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to my beloved wife

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gosh jiwon. i dont even remember how we met. it just feels like you've always been around. you were always there, asking me favors. and i would do anything you'd have asked me, cause i liked you. of course i didnt want to accept that, you were my crazy, loud friend.

you didnt make it easy, always worrying me. i still dont know how the life of a student could be so messy. how did you get involved in this twisted things. how could i not tag along with you when i just wanted to protect you?

your personality was so bright, jiwonie. you were always so excited about everything. and so good at hiding. when you were upset or uneasy about something, you'd try to cover it up by showing fake enthusiasm. but i always knew you, knew how to identify the little things that would change in you when you'd get like that.

i knew you so well, yet it took me that long time to realize you liked me back. you were so flirty with everyone, punk, you cant blame me. thank you. if you didnt make the first move i would probably be mourning over what happened as a friend.

i was so worried when you thought about giving up college. thank god moon hyojin happened. because you won that case, you got back to being you. oh darling, do you know how much of a great, passionate, aggressive reporter you were? i dont think i did tell you that as much as a should have when you were still alive. i couldnt: you wouldnt let me live if i did.

sungmin groans, "ah. why am i crying this late?" he whispers softly, wiping the tears off.

he hears a light knock on the door.

"dad? are you crying again?"

the door opens slightly and seungji gets in and stares him, eyes full with fondness. "oh dad, will i have to sing you to sleep again?" she says, fake sighing.

"punk. just like your mom," he says and she gives him a bright smile, "get over here."

my beloved jiwon, thank you for being you, crazy head. thank your for being an awesome mother while you could. in every day she gets more of you. ah, why do i hear you deliciously laughing at this?