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The smell of spring freesias is what awoke Zi Feng from sleep.  As he slowly opened his eyes, he could see the hazy sun’s first rays of morning peeping through the snowy, white, translucent curtains.  Warmth embraced him drawing his attention to the person that lie in his arms.  Pi Ya Nuo lay curled up against his bare chest - her slow breathing like a soft melody that played in the early morning’s quiet.  He shifted his position so that he could get a better look at her.  It didn’t matter how many times he awoke next to Ya Nuo - he was still in awe whenever he laid his eyes on her.  How someone could go from his sworn brother and best friend to his wife and life partner in a short amount of time; it was astonishing.  And yet, he couldn’t help but feel the grace of luck at their chance meeting. 

His attention was drawn back to Ya Nuo as long lashes fluttered open and a slow smile was drawn across her lips.  “Good morning,” Ya Nuo whispers.

“Good morning,” Zi Feng replies.  He couldn’t help but reach out and touch her milky, white skin, slowly stroking Ya Nuo’s cheek while she lay in his arms.  He slowly closed the distance between them and laid a gentle kiss on her soft lips.

Fresh lilacs on a warm spring day.   He felt the aroma drift over him as he gently kissed Ya Nuo’s lips.  His tongue gently prodding for entrance.  And when she yielded, he let the overwhelming scent envelope him.  And suddenly his want turned to need.  He quickly broke off the kiss as he took another glance at his life partner.  He couldn’t help but find Ya Nuo irresistible – her eyes half lidded, her cheeks tinged slightly pink, and her lips a fire red.  She smiled, slightly nodding her head, silently urging him to go on.

He smiled and pulled her close to him as he closed the distance between them again.  Her scent surrounded him making him dizzy, intoxicated.  Truth be told, he had often fantasized what it would be like to be intimate with Ya Nuo, way back before he found out that Ya Nuo was a woman.  The teasing, the touching, the kissing that often tormented his dreams - it was all too much, and he had many mornings where he awoke fully erect gripping the sheets in sheer frustration.  He was then forced to wait for the intensity of his emotions to pass, subjecting himself to thinking about the mountains of paperwork that lay awaiting him at the office.  Other times he would just give in and surrender to his own release, and, as he came, hoping to one day experience that closeness with Ya Nuo.  It was frustrating, and yet he couldn’t get enough of him back them and, even though he had had her many times over, he couldn’t get enough of her now.

His thoughts shifted back to Ya Nuo’s soft skin beneath his lips.  He trailed kisses down her neck – her breaths becoming rapid and shallow.  He slowly removed her shirt.  Her chest no longer bound by the suffocating binder that she used to wear when they first met.  His tongue traced lazy patterns across her skin.  A small moan escaped Ya Nuo’s lips.  Her hands running through his hair.  He felt himself fully harden. 

Gardenias on a cold winter’s morning.  He let the smell of gardenias overtake him along with her want, her need.  He fell in love with her – both sides of her, both her male and female sides.  It only made sense that the smell of her would not just be one scent, but rather encompass a kaleidoscope of aromas.

“Zi Feng,” Yu Nuo whispers between panting breaths.  “I need you.”

Zi Feng smiled as he looked at Ya Nuo.  Understanding the duality of her statement.  Back when they were still dating and Ya Nuo was still not yet comfortable to formally announce their relationship status, they had settled on using “I need you” as their secret way of expressing how much they loved each other.

“I need you too,” Zi Feng huskily responds. 

Ya Nuo smiled at the all too familiar response. 

He slowly finished undressing her, quickly pulling off his clothes in the process.  As he slowly entered her warmth, he couldn’t help but notice her scent once again; the scent of fragrant jasmine on a hot summer’s day wrap around him.

As he sheathed himself fully in her, he looked down at Ya Nuo – her rosy lips slightly parted, her breathing shallow.  She was so beautiful just like this.  He had to do everything he could right then and there to stop himself from coming.  He stopped, taking in a steady breath.  Taking the time to fully take her in, slowly kissing her lips.  Enjoying the moment. 

Slowly, he began to move inside of her letting the aroma of lily of the valley after an early spring’s rain wash over them both.

He felt the heat slowly build as he felt her tighten around him.  She holding him close and him holding her closer.  Her shallow breathing becoming pants.  Beads of sweat rolling down their bodies.  His breathing became shallower and shallower.  He swore just as his senses picked up a hint of hyacinths at the end of a cool autumn’s day.  Until finally, he felt her clench around him.   

“Zi Feng…”  He heard her whisper as she reached her climax. 

The fragrance of summer’s first honeysuckle bloom enveloped them both.

Feeling her around him, he couldn’t take it any longer as he felt himself teeter over the edge.

“Ya Nuo…” He whispered back softly into her ear. 

He heard her sigh.  Pulling away, he could see her smiling face. 

“I love you,” Ya Nuo softly whispers.

Holding her close, Zi Feng smiled.  “I love you too,” Zi Feng replied.

As both of their breaths began to slow, Zi Feng felt himself drift back to sleep as the scent of soft lavender floating on a lazy summer’s breeze filled the room.