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Experiment #3: Tobiko

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Mirio hasn't properly seen his boyfriend in two weeks. Between finals, internships, and hero office applications, he and Tamaki had been pulled in too many directions at once, leaving little to no time for themselves. Class doesn't count, not with everyone else there and the whole having to pay attention or fail thing. Mirio is beginning to suffer withdrawals- he could hang out with someone else but honestly he's exhausted himself, he just wants to be alone with Tamaki. Even heroes have a selfish side, Mirio's emerging in full at times like these, when he has a night off and Tamaki has to work late. Unfair.

His phone vibrates. Maybe it's because he's doing absolutely nothing, or maybe it's because he had been staring at the phone in his hand, waiting for something to happen for the past hour and a half, but Mirio picks up the phone on the first ring either way. 


"Tamaki! Are you done with work?" It's late, the end of the week, and he's sure they're both exhausted but he'll take what he can get.


"Um…… yeah, um… ……"


Mirio waits. Waits a bit longer. Puts Tamaki on speakerphone, gets up from his bed, pulls on a shirt. He has to be ready after all, maybe the other boy will want Mirio to come over. Maybe he'll even wanna do something dirty. Mirio tries not to let his hormones give him any weird expectations.


"Mirio… could you… if you're not busy… or too tired… maybe come over?" 


"Of course!"


Mirio is already putting on his shoes. Tamaki sounds- hm. Embarrassed? In pain? Horny even? He isn't sure the exact implications of his boyfriend's breathy tone just yet. Again, he tries to quash any expectations. He'll be happy just to see Tamaki today at all.


"Would you like me to bring anything?" He continues.


"No……" Mirio waits. "…maybe- maybe a towel-" There is a click as the line goes dead, Tamaki having immediately hung up the phone without a goodbye. Embarrassed then. But a towel? Sounds dirty~






Mirio knocks a small tune into Tamaki's door, a towel and a spare set of clothes in his backpack. In case he ends up staying over of course. Tamaki opens it a crack, peers at his beaming face from the darkness. Mirio opens his mouth but is snatched inside before he knows it, door quickly closing behind him. 

It is- really dark in Tamaki's room, whatever little moonlight coming in through the window the only reprieve. Mirio attempts to force his eyes to adjust, phasing out of his shoes to leave them and his bag near the door.


"This sets a mood." He comments, reaching out a hand for Tamaki to take or leave in the darkness. If he's honest with himself, Mirio's night vision leaves a lot to be desired. Tamaki takes his hand and leads him over to the desk where he clicks on a low light.


Tamaki is wearing a large sweater- Mirio's sweater, he notes with no small pleasure. It swamps him a bit and he does look a little sweaty. He also seems to be wearing nothing underneath? Hm. His pale hands nervously hover around the fabric near his stomach, stretching the sweater there, clutching at himself every once in a while.


"So." Mirio has to get him started somehow, before Tamaki loses himself to nerves. There's no need to be nervous, it's just Mirio after all. "What did you manifest this time?" 


Tamaki noises softly and Mirio reaches for him, hands wanting to comfort.


"It's weird." Tamaki states, taking a step back and Mirio chuckles.


"Okay. I like weird."


Tamaki's hands twitch again before pulling the fabric taut over his stomach, hesitantly showing off an obvious bulge in his lower belly. It's a prominent bump, and though it's a far cry from pregnancy, that's the first thing that pops into Mirio's brain.

Tamaki holds his swollen gut like it hurts him, like its heavy. It looks heavy too, not just the aftermath of a big meal but something else, bulging out and down, pulling his skin taut. Even with Tamaki's odd eating habits, the swell of his stomach had never looked like this. And it seemed too low to be food, anyways. Mirio doesn't even try not to stare. Tamaki sits on his bed with a tired groan.


"Lovely Tamaki. What did you eat?" If there is an awed note to his voice it's just because Tamaki is awesome.


"I- there was a seafood soup special… I tried after the sushi bar… but the sushi had so much tobiko, Kirishima didn't like it, I ate his too…" Tamaki won't look at him so Mirio just keeps staring at his extended stomach.


"Huh. Fish eggs." Mirio tilts his head curiously now and Tamaki flushes all the way to the tips of his ears.


"I just- I was tired, I wanted to see what my body would manifest out of the meal, I wasn't thinking too hard about it or where they would appear-" Tamaki cradles his swollen belly, face burning. "-then there were so many and I was freaking out thinking how they were gonna come out and- and-"


"Mmhm?" Mirio encourages, moving to sit next to Tamaki on the bed. One of his hands goes to rub small circles onto Tamaki's back.


