Kaminari felt relief in more ways than one.



Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki & Todoroki Shouto:

It had become apparent to everyone in class 1-A that some sort of competition had started between Bakugou Katsuki & Todoroki Shouto. While it was not said or confirmed when asked, it was obvious both teens were fighting over something.

And that something was a general studies student: (Full Name). And like most cases, she seemed totally oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend and childhood best friend were fighting at all.

She had noticed the strange changes in both their behaviors. They were not large ones, but both had changed just a tiny bit since Todoroki had apparently had a talk with Bakugou a few weeks back.

Bakugou suddenly becoming a bit more concerned about your feelings and well being. He would give you his jacket when it was cold, accepted all your gifts and even hold your hand in public now. You wanted to say it was because your concerns about the relationship had finally gotten through to him, but you knew better.

Something Todoroki said must have really gotten him thinking and wanting to better your relationship.

Speaking of Todoroki, he had changed in the softest way as well, though barely noticeable if you were not close to him. But you were close to Todoroki, so you noticed nearly right away.

He had suddenly started being acting more sarcastic and emotional. Not a whole lot, but enough to catch you off guard. It had started when you told him Bakugou seemed to be trying harder in the relationship, only for him to softly snort.

"I guess I struck a chord with him."

You had prompted him further, asking what exactly he said to cause this, but he refused to say any more. He claimed for it to not matter, and then smiled softly at you. He had pressed your head to his chest and kissed the top of your head gently.

"Let me know if he bothers you again."

As it currently sat, you were unaware of the fact that the two strongest in the hero course were fighting over your affections. And even less to the fact that very soon, the tensions would rise.

"Do you want to see a movie this weekend?" You sat next to Bakugou at lunch, trying to make plans with your boyfriend.

"Is there even anything good out?" He grumbled, going back to scrolling through his phone.

"Let me check-"

"Maybe try the new romantic comedy. Your favorite actress is in it after all, (Name)."

"Ah! Shouto." You looked up from your own device, seeing your friend taking a seat down across from you and Bakugou. "You're right! Want to see that one Bakugou?"

Said male turned his stern gaze away from Todoroki, and then looked at you. "I'm not going to see some shitty romantic comedy."

"Ok, how ab-"

"That's a shame. I'll go and see it with you if you want to see it (Name)." Todoroki interrupted you.

"A-are you sure Shouto? It's kinda a couple movie."

"I have no issue with it. I suppose you could consider me Bakugou's replacement-"

Todoroki broke eye contact with you for a moment, glancing to meet Bakugou's narrowing eyes. He knew the ash blonde would lose his cool over this, and play right into his hands.

Todoroki wasn't one to use these tactics, but desperate times called for desperate measures after all. And the matter of your heart was definitely one of those.

"-for the movie. We don't want to drag him allow to something he has no interest in after all."

You nodded, running over plans in your head. If you went to a movie with Bakugou on Friday, then you could go with Todoroki on Saturday. That would work!

"Katsuki, how does a movie on Friday sound? That way I can still see one with you and then go to see one on with Sho-"

"I'll see the movie."

You blinked. "Huh?"

"That damn romantic comedy! I'll go and see it!"

"But you just said-"

"Fucking forget it… I'll go see it with you…"

"Well, that makes it awkward since Shouto was coming along… how about we all go Saturday and see the new action movie?"

"Fine with me." Todoroki nodded. "I just hope I'm not intruding."

"Well, it was supposed to be date night…" You mumbled awkwardly.

"I'll take you out to lunch beforehand than.. That way we can have our quality couple time together." Bakugou spoke, his hands moving you slightly closer to him as you spoke.

Todoroki's eyes narrowed at this, the pit in his stomach growing as someone else held you so close. He could feel the fingers starting to itch with his quirk: frost on one and a hot pressure on the other.

"Then I insist that I buy dessert afterward."

"Then I'll pay for tickets!"

"I'll buy the train passes."

"You wanted to see the chick flick a lot, right babe? Then let's make it a double feature! My fucking treat!"

"By that time it'll be late. So I'll buy dinner and dessert."

The argument continued from there, each attempting to buy or accommodate for something else. You had to stop it by the time Bakugou was attempting to outshine Todoroki's offer of paying for a four-course meal.

As you cemented plans and confirmed what times worked for them both, you missed the looks each gave the other.

‘I'm not stepping down.'

Each had too much at stake when it came to your affections and their own, and as long as the other remained in their way… they would stop at nothing to make you realize the correct choice was them… and no one else.

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku:

Sweaters are met for cold December days, snowy January mornings, and dark February nights. They are meant to hide away from the cold and to make one warm and comfortable on the inside.

He watched you from the corner of his eye across the classroom, his hues of leaves and summer matching the current season. He watched as all his classmates around him took off their own light jackets, revealing their summer uniforms and sun-touched skin.

Everyone except you that is.

You remained with the thicker winter sweater, covering your arms and hands. The pale yellow being a foul blemish in his vision. He hated that sweater. He hated you wearing that sweater.

He hated that you would not talk to him.

He knew what was underneath the fabric, a sight he caught by accident the other day. He had been dating you long enough to know you occasionally left your things in his room. So like the good boyfriend Midoriya Izuku was, he decided to return them.

He knew he didn't need to knock, but he did anyway. He was just the kind of person who did no matter what. When you didn't answer, but instead the sounds of your music playing, he entered.

He blushed when he heard the shower on, knowing full well you were in the bathroom bathing. So he decided to quickly return your items and leave you be. He paused by the bathroom door, knocking softly again.

It tilted open slightly, giving him a view of you in front of the mirror. He felt embarrassment rise, knowing he would see you changing, but stopped when he saw something else.

There in the mirror were dark red lines pressing against your arms, the trails breaking off and creating lighter red streaks against your skin. You blinked when you noticed the door opening softly, and your form shook.

Your hands paused the music, and you hid your arms behind your back. You turned to look at the door, a fake smile adorning your face. A smile that Izuku had come to know from having you in class for over a year now.

"H-hello is someone there?"

He paused in answering deciding if he should say anything at all.

"I-It's just me… I was just putting your stuff back in here."

‘Idiot… why don't you say it? She needs you!' He scolded himself.

"Awe! Thanks, Izu-kun!" You spoke, coming and pushing the door closed. "I'm gonna shower right now though. I'll see you later!"

"Yeah…" He paused at the door. "I'm here if you ever need me…"

He waited for a response, but it never came. So he left.

He had done a lot of stupid things in his life: breaking his bones, not helping his friends when he should have, letting All Might down… but that moment took the cake.

And everyday since then it had been eating him alive. He worried constantly, knowing the true dangers of self-harm through cutting. How often did it happen? How deep did you cut? Should he tell a trusted teacher?

He was at a loss. He didn't know what he should do. Nor did he know what was the right thing to do.

All he knew, was that he was failing you every moment he continued to let you feel this way.

Like most things, it reached its breaking point: a calm June day after classes. You had been absent that day, the excuse being that you were feeling sick. But he had another feeling.

The previous night, your mood had been really low. Despite everyone trying to cheer you up, you would not even smile. Everyone chalked it up to you being grumpy and needing space, but Izuku's worry only grew.

When class got over that day, he sprinted straight to your room. And for the first time in his life, he didn't knock when he opened the door. He instead nearly took it off its hinges when he opened it.

You jumped at his display of strength, nearly falling off the bed. You looked to have not moved an inch from there all day. You were still in your pajamas: long sleeved pink ones with white bunnies on them.

Izuku apologized for the scare but refused to lose his nerve now. He sat down next to you and pointed to your arm. You twitched when he reached forward and touched your lower arms.

"I have some too…" He spoke, rolling up his own sleeves.

He showed you the damage he had caused himself, and the nasty scars they had left over as a result. You turned your head downward and shook, muffled sounds of tears and pain coming from your covered mouth.

"I know it hurts. And I know it seems like it's the only way to make it go away… but it's not."

You shook your head, words unable to form as he tried to speak to you rationally and calmly. He meant to give you comfort and show concern, but you needed help more than anything.

He could help build you back up, but he could not do that if you did not get the help you needed.

"I know I've told you I'm always here for you… but even I don't know what to do to help you. But… if you go and try to get some professional help (Name)- then I can promise you I'll hold your hand through it all.

Whatever it is that you need- I'll be right by your side. I know it hurts now, but I'm here. And there are a lot more people besides me who want you to be happy. So please, go and talk to someone who can help.

I'll be right beside you, so please trust me. I don't want to lose you too.

I want to help you, and this is the only way I can…"

He wrapped his arms around you as you bawled, spilling all your thoughts, feelings and actions to him. He stayed and listened the entire time, knowing this was long overdue.

And at least now... It was out in the open and ready to be addressed. The first step was always coming to terms with it, and you had finally started moving towards it, with him by your side.


Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:

Todoroki Shouto had never seen fear cross the face of (Name) for the small amount of time he had known her. She would smile in the face of danger, laugh when the tides were against them and stand up amongst the enemy even if she knew her chances of winning were slim to none.

She was someone he greatly admired. He strived to do all in his power to stand by her side and support her through it all. And this resolve only grew more powerful when he started having more than a friendly relationship with her.

She was the type of person who never seemed to show any fear, but that did not mean she did not experience it or have the one thing that scared her the most. And it was an emergency trip to the hospital after a clash with some villains that would lead Todoroki to discover his lover's greatest fear.

She had been struck by a villain who's quirk was poisoned based, and was slowly starting to lose feeling in her limbs as the poison spread throughout her body. As such, Todoroki had accompanied her to the emergency room.

His hand was firmly held in hers, as she grunted and mumbled from the pain. Her teeth were clenched and her brow covered with a deep coating of sweat. She looked pale, and he worried for her. He knew she was strong, but the poison was not something just anyone could walk away from.

Finally, they had gotten her onto a table, the nurses and head doctor rushing around and Todoroki filling in any and all questions. It was then that one of the nurses approached you, uncapping a needle.

"No." You spoke, grip on Todoroki's hand tightening drastically.

"Miss (Last Name), we need to administer the anti-venom and fast. This shot will be the best way to do so." The doctor spoke, wiping down your arm with a disinfecting wipe and motioning for the nurse to come forward.

"No!" You reaffirmed your voice, trembling slightly as the needle came that much closer to your skin.

Behind you, the monitor picked up on the growing heart rate. You moved away as best you could in your state, bumping into Shouto as you did so. He enveloped you in his embrace and you relaxed in it.

"Calm down." He spoke to you softly, petting your locks of (hair color). "The doctor only wants to help. If they don't give you the medicine, then something worse might happen."

"I-I can't Shouto…" You begged him, holding him so tightly that your knuckles were nearly as pale as your face.

"You must. And I'm right here." He leaned forward and kissed your forehead softly. "It's okay to be scared. Squeeze my hand when you feel nervous."

You nodded, feeling the tears start to drip down your face. You had the most pathetic stereotypical fear, but it was the thing you were scared of the most after all. And for you, nothing would relax your heart.

"O-okay." You broke down into his chest.

He held you close, nodding to the doctor to go ahead. As the needle entered your arm, you tensed up. Your voice echoed in pain from your stiff muscles, the needle thus being rougher.

Todoroki moved your head back into his chest, making sure to keep your eyes off of the procedure occurring in the background. He needed to do something though, hearing your whimpering was too much for him.

"I'll go and pick up your favorite for dinner tonight. How does that sound? And I'll even go to that bakery you like and pick up those cookies you're fond of."

He could feel you relaxing against him as he spoke, so he continued on in his rambling. It wasn't a lot, but you did seem to stop crying and struggling against the doctor and nurses work.

"I'll make a fire and we can cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. If you fall asleep I'll carry you upstairs, it's more comfortable to sleep in the bed after all."

You nodded against him, listening to his calming voice carry on about so many simple and mundane things. But for right now, those trivial things were enough of a distraction to the background work.

And you were grateful for Shouto being here and putting in the effort to distract you.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

Shifting awkwardly against the welcome mat, you waited patiently for the front door to open up. You had knocked on it a moment ago, knowing one of the residents was expecting you tonight. Saying you were nervous was an easy observation.

You had never before been invited to meet the parents of someone you were dating. And yet here you were, standing outside the door wearing a nice outfit and trying to calm down your hectic breathing. All you had to do was be yourself and make light conversation… but hell was it driving you mad!

What you did or said here tonight could determine your relationship with not only your boyfriend but his parents for the rest of your time together… and if things continued on, then it could mean the rest of your life.

The door swung open to reveal Katsuki. Despite the fact that dinner was at his house, he still was dressed like he was the one going out to meet your parents. He grabbed your wrist and brought you inside.

"Let's get this shit over with already…" he mumbled, after helping you put your jacket on the coat rack.

He shuffled away, you following behind him nervously. His hands were stuck into his pockets, the posture he used when he was nervous about something and didn't want to let people on to it. But you knew Katsuki's mannerisms by now, and you knew he was only being rude from his own damn nerves.

He led you towards what was more than likely the living room, he paused by the doorway. You waited for him to continue walking but instead widened your eyes. He had sneakily ensnared your hand into his own. You smiled softly, hiding how happy you were from his actions. He pulled you forward, you squeeze his hand, your way of telling him you would do your best.

"Alright, she's fucking here!" Bakugou snarled out, suddenly raising his arm and pushing you out in front. You blinked in embarrassment as he put you on display in front of the older man and woman who were no doubt his mother and father.

"For God's sake Katsuki!" His mother cried out, slamming her fist onto the table. "Stop that and let the poor girl take a seat!"

"You were the one who kept saying I was lying about having a girlfriend!"

You blinked and glanced at the woman, taking her appearance in. She… she looked just like Katsuki. Or rather- Katsuki looked just like her. And the similarities didn't just stop at their eerily similar looks either, even their personalities seemed to be cut from the same cloth.

You walked forward, Katsuki taking a seat at the dining table you, he and his parents were to eat at. In all honesty, you had assumed Bakugou took after his father… as he put out a string and intimidating aura usually found in headstrong males.

But as you made eye contact and smiled softly at his father, you could see just how wrong you had been. His father, strangely enough for this family, was the calmest one here. Despite the fact that his wife and son looked ready to throw fists, he poured the drinks.

"They're always like this." He commented to you.

"Oh." You nodded to him, and he poured you a glass of sparkling cider.

"So tell me about yourself (Name)-chan." His mother turned to you, ignoring her son.

"W-well what would you like to know?" You squirmed in your seat, feeling the anxiety of making a good impression weigh down further on you.

"How much my son paid you to pretend to be his girlfriend would be a good start." Mrs. Bakugou smiled, speaking as if her words were the most innocent thing in the world.

"Why you bitch!" Katsuki declared, jumping up from his seat he had only sat down in moments ago. "I have half a damn mind t-"

"Katsuki." You simply pressed your hand on his wrist.

He glanced down at you, his raging scarlets softening ever so slightly. He huffed and sat back down, crossing his arms and looking away. Though under the table he relaxed further and connected your hand into his when he decided to unfurrow his limbs.

"What?!" He shouted to his parents, who were eyeing him and you.

"Oh, nothing…" His mother pursed her lips. "Just wondering when exactly this one tamed you? You must really like her to calm down that easily…"

Katsuki sneered at his chuckling mother, knowing full well not to try anything else. You didn't mind him fighting villains, but that type of attitude was not appropriate for the dinner table. So he'd keep his temper low and chew his mother out later.

"Now that you two have decided to play nice, please tell us about yourself (Name)." His father picked up the conversation. "How about you start when you met Katsuki."

"Yes! He refused to tell us that!" His mother clapped her hands.

