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The Disasters Road

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You put Air Trecks on for fun, started a team for fun, and rose to the top following your own road all because you thought it was fun. But now you hated it all, how teams took battles to far, how one couldn't ride without some form of threat going after them, and how every trick and move was ranked in the Tropaion Tower. You had gotten your team to go all the way to close B and now you waited for the one who could set everyone free from it.

You watched from atop the warehouse building as two non-air treck gangs fought over territory. You watched closely at a young boy with a crow's nest of hair beat the other team. Humming with a small smile when his gang cheered “GO IKKI! THE STRONGEST IN THE EAST SIDE GANG!” Dropping quietly to get a better view and hear more you hid behind some old crates. Watching the interactions amongst the happy gang brought fond memories of your team to mind. Watching as the crow boy left gang members from the other side had started bad mouthing. 'What sour fucking losers. Really? Now that their ass's where kicked they gotta be shit heads?’ You thought frowning and shaking your head just before you took your leave. “Skull Saders. Ever heard of them? The air treck team, Storm Riders. I'm good friends with them, I'm looking forward to a rematch.” One of the West siders said smirking at the now scared group. Stopping immediately at his words 'THAT BITCH ASS MOTHERFUCKER! BRINGING IN A FUCKING AIR TRECK TEAM TO GET FUCKING EVEN?!’ You thought turning sharply at them with a glare as they again started to fight. Growling as you used your AT’s to leave the scene you looked back at the warehouse 'If that fucking AT team gets involved with non-air treck users, I'm beating their fucking asses into mincemeat.’ You thought riding to meet up with your team. Latter that evening you rested your head on your little brother’s lap in his hospital room watching the news. Gritting your teeth as the next segment went on about two dead high schooler's involving AT’s. “Teams nowadays are getting really scary. Sis you're being safe right? You're the only one I got left so please don't get hurt.” Your younger brother said worriedly gripping his bed sheets. Looking at him with a small reassuring smile “Hey I'm always safe, and I'm stronger than those jerks. You don't have to worry about me, just worry about getting over your sickness okay bud?” You said kissing his forehead when the nurse came in telling you visiting hours were over. The next day you went to the warehouse again but brought your second in command with you and what you saw made your blood boil and eyes burn with hatred. The non-air treck gang was beating the crow's nest boy to a pulp while his gang turned away and that was when Torami pointed to an obvious air treck team around a shed were a lot of girls screaming and crying came from. Clenching your fists tight enough for your nails to draw blood you made a move to stop them. “Wait (Y/N), don't be stupid! This isn't your fight. Wait till the great meeting and then challenge those bastards to a match they can't win!” Torami said holding you back. Growling and glaring at them all. “WHEN THAT DICK EATING GANG IS DONE I'LL SHOW THEM THE WORST NATURES GOT, FOR BRINGING IN THOSE AIR TRECK ABUSING FUCHERS!!!” You yelled breaking free from your second in commands hold and dashing off away from thE repulsive sight. Turning back to the scene playing in front of himself “This is why we need a Sky King. So that those bastards dont come in thinking there better than everyone else.” Torami sighed riding after you. Waiting on top of a wall you clicked your wheels to the right and charged them on the side of the wall you were sitting on, spotting the West side gang you jumped in front of the main leader clicking you wheels back into place with a stone cold face. “What the fuck are you doing here, bitch? Get out of our way or I'll get my Skull Sader friends to beat your ass outta here!” The leader yelled noticing your Air Trecks . “Pfff, you fuck tards brought in an Air Treck team to lick your wounds after the East Side Gunz fairly beat you yesterday. And I'm not scared of your pussie ass air treck team lackies either, I out rank them in the Tropaion Tower, they're nothing but a speck of shit on the ground in my eyes. And since you fuckers got help from AT users the East side had plenty reason to have mine.” You said sending a death glare at the now shaking leader and his gang, putting your hands in your pockets and putting your foot on his stomach you clicked the wheels to the left, lightly pushing on your AT and quickly removed your foot from his body. You watched as the leader seized up and fell to the ground making you smile while watching him piss himself before looking up at his group, “My Air Trecks are specially made to either taze or burn someone, not to mention that they can also break solid concrete with one kick. So if you fucking bastards don't want your skulls busted open on the pavement. I better not EVER see you cock suckers settle a fucking score with the help of an Air Treck team. Or I'll make sure you wish you were never born. GOT IT!?!” You yelled kicking their leader into them before they hastily nodded and ran off. “You held back, Eos. I'm proud of you.” Torami said coming up behind you. Taking a slow breath in and letting it out just as slow to calm your nerves. “If they're smart they'll never associate with the Skull Saders ever again. Come on I promised Allen I'd get him some candy when I visit him today.” You said speeding down the street with Torami riding next to you.

