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Wild One

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Naina Malhotra smiles as she walks into SPACE, headphones in and Green Day playing. "So this is the famous SPACE. No wonder Manik loves this place so much." As she walks around SPACE, she bumps into someone, since she's not looking where she's looking.

And who better than Dhruv Vedant to bump into her?

As they bump into each other, they both drop their phones, which just so happened to be iPhone 6s, have the same black Simple Plan cases, and have the same lime-green earbuds attached to them. For some reason though, Naina's not pissed about Dhruv bumping into her. Or dropping her phone. What pissed her off was the fact the rim of Dhruv's hat hit her forehead, which actually hurt quite a bit.

Naina rubs her forehead in pain, glaring at Dhruv. She takes the hat and puts it on backward. "This way, you won't injure any more foreheads," she says, sarcastically smiling and picking up her phone. Before Dhruv can even compose himself, Naina's all the way at the other end of the hallway. Dhruv shakes his head and picks up his phone.

Once she's found her way to the library, Naina puts her earbuds back in to get a little alone time before she finds her brother, because let's be real, one of him is basically the equivalent of ten rowdy teenagers. As the first song plays, Naina's eyes go wide.

"What the hell? I don't remember downloading this." She looks through the rest of the songs and sees that a bunch of them are about friendship. "Yaaron Dosti? Yaari Yaari? Yaariyan?" she says as she reads the songs. "Who does this guy think he is, my brother? Ooo, or better yet, that friend of his. What was his name again? Oh right, that bozo Dhruv. Otherwise known as the bane of my existence. Or is that my dad?"

As Naina gets up and walks out of the library, people stare at her as she's cursing the universe, but decide not to mention it because she seems scarier than Mukti.

Meanwhile, Dhruv had decided to go to the music room and maybe take a nap, because lord knows his best-friend has enough energy to fuel Russia. Putting his earbuds in, he was hoping for some nice, relaxing music to put him to sleep. Instead, the first song that played, scarred him for life.

"A remix of Tum Hi Ho and Party All Night? Is this person on drugs?" he says to himself, winding the earbuds around the phone. "Or better yet, is this that sister of Manik's. What's that she-demon's name again? Right, Naina. Ugh, the reason for my troubled childhood. Or was that Harshad?"

As Dhruv walks out of the music room, he bumps into someone for the second time that day. And of course, it just had to be Naina.

When Naina falls on top of him, instead of yelling, kicking, and/or screaming, she gets lost in Dhruv's eyes. His innocent, mysterious eyes... And instead of pushing her off, Dhruv gets lost in her eyes. Her fiery, yet vulnerable eyes. They break eye contact when they felt their lips were about to touch. Naina awkwardly gets off, allowing Dhruv to get up.

Then she remembers why she's here and throws Dhruv's phone at him, which thankfully he catches. "Take your music and go prance around in a field of flowers or something. Just stop bumping into me!"

Dhruv glares at her, throwing her phone in her direction, which she thankfully catches. "If you want me to stop bumping into you, then take your messed up idea of music and go listen to it somewhere else. Preferably a place with hot lava and fire."

Naina scowls at Dhruv and starts to put her earbuds in when Dhruv exclaims, "Ew, you got your earwax on this!"

"It's not my fault! When I was a kid, one of my brother's idiotic friends shoved an eraser in my ear. A really waxy eraser that was in my ear for god knows how long!" Naina shudders at the memory, as Dhruv looks like he's trying to remember something.

"I remember doing something like that to my best friend's twin sister, and I also remember her shoving a marble up my nose to get me back." Dhruv cringes at the memory, as Naina goes into deep thought.

"That's weird, I remember doing the same thing to the guy who shoved the eraser in my ear."

Naina and Dhruv begin to realize what they've both just said and shout each other's names at the top of their lungs at the same time.

Manik, Alya, Cabir, Mukti, Nandini, Navya, Aryman, and even Harshad, were just hanging out in the canteen when they heard Dhruv and Naina scream.

"Was that Dhruv?" asks Nandini.

"Yeah, and a girl who could even scare the shit out of Mukti?" asks Cabir.