"Cause it's none of your damn business how we met…" Bakugou mumbled, a tiny blush rising to his cheeks.

You chuckled. "Well, it's a pretty- interesting story."

"Oh no… what did he do?" Mrs. Bakugou paled, reading the mood.

"Calm down dear. I'm sure she'll tell us." Mr. Bakugou spoke.

"So we were at a training session… and I was paired with Katsuki. He, of course, thought I stood no chance against him… only for me to knock him out of the ring the moment he tried to attack me."

"You got beat up by her and then fell for her? Typical…" His mother laughed.

"Shut up! How was I supposed to fucking know her quirk deflected attacks back!?" Katsui raged, ignoring that the table shook when he slammed his fist onto it.

"Calm down Katsuki. Now shall we eat?" His father motioned to the dinner.

"Sounds good to me. How about you Katsuki?"

You squeezed his hand again and he rolled his eyes. Despite his heart fluttering and him feeling slight relief that his parents and you were getting along, he was still nervous. He had never brought a girl home before… so this was big.

But he liked you a lot. So if mom and dad wanted to meet his girlfriend… he'd fucking make them love her as much as he did.

Chapter Text

Shinsou Hitoshi:

Crouching on the floor, trying your best to see the appearing lines you waited with heavy held breath. One more minute and you would get your answer. One more minute and you would know for sure if your hunch was right. One more minute and you would know how screwed you were…

The background was messy: the toilet having been clung to by you in the recent days. At first, you had assumed it to be some bad seafood you at gotten, but as 2 days turned into 6… your mind wandered to other possibilities.

And thus lead you to the current situation: holding onto the sink with one hand, and your other peering at the thin white plastic stick on the other.

Soon enough, two very present and crossed pink lines came into view. Two colorful lines that could only confirm your thinking: pregnant.

You were pregnant.

But how? You and Hitoshi had been so careful! You were on birth control and had not had a monthly cycle for nearly two years… but now suddenly- p-pregnant? You knew that the medication did not always work 100% of the time, but even still you were at a loss for words.

Pregnant… you were pregnant with Shinsou Hitoshi's child.

And you were terrified.

The two of you had been going steady for years, but you never talked about marriage before, let alone kids! How was he going to react? What was he going to say? God… were the two of you even ready to be bringing another life into this world?

Hitoshi was just now starting to get into the world as a sidekick, and you were not even sure where the hell your degree would take you… this was not a good time to have a kid.

The sounds of the front door to the apartment opening and closing, followed by the sounds of keys and shoes being taken off his person. Hitoshi was home, and you were a mess.

Quickly tossing the test into the trash. Covering it with the spoiled wipes from your earlier date with the toilet. Taking a deep breath, you finally greeted him out in the living room.

Shinsou was emptying his duffel in the laundry room and turned when he sensed your presence. He smiled softly, seeing his ill girlfriend still dressed in her loose pajamas and hair frizzed.

"Feeling any better?" He asked.

He didn't even say anything wrong, nor anything hostile. But his concern for you seemed to be the trigger holding back the damn you didn't even know you had. He watched in shock as suddenly you burst into tears.

He blinked, not sure what to do. He knew he needed to comfort you, but what was wrong in the first place? He'd need to know that if he was to help.

He grabbed you gently, helping you down onto the floor. You sprawled out on the hardwood floor, his warm hands rubbing circles on your back and humming softly. You pushed your hands against his shirt, the fabric balling up in your shaky hands.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

His voice was low and smooth. While it was always like this, there just seemed to be a more calming and loving tone in it. Damn it… your mind was already in full pregnancy mode, wasn't it?

"Talk to me. I'm sure we can find a solution together." He pushed gently, lifting your chin up.


You choked back your words, eyes welling up further. You must look so pitiful right now. Hitoshi took notice and waited for you. Pushing any further would not end well with your or his emotions.

"I-I'm pregnant…" You whispered, voice barely enough for the walls to hear.

You waited quietly for his response: whether it be physical, vocal, or emotional. But as the seconds passed, nothing came. He didn't move, or speak or even stiffen up. He was just frozen. If you knew better you would have guessed your quirk could freeze time.

"P-pregnant? You-you're pregnant?"

It was the most unHitoshi sound you had ever heard: filled with actual emotions and was that slight awe?

Your head nodded, glancing away from his chest. It didn't last long, as he enveloped you in his embrace. His fingers sliding through your messy locks and his muffled laughs.

"Pregnant. We'll need to get a bigger apartment then."

You laughed, smiling for the first time that day. "That's what you're worried about?"

Maybe things would turn out okay after all...

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

"Hurry up and take my hand, you damn klutz."

"Hey! I'm no klutz!"

You pushed your legs upwards, ignoring the hand outstretched above you. You hear your boyfriend click his tongue as you get up on the rocks with him. Like you had said, you didn't fall or trip from the steep climb.

"Damn show off…" Said boyfriend commented, his hand quickly falling down.

The one damn time he was actually worried about your safety. And the one time he actually wanted to-

"I still want to hold your hand though." You clasp his hand, almost as if you had been reading his mind.

He grunts and pushes forward, hands still clasped together. The backpacks on you both clattered, the various items in and one them bouncing and hitting against each other.

A warm and comforting silence took over the two of you as you walked along the thinning trees. The sun was still high in the sky, and shining brightly, alerting you that you and Bakugou had picked a good day for a date.

Bakugou had made it clear right away when you started dating him that his idea of a date was not the same as the conventional romantic ones in the movies and books. Instead of dinners, movies, and dancing, he much preferred arcades, working out and hiking.

Currently, you were doing the latter: a nice day and night hike up a nearby mountain. While you had enjoyed the outdoors prior to the start of this relationship, you loved it even more now that you had someone to go with you.

Katsuki paused, his hand squeezing yours, his way of telling you to stop as well. You did just that and looked at him, glancing at him. He was chugging down a water bottle, his arm muscles glistening from the sweat and sunlight hitting him.

"You need to wipe your arms down… I don't wanna start a forest fire, blasty."

He stopped chugging and glared at you. He capped the bottle and tossed it to you, before reaching for the washcloth he always carried with him for this exact reason.

"Shut the hell up." He mumbled, wiping his arms of his deadly sweat.

When he noticed your lack of reply, you looked upwards and saw you passively sipping the water. You winked at him, letting him know your attention was still on him.

You finished taking a much-needed sip and placed the nearly empty bottle in your bag. Bakugou had most of the heavy camping items, so you could at least carry this for him.

"How much further now?" You asked as the two of you started walking again.

Bakugou snaked his hand back into yours, not uttering a word about it, despite the smirk on your lips from his action.

"About another half mile. It's a great fucking spot!" He called out, his voice carrying off into the woods.

You giggled, catching his attention. From what he recalled, nothing he said was funny in his opinion.

"What?!" He demanded, playfully shoving his shoulders against yours.

"Oh nothing~" You cooed. "I've just never seen you so excited about something before that wasn't fighting or murder."

"Heh- well I'm sure-"

"Plus with how loud you are… you'll no doubt keep any wild animals away from us."

You broke out of his grasp, dashing ahead. Bakugou was quick behind you, yelling and screaming all sorts of threats at you.

And despite it all, this was a normal occurrence for you and the ash blonde on your dates. And you loved every minute of it.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

"Hey! Fight me dipshit!"

In any situation, it would have been expected for the ash blonde haired bomb of class 1-A to have been declaring that statement. But as things turn out, for once, he was simply on the sidelines watching someone else declare war.

And that other person happened to be his very own spitfire, (Name).

The shorter girl stalked up to some upperclassmen, her hands balling into fists and her eyes widening. Just looking at her, anyone watching could tell she was looking for trouble and a reason to throw cuffs.

And for once, before a fight to break out, Bakugou had stormed through the UA quad and snagged his girlfriend's hand and pulled her away from the annoyed looking second year. She protested against him, now threatening to fight him.

"Shut up! God dammit… you're giving me a fucking headache…" He snarled and bit his tongue.

"Why the hell are you telling me this? I could have handled that shit face just fine! I don't fucking need you to fight my battles Kat-Sucky!"

That was it… she was going to act like a spoiled child and he was done being her parental figure.

"Excuse me? Are you looking to get put 6 feet under?"

He poked you in the chest, his finger digging deep into your clothing. He meant to make you uncomfortable without crossing any boundaries. And the best way to do that was to poke you, as you hated it.

You snarled back at him, fire starting to turn to embers. He knew that even your quirks were similar: fire based.

But unlike his explosions, you could literally catch your entire body on fire and when you got angry enough, your hair was the first thing to flare up. And Bakugou knew he was starting to turn up the internal pressure.

You shoved his hand away and glared deeply, eyes fiery and ready for a fight with your significant other. Despite how much he fueled your passion and inspired you… he was a major ass.

"You are such an annoying piece of shit!"

"At least I know not to fucking start a fight during break!"

"Coward! And here I thought you'd never back down from a fight!"

"It's called being worried about my dumbass of a girlfriend!"

"I can take a couple punches! I'm not a fragile bitch!"

"I'm well aware! You're a damn masochist!"

"Well if I'm a masochist you're a damn sadist!"

You both got up close and personal to the other, nose brushing against the others. Your breathing mixed with his, and if it was any hotter, you had no doubt it would be hot steam. You kept your ground, and Bakugou kept his- neither of you were giving up.

"Fuck…" You breathed. "You're so damn attractive this close up. Makes up for all the times you look like a demon."

Bakugou snorted. "Well this close up I can actually tell you're a woman and not some banshee. Guess it's glad to know I'm not dating a complete fucking monster."

"Shut up and kiss me Blasty."

He rolled his eyes but leaned in to capture your lips anyway. You waited impatiently and moved in as well.

Your heads banged against each other, the two of you grabbing your throbbing heads in pain from the sudden knocking. You growled and looked at Bakugou, meeting his raging scarlet hues. Looks like you both were once again blaming and ready to fight the other.

"Mother fucker!"

"Watch your damn mouth, woman!"

Chapter Text

Midoriya Izuku:

Slight NSFW Below

With your back pressed against your chest, you hummed in relaxation. The setting was nearly perfect: a warm bath filled with that scent you enjoyed, the bathroom's lights off and instead only illuminated by the soft flickering of a dozen candles, the soft tune of some playlist he had for a situation like this and of course your lover himself.

It was so perfect and just what you and he needed after such a long and draining week. He was working hard in his career as a professional hero, but even heroes needed a break. And while you did not share the same heroic lifestyle, your career as a preschool teacher was just as hectic. Those children and their developing quirks were quite a battle on the daily for you.

"Are you comfortable? I can move a bit more if you want." He called you back from the soft dreamland you had drifted off to thanks to the water.

"Mn." You shook your head. "I'm fine. Are you okay? I'm not too heavy, am I Izuku?"

The green haired male blushed, his own awkwardness still present despite the fact that this was not the first time you two shared a bath or even had seen the other in the nude. You saw his pink cheeks from the corner of your eye, assuming that this time they were caused by his first name being muttered by your lips.

"I-I'm fine. Y-you're really soft…" He trailed off, feeling as if his choice of words were a tad unpleasant in this situation.

You laughed softly, finding his hand submerged in the water and linked your own with his. You squeezed it once as a sign that he did not ruin the mood or your perception of him. Izuku was also sweet and considerate, thus his words were never anything but to you.

"I'm glad that I'm not boney and digging into your chest then." You giggled once more, feeling him relax. "And you can touch me if you want, we've gone further then this after all."

Midoriya nodded, taking his free arm and wrapped it around your torso. Your blemish free stomach lightly rubbed against his scarred forearm. But even so, it brought no attention to your eyes.

"How was your day anyway?" You pressed, knowing he would get a bit more comfortable if he was rambling on about heroes and their antics.

"It was good. Nothing drastic happened, but some petty crimes. Which I suppose is good, the villains have been dying down."

"It's thanks to heroes like you. The city has become a lot safer in recent years."

"I'm sure it's also due to people being able to support and take care of themselves more. There's not a lot of inequality among heroes and the public like when we were kids."

"You're too modest, Izuku. Take the compliment for once, okay?"

He froze as you turned and leaned against his chest. Your slightly damp hair tickling his skin, and your head pressing enough into him to hear his heartbeat picking up. He cleared his throat, swallowing his nervousness. This was you after all, why was he getting so flustered?

"What are you doing?" He forced the words out, gently placing his hand on your head.

"Getting closer to my boyfriend." You mused, sensing no desire to move. It was so nice you could even fall asleep right here with the lull of his steady heartbeat.

"I can see that." He sighed, leaning back against the tub.

"Tell me a story. One of about UA, please?"

"You've heard all my stories though."

"I love your stories. They never get old, Izuku."

"Which one do you want then?" He laughed, pulling you a bit closer to him.

"The one where you got your Provisional License. That photo you took is hilarious and so you."

"I was so nervous and excited that I couldn't even smile, so it just kinda turned out that way."

His voice spoke about his past and you listened actively, enjoying everything about this situation and everything about this hero.

Chapter Text

Kaminari Denki:

It was well known that Kaminari Denki tended to be rather flirty with those he found attractive. He'd compliment someone on their eyes and smile that sunshine smile of his, making all sorts of people swoon. He was just the type of guy who's flirty never felt invasive or uncomfortable, as he never crossed those boundaries.

He instead opted to compliment people and make them feel good about themselves through his words and never allowed them to linger for too long. He was respectful and if someone was not into his moves, he'd back away. He liked people, but never wanted to make them uncomfortable.

Unlike some boys at UA, he was considerate and sweet. He knew his personality and tried to use it to make others feel better. Even if at times it meant he had to go past his limit and make himself less than functional in the effort to make someone laugh.

He was a good person. He was flirty but respectful and he was damn proud of that title. It was better than the alternative.

However, what Kaminari could not handle was when someone decided to play his little game back with him. Let alone when it was someone he found attractive and he wanted to impress.

But alas that was the exact situation he found himself in.

"Well don't you just light up the scene whenever you arrive Kami-sama~" She winked at him, forgetting that he was supposed to be ‘rescuing' her at this moment.

Kaminari blushed, his face lighting up softly when he realized she was using that name as a way to make him feel flustered. Did she even know what that meant? Of course, she did… she was just as fluent in Japanese as he was.

He muttered a few warnings as he strapped her into the lift seat. (Name) winked at him as he started tugging the rope to indicate to Sero that their ‘victim' was in securely. He waited to make sure she got up without any issue before he started heading up himself.

Upon reaching the surface of the trench, he saw a smaller hand out reaching for him. He latched on and was pulled up. He was about to open his mouth and say his thanks when he saw her there, smiling down again.

Now he did not mind her flirting, but he was in no way used to it. Kaminari himself had never considered that someone would even want or have the audacity to flirt back. Yet here was (Name) giving it her A-game when it came to him and his own word choice.

"Hey, Pikachu." She bumped into his shoulder. "What would you do if I chose you?"

He collected himself this time, seeing as Aizawa and Thirteen were no longer paying them attention since they had finished their lesson. So he could allow this small little flirt off to start.

He smirks and tossed his head back, arms raising is a way that shows he wasn't picky. "I guess we'd just have to become the very best."

"Oh but I'm trouble…" You giggled, seeing if he really had what it took to keep up with you and your little game.

"Then we should make it double~"

Oh boy. He was quite the match.

"Kaminari! (Last Name)!" Aizawa called out, making both give their attention back to the teacher glaring them down.

Aizawa pointed to the earthquake zone in front of them, the area empty and quiet. And it was then that you both realized why it was that way.

"While the two of you were distracted the rest of your classmates hid. It's your job to work together and rescue them all. You have 60 minutes."

