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Vampire carving

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It was a chilly October night, most of people would be getting cozy under some blankets, but the weather was still warm in Morioh. People still wore their t-shirts and tank tops, air conditioned was a must, and all fans were out of stock.

“And they say global warming is a lie!” Rohan let his window open. His fans were not enough to get the house cool. He needed to invest in some air conditioned next year for sure, working in such conditions was absolutely barbaric! He couldn’t even lift a pencil without starting to sweat. Not even at night the weather would give the mangaka a break. He had a line for a Halloween special chapter and there was he, groaning because of the hot temperature.

“Maybe all you need it a good old spooky time~” a bat flew up his window. Rohan let out an annoyed groan. That tiny bat was actually Josuke, the local vampire. He wasn’t much of a scary one, he would just go around playing pranks on people ever since he was small, he politely asked for blood at slaughter houses and butcher shops, he was what could be called a good kid. An irritating good kid. Rohan never cared much for him, but once the boy turned 18 he started getting closer and closer to the mangaka, Kishibe wasn’t stupid, this idiotic vampire clearly had a crush on him.

“What do you want Josuke?” he asked getting up from his chair and getting a small hand fan to wave himself with.

“You know, just came to see you.” the small bat landed on the couch. A smoke cloud got around him and he turned into his human form. He was even wearing jeans and a tank top that Rohan wasn’t used to see, this annoying teenage supernatural creature sure had a nice body, not that the mangaka would never admit that out loud.

“Sure it’s hot in your house, it’s even cooler outside.” The teenager started fanning himself with his hand. “I can freeze some stuff around your house if you want.” he suggested with a mischievous grin.

“Please don’t destroy my house. It is already enough that you would sneak in when you were younger,” Rohan recalled getting a shiver up his spine. Sometimes he felt like he was the vampire’s relative. They were five years apart, but still, that didn’t seem to meant a lot. He knew the teenager all his life, he was just never into pranks, he was more of the kind to draw calmly and stay at his corner, even when the tiny vampire would barg in the middle of the night to try to play with Rohan. It was complicated, the vampire couldn’t just stand the sunlight, so he tried to get some fun when the sun was down, thing that always bothered the artist.

“Com’on, let’s not recall stuff like that. Let’s do something more fun~” Josuke pulled Rohan by the arm making him fall on the couch. “Uff, stop it you buffon!” he growled at the vampire.

“I’m really thirsty Rohan...” he said in a low tone. His fingers stroked Rohan’s bare back. His skin felt so silky… As much has Rohan tried to fight the teenager’s sudden urges and crush towards him, he had to admit that vampires sure had some sensuality that no other human had. Even his bite didn’t hurt, it felt strangely arousing. They never got into kinky territory. It was all about sucking some blood and that was all.

“Fine. I don’t want you to starve.” he complied to the other male. He actually didn’t mind giving in to the pleasure at all, he just didn’t want to look easy, he wanted Josuke to feel that he was a challenge to overcome.

“Thank you sensei...” he left a cold lick on his neck. Rohan shivered at that touch. ‘Fuck, this kid sure has game...’ he thought to himself has he closed his eyes. Josuke didn’t waste more time to bury his fangs on Rohan’s pale neck. He loved the taste of his blood so much… It was a mix between sweet and bitter, it was surely addicting. The mangaka let out a soundly breath: “Hey… Don’t suck me dry...” Josuke wrapped his arms around his tiny waist, Rohan had such a delicate body, the opposite of his own body, he always like that about the artist, he sucked a bit more blood… Lately no matter how much he drank, it was not enough, he always feel a thirst, a necessity, a wanting more.

Damn, that sucking feeling sure felt damn good, but Rohan was battling not to give in to the pleasure, he couldn’t lose to this needy vampire teenager, he would fight with all of his strength not to-

“A-ah...” a moan float out of his mouth.

The room stood quiet. Josuke stoped what he was doing and looked up in shock. He couldn’t believe that Rohan actually had produced such an erotic sound. “Sensei~” he had to tease him.

“T-That is is! Get out of my house!” Rohan struggled to get up but Josuke had his grip around the skinnier man’s waist, he wasn’t gonna let him go after such an interesting thing had happened. His senses were tingling, he never had such a reaction from Rohan. “I liked that sound, can you repeat it again?” he slide his tongue on the small holes that his fangs left on the neck. Rohan shivered in excitement at that, he had lost the battle of will he had been fighting for a while now.

“It’s okay to give in… I always wanted you to give in...” he touched Rohan’s cheek turning his face towards his own, aside for the moaning, Rohan was a blushing mess, which was adorable in Josuke’s eyes, he had made that.

