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“I’m ho--Muscle!” Jyushimatsu bellows into the air. His routine announcement is the only thing he finds normal today. Usually, he’d be out practicing his batting for a few more hours, but his body didn’t want to cope today. His muscles were already sore when he woke up and it didn’t take much for his body to heat up, excessive sweat soaking through his clothes as a result. The walk back dried him off somewhat, but the clothes were still damp enough to cling to his skin.

He takes a step in and hears footsteps scurry in the background.

“Jyushimatsu nii-san!” There’s only one brother he’s older than. Looking up from his shoes, he the youngest brother, Todomatsu, fills his sight. “Ah jeez, nii-san! I can’t believe you went out at all during your heat! We were seriously worried about you!”

“Heh?” Jyushimatsu acknowledges. “I’m in heat?”

Red blooms across the fifth born’s face as everything clicks into place. His grogginess. Those inquisitive looks from people on the street. The slimy feeling between his legs. The lingering, empty feeling within his body which he thought he could fill with batting practice. Of course. It was all because of the heat. So obvious.

“Yes!” Todomatsu admonishes. The youngest pulls his next eldest brother into the living room. An accusing finger is directed towards a calendar hanged on the wall. “We have it marked and everything! Keep track of your own heats and stuff, nii-san!”

“Hah…” Jyushimatsu lets out whatever his throat lets him. He was only recently informed of his predicament, but the bit of heat that he had ignored now swelled throughout his body, testing his constitution.

Some rustling piqued the omega’s interest as his eyes drifted to the two alphas who caused the noise. Osomatsu, who had been laying down and enjoying his book now sat up straight to see the disturbance, while Karamatsu rested his mirror on the table and set his gaze on their little brother. Saliva pooled in Jyushimatsu’s mouth as the two alphas leered at him. Feeling squirmish under their scrutiny, he looked over at Choromatsu, who kept a watchful eye over their unreliable elder brothers.

“Ichimatsu went out looking for you, you know!” Todomatsu continues. “We were seriously worried that some other alpha would hav--” Realizing what he had just said, the youngest glances over at Osomatsu and Karamatsu, who had not let up their relentless stare.

“A-anyway,” Todomatsu clears his throat, “I’ll fend off these two idiots from assaulting Jyushimatsu nii-san, so Choromatsu nii-san, go and get him away from these two.”

Osomatsu defensively places a hand over his chest and feigns hurt feelings, but is still visibly enticed by the omega. Breathy words make their way out, “Wahh, Totty that hurts. Nii-san is doing his best to hold back and…” Osomatsu stops mid-sentence to cross his legs and pat them. “Say, Jyushimatsu, it’s fine if you come to me, right?”

Karamatsu brushes a hand through his hair, “My little Jyushim--”

“Wait! Wait, wait! ” Todomatsu interrupts the second born. They two alphas haven’t done much yet, but watching them attempt to seduce the omega compels him to punch the two of them square in the face. “We’re missing Ichimatsu nii-san, so don’t even think of it!”

Choromatsu takes hold of Jyushimatsu’s arm. “C’mon. Let’s go.”

The omega fakes a laugh. “Okay, okay, let’s go!”

“First, let’s get you cleaned up,” Choromatsu runs a checklist through his head. He leads his brother into a room void of others. He turns his back on the omega and starts rummaging for some replacement clothing.

The beta starts another one of his tangents, “You probably needed to be cleaned up after doing… whatever it is you do. And judging from your sweaty clothes, we should get you some water too, right? And it doesn’t look like it, but say if  some stranger alpha did assault you, let me know and we can get some help with that. That didn’t happen, did it? Ahh, maybe we should get you some supp--”

An embrace from behind startles the older brother, the omega’s arms hooking underneath the beta’s. Resting his cheek on Choromatsu’s back, the younger brother fills his hands with the green hoodie.

“C-Choromatsu nii-san,” he stutters. “Nothing happened. R-Really.” It’s a fuzzy feeling to have his brother fussing over him, but his raging heat quickly engulfed any semblance of the light-hearted warmth.


“Yeah, really! So, please…”

The yellow hoodie rides up as Jyushimatsu slides himself against his brother. His heat vehemently clamored throughout his body and the omega was desperate to satisfy the dull ache in his core.

Thoughts raced through Choromatsu’s mind. It was clear Jyushimatsu needed someone right now. But he was a beta. Although Choromatsu was teased for masturbating the most out of his brothers, would he be able to satiate Jyushimatsu during his heat?