"Crap!" Kaminari ruffled his hair, the girl next to him letting off an airy laugh.

"Calm down Sparkler." She placed a soft hand on his shoulder. "We'll find them, I'm sure if it."

The two dashed into actions, hoping to make the rescues in time. It was fairly easy once the first person was found, after all, everyone was allowed to scream for help.

"Look like we found Kirishima." Kaminari waved from above the sinkhole the redhead was in.

"He fell almost as hard as you did for me, Kami-sama." You spoke.

It was so blunt that even Kirishima blushed from the words. Kaminari was so enthralled by it, that he forgot he was supposed to be getting Kirishima out of the hole. Lucky for him, you didn't forget too easily.

"Ice Ladder." You sang, snapping your fingers.

At the sound, a ladder made of exactly what you said appeared and landed down near the redhead. You winked done last time to Kaminari before descending down the ladder yourself to check on your ‘injured' classmate.

As you checked over and deemed Kirishima good enough to walk, you helped him back onto his feet and up the ladder to where Kaminari was waiting to help you both up and out.

"Alright, one down~" You clapped your hands together. "17 more to go!"

You walked in front of the two boys, head bobbing back and forth to the pace and sounds and the relative peace you had on this fine day. Behind you the boys talked, knowing full well you would not be able to hear them if they spoke quietly enough.

"She has to like you," Kirishima muttered, his mind running a blank on any other explanation as to what would cause this strange behavior.

"I-I don't know man!" Kaminari freaked out, only to clamp his mouth shut.

You turned back and waved happily at them, then returned to your listening for help. Kaminari sighed, glad you had not heard anything from him.

"She only started flirting with me cause I had been flirting with her."

"Well, it's not like you haven't been embracing it…" Kirishima rubbed his red hair, careful to not undo the delicate spikes he spent so long gelling up that morning.

"Mina says she flirts like I do, but only when approached…" Kaminari sighed, glancing at how you were currently creating a patch of ice to slide away a car to help said pink haired girl out from under.

"Well, one thing's for sure… a girl like (Name) giving you so much undivided attention means something. Maybe try to be genuine next time and ask her out?" Kirishima suggested, dashing off to help (Name) move the car.

"Genuine?" Kaminari paused, thinking over those words and then nodding to himself.

Yeah… maybe he should give it a try. He knew he actually liked you more than just someone he likes to flirt with. In fact, thinking of calling you his girlfriend had become more and more appealing to him now every day.

And so he made himself approach you after classes that day, catching your attention with a wave and a bright smile.

"Hey Kami." You waved back, stopping your walking pace in the hallway.

You had been heading towards your shoe locker to switch them out and head back home, but now seeing the cute blonde in front of you, you remained. Kaminari shuffled awkwardly in front of you and coughed once in his hand before he spoke to you.

"Y-you wanna see a movie this weekend? Just the two of us? I-I'll pay!"

You blinked, not expecting such a blunt and heartfelt question from him. As such you giggled once and nodded slowly. He held in a breath, wanting to hear that verbal response before he knew whether to jump for joy for crawl towards despair.

"Are you asking me out on a date, Kaminari?"

"Y-yeah… if you want."

"Hmmm." You left him hanging a bit longer. "Sure. Sounds fun."

"W-wait?!" He jumped closure, the largest damn smile taking over his features. "Are you serious? You want to go on a date with me?!"

"Of course I do." You winked at him. "I'll text you my address later."

"S-see ya." He breathed as you continued on your way.

He was flirty, but that by no way meant he was good in the idea of love. But at least this time his awkwardness had led him a date with a cute girl.

Now he just had to get the money for it…..

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

This had to be some sort of joke? An average everyday public high school training with UA? The staff had to really think lowly of its students if they thought the heroes in training could not handle a bunch of regular students.

Yet here Bakugou was, standing on the sparring platform, glaring down at a small girl who looked ready to play armadillo the moment the whistle was sounded. She was the type of girl from her appearance that seemed to struggle with even a single push up.

"I'm not gonna go easy on ya cause you're a girl." He warned her, hands exploding a tiny bit for emphasis.

The girl visibly flinched at his words, but then breathed in deeply. She steadied her breathing and then dared to make eye contact with the blonde in front of her. Bakugou rose a brow as she only gave him a determined nod.

Aizawa-sensei nodded to your own sensei, and she sounded the whistle. Bakugou didn't need another moment and took off in a dash to strike you. The point of this joint school training session was to let the UA students learn how to deal with civilians who get out of control.

And in return, the regular students would be learning self-defense and how to use your quirk in a dire situation. It was a win-win for both schools, and thus bakugou would make sure his power would teach this small frail girl exactly how to defend herself.

He had a feeling she wasn't in possession of a strong quirk, so he could end this quickly. One good explosion to send her flying out of the ring would be all it took, and he'd have taught her a valuable lesson already.

However, as he shot his hand downward, his palm hit something. He blinked and noticed that she had used her quirk in an effort to block him. It was a thin shield surrounding her body, an orb of energy not allowing anything to near her.

Bakugou smirked, seeing that this girl at least seemed to be quick on her feet. However, he was not going to allow anyone to outsmart him. Not wasting another section, he pressed both of his hands on the glass like shield.

It felt thin, so if he applied enough destructive power, maybe he could break it. His palms ignited consistently, but the girl was fast. Every time he managed to break her shield, she had another one for him to get through.

Her tactic reminded him of those Russian dolls Ponytail made all the time. He would destroy one shield only to find another one inside of it. It was as he managed to break the 4th shield that he felt his arms start to go sore. Then it occurred to him, what exactly this girl's plan was.

She was attempting to tire him out by forcing him to overuse his own abilities in an effort to get to her.

He smirked again. She was clever too, huh? He had to admit that he was a tad bit impressed with this plan. After all, he was just as tired as she was now, as both were pushing their bodies and quirks to their limits.

But unlike him, she was down to her final shield and already looked ready to pass out. One more explosion and the final crack would destroy her defense. So when that exactly happened, he used a final explosion to send her flying.

She skidded across the floor, the match being decided at that moment. Everyone watching echoed off a sound pain for her. Fighting against Bakugou was not an easy task, and more times than not he would accidentally cause more harm then he meant.

Bakugou hangs back as a couple of her classmates ran to her side and tried to help her up. The small girl was fighting for her consciousness, her big pools of (eye color) blinking rapidly in an effort to keep them open.

Bakugou rolled his eyes and approached the panicking students. He easily pushed the students away and got you on his back.

"She needs to go see a nurse, extras. So get out of my fucking way." He snarled and marched off with her on his back.

"I could have gone myself." She told him.

He snorted. "You can't even fucking walk, dumbass."

"Who's fault is that?"

He growled and she laughed. He relaxed again and continued his path down the hallway to Recovery Girl's office.

"I'm (Name) by the way."


And as he dropped her off, he couldn't help but feel somewhat proud of this small girl. After all, not everyone could exhaust him like she did.

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:

"I just don't know." You pondered, looking over the selection of treats in front of you.

The summer sun beat down on you, the sweat of your brow shining in the light. In front of you was an ice cream vendor. The man waited patiently for you to choose your flavor, though the decision seemed to be hard to come by for you.

"Hurry up and choose (Name)-chan!" Mina puffed out her cheeks next to you.

She was already annoyed by your indecisive actions it appeared. She had been kind enough to invite her best friend from middle school to her class's beach trip today, but you were already making you both late.

Mina held her own cone, as it was her idea to grab an ice cream before meeting up with everyone else. Her pink skin was easy to spot among everyone, though the thing that always caught your eye was the small scribe on her wrist.

‘She has cute horns'

The mark of meeting your soulmate, and their first thought of you. Mina had been lucky enough to meet hers in middle school. At the time a very awkward dark haired Kirishima Eijirou who shared classes with the both of you.

Though now he was much more social and red than he was in middle school. UA just seemed to do that to people, as Mina had also changed. She studied more and was slowly taking things much more seriously.

Though that was beside the point, everyone changes, even you.

"I'll do a scoop of vanilla and another of chocolate on a cone please." You smiled, both the man and Mina happy that you had finally decided on your flavor.

The man fulfilled your order and you happily took a satisfying and refreshing lick as you made your way towards where Mina was leading you. She scoffed playfully and nudged her shoulder against yours.

"Still the same indecisive (Name)-chan from before, huh?"

"I'm not indecisive, I just like having things more than one way."

"That makes no sense." Mina laughed, her arm playfully pushing you over, though not enough for you to lose your balance and slip in the sand.

However, what did cause you to slip over and eat the sand was the volleyball that had been aggressively hit and sent flying towards you and your friend. Lucky for Mina, the ball only hit you.

You groaned, and sat back up, brushing the sand off of you and trying to restabilize your vision. You had no idea who the hell spiked the ball with such a force, but they should try out for a professional team.

"Are you okay?"

You nodded and looked up, seeing the face of a boy you had seen on TV during UA's Sports Festival. He was Endeavor's son, a person born for greatness and heroics. However, at that moment those thoughts were not the first thing that came to your head.

Todoroki winced slightly, glancing down at his arm. In surprise, he saw some letters appearing on his skin as if they were being engraved on him from the sensation.

‘He's much more handsome in person'

The child prodigy blushed slightly, turning to look down at the girl who he just realized was the person he was fated to be with for all his life. She was looking at her own wrist, reading the words he had related to her.

‘I hope she doesn't have brain damage.'

He knew right away how terrible that marking was. Why couldn't he have thought something better? Hers was fairly sweet, if not flustering. Yet his bluntness had once again left him in a rather strange situation.

When she instead started laughing at her mark, he relaxed. Maybe she didn't care, or maybe she had lost it and could not believe her own bad luck today.

"Gosh, this will be quite the story." She breathed grabbing his outstretched hand and allowing him to help her up.

"I'm sorry about that, I didn't mean anything bad by it."

"I had hoped so. But yes, I think my head is fine."

Todoroki helped her to her feet, and you immediately wrapped him up in your arms, hugging him close. Todoroki stood frozen, unsure of what to do or what to say. Yet slowly, he returned the action and hugged you back.

He was soft and gentle as if he feared breaking you if he held you too much. Maybe he was just the silent awkward type? You didn't think of it anymore though, instead, you spoke to him again, your voice sincere and filled with joy.

"I'm so happy to have finally found you."

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

The morning had gone off well, not too much yelling by Katsuki or his mother, everyone liking and enjoying the gifts they had gotten each other and the happy peaceful mood of the Bakugou household on this Christmas morning.

"Well if that's all of them, then let's go and start on breakfast." Mitsuki spoke, eyeing her husband from his recliner next to her own cushioned seat.

"Not so fast!" (Name) called out, quickly getting up and running to the guest room her and Katsuki had been staying at for the past few days.

(Name) returned a moment later, holding a small rectangular package. Katsuki adjusted himself on the couch as his wife handed his mother the gift. She took her seat right back next to the love of her life.

(Name) smiled excitedly at Katsuki, his own reaction to her giddiness being to roll his eyes and scoff. She snorted at his childlike attitude, knowing full well that he did not mean how he acted.

The two had been married for over a year now and dated for much much longer. She understood his attitude was just a front and knew the real him even more behind the closed doors of their apartment.

And boy did he constantly prove his love for her back inside their home. He wasn't the overly sweet type, and would much rather playfully tease her, but when he needed to sugar coat her, he would do so until she felt spoiled.

Katsuki was an interesting character, one that took (Name) a while to understand. But once she did, she could not help but fall deeply in love with him. And lucky for her, the man had felt the same towards her and the two had once again proved their love for the other.

Except, this time it was a bit different than the last ones, and it was time to let Katsuki's parents into the easily guarded and kept secret. And what better way than to do it through something his own parents loved and adored.

"Just don't make a fucking big deal about it." Bakugou turned his head, hiding his embarrassed cheeks.

God, why did he agree to this? This was your idea, but god letting his parents find out this way might be the worst way for his ego. But you looked so excited when you had bought it and explained your idea to him… he just couldn't say no. Especially if it was you.

"It makes me curious to see what sort of-" Mitsuki paused, racking her brain for the correct word to use. "-thing- you got your father and me."

"Shut it old hag! Open the damn gift already!"

You pressed a hand on Katsuki's leg, making him let out a huff, but calm down. Mitsuki giggled at how you had basically tamed her unruly son. A true testament to how much he trusted you and your judgment.

"Well if (Name) helped pick it out, it must not be so bad." Masaru added on to the teasing of his son.

"Seriously?" Bakugou growled, through the fight in his voice a moment ago was no longer present.

"Shut it, kid. I'm opening your gift now." Mitsuki rudely shut him up.

Her hands undid the lace ribbon on the top, sliding it off and onto the armrest next to her. She removed the lid to the thin box and saw a soft purple piece of tissue paper blocking the actual gift.

Katsuki's hand slipped into yours when his mother began to remove the paper, revealing what had been underneath and inside this entire time. And upon seeing them, the older woman reared her head back in confusion.

There, staring back at her, was a small patched on cartoon lion. Masaru glanced over, seeing the same thing, but then reached in and picked up the fabric, having a bit more of an idea of what this was then his wife.

The two had long been a fashion duo: him as the designer and her as the model and later assistant and confident. And from his expert eyes, a cartoon animal on this type of fabric could only relate to one thing.

Masaru allowed the small onesie to fall out and show itself off in his hands. And next to him, Mitsuki saw the pair of tiny little socks that had been placed underneath them. It took both a moment to react, as it was quite the news, but when the realized it, their heads snapped back to their son and his lovely wife.

"You're pregnant?"

"You knocked (Name) up?"

You curled in on yourself, tears of joy springing from your eyes at their separate choice words for the news. Masaru, of course, being as polite as possible, but Mitsuki sharing a bit more of a vulgar reaction.

Katsuki immediately went on the defensive, feeling as if his character was being attacked by his mother of all people.

"The fuck does that mean? It's not like we're fucking sixteen and weren't being careful! I'm twenty-three and we talked about it for months before it actually happened! What the fuck do you take me for, woman?!"

"Katsuki calm down. Your mother didn't mean it like that." His father attempted to calm the mood down.

"Oh my goodness. We're going to be grandparents, Masaru! Us! Grandparents!" Mitsuki was ecstatic, throwing her arms up and laughing jovially.

"Congrats you two." Masaru smiled, nodding proudly to his son.

Bakugou's eyes widened from this, yet he wiped it away after a moment. His usual high and mighty attitude back and he smirked. His hand placed gently on your stomach.

"She's almost two months along. So we thought it was fucking time to tell you two…"

You nodded, placing your hand on Katsuki's. You smiled softly, knowing that the two of you had started to create a new life, one that would be growing in you for a few months until it was time to finally meet your baby.

"Katsuki if you're gonna be a dad you should watch your fucking mouth…" Mitsuki scolded him.

"Huh?! Who the fuck do you think I got it from?!"

"Are you blaming me for your piss attitude?!"

You sighed, realizing that despite all the yelling and swearing, the Bakugou family was very loving and supportive. And you could not wait for your baby to meet their grandparents, as they would be very loved.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

"Hi! You've reached (Name). Sorry, I can't answer right now, but I promise I'll get back to you soon. Thanks for understanding and talk to you soon!'

If that wasn't a damn lie, then he didn't know what was.

Bakugou shoved his phone into his pocket, his glare intensifying as he kicked himself in the gut yet again for the events that had transpired in the recent days. He wasn't the type that felt guilt. He wasn't the type that apologized. He wasn't the type that regretted his actions after the fact.

It took a lot for him to do one of those things. Even more, if he felt all three of them. And at this very moment, he was feeling the force of all three on his mind, mixed in with a panicked heart and worried mind.