"I manifested something else-" Tamaki's horrified whisper sends a shiver down Mirio's spine for some reason. 


"Ooo, let's see it." Following Tamaki's lead, Mirio lowers his voice to a whisper as well. In the dark it feels intimate. Like sharing secrets.


"It's weird." Tamaki confirms again, hands grabbing at the bottom hem of the sweater. "It's- its cow tongue level weird."


"I loved cow tongue." Mirio admits, still whispering. A smile stretches across his face at the memory. "Especially when you shmmmph-" Two hands frantically cover his mouth and he laughs through Tamaki's fingers. Though slightly mortified, Tamaki does look a bit more relaxed, which Mirio counts as a victory.


"Mirio! Be serious for a second!" He is admonished nonetheless and Mirio nods, banishing his goofy grin, wanting to make his boyfriend as comfortable as possible.


"Okay. I was being perfectly serious though, I loved cow tongue night. Anyways, let's see it then, you've got my hopes up now."


Tamaki swallows, hands pulling the sweater down his thighs a bit. Mirio stares at his swollen belly, excitement bubbling up in his throat as Tamaki lifts the sweater, legs spreading slowly.

Confirmed for wearing nothing underneath, Mirio thinks, mouth going dry as he sees the tops of his thighs, then-

Oh. Oh!


"Oh!" Mirio breathes, staring at the twitching appendage between Tamaki's legs.

"What a pretty color." His praise is 100% genuine. He can think of nothing else to say, staring at the iridescent pink of the single slimy tentacle that had taken the place of Tamaki's dick. Tapered to a point and extremely thick where it emerges from his body, it seems to be naturally wet and oddly- prehensile. Tamaki whimpers and it curls in on itself, tip rubbing against the base with a lewd squelch. Mirio opens his mouth again, tries to pull his mind from the gutter, eyes still stuck to Tamaki as he holds his belly again. Okay Mirio, say something comforting and not dirty.


"You should fuck me with it." Oops, failed step one.


"Mirio!" Tamaki is flustered. "Why-"


"I dunno! Don't you ever look at things and think 'that should definitely go up my ass'?" Mirio stares directly at Tamaki's crotch where the slick ovipositor gives a twitch. If there's one thing Mirio Togata is good at, it's joking around while still being completely serious.



"No I most certainly do not?" Tamaki's mouth twitches, moving in stilted motions at Mirio's inquiry. He couldn't be blushing any more. Cute.


"Well." Mirio smiles, tilts his head towards Tamaki. "Forgive me then, because I just look at that and think that it should definitely go up m-" There is a hand over his mouth suddenly, Tamaki unable to hear him say the words again. He does seem to be considering it though, breath coming in quick bursts. The slick tentacle at his crotch seems- slightly bigger too, more flushed, the tip curling in on itself, rubbing against the thicker base. Interested, perhaps?


"Can I touch?" Mirio asks politely, and even though it is mostly muffled through Tamaki's hand, the other understands and nods, again in jilted, aborted motions. He must be feeling pretty strange. Mirio takes the hand off his mouth and presses a few, hopefully reassuring kisses to the back. Tamaki lets out a shaking breath and Mirio smiles at him. 


"Don't worry, I definitely like it. And I would definitely like it inside of me." 


"Are you sure? Do you even know what you're asking?! I made this to get the eggs out of me-" Tamaki suddenly blurts, looking at Mirio in that one special, panicked, embarrassed way he gets before they try a new thing in bed. Mirio grins even harder as Tamaki continues to babble. "I don't- they're gonna come out and I don't know- what they'll do after that, oh god-" Tamaki decidedly ducks his head and rests it against Mirio's collarbone so he doesn't have to look him in the eyes. "There's so many… Mirio there's so many eggs-" Mirio's arms come up and wrap around his shoulders, heavy and warm.

It's okay. He tries to communicate without words. He's never been very good at it, but Tamaki always seems to understand alright. It's okay even though it's weird because I love you so heckin' much, just be weird with me, it's okay.


"How do you feel?" It's vague, but Mirio emphasizes what he's trying to get across by wrapping his hand around the dripping appendage between Tamaki's legs firmly, feeling it roll in his grip. He gives it a good slick squeeze and Tamaki moans, leaning against him further.


"I-I w-want to-" Tamaki's breath against Mirio's neck is a hot rush he feels all the way down to his toes.


"Mhmm?" He gives Tamaki's lone tentacle another firm squeeze and it oozes over his hand. Neat.


