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I Promised I Would Always Protect You

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Lena and Alex were in the process of carefully stepping around unconscious guards with the secured box of red kryptonite when Kara’s voice rang through their comms. It took both women a second to understand what was happening.


Kara went with J’onn to see Edge. 


Kara somehow convinced J’onn to give her the earpiece. 


Kara consequently started yelling at Edge without knowing she was broadcasting to the team. 


Lena and Alex awkwardly inched toward the exit, each holding one side of the heavy lead encased box. It was uncomfortable for them to say the least, hearing Kara’s words and knowing they weren’t  meant for their ears. Words full of anger and passion about Lena. Alex’s mouth opened and closed several times as she debated whether to interrupt or not , while Lena’s cheeks flushed more crimson with every passing second. Lena wasn’t focused on whatever empty threats Edge was making against her, all she could hear was Kara. And when the Kryptonian made her declaration of love, Lena was so stunned she dropped her side of the box. Without Lena’s help, Alex also lost her grip and it fell squarely on the agent’s foot. Alex winced and silently glared up at Lena, her eyes saying “ Fuck that hurt, but considering what we just heard I’ll forgive you for this one ,” but Lena was too distracted to even notice.

When Winn cut in, alerting Kara that she was on comms, Lena’s heartbeat ticked up. She had to say something. Yet all she could muster was, “Hi, Kara.”


The group was met with silence. No response came from Kara’s end.


Until a deeper voice cleared his throat. “Supergirl flew to the courthouse. Said she needed to finish preparing her testimonies.”


The second silence was increasingly more mortifying for Lena.


Thankfully, Winn was on to break the tension, “Oookay, I’m gonna pretend that didn’t happen and give some good news. The red kryptonite formula is totally wiped, gone from existence, never to be recreated again! Also, some other fun stuff was on the computer.”


“Fun stuff?” Vasquez asked as she rejoined Lena and Alex.


“Yup!” Winn exclaimed. “I’ve got names of moles in the DEO and NCPD, Edge’s entire list of people he can blackmail, and extra canon fodder for today’s trial. For a guy who thinks he’s so smart, he sure put all his illegal eggs in one basket.”


“Great work,” J’onn said. “Forward all the information to my personal email and I will delegate at the DEO. Alex, you’ll take the stand as the DEO representative as planned. Winn, you should prepare to take the stand as well, seeing as you uncovered more evidence.”


“You got it, Papa Bear!” Winn responded, leading J’onn to grumble and turn his earpiece off.


Before Lena could help lift the box again, Alex tilted her head towards the other agent in the room. “Vasquez can help me get the red kryptonite to a safe location. You should get a head start to the courthouse. There’s still time to talk to Kara before the trial.”


The Luthor nodded in thanks, responding only with, “I’ll see you there.”



Half an hour was hardly enough time to change into a court-appropriate dress and get to Kara with time to spare. Yet, nothing was impossible for an enamored Luthor on a mission. Lena managed to arrive and find Kara with twelve minutes left until they were supposed to take the stand. She knocked on the door that the nice DEO-hired lawyer had led her to.


“Come in,” Kara called from inside.


Lena slowly opened the door, as if to give Kara the option to turn her away. 


“Lena,” Kara said with trepidation, but still endearing. 


It had only been two days, but god Lena missed hearing Kara say her name like that. She entered the room, closing the door behind her. Kara was dressed in her typical Danvers attire: slacks, a blue button down shirt, and glasses. Lena wanted to address the “love” elephant in the room, but her feelings of guilt won out.


“I sorry. I know what I said was the only way to keep you away from this trial and I didn’t mean it. But if my words stung too much to forgive, I wouldn’t blame you.”


Kara shook her head. “It’s okay, I understand why you--”


“No, it’s not okay. I never wanted to hurt you.”


“You could never hurt me.” Kara wistfully smiled, “I’m invincible remember?”


Lena let out a breathy laugh, but stoned her face once more. “I’m serious.”


“Listen, I know I made things hard with my dual identities, but I’ll always trust you. All I need is for you to trust me back.”


“I do trust you.” Lena moved closer to Kara, as if it would aid her point. “I trust and care for you more than anyone in this world.” Her gaze dropped to the floor in embarrassment. “I thought you were in danger and that I was the only one who could stop it. I lied in order to protect you, but now I know how wrong I was to do so.”


“Hey,” Kara began, stepping closer than an arm’s length apart. “We’ve both lied for the sake of protecting each other. But I think it’s a habit we need to break. We’re a team and so much stronger together, El Mayarah, it’s what my family crest means.”


“El Mayarah,” Lena repeated in reverence, understanding both the importance it held to Kara’s identity and the implication that Kara viewed her as family.


A knock resounded off the opposite side of the door as the voice of the DEO lawyer called, “Five minutes ladies.”


Lena noticed Kara’s shirt collar was twisted. She slowly raised a hand to fix it, fingers gracing Kara’s neck and lingering.


From Lena’s touch, Kara found her courage. “So about what you overheard on comms...”


“What you said about me to Edge.”


“I meant every word,” Kara assured. She took Lena’s hand into her own. “I’m just...upset it came out like that. Much like how you finding out I was Supergirl didn’t go as planned.”


“I think we’ll find that life rarely sticks to a certain plan, particularly when heroics are involved.”


Kara bowed her head. “I just feel like he’s taken two huge moments away from us.”


“Then don’t let him take this one.” Lena gently lifted Kara’s chin and smiled. “Try it again.”


