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Shine Forever

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When Yoongi was six years old, his parents decided to uproot their family and move to Busan because, according to his mother, his father had a better business opportunity there. Truth be told, Yoongi didn't want to leave. He liked Daegu; it was his home, always had been his home and he had no interest in moving to some new place far away. Moving to Busan meant leaving behind his home, his grandparents, his school, his favorite playground and his cat because their new apartment didn't allow pets. Even though his grandmother promised to take good care of Yoonshi, Yoongi was too upset about the whole thing to handle it properly.

Moving to Busan meant a new school, new teachers, new friends, new places and new people and Yoongi was more than happy with all the things he already had. He didn't need new things. He was perfectly fine in Daegu thank you very much and he didn't care that Busan had beaches. He didn't want to leave but considering he was only six, he was forced to move to Busan with his parents. 

Yoongi found his bedroom wasn't so bad. It was smaller than the one from his old house but at least he had the entire room to himself this time. He had to share with his brother back in Daegu but now Yoongi had his own room because his brother got to stay in Daegu for his education. Oh, did Yoongi have a fit about that. But his new bedroom had all of his favorite toys so it wasn't too bad. He missed Yoonshi quite a lot because the white ball of fluff had been his only friend but Yoongi's mother was certain he would make so many new friends at his new school.

Yoongi shuffled into his new school on his first day clinging to his mother's skirt and he was surprised by the amount of new people in his classroom. There were more kids than his old class and that was slightly terrifying for the little boy. They didn't look mean but he didn't know if they would like him or not and he had to fight off tears when his mother kissed him goodbye. He had promised his father he would be brave and so he only sniffled once when she kissed his cheek and left him with his teacher. 

He was quick to learn, however, that he did not fit in one bit at his new school. His Daegu accent was thick and his lisp even worse and the other kids had a hard time understanding him when he mumbled so they didn't even bother to try and befriend him. It hurt Yoongi's feelings but he was only a little boy and he didn't know what to do about it. So he played by himself in the corner of the room during play time and he sat quietly and alone during lunch and snack time.

During his first week, his teacher spoke to his mother about how he was doing and how he wasn't making any efforts to make friends but Yoongi didn't know what to do. They didn't like the way he talked and he couldn't change that and he certainly wasn't going to force people to like him. He was only a little boy, his heart was strong but sensitive, because his mother spoiled him, according to his father. Yoongi was fine sitting alone even though it left him with a faint pressure in his chest every time he saw the other kids playing without him. He never had friends in Daegu either so it wasn't like Busan was any different. He didn't know what he expected. 

A week later, Yoongi's second week at his new school, a new boy walked into his class. He had chubby cheeks and chubby limbs and a smile bright enough to light any room. Yoongi watched in mild surprise as the new boy kissed his mother's cheek goodbye and didn't even sniffle. He felt a sense of wonder at the new boy and he started to think maybe, since this boy was also new, they might get along and bond over being new in a strange place. Yoongi's hopes were quickly smashed however when a group of kids ran up to the new boy excitedly, calling him 'Jimin' and engulfing him in hugs. Yoongi tried to not feel too disappointed but the crushing feeling in his chest expanded and even though he didn't know what it meant, he knew he was sad. This wasn't a new boy, whoever Jimin was, and Yoongi had lost his chance at bonding with a possible new kid over being new in a strange place. 

Yoongi was too busy staring at the table he was sitting at alone to notice Jimin pick him out of the crowd. He was too busy trying to keep from crying to notice the other students tell Jimin how Yoongi was new and he talked weird and he was strange and he shouldn't be friends with the new strange boy. Yoongi was too lost in his own thoughts to notice when Jimin pouted at his friends and quickly pushed past them to trot up to the table Yoongi was sat at alone. 

"Hi!" Jimin's voice was loud, bright and much too close causing Yoongi to flinch in surprise and snap his head up. Jimin blinked at him once, his smile faltering for a second before it was back in full force and he wiggled to sit in the chair beside Yoongi. "My name is Park Jimin! I was on Jeju Island last week for my birthday! It's nice to meet you." He held his hand out to Yoongi like he was expecting him to shake it and his smile was nothing but friendly, bright and beautiful, bunching up his already chubby cheeks and showing off all of his teeth. 

The pressure in Yoongi's chest burst because someone was finally being nice to him for the first time since he came to Busan and his poor little heart couldn't hold it. When he abruptly bursted into tears, Jimin let out a yelp and Yoongi rubbed at his face, unable to stop himself from crying. He didn't expect the bright boy to be kind to him. Jimin had so many friends, why was he being nice to Yoongi? He didn't have to be and Yoongi's little brain couldn't process what was happening. He was scrubbing the tears from his face when their teacher ran over to see what was going on and Jimin hurried to explain. Yoongi didn't want Jimin to get in trouble for making him cry. It wasn't Jimin's fault but Yoongi couldn't stop crying. His throat felt so tight and his chest felt so light and he didn't know what to do. 

Then, his tears came to an abrupt stop with a hiccup when chubby little arms wrapped around his shoulders tightly and Jimin buried his head into his shoulder. Yoongi was frozen in surprise enough that his tears stopped and he could only stare at Jimin's fluffy head of black hair in surprise. He could see their teacher standing off to the side, just in case, but she was more than willing to let Jimin handle the situation. 

"I didn't mean to scare you!" Jimin was quick to say, pulling back enough to meet Yoongi's red puffy eyes. He looked concerned, like he might start crying in the next minute and Yoongi didn't want to see him cry. "Eomma says I can be too loud sometimes." He giggled at his own words, offering Yoongi another soft friendly smile as he released him fully. "I'm Park Jimin." He kept his voice soft this time, so very soft, and held out his hand again. "Let's be friends."

Yoongi wanted to cry all over again but he swallowed hard, gave another loud sniff and fit his tiny hand into Park Jimin's. "M-Min Yoongi."

"Let's be good friends, okay Yoongi?" Jimin offered, tilting his head to the side and dipping it in close to catch Yoongi's gaze. He was the most friendly person Yoongi had ever met and for some reason Jimin wanted to be his friend. The burst of happiness in his chest was almost too much to contain so he only smiled softly and nodded firmly. Jimin burst into excited giggles and clapped his hands. 

For the rest of the day, Jimin sat beside Yoongi. He sat with him during reading time, he sat with him during lunch time, he sat with him during play time while Yoongi liked to read and Jimin played with his blocks. They sat together during snack time and Yoongi quickly learned that Jimin was a talker. He really liked to talk but his voice was nice and Yoongi didn't mind listening so much. People didn't understand him much when he talked anyway but every time he did open his mouth, Jimin leaned in close to hear him and never once asked him to repeat himself. Jimin made the effort to actually listen and Yoongi couldn't be more happy to have someone so kind.

Jimin was the type of person that everyone loved. He got along with all the kids in their class but for some reason, he always navigated back to Yoongi. It wasn't a surprise to anyone that they quickly became best friends and every where Yoongi went, Jimin was sure to follow. Yoongi's mother was so thrilled that he finally made a real friend that she was more than happy to have Jimin come over as often as possible. Eventually, their mothers became friends too and that meant they could see each other even more. 

Yoongi liked Jimin. He was fun to play with. He had a bright imagination and he never made Yoongi feel left out. Even when they played with other children, Jimin was sure to include Yoongi in everything they did. Jimin had the type of smile that made Yoongi want to smile and they laughed and played together as often as possible. Thanks to Jimin, Yoongi came to like Busan a lot more than he expected because Busan was Jimin's home and Jimin loved Busan. 

They were eight years old the first time Jimin leaned over and planted his plump lips sloppily against Yoongi's cheek. Yoongi had been surprised, confused even, but Jimin explained that when you loved someone, you kissed them and to their innocent little minds it seemed like the most simplest of things. And so, after that, they shared many small, soft, sweet kisses; Mainly to their cheeks and they felt a bubbling sense of happiness from those kisses.

They were thirteen years old when Jimin leaned over, nearly into Yoongi's lap, and asked him if he'd ever kissed anyone on the lips before. Yoongi hadn't been prepared for it. They'd grown so much since that first kiss Jimin planted on his cheek and Yoongi was still trying to figure out the weird things his body was trying to tell him. He loved Jimin. Jimin was his best friend, his everything, and the years together had only brought them closer instead of apart. Jimin loved dancing and Yoongi liked basketball and they played together as often as possible. Their favorite thing to do together was curl up in Yoongi's bed and play video games on his new playstation system. Jimin loved watching Yoongi play because he wasn't so good at the game but watching Yoongi beat it always gave him a small thrill.

They were curled up on Yoongi's bed, the same as usual, shoulders and thighs pressed together, a blanket thrown over their legs and their focus on the TV settled over Yoongi's dresser near the end of his bed, when Jimin leaned over and mumbled into his ear. The character on screen died because Yoongi's thumb twitched and dropped him into a pit and he went tense. 

Silence fell over them for a moment and Yoongi could feel Jimin's eyes scanning the side of his face, looking for some type of answer. Yoongi didn't know what to say, his heart thumping hard in his throat and prevented him from speaking. Jimin let out a soft sigh and shifted to rest his chubby cheek on Yoongi's shoulder. Yoongi had a hard time looking at him because Jimin wasn't the chubby little boy he used to be. He'd lost all his baby fat over the years and thanks to his obsession with dancing, he had hard lines and lithe muscle coiled around his limbs. He was still shorter than Yoongi, but only by half an inch. His cheeks were still chubby and Yoongi liked kissing them when he was feeling brave enough but he knew the way his heart thumped every time wasn't the same way it used to be. 

"Are you going to answer me?" Jimin's voice was soft, as it usually was when he was speaking to Yoongi alone in his room about something serious. 

"What?" Elegant, nice Yoongi. He swallowed hard, his voice sounding rougher than he intended and he quickly pressed the respawn button before pressing pause. He shifted in his spot beside Jimin enough to tilt his head to the side and see a bit of his face. He was too close for details because everything blurred together but there was a twinkle of amusement in his honey-brown eyes. 

"I asked," Jimin sighed heavily like he was very put upon having to repeat himself, "if you have ever kissed someone."   

"I've kissed you." Yoongi reminded him softly, shifting his eyes back to the TV because he was having a hard time keeping his heart beat in check. Was he blushing? His face certainly felt hot. 

Jimin made an annoyed noise. "I meant on the lips. Did you and Surin kiss?" He sounded truly curious and Yoongi could only blink and stare at his best friend like he was absolutely crazy. Yes, Yoongi and Surin dated for like a week but no, they never got past hand holding for some reason before Surin decided she liked Honbin more than him. 

"I would have told you if we did." Yoongi pointed out, furrowing his brow slightly. "Why are you asking?"

"Because Taemin told me he kissed Amy and I was wondering what it was like. You're the only one out of the two of us who has dated so I thought I'd ask."

Yoongi crinkled his nose. "I've never kissed someone on the lips, Jimin. Unless my eomma counts when I was like four."

The bubble of giggles that slipped free from Jimin's lips were precious and Yoongi's lips twitched up into his own small smile. He shifted on the bed beside his best friend so they could face each other better and Jimin finally lifted his head from Yoongi's shoulder so their eyes could meet properly. Yoongi didn't fail to notice the way Jimin's eyes dropped to his lips.

"Nope, that doesn't count."

"Well, then no, I haven't." Yoongi gave a soft shrug and found his own eyes dropping to Jimin's plump pillow soft lips. They were a nice shade of pink, contrasting rather well with the natural tan to his skin and Yoongi had always wondered what they might feel like. He never knew what to do about those thoughts, however. 

"Do you want to?" Yoongi saw those lips form those very words with his own eyes and yet he couldn't believe they had come out. He blinked once, twice, and then a third time before snapping his eyes up to meet Jimin's. They were twinkling with amusement and mischief like he was about to do something that might get them in trouble like that one time he decided putting underwear on the head of the statue in front of their school was a good idea. 

"Kiss?" Yoongi questioned.


Yoongi had known Jimin long enough to understand what he wanted or needed with only a few words. Sometimes all it took was a look and Yoongi was getting up to get his friend a drink. In this case, however, Jimin was a confusing enigma that he couldn't quite figure out. His eyes were twinkling, his cheeks were flushed ever so slightly and the corners of his lips were curled with the hint of a smile. Usually when Jimin had that look on his face, they were going to pull some type of prank but there was a serious note to the way Jimin spoke that couldn't be ignored. 

"Kiss you?" Yoongi asked, to clarify. 

For a moment, they only stared at each other, waiting to see who would back down first. Then, Jimin's entire face exploded with color and he quickly dropped his head, shifting his eyes to the side to avoid Yoongi's gaze. "I-I mean. If you want. For practice, or something. I don't know." He buried his head in his hands quickly, his small fingers rubbing against his skin as if he was trying to rub away the red color. 

"I..." Yoongi closed his mouth after the word came out and he found he could only stare at Jimin in a mixture of surprise, amusement and want. He wanted to kiss Jimin. He had wanted to kiss Jimin for a few years now and he was only starting to realize what it meant. Kissing Jimin was important, something precious and would open a whole new door for the two of them. It was both thrilling and terrifying. "Your first kiss should be someone special, right?"

"You are special." Jimin mumbled, shifting his eyes to glance at Yoongi from beneath his bangs. It was a shy look, but his eyes were still twinkling and Yoongi wanted nothing more than to grab his face and kiss him. "I just..." Jimin took a deep breath and the tension seemed to melt from his body as he sat up straighter. He rubbed at his forearms before crossing them over his chest and relaxing back into the pile of pillows behind them. He was pouting slightly as he was prone to do when he didn't get his way. Yoongi was so confused. "I thought it'd be fun, or something. I don't trust anyone the way I trust you. And I figured, it'd be pretty good to have practice, maybe, or something. I don't know."

"Jimin." Yoongi spoke his name softly, carefully, and after a little nudging he finally got Jimin to tilt his chin and meet his eyes. Yoongi recognized the fear in those depths. It was the same prickle of fear he saw in his own eyes every time he looked in the mirror and thought about Jimin. Understanding passed between them and Yoongi felt the tension melt out of his shoulders. He settled back into the pillow pile beside Jimin, pressed their shoulders together and ducked his head close to his friend's. "Do you want to kiss me?"

Jimin's cheeks flushed darkly in color and he shot Yoongi a look. "Shut up."

"You wanna kiss me." The words came out with an air of disbelief and he watched as Jimin let out a soft whine and wiggled against the mattress. 

"Don't tease me."

He wasn't, but seeing the slight curl of a smile on Jimin's mouth made something warm and bubbly burst in his chest. His own lips twitched into a smile and he leaned forward, knocking his forehead against Jimin's temple. He suddenly felt so light because Jimin wanted to kiss him and it was everything Yoongi had ever wanted to hear. The fear wasn't so bad now that he knew Jimin wanted to kiss him too. It was easier now. 

"I'll kiss you." Yoongi stated firmly and he had to hold back his laughter at the way Jimin snapped his wide eyes at him. "But not for practice so you can go kiss someone else later."

Jimin fluttered his eyes for a few seconds before he realized what Yoongi was saying. His shoulders relaxed and that sinful little smirk started to curl to his lips. He shifted on the bed so he could roll closer to Yoongi, leaning on his hip instead of his bum, facing his best friend better. "Then why will you kiss me?"

"Because I want to kiss you."

Jimin's face scrunched up for a moment before he brought a hand up and curled it over the side of Yoongi's neck. The air in Yoongi's room was suddenly hot and tight but Yoongi didn't care. All he could focus on was the way Jimin's eyes kept bouncing from his eyes to his lips, and the way his teeth kept digging into the plush pink of his lower lip. "I want to kiss you too."

Yoongi let out a breath of relief at the words and pressed closer, till their noses almost bumped. "I've wanted to kiss you for a while."

Jimin pursed his lips, closed his eyes and nodded his head once. "You should do that then. The kissing thing. Because I want you to. Do it. The kissing thing."

Jimin always rambled when he was shy or nervous and Yoongi had always found it so cute and endearing. Yoongi chuckled softly and carefully, ever so slowly, closed the small distance between them. 

Jimin's mouth was soft and warm and a little dry but Yoongi's lips fit almost perfectly against them. Neither of them knew what they were doing but it felt right to just press together like that. Neither of them moved for a solid moment, just savoring the feel of their lips pressed together before Yoongi finally decided he needed to breathe and he pulled back slightly. Jimin's eyes snapped open, like he hadn't realized he had closed them and he slipped his tongue out to lap at his own lower lip for a moment. Then he closed his eyes again, tilted his head to the side slightly and kissed Yoongi again. 

They kissed a lot that night, lips against lips, learning how the whole kissing thing worked until it was almost perfect. Yoongi liked kissing Jimin. He liked the way Jimin melted against him, the way Jimin breathed into his mouth and the way he moaned ever so slightly when Yoongi pressed just right. They kissed so long that by the time they pulled back, Jimin's mouth was red and slightly swollen but he looked so beautiful like that and Yoongi prayed his best friend never kissed anyone else. 

Luckily for Yoongi, Jimin had no intention of kissing anyone else. Their lives went relatively back to normal after that night aside from the random times Yoongi would find his lap full of Park, Jimin and puffy lips pressing instantly against his own. Kissing on the mouth became another one of those simple easy things they did though they were both wise enough to keep it to themselves. Kissing boys wasn't entirely something people did in front of other people and Yoongi knew what it meant when he kissed Jimin. 

Maybe he was the horrible words his father used to call the rather nice male couple that lived two floors above them. Maybe he liked kissing Jimin more than he would ever like kissing a girl and maybe, as they grew more and more together, Yoongi found himself wanting more and more from Jimin. He never asked, he never tried, but there were countless nights where his hand snuck into his underwear because he had thought too much about Jimin and couldn't help himself. He almost felt guilty if it weren't for the fact that he knew Jimin got hard sometimes when they kissed for too long. They never spoke about it, because Jimin always got too shy and embarrassed afterward and Yoongi wasn't brave enough to ask his friend if he wanted him to take care of it. 

They were barely fourteen when Jimin grabbed Yoongi's hand and pressed it against the tightness in his pants. 

It was a normal night for them. Yoongi's mother was out with her friends and would be until much too late and his father was away on business. They had the apartment to themselves because Yoongi was a good son and his parents trusted him. He had invited Jimin over for some movie binge watching in the living room and a sleepover considering it was a Friday night. The night had started pretty normally. Jimin picked the first movie, Yoongi made some popcorn and littered the coffee table with snacks and drinks. They settled down on the couch together and Jimin settled in against Yoongi's side like he always did when they were alone. It was a nice bit of cuddling Yoongi always loved and Jimin was one hell of a cuddler. He always had been but he was careful as they grew up, keeping the cuddling in public to a minimun though he seemed to still touch Yoongi too much for Yoongi's father's liking. 

Halfway through the movie, Jimin gave up on watching it and crawled into Yoongi's lap. Half expecting it, Yoongi was eager to grab hold of his friend's hips and tilt his head back so he could be kissed. Jimin always kissed him like there was nothing else on the planet he would rather be doing with his time and Yoongi's heart ached. They started slow and careful, soft presses of their lips until Jimin curled his tongue against the roof of Yoongi's mouth and the kissing went from soft and sweet to a little sloppy, wet and hot. 

Jimin was an expert at kissing Yoongi in all the right ways, getting him panting and breathless in no time. Jimin's weight was solid and warm atop his thighs and the way Jimin ran his fingers through Yoongi's black hair made his scalp tingle. He wanted Jimin. He always wanted Jimin but even he was a little shocked when Jimin wrapped his fingers around Yoongi's wrist, resting against his hip and dragged it close to the tightness in his jeans, arching his hips into the touch. 

Yoongi broke the kiss in surprise and for a moment, Jimin looked confused before he realized what he had done. The haze in his gaze lifted quickly and he ducked his head shyly, burying it in Yoongi's neck. They took the moment to catch their breath and Yoongi stared at the flashing TV, trying to piece together exactly what just happened. Jimin wanted him to touch him? Well, fuck, Yoongi would touch him. But touching was a whole new level from kissing and Yoongi had to be sure. 

"Jimin." His name was a soft deep grumble and Yoongi swallowed hard in an attempt to get his voice back to normal. 

Jimin flinched at his name but stayed in Yoongi's lap, slipping his hands from his hair to his shoulders, squeezing slightly. "Sorry. I... Sorry. Please forget I did that. Can we please? Can we go back to just kissing?"

Yoongi took a deep breath and shifted around until his hands found Jimin's face and he could cup his cheek. He tugged carefully until Jimin moved and their eyes could meet. Jimin's cheeks were flushed, his lips swollen from kisses but was a wetness in the corners of his eyes and Yoongi realized his friend was close to crying. 

"I'm not... Jimin I'm not mad. Or upset, or weirded out if that's what you worried about." He tried to keep his voice steady but truth be told, Yoongi was terrified. Jimin had offered him something, whether he meant to or not, and Yoongi was terrifed of what it could mean. And of how much he wanted it. 

Jimin settled on Yoongi's thighs, dropping his head and letting his hands rest in his lap, curling together tightly. "You froze." He pointed out, glancing up at him.

"Yeah cause..." He let out a breath. "You surprised me. I... I mean, if that's what you want Jimin, I'll do it.  I just want to be sure."

Jimin's head popped up and his eyes became so wide it was almost comical. "You..."

It occured to Yoongi then that Jimin thought Yoongi wouldn't want to touch him like that which was just... dumb. It was dumb. How could Yoongi not want to? "Jimin, you're fucking gorgeous, are you serious?" His voice came out in a rush of breath and he lurched forward to gather Jimin's face in his hands. "Why wouldn't I want to? Of course I want to."

Something heavy seemed to lift from deep inside Jimin and he tipped forward enough to knock their foreheads together. "I don't know. Boys don't touch each other."

Yoongi snorted. "They don't kiss either but look at us." He sighed and carefuly brushed strands of hair away from Jimin's face. "Jiminnie, I don't kiss you just to kiss you. I kiss you because I want to kiss you. No one else. You know that, don't you?"

Jimin dropped his gaze to their laps shyly. "Are we... I mean..." He pursed his lips together before gaining a bit of courage and finally met Yoongi's gaze head on. "Are we boyfriends, Yoongi?"

Yoongi's heart throbbed in his throat and he tried to swallow it down so he could speak. "I want to be."

The way Jimin smiled at his words was one of the most beautiful things Yoongi had ever seen in his entire life. His entire body lit up with his smile, spreading across his face and bunching up his cheeks so his eyes crinkled. There were tears there, in the corners of his eyes that slipped free and the next thing Yoongi knew, he had his arms full of a giggling Park Jimin and warm lips pressing all over his cheek and neck. 

"I want to be too, Yoongi, oh, I want to." His voice was light and bright, lifting the tightness that had formed in Yoongi's chest. 

"Then we are." Yoongi stated, a smile curling to his lips as he hugged Jimin tightly. 

"I don't know why I was so scared." Jimin admitted softly, near his ear, sending chills over Yoongi's skin. "You scare me sometimes though. Well, not you, exactly." He leaned back enough so they could face one another again. "But the way you make me feel. I never got nervous around you cause I always knew you liked me but this is a different like and I didn't know how to handle it."

"I like you, Jimin." Yoongi breathed out, finding pleasure in the way Jimin's cheeks flushed. "As my friend and as my boyfriend."

"I like you too, Yoongi." Jimin giggled softly and tipped forward to close the distance between them. Their lips fit together perfectly and though there was still a lot to worry about, like what would their parents think if they knew, they pushed all that to the side so they could just enjoy this time with each other. 

It didn't take long for their kissing to ease back into a familiar area for the two of them. Jimin was confident now that Yoongi had admitted his feelings and he had no shyness in the way he touched his cheeks and neck and drug his hands down his chest. It was thrilling in a way because this was all new to the both of them. They never touched below the belt and now Jimin was gently rolling his hips ever so slightly atop Yoongi's and his hands were toying with the button on Yoongi's jeans. 

There was a silent agreement between the two of them that they were going to definitely do this and Jimin seemed rather eager about it. He let his lips rest against the cruve of Yoongi's neck while they fumbled with each other's pants. It was a little awkward but they just giggled at each other until someone's pants managed to open. Yoongi was too focused on feeling the way Jimin's muscles moved while he breathed to pay too much attention to the fact that it was his pants that were now open. Jimin's skin was warm and golden beneath his fingertips and after a moment of touching, Jimin grabbed the edge of his shirt and tugged it off, tossing it to the floor without care. 

Yoongi had to lean back to admire the golden skin he had access to. It wasn't the first time he had seen Jimin shirtless but now he was able to openly oogle and Jimin flushed proudly at the attention. He was working hard to tone his body for dancing the way he wanted and he was really accomplishing that. Apparently tired of being oogled, Jimin shoved Yoongi back into the couch and started tugging at his white t-shirt. It soon joined Jimin's on the floor and it was Jimin's time to oogle. Yoongi was pale, naturally, but he had a bit of a healthy tan thanks to summers spent playing basketball in the sun. The excersize left him with a lithe body that Jimin ran his hot palms over. 

When their eyes met, they fell into one another again, kissing deeply and firmly. Yoongi's pants weren't as tight now that they were open so he moved his hands to do the same for Jimin. His boyfriend rolled his hips into the touch, eager and ready, and Yoongi found it easier to pop open the button now that he felt more steady. Jimin nearly groaned against his mouth in relief when Yoongi tugged down the zipper and slipped the fabric over the curve of his ass and down his thighs halfway. It was hard to miss the bulge in Jimin's brightly red underwear and Yoongi's body buzzed with arousal because he wanted to touch, he wanted to feel so bad

He let Jimin dribble kisses over the curve of his neck as he focused on getting Jimin out of his underwear. It wasn't too hard but he did have to wrap his fingers around the hard length and tug it free, causing Jimin to let out a soft whimper into his skin. Yoongi hadn't seen Jimin naked since they were eight or nine years old and wow had Jimin grown since then. Yoongi had fantasised about what Jimin would look like but the real thing was so much better. He was thick, in all the right places, a little dark but red and rosey at the uncut tip. His wasn't as long as Yoongi's, not yet, but when Yoongi wrapped his fingers around the base, Jimin moaned into his ear and Yoongi was determined to touch until he couldn't any more.

Jimin dug his nails into Yoongi's shoulders and rolled his hips expertly into Yoongi's hand, begging him to do more, touch more and Yoongi brought his other hand down to wrap his thumb and index finger around the tip. Jimin whimpered again, tugging him closer but Yoongi was fascinated by the way Jimin's length jerked in his hand. They were young, so very young, and had never touched another person in such a way, or been touched in such a way and Yoongi wondered what Jimin would sound like when he climaxed. 

That thought alone spurred Yoongi to grab at Jimin's length the way way he would grab his own. The size and girth was different but a dick was a dick and Yoongi found Jimin liked it most when he twisted his palm around the base and slid the skin around the tip. It started to get wet rather quickly and Yoongi's mouth went dry at the sight. Jimin didn't hold back a bit in his ear, moaning and whimpering enough to encourage him that he was doing a good job. Yoongi liked to start slow and work himself up to a nice build and it seemed Jimin enjoyed the same. By the time he had his fist fully wrapped around Jimin's length to stroke up and down, his boyfriend was panting in his ear and clutching to him like his life depended on it.

Jimin liked to talk. That was one of the things he did all the time. Yoongi liked to listen and Jimin liked to talk. Apparently that bled over into sex because Jimin started to murmur in his ear, tell him how good he was doing and how much he wanted him to keep going. His voice was light, sinful even and Yoongi's own arousal was impossible to ignore. He was too focused on Jimin to worry about himself but he did notice when Jimin reached between them and shoved his palm hard against the bulge in Yoongi's pants. There was too much fabric in the way and Jimin wasn't focused enough to move it but Yoongi didn't need him to. The way Jimin kneaded at his length through his underwear was almost perfect and Yoongi found so much pleasure in the way Jimin moaned into his ear. 

Jimin's tip was so sensitive and all it took was Yoongi flicking his thumb over the slit a few times for Jimin to grab at him and pull him in so close he thought he would break. Jimin's climax crashed over him and he gasped in surprise, burying his head into Yoongi's neck and rocking his hips in time with how Yoongi was stroking him. It was both fascinating and gorgeous. The way his voice twisted into a high pitched moan, the way his hand clutched hard at Yoongi's cloth covered length, the way his other hand dug nails into his shoulder, the way he rocked in Yoongi's lap, it was all too much. Yoongi barely registered his own climax and he was too in awe to even feel embarrassed that he had cum right in his pants. 

"Oh, oh fuck." Jimin panted softly against his neck, his breath hot and wet against Yoongi's skin before he weakly pulled away, meeting Yoongi's slightly stunned face. There was a bit of sweat dripping down his neck, pooling in the dips of his collarbone and Yoongi wanted to lick it. His skin had a healthy flush to it and when he smiled, he showed all of his teeth, including the crooked little front tooth that Yoongi loved. "That was... wow." Jimin started to giggle and Yoongi found himself chuckling along with his friend. 

"Yeah." Yoongi agreed once he found his breath again. He felt as if the sun had burned rays into his veins and prickled along his skin. 

"Are you...?" Jimin ventured, glancing down at their laps only to widen his eyes in slight surprise. 

"Shut up." Yoongi grumbled in embarrassment. "You're pretty when you cum."

Jimin's laughter was loud and bright as he wrapped his arms around Yoongi's neck tightly, nuzzling his cheek against his hair. "I'll do better next time, I promise. I want to see when you cum."

Next time. Yoongi groaned and pulled Jimin into a kiss at the thought of a next time that Jimin was happy to return. 

Touching each other was just another thing added into their daily lives. Another thing they kept secret, like the cuddling and kisses. It was easier that way and they both knew it. They were left alone often enough to have the time to explore one another. Sex was a big scary thing in the back of their minds so they stuck to touching. They were happy with touching. As long as they could be close, nothing else mattered. As long as Jimin continued to kiss him like his lips held everything he needed, Yoongi would be alright. 

They were fifteen when their fantasy came crashing down. 

Yoongi was considering telling Jimin he loved him. He had been thinking about it for a long time because it seemed appropriate at the point he was pretty sure Jimin loved him in return. They were young but Yoongi knew what love was. Love was the way Jimin smiled at him when he said something snarky. Love was the way Jimin's hand always found his no matter what they were doing. Love was the way Jimin kissed him, sucked the air from his lungs. Love was the way Jimin moaned his name softly into his ear when they touched. Jimin was love and Yoongi desperately needed the other boy to know it. 

They were at Jimin's house for once because Yoongi's dad was home and neither of them wanted to deal with that mess. He was suspicious of how close they were and even though he had good reason to be, they didn't want to make it worse. Jimin's house was relatively safe. His mother was sweet and kind and his father was warm and friendly like Jimin. They didn't care when Jimin tossed his arm over Yoongi's shoulder while they played video games. They didn't mind when Jimin grabbed Yoongi's thigh or hand while he was talking. They didn't look at the two of them like they were searching for an excuse to get angry. 

Jimin's room was a safe place, as far as they were concerned, but they didn't want to push their luck. Jimin's mother insisted they keep the door open and so they did. His room was still upstairs, away from everyone, but they didn't want to push it. They weren't doing anything wrong per say. Yoongi was settled against the headboard with Jimin between his legs, back to front. They were studying. Jimin was busy with his Chemistry homework and Yoongi was questioning his life choices with Algebra. True, they were close and technically cuddling but they weren't doing anything. 

That was until Jimin let out a frustrated sigh and tossed his notebook to the end of the bed, relaxing back against Yoongi's chest. Yoongi hummed at him, a silent question and slipped his free hand around Jimin's waist, holding him in place. He had been trying to memorise equations but Jimin was more important. 

"I feel like my brain is gonna explode." Jimin complained, tilting his head back onto Yoongi's shoulder. 

"At least you're good at math." Yoongi hummed, rubbing his hand over Jimin's stomach gently and shifting ever so slightly to press his lips to his cheek. 

Jimin gave a pleased hum and tilted his face toward him, pouting out his lips in a silent question for a kiss. Yoongi rolled his eyes, because his boyfriend was so spoiled but closed the small distance anyway. Their lips were together not even three seconds when Yoongi noticed footsteps and he flinched back so quickly he nearly slammed his head back against the headboard. 

When they glanced to the door, Jimin's mother was standing there. Panic flared over Yoongi's skin like a blazing fire and he froze, waiting and watching. He could have let go of Jimin but maybe if he pretended he wasn't doing anything wrong it would be okay. Jimin, for his part, stopped breathing all together. His mother only glanced between the two of them in slight confusion but it seemed to dawn on her. She didn't seem angry, not at all, but maybe a bit disappointed. 

"Yoongi." She spoke softly, her voice carefully light. "I think it's time for you to go home."

And that was it. She wasn't mean about it in anyway and that confused Yoongi all the more. He nodded in agreement and careful disentangled himself from the still frozen Jimin. He gathered his things quickly but when he turned to Jimin to say goodbye the boy was staring at the floor like he was terrified. Yoongi ached to reach out to him, to do something but his own movements felt jerky and he didn't know what to do. 

The only thing he could do was mutter a goodbye and hurry out of the room. Jimin's mother gave his head a soft pat when he pushed by and he hated how hopeful that made him feel. Leaving Jimin behind almost broke his heart but he couldn't disobey the boy's mother. 

When Yoongi got home, it was obvious Jimin's mother had already informed his own mother what she witnessed. Everything happened so quickly that Yoongi couldn't fight it. She didn't look angry, or even upset. She looked scared for him. She quickly dragged him into his bedroom and told him to pack his things. Yoongi was terrified, scared he was being thrown out but she grabbed his face and told him he was going back to Daegu, to live with his brother and grandparents. He was going back to Daegu to get away from Jimin and his father. She promised him to not say a word about what she knew to his father and would come up with some other excuse when he returned in a few day but until then, Yoongi had to leave. For his own safety, she said. For his and Jimin's. It was better that way, she told him. 

Yoongi did as he was told because he didn't know what else. He was scared, at the brink of tears and knew his mother knew best. He packed his things as quickly as he could and by the next morning, Yoongi was in a taxi for Daegu. By that afternoon, he was back in the home he had been so upset about leaving and yet it felt so wrong. His brother grabbed him into a tight hug as soon as he stepped out of the cab and told him it would be okay, because he knew. His grandparents knew too, and they were okay. They had that same sad smile that Jimin's mother had. 

It wasn't until late that night, when Yoongi was trying to settle down in his new room that he remembered Jimin. He hadn't forgotten Jimin, but the boy had been pushed to the back of his mind in favor of the fear of what was going to happen to him. What about Jimin? Was Jimin alright? Was he in trouble? Neiter of them had cell phones so the only option was to call his house and that seemed like a dangerous idea. 

Yoongi did it anyway. 

He curled up in his bed with the blankets thrown over his head, cradled the reciever to his face and sent a silent prayer. 

Jimin's mother picked up on the second ring and Yoongi nearly had a heart attack. 


"Um, Hi. Ms. Park, It's-"

"Yoongi." She murmured softly, almost like a sigh. "I was wondering when you would call."

"Can I... Can I talk to him? I'm so sorry, I am. I never... It wasn't supposed to happen like this." The words came tumbling out of him before he could stop them. 

"Give me a moment."

It was the longest moment of Yoongi's life waiting for the phone to crackle and a new voice to pick up. 

"Y-Yoongi?" Yoongi's heart nearly broke at how lost Jimin sounded. He had been crying, Yoongi could tell and Yoongi's eyes prickled at the thought. 

"Jimin." He breathed out. "Are you okay?"

"N-No." The answer was shaky and he heard the phone shuffling around before it went quiet again. Jimin had to be in his room now, hidden away from other ears. "They weren't mad. But Yoongi, god, they were so disappointed in me."

"I'm sorry. Jiminnie, I'm so sorry." The tears in the corners of his eyes finally started to fall free and he wanted nothing more than to hold the other boy. 

"Where are you? Are you okay?" His voice picked up in pitch at the end. "Oh god, does your appa know?"

A sob curled up the back of Yoongi's throat and threatened to slip free but he gained control of it and swallowed it back down. "I'm in Daegu." Jimin gasped on the other end. "T-They sent me back to Daegu. My eomma says she won't tell my appa. But Yoonsung knows, and my grandparents. They're okay. They're just terrified of my appa."

"Oh... Oh Yoongi." And Jimin was crying again, soft little shaky sobs that broke Yoongi's heart in two. 

"It's okay, Jimin. We'll be okay. They can't keep us apart forever."

"I can't." Jimin whispered, almost like he was afraid. "I can't... Yoongi I can't disapoint them like this. I thought I wouldn't care but... It hurts. I can't... Yoongi, I'm so sorry."

Yoongi's blood ran cold at those words and his world tilted slightly on it's axis. "W-What?" He was tempted to tell Jimin that he loved him, that he would fight for them until there was nothing left to fight for but Jimin sounded so broken that Yoongi was frozen. "J-Jimin..."

"I'm sorry..."

"You're breaking up with me?"

Jimin let out a soft whine. "I can't hurt them like this anymore."

What about me?, Yoongi wanted to say but he didn't. He couldn't. He was angry and frustratted but at the bottom of it all, he was hurt. So very hurt. Jimin was his everything. He loved him more than himself, more than anything and yet Jimin was choosing his parents. It made sense, in a way but it still shattered Yoongi's heart. 

"You'll be good in Daegu. M-Maybe this is good for both of us, you know?" Jimin sniffed, trying to sound hopeful and all Yoongi wanted to do was scream. 

"M-Maybe." Yoongi breathed out, shaking too much for his voice not to waver.

"You'll be okay, Yoongi. You're tough."

"This is really it? Just like that? All these years and we're ending it with a phone call where you tell me I'll be okay?" He was angry, he was so angry and he didn't mean to snap at Jimin but he was hurt and angry.

"I'm sorry..."

"Yeah, so you said." Yoongi sat up, tossing the blankets off his body and shoved a hand in his hair. He didn't want his last words to Jimin be anger. So he took a deep breath to calm himself down. "I won't forget you, you know."

Jimin's laugh was anything but happy. "I won't forget you either, Yoongi. Never."

There was an awkward moment where neither of them knew what to say before Jimin finally broke it. 

"Take care, Yoongi. I want you to be happy."

It took more strength than fifteen year old Yoongi knew he had to reply, "You too Jimin, be happy."

Their goodbye was soft and quiet and Jimin hung up first. Yoongi stared at the phone for a good long minute after that before a surge of anger came over him and he threw the phone at the wall, smashing it into little pieces. He let out a shout into his pillow that soon dissolved into sobs, unable to hold back his emotions anymore. He didn't hear the door when it opened but he did feel his brother's hands on him. They'd been apart for so long, Yoongi didn't expect Yoonsung to care so much. But he gathered a sobbing Yoongi in his arms and held him tightly through his heartbreak.

It took years for Yoongi to piece back together the broken bits of his heart. Jimin lingered at the back of his mind no matter what he did, or who he saw. He moved on, as Jimin wanted him to do but Jimin was his first love and he was certain to never forget his first love. He never saw or spoke to Jimin again after their phone call but he liked to think his old friend was happy in whatever he was doing with his life. Yoongi, for his part, did his best to be happy like Jimin asked of him. It was hard at first,nbecause he had been only angry, and then hurt and then sad. He healed slowly, over time and he eventually found someone to help him heal.

Yoo Kihyun was bright, beautiful and everything Yoongi loved in a partner. He tried to not compare Kihyun with Jimin but it was hard when they were both such bright beautiful people. Kihyun was his own man, strong and confident. He didn't care what people thought of him and he certainly didn't let a single person say anything bad about his relationship with Yoongi. Kihyun was pretty and Yoongi loved the way he smiled and over time, it became a deep type of feeling that Yoongi felt lucky enough to have again. Kihyun wasn't Jimin, would never be Jimin, but he was kind, sweet, and good. He took care of Yoongi, kissed him like he never wanted to kiss anyone else and that was enough for Yoongi. His father wasn't exactly keen on their relationship but by that point, Kihyun's confidence in his sexuality had rubbed off on Yoongi. He didn't care what his father thought and even though the man disowned him, Yoongi still had his brother and his mother. It was enough.

It had to be. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi didn't have anything against Milan really. It was a pretty city, rich in culture and beautiful architecture but it had never been much of a draw for him. He traveled enough as it were and as much as he wanted to explore the cities he was plopped in, he rarely had the time. Traveling for work wasn't nearly as exciting as it used to be but he chose this life and there wasn't much he could complain about. 

Yoongi was in Milan for the first time in his life thanks to an old friend of his. When Taehyung had called up with a job, Yoongi had no reason to say no. He was free and the job paid well, plus Taehyung was in a bit of pickle and Yoongi always wanted to help out his friends to the best of his ability. He was more than qualified for the job, after all, and though he was sure Taehyung stuck his neck out for him, Yoongi was sure his company didn't need much convincing to hire him. 

Fashion week was chaos, Yoongi learned quickly. Milan was beautiful but there were so many people. He lived a good deal of his life in Seoul so for him to say there were too many people was really something. He figured it was because of fashion week and maybe the city was easier to enjoy during other times of the year. Either way, Yoongi had work to do. When he checked into his hotel, a gift basket was waiting him from Taehyung's company and it had all the passes and tickets he would need along with a full schedule of everything he was required to be at which, after reading it for ten minutes, Yoongi discovered was a fucking lot. 

Yoongi's goal, simple enough, was to shadow high fashion model slash idol Kim Taehyung during his fashion week adventure and photograph the entire thing. Yoongi knew the man already had camera's following him but Yoongi was for when video couldn't be taken, like behind the scenes and during all the parties the man would be going to. Originally, the company already had a photographer booked months in advance for this but the woman pulled out last minute after going into labor unexpectedly. And so, Taehyung called Yoongi. 

They'd worked together before on multiple occasions and Taehyung was the kind of person that was impossible to not be friends with. He ended up with Yoongi's number after their first photoshoot together and they met up whenever they were both in Seoul for food. It was a nice friendship, something Yoongi appreciated when all he had was his brother as company on occasion and his camera. 

Speaking of cameras, Yoongi brought about six of them. He knew he wouldn't be able to handle anything bulky so he stuffed away his favorite DLR into a simple carry case and he figured the HD pictures from it would be good enough. He was basically a fansite owner at the moment but he didn't mind. He was going to be paid very well and get to spend time with Taehyung. It was a win win really. 

Yoongi called Taehyung's manager as soon as he had settled down, ready to meet up wherever he was needed. The man was eager to explain to him that Taehyung was currently getting ready for a show and Yoongi should come. He had a staff pass but also a ticket to the show and he should watch the show first, take pictures of Taehyung walking down the catwalk, and then come backstage. Yoongi knew he would be too late arriving at the venue to get anything behind the scenes beforehand so he agreed. 

Now finding the venue was a whole other issue. Yoongi's English was decent enough if he spoke slowly and luckily the pretty ladies at the front desk of his hotel knew exactly what direction to point him for where he needed to go. This venue was within walking distance so he saw no need in getting a cab, even though the company had left a business credit card with him which he was to use for such things. Yoongi liked walking. It gave him the chance to see the city because he was sure he wouldn't have many other chances. The air was warm, a little sticky, but he didn't mind it so much. 

Yoongi realized as soon as he arrived at the venue, which looked more like a museum then a place where a fashion show was held, that he was well under dressed. He hadn't taken into consideration what he would wear because it never occured to him before. But there were plenty of pretty ladies in pretty, sinful looking dresses and men dressed equally as nice and Yoongi felt a little out of place in his black skinnies and light blue button up. It was a nice shirt, one of the nicer items he wore to make good first impressions but it was simple. He'd wore a wide brimmed black hat over his blond hair because it was too much of a mess from his long flight to deal with so he wanted to hide it. At least the hat made him seem more stylish than he actually was. 

There was a red carpet leading up to the door and Yoongi wondered what the hell that was even for. He didn't know a flying shit about fashion week but he had a thought that maybe he should brush up on some knowledge so he knew what he was getting himself into. He was let through the velvet rope after showing his ticket and he hurried down the carpet so he wasn't noticed. 

The venue wasn't a museum but it was some type of art gallary, he noticed once he was finally inside. There were people scattered all about the place but Yoongi didn't have time to worry about them. He had about fifteen minutes before the show started and he needed to find his seat. Luckily there was a kind usher more than willing to help him find it. Yoongi was sat down in the front row, on the right side of the stage, close to the end where the models would pause and do their turns. It was a perfect place to snap pictures and he was far from the only person around him with a camera. He vaguely wondered how many other famous models and idols would be walking this stage and what other companies were around him. 

The room was large enough to fit about three hundred or so people sitting and then a small press pit at the end of the stage. Yoongi thought he would have been stuffed inside but Taehyung's company had been kinder to him than that. He made a mental note to thank Bighit later as he unpacked his camera and fiddled with the settings so they would be perfect in this lighting. The entire room was lit up like some type of museum or gallery and Yoongi supposed the models were the art they were about to see. He tugged out a little black notebook, jotting down the date, the venue's name and the designer's name. Taehyung would be walking for a lot of people so Yoongi had to keep track of what pictures went where later when he was editing. He wasn't a fashion photographer but he understood how shit worked for the most part. 

Eventually the lights in the room dimmed, the catwalk lit up and a petite woman walked out to the front of the main stage. She introduced herself as the designer and Yoongi jotted her name down in his notebook before he gathered his camera in his hands and brought it up, snapping a few quiet pictures of her for test shots. With the lights dimmed, he had to fuck with his settings some more in preparation of Taehyung. He had no idea when the man would be walking but he had to be prepared for anything. 

Once the woman was done explaining her collection, something about princes and fairy tales and modern magic, the lights turned a soft blue color and music started to play. It was something classical, something Yoongi vaguely recoginized from his old piano playing days and he brought his camera back up to his face because the models were coming out now. 

Taehyung was fourth in line, following two rather beautiful women in flowing gowns. He strutted like he owned the whole fucking place and Yoongi's lips quirked up in a soft smile at his friend. He was dressed in a relaxed fit suit, with strange golden patterns all over it and Yoongi had to admit he looked amazing. Taehyung looked amazing in whatever he wore but his face was his main sell point. He had a certain type of beauty too him that stood out in a crowd. It was his eyes, Yoongi always thought. So when Taehyung grew closer, he focused on snapping pictures of the man's beautiful face before he remembered the fashion was supposed to be the main point and he made sure to get a few shots of his outfit. 

Taehyung paused at the end of the walkway and posed in a relaxed manner for a few seconds before he turned and started walking the other way. Somehow, Taehyung must have seen him because his eyes glanced at him for only a second and one eyebrow perked in greeting. Yoongi got a great shot of that, grinning at him from behind his camera and then Taehyung was walking away. Once the man disappeared behind the curtain, Yoongi dropped his camera to flick through the pictures he took. They looked pretty great but he knew he wasn't done. Taehyung would return after an outfit change so he gave the stage his attention once again.

There were many beautiful people on stage, too many to count and Yoongi couldn't help but wonder the functionality of some of the outfits they wore. One girl had what looked like a cage of fabric around her head and there as no way someone would wear that on the street. But, that was the point, he supposed. Fashion was some form of art, Taehyung told him once. It didn't have to make sense and though Yoongi didn't understand it, he accepted it as the form of expression that it was. 

Taehyung returned twice before the end of the show, in two new outfits and Yoongi took great pictures of him each time. All the models returned to the stage for one last walk and then collected together at the main front stage with the designer. She thanked everyone gratefully, the crowd stood and clapped and Yoongi snapped a few pictures of Taehyung leaning his arm on one of the other models, a male slightly shorter than him with dyed silver hair. Yoongi got a nice picture of the two of them, their faces professionally relaxed but Yoongi had to admit the other man was rather gorgeous with his droopy eyes, small nose and plump lips.

Once the show was officially over, Yoongi figured it was time to head backstage where he was expected to be. He stopped a few times on his way by people he recognized and he greeted them politely with bows. Idols and actors came to fashion week all the time and he worked with plenty of them to be recognized. After explaining for the sixth time why he was there, Yoongi was finally let free to get backstage. His staff pass was enough to get him past the two large guards and the backstage area was vastly different from the stage. 

There were people every where, running around and doing all kinds of things. Yoongi didn't have the first clue of where to find Taehyung but luckily the man's manager had been waiting for him. 

"Yoongi, you made it!" Seokjin greeted him in Korean with a wide smile, patting his shoulder in greeting. 

Yoongi was relieved to see a nice familiar face and he bowed his head in greeting. "Yeah, I'm here."

"You're really doing us a huge favor." Seokjin curled his fingers around Yoongi's inner elbow and started to tug him along through the crowd. The man had a handsome face of his own, enough of one that he could have been an idol but he told Yoongi once that he preferred to work behind the camera and Yoongi understood that on a deep personal level. "The company is planning to release all this stuff in a DVD boxset and your pictures will make up the photobook. It'll be great."

Yoongi snorted softly. Of course they were going to make money off it. Taehyung's fans would buy anything with his face on it. "I got some good ones."

"Oh?" Seokjin turned to him with a smile, his eyes sparkling. "You'll have to show me later." Before Yoongi could answer, Seokjin tugged him a little quicker and his smile broadened. "There he is. Taehyung!"

Taehyung was relaxing on a white leather couch in what looked like a sitting area. He had a bottle of water against his lips which he was currently draining and that same pretty petite man from the stage settled down beside him. He was dressed in normal clothes now, still fashionable but much more functional, and when his name was called, he tipped his head in their direction. His eyes widened when they landed on Yoongi and he nearly spilled water all over himself in his hurry to scramble off the couch. He hurried to cap the water and place it down on a small glass table and then he was coming at Yoongi and Yoongi braced himself. 

"Hyung!" Taehyung's boisterous voice was loud even in the busy backstage area but no one seemed to care. Yoongi was gathered up in long arms without any say in the matter and Taehyung was warm and smelled of something nice, like flowers. "I'm so happy to see you!"

Yoongi choked out a laugh and gave the idol a one armed hug, patting his back. "Good to see you too, Tae."

"I'm so excited for this week!" Taehyung pulled back from him, gripping his shoulders tightly and ducking down so their faces were close together. The asshole was a good head taller than him and Yoongi almost forgot that. He didn't forget how gorgeous he was up close, however. He was grinning from ear to ear, that signature boxy grin all his fans loved him for. His face was still covered in makeup, his eyes slathered in dark eyeliner but he looked good. Healthy. "We never get to spend time together."

"He's working." Seokjin pointed out but made no move to drag Yoongi away from him. 

"Bah." Taehyung waved a hand at Seokjin, that grin still in place as he slipped his arm around Yoongi's shoulder and turned them both toward his manager. "We're gonna have fun, aren't we hyung?"

Yoongi shrugged one shoulder, a slight smirk curling to the corner of his mouth. "That is yet to be determined."

Taehyung clicked his tongue, scanning his eyes over Yoongi's body before he crunched his nose. "We're going to have to take you shopping though, hyung. I can't have you walking around me like you popped out of a commercial. You're better than that. What happened to those nice shirts I bought you?"

Yoongi hummed in thought. "Who knows. Also I'm here to work Taehyung."

"You're still gonna be hanging around me and I want you to look good."

"You calling me ugly?" Yoongi perked a brow at him and Taehyung laughed happily at him. 

"Come on, hyung, this is my week. Let me play dress up with you just this once."

Yoongi let out long sigh, sounding really put out. "Fine. If you insist."

Taehyung squeaked in happiness and hugged him tightly again, so tight he felt his ribs whine in protest. "I've got a little free time tomorrow, we should go shopping."

"Hey, if you're gonna spend your hard earned idol money on me, I'm not going to complain." 

"He doesn't look that bad, Taehyung." Seokjin pointed out. 

"No, the hat is nice." A new voice picked up, something soft and warm and when Taehyung finally released him, Yoongi could see it was the pretty petite man from before. He was smiling, a pretty little thing that made the corners of his eyes crinkle and he was looking right at Yoongi. 

"I do like the hat." Taehyung agreed, patting said hat on top of Yoongi's head before he seemed to remember Yoongi had no clue who this new person was. "Oh!" His lips popped and he grabbed the man's wrist to tug him closer. "Hyung, this is Park Jimin. He's a model and we work together often. Bighit contracted him to work with me all fashion week so you'll be seeing him a lot! Jimin this is Min Yoongi, the hyung I told you all about."

Yoongi realized the man bowing and smiling shyly at him was the same man he saw about a month ago, half-fucking-naked on a billboard in New York in nothing but a fancy pair of Calvin Kline underwear. That man, sexy and devious in his expression, was a stark contrast to the pretty smiling man in front of him but it was definately the same man. 

"Hyung's really nice even though his face looks like that." Taehyung assured Jimin, patting his back with a grin. 

"Yah, what is with you calling me ugly lately?" Yoongi reached out to punch Taehyung's arm but the man slipped out of his reach and hid behind Jimin with a bubble of giggles slipping from his lips. 

"You're pretty, hyung!" Taehyung said through his laughter, popping his head up over Jimin's shoulder. "But you suffer from resting bitch face and it's pretty but it's scary too."

"I think he's pretty." Jimin commented off handedly, something in the crowd catching his attention. "I'll be right back." He bowed his head at them and then he was slipping through the crowd, joining another man who looked like he might be his manager.

"Oh~." Taehyung saddled up to Yoongi again, giggling softly. "He thinks you're pretty." He poked one of Yoongi's flushed cheeks for emphasis and Yoongi batted his hands away, ignoring the flutter in his heart. 

"Why are you never actually as cool as you look on stage, huh?" Yoongi grumbled, reaching up to pinch Taehyung's cheeks until the man whined at him. 

"You love me and you know it. We're gonna have fun, you'll see. You'll like Jimin. He's really nice."

Yoongi made a noise that could mean anything and decided to fiddle with his camera until Jimin returned. There was mention about getting something to eat and Yoongi snapped a few pictures of the two of them because that was his job but Taehyung and Jimin kept smiling at him every time he did so, making the air of a candid shot a bit more difficult. They should be used to cameras around them all the time but it seemed more difficult when it was someone they knew behind the lens, for Taehyung in particular. Either way, Yoongi managed to snap a few nice candid shots of Taehyung, as he was contracted to do, before they decided it was food time and left the venue together. 

Fashion Week in Milan flew by quicker than any event in Yoongi's entire life. There was rarely time to rest and even when Taehyung did have a break, he usually spent it bothering the fuck out of him or Jimin. Sleep was a temporary thing of the past because Taehyung liked to party and Yoongi would never understand how the man could down seven shots and then still look like an angel the next morning when Yoongi felt like death. At least he got some great shots out of the whole thing. 

Not to mention, Jimin. 

Jimin stuck to Taehyung's side like glue and it didn't take Yoongi long to realize the two of them had developed a tight friendship from working together so often. They got along so perfectly, like they were always meant to be friends and it made Yoongi happy to see Taehyung enjoying himself so much. He was usually too busy to have fun with friends and it was nice for him to have the chance to do so, even if he was technically working. 

Park Jimin was exactly the nice guy Taehyung told him he was. He was thoughtful, caring and never complained no matter how hard they were working. He smiled at Yoongi like he was already a friend and they spoke to one another like they'd known each other their entire lives. Having bubbly happy Taehyung between them as a buffer helped a great deal considering Yoongi was pretty shy and quiet around new people. Taehyung kept him engaged with Jimin and it wasn't long before Yoongi came to like Jimin for the kind, sweet, lovely person that he was. No wonder Taehyung liked him so much.

The end of the week came much too soon and Yoongi had five memory cards full of pictures that he needed to shuffle through when he got home but it was well worth it. He had so much fun with Taehyung and Jimin, following them from venue to venue, from party to party, from meal to meal. They always included him in whatever they were doing, even the small shopping trips they had the free time to take. It felt nice to be included and Yoongi could say, by the end of the trip, that he had a good time. 

It was at the airport where they had to part and Taehyung looked like he wanted to cry when he hugged Jimin goodbye. Luckily, both Yoongi and Taehyung had the same flight back to Seoul but Jimin was flying to Canada for a photoshoot and so they had to part and say their goodbyes. Taehyung was upset about it but Jimin promised him he'd text him and they'd meet up when he came to Seoul in a week. 

"You should give me your number, hyung." Jimin stated when he stepped up to Yoongi, smiling shyly with his bottom lip trapped between his teeth. "So we can keep in touch too."

Yoongi wasn't opposed to keeping up with Jimin and so they exchanged numbers. The guy was pretty nice and brought a smile to his face like Taehyung. Having more friends wouldn't hurt really and Jimin seemed so excited to have his number it was endearing. They bid their goodbyes at Jimin's gate, hugs going all around and Yoongi didn't see the man again until over a month later. 

Jimin was a busy guy and so was Yoongi but Jimin had kept his promise to keep in touch and Yoongi found himself talking to Jimin more often than anyone else in his contacts list. Jimin was busy, flying from photoshoot to CF but he had enough free time to text between things and Yoongi found himself texting back just as often. Jimin was easy to talk to. Sometimes they talked about what Jimin was doing that day, or what Yoongi was doing and then some times they talked about nothing in particular. Maybe about a cat Yoongi saw on his way home and snapped a picture of, sending it to Jimin. Or maybe the dog Jimin saw on set and sent Yoongi a picture of. It was easy, simple, how they fell into a warm friendship. 

Yoongi didn't realize what it truly meant until he finally got to see Jimin again and it was a striking revelation. 

Jimin had texted Yoongi that he had some free time after finally getting back to Seoul and they agreed to met up at a local noodle shop near Yoongi's apartment. Yoongi had considered that Taehyung might join them but when Jimin walked into the restaurant, snapback covering his hair and white mask covering his face, he was alone. They'd never been alone but they talked enough that it shouldn't be awkward. 

Yoongi greeted Jimin by standing from his table and when Jimin ducking in to hug him, Yoongi wasn't even surprised. The man was easy with his affections, like Taehyung, and Yoongi was so used to it with Taehyung that he didn't even question it. He did, however, question the way his heart thumped when those strong toned arms wrapped around him tightly. Yoongi knew that thump, knew what it meant and he cursed to himself. 

"Sorry it's taken so long to see you." Jimin said as he pulled away and shifted into the small booth seat opposite Yoongi. He was taking off his hat when Yoongi sat down as well and the elder got a good look at his recently cut and dyed pink hair. It looked good on him, contrasting with his naturally tanned skin and then the mask was gone as well, joining the hat on the seat beside him and Yoongi's throat went dry. 

Jimin was attractive, that was just a fact. Even bare faced as he was, he was stunning. But so was Taehyung and he sure didn't make Yoongi's heart thump in his chest. Well, that was a problem. 

"You're busy." Yoongi waved him off, passing him a menu so he could pick out what he wanted to eat, Yoongi's treat. He was the hyung after all. "I'm friends with Kim Taehyung, believe me, I'm used to it."

Jimin made a noise, cradling the menu between his small hands and peering down at it. "I've got a break for the next month in preparation for that drama filming coming up." His plump lips curled up into a smile as he gazed at Yoongi. "So hopefully, you'll meet up with me again."

Yoongi snorted. "Of course I will."

Jimin smiled sheepishly and dropped his gaze back to the menu. "Good, cause I like spending time with you."

Yoongi smiled at him, the best small soft smile he could muster because deep down, he kind of knew he was already fucked. 

Spending time with Jimin alone in person wasn't all that different from texting him. The boy still talked constantly, filling the silence between them but he liked to use his hands when he did so and when he laughed, it was with his whole body. He was cute, so freaking cute and Yoongi didn't know what to do about it. Distancing himself from Jimin never even crossed his mind and so he spent almost everyday with Jimin for the next month. Jimin went to Busan for a week to visit his family but when he came back, he ended up in Yoongi's apartment and Yoongi couldn't complain about it. 

Jimin was good company. Conversations always flowed easily between them. They had a decent amount in common, like their taste in music and movies and it made for a solid friendship. Taehyung was more than pleased with himself for introducing them and according to him, Jimin spoke about Yoongi rather often. Yoongi didn't know how to feel about that but it still made his heart burn in a way that couldn't be ignored. 

Yoongi had feelings for people before. It wasn't something bizarre or strange to him. It wasn't strange for him to have feelings for a man, etiher. That was nothing knew to him. However, it was new for him to develop feelings for a person he considered a friend and had only met roughly two months prior. He knew it was a silly little crush, one of those small things that made your heart flutter every time you saw the person because they were shiny and new and pretty and nice to you. 

But there was something about the way Jimin still smiled shyly at him before he went in for a hug, or the way he flushed when he rested his head on Yoongi's shoulder while they watched a movie that gave Yoongi a glimmer of hope. 

Sexuality wasn't a thing they discussed yet in their friendship. It was too early for that. They were still figuring one another out but Jimin never spoke about dating, or his interest in any of the genders and Yoongi was currently hopelessly single so he had nothing to discuss either. It was just one of those things that didn't seem important enough, even though Taehyung knew about Yoongi's preferences because he asked him, one drunken night curled up on Yoongi's couch months ago, if he thought Taehyung was hot enough to bone. Yoongi, in his drunken state had answered yes and well, that was a night in their friendship they didn't talk about even though there were no regrets about it between them.

Yoongi was satisfied with his relationship with Jimin. It was the nice kind of company he didn't always get to have considering, aside from Taehyung, Yoongi didn't exactly have friends. So Jimin fit into a space Yoongi didn't realize he had open but he enjoyed it too much to worry about it. 

Things shifted slightly off kilter between them one night when Yoongi wasn't prepared. 

Jimin had to leave for Jeju to start filming the new drama he was staring in in two days and so he took the extra time he had to spend with Yoongi before he had to focus on packing and leaving for a month. Which was how he ended up at Yoongi's apartment on a rainy Tuesday night, curled up on his black leather couch with one of Yoongi's blankets wrapped around him like a shell. 

They ordered in for dinner, some pizza that Jimin said he wouldn't get to have for another month or so because of the diet he needed to be on for the drama and Yoongi made sure he stuffed his face with it until he couldn't eat anymore. Now they were curled up on the couch together, watching a movie Jimin had picked out and though it was vaguely interesting, Yoongi was a little focused on the warmth that seeped into his skin from where Jimin's head was resting against his shoulder. He thought Jimin might fall asleep but every time he glanced at him, his eyes were wide open, focused on the intricate plot of the movie. 

The rain was harsh outside but Yoongi's apartment was warm and cozy, the light from the large wall TV flickering across their faces. Yoongi was vaguely paying attention to the movie on the screen so it was about twenty minutes in when he realized he ahd no fucking clue what was going on. Jimin seemed invested, however, so he just relaxed back in the cushions and focused on the parts of their bodies that were touching. It was nice and Yoongi would miss it while Jimin was gone. 

"I'm going to miss this." Jimin's voice was light, with a hint of emotion to it and for a moment, Yoongi wondered if he was hearing things. When he glanced to the side, Jimin was still staring at the TV but it didn't look like he was paying attention to it, the gaze in his eyes elsewhere. 

"What?" Yoongi asked softly, his throat going tight.

"This." Jimin nuzzled his cheek against the ball of Yoongi's shoulder and curled up a little tighter, tucking his feet underneath himself so his knees could knock into Yoongi's thigh. "Tae rarely has the time to hang out as it is, so it's been really nice to have someone to spend time with. I'll be so busy in Jeju but I'll text you, I promise."

Yoongi grunted softly and lifted his hand to rest on Jimin's knee, giving it a soft squeeze. He was wearing a pair of those ripped all to hell jeans that he swore were actually comfortable and the blanket around him had fallen open enough that Yoongi's fingers felt soft warn skin between the rips in his knee. "Your work is important." Yoongi mumbled, letting his eyes drift away from the slivers of tanned skin he could see and swallowed hard. "Don't worry about me. I'll be around when you come back, unless I get sent somewhere but I'll be back."

Jimin hummed and pressed a little closer to Yoongi's side. "I know. I've just felt so normal with you though. It's been a while since I could just meet up with a friend and do normal things. Not since I was like sixteen. Before I got scouted."

"I'll miss you too, Jimin." Yoongi admitted, because he was sure it was what the man needed to hear. Judging by how he dropped his hand on top of Yoongi's and squeeed his fingers, it definitely was. "But I'm not going any where unless you want me to."

"Nah." Jimin snorted, nuzzling Yoongi's shoulder again so he could feel tuffs of dyed brown hair against his cheek. "I think I'll keep you for a while."

Warmth bubbled up Yoongi's throat and he smiled, turning his head slightly to look at the other man. Jimin lifted his head, propping his chin on Yoongi's shoulder and smiled at him, bright and beautiful and oh so perfect that Yoongi's heart squeezed.

He didn't mean to close the distance between them, not really. It was an accident, because Yoongi certainly didn't give his mouth permission to kiss Jimin, but it did so anyway, pressing ever so softly against his plump lips. For a fraction of a second, Jimin didn't react, perhaps too frozen to do so and panic seeped up Yoongi's spine like a cold sweat on his nape. Just before he ripped himself away, those plump lips pouted out to return the kiss ever so softly. 

Yoongi pulled away then, blinking his eyes open because he didn't realize he had even closed them. Jimin's eyes were wide open, so wide it should have been funny but Yoongi felt like doing anything but laughing. A tenseness hung in the air around them and even though Jimin's rounded cheeks were flushed a pretty pink color, Yoongi couldn't read what he was thinking. It wasn't the smartest thing, going around kissing guys when he didn't even know if they were the smallest bit okay with it. Jimin knew about Taehyung's sexscapades so Yoongi knew Jimin didn't have a problem with homosexuality in any form but that didn't mean he was okay with a guy randomly kissing him. 

"Oh." Jimin mumbled, so softly, and blinked a few times before he seemed to snap back into reality. He licked at his lips, the flush on his cheeks deepening and he glanced at Yoongi's lips shyly. "I didn't know you..."

"I didn't plan on doing that." Yoongi's voice was slightly rough with emotion but Jimin didn't seem mad and that was a good sign. 

"But you wanted to?" Jimin questioned, tilting his back slightly to meet his eyes and the fact that Jimin was still curled against him had to be a good sign. 

Yoongi sighed softly and brought up his free hand to rub at his brow. "Yeah, I guess."

"You guess?"

"I don't know, Jimin. I sort of, against my will, started to.... like you." The words tumbled out of his mouth rather easily but he couldn't bring himself to look at Jimin's face. 

"Oh." Jimin sounded surprised. "You... I mean, are you...?"

"Gay." The word sounded a little harsh coming from Yoongi's mouth even though it was something about himself he accepted a long time again. "Yeah."

"Huh." Jimin gave his hand a soft squeeze and Yoongi's heart thuddered gently. "I didn't know. I mean, we never talked about it but like, I'm fine with that stuff. You know I'm fine with it right? Cause Taehyung... Yeah. I mean he's bi, but still. I'm not weird about stuff like that." His entire face was flushed but there was a seriouness in his expression that told he was speaking the truth. 

"Being fine with gay people is one thing. I kissed you." 

Jimin pursed his lips, his brow furrowing for a minute. "Yeah." He let out a soft laugh and put his chin back on Yoongi's shoulder, looking up at him with large brown eyes. "It was pretty sweet."

Yoongi blinked at him, his heart a swirling mess of emotion because Jimin didn't look angry. In fact, he looked rather relaxed and it was driving Yoongi insane. "This is the part where you tell me whether I should do it again or not."

"Oh, right." Jimin giggled sheepishly. "I'm actually really flattered right now? That you'd even want to kiss me so I wanted to bask in that glow first."

"You're gorgeous, it's a thing." When Jimin crinkled his nose, Yoongi continued. "And a good person."

"So are you." Jimin mumbled, letting his eyes slip closed and a sigh escaped his parted lips. "I could say I'm not opposed to you kissing me again, and it'd be the truth, but then I'd be leading you on and that's not fair. You're my friend. I care about you." He opened his eyes slowly and they held a world of emotion in them. He looked almost sad, regretful. "But I'm not... I mean I would if I could, really. You're such a great guy and I bet you'd be a great boyfriend." His lips twitched up into a soft smile and it eased the slight disappointment in Yoongi's chest. "I'm just not into guys. Like, at all."

"That's fine." Yoongi stated and it was. It was fine. It wasn't like he hadn't considered that outcome. He was just happy Jimin hadn't punched him or something. This wasn't the best outcome but it was a rather good one. "At least I know now. I tried."

Jimin hummed and nuzzled back into Yoongi's shoulder. "Is this okay though? I like cuddling with you. I don't want to make things difficult on you."

"This is fine. Really." He insisted when Jimin glanced unsurely at him. He smiled, a genuine smile and squeezed Jimin's hand. "Now that I tried, now that I know, moving on will be easy. Don't worry about it."

"You're a good guy, hyung." Jimin murmured, letting his eyes close again. "You'll find someone who makes you happy and I want to be there to see it."

Yoongi snorted, tilting his head to rest against Jimin's. There was a slight ache in his chest but it wasn't too bad. He could handle it. "Yeah, I'll keep you a while."

Jimin giggled into the fabric of his sweater and Yoongi smiled because he was okay. They were okay. His messy feelings didn't fuck everything up and they would be okay. He liked Jimin, but it was so much more than that. Romantic feelings aside, Jimin was a great person to have as friend and that was more important. His feelings were new, fresh and so it wouldn't be hard for him to move past them. As long as Jimin remained his friend, everything would be alright.  

It didn't take a long amount of time or any immense effort for Yoongi's feelings to fade away into something much more platonic. Jimin was an a easy person to like and Yoongi grew a fondness for him that equaled the way he felt for Taehyung. It was a good thing, he decided. Having Jimin as a best friend was the best outcome he could even dream of. The man was warm, kind and wonderful to him. He was thoughtful and cared deeply about their friendship. Yoongi was important to him and Yoongi couldn't imagine a life without Jimin in it. 

Sometimes, a great friendship was a hell of a lot better than nothing at all. 

Romance wasn't a thing Yoongi considered again for a long time after that.

Moving to New York was something Yoongi had planned on doing for a long time. There was no specific reason he finally decided to do it but it might of had a lot to do with the fact that Jimin moved there as well, breaking out into the American movie industry as a leading male in multiple romantic movies. Hollywood was pretty far from New York but at least it was the same country. Yoongi preferred New York over San Fransisco where Jimin moved but they saw each other often enough that it wasn't a problem. Taehyung remained in Seoul but he flew out to see them as often as his schedule allowed. 

New York wasn't much different from Seoul, really. Yoongi's English was decent enough for him to live in the city and he was enjoying the new chapter in his life. He was still a photographer, still worked with famous people but now he worked for American celebrities under a specific company with a 401k and a hefty paycheck. It was nice, he thought. He liked his life, enjoyed the things he managed to accomplish and all in all, there wasn't much about his life he could complain about. 

Yoongi was rushing out his favorite café, a small little shop on the corner from his apartment complex, because he was almost late for a meeting with a popular female singer and his coffee had taken longer than usual to prepare. He was too focused on his phone, texting the girl's manager to assure him he would be there in ten minutes and he didn't notice when the door to the café swung open just as he moved to push it. He stumbled forward, letting out a noise of surprise but someone caught him. Truthfully, they rammed into each other and Yoongi's coffee spilled all over the place but he was saved from crashing face first into the pavement so he considered that to be a success.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry." The voice was lightly accented and Yoongi was too busy trying to brush hot coffee off his coat to look up at the person. 

"My fault. Really." And it was, he hadn't been paying attention. He glanced up just as he realized they were blocking the door and he paused, taking in the man he bumped into. He was dressed casually, almost like a college student in a hoodie and jeans but there was coffee all down the front of his hoodie and Yoongi winced. "I'm so sorry."

He had a pretty face, Yoongi belatedly realized; with large brown eyes, a soft button lose, soft pink lips, lightly tanned skin and fluffy black hair. And when he smiled, he showed off his entire front row of teeth and Yoongi was slightly mesmerised by him until he realized he needed to hurry out of there. 

"I'm sorry, I'm in a rush." Yoongi said quickly, patting at the pockets of his coat to find something. "I know it's rude of me to just run off but-"

"It's fine." The guy assured him, smiling so his eyes crinkled and he waved his hands about. "Really."

"I'll make it up to you." Yoongi tugged one of his business cards from his pocket and shoved it into the man's hands. "Call me, I'll buy you coffee or something."

The high apples of the man's cheeks flushed a pretty pink color but he took the card with his long fingers. "It's just a hoodie..." There was an accent there in his English, something that made him think the man might be Korean too but Yoongi didn't have the time to think about it. 

"I insist. I'm sorry, again." He bowed his head out of habit and the man bowed in reply. "Have a good day." And then he was gone, forgetting about his coffee because he couldn't afford to be late. 

It was an instance that Yoongi forgot about until a week later. He was sitting alone in his apartment, laptop open and soft music playing as he went about editing some pictures he took at the park in his free time. He didn't get to edit his pictures much himself anymore but that was okay, as long as he got to take them. He was smiling fondly at a picture of an older Russian lady feeding some birds when his phone started blaring at him. He thought, maybe, it was Jimin or Taehyung, so he picked it up without a second thought. 

His name was Lu Han, Yoongi learned. He was Chinese, not Korean, though his Korean was actually pretty damn good. Almost better than his English in some ways and so they found themselves easily falling into Korean conversation as they sat at the same café they ran into each at the first time because Yoongi was a man of his word and he owed Luhan, 'Call me Luhan, everyone here does', a coffee for ruining his hoodie. 

Luhan was a bright man, with a whole lot to say and a lot of smiles to share. He was easily amused, dirfted off into his own head sometimes but always found his way right back to Yoongi. He was nice to talk to and when they parted that day, Yoongi told him to call anytime, if he wanted. 

Luhan called Yoongi a lot after that and they met up anytime Yoongi had the free time. But unlike how things played out with Jimin, Luhan had been very upfront and honest with what he wanted from Yoongi. He was brave enough to kiss him after their third meeting, dates Luhan called them, and Yoongi was too stunned by such a gorgeous creature that he could only smile and pull him back in for another kiss. 

Jimin came to visit four months after Yoongi met Luhan and he was more than excited to see his friend. It'd been a long time since Jimin plopped down on Yoongi's couch and it was the most natural thing in the world that it made him smile. 

"So what's this I hear from Taehyung about you seeing someone, hm?" Jimin wiggled his eyebrows at Yoongi suggestively as Yoongi settled down on the couch beside him.

"I told you I was dating." Yoongi pointed out, propping his feet up on the coffee table. 

Jimin rolled his eyes and made a face before he settled up into Yoongi's side, pulling the puppy face on him that he knew Yoongi was weak for. "Dating and seeing one single person is totally different. Why didn't you tell me?"

Yoongi sighed and shrugged one shoulder. "It didn't get serious until recently and since I knew you were coming, I figured I'd tell you then."

"Oh." Jimin popped his lips and then sat up again, his eyes sparkling and his lips pulling into a grin. "Okay, well I'm listening, Tell me!"

Yoongi chuckled at him. "Don't you want to settle in first or something. I was thinking about food."

Jimin perked at the sound of food. "Order food and we can talk while we wait."

They settled on chinese cause Yoongi was in a mood and Jimin had a love of noodles. Jimin didn't let him off the hook after he called in the order either, settling back against Yoongi's side and looking at him expectingly. Yoongi heaved a sigh, like it was a huge bother to do this even though it wasn't and his lips twitched with a smile. 

"What do you want to know?"

Jimin made a frustrated noise. "What's his name? Where'd you meet? What's he like? I need all the juciy details, hyung! It's not fair that Tae got them before me."

"Tae doesn't know that much." Yoongi pointed out. "Just that things got a little serious."

"How serious?"

"He's my boyfriend serious."

"Oh!" Jimin clapped his hands, looking thoroughly excited for Yoongi and it warmed his heart. "What's his name? Tell me all the things hyung!"

"Okay, okay." Yoongi laughed softly and decided to stop teasing Jimin. "His name's Lu Han, he's twenty-seven, born and raised in Beijing."

Jimin's brows shot up. "He's Chinese? And older than you?"

Yoongi nodded. "He moved to New York for school a few years ago. His Korean is actually pretty excellent. He was going to go to Korea to study but his parents insisted on America and since he's their only son, he did as they wanted."

"Oooh." Jimin shifted to fold his legs, tucking his feet beneath them as he leaned closer to Yoongi, seemingly very interested in what he had to say. "What's he like? How'd you meet?"

"He's..." Yoongi trailed off, raising his eyes to the ceiling in thought. "He's a dork." Jimin let out a puff of a giggle at that, making Yoongi smile. "He's sweet, really. He's not afraid to go after the things he wants and he's confident in the things he does do. He's very affectionate, very sweet. He's the kind of person you could tell your deepest secrets too and he'll listen, non-judgementally, and keep them to himself forever. He's bright and funny and sometimes he stares off into space and forgets himself but he always comes back with a smile. He loves european football and loves music even more. I play the piano for him a lot and he likes to sing to it. He also loves action movies and he's managed to convert me to his dark side. He's... an interesting guy, really. I like being with him. We met by chance. I smacked into him one day at this coffee shop down the road cause I was in a hurry and spilled coffee all over him." He laughed softly at the memory. "I gave him my number so I could make it up to him and he called me. We've been dating since."

"Wow." Jimin's voice held something in it that made Yoongi look at him. His eyes were wide, sparkling and his lips were split into a grin. Yoongi didn't even realize he was smiling, but he did that a lot when he thought of Luhan lately. "You really like him." It wasn't a question, just a statement but Yoongi had to agree. 

"A lot."

"Aw." Jimin purred and wrapped Yoongi up into a side hug, tucking their heads close together. "That's so great, hyung. You deserve to be happy."

Yoongi's cheeks flushed because he was happy and he snatched his phone up from the coffee table where he'd left it. "Want to see what he looks like?"

"Uh, yes, duh, of course!" Jimin wiggled beside him excitedly and tucked his chin on Yoongi's shoulder so he could peer down at his phone in his lap. "Aw, you have a picture of him as your background?"

Yoongi made a soft noise and unlocked his phone, switching to his pictures so he could show a recent selfie Luhan sent him. The guy went to the gym on a regular basis and he liked to make Yoongi suffer by sending him selfies afterwards. This particular one, he actually had a shirt on for once, but he was sweaty, his hair a damp mess in his face but he was girnning and the angle was so perfect, it made Yoongi's chest squeeze in fondness. 

"Holy shit." Jimin murmured, sounding shocked. 

"He didn't like it when I first called him pretty." Yoongi mumbled, swipping his phone across the screen to another selfie that was much much more soft. Luhan wasn't in school anymore but he still dressed like he was, buried in large hoodies and ripped jeans. It was a look Yoongi greatly enjoyed, because his boyfriend always looked so comfortable and cuddly. In this picture, Luhan was tucked away against one of the bookcases at the store he worked at and he was giving a peace sign to the camera, smiling softly so his eyes twinkled. He was stunning and sometimes, it still shocked Yoongi. "He had some masculinity issues we're starting to work on because he was teased most of his life for looking so feminine but he lets me call him pretty now."

"Pretty?" Jimin mumbled. "He's fucking gorgeous. Wow, Yoongi, I figured your boyfriend would be attractive considering your past taste in men but wow." He let out a bubble of giggles, his eyes wide and his smile bright. "When do I get to meet him?"

Yoongi hummed and thumbed to a new picture, one of the two of them. Luhan had taken the picture last week during their weekly movie date. The lighting had been perfect under a street light and he had tugged Yoongi under it to take a picture of them. Yoongi had been mid laugh, his lips spread up over his teeth, showing his gums and Luhan had been laughing too, their heads tucked together. It was a nice picture of the two of them, full of happiness and Yoongi planned to print it out and frame it at some point. "I was talking to him about it. If you want, we can have dinner with him tomorrow."

Jimin nodded and settled his chin back on Yoongi's shoulder. "You two are cute together. He's taller than you."

"Not by much." Yoongi mumbled, hovering his thump over the picture because he was a little caught up in it. He still wondered how he managed to get Luhan to like him but he was forever grateful for it. 

"You look happy." Jimin almost sounded relieved and when Yoongi glanced at him, he was smiling at the picture on the phone tenderly. "I worry about you, sometimes. I know you don't need someone to be happy but after..." His cheeks flushed and he rolled his eyes to ceiling. "I'm just so happy to see you happy."

"I've never been unhappy around you."

"I know." Jimin flashed him a smile, all bright teeth and eye crinkles. "It's just nice, you know?"

Yoongi hummed and let his phone screen go black, returning Jimin's smile. "Yeah, it is."

Jimin was there, three years later, when Yoongi married Luhan because it was legal in the states and Yoongi had spent the past two years working on getting his citizenship so he could keep Luhan with him. Taehyung was there too, with some pretty little thing he was declaring he would spend the rest of his life with and it was a happy occasion all around. Two years later, Yoongi stood at the alter beside Jimin and watched him marry a pretty girl he'd been head over heels for for the past three years. 

They were happy even if they weren't together and sometimes that was okay. Yoongi had Luhan, Jimin had Tiffany and they still had each other. It was as close to true happiness as they could get. 

Jimin was there when Luhan and Yoongi brought home their beautiful baby girl from China and both Yoongi and Luhan were at the hospital when Tiffany went into labor and gave birth to a pretty baby boy. 

Jimin and Yoongi remained by each others sides for a long time and there was nothing more either of them could ever ask for. 

Chapter Text

The virus first appeared on a bright Tuesday afternoon in the middle of May and by the following Monday, every major city was infected. The modern world crumbled, people fell and then they came back up. It was the stuff of fantasy, or horror movies and yet it quickly became their reality. 

Min Yoongi had been home at the time the chaos hit. He had no one he was close to, no one to worry about since he distanced himself from his family and at the time he didn't think to worry about them. Evacuation was what the government demanded but there was no where to go. No place safe. Yoongi thought perhaps the North was finally attacking but there was never a solid answer for what was happening until he had to face it all head on. 

Yoongi killed that day. And he would continue to do so for many years in order to survive. 

For seven years the world crumbled. Communication ceased, electricity was a thing of the past and scavenging was the only way to survive. Yoongi worked himself up from the bottom, starting all alone in a world out to eat him until he met people he could trust. People who decided to follow him to the ends of the universe because he was smart, quick as a whip, and got them all out of trouble on countless occasions. Yoongi was a born leader, someone to be trusted, someone to be feared. For a guy who built shelves for a living before the virus, Yoongi became a leader with his natural streets smarts and ability to read people better than they could understand themselves. 

The threat would always be the monsters lumbering about ready and willing to rip the flesh from their bones but as Yoongi learned over the years, humans could be even larger monsters. He became responsible for an entire town, a large group of people and he had to harden himself. People could not always be trusted. People could be worse than the monsters they were supposed to be united against. People were selfish, cunning and downright evil and Yoongi had to become one of them to protect the people he came to care for. 

In the town renamed Bangtan, Yoongi had families to protect. He was responsible for them and if that meant he had to be harsh to outside people, so be it. He only became what the world demanded of him but he never lost his humanity, contrary to popular belief. Those who where close to him knew him best. Knew that the cold kind persona outsiders saw was not the real Min Yoongi. All Yoongi cared about was being feared by those who dared to try and hurt his people and if that meant killing a few people then so be it. He did what he had to do. It was the world they now lived in. Most strangers wouldn't hesitate to kill him on sight either way. 

It was a normal day for Yoongi. He had a small breakfast of fresh fruit in his room, looking over a few maps before he set out to explore the grounds he called home. He liked to check in with the people, see how they were doing and if they needed anything in particular. The first few years after forming Bangtan had been rough but they had finally found a perfect flow. They had gardens and a constant water supply. They had groups of people to protect them, people to scavenge for them. They were a real town, about as civilized as they could be given the situation and Yoongi was proud of what he managed to create with a few close friends of his. 

Speaking of close friends, Yoo Kihyun was the closest of them all. The man was the first person Yoongi ran into all those years ago when no one knew what was going on and were struggling to survive. Kihyun had been cornered by a group of five or six undead in the small convenience store Yoongi had come to raid. The man was trapped in a back store room and there was no way he would get out on his own without being killed. Yoongi had made his own weapon that was, essentially, a cross between a cross bow and a nail gun. It was silent and deadly and nails were much more available than bullets or bolts. He never had to worry about collecting the nails afterwards and they always got the job done when he aimed at the head. Kihyun had been forever grateful and they'd been together ever since. 

Kihyun was Yoongi's right hand man, his most trusted and he managed to keep Yoongi in line as well. They always had one anothers back and there was no one else Yoongi trusted more. Said man was almost always by his side and they were both at the makeshift playground when one of their men ran up to them with news of a new capture. Yoongi had to put on his stone face and deal with whatever trouble had come to face them. 

Bangtan had once been nothing but a large field of empty warehouses but now, it was home to so many people. Yoongi collected skilled people like a child collected the best pokemon cards back in the day and because of that, they built almost from the ground up. They had structures and a fence to work with. The fence was the first thing converted, using a fuckton of concrete and steel bars, they had a solid protection against any of the undead that tried to break through and it was also a rather terrifying tower of concrete to anyone who tried to attack them. The warehouse had been converted into small apartment like rooms, for families and people to live in. It wasn't the best, it wasn't no where near the comfort they had once known, but it was warm when it needed to be and it was safe. That was all people cared about. The concrete pavement all about the place had been mostly digged up for the soil beneath. They managed to create a large garden, farm animals and give the children a sense of stability. They were self-sufficiant and Yoongi couldn't ask for more. 

But because of that, they were a target. People came to try and take what was theirs more and more often. 

At the main entrance of the town was a small building that had probably been an office at some point but Yoongi converted into a meeting place. It was far away from the rest of the buildings and blocked off by another wall built out of random pieces of other walls. It blocked anyone from seeing what was truly inside of the town and that was all that mattered. It was heavily guarded and no one passed through without Yoongi's permission. The office was where Yoongi decided the fate of people who dared to double cross them. 

Inside the small white building was only a small desk and an assortment of people Yoongi recognized as his recon group. The room was quiet when he entered and he bowed his head in greeting to the men who bowed in returned. Kihyun followed him to the desk, where Yoongi perched himself on the edge and awaited for whoever he needed to judge to be brought to him. Putting on a cold front was like slipping into an old pair of well loved jeans, so easy, so simple. He knew he looked rather terrifiying when he did so and he saw Kihyun's pretty face taking on the same facade. They had to be tough or they would be killed, it was obvious. 

After a moment of tense hesitation, one of the recon men left the room, slipping out one of the back doors and then there was the sound of shuffling, like a small fight and Yoongi imagined whoever they caught was fighting against being dragged inside. Sure enough, when the man returned, it was with another recon member and what appeared to be another man, though smaller and fighting against the hold both men had on either arm of his. His arms were tied together behind his back, there was a strip of black tape over his mouth but otherwise, he was unharmed which meant the man hadn't fought them too hard when they found him. 

"We caught him stealing from us." The recon member, Yifan, Yoongi was sure his name was, stated as both he and the other man dropped the wiggling man to the floor. He collasped on his knees and his chin nearly collided with the dirty concrete floor but he managed to turn his head in time so only his cheek scrapped the floor. Yoongi eyed the man cooly, taken in every part of him that he could. He was small, but there were coils of muscles under his over sized worn sweater that Yoongi could see through a few holes and the widened collar. When the man finally managed to sit back up on his knees, Yoongi finally had a good look at his face. 

Pretty, was his first thought. His rounded cheek was red from hitting the floor but his eyes were a swirling vortex of emotion. He was brave to look Yoongi right in the eyes. His skin had a light natural tan to it but he was still pale in comparison to most people in the room and his eyes were strange. They were a dark brown, but there was something off about them that Yoongi couldn't quite put his finger on. Like maybe, they didn't see the sun all that much. His flop of jet black hair made his skin seem even more pale and jugding by the dips in his collarbones, he was more than thin under that sweater. 

Whoever he was, he wasn't one of Yoongi's people. 

"Stealing where?" Kihyun's voice was soft, but held authority because he usually spoke for Yoongi in situations like this. The less Yoongi spoke, the better. He wasn't actually that great at the speaking thing. 

"From one of our dropoffs." Yifan explained, his face an expression of cold steel and he glanced down at the man with cold distain. "I thought it best to capture him and bring him back to you."

Yoongi nodded in understanding and watched as the man on the floor shuffled on his knees, his biceps straining like he was trying to pull free from the binds around his arms. Yoongi hummed and moved to his feet, approaching the man with his arms crossed over his chest. "Do you know where you are?"

The man shook his head frantically, his jaw straining like he wanted to talk but he was unable to do so. 

Yoongi only perked a brow at him. "We don't take kindly to people stealing from us." 

"I think the last man who did," Kihyun continued for him, stepping up to his side to stare down at the man on the floor, "became very acquainted with his own inner organs."

The man tensed then, his shoulders going stiff and his eyes going wide. And then, his eyes filled with tears and he quickly shook his head. He struggled on the floor, moving toward Yoongi only to be held back by Yifan's hands on his shoulders. He was making noise, something in his throat that couldn't come out and Yoongi watched him as he seemed to beg with his eyes. 

"What should we do with him, sir?" Yifan asked. 

There was something that stood out to Yoongi. Something important. He had dealt with more than enough people trying to do him and his people wrong. Sometimes they cried and begged for their lives, sometimes they didn't seem to care. But no matter what, Yoongi could always see the truth in their eyes. He could pick out the bad from the good and so he plopped down into a squat, startling both the man and Kihyun. 

There was a moment of tense silence in the room as Yoongi leaned forward and peered into the man's eyes. His lashes were wet with unshed tears but he met Yoongi's gaze head one, without fear. It was there, flickering in the back of his eyes but Yoongi couldn't find anything else. Nothing that told him this man was trying to cause trouble or had some type of vendetta against Yoongi or his men. 

"What do you have to say for yourself, hm?" When Yoongi reached forward, the man flinched out of his reach but otherwise didn't move. He let Yoongi cradle the side of his face with one hand and then pluck at the edge of the tape with his other. He was careful as he ripped the tape off the man's mouth and he half expected the man to scream at him but all he did once his plump pink mouth was free was take deep inhales of breath. 

"I didn't..." His voice cracked and so he swallowed hard, licking at his dry lips and looked up at Yoongi with sparkling, begging eyes. "I didn't know it belonged to anyone, I swear that! The boxes were in the middle of no where, on the side of the road. I've run into other abandoned military supply drops before, I didn't think they belonged to anyone, I promise! Please, I didn't mean to steal from anyone. If I had know it belonged to someone, I wouldn't have touched it!"

His voice was light, almost airy and just as pretty as his face. Yoongi didn't notice any ticks on his face that proved he was lying but Yoongi had dealt with good liars before. The thing was, almost no one could hide the emotions in their eyes completely and from what Yoongi could tell, the man wasn't lying to him. But Yoongi still had an example to set. Still settled in a squat, Yoongi rolled up the sleeve of his blue and white flannel and held out his forarm to the man, showing off the black bullet inked into his pale skin. "Did you see this on the boxes?"

Brown eyes dropped to the tattoo and widened slightly. "Y-Yes."

"That meant it belongs to us."

"How was I supposed to know that?!" The man snapped suddenly, almost like he was frustrated but Yoongi could see the flash of panic in his eyes. "I didn't even know this place existed! I'm sorry, I am! I didn't mean to steal from anyone but you surely can't blame me for scavenging something that I thought was free to take!"

The man had a point and the hardness in his eyes proved he'd been through as much hell as everyone else. Yoongi let out a soft sigh and stood up straight, running a hand through his hair. He gave the man one last look before turning his back to him and leaning over to Kihyun. "Make it quick."

"Of course, Yoongi."

"What?!" The man screeched and Yoongi had to try hard not to flinch at the pain in his voice. "No, No, you can't!" There was the sound of shuffling, like he was fighting against Yifan dragging him to his feet. "Please! You can't! I have- I have, they're depending on me!"

"What?" Yoongi whipped around so quickly, everyone in the room froze. "You're not alone?"

The tension in the room spiked because it was such an important thing that Yoongi had managed to overlook. If the man had a group of his own, that made the situation worse. 

"Please, they need me." He was crying now, fat tears rolling down his flushed cheeks and his throat was constricting with sobs. "Please, they're just children!"

Children. Yoongi nodded at Yifan so he released the sobbing man. He fell to his knees again, the impact rather jarring but he was crying too hard to even notice it. "What children?"

"I take care of t-them. They need me, please. I-I won't steal from you again. Please, let me go back to them. I-I've already been gone so long. They have to be so worried. Kookie must be so worried."

It could be a trick. It could be. But judging by the hard sobs rocking through the man's body, it was impossible to fake that kind of pain. 

"Sir?" One of the recon men, the one with Yifan, spoke up and continued after Yoongi nodded at him. "The supplies he took... some of them were baby formula and diapers."

Well, that was a rather important detail. 

Yoongi clicked his tongue and snapped open the folded knife hidden in his belt loop. He dropped to his knees beside the man who was crying to hard to even fight it when Yoongi grabbed his arms and cut the binds, freeing him. Kihyun called his name, questioningly and Yoongi got back to his feet, grabbing the man's biceps and dragging him with him. 

"How many do you have?" Yoongi questioned, backing out of the man's personal space so he could calm down. 

He took deep breaths to calm down, rubbing at his sore wrists before he was able to speak again. "F-Five, I have five of them."

"He could be lying." Kihyun pointed out. 

"He could be." Yoongi agreed.

"I'm not!" The man snapped back, that fire of anger back and flashing in his glistening eyes. "Please, You'll never see me again, just let me go back to them. They need me. They're too young to take care of themselves." He was pleading again.

Yoongi glanced at Kihyun, who nodded in understanding. "It's not that simple." Kihyun explained softly, his stone cold expression melting only slightly. "We have to protect our own, you understand? You could be telling the truth, or you could be lying to run off to your group and then we pay the price for letting you run free."

The man opened his mouth before snapping it shut and dropping his head. He understood. His entire body seemed to deflate and the fight melted out of him instantly. He had no way to prove he had the children and he knew it. But Yoongi, he had faith. He believed this man, maybe more than he should but he'd been lied to before and there wasn't hint of deception in the man that he could find. 

"What's your name?" Yoongi asked softly, making Kihyun stare at him incredulously. 

"What does it matter...?" He mumbled in response.

"Because you're going to take me to these children and prove your innocence."

Both Kihyun and the man snapped their heads at him in surprise. Kihyun, in confusion and the man in surprise that soon morphed into distrust. Those eyes narrowed and his lips curled up into a soft snarl. "Why would I do that? Why would I trust you?!"

"Fair point." Yoongi nodded in understanding before turning back to Yifan. "Thank you for bringing him in. You may return to your duties."

Yifan paused, glancing from the man to Yoongi before nodding. "Yes, sir." Then he and his men filed out of the room, leaving Yoongi and Kihyun alone with the new man. 

"Are you crazy? Actually, don't answer that." Kihyun sighed as soon as the door was shut and they were alone. "You're the most crazy bastard I know. What the hell makes you think I'll let you leave with some stranger?"

Yoongi waved a dismissive hand at him. "My name is Min Yoongi, this is Yoo Kihyun, we run this place."

The man glanced between them, distrust still in his expression but it was softening. "Park Jimin."

Great, his name was a start. "You have every right to distrust me, Jimin." Yoongi stated, his voice and expression softening. "But, there's something I want to show you that might change that. If you'd like. I can't let you leave alone, please understand. I have my own people I have to protect."

"I'm still confused why it has to be you who goes." Kihyun mumbled, agitated. 

"I don't really have a choice, do I?" Jimin mumbled, his lips pouting out slightly but his eyes jumped all over the place. He was a survivor and his gaze was sharp, adapt, taking in everything around him out of habit. He didn't have any weapons on him, because Yifan's men had probably removed them and he wasn't a threat as far as Yoongi was concerned. He wouldn't do anything stupid when he had children on the line. 

"Not really." Yoongi admited softly. 


And that was that. Kihyun didn't seem very trusting but he allowed Yoongi to lead Jimin out of the office and into the cool fall air. Jimin made sure to stick close to Yoongi's side, his shoulders ducked in close as he glanced about frantically. He was scared but he wasn't letting it get to him, which was good. Kihyun followed behind them, his eyes never leaving Jimin and Yoongi supposed that was probably a good thing. 

