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Acchi Kocchi x reader one shots

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Your friends had the bright idea of dressing you up as a cat and shoving you inside a closet. You pounded on the door for a good 5 minutes. The door swung open, making you fall onto the ground.You looked up from the floor to see Io’s eyes widen. A couple of hands push him into the closet, he landed on top of you. Io quickly lifted himself off of you. 

“ Are you alright, (y/n)?” 

You blushed at the position, but nodded your head to answer his question. He sat up, a red hue covered the tips of his ears. Io pulled you up on his lap. 

“ Why are you dressed as a cat?”

“ U-Um, my friends stole my clothes. They gave me this to wear instead. I didn’t have much choice.” You felt Io press his lips against yours.

“ You look so cute like this..i’ll have to make you a cat costume of my own..” 

He whispered, making sure that you didn't hear him. Io stood up, you quickly wrapped your legs around his hips so you didn't fall.

“ Why’d they lock us in here?” 

Io shrugged his shoulders, you jumped down from his hips and stood up. He took a couple of steps backwards and kicked down the door. Your eyes widen at the strength that one boy could have. Io calmly walked out of the door, with you trailing close behind. He dropped the calm and emotionless demeanor. 

“Why did you lock us in there?” His voice filled with anger. 

“ Hey, Io. Chill, It was just a prank. We wanted to see you guys get together.” 

“ If any of you ever actually listened to (y/n), you’d know by now that we’re already together!” Io yelled, your eyes widened. You wrapped your arms around him from behind. 

“ Io, It’s Ok. Let’s just go.” You pulled Io out of the house. Io rubbed the back of his neck, embarrassed

“ I’m sorry you had to see me like that...I haven’t blown up on someone in years..” 

“ You were so scary..but at the same time, i’m glad you’re..uh...Possessive.” You smiled and jumped up to kiss his cheek, but he turned his head. You ended up accidentally kissing him on the lips. S-Sorry, I was trying to kiss you on the cheek and then you..”  You trailed off, not even bothering to finish your sentence. Io lightly ruffled your hair.

“ It’s Ok, I actually really like your kisses. They’re sweet and your lips are always soft too, but that’s just a bonus...Would it be ok if I walked you home?” 

“ Yeah, that’d be nice...Thanks, Io.” His hand found yours in an instant.

“ You know what I love about your hands? They seem to fit perfectly with mine.”
just putting this out there, i dont write crack fics