He knew he hadn't been the kindest to you lately, as when you attempted to seek comfort and reassurance in him, he had rudely told you to suck it up and not worry about whatever the hell was worrying you.

TO him that was the best advice and was exactly what he did to make situations better. But soon after all this went down, he realized that while that worked for him, it was nowhere near what you needed.

It had started out with you asking him what his relationship to Uraraka was one day out of the blue. He bluntly admitted that she was just a classmate and a strong potential hero. IT was short and to the point, exactly what he assumed you wanted to know.

He had assumed you heard some stupid rumor that she was crushing on him or him cheating on you or that kind of bullshit. Bakugou knew you trusted him, but also knew that at times, constantly hearing things from everyone around you makes it hard to not doubt yourself.

He wanted to get across the fact right then and there that he was not the type to cheat, let alone the type to lie to his significant other about such thing. Bakugou valued faithful, honesty and trust, and he wanted you to know this.

He had assumed that would be the last of it after that. Yet, once again he was brought into the situation at hand. This time, not by you, but by a concerned friend.

Kirishima and he were hanging out in the dorms, the area empty aside from the two of them. Bakugou was scrolling through his phone, replying to your texts whenever needed.

Kirishima watched his behavior, trying to decide if he should bring it up or not. He had heard the rumors himself and knew his friend tended to blow things off that didn't seem like a big deal to him.

But in (Name)'s case… this might be a big issue. And as her boyfriend, it might be best to relay this information to Bakugou.

"There's been quite the rumor going around about you, dude." Kirishima spoke, doing his best to keep the atmosphere light and friendly.

Bakugou glanced over, raising a single brow in a gesture that said ‘go on with it'. Kirishima nodded to him, clearing his throat once before he spoke, knowing full well Bakugou could react either very poorly or not well enough.

"People have been saying you and Uraraka have been secretly seeing each other since you fight during last year's Sport's Festival. And that (Name)'s just a cover-up since you want to keep it secret. Everyone's been making you out to be some womanizing con-man."

"So what?" Bakugou turned his gaze back to his phone. "I know it ain't true. (Name) knows it ain't true and like I'd go for Round Face. Too damn peppy for me… plus she's annoying as hell."

"I know you don't care man, but think about how (Name) must be feeling. She's way more sensitive and in touch with her feelings then you are."

"She already asked me about it and we cleared it up."

Kirishima nodded slowly as if he didn't fully trust Bakugou's words. It wasn't that he felt like Bakugou was lying, but rather that what Bakugou thought had occurred might be different from your own idea and understanding.

And as it would happen, Kirishima was 100% correct. A few days later and after a rather nasty training session, Bakugou needed to be wrapped up and treated for some scratches, bruises, and cuts.

Uraraka had some fairly decent medical knowledge, enough to help treat his wounds and get him on his way. And being the go-getter, and kind-hearted girl she was, forced Bakugou to sit down and let her look him over.

It had been going fine, he got a few band-aids and some anti-disinfectant sprayed on him. But Round Face finally excused him and Bakugou got up, only to groan when he felt his leg twitch in pain.

Uraraka immediately was demanding for him to let her look at the bruise on his upper thigh. And after enough nagging and soft glares from her, he tore off his pants leaving him only in his boxers.

And like the fates had decided, that was when you walked into the nurse's office to give Recovery Girl a document your teacher had asked you to drop off. And it was when that you saw Uraraka touching Bakugou half nude and alone in the office.

It didn't take long for you to call him a liar and to never speak to you again before you turned heel to get out. Uraraka did her best to explain, knowing and not being happy about the rumors herself. But you two did not know each other well, and thus her word did not carry.

Katsuki attempted to get up and grab you, but the moment his hand grazed your shoulder you turned and bat it off. He stood stunned by such an action coming from his usually calm and peaceful girlfriend, but you had.

And he, like a fool, let you walk out of the office.

He tried calling your cell phone, only to be sent to voicemail after a ring or two. You didn't show up to your business class the next day, so he didn't have a chance to explain things. And now it was the weekend, and when he tried to show up at your dorm, your classmates refused to let him inside the building.

This was bad, and he couldn't even make it right. You had essentially gone radio silent on him and refused to make contact with the outside world for three days now. He had heard from Ponytail that you had locked yourself in your room and refused to come out.

He never wanted to hurt you so bad that it resulted in something like this. But he had and he had to make it right. He had to actually express his feelings and show you just how crazy you made him. He had to for once put his pride aside so his heart could mend the damage done.

And thus, he found himself second-guessing his only option left: to use his quirk to propel himself up to the third story, second room's balcony and force you to open up and talk to him. He would no doubt get in trouble for this, but he didn't want this pain to continue.

He did his actions quickly, ducking down when the business class's head teacher came out and looked around. When they retreated back inside, he knocked on your balcony door window.

You appeared a moment later and saw him awkwardly standing outside. However, your despair taken face soon morphed into one of rage and you locked the door and drew the curtain.

"(Name)! Come on! I want to fucking talk!" He pounded against the window.

No answer, not even a sound to let him know if she was listening or in the room still. But he took his chance, baiting on the idea that she was still inside, listening to him.

"I know what it looked like, but it wasn't that at all. Don't believe everything you see, okay dumbass?"

Way to start off…

"I know those rumors have gotten you confused as to what my feelings for you are… so let me clear the fucking air for you right now! I'm gonna let you know exactly what I think of you and all this shit!

You deserve that at least."

He cleared his throat, hand slamming into the glass, causing it to vibrate from such a force. He growled at his body feeling so tense and worked up from just a little confession. Feelings were hard to manage it seemed...

"You're not fucking Uraraka! And you never will be!"

He paused, letting his hand fall down from the glass and he sighed. His other hand found its way into his hair and his head hit the glass.

"And that's fucking fine. If I wanted to date Uraraka… I would have. But I don't. She's not my damn type and people who think she is, need to wake the fuck up.

You're my damn type. And I've been fucking terrible to you. You have every damn right to be pissed at me, and I get it if I no longer have the right to call you my girlfriend. Just know that I didn't mean for it to fucking end this way.

I wish I could fix my insincerity and make you know how I feel about you. Cause you drive me fucking crazy and you make me hurt and annoyed all the time… but it's a damn good kind of pain. The kind I don't mind going through, cause I know it's because I-"

Oh, God.

"-It's because I fucking love you!"

Shit. Shit. Shit.

Way to go. The first ‘I love you' and it's said like this. He was the fucking worst, no doubt about it!

Bakugou turned, wanting to give you space. He had thrown a lot more information into the air now, but at least it was all in the open now. He sighed, looking out before getting ready to leave.

The soft clicking of the door and then it sliding open made him turn. He turned right as you collided with him, his back hitting the railing.

"I hate you so much…" You breathed, face pressing further and further into his shirt.

"I know. I'm the fucking worse."

"But I'm stuck with you… and that's okay with me."

Chapter Text

Sero Hanta:

The common room was quiet, not a single soul occupying the couches or the television on. The only way one would be able to tell if there was a person here would be by the sound of the mixing bowl being hit by the whisk and the occasional ding of the oven.

The dormitory for class 1-A was currently a ghost town; most of your classmates being out and about or in their own rooms enjoying the quiet. It was times like this where you could tell who was more of an introvert and who was more of an extrovert.

As such, you decided to take the opportunity to try your hand at a new recipe that you had found online a few days ago. You were nowhere near the resident class baker, but you were a pretty decent cook. And so you whisked together the batter, ignoring the occasional splatters that would come onto your face as the mix turned.

Finally seeing it start to bubble slightly from the air being mixed in, your turned to find the pan you had asked Momo to create before she left to read the afternoon away in her squished room. The pan was sitting on the side, waiting patiently to be used. You placed the mixing bowl down and reached forward and snagged the pan.

"You baking something?" Someone spoke out, causing you to jump and drop the pan onto the counter suddenly.

It clattered and banged, hitting the surface several times before it stopped and once again left the room in peace. You breathed in and out a few times, trying to calm down your racing heart.

Across from you, Sero was already in a blush. He didn't mean to scare you this badly and had assumed you had seen him come down the steps just moments prior to when he asked his question.

He smiled awkwardly when you looked up and saw exactly who it was that caused your small scare. You laughed awkwardly and motioned for him to come into the kitchen. Now that you knew he was here, it would be a lot less likely for you to be caught off guard.

"Sorry about that." He apologized, pulling out a bar stool and sat across from you on the kitchen's island.

"It's fine. Guess I was so into my baking that I didn't notice you." You smiled and turned the pan back into the direction it needed to be.

"So what are you making anyway?" Sero breathed in the sweet scent. "It smells like vanilla."

"Close. I'm making an angel food cake." You smiled as you poured the batter into the pan.

Sero's dark eyes watched closely as you whisked the batter out, moving the mixing bowl so the batter would spread evenly throughout the entire pan. A nice even cake seemed to be the goal you had at this current moment.

"Can you hold the bowl for a minute?" You asked.

"Sure thing." He spoke, reaching across and used both his hands to steady the object.

You removed your own hands and started to remove the remaining batter that had not yet gone out. With a little elbow grease, you had gotten majority fo it out and nodded to Sero to place the bowl on the counter.

You smoothed the top before nodding to yourself and decided to place the batter into the oven to turn it into the cake you would have and share with your classmates later tonight. With a quick setting on the timer, you only had to wait now.

"I wouldn't try that." You warned Sero as he dipped his finger into the bowl.

"It's cake batter, right? Plus I'm not afraid of raw eggs, so I'll be fine." He smiled cheekily.

You giggled and smirked as he placed the white batter into his mouth. It took a whole two seconds for his eyes to go wide and his mouth to quickly reject his finger. He let out a dragged out sigh of disgust and turned to look at you.

"That was really nasty. I thought cake was supposed to taste good?"

"Well, angel food had cream of tartar in it, while also missing a lot of basic ingredients of a regular vanilla cake."

"Like tartar sauce tartar? Why does it taste so good after baking it then?"

"It's kinda like when you baked with alcohol. The taste is evaporated and leaves only the good tasting ingredients. Plus the tartar is what gets the cake to be so fluffy and airy. So I have to add it no matter what."

"I had no idea baking could be so complicated…" The taping hero mumbled, scratching his chin.

"It's kinda like chemistry after all." You mentioned, turning to start on the dishes while the cake baked.

You had turned on the faucet when you heard the sounds of the chair moving and Sero's footsteps drawing near you. You turned when he stood beside you, a drying rag in his hand and the usual bright smile on his face.

"Let me give you a hand (Name)."

You shook your head. "I made the mess, not you."

"Awe come on! It'll go faster if you dry and I wash!"

You rolled your eyes, adding some dish soap to the bowl and laughed at his eagerness to help clean.

"Alright, fine. But this means you'll be getting the first piece of cake afterward. As a thank you for helping me clean and keeping me company."

You dove the whisk into the water, using the soapy sponge to clean it off the food particles and allowing the metal to be seen once again. When you deemed it clean enough, you held it out, waiting for your partner to take the object from your hand.

"Sounds like a plan to me." Sero mumbled softly, taking the whisk and beginning to dry the utensil.

The conversation between the two of you continued easily. He asked how your internship was going and you told him how you were greatly enjoying the pro and experience you were gaining.

You asked how his studies were and he admitted, almost, unwillingly, how he was doing better now thanks to Yaoyorozu's torturing and Bakugou's rough reminders to study every night despite how much he didn't want to.

As the minutes went on, the smell of a delicious treat had sent more students downstairs to see what exactly smelled so good and also in hopes to receive a piece themselves.

Soon enough your duo had become a small gathering and everyone was talking as the angel food cake cooled on the rack. Besides it a can of chocolate frosting wasting to be added when it was time.

"Awe come on (Name)-chan!" Kaminari whined, throwing his head on the island. "It has to be time to eat the cake now, right?"

"Impatient, are we?" You teased the blonde boy.

"It just smells so good! And I'm so hungry!" Uraraka added on, her stomach had been the one to lead her downstairs.

"Pathetic." Bakugou snarled. "It's just a damn cake."

"You've been down here just as long as me, dude." Kirishima chuckled, ignoring Bakugou's death glare.

"Everyone will get a piece! So relax." You tried to calm down the eager masses.

You brought the object forward and watched as your classmate's eyes widened. You asked Midoriya to pass the plates and for Mina to grab some forks. As the objects were brought to you, you nodded.

A display of ahs came when you cut into the fluffy food and placed the first piece on the plate. Mineta reached out to claim it, but a quick knife nearly stabbing his hand made him freeze.

"The first piece goes to Sero you greedy grape." You glared and Mineta retracted his hand in fear.

"Here Sero." You pushed the food into his hands gently. "Thanks again for helping me."

Sero laughed, sensing the jealous eyes of his classmates on him, but was happy nonetheless.

"Not a problem. It was nice to hang out with you."

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

It had been at the tender age of five when he first met her, though he was never a tender being even from birth. He was born to the village of dragonlords and their dragon bonds. Even from an early age, Bakugou Katsuki had recklessly strayed further from his home then he should have.

It was at the edge of his village and the next where he saw her across the creek. A small girl, no elder than him, innocently making boats out of the leaves that had scattered around her.

Being the prideful little lion cub that he saw himself to be, he eagerly stepped out onto his side of the creek. The small girl glanced up at him, seeing a strange red-eyed boy with barely enough covering on looking so pridefully on her from across the water.

"Be thrilled that a great dragon lord is in your presence!" He called out, puffing his chest up high like the older men of his village did around women.

The small girl ceased her actions, placing the half-finished boat down, and stood up taking a hard look at Bakugou. She shook her head and then pointed at him.

"If you're a dragon lord, then where's your dragon?"

His chest fell and the boy pointed to the small reptile wrapped tightly around his neck and shoulders. His dragon had hatched from its egg only a few months back and was the always sleeping. His mother had tried to tell him it was because baby dragons required a lot of rest for them to grow and learn magick, but he just assumed his dragon was lazy.

"Right here! Lord Explosion is my dragon!"

"It's pretty small for a dragon. Are you sure it's not just some lizard you found?"

"He's fucking real!"

The small girl gasped, making Bakugou raise a brow. She blinked in surprise and he huffed out in annoyance. What was her issue now?


"A-are you allowed to say that word?"

"What word? Fuck?"

She nodded and he smiled.

"I can do and say whatever I want!"

Once again, his exaggerated truth was not fooling her. So being the smartalic child she was, (Name) decided to test his words.

"Then swim across the river."

He paled at such a thought. He hated bath time back home enough already, but this river- It could really carry him off and Lord Explosion wasn't big enough for him to fly and save him.

"Pshhhh." He glared and spat at her. "That's stupid."

She giggled and sat back down, ignoring the boy as he watched her for a moment. She quickly removed something from her bag and then a flat piece of wood from a broken tree. She tied a string and threw it to Bakugou on the other side.

He caught it and looked as she placed something on the board and then into the water. She signaled for him to pull and he did just that. The little boat came to him and he hesitantly took the object off.

Unwrapping the thin paper, he shockingly glanced back up at the girl. She laughed and picked up her large bag and waved to him.

"Since you wouldn't come to me, I figured this might be better. I'll see you around Lizard Lord!"

Before Bakugou could call her out for her poor choice of name for him or where she exactly got an entire loaf of bread, she was gone. Running back to where ever she came from and leaving him alone on his side of the world.

Since that day, he would routinely end up back at that river bank, seeing the same girl there nearly every time. As he lost his baby cheeks and his stature grew into that of a young man, she two changed getting more busty and tall.