When they reached the inner wall gate, Yoongi waved up at the gate keeper and then they were let inside only a moment later. Jimin's steps were stiff but he followed along anyway. He flinched when the gate slammed shut behind them. The air was cool for an October afternoon but that didn't stop people from being out and about, taking care of their chores. Yoongi glanced at Jimin's face occasionally as they walked to see what he was thinking. They passed a group of people hanging up wet clothes to dry and Jimin watched them in confusion. They passed the sprawling gardens, where people were busy picking vegetables and preparing for the last harvest before winter and the tenseness in Jimin's limbs started to melt away. 

It was the playground, however, where the man suddenly stumbled to a halt. Yoongi let him be, pausing with him as they over looked the playground that had an assortment of children crawling and playing all over it. Yoongi looked on fondly, his lips twitching into a soft smile. 

"If what you say is true, then I'm inclined to help you." Yoongi stated softly. "We take care of our children. We keep them safe, make sure they grow up in a world that isn't as worse as it really is outside these walls. They're aware, they know how to fight, but they're only children and it is our duty to protect them." When he glanced at Jimin, the man had a fond look in his eyes. "Is it just you and your children?"

Jimin nodded slowly. "It's just the six of us. I promise."

"Here's my offer." Yoongi turned to face him and Jimin finally tore his eyes away from the playground to look at him. "I go back with you, wherever you are, with a few supplies we can spare for your children. Mainly so I know you weren't lying but also, because I need proof before I invite you to join us."

"Join you?" Jimin's lips popped in surprise and it was almost funny how wide his eyes went; cute even. 

"We have the space and the ability to take care of you and your children. I'm not asking for you to join for free. We could use more caretakers of the children. We currently have two and both of them are running a little ragged. As you can see, we have many children. It is your choice, I will not make you join us. I'm only coming with you for my own peace of mind."

Jimin's brow furrowed and he glanced back at the playground, watching as one of the caretakers, Hoseok, picked up a crying girl to comfort her after she fell from the swing set. Jimin's eyes softened at the moment and then he dropped his gaze to the ground. "I have to think about it. Joining you... I'll have to see how the kids feel."


"Hoseok, the man you see there," Kihyun cut in, stepping up to Jimin's other side, "He teaches the children as well. He and Yoona take very good care of them but we could always use someone else who is good with children. Yoongi is great with them but he's too busy, you see. And your children would be welcomed here."

There was a moment where Jimin watched the children in the playground and Yoongi wasn't sure what would happen next. His face was hard to read. There was a fondness in his eyes but also something unreadable. Finally, he tore his eyes away from the children and met Yoongi's gaze. 

"Can we leave soon then? They have to be so worried about me now."

It took a bit of time for Yoongi gather the things they needed for their trip. Jimin had absolutely no idea where they were so Yoongi would have to take him back to the supply drop where he was found so he could lead Yoongi back to where he was keeping the children. The supply drop was a good hour away and so Yoongi called for one of their vehicles to be brought out. They had a few, mainly for emergencies and Yoongi deemed this to be one. It was faster, and safter, than going by foot when it was just the two of them. Kihyun almost begged to go along but Yoongi convinced him someone needed to stay behind and take care of everything while he was gone. Begrudgingly, Kihyun had agreed. 

"Won't this attract attention?" Jimin asked, eyeing up the black SUV that was currently being loaded with a few supplies in the back. 

"She's not too loud and as long as we don't go too fast, it should be fine." Yoongi explained to him, checking under the hood to make sure everything was running properly. He didn't want to break down haflway out there and get attacked because of it. 

"If you say so." Jimin didn't seemed convinced but he didn't fight Yoongi on it. His weapons had been returned to him and he seemed more relaxed with the weight of the shotgun and machete on him. 

After everything had been double checked and Yoongi bid his goodbyes to Kihyun, he and Jimin climbed into the vehicle to leave. Yoongi agreed to drive because he knew how to get to the assigned supply drop without a map and they both strapped in out of habit. The gates opened easily for them and Yoongi didn't feel a bit strange about leaving Bangtan behind him. It was in safe hands, Kihyun's hands, and he planned on returning with or without Jimin. Even if this was a trap, like Kihyun feared, Yoongi was more than capable of taking care of himself. 

"Why don't you tell me about the kids?" Yoongi questioned once Bangtan had disappeared in his rear view mirror and the silence of the car got to him. He figured conversing with Jimin was a good idea. If they got to know each other, then maybe Jimin would let Yoongi help him. Maybe Jimin would join them. 

Jimin hummed softly, curled up against the passenger side as he watched the passing scenery. "All of them?"

"Sure. Tell me about them."

"Jungkook is the oldest." Jimin spoke softly. "He's eight. I found him first, about two years ago. I..." He paused, swallowing hard before he decided to continue. "I had just lost my little brother and I was all alone. I found Jungkook fending for himself at the age of six in a dumpster. He reminded me of my brother... even though Jihan was a teenager. He was scared and starving and... I couldn't just leave him there. We've been together ever since."

"What's he like?"

Jimin let out a soft hum. "He's tough. He doesn't talk much and I think that's because of the trauma. But he's fiercely loyal to me and the others. He protects them when I'm gone. He takes care of them and they all love him. He's important and I trust him to take care of them when I'm gone scavenging."

"He sounds like a great kid." Yoongi offered. 

"He is." Jimin smiled fondly and settled more comfortably in the seat. "Jenni is the next oldest. She's six and she's a tough little cookie. She doesn't take anyone's shit and has probably seen more death than I have. She has nightmares, a lot but she never lets them get to her. She and Lisa, my other girl, are super close. Lisa is four and depends on Jenni like a sister. They take care of one another. Lisa is bright and optimistic and has yet to really see the bad in the world. Both me and Jenni want to protect her from that."

Yoongi made a soft noise, letting Jimin know he was listening but he was too interested in what he had to say to comment. 

"Then we have Jihoon and Mingyu." Jimin shifted in his seat, folding his arms over his chest. "They're my youngest. I found Jihoon first, half a year ago. He's maybe.. two now? I'm not really sure. He doesn't talk though I'm not sure if that's a choice or because he's unable to do so. He can walk, however, and I'm still working on getting him potty trained. Like Jungkook, he's quiet. I've never heard him cry. I didn't... find him exactly." Jimin's voice dropped in volume and Yoongi glanced over to see his brow furrowed. "He found me. Well, his mother found me. I was in some town, searching for medicine because Lisa had a cold when this woman found me. She shoved Jihoon into my arms and just took off. It wasn't until later I realized she had been bitten, right on her arm." He shivered and hugged himself tighter. "Jihoon didn't even cry but she probably saved his life by doing that. She was young. Too young. Maybe seventeen?" He sighed softly. "Jungkook named him, because I didn't know his name. I worry about him more than the others honestly. He doesn't like to be touched by anyone, even me. He deals with it so I can feed him but beyond that, he prefers to be by himself."

"That.. doesn't sound good." Yoongi murmured, wondering what the little boy had managed to see. He might have even seen his mother being bitten and that was bound to scar him. 

"I was worried until I found Mingyu." Jimin's tone took on something a little lighter. "Now, I found him because of his screaming cries. He had attracted a few undead with his screams but he was locked up a  room with a metal door and they couldn't get to him. I'd just been passing by when I heard his cries. I was able to climb in through the second story window and save him. Jungkook named him as well. He's maybe only a year old and I found him a couple months ago. Jihoon changed when I brought home Mingyu. I don't know what happened, exactly. Maybe hearing Mingyu cry awoken something in him but now those two are inseparable. Jihoon lets Mingyu cling to him and cry on him and sleep on him. Mingyu is the only one Jihoon lets close but I consider that improvement. Maybe it's because they're close in age or something deeper only a child could understand but, I'm just happy Jihoon smiles now."

"Sounds like you have your hands full." Yoongi admitted, glancing at the man. The road was mostly clear but Yoongi didn't let his eyes stray from the road for long just in case. 

"I do. Jungkook is a big help with the girls and I wrangle Mingyu and Jihoon for the most part. Divide and conquer kind of thing." Jimin's lips twisted up into a fond smile and Yoongi had no doubts that the man was telling the truth. 

"We have a lot of families like yours in Bangtan." Yoongi said, adjusting his grip on the steering wheel. 

"How..." Jimin paused, chewing on his lips before he started again. "Admittedly, I'm in my own world but I'm surprised to see such a self-sufficant town like yours. How did that happen?"

"Kihyun and I." Yoongi shrugged one shoulder when Jimin flashed him a confused look. "We met years ago. Maybe a year or so after everything went to hell. We've been together a long time. We collected a selective group of people and when he found the group of old warehouses, we decided to make home. It was a group effort, really. It wasn't easy, either. We've gone through hell to build and keep what we have. There's a lot of groups out there who want to take what we have, which is why I was so... when we met. I have to be like that. I have to protect my people."

"I'm beginning to understand that." Jimin's voice was so soft, so understanding and Yoongi's chest squeezed in relief. He wasn't a bad person, not really. He did bad things because he had no choice but deep down, he liked to think he was a good person. "What... What you're offering me, Yoongi, it's pretty big." He fumbled his his hands in his lap, glancing out the window. "Why? Why are you offering this?"

"Because they're just children and we have to take care of them. You're thin." Yoongi pointed out, glancing over Jimin's body. "You're sacrificing your well being for them and though I commend you for that, you'll die doing it and then they'll have no one. If you join us, you and your children will be taken care of. You offer your caregiving services to the other children in return and everything is fine. Jungkook is old enough to help in the gardens if he wants to, maybe even Jenni but I won't make them work. Not until they're older, to earn their keep."

"This is such a kind thing you're offering." Jimin still sounded unsure, like maybe he felt Yoongi was tricking him. "You must understand why I have reservations."

"I do. We weren't very kind to you in the beginning. Even if there was a purpose in that, you still have a right to dislike and distrust me. I won't force you to come back with me, Jimin. And if you don't come back with me, you'll never see or hear from me or my men again but our gates will always been open to you. You have my word about that."

"I... Thank you." Jimin ducked his head and Yoongi didn't respond because he wasn't sure how to do so. 

Silence fell between them then but it wasn't uncomfortable. Jimin seemed content to stare out the window and Yoongi needed to focus on driving anyway. They remained in silence until they reached the supply drop. Said drop was already gone, seeing as Yifan's men collected it but Yoongi knew the coordinates. Jimin perked up when the SUV rolled to a stop and he looked around the road and the forest, narrowing his eyes like he was trying to remember. 

"I came from that way." He pointed in front of them. "I follow the roads so I don't get lost and the forests are usually filled with undead. It's not safe."

Yoongi agreed and let off the break, rolling down the road at a slow speed so Jimin could tell him where to go. The man sat on the edge of his seat, rattling off which turn to take. He was rapt with attention, his eyes scanning every possible movement on the side of the road and they even passed a few stranglers who barely paid them any attention. It wasn't until they were rolling down a bare dirt road that Jimin ordered him to a stop.

"Here?" Yoongi questioned in surprise. They were in the middle of rolling fields and Yoongi couldn't spot a building for miles. Jimin only nodded at him and undid his seatbelt before reaching for the door. Yoongi grabbed his hand quickly, stopping him and Jimin glanced at him in surprise. "There's nothing out there."

Jimin pursed his lips before sighing. "It's in the field."

"Which way? That way?" Yoongi pointed out the window, in the direction beside Jimin and the man nodded. "Okay, fine. But we're not getting out." He settled back in his own seat and shifted gears on the SUV. "This thing has four wheel drive for a reason."

Jimin didn't argue with him when he twisted the steering wheel and pulled the car into the dirt. The field as rather bumpy but the four wheel drive made it easy to drive across. Jimin stayed on the edge of his seat, peering out through the windshield with his eyes narrow, like he was looking for something. After a good five minutes of bumpy driving, Jimin demanded Yoongi to stop again and this time, he was out of the car before Yoongi could stop him. 

Cursing to himself, Yoongi cut the engine and jumped out, stuffing the keys in his pockets. Jimin was busy popping open the trunk to grab the supplies while Yoongi looked around them. They were out in the open, it wasn't safe. He couldn't see any immediate danger but he also couldn't possibly see where Jimin was taking him. They were literally in the middle of an empty field. The trunk slammed shut and then Jimin joined Yoongi, offering him one of the bags to hold. 

"Jimin, there's nothing here."

Jimin blinked at him for a moment before a sly smile curled up over his lips. Yoongi's heart thumped at the smile. "That's what you're supposed to think."

Then, Yoongi watched in intrigue and surprise as Jimin walked a few feet in front of the SUV. He seemed to know exactly where he was going but then he came to an abrupt stop and bent down. He brushed away strands of dead grass, which covered the entire field and then opened a latch that Yoongi had not even seen. He hurried over to Jimin's side and sure enough, there was an opening in the ground. The latch was metal but the outside matched the dirt all around them. It was consealed so easily. 

"What is this?" Yoongi questioned, peering down into the laddered shaft over Jimin's shoulder. It was lit up at the bottom, helped by the bright sun in the sky but all Yoongi could see was metal and dirt.

"An underground shelter." Jimin explained, shifting to toss the bag over his shoulder. 

"How did you find this place?"

Jimin shifted to sit on the edge of the open latch and rested one foot on a ladder bar before he glanced up at Yoongi, squinting in the sun. "My appa worked for this company. They built all these nuclear shelters all over the place. He was convinced one day the north was going to finally attack with their nukes and he wanted a safe place for his family. When Busan was hit, he gave me the coordinates to this place and told me to take my brother. Jihan never made it, but I did. Do you want to go first?"

"No, you go." Yoongi was in awe but he still had to be smart about this. It could be dangerous for him to go in first so he let Jimin take the plunge. Jimin didn't seem to mind. He twisted around and then started to descend the ladder. Yoongi watched him, realizing it was deeper than it first seemed. It had to be at least twelve feet, maybe more. Jimin reached the bottom in no time and then turned back to look up at Yoongi.

"See, it's fine. Come on." He was getting impatient, Yoongi could tell, so he shouldered the small black bag like Jimin had done and he began his own descent. "Wait! Make sure to close the hatch." Jimin called to him. Yoongi had to climb back up a few steps to do so and it made a loud bam when it slammed shut. "Do you see the little button by the handle? Press it. That'll lock it up so no one can get in."

The button was hard to see in the dark but Yoongi managed to find it. The shaft was lit by small lights at the button and he wondered how the hell Jimin had electricity. There was a loud click sound, signaling the latch was locked and Yoongi realized there was no turning back now. When he reached the bottom, he shivered at how cold it was. But it was safe, from what he could tell. There was a small room with the metal ladder and then there was another door, large and metal as well. Jimin approached it and tugged off a panel, which revealed a numbered key pad. 

"You said your father built this?" Yoongi questioned, coming up to stand beside him. 

"His company did. I don't know how many vaults there are but this one was specifically for my family. Only I know the code." He glanced at Yoongi, his fingers hovering over the key pad and Yoongi looked away respectfully. 

"How do you have electricity?"

"There's a solar farm not too far away. I check on it occasionally but it's not been messed with. It all works fine right now."

What a set up he had. Yoongi was impressed. Maybe Jimin didn't need to leave all this behind to come stay with his people. He wouldn't blame the man if he didn't.

Yoongi twisted his head back around when the door made a whooshing sound and slid open. He didn't even have time to react before Jimin suddenly had a young boy attached to his waist. Yoongi saw a head of fluffy black hair and thin arms but that was about it. Judging by his size, Yoongi had to guess the boy was Jungkook and he was hugging Jimin so tightly around his waist he might snap the man in two. 

"Kookie." Jimin spoke softly, tenderly and tugged free from Jungkook's hold long enough to drop to his knees and pull the boy into a proper hug. "It's good to see you."

"You're late." His voice was soft, almost a whine to it and he had a slight lisp.

"Sorry Kookie, I'm okay though. I'm safe." Jimin pulled back to cup the boy's face and Yoongi could finally get a good look at him. He was cute, with a slightly large nose and large wide dark eyes. He was as pale as Jimin and considering they lived underground, it made sense. "How are things here? I know you took care of them."

Jungkook nodded, leaning into Jimin's touch like it was everything to him. "Lisa and Jenni are napping. But Mingyu was crying a lot. He's hungry and I don't have anything for him but Jihoon managed to calm him down and now they're sleeping. I don't know how long that will last."

"Thank you, Kookie." Jimin placed a soft kiss to Jungkook's forehead before he stood up again. "I'm proud of you. I brought food back so I'll feed Mingyu now." He slipped the bag free from his shoulder and unzipped it, digging through it until he found the sealed tub of baby formula. "He must be so starving." Jimin twisted around to look at Yoongi, offering him a soft smile. "I'm trying to get Mingyu on solid food but he's still partial to a bottle. Thanks so much for this." He motioned to the tub and then he slipped past Jungkook into the bunker, disappearing down a hallway. 

Jungkook's eyes snapped to Yoongi and then he realized he was left alone with the kid. Before he could speak, Jimin returned, popping his head around the corner. "Jungkook, that's Yoongi. He's a friend. Be nice to him. Yoongi, come on in." He flashed them both a smile and then he was gone.

Jungkook glared up at Yoongi with all the force an eight year old boy could have so Yoongi decided to be respectful. He bowed his head in greeting, the proper way. "Hello, I'm Min Yoongi, nice to meet you."

Jungkook seemed stunned by this for a moment before he scrambled to bow his head too. "Hello, I'm Jeon Jungkook, please take care of me." Seemed that Jimin taught him proper manners at least. 

"Jimin told me a lot about you." Yoongi offered. "Do you mind if I come in?"

Jungkook shuffled out of the door way so Yoongi could enter and then he pressed a button so the door slid shut behind them. Jungkook started walking down the hallway and so Yoongi followed. Now that he was inside, Yoongi noticed it wasn't as cold. In fact, the place looked more like an actual home than a bunker, he realized when they tured the corner of the hallway. The metals walls opened up into a large living area where he could see Jimin trying to rouse a young baby from sleep on the couch. Beside the living room was a kitchen and then another hallway behind the living room that probably lead to the bedrooms. It was so homey and it was obvious Jimin had worked hard to make the place as normal as possible for the children. 

"I know baby, I know." Jimin cooed softly, picking up the wiggling baby with jet black hair. He was starting to fuss as Jimin cradled him in one arm and shook a filled baby bottle with the other. 

Jungkook left Yoongi by the hallway and shuffled over to one of the two lounge chairs. He crawled up into it and plucked up the book left on the arm. He settled down comfortably and then he started to read. It was such a normal thing to do that it made Yoongi stare in surprise. He was shaken out of his daze when Mingyu started to screech but Jimin shut him up quickly with a bottle in his mouth. Jimin settled down in the rocking chair in the corner of the room and spoke to Mingyu softly as he fed him, nuzzling into his hair and giving him soft kisses. It was such a lovely thing to see. Jimin obviously cared deeply about the children in his care and Yoongi's heart squeezed at the sight. He almost had that man killed. He couldn't imagine the guilt if he had done so and Jimin left these poor children alone. 

Quietly, Yoongi shuffled into the side kitchen where he dropped off the other black bag. There was a small assortment of canned food in it and he didn't feel like lugging it around the whole time. After that, he wasn't sure what to do, so he wandered around the living room for a moment before deciding to just stand out of the way. Jimin was busy with Mingyu and Jungkook was reading, even though he kept eyeing him up like he was trying to figure him out and Yoongi felt awkward. He was pleased to see Jimin had been telling the truth but now he wasn't sure what to do. Leaving didn't seem like a good option seeing as Jimin had yet to give his answer. 

Then, there was a small tug on his jeans and Yoongi glanced down in alarm at the small little girl with her small little hand gripping the fabric of his jeans. She tugged once more, too busy rubbing a fist against her eyes to look at him. She had a head full of light brown hair and her face was puffy and red from sleep. After a moment, she finally opened her eyes fully and glanced up at Yoongi. She must have thought he was Jimin because her eyes widened in surprise when she saw him but her hand didn't leave his jeans. 

"Who are you?"

"He's Yoongi." Jimin answered from across the room, gaining her attention. "He's a friend."

"Appa!" The girl squeaked in happiness only to be shushed by Jungkook who motioned to the still sleeping child on the couch. Jihoon, Yoongi assumed. She covered her mouth quickly, flushing before hurrying over to Jimin. He couldn't hug her with his arms full but he did bend down to kiss her cheek as she hugged him around the neck. 

"This is Lisa." Jimin told Yoongi once the girl pulled away and made her way back over to him. 

The girl was a cute little thing, with large open eyes and a pouty mouth. She stared up at Yoongi like he was something shiny and new. "Do you know how to braid?" Yoongi blinked at her. "Jenni was supposed to braid my hair but she fell asleep and appa's busy. Also appa isn't that good at it."

"Hey." Jimin laughed softly, a pretty little sound. He didn't even look offended. 

"So can you do it?" Lisa hopped on her little bare feet. "Kookie's not good at it either."

"Yeah." Yoongi cleared his throat. "I could-"

"Yay!" She tossed her hands in the air and then her little feet took off running down the hallway. Yoongi was unsure if he should follow her or not but before he could decide what to do, she came running back with a brush in one hand and hair ties in the other. "I want pig tails! With braids." She shoved everything in one hand and then grabbed Yoongi's hand with the other, tugging him toward the small love seat beside the chair Jungkook was sat in. She dropped the brush and hair ties in Yoongi's lap and then crawled up into the cushions to sit down beside him, turning her back to him. 

"Um, yeah, okay." Yoongi was used to little girls ordering him around so he didn't think much of it. When he glanced at Jimin, the man was smiling fondly at him and nodded in approval. Yoongi returned the nod, took the brush in one hand and began parting her hair. Lisa was a good little girl. She sat still the entire time and let Yoongi work without complaint. She liked to talk, he realized. She told him all about her favorite plushed toys and what their names where and who got along with who and which ones didn't like each other. She talked to him like they were already best friends and it warmed Yoongi's heart.  

By the time Yoongi was done with her hair, Jimin was done feeding Mingyu and had him over his shoulder, trying to burp him. 

"All done." Yoongi stated. 

"Oh!" Lisa hopped off the couch and twirled around, reaching up to touch her tight braids and she bursted into giggles, waking up the sleeping baby on the couch. "It's perfect! It's almost as good as Jenni's! I'm gonna go show her!" And then she was off again, hurrying down the hallway.

"You're good at that." Jimin complimented, his eyes crinkling with his soft smile. "That was a heck of a lot better than I could do."

"The girls back home make me do their hair too. Say I'm the best because I'm gentle about it."

Jimin bit his lip with his grin. "Well, I think she loves you already."

Yoongi smiled softly but he was unsure how to feel about that. Of course he wanted these children to like him but what would it matter if Jimin didn't come back with him. 

There was a soft noise and then Jihoon was sitting up on the couch, rubbing at his face with his hands. He had a mop of black hair on his head, sticking in all directions and there was a little dinosaur on his t-shirt. He had nothing else on but a diaper and the room was warm enough to keep him comfortable. As he woke up, he noticed Mingyu as gone from his side and snapped his head up, glancing at the rocking chair immediately where he saw Jimin. His little black eyes seemed to take everytihng in all at once and then he was slipping off the couch to get to his feet. He did stumble once and plopped down onto his butt but the diaper cushioned his fall and then he was on his feet again. His steps were a little wobbly but he took his time and he was careful as he approahced Jimin. 

"Hi Jihoon, did you sleep well?" Jimin greeted softly, shifting Mingyu around to rest in his arms again. The baby was now fast asleep with a full belly. Jihoon didn't bother him when he came to a stop against Jimin's knees. He only reached up to pat Mingyu's hair softly, like he was making sure his friend was okay and then he was reaching up to Jimin. Jimin's arms were full with Mingyu but he leaned down like he did with Lisa and let Jihoon nuzzle their faces together. It was a rather cute moment. 

Seemingly satisfied with greeting Jimin, Jihoon toddled away from him. Before he could do whatever it as he was going to do, he noticed Yoongi. Those small black eyes immediately locked on him and Yoongi's spine went straight. He witnessed something rather strange occur then. Jihoon's small, round, pale face, completely crumbled. He bursted into tears, sobs wrecking through his body and for a split second, Yoongi thought he fucked up and Jimin looked just as alarmed as he felt. 

"A-Appa!" Jihoon's voice cracked and then suddenly he was toddling forward. He tripped over his own feet and Yoongi lurched forward, watching in slight horror as the boy stumbled forward and collided with the floor. He cried even more now, big loud sobs that woke Mingyu and startled Jungkook. Yoongi was on his feet instantly, hurrying to the boy's side and picking him up from the floor. 

"Shh, Shh, it's okay." Yoongi shushed him, holding the boy tightly in his arms. Jihoon fisted his shirt tightly and buried his head into his neck, wetting him with tears and hard sobs. "You're okay." 

"He called you 'appa'." Jimin mumbled, staring up at Yoongi like he was as confused and alarmed as Yoongi. "He's... He never cries." Mingyu suddenly bursted into tears as well at the sound of Jihoon's crying and it took a few minutes before either of them managed to calm down. 

Yoongi paced around the room, bouncing Jihoon gently and murmuring softly to him. Jungkook watched on with wide, confused eyes but after a while, Jihoon finally managed to calm down. He took large deep breaths to ease out his sobs and his poor little body was exhausted with them. 

"Shh, Mingyu, It's okay. Jihoon's okay." Jimin tried to get Mingyu to settle down but he was whining softly and wiggling in his arms. 

"You're okay." Yoongi said again, holding Jihoon a little tighter against his chest. 

"A-Appa, appa." Jihoon whined into his neck before finally pulling back. His face was a mess of tears and snot but he clung to Yoongi like he never wanted to let go. 

"It's okay, Jihoon, you're okay." Yoongi's throat was tight with emotion and he wasn't sure what to do.

"See?" Jimin was close now, on his feet beside Yoongi with Mingyu in his arms. He was holding Mingyu the same way Yoongi was holding Jihoon. "Look Mingyu, he's okay."

Jihoon seemed to realize what was going on because he twisted around to see Mingyu. The baby was watching him with wide tearfilled eyes so Jihoon leaned over in Yoongi's arms and planted a big wet kiss on Mingyu's cheek. That made the baby start giggling and both Jimin and Yoongi sighed in relief.

"Wow." Jimin laughed softly. "I guess he likes you."

"I think he's calling me 'appa'." Yoongi stated, still in shock. 

"Hmmm." Jimin leaned in closer, giving Yoongi's face a good look before looking at Jihoon. "Maybe you look like his appa. You two do look rather similar. To a little baby, that's all that matters."

Yoongi wasn't even sure how he felt about that but looking down at Jihoon, who turned those small dark eyes on him made Yoongi's heart thump and maybe it wasn't all that bad. Jimin was beaming at him, a beautiful kind of smile that made Yoongi's throat dry and Jungkook was watching them like he wasn't sure how to feel about what was going on but he didn't look upset. 

"What's going on?"

The soft feminine voice made them all turn and Yoongi noticed a new little girl standing at the end of the hallway with a bouncing Lisa at her side. She was a little taller than Lisa, with a pretty round face, sharp eyes and waves of black hair falling around her. One of her hands was clutched tightly between Lisa's and her eyes were stuck on Yoongi, almost glaring at him because she didn't know who he was. 

"Jenni, this is Yoongi." Jimin introduced, slipping away from Yoongi's side to greet the girl. Mingyu seemed upset at being taken away from Jihoon but it didn't stop Jimin from dipping down to plant a kiss on Jenni's head. The little girl leaned up on her toes to kiss his chubby cheek and then her eyes were on Yoongi again, the venom in them lessoning just a bit. "He's a friend."

Jenni hummed softly, ducking her head shyly in greeting. "Hello."

"Hello." Yoongi ducked his head as well and Jimin sure taught them all proper manners. He was pleased by this for some reason because even if the world was going to hell, these children would still be somewhat polite. It wasn't the most useful thing but it might save their life one day. 

"He did my hair!" Lisa pointed out, tugging on Jenni's hand to get her attention and motioning to her head. "Isn't it great?" Jenni nodded in return but otherwise didn't speak. 

"Well, now that you've all met," Jimin stated, gaining all of the children's attention, "Jungkook, I want you to take Jenni and Lisa into your room and pack all your things." Lisa went quiet, Jenni snapped her head up at Jimin and Jungkook jumped out of his chair, a questioning expression on his face. Jimin offered them all a warm, tender smile. "We're leaving, for good. We're going with Yoongi. He has a nice safe place to go."

"But it's safe here." Jenni argued gently, glancing between Yoongi and Jimin like she couldn't understand what was going on. 

"We can't stay here forever." Jimin eased, squatting down beside her and though his expression was soft, his eyes proved he wouldn't be moved on this issue. "I've told you that before. Yoongi has a nice place, with other children you can play with. We'll be safe there."

"Other children?" Lisa perked up, her large eyes going wide and fluttering. She looked excited at the prospect. "Children like me?"

"Children of all ages." Yoongi answered, offering her a soft smile when she beamed at him hopefully. "They're all very nice. I think they'll like you."

"I know you don't have much but pack what you have in those emergency bags under your bed, okay?" Jimin pat Jenni's head gently and the girl nodded solemnly. She didn't want to leave, that was obvious, but she would follow Jimin no matter what. Pleased, Jimin stood up straight again and turned to Jungkook who was glaring slightly at the floor. Jimin crinked his nose at the boy and moved to Yoongi, offering him Mingyu and though it was hard to hold two babies, somehow, Yoongi managed it. 

"Come on, Jungkook." Jimin held his hand out to Jungkook and it took a moment but the boy finally took it. He glanced at Yoongi, his expression unreadable and then he allowed Jimin to led him and the girls down the hallway, where Yoongi assumed the bedrooms were. 

Yoongi let out a soft sigh and settled down in the rocking chair because holding two babies was a bit much for him. Jihoon was good, settling easily against his hip but Mingyu was a wiggler and gurgled up a storm like he was talking to Jihoon. Jihoon watched him like he understood what Mingyu was saying and maybe he could. Now that he was alone, Yoongi could take in all that just occured to him. 

Jimin had told the truth about having children, which was a relief. Those children were nice, well behaved and a little mistrusting of him, which was a good thing. At least Jungkook and Jenni were distrusting and he didn't blame them. Jihoon called him 'appa' for some reason and Jimin trusted him enough to leave the two babies with him. Yoongi's heart skipped a beat in his chest and he glanced down at Jihoon.

Jimin told them to pack. Jimin and his children were coming back to Bangtan with him. Yoongi was both relieved and excited. He had been willing to leave them behind if that was what Jimin wanted but he was more happy to have them come back with him. They'd be safer, both he and Jimin knew that. 

Yoongi was grinning softly to himself, bouncing both Mingyu and Jihoon on each knee, when Jimin returned alone. The man paused at the end of the hallway, looking Yoongi over like he was trying to figure something out but the expression was gone with Yoongi met his gaze. Jimin flashed him a pretty smile and motioned for him to follow him. Yoongi got to his feet, settled with both babies in his arms and followed Jimin down the hallway. It was a small hallway with a door at the end and two doors on either side. Jimin disappeared into the room on the left but Yoongi could see Jungkook, Jenni and Lisa in the room to the right. It was a small room, with a set of bunkbeds and the three children were busy packing their bags like Jimin had asked. 

The left bedroom was obviously Jimin's, having only a queen sized bed, a small dresser and a few carboard boxes of things scattered about. It wasn't much but it was better than what most things had to offer these days. 

"Just sit them down on the bed." Jimin motioned to it as he dropped to his knees and reached under it. "They sleep in here with me because I have no where else to put them." Yoongi noticed the boxes around the room had some diapers and other baby suppiles in them. "Jungkook and the girls share the other room. Jenni and Lisa sleep on the bottom and Jungkook takes the top. It's not much but it's a warm safe place to sleep."

Yoongi agreed, made a noise in his throat to show so and then carefully placed Mingyu down on the soft mattress. He fell over immediately and Yoongi panicked slightly, reaching out to set him back on his bottom and then he giggled, reaching for Jihoon who continued to cling to Yoongi. He murmured that it was okay to the child and tried to pry his little fists free from his jacket but the kid was having none of it. His face crunched up like he was going to cry and Mingyu's copied him and what a mess it would be if they both started crying again. 

"I, uh, don't think he wants to let me go." Yoongi stopped trying to pry Jihoon's hands free of his jacket and stood up straighter just as Jimin's head popped up from the other side of the bed. He looked surprised, his pretty eyes wide but there was a smile of amusment on his lips. 

"He really likes you." Jimin mused, biting his lower lip to hide his smile as he moved to his feet, revealing two duffle bags he pulled free from under the bed. "It's okay, just sit with them. I'll pack everything."

"I should help."

"You are helping by keeping them calm." Jimin pointed out, flashing him another smile before he dropped the bags on the edge of the bed and started tugging open drawers to packs some clothes away. "Should I bring everything we have? Even if it's not useful to us, it could be to your people."

"Sure. We can fit a lot in the back of the SUV." It took a moment to settle on the bed with Jihoon and Mingyu but by the time he did, he had a lap full of babies and Mingyu really seemed to love Jihoon judging by the way he curled up to his friend. Jihoon didn't mind, letting Mingyu collapse against his side as if it happened all the time. Jihoon finally released the tight hold he had on Yoongi's jacket but he didn't move out of his lap and he wondered why the baby was suddenly so attached to him. Did he really look like his father? They did have small eyes and the same facial shape, maybe, a rounded face with a small button nose. Yoongi definatly wasn't this child's father but he had to admit they did look a little alike and maybe that was all Jihoon needed. He wondered about the boy's actual father. He must have been around if Jihoon remembered what he looked like but Jimin said he only saw the boy's mother. He didn't want to think about what could have happened to Jihoon's parents. Or any of the children's parents. 

"I have a lot of empty duffle bags." Jimin mumbled to himself, carefully folding up clothes to stuff into one of the bags. Some were adult clothes but most were children's by the look of it. "Like I said, this place was supposed to be for my family. There's clothes here for my parents and my younger brother that I don't need. Jungkook could fit into some of my brother's but a lot of it goes to waste. Since you're being so nice by taking us in, I feel donating all this to the town is the least I could do."

"That's thoughtful." And it was. 

"We have extra blankets and pillows. I don't know if we'll be able to carry all this stuff."

"I can send the recon team to clear this place out." Yoongi pointed out and he noticed the way Jimin's shoulders went stiff. "It's kind of their job. Just pack what you need and what belongs to you and the kids. The rest will go to the town."

Jimin pursed his lips but nodded, turning away from Yoongi so he could continue to empty out the small dresser. His movements were a little stiff now and Yoongi wondered what he could have said wrong. And then it dawned on him. 

"Recon wasn't very nice to you, were they?"

Jimin made a soft sound, like a scoff. "They thought I was stealing but they wouldn't even give me the chance to explain."

"They're trained to be like that." Yoongi sighed softly, glancing down to the precious babies in his lap. "We have to be careful. What we have, what Bangtan is, people want it. People will take it, ruin it, kill for it." Yoongi's voice curled into something deeper, a little darker. "We've been taken advantage of before by being too kind. I learned our lesson. We can't trust outsiders, no matter what their intentions may be. It's the way the world is now. I'm not risking the welfare of my people again. But, I am sorry they weren't good to you."

"I get it, Yoongi." Jimin murmured, pausing on the edge of the bed with a baby onesee in his hands. He was staring down at it, rubbing the soft fabric between his fingers. "I'd do anything to protect these kids, so I get it. I'm sure those recon guys are actually nice people but I'm still a little pissed about the whole thing."

"I don't blame you." Yoongi offered him smile and Jimin's lips twitched up in the corners. "Yifan is actually a nice guy. I trust him to do his job well without having to worry. He hand picked his men so I don't know them personally but we haven't had any problems for a while. I'm just glad they brought you to me instead of handling the situation then and there."

Jimin grimanced at the thought. "Yeah, me too."

They fell into a soft silence then, Jimin busy packing and Yoongi looking after the babies. It took almost on an hour for Jimin to pack everything away and by then, Jungkook, Jenni and Lisa were all ready to go, joining Yoongi on the bed to wait. Yoongi offered to take everything to the car first but Jihoon still wouldn't let him go so Jimin opted to do it instead. It took him three trips to pack the six bags away into the back of the SUV and he even had a one more bag full of all the food they had left that he stuffed into the trunk as well. 

Yoongi left Jimin and the children to say goodbye to the home and waited by the ladder. Jihoon still wouldn't let him go so he had no choice but to hold the boy while he waited. He didn't seem all that interested in saying goodbye anyway so they waited patiently until the others finally arrived. Jimin locked the place up with his keycode which he promised to tell Yoongi later so he could pass it onto his recon group and then came the fun adventure of getting the kids up the ladder. 

Jimin went first with Mingyu, holding the baby to his chest with a makeshift sling made from a blanket. It managed to work and then he waited at the top for the others, keeping an eye out around him just in case. Jenni climbed up first and then Lisa followed with Jungkook at the bottom, ready to catch her in case she fell. But she was careful and took her time so she made it to the top without a problem. Jungkook had no issues climbing the ladder and then it was Yoongi's turn. He made Jihoon wrap his arms around his neck and told him to hold on tightly. The boy's grip was firm and tight and though it was a little cumbersome to climb the ladder with a baby, Yoongi eventually made it to the top. 

They were still in the clear at the surface and considering it was a large open field, they could easily see if anything was coming. But they didn't waste their time in piling into the SUV. Jimin strapped Jungkook, Jenni and Lisa into the back bench seat and considering they had no seats for Mingyu and Jihoon, they had no choice but to carry them. Jimin strapped Mingyu into his seatbelt with him and Yoongi did the same in the driver's seat with Jihoon. Again, it was cumbersome to drive with a baby in his lap but Jihoon was quiet and didn't wiggle much so it wasn't so bad. Jimin had offered to hold him instead but Jihoon whined at the idea so there wasn't much of a choice. 

The drive back to Bangtan was rather uneventful. Lisa passed out in the backseat on Jenni's shoulder and Mingyu did the same in Jimin's lap. Jihoon remained alert in Yoongi's lap, staring out the window the entire drive. It was almost a relief for Yoongi to see the high walls of his town and the soft prickle on his skin didn't dissipate until they were past the gates. Bangtan wasn't 100% safe, it would be foolish to think so, but it was safe enough and Yoongi always felt a little bit better being behind the walls. 

Kihyun was there to greet them when Yoongi pulled the SUV into one of the few garages where they kept the vehicles they collected. He looked relieved to see Yoongi alive and well and rushed over to his side of the car when Yoongi killed the engine and popped open the door. 

"Sometimes I swear your instinct is going to get you killed and then you do stuff like this." Kihyun sighed at him, his eyes taking in the child in his arms but that didn't stop him from pulling Yoongi into a hug. "What am I going to do with you?"

Yoongi flashed him a soft smile and shrugged, adjusting his hold on Jihoon as Jimin went about getting the other children out of the car. "Kihyun, this is Jihoon."

"Hello." Kihyun ducked his head down to greet the baby and Jihoon just stared at him for a few seconds before burying his face in Yoongi's neck. Kihyun blinked but didn't seem to disturbed. "Well, at least I didn't make him cry."

"I don't really know how he is around strangers." Jimin was saying as he came around the SUV with his gaggle of children.

Kihyun's eyes widened and he let out a soft laugh, sounding both relieved and amused. "He seems to like Yoongi."

"He's attached." Jimin shrugged and adjusted the baby on his hip who was gurgling about something or other. "This is Mingyu, Jungkook, Jenni and Lisa. Kids, this is Kihyun. He's a friend too."

"Hello." Kihyun bowed his head in greeting and the three older children did the same, mumbling their hellos. "I suppose it's a good thing I took you for your word." He turned to Yoongi with a smile. "I've prepared a place for them to stay. Hoseok helped. It's not much but they should all manage to fit in the room."

"They share beds anyway, it's fine." Jimin flushed lightly, bowing his head at Kihyun. "I really appreciate it."

Kihyun waved a hand at him. "Don't worry about it." His smile was warm and kind, the kind of smile that had made Yoongi trust him in the first place and it seemed to make Jimin feel more comfortable. "I can take you there now. Or would you all like to eat first?"

"I think we should settle in and then we can eat." Jimin answsered. 

"We bought a lot with us, but there's more back where they were staying. Get up with Yifan later, I want his men to retrieve the rest. We could use it." Yoongi informed Kihyun who nodded. 

Kihyun called to a few of the men standing guard and they were more than willing to carry the bags piled into the back of the SUV. Kihyun even shouldered one and though both Yoongi and Jimin wanted to help, they had their hands full with children. Kihyun told them the children were more important and then he led them out of the garage. He had set Jimin and his children up in one of the warehouses where they placed families. There were plenty of other children in the building for them to play with and Yoongi made a note to thank Kihyun profusely later. The man had his reservations, and didn't always agree with Yoongi but at the end of the day he was a warm, kind and understanding human being who always had Yoongi's back. 

The warehouse was set up like small apartments, little square boxes with roofs and doors but no windows. It wasn't that different to what Jimin and his children were already used to but with just way more people. The warehouse was, thankfully, mostly empty since it was dinner time and Kihyun led them to an empty room somewhere near the outskirts of the boxed maze. It wasn't very large but it was big enough to fit one full sized bed and a bunkbed set which Yoongi stared at before glancing at Kihyun in question who only smiled smugly and shrugged. 

"We get bottom again!" Lisa exclaimed as soon as she saw the bunkbeds and she broke away from Jenni to run at them, jumping onto the mattress with bubbles of giggles. Jenni joined her after getting a nod from Jimin and then they all entered the room.

It was a small fit for so many of them but no one complained. Jimin set Mingyu down on the bed and Jungkook stepped around the room carefully, like he was checking it out to make sure it was safe. The two men placed down their bags gently and then left them alone, to return to their posts. Kihyun dropped the bag he was carrying to join the pile and watched as Yoongi tried to detach Jihoon from him so he could sit on the bed with Mingyu. It took a little effort but eventually Jihoon let go. It seemed he was fine now that he realized Yoongi wasn't actually going anywhere. 

"What do you think?" Kihyun asked, sounded hopeful.

"It's more than we could have asked for." Jimin gave him a soft smile and settled on the edge of the bed beside Mingyu and Jihoon, reaching out to pet Jihoon's unruly dark hair softly. 

"They were in an underground bunker." Yoongi explained. "You can show them the playground and everything else later. I think the kids will like the fresh air."

"I sure like the fresh air." Jimin pointed out with a soft smile than soon turned grateful. "Really, thank you Yoongi, Kihyun. This is so kind of you."

"The world needs more kindness." Kihyun mused, shuffling away from Yoongi's side to join Jenni and Lisa, talking softly to them and Lisa was more than willing to answer all his questions. 

"This is where we're staying?" Jungkook asked. There was a slight frown on his face but he didn't look unhappy. Maybe that was just how his face was. 

"Yes, Kookie. This is home now." Jimin answered.

Jungkook nodded, his shoulders slumping only slightly but he didn't whine or argue. He shuffled over to the bunk beds and carefully climbed the small ladder to the top bunk so he could check it out. 

"Hello!" A warm bright voice called and Yoongi twisted around to see Hoseok popping his head into the room. His smile was bright and welcoming as he entered the room slowly, giving Yoongi a greeting nudge in the arm. "You must be the new family Kihyun told me about! I'm Jung Hoseok. I live across the hall and I help take care of the children. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Hello."Jimin got to his feet quickly to greet Hoseok, bowing his head respectfully and Yoongi noticed Mingyu and Jihoon were starting to doze on the bed. "I'm Park Jimin and these are my kids." He pointed to each one, rattling off their names and Hoseok smiled brightly at each one of them. 

"Wow you have quite a lot!" Hoseok laughed, good naturedly. "They're lucky to have you. I have a boy of my own. He-" Hoseok cut off when he realized there was no one behind him and his brow furrowed. "Oh where did he..? Taehyung." Hoseok called, stepping back out of the room into the hallway. "Come say hi. There's a boy your age."

Jungkook's head popped up from the top bunk and he watched the door in curiosity. Less than a moment later, Hoseok reentered the small room with a young boy behind him. Yoongi was fond of Taehyung. He was a boisterous boy at the age of ten with tanned skin, dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. He always liked to make up stories with Yoongi when he had the time and he had quite the imagination. But he was always a little shy around new people so it was cute to watch him flush and hide behind Hoseok for a moment or two. 

"Taehyung, this is Jimin, Jenni, Lisa, Jihoon, Mingyu and the boy up there is Jungkook." Hoseok's eyes twinkled like he knew something they didn't and then he carefully pushed Taehyung's shoulder. "Go say hi."

Jungkook was already climbing down the ladder when Taehyung worked up to courge to go over to him and there was a moment where they just stared at each other before Jungkook mumbled out a hello. That seemed to brighten Taehyung's demeanour and he grinned, a boxy little thing. 

"I'm Taehyung. I'm ten."

"I'm Jungkook. I'm eight."

"Do you want to play? I have some really cool cars Hoseok-hyung found for me. We can share."

Jungkook perked up at the prospect of playing and it dawned on Yoongi that the boy probably hadn't played with a kid his own age... perhaps never. Jimin was watching so fondly, with a proud smile on his lips and when Jungkook glanced at him for permission, Jimin nodded his head eagerly. 

"I'll play with you." Jungkook mumbled softly, his cheeks flushing ever so slightly but his lips curled into a smile. 

"Awesome!" Taehyung snatched up Jungkook's wrist and tugged him toward the door. "We're just across the hallway. See?" Jungkook followed along without a fight, the flush on his cheeks deepening before they disappeared into the other room. 

"I wanna make new friends." Lisa whined softly. 

"I'm your new friend." Kihyun pointed out.

"Yeah, and I like you, but you're not a girl and you're old."

Yoongi and Hoseok snickered into their hands at her words while Kihyun looked offended. "Well, I was going to take you to the playground where you could meet other girls your age but, I don't know now."

Lisa gasped, her eyes going impossibly wide and she hurried into Kihyun's lap, clasping her hands together into a begging motion. "I'm sorry! You're not old! You're pretty and I like you and I'll play with you."

Kihyun's laughter was bright and he hugged the girl gently. "She called me pretty, did you hear that Yoongi?"

"Yes, a four year old thinks you're pretty." Yoongi drawled, unable to hold back his soft laughter. 

"I think he's pretty too." Jenni added in, making Kihyun grin smugly at Yoongi.

"Are you going to take them, or not?" Yoongi laughed under his breath. 

"We could go have dinner first." Kihyun pointed out, turning to Jimin who had setlled back on the bed with Mingyu and Jihoon. 

"I don't want to wake these two."

"I'll go with them." Hoseok perked up. "I'm sure I can drag Taehyung along. You stay here and rest with the babies. Kihyun and I will take the girls and Jungkook. Don't worry."

Jimin looked unsure for a moment, like he wasn't comfortable leaving his kids in the hands of virtual strangers. But then he glanced at Yoongi and Yoongi nodded at him. Kihyun and Hoseok were two of the people Yoongi trusted the most and he hoped Jimin could trust them too. 

"We'll bring some dinner back for you and the babies." Kihyun offered, getting to his feet and dropped Lisa back down to her feet. 

"I suppose that's alright. If they're okay with it?"Jimin shifted his attention to Lisa and Jenni. 

"Food!" Lisa exclaimed happily, making the adults in the room laugh softly. 

"Alright. You can show me around later." Jimin agreed. 

"I've got work to do." Yoongi told Kihyun. "You'll take care of the rest?"

"I've got it." Kihyun nodded. 

"Kay. I'll see you all later." He flashed Jimin a smile, which was returned before he left the room behind. 

Saying he had work to do wasn't entirely a lie. Yoongi needed to get a hold of Yifan for multiple reasons. There were things to discuss regarding the safe zones and Jimin's bunker. He spoke to a few people on his way back to the building he called home and managed to find out Yifan and his men had not left yet because he was waiting to speak with Yoongi anyway. It worked out. 

The place Yoongi called home was a small storage building they converted into smaller rooms. Both Yoongi and Kihyun had their own rooms in the building, along with some of Yoongi's most trusted people, like Yifan and Seokjin, one of their cooks. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were responsible for the guards and slight military like group they had to protect the town and they also called the building home. There were two stories to the building and Yoongi and Kihyun both stayed on the second floor. There were more rooms, some of them empty that hadn't been fully converted yet because they didn't need them but Yoongi's room was rather nice, all things considering. 

It was larger than the room Jimin had been given, by a good deal. It held a large king sized bed that he didn't need but Kihyun had insisted on because Yoongi was a bitch when he didn't sleep properly and no one wanted to deal with that. The entire thing had been a bitch to bring up the stairs and near impossible to take back down so Yoongi settled with it. He was a single man; he didn't need much so the large room was mostly sparce of furniture. There was the bed in the center of the room, near a window where Yoongi liked to be able to see over the double walls and there was a small dresser beside it. In one corner of the room was a closet Yoongi built himself, holding the small assortment of clothes he could call his own. It had a door on it because Yoongi thought it looked better that way and on the other side of the room was where Yoongi did his work. It was almost a completely separate area from the bed, with a desk facing the door and way too many maps for Yoongi to deal with. 

He settled down at the desk as soon as he entered the room, leaving his door open because he was expecting Yifan and someone, probably Seokjin, to bring him something to eat. He spent a few minutes cleaning off his desk and organizing the multiple maps he had before figuring out which ones he needed. He was in the middle of searching for a map with Jimin's bunker on it when Baekhyun appeared in his doorway with his dinner. It wasn't much, just some beans and rice because Yoongi never ate much but Baekhyun had a grin on his face and Yoongi sighed, knowing what the man was up to. 

Baekhyun drilled him for information on the new family, hoping for a new recrute but Yoongi had to disappoint him. Jimin would help Hoseok and Yoona by taking care of the children and though he did want Chanyeol to teach Jungkook how to use and hold a weapon, he still needed to discuss that with Jimin. Maybe Jenni too. She was old enough. They needed to know how to protect themselves but he wasn't sure how well that conversation was going to go with Jimin. It could wait for a little bit anyway. 

After Baekhyun left, Yoongi was able to eat his dinner and find the map he was certain had Jimin's bunker on it. He was shovelling the last bit of rice into his mouth when Yifan appeared. The tall man had the type of face people feared but truthfully, he was kind. Yoongi trusted him quite a lot which was why he shared the secrets of Jimin's bunker with him, giving him the code Jimin had passed on to him and asking him to gather everything in the bunker with his men. There were beds and other things the town could use so it might take a few trips but it would be worth it. Yifan was more than happy to help. He didn't apologize to Yoongi for what he had done with Jimin but he did tell Yoongi he would apologize to Jimin, just to clear the air. That was all Yoongi could ask really. 

They spoke a bit more about the safe zones Yifan and his men had scouted for. They liked to track some of the larger hordes just to make sure none of them were headed their way and Yoongi kept track of them on his maps. With Yifan's information, Yoongi dismissed the man to enjoy dinner with his men and a good nights rest before they would leave in the morning. Yoongi had to pull together a route for them so he settled down at his desk and fumbled with his pencil, scribbling about this safe zone and that horde. 

Yoongi couldn't be sure how long he sat there, hunched over his desk with a pencil in his grip as he stared at maps. The giant red circles were concerning, considering how many there were and they were only growing. Their safe zones were starting to decrease and the undead would soon be on their doorstep. It might take a few months but one day, they would have a fight on their hands. They were prepared, had been for a while, but Yoongi made a note to beef up the training Chanyeol and Baekhyun were doing and for Yifan's men to focus more on finding bullets and weapons. Yoongi wanted to be cautious. He had people to protect. 

He was in the middle of rubbing a hand over his face when he heard the sound of soft crying. He blinked in surprise at the sound and lifted his head, straining to hear where it was coming from. He was on his feet when he realized it was a child and it was coming closer. No one in his building had children, he was pretty sure, so why was there a crying child now coming closer to him. Yoongi moved to his open door and peered out into the hallway. A lump formed in his throat when he saw Jimin climbing up the stairs with a sobbing Jihoon in his arms. He was alone and Yoongi hurried out of his room to greet him. 

"Oh thank goodness." Jimin sighed in relief when he saw him and hurried to meet him. "Kihyun told me you were in this building but he didn't say where and Jihoon's been sobbing like this since he woke up and I realized it was because you were gone." Jimin rambled, sounding almost panicked and he quickly held out the sobbing boy to Yoongi. He looked exhausted and Yoongi wondered how long the boy had been crying before Jimin decided to try this. "Please take him."

Yoongi jerked into action, taking the sobbing boy from him quickly. "Shh, it's okay." At his voice, Jihoon choked on a sob and snapped his head up at him. His little face was crunched into pain with his sobs but looking at Yoongi seemed to make it worse and then he was crying agian, clutching at Yoongi's shirt and calling him 'appa' over and over again, nuzzling into his neck. He seemed to settle down after a minute, his sobs turning into soft whines and whimpers as he clutched to Yoongi for dear life. 

Jimin sighed heavily and collapsed against the wall, running a hand through his hair. "He started screeching as soon as he woke up and realized you weren't there. Which, of course, made Mingyu start sobbing. It was a mess but I couldn't come find you because I didn't know where you went. I had to wait till Kihyun came back with the kids. He's watching them now and Hoseok managed to get Mingyu to calm down but Jihoon wouldn't stop. I've never seen him like this." Jimin glanced up at him, through his lashes. "I told you, he doesn't cry. But if he can't see you, he's sobbing. I think it might be some trauma involving why his mother was bitten. He's decided you're his appa now and I think he's terrified of losing you like he lost his real father. So when you're gone, he freaks out."

"I'm sorry." Yoongi mumbled, unsure of what else to say. The little body in his arms was heaving with deep breaths but he was starting to calm down. 

Jimin laughed, something warm and fond. "It's not your fault. He does look like you."

"I can assure you, it's not possible for him to be mine."

Jimin giggled softly at him and pushed off the wall, nodding. "I know. I was thinking, since he's attached to you, maybe you should..." Jimin trailed off, biting into his lip as he glanced away. "Maybe he should stay with you. If that's okay."

"What about Mingyu?" Yoongi wondered. 

"Well, he'll be okay as long as you bring Jihoon to visit." Jimin smiled unsurely at him. "It's worth a try, I think. Jihoon should eventually calm down from this trauma after a while but it's fresh right now so he should be with you. If that's not too brothersome?" He looked worried, chewing on his bottom lip and eyeing Yoongi hopefully. "I know your busy."

"He can stay with me." The words came out of his mouth before he realized what he was saying. "I mean... if it'll help. I guess he's kind of my responsibilty now that he's attached. It's not like I've never taken care of a baby before. I'm just concerned about him and Mingyu."

Jimin hummed in understanding. "We'll take it day by day. I should have brought his bag but I didn't even think of this until I was halfway here. I realized there's no way he's going to let you go."

"Have you eaten yet?" When Jimin shook his head, Yoongi smiled softly at him. "I'll take you to dinner and then we can stop by to get his things."

Jimin stared at him for a moment, another one of those fond looks that Yoongi couldn't entirely understand before his lips split into a smile so strong it made his eyes crinkle. "Okay, that sounds great."

Yoongi's first night with Jihoon went rather well, all things considered. The bed was more than large enough for the both of them and Yoongi slept with the little baby curled up against his chest. They both curled into balls when they slept and Yoongi felt a little strange about the whole thing. It wasn't possible for the child to be his, considering sex wasn't a thing Yoongi did. But there were some similarities between him and Jihoon that were hard to ignore. Maybe it was just meant to be, Yoongi wasn't sure. But he did know he slept better with Jihoon at his side. 

Yoongi's routine had to quickly change now that he had a baby to take care of. The positive thing was how good of a baby Jihoon was. He didn't cry unless Yoongi left him alone so Yoongi quickly learned to always stay somehwere Jihoon could see him and they were fine. As long as Yoongi was in his sight, Jihoon was fine. Course, that meant Yoongi had to take Jihoon everywhere. That wasn't a good thing and he knew that. One day he'd have to judge someone, like he had to with Jimin, and there was no way he could do that with a baby on his hip. He figured he would send Kihyun to handle it until they figured something else out. 

Somehow, Jihoon settled so easily into Yoongi's life like the man already had a spot just waiting for him. Jihoon was quiet and easy to take care of. Jimin had mentioned trying to potty train the boy but Yoongi thought helping him get over his attachment was more important first. Yoongi changed enough diapers in the past few years so it was no problem. Jihoon never complained about being wet but he would tug on Yoongi's clothes if he was feeling uncomfortable and that was all Yoongi needed to know it was time to change him. He ate normal food instead of having a bottle and Yoongi's meals doubled in size just so he could share with Jihoon. Instead of taking his meals in his room, he joined Jimin and the rest of the kids in the cafeteria area so they could all sit down and eat together, like a family. It cut back on Yoongi's work time but it wasn't that bad. Mingyu always lit up as soon as he saw Jihoon and so Yoongi didn't mind escaping from his work for a while.

And the soft little buzz of warmth Yoongi felt every time Jimin smiled at him was just an added bonus.

Mingyu handled being separated from Jihoon pretty well for about a week before things went sour. Jimin mentioned he had trouble getting Mingyu to sleep the night before and when they met up for breakfast the baby cried when he saw Jihoon. Jihoon had hugged him and that seemed to be the end of that. Yoongi had work to do so he took Jihoon with him and Mingyu was sleeping at the time, not noticing his friend left. 

Yoongi felt a bit of deja vu as he sat at his desk, scribbling away on some maps while Jihoon played on the bed with an old train set Baekhyun gave him. The man was completely enamored with the cute boy and Chanyeol dropped by just as often to nuzzle their faces together. It made Yoongi wonder when the two of them might adopt one of their own. There were plenty of children who would love to have parents but they were busy guys so it might be a while. 

For a second, Yoongi thought the crying was coming from Jihoon but he noticed the boy was perfectly fine on the bed. He lifted his head when he heard the cries and Yoongi got to his feet, moving toward his door. It was shut so the cries were muffled but before he could open it, there was a series of knocks against it. Yoongi flinched and then gathered himself to open the door. 

A haggered looking Jimin and a crying Mingyu was on the other side. "He won't stop." Jimin whined, pushing past Yoongi without a second thought and hurried to the bed where Jihoon was crawling to the edge. "Look, Mingyu, it's Jihoon, see, he's right here."

Mingyu cried even more at being put down but Jihoon tugged him into a hug and that made Mingyu blink his tearfilled eyes open. He whimpered and whined and fell into Jihoon, letting the boy hug him. Jihoon nuzzled into the baby's hair, patting at his flushed wet cheeks. 

"Gu." Jihoon murmured softly, rubbing his face into Mingyu's hair. "Gu, kay, kay, gu."

Mingyu calmed down after that and Jimin sighed in relief, so heavily that he dropped to the floor beside the bed, knocking his forehead against the mattress. Yoongi winched at the sound of his knees hitting the concrete floor and shuffled over to him. Jimin looked exhausted and Yoongi couldn't blame him. 

"Why don't you stay here and rest?" Yoongi offered, feeling friendly enough to reach out and rub Jimin's shoulders gently. 

"Just for a little while." Jimin agreed, tugging himself up onto the bed. He curled around Jihoon and Mingyu and it wasn't long before they were all three asleep. 

Yoongi watched them fondly, a warm bubble of something in his chest as he shuffled back over to his desk to continue working. Jimin sleeping shouldn't have been a distraction but it was hard not to notice how attractive the man was. There was a lot of good qualities about Park Jimin, aside from his face. He was warm, kind and protective. He got along with everyone he met in the town so far and the other children adored him. He even managed to warm up to Baekhyun who rarely let people become his friend because the only people he trusted were Yoongi and Chanyeol. Jimin had a way about him, a way that was so caring and he was good at reading people, like Yoongi was. He was a people person and Yoongi liked that about him. He fit into their town effortlessly and Yoongi couldn't imagine what it would be like without him. 

It was a strong feeling that overtook him then. Something warm and buzzing, something that couldn't be ignored. But Yoongi pushed it aside for the time being so he could get some work done while Jihoon was busy sleeping. It was nearly dinner time when Jimin finally woke up again and he did so by sitting up abruptly and startling the living shit out of Yoongi, who dropped the pencil in his hand. 

Jimin grumbled and rubbed at his face, waking up quickly and glancing out the window. His eyes widened when he realized it was starting to get dark and he glanced at Yoongi sheepishly. "I didn't mean to sleep so long."

"You needed it." Yoongi shrugged, picking up his pencil again. "It's almost dinner anyway."

Jimin nodded and glanced down at the still sleeping babies curled together. He looked almost sad for a moment and reached over to pet through Jihoon's unruly hair. "They're sweet when they're sleeping together."

"Do you miss him?" Yoongi asked the question that had been bugging him for a while. 

"A bit." Jimin smiled sheepishly at him. "I think Mingyu misses him more."

Yoongi hummed and swallowed hard, tapping his pencil against the desk in time with his rapid heart beat. "I was thinking... maybe you should stay with me." Jimin head whipped at him in surprise, his plump lips parted in a perfect 'o'. Nerves bubbles up Yoongi's spine and he glanced away, pretending he was doing something important with the map laid in front of him. "I have the room. We could move the bunk beds up here and that way Mingyu and Jihoon aren't separated and Jihoon isn't separated from me. What do you think?"

"K-Kihyun won't mind?" Jimin sounded unsure and when Yoongi glanced up at him in confusion, he looked just as confused. 

"No? I'm sure he'll help us move. It's just an idea. You don't have to."

"N-No." Jimin hurried to say, "It's a good idea. I didn't even consider it. Are you sure we won't be bothersome? I don't want to crowd you."

"I don't mind, really. I wouldn't offer if I didn't want it." Yoongi answered honestly, glancing at the sleeping babies. "They're a family. I think it's best to keep them together, don't you? And we're friends, yes? It shouldn't be a problem."

Jimin nodded his head in agreement. "As long as you don't mind."

"I really don't." Yoongi assured him, smiling fondly at the babies and he didn't notice Jimin smiled just as fondly at him. 

"Okay. Let's do it."

Moving Jimin and his children into Yoongi's room was an entire affair that resulted in a bed being dropped on Yoongi's foot, Jimin tumbling down the stairs with a box in his hands, Lisa soon following him because she missed a step, Kihyun tripping into a wall and Jungkook and Taehyung laughing at them all. Truthfully, it was nice. Yoongi's room had never felt so lively before and it had plenty of room for all seven of them. With all their stuff in it, the room looked less empty and Yoongi liked that. They even ended up with a couch Baekhyun and Chanyeol said they didn't want so they had a small living space. There was a bathroom on the second floor that Kihyun and Yoongi shared and it was closer than the bathroom back where Jimin lived previously. 

Like Jihoon, the rest of his family settled easily into Yoongi's life. It should have perhaps been concerning but Yoongi didn't think too much about it. He was attached perhaps the moment he climbed down into the bunker and there was no turning back. Lisa loved making him do her hair, Jenni liked watching and made him teach her how to be so good at it. Jihoon rarely left his side which meant Mingyu was always around as well, followed by Jimin. Taehyung managed to convince Jungkook that Yoongi was actually cool and the boy didn't glare at him anymore. 

And Jimin...

Jimin settled in a spot Yoongi didn't know he had available. They shared Yoongi's bed with Jihoon and Mingyu between them and there was something so utterly normal and domestic about the whole situation that made Yoongi's throat tight. Somehow, they learned how to work around one another. They went to breakfast together in the morning and then split up so Jimin could take the kids to the other children and Yoongi took Jihoon. Mingyu didn't mind being separated from Jihoon for the short period of time while the adults did their own jobs. They always met for dinner and then huddled back to their room for the rest of the night. Sometimes Taehyung would join them to play with Jungkook and then some nights Jungkook would stay with Taehyung. Sometimes Lisa's friends came to play and sometimes Jenni's did. The kids were settling so well into a normal life and Yoongi could tell Jimin was happy about it. 

It took about two months before Jihoon finally started to ease out of his trauma. Yoongi could finally go to the bathroom without the boy throwing a fit but he would start to whine if Yoongi was gone too long. It was progress and they were proud of him. Sometimes, Yoongi could leave Jihoon with Jimin and the other kids at the playground but it was starting to get too cold to play outside and so they started to spend more and more time in their room. Yoongi grew used to having the chatter of children around him while he worked and Yifan managed to end up on Jimin's good side after visiting so often to check in with Yoongi. 

Everything settled into place over time and Yoongi came to find he greatly enjoyed having Jimin to share his space with. The kids were great too, but sometimes it was just the two of them and the quietly sleeping babies and they'd talk, softly. About everything and nothing. They'd talk about life before. Jimin would tell him about his little brother, Jihan, and how he had been everything to Jimin. He told him how he died, a complete accident really, and how Jimin had known long before then that their parents never made it out of Busan alive. He went into detail about how he found each of the children and what they came to mean to him. He told him all about his life before the virus. How he was a trainee for some idol company and he had big dreams about singing and dancing on stage. His brother had been visting when the virus hit which how Jimin ended up responsible for his sixteen year old brother. 

In return, Yoongi told Jimin all the things about himself he could remember. He talked little about the family who abandoned him long before the virus but he did talk about his life as a carpenter and how he would write songs on his piano in his free time because it was a hobby. Jimin asked him if he sang and when Yoongi snorted with a no, Jimin sang for him instead. He had a lovely voice, something light and pretty and Yoongi liked listening to him sing when he was feeling brave enough. He went in depth about how he and Kihyun had met and become so close. He explained how each person Jimin knew came to join the town, like Hoseok, Yoona, Seokjin, Baehyun and Chanyeol. 

They talked a lot over the months, figuring out how well they fit together and Yoongi was surprised to learn how easily the kids listened to them. They were good kids but they were still learning and though Jimin was usually the one to correct them, they did listen when Yoongi did so. They made a good pair with the children, a good pull and give, and agreed on how to raise them. Yoongi listened to whatever Jimin wanted considering he was doing such a good job and Yoongi followed his lead. Jimin seemed like the type to spoil his children but he didn't. He was good to them, showered them with affection but he knew when to put his foot down and they usually listened. 

The night things started to change was just another normal night for them. Spring was starting to make itself known and they had spent all day outside as a family. Jungkook liked helping in the garden and Jenni found a knack for throwing knives which Jimin was still not sure about. He had reluctantly allowed Chanyeol to teach Jungkook and Jenni because Yoongi was right, they needed to know how to protect themselves but seeing Jungkook hold a gun had been rather terrifying. Jungkook was good with the weapons, good with whatever weapon Chanyeol put in his hands but Jenni liked the knives. She could shoot but she liked the silent weapons she could use from afar. Lisa was too young to worry about weapons but she had an interest, like Jenni. She would learn someday. 

But today was the first slightly warm day of the season and so everybody was out and about, soaking up the fresh warm air and sunshine. By the time they returned home, the kids were exhausted and so were the adults. Jenni and Lisa curled up in their bottom bunk together and whispered happily about their day until they fell asleep and Jungkook was spending the night with Taehyung so they didn't need to worry about him. Jihoon and Mingyu had been a little hard to put down because they were so excited but Jimin sang to them and they eventually fell asleep curled together in the middle of the bed. 

Exhausted, Jimin and Yoongi collapsed together on the small couch so not to disturb the babies. They did it often enough; spent a lot of time leaning against one another on the couch and speaking softly so not to wake the children. Tonight, however, they were both pretty tired and they fell easily into each other. Jimin was warm pressed against his side and his head tipped on Yoongi's shoulder was a pleasant weight. Yoongi wasn't always open with his affections but it was becoming easier with Lisa always demanding hugs and Jihoon always wanting to nuzzle him. Jimin was an affectionate person by nature and Yoongi had grown used to the way the man touched people all the time. They were innocent touches, sometimes Yoongi was sure the man had no clue he was doing it and somehow Yoongi had grown to expect them. Jimin's touch was as familiar as the weight of his crossbow in his hands. 

"They're doing so well." Jimin murmured softly, sounding sleepy as he curled a bit more against Yoongi's side. "I wasn't too worried about how they'd do here but I'm glad its working out."

"Me too." Yoongi admitted softly, humming under his breath as he glanced at the sleeping children in the room. There was a bubble of warmth in his chest that wasn't going anywhere anytime soon and he hoped it always stayed there. He was happy, Yoongi was happy, for the first time in a long time. The warmth in his chest bubbled up his throat, making it tight and when he turned his head, he found Jimin watching him, his chin resting softly on the ball of his shoulder and his eyes half-lidded. He looked so tired but all so pretty and Yoongi wanted nothing more than to kiss him. 

It wasn't a startling revelation or anything. It was something that floated through his mind a few times. His fondness for Jimin morphed into feelings he had not been prepared for but didn't fight. It was so simple, so perfect, like it was supposed to happen that way. They were fond of each other, obviously, but Jimin's fondness seemed no different than his fondess for their other friends and so Yoongi thought little of it. As long as Jimin remained close, he didn't think there was a point to worry about the feelings bubbling through him. Not only were they both men, making him unsure if Jimin swung that way or not, but for a long time Yoongi had thought he was broken. Kihyun had managed to convince Yoongi that just because he had no sexual interest didn't mean he was broken but Yoongi felt no one would want him because of it. It was something he put on the back burner when the virus came and something he didn't think about until now. Maybe it still didn't matter. Yoongi wasn't sure. 

Yoongi didn't realize how long he had been staring into Jimin's deep pools of honey-brown when the younger suddenly pressed forward. It wasn't the best angle, given that Yoongi was twisted to the side and Jimin was pressing into his side but somehow, someway, their lips brushed together. It was a soft kiss, something that didn't register to Yoongi for a solid twelve seconds and then he inhaled, sharply, and Jimin pulled back, panic flashing through his eyes and he shoved away from Yoongi. 

"I-I shouldn't have done that." Jimin stammered and Yoongi's heart throbbed. Jimin looked terrified, and a little bit guilty and Yoongi reached out for him, snatching up his wrist before he could stand up and leave him. 

"Why?" Was all Yoongi could manage to get out. Why did he kiss him? Why shouldn't he have done that? Why did Jimin look so terrified? Why did it hurt Yoongi so much to see him like that?

Jimin's pretty face contorted for a moment and he sunk into the couch beside Yoongi, letting those long pale fingers remain wrapped around his wrist. "You just, you looked so soft and I..." He hiccuped softly, rubbing his free hand over his face and he refused to meet Yoongi's eyes. "I won't do it again."

"But I wanted you to." Yoongi's lips were warm and tinglying and apparently had a mind of their own. It was the truth, however. 

Jimin snapped his head up so quickly, his hair flew all over the place. His eyes were comically wide and the apples of his cheeks were a lovely pink color but there was confusion in the corners of his eyes. "W-What about... Kihyun?"

Yoongi flinched back in his confusion, like he'd been slapped. "What? What about Kihyun?"

Jimin's face darkened in color and he dropped his gaze to the grip Yoongi had on his wrist. "I thought... Aren't you two...? Are you not?"

Yoongi's brain spun with what Jimin was attempting to suggest and he sat up quickly, twisting on the couch to face Jimin completly, bringing a bent leg up on the cushions between them so he could do so. "What? You think Kihyun and I...? Why? Why did you think that?"

"I am I wrong?" He sounded almost hopeful and his free hand found Yoongi's fingers, playing with them gingerly. "You're close and the way he looks at you..."

"Have you met Changkyun?" When Jimin shook his head, Yoongi let out a soft sigh. "Right, he's in the recon group. You met him but not properly and Kihyun's private with his love life." He brought a hand up to ruffle his hair. "Jimin, they're dating. They've been dating for a while. Changkyun stays with Kihyun when the group is here. Kihyun is my right hand man, my best friend, my most trusted person, but we're not... We never have been."

"Oh." It was such a simple word but held so much emotion in it. Jimin was flushed all the way to the tips of his cute little ears poking through his thick black hair. "That's um, good. That he, um, has someone."

Yoongi was smiling, he could feel his cheeks straining with the force of it and he was kind of glad Jimin wasn't looking at him right now. "I'm going to kiss you now, Jimin."

Jimin made a soft noise and carefully lifted his head, finally meeting Yoongi's eyes and there was so much affection in them it made him ache. "O-Okay, please do that."

Yoongi was gentle as he cupped Jimin's cheeks between his palms and brought their faces close together. There was a moment where he paused, taking in everything about this man he had come to care for and he flushed with warmth. Jimin closed his eyes, expectingly and Yoongi pressed his lips against those plush plump pink pillows. They kissed softly, sweetly, like they had all the time in the world and nothing else mattered except for the way their mouths fit together. It was innocent, easy, and by the time they pulled apart, they were panting softly, a little overwhelmed about it all. 

"I should have done that sooner." Jimin mumbled, his gaze a little dazed as he licked his lips, tasting Yoongi on them. 

"We'll just have to make up for it." Yoongi smiled slowly, slyly and Jimin flushed but ducked his head and kissed him again. 

They kissed for awhile, gently exploring this new venture in their relationship but it remained innocent. There were children in the room, after all but Jimin cupped Yoongi's neck like he was something precious and nothing else mattered for the time being. Their kisses eventually grew sloppy because of how tired they started to become so they pulled apart reluctantly. The way Jimin flushed was something Yoongi locked away into his memory bank and the way he looked at him, so full of emotion was everything. 

They fell asleep together that night, bracketing the two sleeping babies in the large bed. Their hands curled together over Mingyu and Jihoon and Yoongi managed to reach across them and kiss Jimin goodnight. It was sweet, perfect, everything they couldn't have in such a hellish world but were finally gifted with. There was no saying how long it would last but Yoongi had hope. Jimin looked at him with stars in his eyes and it was enough. They'd talk about it, they'd figure it out but for now, Yoongi fell asleep to the soft singing of Jimin's lullaby and the warmth of the man's fingers curled through his own. 

The shift between them wasn't anything over dramatic. In fact, for the most part, nothing much changed between the two of them. They still went about their days as normal with the children and doing their jobs. But they always came together at the end of the night, after the children were fast asleep and Yoongi could pull Jimin close to kiss him softly. There was something soft and special about being able to kiss him, about how Jimin made him feel when he kissed him. Yoongi allowed himself this, he allowed himself Jimin because the world had gone to shit and Jimin was one of the few good things left in it. 

They never moved passed kissing. Sometimes, things would get a little heated when they found the time to actually be alone together because Kihyun was a saint and didn't mind watching the kids for them. But Jimin never pushed him, never made him feel like he had to do anything. Jimin was warm and understanding. He didn't look at Yoongi like he'd lost his mind when he said he didn't want to have sex. He didn't take it personally and kissed Yoongi like he was precious and that was the end of that. 

Jungkook caught onto their relationship sooner than any of the other children but he never said anything directly. Yoongi would catch him watching them sometimes with this look on his face, like he was happy to see Jimin smiling but then that look would morph into a glare when he looked at Yoongi. He was sure the boy was telling him not to hurt Jimin and Yoongi never had any intention. 

The days passed, the world turned and life went on. Months passed, people came and went, Yoongi kept his people safe and he held Jimin close to his heart. They had a fruitful summer and planned to have a bountiful fall. Winter was still a few weeks off and the town was hopeful that this one would be easier to handle than the last. Yoongi and Jimin had each other to keep warm, Jihoon and Mingyu still a bundle of joy between them every night and there was nothing more they could ask for. 

They were happy and in a world like theirs, happiness was the most they could even dream for. 

Even if it couldn't last forever.

The abrupt sound of an explosion was the last thing Jimin would have expected to hear. It startled him awake and he barely had his eyes open when he noticed movement in the room. He didn't hesitate to get to his feet but all it took was a glance for him to see it was Yoongi digging around behind his desk. It was dark in the room, the only light that of the moon shining in through the window and Jimin froze, watching as Yoongi frantically buckled a weapon belt around his waist. There was another sound, something larger, something more terrifying and coldness ran up his spine. He hurried around the room, checking on the children and only Jungkook was waking up, rubbing at his eyes and asking what was going on. 

Jimin didn't have a chance to answer before he was grabbed by Yoongi. Jimin's heart stopped in his chest at the look on that beautiful face, covered in shadows. It was the same expression he saw when he first met Yoongi but he knew it was real this time. Yoongi's dark eyes couldn't seem to focus but he was shoving a pistol into Jimin's hands quickly. 

"What's going on?" Jimin whispered, hurriedly, his own panic rising as he watched Yoongi flutter about. There was determination set in his expression, in the line of his shoulders but it scared Jimin even more. "Yoongi."

"I don't know." Yoongi grumbled, the words coming out in a rush as he hurried to load up his makeshift crossbow he kept under their bed. The sight of it shocked cold fear through Jimin. 

The door burst opened abruptly and Yoongi turned the weapon on the door, only to pause when they saw it was Kihyun. He was panting, out of breath and searched the room frantically before his eyes landed on Yoongi. There was relief there for a moment before he ran to the man and tucked him in close to whisper to him. Jimin couldn't hear what they were whispering harshly and it was then that Lisa woke up too, whining that she was tired and it too early to be up so Jimin ducked down onto the lower bunk bed to shush her. 

"I'm going with you!" Kihyun growled, a loud sound in the otherwise quiet room and then there was another sound outside, something unexplainable like a rumble of an earthquake. 

Yoongi's mouth twisted up into a snarl but he caught Jimin's eyes and the fight seemed to drain out of him. He grit his teeth and nodded at Kihyun before hurrying to meet Jimin, who stood up and met him halfway. "I'm going to see what's going on. Stay here. Hide, just in case." Yoongi's words were quick and whispered.

"We're under attack." Kihyun explained, ignoring the glare Yoongi sent him. "Take the children and hide. We'll come back as soon as we can."

Under attack. Kihyun didn't say by what but that didn't even matter. The reality of the situation helped Jimin calm down a bit because he now had a job to do, people to protect. He nodded in understanding just as Jungkook climbed down from his bed. He was already moving to gather the small little pistol Baekhyun gave him and Jenni was up as well, collecting her knives. They were well trained now and Jimin wanted to be proud of them but there was too much fear for him to do much more than focus on getting their kids safe.

"Be safe." Jimin mumbled, grabbing Yoongi by the lapels of his jacket and pulling him in for a kiss. It was a little harsh, but Yoongi kissed him back fiercely and then he was pulling away. He and Kihyun rushed out of the room, shutting the door behind them and Jimin was left alone with their children, scared and worried to the point of shaking. 

"Hyung?" Jungkook called softly, sounded unsure himself but there was a wrinkle of determination in his brow and Jimin knew what he had to do. 

"Grab Mingyu. I'll take Jihoon." Jimin stated, keeping his voice low just in case. They didn't have a lot of options when it came to hiding but there was the closet. It had a door and that was the most they could ask for. Jimin didn't like the idea of being backed into a corner but he trusted Yoongi and Kihyun. He had to. They had weapons to protect themselves just in case but Jimin didn't know what danger was awaiting them. "Jenni, take Lisa. All of you, in the closet, now." His tone held no room for argument and the children understood, moving quickly to do as told. 

The commotion didn't wake up Mingyu but Jihoon was awake, blinking his eyes at Jimin when he picked him up. He didn't cry anymore when Yoongi wasn't around but Jimin didn't want to chance it. He whispered to him that he had to be quiet, that they were in danger and Jihoon understood. Mingyu remained asleep when Jungkook picked him up and cradled him and Jimin was relieved by that. The boy was old enough to understood when they were in danger and needed to be quiet but Jimin still didn't want to chance it. 

Jenni got to the closet door first and she ushered Lisa in quietly, telling her it was time to be a good girl and be quiet. Jenni shoved one of her knives in Lisa's hand and the girl curled her fingers around it, holding on for dear life. Jungkook followed them quickly, tucking the sleeping Mingyu against his chest carefully and Jimin hurried as well. The closet was a small space, something that had probably once been just an open space in the room but Yoongi had build it. The door was solid and would hold but there wasn't much room for all of them. Jimin settled down on his knees first, holding Jihoon tightly with one hand and the pistol Yoongi gave him in the other. Lisa and Jenni curled together in one corner of the closet and Jungkook and Mingyu in the other. When he shut the door, they were locked in darkness and Lisa whimpered softly. 

They were terrified. Jimin could hear it in their heavy breathing. He dropped the pistol in his lap and reached around in the darkness to touch each one of them, softly telling them they would be okay, Yoongi would protect them. It didn't seem to ease their worries but Lisa stopped whimpering softly and Jihoon clung a little tighter to Jimin's chest. The metal of the pistol was cool in his hand but he held it tightly, ready to use it if need be. Jungkook was prepared too and he knew Jenni would be. Lisa was only just starting her training and she preferred guns to knives but all Jenni had was knives to share with her and it was better than nothing. They were trained but they'd never faced an enemy head on and Jimin's throat went tight at the thought. 

It was quiet, too quiet, only the sounds of their soft breathing. Jimin's heart pounded in his throat, worry and fear crawling over his skin like tiny little spiders. He wondered about Yoongi, if he would be okay. If they were under attack, what did that even mean? He recalled hearing the explosion that woke him up and there was no way the undead did that. Were they being attacked by other humans? The thought made him sick to his stomach.

Jimin couldn't say how long they spent crouched in the closet before something happened. There was the occasional rumble from outside, and the distant splatter of gun fire but none of it seemed too utterly close to where they were. Which was a relief but also still a concern. 

And then footsteps, hurried and thumping. Jimin went tense because they were coming toward them and he wondered if it was Yoongi, or Kihyun, or someone else they knew. He rose his pistol at the door just in case and waited with bated breath. 

"Jimin?" A voice called out softly, tentatively and Jimin recognized it immediately. He shoved open the door and sprawled out of the closet, his wide eyes landing on Hoseok immediately. "Jimin!" The man looked panicked but he hurried over to him, taking Jihoon from him so he could get to his feet and Jimin noticed Taehyung grabbing at Jungkook and hugging him tightly. 

"What's going on?" Jimin asked, rushed and scared. 

Hoseok's face pinched but he tried to smile at the children. "We have to go. We have to leave now."

"W-Where?" Jimin took Jihoon back from him and cradled the boy close to his side. 

"Kihyun sent me to collect you. There's an escape plan. Just follow me. There's somewhere safe to go. We've been attacked from the back, where we're the most weak so if we go through the front we should be okay." Hoseok hurried to say as he ran around the room, throwing diapers into a small bag. 

"We're leaving? What about Yoongi? What about-"

"I have orders." Hoseok turned to him with a sorrowful look on his face. "The children are the most important, Jimin. Please, come with me. Don't fight me on this."

Jimin nodded quickly, in understanding but his heart throbbed. He hated the idea of leaving Yoongi behind but he had children he needed to protect. Yoongi wasn't alone. He had Kihyun and probably Baekhyun and Chanyeol. He turned to their children and smiled as softly at them as he could manage. "Follow Hoseok. Keep quiet and stay in a group."

They quickly gathered the few things they would need to take care of the children, mainly Mingyu who was still in diapers and then they were gone. They stuck together as much as they could as they escaped the building and Jimin could tell Lisa was doing her best not to cry. Jenni kept an arm around her to keep her close but she was on the verge of tears. Jimin didn't blame her. He felt like crying too but he had to look strong for them. 

Chanyeol was outside when they slipped out a back door, waiting for them when one of the SUV's. His smile was forced but he hugged Jimin like they might never see each other again and ushered them all into the vehicle. For a moment, Jimin thought the man would be coming with them but he pushed Hoseok into the driver's seat and offered them a mournful smile. There were no words exchanged, just a soft wave from Chanyeol and then Hoseok was driving them away. 

Jimin didn't have much of a chance to see what was going on but when he twisted around in his seat, he could see smoke and the light of flames in the distance, near the center of town and his heart clenched. If Hoseok and Taehyung got out, then there had to be others. There had to be. All those people, all those children. They couldn't be...

"Don't look." Hoseok murmured softly, his voice pinched with emotion and Jimin turned back around in his seat. He felt breathless but they weren't out of the clear yet. The gates were still shut when they approached them and there were only a few guards standing watch tensely. It was obvious they wanted to join the fight but they had to stay and protect the front. They let their SUV through and Jimin noticed they weren't the only car escaping. It was a relief to see other people getting out but Jimin couldn't fathom where they were going. The road was dark, the moon not enough light and Bangtan burned in the rearview mirror. 

The farther they drove away, the more the children in the car relaxed. They were all huddled together in the back seat, Taehyung's arms wrapped tightly around Jungkook, who was still holding a sleeping Mingyu. Jenni and Lisa were curled around each other and from the look of it, Lisa was crying softly, her face buried in Jenni's chest as the older girl smoothed her hair. Jihoon remained quiet in Jimin's lap but the more they drove, the more anxious he started to become and Jimin had a feeling that had to do with the fact that Yoongi wasn't with them. He was anxious about it too. 

"Where are we going?" Jimin finally spoke up just as the world around them started to turn to light, the sun barely rising. 

Hoseok's face was a mixture of relief and anxiousness, a pinched expression that didn't match his usually sunny demeanor. "Yoongi had a plan. A back up plan. He always wanted to keep the town safe but he wasn't delusional. He knew things could happen. He knew people would want to hurt us." He swallowed hard, like he was struggling with his words. "He kept that plan between me, Kihyun and Baekhyun. My job has always been to get you and the kids out if anything were to happen. Baekhyun takes care of the other children, as many as he can and Kihyun... well, he says by Yoongi's side."

Jimin winced and dropped his eyes to Jihoon, who was watching the scenery pass them by with a pout on his lips. "And what is this plan exactly?"

"Yifan's men found something in your bunker. A map. Of all the bunkers in the entire country." Hoseok swallowed again, his fingers tigthening around the wheel. "Yoongi had recon explore them and they found some families. Some alive and some.... not. And they found some empty. Those bunkers have been reassigned. That's where we're going. Where we should meet up with Yoongi, Kihyun, Baekhyun, Chanyeol and recon. That's the plan."

"Why didn't he tell me about this?"

"He didn't want you to worry, I think. Things have been good." Hoseok smiled fondly. "Yoongi's always had back up plans. He always considers the worst outcome and figures out a way to deal with it. None of us expected this to happen but..."

"Was it... people?" Jimin questioned, hesitantly.

Hoseok sighed and rubbbed a hand against his face. "They blew a hole in the back wall, letting in a horde." Jimin immediately went tense. "It was... horrible. Taehyung and I barely made it out." The boy made a soft whimpering noise in the back and Jungkook shushed him gently. 

"Shit." Jimin hissed, hugging Jihoon a bit tighter. 

"I don't know what's going to happen." Hoseok admitted, looking worn and much older than he actually was. "But we go to the bunker and wait. That's all we can do right now."

Jimin had no choice but to agree. He thought, maybe, they would go to the bunker Jimin and his children once called home but no. Hoseok drove much farther then that, taking random roads that didn't seem to make much sense but it was obvious the man knew where he was going. He explained that there was a route Yoongi kept updated. A route the recon took because it was safe. They kept track of the hordes and other groups of people so they had safe zones. The bunker Yoongi assigned them was in a safe zone. 

Like Jimin's bunker, this one was in the middle of no where. It was in a forest, instead of a field which made Jimin's skin prickle but it was harder to find that way. Forest spelled danger to Jimin but Hoseok assured him they were relatively safe, just keep their eyes open. The children were still terrified but remained quiet and close to the adults. The bunker was deep in the forest, in the thick of it but they managed to find it. It was exactly like the one Jimin's family had but the code was different. Hoseok knew it, however and the children relaxed as soon as they were inside. It was bigger than the one Jimin had before. There were four bedrooms, including the living area, bath area and kitchen. It was still fully stocked, like it had never been used and though the air was musky, Jimin knew what to do to fix that. 

Finally feeling safe, the children seemed to relax. Hoseok took them all into one of the bedrooms to rest and when he came back, he was alone. Jihoon refused to leave Jimin's side and so the man had no choice but to hold the boy as he went about the bunker setting everything up. There were air hatches to open, energy reserves to adjust and a water reserve to check. Luckily, everything was set perfectly fine and Jimin noticed how much nicer this bunker was than his old one. It must have been made for some rich family, or some important family. Maybe someone in the government but Jimin didn't feel bad staking claim on it. It'd been years, if no one found it by then, no one knew it existed anymore. 

For the first couple hours, Jimin made himself busy by running around the bunker with Jihoon in his arms, adjusting and checking everything to make sure they would be alright. But he evetually ran out of things to do and had no choice but to collapse on one of the couches with Jihoon. Hoseok had curled up on one of the large beds with Taehyung and Jungkook and was getting some well deserved rest. They could only wait, there was nothing more they could do. 

Waiting made Jimin anxious. It made him worry and left him alone with his thoughts. Jihoon refused to close his eyes for longer than the time it took to blink but Jimin could tell the boy was exhausted. Jimin shared that with him, the exhaustion and the fear of closing his eyes. He was afraid of what he would find when he opened them again. So he relaxed back on the couch with Jihoon on his chest and sang to him, softly, gently, with emotion in his tone that made Jihoon start to cry softly against his collar. 

Hours passed like that. Eventually, the children woke up and Hoseok made some food for them. Jimin couldn't eat, too anxious and worried, his stomach bubbling sourly and Jihoon refused to eat as well. The others were able to eat but there was still the tenseness in the air like no one had forgotten what was going on. Jimin was glad Jungkook had Taehyung. Taehyung smiled softly and kept speaking to him, keeping him occupied and it was good. Jenni and Lisa had one another and Hoseok took care of Mingyu until the boy cried for Jihoon. Jimin ended up with a lap full of the two youngest but he didn't mind. Their warmth and weight was a constant reminder that he was not alone.

It was a full day before something happened.

Lisa and Jenni were in the bedroom Jimin had claimed as theirs, Jungkook and Taehyung were on the floor of the living room sharing a book they found in one of the other rooms, Mingyu was sleeping peacefully in Hoseok's arms and Jihoon was fighting sleep in Jimin's lap. Jimin was starting to panic, having to hold onto Jihoon to keep himself grounded. It had been much too long for no one else to show up. It made him concerned, made him wonder if anyone else got out. Made him wonder if Yoongi... 

The beeping from the door made everyone in the room freeze in what they were doing and then there was the whoosh of a door opening and Jimin scrambled to his feet. He skidded to a halt at the end of the entrance hallway and let out a soft sigh of relief. Baekhyun and Chanyeol were standing there, the taller cradling a small baby in his arms and Baekhyun had another child clinging to his legs, maybe three or so, looking like Jihoon's age. He recognized them as two of the children that joined them recently, brothers found on a recon trip and brought back by Yifan's men. 

"Oh thank goodness you're okay." Baekhyun sighed out when he spotted Jimin.

"The others?" Jimin stammered to say, his heart leaping in his throat. 

Chanyeol and Baekhyun glanced at one another, like they were discussing something silently and Jimin's knees buckled. "We don't know. Yoongi told us to take what we could and run." Baekhyun answered, carefully. 

"So you saw him? You talked to him?"

"You must be tired." Hoseok spoke up, offering the couple a soft smile and motioning for them to enter the bunker fully. Jimin moved out of the way, clutching Jihoon to him tighter and realized the boy was crying softly so he tried to calm him down, rubbing his hair and whispering to him that it would be okay. 

Chanyeol introduced the children with them as Jongin and Jongdae, Jongdae being the older one who looked terrified of anyone who even looked at him. He stuck to Baekhyun like glue and Jimin didn't blame the kid. They managed to settle down on one of the couches and Baekhyun left with Jongdae so he could change out of his blood stained clothes. Just seeing those stains made Jimin want to throw up and if Yoongi told Baekhyun and Chanyeol to run, their best fighters, then it was bad

Again, all they could do was wait. Hoseok made the couple some food and Lisa became fascinated with Jongin, who smiled and giggled at her every time she spoke to him. Jongdae remained stuck to Baekhyun's side but when the man sat down with Chanyeol, he seemed okay with letting the taller man pet his hair softly. Jimin couldn't imagine what those kids saw so he was glad they had the couple but all he could think about was Yoongi. Where was Yoongi? When was he coming? He couldn't ask anything with the kids around and it didn't seem like Baekhyun or Chanyeol had answers for him anyway. 

They lost the town, that much was obvious. Jimin could only pray they didn't lose Yoongi in the process. 

It took another day before the door opened again. Jimin had been worrying himself sick and Jihoon was only sleeping fitfully. He was the first one on his feet, rushing too the door with Jihoon in his arms again. No one stopped him, no one joined him. They were just as afraid as him at what he would find on the other side of that door. 

At first, Jimin didn't recognize the men who entered, shooting a spike of fear up his spine but then he spotted Yifan's tall ass blond head and he sighed in relief. It was recon. They looked tired, worse for wear and stank of blood. His throat went tight and he motioned for them to enter the bunker. They smiled in relief at him and as they passed him, he heard Baekhyun shout in relief, gathering a few of them up in tight hugs. 

Kihyun was at the back of the group and Jimin's heart fell into his stomach. He pushed passed Yifan, barely noticing the sad glance the man gave him and he hurried to Kihyun who remained outside the door, in the small room with the ladder, another man at his side. It took Jimin a moment to recognize the shorter man as Changkyun, the man Yoongi told him was Kihyun's lover. He had an arm around Kihyun's shoulders and his face was tense, a bit of dried blood stuck to his exposed neck but all Jimin cared about was Kihyun. His shoulders were dropped, his head hanging between them and a violent bubble of sick surched up Jimin's throat. 

"K-Kihyun!" Jimin called, sounding frantic as he hurried to the man. 

Kihyun flinched at his name and Jimin watched in slight horror as Kihyun abruptly dropped to his knees, covering his face with his hands. Changkyun dropped down with him, worry written all over his face and he rubbed his lover's back soothingly but it didn't seem Kihyun even noticed he was there. It took a second of staring in horror for Jimin to realize Kihyun was sobbing. It was a silent kind of sobbing, but his entire body was shaking from the force and Jimin didn't notice his knees buckle until it was too late. He collapsed to the floor, holding onto Jihoon tightly and he let out a gasp when his knees connected with the concrete painfully. 

"I-I'm so s-sorry." Kihyun's voice was a harsh grate against his vocal cords and he sounded like he had been crying for a while. 

Jimin's heart sunk to the floor, against the cold concrete and he reached forward, grabbing one of Kihyun's hands. Tears burst into his own eyes but didn't fall yet, his entire body in too much shock to do anything else. Kihyun flinched when their fingers touched but he didn't fight Jimin from curling their hands together. 

"I was supposed to p-protect him." Kihyun's voice burst, breaking right then and there and Changkyun whispered to him that it wasn't his fault, tugging him closer to his side and nuzzled into his hair.

"H-He's..." Jimin's throat tightened so much that it hurt and he found it impossible to breath. It was like he was suddenly breathing through a straw but he had to know. "H-He's g-gone, isn't h-he?"

"I'm so sorry!" Kihyun broke down again, this time his sobs louder and he hugged himself tightly, tipping over and if Changkyun hadn't caught him, he would have connected with the floor. Changkyun offered Jimin a sorrowful glance as he wrapped his arms around Kihyun and let the man sob into his lap. 

For a moment, all Jimin could do was stare. He watched the way Kihyun's body heaved with his sobs and then his vision went blurry. He realized, belatedly, that he was crying. His throat was burning, his chest constricted and he was sobbing, his lips parting to let out noises he couldn't control. Jihoon whipped his head up at Jimin at the sound, his little face crunching up in concern. 

"A-Appa?" Jihoon mumbled softly, his fingers tightening their grip in Jimin's shirt and his eyes went wide, watching as Jimin broke right in front of him. "W-Where's appa?"

That was all it took, really. Jimin broke then. He gathered a screaming Jihoon in his arms, squeezed him tightly and sobbed, his heart shattered on the dirty concrete floor. He would learn later that Jungkook had joined them, dropping down beside Jimin and hugging him as much as his little arms could manage, crying softly into his shoulder. He would learn later that Hoseok dragged Taehyung away from them to let them cry in peace. He would learn later that Lisa broke down into wrecking sobs when Hoseok tried to explain to her what was going on and Jenni held her tightly, fighting back her own tears but they eventually fell until Hoseok gathered them both in his arms, hugging them tightly as he fought his own tears. 

