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Heart Rate (Frerard One Shot)

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"Yeah, that's right, just one more minute, and you'll be done." Frank said, timing his client on the treadmill.

Gerard had signed up for the gym in order to get in shape. Mostly because his wife, Lindsey, was forcing him, because she "didn't want Bandit to have an obese father."

Pshhhh. Obese. Gerard could fit into womens' cut jeans, and that to him was a fucking life accomplishment.

But apparently, to Lindsey's standards, he needed to work out.

So she set him up with a personal trainer at Retro Fitness by the name of Frank Iero, and as soon as Gerard laid his eyes on Frank, he knew he was in trouble.

Frank was about as gay as a person could get without exploding in a cloud of rainbows and glitter.

Dressed head to toe in black, skinny attire, decorated with a few gay pride ribbon pins, and rainbow sweatbands around his wrists, Gerard got the hint as soon as he walked through the gym doors.

Now, Gerard found himself running on the treadmill, at the speed of 6.5, at an elevation of 4.3, sweaty and practically begging for Frank to put him out of his misery.

"Frank-- if I die, will----- you tell my daughter I--- love...her?" Gerard heaved as he took long strides to keep up with the speed.

"Most definitely. But after this, you'll be done. Ten seconds left, in fact. Just keep moving after the treadmill stops so your legs don't lock up." Frank said, adjusting one of his wristbands and looking into Gerard's pained eyes.

He honestly felt badly for Gerard. I mean, he was forced to go to the gym when he already looked great, but it also wasn't that convenient on Frank's receiving end, either, because Frank was very gay, and he had a super mad gay crush on his trainee.

He wouldn't let Gerard know. Ever. He would take as much time as he could with him and hopefully the crush would blow over.

But this training thing had been happening for MONTHS now, and Lindsey did not seem to be fazed by the fact that the gym membership was about to expire, and she still wasn't happy with her husband's results.

The treadmill signaled "end of workout." However, it began the "cool down", which was about five minutes of more walking.

Gerard groaned as he slowed his intense running to a fast walk. "Can't this all be over?"

Frank chuckled to himself. This was so relatable. "Can't this crush be over?" he thought to himself.

"What?" Gerard questioned, putting his hands on the heart rate bar of the machine, which demanded his hands to be on it all the fucking time, but his hands got all sweaty on the metal.

Shit. Frank realized that he had just said that out loud. He tried to cover up. "Nothing."

"No really, Frank, what did you say?" Gerard persisted, and Frank sighed.

"Let's go to the locker room, shall we? We can get some protein shakes and talk about this." Frank suggested, and Gerard eagerly hopped off the treadmill, his leg muscles now further defined than ever.

Lindsey'd better be fucking proud of her husband for making such a fucking great accomplishment. If she weren't, Frank swore he would rip her to pieces.

Anyway, the two made their way to the locker room, which was empty.

Frank decided to lock the door when Gerard had already made his way to the main area of the locker room, which had the vending machine, and some water fountains.

Gerard bought himself a chocolate shake, and Frank a vegan vanilla shake, because he knew that Frank was a vegetarian.

The two sat on benches opposite to each other, on opposite sides of the room.

Frank felt extremely uncomfortable all of a sudden in his extremely tight clothing.

Maybe it was because of the fucking boner he had due to Gerard in his pants.

Gerard seemed to not notice this at all, so Frank decided to hide it with his shake.

"So Gerard, uh, I don't know how to say this, but..."

"Oh come on, Frank, spill it already, I know."

Frank stopped dead in his tracks.

"You do?"

"Yeah? I've known since you were checking me out while I was dying on the stair climber."

Frank was dumbfounded. He felt so unbelievably stupid for making himself so painstakingly obvious in this situation.

"But here's the thing---"

Here comes the rejection.

"Even though it's wrong in terms that I have a wife, I like you too." Gerard said, and Frank's mouth opened so wide he was afraid his jaw was going to crack.

"Well, what are you waiting for, then?" Frank said, standing up at once and grabbing Gerard's beautiful face, and pressing his lips against the other's.

Gerard eagerly kissed back.

And that was when Gerard noticed the raging boner in Frank's pants.

"Want me to help you with that?" he offered, and Frank declined.

"Nah, I can do it on my own. You can certainly watch, though." Frank smirked deviously, unzipping his tight pants and shimmying them down along with his rainbow briefs.

Gerard just about died then and there.

Frank was hUgE. He reached a hand down to his dick and began to pump from base to tip, thumbing the slit just enough that Frank would let out a loud moan.

This made Gerard horribly horny. As wrong as this was, despite the wedding band around his finger, he felt at peace with this whole situation. He felt like he could be himself around Frank. And not be forced to be someone else, unlike *cough* LINDSEY *cough* wanted him to.

Gerard gave in to his temptation and pulled down his shorts, along with his briefs, and began pumping his dick as well.

"Fuck, Gerard, this is hot..." Frank moaned, his dick hard and throbbing with every move he made.

Both became close to their highs.

"FUCK, Gee, I'm getting close!" Frank practically yelled, and closed his eyes shut, his eyebrows crinkling at the feel of such pleasure and pain all at once, and Gerard let out a sound that sounded like "eunh", which sent Frank over the top, coming all over his hand in the process.

Gerard came on his hand a few moments later, drinking in the sight of a sweaty, beautiful, slightly less professional Frank staring into his eyes with a look of pure lust.

"We need to do that again." Frank gasped for air, trying to process what just happened.

"Woahoahoah, calm down mate, we just did a few seconds ago, but yes, I agree this must be done again some time." Gerard grinned, and Frank kissed Gerard passionately.

A slow applause came from the actual locker portion of the locker room.

It was none other than Ronnie Radke, a weight lifter that was at the gym almost every day, when he wasn't on tour with his band Falling in Reverse.

"Wow, that was really gay." Ronnie laughed.

"Not as gay as you are with Vincent." Frank remarked.

"Shut the fuck up." Ronnie turned red, and Gerard giggled.

"Okay, Radke, okay."

He'd better not tell anyone about what happened in this locker room.