He never outgrew the name ‘Lizard Lord' despite the fact that Lord Explosion was nearly a full-sized dragon now, and took up an entire field near the creek. And she would always bring bread: sweet, sour, rye, wheat. She always had some.

He learned that she was the daughter of a baker and that one day she would take over the shop. Bakugou had laughed, not understanding how a girl her age would have such ambitions.

"Doesn't your village marry you off or some shit?"

You frowned, hands held on your hips. "Excuse me, but my father is very progressive! He would much rather have me trained and take over the bakery then taking on some shitty future husband."

"Like you could get a husband, bread head."

"And you could do better?"

"Yeah, I fucking could! Tons of girls in my village want me!"

"Oh yeah? Then why do you always show up here then if you already have enough options for a wife?"

"Cause I-"

He bit his tongue, looking away and getting up. He pets his bonded dragon's head, the large being cracking open an orange eye. Bakugou stroked its head, before climbing on.

"So you're just leaving then? No fighting words?" You asked him, too prideful to admit you didn't mean to hurt him in any way.

"It's cause I'm not interested in any girls from my village dumbass… there's someone else."

"There is?"

"Yeah… but we can't ever fucking be together."

You swallowed a lump in your throat, having an idea of who he was talking about… but not about the why. Your eyes dashed away from him and you pushed your fists together, trying to steady your heart.

"And why is that?"

"Because dragonlords are by law only allowed to marry other dragonlords."


You looked down, refusing to meet his gaze as you pushed your hands together. Why were you so upset? He and you had only ever been this close, literally. He had never crossed that river and you had never again invited him too.

Maybe that was his way of keeping his distance, for a romance he knew would never be. A strong and rare dragon lord falling in love and marrying a baker's daughter… how foolish was your thinking?

"We shouldn't meet up anymore then." You forced out of your mouth.


"If I had known you would have gotten in trouble… I would have stopped this long ago. And if we continue, we'll both just get hurt even further."

"Y-yeah… you're right. It was stupid to think you were anything more than a village peasant."

"And you're a carnivorous bloodthirsty dragon-tamer."

It was silent for a few moments and you were unsure of what would happen next. But you promised yourself not to look up. The moment you did, would be the moment you could no longer hold back the feelings you had developed since childhood.

One more look at that unruly blonde hair, or those glimmering scarlet eyes would make you beg him to challenge the rules of your villages. And to do that would be selfish. To try and fight it would be foolish.

And so when the sound of wings flapping and the breeze happening was the next thing to occur, you knew you would never see him again.

The dragon lord stopped coming to the river and the baker's daughter eventually stopped leaving the village. Without him there, what was the point of adventuring outside the small world she knew?

You worked hard for many months: baking, cleaning, taking care of your family and also denying any and all suitors of your hand. You had long given your heart to another who had taken it to the skies with him.

And you were fine if he never returned it. It was his to keep in the first place.

It had been nearly a year since you had last seen him, and you were finally starting to love normally, or at least project like it. The shop was thriving and you were working hard.

Your parents had passed due to plague earlier that year and even though it was hard, you had survived and intended to keep their home and business thriving through you. You'd use their recipes and make them proud.

But, sometimes no matter how hard you try… things just don't work out.

It was the sounds of screaming and breaking glass that woke you up. The terror settling in fast when the lights and growing heat made you realize what exactly was happening.

You tore yourself from the bed and charged downstairs. You for once had thanked your stars that work had made you too exhausted to change out of your day clothes. You fingers snagged your old sack, filling it with as many items you could carry.

You had your small sum of money, a bit of food and- the recipe books!

Despite the glow of oranges and yellows from the bakery, you're charged in. The fire bounced off your skin at first, but as you got closer in, it started to hold onto your clean skin. The pain meant nothing though. If you lost those books, you truly would be alone.

Finding and shoving them into you took off down the street and away from your home. A house could be rebuilt, but getting attacked by whoever started the pillage would often bring death.

And as a woman, they would be coming for you. Not wanting to be entirely defenseless though, you quickly tied up your hair and shoved it into a cap, living the illusion of a boy. It would only fool for a second, but it would be enough to hopefully reach the woods.

You ran past homes you knew the owners of. You ran past shops you frequented. You ran past your childhood and out into the dark uncertainty of the forest. You collapsed by the river, hand planting down and resting on the rough grass.

You forced back tears, knowing better than to make a sound. The backdrop would be a dark orange, the only noise being the laughter of thieves and the breaking of homes from the blaze.

So caught up in your misery, you didn't notice that someone had approached and dived into the water. You froze in fear, not knowing where this person was in the dark or if they were near you.

You remained quiet, only listening to the figure grunt and wave they're the river to the shore. It only got louder as the seconds passed and you feared for your life. One of those pillagers had found your safe spot and now you were going to meet the same fate as your village.

But not without a fight.

You had never been trained, nor had you even held it before. But it was your father's prize possession… so you might as well put it to good use. You unsheathed the knife, the noise faint, but enough for the villain to stop.

You waited for him to move. But when he instead used a fire spell to engulf his hand you could only drop the knife, hand rising to your mouth in disbelief.


There he was, dripping wet and one hand engulfed in magick flames. He widened his eyes, blinking back too many emotions for you to catch. He ran forward, not allowing a single drop of air to remain in your lungs as he engulfed you in a bone breaking hug.

"Thank fucking God…"

You touched the fluff around his cape, inhaling his scent. Never before had the two of you been this close. Never before had you been able to accurately describe more than this dragon lord's looks.

"What are you doing here?"

"Why the hell do you think?! I saw the fire from my village!"

"Y-you came to find me?"

Now calm and able to rationalize, you allowed your eyes to leave him and trail down his body. Around his waist was a large tote bag, several weapons tied on and a rolled up blanket on the top.

Behind you, you heard the sounds of a large mass land. He must have flown off the moment he heard and then jumped off when he saw the river. What a reckless boy…

"Why do you have a bag?"

He blushed, scoffing and looking away. "Not like I could take you back with me… so I thought we could fucking run away together."

"Runaway?" You giggled, feeling relief for the first time in a year. "And what are we gonna do?"

"I'll find work at some guild. And you can work there as a cook. I mean when a literal dragon lord lands, I bet they'll be throwing jobs at me. And meanwhile, you can keep the village damn well fed and bring in a ton of fucking money!"

"You sure seem positive about this…"

"Cause I've been looking into it… met an adventuring party a couple months back that offered me a place if I ever decided to leave. But I told myself that if I left, you'd be coming too."

"What about your village?"

"Screw the village. They have way too many fucking rules. If I wanna marry someone, then I'm gonna marry them!"

You laughed again and held his hand. Bakugou pulled you up and pointed to Lord Explosion behind you. You squeezed his hand once, letting him know your feelings from a year ago were still intact.

"Well, are you coming with me? This place has gone to shit since the last time I was here." He joked, trying to lighten the tense mood.

"As long as I have you with me again, I'll go anywhere."

He smirked, pulling up onto his dragon and whistling for the creature to take off and soar through the heavens.

"Then what the hell are we waiting for?!"

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

He stood outside the door, his hand curled around the knob and waiting for his muscles to work up the courage to actually open the door to where his wife was waiting. He had been here for nearly 5 minutes now, trying to work up the nerves.

Bakugou Katsuki, the hero who sassed and challenged the darkest of forces, who terrified to open the door to the hospital room. He would have never guessed this would be the case for him, yet here he was, proving himself wrong.

Inside would be his wife, patiently waiting for her husband to walk in and see the bundle of joy they had created together. The being he had been waiting to meet and love since the moment he learned of the pregnancy.

Yet why was he so terrified to open the door and actually go and see his baby?

Maybe it was because he missed the birth of his child. He had been out fighting off a huge villain attack on the opposite side of town and ignored her call. He should have known though! She was nine months along, what the hell else could she have been calling about?

Nevertheless, he ignored her several times when she called him. He had made her go through the panic of her water breaking alone. At least his wife was smart enough to know he was not going to answer and instead phones his parents to help her.

When he finally did check his phone after the battle… he learned the hard way to always pick up when your pregnant wife was calling you. Hell, he'd always pick up the phone now, no matter what if it was you on the other side of the line.

He didn't even give himself time to change out of his work clothes, and instead, in a mad and worried dash, made his way to the hospital that his father had texted to him. He arrived too late though, the doctors not allowing anyone else to enter the delivery room any longer.

You had not been alone though, Mitsuki taking his place beside you to coax you through the hours of labor. She might have been the best choice too… as she already lived through the nightmare of childbirth.

And so he sat outside the waiting room with his father. Masaru didn't attempt to bring up a conversation, knowing full well how stressed his son already was. The older man could only inwardly chuckle, remembering how he had been no better when Katsuki was born.

Lucky for Katsuki, his mother had also assumed he would forget to change and got Masaru to bring some spare clothes for their son. So when Katsuki had finally calmed down enough to talk, his father had urged him to change into the sweats and t-shirt.

And finally after what felt like days, though was just a mere few hours, his mother walked out and told her son that his wife and baby were waiting to meet him in a room down the hallway.

Which brought him to know. Trying to decide if he was even allowed to go in and see his family that he had neglected.

"What are you still doing out here? Get your ass in there and see your kid."

He turned to look at his mother who had suddenly appeared next to him. He had no idea how long she had been next to him, but she looked a bit concerned that her son was not acting like himself at all.

"I missed it, mom… how could I fucking miss it?"

His rough hands ran through his singed locks, then repeating several times until he was essentially scratching his scalp from guilt. Mitsuki placed her hand on his shoulder, stopping his actions.

"You were here. Maybe not next to her, but you were here. And now it's time to finally be by her side again." She mumbled, squeezing gently.

Katsuki nodded, turning his gaze back to the door and he let out a breath as he turned the knob. The air was much cooler in the bedroom, the open window in the warm June day carrying the sounds of summer to him.

Sitting on the bed next to the window was his wife, gently gazing down at a bundle of pink in her arms. Katsuki internally flinched at her appearance: sweat drenched everywhere, tired baggy eyes, and tears still running down her cheeks.

What the hell had he made her go through without him by her side?

When he clicked the door closed, she finally lifted his gaze up to him. She at first seemed surprised he was here, but it quickly dissipated with a look of comfort and amore.

"I was beginning to wonder when you'd show up." She teased him, not noticing how stiff and unsure he walked.

Bakugou pulled out a chair and sat by her side, refusing to make eye contact or even speak to her in this moment.

(Name) took notice, shifting the sleeping newborn slightly so she could turn and face Katsuki more. She used a free hand to stroke his mistreated locks, making him jump. He speedily lifted his head upwards and looked at her.

She laughed at his tense state, seeing as this entire process must be guilting him more since he missed their baby's birth. Though (Name) had no intention to let it last any longer. Today was a blessing and now would be every year for the three of them.

"Do you want to hold Katsuko?"

His red eyes widened, hearing the name of his daughter for the first time. It was then he realized that he never even talked about names with his wife during the months they had. And to only find out that his baby was...named after him?


His wife pressed the child into his arms, him freaking out. He had never held a baby before, why the hell was she trusting him? He wasn't gentle or quiet… God, who the fuck decided to let him have a kid?

"I always liked how you had Katsu in your name, so I decided to continue it with our daughter. She's pretty isn't she?" You asked him, gesturing to the sleepy baby.

Katsuki stared at you a moment, hesitantly looking down at his baby. He stiffened again, his hand feeling weak. He quickly remembered he was holding a baby and reaffirmed his hold to support her small head.

He gazed down at the small being in his arms, his love growing for her as each second passed. She had her nose and your hair texture, but that was his hair color alright. Katsuko opened up an eye, a small whine escaping her mouth as she had been separated from her mother.

"Oh fuck.." Bakugou whispered, even surprising himself with the soft tone. "She's got my eyes."

You laughed beside him, watching as his tears, unknowingly to him, began to run down his face and land on their daughter's cheeks. She was making a fuss due to not wanting her father's tears on her.

"She's gonna have your tongue if you keep talking like that to y'know."

"Shut up." He wiped away the trails on his face, finally having realized those were from him and not his infant daughter.

You laughed again, finding this sentimental and soft Katsuki rather sweet. He was already so in love with Katsuko, just the way he was holding her so much and smiling so softly was enough to tell you.

"God… I'm so fucking sorry." He grumbled out, head folding down.

Katsuko cried out, and you took her back from your husband. The baby quieted down when she recognized her mother's warmth. You turned to Katsuki, touching his chin until he looked back up at you.

"What are you getting at, Bomber?"

Bakugou bit his lip, gesturing to you. "You look… so fucking bad."

You stared at him a moment, trying to see if he was being sincere. And when he didn't make a mention to change his words or even click his tongue, you knew he was serious.

"Katsuki… I was just in labor. Babies don't just come out easily, so of course, I look like hell."

"I should have fucking been here though… maybe you wouldn't look this bad then."

"I'm pretty sure it would have been worse… I was in a lot of pain. I actually might have grabbed your mom at one point and said ‘your son did this to me, that motherfucker.'"

"Are you fucking serious?"

There was the normal Katsuki tone. Looks like he was beginning to come back now that the guilt was leaving him.

"I'm just glad you're here now. I was worried that something happened to you…"

"Like a shitty villain could take me down…"

You laughed and turned to your daughter, who once again was sleeping peacefully in your arms.

"You hear that Katsuko? Your big bad father is more afraid of holding you then fighting off people who want to kill him. You have quite the power over him already."

"Shut the hell up…" He grumbled, clicking his tongue and tossing his head to the side.

"We have a daughter now." You let out an exhausted breath.

"Yeah… we do. And we're gonna be the best fucking parents in the damn world."

You nodded at him, smiling gently. He wasn't perfect, but there was no doubt in your mind that he would protect Katsuko and you for as long as he lived. Katsuki just wasn't the type of person to go back on his word, and he had already given your daughter his from the moment he saw her.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

Sunlight poured into the room, the thin curtain doing little to stop the rays from disturbing your slumber. Next to you, holding and pressing your firmly against him was Bakugou Katsuki. The male was still in his own realm of dreams, not carrying that his face was currently glowing.

You, on the other hand, had been up for a bit, restless though storming your brain and invading your sense of contentment. And it was not a topic that had appeared suddenly either, but rather had been here for a while now, and was ever so slowly growing into a problem taking over your entire being.

You sighed hard, touching a warm hand to your face in an attempt to calm your racing thoughts. You couldn't though, the question inside of you burning alive and eating away at your very core. Every moment you stayed here you could not help but feel inadequate to the man lying next to you.

You groaned, pulling your legs towards you and bending down until your form was an upright ball on the bed, the stature an attempt to calm and rid yourself of the latest bump in the road called your existence.

"Stop that."

A groggy voice called out from the pillow, a large and muscular arm grabbing and wrapping around you, successfully pulling you back down into the sheets next to him. He wasted no time in pressing your face back into his chest, below wrapping his legs around yours like a coiling snake.

"It's too early not to fucking cuddle."

His voice was a bit deeper than usual since he had just woken up, the sounds of sleep and morning grumpiness fresh in his tone. But then again, dating Bakugou Katsuki wasn't an easy thing to do.

You calmed down beside him, your emotions back under check… but the thoughts were still swimming in your mind, the ever-present idea of him wasting his time with you there. He was a rising hero and you were just some cafe worker with a minimum wage job who managed to attract his attention.

Were you even good enough for him?

You had tried so hard to bottle your feelings thus far: cover with a smile, energetically say everything was fine and then move on your way to making the others around you none the wiser.

But at this gesture and with him instigating the affectionate and warm hold, your stitches finally gave out.

"Oh God." You let the tears fall, gripping against the tank top he was wearing, trying your best not to shake from the violent cry spree that was starting right now.