Jihoon screamed and cried and sobbed in Jimin's arms, begging for someone who would never come. It broke Jimin's heart, it ruined him and the only ounce of comfort he managed to find was when Kihyun finally gathered himself enough to collapse on Jimin and hug him tightly. They cried together, mourning someone who meant the world to them but eventually, after what felt like an eternity, they got back on their feet. 

Jimin would later learn that Yoongi had been bitten, while trying to save a few children. Kihyun had watched the entire thing and when Yoongi shoved him, demanded he run, Kihyun fought him. Recon showed up then and Kihyun was forcibly dragged away by Changkyun. Kihyun didn't know what happened after that but he said it was safe to assume Yoongi handled the situation himself. It was painful to think about but it was better than Yoongi stumbling around as an undead. They lost the town and many, many lives. But Jimin lost the man he loved, his children lost a parent and Kihyun, and many others, lost a good friend. 

Jimin would never be the same. Jimin would never recover. But he had children to take care of and so, he had to move forward, for them. For the children he shared with a man he came to love deeply, passionately, desperately. 

There was nothing else he could do.

Chapter Text

Jimin loved Kim Taehyung, really, he did. But the man was a bit crazy when he got drunk and though it was entertaining, Jimin knew when it was time to drag Taehyung out of the bar before they got kicked out on their asses. Taehyung was his best friend, full of laughter and kindness and Jimin couldn't imagine living without him. Jimin was a little tipsy on his own but Taehyung was tripping over his own feet by the time they made it out on the street. Taehyung announced that he needed to pee, loud enough to echo over the packed street and Jimin hide his face in his friend's jacket in embarrassment, unable to keep from giggling himself. Taehyung's arm was warm around his shoulders as they started walking and Jimin felt too good to care about some of the dirty looks they recieved. 

He didn't notice the group of smoking men they passed as they stumbled down the sidewalk. He didn't notice the one with blond hair and sharp dark eyes, glancing at him in slight interest as he lit up his cigarette. He didn't notice that interest fade as they passed by and he shifted his attention to his extra tall friend at his side. Taehyung shouted out into the night and Jimin giggled, the group of men disappearing as they rounded a corner. 

Chapter Text

When Yoongi first met Park Jimin, his initial thought wasn't that he was a person who would change Yoongi's life. In fact, his first thought had been, how the hell did anyone manage to pull off pink hair?

For a large chunk of his life, Yoongi dreamed of being a music producer. He worked his ass off from the moment he was old enough to make music and it was history after that. He crawled his way into a comfortable position and left behind a lot of blood, sweat and tears. He had his ups and downs, as anyone in the music industry did but he stuck to his guns and he stayed true to himself. For a while, he was lucky enough to be picked up by a small indie company who liked him working on their rappers albums. It was solid work, something he had a passion for and the rappers he worked with, mostly female, were pretty great to be around. 

Yoongi finally had his big break at the age of twenty-five with a pretty and talented little thing by the name of Suran. Her voice was amazing, something that gave Yoongi chills when he listened to it. It was so unique and so his style so when he penned her a soulful little number, he didn't expect too much to come out of it. 

Then their song topped the charts and not only was Suran thrust into the spotlight as an Indie artist, but so was Yoongi, as the man who wrote her song. He became high in demand after that and he could finally, after ten plus years, pick and choose what he wanted to work on. He had options, companies clawing at him for his attention and it was nice. The work paid well, the people were kind to him, the artists great to work with and he was living out his passion. 

Yoongi was twenty-nine when he got a call from an idol company. They'd come for him before but Yoongi always refused. He wasn't their cookie cutter style and he refused to conform to it. But he'd been referenced thanks to one Kim Namjoon and Yoongi had to wonder what the fuck his long time friend had been thinking. Luckily, at the time, Yoongi was free with his time and something made him think, what would it hurt? He could at least show up and see what they had to say. 

Park Jimin. That was their plan. A long time solo idol with a fanbase almost as big as the whole of China. South Korea's little prince and everyone's best friend. Yoongi didn't have anything against the guy, he didn't even know him. But the thought of making cookie cutter music made his skin crawl. When he put his foot down, stating he would make music he was passionate about and not music they wanted him to, he was surprised to have the CEO of this big company smile at him knowingly and state that was exactly what they wanted. 

Rebranding, was the idea. Jimin made a name for himself with poppy catchy songs, sharp dance moves and a bright smile that could move mountains. He was known to be a genuinely nice person and he was humble and respectful. Yoongi didn't know much about the guy at the time, never cared to look into idols before then but he liked the idea of turning a perfect pop prince idol into something a little more soulful, something a little more down to earth.

And so he agreed. 

Admittedly, Yoongi had worked in a lot of studios during his career but he was pleasantly surprised to see the high tech equipment in the basement of Bighit's building. Yoongi had his own studio but getting Jimin over there as often as they needed was too much of a hassle. It was easier for Yoongi to come to the busy idol. He was on a small break, according to the manager who led him into the studio, and he was Yoongi's for the following week. Yoongi had paled when he was told to have the song done in three days and he managed to work them up to a week. Perfection was not made in a few days. It wasn't possible. Maybe for other producers but not for Yoongi, especially considering how much of a perfectionist he was. 

At least he had a great studio to work in, he thought as he dumped his bag in one of the large plush leather rolling chairs. He was left alone, the manager bowing at him before he slipped out the door and Yoongi felt it was okay to be a little nosey. He would be working in this studio for the next week and it was important for him to figure out where everything was. Different producers liked different set ups but the set up in this studio was rather basic, which would make it easy to work with. They had equipment Yoongi still dreamed about owning, even on his salary and he figured one Park Jimin had a lot to do with it. 

He was, after all, Bighit's money cow. Their one and only true success, even after releasing groups and other solo artists. No one did as well Jimin, Yoongi learned. He did his research, after all. 

His research taught him a few key things about one Park Jimin. Jimin had been in the idol world since he was fourteen, signing up as a trainee and debuting in a failed boy group at the age of nineteen. When he was twenty-one, they debuted him as a solo artist with an upbeat song and the world fell in love with him. Yoongi could understand why. He was a rather handsome guy, he could sing and dance and he was funny when he wanted to be. What he was still struggling to understand what exactly what he was supposed to do about changing Jimin's image because the people loved him as he already was and he wasn't sure about the whole rebranding thing. 

Yoongi let out a soft sigh as he plopped down in one of the office chairs, tugging his bag into his lap so he could pull out his notebook and an assortment of pens he liked to use. He also had his own laptop, which he pulled out and replaced the company one with in the setup. He had all the same programs, he was sure, and he preferred to use his own laptop. That way he could take his work home with him if he needed to. 

It was fifteen minutes later, while Yoongi was shuffling through a few sample melodies he had messed with the past few days, when the studio door finally opened again. Yoongi spun around in his seat, cutting off the soft melody he had been fooling with and saw two figures enter the room. He got to his feet, running a hand through his mused black hair and took a few steps toward the new arrivals to introduce himself. Before he could even open his mouth, the taller of the two turned to him and offered him a nice little smile that made his eyes disappear.

"You must be Min Yoongi." The man was large, not so tall but just bulky in stature and Yoongi perked a brow at him, bowing his head as the man bowed at him in greeting. "Sohn Hyunwoo, Jimin's manager."

Ah, the guy had an assortment of managers but he'd been told this guy was the main one. "Nice to meet you." 

"And this is Jimin!" Hyunwoo twisted around so Yoongi could see the second figure and Yoongi paused, watching in slight amusment as the small figure went about tugging off all the things covering his face. He had a beanie on, which he quickly pulled off, revealing faded pink hair with a hint of black roots to it but it still managed to look good on him. And then he pulled off the pair of aviator sunglasses along with the white mask over his mouth and nose. He tucked all these items away into the messenger bag at his side and then ran a hand through his hair, meeting Yoongi's gaze shyly and wow, what a pretty guy. 

Yoongi already knew what Jimin looked like. He'd seen him perform and act on variety shows as he did his research but it was an entirely new thing to see him in person. On screen, he was all made up and pretending to be perfect for the world to see but the man in front of him was so perfectly imperfect it made Yoongi's throat tight. God, he was gorgeous. What the fuck did Namjoon drag Yoongi into?

"Thank you for working with me." Jimin's voice was light, a little scratchy even as he stepped forward and bowed politely at a full angle. "Please take care of me."

"Uh." Yoongi cleared his throat and bowed in return, offering the idol a soft smile so not to intimidate him. Namjoon told him all the time that he had resting bitch face and it could turn people off him immediately. They had to work together for the next week and Yoongi didn't want Jimin to be uncomfortable around him in the least. "I look forward to our time together." It was the most polite thing he could think of to say and he received a soft smile, curling in the corner of Jimin's mouth for it. 

"Right. Well," Hyunwoo cut in softly, giving Jimin's shoulder a gentle pat. "I'll leave you to it. I'll be back in three hours to get you. You have that dinner with Hyundai for that CF deal."

Jimin looked alarmed for a moment. "I'm a hot mess right now, what."

Hyunwoo waved a hand at him. "That's why I'm taking you two hours early. Don't fret. You'll be fine. Focus on the music for now." And with that, Hyunwoo left them alone with a soft smile and a wave before shutting the door behind himself. 

An awakward silence fell between them almost instantly and Yoongi tensed up, unsure what to do before he remembered he had a job to do. Jimin was an idol, but he was still an artist and that made him no different than the people he usually worked with. He had to treat him as he would any other artist and that made things a bit easier for Yoongi. 

"Okay." Yoongi broke the silence as he shuffled back over to his chair and plopped down. "Make yourself comfortable. We have a lot to talk about."

Jimin nodded at him, his face relaxing as he shuffled over to the large white leather couch pressed against the wall behind where Yoongi was set up. It took him a few minutes to get comfortable, stripping off his heavy coat to reveal a simple t-shirt and jeans. He looked casual, relaxed, and that was good. He needed to be relaxed for what they were going to do. Yoongi tried not to notice the flex of muscle and how elegantly the man moved just by folding up his coat but well, that was a little hard to do. 

"I'm going to be honest here," Yoongi started once Jimin was comfortable, turning away from his laptop so he could face Jimin, "I don't know the first thing about making idol music but I know music. Working with me will probably be different than when you've worked with other producers so, don't be afraid to ask questions, okay?"

Jimin blinked at him in surprise, his honey brown eyes wide and pretty, surrounded by long lashes that flickered when he blinked. "Okay." He smiled softly and folded his hands in his lap, fiddling with the assortment of rings on his fingers. He seemed to relax with Yoongi's words and that was a good thing. 

"Okay." Yoongi nodded to himself and relaxed in his chair, folding his arms over his chest. "I did some research on you, just trying to get a feel for what type of artist you are but I realize you're the type of artist the company made you out to be. I'm not used to that. So, I want to ask, what type of artist do you want to be?"

Jimin's head tilted to the side slightly and he leveled Yoongi with a confused expression. "What type of artist do I want to be?"

"What kind of music do you want to sing? You've been doing upbeat poppy stuff up until now and it's worked but I was told this was a rebranding effort, to make you more mature or something which I can do but I only make music true to the artist and I can't do that if you don't know what you want."

"Oh." Jimin's plump lips popped and Yoongi tried to not notice. "I've... never been asked that."

"You can think about it for a moment if you need to."

"N-No." Jimin shook his head. "I know what I want. I want..." He trailed off, biting into his lower lip and glancing to the side, finding the assortment of albums on the shelf near the couch more interesting. "I want to make people feel something with the music I perform. I've always wanted that. I've made people happy with my music up until now but... there's never been any substance to my songs. It was all about making money, hitting number one and making a good image. But now..." He ducked his head down and smiled to himself. "Now I can make the music I want."

"And what music is that?" Yoongi asked softly. 

"I want to make music that's close to my heart, with lyrics that hold meaning behind them. I'm sick of love songs, to be honest." He laughed softly to himself, a breathless sound. Yoongi could tell his voice was worn, maybe from practicing and he had light circles under his eyes, like he wasn't sleeping which would not do for Yoongi but they'd discuss that later. "I want something with deeper meaning. When... When Bang PD told me all about this rebranding, I was pretty excited about it. He told me they were bringing in an indie producer." He shyly met Yoongi's gaze, his eyes sparkling with a type of excitement and passion that Yoongi liked to see in the artists he worked with. "I wasn't expecting the Min Yoongi."

Yoongi made a soft noise of surprise. "You know of me?"

"Who doesn't?" Jimin's laugh was soft again and he reached forward to grab the plastic coffee cup he brought with him and sipped from it. "I'm a big fan of Suran and I'm honored to work with you."

A soft curl of heat started to make it's way up the back of Yoongi's neck. "Ah, well, I just like making good music."

"The music you make is amazing." Jimin reached into his bag and started digging around in it, a light flush curling over his cheeks as he started to speak. "I thought this rebranding was a good idea. I want to be more deep as an artist. I want to have a hand in making my music so I... I went home and wrote some."

Yoongi sat up in interest, watching Jimin's hands as they tugged out a notebook from his bag. He was obviously unsure and nervous about sharing what he wrote but he pushed through that and opened the notebook, flipping around until he found what he wanted. Then he passed the book to Yoongi, his flush still light, his smile still shy, but his eyes were sparkling. Yoongi took it without question and pulled it into his lap to read over. 

"I like how deep your songs are. How they take on topics people rarely like to deal with. People look up to me and I want... I want to have something of substance to say to them." Jimin explained softly, fiddling with the straw of his drink nervously. 

Jimin's handwriting was a lot neater than Yoongi expected but considering his own writing was pretty much scratch, it was a pleasant surprise. It was easy to read and the guy wrote a decent amount of lyrics. No full songs but little tidbits of lyrics all over the page, just like Yoongi did. Spurts of inspiration that turned into a verse or a hook or a chorus. Yoongi read over them slowly, taking in each and every word and something sharp stuck in the pit of his stomach. 

"These are good." Yoongi finally spoke after a few minutes of silence and Jimin looked up at him hopefully. "We could use these. Is this the direction you want to go in? Talking about your struggles?"

"It seems appropriate." Jimin mumbled, rubbing at his flushed cheek with a fist. 

"It's not easy, prying deep inside to rip out the parts we try to keep hidden. It's not easy to lay them bear and leave our wounds open for people to witness. Are you sure you want to do this?" Yoongi finally tugged his eyes away from the chunk of words that stuck out to him the most, a creative way of Jimin explaining how much he starved himself for the vision of perfect thrust upon him. 

Jimin took a deep breath and met Yoongi's gaze head on, squaring his shoulders and nodding firmly. "This is what I want."

"Alright." Yoongi smiled at him, a soft little thing and then passed the notebook back to Jimin. "We could do a whole song focused on your distortion of self-image. It would hit deep but I doubt your company would allow that to be your title." He hummed under his breath and twisted around, reaching for his laptop so he could fiddle with it, bringing up the melodies he had been working on. "We have a week to pump out a mini albums worth of songs and I think we already have a theme. We can do six songs with this theme. I was told your title has to be something you can dance to and I have an idea of what we can do. You wrote about losing a friend, people an relate to that. Let's focus on that first."

"W-We're going to do this?" Jimin asked from behind him. 

"Yup." Yoongi was sure the idol was used to having his ideas shut down and considering he had his back to him, he didn't see the pretty happy smile that curled over Jimin's lips. "Come here and pull up that other chair. I wrote a few melodies while watching some of your fancams. I think they fit your style and I want you to check them out."

Jimin shuffled around behind him for a moment before he plopped down beside him in the other chair. "You watched my fancams?"

Yoongi made a noise in his throat, his eyes focused on his laptop screen. "Fancams are exactly that. Seeing you through the eyes of your fans is more revealing then watching a professionally shot video. You're more relaxed around your fans and I could get a feel for who you are and what style works best with you. I write music based on that artist; who they are and not who people want them to be. I know, no matter what, you're acting somewhat on camera but I think I understand you a little bit. At least enough to have a jumping off point."

"You're... really dedicated, aren't you?" Jimin sounded like he was in awe and when Yoongi glanced at him, the idol was watching how his fingers moved across the keyboard. 

"It's not just my job. It's my passion."

Jimin hummed, folding his hands in his lap and smiled to himself, something small and pretty and made Yoongi's heart thump. "We'll make great music together, I just know it."

And that was how Yoongi's first meeting went with Park Jimin. They spent the rest of their time together going over the few melodies Yoongi had made and then creating a few more. Something to work with and Yoongi directed Jimin to write some more lyrics. If he needed help, Yoongi could gladly step in but the lyrics would mean more when they came from Jimin himself. He didn't have much confidence in his words but Yoongi thought he was pretty good and that was all that mattered. They could fiddle with the rhythm of the words once they actually had a full track to work with but for now, they were content to throw around melodies, song ideas and lyrics. 

When Hyunwoo showed up to take Jimin away, Yoongi insisted the boy get some sleep and rest his voice because they wouldn't get far with a sleepy idol and a sore throat. They both agreed to Yoongi's terms and then he was left alone in the studio. 

Spending three hours with Jimin, speaking with the boy and getting to know him slightly was enough to open up the flood gates and Yoongi spent the entire night in the studio. 

By the time Jimin showed up late the next morning, Yoongi had three full songs up to his standard and Jimin berated him softly for spending the entire night in the studio. Yoongi had gotten a few hours of sleep on the couch but he had been too committed to give up and go home. Jimin only smiled softly when he explained and offered to buy them breakfast. They spent the whole day finishing up the rest of their songs and by one the next morning, they had a mini album to record. Yoongi sent Jimin home to rest his voice and when Yoongi finally collapsed in his own bed that night, he was thrilled about the music they were making together. 

Working with Jimin wasn't all that different than working with any other artist. He had his opinions that he was shy to share but when he didn't like something, he was pretty blunt about it. He didn't mind turning his hardships into lyrics that poured out his soul and Yoongi quickly learned that Jimin's true potential was completely untapped. His voice was beautiful, something Yoongi always knew, but the idol's ability to emote through his singing was astonishing and with such deep, heartful lyrics, it was so imporant. 

Between talking about songs and all the singing, Yoongi learned other things about Jimin. Like how he couldn't start the day without two cups of coffee, with way too much sugar in it to even be considered coffee. How he still didn't eat as much as he should and was still struggling with the body issues drilled into him from a toxic industry but he was doing better. 

Jimin told Yoongi why he decided to be an idol. He loved dancing. It was his passion and everything he ever wanted to do with his life. Being an idol seemed like the perfect thing to do. He was passionate about his dancing, passionate about music and he just wanted to make people happy. The song they were working on about failure told the story of how devastated Jimin had been when his first group had failed and how responsible he had felt for the whole thing. 

They were taking on hard topics but Jimin handled them with a pretty smile and a bright demeanour. He didn't shine as bright as he did on stage but Yoongi quickly learned that Jimin was just as warm and kind in person.

And maybe that was where the problem started. 

Yoongi was the type to always focus on the job at hand. He rarely became distracted and got the job done without a fuss by the deadline. Jimin was just as well focused, taking all the helpful advice Yoongi had to give him with sparkling eyes, never complaining unless he really didn't like something, which was rare. 

Jimin was gorgeous, even with his faded pink hair and bare face. He was warm and kind and Yoongi was attracted. It wasn't a bizarre thing for him, really. He'd never been confused about his sexuality but to be attracted to an idol he was working with was well, dangerous. Attraction was one thing, doing something about it was another. His attraction to Jimin just became another one of those things Yoongi pushed to the side so he could focus on his job. 

Jimin made it hard sometimes, however. 

There were times when their eyes would meet through the glass, when Jimin was singing soulfully into the mic and Yoongi was lost in the emotion of his voice. Jimin's eyes held something in those moments, something he couldn't read but made the back of his neck flush with heat. But then Jimin would look away and the moment would be gone. 

Or the time when they were both hovering over the sound board, Yoongi flicking at switches to fuck with the sound coming through their speakers, Jimin's voice soft and fluid in the air around them. Jimin was beside him, peering at whatever Yoongi was doing and that was fine because Jimin liked to watch sometimes. But then Jimin pressed against his arm and heat prickled over his skin at the touch. Yoongi froze slightly, his hand hovering over the few buttons he was about to press and all he could focus on was how warm Jimin felt against him, his chest pressed into Yoongi's arm and shoulder. He caught a whif of cologne, just as soft as the man pressing into him and when Yoongi finally dared to glance to his side, Jimin wasn't looking at his hand. 

Jimin's eyes were locked on the side of Yoongi's face, the corner of his mouth to be exact and there was something startling in those deep eyes that made Yoongi's heart stutter in his chest. Want. There was want in Jimin's eyes and Yoongi didn't know what to do about that. For a solid minute, they stood like that, frozen together and Yoongi thought, maybe, Jimin was going to fucking kiss him right then and there because Yoongi could smell sexual tension from a mile away but then Jimin snapped out of it, his eyes jumping up to Yoongi's and the pretty flush that curled over his chubby cheeks made Yoongi's throat dry. Yoongi turned back to the sound board and then it was like nothing happened. 

There was also the time, five days into their seven day week, where Yoongi ordered dinner for them before they starved in the studio basement of BigHit entertainment. Jimin had been so grateful for the pizza he hadn't been allowed to have in months that he hugged Yoongi. He'd done it without thought, Yoongi was sure but once those strong warm arms were around him, they both froze. Jimin was solid and oh so beautiful that Yoongi's arms wrapped around him on their own accord. That made Jimin relax and hug him a little tighter. It was both confusing and agonizing for Yoongi because he had no clue what was happening. And then the moment passed, as they tended to do, Jimin flashing him a bright smile as he pulled away to dig into the food. 

Small moments over the series of a week that made Yoongi question everything he knew about his life and how his heart worked. Yoongi wasn't stupid, nor was he oblivious. He noticed the way Jimin watched him on occasion with a light heat in his gaze and a soft smile curled to his plump lips. Yoongi could not, however, figure out what the fuck it meant. It would have drove him nuts if Jimin were anyone else but the guy was an idol and no matter the strange sexual tension suddenly between them, there was nothing to be done about it. It still made Yoongi curious, however.

Was Jimin just curious or was he actually into men? It wouldn't be the first time Yoongi managed to seduce a straight guy without even trying. Yoongi wasn't a hot little piece of ass but he wasn't unattractive either and he knew it. Gaining attention wasn't all that abnormal but he could usually read the air a little better than he could between him and Jimin. He couldn't deny the fact that he was curious about the idol. Jimin was gorgeous and a genuinely good person. They had a decent amount in common and it made Yoongi ponder, on occasion, what those plump pink lips might feel like.

They were dangerous thoughts and so Yoongi did his best not to dwell on them. 

The week flew by faster than Yoongi expected but he was proud of himself. He was proud of both of them. They managed to create an entire mini album in a week and he was satisfied with what they accomplished. Part of him, the perfectionist in him, reminded him that it could be better if he had the time but it was out of his hands. 

Yoongi took Jimin out for BBQ that night as a way of celebration and they were curled up together on the same booth, Jimin resting against his side and picking at the side dishes when Yoongi got the call. Bang PD was more than pleased with the music and didn't have a single thing to complain about. He loved the deep personal experiences in the songs and had to admit Jimin's voice had the type of emotion they never tapped into before. 

Jimin had been so happy with the approval that he hugged Yoongi right then and there, in the middle of the mostly empty restaurant. Yoongi hugged him back because he had no reason not to and it took a lot of effort to pull away from him. When they said goodbye that night, Jimin promised to message him soon because he was about to be real busy but he wanted to keep in contact with Yoongi, let him know how everything played out. He made Yoongi promise to watch the music video when it came out and also watch his comeback stage. When Jimin left him that evening, climbing into the back of the car Hyunwoo was driving, his smile was so warm and so full of affection it made Yoongi's heart ache. 

True to his word, Jimin kept Yoongi updated with a handful of texts a day, filled with way too many emojis but still made the older's heart thump in happiness. Jimin told him what he was doing that day, be it dance practice or a fitting for the upcoming music video filming. The title song was the one they had hoped for, a pretty piano heavy number based around how Jimin lost his best friend to suicide when he was twelve. It was a deep subject, one rarely covered in the work of idol music but Jimin was proud and Yoongi was proud for him. The company had decided to stick to the true meaning of the song, letting Jimin work on a simple but beautiful choreography and Yoongi looked forward to seeing it. 

It wasn't a strange thing for Yoongi to keep contact with the artists he worked with but even he knew Jimin was different. The idol didn't text him because he needed to talk business or music. Jimin messaged him simple because he wanted to. 

It was dangerous, so dangerous and yet Yoongi let himself indulge. 

Butterfly was an instant hit. The music video was beautiful, Jimin just as much so and Yoongi sat on his couch, curled up with a cup of tea to watch Jimin's first live performance. There was a warmth settled around his heart as he watched Jimin elegantly dance around the stage. He created that song. They both did. He helped create such a beautiful thing and it was like Suran all over again, only deeper, stronger, more dangerous. Yoongi was proud of Jimin for sharing his experiences and he was already making headlines for it. That was all Yoongi could ask for from an artist he worked with. 

As Jimin focused on his comeback and Yoongi focused on a new artist he was planning to work with, their simple easy friendship of texting took a light break. Jimin texted when he could but Yoongi knew he was busy and he didn't take it personally. He had his own shit to do and by the end of the first week of Butterfly promotions, Yoongi was sure he would become another faded memory in the busy idol's life and he was fine with that. 

By the beginning of the next week, Yoongi was locked up in his home studio, fucking around with heavy beats and guitar rifts for an upcoming punk singer he was looking forward to working with. Jeon Jungkook fit in more with the western style of music but Yoongi had his back. The kid was talented, crazy so and he was starting to take the tiny punk rock scene by storm. He'd gained the attention of a few idol companies but he had yet to sign with any of them, too focused on this new demo he wanted to do with Yoongi. Another kid thrown at him by Namjoon but Yoongi couldn't complain. He was happy to help the kid and dive into a new style of music he didn't usually work with. It was fun and exciting. 

When Yoongi threw himself into his work, the rest of his life tended to suffer. His phone was usually abanonded, as was his diet and sleeping habits. His studio was directly across from his bedroom for a reason and it usually took a lot of effort for him to shuffle across the small hallway and plop into his unmade bed for a few hours of sleep before inspiration dragged him back to the studio. 

Currently, Yoongi was taking a real break for once. It was nearly midnight and his apartment was quiet, the only sound that of the water bubbling for the ramen he was going to shove down his throat soon. He wasn't that hungry but he hadn't eaten since breakfast and if he didn't eat, he would be too drained to finish working. He sipped on some tea while he waited for the ramen to cook, leaning against the kitchen counter. He felt relaxed, warm and comfortable in his own home in nothing but a pair of baggy sweats and a loose white t-shirt. He'd showered that morning so at least he was pretty clean though his hair was a mess from running fingers through it. 

The knocks at his door were an abrupt surprise. He nearly dropped his tea at the sound and he whipped his head at the door, staring at it confusion before the knocks came agian, this time a little more instant. Yoongi grumbled under his breath, thinking it was Namjoon showing up drunk again and he was half tempted to leave the asshole out in the cold. But, Yoongi was actually a good friend, so he pulled his ramen off the stove, turned the burner off and shuffled over to the door. 

"Yeah, Yeah, I'm coming asshole." He grumbled to himself when the knocks came again, hurrying in his steps to the door so Namjoon's banging didn't wake up any of his neighbors. Yoongi took a few seconds to unlock the door and then tugged it open, the seething words dying instantly on his tongue at the figure on the other side. 

It wasn't Namjoon.

In fact, Yoongi wasn't sure who it was. Their entire body was covered from head to toe from the bitter cold outside but Yoongi vaguely recognized that white mask and who wore sunglasses at night? 

"Can I come in?" The voice was muffled but Yoongi recognized it immediately. 


"Yeah." Yoongi swallowed around the lump in his throat and moved out of the doorway so Jimin could slip inside. Jimin toed off his shoes while Yoongi shut the door, locking it up again out of habit. Yoongi could only watch in confusion as Jimin started to unbundle himself. Why was he there? What was he doing? He didn't know Jimin even knew where he lived. Yoongi was beyond confused but he waited until Jimin's face was finally free from his mask to speak. "Not that I'm unhappy to see you but what are you doing here?"

Jimin flashed him a confused look, that managed to stun Yoongi all the more. He didn't answer at first however. He focused on tugging off the hat from his head, letting his fluffy blond hair free and then tucked everything away on the small bench Yoongi had by the door. There were hints of make-up left on Jimin's face, a bit of smuged eyeliner under his eyes but he looked beautiful. So beautiful, and Yoongi's chest went tight with the realization. He wanted to reach out and touch him, smooth his hair and cup his cheeks but Yoongi kept his hands to himself.  

Now that Jimin was free, he turned back to Yoongi with that same slightly confused expression. "You didn't watch Music Bank tonight?"

Yoongi blinked at him, tilting his head slightly. "I've been working."

"Oh." Jimin sounded slightly disappointed but he brushed it off before Yoongi could figure out why. His mood instantly lifted and he bounced on his heels, a pretty grin curling his lips. "I thought you'd watch. Maybe see me take number one with the song you made."

Yoongi stared at Jimin for a few seconds, taking in the sparkling of his eyes, the curl of his plump pink lips, before the words registered. His heart lept into his throat and he snapped his eyes to Jimin's. "What?"

Jimin giggled, an absolutely beautiful thing and he reached out for Yoongi, curling his fingers around his shoulder carefully. "Yeah, I took number one tonight." He was positively buzzing with exctiement, everything about him so utterly bright it was almost blinding and Yoongi had never seen something so beautiful in his entire life. "A-And I asked Hyunwoo if he knew where you lived so I could come thank you, properly." 

"You worked just as hard." Yoongi managed to say through a tight throat. He was happy for Jimin, thrilled even. It was a big deal for such an emotionally indepth song to make number one and Yoongi could tell Jimin was proud of it. 

Jimin hummed and stepped closer, his eyes fluttering shyly as he glanced up at Yoongi. "I wouldn't have done it without you. You... gave me the courage to open up like that. I want to thank you. For everything."

Yoongi heart was hammering hard in his throat and all he could focus on was the way Jimin's hand was slowly sliding down the side of his arm to curl their fingers together. There was sometihng in his gaze, something heated and heavy, but something even more important. A type of affection that made Yoongi reach out and curl a hand over Jimin's hip, tugging him that extra inch closer so they pressed together. 

"You don't have to thank me." Yoongi rumbled out, dropping his gaze to Jimin's shy smile. 

"I want to."

And that was when Jimin leaned up, closing the distance between them and Yoongi finally got to learn what those plump lips felt like. They were soft, oh so perfect, and warm. Jimin pressed them together softly, carefully, giving Yoongi the chance to pull away if he wanted to but he didn't want to. His entire body sparkled with the press of their lips and both Yoongi's hands found their way to Jimin's hips, holding on tightly as Jimin leaned into him, relaxing when he realized Yoongi wasn't going to pull away. 

They shared a soft kiss, just the press of lips for a long time until Jimin finally pulled away. He wasn't gone long, pressing back before Yoongi could even flutter his eyes open. Jimin pressed harder this time, more certain, more confident and Yoongi found his back hitting the door. He didn't want to wonder if this was Jimin's way of thanking him or if the guy really wanted to kiss him. He didn't care. He just wanted to savor the feeling of their lips together because it was oh so perfect and there was nothing more Yoongi could ever want. 

Jimin's hands curled over his shoulders, smoothing across his collarbone and then hooking around his neck, cupping his skin softly as he tilted Yoongi's head into a better angle, deepening the kiss. It was too much and not enough all at once and Yoongi was afraid to ask for more. It was the soft tentative lick at his lips that made Yoongi gasp and knock his head back against the door. 

"Shit." Yoongi mumbled, his voice heavy and his eyes fluttering open. Jimin's face was flushed, all the way to the tips of his ears but his gaze was sparkling, locking on Yoongi's lips. "We can't." Yoongi couldn't say where the words came from but he would later blame his conscience for them.

Jimin hummed, licking at his lips to taste Yoongi on them. "I know." His tone was resolute, like he had already accepted something. "I wanted to try though."

"Shit, Jimin." Yoongi heaved a soft sigh, his entire body buzzing with a warmth he couldn't explain. 

Jimin slowly brought his gaze up to Yoongi's eyes and smiled softly at him, his eyes curling and crinkling. "I wanted to do that since the moment you proved to me my opinion was important. Weird, huh? I've never wanted to kiss a guy before."

Yoongi wanted to do something. Push Jimin away or pull him closer, he wasn't sure but he stayed still, his grip tigthening on those hips. "Not weird."

Jimin laughed softly, a happy sound as he leaned into Yoongi's chest, letting his hands rest curled over his shoulders. "I mean, I knew you were into it. You're not very good at hiding what you want. I just wanted to try. Get a taste maybe." For a moment he looked sad, his lips curling into a frown and then he pushed away from Yoongi, letting his hands linger on the older's wrists before dropping them. "I know the life I live. I know the dangers but, well, I wanted to thank you." He offered Yoongi a soft smile, something filled with a million words he couldn't express. 

"Yeah." Yoongi swallowed hard, pushing off the door. "I get it."

"You're not mad at me for kissing you? Even when I can't do anything more about it?" Jimin nibbled on his lower lip and fiddled with the rings on his fingers, a nervous habit Yoongi learned he had. 

"I can't be mad at you for getting a taste." Yoongi shrugged one shoulder, the tension melting out of him at the relieved look on Jimin's pretty face. "It is what it is. We both know that." He reached out to finally smooth down Jimin's hair, like he had been aching to do for weeks.

Jimin leaned into the touch, smiling tenderly at him. "I'm glad you understand."

"Maybe in another life." Yoongi mused softly, earning another pretty toothy smile from Jimin. 

"If we're lucky." Jimin laughed softly.

Yoongi invited Jimin to share dinner with him, nothing fancy and Jimin agreed to stay. They chatted over steaming hot ramen until Hyunwoo was blowing up Jimin's phone, demanding he come back to the dorm because he needed to be well rested for the busy schedule the next day. 

Yoongi followed Jimin to the door and watched patiently as the boy wrapped himself up all over again. He was ready to say goodbye to the idol, knowing this might be the last time he saw him because that was just how things worked in their industry. Maybe they'd work together again but it wasn't something they could count on.  

Before Jimin slipped out the door, he grabbed Yoongi's face with both hands and pulled him down into a warm kiss, something soft and perfect. They were both a little flushed when Jimin pulled away, tucking the white mask over his face again but Yoongi could see he was smiling by the way his eyes crinkled. 

And then Jimin was gone, leaving him with a wave down the hallway. 

Yoongi didn't go back to work that night. He went straight to bed and dreamt of soft pink lips and a sunshine smile that might haunt him for a while. 

Things fell back into a sense of normality after a while. Jimin's number remained in Yoongi's phone but it was rarely used. Jimin would text him on occasion, sometimes about their album and sometimes just checking in. It was all they could expect from one another. Eventually that texting faded into nothing as Jimin's career continued to blow up and Yoongi lost himself in the music he made for other people. 

Park Jimin became another artist in Yoongi's long list of accomplishments. But Yoongi knew, deep down, Jimin could have been different. Maybe in a different life, a different situation they could have explored the strange intense energy between them but not this time. 

Yoongi was curled around one Jeon Jungkook when he got the news about Jimin's quiet wedding to a pretty girl from one of the senior idol groups. Namjoon had been kind enough to send him the message and Yoongi only smiled softly, sending a congratulatory message to Jimin just because. He was surprised when Jimin texted back immediately, thanking him and wishing him the best. Yoongi's heart thumped in his chest but Jungkook's arms were warm, solid and strong around him and everything was okay. Jimin was happily married, Yoongi had Jungkook who had swooped in and stolen his heart and it was good. 

Maybe another life but in this life, they were happy and that was all that mattered. 

Chapter Text

Four months before his eighth birthday party, Yoongi started to feel ill. It wasn't anything to worry about at first. It almost seemed like the flu with how weak and tired he suddenly felt so his parents passed it of as such. But then he didn't get better. He continued to grow weak and then he stopped eating. He wasn't hungry but he managed to swallow down the food suppliment shakes his mother gave him to keep up his strength. He slept more than he was awake and he started to fall asleep in class. It was when he fell asleep and no one could wake him up in his History class that his parents finally decided something was wrong. 

Two months before his eighth birthday Yoongi was diagnosed with a terminal tumor at the base of his brain that was inoperatable. His parents heard the word cancer and immediately broke down in tears. Yoongi was too young too understand. He watched his parents cry, watched the Doctor eye him with sympathy and Yoongi asked when he was going to start feeling better. His father had to sit him down carefully, tears in the corners of his eyes, and tell him that he wasn't going to get better. 

It was a hard thing for Yoongi to swallow. There was nothing the doctors could do. The tumor was in a place that couldn't be removed or he would die. He was going to die either way but at least this way he still had time. Yoongi came to understand that he didn't have a lot of time left and he didn't know what to do about it. He still didn't quite understand what was happening. He felt tired all the time, too weak to get out of bed some days but then some days he felt good enough to join his parents for dinner. They considered treatment but Yoongi's mother refused to put her son through that. He was stage 4, there was little hope. 

Three days before his eighth birthday, Yoongi was admitted to the hospital permanently. He had a seizer in his sleep that left his parents frozen in panic and the hospital had the best care for him. They made him comfortable, gave him his own room and stuck him in the wing where all the other sick kids were. They were dying too, he realized and there was a strange feeling in knowing he wasn't alone. 

Yoongi had his eighth birthday party at the hospital. The nurses were so kind. They decorated his room and brought him cupcakes. All the other sick kids, the ones that could get out of bed, joined him along with his parents and his older brother. It was nice even if it wasn't what Yoongi had originally wanted. He didn't have friends so they didn't plan on a party so Yoongi was happy to have kids wish him a happy birthday. They were sick too, they understood how he felt, so Yoongi didn't mind so much. 

Four days after Yoongi's eighth birthday, the doctor told him he lost another five pounds and Yoongi could see his own ribs when he rose his shirt. There was nothing he can do about it, really. He tried to eat but sometimes it just came right back up. They put him on a fluid diet, whatever that meant, and Yoongi was so happy to not have to force down solid food anymore. 

A week after Yoongi's eighth birthday, he received a visitor he had never seen before. He had been sitting quietly in his bed, relaxing against a few pillows as he read a new book his mother brought him. He heard commotion outside of his open door but didn't think much of it. Two other children had passed away since he came to live there and he wondered who was next, as morbid a thought as it was. But there was laughter and he wondered if there was another party. Yoongi was confined to his bed ever since he went to the bathroom yesterday and had a seizer. His head still ached from the fall. 

At the sound of foot steps, Yoongi glanced up to see children passing by his open door. They looked younger than him and healthy, and they peeked into his room in curiousity before they hurried to follow after the woman they had been following. Yoongi couldn't imagine what was going on so he ignored them and went back to his book. It was when small footsteps came to a stop at his door that Yoongi looked up again. 

A young boy, maybe five or six, stood in his open doorway, half hidden behind the door frame. A woman was at his side, with a kind smile and her hand gently on his head. She ushered him forward and after gaining a bit of confidence, the little boy shuffled into the room. Yoongi sat up in confusion, watching as the boy crossed the room slowly. He was dressed in a clean cut uniform, black pants and a light blue shirt with the logo of some school on the breast. His hair was a fluffy mess of black and his cheeks were rather chubby for his face. He was clutching something black in his hands and it took Yoongi a moment to realize it was paper. The woman lingered by the door, keeping an eye on the both of them and Yoongi almost asked what was going on before the boy reached his bed. 

"T-This is for you!" His voice came out in a soft squeak and he shoved the black paper toward Yoongi.

Yoongi stared at it in surprise before glancing at the woman in question. She only smiled at him softly before saying, "Jimin, tell him why you're here."

Jimin, the boy, took a deep breath and squared his shoulders before lifting his head. His eyes were wide and honey brown and Yoongi found himself staring at them. His chubby cheeks were flushed in embarrassment but he held out the paper with a certain type of confidence Yoongi lacked. 

"M-My class made cards and we picked out who we get to give them to and I picked you."

Yoongi's heart thumped in his chest, the monitor beside him beeping with him, and he dropped his gaze to the card. 

"I-I worked hard on it." Jimin offered softly, taking another step toward the bed and pressing the paper closer to Yoongi. 

Yoongi placed his bookmark in the page he was on, closed the book, placed it on the bed at his side and took the paper with slightly shaking hands. It was a card, folded out of black construction paper. He flipped it over to the front to see Jimin had cut out a red heart and glued it to the front with an assortment of glitter. 

"Your profile said your favorite color is black, but that's such a sad color!" Jimin reached forward suddenly, grabbing the card so he could open it without taking it out of Yoongi's hands. "So I made a rainbow, see!" He grinned brightly, making his cheeks bunch up and crinkle his eyes. A rainbow popped up from the card when it was opened, rather well made for a kid of his age and Jimin had scribbled something in the neatest writing he probably had at the bottom of the card. "I know saying, 'get better soon' isn't the right thing to say, Teacher told me. But, you looked so sad in your picture, I wanted to see you smile!" Jimin had asked him to smile at the bottom of the card, asked him to be happy. 

Yoongi's throat tightened and he didn't know what to do, or what to say but he almost felt like crying for the first time since he was diagnosed. He took a deep breath and cradled the card to his chest, finally meeting the boy's eyes again. "What's your name?"

"Oh!" Jimin scrambled away like he forgot something important and then he stood up straight, facing Yoongi. "My name is Park Jimin." He bowed in greeting and when he came back up, he was grinning prettily. 

"I..." Yoongi swallowed the tightness in his throat and offered the boy the softest smile he could muster. "Thank you, Park Jimin."

Jimin's eyes wide and he tossed himself to the side of Yoongi's bed. "You're so pretty when you smile! See, it's nice isn't it?" He giggled softly and reached out to pat Yoongi's hand gently. "You deserve to be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy!"

Yoongi's throat went so tight he could barely breathe and Jimin's teacher seemed to pick up on Yoongi's plight. She stepped forward to collect Jimin gently. "Come on, Jimin. I think he needs his rest."

"Oh." Jimin sounded almost disappointed but he nodded and followed after his teacher. "It was nice to meet you, Min Yoongi." He bowed his head politely.

"W-wait." Yoongi sat up suddenly and they both paused, Jimin still only a few feet away from his bed. "Y-You said you picked me. Why?"

Jimin glanced up at his teacher for permission when she nodded at him, he stepped forward. He was careful as he grabbed Yoongi's hands between his own much smaller ones and held them tightly, looking at him with those big eyes. "You looked so sad and I wanted to make you smile. I knew you'd be pretty when you smile. I got sad thinking that maybe you would go away without smiling and I made it my mission to make you smile!"

It was sweet, and innocent, as expected of a young child and Yoongi's eyes whelled. He sniffed softly and ducked his head in his own bow, his lips spreading out over his teeth into a gummy smile. "Thank you, Park Jimin."

Jimin giggled brightly, squeezing Yoongi's hands before finally letting go. "Keep smiling, Min Yoongi! It'll make you feel better! My eomma says smiling is the best medicine."

Yoongi couldn't help but laugh softly at the boy and he was happy to see the boy mirror his own bright smile. After that, his bid his goodbyes and followed his teacher out of his room. Before he disappeared, Jimin gave Yoongi one last bright smile and then disapeared down the hallway.

Yoongi cried for the first time since his diagnoses that night. For the first time, he realized how unfair his entire life was. It wasn't fair that he didn't get to grow up. That he wouldn't get to see bright smiles like Park Jimin's ever again. It wasn't fair and he was angry. He was so angry. He cried and sobbed himself to sleep, all while clutching Jimin's card in his little fists. 

Two weeks after his eighth birthday, Min Yoongi passed away peacefully in his sleep. Jimin's card was added with the many other things Yoongi had collected during his time in the hospital and his parents tucked it into the coffin before they buried him because they knew how important it had become to him. Keep smiling, the card written by five year old Park Jimin had said. Yoongi's parents prayed their son was smiling in heaven. 

Chapter Text

Flying to Los Angeles was not something new to Jimin. He had flown out to the city a handful of times in the last few years of his life so it wasn't anything new to him. What was new, however, was the fact that he was going alone for once. Anyone who had any clue who Jimin Park was knew about his recent break up with his boyfriend of over two years. What they didn't know was how messy the entire ordeal had been. Jimin made the breakup seem amicable to everyone because he didn't want people to worry about him, or so he told himself. It was more out of the fact that he was embarrassed. He, and those that loved him, though he would be together with Kyle for the rest of his life. Finding out he was wrong, discovering his boyfriend had been cheating on him for a good year or so wasn't something he wanted to share with the public. 

Jimin was strong enough to pick himself back up and fly out to LA as promised because it was better than staying in the apartment that reminded him of a life that had been tossed away without care. If he was worse of a person, he might hate Kyle. He might tell his fans the truth just to see him suffer. But Jimin was a good person, or tried to be, and he kept the juicy details to himself out of respect for a man who never respected him. 

Maybe he was much too nice sometimes. Jin sure thought he was. 

Either way, breakup or not, Jimin flew by himself to LA because he made promises and he wasn't the type to break them. 

The flight wasn't anything special, just another stuffy long flight that made the small of his back ache as soon as he crawled off. His luggage, luckily, was exactly where it should be and he had no issues finding a cab outside the airport to take him to his hotel. The air in LA was bright and warm at the tail end of August which was a nice feeling against his skin compared to the sweltering humidity of New Jersey. He was hoping the entire trip would be a nice vacation that would manage to drag him out of the rut he had been in since Kyle moved out. 

Speaking of rut, Jimin found his camera stuffed away into the blue backpack he carried every where with him and tugged it out to start messing with the settings. It was fully charged and ready to go and though Jimin didn't feel like Vlogging, he knew it was expected of him. The cab driver wasn't paying him any mind but Jimin thought to ask if it was okay if he filmed anyway. People usually appreciated the kindness of being asked and the man flashed him a smile and told him he could do as he pleased as long as it didn't stain his seats. 

Jimin thanked him and then relaxed back into his seat, fiddling with the camera some more on the small tripod he liked to hold it with when he vlogged. It made the entire thing more steady and easier to hold but when he flipped up the screen so he could see himself, he wasn't all that keen on how he looked. An eight hour flight after getting up at five am with only two hours of sleep under his belt left him with puffy eyes, puffy cheeks and chapped lips. He looked like shit, to put it lightly, so he decided to film the scenery outside the window instead of himself. They passed by so many shops and so many people and Jimin could already feel that slight buzz of excitement start to form in the pit of his stomach. 

He was in LA. He was going to Kcon. He was going to see a handful of his favorite artists perform. He was going to meet up with friends he hadn't seen in months and enjoy himself. He was going to meet his little Stars and let their bright smiling faces cheer him up. He was going to have a good fucking time and Kyle was going to be no where near his thoughts. 

That was the plan, anyway. 

Jimin had booked his tickets and hotel months in advance so he had almost forgotten what the hotel he was staying in looked like. It was tall, looming almost and off the main parts of the city where people crowded around. He paid and thanked his cab driver and accepted the man's help in getting his suitcase out of the trunk. He managed to juggle his camera in one hand and his suitcase in the other as he entered the revolving door, holding up the camera to film the sparkling interior lobby of the hotel. What a nice place, he thought. There was still that lingering soreness that he would be staying alone but at least it was a nice place. 

His room was just as nice as the rest of the hotel he discovered after checking in and taking the elevator up about ten flights. It was a simple one king room with an attached bathroom and a really nice view of the city. He already felt so weak with tiredness when he shuffled into the room but he left his suitcase by the bathroom so he could stroll around, showing off different parts of the room with his camera and then getting a good shot of the view he had. 

Once he was satisfied he had enough content of his room, he switched off his camera and collapsed on the large bed. He sunk into the mattress and groaned, burying his head in one of the pillows that smelled like roses. He could definitely pass out for a little while on the bed and no one would be the wiser. Except, he had plans. He laid there for another five or so minutes before he finally rolled over and dug around in the pockets of his oversized white hoodie for his phone. He held the screen above his head as he brought it to life and flicked through his social medias. He made a few posts about his successful arrival to LA and a soft smile quirked to his lips when they were all immediately liked and responded to. He made a mental note to get a picture of his view for Instagram later and then switched over to his messages where the little red bubble was telling him he had new ones. 

His smile grew when he saw they were from his friends. Jin lived in LA and she told him to let her know when he arrived so he sent her a message letting her know just that. He was still settling but they had plans to meet for an early dinner so as he waited for her response, he dragged himself to his feet and shuffled into the bathroom. It was pretty large for a hotel bathroom and he dragged in his suitcase so he could pop it open and ruffle through for some new clothes that didn't smell like stale airplane air. 

A shower sounded like heaven but he didn't have the time so he opted for washing his face and sprinkling some water on his limp blond hair. His reflection looked so tired and he didn't want to meet Jin looking in such a way. Knowing her, she'd be all glammed up and though that typically wasn't Jimin's way of doing things, he felt hiding the circles under his eyes with some light foundation wouldn't kill him. He made a living out of make-up after all but he rarely wore it in his everyday life because makeup was more of a fun thing for him; something to play with. 

Jimin felt a bit better with a thin layer over his naturally tanned skin. He felt he didn't look so sad with some light foundation and a bit of eyeliner. He was certain that once he was around his friends the lingering sadness would melt away so he wasn't too worried about it. He spent an extra ten or so minutes checking himself out in the mirror because he felt his appearance was important before he was satisfied with it. 

Jin had replied to him by the time he was finished and said she would pick him up in the lobby in about thirty minutes, depending on traffic which meant he still had about twenty minutes before she would be there. He took that time to grab his camera again and flick it on, checking himself out in the screen and tossling his blond hair a few times before turning it on. 

His expression immediately brightened and the corners of his eyes crinkled with the smile that spread across his face. "Hello everyone!" He greeted, sounding a lot happier than he felt though that was the point. He didn't want people to worry about him and so putting on the mask was easier. "I just got in to LA and wow, the weather is so beautiful!" He brought the camera up a little higher for a better angle and then he moved over to the window, moving the curtains out of the way so he could off his nice view. "I'm so excited for Kcon. I bet you all are too, hm? I'm looking forward to meeting some of you!"

It had taken Jimin some time to get comfortable in front of a camera and then even more time to get comfortable talking to a camera when no one was listening. But Jimin was, naturally, a good talker and once he got past the first awkward phase, he found it easy to ramble on and on infront of the camera because he could edit out all the useless stuff later when he uploaded the videos. 

"I'm about to meet up with PrincessJin for dinner." He explained to the camera, picking up his phone and checking the time. "And then I should be meeting up with Taekook for some collabs we have planned later tonight." He winked at the camera before dropping his gaze back to his phone, seeing a new message from Jin. "But they haven't gotten in yet. Oh, there's Jin now." He brightened and sent her a message that he was coming down before shoving his phone into the pocket of his tight ripped skinnies. "I'll try to vlog as much as I can but I make no promises. I'm not really in the mood to be honest..." His smile fell and he frowned at himself. "Edit that out. Shit, okay," He brightened again and tilted his head to the side cutely, giving the camera a finger heart before waving. "Catch you later!" And then he dropped the smile so he could turn the camera off and leave it on the bed with the rest of his electronics. He didn't feel like bringing it to dinner with him because as he said, he wasn't in the mood to vlog really. 

After checking his reflection one more time, running a hand through his hair until his bangs flopped back into his face, Jimin left his room. Jin was waiting in the lobby as promised, perched prettily on one of the many white leather couches. He noticed her before she noticed him because she seemed so very focused on the phone in her perfectly manicured hands. Jimin had met Jin over two years ago, before he met Kyle, at Kcon NY and they clicked over their love of makeup. Jin was famous back then and now they both were and it was still a strange thing for Jimin to remember. 

Jin looked beautiful in her tight black slacks and simple white button up. He was used to seeing her in pretty flowy dresses but looking so simple made him relax a bit more. She had light makeup on, just like him, and her long black hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail. It hit him then how much he had missed the older girl and he hurried up to her, calling out her name in excitement. 

Jin's head snapped up and her eyes widened when they landed on him. Then she was on her feet, tucking her phone away in her purse and moving to meet him halfway. Her strong long arms around him felt utterly amazing he couldn't believe how much he had missed her. He buried his head into the curve of her neck, hugging her tightly around the waist and let it sink in that she was there. He wasn't alone. 

"Oh, I missed you too, baby." Jin mused, rubbing over his back a few times before giving him another good squeeze and planting a kiss to his hair. "How you holding up?" Jimin shook his head and he knew that was all the answers she would need. She hummed, patted his lower back and then pulled away to search his face. He tried to smile for her but it crumbled ever so slightly and her pretty face twisted into a frown. "You want me to stab him?"

A bubble of laughter crawled up Jimin's throat and it escaped, making him bring up a hand to cover his mouth. Jin seemed satisfied with getting him to laugh and it was nice. He'd missed her so much. "No. Kookie threatened to have him killed too."

"And Tae?" Jin tossed her arm around his shoulders and started to steer him toward the restaurant in the lobby of the hotel. Jin said they had good food and she didn't see a point in them going out when Jimin was still tired from his flight. She was taller than him by a good five or so inches and when she wore heels it was crazy but she was in flats today and Jimin could easily lean his head into her shoulder. Her warmth was greatly welcomed. 

"Tae didn't say anything, which concerns me. You know he gets crazy."

"I don't think he'll do anything, because you asked. But I bet he's fuming."

Jimin whined faintly. "We're supposed to be having fun. Can we just pretend for a while that we all don't want to murder my ex-boyfriend?"

Jin hummed, seemingly debating before letting out a sigh and nodded. "Yes, of course. Let's have fun. Are you excited? I know I am."

"Seventeen's coming." Jimin blurted out, his excitement bubbling. 

"What about Twice? I'm so excited to see them."

Jimin crinkled his nose but before he could answer, they reached the hostess of the restaurant and their conversation was put on hold so they could find their table and go over the menus in search of dinner. They discussed what they wanted to eat for a while before finally deciding and they didn't bring Twice up again until they had their drinks and their food orders were put in. 

"Twice is nice and all, but Seventeen wasn't at New York." Jimin stated, shifting in his seat to get more comfortable while sipping his water. 

"Ah right, How could I forget? You're the biggest Seventeen stan I know." Jin mused, a fond smile curling to her lips as she sipped her red wine. 

Jimin flushed slightly and shrugged one shoulder. She wasn't wrong. He had an entire wall in his office dedicated to the group. They were far from the only group he loved but they were definitely in his top three, next to Bigbang. "You're going to Taeyang's concert with me, right?"

Jin's eyes lit up at the mention of one of her favorite singers and it was nice to hear how excited she was about the concert next month. Talking about k-pop was easy for Jimin. It gave his mind something else to focus on for a while. It was easy and effortless and he could get himself lost in his groups for hours before even thinking about Kyle. They were helping him get over his breakup and he hoped with Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook's help, he'd have completely gotten over Kyle by the end of the weekend. That was the plan. 

Speaking of Taehyung and Jungkook. They were halfway through their dinner when both Jimin and Jin's phones went off. Jimin had a text from Taehyung telling him they had finally arrived at the hotel and Jin had the same thing from Jungkook. Before either of them could reply, there was a noise of excitement in the quiet of the restaurant and Jimin snapped his head up, seeing a flailing Taehyung at the entrance. Jimin immediately lit up, happiness exploding in his chest and he tossed a hand in the air to wave at his friend. 

"Jiminnie!" Taehyung exclaimed, earning a few disgruntled looks that he paid no mind. He left a struggling Jungkook with all their luggage and hurried into the room. 

"Taehyung!" Jimin greeted with a bright smile, sliding out of the booth so he could greet his friend. Taehyung didn't give him any warning, not that he ever did, before gathering him up in his arms and hugging him tightly. Taehyung hugs were the best hugs and Jimin giggled, leaning into his friend to return his hug. He wasn't alone, he reminded himself. Taehyung was warm and solid and when he kissed his cheek, Jimin almost forgot why he had been so sad to begin with. 

"It's nice to see you, Taehyung." Jin spoke softly, patting the lilac haired man's shoulder before pointing back at Jungkook, still struggling with their luggage and looking a little stressed. "But maybe you should help your boyfriend?"

"Oh. Right." Taehyung's eyes went wide when they landed on Jungkook but he made no effort to move. He twisted back to Jimin, his boxy grin relieving the rest of Jimin's lingering sadness. "We'll come back. Wait here for us?"

Jimin nodded, motioning to his half eaten food. "We're still eating. Join us."

"Kay, be right back!" And then Taehyung was skipping off to help his boyfriend, taking two of the four suitcases while kissing Jungkook's cheek obnoxiously. Jimin watched until they disappeared out of view before settling back down. 

"Impossible to be a boring time with those two around." Jin mused, sitting down as well. 

Jimin smiled at her, his heart thumping in his chest because she was right. He was already starting to feel better and he couldn't wait to get his trip on the right track now that he had all his friends around. Kyle slipped from his mind as he fell into conversation with Jin and then when Taehyung and Jungkook arrived, the youngest greeting Jimin with a hug of his own like Taehyung, Jimin forgot why he had been sad at all. 

They shared an eventful dinner together, lost in conversation as they tried to catch up on everything they had missed while apart. No one brought up the breakup, which Jimin was thankful for, and they focused more on how excited they were for the upcomming concerts. It was Thursday and the convention didn't start until the next day so they had the rest of the night to spend together and prepare. 

After dinner, the four of them piled into Jimin's room because he had a lot less shit than Taehyung and Jungkook. They had a room a few doors down from his and according to Taehyung, it was identical to his. Spending time with his friends was all Jimin had wanted with his trip and that was exactly what they did. They spent a few hours scrolling around on social media, sharing anything they felt was important, like the airport photos of their favorite arriving in LA or the random sighting of their favorites out and about in LA. It was nice, easy, comfortable and Jimin was thankful for the love of his friends. 

Jin lived in LA, Taehyung and Jungkook lived in Seattle and Jimin lived all the way in New Jersey. Sometimes it was tough having his closest friends so far away but they never forgot him and they were the people he relied on the most. He had friends back home but they weren't as close to him as these three. And after the breakup, they didn't seem to want to spend time around his depressed ass which he was fine with. He still had Taehyung to call up in the middle of the night and talk about random things with so he didn't feel so lonely in his empty apartment. 

Jimin had first discovered his love of dressing up when he was a young boy. He would get into his mother's makeup and slather it on his face. When she caught him the first time, she only smiled at him and sat him down to explain to him how to properly apply all the little tubes and pencils so he didn't waste them. With her support, Jimin learned more and more about makeup and when he was sixteen, he discovered the glory that was Korean pop music. Being Korean-American himself, Jimin connected with the music and he was making his mother proud in an attempt to learn her native tongue. Even now, Jimin was working on being fluent in the language, taking online classes when he had the time. It was that genre of music that change his life for the better. 

Jimin was nineteen when he uploaded his first video on youtube. It wasn't anything fancy and his skills were still medicore back then but he had wanted to do a makeup look based around the recent 2ne1 music video and he wanted to share it. When that video got a dsecent amount of views and pleasant comments, Jimin continued forward. He liked putting makeup on. He liked being creative and creating looks based on music videos or video game characters. Sometimes he even went into television or movies when he was feeling extra creative and he built a brand around himself based on that. 

MochiChim currently had over three and a half million subscribers and Jimin still found that hard to believe. Four years of hard work was starting to pay off and he was slowly making a name for himself in the beauty world. 

It wasn't easy, either. He still got the random asshole comment about how he was a boy and boys shouldn't wear makeup but the good heavily outweighted the bad. He no longer listened to those assholes. In the beginning, he had struggled greatly with all the things he disliked about himself but having the channel, having the support of so many strangers had helped him gain confidance in himself. He had people who cared about him and his wellbeing and they meant the world to him. There were things about himself he was still struggling with but with their support and the support of his friends and family, Jimin was starting to grow into his own and love himself more. 

Jin, PrincessJin, was the type of beauty and nail blogger Jimin looked up to. With over six million subscribers, she had been someone unreachable to him for a long time but then suddenly they were friends and she took Jimin under her metaphorical wing as a mentor. She was now one of his closest friends and they both had bundles of collaboration videos on their respective channels. 

Taehyung and Jungkook, better known as Taekook, were a popular let's play couple based out of the basement of Taehyung's parents' house. They started when they were teenagers and once Taehyung went away to college, Jungkook followed and now they had a brand for themselves, adding up to over three million youtube subscribers and close to a million on Twitch. They focused heavily on combat based video games but Taehyung was pretty well known for going off the rails and throwing in relaxing games like Stardew Valley, Pokemon and RPGS. 

It was thanks to Taehyung that Jimin met them. He was a fan of Jimin's. He found Jimin's makeup works to be absolutelty beautiful, along with the youtuber himself. They met at Kcon New York a year ago and after Taehyung begged Jimin to make him pretty, they were best friends ever since. Jungkook was more into k-pop than his boyfriend but Taehyung was a loving and supportive boyfriend and he took Jungkook to whatever concert he wanted to go to. Nowadays, it helped that Taehyung was starting to enjoy the music and also that he got to see Jimin at a few of the concerts. 

Knowing they would all be busy for the next two days, they had decided to do a few collaborations they had planned that Thursday night. In the process, Jimin's hotel room blew up with makeup and video games. He and Jungkook played a few rounds of Mario Kart before Jin got frustrated at his losing and decided to take over for him, making what would be a very amusing video on their channel. Taehyung wanted Jimin to make him pretty again but they were all a little too tired for that, so Jimin opted for messing with Taehyung's hair instead. Then, Jin and Jimin did their own collaberation videos. 

Jin was well known for her nail art and Jimin was better at makeup so they switched around. Jimin did her nails and Jin did his makeup. Surprisingly, they didn't screw it up too badly and Jimin had to admit the makeup she gave him looked pretty nice, even if it was full on glam. He wouldn't wear it out in public but it still looked nice in the pictures they took. 

It was a little past eleven at night when things finally started to calm down and they were done filming for the day. Jimin was starting to lag from how sleepy he was but he didn't want to end the night just yet. They decided to play a few rounds of Mario Kart on the WiiU Jungkook had hooked up to the hotel TV, just for fun, and so Jimin offered to go get them snacks and drinks from the vending machines. 

Jimin felt light and fresh when he slipped out of his hotel room. He was in too good of a mood to let anything ruin it and he didn't pass anyone on his way to the elevator. He paused inside, glancing over the buttons which directed him where the vending machines were and instead of going to the lobby, he hit the 20 button to take him to the twentieth floor where vending machines were. He had his phone in his pocket and he wanted to snap a picture for Instagram of the beautiful view the higher floor was bound to have. 

His own reflection had managed to startle him in the reflective surface of the elevator doors because he had forgotten he still had makeup on. Jin went heavy on the eyeshadow, lots of reds and browns but it looked good. Jimin forgot to wipe it all off and he decided he would do so once he got back to the room. His skin needed to breathe after all. 

The twentieth floor was identical to his tenth floor and he turned left when he exited the elevator. He followed the signs pointing him in the direction of the vending machines but he paused by a window at the end of the hallway so he could snap a picture for Instagram. He took a few minutes to post it and then he continued toward the small offset room where the vending and ice machines were. The door was propped open and he wasn't surprised to see someone already inside. He paused by the open doorway respectfully and waited patiently for the man to figure out what he was doing. 

The man was on the shorter side, like Jimin, with fluffy black hair and pale skin. He was dressed all in black, from his black skinnies to his oversized black hoodie and black boots. All the black made his pale skin stand out all the more and he was staring intently at the snack machine like it had all the answers he was seeking. His attention on the machine gave Jimin the chance to get a good look at the man's face. It was rounded, with slightly plump cheeks, a button nose, a soft chin, thick brow and plush pink lips that were pouted out. He was pretty, Jimin thought.

The man stood there for another two or three minutes and Jimin wondered if the guy was even paying attention to what he was doing. He almost looked lost in thought and so Jimin cleared his throat, making the man flinch and snap dark sparkling eyes at him. Jimin's breath caught in his throat at the intense stare he recived but then that gaze softened and the man bowed his head slightly, maybe an apology and Jimin vaguely wondered if the guy could speak english.

"Do you need help?" Jimin offered a friendly smile at the guy and took a few steps toward him. Getting closer, he could see the man had a few American dollars clutched in his fist.

The man's brow furrowed, his eyes scanning over Jimin's face before they shifted back to the machine. "Different. Than ones back home."

Oh, wow, okay. That was a thick accent but it wasn't too bad. He spoke slowly and that made it easier for Jimin to understand him. He shuffled around in his head for the conversational Korean he had been learning for the past few years and he hoped his studying paid off. 

"Oh, there's numbers and letters under each item." He explained in Korean and tried not to smirk at the wide eyed look the man gave him. He shuffled closer and pointed at the options through the glass. "Then you type the number of the item you want into the key pad. You have to put your money in first."

"Money first." The man stated back in Korean and Jimin smiled at him. "I don't know anything about these snacks." He shifted his gaze back to the machine and the furrow in his brow was actually pretty cute. He had a slow draw when he spoke and a deep tone that seemed almost familiar to Jimin though he couldn't place why. 

"Where are you from?" Jimin asked softly, striking up conversation with the stranger.

Those dark eyes shifted back to him and seemed to linger on the makeup covering his face. Jimin imagined it looked strange to a foreigner to see him all glammed out but there was no judgement in the man's gaze. "Daegu. You?"

"Ah, I was born in Alabama." Jimin admitted with a soft laugh, rubbing at the back of his neck. "But I've been learning Korean for a few years. Are you here for Kcon?"

The man nodded his head in agreement, his tense demeanour melting slightly once he realied he met a fellow fan. "You too?"

"Yeah. I flew in today from New Jersey. I'm Jimin, by the way." He bowed his head in slight respect and the man twisted to face him better in order to bow as well. 

"Min Yoongi."

Jimin's lips twitched into a smile. "Nice to meet you, Yoongi. So, what are you in the mood for?" He motioned to the machine.

Yoongi crinkled his nose cutely and leaned closer to the glass to peer inside the machine. "I wanted something sweet." If the man spoke any faster, Jimin might struggle to understand him but because Yoongi spoke with a naturally slow drawl, he found talking to the man was rather easy. He was pleased to flex his multilingual skills. 

"Chocolate sweet or fruity sweet?"

Dark eyes flashed to him. "Fruity?"

Jimin flushed lightly and nodded, pointing at the few options the machine had. "Skittles, Starbursts. Personally, I like skittles. They're easier to chew though they get stuck in your teeth, just not as badly as starbursts."

"Skittles." Yoongi tried the word out on his tongue and it was fun to watch the way his plump lips pursed around it. He hummed to himself as he shoved a dollar into the machine and then punched in the number for the bright red bag of skittles. It flopped off the shelf and Yoongi bent over to snatch the bag out of the flap so he could eye up the packaging. "What are M&Ms?"

Jimin blinked at the man before shifting to point at the brown bag. "They're little chocolate candies."

Yoongi eyed them before nodding to himself and got them as well. Then he shifted to the soda machine and got a bottle of water and a Sprite. Jimin watched the other man in slight fascination even thought he knew it was rude to stare. Once Yoongi had his items he made to leave the room and Jimin turned to the candy machine to pick out what all his friends wanted. But then Yoongi paused at the door and Jimin glanced at him. 

For a moment, Yoongi looked nervous, like he wasn't sure what to say but then he took a deep breath and spoke. "Thanks for your help."

Jimin offered him a warm smile and waved one hand at him. "You're welcome. Have fun at the con. Maybe I'll see you around?"

Yoongi nodded and his plump lips lifted into the faintest of smiles. Jimin's heart stuttered from how utterly cute that smile was. "Maybe." He shifted to leave again only to pause and turn back to Jimin with a light flush curled to his cheeks. "Um, by the way." He lifted a free hand to motion at his face. "You look, um, nice. With all that."

Jimin blinked at him then remembered the makeup and broke out into another genuine smile. It was obvious Yoongi was being genuine and it pleased Jimin, even when he hadn't done his own makeup. "Thanks, Yoongi."

Slightly flustered, the man bowed his head and ducked out of the room. "Goodnight."

"Night." Jimin called after him, giggling to himself as he set to work getting all the snacks and drinks his friends wanted. He almost wished he had a bag or something but he had deep pockets in his hoodie and that was good enough. By the time he was done and exiting the room, Yoongi had reached the opposite end of the hallway. Jimin was surprised to still see him and he paused, watching as the man knocked against the last door. It opened only a few seconds later and Yoongi's face lit up at the sight of whoever was on the other side. He showed off his gums when he smiled and Jimin's chest thumped at the sight. Then Yoongi was gone through the door and Jimin was left wondering why the hell his heart was thumping at some cute guy he'd never met before. 

Well, he was weak for the cute ones and Yoongi certainly was cute. Like, really cute. Super cute, Jimin thought as he took the elevator back down to his floor. Yoongi was the kind of cute that Jimin didn't get to see very often. He was idol cute and belatedly he wondered if Yoongi was an idol. But he didn't recognize the guy even if his voice sounded kind of familiar. There were a few rookie groups performing though and Jimin checked his phone as he waited for the elevator, scrolling through the faces of the rookie groups to see if Yoongi stood out. He didn't however, and Jimin wondered if maybe the guy was staff for one of the groups. Or, he was a fan. It wasn't uncommon for Korean fans to fly to international concerts for their faves. Maybe Yoongi was one of them. 

He let thoughts of the cute guy drift from his mind when he entered his hotel room once again to the excited noises of Taehyung. He passed out all the snacks and drinks before plopping down on the bed beside Jin. It took a few moments for everyone to settle down and so Jimin went back to his phone while he nursed his bottled water, leaning agianst Jin's warm side. 

"Oh shit, right!" Taehyung plopped down on Jimin's other side and shoved his phone in Jimin's face, a grin on his lips that spelled mischief. "Guess who else is staying in this hotel?"

Jimin frowned at the blurry screen in his face and batted at Taehyung's hands until he could take the phone from him and get a better look at what he was trying to show him. What he found, was a picture message sent to Taehyung by someone under the name of Chizzy. Jimin recognized the sparkling lobby as the one in their hotel and then he recognized the three people huddled together by the elevator. His heart jumped into his throat and he twisted to look at Taehyung with wide eyes. 

"No fucking way."

"Yup" Taehyung grinned smugly. "How's it feel, Jiminnie? To be staying in the same hotel as your faves?"

Jimin shook his head, grabbing at Taehyung's phone before the man could take it from him. He had to get another good look and sure enough that was definitely three members from Seventeen outside the elevator Jimin himself had taken hours ago. "You didn't share this did you? We don't need fans crowding the hotel."

"Nah." Taehyung took his phone back and locked the screen. "I just wanted to show you. Chiz says they're on the twentieth floor, or something."

"I saw a cute guy on that floor." Jimin pointed out before he could stop himself. He had three pairs of eyes on him immediately and he shrunk against Jin's side. 

"Why were you up there?" Jungkook asked casually. 

"The vending machines are in the lobby or the twentieth floor and I wanted a nice view for Instagram so I went twenty." It was the truth, after all. 

"What cute guy?" Jin shifted against him, a smile curling in the corners of her lips. "Tell me about this cute guy."

"His name's Yoongi-"

"He got his name." Taehyung gushed, collapsing in Jimin's lap and batting his eyelashes up at him. "Did you get his number?"

Jimin pouted out his lips. "I haven't even told you how cute he is yet."

"Tell us how cute he is." Jungkook murmured, shifting to crawl up Jin's other side and plop against her, nuzzling into her hair before he curled around her like a koala. For a guy totally absolutely in love with Taehyung Kim, Jungkook sure did love to snuggle Jin. 

"He's real cute." Jimin stated with a smile, letting his hand drop down to smooth through Taehyung's hair. "Fluffy black hair, plump pink lips, round face, button nose and he had these really sharp dark eyes."

"Did you met Woozi?" Taehyung mused, blinking innocently at him. 

Jimin crinkled his nose. "No. Though, I guess he kinda looks like Woozi, now that you mention it. His English is really cute. He's from Daegu. I didn't get much else out of him before he left."

"You got his name, though." Jin stated. "That's a start."

"A start for what?" Jimin snorted. "I saw a cute guy. I'm not marrying him."

"A cute Korean guy on the twentieth floor. I wonder if he's staff for someone." Jin pondered, shifting to wrap an arm around Jungkook and play with his hair. 

"I wondered that too. He said he's here for the con."

"Maybe you'll see him again." Taehyung offered with a smile and Jimin was grateful for him. 


When Jimin went to sleep that night, he did so alone but he didn't feel lonely. He thought maybe the crushing sadness he had been experiencing since Kyle left would fall back on his head after saying goodnight to his friends but instead, he felt almost light as he got ready for bed. Maybe it was because of how late it was. Or maybe because of the warmth of his friends but whatever it was, Jimin was grateful. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow and Kyle was so far from his thoughts that he couldn't even haunt Jimin in his dreams anymore. 

Jimin woke that morning at around nine thanks to a perfectly timed call from Jin and he had an hour to get ready which was more than enough for him. He used the toilet, took a hot shower, did his normal morning face cleansing routine, brushed his teeth and then spent a good fifteen minutes figuring out what to wear. He didn't normally stress too much but today was the first day of the convention and he had a meet and greet in the afternoon so he wanted to look nice for the people who watched him. Jimin had never felt right calling them his fans because they meant more than that to him. He'd taken to calling them his little stars and they seemed to appreciate it. 

It was going to be a very warm day so Jimin settled with some ripped skinnies and a jersey that showed off his rather nicely defined arms. He loved makeup but he also loved working out when he had the time and he had the muscles to prove it. He hoped the light outfit would keep him cool in the bright California sun and then he went about styling his messy blond hair. There was never much he could do with his hair really but he liked making it look naturally messy so it fell against his brow. It would be a real mess by the end of the day but Jimin didn't care too much about that. 

He was ready by the time Jin messaged that she was there to pick them up. He grabbed the little blue backpack with all his equipment in it, phone, keys, chargers and camera and shoved his wallet into his front pocket before leaving the room. He met Taehyung and Jungkook at the elevator with bright smiles and happy good mornings. The two of them looked nice in their relaxed casual clothing even though they were complete opposites. Jungkook was dressed similiar to Jimin in a black and red sleeveless jersey and blue jeans while Taehyung had nice slacks on and a floural short sleeved button up. Taehyung looked like a model and Jungkook looked like the college kid he was. They were cute and Jimin didn't hesitate to hug them good morning. 

Jin was pretty as ever when they climbed into her car. She had opted for a light pink dress in the warm weather with very short sleeves and cut off around mid thigh. She had white lace shorts on beneath and her hair and makeup were perfect as always. Jimin always envied how natural she managed to look even when she had a decent amount of makeup on her face. She was just as pretty without the makeup and he was still learning a few styling tips from her.

It was easier for the four of them to let Jin drive them to the venue than take a cab or Uber because Jin had her own parking pass considering she was a special guest of the convention. She was their driver for the whole weekend but she certainly didn't mind. In fact, she seemed rather excited about the entire thing. 

"So, after we get our badges and things," Jin spoke up, tapping her nails against the steering wheel as they cruised through traffic toward the venues, "what are everyone's plans?"

"Kookie wants to check out the dance groups." Taehyung spoke up from the back seat where he and Jungkook were leaning together over the younger's phone. 

"What about you Jimin?" She glanced at him in the front passenger seat and Jimin shrugged at her. 

"I'm free till my meet and greet at two. Then I have the hi-touch at four." He felt a bubble of excitement just thinking about the hi-touch he was damn lucky enough to get into. 

"That's right." Taehyung mused, leaning forward so he could prop his chin on Jimin's seat. "You got the Seventeen hi-touch didn't you?"

Jimin hummed, wiggling in his seat. "You don't want to know what dicks I had to suck to get that."

Jin make a disgusted face and both Jungkook and Taehyung bursted into laughter at his crude joke. It was only a joke after all and Jimin laughed at Jin's face. Sometimes she was so proper it was just too easy and fun to mess with her. 

"I think we all know whose dick you really wanna suck." Taehyung teased and Jin made a few more disgruntled noises. 

"Boys, please." Her crinkled nose was rather cute. 

"Hey, just cause you prefer boobs doesn't mean we can't talk about dicks." Taehyung loved teasing Jin the most out of all of them and Jimin couldn't help but giggle in his seat, even when the woman shot him a playful warning glare. 

"Lee Jihoon is a human being and you suggesting that Jimin wants to give him head is gross." She stuck her nose in the air and made the three of them burst into laughter again. 

Ah, Jimin missed this. He missed them. He needed this weekend away even more than he expected and his stomach hurt from laughing so much already. 

"Can't argue with the facts, Jinnie!" Taehyung exclaimed over their rambunctious laughter and she just snorted softly, rolling her eyes though there was a fond smile curled to her perfectly painted pink lips. 

Jimin took deep gasps of breath to calm himself down in order to speak. "First of all, I never said I wanted to suck his dick. He's a cute innocent being and I refuse to think of him in such a manner."

"Innocent." Jungkook snorted. 

"Right, babe?" Taehyung snickered and Jimin twisted around in his seat to see the two of them curled together, still over Jungkook's phone while the younger played some game on it. "Lee Jihoon, innocent. He thinks he's innocent. The boy who playfully bullies his members and sinfully rolls his hips the next minute. He's innocent."

"I fucking swear." Jimin muttered under his breath but he was smiling because he was amused and everything was so nice and comfortable in the safety of Jin's car. 

"Anyway." Jin interrupted their teasing to steer the conversation back on track. "I have a panel at eleven so we should met up for lunch afterwards."

"Oh, yeah, that sounds fun." Jimin sat upright in his seat again to let his eyes drift out over the traffic and buildings they passed. "What's the panel again?"

"Learning Korean. Just tips and such for the language. Nothing fancy but it should be fun. There's a couple other youtubers on it." Jin seemed excited about the entire thing and Jimin smiled at her. 

"Yeah? Who else?" Jimin hadn't really taken the time to look at what panels and other guests there were going to be. His plan revolved around the concerts, meeting his little stars and hanging out with his friends. 

"Hmm," Jin hummed, "SashaEats, Maknae, Agust D, Silver-"

Jimin's body went tense at one the names and he snapped his head at Jin in surprise, his heart jumping into his throat. "Wait. Did you say Agust D?"

"Who's Agust D?" Taehyung asked softly from the back seat. 

Jin glanced at Jimin in slight confusion before she shifted her eyes back to the road. "Yes, Agust D. Why? Do you know him?"

"Oh my god, Jinnie." Jimin's eyes went wide and he shifted in his seat to face her better, warmth crawling up the back of his spine. "Jinnie, I love him."

"Who the fuck is Agust D?" Taehyung asked again.

"You know who he is?" Jin asked Jimin, sounding surprised. 

"Do you know who he is?" Jimin gasped, clasping his hands against his chest. "He's only the most pleasing voice I've ever heard in my fucking life."

"I'm surprised." Jin admitted, laughing softly. "His content didn't seem like your type."

"You know him?" Jimin sat up straighter, his eyes wide and his body flushed with that warm type of excitement he usually felt when he was about to meet one of his favorite groups. 

"I know of him. I've never met him. How do you know him?"

"Kookie, give me your phone. I'm looking this dude up."

"I found one of his videos when I was gettting lost in the depths of youtube. His voice is so soft and so smooth. I love listening to him. He does album reviews." He said in a way of answering Taehyung's questions. "It's all very ASMR and I've fallen asleep to his voice for like the past three months. He's actually helped me get over that asshole more cause listening to his voice before I went to bed made me feel less lonely."

Jin glanced at him in surprise but there was a soft understanding in her gaze. "So you're a fan."

"Oh my god, Jinnie." Jimin leaned even closer to her over the center console. "Have you seen his videos? I'm in love with his voice and his hands."

"Aren't they in Korean?" She mused.

"There's subtitles." He pointed out. 

"He does let's plays too." Taehyung chirped up, sounding excited. "Shit, Look at this Kookie, he plays Overwatch."

Jimin blinked and shifted to look at the two in the back seat. They were still hovered over Jungkook's phone but Taehyung had it in his hands this time. "I didn't know that. He never shows his face though. Does he in those?" 

"No, they're a voice track." Jungkook mumbled, taking his phone from Taehyung's fingers to pick a new video for the two of them to watch. "Shit, he's a Reaper? And a Mei? What a weird combination.""

Jimin settled back in the front seat and turned his attention on Jin. "Jinnie, I love him."

Jin laughed softly, shaking her head at his enthusiasm. "Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to come to my panel but-" She paused whenh he let out san excited squeak. "But if you're going to be a fanboy about it-"

"I'll be good!" Jimin promised, leaning across the console to bat his eyes at her. "Please Jinnie, please."

"Well, I do get one seat for a friend if I'd like, right in the front row. You could film for me." She made it sound like she was being really put out for all of this but Jimin could see the way the corner's of her lips were curled up ever so slightly into a smile.

"I can do that!" He announced, sitting back in his seat to tug his backpack into his lap and pat at it. "I brought my camera."

"Alright, but you have to be good."

"I will!" Jimin promised, settling back comfortable in his seat with a grin on his lips. He hugged his backpack to his chest and let his eyes drift back out the window. His chest was bubbling with excitement and he couldn't wait to get started on their day. 

Taehyung and Jungkook oogled over Agust D's gaming skills all the way to the parking garage and they made Jin promise to introduce them to the guy later which she only smiled at and said she couldn't make any promises. They were almost tempted to come to her panel too but Agust D was having his own meet and greet the next day and so they all agreed to go to that. They split up after getting all their tickets and badges and Jimin followed Jin toward the tent where her panel was being held with a bubbling sense of excitement. 

"You sure seem excited to meet this guy." Jin pointed out, her gaze curious.

"He's from Korea, you know? I don't know if he's ever come to these things before. I didn't think I'd ever actually meet him. Oh shit." Jimin was buzzing with so much excitement and nerves like he was about to meet one of his favorite idols or something. Agust D wasn't an idol but he was pretty important to Jimin. He stumbled upon the man's videos but after the first listen he had been hooked. Agust D's voice was such a soft rumble and the way he formed his words into the mic were so pleasing they gave Jimin chills. And his hands, god his hands. Most of his videos consisted of him sitting at a desk with the camera pointed down at the surface. He would show of his hands, his forearms and part of his chest as he showed off the albums he was reviewing. He not only focused on the music but also the aesthetic of the album and Jimin loved listening to him talk on and on. 

"I'm also learning a decent amount of Korean from him." Jimin added. "I think he knows some English because his videos are always subtitled."

"Well, that is why he's on this panel. Apparently, you're not the only one learning from him."

"How do I look?" Jimin grabbed Jin's elbow to gain her attention and shook his head, letting his hair fluff about for a minute before it fell back across his brow. 

"Jimin." Jin laughed kindly at him, reaching out to smooth a few strands of stray hair. "You look gorgeous as always, darling. You're not meeting a celebrity. He's a youtuber, like you. Just a normal person, remember?"

He knew she was right but he found it hard to get his heart to calm down. It didn't help that they were stopped a few times to take pictures with fans. Jimin was happy to do so but Jin definitely received more attention than him which was to be expected. They eventually made it to the tent and they were both led through the back by a kind looking young girl in a blue shirt that read staff. The inside of the tent was a little more warm but there were panels all along the fabric for air flow and it was nice to be out of the sun. 

The tent had rows and rows of folding chairs lined up with a small stage at the front of the tent, where Jin and Jimin were being led to. On the stage was a table with about five chairs, five mics and little paper name plates in front of each one. There were a few people already on stage and Jimin let his eyes scan over them as he and Jin came to a stop. Jin was busy listening to the instructions the staff had to give her and so Jimin let his eyes wonder. 

His heart came to a stop in his chest when his eyes landed on the man settled down in a chair all the way at the end of the table and for a minute, Jimin was almost certain his entire world stopped spinning. He grabbed onto Jin's dress without thinking and clung to her as he stared at the man, his heart fluttering and his body shaking. 

"Jinnie." He called softly, his voice barely a whisper but Jin was still speaking with the staff so he waited patiently, letting his eyes focus on the man at the end of the table. 

It was him. The cute guy by the vending machines the night before. Min Yoongi, he introduced himself as. There was no doubt that the man sitting down, bent over the phone in his hands was in fact the same guy he met the night before. His black hair was just as fluffy with little waves and kinks in it but his body was free of the oversized hoodie so Jimin could see he actually had a nice frame. His thin lithe limbs were covered with a black and red flannel patterned unbuttoned shirt but beneath that a thin white tank and god those collarbones. Yoongi wasn't just cute, he was kind of hot. 

It struck Jimin in that moment why Yoongi would be sitting at the panelists table and so he let his eyes drift down to the name card sat in front of him. 

"Oh. My. Fucking. God." Jimin gushed out, his eyes popping out wide and he clutched at Jin's dress again, tugging her closer until he could hide his face between her broad shoulder blades. 

"Oh, what is it now?" She complained gently, lifting her arms in an effort to twist around and look at him but Jimin cling to her tighter. 

"It's him." Jimin whined softly, hoping no one but Jin could hear him. 

"Who?" Jin questioned before she shifted and made a soft noise of understanding. "Oh, him. He's kind of cute, don't you think? I thought you were going to be mature about this."

"No, Oh my god." Jimin shifted on his feet and clutched her hips a little tighter. "It's him. The cute guy from last night!"

"Cute vending machine guy?" Jin asked, her tone tilting a little higher in her confusion. 

"Yes." Jimin hissed and tried to get his heart to calm the fuck down. "Agust D is cute vending machine guy, oh my god."

Jin didn't seem to notice or didn't care that Jimin was currently having a mental break down. He couldn't wrap his mind around the fact that the cute guy he met the night before was Agust D, the voice of his fucking dreams. No wonder he had sounded familiar. Not only that, but Yoongi had told him he looked good and his brain short circuited a little bit at that. 

"Oh, would you look at that. I'm sitting next to him." Jin sounded as innocent as could be and when she started walking, Jimin had no choice but to let her go. Then he was left standing there alone, shaking and flushed and he didn't like that. So he hurried to follow her, taking deep breaths of air to calm himself. He could do this. He knew how to be cool and calm around the people he looked up to. He did it around the groups he loved and he could do it now. Agust D was still Yoongi, the nice guy from the night before who told him he looked good. He may be the voice of Jimin's dreams but he was still a normal guy, like him. And that helped sober him up a little bit. 

"Hello!" Jin greeted in Korean, her smile bright and pretty as she stopped behind the chair with her name in front of it. 

Yoongi's head snapped up, his hair flopping from the force and he stared at her with wide eyes for a full three seconds before he plopped his phone on the table and got to his feet, bowing and mumbling his own greeting. 

Jin giggled softly and bowed her head in reply, curling one of her perfect manicured hands around the back of her folding chair. Jimin envied how strong and professional she looked. "I'm Jin Kim. I'll be sitting next to you." She spoke in English, probably in an effort to see how easily he understood the language. "I'm a fan, it's nice to meet you."

Yoongi's eyes flickered over her shouder, meeting Jimin's for a split second before he did a double take. He recognized Jimin and that made something warm fizzle in the pit of his stomach. Yoongi licked at his dry lips, wetting them before he finally spoke. "Yoongi Min. Nice to meet you." 

"This is my friend Jimin." She grabbed at Jimin's arm and tugged him forward, shoving him in front of her so he could meet Yoongi's gaze straight on. "He'll be filming me, so I hope you don't mind. You might get caught in the shots."

Jimin went tense for a moment before bowing his head, ignoring the flutter in his chest. "Hello."

"W-We've met." Yoongi pointed out and Jimin tried not to seem to pleased by that. "Nice to see you again." 

Jimin couldn't help it. A grin split across his face and he nodded in agreement. This was Yoongi, the same guy from the night before and that made it easier for Jimin. "I'm happy to see you too. I didn't know you were Agust D. I'm a fan."

Yoongi blinked in surprise before dropping his gaze and the prettiest of flushes curled over the apples of his cheeks. "Thank you."

There was so much more Jimin wanted to say to him, maybe tell him how much his videos had helped Jimin through some hard times but one of the staff popped up and asked them to take their seats so Jimin had to leave to plop down in the front row. He became preoccupied with getting his camera all ready to film the entire panel for Jin. He couldn't help but notice how cozy Yoongi and Jin immediately became. While they waited for the staff to start letting people in, Jin and Yoongi chatted in their native tongue effortlessly. Yoongi seemed pleased to have someone native like him to speak to and Jimin found his gaze lingering on the way those long pale elegant fingers fiddled with his phone on the table. 

Once the room was full and the panel started, Jimin focused all his attention on filming for Jin. His battery was fully charged and he had no issue filming the hour long panel for his friend. She looked so pretty up there and there was something amusing about watching her tease a slightly flushed Yoongi from time to time. They seemed to hit it off right away and Jimin knew that feeling. Jin was an expert at making friends and it seemed she had already taken Yoongi under her motherly wing. He didn't seem to mind either. The more he talked, the more questions he was asked, the more confident he became. By the time the panel was over, Yoongi was smiling that pretty gummy smile and laughing along with the rest of the panelists. If most of Jimin's footage happened to be that gummy smile, Jin probably wouldn't mind, right?

When the panel was over, a crowd of people remained to get some pictures with the panelists before they had to clear out for the next panel. Jimin stuffed his camera away in the saftey of his backpack and while he was slipping it on over his shoulders, he was approached by a young girl with blue hair who happened to be one of his little stars. He smiled brightly at her and posed for the selfie she wanted to take without a problem. After that, he gained a little crowd of his own and he greeted his stars happily, posing for their pictures and answering the few questions he could. Jin was preoccupied with her own crowd and so Jimin figured he could spare the time to greet and hug his stars. 

It was as he was posing for a picture with a young boy and his mother that Jimin overheard something very interesting.

"Just ask him. The worst he can say is no." The voice was light, feminine and when Jimin glanced over he saw two girls hovering by the end of the stage, a phone clutched tightly in the shorter one's hands. She was glancing occasionally at Yoongi, who was still sitting at the table with his phone in hand. 

"I-I don't want to bother him." The shorter one hissed back but Jimin could tell she really wanted to meet Yoongi and that spurred something warm in the pit of his stomach. He wanted to help. 

"Ah, just a minute. I need to do something before the chance escapes me." He told the small crowd he had developed and they all stared at him in confusion as he slipped away to climb onto the stage. "Yah, Agust D." He called, making Yoongi's head snap up in surprise. Heat flared up the back of his neck but he pushed forward, grinning at the man as he wiggled his phone at him. "Take a picture with me."

One of Yoongi's brows went up but he got to his feet anyway, shoving his phone into the pocket of his skinny jeans. "I'm your hyung you know." He mumbled, shuffling up to Jimin's side so they could pose together. 

"You have fans that want to meet you." Jimin pointed out, fiddling with his phone to turn on the front camera and then held it out in front of them to get a good picture. Yoongi shifted close to them, pressing up against his side and they were nearly the same height, Jimin noticed. Yoongi was so close that he could feel the heat radiating off him and also smell something sweet, like cherry candy. "I figured if I approached you first, they'd be brave enough to do the same. You have more subscribers than I do. You gotta be nice to them."

Yoongi frowned slightly but nodded in understanding and tilted his head close, against Jimin's shoulder and then he snapped a shot of them together. It was a nice picture, he had to admit, but he snapped a few more just in case. He even got Yoongi to smile in one while Jimin made a finger heart and that one was definitely a keeper. 

"I'm not sure how to do all this." Yoongi admitted, slipping into Korean perhaps out of his own embarrassment. 

"Just smile and be kind to them." Jimin offered, taking a step away from Yoongi before his heart exploded. "Can I post this? Do you mind?"

Yoongi shrugged one shoulder and then slipped his hand into the pocket of his jeans to tug out his own phone. "It's fine."

"What social media do you have? I'll tag you."

Yoongi made an amused expression. "I thought you were a fan and you don't know my twitter?"

Jimin blinked in surprise before a flush of heat curled over his cheeks. "I-I never looked. I just like listening to your voice." His flush deepened at the way Yoongi's lips curled into a soft smirk. "I mean, just give me your twitter handle, jeeze."

Yoongi chuckled softly at him, a warm sound. "It's agust underscore d. All my shit is."

"You have instagram?" Jimin asked, flicking around to follow Agust_D and then flipping over to Instagram so he could post the selfie they took together there. He searched for Agust_D and he was surprised how easily it was to find the man. He was even more surprised to find that his instagram was covered in the man's face. Pretty, aesthetic pictures and then a wide assortment of really cute ones. If he'd just ventured a little farther he would have seen how fucking cute Agust D was a lot sooner. He thought Yoongi had been hiding his face on purpose in his videos because he didn't want to share it but his face was all over his public instagram so maybe that wasn't the case. 

"Followed and I'm posting this." He tagged the other man before posting the picture and then he lifted his head to see Yoongi was on his own phone, following him in return. "I'm MochiChim on everything. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook."

"I don't have facebook." Yoongi mumbled and Jimin almost felt like he was floating because Yoongi was following him back. "But I followed you on the others. I thought you looked familiar. I've seen a few of your videos."

"Really?" Jimin perked up like a puppy ready to be praised. 

"Yeah, your makeup looks are unreal." Yoongi sounded both amused and pleased as he finally lifted his head and motioned to his phone. "My turn?"

"Oh, yes, please." Jimin hurried back to Yoongi's side and he ducked down close to the man's shoulder. Yoongi had Snow open and when the camera focused on their faces, they suddenly had cute little kitten noses and whiskers and hearts all over their heads. Jimin laughed because it was so cute and Yoongi snapped a picture of that. Jimin complained that he looked obnoxious so they had to take another one, even when Yoongi mumbled that he was cute. Jimin ignored the way his stomach fluttered at the compliment and he leaned closer to Yoongi, tilting his head bravely onto the man's shoulder and earning the press of Yoongi's head against his own for his effort. The pose made for the cutest picture Jimin had ever seen and when he pulled away, Yoongi was already shifting to post it on his Instagram where he had a bunch of cute pictures like that of himself. 

Jimin had never expected the smooth talking Agust D to be so cute but he certainly wasn't complaining. When his phone went off for the notification of Yoongi tagging him in the picture Jimin couldn't help but smile. "You got Kakaotalk too? You should sent me that picture."

Yoongi hummed in agreement and by the time Jin finally found them, Jimin had all of Yoongi's social media and his kakao handle and it was the best day ever. 

"I see you two are getting along." Jin mused with a soft smile. "Good. I invited Yoongi to hang out with us because he's all alone and I convinced him Kcon is better shared with friends."

Bless Jin. Jimin could fucking kiss her. Judging by the way she smiled knowingly at him, she knew exctly what she was doing and he wanted to profess his undying platonic love to her because of it. 

"We have two other friends that want to meet you too." Jimin pointed out, thinking of Taehyung and Jungkook. "We're supposed to meet them for lunch aren't we?"

"Mhm. We should head out." Jin agreed.

Jimin noticed, as they were climbing down from the stage, that the tent had been cleared out and he almost felt bad for taking up all of Yoongi's time when he had intended on convincing the man to greet his fans. But he did have his own meet and greet so he didn't feel too bad, plus he had Yoongi's information and now they were going to lunch together. He almost couldn't believe it!

Yoongi was much more comfortable talking in his native tongue with Jin but he didn't seem to mind slipping into English when there was something Jimin wasn't understanding. He still had a lot to learn but Yoongi was kind enough to keep him in their conversations as they walked to the café they were meeting Taehyung and Jungkook in. Yoongi was easy to talk to even when he didn't speak all that much. Jin steered most of their conversation but Yoongi didn't seem bored or out of place in the least. Jimin was just happy to hear his lovely voice in real life and man, was it so much better in person. 

Taehyung greeted Yoongi in his typical Taehyung way; with a squeak of excitement and a hug that left the older a little flustered. Jungkook was a little more respectful, being the shy kid he was around strangers. He bowed his head in greeting and Yoongi appreciated that. Taehyung had a million and one questions for Yoongi, firing off in rapid words that Jin had to translate so Yoongi didn't get lost. He was happy to answer any questions the couple had and Jimin was pleased to see Yoongi wasn't even phased when Taehyung held Jungkook's hand or kissed his cheek in that sloppy way he had when he was excited. 