"Oh god Mirio-" Tamaki babbles into his neck, hands clutching at the collar of his shirt. It must feel good? Yeah, definitely. "I w-want to put it in you, I-… my body wants to put them somewhere, I don't know, they were only coming out when I squeezed really hard-"


"Mmm." Mirio's slick hand moves up now, over the obscene low bulge of Tamaki's belly. "Well. Now it'll just seem like such a waste if you don't-" Mirio pauses, though he couldn't stop smiling if he wanted to, hand rubbing over the taut skin. "-put them somewhere."

 Tamaki muffles an 'oh god' into his boyfriend's chest before pulling away, both hands clutching at Mirio's smiling face. 


"You are so embarrassing. How anyone is going to ever take you seriously I don't-"


"Put them in me." Mirio leans forward and speaks softly into one red pointy ear, causing a muffled wail from Tamaki as he lowers his head again.


"You called me over here for a reason after all~" Mirio teases gently.


"I called you over to help calm myself down, not to fulfill your weird kinks." Tamaki's voice is lower now, and it causes strange feelings to flip around Mirio's chest.


"Well, are you feeling calm?" His mouth is dry.


"Very." Tamaki raises his head, eyes locking onto his. The next thing Mirio knows, he is being shoved to his back on the bed by one large- and quite heavy- octopus tentacle. 


"Takoyaki too? My god Tamaki, may the entire ocean be warned, Suneater is not to be trifled with!" Mirio rolls his body against the suctioned appendage, even as it retracts back into Tamaki's left hand. 


"Takoyaki is Fat's favorite, you can have this-" More tentacles spring forth, arranging Mirio's limbs, stripping him quickly and easily from his clothes. "-anytime, don't be greedy." 

Mirio beams, a horny fool in love, hand clasping over his heart.


"Tamaki! You stripped me! So romantic~"


"You never let me do it, just because you have the ability to get naked instantly-" Tamaki mutters, face still burning as the tentacles retract and he finally takes off that sweater. Mirio gets the chance to look at his body in full, ever changing, ever gorgeous. He has to reach out and run his fingers along Tamaki's swollen belly again, he's fascinated. 


"Eggs, huh." Mirio breathes."Feels like a lot."


"Could even be… a million." Tamaki responds with a wobbly smile. He shakes his head fondly as Mirio's face instantly lights up.


"Did you just make a million joke? In bed? For me? I love you." Mirio pulls him down. "I love you so much, please fuck me with that thing soon, I can tell you're uncomfortable."


"Oh? This gut doesn't look comfortable to you?" Tamaki's dry voice is muffled in Mirio's neck as he is forcefully hugged into submission. 


"Nn- Mirio don't squeeze me too hard, it is uncomfortable―" Tamaki takes an odd breath like he can't inhale any deeper. "I love you, I can't believe you wanna do this for me." He peers down at Mirio through his hair. The blonde has to run his fingers through it now, it looks too soft and inviting. Tamaki leans into his hand and Mirio's heart does a thing. 


"For you? Nah, I'm doing this for science. Quirk science! Kink science! Uh- we must know our body's limitations and so on and so forth. Ah, sweet Tamaki, please fuck me soon, I've run out of jokes~"

Tamaki snorts and leans up to kiss him. Mirio counts this as a victory too. The mood is perfect now, they're both relaxed,(mostly, though Mirio feels like he could run a few laps around the school) and anticipating what's to come. Sex is a weird, awkward act and if you can smile and laugh through it, things tend to feel more open and approachable to everyone involved. That's what Mirio believes at any rate.




Clenching a hand in Tamaki's hair just hard enough to get him to part his lips with a moan, Mirio leisurely fucks into Tamaki's mouth with his tongue, spreading his thighs even more for Tamaki's thin hips to settle between them.

Tamaki's lone, wet tentacle curls against Mirio's thigh, twists around to rub slick against his balls, up his length. Jolts of pleasure run though Mirio's body, as if someone has grasped ahold of the base of his spine and is yanking him about.


"Oh! That feels good-" He moans his encouragement, enjoying the oddly prehensile, self lubricating appendage very much so. Very different from the various tentacles Tamaki's manifested before. 


"I can almost control it-" Tamaki pants, "It's clumsy though." The tip swipes down, spreading slick between Mirio's cheeks. 


"Hah- I think it's- fuck Tamaki― I think it's shaped good enough that you can just go for it." Mirio looks up at his boyfriend with a hazy grin. "Definitely wet enough- oh!" The tip rubs firmly against his entrance. "It does feel like a tongue- oh Tamaki-"

Shallow dips inside of Mirio's body cause light tremors to run through the both of them. 