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Laying with Allen on his hospital bed you popped another piece of candy into your mouth as your brother talked to Torami about the latest story he read. Glancing at the boys you turned your attention back to the TV and continued thinking about the crow boy and what happened to him. Sighing you slumped down and closed your eyes wanting to sleep for a little bit. Feeling a hand lightly shake your shoulder, you grunted before turning to the culprit. “Hey Mizuru, are visiting hours over?” You whispered looking down at your younger brother who was cuddling into your chest. Nodding her head as she rounded the bed to wake Torami. “Yeah they've been over for a few hours now. But you two looked like you needed the rest.” Mizuru said as you carefully slipped out of your brothers weak grasp. “Sorry to put you out again Mizuru. I got Torami, go make your rounds.” You ordered while picking up your second in command who felt like dead weight. Waving farewell to the nurse you turned to your second in command and sighed. “Thanks for keeping Allen company Torami.” You muttered moving to piggyback the blond. Riding back to your place after dropping off your second in command your mind again went back to the baby faced boy. ‘Knowing Magaki he's going make that boys life a living hell. I should check in at their school. If I remember correctly some of the east siders were wearing Higashi junior high uniforms.’ You thought holding your chin when you noticed someone following you. Doing a sudden stop and spin you brought your leg up to do a hard sweeping kick just as your stalker caught your ankle. “You know Eos if it were anyone else, they surely would have ended up in a hospital or worse a morgue.” Spitfire said releasing your leg. Huffing “Then you should announce yourself Spitfire.” You grinned turning to slowly ride alongside the fire king. “So to what I owe the pleasure? It's not that often you seek me out.” You said holding your hands behind your back. Letting a quiet chuckle out. “My apologies, for a storm your hard to find. Anyway the great meeting is coming up soon and a few little birdies are saying you want to challenge the Skull Saders.” Spitfire said making you drop your arms. Sighing “Yeah I want to. Those bastards did something I can't forgive.” You growled glaring at the ground at the fiery redhead looked at you from the corner of his eyes. “You can't protect everyone Eos. If your not careful you might break your wings.” Spitfire said making you stop and turn away from him. “I know. But until we get a sky king, I'm going to try.” You said determinedly raising your eyes up to the taller man with fire burning with in them. Half chuckling as he smirked. “There's no talking you out of anything, is there? Alright then Eos, until the meeting then.” Spitfire said bowing slightly and kissing the back of your hand before leaping away with what looked like fire behind him. Smiling as you shifted your weight to one side you watched the fire king disappear before turning down your street. Walking down the street leaning to Higashi junior high you shifted your backpack hold your AT's as you saw a boy with a beanie standing near a large setted boy looking over what looked to be stickers. Tilting your head ‘Those better not be what I think they are.’ You thought walking over to them. “Hey what are those?” You asked pointing at the stickers making both boys jump and turn to you. “H-huh? Oh these? There um Skull Sader stickers. We, uh we're selling them.” The blond boy said making your lip twitch downwards for a split second. ‘Those fuckers these boys shouldn't have to be doing this.’ You thought pulling out your wallet. “How much are they?” You asked looking up at the two questioningly as they froze and looked to each other. “They're, uh they're 5,000 yen each.” The chubbier one muttered sweating a little as he looked away from you as the other looked to the ground. ‘They must have some sort of quota they have to pay.’ You thought pulling out 20,000 yen. “I'll buy four from you guys. I can tell your being forced to do this.” You said making both teens heads snap up to look at you surprisedly as you took the stickers from the blond to take four then hand him the money and stickers back. Stuffing the stickers in your pocket you moved to continue walking, raising your hand to wave goodbye you kept an eye out for the crows nest boy. Leaving both boys to stare after you. Humming as you stuck close to the school when you couldn't  find the navy haired boy you decided to switch to your air trecks and glide around. Going near the back of the school you saw the water way and decided to wall serf to pass the time. Jumping back and forth from each side you saw something be suddenly thrown out the window. Quickly grabbing onto the railing you squinted to see the bag before it hit the water. Gasping ‘Those were air trecks!’ You thought looking back to where they were thrown from before diving into the water. Grabbing the bag you pushed your AT's against the bottom of the waterway to propel yourself out of the water. Jumping the railing you panted as you knelt down to take the skates out, looking them over you sank down. “There okay by the looks of it. But I'll have Jabba look them over for me.” You muttered pouring the water out of the skates and the bag before standing to turn around to change into your dry shoes. Easily sneaking into the school you went to the girls room to change. “Its a good thing I was planning to spend the night at Kina's.” You grumbled grabbing the change of clothes from your backpack as you put your wet ones on top of the wet AT's. Quickly leaving the way you came you sighed turning to head back to your home for a new set of clothes. ‘I hope that one boy is okay. Maybe I just missed him or something.” You thought looking back to the school one last time as you left.