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Sometimes (most of the time) Taehyung immediately regrets making his overbearing boyfriend extremely jealous after seeing those large, doe eyes darken. As usual, he thought it would be time for some fun since Jeongguk was always so busy with schoolwork, but he knew he crossed the line after the younger twisted his arm and harshly pulled him away from Hoseok, quickly grabbing and squeezing his ass, hoisting the elder over his shoulder like he was a rag doll whilst muttering a gruff, ‘gotta go Hobi, see you around.’


It wasn’t entirely Taehyung’s fault, or so Taehyung tried to convince himself. His boyfriend was so distant recently so he needed to get his cuddles from somewhere, and Hoseok was second cutest little sunshine (the first was Jimin, but lately he was too busy ‘cuddling’ with Yoongi), so that lead to Jeongguk finding Taehyung in a questionable position over his dear dancer friend Jung Hoseok (Taehyung was straddling him with his arms wrapped around Hoseok’s torso and head snuggled into his chest. Obviously, a bit too close for friends).


So long story short, Taehyung was currently tied to the bed, face down ass up, legs bound to the end posts with his tight little bud full on display. Usually when they do these kinds of things Jeongguk would go slow (i.e. not rip his clothes off to the point that buttons are flying everywhere and there are scratches from how rough he yanked the clothes off of him) and always ask the elder if the ropes were too tight and if they were uncomfortable, but Taehyung knew that he made the younger especially mad when he could hardly move his legs or arms, ropes tight and unmoving, in probably one of the most uncomfortable and sore positions to date.


Taehyung didn’t know what was to come, he didn’t want to know as he was scared. One of his soft limits was the whip or the leather belt. The deep red welts formed from them did lowkey turn him on, but trying to withstand the actual hitting was to sore for him. Taehyung knew Jeongguk wouldn’t push him too hard. Or he thought he knew.


“You know why you’re here and how this is going to go, right baby?” Jeongguk smirked behind the elder, lightly spanking his ass and running his hands over his boyfriend’s smooth back.


“Ye—yes sir…,” Taehyung stuttered, muffled by the pillow as he tried to close his legs and hide himself.


“You’re so cute baby, I’m going to have fun with you tonight,” the younger continued, “I’ll help you remember who you belong to and have you screaming my name until your throat is sore. Remember ‘red’ for stop and ‘yellow’ for slow down, got it baby?”


“Yes sir…!” The elder said with more confidence, to which was responded by a pat on his ass by a foreign object.


Oh no.


It was the wooden paddle.


He forgot about the wooden paddle.


Jeongguk only uses the paddle when he’s very very very mad, because he knew that only a couple of hits (three and a half, precisely) has Taehyung crying and screaming his numbers.


“Count for me, Tae. You were very naughty today which made me really angry, so let’s go for ten hits.”


The elder wanted to curl up and die.


“Remember you can safe word baby.”


“Yes sir…,” Taehyung whimpered, preparing himself for the inevitable.




“One!” The elder gritted out with the beginning of tears starting to form, it hurts.




“Two!” Harder than the last time, Taehyung tried to move his ass away before Jeongguk hit him again.




“Ow! Th-three…,” he could feel wetness on the fabric below him, he assumed it was drool and tears.


“What a sight, baby. Your ass is already red for me, how cute,” Jeongguk chuckled, palming the elder’s sensitive ass.




“F-four!” Taehyung stuttered, before he felt a wet, foreign object prodding at his little bud.


“You can take this right, baby?”


“Y-yes sir…!”


Taehyung would do anything for him at this point, he was so far gone that he didn’t even realise that his cock was hard and dripping pre-cum on the sheets. Jeongguk pushed the small object past the rim, the elder whimpering at the slight stretch as the bullet shaped thing was swallowed into his ass, pressing right at his prostate.




“F-five AH!” at that exact moment, Jeongguk switched the object on, right at the highest setting. Immediately Taehyung’s legs started shaking, he buried his head further into the sheets under him and started whining profusely.


“What a good boy. No need to count anymore baby, I’ll count the rest.”


At once, the younger slapped his ass cheeks hard, in quick succession one after another, which only made Taehyung writhe in pain and pleasure. The tears kept falling out, he kept trying to move away – which he kept failing at. He was so sure that his boyfriend hit him more than ten times, but with the vibrator in his ass his mind was hazy.


Suddenly, a huge wave of pleasure crashed through him. His knees buckled as his ass clenched around the vibrator and Taehyung wasn’t even aware that he was almost screaming. His legs were furiously shaking, and as the edge was taken off, he was hurtling towards overstimulation because Jeongguk wouldn’t. Turn. It. Off.


“I don’t recall giving you permission to come, baby?” the younger smirked at the shaking figure before him, palming his boyfriend’s red – almost purple – cheeks which made the elder whimper in pain and try to move away.


“N-no.. p-please stop I.. don’t! Guk…. ah p-please—” Taehyung was incoherent now, he was in the middle of pain and pleasure, his knuckles white from gripping the restraints – his toes curling in the sheets trying to withstand it all.