“Uhm, Jyushima--”

“Nii-saaan,” Jyushimatsu panted. Having starved his body of affection all day, the omega nothing more than to claim his deserved share of attention.

Cool air tickles the omega’s body as his sweater pulled up to his chest, but it was shortlived as any cool relief was replaced by the omega’s boundless generation of heat. Rather than cool air to ease the burning sensation on his skin, the fifth born craved the warmth of another body.

Choromatsu takes hold of Jyushimatsu’s arms and detaches it from himself. “C’mon,” he soothes the wobbly omega, struggling to even stand on his own. The beta’s backside is damp with Jyushimatsu’s slick, transferred from the omega’s shorts to his pants.

It’s everywhere... How did Jyushimatsu not notice that he was in heat with this slick seeping all over the place?

“I was gonna clean you up first, but it makes more sense to do that afterward, huh?”

“Uh, yeah! Haha, secross first!”

Choromatsu frowns. Even if they can’t do anything about it, it’s unsettling that omegas are in such distress for sexual pleasure.

The beta crouches down and pats his lap, “Sit.” The omega quickly complies, settling in the other’s hold and eager to start. Choromatsu tugs at the shorts and Jyushimatsu lifts his hips in return, allowing the garment to pool at his ankles.

Choromatsu prods around the entrance. The slick sticks to his fingers and he can hear the wet squelching noises it causes. Much like other bodily discharge, the slimy fluid between Jyushimatsu’s legs was… unpleasant, to put it nicely. As gross as it is, Choromatsu coats his fingers in the natural lubricant.

The omega watches as a finger slips into him. His spine straightens as Choromatsu curls the finger. The elder brother pivots his wrist experimentally, taking care not to scratch the innards. Jyushimatsu winces as another cool finger enters. If Jyushimatsu weren’t in heat, the beta would’ve dismissed the searing sensation coiled around his fingers as an illness. Feeling more confident, the beta fingers his brother more vigorously, fervently stroking the walls and probing as deep as he can. Using his other hand, Choromatsu fondles Jyushimatsu’s member, steadily stroking along the length.

“Hhh--!!?” Jyushimatsu gasps. His back arches and he bucks into his brother’s hand. Choromatsu smirks. An undignified squeal parts from the omega’s mouth as his brother probes the sweet spot again. Drool seeps from the open mouth as Jyushimatsu pants for more air.

Jyushimatsu’s vision hazes. His body was happy to finally be receiving some stimulation. Although Choromatsu was attentive in both the rear and front, the omega craved more. Used to Osomatsu’s and Karamatsu’s antics, he wanted to be manhandled, to have another set of hands grope him and molest him and dominate him.

“N-Nii-san,” Jyushimatsu stammers. Choromatsu understands the call. As deft as his hands were, his fingers were a poor substitute for an actual dick.

Since the Matsuno household was at the bottom of the social hierarchy, he’s not against fucking his brother. As amoral as it is, his position couldn’t get much worse anyway. However, he had little confidence that his stamina would be able to match the omega’s heat. And if he was all tuckered out, Todomatsu would not be able to comfort Jyushimatsu in his stead while holding off the brute idiot and narcissist fool. Ichimatsu was still out looking for their now found omega brother too. Under normal circumstances, the two alphas of the household would be roughing up the omega, but only under the surveillance of the three other brothers, in order to ensure Jyushimatsu’s safety.

Instead of complying, gentle kisses are pressed against the fifth born’s forehead. They do little except provide moral support.

Jyushimatsu frowns in response to the kiss, “Nii-saan, I’m more than ready… So--mmphf--!”

Annoyed by how demanding his brother is, Choromatsu shoves his tongue into the omega’s oral cavity. Thrusting his tongue on upon the other’s, he forcibly swaps saliva with Jyushimatsu. The omega’s mouth is just as warm as his asshole. The beta runs his tongue along the molars, incisors, and gums and when he pulls away for breath, he assaults the prostate he’s been fingering with a hard press.

Hot cum spurts across Choromatsu’s fingers, some of it landing on the yellow hoodie as well. Tears streak the omega’s face as he rides out his orgasm in his brother’s hand. Jyushimatsu looks down at his own member, then promptly crosses his arms across his face. The red on his cheeks are still hot and despite his orgasm, he’s still raring for more.