Jungkook's soft questions were easier for Yoongi to understand and over the course of their lunch, Jimin could see Yoongi fitting effortlessly into their circle. They all had so much in common and Yoongi was actually pretty funny when he wanted to be. He and Jungkook hit it off almost immediately, talking about Overwatch and Taehyung was just happy to listen excitedly. Jimin was happy his friends were getting along and he was too preoccupied with the thought that he could call Agust D, Min Yoongi, a friend to worry about anything else. 

Halfway through lunch, Jimin remembered he was supposed to be vlogging so he tugged out his camera and showed off all his friends who grinned at the camera. Vlogging was easier for him now that he was in a better mood and by the time lunch was over, he had a decent amount of content for his vlog. 

Jimin had to head off for his meet and greet and Jin had another panel she needed to be at. Taehyung and Jungkook decided to tag along with her so she wasn't alone and that left Jimin with Yoongi. He thought maybe it would be awkward to be alone with him after so much excitement and fun at lunch but instead, the quiet that settled between them as they strolled to the tent where his event was being held was comfortable. Yoongi looked relaxed and calm in his presence and Jimin was happy with that. 

Yoongi stood off to the side while Jimin went through his meet and greet. The man was kind enough to take his camera for him and even filmed some of it so Jimin would have something to fit into his vlog later when he felt like editing it. Yoongi got a little attention of his own and Jimin encouraged him to take a few selfies with his fans. It was heartwarming to see Yoongi flush softly and pose for those pictures because it was obvious he wasn't used to the attention in the least. 

It made Jimin wonder why Yoongi had come to this Kcon in the first place. Jimin didn't think to ask until later, when they were heading back to the concert venue so Jimin could split off for his hi-touch. Yoongi only smiled softly at him and shrugged one shoulder, stating he was curious what concerts were like in America and the chance came up for him to go and he took it. Jimin was oh so glad he did. 

They met up with the others again so Jimin could leave Yoongi in their capable hands and head off for his hi-touch event. He was buzzing with excitement about meeting Seventeen and it wasn't the first event he had been to like that with them. He doubted any of them would recognize him but they were always so happy to see a male fan and it made Jimin fizzle with happiness. 

Luckily, he was allowed to film the entire thing. He ended up in the fourth row and so he had to wait a while before his row was finally called up to get in line. Jimin already had a few Korean phrases in his head he wanted to tell a few members and he had scooped out the order they were in. For some reason, Woozi was all the way at the end when he was usually near the beginning but that was okay. Jimin was still excited to meet him. He was far from the only male fan in the room but there were definitely more girls. In fact, he was the only male in his entire row but he didn't mind. He fiddled with his camera while he waited and then when his row started, he hit record and held the tripod at an angle that would get each members faces. 

It was almost a blur after that. Jimin touched so many hands it was crazy. A few members even wrapped their fingers around his palm in greeting, grinning brightly at him, clearly pleased to have a male fan but Jimin's focus was on Woozi, his favorite. There were many reasons Jimin loved Woozi but it all boiled down to his ability to create good music. So when his palm finally connected with the cute blond haired composer, Jimin was sure to tell him how much he loved the music he made. Woozi smiled at him, something soft and pretty before bowing his head in thanks, his long fingers giving Jimin's hand a squeeze. The entire ordeal left Jimin breathless and Woozi held onto his hand an extra few seconds longer before Jimin had to get off the stage and he prayed someone in the audience got a good video of that interaction because he was going to gush about it for weeks. 

There were fans who called out to him in their own excitement for him and Jimin could only grin, feeling a little lightheaded. When he finally made it back to his seat, he fiddled with his camera for a playback and he was pleased to see he managed to capture both his words and Woozi's pretty smile. That was going into his bank of great moments. He made sure to record Seventeen's farewell words and then he left to met up with his friends again. 

Jimin didn't hesiate to gush about what had happened to his friends over a light dinner and Jungkook demanded for video proof which Jimin happily shoved into his face. Yoongi looked amused about the whole thing and when Jimin asked if he was a Seventeen fan, Yoongi flushed lightly and nodded his head in agreement. 

Unfortunately, Yoongi had a seat on the other side of the venue than Jimin and his friends so they had to split up once they were inside. Yoongi agreed to meet up with them outside after the concert and Jimin hoped the man stayed true to his word. He enjoyed having Yoongi around and he hoped the man enjoyed spending time with his friends. They were lucky enough to have seats in the same row and Jimin brought out his camera again so he could film chunks of the concert. They had good seats, close to the stage without having to be in the pit.

The arena was loud and buzzing with excitement which rubbed off on Jimin almost instantly. By the time the MC's came out he was wiggling in his seat and shouting along with the crowd. The concert was amazing, as was expected. He got some great shots of each group and performer but of course, his favorite was Seventeen. He was close enough to see the facial expressions on Woozi's face and maybe he had focused a little too much with his camera but that was all footage he didn't have to put into his vlog. No, that was for him alone. 

Both Taehyung and Jimin were slightly hyper with their excitement after the concert and Jungkook and Jin could only smile at the two of them as they gushed over everything they witnessed and experienced. For a guy who claimed he didn't love k-pop, Taehyung sure acted like it sometimes. Truthfully, he was weak for EXO's Byun Baekhyun and they all knew that so it was no surprise when he gushed about how good the man looked on stage that night. There was still a second concert to go, with a handful of more artists which Jimin was looking forward to but he greatly enjoyed the first concert. 

"Hyung!" Jimin called out in his excitement as soon as he spotted Yoongi near the statue they agreed to meet at. He had a small crowd of his own, smiling softly and taking pictures but Jimin managed to wiggle through them in time to toss his arms around Yoongi's back. "Hyung! I found you!"

Yoongi went tense for only a second before he relaxed in Jimin's hold and flashed him a soft smile. "I take it you had fun?"

"Loads!" Jimin grinned at him, bright and stunning before turning to the small crowd. "Sorry everyone. I have to steal him away." There was a murmur of disappointment from the crowd but Yoongi didn't stop Jimin from pulling him out of it to join the rest of their friends. In fact, he even leaned into the arm Jimin had around his shoulders and though his heart thumped, Jimin was in too good of a mood to try and figure out what that meant. 

"Jiminnie!" Taehyung shouted as soon as they were close enough. "You promised to make me pretty."

"Yeah, yeah." Jimin giggled. "I have to charge my camera battery but we can hang out in my room."

"You all do that. I'll drop you off because I'm going back to my apartment for some much needed rest." Jin pointed out, running a hand through her hair and earning a whine from Taehyung. "I need my beauty sleep."

"Yeah right." Jungkook mumbled, earning a sharp glare from Jin. 

"Anyway," She sighed and turned to Yoongi, offering him a warm smile. "Are you staying with them? You're in good hands, I promise."

Yoongi blinked at her before nodding. "We're in the same hotel anyway."

"We are?" Jungkook questioned.

"Oh, right." And Jimin could tell by the smirk slowing making it's way to Jin's face that he was about to pay for teasing her in the car that morning. "Yoongi's that cute vending machine guy."

"What?!" Taehyung squawked. 

"What?" Yoongi mumbled, looking up at Jimin with slightly wide eyes. 

"It's nothing, wow, it's late we should head back." Jimin slipped away from Yoongi, trying to hide the embarrassed flush on his cheeks as he started walking back to the parking garage. 

"It's eight!" Taehyung called after him, cackling like the little shit that he was. 

They were done teasing Jimin by the time they got back to the car and Jimin found himself squished between Taehyung and Jungkook in the back seat because Yoongi was older and Jin demanded he sit up front with her. The ride back was filled with comfortable silence as everyone let the excitement from the concert melt away. Jimin still had work to do when he got back to his room. He needed to charge his camera and edit a bit for his vlog which he was hoping to post by the time he was back in Jersey. He wanted to post a few clips, like what happened at the hi-touch with Woozi on Twitter before the end of the night and he was pleased to see in his notifications that a few people had already posted videos of the event and got a good shot of the interaction they shared. 

Bidding goodnight to Jin, the four of them piled into the elevator to head up to Jimin's room. Once inside, they each took a turn in the bathroom cleaning up and then Jimin got busy fiddling with his laptop and camera to set up for the collab he was doing with Taehyung. The plan was to do a male k-pop idol type of makeup look on Taehyung which wouldn't be all that hard to do. The guy was pretty handsome as it were and since they were all pretty tired from the long day, it was a simple thing for content. 

While Jimin was busy setting things up with Taehyung's help, Jungkook managed to get Yoongi on the bed with him, curling up against the headboard so they could play a few rounds of Mario Kart together. They tied for the most part and by the time Jimin had Taehyung in his chair and the camera was rolling, they had opted for something more quiet, like watching videos on Jungkook's phone with a pair of ear buds shared between them. 

Jimin liked his videos to be easy and simple. He filmed the makeup process and then he went in later with a voice track, explaining how and why he did the things he did. For a guy who could never sit still, Taehyung was actually pretty great to try new things on. His skin was nearly flawless and his facial structure was something Jimin envied so he could be more bold on Taehyung's face than he usually could with his own. 

"I'm gonna be so pretty." Taehyung mumbled as Jimin was focused on doing his eyes. 

"You're already pretty." Jungkook mumbled from the bed like it was just a habit for him to say so. Yoongi glanced up from the screen, catching Jimin's eye before focusing back on whatever he and Jungkook were watching. 

Admittedly, it was kind of cute to see Yoongi warming up so easily to Jungkook; to all of them. The younger had his head resting on Yoongi's shoulder as they watched videos and it was so cute, Taehyung had to take a picture. 

"See how much he loves me." Taehyung grinned at Jimin before settling down so he could continue to work on his face. 

"You two are so cute it's disgusting." Jimin agreed with a fond smile. "I'm keeping that in the video. The world needs to know how grossly cute you two are."

"They already know." Jungkook piped up.

"If I know and I've only spent a day with them, I imagine the entire world knows." Yoongi added in. 

"You're really cool, hyung." Taehyung said with a smile, glancing at Yoongi through the small mirror he had in front of him. "Not everyone's so cool with the gay thing."

Jimin glanced up carefully to see Yoongi glance at Taehyung with slightly wide eyes. There was something in his eyes, something strange but then it was gone and he was shrugging, shifting a little closer to Jungkook like he knew the boy needed the extra comfort. "Not my business who you love."

"Still cool, hyung." Jungkook pressed and Jimin had to agree. He knew being gay was still a pretty taboo thing in South Korea so seeing Yoongi being so open and understanding was such a relief. It made Jimin like him even more. Made Jimin wonder if maybe... Yoongi was like him. 

The room fell into silence after that so Jimin could finish up his work and when he was done, Taehyung was so pleased he took about thrity pictures. He posed with Jimin and then Jungkook and even Yoongi. It was nice to see his friend so pleased with his work and it gave Jimin a small sense of pride. He would edit the video once he was back home but for now, he turned off all his equipment and stuffed all his makeup away in the few bags he had brought with him. 

"Yeah, yeah. You're pretty. Can we go to our room now? I'm tired." Jungkook complained lightly as he nuzzled into Taehyung's back, the taller of the two still checking himself out in the mirror on the bathroom door. 

"Tired? Or horny?" Taehyung teased, reaching around to poke his boyfriend in the side. Judging by the way Jungkook flushed and didn't deny it, he was a little bit of both. Taehyung grinned at him, a sly smirk curling to his lips as he turned to Jimin and Yoongi, who were perched on the edge of the bed. "We're leaving! See you tomorrow!" And with that, Taehyung dragged a flushed Jungkook out of the room.

Jimin laughed softly under his breath, rubbing at his nose. "They're always like that. You get used to it."

"I like them." Yoongi mused, fiddling with his hands in his lap. Jimin noticed that he tugged on the silver loops in his earlobes when he was nervous, which he was doing now. "You're friends are pretty cool."

"Just my friends?" Jimin teased lightly, nudging their shoulders together. 

Yoongi's lips quirked into a smile. "You too."

"I really am a fan of yours, you know." Jimin blurted out quietly, earning a perked brow from Yoongi. "I've been learning Korean from you but your voice..." He trailed off, flushing all the way to the tips of his ears as he dropped his gaze to the carpeted flooring. "It helps me sleep."

Yoongi was quiet for a moment before he cleared his throat and Jimin glanced up through his lashes to see Yoongi was blushing too, a pretty pink color on the apples of his pale cheeks. "Yeah. Um. I'm happy to help. I think your videos are pretty cool. Jungkook and I were watching a little."

"We should do a collab sometime." Jimin offered, his heart fluttering in his chest. "I don't have to put makeup on you like I did with Taehyung." He rushed to say. "I mean, Unless you want to? Taehyung's been trying to get me to do more Overwatch inspired looks but sometimes my face shape doesn't really work for what I want but I bet I could do something really cool with you. Reaper maybe. Jungkook said you play him."

"That might be fun." When Yoongi smiled at him, it was soft and kind and warm and Jimin's heart fluttered. 

Jimin hummed and glanced around the room, checking the clock to see it was barely even ten at night. He wasn't tired, not really and he didn't want Yoongi to leave any time soon so he tried to think of a reason to convince the man to stay. "Jungkook left their WiiU. You wanna play some Mario Kart?" 

Yoongi's smile was everything to him in that moment. "Sounds good."

Even though they were alone, it was comfortable and easy between them. Yoongi was just as competitive as Jimin and that made the game even more fun to play together. Jimin thought Yoongi would be a really cool and fun person to hang out with often but the guy lived in South Korea. He hoped they would still remain friends when he went back. 

It was nearing midnight when Yoongi finally called it a night. He had an early morning apparently. He was meeting up with a friend though he didn't seem keen on sharing who or why or what. Jimin didn't push him and saw him out the door with a soft smile and a promise to meet up in the lobby the next morning so they could all go to the venue together. 

Jimin fell asleep that night with one of Yoongi's videos playing and his soft rumble of a voice helped him drift off into dream land effortlessly. 

The second day of the convention was an exciting blur for most of the day. Jimin met up with Yoongi in the lobby as promised and greeted him with a bright smile and a warm hug. Jin showed up to drive them to the venue and they split up as per usual. Jimin stuck with Yoongi the entire time because he had nothing better to do and he was eager to spend more time with the man. He joined him for his meet and greet and then the two of them went to lunch alone together where they talked about all kinds of things. Jimin learned a little bit about Yoongi's life in Korea, like how he lived in Seoul and worked part time. He had started posting videos on youtube more so out of boredom and he never expected to actually collect a following, let alone one as massive as his. He had over four million subscribers, more than both MochiChim and Taekook. 

Jimin opened up about himself to Yoongi return, explaining how he came to enjoy makeup and why he started posting videos. Learning little bits about the older man was so exciting for Jimin. Like how Yoongi would only drink his coffee black and how he didn't eat nearly enough but he did love the taste of good food. Yoongi had a love and passion for music that Jimin could relate to. 

Jimin liked Yoongi, he abruptly realized late that day while they were waiting for the rest of their friends to show up before the concert. It wasn't a startling realization but it did make him a little breathless. He and Yoongi were sitting on the concrete edge of a small garden outside the arena while they waited for their friends. Yoongi had been mumbling about the one time he went to a Bigbang concert and how amazing it was while Jimin listened intently. There wasn't anything special that caused his realization. He had just been scanning his eyes over the soft curves of Yoongi's face and his heart thumped with the sudden thought of, "I like him". 

Jimin didn't know what to do with that information so he tucked it away for the time being. Yoongi was cool with Taehyung and Jungkook but that didn't mean Yoongi was like them, or him. Sure, Yoongi flushed at him sometimes and seemed to enjoy touching him subtly, like grabbing his hand, touching his arm or nudging their shoulders together but that didn't mean Yoongi was into him. 

A crush was something Jimin could handle. He had enough of them to know how to make it not so obvious. Jin knew, which didn't surprise him but Taehyung and Jungkook didn't seem to notice his change in demeanour at all. Which was a good thing. 

They had to split up for the concert, which was just as amazing as the first one and then they met up again to head back to the hotel. This time Jin joined them in Jimin's room for a few competitive rounds of Mario Kart and then one friendhsip breaking round of Mario Party which Jimin lost immensely. Taehyung had it out for him and Jimin did his best to not let it show how much his heart fluttered every time Yoongi patted his thigh in sympathy. 

They said goodnight around midnight and promised to all meet up in the lobby for breakfast and their goodbyes in the morning. Yoongi was the last to leave, lingering at Jimin's door almost like he wanted to say something but instead, he bid him goodnight and left Jimin wondering if he was the only one feeling the way he was. 

He didn't sleep so easy that night. 

The end of convention weekends were always a little bittersweet. He had an amazing time in LA but now he had to say goodbye to his friends and it was almost depressing. No one spoke about their impending departure at breakfast but once the food was all gone, Jungkook had to mention they needed to leave for their early flight which made the atmosphere a little more tense. 

Saying goodbye to his friends was always the hardest part. Taehyung promised to call him as soon as they were home as he hugged him tightly and Jungkook even nuzzled into his neck when they hugged, his own show of warm affection. Yoongi got hugs as well and promises to keep in touch because they now had all his information, including his kakao and Taehyung refused to let such a cool hyung drop off the face of the planet. Seeing the way Yoongi smiled at them made the ache in Jimin's chest a little worse. 

Next he had to say goodbye to Jin. She had work to get to in the afternoon even though she wanted to stay with him while he waited for his flight. She kissed both his cheeks and hugged him so tightly he might break in half. When she whispered to him to be safe and take care, it almost made tears prickle in his eyes. She hugged Yoongi just as tightly and managed to get a kiss to his cheek before he struggled out of her grip in embarrassment. 

Then Jimin was left alone with Yoongi. 

Yoongi's flight was an hour before his and so they decided to go to the airport together. Jimin mused that Yoongi would be on the same flight as a few idols because he was flying to Seoul and Yoongi agreed with him. A silence fell between them as they went through security and then headed toward their gates. Yoongi had an hour before his plane boarded and Jimin had two, so Jimin went to sit with Yoongi at his gate. He was rather surprised to see a few idols he recognized waiting around as well. In fact, he spotted a few members of Seventeen and he was almost jealous of Yoongi. 

They sat down together in an empy row of seats and let the silence continue between them as they waited. It wasn't until Yoongi's plane started boarding that Jimin finally found the courage to speak. 

"Um, hyung?" His fingers snatched a hold of Yoongi's hoodie, bringing them both to a stop as they neared the crowd around the gate. 

Yoongi blinked at him, his expression soft and gentle and it made Jimin's chest ache. "Yeah, Jimin?"

"You'll let me know when you get home safe, right?" He nearly stumbled over his words because he was so nervous. He didn't know what was going to happen. Would Yoongi stay in touch? Did this friendship mean as much to him as it did to Jimin?

Yoongi's expression softened and he dropped the hold on his suitcase to carefully stand it up against his leg. He didn't say anything, just opened his arms in an invitation that Jimin eagerly took. Yoongi was solid and warm as he wrapped his arms around the man's waist, burying his head against his shoulder. He smelled of cherry candy and the chapstick he liked to use. Yoongi's hold was firm but comfortable around his shoulders and he nuzzled Jimin's hair ever so slightly. 

"As long as you let me know when you get home." Yoongi murmured into his hair and Jimin's stomach swirled.

"I will. I promise."

When Yoongi pulled away there was a soft, pretty smile on his face and Jimin almost wanted to kiss him. He didn't, even though he desperately wanted to, and opted to smile warmly at the other. "You better keep in touch, Jimin." 

"You too." He nodded eagerly, hope swelling in the pit of his stomach like the rising tide. "Have a good flight, Hyung."

"Take care, Jimin."

Jimin lingered around the gate long enough to watch Yoongi disappear, giving the younger a wave and a soft smile before he did so. Jimin couldn't describe what he was feeling since there were too many emotions to pin them all down so he left for his own gate and said see you later to LA, because he would certainly be back eventually. 

As Jimin had hoped, his weekend away was exactly what he needed to clear up his rut and get him back into a better state of mind. It might have helped that Yoongi messaged him as soon as he was home in Seoul but Jimin didn't want to think to hard on the way his heart fluttered with each message from the older man. And there were a lot of them. Yoongi had kept his word about keeping in touch and before Jimin knew it, he was talking to Yoongi as often as he was talking to Taehyung or Jungkook or Jin. 

Somehow, Yoongi squeezed his way into Jimin's tight inner circle and the younger couldn't even be upset about it. 

Having the support of his friends, and his little stars, Jimin took new steps in his life. He moved out of the apartment he once shared with his ex and started fresh in a new city. He had no plans to return to Alabama with his mother but he thought South Carolina was close enough. The new apartment, the new city, the new air was exactly what he needed to start fresh. He loved his new apartment and he could finally decorate it exactly as he wanted, without worrying about someone else's opinions. He was alone but for the first time in a long time, he didn't mind being alone. He considered getting a cat for a while but with how often he traveled it seemed almost unfair to the animal so he held off on that for a little while longer. 

As Jimin made new steps in his life, Yoongi remained a supportive friend at his side. The time difference made things difficult at times but the evening hours where when they spent the most of their time talking, be it through kakao, twitter or a video call. Yoongi was kind, warm and supportive. He made sure Jimin took care of himself and Jimin made sure to do the same for Yoongi. 

By the time Christmas rolled around, Jimin could proudly call Yoongi one of his best friends and the crush that had bubbled at Kcon simmered into a low boil that he did his best to not pay attention to. Yoongi was good. Yoongi was something great in his life that he didn't want to screw up with his feelings so he kept them to himself, even if Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook knew about them. At least his friends respected his feelings enough to keep them to themselves.

It was while he was in Alabama for Christmas with his mother that a new opportunity rose for him. 

There was a tradition in his family that every Christmas Eve the children would get to open one gift that their mother picked out. Now that he and his younger brother were older, they never expected a lot from their widowed mother. But she still liked to spoil them even though they told her time and time again that they were just happy to come home to her delicious food and warm hugs. 

This Christmas Eve, Jimin was almost shocked by the pile of presents around the pretty christmas tree and though he wanted to scold his mother for spending so much money on them, it was hard to do so when she was beaming with so much happiness. Jimin knew he didn't visit as often as he should and he was grateful to his little brother for picking a college close to home so he could be with their mother. Jihyun was always so happy to see Jimin as well and after such a crazy year, Jimin was happy to be home around the family that loved and accepted him as he was. 

"Oh, I want you to open something already!" His mother exclaimed after they were finished cleaning up from dinner. She flittered about the Christmas tree in her pretty Christmas sweater to pick out a present for each of them and no matter how old she got, she still looked as beautiful as ever. 

Jimin settled on the couch with Jihyun and waited patiently for their mother to pick something out for them. Jimin had a pile of presents in his car for his mother; a car he had recently bought because the town he moved to was small and he needed a vehicle of his own. He checked his phone while he waited, smiling softly at the few messages from Yoongi telling him to keep warm and wishing him a Merry Christmas even when the older man didn't celebrate it. Jimin sent a quick message off to thank him along with a blowing kiss sticker before tucking his phone away again. 

"Here we are!" His mother came back from the tree with a present in each hand. One was an envelope while the other was a small pretty wrapped box. She handed Jimin the envelope and Jihyun the box. "Open! Open!" She clapped excitedly as she moved to sit down in her chair, pulling out her camera so she could snap pictures of them. 

"Jihyun first." Jimin reminded him, reaching over to pat his brother's back gently. The youngest always went first. 

Jihyun's present was a picture frame, with a family picture they took ages ago inside of it. A picture that still had their deceased father in it. Jihyun almost looked like he was going to cry when their mother told him it was for his dorm room, so he could look at it when he missed them and he didn't hesitate to get up to hug her in thanks. It was a thoughtful gift which made Jimin even more curious about the long envelope in his hands. 

"Okay, Jimin, Baby, your turn." Jihyun settled on the recliner with their mother, hugging her with one arm as they waited for him to open his. 

"Okay, right." He flashed them both a smile before digging his nail into the sealed red and green envelope to rip it open carefully. His brow furrowed at the contents and he was careful as he slipped out the two papers, belatedly realizing he was looking at an airplane ticket and a concert ticket. He squinted at the printed letters and it took a moment for the words Seoul, South Korea to set in. "Mom?" He asked, raising his wide eyes to met her smile. 

"You've taken such an interest in where you came from and you've been doing so well lately..." She trailed off, her smile faltering ever so slightly. "I was worried for you, Jimin. But you're doing better. I got these because I thought they might help you get out of that rut you'd been in. You're better now but I still wanted to give you them. I thought you might enjoy going to our homeland and exploring it. The concert was your brother's idea. It's from both of us, really." She explained, her smile warm and soft as she wrapped an arm around Jihyun. 

"I..." Jimin dropped his eyes to the tickets in his hands. 

"You leave next month, if you want to go. After New Years. I know you're between jobs right now so I thought it would be the perfect time to go. You've always talked about visiting and since you've been doing so well with your Korean I thought it was perfect."

The prickle of tears in the corner of his eyes was enough to bring Jimin to his feet. His mother met him halfway to engulf him in a warm hug that smelled of freshly baked cookies and love. Jihyun joined the hug because he just loved hugs and the family ended up in soft laughter over the entire thing. 

It was so thoughtful of his mother to do such a thing and Jimin couldn't stop thinking about it for the rest of the night. The ticket was a month long round trip at the beginning of January and he would return the beginning of February. The concert ticket was actually a ticket for one of The Show's tapings which was even more exciting for Jimin. Going to South Korea was something Jimin always planned for himself. He wanted to experience the culture of where he was from but he was also interested in their beauty products and all the music he loved. There was so much he could do in a month but it almost didn't feel like enough time. 

Yoongi, of course, was the first person Jimin told later that night after his mother and brother had gone to bed and he was curled up in his childhood bed with his heart in his throat. It was thanks to Yoongi after all that Jimin's Korean was even good enough for him to consider such a trip by himself. And maybe he could talk Yoongi into meeting up with him. He still had to book a hotel and since Yoongi lived in Seoul, maybe he knew a few good places. 

MochiChim | hyung!


Jimin rolled around in his bed for a while as he waited for a response. He knew the time difference made things difficult but it should be afternoon where Yoongi was. His heart jumped when his phone alerted him to a new message. 

Agust_D | is this a serious question

Agust_D | i'm shit at this stuff

Jimin giggled softly to himself and hurried to reply.


Agust_D | what

Agust_D | really?

Agust_D | when? 

MochiChim | The beginning of January! My mom got me a flight for christmas because i've been so good lately. i have so much to figure out but we should meet up! 

MochiChim | i want to see you again hyung

Judging by the way his heart fluttered with that statement, Jimin was sure it wasn't just out of friendship. 

Agust_D | where are you staying? do you know yet?

MochiChim | no, i still have to figure that out but isn't this exciting hyung? I'm so excited!

Agust_D | You could stay with me.

Jimin's world came to an abrupt halt with that one message. He dropped his phone right on his face because his fingers went slack. He let out a squeak and rolled over onto his stomach, clutching at his phone to be sure he read the message corrently. His Korean wasn't that shitty, was it?

His phone buzzed again before he could reply.

Agust_D | If you want. 

Agust_D | I have the room and it would save you money. 

Agust_D | It's just a thought. 

Jimin could almost imagine the flush on Yoongi's face and the cute way he tugged at his earring when he was nervous. Warmth bubbled in his chest and he bit his lower lip to keep from shouting his excitement. He knew Yoongi had to be worrying on the other side so he calmed himself down enough to write a reply. 

MochiChim | I'd really love that hyung

Agust_D | Cool

Agust_D | We'll work out the details later

MochiChim | can I video call you now?

Agust_D | sure Jimin  

Somehow, Jimin managed to get all his shit together in the next two weeks in preparation for Seoul. He bought a planner just so he could write down the things he wanted to accomplish for each day. There was so much he wanted to do and a month didn't feel like enough time but he continued to tell himself he would go back. It may be his first trip to Korea but it would not be his last, that he was certain of. And with Yoongi's help, he was able to break down the things he had to do this trip and what things could be saved for the next one. 

He planned out so many videos to do with Yoongi, plus a bunch of Korean beauty videos of his own. He would have so much content for his channel when he got back but he wasn't intending on uploading any videos while he was gone. Unless, one of his favorite groups dropped a music video and then of course he had to do a reaction. But other than that, Jimin was focusing on his trip and Yoongi. 

Yoongi, who seemed so excited to see him after a couple months. 

Jimin was a bundle of nerves and swirling emotion when he boarded his flight for LA, where he would transfer onto another flight for Seoul. He had positive supportive messages from all of his friends but it was Jimin's first time going out of the country and he couldn't help but feel a little unsure about the entire thing. It didn't help that he was doing all of this alone but he knew Yoongi was waiting for him on the other side of the ocean. Messaging the older man when he had the chance was a big help for Jimin and his nerves. 

If all went to plan, Jimin would arrive in Seoul a day ahead of his normal time zone at around three or four in the afternoon. It was a long exhausting flight that he spent most of the time trying to sleep in. Listening to Yoongi's videos through his ear buds helped a great deal and he wondered if Yoongi knew Jimin still fell asleep to his voice sometimes. Was it weird now that they were friends? He couldn't tell and he wasn't sure about telling Yoongi that piece of information. He decided to keep it to himself for a while longer. 

Jimin was utterly exhausted when his plane finally landed in Incheon International Airport. The place was no less packed then airports in other big cities but Jimin couldn't wait to have his feet on solid ground and maybe a little bit of sleep. He was going to be jet lagged for a while and he had considered that in his schedule. He had to get his sleep schedule under control first and foremost but he wasn't sure how long he would last the rest of the day before he passed out. He had to wait about twenty minutes just for his luggage to come through and in the mean time, he messaged Yoongi to let him know he was on the ground. Almost immediately, the man told him he was already there, waiting. 

A bubble of something burst in the pit of Jimin's stomach and he clutched his phone a little tighter to his chest, hiding his soft smile the best he could so people didn't think he was some crazy person smiling to himself. He did notice that most everyone kept to themselves and he didn't even get one glance which was a pleasant feeling. He had only packed one rather large suitcase for his month long trip but he knew he would be leaving with two. He planned to buy another suitcase while in the city just to stuff full of all the shit he was going to buy, mostly makeup related. He also had to bring back gifts for his family and friends. He had so much to do and a month seemed like plenty of time but at the same time, it didn't. 

Jimin snatched up his powder blue suitcase as soon as he saw it, checking to tag to make sure it was his and then he was gone, moving toward the exit past security where Yoongi was waiting for him. There was a sectioned off area he had to walk through first and then another hallway which popped him out into the public.

Considering it was the middle of the afternoon, the airport was rather packed and Jimin had to shuffle around people carefully in order to get through. Yoongi said he was waiting by flight display board near his exit so Jimin tried to follow the few English directions he saw to lead him in that direction. Speaking Korean was something he was good at, reading it however, he was still working on. That was why having Yoongi as his self appointed tour guide was wonderful. 

Jimin and Yoongi spotted each other at the same time. Jimin carefully slipped past a family greeting one another and as soon as his gaze drifted away from the smiling father, he met Yoongi's sparkling dark gaze. The man was standing awkwardly by one of the display boards with his hands shoved into the pockets of his black leather jacket and he was the most beautiful thing Jimin had ever seen. Maybe that was his sleep foggy mind talking but he hurried to approach Yoongi. His exhaustion lifted for the time being because seeing Yoongi gave him an excited energy that he needed. 

"Hyung!" Jimin grinned brightly, causing a soft twitch of a smile from Yoongi and then Jimin dropped his suitcase so he could wrap Yoongi up in a tight hug. He was so soft, so solid and warm and Jimin buried his nose into the man's dark hair, smelling cherry candy and Yoongi's own unique scent. 

Yoongi went tense for only a second before he wrapped his arms around Jimin's waist, hugging him in return. "Hey."

"Hey, he says." Jimin murmured, pulling back enough to get a good look at Yoongi's pretty face and his lips strained from the force of his smile. "I'm so happy to see you."

Yoongi's cheeks flushed and he dropped his gaze shyly as he patted the small of Jimin's back. "I'm happy you're here." He ducked down to picked up Jimin's suitcase, fiddling with it for a moment until he could get the handle to extend so he could roll it. "Let's get out of here?"

Jimin nodded eagerly, adjusting the backpack over his shoulders and hurrying to follow Yoongi out of the airport. He almost couldn't believe he was there, in Seoul, South Korea with Min Yoongi. But as soon as he stepped outside into the bitter cold and saw all the cars and buildings, Jimin knew he wasn't in America anymore. Yoongi got them a cab because he thought getting Jimin on the trains might be a little overwhelming after such a long flight and Jimin greatly appreciated his thoughtfulness. 

They talked lightly on the trip to Yoongi's apartment in a nice part of the city. He knew Yoongi lived in Gangdam, seeing as the man had told him so but seeing the high rise buildings and sparkling exteriors was a whole new experience for him. They talked about Jimin's flight, which was fine all things considered and Yoongi offered to order dinner for them when they got back to the apartment. 

Yoongi's apartment was tucked into a back street of the district with a sense of history to it. Jimin had been expecting a high rise apartment complex but instead, he got a cute little white and grey building tucked between a café and a book store. The roads were thin and cracked but as he stepped out of the cab, Jimin couldn't help but feel the place was the most warm and homey air he had ever felt. Yoongi's apartment was the entire second floor of the building and they took the staircase to the left when they entered the small lobby. Yoongi explained that the first floor housed a nice two children family but they kept to themselves for the most part. 

Jimin knew what he had been expecting out of Yoongi's apartment but what he got wasn't anything close. The place was pretty large, first of all. Larger then his apartment back in South Carolina and he vaguely wondered how Yoongi afforded such a place. But he was too preoccupied looking over the space to think too hard on it. 

The door at the top of the staircase opened up into a bright and warm living area. Every window had the curtains pulled back, letting in natural light from the outside and the air was so much warmer in here than the bitter cold outside. Jimin paused by the front door as he and Yoongi removed their coats and shoes. He knew Yoongi lived alone but he also knew the man spent most of his time there and it was easy to see when he glanced around. The apartment was very lived in, juding by the coffee cup on the coffee table, the folded blankets over the back of the black couch, the newspapers on the kitchen island and the many coats and pairs of shoes Yoongi had by the door. 

The living room opened up into the small kitchen and then there were two doors on either side. One of them was already open, showing the hint of a bed and once their shoes and coats were taken care of Yoongi grabbed his suitcase and led him toward that door.

"It's so nice in here." Jimin complimented, glancing around the apartment as Yoongi led him to the guest room. 

"Thanks. I've been here awhile. I like it."

"It's very homey. And warm."

Yoongi flashed him a soft smile over his shoulder. "I'm glad you like it." He pushed open the door and led Jimin into the spare room, tucking his suitcase by the large queen sized bed. "Here's your room. You have your own bathroom." He motioned to the door near the head of the bed. "I hope you feel at home here."

Jimin smiled at him brightly before glancing around the room. It was rather simple, considering it was a guest room but he could tell Yoongi put care into the room to make it comfortable for him. There was the bed, a small dresser against the wall and a small closet that he was welcome to use. There was also a desk he could use if he felt like editing videos which Jimin was happy for. 

"This is great." Jimin shuffled over to Yoongi to wrap him up in another hug just because he felt so full and the way Yoongi breathed out a laugh against his ear made his skin prickle. "Thank you so much Yoongi."

"You're welcome." He patted the small of Jimin's back but made no effort to push him away. It seemed he was much more accepting of affection when he wasn't in public, Jimin noted. "You should settle in and get some rest. I have a thing I need to finish up, if you don't mind."

Jimin shook his head as he pulled away. "Do you mind if I shower? I feel real gross."

Yoongi waved a hand at him as he shuffled toward the door. "Make yourself at home. I'll be by the kitchen if you need me."

Jimin bowed his head gratefully and Yoongi flashed him another cute smile before disappearing out the door. Alone, Jimin collapsed on the bed and spread out like a starfish because he was exhausted but he was also bubbling with so much happiness he couldn't help himself. He was in Seoul. He was in Yoongi's apartment. He was thrilled to get to spent some quality alone time with the older man all while exploring a city he had always wanted to see. 

After letting the excitement melt from his bones enough to relax, Jimin tugged out his phone to let his mother know he landed safely and was home with Yoongi. Then he sent a picture of his sleep puffy exhausted face to all his friends with a grin on his lips because he couldn't help himself. He found an outlet by the bed so he plugged in his phone so it could charge while he was showering. He didn't feel like unpacking so he grabbed the toiletry bag he prepacked and then some loose fitting lounge clothes to change into. His shower was rather uneventful but he soaked up the hot water as much as he could and when he was dressed in clean clothes, he felt loads better. 

His stomach rumbled while he was busy tugging out his camera and laptop onto the desk so he decided to go in search of Yoongi for the promise Korean fried chicken. Yoongi wasn't anywhere in the main area of the apartment but the door near the kitchen was open and Jimin assumed that was the man's bedroom. 

Not wanting to disturb Yoongi just yet, Jimin shuffled into the living room to explore a little bit. The couch looked comfortable and the coffee cup had been cleaned up from the table already. There was a large plush chair as well but Jimin was more interested in the floor to ceiling book shelves on either side of the large flat screen TV hung on the wall. There were all kinds of books on the left side that he peered at and at the top there were a few small trinkets, like photo frames that Jimin couldn't get a good look at. He noticed the collection of albums, the ones Yoongi went through for his channel and a warm fondness spread through his chest at the sight of them. 

When he moved to the right side of the shelves, he came to a stop because he was confused by what he was looking at. There were little trophies, some gold, some silver and Jimin stepped closer to see what they were. There were also a few plaques on the upper shelves and he peered at one of the trophies to see what it read. 

"2013 - Golden Disk - Song of the year - EXO 'Credit'"

Something lurched in Jimin's stomach and he hurried to look over the other trophies. There were an assortment of them with all kinds of groups that Jimin recognized but they all boiled down to one thing. Yoongi might not be who he claimed he was, which was a jarring realization. "Producer of the third quarter"? What did that even mean? Jimin itched for his phone which was still charging in his room to look up what he was seeing but there was a soft whistle from the kitchen and he jumped in surprise, twisting around to see a sleepy looking Yoongi shuffle out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. 

Well, the best way to find out was to ask. He hummed to himself and followed Yoongi into the kitchen where the older was busy making tea. He noticed Jimin as soon as he padded onto the tiled floor and he gave him a soft quirk of a smile. 

"Would you like some tea?"

"Please." Jimin smiled softly at him and shuffled over to the counter to watch him make the tea with those attractive hands of his. 

"Feeling better after a shower?"

"Very much so. Also hungry. I remember being promised chicken." Jimin mused, a teasing smile curling to his lips that Yoongi laughed softly at. 

"I'll order it. Shouldn't take too long to get here."

Jimin hummed and they fell into silence as the older prepared their tea. Once he was done, he handed Jimin the dark blue mug and Jimin cradled it between both hands, smelling the sweet scent and smiling in thanks. Yoongi returned his smile and relaxed back against the counter to take a few sips of his tea. 

"So, Yoongi," Jimin started as casually as he could and continued when the other glanced at him, "why exactly do you have trophies with the name Suga on them?"

Yoongi blinked at him before his face went a little pale and he snapped his eyes to the shelf in question, almost like he forgot they were there. "Oh. Right." He sighed and rubbed his free hand over his face. "It's not... something I tell people. But you're here now and... You'll keep it to yourself, won't you?" He almost looked afraid and so Jimin nodded, shifting a little closer to him. 

"I can keep a secret, hyung."

Yoongi nodded, licking at his dry lips before sipping his tea again. "I'm Suga. Freelance producer."

Jimin narrowed his eyes and glanced back at the shelf. "You're a producer? An award winning prroducer?"

Yoongi shrunk slightly into himself and nodded. "Yeah."

"And... that's a secret because?"

"Because the Korean media are fucking hounds and I prefer to keep my personal life seperate from my professional. I work with famous artists, I have to be careful."

"Hold up." Jimin's eyes went a little wide. "EXO, you worked with them? You've fucking met these idols groups."

"You understand why I like to keep that from my Agust D life."

Hell yeah Jimin understood. Yoongi would get hounded by his fans and other random people for all kinds of information. It made sense really and Jimin promised to keep it to himself. He was still a little shocked but it all made sense. No wonder Yoongi could afford such a nice place on his own. 

"You wrote some of my favorite songs." Jimin abruptly realized, his heart thundering in his chest as he looked at Yoongi with wide eyes. 

"I might have." Yoongi mumbled. "I'm still the same guy."

"I know." He nudged their shoulders together, offering Yoongi a warm smile that seemed to melt away the man's anxiousness. "So about that chicken?"

Yoongi laughed softly at him and left him alone in the kitchen so he could go order that chicken.

Jimin learned that night how Korean fried chicken was almost as good as southern fried chicken and all the side dishes really helped his appetite. In fact, Jimin learned a lot of things over the course of the next few weeks. He learned Yoongi actually drank more tea than coffee and that the older man was almost like a zombie without his morning coffee. He learned that the Seoul trains were just as packed and crowded as the ones in New York City but he didn't mind that. He learned that winters in Seoul were just as bitter cold as the ones back home and the snow was just a pure white and soft against his flushed face. He learned that Yoongi wasn't a fan of the cold but he dealt with it by bundling up in layers and layers of clothing until he looked like a puffy black marshmallow. He learned that his skin reacted well to korean beauty products and that Yoongi did look pretty as fucking hell with a little bit of eyeliner around his sharp eyes. 

But most of all, Jimin learned that his little crush didn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, spending so much time with Yoongi only managed to deepen the fluttering in the pit of his stomach and he didn't know what to do about it. Ignoring his feelings was easier when he was an ocean away but having Yoongi right in front of him made things a little more difficult. He was almost disappointed in himself because he thought he had been getting over his crush. 

Yoongi didn't help his feelings either. He made Jimin all kinds of confused because he couldn't tell if Yoongi was just being nice to him or if he was flirting. There were times where Jimin caught himself thinking the man was flirting with him. He didn't know how to take that. 

Like when Yoongi's hand found the small of his back while they were walking through a market, steering the younger and making sure they weren't seperated. The heat of his palm through the layers of Jimin's clothes left his heart thudding in his ears. Or like when Yoongi would grab his hand to show him something, or lead him a certain way which always caused Jimin to blush but Yoongi didn't ever seem to notice. Or how when they were both too tried to do anything, they curled together on Yoongi's couch and watched music shows and youtube videos together. The weight of Yoongi's head against his shoulder always made it nearly impossible to focus on whatever they were watching and sometimes Jimin wondered if he was reading too much into it. 

Yoongi was a nice guy. He was friendly, warm, kind and caring. He always paid for their meals no matter how much Jimin protested and he always made sure Jimin felt comfortable in his apartment. And sometimes, Jimin would catch the older looking at him in a certain way, like he was trying to figure him out or something and when Jimin caught him, Yoongi would always flush softly. Jimin didn't want to hope, he didn't want to read into something that wasn't there but his heart was too swollen and he needed to know what was going on. 

He still didn't know if Yoongi was into guys. Yoongi knew Jimin was though. He blurted it out late one night when the two of them curled up under a blanket in front of the TV because it was snowing outside and neither felt like leaving. Yoongi had glanced at him in that wide eyed surprised way of his that was much too cute for Jimins well-being and then he hummed, reaching out to grab Jimin's hand and hold it gently. Jimin knew it was meant to be conforting but the level of mixed signals he was getting made him dizzy. Yoongi told him it was okay, that he didn't care, that JImin was still maybe the closest friend he ever had and Jimin had to fight down the prickle of tears in his eyes. 

Yoongi cared about him. Jimin didn't know in what way, but he knew Yoongi cared. Hell, Yoongi had somehow became one of his closest friends and Yoongi considered him his best friend and that was important to Jimin. That was why he didn't say anything about the bubbling affection in his heart. He didn't want to screw up the good thing they had going but he wasn't sure he could go back to South Carolina without at least knowing how Yoongi really felt about him. And yet, he was terrified of fucking up the good thing they had going. 

Which was why Jimin was sitting in the middle of the living room, curled up to one corner of the couch at one in the morning on a Tuesday. He still had a week left of his trip and they had a lot planned. But all Jimin could think about was how he would be leaving Yoongi to go back to an empty apartment, no matter how much he loved the place. It left a ripped painful feeling in his chest and he couldn't sleep because of it. He couldn't wrap his mind around what was happening between him and Yoongi and no matter how desperately he wanted answered, he was too terrified to bring it up. 

Jimin let out a soft sigh and buried his head in his hand, rubbing at his sore eyes and questioning his life decisions. He knew Yoongi was asleep in his bedroom, the door cracked open just enough for Jimin to have peered inside before he settled on the couch. Yoongi curled up into a little ball under the covers when he slept and Jimin hated how cute he found that. It didn't make things any easier for him. 

He was trying to think of ways to force himself to sleep when he heard a click come from the front door. He snapped his head up in confusion, staring at the door in the darkness. There were a few streams of lights from the streetlamps slipping in through the curtains but otherwise it was dark in the apartment. Jimin vaguely wondered if the lump he saw in the blankets wasn't actually Yoongi and the man went out for some reason. He did that, sometimes, saying it was work related and Jimin never questioned him. The idol industry never slept, after all. 

But when the door finally opened with the soft jingle of keys, Jimin was more than certain that the person who entered was not Yoongi. First of all, they were too short. The door shut and then the figure went about removing their coat and shoes as if they lived there. Which was such a bizarre thing that Jimin didn't know what to do. This person obviously had a key to Yoongi's apartment but Yoongi had not mentioned being that close to anyone in Seoul. 

After a little observation, Jimin found the figure to be male and though he was short he was far from thin or lithe. It was too dark to see the exact shape of his body but his chest was flat when he tugged off his hoodie and his thighs were thick in his tight blue jeans. Jimin could only watch as the man shuffled a little further into the apartment, ruffling at his hair and tugging off the mask from his face. 

Jimin's entire world spun to an abrupt halt. 

He knew that face. Sometimes he dreamed about that face. 

Lee Jihoon noticed Jimin about the same time Jimin started to have a heart attack. The man let out a soft yelp of surprise and snapped his hand out, flicking on the light switch by the door and blinding the both of them. Jimin rubbed at his eyes, his heart pounding in his ears and when he looked again, he was certain the blond haired man gaping at him was in fact Lee Jihoon. There was no denying it. Those small sharp eyes, those lips, that nose. Jimin would recognize the man in his sleep. 

But what the hell was he doing at Yoongi's and why did he have a key?

"Who are you?" Jihoon's shoulders tensed up and he rubbed at his arms in an awkward manner, bunching up the sleeves of his long sleeved shirt as he glanced around the living room nervously.

"I... I'm Park Jimin." His voice was light because he was in too much shock at seeing his idol directly in front of him in the middle of the night for reasons he didn't know. 

Jihoon's eyes squinted for a moment before his face went soft and he relaxed, nodding his head. "You're... Yoongi-hyung's American friend, right?"

"Yeah." Jimin found his throat very tight. 

"I'm Lee Jihoon." He bowed his head and Jimin scrambled to his feet to respectfully return his bow. 

"I-I know who you are." He didn't fail to notice the way Jihoon's shoulders went a little stiff. "I um, I'm a fan?" He didn't know what to say or what to do and Jihoon seemed to tense up even more. 

"Oh, ah, well, thank you." He looked tired under the light at the entry door. His face was pale and void of any makeup so Jimin could see the slight dark circles under his eyes. "I forgot that he mentioned he had company for a while."

"Did you want to see him?" Jimin perked up, motioning to the open bedroom door. "H-He's sleeping but um." He still couldn't wrap his mind around why Lee Jihoon was currently in the middle of Min Yoongi's living room. 

"I didn't let him know I was coming. It's fine. Don't worry about it." Jihoon awkwardly shifted back toward the door and Jimin wanted to tell him not to leave but he couldn't think of a reason to give him not to. "I'm sorry to bother."

Jimin quickly shook his head. "I-I wasn't asleep. It's okay. You, um, you can stay? I'll wake up hyung." He flittered around the couch in his nervousness. "I can make tea?"

"Make that coffee." Yoongi's voice was a thick grumble that made the both of them flinch and Jimin twisted around the kitchen to see Yoongi leaning against his open bedroom door. His face was still slack with sleep but his eyes were glistening in the soft light as he looked Jihoon over. The younger idol seemed to relax under his gaze and he dropped his head, a light flush curling over the apples of his cheeks. "What are you doing up Jimin?" He pushed off the doorway and shuffled into the kitchen after him. 

"I, um, I couldn't sleep." Jimin found his hands shaking because he was still oh so confused. 

Yoongi's face crumpled up and he reached out to rub his arm gently. "Everything okay?"

No. No it wasn't. Jimin didn't know what was going on. "Yeah."

Yoongi obviously didn't believe him but he let it go, shifting to grab the things he needed to start the coffee pot. "I wasn't really sure how to tell you. Sometimes Jihoon comes by when he can so we can get some work done."

Work. Of course, that made sense. Jimin felt the tension slip from his limbs and he nodded in understanding. "I mean, I'm his fan, I get why you didn't say anything. I didn't know you worked with him."

"It's not... an official thing." Yoongi bit into his lips in that anxious matter he had before slipping away from Jimin to greet Jihoon still lingering in the living room. "Hey, you look tried."

Jimin tried not to stare but he did notice the way Jihoon's face went soft in a way Jimin had never seen before. "I've only got a few hours. We should get to work."

Yoongi nodded in agreement and motioned to his bedroom door. Jihoon ducked his head down and shuffled into the room without sparing Jimin a glance and he tried to not take it personally. He flinched when the coffee machine started to bubble and before he could move to do anything, Yoongi was already there, tugging out two mugs from the cabinet. 

"You sure you're alright? You're jumpy." Yoongi eyed him up and Jimin saw the man was still so very tired. 

"Yeah." He reassured him with a soft smile. "I, um, I should try to sleep." 

"If you're sure. We'll be locked up for a few hours."

Jimin nodded, backing away out of the kitchen. "Um, okay. See you later? 

"Sleep well, Jimin."

"Good luck with work." Yoongi flashed him a tiny smile for his words and Jimin left for his own bedroom shutting the door behind himself. 

Lee Jihoon was in the apartment. Lee fucking Jihoon. Jimin knew Yoongi was friends with all kinds of idols because of his work but Yoongi had never been specific out of respect for their privacy. He hoped Yoongi knew Jimin wouldn't say a word about seeing Jihoon. If not, he was sure to tell the man in the morning. In the mean time, he needed to get some sleep. But no matter what he tried, when he laid down he couldn't seem to fall into dreamland. There was way too much on his mind for it to settle down and he was a strange mixture of feelings. 

He tossed about in his bed for the next couple of hours, until the first rays of morning sunlight started to trickle through his windows. He was exhausted and a little bit hungry so Jimin slipped out of bed to find something in the kitchen to nibble on. Yoongi was probably still working or at least asleep so Jimin figured he could make something small. He paused halfway out his door however when he heard voices and for some reason he rushed back into the room, closing the door a little bit and pushing his back against the wall beside the doorframe. 

"You really should sleep." Yoongi's voice was a rough grumble and Jimin shifted against the wall to peer through the door. He had a decent view of the front door where Yoongi and Jihoon were standing. The younger was in the process to tugging on his coat so Jimin assumed he was leaving. 

"I have a schedule in two hours." Jihoon pointed out, a disgruntled expression on his cute face as he ruffled his messy hair with his fingers. 

"I though you were on break?"

"Are we ever really on break?" Jihoon let out a soft laugh and wrapped a scarf around his neck a few times before tugging out the black mask from his pocket. 

"Here." Yoongi snatched up one of the beanies from his collection in a small basket by the door and tugged it on over Jihoon's messy hair. It tucked longer strands of blond against his face and neck and he was so cute like that, Jimin thought. "Stay warm."

Jihoon hummed and shifted to tuck the arms of the mask over the backs of his ears and then let the mask rest under his chin so his mouth was still free. Yoongi was a good head taller than the idol so Jihoon had to tilt his head back to look up at him. "You'll talk to him, right? I don't want him to think I'm rude."

Yoongi nodded, reaching out to cup Jihoon's chubby cheeks between his hands and Jimin's heart stuttered in his throat. "I'll talk to him. Don't worry. He likes you."

Jihoon's pretty pink mouth pouted out and his eyes were twinkling in amusement. "Tomorrow?"

"Tomorrow." Yoongi agreed, leaned down and Jimin's entire world abruptly came crashing down around him because Yoongi was kissing Jihoon. 

Jimin cursed under his breath and hurried away from the door, slamming back against the wall with his heart hammering in his chest. What the hell did he just witness? Were Yoongi and Jihoon...? Jimin's throat went thick and tight and he shook his head at himself, lifting both hands to rub over his face. He knew what he saw. Their lips definitely touched and vaguely Jimin heard the front door close as Jihoon left. 

Jihoon had a key to Yoongi's apartment. Jihoon came to see Yoongi in the cover of darkness when he had the free time. Yoongi kissed him. Were they dating? Oh god did Yoongi have a boyfriend? Jimin's heart crumbled at the thought and his knees went a little weak. Oh god, what if? What the hell was Jimin's going to do? He needed answers and he needed them now. 

He took a few deep breaths to calm his racing heart to effect and that was when he heard the shuffling around in the kitchen. Yoongi was still awake and Jimin's limbs moved before the could stop himself. Yoongi was in the process of making a fresh pot of coffee when Jimin shuffled into the kitchen and he didn't seem to notice him at first. He was washing out their used mugs when he glanced over and caught Jimin's eyes, his brows shooting up in surprise. 

"You're awake? Did you sleep at all?" Yoongi's brow furrowing like he didn't like the idea of Jimin not sleeping. He dried his hands off on a hand towel and shuffled closer to give him a good once over. "You look exhausted. Should we stay home today? We can push off the trip to Busan till tomorrow."

"You kissed him." Jimin blurted out, unable to stop himself. 

Yoongi's entire body froze like he'd been struck by lightning and then Jimin witnessed the man crumble right before him. "Shit." He fumbled to grab hold of the edge of the counter so he had something to lean on and then his head ducked between his shoulders. "You... weren't supposed to see that."

Yeah. Jimin figured that. "Yoongi..."

"Can we just, I don't know, pretend you didn't see that?" Yoongi's voice was so soft, so tight and so broken that it made Jimin step forward, his own emotions replaced with worry. "Or, I don't know... Can you keep it to yourself?"

"I won't tell anyone." Jimin assured him, reaching out to smooth a hand over the tight mucles coiled around Yoongi's shoulder blades. "I... I just want to know what's going on. Are you two... Are you and Jihoon...?"

Yoongi let out a heavy sigh, his entire body heaving with it. "I wanted to tell you. I trust you, I do. I knew you'd keep it to yourself but this isn't just about me. This effects Jihoon too and he... He said I could tell you. Since you were probably already suspicious anyway."

Jimin swallowed hard, trying to shove down the lump in his throat. "So you two...?"

Yoongi nodded, his black hair a messy tangle atop his head. "We're together."

"You have a boyfriend." Jimin breathed out. It was an option he had never even considered but he thought Yoongi would have told him if he did. Yet, considering said boyfriend was a superstar idol and one of Jimin's favorite people in the world, he understood why Yoongi was hesitant to tell him. 

"You can't tell anyone, Jimin. Please. This would ruin him."

Yoongi sounded panicked and despite the crushing pressure in his chest, Jimin stepped forward to wrap Yoongi up in a tight hug. The older man melted in his embrace, nuzzling into his shoulder but didn't lift his arms to return it. "I won't tell a soul, Yoongi."

"I know. I know you won't." He sighed against Jimin's throat and maybe that hurt the most. "You're my best friend, Jimin. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't figure out how. Especially after you were so brave to come out to me... I'm so sorry."

Jimin's throat went tight and his eyes prickled with tears so he hugged Yoongi around the shoulders a little tighter. "It's okay. I'm not mad. I just... um, how long? Have you two...? If you can answer. We don't have to talk about it."

Yoongi shook his head slightly, dark hair brushing over Jimin's jaw line and he reached out to grip at his hips loosely. "How about some coffee and breakfast first?"

Jimin pursed his lips together, dipping his head back in an effort to stop the wave of emotion threatening to spill from his eyes. "Just, tell me, Yoongi. Do you love him?"

Yoongi slipped his hands around Jimin's hips to hold the small of his back gently. "Yeah. I love him a whole lot, Jimin."

He fought against the crushing feeling and forced a smile onto his face, squeezing his eyes shut as he hugged Yoongi tighter. "Good, good, that's all that matters you know. That you're happy." He took a deep breath and managed to pull away. "I um, I want to take a shower first, I feel kind of gross."

Yoongi looked him over, like he was trying to read everything but thankfully, the man didn't see anything that seemed to bother him. "Okay. I'll order breakfast in, yeah? We can hang out on the couch and talk."

Jimin's lips twitched up into a genuine smile. "I'd like that." And before Yoongi could stop him, Jimin hurried back to his bedroom. 

He made it all the way into the bathroom before he broke down. He collapsed back against the door, slapping a hand over his mouth to hold back the sobs that crawled up his throat. The tears were burning hot against his flushed cheeks but there was nothing Jimin could do. He felt too much to hold it back and he prayed Yoongi wasn't worried about him. He couldn't explain himself, not now. 

Yoongi had a boyfriend. And not just anyone, Lee fucking Jihoon. Who was pretty, talented, kind and lovable. Jimin would date the guy too given the chance and so he wasn't upset at Yoongi. Yoongi didn't know Jimin had started to fall for him. He was just overwhelmed with feeling because the person he cared about was already happily taken. And that was a good thing, he told himself. It was good that Yoongi was in love and happy. 

It took a few minutes for Jimin to calm himself down and once the sobs stopped, he moved to the sink to curl his fingers around the edge and stare at his reflection. His eyes were swollen, his lips bitten red and his cheeks flushed. He looked gross but he glared at himself and tightened his muscles. 

"You can do this." He told himself. "You can be his friend. He needs you as his friend. He called you his best friend and you care enough about him to move past this. He has a boyfriend, a great boyfriend, and you will be okay. Being his friend is a great thing. Being his best friend is better than nothing, Jimin, so you can do this."

He nodded to himself and took a deep shakey breath. "Be there for him because he needs you. Be the best friend he needs you to be and put your feelings aside. I know you can do it." He swallowed hard. "You've got this."

He inhaled again deeply and held it for a few seconds before letting it out in a long breath. He mumbled to himself as he undressed for his shower and he continued to mumble to himself as he got dressed for a day of lounging around. Yoongi looked relieved to see him when he joined him on the couch and Jimin decided then and there, right in that moment, that he would be the best friend Yoongi could have ever asked for. 

Jimin stayed true to his word. He was a good friend who let Yoongi lean into his side while he explained how he and Jihoon met. Pledis brought Yoongi in to work on one of Seventeen's songs and that was the day he met Jihoon. After working together, they got along well enough to meet up for meals when they had the free time. And then, almost six months later, Jihoon kissed him and Yoongi swore he was doomed in that moment. Two years they had been together, keeping their relationship a secret from literally everyone. Jimin was the only one to know and he felt proud to have such trust from Yoongi and his idol. 

Jihoon was kind to him, when they finally met and even let him take a selfie of the two of them together to brag about with his friends. Jihoon was just as sweet and interesting in person as Jimin always thought and seeing the way he and Yoongi looked at each other made the ache in his chest a little easier to bare. They were so in love and that was enough for him. 

Years went by and his feelings for Yoongi bubbled into something even more important than the crush he once had. Yoongi was his best friend, the person he counted on more than anyone else and he was the same for the older in return. Sure, Jimin still had Jin, Taehyung and Jungkook but there was something special with Yoongi. A type of connection that couldn't be shared with the other people around them and that was okay. Jimin was the greatest friend he could possibly be for Yoongi and he tried to be a good friend for Jihoon as well. He dated on and off for the following years but no one ever stuck and that was okay. Jimin was okay with being alone for awhile. He was considering moving to LA with Jin but he didn't want to leave his mother behind so he was slowly convincing her to come with him. 

Jimin was happy and that was enough. 

And then he got the call.

Jimin awoke to the abrupt sound of Boo Seungkwan's voice and it nearly knocked him off the side of his bed if not for the strong arm around his naked waist. His hand snapped out to snatch up his ringing phone from the side table, sitting up enough to press it to his ear as he answered the call. 

"Yeah?" His voice was thick with sleep and he wasn't even sure where he was or what was going on. 

"Jimin?" Yoongi's voice sounded almost breathless and that set off alarms in Jimin's head. He blinked his eyes opened, rubbing the sleep from them and sat up slowly. 

"Hyung? What's up? It's like..." He glanced at the clock. "Four in the morning."

"Shit." Yoongi hissed and Jimin could practically hear the man rubbing at his face. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to wake you. I forgot about the time."

"Hyung. What's wrong?" Jimin's heart pluttered in his chest as he glanced around his bedroom. He barely spared the man in the bed beside him a glance as he shifted to toss his legs over the edge of the bed. 

"Have you check social media today?" Yoongi's voice was shakey and that concerned Jimin. 

"No? I just woke up." He pointed out, pursing his lips as he reached for the tablet he kept beside his bed for when inspiration struck him. "I'll check now. Why? What's going on?"

Yoongi went silent and that was enough to make Jimin hurry up in waking up his tablet. He had about a million notifications but he ignored them in favor of checking twitter. Instantly, he saw what Yoongi was calling about and his heart slipped through his ribs to plop to the floor. 


"It's a fucking mess." Yoongi's voice was muffled, like he was rubbing at his face again. "I don't know what to do, Jimin. I'm sorry for calling so early, I didn't know-"

"It's okay." Jimin breathed out, his eyes wide as he took in the series of pictures he was seeing at the top of his twitter feed. There was no denying who and what he was seeing. There, in perfect HD color was no other than Min Yoongi and Lee Jihoon, huddled under a bus stop in godknows where to stay out of the rain. It was dark but the light from the streetlamps carrassed their faces and they were holding hands, almost hidden behind Yoongi's back but one of the pictures was enlarged to show it. And then the next picture had Yoongi kissing Jihoon and there was no denying what he was seeing. 

They'd been outted. 

"Oh god, Yoongi. What's going to happen?"

"I don't know." Yoongi mumbled, sounding both exhausted and in pain. "Jihoon's in a meeting with his CEO right now to discuss damage control but what control do we have? There's no arguing who that is in those pictures."

"Christ, Yoongi. This is so fucked up." Jimin's heart was thundering but there was a fizzle of anger. "No one has the right to out either of you."

"I can't be the reason his dreams are ruined, Jimin." Yoongi's voice was so broken and it made Jimin's throat tight. "I can't."

"He loves you." Jimin reminded him softly. "He loves you so much, Yoongi."

"We're always so careful. We were in fucking Jeju. It was like three in the morning, I can't understand how this even happened."

"Yoongi, Yoongi, what can I do? Do you need me there?" Jimin hurried to his feet, glancing around the stray items of clothes to find his underwear. "I can fly out there. I'll do it."

Yoongi made a soft noise. "No.. I mean, I do need you. That's why I called." Jimin's heart felt light. "But... It's a mess right now, Jimin. And I'm... not sure you'll help the case right now."

Jimin's heart dropped. "Because I'm openly gay?"

Yoongi made a disgruntled noise. "Because the media will descend upon you like fucking piranha. You're a known friend of the both of us. Which reminds me, fuck, I know you won't say anything but you might get questioned by all kinds of places about this."

"My mouth is shut. I won't say a word." He assured his friend, wishing he could hug the man because he was sure Yoongi was probably slumped over where ever he was and looking like death. "Not even to Tae, Kookie and Jin."

"I don't know what they're planning so it's best to lay low right now. Jimin, I don't know what to do. This isn't some small scandal with a rookie. This is Lee Jihoon, South Korea's pride and joy producer and I can't fuck up his life, Jimin, I can't."

"It's going to be alright, Yoongi. I'm here okay? I'm here when you need me."

"I appreciate that... Oh, shit they're coming out." There was a commotion on the other side of the line before Yoongi's voice was back. "I'll cal you back, Jimin. As soon as I know somerthing."

"Okay." He hurried to say. "Be careful and tell Jihoon I'm thinking of him. I'll be here."

"Thanks Jimin." And then the line went dead. 

Jimin heaved a heavy sigh and glanced back at the soundly sleeping man in his bed. He couldn't entirely remember the guy's name but that wasn't important at the moment. He found a clean pair of underwear to slip into and then a t-shirt before he left the room with his phone and tablet. He settled on his couch comfortably so he could shift through all the shit on twitter about this that he could find. He had an assortment of his own notifications tagging him in the scandal and asking what he knew but Jimin ignored them. It was four am, he could claim he was sleeping until he knew more about the situation. 

But the more he saw, the more anxious he became. This was a big deal. In America, it would be all the news for a week and then blow over. But in South Korea? An insanely popular Idol from one of the biggest groups of all time getting caught being gay with his boyfriend who happened to be freelance idol producer Min Yoongi was the scandal of the century and Jimin was terrified for the both of them. 

Jimin picked up his phone without thought and dialed the only number he could think of. It rang twice before it clicked and a voice greeted him. 

"Sup, Jimin?" Jungkook's voice was light and not at all sleepy and Jimin remembered it was like one in the morning over there and Jungkook liked to stay up late when he could. 

"Hey. Where's Taehyung?" Because he was sure that was the number he callled. 

"Sleeping. He's got some model thing in the morning so he went to bed early. I could wake him?"

"No..." Jimin mumbled. "No, it's okay."

"What's up? You sound... off."

"Have you... Have you checked your social media lately?" Jimin asked, biting on his bottom lip. 

"No?" There was the sound of shuffling. "I've been playing COD. Why?"

Jimin swallowed hard and rubbed at his temple with his free hand. "It's a mess, Kookie."

"Did something happen? Are you okay?" He sounded worried and Jimin appreciated him in that moment as his friend. 

"I'm okay. It's not about me."

"Okay, hold on. Let me see..." He trailed off and Jimin waited, knowing Jungkook would see it as instantly as he had. "Oh." He breathed out. "Oh shit. Oh my god." Yup, he found it. "Holy fucking shit, Jimin. Is this real?"

"What do you think?"

"It looks real. Shit." He cursed under his breath, sounded as shocked as Jimin would probably be if he didn't already know. "Are they...? Do you know?"

"I can't talk about it. Yoongi just called me to tell me. He's freaking out a little bit."

"No shit." Jungkook sighed. "Fuck, wow. I had no idea."

"I'm worried, Kookie." Jimin admitted softly. "Yoongi's a mess right now and I don't even know what Jihoon could be thinking but his career is on the line right now and I know I'd be a mess." He paused and let out a hiss. "Fuck, I am a mess and it's not even my scandal."

"Jiminnie? I'm waking Taehyung."

Jimin bit into his lower lip, not wanting to wake the other man but... he needed him. "Thank you."

There were a few moments of shuffling on the other line and of soft whispers before Taehyung's sleep thick voice finally picked up. 

"Jiminnie? Kook says you're freaking out."

Jimin choked on a laugh. "That's an understatement."

"What's going on baby?" Taehyung was still very much half asleep but he seemed to working on waking himself up.

"A scandal broke out in Korea. Yoongi and Jihoon."

Taehyung took a sharp inhale. "No shit. Fuck. Are they okay? Kookie give me your phone. I want to see."

"I don't know, Tae. Yoongi called me and he's freaked out and now I'm freaked out."

"Oh wow that's really them." Taehyung mumbled. "Shit, it's everywhere."

"I'm sure an Idol like Jihoon getting outed is a pretty big thing." Jimin hissed, anger bubbling up once agian. "This is so fucked up."

"How are they going to explain this?"

"I don't know. Yoongi didn't know when he called me. What do I do, Tae? I want to help but Yoongi said flying there would just make it worse. Since I'm known in the media as their friend." His heart felt so sore, like he'd been digging at it with a small sharp tool. 

"Be there for them the best you can, Jiminnie. You're good at that. It'll be okay. I'm certain of it."

Jimin glanced up when there was shuffling from his bedroom door and the guy from the night before stepped out, fully dressed and with his phone in hand. He glanced at Jimin, a question in his eyes and Jimin only shrugged at him, offering him the only smile he could muster. The guy nodded his head and gave him a little wave before he was gone, leaving Jimin alone in his apartment. 


"Yeah." Jimin swallowed hard, blinking a few times. "You're right. I'm just so worried about them. This is Jihoon's career on the line and it'll crush Yoongi if he's the reason Jihoon loses everything."

"They have professionals dealing with the situation. I think you should try and get some sleep until Yoongi can update you."

He knew Taehyung was right but he didn't see himself sleeping anytime soon. He thanked his friends and ended the call with Taehyung so he could crawl back into his own bed. It smelled lightly of sex and he crinkled his nose at the scent. He got back to his feet so he could strip his mattress clean and then curled up with his favorite soft blanket in an attempt to get some sleep. 

He drifted in and out for a few hours. He wasn't sure how long he had laid there before his phone finally started to ring again. He answered it immediately, sounding breathless when he called Yoongi's name. 

"Yeah, It's me." Yoongi sounded less upset than he did the last time Jimin heard his voice but he still sounded exhausted. 

"How are you? How's Jihoon?" Jimin clutched the blanket to his chest in worry. 

"We're... I don't know, Jimin. I don't know how we are."

"What's going on?"

"I had a meeting with his CEO. Jihoon refused to lie about what's going on. He's been outted and he's not going to hide. Which means owning up to the relationship. They weren't happy about that but right now, Jihoon is their money horse and getting rid of him isn't the smartest idea. Especially since he's gotten nothing but support from the fans so far. The media hasn't been so kind but his fans... they seem okay. So we're going to have a press conference and admit the relationship."

"Holy fuck."

"Yeah." Yoongi breathed out. 

"And then what?"

"We're gonna lay low for a while. Jihoon wanted to go to Busan to see his family but the press would hound them."

Jimin gasped. "Oh god, his family."

"He already talked to them. They're okay." Jimin already knew Yoongi wasn't on good terms with his family so he didn't see a point in asking about them. "We can't stay at my place so we're figuring it out."

Jimin lurched up, his heart thumping in his throat. "Come stay with me."

There was a pause. "What?"

"I have the room." He had a spare bedroom specifically for when he had friends or family visit. "Its out of the country and I doubt either of you would be hounded by the media here. You'll be safe. Please, Yoongi, come stay with me. It's the least I can do to help."

"Jimin... that's... really nice of you to offer." Yoongi sighed softly. "I'll mention it to Jihoon. It's actully not a bad idea. I'll let you know."

And that was how, four days later, Jimin found himself at the airport picking up Yoongi and his boyfriend. He had watched the press conference on his tablet live the day before and he still cringed when he thought about it. The reporters had not been kind but Jihoon stood his ground with Yoongi at his side and considering he had the backing of his company behind him, the CEO standing proudly on his other side, it seemed like maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all. Jihoon's international fans were more than supportive and the Korean fans were already making projects to show their support for their idol. It was all really nice, Jimin thought but he knew both Jihoon and Yoongi weren't out of the woods yet. 

Jimin waited anxiously in his bench seat, his eyes locked on the exit door where Yoongi and Jihoon would be coming through. Yoongi had sent him a message ten minutes prior that they were getting their luggage and Jimin was anxious to see the both of them. He let out a breath of relief when the couple finally shuffled through the door and he jumped to his feet, hurrying to greet them. 

"Hyung." Jimin tossed out when he got closer and Yoongi looked at him in relief. He looked exhausted, his face pale and his eyes swollen from lack of sleep. It was a little past midnight so the airport was pretty empty and Jimin didn't hesitate to wrap his friend up into a tight hug. It had been months since he last saw Yoongi, since his last trip to Seoul and it felt nice to hold him again. 

"It's good to see you, Jimin." Yoongi hugged him back just as tightly. 

"You too." He nuzzled his cheek against Yoongi's hair before pulling back and turning to Jihoon.

The idol was wearing a black mask over his mouth and nose and his black hair was a bit of a mess. His eyes were heavy and swollen and though Jimin wanted to hug him, Jihoon didn't look like he wanted to be touched at the moment. "Hey, Jihoon. I'm glad you came."

Jihoon bowed his head respectfully, which threw Jimin off a moment before he returned the bow. 

"He hasn't slept in days." Yoongi pointed out, reaching out to rub Jihoon's back only to freeze with his hand in the air when the boy flinched. Oh. That wasn't good. 

"We've got an hours drive back to my place." He stated, even though Yoongi already knew that from the last time he visited last summer. "You can rest as much as you want."

"Thanks Jimin."

Jimin took the suitcase from Jihoon's fingers without question and the three of them left the airport together. The exhaustion was very clear in the way both Jihoon and Yoongi held themselves and he was worried about them. As good as it was to see them, it was obvious they weren't okay. When they reached Jimin's car, Jihoon didn't hesitate to climb into the back seat and curl up after snapping on his seat belt. 

Jimin and Yoongi lingered by the open trunk to tuck away their suitcases. "Is he okay?" Jimin asked softly. 

"I don't know." Yoongi's face crumbled slightly as he glanced at the car. "He won't let me touch him. Like at all. I don't know what it means."

Jimin's heart squeezed for his friend and he reached out to offer another hug that Yoongi quickly took. "He's shaken up. That's all."

"I'm worried about us." Yoongi admitted softly into the fabric of Jimin's jacket. 

"He came with you, didn't he?" Jimin said in means to assure him. "He needs sleep. So do you. We'll talk when we get home okay?"

"Yeah." Yoongi gave his hand a squeeze before he finally pulled away and slammed the trunk closed. Jimin noticed the way he hovered by the back door like he was going to sit with his boyfriend but choose to sit up front with Jimin instead. Giving Jihoon his space seemed like the best thing to do and so Jimin didn't say a word. They spent the hour drive in silence and the worry in Jimin's stomach started to bubble even more. 

Jihoon didn't sleep during the drive, just stared out the window with bleary eyes. When they arrived at the apartment, Jihoon let Jimin carry his suitcase again and followed them inside. He let Yoongi press a hand into the small of his back to led him to their room and Jimin considered that to be improvement. He dropped off Jihoon's suitcase with them before moving back into the living room to give them some privacy. 

It was late, so very late but Jimin knew he wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon. He was sitting on the couch, rubbing at his eyes when Yoongi came back intot he room, shutting the bedroom door softly behind himself. He and Jimin looked at each other for a moment before Yoongi's shoulders dropped and he collapsed on the couch beside him. 

"Hey." Jimin called softly, opening an arm out to him that Yoongi immeditely fell into. 

"Hey." Yoongi murmured. 

"You gonna be okay?"


Jimin hummed and left it at that because he didn't know what else to say or do. He just held Yoongi against his chest with one arm and hoped it was enough. He was debating asking the man if he wanted something to eat or drink when the bedorom door opened and a sleep puffy Jihoon shuffled into the living room. He was in nothing but an oversized shirt and his briefs but he didn't seem to care. Jimin had to remind himself that the glare on Jihoon's face wasn't personal. The guy just looked like that sometimes. 

"Can't sleep?" Jimin asked softly, shifting to sit up a little more. "I could make some tea." He offered and moved to get up while Yoongi shifted away from him but Jihoon spoke. 

"Sit down." Jimin did just that, leaning back into the couch with slightly wide eyes at the way Jihoon nearly snapped. Yoongi gave him a disapproving look that made Jihoon sigh. "Sorry." He shuffled across the floor and then plopped down in the small space between Jimin and Yoongi. "I'm so fucking tired." He rubbed at his eyes with both of his fists and Yoongi reached out to him but paused, letting his hand hover over the back of his neck. "For fucks sake Yoongi, touch me, I'm not going to break."

"You haven't seemed so keen on it lately." Yoongi's voice was solid but Jimin could see the flicker of hurt in his eyes. 

"Cause I'm an asshole sometimes. We're safe here, yeah?"

"Of course you're safe." Jimin assured him. 

Yoongi finally let his hand curl around the back of Jihoon's neck and squeeze softly. The idol melted into the touch and Jimin wasn't surprised to see him immediately lean into Yoongi's side. 

"Come to bed with me."

Yoongi could only nod at his boyfriend's request and Jimin watched fondly as Yoongi helped Jihoon to his feet and the two of them shuffled off to the bedroom, hand in hand. But then Jihoon paused, twisting around to glance at Jimin with narrowed eyes. 

"You coming?"


Jihoon's lips pouted out slightly and he sighed. "Are you coming to bed?"

Yoongi laughed softly. "He's affectionate when he hasn't slept in days."

"Shut up." Jihoon knocked his hand against Yoongi's chest before he shuffled into the bedroom. 

Yoongi shrugged at Jimin when he glanced at him in confusion. "You don't have to but... he trusts you. I think he could use all the affection he can get right now. He's really stressed."

"Okay." Jimin nodded in agreement because it wasn't like he'd never cuddled up with his friends before. Taehyung and Jungkook liked dragging him into their cuddle piles all the time, he was just surprised Jihoon was offering this to him. It was... very kind of him. 

Jihoon was already curled up under the blankets in the middle of the bed when they entered and Jimin smiled fondly at him. Yoongi shrugged off his jeans before joining his boyfriend and Jimin did the same, curling up on the other side of Jihoon. There was a moment where he didn't know where to put his arms until Jihoon's fingers wrapped around one of his wrists and tugged his arm over his waist. It was almost hard for him to believe that he was currently cuddling with Lee Jihoon but when the boy finally settled down and fell into a sound sleep, Jimin figured it was worth the fizzling feeling in his skin. 

Yoongi smiled greatfully at him before he drifted off into sleep as well. Jimin felt warm and full, happy to know his friends trusted him and felt safe enough in his home to do so. He fell asleep to the soft sounds of their breathing. 

With a decent amount of sleep in him, Jihoon was a lot more fun to be around. Both he and Yoongi were grateful to him for opening up his home to them and Jimin could only tell them it was the right thing to do. He wanted them there, he enjoyed having them around and that was enough for them. 

The scandal didn't die down for a long time but Yoongi and Jihoon managed to survive it. With the support of his fans, his company and every single one of his twelve members, Jihoon didn't let the small bundle of ignorance in the media get to him. He grew stronger from it and with Yoongi at his side, there was nothing they couldn't do. Jimin felt honored to be by their sides and watch them grow together. 

When Jimin finally convinced his mother to move to LA it was around the same time Jihoon and Yoongi decided to move there. Yoongi had offers to work with big American artists and Jihoon felt more comfortable in a country where he could hold his boyfriend's hand without getting glared at on the street. He could still work for Pledis from LA and considering Seventeen was on an indefinite hiatus to do solo work, he wasn't too worried about it. 

Jimin was thrilled to be by Yoongi's side, in the only way but best way he could be. There were a kinds of love. Some romantic, some familiar, some platonic. The love and connection between Yoongi and Jimin was just as important as any other type of love. Having the support of one another was enough to help them achieve their dreams. Love wasn't something Jimin sought out anymore but when Jihoon's friend and groupmate Soonyoung asked him on a date, Jimin didn't have a reason to say no. He didn't expect love but he wasn't upset when he found it. 

Jimin and Yoongi stayed by one another's sides because sometimes platonic love was just as important as romantic. It was enough, more than enough, and both Jimin and Yoongi were happy with what they were able to have. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi didn't hate weddings. In fact, he thought they were rather nice when done for the right reasons. Said reasons were love, not for business. He hated the idea of arranged marriages but when a wedding was done out of love, for two people who deeply loved one another, even he had to admit it was a pretty nice thing. So when his same-age cousin, who he had not heard from since he left Daegu, sent him an invitation to her wedding, Yoongi's intial thought wasn't, oh no fuck this. In fact, he was pretty happy for Dahee. 

Dahee was a warm and kind type of person. Beautiful and unique in her own way and Yoongi had always been fond of her. When they were young, they were as close as two cousins could be. Dahee didn't have any siblings and the age gap between Yoongi and his older brother was far too wide for them to truly connect. They loved each other, supported each other, but there was a missing friendship like connection. Dahee was the only daughter of Yoongi's father's brother and considering the two of them were close, it only made sense that Yoongi and Dahee also became close, considering they were the same age. 

When Yoongi thought of his youth, Dahee was bound to be there. They did everything together and up until Yoongi left Daegu, they had been best friends. Yoongi could recall beating the shit out of a guy who cheated in Dahee and he could also recall being the chest she cried into when she found out all about it. He was like her brother, protective and fierce because she was sweet and much too kind. She wasn't the type to stand up for herself but that was okay, because she had Yoongi to do it for her. 

When he left, he had been concerned about how she would handle it but she only smiled at him in that beautiful way of hers, kissed his cheek and wished him the best of luck in America. Because if anyone, anyone, understood why Yoongi was leaving, it was Min Dahee. 

They stayed as connected as they could over the years but it was hard with such a vast time difference between them. Life helped them drift apart but Yoongi always received birthday cards from her and he did his best to do the same for her in return. So when he opened his mailbox and found the pretty pastel pink envelope, he knew exactly what it was. 

Two years ago Dahee met a guy by the name of Jeon Jungkook. According to her, he was sweet and kind and took very good care of her. She never complained about him, at least not to Yoongi, and she had mentioned wanting to marry the guy. The wedding invitation was a surprise, seeing as Dahee hadn't told him she was engaged but he wasn't surprised it was happening. Dahee loved Jungkook, and apparently Jungkook loved her so a wedding was inevitable. 

The wedding was not the issue. Korea, however, was. 

Yoongi left for a reason. A lot of reasons, actually, all of which only Dahee knew. He never told his parents why he left considering they were one of the problems. Yoongi didn't have any friends he was close to in Daegu either so it wasn't like he was leaving much behind. He had to get out. He had to start over. Daegu had been much too smothering and starting over in America seemed like the best idea. 

After four years in Seattle, Yoongi had decided he made the right choices with his life. Because Seattle was bright, open and free. He could do what he wanted, be who he wanted, and love who he wanted without a care of judgement. He loved his homeland, always would, but there were one too many things he disagreed with and if he couldn't be who he was, if he couldn't be happy, there was no point in staying. 

So the wedding wasn't the issue. The location was. 

Busan, South Korea. At a nice hotel that Dahee promised to save him a room in. Going to her wedding meant going back to a place he had tried his damnest to forget. A place he swore to never go back to. But after a long conversation with his roommate turned best friend, Yoongi figured he owed it to Dahee to be there on her most special day, no matter what his own problems were. 

Yoongi had to admit Busan was better than Daegu since the place held no painful memories for him. The hotel the wedding was being held at was pretty nice and seeing Dahee again after so long made his anxiety worth it. She set him up in his own room the day before the wedding and Yoongi spent the night on his balcony, watching the waves as they rolled against the shore. It was the middle of February, much too cold for the beach but it was still beautiful and Yoongi felt much calmer than he expected being back in his homeland. It wasn't nearly as bad as he thought it would be. 

Course, tomorrow, the day of the wedding, meant dealing with all kinds of family members he hadn't spoken to in years. The wedding meant seeing his parents again after their huge fight and the anxiety bubbling up Yoongi's stomach was almost suffocating. But Dahee promised him it would be alright, that she sat him at a table very far from his parents and everything would be just fine. He had no choice but to believe in her. 

The next morning, Yoongi had breakfast ordered to his room so he didn't have to leave it, in fear of running into family members he wasn't ready to deal with. Dahee had told him his parents were staying in the hotel, on a different floor, along with some aunts, uncles and cousins. So Yoongi was fine staying curled up in his hotel room until it was time to leave for the wedding. He had bought a suit specifically for the occasion seeing as he never needed one before. Baekhyun told him he looked pretty damn fine in it and Yoongi just wanted to look appropriate. 

The wedding was scheduled to start at two in the afternoon and after lounging around his room, stuffing his face with hotel food, Yoongi finally left his room to join the groups of people in the event room. He did his best to look at nice as possible, going as far as styling his dyed blond hair which contrasted so well with his black suit. He knew the hair would make him stand out but he went through hell to have it dyed and he wasn't dying it back to black just to make people happy. 

Luckily enough, Yoongi wasn't stopped by a single person as he made his way to the room and he was grateful for that. Maybe people didn't recognize him, which he was fucking fine with. The event hall of the hotel had been sectioned off into two seperate places. One, where the ceremony would be held and the other were the reception was. Outside of the room, in a lobby like area, were drinks and little snacks to happen between. A few people lingered about in the lobby as Yoongi slipped into the ceremony room but he didn't recognize any of them. 

It was beautiful, in Yoongis opinion. Dahee had told him they were going for a spring like theme. The idea was how no matter what, spring melted away the world to bring forth something new and it was a romantic notion Yoongi appreciated. So the entire room was littered with flowers and pastel colors. Whoever worked on her wedding did quite the amazing job.

Yoongi found a seat in the back of the room and he was pleased to see it would be a rather small wedding. He watched with a small sense of pride as Dahee walked down the aisle to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Yoongi hadn't had an chance to meet Jungkook before the ceremony but the rather attractive man looked at Dahee with stars in his eyes and so Yoongi had a feeling he'd like him. It was obvious how in love they were and Yoongi was glad to see his cousin finally happy. 

People cried, Dahee cried, Jungkook cried, and all around it was a beautiful ceremony. 

Yoongi finally got to offically met Jungkook after the ceremony, when all the guests were giving their congratulations before the reception. Jungkook shook his hand firmly and smiled like he had just won the lottery and well, Yoongi was pretty fond of him already. Jungkook mentioned how happy he was Yoongi came because Dahee always talked about him and he was interested in meeting the cousin from all her crazy stories. They promised to talk later in the night but Yoongi was sure Jungkook would be too busy, but that was okay. Yoongi was looking forward to some good food and then a good nights rest in his rather comfy hotel bed. 

The reception was just as nice as the ceremony and Yoongi had been sat at a table with a bunch of his other cousins he had never gotten too close to but were still nice to chat with. None of them bothered to ask why he left and kept to themselves for the most part and Yoongi realized Dahee had done a great job in sitting him at that table. Through dinner, he could feel the eyes of his parents on him but he did his best to ignore them. There was still a lot of pain there, a lot of unresolved anger and Yoongi didn't want to get into it when it was Dahee's special day. In fact, he never wanted to get into it. 

He planned to leave smoothly and quietly after dinner but Dahee grabbed him out of his seat for a dance he didn't remember promising her and the night was a bit of a blur after that. Yoongi found himself forced into dance after dance by his cousin and after a while, he realized it was her effort to keep his parents from cornering him because he saw them lingering by the dance floor, watching him.

By the time most of the older guests in attendence called it a night, Yoongi was sweating in his suit and dying for something to drink. His parents had finally given up on him and Yoongi plopped down in his seat with a sigh of relief and some mixed drink in his hand that Jungkook promised he would like. It tasted like some type of berry but it soothed his dry throat. He wasn't a dancer, never had been a dancer, but truthfully, he had quite the bit of fun with Dahee, Jungkook and an assortment of their friends. 

Yoongi was in the middle of deciding to call it a night when someone plopped down in the chair beside him and startled him into almost dropping his drink. Panic told him it was his parents but after a quick glance, he realized it wasn't. He didn't know who the man was but he did recognize him from the swirl of faces Yoongi saw while dancing. He had a nice face, if Yoongi were honest, with rounded cheeks, almond eyes, a soft nose and plump lips. A fluff of dyed orange hair fell into his brow and Yoongi pondered why the guy had orange hair in the first place before he realized he was being spoken to, those pink plump lips parting to say words that didn't exactly register. 

"It's been a while," Yoongi mumbled, his words only slightly slurred, "since I've spoken Korean, so slow down there."

He was struggling more than he had expected with his native tongue and the assortment of Busan accents wasn't helping in the least. At least he understood Dahee the most, cause she was patient with him. It was crazy how easily his native tongue slipped from his mind when all he spoke was English for four years. 

The man beside him, with his orange hair and intense eyes, smiled brightly at him, all pretty and shit and Yoongi had to narrow his eyes for a minute. "I said," he started again, speaking a little slower and forcing himself to not slur his words because it was obvious the guy had a few drinks in his system but before he continued, he paused and gave Yoongi a complete once over. Yoongi flinched back in his seat and waited to see what the guy would do. For a few minutes, all they did was look at each other. The man's eyes flickered all over his face and then delibertly down his body and Yoongi realized he was being checked out and what a bizarre feeling that was. 

The orange haired guy was hot. That was a fact Yoongi had easily excepted. He was dressed in a black tux, a groomsman if Yoongi recalled properly, and the fabric hugged him in all the right ways. Those thighs were a treasure to behold and his smile was enough to make Yoongi's stomach swirl just a bit. 

Deep pools of brown snapped up to his and Yoongi tried not to flinch again. There was an intensity in those eyes he didn't exactly understand before the man was shrugging and leaning back into his own space. "Forget what I said. I take it back."

Yoongi narrowed his eyes in confusion. "I didn't hear you in the first place with that thick accent."

For a moment, the guy almost looked offended before he let out a bubble of giggles. "Right, cause your accent is easier to understand."

Was he being hit on or teased, Yoongi couldn't be sure. "Am I supposed to be offended?"

The guy shrugged one shoulder and leaned a little closer into Yoongi's space, glancing up at him through his lashes. "Maybe. I don't know. I need another drink." And with that, the guy was out of his chair and sauntering off to the open bar. 

Fucking weird. Yoongi shrugged it off and downed the rest of his sweet drink in one swallow. He felt like dancing again because why the fuck not and he was pleased to find Dahee still on the dance floor. She could really move in that white dress of hers and when he pointed that out to her, joining her on the dance floor, she giggled at him and said that exactly why she picked it out. Plus it made her butt look good which they both had a laughing fit over. The music was typical wedding music but Yoongi couldn't complain. It was good to dance to and having Dahee grinning and laughing at him as he failed to find the rhythm was worth the embarrassment. It was worth everything. 

Some bubbly pop girl group song came on and Dahee screeched so loud in his ear he thought he might bleed from it. He was pleasantly surprised to find Jungkook immediately on the floor and doing all the moves to the song. He laughed so hard he could barely breathe but it was even more funny to watch Dahee do it with him and then that orange haired guy was back, dancing along with Jungkook and grinning like a sparkling ray of sunshine. Those deep pools kept finding him but Yoongi brushed them off, too entertained in watching Jungkook dance to a girl group song like it was his passion. Everyone was a little tipsy at that point but it didn't entirely matter anymore. Yoongi was actually enjoying himself, something he didn't expect. 

When the bubbly pop song faded out and was replaced by some hype club song, Yoongi figured it was time to bow out. He wasn't exactly in the mood to watch his cousin grind on her new husband, even if her drunken movement was pretty hilarious. But before Yoongi could slip off the dance floor, warm fingers grasped his wrist and he found himself chest to chest with the orange haired guy. Having his face up close and personal was a little breathtaking but one of his eyebrows was raised in a challenge and Yoongi was a little too tipsty to back down from it. 

Orange haired guy could dance, he quickly learned. The man could roll his hips in such a sinful way it had Yoongi's mouth dry and though the thought of what the fuck was going on lingered, Yoongi was too focused on keeping up with the asshole. His body wasn't made to move the way the orange haired guy was trying to make him but none of it mattered. All that mattered were the hot palms against his waist, the rolls of those sinful hips, the intensity of those eyes, the way those plump lips were practically begging for attention and how close they were. Yoongi could feel sweat prickle at his nape and down the dip of his spine and he didn't even consider how fucking weird it might be to see two guys dancing the way they were until he caught Dahee's eye over the man's shoulder. 

She was grinning at him, bright and wide and beautiful because she knew but not everyone knew and a strange sickening feeling bubbled up Yoongi's stomach. Before the song was over, he slipped free from orange haired guy's hold and stumbled to the bar. He was given a bottle of water without question and his legs sighed in relief when he plopped back down in his chair. The table was empty, considering the dance floor was full and Yoongi was grateful for the break. 

He had downed half the bottle of water when he was interrupted by a lap full of someone. The squeak he released was a little embarrassing but he didn't have time to think about it when he had a face full of intense eyes and plump lips. It was the orange haired guy in his lap, straddling him without a care in the world like they weren't at a wedding reception in the middle of fucking Busan. Shit, he really had to be drunk. Maybe both of them were considering Yoongi's hands found the guy's waist naturally, holding him in place. 

"I bet you're a bottom." The man slurred slightly but his words were still easy enough for Yoongi to understand. Heat curled up the back of his neck and he forced a glare on his face. 

"The fuck you talking about?" He sounded gruff, maybe a little offended, but his stomach was swirling with that heat again and belatedly he realized, he really wanted to kiss those plump lips. 

Orange haired guy leaned back in his lap, running a hand through his hair to brush it off his brow in an attractive manner that made Yoongi's throat tight. His face was nothing but sin, his body also sin, and his eyes held some hidden promises that Yoongi wanted to take him up on. He was just tipsy enough to maybe take the guy up to his room if he was so inclined and tipsy enough to not give a fuck what anyone thought about it. Orange haired guy knew he was hot and didn't mind flaunting it in Yoongi's fucking lap and was he dreaming because what the actual hell was going on. Yoongi didn't get bluntly hit on like this. Not even back home. 

"You have this scowl on your face when you're not smiling, like you could fuck a bitch up but I bet you prefer to get dicked." He spoke fast, like he was slowly starting to lose his confidence but his gaze remained blazing and Yoongi had to take a second to register what the man was saying to him. "But when you do smile, wow."

"Um." Yoongi was at a loss for words. "You're drunker than you look."

The man hummed, almost a purr and leaned closer, folding himself in Yoongi's lap so their faces were a few inches apart. His palms were hot against Yoongi's shoulders. "Not that drunk." His eyes were amazing up close and the way those plump lips twisted into a sly smirk had Yoongi wanting to taste them. "No drunker than you."

"Pretty sure I'm the most sober here."

"Not true." The man argued. "I had one drink that Jungkookie shoved at me and I hold my liquor pretty well. You had one drink. I know, I saw."

Yoongi perked his brow. "You been watching me?"

The man smiled then, all pretty and innocent. "Since you shuffled into the ceremony and tucked yourself into the back corner like you didn't want to be seen." He slipped his hands down Yoongi's shoulder, leaving a trail of heat behind and grabbed at the lapels of his jacket, tugging gently. "You look nice in black."

Well, that was... something. Yoongi's stomach burned with an intense heat of want and he wasn't sure what to do about that. "So do you." His lips mumbled on their own and Yoongi found his eyes glued to the way the man smiled at him. Those lips would be his downfall, he just knew it. 

"You dance for shit but have a pretty nice ass that makes up for it." He was definitely being hit on. "We should do something about that."

He was being propositioned. He was propositioned at his cousin's wedding in Busan and Yoongi wondered if his life was really spiraling out of control because that was the absolutely last thing he would have ever expected to happen. In Korea of all places. 

The worst part was how desperately Yoongi wanted to say yes. 

"Hyung!" Jungkook's voice was sharp, making both of them flinch and when Yoongi snapped his head to the side, the man was barely a foot away, his eyes narrowed at them like he wasn't all that happy. Yoongi immediately removed his hands from the other's waist like he was burned but the orange haired man didn't even move. If anything, he shuffled closer and leveled Jungkook with a soft glare. "Jiminnie-hyung, get off Yoongi-hyung. He's Dahee's cousin, he doesn't need you trying to get into his pants."

Jiminnie. Jimin? His name was Jimin? And he was being scolded by Jungkook who was apparently younger than him. Yoongi wasn't the one in trouble here and he almost felt relief with that knowledge. 

"I don't know, Jungkookie, you're not the one in his lap. You can't feel his interest." Jimin's smirk was downright sinful. 

"Oh my god." Yoongi and Jungkook said at the same time and Yoongi dropped his head in his own embarrassment. 

"Please excuse Jimin, he gets slutty when he's drunk." Jungkook offered Yoongi with a soft smile.

"Fucking, excuse you brat." Jimin snapped back, crossing his arms over his chest. "I'm not drunk, for one, and for two, I do not get slutty. I just know what I want and I'm not afraid to try for it. Unlike some people who take seven months to ask out the girl they've been crushing on because they can't even form a complete sentence around her without flushing and running away."

"I married her, didn't I?" Jungkook pointed out, letting out a soft sigh. "Seriously, hyung, he looks terrified."