Bakugou immediately woke up to the sounds and feeling of you breaking down, any lingering thoughts of sleeping for a few more minutes dashed and replaced by the immediate thought to calm you down and counsel you and your worries.

You had only cried in front of him a few times before, but never to this point. You looked to actually be having a sort of mental breakdown by how violently you were reacting to seemingly nothing. But there had to be a cause and he was going to find it, that's for damn sure.

"Fuck! W-what's wrong?"

You sniffled loudly, pressing against his chest and muttering something to his heart. Unlucky for him, his heart wasn't good at listening… that was something his ears excelled at. Thus he had to ask you to repeat, making sure to not be as harsh with his words.

"Why are you with me?"

"What do you mean why am I with you?" He let the words slip before he could rephrase them. "I'm with you cause I love you dumbass."

"But I'm not good enough for you! You could have fucking anybody! I'm not a hero or a supermodel or anyone that holds any interest. I work a 9-5 and make coffee for a living! Why the hell have you not dumped me yet?"

Bakugou was taken aback. How the hell long had you felt this way? He wasn't the type to date someone for something he wanted out of them, and he sure as hell hoped he didn't give off that feeling.

Yet hearing you talk down to yourself like you were the lowest of the low made him slightly stiffen at the thought. Were you worthless? No way in hell. You did more for him than most people did who knew him for longer.

"I fucking hate coffee, y'know."

He admitted, watching as you suddenly stopped sniffling so loudly. He had successfully captured your attention, now he just had to hold it for a little longer. He was shit with words but prayed that this one time they would prove well for him.

"But damn can you make a good cup. It might be the best in all of fucking Japan."

"No it's not…"

"Shut up. It is. And you know what else? You're the only fucking person who makes ramen the perfect amount of spiciness."

"That's only 'cause you-"

"No. You make it. So you're the one who deserves the credit."

"You're just saying that… there are tons of people better at making coffee and ramen."

"That may be true. But they can't make it the way I fucking like it. And you know what else? They don't give fucking great massages when their hero boyfriend gets back from work.

Or know how to calm him down when he's raging from a bad day. Or even how to get him to actually play nice with his former classmates who are annoying as hell."

He leaned in close, pressing a kiss to your cheeks and then sighed.

"I don't love anyone like I love you, dumbass. So if you can get someone as thick-headed as me to admit it… you must be something special."

You nodded, pressing once again into Bakugou's chest. But this time in a delicate hug, one showing you wanted knowing more than to stay in his arms for as long as possible, possibly forever.

"Thank you Katsuki."

"I'll always be here to remind your dumbass."

Chapter Text

Todoroki Shouto:

The first time you had met the prince, it was when he had attempted to start a basic service job at a blacksmith in the kingdom. The boy had obviously had no prior experience in such a detailed and meticulous task, yet here he was, trying to forge a sword.

At the time, you had been the only one to recognize him. Quite strange to him since he was positive he had traveled far enough and not worn anything to give himself away. He had not made many appearances in his own kingdom, who the chances of someone knowing his face was not a high chance.

Yet the moment you saw him, you knew this was the runaway prince. The one who had escaped his tyrant of a father a few weeks back and had not been seen or heard from.

You had taken him in, telling him you knew who he was and that if he promised to help out with your work as an adventurer and basic home chores he would have a place to stay and his location not reported to the authorities.

Todoroki, of course, took the chance, not wanting to be dragged back home to that awful place and that awful man. So he accepted the new life he had been offered by this strange girl and quickly got used to the life of an adventure.

They two traveled far and wide, learning and fighting, bonding and supporting the other through many trials and tribulations. Many tasks that looked grim, others that looked easy, all were conquered and dealt with. The two had made an amazing team and soon the guild received requests for the mage of fire and ice and his trusty assassin partner.

And for a while, Todoroki had forgotten exactly why he was hesitant about her in the first place. She at first had given him this vibe of knowing more than he did: she did know who he truly was after all. But also as if she personally had a very big secret herself.

How did she know him? Why did she never talk about her past? Was she hiding something big?

Todoroki would not know until much later after successfully defending the kingdom from a raid when he found out the truth. It had been requested by the king for himself and his partner to meet up and accept his thanks.

Tales of Todoroki and (Name) had traveled to him and the king wanted to speak to them personally about their work to defend his land. And thus, Todoroki found himself standing in the high court of a neighboring kingdom, the ruler himself standing right before him.

"Your majesty." Todoroki knelt down in front of the man dressed modestly, the only indication that he was the ruler of this land being the iconic crest that was engraved on his shield.

The king laughed heartily, bending down and placing Todoroki back on his feet. The man smiled and shook the young prince's hand and gave him a wink.

"Your father would be quite upset to see you bowing to a man and king who he believed to be a mere plotting rat!"

Todoroki's gaze turned dark, his head shaking in disagreement. He knew of his father's hatred for this place, it was one of the reasons he came here, but he also had fallen in love with it and its people. They were warm and friendly, always welcoming and helping the others out and supporting the land. It truly was admirable.

"Your land and people are more homely to me then my father could ever make that pathetic castle he dominates back home." The prince spat, his partner chuckling at his burning hatred for the man who was his father.

"My my. Well I'm glad to have you as an ally then, Prince Shouto." The king glanced at the girl behind him.

His face softened even further and he excused himself from the previous conversation to move to one with the other adventurer who had stopped the attack just as much as the magic-wielding prince.

"And I have heard of your trials with fire and life as well, young lady."

"I have been surviving and living just fine, your grace."

"Still as reckless and ruthless as the boys I see. Well… I didn't raise a damsel waiting to get saved."

"No, you didn't. I'll be just as strong in my rule as you one day."

Todoroki blinked, seeing this conversation take a completely different turn then what he was expecting. He had assumed the king would take the same words and give them to you, but instead, he was slowly piecing together the pieces of the puzzle.

"Pardon me." He spoke to the duo, them both turning to look at him.

"What is it Todoroki?" You asked.

"Yes good sir, what troubles you?" The king spoke as well.

He must have really sounded worried if both suddenly were concerned about his health and well being after the kingdom was nearly attacked and raided.

"Ar-are the two of you related?" Todoroki asked.

The king turned to you and ruffled your hair, laughing once again. "Ha! Too embarrassed to share your birth standing? What sort of princess did I raise if she's too nervous to exchange pleasantries with the other royalty of this land?!"

"P-princess?" Todoroki mouthed, the world having been altered with this delightful little detail.

"My rank does not determine my worthiness, father. That's why I've been fighting. And besides, it's better to hide in the light then to let the entire world know." You spoke back, hands on your hips and your eyes rolling.

"You're the princess of this kingdom?" Todoroki mumbled, now seeing you in an entirely different light than before.

"Yes, I am." You nodded to him, not hiding any doubt any longer.

The prince blinked, finally understanding and also feeling a sort of pride for you. But also a new admiration in his heart. He had fallen for you before, but now seeing that your rank meant little to you above doing the right thing… he intended to gain your trust and more as time went on.

Chapter Text

Kirishima Eijirou:

"D-do you want to get some ice cream?" Kirishima asked, his fingers tapping out of a nervous habit.

The check had been paid for and the dinner was finished, meaning it was about time for the two of you to either head back to your apartment or stop somewhere for dessert before he bid you goodbye for the night.

You nodded sweetly, the blush from the start of the night still on your features. It had not ceased and you admittedly were still a bit flustered to actually be on a date with the cute hero who had been frequenting the bookstore you worked out.

Your manager had teased you that he only came in for you, and that didn't help you in the attempts to actually talk to him. But somehow your slightly shy and awkward nature had seemed rather endearing and adorable to him, and thus he asked you out on a date.

And now here you were, both of you adjusting your outwear as you walked out of the restaurant and towards a small ice cream shop that was down the street. You unknowingly shivered, the motion picked up by the man next to you.

"Here." He shrugged his jacket off and handed it to you. "I'm not an expert, but this is how all the movies do it… right?"

He was just as awkward but sweet it appeared. Kirishima had long noticed you in the shop but only worked up the courage lately to actually go and talk to you. And when he finally did ask you if you'd like to get dinner, he was pushing his confidence and nerves to the max.

"Thanks." Your face colored deeper into a red, but luckily you could hide it away in the jacket on your shoulders. The cold air no longer nipped at you and you admitted to yourself that Kirishima's cologne was very pleasant and not overwhelming.

Kirishima ushered you into the small creamery, holding the door while you walked in. You both placed an order and waited for the lady to ring up your purchases. She displayed the total and Kirishima reached for his wallet.

"I've got this." You smiled and handed the lady your card.

"B-but I'm supposed to pay for the first date!" He spoke, not wanting you to spend your own money on a situation he had proposed on you in the first place.

"Dinner was good and you've been really sweet. So at least let me pay for this." You took your card back and handed him his dessert.

"Ah man…" He chuckled. " Guess this just means I owe you ice cream another time."

"So I guess that means we'll be going on another date then."

You had let it slip from your mouth without realizing it, the response is only natural to what Kirishima had said. But once it was said you could not help but quickly try to cover it up. You didn't want to appear too desperate after all…

"I-I mean if you want to that is! I-If I've totally ruined the night then you in no way have to take me out again or even call me! Heck, you don't even have to buy books from where I work anymore either!"

You mentally scolded yourself, seeing that you had just word spammed him and knew that he must be a bit overwhelmed by how pink his own cheeks were at your latest additions to the conversation.

"O-Oh no! It's fine! I was actually going to ask you for a follow-up date after I dropped you off. B-but if I'm not your type then you don't have to go on another date with me."

You recoiled in shock. Did he want to go out again? With your awkward nerdy butt and terrible taste in jokes? What sort of miracle was occurring at this moment?!

"You want to go on another date?"

"Only if you do!"

"I'd love too!"


You both looked away from the others, absorbed in your ice cream. Though really you were trying to think of what exactly to say next. How does one change the subject from that waterfall of confessions and desires to go out again?

"How about you two focus on finishing your first date." The creamery's cashier chuckled from behind you and as a result, made both you and Kirishima blush darker and laugh more awkwardly than before.

Chapter Text

Shinsou Hitoshi:

"Hello everyone!" You smiled into the camera. "Today we're going to do something a little different… but something that's been highly requested."

You quickly waved to the side, a figure coming at taking a seat next to you at your recording setup. The lights shone brightly in his violet hues and his stuck up hair couldn't even fit in part of the camera frame.

"I hope everyone remembers my boyfriend Shinsou-kun… because today, like you all were asking for… I'm going to make him go through the boyfriend tag."

"What exactly am I doing?"

You turned to him, laughing gently. You had already explained it to him before, but it was sort of a strange thing. He had been on a few of your gaming videos before, introduced as Shinsou, but your subscribers were quick to figure out that the two of you were dating.

And as a result, the shipping began. Even though you two were already a couple and tried to keep your relationship away from the channel, there were times where you both would be fine talking about your relationship on camera. Right now appeared to be one of those times as you had decided to give to the masses for once.

"Basically I'm going to be asking you a few questions and if you get them right it means you know me and our relationship well."

"Are you getting asked questions?"

"No. I'm not the boyfriend here."

Shinsou chuckled and ruffled your hair. "Then I guess I need to find questions for a girlfriend tag."

"We can save that for another video then." You blushed from his gentle affection and then quickly grabbed a piece of paper.

You hid your smile behind the cute stationary and looked at Shinsou, his own eyes watching you curiously. You giggled again, feeling very bubbly that he was looking at you with those kind and enamored eyes for no reason.



"Hurry up and ask me a question then."

"Fine fine!" You looked down and read off the first question. "How long have we been together."

"Easy. Four months."

"Correct!" You cheered. "Okay, next one: do I have any weird obsessions?"

"You've been obsessed with that one anime lately."

"Which one?"

"There's multiple?"


"What? You like too many animes!"

You bumped your shoulder against him, smiling more at how light and friendly things always seemed to be when he was around. It was very calm and very sweet. As a matter of fact, you rather enjoyed having him on your videos.

It wasn't because you got more views and revenue… but more so because you liked to do these videos with people. But you had always been shy about asking people to come on or even asking other YouTubers to collab with you.

But when you and Shinsou had started dating, he was very supportive of your hobby and slight career. He knew that sometimes you had to lock yourself away in your dorm to record and also how important this was to you.

But when he agreed to be in that first gaming video, you had nearly leaped out of your chest. It was some dating game for girls, but he brought along all sorts of funny commentary as you played.

It was at that moment you realized how much of a keeper he was. He paid attention when you needed him to, gave you space when he felt like you needed it and most importantly didn't change on or off camera.

Shinsou was Shinsou in any environment and you adored that about him. He was sleepy and calm but devoted and supporting. He was perfect and even if he failed this dumb boyfriend tag, it would not change your mind about him.

"If I could live anywhere, where would it be?"

"Now we're getting into the tough questions, huh?"

"They're only tough cause you don't know them."

"I never said they were tough for me."

You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue. Shinsou laughed at how childish you could be. It was definitely one of the traits he liked the most about you. You kept the ease and tension away and made things just seem easier and he enjoyed that.

His life was always a bit hectic with UA and him still trying to get into the Hero course, but at least with you, he could forget about all of that and be an actual teenager again. Even if those teenager moments with his girlfriend were not the most private of times.

"Either in a large metropolis or in a peaceful beach cottage."

"You know me too well."

"No. You just talk a lot."

"Oh shut up~"

When you tried to gently shove him, he instead caught your ar and pulled you into an embrace. You returned it, knowing he must really be in a good mood to show his passionate side on camera.

"I'd go anywhere you go."

"Now you're just being mushy."

"Says the one doing a boyfriend tag to show off to her followers that she's dating a great guy."

You laughed again and moved on. But you knew this video would be a hit.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

"Oh my gosh! It's perfect! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" Toru hugged tightly to you, her invisible body making it look like you were miming a hug.

"I had seen you looking at those a few weeks back, so when I drew your name, I kinda already knew what to get you." You laughed, watching as the floating clothes tingled with the new bangles.

"They're so cute and perfect and you picked out the perfect ones for me!" She excitedly spoke, the metal bracelets hitting each other and filling the room with soft chimes.

"I'm just glad you liked them that much." You breathed, glad your secret Santa gift had gone off without any issues.

The secret Santa party had gone off thus far with no issues. Santas were given the option to give their person their gift anytime during the party, so most people had by this late already received their gifts.

You had waited until Toru wandered off by herself before you had approached her with your gift. She seemed happy that you were her Santa and seemed even more excited when she saw the charm bangle set she had been dying for but didn't have the funds to buy.

Toru hugged you once more before dashing off to go show the other girls what you had given her. In the meantime, you decided to take a seat on one of the benches in the lounge of class 1-A's living room.

It was enough out of the way to allow you to watch people, but still, make you approachable if anyone wanted to come and talk. As you sat, you glanced around and decided to take on exactly what your classmates were doing.

Mina, Kirishima, and Sero were cheering on Kaminari as he chugged eggnog. The Dekusquad were calmly talking amongst themselves while frosting some cookies and everyone else seemed to be exchanging their gifts, watching a bad Christmas movie or trying to stay away from the chaos.

You tried to keep your cool, but you had to admit that by now, you were starting to get a bit impatient. Your Santa had yet to come up and give you their gift yet. You had even tried to figure out who yours might be, but no luck. No one was willing to squeal on who your Santa was.

Plus with Iida and Momo pushing the fact to keep your Santa a secret, no one was really actively trying to find out who their Santa was. So you were kept on your toes and waiting, but as the party died down, so did your patience.