“Taehyung, that’s sir to you. No. I’m not stopping,” Jeongguk replied aggressively, before pushing two lubed up fingers into his lover’s ass, pushing the vibrator more snuggly at his prostate whilst scissoring him at the same time.


Taehyung sobbed. It was the only thing he could do. I’m never hugging Hoseok ever again.


“Baby, what’s your colour?” He said softer this time, turning the vibrator to a more bearable pace. Sure, he can be forceful and overbearing but he wouldn’t want to hurt Taehyung too much.


“…Green, s-sir…”


“Good boy, so good for me. I’ll reward you with my cock, how about that?”


“Y-yes! Yes please sir!” Taehyung pushed his ass back, Jeongguk palmed his ass lightly.


“Eager baby…,” the younger chuckled, before pushing the fat head of his cock into his boyfriend’s tight warmth.


“Wait… sir! Y-you forgot the—AH!” Taehyung protested before Jeongguk slammed the rest of his length into him, his knees buckling. Two fingers were definitely not enough prep for a dick like Jeongguk’s.


Jeongguk paused, being kind enough to let his boyfriend adjust, before leaning down and whispering in the elder’s ear, “you can take both, right? You’re being so good for me, I’m so proud of you.”


“Yes sir….”


“Hold on then.”


Immediately Jeongguk start a brutal pace, gripping Taehyung’s hips so hard that he knew bruises would form. Taehyung’s back arched so far that he didn’t know if his spine would break or not. His voice was muffled by the sheets beneath him but he was still loud enough to be heard over the sound of skin slapping and the headboard knocking on the wall.


Jeongguk then turned the vibrator back up to the max, making Taehyung scream. His body protested against this, pulling at the restraints, shaking so hard, but his boyfriend was strong – freakishly so – that he held his hips right in place and kept pounding into the tight heat.


Taehyung was full on screaming and crying. the space beneath him was all wet with tears, snot and drool. And if I couldn’t get any worse, Jeongguk decided to grip his bruised ass instead of his hips, and he jerked and shrieked in pain – cum suddenly shooting out of his reddened and sore cock.


But Jeongguk didn’t stop, oh no. He could see his boyfriend was well spent, legs shaking so furiously that Taehyung could barely hold himself anymore. He was slipping down the bed – throat hoarse from screaming and shouting, but he was still messily sobbing. Jeongguk sped up his pace, making the elder fall into his own puddle of release – limp – as Jeongguk used him like a rag doll, searching for release. The vibrator still aggressively thrumming against his prostate, Taehyung’s mind went hazy, and then haywire and the younger lifted him up slightly and started pumping his spent dick.


“NO! I—I can’t! Guk P-PLEASE!” Taehyung screamed, moving away from the younger’s hand which only made Jeongguk’s cock push even deeper.


He often finds himself thinking about this.


That he’s at the brink of death, and his actual cause of death would be because Jeongguk fucked him too hard.


And then, all at once, Taehyung screamed one last time as his boyfriend continued to pump his dick, clenching around the vibrator and the hot member inside of him as he shook once more, straight up having a dry orgasm.


The sight was beautiful for Jeongguk. He cursed and groaned, burying himself as deep as possible into his lover’s shaking body and released, hot come coursing through Taehyung that he swore he could feel it in his stomach.


That was the last thing Taehyung felt before passing out.








When he woke up, he was clean and snug in his bed – cleaned thankfully. He could hear his boyfriend humming in the shower. I mustn’t have passed out for too long then.


He tried getting up but his hips, ass, entire lower region was in pain. Jeongguk did try and put some aloe vera on Taehyung’s abused ass cheeks but it wasn’t an immediate cure.


He’s going to be limping for days, weeks even.


The shower was turned off and he could hear his boyfriend slowly padding his way back to bed.


“Hey Tae, how are you feeling? I might have been a bit too rough…” he said guiltily. Sometimes Taehyung couldn’t believe that this doe-eyed cutie was a literal monster in bed.


“I still think I can feel your dick in me. I think I’ll be feeling it for weeks.” Taehyung said bluntly, making hand gestures for his boyfriend to come back to bed, “come here and cuddle with me!”


Jeongguk chuckled before climbing into bed with Taehyung, pressing their bodies together and tangling their legs.


“I love you, you know that? I… I got so worried see you with Hoseok-hyung that I got angry, I’m sorry babe.” Jeongguk said softly, playing gently with Taehyung’s hair. The elder pouted.


“I only cuddled with him because you were so busy with schoolwork! You never had time for me… I was having withdrawal symptoms. Hobi-hyung was just trying to cheer me up…”


“Well you have me now. Next time tell me, and I’ll make time for you okay?”


Taehyung pouted again. “Okay. I love you too Gukkie,” he said before kissing his boyfriend sweetly, enjoying being so close with him, skin to skin, that his heart almost wanted to burst.


“I love you more baby,” Jeongguk whispered, pressing his forehead to Taehyung’s and looked into his eyes. “I’m so glad I met you.”