Jimin's expression softened when he glanced back at Yoongi. "Are you terrified?" Terrified? Not really. Confused and aroused, yes. "I'll back off if you are." Jimin added, tilting his head at him and biting on his bottom lip. Gone was the sexual demon Yoongi had seen and now he had a lap full of a shy, unsure creature. Still beautiful all the same. "I didn't mean to scare you, I just, saw the way you looked at me." He ducked his head shyly and glanced to the floor. He was doubting himself and for some reason, Yoongi didn't like that. 

Yoongi swallowed hard around the lump in his throat and dropped his gaze to their laps. "I'm good." He mumbled and judging from the way Jimin's face fell, he thought Yoongi was turning him down. "I mean, we're good. This is good. Fine. This is fine." How did he put into the words that he really wanted to explore Jimin's observation about him liking getting dicked? How did he explain he really wanted to research that with the man in his lap? Wasn't an easy thing to admit. 

The cloudiness in Jimin's gaze fluttered out and he smiled, reaching out to curl a hand around Yoongi's shoulder. "Yeah?"

"Oh my god, you two are impossible." Jungkook groaned, rubbing a hand against his face.

"Babe, let them have their fun." Dahee was the voice of reason, appearing out of no where to drag her new husband back to the dance floor, only after giving Yoongi a suggestive wink that made him groan and hide his face in Jimin's shoulder. 

"So you're Dahee's cousin from America?" Jimin questioned softly after a few beats of silence between them.

"Min Yoongi." He introduced himself, leaning back to meet the other's eyes and Jimin was grinning at him. 

"Park Jimin. I'm usually better at this stuff but maybe I am more drunk than I thought. Forgive me." He bowed his head in a soft apology. "Jungkookie told me you were coming and Dahee was all kinds of excited about it. He was excited to meet you. We're best friends, in case you didn't know." 

Yoongi didn't know but he was more curious in knowing if the offer was still on the table or if they'd fall into casual conversation now that they knew who each other were. Surprisingly, Yoongi was pretty good with either outcome. 

"Cool, awesome." He mumbled in English as his eyes fell on those thighs pressed against either side of his legs. They were strong, delicious and Yoongi's stomach swirled. "You're still sitting on my dick."

"Would you prefer the other way around?" Jimin was quick as a whip and it made Yoongi's head spin. He had the decency to look a little embarrassed by his words but didn't back down from them in the least. 

"I have a room upstairs."

Jimin's eyes sparkled like stars and the smile was totally worth any embarrassment Yoongi felt from being so forward. "Well, why are we down here then?"

That was enough for the both of them, it seemed. Jimin crawled out of his lap, snatched up his wrist and Yoongi stumbled to his feet. He barely caught Dahee's eyes before he was pulled out of the reception room but it was enough to make him feel a little less guilty about leaving early. He wasn't drunk, not really; just on the edge of tipsy but there was adrenaline pumping through him, the small excitement that maybe they were really going to do this. It wasn't until they reached the elevator that Jimin turned to him expectantly after the doors shut. 

Yoongi pressed the button for his floor, feeling warm around the collar and he reached up to unbutton a few of the buttons on his shirt. He noticed Jimin watch him, his dark eyes burning into his skin and Yoongi half expected the man to shove him against the wall and devour him in the elevator but it seemed the man had more tack than that. He waited until the door to Yoongi's room was shut before he shoved him up against it and plastered their lips together. 

Yoongi's head buzzed with the feeling, warmth prickling all the way to his fingertips which he buried in Jimin's orange hair. Jimin kissed with a purpose, his plump lips devouring Yoongi's in quick swift movements. His tongue was warm and wet against the roof of Yoongi's mouth and any doubts about what they were doing floated away. Jimin's hands burned against his chest, plucking at the rest of his buttons until his shirt was open and he could touch pale skin. Yoongi shivered at the touch but it felt too good to shy away from it. 

Jimin knew what he was doing, that was rather obvious but it didn't bother Yoongi. He let the other lead the way, let him pepper kisses down the arch of his jaw and neck, let him splay his palms over his stomach and grab his hips, tugging them together. He arched off the door at the touch, his mind going fuzzy with pleasure at the way they slid together, fitting almost perfectly. Jimin wasn't much shorter than him, so their hips met in all the right places and Yoongi hadn't been with another person in a long time but he wanted it. He wanted Jimin, right now. 

Jimin was gorgeous, with his plump lips, droopy eyes and coy smile. Jimin knew he was gorgeous too, by the way he smirked when he finally pulled away from Yoongi, leaving him panting slightly against the door. Yoongi watched, arousal flickering up his spine, as Jimin's eyes went hooded and he plucked at his own buttons. The shirt fell open in a matter of seconds and Yoongi held back a groan at the toned tanned muscles he found there. There was only a lamp on in the room, one of the small wall ones by the king sized bed and the golden shadows caressed the exposed skin of Jimin's body oh so perfectly. It made Yoongi's throat dry and his mouth water. He wanted to touch, taste and Jimin beckoned him forward with a coy finger. 

Yoongi followed like he was being tugged by a string around his waist, or perhaps his dick. Either way, he followed because Jimin was gorgeous and he wanted Yoongi for some unknown reason and Yoongi wasn't going to complain about it. Jimin's hands were hot when they found Yoongi's hips again, pulling him close so their lips could meet. Jimin looked at him like he was hungry, starving even, and it made Yoongi burn with arousal. Jimin kissed the life out of him, nearly tipping him over backwards with the force but Yoongi did his best to match him. His suit jacket fell to the floor and Jimin's shirt joined it.

Strong thighs backed him up against the edge of the bed and then he was being shoved up onto the bed. Yoongi didn't fight him, crawling back on the bed and his throat went tight at the predatory way Jimin watched him as he crawled between his willingly spread legs. His palms settled on Yoongi's inner thighs, the touch hot through his slacks as he pushed them farther apart until he could settle there. Then his hands were pushing Yoongi's shirt out of the way so he could touch and Yoongi's head fell back on the pillow. 

He felt like he was one fire, arousal pulsing through him and Yoongi hadn't been so turned on in a long time. Jimin was skilled with his hands, his lips, his tongue, his teeth. By the time Jimin tossed Yoongi's pants to the floor, the older was panting and dazed, flushed with arousal and much too excited for what Jimin wanted to do to him. 

"Look at you." Jimin purred, his voice a deep honey sound and his lips quirked up into a smirk. He was aroused too, judging by the bulge in his pants and really seemed to like seeing Yoongi sprawled out half naked in the white sheets. His burning gaze scanned all over Yoongi's body but he didn't seem interested in removing Yoongi's open shirt yet. "Fuck." Jimin groaned, biting into his lower lip as he pressed closer to Yoongi, leaning over him until their lips could meet again. "Do you have any idea how fucking pretty you are like this?"

No, Yoongi didn't. But he really liked the way Jimin's voice sounded weak from how he looked and that was enough for him. He found Jimin's lips again and dropped his hands between them to fumble with Jimin's pants. He got them undone rather guickly and then he was shoving them down delicious thighs he wouldn't mind having wrapped around him sometime. Jimin may be slightly shorter than Yoongi but he was anything by small. He was broader than Yoongi, with coils of mucles all over the place that made Yoongi's mouth water. He'd never been one for muscles but Jimin's were more subtle, his abs only a hint of definition that Yoongi wanted to run his tongue over. 

Jimin kicked his pants away, dropping his head to lather Yoongi's neck in kisses and he vaguely wondered if the man was leaving marks. It didn't matter, really. There was an urgency in their movements even if they had all the time in the world right now. Jimin couldn't seem to wait to have him naked beneath him and the next thing Yoongi knew, his underwear joined their pile of clothes on the floor. 

The air went hot and tense for only a second when Yoongi realized he was pretty much naked in front of a stranger, but Jimin's eyes dropped to his weeping cock curled against his stomach and that gaze turned scorching. Yoongi let out a noise of surprise when Jimin suddenly dropped lower and planted kisses over his stomach. It tickled a little bit but Jimin was moving lower and Yoongi's throat went tight. The first press of warm plump lips against his length made Yoongi groan out and clutch at the sheets tightly. 

"You know," Jimin breathed out, his hot breath flowing over Yoongi's length right in front of his mouth and making him shiver, "I don't have any lube." His voice was rather steady but his cheeks were flushed, his gaze heavy with lust and he couldn't seem to look away from Yoongi's pink flushed cock. 

Yoongi groaned and knocked his head back against the pillow because he didn't have any lube either. He didn't exactly plan on getting fucked on this trip but fuck did he want to. He needed those sinful hips against him. "Me neither." Yoongi strained. 

"Fuck." It was a simple word but Yoongi could hear the disppointment laced in it. "I wanted to make a mess out of you."

Yoongi clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tightly, a shiver of arousal pumping through him at those words. Yes, he wanted that. He wanted Jimin to make him a mess but he was already halfway there and he wrecked his brain trying to think of alternatives. No way was Jimin fucking him dry and it seemed the man had no intention of doing so. 

"Hmm." Jimin hummed, his breath back near Yoongi's cock and the older flinched when lips pressed against him. "Guess I'll have to make a mess out of you in a different way."

Yoongi wanted to question how but Jimin sucked the tip of his cock into his mouth and all logical thought left him. Jimin's mouth was hot, and wet, and oh so perfect. He knew exactly what he was doing, taking Yoongi in slow and careful. His tongue pressed in all the right places and Yoongi's hands found his hair, holding on in a way that made Jimin groan around him. His mouth didn't stay long, and Yoongi whined between his clenched teeth wihen Jimin pulled off but Jimin made up for it, sliding up his body in a way that was much too sexy and kissed the breath out of him. 

Yoongi's thighs strained from the stretch of Jimin's hips pushing him down but it was almost plesant. Jimin's lips were amazing, his kisses everything Yoongi needed and it wasn't until Jimin rolled his hips forward, his clothed bulge rubbing against Yoongi's bare ass that he realized Jimin wasn't completely naked yet. Now, that was a problem. Yoongi shoved at Jimin's shoudlers and Jimin let him push him until they flipped around, Jimin's back hitting the mattress and Yoongi climbing into his lap. 

For a moment, they just sat there, Yoongi settling on Jimin's hips and Jimin gribbing him around the waist. Jimin looked amazing like this, laid out beneath him and Jimin seemed to like the way his pale thighs contrasted with his golden skin. Yoongi couldn't get enough of how this man looked at him and when he rolled his hips, slowly, carefuly, making the bulge in Jimin's underwear rub oh so perfectly against the cleft of Yoongi's ass, Jimin moaned out, loudly and clutched his thighs so tightly his nails left marks in the skin. 

"D-Don't-" Jimin nearly choked on a moan when Yoongi did it again. "Don't tease." His brow furrowed at him in a heated glare but Yoongi knew it was more from how turned on he was than actual anger. 

Yoongi's lips twitched up in a soft smirk, much too pleased by how much Jimin wanted him to care and when he rolled his hips again, Jimin's face pinched in pleasure and he moaned, beautifully, tipping his head back and exposing his neck. After a few more experimental rolls of his hips Yoongi decided he wanted to make Jimin come undone in his underwear. But then, that would make such a mess and what a problem that would be. He didn't have condoms, either, and he was sure Jimin didn't so now what the hell were they supposed to do. 

"Think I can make you come like this?" Yoongi purred out, splaying his hands out over Jimin's toned stomach for balance. 

Jimin hissed through his teeth and his gaze was blazing when it met Yoongi's. "I take back what I said. You're a power bottom."

Yoongi smirked at him, a laugh bubbling up his tight throat and he shrugged one shoulder. "And you like that."

Jimin's throat throbbed when he swallowed and Yoongi wanted to bite him. "Y-Yeah." His answer was breathless. "Surprise, surprise."

Yoongi hummed and tipped over, nuzzling his way into Jimin's throat and he shivered at the way Jimin's arms wrapped around him, rubbing up and down his back and over the curve of his ass. "I'd let you fuck me." He murmured against his flushed skin, nipping softly and loving the way Jimin wiggled under him. 

"You know I can't, don't tease me." Jimin tried to keep his voice even but it came out more as a whine and Yoongi soaked it up with a coy smirk. 

This wasn't like him. Nothing about this was like the Min Yoongi he knew but it didn't matter. He was enjoying it too much to care. 

"Then you'll have to settle for this." Yoongi murmured, rolling his hips down again and Jimin's grip on him tightened.

Yoongi was in a good mood so he didn't torture Jimin long with his slow meaningful rolls of his hips. He wanted to feel Jimin's cock against his skin at some point so after a few minutes of torturing the poor boy until he was flushed and panting the same way Yoongi had been, Yoongi finally lifted up and tugged his underwear down. Jimin kicked them off but all Yoongi could do was stare at the cock that was now free. Jimin was big, bigger than Yoongi and his mouth watered at the thought. He wanted to taste him, feel him, but Jimin grabbed him and pulled him closer before he could do anything. 

Their lips met in an open mouthed kiss as Yoongi slipped down Jimin's thighs because the man was sitting up now. His tongue was pure sin but Yoongi soaked it up like a sponge. His hands were hot on his pale skin, slipping up under his open shirt and clawing carefully. He seemed fond of Yoongi's thighs, gripping them, squeezing them, clawing them and Yoongi loved it. His thighs started to strain on either side of Jimin's lap but he didn't care enough to do anything about it because Jimin's mouth had his full attention and nothing else mattered. 

At some point, Jimin's hand left his thigh and wrapped around his throbbing cock. The touch shot through him like a lightning bolt and he dropped his mouth from Jimin's lips to his throat. Everything was hot and tingling and Jimin gathered both of their cocks in one small hand. His fingers weren't long enough to wrap around both of them but just the feeling of being pressed together was enough. As much as Yoongi wanted to feel that cock inside of him, this was good enough. It wouldn't take much for him anyway, he was much too overwhelmed to last long. 

Jimin started to murmur in his ear, words he couldn't quite make out but they were encouraging as he started to squeeze and stroke them together. His other hand gripped Yoongi's hip for dear life and Yoongi started to roll his hips, carefully, into Jimin's hand. That made the younger start to moan against his cheek and drop his hand to his thigh, feeling the way the muscles strained with his movement. He didn't move much, just enough to continuously press them together and everything was hot and buzzing with pleasure. 

Yoongi came with his teeth in Jimin's shoulder and his nails in his back. All it took was the right movement of Jimin's thumb over the tip of his dripping cock and Yoongi was gone, clinging to Jimin as his pleasure exploded through his body in waves. Jimin wasn't quiet then he came, either. Yoongi's hand fell onto their cocks, taking Jimin's between his long fingers because he was too oversensitive to have Jimin continue to stroke him. He squeezed and tugged and Jimin dug his nails into Yoongi's pale thighs and came with a moan of his name. 

For a while, it was only the sound of their breathing in the room, ragged and breathless as they relaxed against one another. Yoongi's thighs screamed at him and there was a mess between them, mainly on Yoongi's stomach but he rolled off Jimin without a care, collapsing into the cool sheets that had managed to avoid their mess. Jimin laughed softly at him and when he moved to get up, Yoongi thought maybe he was going to leave. But Jimin only disappeared into the bathroom before returning with a wet wash cloth. He cleaned Yoongi up carefully, laughing at the way Yoongi whined and tried to roll away from the cool cloth. 

Once that was done, Jimin plopped back into the bed with him. There was a moment of hesitation, something that caught Yoongi's attention and made him glance over his shoulder at the man behind him. Jimin seemed to come to some conclusion and pressed up against Yoongi's back, wrapping around him and tucking him in close. Yoongi tensed for a second before melting into his hold. He was too tired, too worn to worry about it. His body felt like warm jello, buzzing pleasantly from his climax and Jimin's arms around him were warm and solid and Yoongi was too tried to care about what that meant. 

Yoongi woke with a slight throb in his temples and an ache in his thighs. He noticed the warm weight around his waist, and the soft breath on his nape but he ignored it in favor of crawling out of bed and tripping to the bathroom. His bladder sighed in relief at being released and Yoongi took some time in his shower to wake himself up. He needed coffee, and maybe an aspirin and he tried to not think about why his thighs ached so much. 

Jimin was awake by the time he came back into the main room, rubbing at his pretty sleep puffy face. Yoongi's throat went tight at the sight of him and he glanced away, shuffling to his open suitcase on the small table so he could get dressed. He could feel Jimin's eyes on him as he did so and there was a question that hung in the air. Yoongi didn't do one night stands. Hell, he never did sex unless there was somerthing else involved in it and now look what he had gone and done. He was almost ashamed with himself but Jimin was just as stunning in the bright morning light as he had been last night and Yoongi could understand why he caved. 

One glance at the clock, however, shattered any amount of soft good morning they might have because Yoongi's flight left in two hours and he had to hurry up. "Shit." He cursed under his breath, struggling to toss on the black shirt he found and then hurried to collect his clothing, stuffing it into his suitcase. 

"Good morning?" Jimin finally stated, settling on the edge of the bed as he tugged his pants back on, leaving his underwear off to roll into a ball and stuff in his pocket. 

"Morning." Yoongi mumbled back. "Sorry." He said quickly, because he was but his back was turned so he didn't see the confused look Jimin gave him. "My flight leaves in two hours, I kind of need to hurry."

"Oh. Oh!" Jimin jumped up and searched around for his shirt before he found it. There was something about how quickly Jimin moved that made Yoongi's chest clench. It made no sense, really. 

"I don't mean to rush you out." Yoongi stated softly, hurrying back into the bathroom to gather his toiletries. When he returned, Jimin was fully dressed and leaning into the mirror above the small desk, fixing his mess of orange hair. 

"It's cool." Jimin assured him, flashing him a soft smile that was much too attractive. "Do you need help?"

"I think I have everything." Yoongi glanced around the room quickly, searching for anything he might be leaving behind and Jimin handed him the phone charger he found by the desk. He managed to pack all his things away rather quickly and by the time he zipped up his suitcase, he had plenty of time to get to the airport and check in. 

"Where do you live again? Jungkookie said somewhere in America." Jimin asked casually, leaning against the wall like he was waiting for Yoongi, like he wasn't going to leave quite yet. 

"Seattle, Washington. It's near California."

Jimin made an understanding noise at Yoongi's answer. "That's far."

"Across the ocean." Yoongi agreed, rushing around the room to make sure he didn't forget anything. 

"You want me to call you a taxi for the airport?" Jimin offered and Yoongi nodded because he was too stunned to do anything else. Jimin was being nice, helpful even and Yoongi did one more check over the room as Jimin called him a taxi. "Should be here in ten."

"Thanks." Yoongi gathered his suitcase and small carry on by the room door but before he could do anything else, Jimin grabbed his wrist and made him freeze. 

There was something soft and tender in Jimin's expression when Yoongi glanced at him. "Stop rushing. You have time."

Right. Time. He had time. He swallowed hard and nodded, rubbing at his neck sheepishly. Jimin smiled softly at him before he released him. His cheeks flushed when their eyes met again and Jimin hummed, shifting awkwardly on his feet. 

"Right so. I'll just get this over with. Um, I had fun." Jimin mumbled, his pretty lips splitting into a soft smile, making Yoongi's heart thump. "Seriously, I don't usually do that no matter what Jungkookie says but... yeah." He shrugged, helplessly and he was so pretty when he looked at Yoongi. "I'll kick myself later if I don't try so, maybe we could talk? Later, you know when you're not in a rush."

"I'm leaving." Yoongi stated, slightly bewildered. 

Jimin laughed softly. "I know. That's what phones are for."

Jimin was asking him for his number. This gorgeous creature of a man was asking for his number and Yoongi's chest squeezed. Jimin was great, from what Yoongi gathered in the few hours of knowing him. He was great in bed but he also seemed like a genuinely nice guy. Which was why it pained Yoongi to turn him down. 

"I... I'm not really looking for anything." Yoongi mumbled, unable to meet Jimin in the eye when he said it. 

"Oh." There was a hint of disappointment in his tone. "That's okay. I figured I'd try." 

"It's not.. It's not you, or anything." Yoongi hurried to say. It was anything but Jimin. It was Korea, the distance between them and the way Yoongi fell so easily into what Jimin offered him. It was terrifying and Yoongi left for a reason. He didn't want to have a reason to come back. "I, uh, need you to know that."

Jimin hummed and reached out to pat Yoongi's cheek softly, making the older raise his eyes. Jimin didn't look hurt, or upset. He seemed to understand. "Don't worry about it. We had fun, right?" When Yoongi nodded, Jimin's smile spread a little more. "Good. Mind if I walk you to your taxi?" 

"That's fine."

And so Jimin did just that. He walked Yoongi to the lobby, where Yoongi checked out. He stayed by his side while Yoongi waited for the woman to print his receipt and he managed to block Yoongi from the view of the people eating breakfast in the small restaurant. Because of him, Yoongi's parents didn't see him and what a blessing that was. Jimin walked him outside, in the warm Busan air and waited beside him for his taxi to arrive. 

Jimin was warm and sweet, tucking Yoongi's suitcase into the car when the taxi arrived and then pulling him into a hug like they were old friends. The soft kiss to his cheek didn't go unnoticed and Jimin told him if he ever changed his mind, Jungkook had his number. It was cheeky and Jimin said it with a confident grin and it made Yoongi smile at him. It eased the pressure in his chest and Jimin watched with a grin as his taxi rolled away. 

Yoongi's flight was otherwise uneventful but his mind liked to focus on Jimin, with his pretty smile, equally pretty eyes and warm hands. Maybe Yoongi should have taken him up on his offer, maybe being friends wouldn't be such a bad idea but Yoongi cut himself off from that part of the world and he planned to keep it that way. He never said he was a good guy, after all. 

Baekhyun was waiting for him when he got off the plane. His best friend was more than happy to see him, grinning from ear to ear and pulling him into a tight hug. It was so good to hear English again, so good to feel normal again and Yoongi didn't say much while Baekhyun talked his ear off about all the things he missed while they walked to his car. Yoongi was tired, wanted nothing more than to sleep so Baekhyun didn't bother him when they entered their shared apartment and he shuffled off into his bedroom. Yoongi collapsed on his bed and passed the fuck out for a few hours. 

When he woke again, he felt gross from the airplane and took a shower. Baekhyun was still home, he could hear the television in the living room but Yoongi took his time getting cleaned up and changed into some lazy clothes; sweatpants and a worn white T-shirt. Yoongi could smell chicken when he came into the living room and it seemed Baekhyun had ordered out for them. His stomach rumbled but Yoongi passed up the chicken for the time being. He joined Baekhyun on the couch and didn't hesitate to dip over and rest his head in his friend's lap. 

Baekhyun hummed at him, letting his hands drop into his blond hair and brush at the slightly damp strands of hair. "I got dinner."

"I saw." Yoongi murmured, letting his eyes slip shut at the tingles of Baekhyun's fingertips against his scalp. 

"You should eat." It was a suggestion, lightly spoken.

"Later." Yoongi nuzzled against Baekhyun's firm thigh and let the feeling of normalcy fall over him. His entire experience in Busan had been strange and he just wanted to forget it all. 

"How was the trip?" Baekhyun asked, tentatively. 

"I'm not going back." Yoongi stated. "The wedding was beautiful though."

There was a moment where Baekhyun hummed in understanding and continued to pet his hair. It was soothing, and everything Yoongi needed. But then that hand dropped down his neck and poked at his skin, a soft snicker coming from his friend's lips. 

"Who did you make out with?"

Yoongi squeezed his eyes shut tightly and pursed his lips. "His name was Jimin, he was fucking gorgeous and I never want to think about him again."

Baekhyun sighed and brushed strands of hair away from Yoongi's cheek. "You're allowed to be happy, you know Yoongi."

"Not there."

"Fair enough." Baekhyun clicked his tongue. "Wanna watch Criminal Minds? You missed the new episode."

Yoongi loved Byun Baekhyun. Not in a romantic way, not in a sexual way either. But in the deep burning I'll always need you by my side type of way because Bakehyun was everything he needed. He was understanding, warm and kind, even if he was a little shit sometimes and forced Yoongi to do shit when it was for his own good. Either way, right now, Baekhyun was all Yoongi needed in terms of companionship. 

Yoongi let out a soft sigh, nuzzled more into Baekhyun's firm thigh and nodded. "That sounds great, Baek."

Yoongi never did call or see Jimin again. He did speak to Jungkook once, when Dahee put him on the phone when Yoongi had called her and he mentioned Jimin was settling down (Finally, Jungkook had said) with a nice guy he met at one of his dance classes. That was the last Yoongi heard of Park Jimin and that was fine. Yoongi had Baekhyun, who evetually grew to mean more to him than he originally thought and that was good enough for him. It took him a while, a long while, but Yoongi found his happiness right where it had been all along. 

Chapter Text

Jimin met Min Yoonji for the first time at a party he hadn't even been all that keen on going to. Taehyung dragged him along in the end because he didn't want to go alone and he felt Jimin needed a little break from his intense studies. Truth be told, Jimin felt like his brain was going to explode if he tried to shove one more ounce of medical terms in his head so it was probably a good idea to get out of the apartment and socialize. 

The house wasn't one he recognized but that didn't really matter. House parties were rarely thrown by people he knew but he always ended up at them. Taehyung knew everyone and thus everyone knew Jimin and he was always invited wherever Taehyung was invited. It was a convenient loophole for him. He didn't have to go through the effort of making tons of friends but by association he was invited to all the big parties. It worked in his favor. 

The party was raging by the time he showed up with Taehyung and he wasn't all that surprised when he lost his best friend after only two minutes. Taehyung was a social butterfly so he liked to float about, chatting, drinking and dancing. Jimin was too used to it to feel even a little bit offended. He just found himself a drink, settled in a rather comfortable lounge chair and watched a very competitive game of Kings with amusement. 

By the time Jimin noticed her, it was already late in the night and he was on the boarderline of tipsy. It was a flash of blond that caught his attention and when he glanced up, his heart nearly stopped in his chest. She was gorgeous, first off. He noticed her waves of platinum blond hair first of all, tucked up messily under a black beanie but in such a way it was almost sexy. With her hair tucked away from her face, Jimin could see every slight curve and wow was it nice. Her face was rather round, with slightly rounded cheeks, a button nose, a soft chin and plump lips. Her eyes, however, were what caught his attention the most. They were sharp dark pools settled perfectly in her little face and she was so fucking pretty. He couldn't tell if she was in full make-up or not but her pale skin was flawless and her eyes looked even larger thanks to the healthy amount of black eyeliner around them. She wasn't dressed like most of the other girls at the party. There was a mixture of tight dresses and skin or relaxed pajama looking clothes. No, this girl was a solid middle. She wasn't showing skin, not really but her outfit was maybe the coolest thing Jimin had ever seen. The black hoodie she was wearing was at least two sizes too big for her lithe frame but her thighs were pretty nice, black leggings hugging them perfectly beneath a pair of short white shorts. 

Jimin was instantly smitten. She had a soft scowl on her face as she spoke to some guy Jimin had never seen before and he had the strong urge to approach her and start a conversation. He was actually pretty good at the whole socializing thing but he preferred to keep to himself most of the time. Judging by the way the guy was leaning a little too close to her, she might need a little saving. Jimin was moving to get out of his seat when the blond girl moved so quickly he thought he had missed what happened. The sleezy guy let out a noise that was loud enough to be heard over the thumping of music traveling through the house and he was clutching his crotch with a pained expression. That was all it took for him to woddle away in his own shame and the look of disgust on the woman's face was enough to make Jimin snicker to himself. He didn't see what happened, or what the guy said, but apparently she could handle herself.

He still wanted to approach her, maybe get her name, ask her if she went to the same school as him. Strike up a simple conversation where it wasn't obvious he was hitting on her. She didn't seem to be in the mood to be hit on and Jimin could respect that. He just, wanted to know her name, maybe. If she was into it. But before he could figure out exactly what he wanted to do, a familiar sight popped out from a doorway and Jimin watched with raised eyebrows as Jeon Jungkook approached the blond woman with a shy sense of familiarity. 

The woman's soft face brightened when Jungkook approached her and Jimin watched in slight fascination as Jungkook flushed softly and stumbled through his words as he spoke to her. Well, that was interesting, Jimin thought. He needed another drink. Before he was even out of his seat, he met eyes with Jungkook and he knew he had been spotted. Jungkook lit up when he saw him, his lips spreading out into that cute little bunny smile that was pretty irresitable and he waved Jimin over. Saying no to Jungkook wasn't something Jimin had ever been capable of since they became friends last year so he tossed his empty cup into a trash can nearby and approached them. 

"Hyung! Tae finally dragged you out, huh?" Jungkook spoke over the music but it wasn't as loud over here in the corner like it had been where Jimin had been sitting. Jimin almost flushed at the younger's words but he brushed them off with a sly smirk and a shrug, settling between the two of them and he didn't fail to notice the way the woman gave him a good once over. 

"Someone has to look after him and make sure he doesn't pass out in a ditch. Again." Jimin's lips curled up into a smile while Jungkook laughed at his words. He did his best to make sure he wasn't checking out the woman to his right but it was kind of hard when she was staring at him. Her expression was cold stone and though her eyes flashed with the twinkling lights around the room, he couldn't tell what she was thinking. 

"Ah, right." Jungkook perked up and gently placed a hand on the woman's arm, turning her toward Jimin a little more and that was quite the friendly touch coming from a kid that stammered and flushed every time a girl even tried to talk to him. "Hyung, this is Min Yoonji. Noona, this is Park Jimin."

Jimin bowed his head politely in greeting and Yoonji seemed to appreciate the effort, bowing her head slightly until a strand of blond hair fell from her shoulder. Her expression was still unreadable but she didn't seem too distrubed by having him around. 

"Jimin's the nursing student I told you about." Jungkook spoke with a tilt of pride in his voice because he was always proud of his friends. But Jimin was curious about what was going on because if Jungkook had time to tell Yoonji about his friends then that meant they spent time together. Yoonji's eyes flashed with interest again before Jungkook turned to Jimin to explain. "Noona's a fourth year music engineering major. We met in my vocal training classes." Jungkook rolled on his heels like he did when he was slightly nervous and there was something endearing about a nervous Jungkook. 

"Nice to meet you." Jimin spoke softly, offering Yoonji the warmest smile he could muster. She was still glancing at him like she wasn't sure what to think of him, maybe with a little bit of distrust and considering she had just previously knocked a guy in the nuts for something, Jimin couldn't blame her. 

Jungkook hummed and hopped on his feet for a moment before twisting around to glance about the room. "Where's Tae? I thought you were keeping an eye on him. I want him to meet Yoonji-Noona."

"Uh." Jimin blinked and scanned his eyes around the room. "Look, to be honest, he abandoned me at the door and I haven't seen him since. He's probably dancing, somewhere."

Jimin noticed the flash of amusment on Yoonji's face before Jungkook let out a heavy sigh. "I'll find him. Keep Yoonji-noona company for me, hm?" Jungkook flashed him another smile and started to slip away. Before he disappeared around a corner he flashed Jimin a playful smirk and said, "She's your noona too hyung." And then he was gone. 

Well. That was interesting. When Jimin turned to look at Yoonji she was still eyeing him up like she wasn't sure what to think of him. Jimin was pretty well known for having the face and demeanour of an angel so he flashed her one of his signature sunshine smiles, showing all of his teeth and crinkling his eyes. Truthfully, Jimin wasn't all that much of angel. Yes, he loved his friends and did everything he could to take care of him. He worried and he cared and he put them before himself but...

Well, he was kind of a demon in bed. Not that Yoonji needed to know that. Judging by the way her brows finally lifted and she stopped glaring softly at him like he might touch her inappropriately, his smile worked. 

"Can I get you a drink?" Jimin had flirted plenty of times in his life. He'd even managed to bring a few people home and not once did he have any complaints about his 'game' as Taehyung liked to call it. He didn't want to openly flirt with Yoonji, in fear of pissing her off but he also wasn't sure what her relationship with Jungkook was. It wasn't everyday Jungkook spoke to a woman without flushing up a storm and stumbling all over himself. They could be friends, sure, but they could be something else and the last thing Jimin wanted to do was mess with his friends. 

Yoonji gave him another good once over before nodding slightly. Jimin's lips twitched up into a smile that he couldn't help and he nodded, taking a step toward the kitchen where all the drinks were set up. "Anything in particular?" He asked. 

Yoonji crinkled her nose rather cutely and Jimin's heart thumped. Oh shit. "Beer is fine."

Jimin nodded and slipped away as quickly as he could manage. The house was rather crowded but he slipped around people easily enough. The kitchen was full of all kinds of things and he could make any drink he wanted but Yoonji wanted a beer and there were about twelve different kinds. He figured Yoonji would feel better about getting a drink that wasn't opened yet so he grabbed two cans from the ice filled sink. She was putting her trust in him by association and Jimin wasn't going to let her down. 

Yoonji was leaning against the wall in the same corner Jimin had left her in when he came back. He had to pause for a second and just take all of her in before he approached. She was so freaking gorgeous and way out of Jimin's league but just getting to talk to her was more than he could have asked for. Jungkook gave him an opening to talk to her by introducing them and Jimin intended to follow through. He could be nice and cordial until he figured out what was going on between her and Jungkook. 

Yoonji pushed off the wall when she noticed him approaching and reached out for one of the cans in his hands. She took it between her long pale fingers and Jimin noticed her nails were cut short and unpainted. She didn't hesitate to pop open the can and down a good gulp of it. It was as Jimin was settling against the wall beside her when he noticed how tense her stature was. Maybe Yoonji didn't go to parties. He could recognize the stature of being uncomfortable considering he had mastered it over the years. Her face was calm, careless, but she was tense like she would rather be anywhere else but there. 

Jimin hummed as he popped open his own can and took a sip. He crinkled his nose at the taste but it didn't really matter. The point of drinking was to get a little tipsy and Jimin was pretty close to that. He tried to think of something to say to her, strike up some type of conversation but he didn't know where to start. Flat out asking what her and Jungkook's relationship was a little far but it was at the forefront of his mind. So Jimin kept his mouth preoccupied with his beer to keep from saying something stupid. Jeeze, he hadn't been so nervous in a long time. 

"I hate parties like this." Yoonji's voice was a soft whisper, like maybe she was mumbling to herself but Jimin heard it loud and clear. 

"Hm. I feel you. I only came because Taehyung threatened to eat my entire protein bar stash and the last time he did that he was sick for a week." Jimin mused. 

"I only came because Kook wanted me to meet you. And this mysterious Taehyung who sounds about as amusing as Kook made him out to be." Yoonji had a soft smile on her face as she took another sip on her beer and Jimin was stuck on the fact that she called Jungkook 'Kook'. 

"You guys met in vocal class?" Jimin questioned softly, finding it a safe thing to ask. 

"Yup. Kid's got one hell of a voice and I spend my free time observing that class to pick up new voices for the projects I'm working on."

"Oh, so you're not like, actually in the class?"

 Yoonji flashed him an amused look, her plump pink lips curling into a sly little smirk and Jimin's stomach did about twenty flips. "Do I look like a singer to you?"

"I mean..." Jimin flushed, pausing when he realized Yoonji was teasing him. 

It was easy after that. Yoonji opened up to him easily and Jimin found her pretty fun to talk to. She had an interesting sense of humor and sometimes it was hard to tell if she was joking or not but Jimin started to catch on after a while. She wasn't much of a talker at first but after some time, Jimin learned what questions to ask to get her talking. She loved talking about her music, her passion and Jimin liked seeing the way her face lit up when she did so. She was cool, he quickly learned. She was cool and kind of badass and didn't take anyone's shit and Jimin was smitten. Like, really smitten.

She had this habit of talking with her hands or covering her mouth when she spoke in a nervous habit but Jimin found it rather cute. Her smile was pretty nice too, curling up over her gums and snowing off tiny teeth. When she was really into something she was talking about she had no issue looking him straight in the eye but when they were talking about simple things, her eyes liked to wander around the room, like she was checking to make sure they were alone and would remain that way. 

Jimin couldn't say how long they stood there chatting but by the time he convinced her to sit with him in the chair had he been occupying before she got there, three men had approached her, hit on her and gotten rejected with a snarl. Jimin was kind of impressed. Admittedly, Yoonji was gorgeous and gave off this air being able to kick your ass and that was a turn on. It was late enough in the night that people were pretty drunk and so he didn't blame these guys running on some liquid courage. But Yoonji was having none of it and Jimin felt a small sense of pride when she leaned closer to him after the last guy stumbled away, mumbling about assholes who only thought with their cocks. 

The chair they squeezed in wasn't big enough for both of them but Yoonji was thin and Jimin wasn't exactly all that big either. She was maybe an inch taller than him but she was nothing but boney limbs, he quickly learned when she accidently stabbed him in the ribs with her elbow while they tried to settle down. The lounge chair was large and puffy and Yoonji ended up half sitting on one of Jimin's thighs to be comfortable enough and it was a strange feeling to have her sort of sitting in his lap. He hadn't expected it, especially so soon, but Yoonji didn't seem to care. She just leaned back in the chair, settling comfortably at his side so they could whisper to one another under the thumping music.

Jimin didn't know what to do with his hands so they stayed in his lap, clutching a new beer so he didn't do anything wrong. Yoonji was pretty relaxed, however, leaning in close to his ear so he could hear her mumble on about how parties like this were the perfect way to learn about someone. They found amusement in picking out people in the crowd and guessing their story for the night. Was that girl grinding up against the guy cause she was honry or was there something deeper going on? Was the guy winning every drinking game just because he liked seeing other people suffer or was he actually that competitive? It was fun, Jimin found and Yoongi's laugh was bright and warm and he was fucked, he was thoroughly fucked. 

By the time Jungkook finally reappeared, dragging a severly drunk Taehyung behind him, Yoonji was more or less in his lap and his hands had found a comfortable spot on her bony hips. There was nothing sexual about it, especially since Jimin was explaining to her about this cadaver he had to watch his professor cut into, but there was something warm and soft about the whole thing. Jimin was a little over tipsy but Yoonji was still pretty decently sober so he couldn't even begin to imagine what anything meant anymore. 

"You two look comfy." Jungkook commented when he was close enough but there was nothing bitter about his words or expression. He looked almost fond but still confused. Yoonji shifted in Jimin's lap enough to sit up and he did his best to pretend she wasn't currently crushing his dick with her thigh. 

"He's funny." Yoonji jabbed a thumb in Jimin's direction and Jungkook's eyes widened just slightly. Jimin didn't realize he was staring at Yoonji but, well, he was drunk okay. He couldn't help himself. 

"Oh, She's pretty!" Taehyung commented suddenly, stumbling out from behind Jungkook to tumble to the floor in front of their chair. Yoonji flinched like she was going to catch him but Taehyung landed on his knees and reached out to grab her hand, shaking it vigeriously. "Hi, hello. I'm Tae Tae, Jungkookie told me all about you and you're as pretty as he said you were."

Jungkook's entire face exploded with color and Jimin hid his snicker in Yoonji's shoulder at the way his ears turned red. "Tae." He almost whined but Taehyung waved him off and brought Yoonji's hand to his chest, clutching it like it was something precious and his face was wide open, eyes sparkling. He was so drunk, Jimin almost felt bad about the hangover his friend was going to have. 

"Kook didn't tell me you were so pretty. How rude of him." Yoonji purred with a soft smirk and Taehyung let out an excited squeak, tossing his hands in the air before he suddenly tackled them. Jimin had a lap full of a squirming Yoonji and a giggling Taehyung and wow, okay, he needed Yoonji to stop wiggling on his dick right this instant, thanks. 

"Okay!" Jimin said loud enough to be heard over Yoonji's protests and Taehyung's giggling. "I think it's time I take Tae home before he ends up with a sore dick."

Taehyung popped his head up, his hay blond strands of hair flying all over the place. "What? I'm not getting laid."

"No, but Yoonji's gonna punch you in the dick if you don't get off us. I saw her do it earlier man, it looks painful."

Yoonji made a half assed threatening noise and Taehyung scrambled to get off them, nearly jumping on Jungkook in his fear. He clutched at his own crotch and glared at Yoonji, causing both Jungkook and Jimin to laugh at him. It took a minute but Yoonji finally found purchase and managed to get out of Jimin's lap, with a helpful hand from Jungkook. Jimin was more than relieved to have Yoonji off his dick, wow he never thought he'd think that, and finally stood as well, smoothing out his rumpled clothing. 

"Take me home, Kook." Yoonji saddled up to Jungkook and the boy flushed all the way to his ears again. "I've had enough of this loud place, hm?"

"Y-Yeah, Noona, I'll take you home."

"Aren't they cute!" Taehyung tossed himself over Jimin's shoulder and nearly knocked them both to the floor. It took more effort to get Taehyung out of the house in one piece than he would have expected. By the time they were out in the cool night air, on the sidewalk, Taehyung was drooling sleepily on Jimin's shoulder and Yoonji had her hand curled around Jungkook's inner elbow. 

"We're going this way." Jungkook stated, tossing a thumb over his shoulder and Jimin nodded in understanding. They were going in different directions. "See you late, hyungs."

"Goodnight, Jungkookie." Jimin huffed under the weight of his friend but offered both of them a smile. "It was real nice meeting you, noona."

"You too, Jiminnie." Her lips twisted into a smile with the nickname and Jimin tried to ignore the sharp pain in the corner of his chest. 

They bid each other goodnight and Jimin did his best to twist Taehyung around so they could start heading back to Jimin's apartment. As much as he didn't want to, Jimin found himself glancing behind him to see Jungkook and Yoonji one last time. They had their backs to him and Jimin paused, his heart squeezing tight in his chest because they looked like they were in their own little world. Yoonji had her arm fully hooked with Jungkook's and leaned on him as they walked, her head turned toward him so they could spoke. Jungkook was a good head taller than her and the way he smiled at her was perhaps the happiest Jimin had seen his friend. Yoonji returned his smile, bright and gummy and pretty and Jimin quickly turned around, shoving down the strange feeling bubbling up his throat. 

He managed to get Taehyung home without a problem and after cleaning him up and tucking him in for the night, Jimin was sure the entire night was something he didn't want to remember. He passed out on top of the covers beside Taehyung because he didn't feel like curling up under them and that was exactly where he was when he woke up the next morning. His head didn't hurt nearly as bad as he expected but there was a sour feeling in his chest that he couldn't explain. 

Taehyung was already up and about when Jimin rolled out of bed and he really didn't understand how his best friend could drink himself silly and still walk around the next morning without a throbbing headache. Jimin smelled bacon, however, and that dragged him out of his bedroom and into the kitchen. Taehyung had a nice breakfast spread all laid out on the counter and was helping himself to a plateful as he sat on the counter by the sink. He greeted Jimin happily but Jimin waved him off, collapsing in a chair at his small table and tumping his head against the surface. 

"You alright, Jiminnie?"

 "My head feels like it's going to explode."

Taehyung snorted softly and shoved another mouthful of food into his mouth. "You didn't seem that drunk to me. What did you think of Yoonji? Jungkook was real nervous about introducing her to us."

Jimin crinkled his nose at the memory of sharp eyes and plump lips. "Why?"

"Cause we're his best friends, Jiminnie."


Taehyung gave a frustrated sigh. "So, meeting his girlfriend is kind of a big deal."

Girlfriend. Jimin lifted his head much too quickly and he winced, thumping back down. "That explains a lot. He's never that chill around girls."

"He didn't tell you about her?" Taehyung sounded confused.

"No? Not that I remember?"

"Well shit. Yeah, He's like, really into her. He's been helping her with her senior project, singing and stuff. And he's been crushing on her for a few months. Apparently Yoonji found him cute with his stuttering and blushing and stuff and kissed him one day. The rest is history!" He flourished his fork in the air with a grin. "Or something. They've been dating offically for like three weeks but you know Jungkook. We should ask them to hang out with us again, you know without the party and drinks and stuff. I wanna get to know her, you know. She seemes tough. I like her."

Jimin crinkled his nose and folded his arms on the table to prop his head up on. "I got to know her a little bit. She's.. really cool. I got her number."

Taehyung's brow furrowed for a minute. "Did you hit on her?"

Jimin hissed and rubbed at his face with both hands. "No? I don't think I did. Look, no one told me she was Jungkook's girlfriend okay and you saw her. She's hot and kind of badass but I didn't do anything cause I could tell Jungkook might like her and I'm not that shitty of a friend."

"You're not a shitty friend at all."

"I'm happy for him. He deserves to be happy."

"I know, Jimin." He hated how sad Taehyung sounded, like he knew what Jimin was feeling without having to be told. It was just how Taehyung was and Jimin groaned. "You should eat. And then we can spend all day watching your dramas."

"I have a paper to write."

"It's saturday." Taehyung argued, slipping off the counter so he could collect food on a plate for Jimin. "Best friend time, you and me." He grinned when he sat the plate on the table in front of Jimin and Jimin found it hard not to smile at him in return. "No arguments."

"Alright Tae, you and me."

Jimin found it rather easily to slip into Yoonji's life as her friend. She was easy to talk to, to get along with, and once he got to know her better, the attraction faded off into something more platonic. He quickly found himself as Yoonji's best friend and honestly, he didn't mind so much. Jungkook was thrilled his friends were getting along with his girlfriend and Jimin was happy his friends were happy. 

Four years later, after finally graduating with his medical degree, Jimin was a groomsmen at their wedding along with Taehyung. It was a beautiful ceremony and Yoonji looked absolutely gorgeous. The soft pain Jimin once felt when he looked at Yoonji had long since passed and he was so thrilled his friends were happy and in love. Jimin met his future boyfriend at their reception, a shy, slightly awkward man by the name of Kim Namjoon, with a dimpled smile and a lot of love to give. He had been Yoonji's childhood friend and they reconnected recently through their music industry jobs. Namjoon looked at Jimin like his smile was the brightness his life always needed and Jimin clung to that, fell in love with that and that was okay. Yoonji had Jungkook and Jimin had Namjoon and it was all good.

Chapter Text

Yoongi was much too young to be on the battlefield. Looking around him, they were all much too young to be on the battlefield, holding guns in their shaking hands and wincing at the sounds of war all around them. Yoongi never wanted to be a solider, he never wanted to see bloodshed or to hurt another person but he was fifteen when the nuclear attacks came and the age limit for soliders didn't matter anymore. Any citizen old enough to hold a gun was called into action and that meant Min Yoongi had to leave his family behind and fight a war he never believed in. 

They were being sent to die. He knew it, his fellow soilders knew it, his family back in Daegu knew it. 

Yoongi was terrified, crouched down in the ditches with a rifle cradled to his chest and his face dirty from dust and stray splatters of blood. He'd always been told by his father that the North might attack some day but he had never expected it to happen in his lifetime. Innocent people were dying and it was frustrating but Yoongi had no choice but to fight. At least he was a good shot but watching the faces of innocent soldiers, no older than himself, fall to the ground was one of the most traumatizing things he had ever experienced. 

Yoongi had someone to follow, a man in his thirties who was doing his best to keep them alive on the front lines. Their job was simple. Help take back the border but it was a monumental task. There was bloodshed and bodies everywhere and Yoongi had to force himself not to look in case he threw up the acid in his stomach. It was all overwhelming but he was stable enough to do what was expected of him. 

When they moved forward, Yoongi kept down low and followed his fellow soldiers. It was as they were rushing into another inbankment that Yoongi tripped, stumbling over the foot of a fallen solider and rolling down the slope into safety. He cursed under his breath but barely had time to gather his barrings when something heavy tumbled into his back and he fell face first into the dirt. There was so much noise around him, gunfire, explosions and screams. The horrible sounds of war that would haunt him for the rest of his life. 

The weight on his back was warm, solid and it took Yoongi less than a minute to realized it was a body. There were hands on him suddenly, hands of his fellow soldiers pulling him back up and shoving the body off of him. Yoongi happened to glance at the body and realized the person was still alive. Now that he was stable, his fellow soldiers left him to continue forward and Yoongi dropped to his knees beside the young boy, his eyes wide and panicked. There was blood, so much blood. It covered his hands and his chest and he saw it was coming from the gun shot wound in the other boy's side, just above his ribs. 

The boy couldn't be more than thirteen, Yoongi realized with a jolt. He didn't recognize him from his own troop but that didn't matter. There was blood everywhere and the boy looked terrified, staring at Yoongi with wide brown eyes and tears streaming down his face. Yoongi did the only thing he could do because there was no way they could heal his wound where they were and the boy was going to bleed out. 

Yoongi gathered his tiny hand between his own, tucked it against his bloodied chest, the boy's blood, and bowed his head, praying softly for the boy. There was a whimper, soft and heartbreaking and when Yoongi opened his eyes again, the boy was still crying but he seemed grateful. Yoongi stayed with him, holding his hand tightly as the world exploded around them. He was a cute kid even with his dirt and blood covered face and Yoongi wondered what would have happened to him if he hadn't been on the battleground. His life was going to be cut much too short and it brought tears to Yoongi's eyes. 

He watched, in slight horror, as the boy took his last shaky breath and slipped his eyes closed. Yoongi wanted to cry for him, he wanted to cry for all the young boys and girls they were currently losing on the battlefield but he couldn't. He had to keep moving forward. He tucked the boy's body into the middle of the trench, where he should be relatively safe from more harm and then he hurried after his troop, who were kind enough to wait for him. 

Yoongi didn't realize until later, after they managed to reclaim the border and he was back in safe lands, curled up on a small cot with sobs wrecking through his body because of everything he had seen, that the boy with a small soft face and pretty eyes he had watched die wore the colors of the North on his uniform. It made his sobs come harder, faster, and he didn't notice when one of his fellow soldiers, a boy his own age, a boy whose name he didn't know, crawled into his cot with him and held him tightly, hiding his own sobs into the nape of his neck. Being held helped, a tiny bit, and Yoongi hoped, prayed, that showing the boy kindness, even when they were on opposite sides had helped him pass in peace. 

The face of the young boy, covered in dirt and blood and filled with terror haunted Yoongi for the rest of his short life.

Chapter Text

Most people would assume that Yoongi wasn't an outside person and for the most part, they would be right. He wasn't the type of person to go to the beach with his friends, or go to a park just for the hell of it. In fact, he'd rather curl up on his couch and watch a good movie. Or hang out with his friends in the comfort of their homes. There was something about doing shit outside that never really appealed to Yoongi. Namjoon dragged him all over the city but that was with a lot of grumbling and compaining on Yoongi's part. He always ended up having a good time though, which was why he came to trust Namjoon's judgement. 

For the most part, Yoongi wasn't the type of person to be caught dead camping of all things and yet there he was, in the middle of a beaten grass field, surrounded by thousands of people, tents, noise and fresh air. 

Firefly was worth it. 

It was his fourth year at the music festival and Yoongi was buzzing with excitement this time around. The line up was looking pretty badass and a nice sized group of his friends were there. Driving all the way from Chicago had been well worth it. 

When Namjoon and Yoongi showed up close to dusk the day before the festivities began because Yoongi couldn't get off work earlier, their friends had already set up for them. He was pleased to see the circle of tents, the big blue one he would share with Namjoon, the assortment of chairs, the small fire pit and their friends. 

Lisa was the first to notice their approach and she screeched in excitement, bouncing out of her chair so she could bounce over to them. Yoongi was the first reciever of her attack, as to be expected. She was a flurry of black clothes and blond hair and Yoongi was forced to drop his suitcase in fear of dropping the small lithe girl in his arms. He couldn't help but laugh, feeling in too much of a good mood to let anything bother him. 

"Yoongi! Yoongi's here!" Lisa announced loud enough for the people camped out around them to hear. She was giggling happily when she pulled away from Yoongi, quickly planting a kiss on his cheek before she tackled Namjoon, who wasn't prepared for her and the two of them went tumbling to the ground. 

"Hey! Don't squish my girl!" Bambam's voice was just as loud as his girlfriends but he was laughing, wiggling in the camp chair set up in front of their shared tent. 

Lisa was the first one to pop back up, brushing off her clothes and fixing her hair. "I'm fine!" And then she was grabbing at Namjoon's hands and helping back up to his feet. He smiled apologetically at her and Yoongi rolled his eyes good naturedly at them, picking his suitcase back up to drag it over to the tent he knew was for them. There were chairs set up for them and everything. What great friends they had. 

"You guys are great." Yoongi mumbled, crouching down to unzip the tent flaps. 

"Yeah, thanks for setting up!" Namjoon called. 

"Don't worry about it." Yoongi recognized Amber's voice but he was too busy swinging open the canvas and crawling inside the tent. Their little air mattresses were already set up with pillows and blankets and Yoongi wanted to hug all his friends. Setting up and tearing down was always his least favorite part of the festival and if he could get to avoid it because of his amazing friends then he should buy them dinner or something. He decided he would do just that as he settled his suitcase on his side of the tent and fixed the blankets on his bed. They were camping and things were bound to get dirty but Yoongi planned to strive that off for as long as he could. When Namjoon peeked through the flap and offered Yoongi his suitcase, the older willingly took it to set it down carefully. Namjoon was a natural distaster most of the time but he respected how Yoongi lived, which was why being roommates worked out between them. 

When he crawled back out of the tent, zipping it up again, he could finally greet all of their friends and thank them properly. Bambam was still settled in his little camp chair and Lisa was now plopped down in the pink one beside him. Along with them, was Amber and her fiancé Kibum sitting in front of their own tent in their own chairs. Beside them was Mark and Jackson but they were both bickering playfully over the rain tarp that they couldn't seem to get on top of their tent. Yoongi and Namjoon completed the circle and it was nice to get to spend some time with their friends. It'd been a while since he'd seen Mark and Jackson, so he made his way over to them first. 

After greeting the entire group and complaining about traffic, they all settled down around the small fire with the pizza Yoongi ordered for them. It was his way of thanking them and they greatly appreciated it. He was excited for the upcomming fesitval because it was a three day thing and he hadn't gotten away from work in a long time. Traveling wasn't his most favorite thing in the world, neither was camping or huge crowds but he was with his friends and he'd eventually be surrounded by good music and it was worth it. 

"I think I'll just sleep here." Yoongi mumbled, his head tilted back in his camp chair as Lisa fiddled with his right hand. She had taken up Namjoon's spot, who was now in Kibum's chair talking to Amber while her fiancé was with Mark and Jackson, checking over their tent to make sure the poor thing didn't collapse on them in the middle of the night. 

"You can't. You'll get sick, silly." Lisa blew a raspberry, flashing him a pretty grin as she tugged his hand. "Now sit still."

"I haven't moved." He pointed out, his eyes slipping closed against the darkening sky. He felt too comfortable to move. There was something nice about Lisa's warm hands on his skin, sending little jolts of tingles but Yoongi loved affection even when he was shit at dealing it out. "Did you decide on a color?"

Lisa hummed and laid his right hand flat on the arm of the camp chair. "I didn't bring a lot with me. Man, I should have brought pink."

Yoongi snorted. "I'm surprised you didn't."

"Bam!" Lisa called out over the fire. "Did you bring pink polish?"

"You didn't?" Bambam sounded so utterly surprised it made Yoongi's lips curl up into a smile. 

"I have pink!" Jackson shouted.

"Why on earth do you have pink nail polish?" Kibum asked, sounding disinterested but Yoongi knew him well enough to hear the hint of amusement in his tone. 

"Dude, men like pink okay. Fuck those gender stereotypes." Jackson pointed out and there was the sound of shuffling as he ducked into his tent to find the polish. 

"I have a baby blue too." Lisa spoke softly, since she was so close to Yoongi. "I could do a cool gradient thing."

"Whatever you want, doll." Yoongi mused, settling down more comfortable in his chair. He was in a good mood and if Lisa wanted to paint his nails, he wasn't going to object. It wouldn't be the first time the younger girl had done so. 

"Yo, man, have you lost weight?" Jackson's voice was rough so close and when Yoongi peeked his eyes open, he saw the shorter blond man peering at him. 

"Maybe." Yoongi mumbled, furrowing his brow as Jackson passed Lisa the bottle of bright neon pink polish. 

"He's tiny enough as it is." Amber pointed out, turning on Namjoon. "Aren't you supposed to be taking care of him?"

"Hey, I'm a grown ass man." Yoongi argued lightly, finally lifting his head. 

"I've been feeding him if that's what you're asking." Namjoon let out a chuckle and patted Amber's shoulder to sooth her motherly instinct. "He's been working extra hours at the shop, that's all. Lifting those heavy ass boxes of books made him tone up."

"Shit." Jackson whistled and leaned over Yoongi, peering down at him until he reached out to run a finger tip over his jawline. It sent sparks along Yoongi's skin and he shivered, shoving Jackson's hand away because what the fuck they knew he was sensitive damnit. "Ey, as long as it's healthy. You looking fine."

"He means you're hot." Mark pointed out with a bright smile. 

"Yoongi's always been hot." Lisa chimed in, a confused look on her face. "Why do you two sound surprised?"

"Yo, Bambam, your girlfriend thinks Yoongi's hot." Jackson called out, looking to tease his friend but he failed rather miserably. 

"Right? Yoongi! You should wear those tight pants more often!"

A flare of heat curled up Yoongi's neck and he dropped his head again, closing his eyes so he could ignore the idiots he called friends. It wasn't long before they found something new to fuss over and Yoongi was left alone, letting his good mood spread out. Lisa's hands were gentle on his skin as she painted his nails rather perfectly. She hummed under her breath and someone screamed out in the field, reminding Yoongi they weren't alone. They were surrounded by thousands of other people in the middle of a giant fucking field but it still felt like it was just his friends. It was nice, so nice, and he needed it. 

He'd been working his ass off at the book store for the past month in order to save up for a group trip they were all planning in the fall that consisted of visiting all the best haunted attractions up the east coast and Yoongi was pretty thrilled about it but he needed to save the money for it. He had the time to work extra hours and the store paid well so now that his month of hell was over, he could go back to normal hours when he got back to Chicago. 

They all decided to call it an early night to prepare for the first day of festival and disappeared into their respective tents after a while. Yoongi's nails were pretty and dry by then and he wondered if they'd start to chip soon as he settled down on his small air mattress. Namjoon toddled about for a minute, the tent a little too small for his giant frame before he collapsed on his own mattress, kicking his shoes off hazardously. Yoongi rolled his eyes at his friend and leaned over to settle his dirty shoes in the small plastic bag he brought to keep as much dirt out of their tent as possible. Then he zipped them up and they were left alone in the tent. 

"Did you notice," Namjoon started, his voice muffled in his pillow until he finally turned his head toward Yoongi, "we're surrounded by happy couples?"

Yoongi snorted and shifted around on his mattress so he could tug off most of his clothing. He folded his jeans and tucked them away, along with his socks but kept his shirt and boxers on to sleep in. He took a baby wipe to clean his skin and he was rubbing his cheeks with it when he finally answered. "Would you rather they be unhappy?"

"Nah." Namjoon rolled over, twisting his blankets all up in a ball beneath him as he lifted his hips to remove his pants. "I was just wondering when we became the sad single people."

Yoongi pouted out his lips and balled up his used wipe, tucking it in the small trash bag he brought. Yoongi rarely camped but when he did, he was always prepared. "Speak for yourself."

"Okay. I'm the sad single person." Namjoon kicked his jeans off, letting them pile at the end of his mattress and then he tore his shirt off over his head, tossing it to join them. 

"Says the guy who always hooks up with at least three different girls at these things." Yoongi scoffed as he slipped under his blankets. 

Namjoon grinned disturbingly at him as he got under his blankets too. "I mean, I ain't saying I don't got game."

"There is so much wrong with that sentence." Yoongi groaned, tucking his blankets up to his chin and curling up into a ball, his back to Namjoon because he really didn't want to see the man's sleezy grin. 

"You wanna cuddle?"

"Oh my god." Yoongi breathed out, closing his eyes and clutching his blankets tighter in his fists. There was a moment of silence between them, where nothing happened and Yoongi groaned, tipping over to glance at Namjoon. "The fuck are you waiting for?"

Namjoon looked lost in thought for a moment before he seemed to realize what was going on. A grin split across his face and he closed the distance between them quickly. Their mattress were already pressed together because the tent was too small and truthfully, Yoongi enjoyed the feeling of his friend's arms wrapped around his waist. Namjoon was a mess most of the time but he was big, warm and held Yoongi like he was something special. Another perk of their friendship, Yoongi liked to think. If Namjoon was even slightly inclined toward dick, Yoongi would have snatched him up already but alas, Namjoon only liked girls and Yoongi was more than pleased with the close friendship they had. 

Falling asleep in his best friend's arms, Yoongi felt hopeful for this festival. He was looking forward to seeing some of his favorite artists and spending some well earned time with his friends. They'd get drunk, they'd party, they'd laugh and enjoy themselves and Yoongi was looking forward to it. He fell asleep with that hopefullness squeezing around his heart like a warm soft blanket. 

The next morning, Yoongi woke up abruptly, to the sound of a crowd shouting somewhere in the distance. It was a miracle that such a thing woke him, really, considering he was sharing a tent and now blankets with one Kim Namjoon who snored like he was sawing logs all night long. Perhaps Yoongi was just too used to his friend's snoring for it to bother him any longer but the sound of excited shouting signalled the beginning of the festival and Yoongi was wide awake as soon as he realized that. 

Namjoon continued to snore into his pillow and Yoongi allowed him a few more minutes of sleep as he got himself ready for the day. There were bathrooms and running water a good walk away and Yoongi would use them eventually, but for now he was content with brushing his teeth with bottled water and cleaning his face with these special face wipes Lisa got him a while ago. His thick black hair was a fluffy mess atop his head and he honestly didn't have much of a care for dealing with it. He ran his fingers through it in hopes to tame it a little bit but otherwise left it alone. 

Crawling around a sleeping lanky as fuck Namjoon was a bit of an adventure but Yoongi managed to get dressed in his favorite worn pair of black skinnies and an equally black loose band t-shirt. He could already feel the warmth inside the tent, which would be worse outside but black was kind of Yoongi's signature and he wasn't in the mood to change it. He did bring better clothes to wear in the heat and he'd change into them later if he needed to. For now, he was going to greet the day as he usually looked. Tomorrow would call for a snapback to cover his messy hair and thinner clothes because he'd care less about what he looked like but today was the first day, the day he was going to see his idol and he wanted to look good, as best as he could. 

Namjoon grunted when Yoongi kicked him softly in the side. It was enough to wake the man and he glared at Yoongi with sleep heavy eyes. Yoongi only snickered at him and crawled out of the tent, pausing to tug on his favorite pair of boots. Most of their circle of friends were already up and about when the sun greeted his face. It was bright in the sky but Yoongi could see rain clouds in the distance. He didn't pay them too much mind as he mumbled good morning to his friends and took the pop tart Amber offered him. Food and hydration was important at festivals like this and though Yoongi wasn't so great at eating when he should, he would eat when food was shoved in his face. A pop tart wasn't the best breakfast in the word but it was food and he swallowed it down with an entire bottle of water. 

By the time Yoongi was done with his breakfast, Namjoon had finally come out of their tent. They went with Mark and Jackson to the bathrooms a good fifteen minute walk away and when they returned to their little camp, everyone was wide awake and ready for the day. 

"Anyone have plans?" Amber asked aloud to the group.

"We wanna see Mendes but that's not till four." Jackson answered for both him and Mark.

Bambam perked up with some indie punk band he and Lisa wanted to see while Yoongi tugged out the schedule he printed out previously. He could bring it up on his phone but he'd rather keep his phone in the tent, where he was less likly to lose it and never find it again on the huge festival grounds. It wasn't like he really needed it anyway. Namjoon leaned over his shoulder, peering down at the schedule as Yoongi looked it over. 

"I don't care what we do." Yoongi mumbled, mainly for Namjoon to hear. "But I'm seeing Kendrick at two."

"That's..." Namjoon lifted his wrist to check his watch and hummed. "It's almost eleven. Come to that EDM stage at noon with me."

"EDM?" Bambam perked up, his dark eyes flashing in happiness. 

Yoongi crinkled his nose but nodded because he honestly had nothing else he wanted to do. If it pleased Namjoon, he was fine going along with his friend. "We can get lunch afterwards."

"We're coming!" Bambam bounced over to them with Lisa in tow. " I wanna dance."

"Cool." Namjoon flashed them a smile and took the paper from Yoongi so he could flip it over and look at the map of the festival grounds printed on the back. "It's not crazy far. We can get there in thirty or so minutes."

"Let's go!" Bambam punched his fist in the air and that was that. 

Yoongi had always enjoyed walking around the festival grounds, even if he didn't have a destination in mind. People watching was one of his favorite past times and the festival had an assortment of great characters to observe. Bambam and Lisa chatted excitedly in front of them as they strolled and the two of them were one of the great things to watch. They worked so well together, Yoongi thought. They were a lot alike in certain ways but Lisa was always there to drag Bambam back when he was getting too out of hand. Anyone could tell from one look that the two of them were deeply in love and it was a nice thing to see, considering Yoongi had seen Bambam broken hearted one too many times. 

As they neared the collection of three stages, the crowd became much denser and so Yoongi stuck close to Namjoon's side so they didn't get seperated. Yoongi wasn't a fan of large crowds of people and yet there he was, slipping his way through one to enjoy some time with his friends. It wasn't nearly as bad as he expected because it was only the first day and the stink of human sweat hadn't sunk into the ground yet. Tomorrow would probably be worse but Yoongi could handle it. 

"Bambam?!" The shout was loud, obnoxiously so, and echoed over the noise of the crowd and faint music in the background. They all came to an abrupt stop and Bambam stood up on his toes to whip his head around the crowd, looking for the source of the shout of his name. It came again and he snapped his head to one side, his eyes going wide and a grin splitting across his face. 

"Taehyung!" And then he was gone, taking off through the crowd and Lisa struggled to follow after him. Namjoon and Yoongi glanced at one another before shrugging and taking off after their friends. It was easy enough to spot Bambam in the crowd, considering he was so tall and they found him toward the back of the crowd, in an area less populated, hugging some guy as tall and lanky as him with light brown hair. 

Yoongi didn't recognize the guy and so he hung back with Namjoon, watching in curiosity. The guy, Taehyung Bambam had called him, was a rather attractive guy with sharp features and a boxy grin. He was dressed in loose clothing, with rips and tears in them and it took Yoongi a moment to realize that was all on purpose. 

"Yo, I didn't know you were gonna be here!" Taehyung exclaimed, bouncing on his feet and his eyes twinkled with excitement. 

"Yeah, we've been coming for a few years." Bambam looked just as excited to see the guy and then he remembered he had friends with him. He grabbed Lisa's wrist and tugged her closer, introducing her to the guy. "Lisa, this is Taehyung, the guy I told you about in my Film Studies class. Tae, this is my girlfriend Lisa."

"Hi!" Taehyung grinned, twinkling his fingers at her. "I've heard a lot about you."

"Hello!" Lisa grinned prettily at him and returned his wave. "I've heard about you too."

"And those are my friends, Namjoon and Yoongi!" Bambam pointed them out and they both waved a greeting, stepping up closer as Taehyung grinned and waved both hands at them excitedly. "There's a whole group of us. Did you come alone?"

"Ah!" Taehyung's eyes widened like he had forgotten something and he twisted around, searching the crowd before he tossed his hands in the air and started waving his arms around. "I'm with friends! Jimin! Over here!"

A small guy with fluffy black hair broke free from the crowd and stumbled toward them, his tanned skin flushed slightly and his eyes wide. "Tae, fuck, I told you not to run off like that. What the hell?"

"Sorry Jimin!" Taehyung wrapped the guy up in a tight hug before turning him to face the others. "I saw a friend. Jimin, this is Bambam, I told you about him. His girlfriend Lisa and his friends Yoongi and Namjoon."

Jimin was panting softly, his rounded cheeks flushed from extursion but he smiled prettily at Bambam in greeting. "Nice to meet you."

"Ah, the infamous best friend." Bambam laughed and reached out to shake Jimin's small hand. 

"That's me!" Jimin's smile was bright, and rather beautiful Yoongi realized and he didn't know he was staring until those deep honey-brown eyes were suddenly on him. Jimin tilted his head to the side curiously, giving Yoongi a good once over and then he was turning to berate Taehyung for abandoning him in the crowd. 

Jimin was attractive, that was a very obvious thing Yoongi noticed instantly. The boy was dressed in a sleeveless tank and a simple pair of blue jeans, tucked into a pair of brown work boots. His skin was a beautiful golden tan, stretched over arm muscles that almost made Yoongi want to drool. His lips were plush and pink, curling over his teeth when he smiled and snarked at Taehyung and his hair was a fluffy mess that he soon tucked back with the snapback in his hand. His face was pretty and his voice was light and Yoongi couldn't help but notice how attractive he was. It was just like seeing a stranger on the street and thinking, huh what a hot person. 

"We were going to that EDM stage." Bambam spoke up, catching Yoongi's attention and he finally glanced away from Jimin to look around the crowd. 

"Oh shit, yeah? Can we come with you? That's my shit." Taehyung answered and Bambam laughed, tossing his arm around the man's shoulders and then the two of them were walking off, Lisa following along with a grin on her face. 

Jimin hovered for a second, glancing at Yoongi and Namjoon questioningly before he took off after his friends. Namjoon and Yoongi followed without complaint and lingered in the back of the ground as the younger ones chatted in front of them. Yoongi's stroll was pretty easy, languid because he was still in the same good mood as the previous day and now he had some pretty hot guy to casually check out for the next however many minutes. Jimin's back was to them, his arm curled around Taehyung's hip while the taller had an arm thrown over his shoulders. He had a nice back, Yoongi thought. He was on the shorter side but probably not that much shorter than Yoongi. They might even be the same height without shoes on. 

And his thighs. Good god. Yoongi noticed them as he was scanning his eyes down the man's back, hesitating over the curve of his ample ass and then pausing on the thickness tucked away in his jeans. It almost made Yoongi's mouth water but he realized it was probably creepy to be so thoroughly checking out some stranger and thus he tore his eyes away, choosing to focus on the people they passed instead. 

The EDM stage was just some DJ with heavy beats but the small crowd in front of the equally small stage didn't seem to care as they danced. Taehyung and Bambam took off immediately, joining the crowd so they could dance. Yoongi didn't mind the music so much but it wasn't really his style so he found an empty spot on the beaten down grass and plopped his ass down. Namjon glanced at him questioningly but Yoongi waved a pale hand at him, telling him he was fine without any words. Namjoon flashed him a smile before going off into the crowd to join their friends. 

Now, Namjoon wasn't a dancer. Not really. He was too long limbs and not enough coordination but it didn't seem to matter in the crowd. People were just moving their bodies to the heavy beats, enjoying themselves and it brought a soft smile to Yoongi's lips. He wondered if the thrashing Taehyung was doing could be considered dancing but Bambam joined him and soon Lisa as well. It almost made him wish he had his phone so he could record it. 

It took Yoongi a moment to notice Jimin, too amused watching his best friend attempt to dance and fail with a grin on his face. And when his eyes finally did land on Jimin, his breath caught in his throat because the man could dance. Where Namjoon was long limbs and wiggling and Taehyung was weird thrashing and Bambam and Lisa were wigglers, Jimin actually seemed to know what he was doing. He had his eyes closed, his hips swaying and his arms above his head as he danced along to the music, actually feeling the beat flowing through his body. It was... both sexy and beautiful, the way he moved his body without a care in the world. He could roll his lips like an expert but he always twirled around and laughed out loud when he bumped into Namjoon. They smiled at one another and then Jimin was grabbing Namjoon's arms gently, trying to help him dance with the beat. Yoongi watched with a tight throat, his knees folded and hugged to his chest, as Jimin laughed brightly when Namjoon nearly tripped over his own feet. Yoongi couldn't hear his laugh over the thumping music but he was sure it sounded just a beautiful and bright as the man who made it. 

Wow, what a thought process. Creepy much Yoongi? He shook off the strange warmth bubbling deep inside of him and he shifted his gaze away, tilting his head to rest a cheek against his folded arms and glazing lazily over the people walking around the grounds. He saw a girl trip over her feet and nearly fall flat on her face if not for the strong bulk of a man at her side, catching her effortlessly and making the both of them giggle. He saw a father with his daughter, probably only ten or so, fixing her pretty blond hair into a ponytail to keep it off her face. She was giggling happily, talking quickly to him as he smiled and nodded at her. They were both wearing matching sleeveless tops and it made Yoongi smile fondly. He saw a group of friends, similiar to his own, plopping down in the grass away from the crowd and sharing a few bottles of flavored water between them, smiling and laughing into the warm summer air. 

Yoongi was too busy people watching to notice when someone plopped down beside him. 

"Not your thing?" Jimin's voice was light, and a little breathless and Yoongi snapped his head at him, eyes wide for a second because he hadn't heard him approach. Jimin only smiled softly at him, tilting his head in question as he plucked the snapback from his head and ran his fingers through his black hair. 

"Not really." Yoongi answered honestly, shifting to face Jimin a little more, curious. 

"What music do you like then?" Jimin asked, conversationally as he fanned himself with the brim of his snapback. His skin was flushed from dancing, glistening with a thin sheen of sweat and Yoongi had to tear his eyes away. 

"I'm not that picky. I don't have anything against this. I just don't dance."

"Fair enough." Jimin shrugged one shoulder. "But you didn't answer my question."

Yoongi crinkled his nose. "According to Namjoon, I have two levels. Hip-hop and soft rock."

Jimin hummed and moved to fold a knee, resting his arm on it. "I didn't peg you as a soft rock kind of guy."

"Hm? What were you thinking?"

"Punk maybe." Jimin laughed softly and continued to fan himself so much that Yoongi could feel the soft breeze against the skin of his arm closest to him. "I like all kinds of music too. Anything I can dance to is good for me. Any kind of dancing."

"You a dancer?"

"Dance major." Jimin pointed out, flashing him a smile as he ran his hand through his hair again, tucking the strands off his brow. "You're friends with Bambam?"

"Yeah." Yoongi answered, trying to not let his eyes linger on the way Jimin's muscles flexed when he moved. "We've known each other for a few years."

Jimin made a soft noise. "I've never met him until now but Tae talks about him all the time. He seems pretty nice."

"Bambam's great." Yoongi nodded, shifting his gaze away to watch their friends dancing in the crowd. 

"So you don't dance." Jimin mused, the corners of his lips twitched into a soft smirk and he was way too attractive when he tilted his head. "What do you do?"

"I play the piano." Yoongi answered, watching as Bambam tugged Namjoon toward them and tried to help the poor guy out with his dance moves. "I also work a lot."

"Hm? What work do you do?"

"I just work at a book store. Nothing crazy fancy but it's a good job and I enjoy it. When I'm not working I'm usually with friends or enjoying my alone time."

"Sounds nice." Jimin giggled softly, a lovely little sound. "I was so busy with schoool last year I didn't have time for friends at all. Hopefully this year won't be so bad since I have my basic credits over with."

"How old are you?" 

"Twenty-one. You?"

Yoongi winced softly and glanced away, licking at his lower lip. "Twenty-seven."

"You know what, we didn't have a proper introduction." Jimin shifted on the ground until he was facing Yoongi better. There was a bright smile on his plush lips, making the corners of his eyes crinkle and he held out his hand to Yoongi. "I'm Jimin Park, it's nice to meet you."

Yoongi blinked at him for a few seconds before his lips twitched up into a soft smile and he slipped his hand into Jimin's, shaking it. His skin was warm to the touch and his small hand fit almost perfectly between his large pale fingers. "Yoongi Min."

Jimin's eyes disappeared with the force of his smile and after giving Yoongi's hand a good squeeze, they pulled apart. "So who are you most pumped about seeing?"

Jimin was easy to talk to, Yoongi quickly learned. He asked easy questions without prying and he smiled and laughed an awful lot. He liked to ramble sometimes but Yoongi enjoyed listening to the soft honey tone of his voice. He learned little things about the man, like what he liked to eat, what music he preferred to dance to, and how he and Taehyung had been best friends since they were twelve. Jimin loved dance. He'd been dancing since he was three, taking ballet and he had a good amount of skills under his belt. He loved hip-hop dance the most but he also enjoyed contemporary. He lit up like sunshine when he spoke about the things that he loved, like dance, and it was something really nice to see. 

Yoongi fell into easy conversation with the man as if they'd known each other for ages and it was nice. Yoongi didn't make new friends often on his own but it seemed he was doing fine with Jimin and he was happy about that. Maybe his good mood had a lot to do with it. He was more open to talking to people than he usually was but that was a good thing. He told Jimin little tidbits about himself in return, nothing special but just things people shared when they were trying to get to know one another. 

It was nice. Very nice. 

It was nearing one when their friends finally returned to them and Taehyung collapsed onto Jimin, who whined about his sweaty friend while the other begged for food. It was agreed for them to go get lunch and Yoongi got to his feet, saddling up to Namjon out of habit. The man was sweating, his bleached blond hair a mess on his head that Yoongi reached up to quickly fix. Namjoon was tall, too fucking tall, but his friend bent down for him, grinning at him as Yoongi tried to fix his messy sweaty hair. He didn't notice the curious look Jimin gave them but Namjoon certainly did and he smiled knowingly in Jimin's direction, making the younger flush a pretty color and shift his attention to the whining Taehyung. 

The food tents weren't too far away from the main stages but the area was pretty crowded considering it was lunch time. Yoongi didn't feel like dealing with the crowds, so he passed Namjoon a twenty and told him to get him something. His friend was understanding and didn't question him. Yoongi commandeered an empty picnic table just as a group left and sat his butt right on top, declaring he would save it for them. His friends thanked him and went off to get food but Jimin hovered behind, glancing at Yoongi for a moment and then back to their friends before he joined Yoongi on the picnic table. 

"You'll need help defending this table from all the crazy pirates." Jimin explained, flashing Yoongi a pretty smile as he crawled up onto the table with him. 

Yoongi snorted at him. "You should get food."

"Tae'll get me something." He said with a shrug and settled down beside Yoongi, close enough for their thighs to touch. "Besides, you were telling me about that time you and your friends went to the river and Namjoon nearly drowned you."

"Oh, right." Yoongi laughed under his breath and settled down comfortably, kicking the dirt off the bottom of his boots so he had something to do while he relayed the story to Jimin who laughed brightly at it. The way he laughed was starting to make Yoongi feel a little fuzzy in the chest area but he ignored it in favor of laughing back at Jimin, in too much of a good mood to let anything ruin it.

Jimin was pretty nice and Yoongi could see how the guy had a lot of friends. He complained about how last year, Jimn's first year at Firefly, Taehyung had abandoned him almost instantly and Jimin had to charm his way into making friends so he wasn't left all alone. He had enjoyed himself but he made Taehyung promise to not do that again this year. Jimin wasn't sure how well that would go but he already made a new friend, he said with a smile at Yoongi, so he wasn't that worried any more. 

Their friends returned with overpriced food a good twenty minutes later and hurried to scarf it all down so they could make it to stage one for Kendrick. Yoongi was buzzing with excitement at seeing one of his favorite rappers live and Jimin seemed just as happy, explaining he was a fan as well. Namjoon was looking forward to it too but Bambam and Lisa were planning to split off for some indie band Bambam wanted to see. Taehyung decided to stick with his best friend and so after they ate, the four of them parted from Bambam and Lisa to head for stage one. 

The area was packed when they arrive but Yoongi hadn't expected anything less. Kendrick was one of the front liners of the festival after all but stage one was the largest stage and there was plenty of room for Yoongi and his friends to slip through the crowd and find a spot near the edge of the stage, near a few giant speakers. He used his small stature to his advantage and by the time he was pressed against the metal fence, Namjoon was against his back and Jimin at his side. Taehyung was probably somewhere close but Yoongi was too excited to worry about it. 

The crowd screamed a handful of minutes later and Yoongi finally got to see one of his idols live on stage. It was breathtaking, really. He let himself get lost in the music, lost in the rappers voice and the feeling of Jimin's warm tanned skin pressing against his side. He could feel Namjoon lathered against his back but that wasn't anything new. Jimin's prickling waarm skin, however, was very new and Yoongi savored it, bouncing eagerly with the crowd and his friends. 

Yoongi was breathless when the show ended an hour or so later. It happened so fast, most everything a blur but he was buzzing with happiness and he hugged Namjoon because of it. His friend laughed loudly in his ear, yelling about how fucking amazing that was and Yoongi could only laugh in return. The crowd started to disperse after a little while and they could finally get away from the fence. They paused in the grass to catch their breath and Yoongi tilted his head back toward the sky, noticing that the sun was hidden behind some clouds and he wondered if it was going to rain. Before he could ask his question aloud, he felt a prickle of wetness against his cheek and he narrowed his eyes. 

"It's going to rain." Yoongi pointed out. 

"We'll be fine as long as it doesn't storm." Namjoon patted his back before turning to their new friends with a grin. "What are you two up to next?"

"Jiminnie wants to see Shawn Mendes. We were just gonna stick around since he's at this stage in an hour."

"Our friends are coming too, we'll stick out." Namjoon stated with a grin and Yoongi nodded because he was happy and had no reason not to stick around. It might rain but he could handle a little rain. 

They hung around stage one for the next hour, dipping in and out of conversation as they waited for their friends to show up. Slowly, they started to trickle in one by one. Jack and Mark showed up first, grinning and beaming with excitement, happy to meet the two new members of their friend circle. Bambam and Lisa were next, joining them near the front of the stage where they were waiting, almost the same spot they had been in for Kendrick's performance. Then they were waiting for Taehyung and Jimin's friends but it was only a few minutes later when Taehyung got a text saying their friends wouldn't be coming for some reason and neither of them questioned it. 

By the time the crowd thickened out and the stage was set for a new performer, the clouds had opened up and started to trickle down little droplets of rain. It was cool against their warm skin and the stage had a roof so there was no worry about the performance being canceled. They would play as long as it didn't storm and since there wasn't any sound of thunder, no one was worried. The rain was light, dampening their hair only slightly and cleaning the soft layer of dust on their skin from the hot day. The smell of wet earth swirled around them and the lights on the stage lit up to counteract the darkened sky. 

The crowd was buzzing with excitement by the time the lights dipped low and Shawn took the stage. There were screams of excitement but Yoongi and his group were far enough away from the center stage to not get squished from the crowd. It was still a bit much so they were dragged away toward the side where they could still hear and see the singer pretty well. Jackson and Mark were quick to throw themselves into the music, dancing happily and singing the lyrics. Bambam, Lisa and Taehyung soon joined them and it was a great sight to see. 

Even Yoongi had to admit the music made him want to move. He liked Shawn Mendes. It was good music and he found himself swaying slightly to the beat of the songs. By the second song, the clouds opened up a bit more into a steady light rain but no one seemed to care. There was something thrilling about dancing in the rain and everyone seemed to have an even better time as the wetness soaked through their hair and clothes. 

Namjoon found a girl to dance with, a pretty little thing with blond hair and sparkling green eyes and maybe he learned something from Jimin or Bambam because he didn't look like a baby giraffe walking for the first time. He actually looked pretty smooth and Yoongi was proud of his friend. 

"Dance with me." Jimin's voice was soft in his ear, his warm breath sending chills over his skin and his fingers wrapped around his wrist were just as warm. Jimin's eyes were twinkling with fondness when Yoongi met his gaze and for some reaosn, he didn't have it in him to say no. Jimin wasn't asking anyway, judging by the way he tugged Yoongi closer.

Letting himself go was an easier task than he expected. The music was easy to dance to and Jimin was a great dance partner, patient and understanding as Yoongi tried to find the beat with the slow wiggles of his hips. They pressed up against one another, Jimin's hands finding Yoongi's hips to pull him close and lead them to the beat. It was easy to move together to the music, losing themselves among the crowd and the rain. It soaked their skin, making it slick and glistening, plastering Yoongi's black hair against his pale face and Jimin's hair was relatively protected by the backwards snap back he had on. 

Yoongi's entire body was buzzing with warmth, something he couldn't explain but he enjoyed it when Jimin tugged them closer, forcing their hips together and tucked his face into the curve of Yoongi's neck. Yoongi wasn't sure what to do with his hands for a few lingering moments but he eventually let them drop to Jimin's bare arms, ghosting over the tight muscles there and noticing when the younger shivered in his hold. 

Jimin's grip tightened on his hips, his nose brushed against the edge of his jaw and Yoongi abruptly realized what was happening. It didn't happen to him, not really. Namjoon was the one to kick him out of the tent and hook up with a stranger and yet there Yoongi was, dancing and rubbing up against Jimin slowly to the beat of the music and enjoying it. His skin prickled from the rain and the drop in tempurature but he was burning inside. Everywhere Jimin touched was blazing like a fire and he didn't want it to stop. 

He didn't know Jimin, not really, but the funny thing about festivals was how little restraint there needed to be. The world was open, soft, and free and he didn't need to worry about what was going to happen tomorrow, or what this meant. Jimin was warm and solid in his arms. Jimin wanted him, judging by the way he carefully drug his plush lips over the edge of Yoongi's jaw and Yoongi...

Yoongi wanted. 

They pulled apart at the same time, like they both came to the same conclusion at the same exact time. 

Jimin's gaze was slightly hazy, with a hint of unsureness in the soft corners of his eyes but he looked determined. Yoongi's breath caught in his throat, a little too stunned by the beautiful man before him and then they dipped together, softly, gently, carefully. 

Jimin's lips were warm, slick and plush against his own, pressing carefully like he was afraid Yoongi might pull away. But Yoongi didn't pull away. He pressed closer, tilting his head to deepen the kiss and Jimin's fingers curled tightly into his shirt at his sides. Rain dripped down their cheeks, seeping into their clothes and making them stick to their skin but neither seemed to care. It was just the two of them in a crowd of people, surrounded by their friends and Jimin kissed him like he'd never tasted something so amazing in his entire life. 

Jimin's snapback fell to the ground when Yoongi reached up, sliding his hands up the curves of Jimin's face and slipping into his soft damp strands of hair. Neither noticed, too focused on how their lips felt together and Yoongi buzzed with excitement and arousal. Kissing random people wasn't really his kind of thing but Jimin wasn't entirely a stranger. They spent the last few hours getting to know one another and it was thrilling to know he was wanted by such a gorgeous creature. 

He could kiss Jimin all night. He hoped he would kiss Jimin all night. 

Then, abruptly, the bottom fell out. 

There was a heavy whooshing sound and then they were getting absolutely soaked. The rain fell down heavily, making them pull apart reluctantly and it was Jimin who grabbed his wrist again and tugged him with their friends, hurrying off to find shelter under a overhang of the stage. They were panting when they arrived but all Yoongi could focus on was how red and plump Jimin's lips looked all of a sudden. 

"We could wait it out." Mark offered, tucking his shivering boyfriend under his arm. 

Jimin's fingers were so warm around his wrist and Yoongi didn't know what to do. He wanted to keep kissing Jimin and his mind was a little fuzzy from the entire ordeal. 

"Or we could hurry back to the tents." Namjoon offered, that pretty blond girl tucked beneath his arm. "We'll get soaked either way. It could let up in a little bit but-"

Namjoon's voice drifted off out of Yoongi's attention thanks to a warm, solid body pressing up against his arm. Jimin leaned up, only slightly, and whispered carefully into Yoongi's ear, "I have my own bed."

Yoongi knew exactly what Jimin was suggesting. He knew exactly what the man was implying and he swallowed hard, forcing down the bubble of arousal that flushed through him like a tidal wave. He couldn't speak, his throat too tight but he nodded, meeting Jimin's sparkling eyes. There were a lot of emotion in them, swirling around but it was easy to tell Yoongi wasn't wrong in what he was thinking. 

"We're going back to the RV." Jimin announced suddenly, gripping Yoongi's wrist a little tighter.

Taehyung snapped his head at them, opening his mouth to say something but his eyes dropped down to the grip Jimin had on Yoongi's wrist and understanding seemed to cross his features. He smirked, slowly and slyly and nodded. "Oh yeah, cool."

"You have an RV?" Jackson said to no one, really, just an observation. 

"You cool, Gigi?" Namjoon's voice was soft but easy, light and Yoongi nodded at him, still unable to find words. 

"I'll chill with them." Taehyung nudged Bambam who grinned at him, nodding his head eagerly. 

"We can meet up for dinner." Jimin offered and was met with words of agreement. 

And then Jimin's grip tightened on Yoongi and they were off. The festival grounds were a puddling mess, the rain coming down in waves but Jimin's grip was tight on Yoongi's wrist as they took off running. Yoongi had no idea where he was being taken but he didn't care. He followed Jimin without question, curious about what was going to happen when they reached where ever they were going. They ran past groups of people, a few tents and passed other people running around in the rain. Some people were still dancing in the downpour, some people were smart enough to have umbrellas but all Yoongi could focus on was the grip Jimin had on his wrist. 

They were soaked by the time Jimin finally pulled them to a stop. Yoongi was glad he had left his phone in the waterproof tent because otherwise it would be ruined in his tight soaked pants. The rain didn't let up but they were safe under the canopy attached so a large ass RV that Yoongi spotted. It looked fancy, really fancy, and it made him wonder. When he cast Jimin a questioning glance, the boy smiled shyly at him and finally released his wrist so he could run both hands through his soaked hair, tucking the strands off his face. 

"Taehyung's parents are loaded?" Jimin ventured with a soft giggle, moving to step on the dry mat by the small metal stairs leading into the door of the RV. He kicked off his muddy boots and dipped them over, watching in amusement as water trickled out of them. "They bought us an RV slot and this is their RV. We have running water and everything."

Yoongi wanted to whimper. Their style of camping was much more up his alley. "Lucky bastards."

Jimin laughed brightly at him and motioned for him to come over to the mat and remove his muddy shoes as well. Yoongi did as asked and Jimin placed their shoes out of the way, so they could dry without being under the rain again. "I've got dry clothes you can borrow and we have a dryer?" Jimin crinkled his nose like he knew how ridiculous he sounded. "Okay, look, Taehyung's family goes all out. But at least it works out, yeah?"

Yoongi only shrugged at him, a little too cold to complain. Now that they were out of the rain, the coldness was starting to seep into his skin and he was shivering. He didn't handle cold too well and Jimin seemed to notice. A flicker of worry crossed his features and he reached for Yoongi's hand again, curling their fingers together this time. "Let's get you warm."

That could mean a lot of things but Yoongi was too cold to figure out what. Jimin popped open the RV door and climbed the stairs, bringing Yoongi with him. They were still dripping wet when they entered the large interior of the vehicle and the door slammed shut behind them. 

"Wait here." Jimin told him, flashing him a smile before he hurried off down a hallway, disappearing into a small door. 

Yoongi blinked but stayed put, not wanting to drip water anywhere but infront of the door. The inside was nicer than he expected. It was large, with popouts that made more space with a kitchen, a long hallway which led to the sleeping areas and a living room, which Yoongi glanced at first and realized they weren't alone. His back went tense and he stood up straighter, his eyes locking with the man sitting on the long couch near the front of the vehicle. 

The man tilted his head at him in question but he didn't say anything just yet. He wasn't alone either. There was another man curled on the couch with him, his head of fluffy brown hair resting in his lap. The man watching him was rather pretty, Yoongi noticed and he figured these were the two friends Taehyung had mentioned. Yoongi was about to introduce himself when Jimin returned, tossing a fluffy white towel over Yoongi's hair and ruffling his hair for him. 

"Oh, Joshua." Jimin sounded surprised but Yoongi couldn't see anything aside from the bottom of Jimin's dripping pants. "I thought you and Baek were exploring the food tents."

There was a soft humming sound and then a groaning sound. "We were." The voice was soft and Yoongi was finally released, Jimin tugging the towel down to rest around Yoongi's shoulders and leaving it there so he could dry his own hair and face. Yoongi glanced at him before taking the towel and moving to dry off his arms the best he could. "Baekhyun ate too much." The man speaking, Joshua, Yoongi assumed, was the one sitting up and now he was rubbing his hand soothingly along the other man's side.

"The tacos, Jiminnie." The man laying down, curled up on his side with his back to them, groaned. "So good. Too many."

Jimin clicked his tongue, letting his towel rest around his neck and placed his hands on his hips. "You let him eat that much?"

Joshua looked offended for a moment. "You say that like anyone has the control to let Baekhyun Byun do anything."

"Point taken." Jimin whistled and gave his friend a sympathetic look. "He gonna be okay?"

"He needs to sleep it off." Joshua said with a shrug of one shoulder and then shifted his eyes to Yoongi. "Whose your friend?"

"Oh!" Jimin twisted back to Yoongi and his cheeks flushed. He hesitated to reach out for Yoongi but he seemed to gain a bit of confidence and slipped their fingers together once again. "This is Yoongi. Yoongi this is my friend Joshua and the idiot groaning is Baekhyun."

"I heard that." Baekhyun groaned again before twitching and curling up into a tighter ball, Joshua's hands dropping to smooth through his hair. 

"Nice to meet you." Yoongi mumbled, unsure of what else to say. 

"You two got caught in the rain?" Joshua questioned, his face not revealing a damn thing to Yoongi about what he was thinking. His smile was soft, open, and he was sure the man wasn't thinking much of anything really. 

"Yeah. We're going to dry off. Taehyung promised me the queen."

Joshua waved a hand at him, dropping his eyes to Baekhyun fondly. "I'd give you some privacy but Baek here can't move."

Jimin flushed all the way to the tips of his ears. "D-Don't worry about it. Come on, Yoongi." He twisted around to tug Yoongi down the hallway and when Yoongi glanced over his shoulder, Joshua was smiling fondly at the two of them. When their eyes met, Joshua winked at him and heat flared up Yoongi's neck. 

The back end of the RV had what looked like a bathroom, a storage room and then four bunkbeds, two on either side. Then came a door which lead into a bedroom of sorts. It was small but comfortable looking and the large queen sized bed took up most of the room. Jimin released his hand to close the door behind them and then he was shuffling into the small space, grabbing the back of his soaked shirt and tugging it off over his head. 

"Oh." Yoongi's lips popped and Jimin paused, glancing at him with his shirt halfway over his head. They stared at each other for a moment before Jimin flashed him a soft smirk and removed his shirt completely. His arms weren't the only part of his body that was toned and Yoongi's mouth went dry at the sight of those slick muscles. 

"I've got some clothes I think." Jimin dropped his wet shirt onto the floor and twisted around to pick up a suitcase and toss it onto the bed. Then he unzipped it and started digging through it. He found a t-shirt he was sure would fit Yoongi and then a change of clothes for himself. "I don't know about you, but I'm soaked to the undies." Jimin laughed softly as he zipped the suitcase back up and placed it on the floor. 

"Yeah, I am." Yoongi grimaced and picked at the wet denium of his pants. 

"Oh! That's right." Jimin woddled around the bed and opened one of the many cabinets around the head of the bed. He dug around for a moment before finding what he was looking for. A pack of underwear. "Tae forgot to pack undies so we stopped to get some. They're not washed but they're clean? I think you and Tae are the same size. He's taller but." Jimin shrugged and offered Yoongi one of the pairs of boxers which he took with a soft thank you. "Put your wet clothes in here." Jimin told him, opening a large cabinet door by the bedroom door, revealing a small stacked washer and dryer. He popped open the dryer and tossed his damp shirt inside before moving away so he could tug off his pants. 

Yoongi turned his back on the guy to give him a bit of privacy and went to work removing his shirt. It was a bit of struggle, considering it had been tight to begin with and now that it was wet, it really didn't want to get off his skin. He managed, eventually and by the time he tossed it into the dryer Jimin was in a soft long sleeved shirt and a black pair of boxer briefs that showed off parts of his body that made Yoongi's mouth water. Those thighs looked as amazing as he expected. Jimin flashed him a smile and turned his back, fiddling with his suitcase as an excuse to give Yoongi some privacy and the older was thankful. The boxers were a little tight on his hips, considering he actually had hips compared to what appeared to be Taehyung's stick figure but they would do. The shirt was soft and warm, a well loved white cotton against his shivering skin. 

Jimin started the dryer once all their clothes were inside and then he plopped onto the bed, spreading out over the covers for a moment before he curled up on his side and glanced at Yoongi. He patted the empty space beside him, looking both nervous and sexy at the same time. Yoongi swallowed and joined him, crawling up the mattress until he could mirror Jimin's position. There was a small blanket folded at the end of the bed that Jimin tossed over their bare legs and Yoongi was grateful for the added warmth. 