“I-it’s not pleasure...” an awful lie for sure, but his head was getting so fuzzy that he didn’t had time to give it a second thought as an excuse.

The vampire didn’t cared, he kissed him. It was deep and needy, like he had been holdingit for a long time. Rohan let some uncomprehensible sounds in Josuke’s lips, but not even he could deny that he longed for that for some time now, he turned towards Josuke, his legs spread apart letting him sit on his lap, his hands touched his pronounced abs, he kissed back deeply. He had lost this battle of will.

Josuke’s large hand touched the artist’s back pulling him closer, deepening that kiss, feeling more and more of Rohan. He slide his tongue inside those soft green lips and started making out with the man.

The fact that it was hot wasn’tan issue anymore. They were sucking each other’s tongues like animals acting by instinct. At one moment Rohan almost swore that Josuke bite his tongue, and it felt damn good too! Both guys were getting a little too aroused, not that the artist minded, he took off Josuke’s tank top and broke the kiss placing some licks on his neck and upper chest.

“We fucking or what?” he asked getting right into business.

Josuke couldn’t avoid to smirk and say: “Ask me out for dinner firs-” he let out a moan. Rohan hand his hand between the other male’s crotch, he wasn’t gonna waste anymore time in senseless flirting, he was gonna bring his A-game to the table now. “A-ah yeah!” Josuke hurried to unzip his pants and give his hard length some well deserved freedom.

Not wasting a second, Rohan stroked the erect member, that made Josuke let out a pleasured groan. He thanked the mangaka for his kindness, his hand felt darn good. Rohan licked the other male’s lips and undid his own pants with his free hand: “Just do me hardly won’t you?”

Josuke almost came with those words, he rushed to help Rohan take off his pants, he was so aroused over the fact that the other guy wanted to do it with him, not even in his wildest dreams he imagined that he would even get smutty with his friend.

Pants off, boxers off, Rohan touched his chest making him lay down on the couch. “You gonna ride me?” he smirked at artist. The mangaka let out a small laugh: “Your dream came true you slutty vampire.” he stretched his arm on a drawer getting a bottle of lube. He rubbed a handful of it on the other man’s length. Josuke let another groan, he was so eager for action.

“You gotta prepare your tight ass.” Josuke smirked and got two of his fingers with lube. “You are a kinky one aren’t you?” he leaned complying to the vampire’s naughty idea to get him prepared. Josuke slid his two fingers on his behind, Rohan licked his lips and let out a sexy moan that only got the other male more on the edge. He moved his fingers until he felt that they were sliding in and out perfectly.

“Stick it in already.” he rushed Josuke to take his fingers out of him and held his length while he sat on his member, the cock went in that made him moan loudy at the sensation of slowly getting filled up, not that he would stop now, he wasn’t the kind to back off once he started things.

“You feel so damn good!” Josuke moved his waist unable to hold his urges any longer. Groans could be heard escaping Rohan’s mouth as he was filled with the length and started moving up and down. “Fuck! You’re big!” It wasn’t a complaint, more like a delightful fact.

He kept moving in pleasure, each thrust felt better, doing it with a vampire was darn great! He wanted to ride this boy forever. Josuke kept moving and smirked at him while rubbing Rohan’s length: “What about this? You’re so fucking hard!” he said. Rohan only nooded, it was hard to put a sentence into motion with the mix of feelings that he was having now, he touched Josuke’s abs and moved up and down faster, he wanted it all in.

The vampire was going wild too, he ended up sitting and doing thrusting movements with his hips harder, he jerked off Rohan fast too. He laid his fangs on the artist’s erotic neck once again, he just couldn’t fight his nature, he needed his blood, he wanted him to feel as pleasured as possible, which worked, since as soon as Josuke’s mouth found his neck the artist shivered and ejaculated hardly on his hand and their chests.

“Fuck.” Josuke just replied to that, he held Rohan’s hip and made him move harder. “I gotta come too!” he growled rawly at the artist, as ordering him, the later one was fast to comply and moved at a faster peace once he heard the task he hard to do. “You a-are hitting the s-spot!” Rohan shook and closed eyes deeply, this pleasure was probably the best he felt since… ever!

A couple of more hard thrusts and Josuke got to his climax releasing his load into the other male’s insides. Rohan shivered twice as he came once again with the feeling of behind filled.

Two more seconds of panting passed and Rohan laid his head on the vampires now sweaty chest. “Damn… You stupid brat.”

“Love you too, Rohan.” Josuke smirked, feeling happy that he had finally carved himself into the one that he had longed for years.

“Just give me more, won’t you?” Rohan ignored the hot temperature of the bedroom and started moving his hips once again.