"I-I'm gonna-" Tamaki licks his dry lips, swallows. "If you want me to stop just- tell me, I'll-" The tentacle rolls, pushing more into Mirio's body, he groans at the slick stretch. "I'll try to let them out slow, oh god Mirio, it feels good-"

Tamaki isn't even moving his hips, just shallowly thrusting the ovipositor deeper into his boyfriend's ass. He seems to be having trouble holding back, and Mirio decides he doesn't need to, anyways. He pushes his own hips back up against Tamaki's, gasping as the rest of the fat, slick tentacle fills him, hips flush together. 


"A-Ah! M-Mirio I can't- it feels-… o-oh-" Tamaki's body shudders and he curls inwards a bit, trembling hands clutching Mirio's arms. Wet, hot, and so slick, the tentacle does an odd flip inside of Mirio's body, pulling a soft moan from his throat.


"It's okay- Tamaki-" He pants. "Let it out- give 'em to me-"


Tamaki whimpers, then cries out softly, violent tremors beginning to quake his entire frame. Mirio feels a small sense of internal pressure, the tentacle in his ass thickening just a bit before the first rush of eggs makes their presence known. 


Wide, unblinking eyes and a soft "Oh-" is Mirio's only reaction, hands moving to rub at Tamaki's hips and around his waist reverently. "Oh- oh-" It feels…fantastic, quick, hot rushes of the small, firm, sticky eggs, pushing up and into his guts. They do feel larger than expected, the size of really big marbles perhaps. "Ohhhhhhh-" Mirio gets louder, wrapping his legs around Tamaki's thin waist, pulling him closer. Tamaki collapses onto him, arms winding around Mirio's torso, panting and shivering into his neck. Mirio holds him close, eyes wide, body twitching slightly every time a new stream of eggs pour directly from Tamaki's body into his own. It's a deep, hot swelling of satisfaction that makes his cock twitch, precome spilling into his navel.


Tamaki chants his name, body quaking, seizing, ovipositor continually spilling long rush after rush of eggs. It feels like an impossible amount but the bulge of his gut before was no joke. Mirio feels his own insides beginning to be weighed down and he moans again. His hands won't stop worshipping Tamaki's hips, moving around to his belly, rubbing over the slightly smaller bulge, moving back to squeeze his ass and pull him closer. 

Closer and closer and closer until they couldn't possibly physically be any closer, a writhing pile of limbs on Tamaki's bed, every inch of skin that could be touching is, connected in every way. It's a new type of intimacy, accepting all these eggs Tamaki made himself, taking them all into his own body. Mirio finds himself already grateful for the experience.


"Mirio Mirio Mirio Mirio Mirio-"


Tamaki begins to shiver violently and suddenly the eggs don't stop, flowing quickly out of him in one last, long stream. Mirio moans in earnest, holding him tight, so tight, his own muscles quivering as his body takes and takes and takes. He wonders what it feels like to Tamaki, is it a relief? Anything like a prolonged orgasm?


Mirio pants, unable to catch his breath, guts heavy and warm and full. Too full, now he could feel the bulging swell of his own stomach. Eggs continue to rush past his prostate and Mirio opens his mouth in a silent cry, back arched off the bed as he comes, slicking the friction between him and Tamaki even further.

It's a spectacular orgasm, Mirio would rate it in the top 2 of life, easily, instantly. His stuffed body shakes as his insides quiver around the gift Tamaki has given him. It hits him and then seems to hit him again as his balls draw up and empty all over his swollen stomach. His vision goes white and everything.


Mirio catches his breath- or at least tries to, floating worlds away for a bit too long. 


Tamaki shakes him gently. 


"Mirio. Mirio! Are you- ah- that was too much, wasn't it, I'm-"

Mirio snaps out of it in time to catch the 'sorry' spilling from Tamaki's lips. He does so with his own lips, leaning up and stealing a kiss. Then another. Then, when he absolutely can not keep leaning up like that with such a full- erm- stomach, he collapses onto his back again.


"Whew! What a workout, Tamaki, I love you, don't pull out just yet- I don't know what to do with these things." He laughs as Tamaki groans. 


"Oh my god Mirio… where's the towel you brought, is it- here it is-" 

 Tamaki rummages on the floor with a newly sprouted tentacle, barely shifting from his position on Mirio's chest.



Mirio looks at Tamaki with stars in his eyes.