They laid in silence for a moment, struggling to meet each others eyes as they got comfortable. Jimin tucked one arm under his head and then another between his thighs and Yoongi did the same, only letting his hand rest in the space between them instead of tucking it between his thighs. 

Jimin looked soft and pretty on the pillow next to him, not even a foot of space between them. His black hair was still slightly damp but it contrasted well with his skin tone and Yoongi wanted to reach out and kiss him again. He didn't know if he could, however. He wasn't sure what they were doing and it seemed Jimin didn't know either. 

But there was a calmness between them. Something that didn't make Yoongi want to break it. He relaxed onto the mattress, letting the light tension melt from his limbs and there was a warm buzzing feeling slowly spreading across his skin, making it tingle and prickle. For a few moments, all they could do was look at one another, not meeting eyes but scanning over the parts of each other that they could see. It was a soft kind of silence, a type of comfort Yoongi never really felt with strangers and yet there he was with Jimin, feeling as if he had known the boy his entire life. 

It was a jarring and yet pleasing sensation.

Jimin was the first one to move. He blinked slowly, letting his eyes linger closed for a moment before he finally opened them and met Yoongi's gaze head on. A soft smile curled to his pink plump lips, something that made Yoongi's chest drip with warmth, a puddle forming in the pit of his stomach, and then Jimin untucked his hand from between his thighs and reached out to ever so gently brush the back of his fingers over Yoongi's cheek. It was a tender gesture that curled heat over Yoongi's pale cheeks but he didn't push Jiimin away. He savored the touch, closing his eyes slightly and tilting his head against those knuckles. 

"You're really pretty." Jimin mumbled softly, sounding in awe and when Yoongi opened his eyes again, the expression on the other man's face was enough to make his heart thump. "Can I say that?" Jimin's nose crinkled in thought as his eyes dropped to Yoongi's nose, tracing the curve of it with his bent knuckle. "Some guys are weird about being called pretty but I don't have a better word."

Yoongi snorted softly. "I don't mind."

"Okay. Good." Jimin's lips twitched up into a soft smile as he trailed his finger over the curve of Yoongi's cheek again, following his jawline and then settling his warm palm against Yoongi's exposed neck, cupping it ever so gently. "Cause you're really pretty."

Heat curled over the back of his ears but Yoongi smiled, a soft tender little thing. "So are you."

Jimin flushed, glancing away shyly before he met Yoongi's gaze again, a hint of determination in his swirling eyes. "Can we... Ah." He paused, licking at his lips and glancing away as if to gain courage and when he met Yoongi's eyes again, he seemed to make up his mind about something. "I feel... easy with you. This," he motioned between them with his shoulder and dropped his eyes to a spot somewhere on Yoongi's chest, his chubby cheeks flushing prettily, "Can we keep this easy?"

Yoongi tilted his head slightly in question but more so because he understood exactly what Jimin was trying to say. It would be so easy to let whatever was happening between them get messy and weird. It would be easy to overthink and drive themselves up a wall. Easy and simple would be nice, Yoongi decided. He wasn't questioning what was happening between them and if Jimin wanted him, he would continue not to do so. 

"Yeah." Yoongi answered softly. "I'd like that."

Jimin's smile was beautiful, showing off his teeth a little and then he shifted closer to him, closing the small distance between them and shifting his hand on Yoongi's neck to cup his cheek. "I want to kiss you again."

"I'd like that too." Yoongi's lips curled up in a smile, mirroring the expression on Jimin's face and then everything went a little fuzzy because Jimin closed the distance between them and pressed their lips together again. 

Jimin's mouth was plush and plump, pressing insistently against Yoongi's in soft little kisses and it made his blood buzz with a pleasant feeling. He reached out one hand to curl in the fabric of Jimin's shirt, clutching the boy a little closer and then they were kissing. Really kissing. Jimin knew what he was doing, knew how to tilt his head and press in all the right ways. Yoongi kept up easily enough but he let Jimin lead the kiss, content to follow along wherever the boy wanted to go. 

The first lick of a slick tongue against the seam of his mouth had Yoongi's throat going tight and squeezing out a breath of air. Jimin's tongue was just as talented as his lips, licking slowly into Yoongi's mouth until the older was almost breathless. Yoongi couldn't remember the last time he kissed something like this. So soft, so gentle, without a rush or care in the world. It would be easy to let it go farther, to grab onto Jimin and tug him over top of him. To grab him and pull and rub and part of Yoongi tingled at the thought but this, this was good too. He liked this.

Yoongi couldn't say how long they kissed but by the time Jimin's kisses slowled down into soft little pecks against his lips, the corner of his mouth, the curves of his cheeks, Yoongi's mouth felt tingly and Jimin's lips were red and swollen, such a pretty sight really.

"Ah." Jimin moaned out softly, a pleasing sound and dipped his head forward, knocking his brow against Yoongi's shoulder and shifted on the bed, slipping both his arms around Yoongi's waist with a bit of effort. Then he tucked them close together and slipped a thigh between Yoongi's, not all sexual but more so to get comfortable. Yoongi hadn't cuddled with someone that wasn't Namjoon in... well, he couldn't remember. But Jimin fit against him so perfectly like they'd been doing this for ages. It was a strange feeling, if Yoongi were honest but he wanted simple and easy and choose to savor the warmth Jimin was willing to share with him. 

At some point, they drifted off into a light sleep. Yoongi could recall feeling Jimin's soft breaths against his throat and then the next thing he knew the dryer was dinging, signalling it was done and Jimin was groaning and nuzzling closer to him. He felt laggy, like he'd just woken from sleep and when Yoongi finally blinked his eyes open, Jimin was carefully detaching from him. Yoongi loosened his grip on the boy and let him go, turning to rub at his own eyes. Jimin shuffled over to the dryer, popping it open so he could gather their dry clothes. As he did this, Yoongi took notice of the change of light outside the windows. It was still light outside but from what he could tell, it was later in the day. Maybe close to dusk. It didn't seem to be raining anymore either. 

A sudden knock on the door startled the both of them and Jimin squeaked, dropping the pile of clothes in his arms. It was obvious he was still soft from sleep because he blinked at the door slowly in confusion before the knock came again. He flinched and lunged forward, grabbing the knob and sliding the door open. Yoongi could see Joshua's head over Jimin's shoulder but that was about it. 

"Ah, you're awake." Joshua sounded amused and a little fond. "Baek and I were going to go get dinner and track down Taehyung. Would you like to come?"

Jimin lingered for a few seconds before he turned to Yoongi, his face still puffy from sleep. "Food?"

Yoongi nodded. "Food."

Jimin flashed him a pretty smile and then turned back to Joshua, who glanced between them knowingly. "Just let us get dressed. What time is it?"

Joshua hummed. "Almost seven." Shit, they'd been asleep for almost two hours. "We'll wait for you."

"Wait, is Baek feeling better?"

"I could eat a fucking cow!" Baekhyun called from somewhere in the RV making Joshua sigh heavily and Jimin giggle behind his hand. 

"Okay, we'll be quick." Jimin flashed Joshua a smile before he slid the door shut, giving them privacy. "I swear if it weren't for Joshua, Baekhyun would die in a pool of his own vomit somehwere from over eating." Jimin mused as he dipped down to pick up their clothes and Yoongi slipped out of the bed, stretching his arms above his head. 

"Are they...?" Yoongi questioned because it was something he had been wondering. 

"Nah." Jimin shook his head, getting back to his feet and dumping their clothes on the messy bed so he could pick through and find what belonged to who. "Josh is kind of like our mom. Baek's his favorite. Or his least favorite." Jimin made a face, sticking his tongue between his teeth. "Baek drives him nuts but he still loves him. They both have their own lovers." He hummed as he tossed Yoongi his dry clothes. "Jess reminds me a lot of Joshua, which I guess is why they're together. And Baekhyun's dating some guy in China I've never actually met but Baek flies out to see him constantly. I think they're gonna move in together? I don't know. Baek talks about Han like he's the most amazing thing in the universe so none of us see them staying apart much longer."

"China." Yoongi mused, shifting to tug on his pants. They were a little muddy but they were dry and that was all that mattered. He stuffed his dry underwear in his back pocket because he didn't care to change. He debated leaving the soft shirt he was wearing on but Namjoon would ask questions so Yoongi switched it out for his own dry shirt.

"Yeah, there's this huge sweet story about how they met or something. I was drunk when I heard it." Jimin laughed to himself as he changed as well, putting back on the same clothes he had worn earlier in the day. "But Baekhyun stress eats, especially when he misses Han so it's good to have Josh around to keep an eye on him."

Yoongi made a soft noise of understanding and patted at his pockets, making sure his wallet was still there. It was, luckily enough. "Han's an interesting name."

"Baek calls him Lulu." Jimin snorted, shuffling around the bed to snatch up his phone from the small table. "His name's Lu Han? Surname Lu, I think." He waved a hand in the air and shuffled back over to Yoongi, not even slowing down or hesitating to reach up to smooth out the messy strands of Yoongi's dark hair. "Taehyung has a girlfriend too, if you were wondering. But it's became a thing for us guys to come here all single and whatnot. I think it was mainly so Baek didn't miss Han too much and so I don't feel lame for being single." Jimin's smile was light, his face close as he tried to fix Yoongi's hair. 

"Lucky you." Yoongi crinkle his nose. "I'm surrounded by couples at my camp."

"You and Namjon seem close." There was a question there, something light and non pressing but Yoongi heard it. Jimin bit into his lower lip and ruffled with Yoongi's hair a second more before deeming it fixed. Then he shuffled over to the small mirror on the back of the door and messed with his own hair. 

"We've been friends since high school. He's straight as fucking uncooked spaggetti noodles." 

Jimin laughed, a wonderful sound and met Yoongi's eyes in the mirror. "So then you're aware how you two look together?" 

Yoongi shrugged one shoulder and tucked his hands into his pockets. "He's an affectionate dude. Doesn't seem too different from you and Taehyung."

Jimin blinked before he made a soft noise. "You're right. It's like that. Platonic love, that's the good shit." He gave Yoongi a wink through the mirror before he turned away from it and held out his hand to him. "Ready?"

Yoongi didn't hesitate to take Jimin's hand. 

Now that he wasn't suffering from stomach pains, Yoongi found Baekhyun to actually be a pretty cool guy. He was loud, like Taehyung, but he was nice and though he was a little snarky, it was a nice kind of sassyness that Yoongi always liked from people. Joshua was pretty nice too, the pure kind of nice that usually seemed fake but was actually really genuine from the man. Jimin had nice friends, Yoongi decided. The four of them walked to the food tents together and though the sky was darkening, it wasn't because of rain clouds. The sky was actually rather clear now and Joshua said they should be clear for the rest of the weekend, according to the weather app on his phone. 

They split into pairs once they arrived at the tents, Baekhyun snatching up Joshua's wrist and tugging him off into the crowd. Without Baekhyun around to flash them coy smirks, Jimin felt brave enough to grasp Yoongi's hand, slipping their fingers together. They shared a soft fond smile and then Jimin was chatting away, in that rambling way he had when he was happy or excited or nervous. He wasn't nervous, Yoongi was sure, but he was happy and Yoongi was happy to listen to him. 

They bickered fondly over what to eat and then even more so when Yoongi insisted on paying for their dinner. Jimin pouted about it for a solid minute until their tacos were done and he had more important things to focus on, like the delicious tacos that smelled like heaven. There wasn't anywhere to sit, not really, and so they huddled in a corner behind one of the tents and ate while standing, sharing two bottles of water between them. The ground was too soft and a little too muddy to sit on it but that was okay. 

They were moving to toss away their trash when Baekhyun caught sight of them. He bounced over to them excitedly, saying he and Joshua found Taehyung and so they followed the man through the crowd. Yoongi wasn't surprised to see Taehyung was still with his friends but he was surprised to see all of them gathered around a picnic table. Taehyung greeted Jimin with a shout and hug and Yoongi ended up by a sitting Namjoon as he was prone to do. They shared a look but Yoongi noticed the lack of that pretty blond girl from before and decided to question Namjoon about that instead. 

Apparently, they already had their fun. 

The group of friends spent the next two hours or so, laughing and chatting at the picnic table because they had nothing else to do. There were still a few shows to see but no one seemed interested enough to go find them. It was more fun to joke and mess around, blending two friend groups almost perfectly. Baekhyun and Jackson hit it off immediately, as did Mark and Joshua and it was obvious Taehyung and Bambam had been friends for a while. Though Yoongi stuck around Namjoon, speaking with Amber and Kibum occasionally, Jimin found his way to his side. There was no where to sit but once all the food was gone, Yoongi climbed into the picnic table to sit and Jimin joined him. 

It was soft, easy and natural. The way Jimin's hand slipped into his own so effortlessly. The way Jimin's entire body shook with his laughter, leaning heavily into Yoongi and making him flush with warmth. The way Jimin leaned into his shoulder, tilting his head until they touched like it was nothing. Yoongi could see Namjoon watching him on occasion, a question evident but Yoongi just kept smiling at him, hoping his friend could see that everything was fine. 

Yoongi wasn't going to overthink this like he tended to do. 

It was Amber who decided it was time to head back to camp and sleep. They still had a long day of concerts ahead of them tomorrow and the time to party wasn't until Saturday night, they all knew that. No one wanted to see their favorites with a hangover tomorrow. So everyone got up to say their goodbyes and see you laters and when Yoongi slipped off the picnic table, Jimin grabbed his hand again to stop him. 

He was flushing, Yoongi noted. "I, um, I'll see you tomorrow, right?" Jimin sounded nervous and perhaps a little unsure and it made Yoongi buzz with warmth. 

"Yeah." Yoongi reached up, smoothing soft strands of black hair and dipped down to press their lips together, uncaring of who saw. Jimin leaned into the kiss eagerly, curling his hands into the fabric of Yoongi's shirt to hold on a little longer. It was a soft kiss but it spoke volumes. They were both a little flushed when Yoongi pulled away. "You wanna see that dance group at eleven right?" He continued when Jimin nodded. "Stage three? We'll met there. 10:30?"

Jimin nodded eagerly, his eyes brightening as a smile split across his face. "By the speakers?"

Yoongi smiled, dipping down to let his lips brush over the corner of Jimin's curled mouth. "Yeah."

"Goodnight Yoongi." Their lips pressed together one more time before Jimin finally pulled away. 

"Night Jimin."

Yoongi watched as Taehyung wrapped an arm around Jimin and tugged him away, dipping down to speak hapily with his friend. Yoongi watched until the darkness engulfed them and then he had an arm around his shoulders, blinking up at Namjon who grinned at him. 

"So Jimin, huh?"

Yoongi snorted, rolling his eyes but he let his friend lead him back to their camp with an arm around him. "Don't make it weird."

"I'm not." Namjoon assured him but the glance he gave Yoongi was obviously worried. "You good?"

Yoongi hummed, tilting his head to give his best friend a genuine smile. "I'm good, Joon."

Namjoon seemed to accept that because he didn't bring it up again all the way back to their tent. The inside of their tent was dry, luckily enough and Yoongi felt rather exhausted when he plopped onto his mattress. It wasn't nearly as comfortable as the bed he shared with Jimin but it would do. Yoongi was too tired to do much other than shove off his boots and jeans and curl up under the blankets. Namjoon laughed softly at him but didn't bother him. 

Yoongi fell asleep to the though of Jimin's soft lips and softer smiles. 

Yoongi woke that morning to Namjoon snoring much too close to his ear for his liking. He grumbled under his breath and jabbed his elbow backwards, landing perfectly into Namjoon's ribs and making the younger grunt and roll over. It took a few more minutes for him to wake up fully but he could hear a lot of shuffling and noise outside their tent and he shot up, hair flopping all over the place as he snatched up his phone. He noticed he had a little more than half a battery left but what was more important was the time. 

He let out a soft sigh of relief when he saw it was only a little after nine in the morning. He flopped back onto the mattress, phone cradled loosely in one hand as he rubbed the other over his sleep puffy face. It took another few minutes for his heart beat to come down and he finally sat up after hearing snippets of a conversation from a group of people strolling by. His stomach and bladder also demanded attention and so it was time to get up. 

Shuffling around on his mattress, Yoongi managed to tug off all his clothes and change into fresh ones. He opted out of the full black outfit because he could already feel the heat of the day seeping into the tent and he wasn't keen on sweating his ass off today. The rain had been refreshing yesterday but it didn't seem they would get rained out again. He tugged on a well worn white t-shirt, so thin and stretched out that a good portion of his collar bones could be seen but it was thin and perfect for the heat. Shorts weren't really his thing but ripped blue jeans would give him enough air to not die in the summer sun. His boots were still a little muddy from running in the rain and so he took a wet baby wipe to them, scrubbing away dirt from the black leather. Namjoon would say he went from soft punk to an even softer marshmallow but Yoongi didn't care. He wanted to feel comfortable and after slipping his boots back on, he escaped the tent so he could fiddle with the rest of the process of cleaning himself up. 

Amber was the only one around, greeting him with a soft smile and they shared a nod. She offered him the other half of the breakfast sandwich she had in her hand and he took it thankfully. He nibbled on the bacon, egg and cheese as he plopped down in his camp chair and went about cleaning up his face, neck and hands with cleansing wipes. He would need a shower by tomorrow, hell he needed one now but that was just how camping worked. There were showers he could use but they were usually nasty by the second day and Yoongi didn't have the tolerance for that. He was fine with cleaning himself up with the wipes and looked forward to his own shower back in his apartment. He brushed his teeth with a bottle of water again, lathered on some 50sp on his pale skin so he didn't burn to a crisp and sprayed some dry shampoo in his hair in an attempt to make it listen to him. It preferred to be nothing but a fluffy mess but at least he still looked good. 

He was ready to go by the time Mark stumbled out of his tent, looking fresh and well rested to the point that Yoongi was almost jealous. Amber shared another sandwich with him and then Mark went off toward the bathrooms with Yoongi. They both needed to use them and it was easier to go in groups. Yoongi hadn't the chance to actually speak alone with Mark since they arrived so it was nice to stroll across the grounds and catch up with his friend. At one point in time, Mark had been more Namjoon's friend then Yoongi's because Mark was dating Jackson, who had been friends with Namjoon almost as long as Yoongi. But Mark and Jackson were nice guys and extended their friendship to Yoongi who was happy to accept it. 

The rest of their group was up and ready to go by the time Mark and Yoongi returned though Namjoon looked like he could do with a few more hours of sleep. There was a little discussion about what plans they had that day and then they split off. Yoongi had to meet Jimin in fifteen or so minutes and it took him at least five to shove Namjoon off him and into Jackson. Namjoon pouted about it for a few seconds until Jackson mentioned food and then it was as if Yoongi never existed. He knew his friend was just teasing him and so when he walked away from his friends, he didn't feel so bad abandoning them. They agreed to met up later at the Fall Out Boy stage anyway. 

Yoongi couldn't understand but it seemed that the festival had grown in size since the day before. There were people everywhere. Maybe it had to do with so many front runners performing that day or because it was a Saturday instead of a Friday but the grounds were absolutely packed. Yoongi was glad he choose to wear lighter clothing because he would already be sweating under the summer sun with all the warm bodies around him. It didn't smell all that pleasant either and he crinkled his nose, tucking his arms close to himself so he could slip through the crowds of people without bothering anyone. 

Seeing Jimin linger around the speakers at the corner of stage three was enough to lift his spirits immensely. Yoongi saw Jimin before the boy saw him. He was leaning against the metal fence, his head ducked down as he fiddled with his phone. His fluffy dark hair looked clean, brushing against the curves of his cheeks and he was dressed simliar to how he did the day before. His golden toned arms were on display thanks to the red, black and white tank top he had on, hugging his muscles in all the right ways. He was wearing the same boots as the day before with his ripped black skinnies tucked into them. He looked good, really good and Yoongi expected nothing less. His heart felt light at the sight of the boy waiting patiently for him and he took the time to just observe him for a few minutes before finally approaching. 

Jimin noticed him when he was only a few steps away, lifting his head to gaze his eyes over the crowd before they landed on Yoongi. His blank expression brightened into a smile, bunching up his cheeks and crinkling his eyes and Yoongi returned his smile with a gummy one of his own. Jimin quickly pushed off the fence, tucked his phone in his pocket and hurried to Yoongi, not hesitating in the least to throw his arms around the older's shoulders and hug him tightly. 

Yoongi was stunned for only a second, his body tingling at the warmth Jimin radiated but he laughed softly and hugged the boy around the waist tightly. "Morning."

"Good morning." Jimin greeted, his voice light and he pulled back from Yoongi to grin at him, letting his hands rest on his shoulders. "You came."

Yoongi tilted his head to the side. "Did you think I wouldn't?"

Jimin hummed, nibbling on his lower lip before he released it. "I was nervous."

"Don't be." Not showing up had never even crossed Yoongi's mind and he leaned forward, planting his lips gently to the curve of Jimin's cheek and that seemed more than enough for the younger. Jimin flushed at the affection but quickly returned it, capturing Yoongi's lips in a soft kiss and then they were pulling apart, Jimin hand slipping into his effortlessly. "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah, Joshua made up breakfast." Jimin bounced on his heels as he turned to glance curiously at Yoongi. "Did you?"

"Yeah. When's the show start?" He asked, glancing around the field to see people already starting to gather. 

"Fifteen. Wanna find a good spot?"

When Yoongi nodded, Jimin tugged him away from the speakers toward the center of the stage and they found a decent spot to settle down on the ground. They were watching a dance group perform so there wasn't much of a reason to stand and people were already settling down on blankets or chairs to enjoy the show. Yoongi almost wished he had brought a blanket for them to sit on but it was too late now. Jimin seemed content to sit on the ground, his eyes sparkling with excitement as he curled against Yoongi, their shoulders and thighs pressed together. 

There was something so effortless about spending time with Jimin. The boy was great at making conversation when silence fell between them, rambling about everything and nothing all at once. But he was also content to just sit in silence with his head on Yoongi's shoulder if he felt like it. He was a warm prescense that Yoongi found he grately enjoyed. His smile was nearly blinding when the dance crew took the stage and Jimin buzzed with excitement. He mumbled to Yoongi that he hoped to be on that stage one day and Yoongi told him, with full confidence, that he believed Jimin would be. It made the younger flush but his beaming smile was worth it. 

They spent the rest of the day together, flittering from stage to stage without any purpose in mind. They'd pause and listen for a while if they found something they liked but Yoongi enjoyed strolling and chatting with Jimin. They had a lot to talk about, it seemed. From music to movies to books to the crazy antics of their friends. It was indescribably nice and Yoongi didn't want it to end. He had never clicked so well with a person right off the bat and it made him wonder. 

But Yoongi didn't let himself wonder too much. They both knew what this was and how it would end. That was why Jimin asked if they could keep it easy because it was too easy to make it messy. Yoongi much preferred to have Jimin's beautiful smile as a reminder of a soft, happy time instead of his heart aching. It was easier, better that way. They didn't discuss it but it was a silent agreement between them what was going to happen tomorrow when they had to say goodbye and surprisingly, Yoongi was okay with it. 

Maybe his heart was a little invested and he would miss Jimin when he was gone but it wasn't a terrible feeling. 

Jimin had promised to met his friends at the Fall Our Boy stage as well and so they headed toward stage one about an hour before hand. They weren't surprised to see the place was already starting to fill up with people but spotting Yoongi's large group of friends was easy enough. Bambam had camped out most of the day near the back of the area to save their spot and it paid off. They weren't interested in being all up on the stage and so their spot away from it gave them more room to mess around. They would still be able to see the band and hear them just as well and that was all that mattered. No one was surprised to see Jimin and were happy to have the boy invite his friends over as well. 

"My emo middle school days are about to come out." Bambam exclaimed, bouncing happily on the blanket he, Lisa, Amber and Kibum where sharing.

Yoongi settled down on a second blanket with Namjoon and some pretty brunette he introduced as Tiffany. Jimin was busy texting Taehyung before he finally sat down beside Yoongi, pressed so close it should have been bothersome in the heat but Yoongi enjoyed it. Namjoon seemed interested in getting to know Jimin and so they both practically leaned over Yoongi as they conversed but the older didn't mind. He was content to relax back on his hands, enjoying the heat and soft scent of cinnamon radiating from Jimin. 

It wasn't long before Jimin's friends showed up with a blanket of their own. Baekhyun was bright and friendly, settling down with Amber and Kibum along with Joshua. Taehyung navigated toward Jimin and once he was sure his best friend was fine, he joined Bambam and Lisa on their blanket. The crowd of people started to grow after that rapidly but they were pretty safe in their area away from the stage. A crowd formed at the front of the stage that spread out rather far and when the lights on the stage lit up, everyone got to their feet. The stage was easy to see from where they were, on a slight incline in the field and when the first roll of drums let out, the entire crowd shouted in excitement. 

Bambam and Taehyung made fools of themselves dancing about but it was fun to watch and it was obvious they didn't care what anyone thought about them. Yoongi was happy to stick by Jimin's side and bounce slightly along with the beat. He was actually a decent fan of the band and had seen them live a few times so it was nice to see them again. Jimin seemed utterly thrilled to hear the band live and he wiggled his body constantly in his excitement. It was adorable, really and eventually Yoongi found himself bouncing and dancing slightly along to the songs, mumbling out the lyrics with Jimin at his side. 

It was an experience he would never forget. He would never forget the sound of the roaring crowd, or the sound of Patrick's voice through thespeakers. He would never forget the smell of earth around them and the hint of cinnamon radiating off Jimin. He would never forget the way Jimin turned toward him halfway through the show, smiling so brightly his eyes disappeared into crescents. He would never forget that perfect beautiful moment when Jimin grabbed his hand and leaned over, planting his lips against the corner of his mouth with a bubble of giggles spilling from his lips. He would never forget the way his heart thumped, the way his entire body buzzed and the way he grabbed onto Jimin, kissing him senseless because he simply could.

They were all rather breathless and a bit sweaty when the show finally ended over an hour later and it was Amber who brought up getting dinner. After cleaning up their blankets, the group headed off to the food tents for a dinner they planned to bring back to Yoongi's friends camp. There was talk about playing a round of Cards Against Humanity and making smores on the small fire and everyone was excited to spend more time together. Baekhyun had really hit it off with Kibum and Joshua and Amber seemed to always be deep into coversation. Plus, Taehyung loved Bambam and Lisa. It was nice. 

Again, Jimin pouted when Yoongi insisted on buying their dinner; he'd bought their lunch too. But he got over it when Yoongi agreed to let him buy their drinks. It wasn't much but it was enough to make the younger grin and skip off to buy bottles of water and some soda for them. Once everyone had their food, they made the trek back across the grounds to their camp. The blankets were spread out once again and Namjoon let Jimin have his chair so he and Yoongi could sit together near their tent and eat their dinner. Soft chatter filled the camp along with the sounds of food being devoured and it was nice, it was so nice. 

Eventually, Yoongi and Jimin ended up on one of the blankets to play the card game with everyone else which lead to a lot of laughter and teasing from everyone around. Yoongi dropped out after the first round, feeling more into watching what was going on instead of playing and Jimin joined him after the third round. Yoongi had laid down on the blanket after the second round, content to watch the sky as it shifted into pinks and purples as the sun started to set. He let out a soft grunt when Jimin's head flopped down on his stomach and when he glanced down, the boy smiled cheekily at him. He let out a huff of laughter and buried his hand in that soft hair, petting through the strands softly. 

They stayed like that for most of the night. Jimin captured his other hand at some point just so he could play with his fingers and Yoongi found Amber's thigh to use as a pillow. It was a warm soft atmosphere and Yoongi soaked it up deep into his bones. Jimin's weight was warm and welcomed, his hair soft between his fingers and there were a few times when Jimin brought his hand to his lips, kissing his knuckles softly just because he could. 

By the time the sun had long since set and the air around the campfire calmed down, Yoongi felt too comfortable to do anything else. He thought maybe he dozed off once or twice but he couldn't be sure. 

It had to be past midnight or so when Joshua crouched down beside his head, smiling softly at the two of them and motioning to Jimin, who was fast asleep. "We're going to head back now."

Jimin groaned, so maybe he wasn't as deeply asleep as they assumed and rolled over onto his side, nuzzling against Yoongi's soft tummy. A fondness grew in Yoongi at that moment and he spoke before he thought. "He can stay with me."

Namjoon had disappeared a few hours ago with that girl, giving Yoongi a look that meant he wouldn't be coming back until the morning. They had the tent to themselves. 

"I'll stay, Josh." Jimin mumbled, opening his eyes just enough to meet Joshua's gaze. 

Joshua glanced between them for a moment before nodding and standing up straight. "We're heading out at noon so be back by then."

Jimin made a soft noice of agreement and then Joshua was gone, leaving with Baekhyun and a sleepy Taehyung in tow. 

Yoongi groaned, rubbing over his face with both hands before he finally sat up, disturbing Jimin. "Come on. We can't sleep out here."

Jimin nuzzled into his lap and pouted out his pretty pink lips. "Comfy."

"We'll get comfy in the tent." Yoongi laughed softly, carefully shoving Jimin's head out of his lap. "Come on." He grabbed the boy's hands and managed to get the both of them to their feet. They bid their goodnights to the rest of the group still awake around the fire before falling into Yoongi and Namjoon's tent. Kicking off their shoes was easy enough and Jimin was wiggling out of his jeans before Yoongi could even zip the flap closed. Jimin picked out Yoongi's side of the tent easily enough and collapsed on the air mattress, curling up in a ball and nuzzling into the pillow. Yoongi watched him, affection swelling in his chest until Jimin peaked open one eye at him and beckoned him forward with a finger. 

Yoongi kicked out of his own jeans and joined Jimin without complaint, sighing in happiness when the boy wrapped him up in his arms and tucked him in close. Yoongi's nose found it's place in the curve of Jimin's neck and one of his arms curled around his waist comfortably. The world was relatively quiet outside their tent and the air inside was rather warm so they didn't bother with a blanket of any kind. Yoongi was just about to drift off into sleep when Jimin spoke up, his voice soft and hesitant. 

"I..." He swallowed, Yoongi feeling the motion against his lips. "I'd ask for your number but... I don't want you to think I don't want to. It's been bugging me off and on all day."

Yoongi furrowed his brow and leaned back just enough to see that Jimin's cheeks were flushed and his eyes were still closed. "Okay?"

Jimin huffed softly and pulled Yoongi back, a hand cupping the back of his head so he was in his neck again. "I've enjoyed my time with you. Like, a lot." His voice sounded tight for a moment and Yoongi almost panicked, thinking the boy was about to cry. But Jimin sounded steady when he spoke again. "I like you, and like this, I like us but I know it'll be different if we try to take this further. You live in Chicago and I'm going back to Austin after my last year of school. Long distance is bullshit and we barely know each other and I just... I like this, I want to remember this as a good thing. As the soft and warm thing it is. I don't want it to get ruined. Does that make sense?"

Yoongi wanted to sigh and maybe a cry a little bit because it made perfect sense. He wasn't sure he had ever met someone who understood him so perfectly aside from Namjoon. He managed to pull back enough so he could kiss the curve of Jimin's jaw. The boy whimpered faintly at the feeling and tightened his hold on him. 

"Makes perfect sense."

Jimin's eyes snapped open and Yoongi could see the hint of terror and relief in those pretty honey-brown orbs. "You mean it? You're not mad o-or hurt?"

Yoongi smiled at him, a genuine thing and dipped forward to rub their noses together. "No. I get it and I agree with you."

"You're amazing." Jimin blurted, lunging forward to press their lips together firmly.

Yoongi didn't have the chacne to tell Jimin that he was pretty great too but he was sure the way he kissed him spoke volumes. They kissed for awhile, soft little pecks against soft skin until they both grew too sleepy to do it properly. Jimin fell asleep nestled in the curve of Yoongi's neck and Yoongi fell asleep to the soft sounds of Jimin's even breathing. 

Yoongi was woken the next morning by Namjoon shaking him gently, mumbling that they had to pack up soon and hit the road if they wanted to avoid traffic. It was enough to put Yoongi in a grumpy mood right off the bat but that all melted away when Jimin whined into his throat and squeezed him a little tighter. Namjoon laughed fondly at them and promised to leave as long as they got up. Yoongi agreed and neither of them moved until the zipper of the tent closed.

Jimin sat up first, rubbing at his eyes and face. He looked sleepy but when he glanced at Yoongi, his eyes were sparkling with warmth. Not much was said between them as Jimin tugged his pants back on and Yoongi changed into something more appropriate to wear for their trip home. Jimin brushed his teeth with his finger and used one of Yoongi's combs to try and tame his hair while Yoongi busied himself with packing everything up. 

Once there was nothing left for Yoongi to busy his hands with, he came to a pause where he glanced at Jimin. Jimin looked lost in thought for a moment before he noticed Yoongi staring and put on a soft smile. 

"Happy memories." Jimin reminded him, reaching out to cup his cheeks in both hands and rub their noses together. 

"Happy memories." Yoongi agreed, closing the distance between them for a soft kiss. Jimin hummed into the kiss, pulling him closer for that extra second before they had to pull apart. 

Yoongi and Namjoon had a long drive ahead of them and so they were leaving earlier in the morning than most people. Once Yoongi and Jimin left the tent, Namjoon crawled inside to pack up all his shit and let the air out of their mattresses. They shared a light breakfast thanks to Amber and by the time they had come back from the bathrooms, Namjoon was ready to take the tent down. Jimin was kind enough to help them do so and smiled the entire time. Yoongi could see Namjoon flashing him questioning glances but Yoongi was too busy trying to memorize Jimin's smile.

Jimin even agreed to help them carry all their stuff back to Namjoon's truck so once they were packed up, they said their goodbyes to their friends. Yoongi promised to call Lisa when he got home because the girl would be upset if he didn't. He hugged each of his friends tightly and looked forward to seeing them again in the fall for their trip. Jimin took their tent and the bag with their deflated mattress while Yoongi and Namjoon took their suitcases and blankets and pillows. Namjoon led the way, giving them enough privacy to spend a little more time together. They were quiet however because there wasn't much else to say. There was that quiet understanding between them and Yoongi really liked Jimin because of it. 

The parking lot was packed full of vehicles and it took them awhile to find Namjoon's black pick-up truck. There was enough room in the back of it for everything and while Namjoon was busy pulling the cover over it, Yoongi took Jimin's wrist and tugged him away toward the front of the vehicle, giving them a little privacy. 

"Happy memories." Jimin stated again, a warm smile on his lips as he grabbed Yoongi's cheeks and brought their faces together. The kiss they shared was sweet, firm and special. It spoke a million words for the actual words they were incapable of slipping free. Jimin looked a little sad when he pulled away but he smiled through it, kissing Yoongi's nose and giving his hands one last squeeze. "I'm happy I met you, Yoongi."

"I'm happy too." Yoongi bumped their foreheads together and ducked down for one last kiss. "Take care of yourself, Jimin."

"You too, Yoongi." 

There was a moment where they just breathed in one another, savoring what they had between them before they finally had to pull apart when Namjoon cautiously approached. Jimin gave Namjoon a bright smile and pulled him into a hug that the taller happily returned. 

"It was nice meeting you too, Namjoon. Take care of him for me, kay?"

Namjoon glanced at Yoongi over Jimin's shoulder but nodded. "I will. Good to meet you too, Jimin."

Jimin was smiling when he pulled away and he leveled them both with a look. "Right okay. I'll head off. You guys be safe. Bye bye." He twinkled his fingers at them in a wave and then turned around, hurrying off down the pavement back toward the entrance of the festival grounds. 

Yoongi watched him for a moment before tearing his eyes away and opening the passenger door. Namjoon was watching him but Yoongi didn't know what to say. Before he could climb up into the obnoxiously tall vehicle, the sound of feet against pavement made him pause and he peered around the truck door to see Jimin running back. He didn't get out a word when Jimin lundged at him, arms going around his shoulders and hugging him tightly. Yoongi stayed there, stunned for a few seconds before he decided fuck it and hugged the boy back just as tightly. 

Jimin was warm and solid in his arms and Yoongi would miss him. They hugged tightly for a few minutes until Jimin pulled back and plastered their lips together in a firm kiss. Then he pulled away, grinning happily and Yoongi did his best to return that beautiful smile.

"Goodbye, Yoongi."

Yoongi swallowed hard, a sudden lump in his throat and he nodded. "Goodbye, Jimin."

There was a solid finality in their words and Jimin finally pulled away albeit hesitantly. They shared one more look, Yoongi squeezed their fingers together and then Jimin was gone, taking off running back to the entrance like he was afraid if he looked at Yoongi one more time he'd never leave. Yoongi certainly felt that way. 

Namjoon didn't say anything when they finally climbed into the truck and Yoongi was fine with that. The truck roared to life and Yoongi rolled his window down, folding his arms against the door and leaning out to breathe in the fresh air. Neither of them said a thing until Namjoon had finally pulled them out onto the highway and they were speeding down the road toward home. 

"You wanna talk about it?" Namjoon asked softly, twisting the volume on the radio down just slightly.

Yoongi hummed, his eyes shut as he enjoyed the breeze from the window. "I like him." He admitted softly, feeling that soft buzzing feeling in his chest. "But it wouldn't work out. We'd rather leave it on a positive note like this."

"Why wouldn't it work?" Namjoon sounded truly curious. "You two click in a way I've never seen you click with another eprson."

Yoongi hummed and leaned away from the window, finally rolling it up so he could relax back into the bench seat of the truck. He smiled sadly, his eyes dropping to his hands curled in his lap. "He's going back to Texas in a year and my home is Chicago. We've got seperate lives. Just the way it is. You understand."

Namjoon hummed because he did. He'd broken off a lot of relationships because of such a thing. "You okay?"

It took Yoongi a moment to answer but when he did, there was a soft smile curled to his lips and he met Namjoon's concerned expression. "Yeah. I'm good."

Namjoon smiled at him and reached across them to grab Yoongi's hand, curling their fingers together and holding on like the support he knew Yoongi would need. Namjoon was his best friend for a reason. 

Jimin Park became that soft fond memory of his youth as Yoongi grew up. He never forgot that boy, never forgot the connection they shared but he also never saw him again. It would have been easy for either of them to reach out, seeing as they shared friends but that never happened. 

Yoongi was thrity-one when he met Hongbin, a South Korean transplant at the book store he worked. Hongbin was sweet, with bright smiles and eager to learn all the ins and outs of one Yoongi Min. Yoongi was thirty-four when they were married and he never looked back on his life. Jimin was a soft fond memory he never forgot but he moved on with his life and lived happily. 

Chapter Text

When Yoongi's father died, he had been prepared to take over the family business. He'd known it would all fall on him since he was seven years old. By the time old man Min took his last breath, Yoongi was twenty-three and already a well respected member of their clan. He never relied on his name or his father to get shit done. He had his own way of doing things and over the years, he had earned the respect of his clan members through hard work, determination and a little bit of spilled blood, some his own and some not. 

Yoongi ran things different than his father. He didn't expect respect. Respect was something earned and unlike his father he did not demand it from people. He didn't let people stab him in the back either, but for the most part, because there was an open line of communication through the ranks, everyone respected him and did as he wanted. Some people, people not part of his clan, started to think the Min family had gone soft because Yoongi didn't demand somebody's head when they disobeyed him like it was fucking 1820 in England. Truthfully, Yoongi had his own way of dealing with insubordination and no one outside of his clan needed to fucking know about it. 

Still, rumors spread of the Min clan growning weak and maybe that was how Yoongi ended up in this position in the first place. 

Sometimes deals went bad. Sometimes people were wounded or shot and Yoongi had specific trusted men he selected to take care of such things. He had a whole clan to run, he was usually too busy to deal with the lower level shit. But this time, this time it was different. Two of his own were killed in a deal that should never have gone wrong. 

That was how Yoongi found himself on the south side of Seochu-gu at four in the morning on a Thursday at the tail end of September. 

The old warehouse was settled off the beaten path in one of the many fields of the south. It wasn't a place they did business in before but with all the crazy shit going on lately, Yoongi's men had to find new places to meet without the worry of being caught or, worse, shot. And yet somehow, they'd been found out. Truthfully, Yoongi was pissed. More than pissed. Not only did he lose two perfectly good men, but someone was on his ass and he would not stand for it. 

As Yoongi pulled up to the warehouse, he noticed the bright red Cadillac settled among five or so vehicles and Yoongi knew Byun had gotten there before him. He wasn't surprised, seeing as Byun worked out of Seochu-gu while Yoongi was stationed in the heart of Seoul. Still, Yoongi had hoped he wouldn't have to see the leader of the Byun clan for a while. They were on good terms lately, allies even, and this deal had been between the two of them. So the fact that it went wrong smelled of rats and rotten flesh. 

"Our men are already inside, speaking to Byun's men." The soft voice beside Yoongi caught his attention and he glanced at the man in the passenger seat as he rolled to a stop beside Byun's pretty little car. "We had worried this was all some kind of trap but everything seems to be in place. Byun is already inside, unarmed to show good faith."

Yoongi scoffed softly, turning the keys to cut the engine and snapped off his seatbelt. "I trust Byun. I know most of you don't, but I've known him since I was a kid."

"He seems as upset as you, sir." Jihoon mumbled, shifting in his seat to pop open his own door and then the two of them exited the vehicle. 

Lee Jihoon was Yoongi's right hand man and most trusted person. He climbed his way up the ladder at his own pace, in his own smart ways and Yoongi respected him for it. Jihoon's clan had fallen thanks to some poorly timed deals and because the Min's and the Lee's had worked together for generations, Yoongi took them in. Jihoon had once been in Yoongi's position, ruling over the mess his father left him but there wasn't much Jihoon could do to save it other than let Yoongi take over. It was the best decision for his family and now Jihoon was his right hand man, the highest postion he could get next to Yoongi. Yoongi trusted him. Jihoon had proven himself time and time again to be invaluable to him and he often relied on the man for advice when he was unsure of the next step to take. 

"I'm sure he is." Yoongi agreed, locking up his black car and rounding it to join Jihoon. He eyed up the warehouse, a sour feeling settled in his stomach as he shoved his hands into the pockets of his jeans. He was dressed casual and really they were lucky he didn't show up in underwear because Yoongi hated being woke up before the sun but this was important. "He lost three to our two, correct?"

"Yes. They were good men, he said."

Right. They were all good men. Yoongi crinkled his nose and moved toward the cracked open door of the warehouse. One of his own men was already standing outside of it with someone he recognized from the Byun clan. They both bowed their heads in respect to him and let him slip inside the building. Instantly, Yoongi could smell a stale stench of blood and gunpowder. Great. 

The empty building was rather huge but he followed another one of his men to the center of it all where the bad deal took place. There were splatters of blood on the dirty concrete floor, a few bullet casings and a bunch of men lingering about. He didn't see any bodies, probably because they had already been moved out of respect and Yoongi would check on them after he was done talking to Byun. 

Byun Baekhyun was a long legged, devilishly handsome little bastard who somehow ended up on Yoongi's good side when they were young and remained that way. He was pretty, which worked in his favor, but he held his clan with a tight fist and had been known to be a little crazy at times. Either way, Yoongi respected him because Baekhyun's loyalty to him was without fault. That was all that mattered. 

"Yoongi!" Baekhyun nearly lit up when he saw the blond, his eyes sparkling but there was a curl of anger and sadness in the corners of his eyes. He sauntered away from his group of men, most of which Yoongi recognized, and met him in the center of the open room. He flashed Jihoon a smile in greeting, which the man bowed his head to in response, and then his full attention was on Yoongi. "Some kind of bullshit we have here, huh?" Gone was his smile and back was the terrifying cold Byun Baekhyun most of the world knew. 

"Bullshit is a good word." Yoongi agreed, twisting to scan his eyes over the entire area. "Chinese?"

"Almost certain of it." Baekhyun agreed, his voice a sharp sliver of ice.

Yoongi clicked his tongue. "Motherfucker. We have got to stop Kris before he ruins all of us. This is what, the fourth personal attack on us? Where the fuck does he get off thinking he can move in on our territory?"

Baekhyun hummed and saddled up to Yoongi's side, tossing a friendly arm over his shoulders. "I have two men undercover in his ranks. But they haven't been able to tell me much. Chen's been MIA for a week, which is concerning but Xiumin had made himself all nice and comfortable with Luhan." Baekhyun wiggled his eyebrows, making Yoongi roll his eyes. "Luhan's Kirs' right hand man you know, so I have faith Xiumin will get me something."

"That's great and all but I'm not keen on sitting here letting my men die while we wait for your informant to shove his dick up some ass." Yoongi grumbled, crossing his arms over his chest as he leveled Baekhyun with a faint glare. 

The red haired man smirked, his eyes sparkling. "Aw, come on Yoongi, we all know what some good dick will do to a guy. He'll open up like a book. And then we can shove the Chinese back where they came from." He reached forward to poke a finger against the furrow in Yoongi's brow. "You look like you could use a good dick yourself, Yoongi."

"Fuck off." There was no venom in his words but he did manage to gently shove Baekhyun off him. "I'm sure you get all the good dick you need."

"Yeah, Chanyeol's great." Baekhyun casted a glance to the tall black haired motherfucker standing with the rest of his men. "But sometimes I need a good ass too, you know." He snickered into his own hand and Yoongi didn't flinch when the man's other hand found its way to his ass. He was too used to Baekhyun's open flirting to be bothered by it. It wasn't like he'd never taken the man up on his offers before but now was not the time. 

"Call me when we don't have five men dead, hm?" Yoongi shoved his hand away, rolling his eyes at the smirk Baekhyun gave him and moved to head toward his own men he saw on the other side of the room. He recognized Hoseok immediately and he knew the man would have information for him. "Either we have a rat or a spy." He continued, as Baekhyun and Jihoon followed him across the dusty room. 

"Or both." Baekyun offered. "I've looked into my man Yixing, considering he's Chinese, but he swears his loyalty to me and I can't say I don't believe him. He's been in my family since we were kids. I find it hard to believe he would turn on me. My men, however, don't feel so comfortable with him around so I've taken him out of the loop." When Yoongi raised his brow in question, Baekhyun continued. "He's in Busan with my mother. They're shopping up a storm and she adores him."

Baekhyun was a crazy motherfucker at times. But then sometimes, he cared so much it was almost surprising. He could have gotten rid of Yixing all together but instead, he put the man somewhere safe, out of harms way, with his own mother because he cared and trusted the guy. It was really something and one of the reasons Yoongi's respected the man. 

"Hoseok." Yoongi greeted once he was close enough and it was then he noticed the two bodies on the floor behind Hoseok, covered in a white sheet respectfully. 

"Min." Hoseok bowed his head in greeting and accepted Yoongi's hand to shake. They were good friends, worked together for a long time and Yoongi always trusted Hoseok to handle his dirty work. 

Yoongi nodded his head at him and slipped around him to approach the bodies. He could still smell blood but it wasn't so bad over here. He dropped down into a squat and carefully peeled back the white sheet, grimacing at the youthful faces that greeted him. "What are their names?"

"Park Minhyuk." Hoseok joined Yoongi's side, motioning to the youthful brown haired man farthest from him. "And Park Jimin." 

Yoongi scanned over their faces, taking in how young they were. They didn't deserve this. Not at all. A lump formed in his throat as he comitted their faces to memory. He would avenge them, he would make Kris pay for taking his men from him. 

"They have been partners for over a year. They've secured over twenty deals togethers without a single hiccup." Hoseok explained, softly, beside him. "This is..." He paused and Yoongi knew the man was feeling emotional. Hoseok worked with these guys on a personal level. Yoongi had never met them, but it was obvious Hoseok cared for them. He was just that kind of guy, always making sure the men under his care were, well, taken care of. "They didn't deserve this."

"No. They didn't." Yoongi agreed, giving one last look over their pretty, youthful faces before laying the sheet back over them. He'd seen enough dead in his lifetime to not think much about it but he vowed to make things right. "Any family?"

"Minhyuk has a sister that had no idea what he did. Jimin... well, Jimin had me."

Oh. Yoongi grimanced and stood up straight, shifting to give Hoseok's back a good pat. He was tempted to pull the man into a hug but there were people watching and it wasn't the best time. "I'm sorry, Hoseok."

For being an emotional whirwinds most of the time, Hoseok stood his ground pretty well. There was a shimmer to his eyes that spoke of unshead tears but he nodded at Yoongi. "We knew the risks."

"Call me later." Yoongi offered, cupping his friend's shoulder gently. "We'll talk." Hoseok nodded, gratefully. "I trust you to handle the rest."

"Of course."

With that taken care of, Yoongi left Hoseok alone to mourn for the time being. The man would handle what needed to be done, Yoongi had no doubts about that but he had no problems letting Hosoek take his time with it all. Yoongi had never lost someone that important to him, but he could empathize. He assumed he would feel the same way Hoseok did if he ever lost Jihoon. 

Speaking of. Yoongi glanced over his shoulder to see Jihoon still following along without a word. Baekhyun had rejoined his group of men and Yoongi wanted to share a few words with him before he left. 

"I'm meeting up with Ravi after this." Yoongi informed Baekhyun to much the man's surprise judging by the way his eyebrows shot up. "We need more allies. Kris is enemy to all of us. According to the info Jihoon acquired, we're not the only points of attack."

Baekhyun nodded in understanding. "But Ravi? Really? Dude's nuts."

Yoongi snorted softly. "No more than you are. Besides, if we unite against a common enemy, we should be able to send Kris packing back to China."

Baekhyun hummed but seemed to agree. "Let me know."

 "Will do."

 Yoongi left the warehouse behind because he had a long drive to Ulsan and he needed some coffee before his eyes snapped shut on him. Jihoon was quiet until they were back in the car, buckled up and pulling away from the warehouse. 

"They were so young." He mumbled, rubbing his fingers over his mouth as he stared out the window. 

"Younger than you maybe. At least Minhyuk might be." Yoongi spoke softly, glancing over to see his friend grimacing. "I told you, you didn't have to come with me."

"I'm always by your side. It'd look weird if I didn't come." Jihoon argued softly and he was tense, and obviously a little upset. Jihoon had been sheltered in the Lee clan and truthfully, Yoongi had sheltered him a little bit as well. He'd never seen a dead body before and now he had. Sometimes, Yoongi forgot the effects it had on people. 

"We'll take Kris down." Yoongi offered, letting his eyes settle on the road as he reached out to curl his hand around Jihoon's fist in his lap. "Like hell I'm letting that bastard think he can take claim on my territory. Baekhyun and Ravi feel the same."

Jihoon sighed softly, glancing down at their hands before twisting his own to curl his fingers with Yoongi's. "You have my support, you know. I'm just tired of all our people being killed."

"I know, Hoonie, me too."

Chapter Text

Yoongi hated parties. Okay, maybe hate was a strong word but he severely disliked them. He wasn't a fan of being around drunk people who made fools of themselves and stumbled all over the place. He honestly didn't give a fuck what other people did with their lives but he certainly didn't want to see people all over each other in the process of making mistakes that they would probably regret in the sober bright morning sunlight. He especially didn't like when those people turned on him like they were smooth or sober enough to get into his pants. 

And the music, god. Never get him started on the music. It was never good. 

House parties were a typical college experience that Yoongi strayed as far away from as physically fucking possible. But see, Min Yoongi had friends. In fact, he had one person he was close enough to that he called a friend. There were other people. People whose names he knew and who knew him but he didn't really consider them 'friends'. Those people would be heartbroken to know such a thing, especially Kim Taehyung but Yoongi was smart enough to keep such information to himself. 

Yoongi's only friend happened to be the entire reason he was leaning tensely against a wall, a half empty cup of nasty beer in his hand and his eyes narrowed, watching around the crowded living room like a hawk. Yoongi had lost Hoseok about ten minutes into arriving and he should have expected it. Hoseok was bright, friendly and all around a good guy and thus he was friends with everyone. He was always invited to these parties and he always went missing almost immediately, floating around the entire place like a butterfly to drink, dance and socialize. 

Yoongi wasn't social. In fact, he would much prefer to be back in his dorm finishing up the last chapter of the bane of his existence. His inspiration had been wearing thin which was why Hoseok dragged him out to the party in the first place. He claimed getting out and experiencing things would spark his inspiration and though Yoongi knew his friend was right, he didn't see how a drunken house party was going to help him finish the latest chapter of his sci-fi horror novel. If anything, it would only make his mood worse and the tell tale feel of a thumping in his temple was the sign of an oncoming headache and Yoongi questioned his life and choice of friends once again.

The house the party was being held in was massive and off campus. Hoseok had babbled at him that it was some rich kid in his dance class and that had helped Yoongi a little bit. The dance kids were pretty cool. The majority of Hoseok's friend group were arts kids and they were usually easier for Yoongi to get along with. He even recognized a few faces and matched names to them as he observed the crowd. Hoseok was friends with everyone and as his appointed best friend, everyone knew Min Yoongi. He wasn't unfriendly per say. He just liked to keep to himself and people came to understand that. 

How the hell an introvert like Yoongi was best friends with the bright ray of sunshine that happened to be Jung Hoseok was a mystery to everyone, including Yoongi. But they'd known each other since freshman year, when Hoseok literally ran into Yoongi in the showers and well, the dance major had done everything in his power to make up the fact that he had knocked a stark ass naked Yoongi on his ass in the showers. He wormed his way into Yoongi's heart and the rest was history. 

For the most part, Yoongi didn't hang out with Hoseok's crowd but there were occasions when he would allow Hoseok to drag him out for food or a movie with a select group of his friends. They were always the same group. A group he was closest to that Yoongi had come to be fond of. 

Speaking of, Yoongi could see Jungkook over in the corner of the living room, pinned against the wall by a very tall and very flirty Taehyung and Yoongi wondered how that was going to play out. Taehyung flirted constantly, with everyone, even Yoongi. But it was usually in a light hearted way. Yoongi had noticed he was different with Jungkook. He was serious with Jungkook and maybe he had finally decided to make his move. Poor Jungkook looked like a deer caught in the headlights with those large brown eyes of his but he didn't look all that upset at having Taehyung so close. Maybe it would work out. Yoongi hoped so.

Earlier in the night, Yoongi had spotted Namjoo and Seokjin as well but he managed to lose the couple in the crowd just as he did Hoseok. He was tempted to leave but people watching for a while wouldn't kill him. That was how he ended up in the corner of the living room at a half past midnight with a half drunken beer and continuing to question his life. 

There was some thumping club music playing from somewhere but the living room wasn't really for dancing. Yoongi was sure wherever the dancing was taking place, he could find Hoseok but he wasn't in the mood to slip through sweaty stinky bodies. He would have to eventually when he wanted to leave but for now, he was fine where he was. 

It was as Yoongi raised his blue cup to his lips to take another sip of cheap beer when he felt a slight shiver on his spine. He narrowed his eyes into his beer and glanced up slightly, having the sudden feeling that he was being watched. He glanced around the room but everyone was too wrapped up into their own shit to notice him and so Yoongi thought he was just being paranoid. He shrugged the strange feeling off and downed the rest of his beer with a grimance and then crumbled the cup, tossing it in the closest trashcan he could find. 

It was time to leave he decided. He pushed away from the wall and slipped around the crowd of people, crinkling his nose at the smell of alcohol. He was small enough that people barely noticed him as he slipped by and he escaped the living room without much of a problem. He did happen to see Jungkook in a rather compromising position with Taehyung's head in his neck but the boy didn't look too upset about it and so Yoongi didn't see a point in interfering. 

The house was fucking huge and also a maze of people and Yoongi found himself turned around in his attempt to find the front door. He passed two staircases, three bathrooms, two rooms filled with people and somehow ended up near the glass door to the backyard. Not even close to where he was attempting to go and he wasn't even drunk. At all. He sighed heavily and twisted around, barely noticing the assortment of half naked drunk people diving in and out of the heated pool outside. He wanted to call a cab, get back to his dorm and maybe sleep for a while. Chances were Chanyeol was at this party and so hopefully Yoongi would have the dorm room to himself. He liked Chanyeol, he was a nice guy but he could be loud accidently and Yoongi wasn't in the mood. 

Somehow, Yoongi found himself in a hallway that led to a series of bedrooms and he realized with a start that he was going the wrong fucking way, judging by the rather sexual sounds he was hearing. Oh god. He twisted around so quickly he nearly tripped over his own feet and he let out a surprised sound when he actually bumped into something. He quickly mumbled an apology but before he could slip past them, there was a soft small hand on his arm and he found his back hitting the wall abruptly.

The world spun for a moment, the hallway a little too dark to really see what was going on until one of the doors opened and light spilled into hallway. It took Yoongi three seconds to register the body against his, the head pressing against his collarbone and the nails clutching into his jacket. It took him another five seconds to realize what the fuck was going on and then another ten seconds to realize the person pinning him against the wall was familiar. 

The pile of wavy blood red hair pulled back into a pony tail was enough to jog his memory and he realized he had his arms full with one Park Jimin. She was breathing heavily, like maybe she had been running or dancing and Yoongi could smell a hint of sweat on her, along with alcohol and something sweet, like berries. Her nails were cut short but clinging to his jacket tightly and she swayed on her feet slightly, signalling she was well on her way to being drunk, maybe even wasted. 

But why the fuck was she clinging to Yoongi?

Jimin was Hoseok's friend. Sometimes she showed up to their little get togethers at resturants or the movies and so Yoongi knew her but he didn't really know her. She was warm and friendly, like Hoseok, and maybe the most gorgeous creature Yoongi had ever seen. She was passionate about dance and her friends and her laugh was contagious. They weren't friends but they knew each other. Still, that didn't explain why she was currently clinging to Yoongi. 

"Um." He found his throat rather tight and he gripped her toned shoulders carefully, using more effort than he thought to pull her away from him. Just enough so he could peer down at her. Jimin was on the short side, about three or four inches shorter than Yoongi who was already considered short in their friend group. But she wasn't tiny by any means. She was a dancer, after all, and had the body to prove it. Where Yoongi was thin and small, Jimin was stocky and thick with muscle in all the right places. 

It took a moment for her honey brown eyes to flicker up to his face and when they finally did, Yoongi could see the haze in her gaze. Oh, she was drunk. Her chubby cheeks were flushed a pretty pink color, her plump lips pouted ever so slightly and Yoongi could see the glint of her earrings. She had light makeup on, just a bit of eyeliner around her eyes and pink lip tint and she looked gorgeous. She always did, as far as Yoongi was concerned and it made his throat tight. She wasn't dressed like the majority of the other girls at the party in revealing dresses or straight up college sweatshirts and pants. Jimin was dressed nicely, in a pair of tight white skinnies and a black and white sweater that fit her well. She looked good, Yoongi had to admit but still, he couldn't wrap his mind around what was going on. 

"Are you okay?" Yoongi managed to say, dropping his head enough so she could hear him over the noise of the house. 

His voice seemed to register to her and when she blinked, her eyes cleared enough and her expression changed from droopy to slightly happy. She smiled softly, her lips curling over her teeth and crinkling her eyes. "Yoongi."

"Yeah, hey. It's me." Yoongi let out a breathless laugh and steadied her with hands curled over the balls of her shoulders. "How much did you drink?"

Jimin blinked up at him for a moment before a strange emotion crossed her pretty features. Anger, her face flickered with anger and then something a little sad. She let out a soft sound and tipped forward, knocking her forehead against his collar bone. "Hun tried to feel me up."

Yoongi's brow shot up in surprise. He didn't have a clue who this 'Hun' was but Jimin seemed pretty upset about the fact that they tried to feel her up. That was pretty fucked up, honestly. Yoongi hummed and wrapped an arm around her shoulders carefully, unsure what else to do. "Do I need to fuck someone up?" It's something he would have said to Taehyung, or Jungkook, or Hoseok in such a situation and he figured it was just as appropriate with Jimin. 

Jimin made a soft sound, almost like a giggle and he felt her warm breath against his exposed skin around his throat, making him tingle. "I kneed him in the groin." Her speech was a little slurred and Yoongi felt a flare of heat at the idea of someone trying to take advantage of her because she was drunk. What a shitty human being this Hun was.  

"Good." Yoongi stated, glaring at the wall over her head. "Want me to find Hoseok? Or someone else you know?" He was fine helping her find her friends. 

Jimin shook her head and dropped her hands to curl at the fabric around his hips. "I found who I was looking for."

Yoongi let his glare melt away and he glanced down at her dyed red hair in confusion. "Yeah?"

"You smell good." Jimin's voice was soft, almost inaudible over the noise in the house but Yoongi heard it and it made his entire body flush with heat. She leaned up on her toes all of a sudden, running her nose under the line of his jaw and Yoongi found himself frozen. 


"You're so pretty, Yoongi. Did you know that?" She mumbled, almost like she was talking to herself and Yoongi realized she was really drunk. "Everyone thinks muscle guys like Jungkook are my type but they're wrong." She continued to mumble but the words pressed into Yoongi's throat and he could no longer understand what she was saying. 

He had no clue what was going on. Was... Was Park Jimin hitting on him? That wasn't possible. No fucking way. For starters she was so fucking out of his league. Secondly, she was drunk. Thirdly, she was someone he considered an acquaintance. Not yet at Taehyung's or Jungkook's level but close enough. 

"You're drunk." He stated the obvious, swallowing hard to shove down the lump in his throat. 

"You're drunk." She argued back childishly, giggling to herself but she made no move to pull away from him. 

"No. I'm not. But you are. I know you can take care of yourself but maybe we should find your friends. I doubt you're keen on getting felt up again by drunken assholes."

Jimin made a soft noise, almost like a scoff and then she pulled away enough to meet Yoongi's eyes. Her face was still flushed but there was something in her eyes, something he couldn't read. "Take me home."

Oh. Well then. 

Yoongi was frozen for a total of thrity seconds before Jimin stumbled forward thanks to some asshole pushing by them and they were pressed flush against one another. No. Nope. Not happening. He didn't care how Jimin was clinging to him. He wasn't fucking doing that. He wasn't taking advantage of her. That was so not his kind of shit. 

"Where are your friends?" Yoongi tried again, steadying her on her feet. 

"Sunmi hooked up with some guy. Tae and Kookie might be fucking against a wall by now. Hoseok hooked up with Taewan. I'm all alone, Yoongi." She batted her eyes at him in an effort to make herself look innocent but Yoongi had a feeling she knew exactly what she was doing, even if she was drunk. 

Yoongi had two options. Leave a drunk Jimin at this house party with a bunch of assholes who might try to feel her up again and even though she knew how to take care of herself that still left a bad taste in his mouth. Or, or, he could take her back to his dorm and make her sleep. That was it. Give her his bed, some water and put her to sleep. If Chanyeol wasn't there, he could steal his dorm mate's bed. If he was well, Chanyeol wouldn't mind. Yoongi would take the floor. 

"Alright." Yoongi mumbled softly. "Come on."

Jimin's eyes went wide and her lips popped open. "Really? You'll take me home?"

"To sleep." He assured her, grabbing onto her shoulders to gently push her away so they could leave the hallway. 

Jimin grumbled something at him but now that they were back in the main area of the party it was hard to hear. He went to grab her wrist so he didn't lose her but she chose to link their fingers together instead. His heart thumped at the feeling but he let her do as she wanted. He was able to find the front door a little easier this time and the night air felt nice and cool against his flushed skin. 

Jimin remained quiet as he called a cab which arrived less than ten minutes later and they climbed inside. She refused to let go of his hand however and he didn't have to heart to tug it out of her grip. The drive to campus was short and quiet and the walk to his dorm was across from where they got dropped off. Jimin stumbled as she walked, obviously too drunk to be upright and she leaned heavily on Yoongi as they walked.

The west boys dormitory wasn't nearly as quiet as it should be at one in the morning on a Saturday but Yoongi paid it little mind. He helped Jimin up the two flights of stairs carefully, ignoring the few glances the two of them recieved from the boys wandering about the hallways. His dorm room was locked up, which was a good sign that Chanyeol wasn't there. Jimin leaned against him as he stuggled with his key and shoved it into the lock. The room was dark as they stumbled inside and Yoongi shushed Jimin softly, afriad that Chanyeol might be sleeping. Flicking on the lamp on his desk by the door was enough to light the room softly and for him to discover Chanyeol's bed empty. 

"It smells like roses in here." Jimin slurred softly, looking surprised as she started to tug off her ankle boots. "I thought boys dorms smelled like shit."

Yoongi snorted, closing the door behind them and leaving it unlocked. He tossed his keys on his desk along with his jacket. "I don't enjoy living in a pigsty."

Jimin made a soft humming sound, her clouded gaze shifting around the room to take everything in while Yoongi untied his boots and kicked them off, shoving them under his desk. "It's nice in here." She sounded surprised and stepped further into the room, glancing from one bed to another before pointing at the one to the left, twisting to look at Yoongi. "This one is yours." 

Yoongi snorted, nodded. "Yup."

Jimin grinned, like she just won the lottery and shuffled back over to him. "It's cleaner. Who's your roommate? Where is he?" She reached up to rub her palms over his neck and then over his shoulders, the thin fabric of his white shirt no protection against her warmth. 

"Park Chanyeol." He managed to say through a tight throat, grabbing at her wrists and tugging her hands away from him.  Jimin's brow furrowed and she glanced up at him in confusion. "No clue where he is. Either at the party or with his boyfriend."

Her pretty plump pink lips pouted out when she tried to tug her hands free and Yoongi held on. "Let me touch you."

"You're drunk."

Her face went a little sour and she dropped her gaze to the floor. "Then why'd you bring me back here?"

"I didn't..." Yoongi's eyes went wide. "Shit, Jimin, I didn't bring you back here to... I brought you here to sober up and get some sleep in safe environment."

"So you don't want me?" She sounded so heartbroken and Yoongi didn't know what to do. He wasn't good at this kind of shit. 

"Uh... I didn't say that."

Her eyes snapped up to him, a flicker of hope in them and she ripped her hands away from his grip, grabbing his face and tugging him into a sloppy kiss that left him a little stunned. Her lips were soft, instant and it took Yoongi a moment to grab her shoulders and pull her back. Her eyes were sparkling, her face flushed and her lips slick and Yoongi wanted.

"Holy fuck." Yoongi breathed out and she whined, a soft pretty little sound that stirred something bad in the pit of his stomach. 

"Yoongi..." Never in a million years would Yoongi dream of Park Jimin saying his name like that.

"You're drunk." He stated again, standing firm even though his stomach was swirling. "We're not... um, not like this. Here, sit." He gently led her over ot his bed and made her sit. She didn't fight him but she watched him with a mix of emotions as he tugged out a bottle of water from the small fridge he and Chanyeol shared. She took it when he offered it to her and though she struggled to open it for a moment because her coordination was off, she managed to do so and down almost half the bottle. "There we go." He smiled softly at her, patting her arm gently as he stood up straight again. "You should get some sleep."

"In your bed?" Jimin asked softly, sounding a little small and Yoongi hated it. She looked deflated that he turned her down but what as he supposed to do? 

"Yeah. I'll take Chanyeol's." He took the bottle from her when she was done and twisted the cap back on, leaving it on the small white shelf above his bed. "Come on, lay down." He helped her back to her feet so he could tug the blankets down and then she plopped down again. She was pouting at him but Yoongi ignored it in favor of unpacking all his shit from his jeans. She watched him as he put his phone, wallet and other random shit from his pockets onto his desk. He debated getting undressed for bed but that might send the wrong signals so he plopped down on Chanyeol's unmade bed and buried his head in the pillow. 

Silence fell over the room for a moment before he heard Jimin shuffling around. When he rose his head, heat flared across his entire body because she was undressing. She shoved her tight pants off her legs, leaving her in pretty pink panties and Yoongi could actually see the thickness of her thighs and oh wow what a sight. He couldn't tear his eyes away until her hands curled around the bottom of her sweater and he looked away out of respect. He heard the sweater fall to the floor, and then the sound of her bra and Yoongi's heart went a little crazy in his chest. 

A mostly naked Park Jimin was in his bed, snuggling up under his covers and Yoongi decided it had been a very bizarre night. 

It became even more bizarre when Chanyeol stumbled into the room at nearly three in the morning and collasped on top of Yoongi. They both made noises of surprise but Chanyeol didn't seem too disturbed at having Yoongi in his small twin sized bed. He was a little too drunk to care and somehow, Yoongi ended up with the large lanky asshole curled around him with Jimin sleeping peacefully across the room. He fell back asleep like that, with Chanyeol's breath in his hair and his heart in his throat. 

Yoongi woke up the next morning to Chanyeol grumbling in his ear about pissing up a storm. The giant nearly stumbled over him to get out of the bed, knocking their legs together until he could get to the floor. Yoongi groaned at him and Chanyeol flashed him a smile before tripping over Jimin's pile of clothes. That brought Chanyeol's attention to the fact that there was someone on Yoongi's bed and he glanced at the moving lump before leveling Yoongi with wide eyes. Yoongi was too tired to deal with anything so he waved a hand at Chanyeol. The taller shrugged and got back to his feet so he could leave the room for the bathroom, shutting the door behind himself. 

Yoongi groaned to himself, rolling around until he remembered he still had his clothes on. He groaned and moved down to unbutton his jeans. He lifted his hips, shoving them off and kicking them to the floor, leaving him in his boxers. Then he rubbed both hands over his face and finally sat up. He smacked his lips a few times, glancing around the room sleepily before his eyes landed on the lump in his bed. 

Jimin was shifting about, waking up probably and he heard a soft groan come from under the blankets. Yoongi hummed, realizing her head was probably aching and he got to his feet, shuffling over to his desk to find some aspirin for her. He placed them on the shelf by the bottle of water once he found them and then he plopped back down on Chanyeol's bed, ruffling his hands through his messy black hair. 

Jimin sat up so suddenly it startled him. She didn't seem to realize she was topless at first and Yoongi averted his gaze to the floor. She rubbed at her face, making soft noises as she woke up and once she realized she wasn't wearing anything she quickly gathered up the blankets to cover her chest. She winced from the movement and dropped her head in both of her hands. 

"There's aspirin on the shelf for you." Yoongi's voice was rough from sleep but Jimin heard him anyway. She took the pills without question, downing the rest of the bottle of water until it was empty. 

"Shit." She complained softly, rubbing at her temples and then burying her face in her hands. A decent amount of her red hair had fallen out of her ponytail, leaving soft strands all around her neck and face and yet she still looked oh so beautiful. It wasn't fair, really. 

"You okay?" Yoongi asked because it seemed like the right thing to do. 

"Fuck." She whined, lifting her head so he could see how smeared her eyeliner was and when she finally met his gaze, her cheeks flushed bright red and her eyes went wide. A series of emotions crossed her face before she dropped her head agian. "Oh. Wow. I'm so sorry, Yoongi."

She could be apologizing for a lot of things but Yoongi didn't question what exactly. "It's cool."

She sighed heavily and shook her head, running her hands through her hair before she realized what a mess it was. She frowned at herself and tugged the tie free so she could gather her waves of hair again and pull them back in a much neater tail. "I was a mess last night. Not exactly all that flattering." Her face crunched up and Yoongi could tell she was embarrassed. 

"We all do shit when we drink." He offered with a shrug. 

"Ah, yeah." Her laugh was shy, embarrassed and she carefully met Yoongi's gaze. "T-Thank you, by the way. For, you know, being kind of amazing?"

Yoongi tilted his head. "I didn't do anything."

"Mmm." She hummed, offering him a soft pretty smile. "Not true. You were kind to me when you didn't have to be. Also apparently I take my clothes off when I'm drunk." She winced and leaned over the side of the bed to pluck up her sweater. "Sorry about that."

"It's not a big deal. I'm just glad you're safe."

"Oh god." She whined as she slipped the sweater on over her head and finally covered all her perfect tanned skin from his gaze. "That's right. Hun kept trying to feel me up, bastard."

"I heard you fucked up his jewels."

Jimin laughed softly and nodded, tugging the blankets off her waist so she could toss her legs over the side of the bed. The sweater covered most everything but Yoongi could still see her thighs and he did his best not to stare. "Yup. I was drunk, but not that drunk. I remember everything." She paused, the flush coming back full force and she glanced at Yoongi guility. "And uh, I'm sorry, again. For um... yeah."

Yoongi shook his head at her. He didn't want her to be upset or feel weird about it. She was drunk, shit happened. He wasn't going to take it personally. "Don't worry about it."

"Right." She dropped her eyes to her lap before reaching for her pants and folding them into her lap. An awkward silence fell between them and Yoongi didn't know how to break it. Luckily, or unluckily, Chanyeol returned to the room. He could smell the tension from a mile away but he smiled brightly at them both, his eyes lingering on Jimin in slight surprise. 

"Am I interrupting?" He asked, innocently enough.

"Ah, no." Jimin smiled friendly at him and carefully got to her feet so she could tug on her pants. Chanyeol gave Yoongi a look which he tried to ignore. "I, um, should be going."

"You sure?" Yoongi got to his feet as well. "You can rest a while longer if you're not feeling well."

Jimin looked at him in surprise before a soft smile curled over her lips. "I've bothered you long enough, Yoongi."

"You're no bother, Jimin." He stated honestly. 

A pretty flush curled to her cheeks and she glanced away shyly. "I appreciate you saying that. But, my roommates are probably wondering were I am and I feel like a liquor store and need a shower. And food." Chanyeol moved back to his bed so she could near the door, plucking up her ankle boots and slipping them back on. 

"If you're sure." Yoongi said as he followed her to the door. 

"Yup." She gave him another smile once she was up right. "Thanks again, Yoongi. I'll um, see you around?"


She gave him another smile and bowed her head at Chanyeol before slipping out the door and Yoongi belatedly realized she was about to walk through a boys dorm at ass o'clock on the morning. He was tempted to walk her out of the door but that might make things worse so he stayed in his dorm, plopping back down on his own bed. 

"Holy hell dude, did you sleep with Park Jimin?" Chanyeol sounded both amused and shocked. 

"I was in your bed, remember?" Yoongi pointed out, spreading out on his bed and tried not to take in Jimin's lingering scent. "She was drunk, needed a safe place to stay so I took her home."

"Right, right." Chanyeol mused and Yoongi could practically hear his smirk. "You're such a good guy, Yoongi."

"Fuck off." He said without heat, curling up into a ball and intending to sleep away most of his Sunday. 

The next time Yoongi saw Jimin was barely a week later when Hoseok dragged him along to a dinner with friends and she happened to be there. She smiled shyly at him, flushing ever so slightly but then it was like nothing had happened between them. Which was fine, really. Yoongi had thought maybe it was too good to be true to begin with. Things between them went back to normal. Yoongi would see Jimin at their group get togethers on occasion and they'd be civil but not really speak, which wasn't all that different from before. 

The fact that Yoongi caught Jimin staring at him sometimes was just... a fluke, or something. 

At least, that was what he convinced himself for the next month or so. Until a drunk Jeon Jungkook stumbled into him and turned his world upside down. 

It was another party but this time, it was smaller. It was Hoseok's birthday and he insisted on a party with only his closest friends which happened to be a handful of people. Fifteen at the most and Yoongi could deal with that. Seokjin was kind enough to let them use his house off campus and the party was in full swing by the time Yoongi showed up after his shift at the book shop he worked at. 

He found Hoseok as soon as he could and hugged his best friend, wishing him a happy birthday. Hoseok was mostly drunk already by then but he kissed Yoongi's cheek happily and demanded he have fun at his birthday party. Yoongi laughed him off and promised not to leave too early. He knew most of the people there so it was a more comfortable atmosphere for him. He set himself up in the corner of a couch with a beer that tasted like apple pie and struck up conversation with Namjoo. She was always a great person to talk to about his writing and she always had great outlooks on life, things that made her ramble but were nice to listen to. 

Yoongi couldn't say how long he'd been sitting, curled up with his feet tucked under him, in the corner of the couch when Seokjin finally appeared to steal his girlfriend away. Yoongi didn't mind so much and he was only sipping at his second beer. Not nearly enough to even feel a buzz but that was okay. Yoongi didn't like being drunk. 

Jungkook, however, was completely wasted when he plopped down on the couch with Yoongi. His cheeks were red, his gaze hazy and his lips curled into a smile that didn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. 

"Hey, hyung." Jungkook slurred slightly and then he tipped over into Yoongi's lap. Jungkook was a mess when he was drunk and so Yoongi didn't think much of it, letting the younger use his thigh as a pillow. 

"You're a mess." Yoongi said in greeting, letting out a laugh as he brushed sweaty dark hair out of Jungkook's eyes. 

"I feel good." He argued, crinkling his nose cutely before he seemed to realize something and he sat up abruptly. He swayed and nearly fell off the couch if not for Yoongi grabbing onto his arm. He fell back into Yoongi's side and let out a soft grunt, mumbling his thanks. "Why haven't you asked Jimin out yet?"

Yoongi froze, his heart stuttering in his chest and he nearly choked on his own spit. "W-What?"

Jungkook twisted around to glare at him, though with such a cute face, it looked more like he was pouting. "You like her, don't you?" 

"W-What are you talking about?" Yoongi almost weezed, grabbing at his beer to swallow down a few mouthfuls. 

"Come on. I'm young but I'm not stupid, or blind. You like guys, yeah? But you like girls too right?"

"How did this turn into a discussion about my sexuality?"

"You like girls, right?" Jungkook pressed.

"Yeah, I like girls."

"I knew it!" Jungkook nearly shouted, pointing a finger at Yoongi and gaining attention. 

"Shit." Yoongi hissed, grabbing Jungkook's finger and pulled him closer. "The fuck, kid?"

"She likes you." Jungkook stated, almost buzzing with excitement. His eyes twinkled as he moved closer to Yoongi and the older could smell the alcohol on his breath. "She told Tae about how you took her home last month and were a perfect gentleman but all she wanted you to do was pin her down and take her."

Yoongi's body flushed with warmth and he slapped a hand over Jungkook's mouth. "Okay, now you're talking shit."

Jungkook protested, shaking his head until he was free from Yoongi's hand on his mouth. "Nah-uh." He nearly whined but Yoongi was in too much shock to notice. "She's, She's liked you since you came to the opening showcase at the beginning of the year and complimented her routine. I know these things. She tells Tae everything. And Tae tells me everything. But she thought you were only into guys cause you dated that dude a few months ago. I told her you swung both ways."

"Are you serious?" Yoongi nearly stumbled over his own words and everything felt tight, ready to snap at any moment. 

"Duh. I wouldn't lie to you, hyung. Tae and I are sick of you two making goo-goo eyes at each other so just bang already. Or, I don't know, date. People do that."

"I swear if you're fucking with me-"

Jungkook whined again, tipping over to nuzzle his face into Yoongi's shoulder. "Why would I mess with you? You're my friend, hyung. And so is Jimin. Be happy and all that jazz."


"She's in the kitchen with Tae. I don't think she's had anything to drink. Go talk to her." Jungkook pretty much shoved him off the couch and stole his beer from his fingers so he could drink it. What a brat, Yoongi thought once he was on his feet but his heart was hammering hard and he had to know. He had to find out. It was important. 

So he left Jungkook on the couch and hurried to the kitchen. Jimin was, in fact, in the kitchen and Yoongi paused because, damn, she looked pretty. She had her hair down for once, the long waves falling around her shoulders with the bangs brushing against her brow. She was also wearing a dress for once, a pretty flowing white thing with black leggings underneath. She was sitting on the counter, her legs dangling with her hands curled over the edge on either side her thighs and Taehyung was beside her, chatting as he mixed together some type of drink in a large clear glass. They were alone in the kitchen and Yoongi wondered if he was interrupting. 

But before he could escape, Jimin glanced up and spotted him. Her face lit up upon seeing him and something sparked inside Yoongi like hope. Park Jimin was bright, warm and friendly. She could be friends with almost anyone and she was the best of friends to those closest to her. She loved dance but she put her friends above everything else. She was caring, undestanding and loving. She was beautiful and stunning and amazing and the opposite of Yoongi but he wanted her. He wanted to try. 

"Hey hyung!" Taehyung greeted when he spotted him, grinning over his shoulder. 

"Hey." Yoongi shuffled into the kitchen, tucking his hands into his pockets and giving Jimin a meaningful glance that made her flush softly. "What are you doing in here?"

"Getting Jiminnie drunk." Taehyung stated with a wicked grin, pouring a few glugs of something clear into the glass. 

Jimin squeaked and shook her head, flushing at Yoongi's gaze. "N-No, I'm not drinking. He won't listen."

"It's Hoseok-hyung's birthday. He wants you to get wasted, Jimin." Taehyung said matter-of-factly.

"Like your boyfriend?" Yoongi ventured, shifting to lean a hip against the counter beside Jimin.

Taehyung's head snapped up and he glanced around the kitchen, his eyes going wide. "Jungkookie?"

"I think he might pass out on the couch." Yoongi mused, a soft smirk curling to his lips as he crossed his arms over his chest. "He's a hot mess."

"Jungkookie's always a hot mess." Taehyung giggled and collected the glass between both of his hands. "But Jin-hyung will kill us if he throws up on his carpet so I'll go get him." He tossed Jimin a look which she smiled at before he left them alone in the kitchen. 

"Enjoying the party?" Jimin spoke softly, breaking the silence between them effortlessly.

"Yeah. I learned something interesting from a drunk Jungkook though." Yoongi started, feeling a fizzle of self confidence as he moved to stand in front of Jimin. She was taller than him in this position and that made something hot pool in the pit of his stomach. 

The apples of her cheeks flushed a pretty color and she glanced away shyly. "Jungkook talks a lot of shit when he's drunk."

"Does he?" Yoongi questioned, tilting his head to the side as he carefully smoothed both of his palms over the knobs of her bent knees. Her flush deepened but she made no move to push him away. She met his gaze shyly and after a moment, she carefuly parted her legs. It was easy for Yoongi to slip between them until the button of his jeans hit the edge of the counter. Her thighs were thick and warm on either side of him but there was something more important that Yoongi had to deal with first. "According to him, you think I'm gay."

Her jaw dropped open and she looked embarrassed for a second before she snapped her mouth shut. "I-I do not. I mean, I'm not..." She groaned and went to rub at her face but seemed to remember she had makeup on so she paused and dropped her hands in her lap, almost against Yoongi's stomach. "You dated a guy a few months ago."

Yoongi snorted softly. "Bisexuality is a thing Jimin."

"I know that." She grumbled, refusing to look him in the eye. 

Yoongi hummed and let his hands settle on either side of her thighs, leaning against the counter so he could peer up at her face. She was still flushing and Yoongi couldn't believe he hadn't noticed the way she glanced at him before then. "Is it okay if I kiss you then?"

Her eyes snapped to him, in surprise and pleasure and they stared at one another for a solid minute before a grin split across her face. She lifted her hands, curling them over his shoulders before slipping her arms around his neck and pulling him closer. "I mean, you won't hear me complaining about it."

They both laughed softly and that was enough to give Yoongi that extra bit of courage to lean forward and capture those plump pink lips. Jimin practically melted against him, her arms tightening around his head and tucking him in close. They kissed softly, carefully, gently, exploring the taste of one another slowly because they had all the time in the world. Yoongi savored the kiss a moment longer before he finally pulled away, smiling up at her. 

Jimin was grinning, a beautiful bright thing and his heart thumped. "Well then."

"Are you busy tomorrow?"


"Go out with me?"

Jimin giggled softly and nuzzled into his cheek. "I never thought you'd ask."

They fell so easily into one another after that. One date led to two dates, then three, four, eight, twelve and Yoongi was lucky enough to call Jimin his girlfriend. They worked, even when they were so different. Jimin gave him the confidence to keep writing and he gave her the support to continue following her dreams. It was a nice balance and by the end of the school year, Yoongi could happily say he was in love and loved in return.

Things were easy with Jimin. If they ever fought it was because she thought he wasn't taking care of himself when he got lost in his writing or when he had to constantly remind her she was beautiful and if she skipped one more meal he was gonna get real pissed. It wasn't perfect but it was theirs and they worked. Jimin was everything Yoongi ever wanted in a partner and Jimin gushed about Yoongi enough on a daily basis to prove to the older that she loved him just as much as he loved her. 

They had two years together. Two wonderful, amazing years. 

Yoongi got his literature degree a year before Jimin graduated and moved off campus into a small apartment nearby. Jimin ended up moving with him because it made the most sense to do so. They learned how to live around one another and together and Yoongi was considering asking Jimin to marry him once she finished school. It was something they discussed in passing, something she seemed excited for but she had no clue what he was planning. 

Their world came to an aburpt halt late one afternoon, two months before Jimin's graduation. 

Yoongi was settled on their couch, a manuscript in his hands as he went over the revisions his editor has suggested. Jimin wasn't home from practice yet but she should be within the next hour or so and Yoongi was waiting for her so they could figure out what to do for dinner. He was questioning the legitimacy of his editor's suggestions when the apartment door opened and Jimin slipped through the door. 

She looked a little tired from practice, her hair tucked back in a ponytail and she was still dressed in her dance clothes. Yoongi called out a soft greeting to her as he sat up, closing the manuscript and putting it on the coffee table but Jimin didn't seem to hear him as she kicked off her shoes and dropped her bag by the door. Yoongi stared at her for a moment and he was on his feet as soon as he noticed how her shoulders slumped.

"Baby?" Yoongi called softly, stepping around the coffee table to approach her. 

Jimin's head snapped up, like she hadn't noticed he was there but as soon as their eyes met she burst into tears. Yoongi cursed under his breath and closed the distance between them, gathering her up in his arms quickly. It wasn't strange for her to burst into tears after practice. Sometimes she had rough days so Yoongi didn't think too much of it as he led his sobbing girlfriend to their couch, sitting down with her and letting her cry into his neck. He rubbed her back, shoulders and neck gently, soothingly and eventually she calmed down until she was no longer gasping for breath. 

"Rough day?" Yoongi ventured softly, knowing she'd talk to him about it if she wanted to. If she didn't want to, he wouldn't take it personally and change the subject. 

"I got in." She mumbled, almost emotionlessly, almost in awe and Yoongi furrowed his brow. 


She swallowed hard and pulled away so she wasn't leaning on his chest anymore. She kept one of her hands against his chest and lifted her head enough to meet his gaze. Her face was red and wet from her tears and she was still beautiful to Yoongi. She took a deep breath and her eyes went wide, so wide it was almost comical but there was a strange eerie feeling crawling up the back of Yoongi's neck. 

It's happening again.

It was a stray thought. A strange thought that disappeared as soon as it came. 

"I got in." She stated, sounding a little more steady as she met Yoongi's gaze with glistening eyes. "R-Remember you encouraged me to audition for LA Blast. That dance group? I sent my video in like, months ago." She started to gain excitement as she spoke but a feeling of dread started to crawl up Yoongi's spine. "I haven't heard anything so I figured, that was it. No big deal. I tried, right? Plus, things are great here. We're... You and I, we're great. The best." Her face fell and her gaze dropped to his chest. "Jessica, the captian of the group, she called me today. My english is shit but Namjoo was around and she helped and I got in Yoongi. I got in."

He should be happy. He wanted to be happy for her. LA Blast was a well known dance group that Jimin had looked up to for years. She only auditioned thanks to Yoongi and Hoseok's insistance when they finally had some openings because it was her passion, her dream. 

"Holy shit." A bubble of excitement curled over his chest and he grabbed her face gently, making her meet his eyes agian. "Jimin, that's amazing. This is amazing."

She tried to smile but her lips seemed to heavy to curl upwards. "I can't believe it."

"I'm so proud of you." He gave her a few kisses, one on each cheek, her forehead, the tip of her nose and then her plump mouth which she returned. 

"Yoongi... We have to talk about it." She mumbled softly, the tears pooling in her eyes agian. "LA is... it's so far, it's-"

"Shh." He tugged her into his chest again, wrapping his arms around her tightly. "Not yet. Not right now. Let's just... be happy okay? You did it. I'm so proud of you baby." He ignored the prickling of tears in his own eyes and he let Jimin cry into the curve of his neck again, whispering to her that it would all be okay. 

They were adults. They were marture enough to understand what was happening and not ignore it. As much as it killed him, as much as it broke his heart, Yoongi knew he had to let Jimin go. The group was her dream, her passion and he wasn't going to stand in the way of her following her dream. He'd never forgive himself if he did. 

They discussed their options once they were both calm enough to do so. L.A. was far from Seoul. Really damn far. They could try long distance but neither of them were sure how well that would work out. Yoongi offered to move with her but she shot that down instantly, stating that Yoongi's entire life was here in Seoul. He was finally getting published and unlike her, he had a family in the country. 

Neither of them wanted to bring up the other option. 

"I don't want to lose you. I don't want you to end up resenting me because I'm so busy with the group and I can't find the time to call you, or skype with you. I don't want that, Yoongi. I love you too much for this to end up horribly like that." Jimin had told him, sobbing softly into his shoulder a month before she was supposed to leave. 

Breaking up wasn't an option neither of them wanted to consider but the more Yoongi thought about it, the best option it seemed to be. Because Jimin was right. He didn't want them to end up resenting each other because of missed phone calls and busy schedules. 

So Yoongi finally brought it up and Jimin burst into tears again because he was right. She knew he was right and it broke their hearts. 

Yoongi wanted nothing but the best for Jimin. He wanted her to follow her dream. He wanted to support her, not drag her down. He loved her, he loved her so very much and that meant letting her go. It broke him in two, watching her board that plane with the knowledge that he might never see her again. She promised to keep in touch, she hoped and she prayed that maybe one day they'd find their way back to one another. But she made him promise not to wait for her. 

Yoongi loved Park Jimin enough to let her go; the single most hardest thing he had ever done in his entire life. 

True to what they thought, Jimin became too busy to keep up with her friends back in Seoul and no one took it personally. It hurt Yoongi, on a bone deep level that left scars but she was happy, achieving her dream and he was happy for her. 

Yoongi saw Jimin again nearly seven years later for Hoseok's wedding. She looked just as beautiful as ever but the wounds had healed and they hugged tightly when they saw each other. Jimin had a tall, good looking American guy on her arm that greeted Yoongi with a bright smile and Yoongi had Chanyeol with an arm around his shoulders, believe it or not. It was nice to catch up, nice to see her smile so brightly, so utterly happy and though sometimes Yoongi wondered what would have happened if he never let her go, he was glad to see letting her go had worked out well for the both of them. That was all he could have hoped for. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi wasn't the type to run away from his problems. In fact, he was more likely to face them head on with a soft smirk and a fire in his eyes. He didn't run when his friends were bullied on the playground even if he got shoved to the ground one too many times for standing up for them. He didn't run when he confronted his parents about his sexuality and he didn't run when they disowned him for it. There were things in life that had to be dealt with and Yoongi took them on even if he knew they would hurt him in the end. 

But this...

This was different. 

He wasn't running, so he told himself and so he told Namjoon, who smiled kindly at him and waved him off onto his awaiting airplane. He wasn't running. He just needed a break. 

From a very young age, Yoongi had wanted to see New York city. He had been fascinated by the life he saw on the tiny television screen in his living room but the desire grew even more as he did. Music became a passion of his, something to escape from the problems of life he didn't always immediately want to face. He didn't run but sometimes he needed a break and music was perfect for that. New York City was home to so many musical landmarks and so it drew his attention more and more over the years. 

Yoongi loved the feel of the city. He loved the noise and the bustling people on the streets. He loved walking down the crowded sidewalks to the chatter of people around him, the occasional busker and the honking of car horns. It reminded him of Seoul, only bigger and louder. And the noise was exactly what he needed. It swirled around inside his brain making it impossible to think about anything else for a while and that was exactly what he needed. 

For the first three days of his week long trip, Yoongi wondered around the city but he found it more difficult to navigate then he originally thought. He'd left his phone behind in Daegu because it would do him no good in another country but also as a way to escape. He could imagine the worry on his friends faces when they tried to get up with him and all they received was voice mail. He made Namjoon promise not to reveal where he disappeared off to and though the man didn't seem too happy about that, he agreed. 

Yoongi bought a burner phone from a small little convenience store on the corner from his hotel. It worked in this country, was rather easy to figure out and he could use it to navigate the city better. What he couldn't find on his phone, the ladies at the hotel desk were always happy to help him. He was lucky his English was decent or he would have been really screwed. He would have to thank Namjoon for the lessons when he went back. 

Today was a nice day. The sun was high in the sky, with few clouds and showed what the upcoming summer may be like. It was warm, much too warm to be wearing all black like Yoongi was doing but he was too far from his hotel to worry about it. He took the subway to get where he was and though it had been a little overwhelming at first, he found the subway was no different than the metro's back home, only in English. The subway opened up a whole new part of the city for him to explore and he was enjoying himself. 

Central Park was such a lovely place, no matter the time of day but considering it was just around lunch time, the place was rather full of people. It didn't seem to matter that it was a Tuesday. Yoongi watched in slight fascination from his otherwise empty bench as people strolled by or stopped on the many other benches to eat their lunch. He saw all kinds of people in different shapes, sizes, colors and ages. It was amazing to watch though he was sure to never let his gaze linger too long. People in New York were not nearly as friendly as he once assumed but that was okay. Yoongi was the type to keep to himself around strangers as well. 

"It's a beautiful day, huh?"

Yoongi blinked at the soft voice near him and it took him a few seconds to realize maybe he was being spoken to. He didn't react at first, only rolled his eyes from the couple he had been watching to glance to his side. Perched on the edge of the bench, within arms length of Yoongi, was a teenage girl. 

"I can already feel summer coming, it's so warm out." She smiled, her full lips tugging up and bunching her cheeks and then she turned to look at him, tilting her head slightly to the side and Yoongi realized she was talking to him. 

She couldn't be more than fourteen, at the most. She was on the shorter side, her feet dangling over the edge of the bench so the soles of her white sneakers rubbed against the pavement. She was dressed rather simply but there was way too much tanned skin on display for Yoongi to deem appropriate. Her white shorts were way too short and the pink tank top she wore showed a bit of clevage Yoongi didn't think girls her age even had. He glanced away from her quickly, scanning the crowds walking by for some sign of anything. 

"I'm really looking forward to summer. It's my favorite season and not just because school's out but because daddy takes me down to the beach a lot and we love it there."

Yoongi was beyond confused. This young girl was trying to converse with him, for some reason and he had learned over the past few days that people didn't usually speak with him out of the blue unless they were trying to sell him something or convince him to come to some comedy show he had no interest in. Yoongi had spent the last few days speaking only with the hotel staff and the occasional waiter or waitress. So having some young girl come up and willingly speak with him made him wonder what the hell was going on. Was he being fucked with?

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strangers?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them and he was rather proud how well they sounded. His accent was still there, a little thick at times but he was working on it. 

"My mom died when it was three." The girl stated, like it was fact and not something that hurt her anymore. Yoongi snapped his eyes up to hers, an apology already on his lips but she just smiled at him and continued speaking."Plus, I grew up in Queens. Where are you from? Your accent is kind of cool. It reminds me of my Nana's. She's from Busan, South Korea." She stated proudly, sitting up a bit straighter and her pony tail of thick black hair swayed with the breeze. "Daddy took me there last summer and it's such a pretty place! The beaches are so nice there. But yeah, you sound like her. Where are you from?"

Still confused, Yoongi raised a brow at the girl and sank against the bench, crossing his arms over his chest. "Daegu."

"Daegu? That's in South Korea, right?" She perked up even more, her dark eyes sparkling with happiness and Yoongi could see in the angles of her face and the corners of her eyes that she was, in fact, the same nationality as him. But not completely. Maybe one of her parents wasn't Korean. "Are you visiting?"

"Yeah." Yoongi mumbled, side eyeing the girl because he still wasn't sure what she was up to. She seemed innocent enough but Yoongi knew it could look rather bad for a man his age conversing with a girl her age. He didn't have any bad intentions, of course not, but still. He let out a soft sigh and glanced away from her, scanning over the many people around them. His eyes paused on a mother settling down across the pathway from him. She had a young baby in her arms, shushing it gently as it wailed for attention. Something sharp sliced through Yoongi's stomach and he quickly looked away. 

"What do you think? New York is pretty great, huh? I love coming to the park when I have the time. It's so nice here." She certainly was a talker and she turned her attention away from Yoongi to people watch, as he was doing. Her hands curled around the edge of the bench and she started to kick her feet, just slightly, so the soles of her shoes made soft sounds against the pavement. "I grew up in Queens but I come here all the time, sometimes with my daddy but he works a lot during the day. How long are you here for? How long have you been here?"