You shrugged, thinking that maybe your Santa was a bit too party happy and had let it slip their mind. Or maybe they were embarrassed… or maybe they just completely forgot and didn't want to admit to you that you didn't have a gift… despite that everyone else did…

"Hey, scoot over."

You glanced up from you irrational thought train, seeing class Scrooge looking down at you from where he was standing. You nodded to his demand a bit too eagerly, knowing your cheeks were a bit blushed and pink. At least you could blame it on the cold temperature and not get found out.

Bakugou fell down on the couch next to you and stole a quick glance at you for a moment. You caught him doing it from the corner of your eye, and watched as he cleared his throat to catch your attention once more.

"Merry fucking Christmas or whatever…" He grumbled, practically throwing a gift bag onto your lap.

You stared down at the gift, unsure of how he managed to hide it so well behind his back, but secondly so very embarrassed that Bakugou had been the one to draw his name out of the entire class of twenty.

Then you remembered the list you had made and that he must have seen. Oh God.. what kind of present did he end up getting you? He didn't always give off the vibe of caring, but you did know he was observational.

"Are you gonna fucking frame it, or open it?" He huffed out, obviously not happy that you had yet to open his gift.

"O-oh right! Sorry, I was just trying to guess what you could have gotten me."

"Something damn good." He mumbled, clicking his tongue.

You nodded and started to carefully to undo the tissue paper, seeing the top of a box inside. You tilted your head in curiosity as you reached in and pulled out the rectangle. Your eyes lit up in surprise and you turned to look at every side of the box to make sure you weren't imagining it.

"You always talk about the anime, so I thought you might like it." Bakugou muttered next to you, watching as you freaked out over his gift.

"Bakugou!" You suddenly rose your voice.

"What?!" He rose his voice back.

"This is a 20000 yen limited edition action figure of my favorite character from my favorite anime!" You beamed tears prickling along your eyes.

"I know that! Why the hell did you think I bought it?!"

"You're the best!" You cried, pushing the box back into the bag, making sure to be extra cautious about the item inside.

"Heh- not like that's anything new- HEY!"

You had suddenly jumped into his arms, squeezing him tightly in happiness. Bakugou flushed red, having never been hugged this closely by anyone. He tried to keep his thoughts sane as he feels every part of you rubbing against him: your face on his shoulder, your arms on his back and even your bust against his chest.

"G-get the hell off!" He screamed and you removed yourself quickly.

"Thank you so so much! This is the best gift I've ever gotten!"

"Yeah yeah... Enjoy it or return it and keep the cash for all I care." He got up and walked away.

"Like hell I'll return this!" You spoke as he wandered away.

Bakugou returned to his idiot friends, Kaminari looking a bit green with Mina and Sero on the floor laughing. Kirishima noticed his friends return and struck up the conversation.

"You give (Name)-chan her gift?"


"She like it?"

"I guess so… she flipped the fuck out."

"That usually means she does. So… you ask her out yet?"

"Shut the fuck up Kirishima."


Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

The next morning was strange… despite the bed feeling warm and having him still laying next to you throughout the night… you felt cold. Your tears had stained your face and your hands were still firm on his sweatshirt.

You had assumed that after a night's sleep all the problems of your fight would magically be gone, but it wasn't. You still felt broken on the inside, despite the fact that he came back, despite the fact that he kinda sorta apologized, despite the fact that you didn't want to say goodbye.

But it still hurt. Your chest hurt a lot.

"Hey." His groggy voice called out to you.

You could feel him sitting up and moving closer to you. He kissed your neck, the feeling not sticking right like it had before. He paused when he felt your tense arms, and decided that he was instead going to wrap his arms around you.

"Wanna talk...about what happened?" He asked you uncertainly.

Katsuki was never one to try and talk like a normal adult in a serious relationship should. And as a result, all these little ticks gathered up over time and came undone in a huge fight, like they did last night.

"Why does it feel so much worse this morning?" You asked him, still refusing to meet his eyes, knowing that the moment he locked eyes with you, you'd break down again.

And you were in no mood to cry in front of him this morning. You had done plenty of that yesterday.

"I know… maybe cause we slept on it."

"You left. You yelled at me, called me so many terrible things and just left. You made me think you weren't coming back."

"I know… and to risk causing another fight… it's not like you were a perfect fucking angel last night either."

"I know the things I said… I just got so heated. I was looking forward to seeing you and when your first words to me were "Do you ever fucking shut you, you annoying brat"... that hurt. You know damn well how that would affect me."

"I was fucking mad. And I took it out on you. I shouldn't have done that."

You turned, actually looking at him now. It was no use now to hide them after all.

Bakugou turned to stone when his red orbs met your own, trails of clear liquid cascading like streams down your cheeks. He snapped his head down, shutting his mouth and instead pushing you into his bare torso. He held you protectively, but loosely, knowing he wanted to give you a way to break free of him if you didn't want his attempt at a hug.

"I'm so sick of crying… I'm more sick of spending my entire day worrying about you though! Every day you leave this apartment I worry that you won't come back. And last night… it wasn't a villain or a disaster that took you from me Katsuki… it was you."

He didn't speak but continued to hold you. What the hell was he supposed to say to this? Not to worry, nothing could kill him? That he would always come home to you? Hell… he was never an optimistic person, but he needed to tell you something…

"I know I'm not the most delightful person to be dating… but I love you so damn much…"

"I worry about you too, dumbass." He finally answered your pleas. "I worry that I'm gone too much. That you're not happy waiting around for me. That you'd rather be with someone who treats you fucking better… and I realized last night… that you're the only damn person in this world I want."

"Then why did you leave in the first place?"

"Cause I was too stupid to realize it before I left. I was arrogant and pissed off and that resulted in me pissing you off and thinking you'd be better without me. So I left… and I fucking regretted it.

I thought you'd be gone when I got back. Thought I'd have to get over you, but knew I never would. You're the only fucking person in this damn world for me (Name)... and I've decided that you're gonna be stuck with me."

"God, use some better word choice... Please." You laughed for the first time in what felt like forever.

"I'm saying that if you want to stay and continue with me… that I won't leave again. I'll be here with you and will make sure you know how dedicated to you I am. Is that fucking better?"


"Thank fucking God."


"What now?"

"I love you… I love you so much."

He sighed, touching your foreheads together, his warm hands gliding across your wet cheeks, making them dry.

"I know… and I love you too… so damn much."


Chapter Text


Todoroki Shouto:


Todoroki Yuuto:
優 (yuu) meaning “excellence, superiority, gentleness” combined with 人 (to) meaning “person”


“He looks just like you.”

Why… why was a statement that he had hated and despised so much growing up slowly starting to make him smile and fondly nod his head to those who gave him the compliment.

Why did he start to actually learn the kind of pride that a parent felt when even a total strange told him that his own child was him. In his youth, the last thing he wanted was to be compared to his father.

But now as a father himself, he couldn’t help but glance down and rub Yuuto’s white locks when he was told how uncanny the resemblance between father and son was. The looks were not the only thing that stopped in the comparisons between the two.

Yuuto had the similar codominant quirk his father had, only his was his father’s ice powers and his mother’s water abilities, making him able to basically control any substance that contained H20 and even make it himself.

Yuuto’s eyes were heterochromatic as well: one silver from his father and one (eye color) from his mother. The only thing that seemed different was that Yuuto’s hair was one single shade of white… but would get dirty easily as a result (no thanks to that Bakugou Katsuko who Yuuto liked to play with…).

“Are you okay, Shouto?” His wife had pulled him from his thoughts as the two sat on a park bench, keeping a close eye on their son who was currently climbing up the ladder to the slide.

“Yes. Just fine.”

Todoroki (Name) knew her husband much better than he did himself at times though and could tell that that distant and cold gleam in his eyes was blooming from his own worry about himself and his bloodline.

He had long since reached a neutral understanding with his father, ironically on the day, Yuuto was born. Enji had shown up to give his congratulations, which Shouto accepted… but refused to let him see his grandchild.

The two someone reached a conclusion civilly: Shouto no longer processing any rage towards the man, but not wanting to be involved with Enji any more than a business relationship.

And Enji agreed… and had since left you both and your son alone. All Yuuto knew of his grandfather was the single card he would receive every year on his birthday. But other then that, his only grandfather was your own father.

And so seeing Shouto watching your son with the same eyes he would give when his father was brought up in a conversation made you a bit worried. He could sense no hostilities from Shouto, but that look made you worry about your family.

“Is it Yuuto?”

Todoroki stiffened, his right hand rising and his eyes giving it a long stare before he quickly glanced up and looked for his own son. Yuuto had now moved from the slide and was in the sandbox, a few kids helping him make a sand castle.

“I’m worried about him.” Shouto mumbled.

“And what exactly are you worried about?” You pushed him gently.

“I’m worried that he’ll turn out like me.”

You blinked, scooting closer to your husband and resting your head on his shoulder. Todoroki reached and locked hands with you, his warm and cold palms nice against your own.

“And why would you be afraid of that? Yuuto sees you as his role model, y'know. The kid got lucky to literally share everything about you that’s so eye-catching and unique.”

“My looks are one thing… but what if he ends up acting like I did. What if I mess up and our relationship becomes something like what my father and I had. What if-”


Your finger pressed against his lip, tone making him know he had pushed past what he should have said. And now it was time for the love of his life and mother to his child to cool his worries and make him centered once again.

“Firstly, you married for love- unlike your father. And for extra points, you have not forced me to have more children because you thought Yuuto was ‘imperfect’ nor have you forced him to train as if he was in high school at age five.

You’re doing fine honey. You are a perfect husband. A perfect hero. And a perfect father.”

Todoroki nodded, squeezing your hand tightly. “Yes. You’re right.”

“Of course I am, I’m your wife after all.”

“How could I have forgotten.”

And then once again… all seemed right in his world. And as his son played the afternoon away, Todoroki could not help but fondly watch him, a smile on his face for the boy he saw so much of himself in.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

You didn't know what had possessed you to do so. One minute you and everyone had been walking back to the dorms after a long, hard, exhausting day of classes and training… the next you had balled up a bit of snow and flung your breakable ball at the first who was trudging along in front of you.

Bakugou had wasted no time, turning and angrily staring down the classmates behind him. He had been walking near the front of the group, trying to get away from his annoying classmates when his head had been assaulted by a flurry of white powder.

You hid your giggles, awe still enveloping your mind that you had managed to throw a ball from the very back of the group all the way to the front where your intended victim was. And since nearly 20 people were between you and Bakugou, he had no idea it had been you.

"I'll fucking ask again! Who the hell socked me with a damn snowball! Come clean now and maybe I won't fucking make you eat the dirt!"

"Do you mean snow, bro?" Kirishima asked, knowing full well that his words would tick Bakugou off more.

"Do I look like I give two flying shi- UGH!"

Kirishima chuckled, watching as a snowball of his own had so perfectly hit Bakugou on the mouth. The stream burning through his palms was not as menacing now since Bakugou looked to have some stubble on his face made of frozen ice crystals.

"So it was you!" Bakugou roared, charging forward.

Kirishima ducked, and Bakugou attempted to grab him… only for two more snowballs to hit his back and lower leg. He turned to look at him in a mad daze, locking eyes with Kaminari and Sero who were attempting to hold back chuckles and wiping their eyes.

You could tell now that your initial ‘innocent' snowball had now turned into everyone using Bakugou as target practice. You assumed that if the ash blonde would not calm down himself… then the snowballs your classmates were starting to make would do the trick for you.

"I'll kill anyone who fucking decides to throw another one of those shitty snowballs at me!"

When no one through one, Bakugou smirked in victory and held his hands on his hips, smiling widely at having successfully ended this raid on him. Though he counts his eggs a bit too soon…

He left out another muffled groan as the latest snowball meant his face with perfect aim. He wiped the ice away, only for another one to be thrown at him. And then another. And another.

"I suppose this is good target practice." Uraraka chuckled, touching the balls of ice Todoroki was making besides her.

"And I'm getting some practice making more soft ice." Todoroki nodded to the brown haired girl.

"Todoroki-kun… Uraraka-san… please stop." Midoriya warned them both, seeing Bakugou getting angrier and angrier as they continued to pound their classmate.

"That's fucking it!" Bakugou slammed his hand against the snow.

He balled up the snow and laughed menacingly to his classmates, his mind racing and thinking of his he was going to destroy them all with his display of warfare in the battle of snowballs.

He cupped his hand and took aim for Deku, smiling evilly as the boy waved his hands back and forth, asking not to get swept into this.

However, as Bakugou let go of the snowball, only a few droplets of water came out of his hand. He stared back at his hand, not quite believing what he assumed had happened.

"Ha! He got so mad that he melted the snow!" Kaminari laughed, laughing so hard he fell into the snow himself.

"Heh. That's embarrassing." Jirou snorted, turning away to not let Bakugou see her laughing at him.

"That's kinda cute Baku-chan." Tsuyu smiled at him.

"Shut the hell up, all of you! I'll show you!"

You watched in amusement as Bakugou reached the same conclusion over and over again as he attempted to throw and make snowballs. And while it was kind of funny to see Bakugou's anger be used against him for once, you also kinda felt bad.

You were the one who caused everyone to gang up on him… so why not let all order drop…

You had already seen Mineta using this distraction to get closer to Momo who was standing off to the side, just watching the chaos. The creep had reached his hands out, ready to touch her curves and lower half the minute she let her guard down a bit more.

Not wasting another second, you through one towards Momo, knowing she had seen you nod at her, telling her to move to the side a bit. The ball of snow left your hand and Yaoyorozu moved just in time as the ball whizzed to its intended target.

Momo blinked when Mineta hit the snow with a thud, and everyone fell silent, slowly casting their gazes away from Mineta to Yaoyorozu and then finally to you who was making a new ball of snow in your hands.

You turned to make eye contact with everyone, smirking in anticipation of the words you knew were going to set every one of your classmates off the moment you said the words. You clicked your tongue, throwing the ball and hitting Kirishima on his shoulder.

"Snowball fight!" You screamed, quickly diving towards a bush as everyone bellowed a war cry and took off to build aim and shelter for themselves.

You chuckled as you saw Mina hit Toru with a ball in the leg. She managed to get up and throw one at Mina, only for the pink girl to dodge and her ball of snow to hit Tokoyami instead. The bird boy with the help of Dark Shadow rained terror upon Toru, as well as several classmates near her such as Sero, Aoyama, and Kouda.

Next, to them, Iida, Uraraka, Todoroki, and Izuku were making a team. Todoroki had created a fort of ice for the four, while his three allies made snowballs and defended their land. Tsuyu was perched on a tree above them, no doubt as air support.

Suddenly someone rolled into the bush next to you, grabbing your peeping head and making you duck. You heard the sounds of someone groaning and a snowball breaking against the tree behind you.

"Idiot! Pay attention!" BAkugou ordered you, his hands still burning and slightly damp.

"Oh, so we're a team?" You giggled, watching as his face lit up.

"No way in hell! You just had the best fucking hiding spot!"

"And you can't make a damn snowball cause your emotions are making you melt all the snow!"

"Shut the hell up, dumbass!"

"Here." You took off your own gloves, pushing them into Bakugou's hands.

"Like these girly gloves will fucking hit me."

"There men's… they keep the heat in better. I have a spare pair in my backpack. So maybe now you'll be able to actually make a snowball and not look like a joke."

"I'll fucking push your head into the snow again…"

"And then you'll be all on your own. You want to beat Midoriya and Todoroki right?"

"Fuck yes I do."

"Then let's get Kirishima and Kaminari on our side and beat the hell outta them!"