The omega lets out labored breaths. “It’s… It’s not going all, nii-san.”

Choromatsu peers down and confirms for himself. It’s alright, he mentally steels himself. This is nothing new. Jyushimatsu is in heat, so naturally, it’ll take more than this.

The omega whimpers as Choromatsu pulls his fingers out of the feverish asshole. He turns Jyushimatsu so that he’s facing him and wraps his arms around his brother’s shoulders. Leaning in, the beta pulls them together for another kiss. No resistance is met as he invades his younger brother’s mouth again.

Turned on by the kiss, another wave of heat sears through the omega. The action between their tongues left Jyushimatsu’s wanting for more.

In place of Choromatsu’s ministrations, he starts rubbing himself against his elder brother leg, creating friction for the unattended member. The cum lingering on the omega’s front smears against the beta’s as a result. Choromatsu isn’t too thrilled about Jyushimatsu’s love juices staining his hoodie, but he’s far too invested in the kiss to stop him now. Saliva from the overlapping tongues dribble from the corners of their mouths.

They relish each other’s tongue until they run out of breath. Even when they pull away, a string of saliva keeps them connected.

“Ch-Choro nii-san,” Jyushimatsu whimpers, “Down here too… please.”

The omega jolts as Choromatsu blows into the other’s ear, licking along the lobe shortly afterward. Jyushimatsu’s breathing hitches as the beta’s hands wandered downward. Nibbling on the shell of his brother’s ear, Choromatsu resituates himself on the omega’s erection. Not needing to divert his attention between the back and fore, he strokes the length with much more fervor than previously. One hand tightly grips the base to keep it in place while the other alternates between fondling the tip and pumping the shaft. Residual cum from the first orgasm mixes with the newfound precum oozing from the top.

Unsteady from having his dick caressed, Jyushimatsu balances an arm on Choromatsu’s shoulder. The beta kept showing off how skilled he was with his fingers, but the omega still felt empty. He wanted an actual cock and at this point, he wasn’t sure if his brother would indulge him. Nonetheless, his omega instincts insisted that something--anything please fill the void. Caving into his libido, the fifth born lowers a trembling finger just beneath his entrance. Still loose from before, he immediately shoves three fingers in and rasps them around, searching for that prostate. Jyushimatsu plunges his fingers up to the base, but no amount of stretching allows him to reach that spot. He’s convinced his fingers are just cruelly short and just shy of the bundle of nerves. But then the omega writhes. Jyushimatsu shudders as his finger brush over that sweet spot. He’s rewarded with waves of pleasure each time he revisits the area but avoids pressing down, savor the sweeping feeling for as long as he can.

Sensing his brother’s hesitation, Choromatsu takes a hand and presses down Jyushimatsu’s stomach. The omega squeals as his nether regions compress straight down onto his own fingers. The beta lets a sly smile escape as he thumbs the urethra with his remaining hand.

Another wave of cum erupts from the omega’s dick, the semen splayed from having the exit covered. Sobbing into Choromatsu’s shoulder, Jyushimatsu buries his face in the neck as another orgasm coursed through him.

Choromatsu gasps as the omega presses his face towards his clothed erection. Still coming down from his high, the fifth born wanted his brother to join in on the fun too.

“Nii-san, you haven’t cum yet, right? I want you to feel good too!”

“H-Hey! Hold up!” Jyushimatsu ignores Choromatsu and mouths the erection in front of him through his pants. The taste of detergent fills his mouth as he wets the fabric. “Stop that! I’m supposed to be taking care of you--not the other way around!”

The beta feels the omega frown through his garments, “You don’t want to get off?”

“I’ll… I’ll take care of that later.”

“Aha,” Jyushimatsu laughs. “As expected of Fappymatsu nii-san!”

“...At least let me take off my pants first,” Choromatsu sighs. He was never going to live down that nickname.

Choromatsu neatly folds his garments and sets them aside. They’re already sullied with bodily fluids, but he still wants to keep them nice. Now that the clothing barrier is finally shed Jyushimatsu finally has access to his brother’s skin.

The fifth born squishes Choromatsu’s cheeks together, cupping his face. He giggles, “Eheh, you’re all red Nii-san!”

The beta softly smiles in response, “You should see yourself too.” Despite the heartfelt moment, he feels Jyushimatsu’s still hard cock poke against him. “And still energetic despite cumming twice.”

“Ah, yes! That’s true!”