The Kryptonian inhaled deeply, wanting to get it right this time. “I don’t think I ever told you why I became a reporter. It was because of you. The day we met, I walked into your office unsure of myself and my place in the world as Kara Danvers. But then you came into my life and suddenly everything made sense. I finally had a real purpose beyond being Supergirl or just an alien trying to hide. You inspired me to find myself as Kara Zor-El. I can actually reconcile every piece of myself to just be me. And in doing so, I realized that I want you here with me always. You’re brilliant and kind, and you ground me in a way no else can, and that’s why I love you.” She held Lena’s hand against her chest. “I’m in love with you, Lena Kieran Luthor.”


Tears welled in Lena’s eyes as she listened to Kara’s confession. For the first time in days, she felt the calming sensations of hope and relief wash over her. “And I’m in love with you, Kara Zor-El.”


Ignoring the lawyer calling for them to come out, the couple rushed to embrace. Arms wrapped around waists and lips crashed against each other. It felt as if their lungs were filling with the oxygen they didn’t even realize was missing, breathing all of life’s goodness and warmth back into their bodies. Their declarations of love and unabashed carnality confirmed that neither woman would run away from their deserved happiness again.


“I don’t want to be away from you,” Kara softly began.


“Not ever again,” Lena finished.


The incessant knocking of their responsibilities pulled them apart, but they knew it would only be temporary. Their eyes met with a silent promise that they would continue what they’d started as soon as possible. They dutifully readjusted their clothes and exited the room.


Morgan Edge’s trial went on without a hitch. Not only was he charged with the kidnapping of Sarah Johnson and coercion in the first degree of her father, but the evidence Winn found on his computer made sure that Edge would also go down for bribery, extortion, and fraud. Kara Danvers was the first witness to speak. While she was able to stay focused during her own testimony, concentrating became more difficult when Lena took the stand. The Kryptonian was acutely aware of just how low cut and form fitting the Luthor’s black dress was, and even more aware of how badly she wanted to pull it off her.


They shamelessly stole glances throughout Alex and Winn’s testimonies, and missed each other’s presence when Kara had to quickly change into her super suit during Edge’s weak defense. J’onn made it back in time to pose as Kara Danvers sitting beside Alex, as Supergirl gave the last witness testimony of the trial. There was hardly a recess, since the jury only needed ten minutes to deliberate and unanimously reach a verdict. They found Edge guilty on all accounts and the judge struck her gavel, announcing, “You’re going away for a very long time Morgan Edge.”


The room emptied and congratulations were passed among the superfriends. The reality of justice sunk in for everyone, now knowing that it was finally over. Edge could never hurt anyone again.


As the others became preoccupied with discussing the details of what transpired that day, Kara and Lena found their moment to slip away. They sped-walked past reporters and back to the room they’d previously been in. Their hands itched to hold each other, but they held off until the door firmly closed behind them.


The second the lock clicked, Lena found her back pressed against the door with Kara’s hands on her waist and lips urged against her own. Lena wrapped her arms around the blonde’s neck and deepened the kiss. The air around them felt electrified. No one else in that courthouse, or the universe, mattered anymore. There was a desperation to the way they grasped for each other, as though their pretrial kiss had edged them to this point.


Kara’s hand slid lower, down to Lena’s ass and then upper thigh. She easily hoisted Lena, whose legs wrapped around her hips, and carried her to the conference table. Kara kept one arm around Lena and her other hand on the table for stability. Yet, that stability didn’t last long in the hand of a very turned on Kryptonian. When Lena moaned as her hands traveled to the Super’s chest, the table loudly splintered beneath Kara’s grasp. 


Lena realized the entire table would likely collapse if they didn’t change venues. She pulled back from the kiss to nod her head towards the open window. “Bed?” 


Remembering the takeout box-covered state of her own apartment, Kara responded, “Yours?”




Kara immediately flew them out through the window and straight into Lena’s apartment, carefully landing on her bed. Lena laid beneath Kara’s straddled legs, coaxing the blonde’s lips back hers with a gentle tug to the collar of her super suit. After a couple minutes, Lena almost impatiently began guiding Kara’s lips down to her chin, then neck, collar, and cleavage.


“I don’t care about this dress,” Lena implored, “Just rip it off."


Kara excitedly raised her eyebrows and did as she was told. She took just a moment to marvel at Lena’s beauty, before taking one of the brunette’s hands in hers and continuing to trail kisses down her torso. And then another realization dawned on her.


“Wait, hold on,” Kara conscientiously pulled back a little, “I don’t wanna hurt you.”


“Kara, we just talked about this.”


“No, no I know. I didn’t mean hurt you emotionally, I meant like...your body.”


“Oh.” Lena bit her bottom lip, smiling. She sat up to level with Kara and stared into her bright blue eyes. Lena placed her free hand against the Kryptonian’s strong jaw. “I happen to fully trust you with that, too.” She closed the small gap between their bodies and nuzzled her nose against Kara’s. Then Lena whispered in the most confident, yet tender tone, “I trust you with all of me.”


In that moment, they knew nothing nor anyone could ever come between them again. That they had each found their Person. Kara was the love and home that Lena had always yearned for, but hadn’t believed she deserved until now. And Lena was Kara’s perfect partner, her equal in every way that mattered and someone that she chose to build a fulfilling relationship with. Today wasn’t just the end of an incredibly arduous adventure; it was the beginning of the rest of their lives together.