Bakugou smirked, looking out at what used to be UA campus, now a live battleground. People were getting hit left and right, some laying as pretend dead. Others were hiding among the snow and brush, making plans. And others were teaming up and ready to strike when the moment arose.

"Now you're speaking my fucking language!"

Chapter Text

Amajiki Tamaki:

He wasn't the type to speak his mind freely or even speak very often at all. Don't get the wrong idea, he wasn't shy or reserved, but rather just more nervous about talking or speaking to others. He didn't like the way their eyes felt on them and how he would internally shake when he would think about how people were internally making conclusions about him.

In contrast to him, people seemed to have no issue sharing their opinions out loud and about you. And even the most degrading and sexual ones seemed to blow past any and all possible filters. And you would just sit there, a smile on your face and mouth echoing off that laugh of yours as if none of their words meant anything to you.

"Come on baby… it'll just be one date. I'll get what I want from you and you can enjoy a nice dinner, my treat." His peer wrapped his arm around her, his lips curving up into a self-satisfied smile.

Amajiki narrowed his gaze, thinking how this frat style boy must think he's so suave and smooth with offering you a free meal in return for whatever he wanted to do to you. He was treating you again like some sort of one use item.

You laughed and gently pushed his arm off of you, eyes blinking. Amajiki could see your defense mechanism and decided to get ready to support you if you needed him. He prayed he wouldn't have to, as he had faith you could handle these boys yourself, but if it came to it, your safety would come before his own ridiculous issues with attention.

"That's really sweet of you." You smiled, scooting ever so farther away from him. "But I have no idea what it is that you want from me… so I'm gonna say no."

The boy smirked and elbowed his buddy, trying to show him that his words were exactly true bout you: as naive and oblivious as a newborn. And thus just ripe for the picking by him or one of his friends.

The other boys sat down on the other side of the lunch table, trapping you in between them. They winked at Tamaki, assuming the silent boy was on their side since he had yet to say anything. They had assumed he was in on the ‘Bro-Code'.

"Come on honey. You and those sweet legs of yours would look great sitting."

"Heh yeah. I'll give you the best damn seat. Just you wait and see."

"Excuse me? I'm already in a seat and don't exactly like feeling overwhelmed thanks to you all."

The three boys snickered, giving each other looks. You rolled your eyes, turning back to Tamaki in the hopes of these boys leaving if you ignored them. But… boys weren't always raised to be respectful and leave when they so clearly were making a girl uncomfortable.

"If you think you're overwhelmed now… just wait until I get you all to myself." The first guy attempted to pull you in closer to him again.

"H-hey! She's not into it. Leave (Name) alone and get lost!" Amajiki rose from his seat, his own half-finished meal jumping as he slammed his palm against the table.

"Dude chill!" One spoke. "We were just messing around."

"Yeah, she's enjoying it!"

Tamaki glanced at you, arms held tightly together and face trying not to make eye contact with anyone, too uncomfortable for eye contact to even be a possibility. You looked absolutely miserable.

"I think you guys should leave." You spoke, still refusing to look.

"Don't let this guy get on your nerves now."

"Yeah, we were just giving you some compliments."

"You're hot as fuck, so don't turn into a bitch when all we're doing is letting you know."

"Leave now or I really will turn into a bitch." Your voice got low and deep, eyes narrowing to give off the scariest face Tamaki had ever witnessed.

The boys got up, scoffing and muttering all sorts of sexist words and insults at you as they choose their next target. You shook your head, glad to finally have them gone and finally allowing you to eat your lunch in peace.

"I'm sorry you had to deal with them." Tamaki muttered, mixing his meal out of concern.

"I'm used to it… some men just don't- Ugh! It's so frustrating! Just cause my head isn't in the gutter, they assume I'm some bimbo that they can take advantage of."

"You're the farthest thing away from an idiot… m-maybe a bit naive. But you can take care of yourself."

You smiled up at Tamaki, the inner nervousness and uncomfortableness now slowly going away thanks to him and his self-assuring words. When he decided to talk, he really was a sweet guy.

"You're not bad yourself Amajiki-kun." You smiled at him.

"W-wah?!" He blushed, and then covered his face and hid from you. "Stop that…"

You giggled as Mirio and Nejire finally arrived after purchasing their own meals. As they sat down and tried to figure out what exactly made Tamaki so embarrassed you couldn't help but smile gently.

Gentle, dedicated and kind…. Yes. You definitely had a type.

Chapter Text

Shinsou Hitoshi:

He couldn't be sure, but as he continued to reply with continuous pictures… he was starting to think that his long-lost memeing cryptid was the girl sitting across from him in the library cafe. He wasn't entirely sure, after all, she could be looking at anything on her phone. But the way she looked down just after he sent a text and how he would get one just as she placed her phone down was a bit too good to be true.

He had suddenly started this strange relationship when he got a random picture of that couple that the internet had gotten obsessed with: the one where the man is looking back at some other girl and his girlfriend looks upset at him. The picture had been cautioned something like: ‘Food at home' ‘Me' ‘Ordering Out'.

Shinsou had gotten a chuckle out of it and then sent his reply.

‘Funny. But I think you have the wrong number?'

The reply came sooner then he expected:

‘You're not Haruka-chan?'


‘Oh. Well, I have a lot of memes if you want some from time to time?'

‘I'd enjoy that.'

‘Sweet. Guess you have a meme dealer now.'

It had been just a short and quick first conversation, but he soon learned that he had gotten himself in a bit too much. This number would send him at least one meme a day, and he found himself eagerly waiting to get them. He was actually enjoying the stupid jokes this number had sent him.

As he got more comfortable with the number, he decided to a bit more of the person on the other side of the screen and see if they truly were as cool as their memes were.

‘So, you have a name or are you just a meme generator?'

‘While I do like the idea of being a meme generator… I am a real person I assure you. Name's (Name), but I ain't giving you any more info stranger. Not until I know you better at least ;)'

‘Shinsou Hitoshi. And don't worry, I'm not the type to pry. I just wanted a name for your contact.'

‘Awe how sweet. I just had ‘random number who likes memes' as yours'


And ironically enough, the memes continued, but your conversations grew. He would ask how your day was, and you would reply with either a gif or actual words depending on your mood. Truthfully he found your simple way of talking and expressing yourself rather sweet.

You didn't bore him or overwhelm him… but rather talked to him as if the two of you were classmates, friends even. Shinsou had actually started to develop a soft crush towards the girl on the other side and as much as he hated to accept it… he knew he was in too deep now.

So when he saw this cute girl sitting a few feet away, laughing at what he assumed was his cat meme he sent her… he couldn't help but attempt to get an answer out of her himself.

He'd have to be delicate though… one wrong word and (Name) might assume he was some creepy stalker. So no taking a picture of this girl and asking (Name) if it was her… or approaching her suddenly either.

‘Hey… are you at the city's library right now? In the cafe?'

He clicked send, watching the girl pick up her phone, placing her bubble tea down and reading the text. Her eyes perked up, but not in joy, but rather in confusion and maybe some possible fright.

Shinsou quickly stopped looking at her, once again trying not to seem like a creep. His phone buzzed a moment later and he locked his violet hues down onto the device, quickly unlocking it and reading the text.

‘Yeah, I am… how did you know that?'

Now was the crucial part. He had to drop this info and not freak her or anyone out. He quickly calmed his hands and typed out his answer, hoping for it not to appear like too much or too little for the girl he was harboring major feelings for… or in her words ‘feels'

‘I saw a girl laughing and it was always when I sent a meme too you. I swear I'm not a creep or a stalker… but I'm so confused as to if it's you or if I'm losing it.'

‘She wearing a pair of light blue ripped jeans on top of a rose-red shirt?'


‘Yeah, that's me. Which one are you?'

‘Purple hair that looks like I just rolled out of bed and a UA sweatshirt and black jeans.'

He clicked send and watched as you read it, then scanned the crowd before you. When your eyes landed on you, you smiled brightly and waved to him. Shinsou waved back, then suddenly froze.

You threw all your stuff into your backpack and dashed towards him at his own table. You through a chair to join him and sat down looking at him. He blushed softly as you stared him in the eyes, taking in his appearance.

"I finally understand all the ‘I look like death' memes you sent me. You look ready to pass out Shinsou-kun."

"You're one to talk. You actually turned out to be a teenage girl and not some creepy 40-year-old man."

You snickered. "Maybe I have a transformation quirk?"

Shinsou rolled his eyes, knowing full well how much you loved to tease him. You laughed at his annoyed display but further pressed on.

"Glad to finally meet you in person!"


Chapter Text


The life he lived never exactly made it suitable for him to purchase or rent a home to stay it. Most of the time, it involved long stays in abandoned warehouses, or anywhere where the owner would look the other way and rent a sleazy hotel room to him that night.

The life of one of Japan's worst and most bloodthirsty villains was not an easy one, he would never attempt to say or disprove that, however, he would admit that at times the nostalgia of a warm bed and fluffy pillows were always a threat to his own sanity.

But, he had chosen his path and intended to keep at his work until every hero that wasn't pure or worth it was erased from this very earth. He wouldn't let such material things hold down him back from his path. Yet at times, he would occasionally give a moment to feel like a regular person and not the infamous hero killer.

He had known her since he attempted to be a hero but ultimately dropped that delusional idea. In fact, he'd admit that the girl, now a woman, was more than likely the only part of his past that he was willing to indulge in again.

And as she had told him long ago, her backroom door, on the 6th floor of a decent apartment complex was always unlocked. All he had to do was enter the home and he'd be set for the night: a warm bed, home cooked meal, and company that neither judged or shoved her own ideology down his throat.

(Name) was simply a friend who would extend her home open to him whenever he felt the need. She was a kind-hearted person, letting in someone the media and heroes dubbed as a menace and madman into her home like he was a stray cat.

Yet, despite what he had turned into since they were no longer simple middle school students, she still welcomed him with a smile. She never brought up his ‘work', instead, asking of his social life, if he had tried any good food places lately.

She kept the air light and friendly for a reason, her own idea of his life making her assume he was here for a small escape before he had to leave again the following night. She knew that if caught, both would be in a lot of trouble, but she also knew the boy from her school days.

And she knew that despite the fact that he had turned into something she didn't understand, he was still merciful. He had spared some after all, and those who were unfortunate to be struck by his blade were not exactly innocent.

She didn't share the same ideas as highly as he did, but she did believe that not every hero walking the streets deserved to be called that. Some were full of themselves, violent, uncaring and disturbed.

(Name) knew that not every hero could be All Might… but she did know that those not trying to at least be influenced by the top hero's ideas and words were just as bad as the lowest of the low villains plaguing this city.

"The door's always unlocked." She mumbled one morning, handing him a hot cup of coffee and some baked muffins from the day before.

"You do know the price you'll be paying for harboring the Hero Killer Stain himself… multiple times, right?"

You chuckled and watched as he tied on his ragged mask, covering up the unsightly parts of his appearance. You didn't know what exactly he had been through himself, nor did you believe you had the stomach to know… but you could only assume it wasn't pleasant.

"I'm not harboring Stain, I'm giving my old friend Chizome Akaguro a place to rest his head for a night, and if the police wish to tact on more on… then that's between me and them."

"I could always say I cut you." He muttered, the curtain to the light up city currently blocked by the fabric and hiding him away from the world.

"You're a vengeful murder, not a liar. Plus I think you have enough crimes committed already, so let's not add lying under oath to that."

He sighed, eyes quickly turning to look at you as he opened the door and allowed the fresh air to enter the apartment. Chizome shook his head in disbelief as if his ears were malfunctioning.

"You'll become a criminal as well."

"I'm already a criminal 'cause you're not supposed to harbor actual criminals. Though... I don't really give a shit about it."

"You're a fool then."

"I am. But you do keep coming back here."

"I never said I wasn't."

Life isn't always fair, and some of those on the ends will fall down a darker path, but some… will always shield the most vicious criminals, all because their kindness knows no bounds.

And in both your minds, that kindness was the most foolish of them all.

Chapter Text

Bakugou Katsuki:

Some days were much harder than others when it came to working as a pro-hero, especially when you had to work on holidays. Today was no exception, as even if it was Valentine's day, the criminal underground never ceased their actions, even for one moment.

It had been a jewelry store robbery in the morning, heartbroken civilian who's quirk went out of control in the afternoon and ending with a couple's near mugging on your last patrol around your agency's district.

But you were finally free! No more work for two whole days and your husband had been taking care of your precious children since this afternoon. Tomorrow you four would be going on a small two-day vacation to where you and Katsuki would go every year until your eldest was born.

Thinking it over as you got off at your stop, you couldn't help but wonder what sort of things your children and their father had done for the afternoon. The schools held a Valentine's party and Katsuki had volunteered, so he had taken an extra day off to see his kids and help at school.

You snorted thinking about your raging husband trying to control a gang of four-year-olds at the local preschool, all the while your toddler son was on Katsuki's back, sleeping the commotion away.

Katsuko would more than likely have been trying to impress her friends with her father and impress her father with her friends. Katsuro was only a year old, so he still slept through a lot, meaning Katsuki would at least have it somewhat easy… but he was helping at the preschool where there would be candy…

You paused at the front door of your family home, seeing that it was unusually quiet for your family: Katsuko wasn't screaming in delight, Katsuki wasn't yelling and even your baby wasn't crying.

You opened the unlocked door, showing you that your family was indeed home. Their trio of jackets, mittens, scarves, and boots was by the door. All seemed quiet and peaceful in the Bakugou household… almost too quiet.

"Now hold it still, I don't want it to go on the fucking floor."

"Okay, daddy."

There were the voices, echoing down from the kitchen. Whatever they could be doing or making was unbeknownst to you. However, it smelled like heaven! Like sweets and chocolates and fruits! It smelled like Valentine's day!

You placed your stuff at the door and took off your own winter gear as you made your way towards the kitchen. The sounds of your clicking shoes against the hardwood hallway soon let your family know you had arrived home.

"Mom's home!"


"Don't stand there you brats! Grab the stuff!"

You peaked your head in to see your three ash blondes scrambling around the counter: Katsuki was trying to throw the dirty dishes into the sink, while your children picked up some wrapped gifts.

"I'm home!" You spoke and entered the room. "How is my family?"

You knelt down and opened your arms for your children to run into, their small figures each holding onto one of your arms and hugging you as tightly as they could. When you pulled away, you noticed something you hadn't a moment ago.

"Katsuko?" You reached down and wiped some of the brown substance on her face on your finger. "What do you and your brother have all over you?"

You smelled it, revealed that it seemed to be chocolate instead of some other unpleasant brown substance. You quickly licked the chocolate away, glancing down at your daughter who was bouncing up and down excitedly.

She shook her head back and forth, arms flailing in excitement. If only Mitsuki was here, he'd tease her own son for his own tendencies peeking through in his own daughter's.

"Here! Here! I made you chocolates!"


Katsuki's voice sterning had made her pout and she kicked the floor. You laughed, seeing that her small selfish phase was still present in the four-year-old.

"Dad, Katsuro and I made you chocolates."

"Oh really? What ones did you make?" You asked your daughter and took the wrapped baggy from her.

It was a pink plastic bag, covered in red and white hearts. You quickly untied the ribbon on the top and fished your hand inside, taking out a homemade chocolate heart.

"That's one I made!" She giggled as you popped it into your mouth.

"It tastes great."

"It fucking better, I made it after all." Katsuki came behind you, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

"I had a feeling you did. And I'm guessing your excitable kiddos did the molds."

"I helped with that too… tried to let the brats do it themselves and ended up with chocolate everywhere except the mold."

You chuckled and reached into the bag again, taking out what appeared to be a present shaped chocolate, but had been deformed some