Yoongi decided that speaking with the girl wouldn't be such a bad thing. He hadn't had a full conversation with a person since he arrived and truthfully, he didn't mind the company. "I flew in Friday. I'm leaving... when I feel like it." It was the truth, after all. He only bought a one way ticket. He had been planning to stay a week, maybe, but he wasn't so sure anymore. The thought of going back made his stomach sour and he hated that feeling. "How old are you? I don't think chatting up strangers is something you should be doing."

"I'm thirteen." She flicked her head to the side so the tip of her ponytail snapped around. "And I said, I grew up in Queens. I guess you don't know what that means but, it means I'm tough and I can take care of myself. I'm also a black belt in Taikwando." Oh, well, that explained a lot then. "So what brings you to New York?"

Yoongi shrugged. "Always wanted to see it."

"Have you been to all the touristy places?" She twisted slightly to face him more, her eyes twinkling like stars with excitement. "The museums and galleries and stuff."

"I've been to a few." He admitted. "I really came for the food though." His lips twitched into a smile and the girl lit up again with joy. 

"The food is so great here! Where are you staying? I bet I know a bunch of great places around there you could go to if you haven't already."

Yoongi didn't really know how to tell her where he was staying because he wasn't entirely sure himself. Instead, he pulled out his phone from his pocket and opened up the Google Maps app that had become his best friend. He showed her the screen and she peered at it for a moment before nodding. 

"There's a Korean Barbeque place a block away if you're interested. But also a ramen shop that is to die for."

Yoongi learned, rather quickly, that the girl was a talker. She talked, a lot. Sometimes about things that mattered, like where Yoongi should shop and what places to eat were good but then sometimes, she talked about nothing at all. Like about how her friend Johnny probably liked her but she was a "strong independent woman who don't need no man" and what the apple trees looked like when they bloomed. She had a nice voice, soft and melodic and never seemed to run out of breath. He responded when appropriate, asking small questions or making noise so she knew he was listening but for the most part, she talked his ear off. 

It wasn't so bad, he thought. She was warm, friendly and kind. She had a laugh like tickling bells and smiled like she didn't have a care in the world. Yoongi liked listening to her talk, it made the noise in his head go away for a while and her voice was much easier on his ears than the loud sounds of the city. 

"He works a lot." She continued, speaking about her father and Yoongi was only vaguely paying attention because his stomach was starting to growl. "I know he has to, because it's just the two of us and he wants the best for me and I was sick for a while so there's bills to pay but sometimes I wish he was home more often. We go out as much as we can. He takes me to shows all the time." Her smile was fond and sweet as she stared at her kicking feet. "I want to be a dancer, like on Broadway and he's really supportive of that. He told me his parents never supported his dreams and he didn't want to be a parent like that. So, yeah, he's kind of the best."

"Sounds like it." Yoongi agreed softly. "My parents weren't supportive either." Of anything he did but that was beside the point. 

"Not to be like, offensive but is it a Korean parent thing?" She stared at Yoongi with wide curious eyes. "Nana's pretty cool now but daddy said when his appa was alive, things were different. He said they were 'traditional'."

"Yeah, I guess that's a way to put it." Yoongi snorted. "I don't know about his parents but mine were just bigoted. We don't speak anymore."

"That's sad." Her voice dropped and her lips pursed in a pout. "Why not?"

"Little too personal there, kid."

"I'm not a kid." She huffed, rolling her eyes at him. "I'm thirteen."

"Still a kid, trust me. You have a lot to learn."

"My daddy says the same thing." She let out a sigh and plopped back against the bench. "I can't imagine never speaking to him again. What did your parents do?"

"It's what I did." He wiggled slightly in his seat, unsure of how to even approach this topic, let alone with a teenage girl whose name he still didn't know. "I wasn't their idea of the perfect obedient son."

"No ones perfect." She hummed. 

"Nope. Especially me and that rubbed them wrong. Guess hooking up with a guy was their last straw." It should have been concerning how easy it was to speak to her but she was just a stranger, someone who didn't matter. Maybe that was why it was so easy. 

"Well, that's messed up." She stated, her brow furrowing. "You can't choose who you love."

"People aren't so accepting where I'm from."

"Yeah, Daddy told me that too. Is that why you came here? It's very different. There's quite the prominent LGBTQ commuity around here. I could name a few places you might like to visit."

"No, I'm good. I came here to explore music and get inspiration." And take a break. "That's a world I'd rather not dip into right now."

"Fair enough." Then she seemed to perk up, sitting up straight and turning toward him in her excitement. "I never got your name! I'm Taeyah Park! But people all me Tae."

"Min..." Yoongi crinkled his nose. "Yoongi Min." That was the English way, right?

"It's nice to meet you Yoongi." She flashed him another toothy smile. "Have you seen a broadway show yet? If you're in New York, you have to see one."

"I haven't really thought about it."

"Do you want to? They're all really cool and there's a bunch of great ones to see right now. There's some musicals too, if you're into that."

Yoongi took a deep breath of the fresh air, feeling a prickle of sweat drip down the back of his neck. They'd been sitting there at least an hour and though they were shaded thanks to some well places trees, it was still rather warm and Yoongi was dressed in all black, black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, a black hoodie. "I guess it could be something interesting to do."

"Great!" She bounced in her seat and Yoongi glanced over to see her snatch up the pink and white backpack on the ground near her feet. He hadn't even noticed it before now. She plopped it in her lap, unzipped it and started to dig through it. Once she found what she wanted, she made a triumph sound and shoved her bag to the side. "Here!" She held out something to him and upon closer inspection he saw it was a slip of thick paper, a ticket maybe? "Daddy and I are going to see Hamilton tomorrow and you should come with us. I have an extra ticket because my friend Suzy bailed on me and I've been trying to find someone else to come with us."

All Yoongi could do was stare at her. "What?"

Taeyah wiggled her hand at him, motioning for him to take the ticket. "It'll be fun! Hamilton is the show to see right now. I think you'll like it. Plus, seeing a show is always way more fun with company than going alone! Please come with us."

"I... You realize how strange this is, right?" He sat up straighter and felt compelled to say something. "I'm a stranger, you don't know me, or what I'm capable of."

"I'm a great judge of character and you're nice. You didn't scowl at me or tell me to F off when I started talking to you. You listened to me ramble on and on and even talked back with me. You're nice and I like you and you're all alone in this big city and I want to be friendly." There was no alternative motives in her words. Her face was an open book and Yoongi, strangely enough, believed her. "I came to sit with you because you looked really miserable and lonely. I thought you might ignore me but you gave me a chance so now I'm giving you a chance. My daddy is really nice, the nicest of nice, and he'll be coming and I want you to meet him."

Yoongi perked a brow at her before finally taking the ticket from her fingers, glancing down at it to read the thick black font. "Miserable and lonely, huh? I thought I was hiding it better."

"Nope. I'm a good person reader. And I think you'll like my daddy. He's really handsome, you know." She nudged him with her elbow, startling him sightly. She had a grin on her face but she wiggled her eyebrows and Yoongi gaped at her. 

"Are you trying to set me up with your dad?" The words sounded bizarre even to him. 

"I mean," She drawled out the word until it erupted into giggles that she covered with both of her hands. Her nails were painted a pretty pink color, he realized, with a bit of holo glitter to them, making them sparkle. She was a cute kid, he had to admit. "He's handsome, you're handsome. You like guys, he likes guys, seems like a winwin to me." She giggled a little more in her hands. "He gets lonely a lot and with me getting sick so much I worry about him being alone so, You get to see a cool show, I get to spend time with my daddy and a new friends, and daddy gets to spend time with someone his own age that isn't work related. Sounds good to me!"

Yoongi's mind was stuck on one detail. "You get sick a lot?"

Taeyah's face dropped for a moment, her eyes glancing down to the pavement. "I was really sick for a while. Bad sick. I'm in remission now and I'm doing great but... I worry about my dad. I worry about him being alone if something were to happen to me so..."

"So you want to help him find someone." Yoongi finished for her, his heart clenching. "That's... really great of you, actually. But you do know I'm going back to Daegu eventually."

"I know." She smiled softly, her eyes crinkling in the corners as she looked at him. "I just think this could be fun."

What did he have to lose really? "Alright." He let out with a puff of air, tucking the ticket into the pocket of his jeans. "I'll come."

"Really?" She practically lit up, clapping her hands in excitement. "You mean it? You'll come?" 

"As long as you tell your dad about me first. I don't want to get my ass kicked by some dude who thinks I'm being a creep with his daughter."

"You're not a creep. But okay, I'll tell him, Promise."

"Then we have a deal."

"Yay!" She hopped to her feet, clapping her hands again before she zipped up her bag and tossed it over her shoulders. "I'll see you tomorrow then? We like to get there a little early, so does 6 sound okay?" She practically squeaked when he nodded his head. "We go out to eat afterwards and you should join us. I'll see you tomorrow Yoongi!"

And with that, she was gone, skipping off down the pavement and disappearing into the crowd. Yoongi stared after her for awhile, both in awe and intrigue. Eventually, his rumbling stomach won out and he got to his feet, shuffling along with the crowd to head back to his hotel. He stopped at the ramen place Taeyah suggested for dinner and then spent the rest of his night watching interesting American shows in his hotel room. 

The next morning, Yoongi was struck with a pulsing nervousness he had not felt in a long time. He spent a long time curled up in his plush hotel bed, pondering about what he was going to do. He always faced things head on and yet he felt sick to his stomach about going to see a show with Taeyah and her father. Was this a new part of who he was because Yoongi didn't like it. He didn't like it one fucking bit. Last he checked, he was a strong person who could handle anything and yet, there he was, across the world from his friends and his home, curled up in a rather nice hotel bed because he couldn't face his problems. 

After berating himself for a good hour, Yoongi finally rolled out of bed and got ready for the day. The show didn't start till seven and Taeyah told him to be there at six, so he had plenty of time to wander around for a while. He took his time in the shower, took his time picking out an outfit and messing with his blond hair. The sour bubbling in his stomach remained but it wasn't so bad once he got past the initial nerves. He was meeting a new person but Taeyah wasn't that new to him and she would be there so he would be alright. He opted out of wearing black today since it seemed to be as warm as the previous day but most of the clothes he packed were black. He had no choice but to wear a pair of black skinnies but at least these didn't have rips in them. They fit him rather nice and he was happy with them. He had an assortment of white t-shirts so he picked one from the pile and tossed it on, squinting at his reflection when he saw how the worn collar dipped. Maybe too much? Usually he wouldn't care but he was meeting someone new in a city he'd never been to before and first impressions were kind of important. So he changed the white tee for a black and white stripped tee that fit him much better. 

Deciding he spent too much time picking out what to wear, Yoongi left his hotel room behind to stroll down the street to a cafe where he had breakfast. It was a quiet, calm place and it helped soothed the nerves he didn't realize he was struggling with. He spent the rest of the day trying not to think about it. At some point, he convinced himself to not even go. He wasn't obligated to go and he was sure he'd never see Taeyah again but the guilt was a little too much for him to bare. 

Which was why he found himself standing outside of some theater with a small crowd of people close to six in the evening. The place wasn't all that hard to find. He just typed the name into his phone and he found the address. He did have to take the subway to get across the city from his hotel but the trip didn't take more than thirty minutes. He felt awkward standing there with his back pressed against a wall, trying to stay out of peoples way. He didn't exactly look like he fit in with the small crowd forming outside the building and he squashed down the feelings bubbling up. Min Yoongi never cared what people thought about him, why did he suddenly give a flying fuck? Maybe he really was messed up after all. Maybe he should see someone when he got back, like Hoseok suggested. 

Fuck, Hoseok. Yoongi could imagine his best friend was losing his fucking mind unable to get up with him. He felt almost guilty about it but there was a sudden call of his name that knocked him from his thoughts and gave him the excuse to not think about it. 

"Yoongi! You came!"

Yoongi pushed off the wall and turned toward the voice, recognising it as Taeyah immediately. He spotted the girl making her way toward him down the sidewalk, waving a hand in the air to get his attention. She was dressed so differently from the day before that it almost stunned him. She was wearing a pretty baby blue sundress and her hair was hanging free all around her face, a cascade of black waves and she suddenly didn't look thirteen anymore. Beside her, Yoongi noticed a man, a good head taller than her, strolling casually at her side. He was already staring at Yoongi when Yoongi noticed him and his heart fluttered in his chest. He was an attractive man, with droopy eyes, plump lips, rounded cheeks and a sharp jaw line. He looked broad in certain places, like muscles curled around his limbs and he was dressed rather nicely in black slacks and a loose white button up. He looked calm and collected though he was watching Yoongi with a tick of confusion on his face. 

"I'm so happy you came!" Taeyah exclaimed when she reached him, clapping her hands together and beaming up at him like it was Christmas. "I hoped you would." She reached around behind herself for a moment before she sntached up her father's wrist and tugged him closer, stepping to the side like she was presenting Yoongi a present. "Yoongi, this is my daddy Jimin Park! Daddy, this is Yoongi Min."

Yoongi didn't know what to say, or what to do, and so his body moved into a bow without his consent. It was habit really, and Jimin returned it rather easily, though he was eyeing up Yoongi in both confusion and suspicion. 

"Okay! I'll go get our playbills, you two talk!" Taeyah gave her father's arm a gentle squeeze and then she was slipping through the crowd, leaving Yoongi, essentially, alone with her father. 

Jimin wasn't an intimidating man, not really. He was probably less than an inch shorter than Yoongi but there was definitely muscle curled over those arms that could probably beat Yoongi to a pulp. He wanted to open his mouth and say something, anything. Because Jimin was looking at him still in suspicion and Yoongi really didn't want his ass kicked. He wanted to say something along the lines of, 'I'm not a creep I swear, your daughter just came up to me yesterday and started talking, seriously, I didn't ask for this. Please don't kill me'.

But after a minute of sizing each other up, Jimin's expression relaxed and he sighed, looking a little resigned and almost, bashful? He glanced at Yoongi shyly and dropped his head in another light bow. "I'm sorry."

Yoongi could only blink at him. "What?"

"Taeyah means well, she does." Jimin let out a soft chuckle and lifted a hand to rub at the back of his neck. "I don't know what she said to convince you to come here but I'm not..." His face crunched up like he didn't know what to say. 

"It's fine." Yoongi blurted out, surprising both of them. "Seriously, she just came up to me at the park yesterday and started talking. I've never seen a show before so she invited me. Said it was an essential part of the New York experience and it was better shared with company." The tension in Yoongi's shoulders relaxed when he realized the man didn't think he was some creep. 

Jimin gave him another once over before nodding. "She told me you're from Daegu?" Yoongi nodded, shuffling to shove his hands into his pockets. "I went there once when I was young. It was a nice place. Tae told me a lot about you, whatever she learned. She just... left out your age." He smiled softly, a pretty little thing and Yoongi realized Taeyah had his smile. "I should have known better, honestly. She makes friends all the time but she was way too excited about you joining us. I was just happy to see her so happy, I didn't think to question it. How... old are you, anyway?" Jimin's head tilted slightly to the side.

"Thirty-four." He answered honestly.

Those pools of honey-brown widened slightly. "Oh, you're not much older than me. I'm thirty-two." He smiled again, this time curling his lips up over his teeth and making his eyes crinkle and Taeyah had not been wrong about her father being handsome. "Well, I suppose this can't be too much of a bad thing. We all get to see a nice show together, that's a positive right?"

"Right." Yoongi agreed, unsure how else to respond. 

"Like I said, I don't know what she told you but she's been trying to set me up with people constantly these past couple months. I'm not entirely sure why because I'm not that interested." Jimin paused, flashing Yoongi a slightly guilty look. "Not that, there's anything wrong with you, of course. You're um, well." The apples of his cheeks flushed a pretty pink color and Yoongi glanced away out of respect for his embarrassment, though really it was because looking at the way Jimin flushed made heat curl up the back of his neck. "I just want to focus on my daughter, I hope you understand."

Yoongi jerked his chin in a nodding motion, letting his eyes scan over the traffic beside them. "I wasn't expecting anything. I thought it might be cool to see a live show."

Jimin's sigh of relief didn't hurt him in the least. He didn't want things to be awkward between them, seeing as they were going to spend the next however many hours together. "Good. Great. Do you like musicals?"

"Not really my style but I'm open to all kinds of music." Yoongi answered honestly. 

"I've heard good things about this one. Tae's been hoping to see it for months."

"Are we conversing? Are we getting along?" Taeyah's voice was layered with amusement and her eyes twinkled as she came to stand with them. She passed Yoongi a rather thick pamphlet and he took it, eyeing up the front to see the name of the show and a picture he didn't quite understand on the front. 

"Taeyah." Jimin's voice held a hint of warning to it but Taeyah just grinned at him and shoved another pamplet into his chest. 

"You said I could bring anyone I wanted and I did. Yoongi's nice." Taeyah stated, flashing Yoongi a smile. "He's a musician. Daddy used to be a dancer."

They glanced at each other in equal parts surprise and intrigue. "It was a hobby." Jimin explained softly, glancing away shyly. "Ballet, mostly and some comtemparary."

Yoongi wasn't sure how to explain that he was a music therapist in English so he opted to state the instruments that he played. "I play mainly guitar and piano."

"Are you in a band?" Taeyah asked, excited, clamping her hands together in front of her chest.

Yoongi snorted softly, shaking his head. "No." He saw her shoulders deflate so he tried his best to explain what he did. "I help people with music. Sick people. I go to hospitals and sometimes people's homes and teach them. Music is a great healer."

For a moment, he thought perhaps he hadn't explained it right because they were both looking at him with wide eyes. But then Taeyah bursted into a smile so bright it was almost blinding. "That's even better!"

"It's like therapy, correct?" Jimin asked. 

Yoongi had to wrack his brain for the word before he nodded. "Yeah, like that."

"Music is the best healer." Taeyah stated. "Also love, music and love. Oh!" She twisted around with a grin, motioning toward the doors of the theater. "They're letting people in, let's go!"

The theater wasn't all that different from places Yoongi had performed at in his youth. The stage was much larger but the atmosphere was relatively the same. He settled down beside Taeyah in a row near the front and the theater slowly started to fill up. Taeyah was practically vibrating in her excitement, whispering happily to Yoongi and trying to explain what the musical was about. American history, apparently, with a hip-hop musical twist and Yoongi was pretty intrigued by that. Considering Taeyah was between them, it wasn't too easy for Yoongi and Jimin to converse but Jimin didn't seem to mind. He asked Yoongi questions occasionally, about his life and about where he was from. It was easy, simple, like it had been when he spoke to Taeyah. She obviously got a lot of personality from her father. 

Eventually, the house lits dimmed and the show began, settling the crowd into silence. Over the course of the next couple hours, Yoongi learned three very important things. One, he really liked the music. Two, he really enjoyed watching with company because Taeyah would nudge him and grin and laugh and sometimes tear up at what was happening on stage. Three, Jimin's smile was perhaps one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen in his life. 

When they stepped out onto the street hours later, the sun had fallen and the night air had cooled the streets. Yoongi almost wished he had brought a coat with him because he wasn't a fan of the cold but he hoped it wouldn't get too bad. His thin shirt did little to protect him against the slight chill in the air. 

"That was amazing!" Taeyah tossed her hands into the air and then started to twirl down the street, leaving Yoongi and Jimin no other option but to follow her. He couldn't help but smile watching her dancing on the sidewalk and he felt lighter than he had in a long time. The musical was amazing, the company was wonderful and Yoongi almost forgot what had been plaguing him. He had a good time, a real good time.

"We're going to Popio's, right?" Taeyah hopped back over to them, bouncing on her feet as she grinned hopefully up at her father. 

"As per tradition." Jimin stated with an equally bright grin and Yoongi noticed something in that moment. Jimin loved his daughter, he loved her so very much. It was obvious in the way his eyes always watched her fondly, in the way he pet strands of hair away from her face. It made Yoongi's heart tight, almost like he couldn't breathe and he was abruptly reminded of why he was in New York in the first place. 

"Yoongi's coming too, right?" Taeyah looked at him expectantly and Yoongi realized he didn't belong there. He didn't belong with them, here, in New York. He didn't fit, it was wrong, so wrong. 

"Ah." He licked his dry lips and let his eyes drift to the darkened sky. "Actually, I should proably let you two have your time together."

"But it's tradition." Taeyah breathed out, like she was shocked Yoongi would tell her no. 

"Taeyah." Jimin called softly.

"Popio's has the best pizza around, seriously! You have to come." She reached out and gathered Yoongi's hand in between both of hers. When he finally glanced at her, she was giving him the full pouting puppy eyed look and his resolve wavered. "Please, we had so much fun tonight, let's continue. You and Daddy get along so well. I can see it. I can tell."

"Taeyah." Jimin's voice had a hint of a warning to it again but she didn't listen. 

"Actually!" She dropped Yoongi's hand and faked a yawn, covering her mouth with her hand. "I'm actually pretty tired. Why don't you two go without me? You'll have fun."

"Taeyah, you have to stop this." Jimin's voice was solid now, firm, the voice of a father and both he and Taeyah looked at him in surprise. "Let Yoongi go home if that is what he wants to do."

Something snapped inside Taeyah, something that blazed a fire of defiance in her eyes. "No, He's supposed to go to dinner with you and you have a good time and you come home smiling for the first time in a long time. That's how this works."

"Tae." Jimin sighed, tiredly and ran a hand through his thick black hair. "What are you even talking about?"

"I can't exactly tag along to your date! That's just weird, daddy."

Jimin flinched at the word date and Yoongi flinched because Jimin flinched. Jimin glanced at him, apologetically before leveling his daughter with a stern look. "Taeyah, you have to stop doing this. You put me in some really awkward situations by trying to set me up with people. You know I'm not interested in dating. You're my focus right now."

"I'm not always going to be around!" The words came out of Taeyah so broken and so miserable that it made even Yoongi's heart break for her. "I'm in remission but it could come back and I don't want you to be alone when I'm gone Daddy! I'm just trying to help!"

Jimin looked stunned, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped. There was a whirlwind of emotion in his eyes as well and it took him a moment to even respond. Yoongi felt he was witnessing something much too private and personal for a stranger to see. 

"Taeyah." Jimin's voice was soft, tender and when he reached out for her, Taeyah tossed herself at him, wrapping her arms around his waist and burying her head in his chest. Jimin held her so carefully, so tenderly, like she was his entire world and Yoongi believed that she was. "I don't need anyone but you baby, you know that."

"But what about when I'm not here? I don't want you to be lonely." She sobbed into his chest, heavy heaves of breath that made Yoongi wince. His heart was throbbing in his chest but there was something so warm and tender about what he was witnessing. 

"You're here now and you're a fighter, Taeyah. You're my focus and will always be my focus. If something were to happen to you... You don't need to worry about me baby. I appreciate it, you're so wonderful. So loving and so caring but I'll be alright. I'm the adult, just be a kid for a little while longer, okay?"

It was such a sweet and tender moment, something not meant for Yoongi to see and yet he was seeing it. It was like a sign almost. Taeyah nodded vigariously into her father's chest and after a few moments, managed to calm down. When Jimin pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, she smiled brightly, like she no longer had any worries in the world. But then she paused, like she remembered something and the next thing Yoongi knew, he had his arms full of the teenage girl. 

"I'm sorry, Yoongi." She mumbled into his chest, hugging around his waist tightly and Yoongi didn't know what to do with his arms so he just patted her shoulders carefully. Jimin was watching them fondly, so that was a good sign. 

"It's okay." He told her because it was. It was okay. "I think you and your dad should go have dinner together. I think you two deserve the alone time."

"When I was in the hospital," she spoke softly as she pulled away from him, folding her hands against her stomach and dropping her eyes to the ground, "I didn't think I would ever come out. I was sick all the time and could barely keep myself awake. When I was awake, daddy was there with me. He was always there, even when I knew he had to work." Yoongi wanted to reach out to her, whip away the small tears falling down her cheeks but he remained frozen. "He kept smiling for me but they weren't... the smiles I remembered. I was the one sick but daddy he... I couldn't bare to think about what would happen to him if one day, I didn't wake up. It's a blessing that I'm okay now. It really is but those thoughts still haunt me. I still... have nightmares about it. And I..." She finally raised her eyes, meeting Yoongi's bravely. "When I saw you sitting on that bench all alone... you reminded me of what my daddy looked like when I was in the hospital. I wanted to help you too. You looked so sad and so hurt. I don't know what happened to you, Yoongi, but everyone deserves a little happiness. I just wanted to help. I'm sorry if I... overstepped."

"You weren't wrong." Yoongi admitted, offering her an faint smile. "I am sad, and hurt and maybe a little miserable. I've been doing my best to hide it and shove it away but if a bright girl like you could see it then I'm doing a crappy job." Taehyah stared up at him, a curl of hope in her eyes and he gave her another smile. "I had fun tonight. I enjoyed the show and I enjoyed spending time with you and your father. So thank you for that. I needed this. It made me rethink a few things, so thank you."

It was time to stop running. 

"You are welcome to join us for dinner." Jimin cut in, stepping up to his side carefully. There was a shy smile on his lips and maybe a bit of hope there as well but Yoongi shook his head, giving them both an apologetic smile. 

"I think it's time I went home."

Neither of them fought him on it. Taeyah squeezed the life out of him with her goodbye hug and Jimin's hug was even more pleasant. He wished Yoongi good luck, told him that life was too short to dwell on the bad because there was so much good out there. Yoongi bid his farewells to the Parks, a bright smile on his face because they taught him a lesson. An invaluable lesson. 

Yoongi booked a flight for early the next morning when he arrived back to his hotel. He snagged a few hours of sleep before packing up all of his things and checking out. During the taxi ride to the airport, Yoongi said goodbye to the city one last time. It was a beautiful, magical place, he thought. Filled with beautiful magical people, like the Parks. He wished them well in their lives. He wished Taeyah would forever remain in remission and Jimin would never suffer the pain of losing his only child. Yoongi knew the pain too well, and Jimin was a kind man who didn't deserve it. 

Seeing Jimin and Taeyah together reminded Yoongi of all the things he had been trying to forget. Seeing the way they loved one another, even after such tragedy and heartbreak in their lives was slightly inspiring. Yoongi wasn't a coward. He didn't run from his problems and perhaps he needed a break but now that break was over. He needed to go home. He needed to deal with the issues he was faced with or he would never move on from them. He knew that and now, he was finally ready to accept that. 

There was no one at the airport to pick him up when he arrived in Seoul but he didn't expect there to be anyone. He didn't bother to call Namjoon to inform him he had returned and no one else had a clue where he was. It was around dinner time when he arrived and so he took the train to Daegu. He'd only been gone a few days but there was something comforting about returning home after being away. His home had become suffocating to him before he left but now, breathing in the air was almost like bringing life back into his system. He missed it. He missed his home, he missed the people, he missed everything. 

Yoongi didn't bother to stop by his apartment when he arrived in Daegu. He could have but he had something more important to do. He took a cab across the city to a small little province filled with cute little houses, rolling green fields and beautiful parks. It was a very domestic part of the city but it was as familiar to Yoongi as the concrete beneath his feet. The cab stopped in front of a pretty little house with a small front yard and a iron fence gate. His heart throbbed at the sight and he could only stand in front of the gate and stare at the house for a while. 

All the emotions he had locked away when he left were slowly starting to return with him but that was a good thing, he realized. He needed to get them out or he would never accomplish anything. The gate squealed when he pushed it open, most certainly alerting the house owners that someone was there but Yoongi didn't pause in his approach to the front door. The moon was high in the sky but there was still some lights on in the house, so Yoongi had hope. It wasn't too late, just past nine last he checked and he hoped he wouldn't be bothering anyone by knocking. 

All it took was three knocks, a tense twelve seconds later and the white door was wrenched open hard and Yoongi was greeted with a face he had missed so much. 

"Yoongi!" Hoseok nearly cried in relief, not bothering to ask questions or scold him before gathering him up in his arms. Yoongi stumbled on the front step but he returned his best friend's hug, burying his face deeply into the crook of his warm neck and inhaling the scent that could only be Jung Hoseok. "Oh god, I was so worried." Hoseok was crying and Yoongi felt horrible about that. 

"I'm sorry." The words tumbled free from his lips and it was then he realized he was crying as well. 

Hoseok dragged him into the house, not saying a word more as he made Yoongi drop his suitcase and shove off his shoes. He then tugged Yoongi into the house, which hadn't changed at all and shoved him to sit down on the well loved couch in the living room. Hoseok quickly joined his side and then started touching him, grabbing his face, hands and arms, searching for any sign of injury which was the most Hoseok thing to do and Yoongi worked his way through another wave of soft tears. 

"Where have you been? Fuck, I was so worried Yoongi." Hoseok's voice cracked on his words, the emotion much too clear in his voice and face. He was upset, tired but also relieved. "Namjoon knew where you were and I almost beat it out of him but I hoped you'd come back when you were ready."

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, Hoseok." They were the only words he seemed capable of getting out. Everything was swirling around, crushing him and Yoongi didn't know what to do about it. The emotions he had shoved away for so long were finally coming back at him in full force and he couldn't stop them. He needed to mourn, he did, but it was more painful than he expected, dragging gasping sobs from his tight throat. Hoseok held him tightly through it all, whispering to him that it as okay, he was okay, Hoseok wasn't mad at him, he was just so worried. He thought Yoongi might do something stupid but he was so happy to see his face again. 

"You're staying with us for a while." Hoseok stated, after the last of Yoongi's sobs dried up. "Umji won't mind and the kids miss you." Somehow, Yoongi had ended up curled against Hoseok's side, his face buried in his friend's neck while the man pet his hair softly. It was comforting and part of him realized he should have done this in the first place. He should have come to Hoseok and lean on his best friend instead of running away. But, he didn't regret his trip. Not in the least. "You don't have to talk about Jiae if you don't want to, okay? But I'm here when you do."

Yoongi flinched at her name, closing his eyes tightly and swallowing down the bubble of pain. He'd never meant to fall in love with her. She was a patient, someone he was supposed to help and guide. But she was beautiful, stunning and so full of life. She had been recovering from an assortment of things, horrible things that had been done to her but Yoongi had been there as her support. She loved him too, he knew that. They loved one another but sometimes love wasn't enough and her demons eventually caught up with her. She took her own life, and the life of their unborn child with her, and it broke Yoongi.

"Oppa!" The voice was loud, as all the Jung childern were, and Yoongi pulled away from Hoseok to see precious little Jeonji toddling her way over to him. 

Yoongi smiled, bright and happy as he gathered the three year old into his arms. She giggled happily, nuzzling into his shoulder and warmth filled him from head to toe. "I'm too old to be your oppa."

"You'll always been oppa and hyung to them." Hoseok pointed out, relaxing against the couch beside him and reaching out to pet Jeonji's head. "You're supposed to be asleep." Jeonji stuck her tongue out at her father and nuzzled more into Yoongi, making both adults laugh softly. "Well, I guess you can stay up a little longer. I know you missed Yoongi-oppa." She nodded and curled up in Yoongi's lap, happy to be in his arms. "They all missed you." Hoseok pointed out, leaning over to prop his chin on Yoongi's shoulder. "I missed you."

"Thanks, Hoseok." Yoongi breathed out, dipping his head to the side to rest against his best friend. "I'm happy to be home."

Chapter Text

When Overdose announced their comeback tour, Jimin was perhaps one of the last people to know about it. He wasn't entirely sure about all that fancy technology and even though his grandchildren set him up on all kinds of different social media platforms, he still didn't understand how to use them. He thought the whole thing was great really, making friends with people all over the world and being able to keep in contact with him but it was still a little confusing no matter how times his wonderful granddaughter explained to it him patiently. She was an angel really but Jimin gave up on all that confusing technology. 

So Jimin didn't know one of his favorite bands from back in the days was not only having a combeack tour, but coming close to their city, until his grandchildren pulled a surprise on him. Ever since his wife's death a few years back, his grandchildren had been doing their best to keep him involved in the family. He knew they were worried about him and yes, Jimin was heart broken but he would be okay. He missed Jessica terribly but his life was far from over.

At the ripe age of sixty-seven, Jimin was about as healthy as he could be. He still had a good bundle of years left to enjoy himself and he was more than happy to spend them with his grandchildren. His children weren't always so accommodating but he didn't mind. They had their own lives and jobs to deal with and he could take care of himself. But two out of his three grandchildren came to see him a couple times a week and Jimin was beaming with happiness about it. The only reason his youngest granddaughter didn't come to visit was because she had gone back to South Korea for college but she did call him once a week and that was enough. 

It was at one of those weekly dinners that his grandchildren pulled a surprise on him. Jasmine asked him, during desert, if he knew about Overdose's comeback and Jimin shook his head in surprise. He hadn't thought much about the band he was obsessed with back in college because they'd long since disappeared but he was thrilled to know they were coming back with a final tour, so she called it. That was when Eric, his only grandson and younger brother to Jasmine, pulled out tickets to him, announcing they were all going to the concert in the city when they came next month and Jimin nearly bursted in tears at the thoughtfulness of his grandchildren. 

Jimin wasn't a fan of the city. He grew up in Busan, moved to a small town in Virginia after college thanks to an amazing job offer and he never looked back. Virginia became his home. He loved the mountains and the air and not once had he gone to the closest city since he moved there. Newark, New Jersey wasn't exactly a welcoming place in his opinion but that was where the concert was going to be held and so he had to suck it up. Like hell he was going to miss the chance to see one of his favorite bands after so long. Jimin saw them perform live once, back when he was in college and they had an international tour and it had been life changing. He was expecting the same thing from this concert. 

The venue was a large outside arena and Jimin absolutely loved it. They could bring their own chairs and sit wherever they pleased and it was all around a memory he would cherish for a long time. His grandchildren were excited to see him beaming with happiness and Eric even admitted that he liked the old music back when Jimin used to play it all the time for them. The grassy venue was rather packed with people when they finally strolled in, after getting stuck in traffic one too many times for Jimin's liking but he wouldn't let that spoil his mood. 

People were spread out all over the soft grass with chairs and blankets and it reminded Jimin of his youth so much he couldn't keep the grin off his face. They set up somewhere in the middle of the field where they had a good view but weren't super close to be bumping elbows with other people. There was laughter and drinks to be had but Jimin settled down in his chair happily with a bottle of water and waited anxiously for the show to start. 

It was amazing, as he expected. Once upon a time, Jimin could dance and he was pretty good at it but old age and a knee surgery took away his proper ability to move that way any more. But he did enjoy watching Jasmine tug Eric off the blanket they were sat on and make him dance with her. Jimin laughed and clapped and bobbed his head to the music because it was still as good as it had ever been. There were soft songs and then dancing songs and all around it was a great time. 

At some point, maybe halfway into the concert, Jimin let his eyes wander from his grandchildren and the stage. A woman caught his attention. She was a few groups of people away but she was on her feet, flowers weaved into her long grey hair and she was swaying to the music in a way Jimin remembered girls doing back when he was young. It brought a smile to his face because she had to be around his age and it was so nice to see her dancing. Her eyes were closed, her face relaxed as she swayed from side to side and Jimin could imagine she was feeling twenty again. 

Beside her, settled down on a multicolored blanket, was an asian man Jimin assumed was her husband jugding by the way he was watching her so absolutely fondly. He was too far away for Jimin to pick out the details of his face but he was handsome and his wife was pretty. She finally opened her eyes and held out both hands to her husband, who happily took them. It took him a moment to get off the ground but once he did, she pulled him in close and then they were dancing together, soft swaying and faces tucked in close and Jimin's throat went a little tight. They were so in love, it was obvious to see as they danced like they were the only two in the world. It reminded Jimin of his own deceased wife, how he wished she was there to enjoy this with him even when she wasn't fond of the band. She would have come anyway, because it made him happy and Jimin ducked his head before anyone noticed he was staring. He felt the prickle of tears in the corners of his eyes but he refused to let them fall. 

Jasmine seemed to notice his sudden mood change because she grabbed his hands and tugged him to his feet, laughing and begging him to dance with her. Jimin might not have the moves he used to but he could sway with her and that was more than enough. Her arms were warm around his waist, keeping him tucked up close to her side and she looked so much like her grandmother it made him smile fondly. He didn't have Jessica with him, but he had Jasmine and Eric and there was nothing more Jimin could ask for. 

He had people to love, people who loved him and though he missed his deceased wife, he was far from alone. 

At some point, while Jimin was swaying with his beloved granddaughter, he glanced over at the couple again. His heart stuttered when he happened to lock eyes with the husband, dark swirling pools of happiness. They shared a soft, understanding smile, a nod of their heads and then they were focused back on the people around them. The man held his wife as if she was the most precious thing in the world and Jimin clutched Jasmine to his side in the same manner. 

The entire event was a memory he would never forget. Another happy memory to add on top of the piles and piles of happy memories he had collected over his long years of life. 

Chapter Text

To say Yoongi was nervous would no doubt be an understatement. He was scared shitless, truth be told but it wasn't like he was going to let anybody else know that. He left his apartment and his cat in the trust worthy care of his brother and though even he wasn't sure if he would ever come back, there was a soft smile on his brother's face like he was proud of him. It was enough to give Yoongi that extra push he needed to step out into the dark street, slipping the filtered mask over his face. 

The streets were dark as they always were with a blackened fog rolling about that was poisonous if ever breathed in. Houses and apartment buildings were squished together on the small street Yoongi had called home for a long time. Buildings towered so high they disappeared into the black clouds that loomed over the city at all times of the day and night. Yoongi only lived on the third floor, so he didn't know much about life on the higher ups, not that he cared. 

His mask was a worn thing, something his mother bought him a few years ago in honor of his new position at work and he'd been using it ever since. One would be downright stupid to step out into the air without a filtered mask on. The mask's leather fabric covered his nose, mouth and chin and had two rounded black filters on either side, giving him fresh air he could breathe without worry of choking. Across the mouth part was a fanged mouth that looked rather terrifying once upon time but it was a little too worn, the color too faded to have much of an effect anymore. Masks were a part of fashion nowadays because no one could leave their homes without wearing one. Yoongi didn't care, really, but his mother bought it for him and so he wore it. 

Yoongi had one suitcase and a small backpack with him stuffed full with everything he felt he would need for the next couple months. Leaving behind his home was something that left a sour feeling in the pit of his stomach but there was little choice he had in the matter. His family was proud of him, his mother had bursted into happy tears when he told her he had been chosen and Yoongi didn't know what else to do. He hadn't expected to be selected and yes, it was something to be proud of, an honor even but Yoongi hadn't left Earth in over five years.

He was trained, exceptionally so, but when he got that promotion, he no longer had to do the hard work so it had been years since he put on a suit and felt the slight pressure of space against his body. He wasn't afraid of it, not really. He'd spent most of his youth outside the orbiting station, learning, growing, honing his craft and the fear of floating away wasn't something that bothered him anymore. 

What did bother him was the possiblity of never coming back. 

Voyager 8D6 never came back and that had been the ship carrying the entire hope of a country within it. 

The earth was dying. She had been dying for a while now and barely any part of her was liveable. Not after the war. The war that destoryed everything but Yoongi only knew what he learned in school, which was government controlled and so he couldn't say if it was all true or not. All he knew was he grew up with a mask on his face and the knowledge that he may never see the sun in his lifetime. 

From a young age he discovered how good he was with his hands. Becoming a mechanic was only natural and when the chance came to move to the space station, Yoongi had jumped at it because he wanted to see the sun. It was a beautiful thing, large and round and burning with flames and in that moment he knew he had made the right choice. Working on the ship was his life, his passion but after an accident blew off most of the skin on his left leg, well, Yoongi was sent back to Earth. He could work on ships there while being both safe and comfortable. It was a promotion, in a sense and Yoongi hadn't thought to question it. He missed the stars, he missed the sun and the planets but there wasn't anything else he could do. 

When the government issued a call for all types of skilled careers, including ship mechanics, Yoongi had only applied due to his mother's insistance. The plan was a rescue mission for the fallen Voyager. She had been sent out when Yoongi was still a greenhorn on the outside of the space station in search of a better place, a newer planet. Someplace safe and secure for their people to call home. They were far from the only country to do so but Japan found their planet and America was working with Canada and England on a new planet and Korea felt a little left behind. The black fog was getting thicker as the years went on, the planet decaying more and more so there was an impending doom looming over their heads if they didn't find a place to relocate. 

The Voyager 8D6 was their last hope, sent off into the deep parts of space with the newest technology and a crew of over fifty people. A month ago, all communication had been cut with the ship and the entire country cried for a solid week before the soft beeping gave them hope again. It was a faint signal, barely enough to solidify hope but it was enough. Plans were made to send a new ship, a smaller one with the newest techonology, toward the location of that faint signal and find the Voyager 8D6. 

The trip would take months, floating through space. The highest skilled scientists their country had to offer were on that ship and so the government had to settle with the second best. Apparently, Yoongi was second best because not even a week after he applied he got the call on his comm. He packed up his life, leaving behind all he knew for a chance to save his people. It was a heavy weight on his shoulders but it was the least he could do. His country needed him and Yoongi answered the call. 

Unlike most of the crew the government collected, Yoongi didn't need to appear for the week of basic training. He'd been in space, he'd been through the process and thus he had more time to spend with his family until he finally had to leave. The trip to the station was the same as it had been five years ago though it did seem to happen quicker. Yoongi was up to date with all the new technology. He built thrusters in his spare time for fun and he vaguely wondered who the hell built the ship they were going to spend the next five or so months of their life on. He sure didn't do it and he was known as one of the best on Earth. 

The station was just as he remembered and though the air was as filtered as everything else Yoongi was used to, it was still nice to be back. It was nice to pause in the large lobby, surrounded by people rushing about and sounds of conversation, and lean against one of the railings against the large glass dome to peer up at the stars and the sun. He'd missed them, greatly and it was wonderful to see them again. Yoongi almost felt giddy when a woman, whose name tag said Hiyeon, lead him to his quarters for the next few days. 

Yoongi was the last of the twelve member crew to arrive and the room he was led to was completely empty of other life. He thought he would have to share for the next few days but Hiyeon smiled at him and explained that they thought all the members would enjoy a little bit more privacy before they were forced to share space on the ship. 

Everything was a blur after that. Yoongi was thrust back into a few basic training classes as a memory refresher and fitted for his suit. It was one hell of an upgrade from the one he used last time he was on the station but he didn't complain. He went through everything in silence, letting doctors and scientists poke and prode at him until they deemed him fit for space travel. 

When he went to sleep that night he had stars outside his small port window and that was enough for him. 

He woke that morning to stars still outside his window and his comm flashing at him that it was time to get up. Today was the day he would meet the rest of his crew and Yoongi was a little anxious about it. Meeting new people was never his forte but he wasn't so unpleasant of a person that he didn't know how to act. He would be spending the next how ever many months with this group of people and getting along was vastly important. So Yoongi dressed nicely, in a simple pair of black slacks and a loose white button up. He didn't own many dress clothes but meeting his fellow crew called for it, considering they were going to have breakfast together. Most of them had already met but Yoongi was new and he was unsure how to feel about that. 

Hiyeon was outside his door when it slid open and he greeted the slightly older woman with a polite bow and a soft good morning. She was his handler for the time being, helping him around the station and making sure he was where he was supposed to be. Yoongi never needed a handler before but now he was considered important and what a strange feeling that was. He liked to fix ships for a living; he didn't consider himself all that special. 

The event room Hiyeon let him to was on the smaller side but full of people when he slipped inside. No one seemed to notice him at first which gave him the perfect chance to blend in without gaining attention. One wall of the room was nothing but glass, showing off a part of the station where ships took off but most of all, it showed the sun, blazing and bright and glorious and Yoongi found himself drawn to it. He was the last person to arrive for the breakfast, he noted, a total of twelve people now in the room but Yoongi didn't pay them much mind. He made his way for the window and leaned both hands on the small railing, leaning slightly to peer out the glass at the sun blazing in the distance. He couldn't look directly at it, of course, but he could still see it and that was all that mattered to him. 

Conversation was light in the room, a few people laughing and joking like they were friends and that was good, Yoongi thought. They had to get along or this wouldn't work. He wasn't making himself very available at the moment but maybe he'd make some conversation when the breakfast actually started. The table was set but empty of food and they must have been waiting for him before beginning. 

"Gorgeous, isn't she?" The voice was soft, ever so soft, but still managed to startle Yoongi because it was so close. 

When Yoongi cut his eyes to the side, he saw lightly tanned skin, chubby cheeks, droopy eyes and plump lips curled into a faint smile. It wasn't much to go on but he could tell the person speaking to him was male and that was enough, shifting his eyes back to the blazing sun in the distance. He made a soft noise, an agreeable grunt to let the man know he had heard him because Yoongi figured this person was part of his crew and he didn't want to seem rude by ignoring him. Not that a grunt was all that polite either. 

Yoongi didn't know how to deal with new people. His skin prickled, heat flared along the back of his neck and he curled his sweaty palms around the metal railing a little tighter to ground himself. 

"You must be the experienced mechanic we were told about." The man's voice was light, with no judgement in it and he even sounded as if he was smiling. Friendly, was Yoongi's first thought. 

Knowing he would have to do more than grunt his way through this conversation, Yoongi steeled himself and stood up a little straighter, twisting his body enough to face the other man, letting him know he had his attention even when his eyes were on the splatter of stars as far as the eye could see. "That's me." He murmured softly, finally tearing his eyes away from the view to give this man who was kind enough to approach him his full attention. 

The first thing he noticed was the smile, soft and a little shy but pretty nonetheless, plump lips curled up over white teeth causing his cheeks to bunch slightly and the corners of his eyes to crinkle. He was young, so very young, Yoongi thought. And pretty, but that was a thought for another time. 

"Min Yoongi." He introduced himself, bowing his head slightly and holding out his hand in a formal greeting. 

The man only smiled at him, bowing his head in return causing his soft blond hair to fall into his eyes. His hand was small, his fingers short but warm as they wrapped around Yoongi's, giving him a solid shake before letting go. "Park Jimin. I'm the doctor. Oh, well, one of them." His lips twitched into another smile as he stood up straight and shuffled an inch or so closer to Yoongi, drifting his eyes away to scan over the rest of the room. "Seulgi is the other one." He motioned with his chin, pointing in a direction and Yoongi's eyes drifted over to see a pretty woman with long dark hair and painted red lips speaking with a young man with a smile as bright as sunlight. "The lady in the red blouse. They figured we'd need two of us in case of what... we found." He hummed to himself as he turned his attention back on Yoongi, their eyes meeting for a few seconds before Yoongi dropped his gaze out of shyness. 

"We've been waiting for you to show up." Jimin was a friendly guy, Yoongi observed but he still seemed a little shy. He was wringing his hands together in front of his stomach and Yoongi noticed the silver band around his left ring finger. Was he married? He fiddled with the ring as he spoke, his friendly smile never faltering. "You're the only one of us, aside from Namjoon, whose actually been out there in space. I've been on the station training since I was twelve, but I don't really consider that out there."

Yoongi hummed, agreeing with the young man because being on the station was vastly different to actually being out in space. The station was a solid ground while space was a vast open darkness that hid many secrets. "How old are you?" Yoongi questioned, because he noticed the man was young, much younger than him at least and as he brought his eyes up to scan over the crowd, how young they all looked was something that stood out to him. It was almost... ominous. 

"Twenty-one." Jimin answered softly, his plump lips curling up into another smile. "I think you're the oldest one here, Yoongi." That didn't give him much confidence. "Speaking of age." Jimin hummed and shuffled a little closer to Yoongi, grabbing his elbow with gentle fingers and twisting his body so he could overlook the crowd again. Yoongi wasn't a fan of being touched, especially by a stranger but pulling out of Jimin's grasp would seem rude so he shoved down that feeling and let his eyes drift over to where Jimin was motioning. When did he become so complacent? His accident took one hell of a toll on his life, more so than he even had become to realize. 

"Park Minhyuk." Jimin mumbled softly to him, motioning to the young boy settled in one of the chairs around the oblong table. He was alone, his head ducked down with his arm near his face. He was fiddling with his comm wrist application and he seemed just as shy and unsure as Yoongi felt. But then a tall guy, with slicked back black hair walked up to him, planting a firm hand on his shoulder and caused the boy to snap his head up. Maker, he was young. He couldn't be more than fifteen. Was that even legal? He had a mature face, with sharp features and wide eyes but he was so young. "He's our other mechanic." Yoongi snapped his head at Jimin with this information and judging by the way the other man giggled softly, he thought the surprised expression on Yoongi's face was funny. "He's not as young as he looks. Not exactly. He's nineteen. He's been training here for a couple years too. He's pretty eager to learn from you."

A greenhorn. They were giving Yoongi a fucking greenhorn. What were they even thinking? He wasn't opposed to teaching the boy but was a rescue trip really the time and place for such a thing? Surely, there were other well skilled mechanics they could sue to take his place. Suddenly, something wasn't adding up. But before Yoongi could mention it to Jimin, or even formulate his thoughts into words that made sense, the man with Minhyuk noticed them and started to make his way over to them. 

"Namjoon." Jimin greeted with a smile, finally releasing his loose grip on Yoongi's arm to greet the man. He was tall, with rounded features, a dimpled smile, plump lips and dark eyes. He held himself tall, with a hint of authority and Yoongi greeted him with a slight bow of his head. 

"Morning, Jimin." Namjoon's voice was a deep husky purr and he wrapped Jimin up in one arm, a soft greeting that made Yoongi think the two of them were close. Namjoon's eyes were soon on Yoongi and he stood a little taller, hoping to make a good first impression because these were the people he would be spending the next couple months with. "Min Yoongi." He hummed, slipping away from Jimin to hold out his hand in greeting. "Kim Namjoon." He introduced, his smile soft and friendly but his grip was firm when Yoongi took his hand. 

"I'll leave you two to get aquianted." Jimin had a sly smile on his face, something that confused Yoongi but he patted Namjoon's back encouragingly and then he went off to join Seulgi. 

"It's nice to meet you." Yoongi spoke softly, shifting to lean back against the railing, the cool metal seeping into the small of his back. 

Namjoon's lips twitched into another smile and he nodded, shifting to mirror Yoongi's position against the railing. "I wanted to speak with you before you met everyone but I couldn't seem to find the time yesterday. How was your trip in?"

Curious as to why the man would want to speak with him alone, Yoongi twisted to give him more of his attention. Namjoon had a sharp jaw line, he noticed and he was a good head taller than Yoongi. Jimin had said Yoongi was the oldest in their group but looking at Namjoon, looking at the wrinkles in the corners of his eyes and the lingering heaviness within the dark depths made him wonder if Namjoon was older than him. 

"My trip was fine." Yoongi answered honestly. "I realize I'm the last one to arrive. I hope that's not a problem."

Namjoon shook his head, offering him a friendly smile. "They've all been training for the last three weeks so the group's pretty aquianted right now. I showed up about a week ago and I'm surprised by the amount of respect they show me." He dropped his head, a light flush curling over the apple of his high cheeks and he rubbed the back of his neck in a nervous shy manner. "I'm grateful, honestly."

It dawned on Yoongi then. "You're our captian."

Namjoon winced slightly and met Yoongi's eyes hesitantly. "I know I'm younger than you but I hope, maybe, I can soon earn your respect as your captian."

Kim Namjoon. Of course. Yoongi remembered hearing about the young genius. He entered the flight academy at the tender age of nine and had his own ship by the age of sixteen. He was a legend, almost. The boys Yoongi worked with back on Earth always dreamed about building a ship for such a captian. He was the best of the best, even though he was still young. As far as Yoongi knew, Namjoon stuck to mainly cargo transition so he was still confused as to why the man would be captain for a rescue mission. Things still were not adding up but he felt a little more relief at being in Namjoon's care. 

"You already have it." Yoongi spoke honestly, earning a wide eyed look from Namjoon. "I don't care about that age crap. You do your job right and we're good. I have faith you'll do well." It seemed Namjoon really needed to hear those words because his shoulders dropped slightly in relief and his smile was more genuine this time. 

"We're going to get along fine, hm?" Namjoon shifted to nudge their shoulders together and Yoongi's lips twitched into a faint smile. 

"I believe so."

The chatter in the room came to a pause when the door slipped open and the scent of food filled the air. It was time to eat and everyone shuffled around the table to find a place to sit. Yoongi made his way around the table and sat down next to Minhyuk, not hesitating to introduce himself to the boy he was going to be working with for the next how ever many months. Minhyuk was nervous, and a little shy, but he had a warm smile once he realized Yoongi wouldn't be harsh with him and he brightened up rather quickly, telling Yoongi how excited he was to learn from him. Yoongi's skills were legend on the station and Minhyuk felt honored to work with him. Yoongi couldn't see how a guy who blew up one corner of the station could be a legend but well, he wasn't going to argue. 

Once everyone settled down, Yoongi was introduced to the rest of the crew. Jimin, their doctor who he already knew. Seulgi, their other doctor. Myungjun, lead pilot and navigator. Dongmin and Minji, his fellow pilots. Hyojung and Wonwoo, in charge of their food and atrium. Jongin and Jihoon, their resident scientists and technology guys. All together there were twelve of them and Yoongi couldn't brush off the feeling of how young their crew was. 

It dawned on him, halfway through the meal that they were expendable, as he learned a little more about his fellow crew members. Seulgi had plans to return to earth to help the smog epidemic but she'd been dragged into this crew. Jongin and Jihoon had been working together since they were first trainees and they were fresh out of the academy. Myungjun was Namjoon's most trusted right hand man and Minhyuk was fresh faced and brand new. For a crew with the intent to rescue the best of the best, they seemed severly lacking and that was what made Yoongi realize that was the point. The government hand picked them all for a reason. They were expendable. They could die out there, go missing like the Voyager and the world wouldn't lose too much. 

Which was a hard pill to swallow. They all had potential to change the world and yet they were being thrust into a mission that they may or may not come back from and it made Yoongi's skin crawl. It made sense for him to go, his time had passed, but the others... It left a foul taste in his mouth. 

When breakfast was over, Namjoon suggested to let Yoongi look over their vessel for their soon to be departure. Yoongi liked the idea of familiarising himself with the ship they would use and he dragged Minhyuk along in hopes of teaching the kid something. 

Yoongi was surprised to find their ship to be at the peak of recent techonology.

Gajeong, she was called. Home. Maybe the government had more faith in them then he first assumed. It was the best of the best, with thrusters and engines Yoongi had helped design and that made it easier for him to learn the ins and outs of the ship. He wanted to get deeper, to strip down and get a little dirty crawling into the engine and learning every little bolt and chip that he could but he was still dressed a little nicely and Namjoon mentioned that Jimin and Seulgi wanted to do a check up with him, so they could know his body for the trip, as they had done with the rest of the crew. Namjoon told him he could get dirty tomorrow and Yoongi agreed, telling Minhyuk to met him at the ship first thing in the morning and the boy practically beamed with happiness at the prospect. 

Namjoon led Yoongi to the office where Jimin and Seulgi were all set up. He left the mechanic in their capable hands with a gentle pat on his back and Yoongi wasn't sure about being poked and proded again but Jimin had a warm smile on his lips as he led Yoongi into the room and motioned for him to sit on the padded stool. The room was sparkling clean and much too white for Yoongi's liking but he sat still, his hands folded in his lap as Jimin gathered up his transparent tablet and settled down in the chair beside Yoongi. Seugli was in the room was well but she was busy making notes on her own tablet, barely even lifting her head to see what they were doing. It seemed Jimin would be his doctor, at least for today. 

"You went to see the ship?" Jimin asked softly, giving Yoongi a friendly smile as he took one of the small clips off a metal tray beside him and carefully clipped it on the tip of Yoongi's finger. "She's pretty, huh?"

Yoongi hummed in agreement, letting his eyes drift around the room. It looked like a typical doctor's office, which left him with little to look at as Jimin focused on the readings on his tablet. "Gorgeous." He answered, letting his eyes drift back to the doctor. Jimin was still dressed in the nice black slacks and light pink button up he had worn to breakfast but there was a white lab coat over his outfit now with his name stitched into the breast. "I'm ready to get dirty with her." Jimin's eyes bounced up at him, at the same time Seugli's head snapped up to stare at him with wide eyes and Yoongi flushed with heat, realizing how wrong what he just said sounded. "Uh." He licked at his dry lips and glanced away from Jimin's intense gaze. "Mechanic talk." He explained, raising his eyes to ceiling. 

Jimin let out a soft sound, a faint giggle that was warm and gentle. "I'll take that as a good thing then. Can you take your shirt off for me?"

Yoongi had been in enough doctor's offices since his accident to not feel shame about such a thing. He unbuttoned his shirt without care and let it slip off his shoulders, polling around his waist and thighs on the stool. Jimin got to his feet, placing his tablet down on the small table and picked up a small round suction cup. Yoongi hated those things. They were always so cold. Jimin's gaze was calculating, professional, as it scanned over his pale upper body and he circled Yoongi a few times before stopping behind him. 

"They gave us your file." Jimin spoke softly. "Well, everyone's file but you're the only one with... more than one page."

Yoongi grunted softly, letting the man know he was listening. "Offices like this were my home for a few years. 

The suction cup was cold against the skin of his shoulder blades but he barely tensed and let Jimin do his job, taking the deep breathes he needed to do without even being asked. It was routine for him. "You're thin." Jimin pointed out softly and Yoongi glanced down at himself. There was a slight pug of fat around his stomach but not much and he knew a few of ribs could be seen. His spine was probably worse but Yoongi didn't know. "Is that from your recovery?"

"I recovered a year ago. Fully." Yoongi tensed when that cup slipped down his spine to press against the small of his back. He noticed Seulgi was watching them now, her gaze both curious and knowing. 

"And you haven't gained weight back?" Jimin asked. 

"I've always been this thin. I know, it's not healthy. I've had about seven doctors tell me that but." He shrugged and left it at that because there wasn't much else to say about the matter. He didn't know what Jimin was asking when everything was clearly written in his file. He was thin because he didn't eat. He didn't eat because he didn't feel like he deserved to. It was a constant mental struggle for him to get out of bed in the morning and his mother thought this mission would bring back the fire in his eyes that had been snuffed out with the explosion. 

"You don't require any special medical attention, even after what you've been through." Jimin recalled, stepping around Yoongi so he could sit down again, snatching up his tablet to type a few things down. His brow was furrowed but Yoongi couldn't understand why. "But you should take better care of yourself. I know that's a repeative statement and you've heard it from so many doctors but..." Jimin nibbled on his bottom lip before carefully meeting Yoongi's gaze. "We're a crew now so expect the others to take care of you. Hyojung was already complaining about how thin you are and shoving food in your mouth." He laughed softly, his eyes twinkling with amusement and Yoongi's heart thumped. Jimin's tablet beeped from it and Yoongi remembered he was still wearing the clip on his finger. Jimin didn't seem to notice, however. "We have to take care of each other now."

Yoongi nodded in agreement. "I know."

"Good." His smile was bright and he took the clip off Yoongi's finger. "You can get dressed again. Your vitals are normal. If there's anything you need, don't hesitate to let us know." Yoongi hummed as he shifted to put his shirt back on, taking his time in buttoning up while Jimin finished up on the tablet and put it away. "I take it the burn scars don't bother you anymore?"

"They itch on occasion." He answered honestly because Jimin was a doctor, his doctor, and he needed to know these things. "I have a cream to help."

"We have more if you run out." Jimin pointed out, his lips twitching into another smile. He sure smiled a lot. It wasn't a bad thing, really. "We're going to be fully stocked."

"The higher ups think we'll actually find something." Seulgi pointed out, catching their attention. "Or someone." Judging by the look on her face, she didn't think they would. 

"Ah, Seulgi thinks this is a lost cause kind of mission." Jimin mumbled softly, fumbling with his hands in his lap again. A nervous tick. 

"I'm not saying it's a lost cause. I think we'll find a ship but I'm not thinking there's going to be people on it." Her eyes flashed with something, a little sadness maybe and then she was standing up suddenly. "I'm supposed to help Minji." And with that, she was gone. 

"Ah, um." Jimin rubbed at his cheek before dropping his hand to fiddle with his ring. "Her father is... was on the Voyager. It's a sensitive subject."

"And she's going?" Yoongi found that hard to believe. 

"She wants answers." Jimin said with a slight shrug and then took a deep breath. "You're free to go when you'd like."

Yoongi nodded and got to his feet, smoothing out the wrinkles in his shirt. "I have some schematics to go over with Minhyuk. And I need to find Namjoon again. Maybe Myungjun too. He's young for a navigator, huh?"

"He loves the stars." Jimin said softly, shrugging one shoulder and giving Yoongi a smile. "I've never seen someone so passionate about them. We're in good hands."

Yoongi's eyes dropped to Jimin's hands, now relaxed in his lap. "Yeah. We are." His eyes jumped to the man's face and he belatedly realized the man was flushing softly. "See you around."

"Mhm. Take care."

Minhyuk was young but he was eager to learn and he actually had a knack for working with the engines. He was well trained, just like Yoongi and he was only lacking real world experience. He was easy to work with, absorbing everything Yoongi taught him like a sponge and it made the impending launch easier to deal with. The entire crew was a friendly bunch of people. Jihoon and Wonwoo were on the quiet side but they were still nice when Yoongi had the chance to speak with them. Having such a nice crew built up his confidence on their mission and though he was still unsure what the government was thinking, sending a bunch of inexperienced kids into space, he had a feeling they would survive it either way. 

The next couple days were blurs for Yoongi of familiarizing himself with the ship and meetings with higher ups who drilled the importance of this mission onto their shoulders. It was a simple mission in theory. Follow the signal to the Voyager and figure out what the hell was going on. After that, it was up to them to decide what to do. The trip to the signal should take up to three months and all they would be doing was living and keeping their own ship up and running. It was simple in theory but Yoongi had a feeling nothing was going to be that simple. 

But their launch went of without a hitch and before he knew it, they were floating through space and his days were filled with working in the engine room and his nights curled up on the soft bed in the room he shared with Minhyuk. A routine started to form for him. Something easy and simple enough to follow without much of a worry. He woke up to the alarm of his comm at a decent time and considering they were in space, they made their own days and nights. They followed the same time zone they had all grown up on and it made things a little more simple. He woke Minhyuk up with a gentle shake to his shoulder and then the two of them got ready for the day. They joined the rest of the crew for breakfast, making light conversation and then the two of them left for the engine room. It was always blazing hot in there but Yoongi was used to it. His pale skin was always flushed red because of it but Minhyuk was tanned so golden that he didn't even seem all that effected by the heat. They puttered about all day, checking on the engines and thrusters and Yoongi taught Minhyuk everything he knew. They had extra parts lying around and that was how Yoongi started to teach Minhyuk how to build his own thruster. They had lunch in the engine room, brought by a crinkled nose Hyojung because she hated the heat but she knew Yoongi would forget to eat if she didn't bring him food. He was grateful for her, really, because Minhyuk never spoke up when he was hungry and the boy would starve like Yoongi without her. They would leave the engine room a half hour before dinner so they could both clean up. Minhyuk usually hurried off to the cockpit seeing as he made quick friends with Myungjun and Dongmin after his shower and Yoongi liked to lounge around in their room once he was all nice and clean. 

Sometimes, sometimes, he would run into Jimin on his way back to his room after showering. Jimin would smile at him, touch his arm softly and the next thing Yoongi knew, he was in the man's room, sitting on Seugli's empty bed while Jimin chatted about whatever was on his mind that day. They were friends, Yoongi was starting to think and he didn't mind it. He liked Jimin. The man was warm and friendly and nice to talk to. He didn't make Yoongi feel nervous or out of place and it was a good thing for him. The rest of the crew were nice but Yoongi stuck around Minhyuk, Jimin and Namjoon when the man had the time. He felt most comfortable around them. 

Minhyuk was his partner. Minhyuk was someone Yoongi could confide in and Minhyuk could do the same with him. There were countless nights where he found his small single bed full of the younger boy because he missed home and couldn't help but cry into Yoongi's neck because the older would never judge him for it. Minhyuk was like the younger brother Yoongi never got to have and it was nice having him around. 

Namjoon was his captain but he was also a friend. The man was friendly, always willing to help and wanted to be the best leader he could be. He fluttered from station to station, offering whatever help was needed and he usually found himself in the kitchens with Hyojung because she always needed help preparing dinner. After dinner, he could usually be found on the flight deck with Yoongi and Myungjun, and sometimes Minhyuk and Jimin. They liked to talk about the stars, or their lives back on the station. Yoongi was almost surprised to find that both Minhyuk and Myungjun were born on the station. They'd never been to earth and in a way, that was almost a blessing. But Jimin and Namjoon remembered the thick fog, the unbreathable air and the crumbling dirt beneath their feet. 

There were positive things too. Like their families and the people they loved. Yoongi shared stories about his own family and it was the first time in a long time he felt like he belonged somewhere. The last time was his crew at the station and that... didn't end so well. But this was nice, something he could come to enjoy and so he let himself have it. 

Jimin was a sparkle of sunshine all on his own. The man's entire demeanour lit up when he laughed or smiled and it was a beautiful thing to behold. He was open and free, always having something to talk about and didn't seem to mind chatting Yoongi's ear off. His voice was soft, a little like honey silk and Yoongi enjoyed listening to him. When he turned his questioning on Yoongi, he never pushed too hard or dug too deeply and Yoongi appreciated that. He was passionate about helping people and like Seulgi, he had plans to return to earth before this mission came along. He joined because he felt like it was the right thing to do and he wanted to help. Like Yoongi, he hadn't expect to be chosen. 

Yoongi liked being around Jimin. He liked joining the man in his bedroom to talk about anything and everything. He liked sitting beside him during breakfast and dinner, chatting about their days, what they planned to do and how it went. They formed an easy friendship that Yoongi was rather fond of. Spending time with Jimin was different than spending time with Minhyuk or Namjoon. Minhyuk was mostly work related and Namjoon was as well for the most part. Jimin was... personal. 

It was while he was laying in bed late one night, only three weeks into their trip that it dawned on him why Jimin was different. 

It wasn't a shocking realization. More like a soft buzzing warmth spreading out over his entire body, curling from the tip of his ears to the bottom of his toes. Jimin was special because he cared. He was his doctor but it was much more than that. Jimin's touch was soft, be it on his elbow, his shoulder or his thigh in casual conversation. He was warm and kind and beautiful. He gave Yoongi the kind of attention he'd never received before. Jimin was patient with him, listening intently whenever Yoongi felt brave enough to talk about the deeply personal things that plagued him late into the night. Jimin never judged, never questioned. He simply cared and that made Yoongi care in return. 

Being attracted to Jimin was an easy thing to accept. The man was gorgeous. Anyone with functioning eyes could see that. His smile was like the rare ray of sunshine that broke through the blackened clouds back home. Only Jimin's smiles weren't so rare. They were, however, just as bright and just as stunning, always leaving Yoongi a little breathless and with his heart thumping harder in his chest. 

Liking someone was not a thing Yoongi had dealt with in a long time. He did see it around him all the time though, even on this ship. Minhyuk flushed every time Myungjun gave him attention and there was a bubbling deep affection between the two of them that was bound to expand into more. Namjoon stumbled over his own feet every time Hyojung smiled at him and Jimin had mentioned that Seulgi was spending more time in Minji's room than theirs. Forming friendships and relationships was something that was bound to happen with the twelve of them stuck alone on a ship floating through space for months. 

Yoongi did not expect to be a part of that, however. 

He didn't expect to be kept up late at night wondering if Jimin wrapping his small fingers around Yoongi's wrist to just hold onto for no reason was a simple friendly gesture or meant something more. He didn't expect his heart to leap into his throat every time Jimin smiled at him and he didn't expect to be questioning his own sanity. As far as Yoongi was concerned, after his accident, there was nothing he had to offer a partner. He had been in such a dark place for so long after his accident that it wasn't healthy for him, let alone another person. He was getting better, sure, but he wasn't the strong independent confident man he once was. He preferred to keep to himself now, keeping people at arms length in fear of hurting them, or being hurt. 

Jimin didn't keep him at arms length. Jimin had no qualms with curling up against Yoongi's side on the flight deck, surrounded by their friends as they watched the stars and planets they passed in the distance. Jimin was warm and friendly but that didn't mean he wanted something more than friendship from Yoongi. Why would he? Yoongi was barely good company in a friendly situation. He couldn't see how he would be a good lover. Not anymore. 

Besides, his body was all kinds of fucked up, who would even want that? He had a nice face, he knew that, but there were scars hidden under his clothes that were ugly and gross and he figured no one would want to touch them. Hell, he didn't want to touch them. Jimin was kind but that didn't mean he wanted a lover as scarred and wounded as Yoongi and that...

That was okay. Yoongi could live with that. Having Jimin be someone he could lean on, a friend and companion, was better than nothing. Better than anything he could expect and that was good enough for him. 

There was a slight throbbing in Yoongi's temple when he woke that morning and it was a jarring realization that his comm was not what woke him. Was it even morning? Yoongi's mind was too foggy and too sleepy to figure anything out but he did know a handful of things. He was in his own bed, the mattress soft and comfortable beneath his tired body and he wasn't alone. Waking up with a body curled up against him wasn't that uncommon anymore. Yoongi didn't think much of it. When he shifted his hand down, curling his fingers over the strong arm wrapped around his waist, he recognized the faint muscle and rough skin. 

Minhyuk. Yoongi didn't recall the boy climbing into his bed the night before but Yoongi had been so exhausted when they came back to their room that he couldn't even remember passing out in his own bed. He'd been so tired because he didn't sleep the night before and his body gave up on him as soon as his head hit the pillow last night. He wondered if Minhyuk had been upset and Yoongi missed it. He hummed softly, lifting the arm trapped beneath Minhyuk's lithe body to slip his fingers into the boy's thick brown hair. Minhyuk let out a soft sound and curled even closer, nuzzling into Yoongi's shoulder and he seemed fine now. Which was good, Yoongi thought but what time was it? And why didn't his comm wake him up?

He didn't have time to figure that out before there was a soft knock against their door. He barely lifted his head, blinking blearily at it before it slipped open and a worried looking Namjoon hurried into the room. Jimin was hot on his heels along with Myungjun and all three of them froze in the small room to stare at Yoongi with different levels of surprise on their face. 

"What?" Yoongi croaked out, his voice sounded horrible and he wondered why. 

Namjoon glanced between him and Minhyuk, realization crossing his features because Yoongi had mentioned to him that the boy crawled into his bed on occasion when he was lonely. "Neither of you showed up for breakfast. We got worried."

Yoongi groaned and dropped his head back on the pillow, lifting his free hand to rub against his sleep puffy face. Minhyuk shifted beside him, making soft noises as he woke up and when he finally lifted his head and saw their audience, he let out a soft squeak of surprise. 

"My comm didn't go off." Yoongi explained, his voice sounding rough so he swallowed a few times and rubbed at his throat. 

"M-MJ." Minhyuk suddenly exclaimed, throwing himself over Yoongi's body until he fumbled and collapsed on the floor. Yoongi noticed Myungjun was looking at Minhyuk with a tinge of hurt to his features and then he was twisting on his heel and leaving the room. Minhyuk scrambled to his feet, panic settling on his features and he hurried past Jimin and Namjoon calling after the navigator to wait. 

"Breakfast is still warm if you want some. Hyojung saved you two some." Namjoon explained, glancing at Jimin with a soft smile before nodding at Yoongi and slipping out of the room. 

Yoongi rubbed at his face a little bit more before he finally sat up, knowing his hair was a mess but he was still tired so all he could do was blink at Jimin. The doctor was looking at him strangely, like he was trying to figure something out and belatedly, Yoongi noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt. Not a big deal, really, but Jimin flushed and tore his eyes away. 

"Is there something wrong with your comm?"

Yoongi reached over to pick up the little blue plastic that usual sat in his ear, unless he was sleeping or showering and shoved it back into his ear. It took less than a second for it to hook with his brain waves and then he was scrolling through his alarms, seeing that they had been turned off. He didn't recall doing that. "Maybe."

"If you give it to Jongin or Jihoon, they could check." Jimin offered, looking anywhere but Yoongi and he was fumbling with his hands again, fingers twisting the ring that left so many questions for Yoongi. Jimin didn't say he was married but he also didn't say he wasn't. 

"I'll do that." Yoongi agreed, tossing the blankets off his body so he could swing his legs over the edge of the mattress and plant his feet on the floor. Yoongi never went to sleep without anything covering his lower body and Jimin almost seemed to relax upon seening the baggy sweat pants and socks on his lower half. "After lunch maybe. I'm already running late."

"I don't think you have much to worry about." Jimin flashed him a soft smile. "You and Minhyuk keep the engines spotless."

Yoongi waved a hand at him, using the other to run through his messy hair that was all crinked in different directions from falling asleep with it still wet from his shower. There was a bandana somewhere he could use to tuck his messy hair down and keep it out of his face while he worked but he was still focusing on waking up. "I'll still feel better if I check on them first."

"You're going to eat breakfast, aren't you?"

Yoongi carefully got to his feet and shuffled over to the small closet beside his bed that held all the clothes he had brought with him. "I want to check the engines first."

"You should eat." Jimin argued gently. "You seem tired. It'll help with your energy." He wasn't bashful at all when he ran his eyes over Yoongi's exposed torso. It was a doctor's gaze, Yoongi was sure. "You're still too thin."

"It's how my body works." Yoongi grumbled but he didn't feel like arguging with his friend. "Doctor's orders huh?"

Jimin perked up. "Yup, Doctor's orders. You have to eat breakfast." He bit into his lower lip, trying to hold back his smile but he was failing rather tremendously. 

"Fine." Yoongi sighed like he was very put upon by these orders but the corner of his mouth twitched into the faintest of smiles against his will. He grabbed the clothes he liked to work in, fabric he didn't care to get stained and then he turned to Jimin expectantly. The doctor blinked at him before he realized what Yoongi wanted. 

"O-Oh, right." His pretty cheeks flushed pink and he quickly hurried to the door. "I'll see you at dinner?"

Yoongi smiled thankfully at him and nodded. Jimin never questioned why Yoongi didn't like being naked in front of people. In fact, no one questioned him. He waited until everyone else was done showering in the communal bathroom before taking his own shower and no one questioned why. They all knew about his accident. They knew about his scars and Yoongi was not keen on showing them off. Not at all.

"See you at dinner." Yoongi agreed, offering Jimin a soft smile that made the doctor flush again before he ducked out of the room. 

Yoongi wasn't running nearly as late as he originally thought. Minhyuk was already at the table, shovelling food into his mouth even when he didn't have a shirt on. Myungjun was beside him, speaking softly into the younger's ear and he didn't look nearly as upset as the last time Yoongi saw him. When he took his seat, Myungjun smiled fondly at him and then he was lost in conversation with Minhyuk. Yoongi scarfed down his own portion of breakfast and then he was off to check the engine room. Minhyuk would join him shortly after getting ready for the day and Yoongi was fine going on his own for a little while. 

It was while he was fiddling with one of the brackets in the back engine that something interesting dawned on him. 

Myungjun had looked upset when he saw Minhyuk curled tightly around Yoongi because it was such a compromising position. Myungjun didn't know Minhyuk got lonely and crawled into Yoongi's bed at night to cry into his shoulder. Jimin didn't know either. Namjoon knew, so the sight wasn't that strange to him. But to anyone who didn't know, Yoongi could understand how it could be misconstrued. At least Myungjun and Minhyuk made up. That was good. Yoongi would talk to Myungjun himself if he had to and explain that there was nothing to worry about. Minhyuk was like a little brother to him and he was sure the boy would rather curl up in Myungjun's bed than Yoongi's, but Yoongi was closer. And maybe he didn't want to let the cool attractive older guy he was totally crushing on know that he cried from how much he missed home some nights. 

It made Yoongi smile fondly and by the time Minhyuk showed up, things were soft and easy between them. Minhyuk explained that Myungjun had, in fact, thought they were sleeping together and Minhyuk had to spill his secret. Myungjun told him he could come cuddle with him anytime he felt lonely and Yoongi couldn't help but laugh at the way Minhyuk's flushed all the way to the tips of his ears. It warmed his heart to see the two of them working out. They cared about one another and that was special. 

Yoongi called it quits a little earlier than normal because he wanted to see Jihoon about his comm and Minhyuk was more than eager to hurry to the flight deck to spend some extra time with Myungjun before dinner. What Yoongi didn't expect when the door to the tech room slid open was to walk in on Jihoon being pinned against a desk by Jongin. What a sight, honestly. He saw more skin than he needed to see and he knew they were young but jeeze, they were still technically supposed to be working, could they not keep it in their pants until after dinner? They shared a room for fucks sake. 

Both of them had the decency to look ashamed and Yoongi couldn't be mad at them; not really. He hadn't known they were together but it didn't matter to him. Once they rearranged their clothes and Jongin slipped out of the room, flushed as red as tomato and giving the loose excuse that Minji needed him, Yoongi was able to give Jihoon his comm for the flushed boy to look over. It seemed the only problem was the battery and Jihoon had it fixed in less than ten minutes. Yoongi thanked him for his time, told him to practice safe sex and left the room with a slight cackle, unable to hold back his laughter at the way Jihoon squeaked and flushed all the way to his collarbones. 

Was there anyone not hooking up? As far as Yoongi knew, Wonwoo and Dongmin weren't interested in anyone but Yoongi didn't know Jihoon and Jongin were a thing so, he could be wrong. Which left himself and Jimin. He felt a strange curl of heat in the pit of his stomach with that realization. The entire crew was single, as far as Yoongi knew but there was still that ring around Jimin's left ring finger and it left many questions unanswered. 

Jimin was waiting for him for dinner and his smile was enough for Yoongi to forget about all the questions he had. Being around Jimin was like coming home, someplace warm and safe and comfortable. If and when Jimin wanted to talk about his ring, Yoongi would be there to listen. Until then, he was happy with what they had. 

It wasn't until Jimin caught him and Minhyuk curled up in his bed again that things seemed to shift. Things had shifted between them long before then but Yoongi hadn't been brave enough to notice. Minhyuk was starting to feel brave and confident in his relationship with Myungjun, but he still wasn't sure about going to the man with his worries and fears. Yoongi was closer, easier and he didn't mind. So when Yoongi curled up for a light nap before dinner, he wasn't surprised when Minhyuk curled up with him. It was easy, simple. He was used to the weight of the younger boy on top of him, his arms wrapped around him so his hands could rub soothingly over the tight muscles in his back. Minhyuk didnt cry this time, only breathed heavily and mumbled about how much he missed his mother. It was a silly thing, he said, but it was how he felt. 

Yoongi listened quietly, a strong solid presense that Minhyuk could ramble to. The younger told him about his silbings, his family apartment on the station. He told him about how he always dreamed about venturing in the stars but how unsure he was, about himself and his abilities. Yoongi was quick to remind him how skilled he actually was and that seemed to help a little bit. 

Yoongi was drifting in a light inbetween state of mind, feeling warm and fuzzy and close to sleep but still awake with his fingers running through Minhyuk's unwashed hair gently. They both smelled of grease and sweat but they didn't want to shower until after dinner. Napping seemed like a better way to spend their time and Minhyuk was soon asleep in the curve of Yoongi's neck. That was exactly how Jimin found them when he carefully knocked on their door and Yoongi called him in. He didn't think much about it, honestly, but the way Jimin's eyes went wide at the sight of them was enough to make him wonder if he had done something wrong. 

Jimin mumbled an apology at disturbing them and disappeared out the door before Yoongi could utter a single word. It left him confused and unsure. Jimin didn't look happy when he left and Yoongi could almost swear there was... pain in his eyes. It was confusing and Yoongi's brain was too fogged with sleep for him to process it properly. 

It wasn't until later, while he was in the shower all alone and scrubbing away the sweat of the day from his skin that he fit the pieces together. Was Jimin perhaps... jealous? That seemed like a strange thing to Yoongi. He had almost looked hurt in the same way Myungjun had when he first caught Minhyuk and Yoongi in such a  position but that would imply Jimin had his heart in the mix in the same way Myungjun did and... Yoongi found that hard to believe. Because that would mean Jimin... had feelings for him. 

Jimin knew Yoongi was simply friendly with Minhyuk, didn't he? Sure Yoongi had never mentioned why Minhyuk ended up in his bed some nights but that was more out of respecting his friend's secrets than keeping something from Jimin. He couldn't possibly think there was something going on between Yoongi and Minhyuk, could he? Minhyuk was so obviously enamoured with Myungjun after all. The entire crew could see it. Couldn't they?

Yoongi was baffled by his own thoughts and feelings. No where could he find it to make sense that Jimin held feelings for him. Yes, they were friends. Yes, Jimin cared for him. But being friends and being something more was a step he didn't see them taking, even if he wanted to. 

Maker, did Yoongi want to. He wanted what he saw between his fellow crew members. He wanted Jimin's soft touches to mean a  little something more. He wanted to kiss those plump lips and hold that solid body agains this own. He wanted to know how loving Jimin would feel. He wanted to know how Jimin would love him in return. But it wasn't possible. Was it?

By the time Yoongi was slipping out of the bathroom, his hair still damp and his skin flushed pink from the hot water, he was still confused about everything. What didn't help, was bumping into Jimin. Literally. He rounded a corner, lost in his thoughts and collided shoulders with someone. His hands shot out to steady the person, gripping strong biceps and the wrold spun for a few seconds before he recognized Jimin's wide honey-brown eyes. There was a whirlwind of emotion inside of them and he stepped away from Yoongi quickly, his face a mixture of surprise and pain. 

"Ah, sorry." Jimin ducked his head quickly but Yoongi just blinked at him. 

"Aren't you going to dinner?" Yoongi asked because Jimin was going in the direction of their sleeping quarters when it was dinner time. 

Jimin blinked up at him, almost in surprise before he quickly shook his head and slipped out of Yoongi's grip. "I had a late lunch. I'll see you tomorrow." And then he was gone, hurrying down the hallway and disappearing and Yoongi was left a little stunned.

That was... weird. 

What was even more weird, Yoongi came to find, was how for the next couple of days, Jimin was almost... avoiding him. When Yoongi showed up for breakfast, Jimin had settled himself between Namjoon and Wonwoo, instead of his usual spot with Yoongi and Minhyuk and that was... weird. What was even more weird was how Jimin didn't wait for him after breakfast, to walk him to the engine room. And then when dinner came around, Jimin once again left himself unavailable for Yoongi to sit next to. He disappeared when the meal was done and even Minhyuk glanced at Yoongi in confusion. This went on for three days before someone bothered to say something. 

"Did you and Jimin have a fight?" To Yoongi's immense surprise, it was Myungjun. Yoongi was on the flight deck because his room felt a little too lonely without Minhyuk in it and he didn't know what else to do with himself. He didn't think Jimin would want to see him, for some reason, so going to his room wasn't an option. At least he could see the stars on the flight deck and he had settled down on Dongmin's empty chair to stare through the glass for awhile while Myungjun and Minhyuk conversed by the navigator's station. 

Yoongi flinched at the question and tore his eyes away from the stars to see Myungjun had settled down in Minji's chair on the other side of the deck, within arms reach of Yoongi. He didn't seem to be upset or anything, just curious, his head tilted to the side while Minhyuk glanced between them worriedly. He'd kept his mouth shut about the whole deal in worry for Yoongi and it made him like the boy a little bit more. 

"I don't know." Yoongi answered honestly. 

Myungjun's brow furrowed. "You don't know?"

"I think he's avoiding me." Yoongi stated with a shrug, turning his attention back to the stars. "I'm not sure why though."

"You didn't have a fight?"

"Not that I recall. One day we were fine, the next we weren't." Yoongi sighed, his chest constricting now that he had to talk about it and he dropped his gaze, eyeing up the multiple buttons on Dongmin's station. He was starting to get frustrated and that flaring warmth was back, spreading over his prickling skin. He just didn't get it. "I've tried to talk to him but he runs off before I get the chance. If I fucked up somehow, I'd like to know what I did so I can fix it."

Myungjun hummed. "What a strange thing. He likes you so much. I thought maybe you two had a scrabble. It's just weird to not see you together."

Yoongi nodded in agreement because he sure felt weird about the entire thing. Before he could say any more one of the doors to the flight deck beeped and slid open so Namjoon could stroll in. He was whistling softly to himself but when he noticed the three of them, and the slightly tense air, he paused and glanced between them with his brows rose. 

"Am I interupting?"

"Do you know what's going on with Jimin?" Myungjun had no qualms with asking, twisting in his seat to look at their captain. 

Namjoon went tense, like he was frozen and then he glanced around the room nervously. He knew. "Uh." He laughed awkwardly, rubbing at the back of his neck. "What do you mean?"

Myungjun's eyes narrowed and suddenly he was on his feet. "Don't lie to me Kim Namjoon, I know you better than your mama." He poked at the head taller man's chest with a frown on his face. "What do you know?"

Yoongi tensed when Namjoon glanced at him. "Ain't my business to spill."

Myungjun made a frustrated noise and pointed at Yoongi. "Look at him. He's upset. Minhyuk's told me he's distracted. A distracted mechanic is not good for your crew."

"M-MJ." Minhyuk lurched forward, grabbing onto the navigator's sleeve and tossing Yoongi an apologetic glance. Well, it wasn't like the kid was wrong. 

"And one of your doctors is distracted. It's your job to fix this, captain." Myungjun's lips twisted up into an innocent smile but there was nothing innocent about his intense gaze and it even made Namjoon shrink slightly. 

Namjoon held his hands up in defense. "Look, I don't think it's my place to interfere in the case of love, okay?"

"Love?" The word tumbled out of Yoongi's mouth like a rock, plopping to the floor in front of him and he scrambled to his feet, his heart suddenly thumping in his throat. 

"Shit." Namjoon cursed softly and dropped his shoulders, slumping over. "You can't tell him I told you. He's real messed up about this."

"About what?" Yoongi demanded, crossing the deck to approach Namjoon and glare up at him. "The fuck are you talking about?"

Namjoon hissed and clicked his tongue, shufling awkwardly on his feet. "You're not supposed to know. He doesn't want to make things weird."

"Things are already real fucking weird, Namjoon." Yoongi spat out, all of his emotions swirling together into a hurricane that was ready to take down anything in its path. 

Namjoon heaved a sigh and nodded, understanding and agreeing. "Look, he just..." He sighed again and shoved his hands into his pockets, glancing at the floor with three sets of eyes on him. "He's cool with you and Minhyuk, he is, he just needs some time."

"Oh my maker." Myungjun gasped. "He thinks-? Oh my. Wait. You think...?" He huffed and grabbed at Minhyuk's arm, tugging the boy against his side quickly. "I'll have you all know that he's mine and I'd like you to remember that."

Minhyuk flushed at the way to the tips of his ears, Namjoon's jaw dropped and Yoongi was growing more and more frustrated without clear answers. 

"You two are... Oh wow." Namjoon laughed, a happy relieved sound. "Congrats Myungjun, why didn't you tell me?"

"I thought it was obvious." Myungjun huffed again, letting his arm settle around the taller's waist. Minhyuk was still flushing but he looked so comfortable in Myungjun's hold. "Are you telling us that Jimin thinks Minhyuk and Yoongi have a thing?"

"To be fair." Minhyuk mumbled softly. "So did you."

Myungjun opened his mouth to argue before he snapped it shut. "Okay, fair. But now that I know it's brotherly, it's so easy to see."

"Jimin has feelings for me?" Yoongi gasped out, feeling all tight like a spring ready to pop. Their attention turned on him then and Namjoon looked almost ashamed. 

"Um, well, yeah. He's keeping his distance to calm down his own feelings cause he thought... well, shit now this all sounds so stupid. Why can't people just talk?"

"Jimin has feelings for me." Yoongi stated again, breathless, like he needed to say it aloud for it to be real. 

"Is that so hard to believe?" Myungjun mused, though there was something in his expression that made him think Yoongi really did find it hard. "I called it a month ago."

Minhyuk nodded in agreement. "It's the way he looks at you."

Fucking hell. Yoongi shot forward before he could stop himself. No one stopped him as he hurried out of the flight deck. It was after dinner but not too late. Jimin was probably still awake, he had to be. Yoongi needed answers. He needed them right now without running around the bush. He needed the truth because everything depended on it. He ran down the hallways toward the bedrooms without looking back and he found Jimin and Seulgi's room easily enough. He knocked heavily on it, his heart racing in his chest and his breath coming in soft pants. 

Seulgi was the one to open the door and Yoongi went stiff, unsure what to do with the cold look she gave him. But then she took in his panting state, his flushed face and his pleading eyes and she softened, letting her shoulders drop. 

"I'm going to Minji's." She called over her shoulder and there was a soft grunt of acceptance before she slipped passed Yoongi. She gave him a look, one that told him if he fucked with Jimin she'd slice him into little pieces and Yoongi nodded, understanding. 

The door slipped shut behind him and for a moment, Yoongi could only stand there in Jimin and Seulgi's room, trying to catch his breath. Jimin was collapsed in his bed, laying on his stomach with his head buried in his folded arms. He didn't seem to notice Yoongi and that was fine, it gave the older a chance to collect his thoughts. 

Carefully, slowly, gently, Yoongi shuffled across the floor and dropped down beside Jimin's bed. The motion caught the doctor's attention and he snapped his head up, his face flushed slightly and his eyes swollen when they landed on Yoongi. Those eyes went wide as Yoongi settled on his knees and he almost looked like he had been crying, which Yoongi wasn't willing to stand for, honestly. 

"What are you doing in here?" Yoongi asked softly, tilting his head to the side. 

Jimin swallowed, flashing his gaze all over Yoongi's face before dropping it to his sheets. "I could ask you the same thing."

"Looking for you." Yoongi answered, reaching out to bury his fingers into Jimin's soft blond hair and the man leaned into the touch, almost whimpering at it. It flushed heat all through Yoongi's body because he was hoping now. "Where've you been Jimin?"

"H-Here." Jimin choked out, closing his eyes tightly and reaching up with one hand to curl his fingers around Yoongi's wrist. "I've been right here."

He had to do it. He had to take the chance. The old Yoongi, the pre-accident Yoongi would have jumped without hesitating and though he wasn't that Yoongi anymore, he could try. 

"Minhyuk's with Myungjun. He crawls into my bed sometimes because he's still young and he misses his family. He cries on my shoulder because he's still a little ashamed to do so with Myungjun. That's all. He's like a little brother to me."

Jimin's eyes went impossibly wide as Yoongi explained and it was almost comical if the situation wasn't so serious. He slipped his fingers free from Jimin's hair so he could twist his wrist and capture those fingers between his own. "W-Why are you telling me t-this?" Jimin's voice was rough with emotion and Yoongi could see the flicker of hope in his eyes. 

"Because you went off and decided something on your own without even talking to me about it." Yoongi grumbled but his tone was filled with nothing but fondness as he brought Jimin's hand to his mouth and gently kissed the back of it. "You might be surprised to learn, if you had just talked to me, that my heart already belongs to someone else." It was cheesy as fuck but Jimin seemed to appreciate it. 

"Who?" His voice was breathless but there was hope there, so much hope and Yoongi's chest clenched tightly with it.

A smile curled over Yoongi's lips, a true genuine smile, one that tugged his lips over his tiny teeth and gums and Jimin's face brightened at the sight of it. "For such a great doctor, you're not very observant." He teased lightly, leaning up on his knees to close the distance between them. 

Jimin was waiting for it, so eager for it, so when Yoongi leaned forward, he leaned up and their lips met softly. It was a soft kiss, something that either of them could pull out of if they wanted to but neither did. Jimin's plump lips were soft and oh so perfect and Yoongi practically melted at the feeling of them against his own. He only pulled back to readjust before diving back in and this time, Jimin met him halfway. This kiss was more solid, more firm and held every ounce of feeling that was bubbling to the surface in Yoongi's chest. 

Small but solid hands grabbed onto Yoongi's shirt and the next thing he knew, he was being tugged up and over Jimin, crawling onto the bed with him until they were pressed together. Jimin was eager and oh so solid against him, pulling Yoongi to rest between his spread thighs so they could kiss properly. There was nothing sexual about it at all but it still made Yoongi's skin prickle with warmth. Kissing Jimin was everything he could ever want and he was still in awe, like maybe he was dreaming that this amazing human being wanted him. It was hard to believe but Jimin's kisses were sure and held nothing back. He wanted Yoongi, it was so easy to feel in the way he pressed his lips to the corner of Yoongi's mouth, over his cheek, his brow and the tip of his nose. 

It was so loving and Yoongi couldn't breathe. 

When their lips were too wet and swollen to kiss anymore, Yoongi found himself pressed back against the wall with Jimin nuzzling into his neck, holding him around the waist so tightly like he was afriad he would vanish. His mind was still fuzzy with disbelief but Jimin was warm and solid in his hold, his breath warm against the slope of his throat and his shoulder blades firm against his touch. 

"I'm sorry I was so dumb." Jimin mumbled softly against his collarbone. 

"I should have said something." He countered, tightening the hold he had around Jimin's shoulders. "Explained or something."

"I should have confessed." The doctor giggled softly, pressing even closer to him. "I tried, a few times but I lost my courage and I wasn't sure if you were even... if you wanted a relationship. With... all of this."

"It wasn't something I planned on." Yoongi admitted softly but hurried to continue when Jimin went tense in his hold. "But, this isn't something that can be planned. It just... happens and I'm not.. I mean." He took a deep breath, trying to steady his words and Jimin pulled back enough to glance up at him. 

Jimin was beautiful, his plump lips red and a little puffy, his golden cheeks flushed and his eyes twinkling with affection and something even deeper. In that moment, Yoongi knew he was in too deep to turn back. It was the soft bud of love, not quite ready to bloom but oh so very close. With gentle hands and soft care, it would bloom into something so stunning and beautiful and Yoongi wanted to see it. 

"I like you, Jimin." The words finally tumbled from his lips and Jimin gasped softly. "I... I want this. I want to try." There was a lump in his throat, probably his heart but it didn't feel all that bad. 

Jimin made a soft whining sound and he pressed closer, arching up to kiss Yoongi again, a soft lovely little thing. "I like you too, Yoongi." He breathed against his lips and it was everything. 

Yoongi couldn't fathom what he did in a previous life to deserve Park Jimin but he sure wasn't going to shove the man away from him. He accepted Jimin with open arms and a warm smile, helping that little bud between them thrive and grow. It was easy with Jimin. Things between them didn't alter all that much. They still spent as much time together as they could spare, only now, they would kiss on occasion and Jimin had a habit of curling their fingers together. It was nice, soothing and warming. 

It was while they were laying together on Jimin's bed, curling up all nice and close when Yoongi finally felt safe enough to open up to Jimin. They'd defined their relationship weeks ago, and still had weeks to go before they were even close to the signal they were following. Jimin kept nothing from Yoongi but he also never pressured the older to be open with him. There were things Yoongi didn't like to talk about, his past mainly and Jimin respected that. But Yoongi figured, if they were going to progress in their relationship, he had to talk about it. 

Seulgi was with Minji, as she tended to do these days and they had the room to themselves. Jimin was mumbling softly, talking about the time his parents took him to the beach before it was too toxic to step on the sand. It was a fond memory and Yoongi felt comfortable, curled up against Jimin's side. The younger was on his back, one arm curled around Yoongi's waist and the other holding their linked hands together on his stomach. Yoongi had one leg curled around Jimin's and it was comfortable, his ear pressed into his chest to hear the way his voice rumbled. 

Jimin's fingers were playing with the hem of Yoongi's shirt idily, just around his hip and every brush of those warm fingers against his skin left a tingling in their wake. Jimin was always so soft and gentle with him. He never touched below the waist and though his touches tended to linger, there was no hidden agenda in them. But Yoongi wanted them to. He wanted Jimin to slip his fingers a little lower and he knew it was his own fault that Jimin was careful. He had to open up if he wanted them to get a little closer. 

So while a comfortable silence fell between them and with Jimin's fingers brushing ever so slightly against the curve of his hips, leaving him wanting more, Yoongi decided to speak up. 

"I was twenty-two when it happened." His voice was soft but Jimin heard him, his fingers pausing slightly before he continued again, pressing a little more firm against the skin of Yoongi's hip. 

