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When a lady dies.

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Pay attention please:

This might be weird for you to read but I have one last request before you take me to the cemetery.

To all the people who loved me: Please don't suffer for me when you go to my funeral, I want you to remember my smile and how I used to cry.
I was a strong fighter who fought for her friends and never gave up and I want you to say goodbye to me with honors and your heads up.

I had a few loves that I know are going to miss me, those who touched my lips are going to savor them but the love of my life is going to cry the most.

To my dear father: I know we'll see each other again and we'll laugh about the people who tried to defeat us and couldn't but in the meantime don't miss me because your daughter the rebel will fover live in all the broken furniture.
Mom and I will wait for you up there.

To my enemies: Your nightmares are over but I know you'll always remeber me. 

To Lydia my sister from another mother: You'll free butterflies as I'm being carried and once you have left me you'll place white roses on the woods I once walk through.

To Stiles the best friend I could've ask for: You'll make everyone applaud as loud as they can because that how one says goodbye to a lady who fell in battle.

I don't know when this will be read, if it's going to be in a few hours or a few years but I'm not leaving, I'm just being sent to fight somewhere else.

Always, Allison.