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Countdown to Halloween

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Rhyme and Eri were obviously planning something. They were whispering in a corner and occasionally giggling. Eri was showing something she had in her hand, but Neku couldn’t see what it was from where he was seated. Shiki was as puzzled as him and only shrugged when he looked at her. Well. They would have to wait and see.

The door opened with a loud bang and Beat came in, his skateboard in hand.

“Sorry I’m late guys! What you doing?”

Shiki and Neku showed him the designs they were working on for embroidery on the next clothes Shiki wanted to sew. Rhyme came closer, took a look, and then asked innocently:

“Beat, can I borrow your skateboard?”

Even if the timing was weird, it was not unusual for Rhyme to do so, but Neku was sure she had something in mind. Beat however didn’t react and just gave her his skate. She left the room, and not two minutes later they all heard a loud splash. Eri smiled maniacally before hiding behind a book. Beat, Shiki and Neku shared a perplexed look.

Rhyme came back, looked dejected, without Beat’s skateboard.

“Beat, I’m sorry…” she said. “I rolled into a puddle and your board shrank in the water…”
“Whaaaaaat?” Beat exclaimed.

Rhyme produced a tiny skateboard, smaller than her palm.

“Maybe if you use an hair-dryer on it…” she added.

Beat just stood here agape. Neku couldn’t refrain from smiling. Eri and Rhyme had outdone themselves with this prank...