"I read your file but... It wasn't very descriptive aside from your wounds. There wasn't much... on, um, how it happened." Jimin was careful with his words but he was questioning in a way he didn't usually do because Yoongi had brought it up first. 

"I made a mistake. A miscalculation." Yoongi admitted softly, a heavy feeling settling on his chest but Jimin's lips in his hair encouraged him forward. "I was a bit cocky back then. I knew I was skilled, I knew what I was doing for the most part and building my own thruster was almost like a full incitation into being a mechanic. Everyone did it. I'd done it before in the confines of my own home. A small one, nothing crazy but it was something. I had the tools and the means on the stations to build a real one. I worked on it for months. Between going out with the crew and working on the docked ships." His words started to tumble from his lips and now that they were free, there was no stopping him. 

"I was so proud of it." He continued, closing his eyes tightly at the memories. "I had my mentors look it over, to make sure I didn't screw up somewhere. They were impressed and no one thought to check the booster. It was such a small simple thing and all I had to do was tighten one of the screws just a little bit more and nothing would have happened." He was shaking, he could tell that he was but Jimin's grip was firm on him, holding on tightly to remind him he wasn't alone. "We tested it and she blew up. It could have been worse. A lot worse. No one died and I was the only one hurt because I was beside the damned thing. It did damage the eastern haul of the station but that was an easy fix."

"You could have died..." Jimin breathed out, his grip tigthening on Yoongi's hip. 

"I didn't, luckily enough. No one blamed me for it. Things like that happened. But because of it, I was sent back to Earth. I couldn't be trusted, not with such a simple mistake. Plus, I couldn't fucking walk for a year. The therapy was hell. Have you ever burned yourself? Imagine that about a hundred times over, on your entire left side. Not easy."

"Fuck Yoongi." Jimin nuzzled into his hair, holding him even closer. 

"I'm better now. The scars don't bother me much. But..." He finally opened his eyes, glancing down at their intertwined hands. "They're not attractive. That's why I won't change in front of anyone, or shower with anyone else. I'm not... I don't like them."

"You've struggled since then." Jimin stated, squeezing their hands together. "Mentally, more than physically. It feels weird to know what you've suffered without actually hearing it from your mouth. I had to read your file as your doctor but... It feels invasive now."

"I don't mind. It makes things easier. I don't think I could talk about all of that just yet. It's easier that you already know. Or have a clue."

Jimin hummed and planted a soft kiss to the crown of his head. "Thank you for telling me Yoongi."

"I'm telling you because..." He bit into his lower lip but pushed forward because he wouldn't get what he wanted if he kept everything to himself. "I'm not so worried about it anymore. I mean... I, um, I want..." His throat went tight and he tugged his hand free from Jimin's so he could curl it over the one on his hip. "I think I'm okay with you seeing."

Jimin made a soft surprised noise when Yoongi tugged their hands over the curve of his hip and down his thigh, ghosting over the scars hidden beneath his pants. Jimin's touch was gentle, ever so gentle but Yoongi wanted more, so much more. "Y-Yoongi..." His voice was breathless but there was so much want in his tone that it encouraged Yoongi. Jimin wanted him as much as Yoongi wanted him and that was enough for him. 

"It's jarring at first. My mom cried when she first saw them." Yoongi explained softly and then he was sitting up, pulling away from Jimin so he could crawl over his lover's legs and get to his own feet. Jimin watched in curiousity and anticipation, leaning up on his elbows as Yoongi fiddled with the hem of his pants. 

"Yoongi, you don't-You don't have to. I mean, I want you to." The apples of his cheeks flushed with heat, his eyes locked on how Yoongi's fingers were fiddling with the buttons on his pants. "B-But I want you to want to. I want you to be comfortable."

"I want to." Yoongi whispered, his heart fluttering like butterfly wings against his chest but this was important. This was a turning point in their realtionship and it was special. He had to do this. He wanted to do this and yes, he was terrified of what Jimin would think but Jimin was sweet and warm and kind and would never judge him for the scars that marred his body. 

Jimin couldn't seem to answer so he only nodded his head and swallowed thickly, dropping his eyes to Yoongi's pants. It was slightly embarrassing but also a little arousing to Jimin so interested in watching him undress. Yoongi shoved down the nerves flittering along his skin and he popped the button on his pants open. Then the zipper and he grabbed the open flaps to shove the fabric down his tights in one quicky, slick motion. 

He had on a small pair of silk boxers because they felt smooth against the scars around his hips on one side and made it so the fabric of his pants didn't chafe where he moved the most. Jimin's eyes dropped to the splatter of pink, puffy scars along the left side of his left leg and Yoongi flushed. He had scars all over his body, some in his hands and forearms from where he protected his face from the blast and a few on his torso, all on the left side but those had started to fade in time, healing much quicker than the burns on his leg. It started just under his hip, right on his thigh and slicked down his leg until his ankle. His foot had been protected by the boots he had been wearing but the flames licked at his pants instantly and then fizzled his skin. They weren't pleasant in the least but they could have been worse, he knew that. They itched on occasion and looked at lot worse than they felt. Eventually, the soft pink of the scars would fade and the burns wouldn't look so narly against his skin but it'd only been five years and he was still coping with them. They used to be worse but Yoongi was so fucking self-concious about them and having Jimin stare wide-eyed at them without saying a word was making it even worse. 

"Oh... Yoongi." Jimin finally spoke, breathless, and sat up, reaching out for him and Yoongi took the few steps to the bed until his knees collided with the edge of the mattress. "Can I?" Jimin hovered his hands over the scarred skin and Yoongi's throat went tight so he nodded his approval. 

Jimin's touch was ever so gentle. He was a doctor after all, but he seemed even more careful because it was Yoongi he was touching. The scars no longer hurt when touched but there was too much scar tissue for Yoongi to actually feel anything. He knew Jimin was touching him. He could see those small fingers brushing ever so gently up his thigh and then back down but he couldn't feel it and what a strange sensation that was. And then Jimin shifted his hand, curling his fingers over Yoongi's hip where he was unscarred and he could feel that and it bubbled emotion up the back of his throat. 

Jimin leaned forward, giving Yoongi's face a quick glance before he pressed his lips against the scarred skin of Yoongi's thigh and the older didn't even realize he was crying until Jimin arched up and gathered his face in his hands, kissing his tears away. It all came out in a rush, the relief, the happiness. Even if he didn't feel Jimin's lips against his scarred skin, it was the thought that counted. The thought that Jimin still found him beautiful, whispered it against his lips as he kissed him and then into his hair as he held him tightly, tugging him back to bed so they could curl up together was everything Yoongi could have ever dreamed for. 

"You're beautiful." Jimin murmured into his hair, holding him so tightly it should have hurt but Yoongi didn't care. He buried his face into the curve of Jimin's throat and stayed there, shaking with soft sobs that he had yet to gain control over. "You're so beautiful, Yoongi. I love you, I do, I love you very much."

Yoongi's heart leap into his throat and everything felt warm and fuzzy in that moment. He gasped against Jimin's throat and squeezed the words out, soft and careful, like speaking them would break everything. "I-I love you, Jimin."

Jimin made a happy sound and pulled Yoongi closer so he could kiss over his face. It was sweet and soft and oh so warm and Yoongi fell asleep with Jimin's lips against his temple and his heart so full it was ready to burst. 

It was the next night, after a long day of working in the heat of the engine room that Yoongi tuggged Jimin into his bed after his shower and before dinner. They were alone in Jimin's room and Jimin didn't fight being dragged on top of Yoongi's plaint body and kissing him senseless. It was Yoongi who grabbed at Jimin and brought him closer. It was Yoongi would brought their hips together and whispered into Jimin's mouth that he needed him. It was Jimin who kissed him sweetly. It was Jimin who undressed him carefully and slowly, kissing every inch of skin he could get his mouth on to remind Yoongi that he was beautiful. It was Jimin who lingered over the scars on his leg after his pants had been shucked off and it was Jimin who planted soft kisses against the marred skin, lingering for just a few moments to pour every ounce of love into every kiss he planted. By the time Yoongi was naked beneath him, he was shaking and panting and flushed with so much warmth he couldn't stand it. 

Jimin was so gentle with him, so careful, holding him close like he was the most important thing in the world. It sprung tears to Yoongi's eyes but he didn't let them stop what they were doing. Jimin took him that night, tucked up close and oh so deep inside of him and it was everything Yoongi never thought he would get to have. Even when he was rolling their hips together, even when he was pulsing burning pleasure all through Yoongi's body, Jimin was gentle with him, leaving kisses over every inch of skin he could touch and Yoongi was almost overwhelmed with feelings.

Later, after Jimin had cleaned them both up and Yoongi was still fizzling from pleasure, he tucked Jimin's head under his chin and held him tightly, whispering to him how much he loved him and Jimin giggled softly, kissing the curve of Yoongi's jaw and reminding him of how much he really loved him in return. 

Jimin was something Yoongi never thought he deserved. Jimin was something Yoongi never thought he could have and yet there he was, in his arms and Yoongi had no intention of ever letting him go. He didn't think he deserved Jimin but that wasn't going to stop him from keeping him. Maybe it was selfish but after all the shit he went through, Yoongi thought he deserved to be a little selfish for once. 

Pure bliss wasn't something Yoongi ever had the chance to feel in his lifetime. But Jimin, beautiful, stunning, kind, warm Park Jimin was pure bliss to him. They went about their days as normal, doing their jobs to the best of their abilities and then they fell together at night, sometimes before dinner and when they showed up for the meal a little flushed, no one said a word because they were far from the only ones doing so. Seulgi found herself living with Minji but she didn't complain about it. And Minhyuk had Myungjun so he didn't miss Yoongi too much. It was perfect, wonderful, and they didn't think about the mission looming in the distance. 

Not until they day they found it. 

They weren't expecting it. Myungjun said they still had a couple thousand miles to go, the signal close but still distant and then the next day, there it was. Yoongi and Jimin were shaken awake by a wide eyed Minhyuk and then the entire crew gathered on the flight deck to see what the hell was going on. 

Jimin clamped his hand tightly over Yoongi's when they saw it. The front of the flight deck was nothing but glass, the special technological kind that could withstand anything, but it was clear, showing off the stars and planets and the ship floating within view. It was huge. Much larger than their own but it had to be to hold over fifty people. There wasn't a single light on, nothing at all and it was simply a huge chunk of metal floating in the vast emptiness of space. 

Myungjun scrambled with the comms, trying to get more than the faint signal from the ship but no one answered. There was nothing and that didn't bode well. It was like a slap in the face seeing the ship just floating there. Yoongi could tell the engines were dead even from inside his own ship. There was nothing about the hunk of metal that led him to believe there was anyone alive inside of it. Myungjun sent a message back to headquarters, letting them know they'd found the ship but it was up to Namjoon what they did next. He looked just a shaken as the rest of them but he knew he had a job to do. 

"Suit up." Namjoon called, squaring his shoulders into the captain he was suposed to be. "Get us closer, Dongmin, Minji. We're boarding."

"Are you mad?" Myungjun hissed, looking more panicked than anything and Yoongi couldn't help but wonder why. "I'm not getting any signs of life on that ship. I don't even think the oxygen filters are working."

"Then we find out why." Namjoon stood his ground, staring down his nose at Myungjun and the navigator bristled like a cat but he didn't argue. "Everyone suit up. Myungjun, you stay."

"You're staying with me." Myungjun stated, glancing at Namjoon before shifting back to his tech board, his fingers flying across it to press buttons. "You're captain. You stay with the ship. That's how these things work."

Namjoon went stiff but he knew Myungjun was correct. His face twitched, like he wanted to say damn the rules but there was a reason the captain had to stay. If something happened to them on that ship, Namjoon had to be able to get back to headquarters. He knew that, they all knew that. 

"We got this, Captain." Wonwoo spoke up.

"One of us should stay." Seulgi glanced at Jimin. "Just in case."

"You stay." Jimin answered her, squeezing Yoongi's hand tightly. "I'm going with them."

She nodded, looking both terrified and relieved and Yoongi remembered that her father was supposed to be on that ship. Her staying behind was probably for the best. 

"The rest of you, suit up."

"We'll be close enough to board in fifteen." Myungjun mumbled, glancing at Minhyuk in a desperate manner before he shouted out commands to Dongmin and Minji who were quick to follow them. 

Their suits consisted of the newest space travel technology their government had to offer. They were tight, extremely form fitting and it was impossible to wear anything beneath them. They had to be naked to wear them but each suit was fitted to their specific body. They were much more advanced then the suits Yoongi used to wear and it was astounding to think how far they had come in five years. The fabric was soft against the skin but like metal on the outside. It would take something stronger than steel to rip through the suits and the helmets not only filtered their oxygen, allowing them to breathe, but had their own comms system so the group could stay in contact. The helmets hid most of their face, making only their eyes seeable through the small slit though it didn't affect their ability to see. The inside of the helmet was mostly synthetic, with screens that kept their peripheral vision. Yoongi had been stunned the first time he put one on because it was so easy to move in. 

By the time they were suited up, it was almost impossible to tell everyone apart. The only difference were the heights and even Hyojung and Minji looked the same as everyone else in their suits. Namjoon joined them as they gathered in the containment chamber and when he passed them all blasters, Yoongi had to question what the fuck they were about to walk into. He had his own comm attached to his cheek with a mic, hooked up to all their helmets so he could communicate with them and he looked sorrowful that he couldn't join them. 

"Do you know how to use one?" Yoongi asked Jimin, turning to his lover to see the doctor fumbling with the gun in his hand. 

"We were trained." Jimin mumbled softly and Yoongi could tell his eyes were wide beneath his helmet. "You?"

"Yeah." Yoongi found his grip on the blaster and considered putting it in the holster against his hip but felt safer holding it. The others seemed to agree and though Jimin's hold was awkward on his own blaster, he seemed confident enough to use it if he had to. 

"Be careful in there." Namjoon told them, glancing around at his crew with a slightly proud expression. "Don't risk yourself, no matter what. Myungjun and I are on comm." He tapped the hunk of metal in his ear. "Keep in touch. And please be safe. I don't know what you're walking into."

There was a murmur of agreement between them and then the entire ship tilted to the side slightly, signalling they've docked with the Voyager and Yoongi's heart started to throb for reasons he didn't understand. He was nervous, a little scared even, but Jimin was at his side and that was enough. He almost wished he could make Jimin stay on their ship but he knew better than that. Jimin wanted to help, he wanted to be with the rest of them on the Voyager and nothing Yoongi could say would stop him from doing so. 

Namjoon left them in the containment room but he wished them luck one more time in their comm. There was a slight buzz of excitement and anticipation in the room before the lights went blue and started to flash. A computer generated voice started a countdown as the air in the room was sucked out in a solid whooshing sound and Yoongi couldn't feel the pressure against his skin like he once had. The suits were the best of the best and at least he could say the government spared no expense on this mission. 

The door to the outside made a couple of clicking noises and then whoosed open when the voice counted down to zero. There was a small hallway, something made out of metal and glass and now that the door was open, they were able to float in the air just enough. The synthetic gravity was gone and Hyojung was the first one to push forward and out the door. The hallway, which protruded from their ship was only a guide line and hooked into the side of the Voyager, around a door that might be hard to open from the outside. 

"Give it a minute. I'll get it open." Myungjun's voice was solid and rushed in their ears and by the time Yoongi slipped out into the hallway with Jimin at his side, the door on the Voyager was slowly being prided open. Myungjun explained that most of the systems on the ship weren't working, too out of juice but he managed to hack in and get the door opened. That was all he could do for them. 

There was something eerie about the Voyager and it made Yoongi's skin crawl. The door Myungjun opened for them led into an identical containment center but it was much larger. Once they were all inside, they paused, glancing around the room for any signs of life. 

"Wonwoo, help me with this." Hyojung called, moving toward the only other door in the room. It was jammed shut and it took Hyojung, Jimin, Wonwoo and Dongmin to get the damn thing opened. As soon as it was opened, shoved into the slot in the wall, something felt off. Yoongi narrowed his eyes and watched carefully as Hyojung rose her blaster and peered around the doorway, down each side of the hallway. "It's clear." She called softly. 

"It's a huge ship." Namjoon's voice was in their comms again. "We have a map. You're in the containment room. If you go left, it'll take you toward the bedrooms and the right will go toward the flight deck. There's too many hallways. Myungjun is sending you all maps now."

Sure enough, less than a moment later, there was a map on Yoongi's screen and he could see exactly where they were. 

"I hate to say this, but I think you need to split up. Cover more ground as quickly as you can. You find something, alert the others immediately."

It was easy to pair off but they were uneven. Minhyuk was left alone and that didn't settle well with Yoongi. He was careful as he pushed Jimin toward the boy, earning a wide eyed look from his lover. "Go with him. I can handle myself."

"Yoongi." Jimin gasped and Minhyuk quickly shook his head. 

"I'm fine." Yoongi assured Jimin. "I've done shit like this before. You two stick together. I'll feel better if you have each other's back."

Neither of them had an arguement for that but Jimin insisted they stick together until they had to split up and Yoongi agreed. The three of them went right, along with Wonwoo and Dongmin while Hyojung and Minji went left with Jihoon and Jongin. They followed the map but it was easy to see there was no life on the ship. No sign of it at all. No bodies, no nothing and that was concerning. It was almost as if the ship had been abandoned but that made no sense. Once they reached the flight deck, Dongmin immedately ran inside and started checking things over. They left him with Wonwoo and then continued forward. 

"Check the storages." Yoongi told Jimin and Minhyuk. "There's an atrium a few turns away and I'm curious about something."

"Keep in touch." Jimin reached out to grip his hand, squeeing it slightly and then he went into the storage rooms with Minhyuk, leaving Yoongi alone.

The deeper Yoongi went, the darker it became and he had to switch on his helmet beam in order to see anything. Nothing seemed out of place aside from the fact that the ship was dead and void of life. It didn't add up. Fifty people didn't just vanish. The world didn't work like that. There had to be an explanation and Yoongi was going to find it. 

"Yoongi." Myungjun's voice cut into his comm and he flinched, not expecting the sound in the dead silence around him. "There's something... near you."

"That doesn't sound ominous." Yoongi muttered, lifting up his blaster and holding it with both hands as he walked slowly down the hallway. 

"I don't know what it is. I couldn't read it before but now your suit is reading it. It's... not life. But, something. An electronic pulse of some sort."

"Lead me."

Myungjun made a noise of agreement and started to shoot off directions, telling him when to turn and when the keep walking. Yoongi couldn't help but notice he was being led toward the atrium, his original objective. The thing was large, judging by the map and Yoongi was curious to see if there was any living plant life left in the thing. When he turned down the hallway leading to the glass door of the atrium, Yoongi immediately went tense. He couldn't tell why, but he felt wrong. He pushed forward however, with Myungjun in his ear, telling him he was close. 

"Close to what?" Yoongi mumbled, the blaster still clutched tightly in his hands. 

"I don't know. Be careful. I can't open the door for you."

Yoongi grunted and had to holster his gun in order to grab at the seam of the double doors and pry them open. It took a few tries but he managed to open it enough to squeeze through and then they snapped shut behind him. Interesting. He grabbed his blaster again and turned toward the large darkened atrium. It was almost pitch black and his helmet lamp did little to help. 

"The hell is going on?" Myungjun hissed in his ear. "Hold still."

Yoongi did as told, locking his muscles and tightening his grip on his blaster. His helmet started making all kinds of beeping sounds and a computer generated voice told him there was oxygen in the air, which made no sense. Judging by the full bar of blue in the corner of his screen, it was breathable. 

Abrutply, the lights flicked on. Yoongi was almost blinded and he covered his eyes with an arm, hissing a curse that made Myungjun apologize. 

"Sorry. But there's energy where you are. The atrium... why does it have energy? There's oxygen? That doesn't make sense. Yoongi, how do you feel?"

"I feel fine." He glanced down and realized he was flat on the ground. "There's gravity." He bounced on his feet to test it and sure enough he felt like he was back on their ship, or Earth. 

"That makes no sense." Myungjun hissed, obviously upset that he had no clue what was going on. 

"There's oxygen?" Yoongi questioned, raising his eyes to the top of the glass dome where he could see a splatter of stars. There were trees everywhere and all kinds of plants he recognized but as Yoongi started to walk, he started to notice something strange. Plants he didn't recognize. They were sectioned off on one side of the atrium and Yoongi made his way to them. "Are you seeing this?"

"Yes." Namjoon answered, startling Yoongi slightly. "I've never seen plantlife like that. Is Wonwoo with you?"

"He stayed on the flightdeck." Yoongi paused in front of a series of flowers. They were pretty, a faint color of blue around the edges of the white petals with thorns along the stems. They were large, almost as big as his head but they didn't seem harmful. "I'm taking my helmet off."

"Are you insane?" Jimin's voice suddenly cut through, sounding panicked.

"There's oxygen." Myungjun cut in. "Do it Yoongi. I want to know what's going on."

"Don't encourage him!" Jimin snapped. 

Yoongi brought up a hand to the back of his helmet and rubbed his finger into the spot he needed, shutting down his oxygen system and he waited. Nothing happened. His suit let out a soft whoosh of air, the pressure releasing and if they were wrong, if there wasn't oxygen, his suit had an emergency fuction. "I'll be fine." He assured Jimin and then, he took his helmet off. 

Air. There was air. Yoongi gasped and dropped his helmet to the floor, his eyes going wide as he breathed. It wasn't the type of air back on earth and it wasn't the filtered oxygen they breathed on the ship. No, this was real. It smelled sweet, like the flowers in front of him and Yoongi smiled softly, taking a deep breath and closed his eyes. It was air, real breathable air. These plants, whatever they were, were creating oxygen and the Voyager did it. They found a planet, a liveable planet. But what happened to them?

His personal comm started to ring in his ear and Yoongi answered it quickly, wincing at Jimin's shout of his name. 

"Don't you ever do something that stupid again, you hear me Min Yoongi? I fucking swear, what the hell were you thinking?!"

"I can breathe, Jimin. It's fine. There's air in here. Real air."

The line went silent for a moment. "Are you... really?"

"Really." Yoongi assured him.

There was the sudden sound of something scraping against the ground and Yoongi whipped around, his blaster already up in his hands and he saw a flash of black before he could do anything. The blaster went off in his hands, Jimin screamed in his ear and Yoongi fell back on the ground, a heavy weight atop him. He struggled for a moment, unable to focus on what was happening and then something grabbed at him. The grip was slippy and the smell was rotten and Yoongi struggled to find a grip on his blaster again. All he could see was a mass of black and he was shooting again, struggling against the grip around him. 

He winced at the sound of the blaster and then the mass atop him stopped moving. Yoongi kicked and flailed, managing to get the heavy ass thing off him and he rolled to the side, jumping to his feet and aiming his blaster at the thing again. There was shouting in his ear, multiple voices this time but Yoongi couldn't hear them over his own heavy breathing. His heart was pounding in his ears and he stared at the thing on the ground with wide eyes. 

It was a person. At least, he thought it was. It was vaguely humanoid in form but the more Yoongi looked, the more he saw that the creature was wrapped up in what looked like a black slug. It dripped over the ground to eventually disslove in the air as if it had never been there. It was on Yoongi's suit but it also started to evaporate into steam. Carefully, Yoongi kicked the tip of his boot against the creature, his blaster at the ready and the body rolled and oh maker it's face. It might have been human at some point but it's jaw was unhinged, replaced with rows and rows of tiny sharp teeth and Yoongi shivered. The eyes were gone, left with nothing but empty sockets and he glanced away, his stomach lurching at the sight. Whatever it was, was dead now but Yoongi had a feeling it wasn't alone. 

He grabbed his helmet from the ground and shoved it back on over his head, clicking it into place so his systems came back online. There was chaos on the comms and Yoongi went stiff. 

"-ship. Get back on the fucking ship. Now!" Namjoon was demanding through the comms and Yoongi could barely catch his breath. 

"Oh maker, it got Wonwoo." Minhyuk was mumbling into the line, sounding utterly terrified. 

"He's changing!" Minji screeched through the line and it sounded like people were running, panting. "Oh maker what is happening?!"

"Jongin!" Jihoon was sobbing, from the sound of it. "Maker, Jongin! Don't! What is happening to you?!"

"We have to go." Hyojung's voice was solid, firm. "Jihoon, don't fight me, it's too late-Stop it! We have run!"

"I'm not leaving him!"

"He's infected." Myungjun's voice was a cold calm in the sea of chaos. "Yoongi, your suit is detecting a biochemical bacteria in the air."

Yoongi went tense, dropping his eyes at the creature on the ground in front of him. 

"The fuck does that mean?" Jimin, sweet perfect Jimin. He sounded out of breath.

"Yoongi..." Myungjun's voice broke on his name but Yoongi knew, he didn't have to be told. He understood what was going on. 

"The infection is airborne." Yoongi stated, much more calmly then he felt. 

"Everyone, back to the ship now!" Namjoon demanded. 

"Jimin-" Minhyuk started. 

"No, I'm going to Yoongi." Jimin cut him off. 

"Jimin, Get your ass back on this ship, Yoongi can handle himself."

"I'm going to him!" Jimin argued and cut off his comms completely. 

"Dongmin, I swear if you don't get Minhyuk back here in one piece there will be hell to pay." Myungjun warned. 

"I've got him." 

That was the last thing Yoongi heard before he cut off his own comms system. He swayed on his feet for a moment before he dropped down into a squat, grabbing at his helmet and ripping it off his head with enough force to hurt his ears. He tossed it to the side without a care, hissing and cursing himself. He just had to take the damn thing off didn't he? What he fuck was he thinking? Yes, there was air. Yes, he could breath. But it as fucking infected. Now he was infected. Just like the broken creature in front of him. Oh, maker, would Yoongi become one of them now?

A sudden banging snapped his head up and he was up right again, holding his blaster tightly in his hands but it was only Jimin, banging against the glass. Yoongi froze, his eyes going wide and unable to move. He couldn't see much of Jimin but he knew it was his lover. Yoongi lurched forward before he could think, slamming into the door and grabbed at the panel on the side, locking the fucking door.  Their personal comms connected almost instantly. 

"Open this door, Yoongi! Open it now!" Jimin grabbed at the seam and struggled, tugging at it but he couldn't get it opened. He wasn't strong enough now that the locks were in place. "Yoongi!" Jimin cried, slamming both fists against the glass. "Open this fucking door!"

"I can't." Yoongi mumbled, his eyes wide and his heart in his throat, ready to be thrown up. 

"Like hell you can't!" Jimin's voice sounded so broken, like he knew. He knew what Yoongi knew but he wasn't willing to accept it. "Open this fucking door!" He slammed both fists against it again with enough strength to make the glass shake but it didn't break. 

"Jimin." Yoongi said softly, his voice tight and worn but he placed his hand against the glass. "You can't come in."

Yoongi couldn't see his lover's face but he could see the way Jimin's entire body snapped, almost collapsing to the floor but he caught himself against the door. He was sobbing through the comms now, crying and begging for Yoongi to let him. "Please, Yoongi, open the door. Let me in, Yoongi, please." He was so broken, speaking in soft sobs that tore at Yoongi's chest like sharp claws. 

"I can't." Yoongi's eyes prickled with tears and the slipped down his cheeks, his fingers curling against the glass into a fist. "I'm so sorry, Jimin. I messed up again."

"Y-You didn't. Yoongi, please. Let me in. Please."

"You have to go. Back to the ship. You have to survive this."

"D-Don't. Yoongi, please." He clawed at the glass desperately, the fingers of his suit making a soft scraping sound against it. 

Yoongi stepped closer, close enough to see Jimin's wide, tearfilled eyes through his helmet and Yoongi's heart broke in that moment. It shattered to tiny little pieces and fell at his feet because this was his fault. He caused Jimin this pain and he would never forgive himself. But, judging by the strange crawling feeling all over his skin, he didn't have long to suffer from it. 

"I love you, Jimin." He pressed his forehead against the cool glass and he saw Jimin doing the same through his suit. "There's a small gas line in here. It's not much but it's enough. Get back on the ship. I can give them twenty minutes to get as fucking far from this ship as they can."

Jimin's eyes widened in realization. "No! Yoongi!"

"We can't let this fester. We can't let this float through space so someone else can stumble on it. I'm the only one who can do this."

"They got Wonwoo." Jimin's voice was terrified. "Minhyuk killed it but... he... changed and..."

"Go, Jimin. Go back to the ship."

There was a moment where Jimin just stared at him but an understading eventually came over him. He closed his eyes tightly, letting a few more tears fall and then he leaned away from the glass, letting his hand hover Yoongi's. "I love you, Yoongi."

"I know. I know, Jimin. Now run."

They shared one last look through the glass, something that spoke a million words neither of them had the time to speak and then Jimin was twisting on his feet, running down the hallway and out of Yoongi's sight. 

For a moment, Yoongi held his breath, waiting. Part of him thought Jimin might come running back but Jimin was gone by the time his lungs felt tight and Yoongi gasped for air. Yoongi nearly stumbled on his feet but he didn't have the time. He gripped his blaster tight in one hand and set a timer on his comms, hurrying through the atrium to find the gas line he knew to be there. It wasn't far and rather easy to find. He found a shovel by a box of fresh looking tomatoes and then he slammed the flat end of it over the pipe a few times. It busted open with enough strength and Yoongi crinkled his nose at the scent of gas. The ship was huge and Yoongi would have better luck if he had access to the engine room but this was close enough. The gas line ran through the entire ship. All he had to do was set off a spark; Shoot his blaster and boom. 

Yoongi collapsed beside the broken pipe and shoved a hand into his face so he could finally sob, his entire body wrecking with it. 

Meanwhile, Jimin managed to escape back to the containment room. He met Hyojung on his way and she was carrying as sobbing Minji over her shoulder. Jihoon was no where to be seen but Jimin didn't question it. He had a feeling he knew what happened. He'd heard enough in his comms. Hyojung had the respect to not ask where Yoongi was as they escaped the Voyager and got back to their own ship. The doors slammed shut beinhd them and then the room went through the process of decontaminating them. Three minutes later, they were spilling into the rest of the ship and running to the flight deck. 

"Tell them the mission was a success but not in the way they wanted." Namjoon was saying to Myungjun when Jimin, Hyojung and Minji arrived. 

"Minji!" Seulgi nearly screeched and hurried to the girls side, dropping to the floor with her when Minji could no longer hold herself up. 

Myungjun's hands were flying across the screen but Minhyuk was behind him, clinging to his back tightly and Jimin wanted to feel relieved that the boy was okay but he couldn't feel much of anything right now. "How could this happen?" He was mumbling. 

"We have to leave." Jimin finally said through a choked throat. 

"Jimin." Namjoon's eyes were sad when they turned on him, because he had figured it out too but Jimin didn't have the time. They didn't have the time. 

"Yoongi's going to blow it up." Jimin explained, ripping his helmet off and gasping for air. His chest was so tight, he could barely breathe. "He's giving us twenty minutes. We need to go."

Dongmin hurried to his seat and Minji was too hysterical to do anything so Hyojung took her place. Myungjun didn't say a word, only nodded in understanding and started up the engines. His eyes were rimmed with red, like he had been crying and Jimin knew how he felt. He was barely holding himself together. 

"We're not infected are we?" Minhyuk voiced to the silent room. 

"No." Myungjun answered firmly. "It was airborne."

"But Wonwoo..."

"It broke through their suits." Hyojung stated, her eyes focused on the screen on front of her as she tried to help Myungjun and Dongmin get the ship ready for a quick thrust off. "The claws..." She shook her head. "It infected Jongin and then he started to turn. Jihoon wouldn't leave. It looked painful."

Painful. Yoongi was in pain right now and what was Jimin doing? He left him. He fucking left him because Yoongi demanded it of him. Yoongi wanted him to live, wanted him to survive because Yoongi made the mistake of taking off his hemlet and getting infected. Jimin had seen the black mass on the floor behind his lover. Yoongi had seen what he would become. Of course he wanted to blow it up. 

Jimin knew, deep in his heart he would never forgive himself for leaving Yoongi. 

"You said it was biochemical." Jimin spoke up. "You're sure none of us are infected?"

Myungjun's brow furrowed. "Almost positive. The decontamination should have killed off any bacteria on your suits."

"What if it didn't?"

"Jimin." Namjoon snapped his head at him in warning but Jimin had an idea formulating. 

"Yoongi wouldn't know. He wouldn't..." Jimin twisted around, eyes scanning the flight deck for something, anything, but all they had were the blasers and Jimin bit into his lower lip before raising his own to his arm. 

"What are you doing?!" Namjoon shouted in alarm but it was too late. Jimin pulled the trigger. 

The light blasted against his suit and it protected him from most of the damage. His skin was unharmed but now there was a hole in the forearm of his suit. Jimin smiled at it, a maniacal thing and he ignored the looks he was getting. 

"Get out of here in fifteen." Jimin holstered his blaster and shoved his helmet back on his head. "That's all we can give you."

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" Namjoon shouted at him, looking both shocked and confused. 

"I'm not letting Yoongi die alone. Let me out, Myungjun." He knew the navigator heard him and he spun on his heel and took off running.

The containment room was already open for him and as soon as the door shut behind him, the outside door opened. The hallway was gone but Jimin didn't care. The hole in his arm compromised his suit but he had enough oxygen to get back to Yoongi if he hurried. He launched into into the empty space and managed to latch onto the open door of the other ship. He swung around inside until his feet planted on the ground and then he took off again. The gravity was wacky but he could move fast with the small boosters on the bottom of his feet. 

Jimin only had to use his blaster once and he tried not to think about how the creature looked strikingly like Jongin.

Jimin prayed Yoongi still had his comm in his ear as he sent off a call, flying down the hallway toward the atrium and slamming into the door. He couldn't see Yoongi and that worried him for a split second before the call connected and Yoongi came running around a planter of bushes. His helmet was still gone, his face an expression of slacked surprise.

"What are you doing?" Yoongi's voice was barely a whisper and it warmed everything deep in Jimin's gut.  

"Open the door!"

"I told you to go back to the ship!" Yoongi snapped, his pretty pale face going red but there were tears in his eyes. 

"Let me in!" Jimin lifted his arm, showing off the fried bits of his suit and he hoped it looked convincing enough. "I'm not letting you die in there alone when we're both infected!" He wasn't, Jimin wasn't infected, but Yoongi didn't need to know that. 

"Infected..." Yoongi's entire face fell at the word and he scrambled forward, hurrying to the door so he could fiddle with the inside panel. "You were't supposed... You're suposed to survive."

Jimin thought he should maybe feel bad for tricking Yoongi but then there was a soft click and the older was grabbing at the seam in the door. Jimin joined him and with both of their efforts, they managed to open it enough for Jimin to slip inside. The door snapped shut behind him and Jimin let out a breath of relief. 

Yoongi was crying now, small tears rolling down his cheeks and Jimin ripped off his hemlet, letting it clatter to the floor as he threw himself at the man he loved. Yoongi stumbled but caught him and when their lips met, Jimin sighed in relief. Yoongi tasted different, he tasted wrong but it didn't matter. Jimin hadn't been infected outside that door, but he was now. 

"Forgive me." Jimin murmured against his mouth and when he pulled back, Yoongi's eyes were blown wide, his usual pink plump mouth starting to turn black from the inside out. It was a strange sight and it made Jimin's heart thump in in his chest. Yoongi was infected. His skin was paler than normal, and there were little black veins starting to spread in the whites of his eyes. It was terrifying but Jimin didn't care. This was the man he loved and he refused to leave him alone to die. "I told them your plan. How much time do we have left?"

Yoongi's gaze shifted, glancing at his comm. "Seven minutes."

"They should be undocking." Jimin grabbed at Yoongi's face and brought him closer again, kissing him firmly and deeply. 

"You're supposed to survive." Yoongi cried against his mouth. 

"Not without you." Jimin stated, smiling softly at the man he loved. "We'll go down together."

Yoongi was unhappy, it was easy to see but there was also that flicker of relief. Yoongi wanted him there. Yoongi wanted them together and it was enough to ease the guilt in the pit of Jimin's stomach. Yoongi knocked their foreheads together and though he couldn't get his lips to twitch into a smile, there was fondness in his darkening eyes. "I love you."

"I love you." Jimin kissed him once before before pulling away. "You're in pain. How much longer can you hold out?"

Yoongi winced and led Jimin over to the broken gas pipe. He crinkled his nose at the scent but he understood Yoongi's fairly simple plan. "I'm fine."

"You're not fine. It's taking over, isn't it?"

Yoongi was shaking and when he offered the blaster out to Jimin with a shaking hand he was barely holding himself together. "You might have to shoot it."

"I'll do it." Jimin agreed, taking the blaster from Yoongi's hand. 

They sat on the floor together, facing the broken pipe so they would be at the center of the explosion with no chance of survival. Jimin could already start to feel the strange crawling feeling over his skin. He tucked Yoongi in close to his side, holding onto the violently shaking man tightly. The bits of skin he could see were already starting to spiderweb black and Jimin prayed he lasted long enough for their ship to get away. 

Jimin's comm fizzled in his ear and then a voice cut through, soft and slightly broken. "We're gone." Namjoon. He was upset, Jimin knew he was but he also knew Namjoon understood. 

"Thanks for everything Joonie." Jimin mumbled softly, raising the blaster and aiming for the broken gas pipe. 

There was nothing Namjoon could say so Jimin wasn't surprised when the line cut off. Then Yoongi's comm started beeping, signaling their time was up. Jimin held Yoongi close to him, tucking his head against the curve of his neck and buried his face against his soft black hair. He breathed in him, smelling apples and berries and savored that scent above the sour scent of the infection. He closed his eyes tightly, mumbling to Yoongi how much he loved him once again and then pulled the trigger, launching the blast of light into the pipe and then everything went white. 

Chapter Text

When Yoonji was six years old, her mother sat her down in front of their grand piano and let her twinkle her tiny fingers over the keys to make beautiful sounds. When Yoonji was ten, she was scribbling down lyrics and music notes in her special pink notebook her mother gave her for her recent birthday. When Yoonji was thirteen, she discovered a rapper by the name of Jessi and she immediately fell in love. When Yoonji was fifteen, she snuck out of her bedroom window, took a bus into the center of the city and snuck into a club she was much too young to enter. When she was fifteen, Yoonji stood on stage for the first time, spitting her hard worked lyrics into a mic and watching as the crowd bobbed their heads to the motion of her hand. When Yoonji was sixteen, she was scouted by a small company and offered a business card and an invitation to their upcoming auditions. When she was sixteen, she begged her mother to let her go and after coming to terms with the fact that her daughter had a passion, she agreed. 

When Yoonji was seventeen, she sighed a contract with Bighit entertainment and offically moved to Seoul to become a trainee with the support of her mother. Training wasn't easy, not that she had expected it to be but Bang PD saw a buttload of potential inside of her and she didn't want to let anyone down. She worked her ass off, focusing mainly on her voice, her composition skills and musical instrument talents. She learned how to play the guitar, she focused more on how to play the piano and she finally had the proper equipment to mix her own beats. Training was one of the worst things she ever put herself through but she knew it would all be worth it in the end. She was forced to take dance classes, because they planned to throw her into a new girl group with the focus on hip-hop. Yoonji wanted to stand on stage, she wanted to get her name out there and if being an idol was the first step, she was willing to do it. 

Yoonji wore herself down to the bone during her training. She bled, she cried, she sweated buckets. But she was certain it would eventually be worth it. 

When Yoonji was eighteen, Bang PD took her out for a dinner, just the two of them and she was both nervous and flattered. By the end of the night, she had more hope than ever. The girl group they had been trying to put together, based completely around her and her talents wasn't entirely playing out because Yoonji had a certain look and atmosphere about her that was hard to mesh well with other people. So instead, Bang PD decided to, essentially, pimp her out to other companies. She was flattered, really but also terrified. 

When Yoonji was nineteen and a trainee for two years, she met Zico for the first time. He was kind, and rather warm to her and happy to work with her. It was obvious the man was a little apprehensive at first but all that changed when Yoonji got behind the mic and spit fire. 

After that, Yoonji was featured on multiple hits with all kinds of popular artists. She got to work with Henry, Dean, Zico a number of times, K. Will, and finally, finally, had the honor of meeting her idol. Jessi was amazing in person. She wasn't afraid to be who she was and didn't let any of the haters get to her. Not only was she impressed with Yoonji's flow and composition but she had a lot of life lessons to share with the young rapper. She reminded Yoonji that the industry she was trying to break into wouldn't be easy on her. She was a strong independent gorgeous female trying to break into a male dominated sexist world but Jessi had faith in her and that was enough of Yoonji. 

When Yoonji was twenty, she finally debuted under the name Suga, which Bang PD had been calling her for a long time. It was offical, now. Yoonji was debuting as a solo artist with a song she poured her blood, sweat, tears and heart into and it was both terrifying and exhilarating. People were pumped for her debut, since she already had her name out there with so many popular artists and she didn't disappoint. 

Min Yoonji's life was a whirlwind of music shows, interviews, variety shows, concerts and more training after that. She snatched up number one on Music Bank after two weeks and she cried into Bang PD's shoulder about it because it meant all of her hard work had finally been worth it. 

By the time she was twenty-six, Min Yoonji was one of the most popular solo female artists in all of South Korea. She even had a decent following internationally that she was immensely proud of. But that didn't mean her crawl up the ladder of fame had been any amount of easy. In fact, it was still hard. Like Jessi had warned her, she was a woman in a male dominated world and she got plenty of shit for it. Most of the male rappers she worked with were pleasant to her. Their masculinity wasn't fragile enough for them to worry about her. In fact, she had most of their support, especially Zico who she still worked with often. 

On top of all the male rappers and idols support she had, there were plenty of other female rappers who supported her. Jessi always brought her up in interviews and gave her compliments when asked. CL was perhaps the most amazing person on the planet and Yoonji still went a little starstuck when she saw the beautiful woman at awards shows, flashing her a pretty smile and congratulating her. Yoonji rarely considered the fact that now, she was like Jessi or CL because she still found it hard to believe she was that large. 

But she was.

All Yoonji cared about was getting her music out there in the way she wanted it done and having people receive it well. She felt blessed to have people love and enjoy her music. She ripped open her heart in her songs and she was well known for being the most real idol out there. She never held anything back in her songs or her interviews and she was known for being rather blunt about her feelings. She'd called out the sexist industry countless times and though it made people awkward, it made her fans scream her name even louder. Yoonji never wanted to be one of the faces for positive female rappers in a male dominated world but that was exactly what she became and she intended to never let any little girls who looked up to her down. 

Yoonji grew a tough skin, even with a stage name like Suga but even she had her bad days. Today was one of those days. She was revving up for a comeback, something dark and little more deep, touching on the depression and therpy she had when she was still a trainee and diving into those deep parts of herself had been a little emotionally exhausting. So Far Away was the first song Yoonji was actually singing on and she was slightly terrified of how well that would be recieved. She wasn't the best singer in the world but Bang PD had been adamant that she be the one to sing the chorus, instead of some other idol who could actually sing well. 

It was exhausting. Yoonji was overworked but she told herself, as she did everytime things got a bit crazy, that it would be worth it in the end. 

Yoonji spent all day in her studio, mixing tracks and laying her voice down in the hope that it didn't sound too horrible. By the time she finally slinked free, it was past midnight and most of the company building was dark and empty. Her apartment was only a short walk away and she figured the cool night air would do her some good. She was thinking about snapping a picture of her feet as she walked outside to post on her Twitter because she hadn't posted in a couple days and she didn't want her fans to think she died or anything. They always loved hearing from her, getting to see her on a more personal level and Yoonji enjoyed reading their comments and seeing how much they cared about her well being. They knew she was working for a comeback but that didn't mean she was too busy to check up with them.

A selfie was out of the question since she was sure she looked like death itself but her black and white sneakers were a gift from one of her fansites during her last birthday and she didn't mind showing them off. She was flicking through her Twitter feed, liking posts from a few of her idol friends and groups she liked, her limbs dragging rather slowly down the hallway when she heard the thumping of music. She lifted her head in slight surprise, blinking slowly as she glanced around the empty hallway. 

Curious, Yoonji followed the sound of music. She wasn't too surprise when it led her to the large practice room. She wondered who would be up and about so late at night. Probably a group of trainees because it wouldn't be the first time she left the building late at night and someone was still in one of the practice rooms. She used to be one of those trainees, staying in the dance practice room until sunrise, trying to get down a certain choreography for a group that would never see the light of day. It was a fond memory, even though her muscles ached at the near thought of being put through that hell again. 

The practice room was large enough to fit twenty or so people inside of it with worn hard wood floors and walls of floor to ceiling mirrors. There was one door with a slotted window which Yoonji leaned up on her toes to peak through. Her height was always a bit of a thorn in her side but when she was stomping around on stage, spitting fire, her height was the last thing people thought about. She had a rep for being fire on stage and a fluffball off stage and truth be told, it wasn't wrong. Suga was pretty different from Yoonji and that was okay. She liked both aspects of herself. The last thing she wanted to do was pretend to be something she wasn't. Her fans knew Suga but they also knew Yoonji and they loved both sides of her. 

The thumping of music had a familiar beat but considering the thickness of the walls, Yoonji couldn't pinpoint exactly what the song was. She did, however, get a good view of what was going on inside of the room as she rolled up onto her toes and curled her sleeve covered fingers against the small window. 

There was one person inside the room, just one. Yoonji watched in interest as the woman twirled around the room, looking like a leaf in the wind as her body flowed with the music. She was young, Yoonji thought, probably one of the newer trainees that Yoonji had yet to met. Usually she ended up in the practice room at the same time as a group of them and they were always so thrilled to meet her. This woman, however, didn't look a bit familiar and so Yoonji assumed she was new. 

She had long wavy black hair that was tucked atop her head in a messy bun, small strands sticking to her sweat slick neck and face. Her skin had a pretty golden tan to it, natural Yoonji was sure, and her limbs were coiled with soft muscle. She was wearing a loose tank top, hugging her ample breasts and wide hips along with a pair of black leggings, showing off thighs that made Yoonji's throat a little tight. When the woman twisted around, moving along to some present choreography she was probably learning for her classes, Yoonji could finally see her face. 

And wow, what a face. She was gorgeous. Her face was rounded, with chubby cheeks that were flushed with color from all the movement she was doing. Her nose was slight and rounded out into a small button, her eyes were small and a little droopy and her mouth. Her lips were pink and plump, pouting out naturally and so fucking full they made Yoonji's mouth a little dry. Whoever she was, she definitely had the face of an idol and if she was working so hard so late at night, she had the drive as well. 

Yoonji watched her for a little while longer, taking in the way her body twisted and flowed with the music. She was an amazing dancer and judging by the muscles curled over her body, she had been dancing for a long time. Yoonji wondered if she was singer, or a rapper, or maybe both. She grew curious about the trainee but the longer she stood there the more her tiredness caught up with her. Eventually she left the building to head home and get some rest, the thought of the trainee still working her ass off bringing a fond smile to her lips. 

Over the course of the next week or so, Yoonji caught the same trainee in the practice room three more times. She was always alone, always dropping with sweat and buring with determination in her pretty eyes. Yoonji appreciated how hard she was working and quietly wished the girl good luck everytime she passed the room on her way home for the night. 

It was eight days later, when Yoonji was scheduled for some time in the practice room for her upcoming comeback that she finally met the trainee face to face. 

Seokjin was a great manager. He stuck by Yoonji's side when he was needed but gave her the space when she needed it and she was thankful to have him. He knew when to push her and when to back off. Currently he was pushing her but they both knew she needed it. She'd been up late the night before, memorising all the parts of her song that she was anxious about but now she had choreography she needed to learn. It wasn't anything super fancy. Suga wasn't known as a dancer but So Far Away was different than most of the songs Yoonji had done. There was an elegant softness to it, something pretty and haunting and her dance instructor was planning on adding in some comtemporary dance elements to it. Which meant, Yoonji had to dance and she only had two weeks to learn everything. 

The dance room wasn't empty when Seokjin dragged her inside but neither of them had expected it to be. She was a little early because she didn't give an actual fuck about the way she looked that day even after Seokjin tried to convince her to change out of her pajamas. Yoonji just threw on a pair of black leggings and kept her worn white t-shirt she slept in. It was wrinkled but still smelled nice and she was going to get all sweaty anyway. Her long dyed blond hair was balled up and tucked under a black snapback. Her roots were starting to show anyway so she didn't care too much about it. She had no idea what the company planned for her upcoming concept but she was sure her hair would suffer for it. 

When Yoonji stepped through the door, there was a sudden hush in the room that made her perk her head up and push the sunglasses off her face. Seokjin's hand was warm on the small of her back, making sure she didn't turn tail and run because she wasn't always so easy to deal with first thing in the morning. The room was full with a handful of girls, trainees, and Yoonji flicked on a smile because she had to be polite. She bowed in greeting to all the girls who quickly approached her, bowed and introduced themselves. 

There were about eight of them and they introduced themselves as Starlight, the upcoming new girl group Yoonji had heard about in passing. She were the group Yoonji had originally been planned for but had been put on the back burner while the company focused on promoting her. Now, it seemed, the company was finally ready to release their first girl group and judging by the eager smiles on their faces, they were ready. They were all rather pretty, as idols tended to be but Yoonji's eyes paused on one girl in particular. 

It was the trainee she kept catching in the practice room late at night. Her eyes widened when they met Yoonji's and she bowed her head again, waves of soft black hair falling around her in the process. She introduced herself as Park Jimin, main dancer and sub vocalist. Yoonji tried to not let her eyes linger too long on the girl but she did notice the slight flush to her pretty cheeks. Yoonji wished them luck on their upcoming debut and the rest of their training and then she was dragged away by Seokjin to sit down in one of the few folding chairs. 

There was a fizzle of nervousness in the air as the girls finished up their practice. It was obvious they were a little more on edge because Yoonji was there but she tried to not make them feel nervous by staring. That became harder when they formed together in the middle of the floor and prepared for their last run through of the song they were supposed to debut with. 

Hoseok was an amazing dance instructor and Yoonji's favorite and as she watched the girls dance, she realized he made yet another hit with his choreography. The girls were well trained with a fire in their eyes and Yoonji had hope for them. The song was actually pretty nice too. A little too poppy for her taste but there was a nice beat drop and the body rolls the girls did were rather attractive. Yoonji found her eyes drifting to Jimin on multiple occasions for reasons she wasn't entirely sure of. The girl was an amazing dancer and it was easy to tell in the way she moved her limbs elegantly. She knew what she was doing and when there was a dance break in the middle and Jimin took center, Yoonji could understand why the girl was the main dancer of the group. Eyes were drawn to her naturally, at least Yoonji's were and she could see the girl developing a lot of fans because of her pretty face and her dancing. She didn't have many lines in the song, Yoonji noticed. In fact, she had one line and half of a chorus but her voice was soft and sweet on the track playing through the speakers and it made Yoonji wonder how she sounded live. 

"They're pretty good." Seokjin mused softly from beside her, his eyes trained on the synchronization of the group. 

"Wouldn't be debuting if they weren't." Yoonji pointed out, dropping her eyes back to her phone. "When do they debut?"

"The showcase is two months away. Bang PD doesn't want to take away your thunder. They will debut after your schedules for this comeback." Seokjin hummed, crossing his legs as he dropped his eyes back to Yoonji. "We've been hyping these girls up for a while so they already have a small fanbase. I think Bang PD was hoping you'd give some support to your little sisters."

Yoonji crinkled her nose and gave a half shrug, appearing as if she was more interested in her phone. "We'll take a picture together when they're done. Post it, that should help."

Seokjin's smile was pretty and he hummed happily. "I knew you'd be willing to help."

Once the girls were done with their last run through, Soekjin got to his feet and announced that they would take a group picture with Yoonji so she could post it, showing her support for her little sisters. Most of the girls squeaked in surprise and happiness and they quickly went to the mirrors to fix their appearances. Yoonji knew she didn't look her best but she plucked the snapback off her head, ran her fingers through her hair to comb it and then pulled it all up into a thick ponytail. She slipped the tail through the back of the snapback and then she was looking a little better than death. 

Hoseok agreed to take the picture with Yoonji's phone because Seokjin was kind of shit at those things. Yoonji put on her best smile and complimented the girls. She meant the words she said, wishing them luck and hugging each girl in support. They beamed with happiness at her and then they all crowded together for the picture. Yoonji, being the shortest one in the entire group with her flat sneakers on, settled in the middle and the girls crowded around her in a semi-circle. She didn't fail to notice Jimin standing directly over her shoulder, ducking down because her heels made her taller than Yoonji even when in reality, she was shorter than the blond. There was a warmth drifting from her that Yoongi didn't fail to notice but the rapper made a cute happy face and posed for the camera with the rest of the girls. 

It was a nice picture, one that showed they were all working hard and when Yoonji took her phone back from Hoseok, she posted the picture on her Twitter, telling her fans to wish her little sisters luck and to be nice to them. She, personally, was looking forward to their debut. 

Once that was all over and done with, the girls left and Yoongi was left alone with Hoseok, already dreading what the man would put her through. His smile was bright and warm but he was evil sometimes. He tried to make her body move in ways she was certain weren't possible and by the end of her practice she was sore in places she didn't know existed. 

There were certain aspects of being an idol that Yoonji liked and some that she didn't. The dancing was perhaps her least favorite. But it was part of the job and she dealt with it. Hoseok wouldn't let her look bad on stage and so she had faith in him, and the rest of the staff, that it would all work out. She had faith in her song and that was enough. 

The next few weeks were nothing but a blur for Yoonji of photoshoots, recording and practice. Considering the song was a bit more pretty than the hard stuff she usually did, they went with a softer concept. There was a deep meaning in the song and the music video they filmed but instead of being dressed in street clothes like she was used to, Yoonji was shoved in a multitude of dresses and she was slightly bitter about it. Yes, the aesthetic fit the song but she hated dresses. She much preferred the soft hoodies and leggings of her usual attire but at least she had to admit, she looked damn good. That was a positive. They dyed her hair back to its natural black for this comeback and it contrasted so beautifully well with her pale skin and pink lips. She looked like a princess, Seokjin told her and though Yoonji was fond of the hard tough persona she worked up, she liked this one too. Suga could be soft when she wanted to be and she was ready to prove that to the world. 

It was late at night when she ran into Jimin again. 

Yoonji was at the company building so late because she lost herself in some new works and lost track of time. Her new album was officially out of her hands and there was nothing she could do about that. The albums were already up for pre-order considering her comeback was next week but that didn't stop her from working on some new music. There was a melody stuck in her head she had to get out and she spent all day working on it. By the time she locked up her studio, it was almost one in the morning and her eyes were burning from staring at the computer screen for so long. She forwent her contacts that day in favor of her black rimmed glasses but her eyes still felt dry. She needed some sleep and maybe a late night snack which she was looking forward to. 

She was passing by the practice room when something caught her attention. Usually the place was lit up with someone working late at night but most of the room was dark. She did, however, notice a small light in the corner of the room which made her lean up on her toes and peer inside. The room was empty from what she could see and she was about to leave when she noticed a bundle in the corner of the room. The light came from a phone, settled on the hardwood floor beside the curled up figure. Yoonji realized, with a slight jolt, that it was a person curled in the corner of the room. It was too dark to see who it was but Yoonji could tell they were hugging their knees to their chest, head buried in their knees and then the phone on the floor went dark, making the person practically disappear. 

The entire scene was all too familiar to Yoonji. She remembered many nights curling up in the same practice room to cry to herself because she didn't want the other trainees to hear her. Crying was therapeutic, so her therapist said and so she made a habit of crying alone in the practice room to let out all of her frustrations. 

Yoonji could have walked away. She could have let the person cry alone but something prevented her from doing so. Instead of walking away, she opened the practice room door slowly and slipped inside. She didn't bother flicking on the lights and waited for her eyes to adjust. The room was very dimly lit thanks to the hallway lights and the small windows above the mirrors on one side of the room but Yoonji could see the figure in the corner after a few minutes. She was quiet as she shuffled over to them and they didn't notice her until she finally came to a stop a few feet away. 

A crying Park Jimin was the last thing Yoonji expected. 

Jimin's head snapped up in alarm when Yoonji's sneakers squeaked against the floor and they both froze, sharp dark eyes meeting swirling tear filled honey brown. Jimin's face was a mess, covered in tears and flushed a bright red, which was now spreading to the tips of her ears. Her hair was tucked up under a red beanie and she was dressed like she had been practicing before curling up in the corner of the room. 

For a moment, they just stared at one another before Jimin seemed to realize who was standing in front of her and she scrambled to rub the tears from her face, dropping her head in a bow and mumbling a soft greeting. 

"It's okay." Yoonji whispered softly, shoving her hands in the pockets of her oversized white hoodie and glancing away to give the girl some privacy. "Don't act all proper on my account. I just wanted to make sure you were okay."

Jimin sniffled, a wet sound and buried her face back in her knees. "I-I'm fine."

She sure didn't sound fine but Yoonji wasn't going to argue with her. It wasn't like they knew each other anything. But something made Yoonji stay. She let silence fall around them, Jimin's sniffles the only sound in the air and then she plopped down on the floor beside the girl, leaving a foot of distance between them as she leaned back against the wall. Yoonji didn't know what to say but she felt for the girl. There could be a million reasons why she was crying and Yoonji wanted to make sure Jimin knew it was okay to cry. But Yoonji wasn't exactly the best at comforting people, especially strangers so the only thing she could do was sit there and hope that it comforted the young girl. 

After a handful of minutes, Jimin seemed to calm down and lifted her head, rubbing at her face to clean away the tears. It was too dark to see her face properly but Yoonji gave her some privacy. Jimin's breath came in ragged huffs, her chest heaving slightly but she finally calmed down after a little while. 

"S-Sorry."Jimin mumbled softly, rubbing at her cheeks with sleeve covered fists. "I, um, didn't think anyone would notice me."

Yoonji hummed softly, tilting her head to rest back against the wall. "Don't apologize for crying. It's okay to cry. It makes you feel better, yeah?" She let her lips curl up into a soft smile, cutting her eyes to the side to see Jimin watching her with wide eyes. "I've cried in the dark here too. It happens. Doing what we do isn't easy."

Jimin winced softly and hugged her knees to her chest again, rubbing her cheek against her bunched up shoulder. "It's kind of stupid though... why I'm crying."

"I doubt that. I once bursted into tears because my manager brought me ice cream for no reason. Sometimes our emotions pile up and they need to come out one way or another. We're expected to be strong because we're going to be idols but things pile up over time and they burst free. It's okay to cry. Even if you think it's over something stupid."

"I miss my family." Jimin mumbled softly, dropping her gaze to the floor and she looked so alone, so upset that Yoonji's heart squeezed for her. 

"Where are you from?" Yoonji asked casually, scooting a little closer to the girl. 

"Busan. I have a little brother. He just started high school and I missed his opening ceremony. Its such a small thing but..." Jimin pursed her lips and closed her eyes tightly.

"It meant a lot to you." Yoonji continued for her, nodding her head in understanding. "I'm from Daegu. I missed my brothers wedding last year because I was in America on tour, so I understand. It's, sadly, one of the sacrifices of what we do. Did you call your brother?"

"Yes." Jimin's voice was so soft, so weak and Yoonji had the strange strong urge to hug her. "He wasn't upset at me. He misses me but he understands."

"It's important that your family understands. It makes things easier. He's coming to your debut showcase, right? You can make it up to him then."

Jimin's shoulders perked up a little bit. "He's really excited about that. He's never come to Seoul before and he's excited to see me on stage. I used to dance for school all the time but... this is different."

"I've seen a few practices. You girls are good." Yoonji, carefully, slowly, leaned over and nudged their shoulders together. Jimin's eyes jumped to her, slightly wide but there was understanding there. She smiled softly, biting into her lower lip as she allowed herself to lean into Yoonji's shoulder. "You already have fans, and my support, so I think you girls will do well. I'm excited to see." She tried to ignore the way her heart thumped with Jimin's warmth seeping into her shoulder and arm. 

Jimin smiled proudly and curled her hands in her lap, playing with the rings on her small chubby fingers. "Hoseok-oppa, he said that you... were going to be there? At our showcase?"

"Mhm." Yoonji hummed, shifting her weight to rest against Jimin a little more. "I asked my manager to clear my schedule so I could go. I have to show my support for my little sisters." When she flashed Jimin a smile, the girls cheeks flushed a soft color and her plump lips twitched into a warm smile, showing off her teeth. 

"It's... very kind of you. We're honored, really, to have your support. All the girls are so excited. They look up to you. I..." Jimin trailed off, her eyes going wide before she dropped them to the floor. "I look up to you."

"Well, call me Unnie then." Yoonji teased lightly, nudging her again with a soft smile. 

Jimin perked up, her eyes going so wide it was rather cute and her lips popped. "Really?"

"I was a trainee once too, you know." She laughed softly. "I know all the hardships you're going through but I didn't have an unnie to look up to back then. Well, I had Jessi-unnie but she wasn't in the same company as me and though she always took my calls, it's different than having someone here. So, I mean," She shifted on her butt to dig out her cell phone from the pocket of her jeans, "you can lean on me. All of your members can. I know I'm busy a lot but if you have any questions or concerns, I'm here."

Jimin's eyes dropped to the phone in Yoonji's hand and her hope-filled eyes met hers. "You mean that?"

"I wouldn't offer if I didn't." Yoonji shrugged and passed the younger girl her phone. "Put in your number. Give me your phone and I'll give you mine."

Jimin hurried to snatch up her baby blue cased phone and passed it to Yoonji with shaking hands. Her face was rather cute, like she was in shock and awe and Yoonji wanted to squish her cheeks. She always wanted a little sister to mess with and Jimin was pretty perfect for that. Yoonji's chest felt light as she added her information to Jimin's contacts because maybe she was finally making a friend that was younger than her. Someone who could look up to her and lean on her for her experience. 

"Oh wow." Jimin gasped when she took her phone back, the light from the screen casting over her flushed face and making her eyes sparkle. "I have Min Suga's number."

Yoonji laughed softly, reaching out to pat Jimin's hand. "Don't be afraid to use it. You won't bother me, I promise. I have a comeback coming up yeah, so I'll be super busy, but I'll always reply. It might take a while, but I will."

"You're so kind." Jimin breathed out, looking up at Yoonji with tears in her eyes again. 

Yoonji's throat went tight and she glanced away, smiling shyly. "I know how much I would have loved to have someone like me around when I was in your position so, it's the least I can do."

"U-Unnie?" Jimin said the word softly, carefully, like she couldn't believe she was allowed to say it and when yoonji glanced at her, she was smiling, sucha  beautiful thing, spreading all over her face, bunching up her cheeks and crinkling her eyes. She had such a beautiful smile, Yoonji thought with a warmth in her chest. 

"Yeah, Jimin?"

Jimin giggled softly, bringing up her hand to hide her mouth. "Thank you."

Yoonji nodded at her, returning her smile softly and everything felt warm and soft. They stayed in the practice room for another hour or so, chatting quietly in the dark corner of the room. When Jimin was comfortable, it seemed she had plenty to say and Yoonji liked listening to the soft flow of her voice. She learned little things about Jimin, like how she got along with the other girls and why she became an idol in the first place. She loved to dance, so very much, and she got along well with the other girls. They were all nice girls, Jimin assured her and they were good friends already. Jimin was happy to debut with them because they all got along and that was important for teamwork. She had plenty of questions to ask, like what debut was like, what performing on music shows was going to be like and Yoonji answered as honestly as she could, pointing out how tiresome it all was but that she had to keep reminding herself how much it would be worth it in the end. 

By the time Yoonji finally curled up under the plush covers of her bed, she had a warm fondness for Park Jimin and she hoped the girl took her up on her offer of being friends. 

Yoonji was thrilled to find that Jimin eagerly took her up on her offer. They were both busy, what with Yoonji preparing for her comback and with Jimin preparing for debut but Yoonji found her phone lighting up often with cute little messages from Jimin. Sometimes the girl asked questions but usually, she was just checking up on Yoonji, wishing her luck in what she was doing and sharing a funny story about something that happened that day. Yoonji, in turn, made sure the girl was eating and taking care of herself. 

When they did have the free time, they met up in the practice room. Jimin was an amazing dancer and she even managed to help Yoonji with her new choreography. Jimin had taken many contemporary dance classes and her hands were warm on Yoonji's skin, moving her in the right way and Yoonji tried to ignore the way her heart thumped at the actions. And when their bodies were too tired from dancing, Yoonji dragged Jimin out to a local noodle shop and made sure the girl stuffed her face until she couldn't eat anymore. 

Somehow, someway, Bang PD got a whiff of their budding friendship and decided it was something they could use to hype up the new girl group. Yoonji wasn't opposed to it, really. She was more than willing to help Starlight gain a better following before debut and the more hype the better. So Yoonji made a little more effort to not only hype up her comeback, but also hype up Starlights approaching debut. She convinced Jimin into selfies with her, hiding her new black hair under snapbacks and beanies so she could post them on her Twitter. 

Their new friendship was the talk of the town, people hyped and ready for Yoonji's comeback and then Starlight's debut. Yoonji was just happy to a have a friend. Someone to rely on and relied on her in return. Jimin was such a warm and kind soul, filled with bubbling happiness and eagerness and Yoonji liked having her around. She had her moments, when the stress added up and she broke into tears but Yoonji was always there to give her a warm hug and remind her that everything would be okay. 

Yoonji learned a lot about Jimin over the course of the two weeks before her comeback. She learned the small simple things like how old she was(twenty-two though she looked younger), her favorite color(baby blue), her texting habits(a million emojis) and what the girl enjoyed eating and what she didn't. She also learned the deeper things. She learned that Jimin wasn't a fan of coffee but she could suck down tea like it was water. She learned that when Jimin was ten, she twisted her ankle so badly she thought she would never dance again and that was why she danced like she had nothing to lose because no one ever knew when their time would be up to do the things they loved. 

And then there were the things Yoonji kept to herself about the girl. The small things that only she picked up on. Like how when she laughed, Jimin tossed her whole body into it, leaning against Yoonji in some way or crouching down into a squat if she was standing. She noticed how Jimin's entire face lit up like sunshine when she smiled, or laughed, how her plump lips curled up to make her small eyes crinkle in the mose beautiful of ways. She noticed Jimin's habit of chewing on her plump bottom lip, tugging it into her mouth when she was thinking deeply. She noticed how when Jimin sang, it was like all her worries slowly started to melt away and her confidence grew the more she sang. She noticed how Jimin was not lacking in confidence whatsoever when she was dancing. She took on a confident, sexy, expression when she was dancing, biting her lip and giving bedroom eyes to the mirror and Yoonji was sure the girl would earn a lot of fans because of that. She went from sexy and devious to bumbling around and giggling like a fool so quickly it gave Yoonji whiplash. 

But most of all, Yoonji noticed the way her heart thumped in her chest every time Jimin smiled at her, touched her arm casually, or tugged her close for another selfie they needed to post in order to give more attention to both of their upcoming events. Yoonji noticed the way her throat went tight when Jimin collapsed beside her one afternoon while Yoonji had been observing Starlight's dance practice, all sweaty and panting but didn't care, leaning against Yoonji's arm and tugging out her phone, showing off the picture of the two of them she had for her background. Yoonji had a similiar picture as her background and she knew what the soft warm buzzing along her skin meant in that moment. 

Yoonji wasn't blind, nor was she stupid or emotionally constipated. She understood her feelings on a deeper level than most people because they were the key to her creativity. She knew what attraction was, she knew when she was developing feeloings for a person. And no, it wasn't jarring to her that she wanted Park Jimin. Yoonji's sexuality was something she touched on a few times in her songs, glazing over it without bluntly stating but the hints were there and most of her fans had picked up on it. Men, women, Yoonji wasn't picky. 

She did have a type, however, and cute, bright, sunshine Park Jimin was the epitome of it. 

Two weeks wasn't a long time to get to know someone on a deep level, not really. And yet, Jimin considered Yoonji her closest, bestest friend. She got along with her group members, yes, but she didn't didn't open herself up to them the way she did with Yoonji, so Jimin told her. They didn't know her deep secrets, like how worried she was about tripping over her own feet and falling flat on her face during their debut showcase and ruining everything. Or how she cried silently to herself some nights, curled up in her small top bunk bed because she missed her family. Yoonji was lucky enough to know all these little things in such a short period of time and though she didn't know what that meant about their friendship, she was honoured to be the person Jimin went to. 

Yoonji had been in the business for a long time, sacrificing a good chunk of her life to it and yet she had never made a deep connection with another idol. She had Jessi, who was a great mentor, and she had Kihyun from a boy group who was a great male friend but she didn't have a friend that was close. A friend she could confide in. Seokjin was great, a good friend she could rely on but he was her manager and there were things she couldn't tell even him. But Jimin, her little sister now, was someone she could spill her worries with. Jimin never judged. She would only smile and hug Yoonji tightly against her bosom and nuzzle their cheeks together affectionately, making Yoonji flush but also making her smile. 

Two weeks wasn't a lot of time with their busy schedules and yet, it was enough for Yoonji to trip and fall. 

Jimin was attractive, that was a fact. She wouldn't be an idol in training if she wasn't. But Yoonji thought she was on a completely different level than most of the other idols she had seen, though admittedly she was a little biased. There were a few times where Yoonji found herself staring while watching Jimin dance, wondering what those plump lips felt like, wondering what those thick thighs would feel like wrapped around her head and she always ended up berating herself because it was not entirely appropriate. 

Jimin trusted her, Jimin cared for her and Yoonji couldn't afford to have such thoughts about a person she considered a good friend. 

When the date of her comeback finally rolled around, Yoonji was a little relieved. It gave her an excuse to not hang out with Jimin, considering she was running from one place to another. She had music shows, interviews, variety show filming and a crap ton of Vlive content for her fans. Yoonji was busy, but that didn't stop her from texting Jimin as often as she could, just as she promised. Jimin knew she was busy so the younger didn't bother her often but she always messaged back immediately when Yoonji messaged her. Yoonji's heart still stuttered every time and she wondered if the small distance would be enough to calm down her raging abrupt feelings.  

There were a lot of reasons Yoonji wanted her feelings to go away. She didn't know if Jimin was into girls, nor did she think Jimin even liked her in that way, which was fine. But mainly, neither of them could afford such a thing. Yoonji had dated before, secretly because she knew what the fuck she was doing and no one found out but Jimin was a fresh faced idol and the last thing she needed was a possible lesbian scandal hanging over her head. Yoonji wouldn't do that to her. Jimin deserved better than that. She was finally reaching her dream and Yoonji would do anything to prevent fucking that up. 

If it meant shoving aside her bubbling feelings, then, well, it wouldn't be the first time she had done so. 

Yoonji's comeback was a blur of faces and performances but she loved every single second of it. Her song was well received, her album selling the most she'd ever sold and though it took her a little while to win number one thanks to Kihyun's group, she finally did it. She remembered bouncing on her feet in joy, grinning at the camera's and accepting the small trophy from the MC and then she remembered Kihyun, his vibrant red hair and pretty smile, collecting her in his arms and hugging her tightly. It wasn't anything strange, not in the least, considering they had always been rather affectionate with each other but that one hug spiralled a mountain of rumors that could only make the both of them laugh. 

Yoonji loved Kihyun, in the same way she loved her older brother. And Kihyun, well, Kihyun loved her too but he also loved his group mate Changkyun though that was a secret only she and he knew. So they couldn't help but laugh at the rumors that quickly started to gain force. Yoonji was in Japan, during a small fanmeeting when Seokjin sat her down and asked her seriously if she was involved with Kihyun. She didn't mean to laugh in his face but it was the only answer he needed. The next day, both of their companies released a statement, denying the rumors outright and that was the end of that. It became another rumor that faded into the background. 

When Starlight's showcase finally came up, Yoonji was buzzing with excitement. She had been so busy with her own work that she didn't have the time to notice how huge the new group quickly blew up but she was excited for them. The arena for the showcase was sold out, fitting only a couple thousand people because Bighit didn't expect more but when Yoonji showed up there was a huge line outside the place and she grinned to herself, proud of her little sisters. 

Thanks to Seokjin, Yoonji was able to slip through the crowd unnoticed and she made her way backstage, toward the girls' dressing room. They were ready for the show, the atmosphere buzzing with nervousness and excitement. They were thrilled to see her and she gave some speech about how proud she was of them and how they were going to be amazing and to not let the haters get to them, which they laughed at. She hugged all of them, saving Jimin for last and then they took the obligatory selfie which Seokjin posted on her Twitter for her because she was too busy being dragged away by Jimin.

"Unnie!" Jimin's voice was a soft hush, her fingers burning warm around Yoonji's wrist as she tugged her into a corner of the room, dipping their heads together so they could talk. Her entire face was bright with excitement but Yoonji could see the lingering fear in the corner's of her eyes. "I-I'm so glad you came."

Yoonji smiled at her, big and bright and gummy and pulled the girl into another hug that she couldn't help herself with. "I wouldn't miss this." She murmured into her ear, her heart thumping for a moment before she pulled back, grasping Jimin's shoulder's firmly. She was dressed in less clothing than Yoonji would have liked but there wasn't much that could be done about that. At least Jimin looked amazing, though she always did. "You'll be amazing."

Jimin's lips twitched upwards, bunching her cheeks and turning her eyes into crescents. "Any last advice?"

Yoonji hummed. "Don't fuck it up."

"Unnie!" Jimin gasped, her eyes popping open but she was giggling, smacking Yoonji's arm playfully. 

"Oh, no, seriously." Yoonji laughed, rubbing at her flushed cheek with a fist. "Have confidence. You've been preparing for this your entire life. You'll be perfect, I know you will. I have no doubts. Your brother is out there, right? Show him how great his Noona is now."

"Unnie..." Jimin's face went a little slack, her eyes glistening slightly and Yoonji chuckled nervously, reaching out to pat her cheeks gently. 

"Yah, don't cry. you'll ruin your make-up."

Jimin nodded firmly, bouncing her pretty pink hair all over the place. Pink, her hair was pink, Yoonji belatedly realized. It was beautiful, really but Yoonji didn't have much time to process this information before she was pulled into another hug. "Watch me Unnie! I'll make you proud."

"I know you will." Yoonji murmured, breathlessly. 

And then Jimin was pulled away from her to join her groupmates. They did their own little cheer and Yoonji wished them luck again before leaving so she could go to her seat. She was tucked away near the side of the stage with a bunch of other staff and a few other idols she recognized. She was thrilled to see Kihyun, because the man had mentioned he might be able to come and he was excited to see Yoonji's little sister group. She plopped down beside him, buzzing with excitement and rambled on about every single member of the group to him while he listened intently, a large smile on his face. 

They went quiet when the showcase began and just as Yoonji suspected, Starlight was amazing. Every single girl held themselves well and none of them were too afraid to hold back. Jimin was a little on the shy side but that was normal for her. Yoonji couldn't take her eyes off the girl, watching as she flitted around the stage during their songs and also doing the interviews. Kihyun noticed, almost immediately and when he curled his hand around Yoonji's, there was an understanding look in his eyes that made Yoonji's throat tight. Was she that obvious?

Yoonji was able to meet up with the girl's again after the showcase, congratulating them and hugging each one. She lingered with Jimin for a moment, realizing she was more than a little screwed when the girl beamed at her. It was that smile that convinced her to take the entire group out for dinner and in that moment, she became the best Unnie any of those girls could have asked for. 

The showcase was the last time Yoonji saw Jimin for an entire month. She had expected it, truthfully. Now that Yoonji's promotions were done, she had the chance to finally breathe. She went back home to Daegu to see her mother for a week but then she was back in Seoul, working on new music because that was her passion and even though Seokjin gave her a look when he caught her in the studio, he couldn't really complain that she was working. She even took the time to have a meal with Jessi and went on a friendly date with Kihyun where they both gushed about their respective crushes and it was rather nice. 

Yoonji kept an eye on Starlight because she was curious to see how her little sisters were doing but she also wanted to check up on Jimin. The younger texted her as often as she could but she was so busy being a rookie idol that she rarely had the time. Yoonji didn't take it personally. She'd been in the girl's shoes once before and she understood how it all worked. Jimin was also so happy when she did text that Yoonji didn't worry too much about it. It was nice to see Jimin's pretty face on music shows and interviews. The girls didn't win a number one but that was rather common for a rookie group. They did gain a rather huge following, however, and an assortment of fan sites quickly popped up. 

Yoonji would never admit to creating a secret side twitter account just so she could follow Jimin fansites. She would never admit that she saved some of the most amazing HD pictures to her phone of the girl because that would mean admitting that she was far from being over her. It would take time, she knew that but she wasn't helping herself at all. At least she had Kihyun to lean on. The man understood her dilemma. He was in love with his group mate, after all and Chankyun had no fucking clue. Jooheon knew, Kihyun admitted to her one night while they were strolling in a park, but he kept it to himself, quietly wishing Kihyun luck because he was almost certain the other boy returned his feelings. It was good news of Kihyun but at the same time, terrible news. Just because Changkyun might return his feelings didn't make things any easier. In fact, it complicated things. Kihyun was fine admiring from afar when he was certain he had no chance but now...

They couldn't be together, Kihyun told her. Neither of them could take such a risk because if they were ever found out it would ruin everything their entire gorup had worked so hard to achieve. Yoonji was a good friend and she didn't point out the tears in Kihyun's eyes when he told her all this. She did curl her hand around his inner elbow, however, a soft silent reminder that she was there and he wasn't alone. Relationships weren't a thing they considered when signing that trainee contract but now, they had learned it was even more complicated than they first thought. Yoonji could keep her relationships secret because in the end, she would only be hurting herself but she refused to drag anyone down with her. 

She refused to drag beautiful, bright, talented Park Jimin down with her. 

It was a month before Yoonji saw Jimin again but it was an unexpected meeting. 

For some resaon, Yoonji felt more inspired than usual after her recent comeback and she managed to mix about three new songs for her next album that she sent off to the higher ups for approval. She was pretty excited about it because they were closer to her original style than her last comeback and yet still held that softness she was developing. She was pretty certain they would like her songs and so she didn't have much to worry about. She still had a few weeks left before they were expecting her to come up with anything solid so even if they didn't like her new songs she had time to work on new things. 

It was late at night, a little past midnight, and Yoonji was locking up her studio after sending off her new songs and letting Seokjin know she was finally going home before the man worried himself into an aneurysm. She was debating about stopping at the late night noodle shop when her feet trailed to a stop outside of the practice room. It was habit for her to peak inside, even when the lights were off and when she saw the dark room, she didn't think much of it and moved to continue down the hallway. Then, she froze and backtracked, leaning up on her toes to peer into the room. 

It was dark, as it usually was but Yoonji saw exactly what she was looking for almost immediately. The bundle in the corner that made her heart squeeze into her throat. She was quiet as she entered the room, shutting the door behind herself. She let her eyes adjust for a moment before hurriedly shuffling across the room. 

Sure enough, that was Park Jimin curled in the corner of the room, hugging her knees to her chest. 

"Jimin?" Yoonji called out, softly, tentatively but Jimin didn't even jump. "Jimin." She eased herself onto her knees beside the girl and then sat down, putting her back against the wall and a small distance between them. Jimin didn't acknowledge her and Yoonji wasn't entirely sure what to do about that.

But then the younger took in a deep breath, a shaken broken little thing and Yoonji reacted without thinking. Her throat squeezed, burning and she slipped her arm around Jimin's shoulders, tucking the girl in close to her side. Jimin didn't even flinch, just cried a little harder and leaned into Yoonji's side. 

Yoonji didn't know why Jimin was sobbing into her arms but she didn't question it. She remained silent, tucking the girl close before shifting her hand up to rub the nape of her neck gently. She would rather run her fingers through that pretty hair but Jimin had her faded pink hair pulled into a messy bun and Yoonji didn't want to mess with it. They sat there for a while, Yoonji rubbing Jimin's neck or shoulders gently as the girl sobbed into her arms, broken painful little things that made Yoonji wince every time she heard them. Her heart ached for the girl but she knew Jimin would tell her what was wrong when she was ready. 

Eventually, Jimin calmed down until she was sniffling, lifting her head to rub at her swollen red eyes with the fists of her sleeves. Yoonji watched her silently for a moment before finally deciding to speak up. 

"So, who's ass do I need to kick?"

Yoonji's heart squeezed at the wet laugh Jimin gave her, her lips twitching up slightly. "I-I don't think you can kick the internet's ass, Unnie." Her voice was a little wrecked from her crying and there was a pain in her tone, something that made anger flare up Yoonji's spine. 

"The fuck are they saying?" Yoonji almost knew what to expect. No matter how good a girl group was, there were people to say shitty things about them. 

Jimin took in a shaky breath before she spoke again, her face still buried in her tightly clenched fists. "I'm fat."

Yoonji just blinked at her. "What?"

"And I can't sing. I dress like a whore and the only reason I got into Starlight was because I can shake my ass." Her voice shook as she spoke and Yoonji hugged her tighter. 

Anger flared up her spine like a tiger rearing it's head and Yoonji clenched her teeth, letting out a hiss. "Men always have some bullshit to say. Like calling us whores is supposed to make up for the fact that we don't want their shitty nasty asses." Jimin whimpered softly and Yoonji tried to settle her anger. Anger wasn't what Jimin needed right now. She needed compassion. "Jimin... I'm sorry." She ducked her head close enough to nuzzle into Jimin's hair softly. "I'm sorry people are assholes. You don't deserve that."

"Y-You warned me." Jimin inhaled, hugging her knees tighter to her chest. "Y-You told me people will be mean, no matter what I do. And that I should, I should ignore them."

"It's hard to ignore them. I've built up a tough skin over years of this bullshit but..." Yoonji sighed and knocked her head back against the wall, glancing at the ceiling. "I was called a whore and a slut for the majority of my youth, still get called it, actually. Just because I'm a woman in a male dominated field. They think calling me those things when they diss me is insulting. I used to take it very hard, because I was young and I didn't understand but I've come to realize it was only their fragile egos. They were the ones with the problem, not me."

"Y-You're so strong."

"I didn't used to be." She admitted. "I cried in this very practice room, just like you, because I couldn't understand why strangers would say such mean hateful things about me. I eventually learned to channel those emotions into my music and look where I am now. They made me stronger. Their hateful words turned into my music and I shoved them back down their throats." Jimin made a soft whimpering sound and tipped over to rest her head against Yoonji's shoulder. "People are assholes, Jimin." She murmured softly, turning her head to press her nose into soft faded pink hair. "But you know what I noticed?"

"What?" She asked softly.

"I noticed that you gained quite the fanbase." Yoonji said with a smile. "I noticed all the people saying, 'Oh, Jimin-unnie is so pretty!' or  "Jimin-unnie dances so well!'. I noticed the handful of fansites that popped up, just for you." Jimin made a soft noise but still didn't look up. "That's what you have to focus on, Jimin. It's not easy, and it might never be, but you have people who love you. Those are the people who matter."

"I know..." She murmured softly. "You're right. It's hard though."

"It is." Yoonji hummed. "But I'm proud of you. When I see you on stage, I see a strong woman who is going to make it in this shitty industry. I see a beautiful, gorgeous, blazing ray of sunshine that cares about her members and her fans. People will click with that. They'll start to see the real you over time and they'll grow to love you more. I know they will."

Finally, finally, Jimin glanced up from her hands and looked at Yoonji. Her face was casted in shadow, flushed from her crying and swollen but Yoonji had never seen something so beautiful in her entire life. They were so close, their faces close enough that if Yoonji tipped forward just a bit, their noses would brush together. 

"You..." Jimin licked her dry lips and swallowed hard, her eyes soft and warm. "You really believe that?"

"I do. And you're not alone, Jimin. You have your members and... you have me. I know I've been busy, we both have been, but I'm here. I promise you, I'm here."

Yoonji watched as Jimin's throat constricted with her next swallow and then one of those small hands was reaching up to gently brush fingers against her cheek. Yoonji leaned carefully into the touch, ignoring how it made her heart thump. Jimin's eyes were swirling with emotion, both warm and afraid but there was a tenderness there that stood out against all else. 

Jimin closed the distance between them slowly, softly, pressing her soft plump lips against Yoonji's ever so gently. It was jarring, to say the least, but Yoonji didn't move, couldn't move. Jimin's mouth was soft against hers, pressing ever so gently and then it was gone. Yoonji opened her eyes, not even realizing she had closed them and Jimin looked utterly terrified for a moment before it melted away into something else. 

"I... oh." Jimin's face flushed and she quickly buried her face in her hands. "Shit, wow, I didn't, I'm sorry Unnie."

"Um." Was all Yoonji could say because her heart was currently trying to race it's way out of her mouth. 

"Y-You're just, so pretty and kind and I, um, it seemed like the perfect moment and I'm so sorry, oh god, what did I do?" Jimin rambled into her hands, her voice raising in pitch as she started to panic. 

"Jimin." Yoonji finally managed to get her mouth to work and she reached out, covering Jimin's hands with her own gently, pulling them from her flushed face. "I-It's okay. It's okay."

"I kissed you." Jimin breathed out, glancing at her in shock. "I did that."

Yoonji tried her best not to laugh mainly because she was shocked as well. "Y-Yeah, you did."

"You're dating Kihyun-sunbaenim."

Yoonji felt like she'd just been slapped. "W-What?"

"I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I didn't... I mean I did mean to do it but not like that? I um, oh wow." Jimin was rambling again, rubbing at her face with her sleeves and Yoonji was so fucking lost. 

"You think...? Oh, Jimin, oh my god no." Yoonji was laughing now, soft and careful. "Kihyun and I aren't... No, wow, no."

Jimin glanced up at her in confusion. "But... There's pictures of you guys together, holding hands and stuff."

Yoonji blinked and silently cursed whoever the fuck decided to follow them when they were having private time. Nothing was private in their industry. "Okay, I know how that looks but trust me, we're not... Kihyun's uh, I'm not his type."

It seemed to click instantly in Jimin's eyes and she sat up a little straighter. "Oh... um, oh." She sounded relieved but she was still fiddling with her fingers. "I still shouldn't have-"

"I wanted you to." Yoonji blurted out, surprsing both of them. "I mean, I... well, yeah I did. Do."

That seemed to be enough for Jimin because the next thing Yoonji knew, she had those gloriously soft plump lips back on hers. This time, Yoonji kissed back because no matter how much self control she had, it all flew out the window with Jimin's lips on hers. It was too much and not enough all at once and Jimin pressed so perfectly into her that Yoonji almost felt like crying. It was so perfect, like she'd waited her entire life for this moment. She allowed herself this soft kiss, just for one moment because she would never get it again. 

It broke her heart to break the kiss, leaving them both panting softly. Jimin's eyes were wide, her face flushed like she couldn't believe this was happening and it broke something deep inside of Yoonji to have to do this. 

"We can't, Jimin." Watching her face fall, watching the way something in her eyes cracked made Yoonji wanted to cry. Jimin went a little limp, closing her eyes tightly and pursing her lips. "I want to." Yoonji was quick to say, gathering that pretty face between her hands so Jimin would look her in the eye. "Believe me, I want to. I've never wanted something so bad in my entire life."

Jimin's soft whine of, "then why?" made Yoonji's heart clenched painfully and her breath to come up short. 

"Park Jimin." Yoonji tried to sound more steady then she felt. "You are beautiful, inside and out. You are one of the most amazing people I've ever met. But you just debuted. You're just starting out and the last thing you need is something like this fucking all that up."


"No, listen to me." It hurt to speak through her tight throat but Yoonji had to do this. "I can handle the lesbian rumors about me. I'm used to them and I've been in this industry too long for them to ruin me yet without actual proof but you're new, Jimin. You're fresh and a rookie and something like this could ruin you for the rest of your life. I-I won't be responsible for that."

Jimin whimpered softly and tugged her face free from Yoonji's grip so she could lean forward and tuck her face into the curve of Yoonji's neck. "I don't like how much sense you're making."

"I don't either." Yoonji sighed and gathered the girl in her arms, hugging her tightly. "I... Believe me, I want nothing more than to explore whatever this is between us but... I can't. We can't. I'm not willing to risk your potential for this."

"It's not fair."Jimin mumbled softly, her lips pressing against the curve of Yoonji's neck, sending tingles all through her body that she had to shove down. 

"It's not. But we both signed up for this. Please remember this isn't because I don't want you. I do. It's just, this is bigger than the two of us."

"I... Understand..." 

"I'll always be here, Jimin. I'm not going anywhere because of this."

Jimin pulled back enough to narrow her eyes at Yoonji playfully. "You better not go anywhere. I need you."

Warmth burst in Yoonji's chest and she let herself smile, a small pretty thing. "What kind of Unnie would I be if I didn't stay?"

Jimin mumbled something, something Yoonji didn't catch but the girl was back in her arms and she was too emotional to do anything about it. They stayed like that for a long time, holding each other and soaking up the last bit of affection they would share for a long time. When the sun finally came up and they pulled apart, there was something soft about Jimin's smile and it was in that moment they finally understood each other. It broke Yoonji's heart when they parted that moment but at the end, they both knew it was for the better. 

Years later, long after Starlight had accomplished all the things Yoonji knew they would, Yoonji stood at the alter and watched as Jimin said 'I do' in her beautiful white gown to fellow idol Taemin who looked at her like she was the most amazing thing he had ever laid eyes on. 

Not long after, Jimin flew to America with Yoonji, where the older finally married Hope, her secret girlfriend of four years. They remained in each others lives for a long time after that, until they were both wrinkly and old, curling up together on Yoonji's porch in Busan, watching as their grandchildren played together, holding hands while their respective lovers watched on fondly.

Chapter Text

If anyone were to ask, Jimin would flat out deny that he had ever set foot in this district. It wasn't a matter of being ashamed. It was more a matter of being embarrassed because of his own immensely deep curiosity. When he overheard a few of his classmates chattering about this place, it had sparked something deep inside of the twenty-two year old foreign student. He had studied his entire high school career in order to understand English and it had paid off in the long run. 

Born in Busan, South Korea, Park Jimin was now a happy college student in America. He was still working on his English but he had enough to get by in his classes and with the few friends he had managed to make. Leaving home wasn't something he planned early in his life but by the time college came up in conversation with his both his parents and his school councilor, the option to study abroad sparked his interest. Learning dance in a foreign country was enough for Jimin and when he got the scholorship, both he and his parents were ecstatic. 

Growing up in such a traditional home and country might be part of the reason Jimin found himself in the "red light" district. He'd been curious about himself for a long time but it wasn't anything he had the chance to explore back home. His parents would love him no matter what, he knew that. But that didn't mean he had been brave enough to step out of his comfort zone. Coming to a new country opened up a lot of doors for him and that included exploring a part of himself he had kept locked away. 

Jimin didn't need this district. He knew that. He'd already explored enough of his sexuality with a few fellow classmates that were more than willing to teach him a thing or two. But Jimin was curious, to say the least. He knew they had places such as this back home, tucked away in the dark back streets where people pretended they didn't exist. But here, in this country, they weren't so hidden. Jimin had never stumbled upon such a place in his exploration of the city but he wasn't surprised to find a place like that existed. 

So when he heard a few male classmates talking about surprising one of their friends by dragging him to the district, Jimin thought to look the place up. It wasn't even that hard to find. It wasn't in the center of the city which made it all that much easier to get to by car. He was lucky enough to have his own, thanks to his parents. They could have afforded his schooling abroad but Jimin felt a sense of pride in knowing his grades and skills were enough to pay for his college tuition. In return for all his hard work, his parents kept him rather nice and comfortable in the foreign place. He had a nice small apartment, a nice little blue car and a small allowance that paid for anything else he might need, like food and clothes and other necessities. One day, he would pay his parents back when his dancing finally got him somewhere but until then, he was okay with letting his parents support him. They had the money to spare and they sure didn't mind spoiling their eldest. 

With his heart thudding a little hard in his chest, Jimin rolled his car to a stop on the side of the street, temporarily parking. He was far from the only parked car but he wanted to take the time to observe exactly what he had just rolled up on. 

The street didn't appear different from any other street in the city aside from the fact that it was packed full of people at fifteen to midnight. There wasn't anything strange about the scene. No different than the few club areas his school friends had drug him too but Jimin still noticed the difference. There was a very slanted ratio from men to women. And men were in high amount. Which he expected even though the observation still made his throat dry. 

Buildings were tightly packed along the sidewalk with brightly colored lights flashing about, signaling the bar or club inside was open and ready to serve. There was even a parking lot off to the side that Jimin could see the beginning of and he wondered if he should park and walk around for a while. It wouldn't be a bad thing to be seen in such a place. Most of his friends already knew about his sexuality and no one really gave a damn. 

But this district wasn't just a common gay hangout. No, it was so much more than that. 

Jimin relaxed back in his seat, his fingers still curled a little tightly around the steering wheel as he peered at the people scattered about on the street. There were club goers that were easy to pick out in their dark clothes, sweaty hair and slightly drunken staggers. There were people simply passing through, keeping their heads down and hurrying through the crowds so they weren't messed with. There were the few pretty girls in sparkling dresses with their hair up and makeup perfect.

And then there were the people lingering against the walls of the buildings. They didn't stand out nearly as much as Jimin thought they might but he could tell what they were doing. A few had cigarettes in their pretty little mouths and some were dressed in such a provocative way it was obvious what they were doing. 

Jimin didn't need to pay to find someone to spend the night with but, well, he was curious.

Movement to his left caught his attention and Jimin shifted his eyes to the sidewalk near where he had parked. He had parked a good distance away from the center of the crowd but there were still a few people lingering about where he was, either walking toward the bars or soliciting for a little fun. He noticed someone in particular that made his throat a little dry and his world spun for a few seconds. 

The movement that caught his attention happened to be a man, shifting against the brick building he was leaning against, in perfect view from the windshield of Jimin's car. He was casted in the soft glow from a street lamp above the both of them but he didn't seem to even notice Jimin there. For a moment, Jimin thought the man was pausing against the wall to smoke before he went off to one of the bars but something else stuck out to him to make him think otherwise. 

The man looked as casual as ever, the blades of his shoulders pressed back against the wall and his body arched slightly so the rest of him was relaxed, one foot folded over the other against the dirty sidewalk. He was dressed mostly in black, fitted ripped black jeans that showed off the small curves he happened to have and a nice amount of pale skin. He wore an oversized black hoodie on his torso, hiding the rest of his body shape but Jimin could still tell the man was thin. What really caught his attention was the man's face, which he had a rather perfect view of when the man shifted his head to the side ever so slightly, letting the soft glow from the street lamp brush across his pale skin. 

Jimin was close enough to see almost every perfect detail in the curves of the man's pretty face. Round cheeks, soft chin, button nose, small sharp dark eyes, pink plump lips that pursed with each drag on his cigarette. He had a hint of eyeliner around his sharp eyes, making them stand out all the more and though his brows were thick, they were mostly hidden under the fall of black hair. It was fluffy, looked soft to the touch and Jimin's heart thumped and his stomach swirled with the familiar sense of attraction. 

The man was pretty. Really pretty. Strikingly so. His expression was so relaxed and so calm, like he had all the time in the world to do whatever the fuck he wanted to do and that called to Jimin like a siren. Jimin watched in slight fascination as the man brought the lit cancer stick to his pouted pink plump lips and took a drag, his fingers long and elegant. He didn't even realize he had been staring until the man's eyes finally shifted from the place he had been staring off at to hook onto Jimin's. 

A rush of heat flared up the back of his neck, curling over his cheeks as those small dark eyes just stared at him. His gaze was so guarded, so unreadable, a complete contrast to his relaxed body and Jimin wondered if he'd done something wrong. He couldn't look away, however, and he found hismelf locked into an intense gaze with some pretty stranger on the street. And god was he pretty. Jimin had never seen such a pretty person in real life. The man almost reminded him of the idols he used to see all over the place back home and something intense struck through his body like lightning. 

Those plump lips curled up slightly, almost into a faint smirk and then the guy dropped his lit stick on the sidewalk, crushing it beneath his boot to put it out and then push off the wall, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie. Jimin thought, with a hint of disappointed, that the man might walk off but instead he walked toward Jimin's car and the student fumbled to press the button to roll down the passenger side window. 

He didn't know what he was doing but he knew he wanted to know what this guy had to say to him. 

The guy was rather short in comparison to most of the guys Jimin sa