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Countdown to Halloween

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“Did you know that in some cultures, black cats are considered bad luck?” Rhyme asked.

The others all shook their head.

“Because they’re witches familiars?” Shiki supposed.
“Actually I don’t know,” Rhyme admitted with a bright smile.

Neku couldn’t help but think about CAT. There had been a black cat on his mural, just in front of him, when he… well, when he got shot by an obnoxious jerk. Talk about bad luck.

But in the other hand…

Neku’s eyes fell on Mr Mew, who was presently seated next to Shiki. Considering it was a special occasion and he had a costume, they had given him his own chair.

“I don’t know what you think, but personally *this* black cat felt more like the purest luck of my life…”

After a stunned silence, Shiki blushed.

“I can’t believe you remember he’s not a pig!” Eri grinned.
“Can’t he be both?” Neku asked innocently.
“Eri! Neku!” Shiki protested.

They all laughed. In the warm feelings of the evening, it was a certainty. They were lucky, indeed.