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Countdown to Halloween

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“What do you mean, this place is haunted?”

Eri shrugged.

“People say that things moves when nobody’s here, that kind of stuff. Also strange noises. And it’s colder than it should be.”

Shiki stayed unimpressed.

“I don’t think there’s things like ghost,” she pointed out.
“They say that when you play Reaper Creeper it’s a ghost that answers.”

Shiki almost blurted out than she knew what was behind Reaper Creeper, but thought better of it. Anyway, even if she couldn’t exactly explain it to her friend, it was only proof of what she said. It was Reapers or Players moving the coin, not…

She frowned. Technically, they were the spirits of deceased people. So they probably counted as ghosts.

That put the whole thing into a new perspective.

“Alright, maybe this place is indeed haunted,” she amended.

It was not beyond Reapers to have some fun at the expense of the livings, after all.