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The Hunters Chosen

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Cast of Characters

Alexandra of Haryse—first year page, also called Lexa (11 - age at close of the year)
Octavia of Danshame—first year page (11)
Hasim ibn Nazri—first year page, Gifted (11)
Ilian of Malven—first year page, minor Gift (13)
Terrance of Seabeth—first year page, wild magic (11)
Virgil of Whitehorn—first year page, Gifted (11)

Lincoln of Runnerspring—second year page, Gifted (12)
Gareth of Hannelof—second year page (12)
Haysen of Gerry—second year page, also called Chip Tooth, Gifted (12)
Nenan of Wiltshire—second year page, also called Pointy Chin or Rat Face (12)
Varkus of Linden—second year page (12)
Timon of Pearlmouth—second year page, Gifted (13)

Anya of Tirragen—third year page, K'mir-Tortallan, of the Khivisjki tribe, Gifted (13)
Qasim ibn Hosseim—third year page, also called Tall Boy, Gifted (14)
Melvin of Nond—third year page (13)
Perrin of Halleburn—
third year page, Gifted (13)
Benthor of Elden—third year page, also called Benny, Gifted (14)

Prince Jasson of Conte—fourth year page, His Highness Prince of Tortall, Gifted (14)
Emry of Queenscove—fourth year page, Gifted (15)
Mathew of Fenrigh—fourth year page, minor Gift (15)
Gareth of Naxen—fourth year page (14)
Doren of Rosemark—fourth year page (15)
Haraik of Aili—fourth year page (16)
Falduin of Disart—fourth year page, Gifted (15)

Lord Padraig of haMinch—training master of the Pages and Knight of the Realm
Gustus Bruin—Captain of the Haryse guard, Lexa's manservant and guardian
Sir Halef ibn Fared—staff training master and Knight of the Realm
Master Tern—archery master, dismissed

Master Hardy—school master for literature and art
Master Vauntire—school master for etiquette
Master Snappet—school master for mathematics
Master Mori—school master for history
Master Thom of Trebond and Olau—school master for the non-Gifted class, son of Sir Alanna the Lioness
Tkaa, the basilisk—assistant teacher for the non-Gifted and Gifted classes

Jonathan of Conte, King—King of Tortall, Gifted
Thayet of Conte, Queen—Queen of Tortall, commander of the Queen's Riders
Baird of Queenscove, Duke—chief of Tortall's healers, Gifted
Raoul of Goldenlake and Malorie's Peak, Lord—Knight Commander of the King's Own and First in the Third Company, Knight of the Realm
George Cooper, Baron—Baron of Pirate's Swoop, husband of Sir Alanna the Lioness
Alan of Trebond and Olau, Sir—Knight of the Realm, son of Sir Alanna the Lioness
Faroush ibn Hasseim—Bazhir soldier in the King's Own
Nolan Quartmaster—Tortallan soldier in the King's Own
Worrem Ideer—Tortallan soldier in the King's Own
Shimas Dijhais—K'mir-Tortallan soldier in the King's Own
Costia Fletcher, Apprentice—apprentice Healer to Duke Baird and the Healers of Tortall Palace, Gifted
Clarke—ward of King Jonathan IV and his Queen, Queen Thayet, Gifted
Yuga, Mistress—Head Maid of the Palace Servants, Gifted
Thalia Woodrow—servant to Lexa and Octavia in the Page's Wing
Havassa Freeperson—head meats cook in the Palace
Vera Riverdeep—kitchen servant in the Palace
Nathan Miller—kitchen servant in the Palace

Gorma Bloodbrow—stormwing, Queen of the Steelslice flock
Zeddick Claspclaw—stormwing, Consort to the stormwing Queen Gorma Bloodbrow
Banni Longclaw—stormwing

D'lpedar—Hasim's mare
Beauty—Octavia's gelding
Alraed—Lexa's mare
Whiskers—Prince Jasson's mare
Surestep—Anya's gelding
Mister Splotch—Lord Padraig's gelding
Cinnamon—Gus's gelding
Leuna—Titus's mare
Nisam—Faroush's mare
Kironos—Ilian's gelding
Toothsome—Benny's mare
Stomper—Lord Raoul's gelding
Ashedi—Terry's gelding