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Shine Forever

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Yoongi was much too young to be on the battlefield. Looking around him, they were all much too young to be on the battlefield, holding guns in their shaking hands and wincing at the sounds of war all around them. Yoongi never wanted to be a solider, he never wanted to see bloodshed or to hurt another person but he was fifteen when the nuclear attacks came and the age limit for soliders didn't matter anymore. Any citizen old enough to hold a gun was called into action and that meant Min Yoongi had to leave his family behind and fight a war he never believed in. 

They were being sent to die. He knew it, his fellow soilders knew it, his family back in Daegu knew it. 

Yoongi was terrified, crouched down in the ditches with a rifle cradled to his chest and his face dirty from dust and stray splatters of blood. He'd always been told by his father that the North might attack some day but he had never expected it to happen in his lifetime. Innocent people were dying and it was frustrating but Yoongi had no choice but to fight. At least he was a good shot but watching the faces of innocent soldiers, no older than himself, fall to the ground was one of the most traumatizing things he had ever experienced. 

Yoongi had someone to follow, a man in his thirties who was doing his best to keep them alive on the front lines. Their job was simple. Help take back the border but it was a monumental task. There was bloodshed and bodies everywhere and Yoongi had to force himself not to look in case he threw up the acid in his stomach. It was all overwhelming but he was stable enough to do what was expected of him. 

When they moved forward, Yoongi kept down low and followed his fellow soldiers. It was as they were rushing into another inbankment that Yoongi tripped, stumbling over the foot of a fallen solider and rolling down the slope into safety. He cursed under his breath but barely had time to gather his barrings when something heavy tumbled into his back and he fell face first into the dirt. There was so much noise around him, gunfire, explosions and screams. The horrible sounds of war that would haunt him for the rest of his life. 

The weight on his back was warm, solid and it took Yoongi less than a minute to realized it was a body. There were hands on him suddenly, hands of his fellow soldiers pulling him back up and shoving the body off of him. Yoongi happened to glance at the body and realized the person was still alive. Now that he was stable, his fellow soldiers left him to continue forward and Yoongi dropped to his knees beside the young boy, his eyes wide and panicked. There was blood, so much blood. It covered his hands and his chest and he saw it was coming from the gun shot wound in the other boy's side, just above his ribs. 

The boy couldn't be more than thirteen, Yoongi realized with a jolt. He didn't recognize him from his own troop but that didn't matter. There was blood everywhere and the boy looked terrified, staring at Yoongi with wide brown eyes and tears streaming down his face. Yoongi did the only thing he could do because there was no way they could heal his wound where they were and the boy was going to bleed out. 

Yoongi gathered his tiny hand between his own, tucked it against his bloodied chest, the boy's blood, and bowed his head, praying softly for the boy. There was a whimper, soft and heartbreaking and when Yoongi opened his eyes again, the boy was still crying but he seemed grateful. Yoongi stayed with him, holding his hand tightly as the world exploded around them. He was a cute kid even with his dirt and blood covered face and Yoongi wondered what would have happened to him if he hadn't been on the battleground. His life was going to be cut much too short and it brought tears to Yoongi's eyes. 

He watched, in slight horror, as the boy took his last shaky breath and slipped his eyes closed. Yoongi wanted to cry for him, he wanted to cry for all the young boys and girls they were currently losing on the battlefield but he couldn't. He had to keep moving forward. He tucked the boy's body into the middle of the trench, where he should be relatively safe from more harm and then he hurried after his troop, who were kind enough to wait for him. 

Yoongi didn't realize until later, after they managed to reclaim the border and he was back in safe lands, curled up on a small cot with sobs wrecking through his body because of everything he had seen, that the boy with a small soft face and pretty eyes he had watched die wore the colors of the North on his uniform. It made his sobs come harder, faster, and he didn't notice when one of his fellow soldiers, a boy his own age, a boy whose name he didn't know, crawled into his cot with him and held him tightly, hiding his own sobs into the nape of his neck. Being held helped, a tiny bit, and Yoongi hoped, prayed, that showing the boy kindness, even when they were on opposite sides had helped him pass in peace. 

The face of the young boy, covered in dirt and blood and filled with terror haunted Yoongi for the rest of his short life.