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Warrden's Hidden Secret

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   After the Fourth Blight there was a Prophecy set in place by the last of the free Elvhenan. It for told that by the time of the next blight the elven five gods and four goddesses, whom the modern Dalish elves call "the Creators”. Would send a worrier unlike any other. This worrier would have inconceivable power. She would save Ferelden from destruction that would soon befall all Thades.


The Goddess Mythal would appoint Artemis (Goddess of the moon) daughter of Andruil (goddess of the hunt) to guide this worrier in her trials. She would be the last descendent of the old elves before they were enslaved. She would live a long life as an Immortal. Although she would be able to be injured and take damage same as any mortal but her healing she would be quicker and……


Unfortunately, this prophecy had been lost to time until a Gray warden by the name of Duncan found it 400 years later part of it had been torn away so he didn’t know the rest. So, he set out to find this child anointed by Mythal if she did truly exist. He would try to recruit her into the Gray Wardens. If she was truly as powerful as in the prophecy she would be a great asset to the Wardens.