Manik, Harshad and Alya looks at each other in shock. "You don't think-" begins Alya, while Harshad cuts her off by saying, "Don't jinx it!"

"Well we have to go check it out," says Manik. The others look at the trio in confusion, but get up to follow Manik. Harshad starts to follow them, stopping in his tracks when he sees Alya stopping to buy something.

"Alya, what are you doing?"

"If it's really who I think it is, then I want to have my popcorn ready," she says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world. Harshad rolls his eyes and drags her by the arm.

"Let's go!"

"But my popcorn!"

"Don't worry Alya, I'll buy you popcorn later," says Aryman.

Alya turns pink, suddenly unaware of the fact that her brother was about to tear her arm off. "Aw, you're so sweet."

"Okay, can I please puke on someone?" asks Mukti, looking a little green.

"Not me," says Cabir, moving out of the way and then pointing his thumb at Navya, "I get enough that shit from this one here."

"Hey!" says Navya, slapping him on the shoulder.

Once the gang reaches Dhruv and Naina, they see that they look like they're about rip each other's heads off. Manik and Harshad's eyes go wide at this as Alya takes a chocolate bar out of her bag and just casually starts eating it.

"Ugh, I can't believe you actually transferred here!"

"Don't get your panties in a twist Vedant, nothing's been finalized yet."

"Yeah, but knowing your mother and the universe, you're going to end up here, and I'm going to have to start crying myself to sleep again."

"You're such drama queen!"

Dhruv rolls his eyes. "Coming from the girl who once single-handedly beat up me, her brother, and her best-friend Harshad for eating that last bag of Nachos."

Naina comes dangerously close to him and growls, "Those Nachos, are extremely hard to find."

As Dhruv and Naina continue arguing back and forth, the others keep watching them like a tennis match.

"This girl seems insane," says Nandini.

"This girl is my twin sister," says Manik.

"That makes so much sense."

"Forget the girl, look at Dhruv!" exclaims Mukti. "Have you guys ever seen him like this?"

"Only when we were little," replies Harshad.

Alya smiles. "Only Naina can bring out this side of him."

"And only he has the courage to provoke her," adds Manik.

"Uh, guys," says Navya, pointing to Naina and Dhruv, who are glaring at each other and look ready to get violent, "maybe you should try and stop them."

"Good point," says Harshad. "Alya, go."

"Me?! Do I look insane and/or stupid to you? No way am I going to stop that fight! I've been stopping those fights since we were little. It's your turn now!"

"Come on Alya, please!" begs Manik.

"Nope," says Alya, munching on her chocolate. "This is my one source of entertainment, no way am I letting this go!"

Manik and Harshad sigh and walk over to the war zone. It takes both of them to stop Naina from lunging at Dhruv.

"Guys, let me go!" yells Naina, struggling to get out of their grip.

"No!" the boys yell in unison, struggling even more to keep their grip on her.

As Naina continues to struggle, she thinks of using her secret weapon. The puppy-dog face.

"Guys, please," says Naina in a cute voice, bringing out her doe eyes and pouty lips. The boys immediately let go of her and Dhruv groans.

"Seriously guys? You fell for the puppy-dog face again?"

Naina turns back to Dhruv and punches him on the shoulder. "This is for all the chocolates you ate."

"Oh really? If I recall, you were the reason for my troubled childhood."

"I thought that was me," says Harshad, to which Dhruv yells, "Shut up!"

"That was only because you decapitated the heads off of all my Barbie dolls!"

"You played with Barbie dolls?" asks Manik, to which Naina responds, "Shut up!"

"Only because you tied me up with jump ropes!"

"That's because you took the stuffing out of all my stuffed animals, and then shoved it all down my throat!"

"When did all this happen?" asks Harshad.

"Remember hide-and-seek?" asks Manik. "And all those stomach aches Naina had?"

"Oh yeah."

Back with the spectators, a mortified Nandini asks, "What kind of childhood did you people have?"

"A very eventful one," responds Alya. "But don't worry about it. Just enjoy the show."

"You got any more of that chocolate?" asks Navya. Alya nods and hands her a chocolate bar. They continue watching a hilarious yet terrifying fight between Dhruv and Naina, as Harshad and Manik bang their heads on the wall in frustration.