“It must be nice not to feel any shame.” Choromatsu teased.He wasn’t expecting Jyushimatsu to shy away in response.

“Eh, um, well--I really love Choromatsu nii-san and you’re even helping me now! ...So, I don’t mind showing you my embarrassing side...”

Choromatsu is taken aback. Even in the midst of his heat, the fifth born was incredibly charming. He pushes Jyushimatsu’s face away to hide his reddening face.

“Don’t say that to me while you’ve got a hard-on.”

“You’re right… But it’s true!”

“W-whatever. Let’s just keep going.”

After tugging his brother to orgasm twice, the third born’s hands threaten to cramp. Instead of lowering his hands once more, Choromatsu leans down and takes the erection into his mouth.

“Nghh, it’s hot Nii-san,” Jyshumatsu moaned. “It’s hot, it’s hot, your mouth is so hot.” Tears prick Choromatsu’s eyes as he felt his brother squirm for more friction.

Choromatsu pulled away, “Don’t move. I don’t want to gag.”

“Hhh, okay, okay."

The beta engulfs the shaft again, slowly shifting along the length. Long, languid licks wrap around the omega’s dick. Choromatsu feels his brother tense up under his grip, the younger resisting his desire to buck and squirm. The omega’s unsteady hands rest on Choromatsu’s head. Jyushimatsu tries his best to avoid edging his older brother downwards. He just wanted something to hold onto.

Wet pants escape Jyushimatsu. His vision swims from all the attention that Choromatsu is giving him. He wishes his brother wasn’t so deliberate and methodical. The omega would rather receive a flurry of stimulation than process each intentional slide of his brother’s tongue.

A gasp escapes Jyushimatsu as the beta runs his tongue over the slit. The precum secreted from the head was salty, as expected, but it was surprisingly sweet as well. It's probably due to all the sweets he eats, Choromatsu concludes.

Choromatsu looks up at his brother as he feels Jyushimatsu arch away from his grip. His younger brother shudders erratically, his shoulders trembling and core twitching. The hands on Choromatsu’s head seize hair as they clench into tight fists. Jyushimatsu felt his fingers cramped as his nails dug into the palms, deep enough to leave behind red angry indents.

“N-nn-nii-san!” Jyushimatsu heaves. "I-I’m Aaa-h close!”

The beta takes that as his cue to pull away and the omega nearly protests. Before he can, Choromatsu lovingly kisses the tip and Jyushimatsu squeals. White fills the younger brother’s vision as the third spasm rips through him.

“Uuuu, its good!” the omega throws his head back and his tongue lolls. “You’re so good! It’s so good, Nii-saaan!”

Choromatsu flinches as white bands splash on his face. He glances over at Jyushimatsu, shuddering in his afterglow with tears and sweat covering his face.

The beta raises his arm to wipe away the mess, but a yelp escapes his mouth when he feels hot flesh on his face. The offender turns out to be just Jyushimatsu licking up his own cum. Having little strength after enduring successive organisms, the younger drapes himself over the older, utilizing his body for leverage.

“Sorry, nii-san,” the omega panted. He continues to lap at his own seed, “It got all over your face this time.”

Choromatsu features soften. He rubs circles into Jyushimatsu’s back as the cum on his face is replaced with streaks of saliva. “Have you calmed down yet?”

The omega contemplates, “It’s… better. But! I could still go for more!”

Choromatsu groans. At this rate, he’d have to swap out with Todomatsu.


--- omake ---


Osomatsu claws at Todomatsu’s leg. “C’mon Totty, lemme go see him!”

The youngest kicks off the alpha, "No means no, Nii-san! Why don't you go and play pachinko or something?"

This only prompts the eldest to roll around on the floor. "Nii-san doesn't wanna! I know I'm supposed to look after him, but I can't help it if he decides to wander off on his own! Let me through!"

"No way, not until Choromatsu nii-san gives us the okay."

"Huuuuh?! That Fappymatsu will never be able to satisfy an omega in heat!" Osomatsu snaps fingers and gets up as his face brightens with a plan. "I know! How about you just let me through? We can leave Karamatsu behind. It'll be fine if I just go right?"

"Hey! Wait! Wait! Wait!" Karamatsu interjects. "Why is it that you get to go in? As the oldest, shouldn't you put your younger brothers before yourself?!"

"What? We're all practically the same age!"

A dark aura steps in. "If you go in," Ichimatsu cracks his knuckles. "I'll kill you."