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Our little one

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" Calm the fuck down! "

The little's wails and screaming only got louder, " WAHH-AHH! "

The owner growled under his breath, slapping the little across the face, " I said shut up! You're giving me a headache " he scolded.

The little's body rocked backwards hitting the ground with a loud ' thump' , blood spilling from his left nostril. The Little's cries didn't stop, if anything they got worse by the second. The little was letting out gut wrenching screams, fear and horror racked his body, the little struggled to breath and avoid the vicious attack.

Seokjin stayed in the darkness of a corner, rocking back and forth, and covering his ears to drown out the cries. Seokjin couldn't stand to hear and witness the abuse and torture of another little. Being the younger of the two, Seokjin didn't know how to react. The iciness and sinking feeling that tangled itself inside Seokjin was enough to make him sick. The younger little could shut close his puffy eyes and cover his ears, feeling utterly helpless.

Out of the blue the front door was being kicked down, Seokjin's head snapping to the left of the room, " THIS IS LPS GET ON YOU'RE HANDS AND KNEES " ,  men swarmed into the room, guns pointed at the owner.

The weeping and petrified little was, without hesitation, being take away into a pair of strong arms, "'re safe now..."

Seokjin was watchful as his brother was scooped into the man's arms, with ease ,and out the room. Seokjin inched out of the corner, " Tae..." , on his hands and knees he crawled into the dim light.

Seokjin cried crawling through the mess of all the men, scavenging through his home, and arresting his owner. The whole scene was chaotic and distressing making the little more anxious then before. Seokjin had to make sure Taehyung was alive and well. He was close to the door when seeing pain shot up from the tips of his fingers, someone had step on his hand.

" OWWW " Seokjin hissed, hugging his bruised hand into his chest, and looking down at the stained tile, " Tae..." he whimpered, " I'm scared..." he sniffled.

A pair of strong arms was raising Seokjin off the floor, " It's okay, im here to rescue you " , startling the younger out of his vulnerable state. Seokjin turned to look at the man, who was carrying him like a bride, and gasped. He was very much handsome.

The little squinted his eyes when he was taken outside the front door, the flashing lights of ambulances and cop cars, almost blinding him. To Seokjin's surprise there were even more bodies in uniforms, talking amongst themselves in crowds, even new reporters were at the scene. Without a second thought Seokjin hid his face in the handsome man's chest. The florid lights and loud chatter was overwhelming to Seokjin because of his solitary with his owner. Jungkook, the handsome man, noticed Little's distressed state and ran a soothing hand through Seokjin's blond streaks.

Jungkook sighed in relief when he saw a familiar face in the crowd, calling him over " Jimin! I found another one! "

Said face turned to his boyfriend and hurriedly jogged over, " I just sent the other one to the hospital, he looked pretty beaten up " he whispered. Taking notice of the little, " Hey, who do we have here? " he smiled.

Seokjin shyly moved his head to peak at the stranger, " H-hi " he stuttered, and the man's smile brighten.

" Hi, I'm Jimin. Jungkook and I will take care of you from now on. "

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Jimin looked through the clear stainless glass window, dividing the playroom in half, where Jimin stood. Watching with a fond expression as the Little, Seokjin, who their team had just saved. The small little was shyly playing with toy cars and dolls the room provided him with, it warmed the elders heart. Jimin laughed after Seokjin towers the playing blocks, and tossed himself into the tower, knocking everything down to crumble around him. His careless and happy giggles and squeals filled the room, Jimin's own laughter catching the littles attention, as Seokjin's cheek were dusted with a light shade of pink.

Jimin cooed, " Are you having fun, Jinnie? " , Jimin moved to walk out the room and into the other, " Jungkook and I have to ask you some questions, so playtime is gonna have to be cut short. I'm sorry " . The elder kneeled to be eye level with the little, Jimin felt a little guilty.

Seokjin pouted, " B-but we just got here..." Seokjin fiddled with his fingers, " I don't wanna go, Jimin " he mumbled.

Jimin sighed sadly, " I know, Jinnke, but Jungkook and I will take you home with us. " he ruffled the littles hair.

" Tae...what about him? I want my brother! " Seokjin shouted, he was near tears as he curled into himself. Jimin didn't like that and kissed the crown of Seokjin head, coercing the little to sit in his lap, " Ah-don't cry, Seokjin, Taehyung will be okay. We'll find a home for him too. I promise. " Jimin whispered.

There was a knock the window, Jungkook waving at the two, " Hey, it's time. Seokjin we can do it here instead of going to the scary room, you like that idea?" Jungkook asked, then walked into the playroom.

Jimin smiled and rubbed Seokjin's back smoothly, the little melting into the touch, " Hmmm, yes please " he smiled.

Jungkook nodded, and sat down criss cross in front if the two, a notepad in hand. He pulled a pen from his coat pocket and oped the notepad, " Seokjin, I'm going to ask you some things, okay? I need you to be honest about every single one, okay? " Jungkook asked nicely, smiling bunny smile.

Seokjin giggled and pointed at Jungkook, " Bunny! " , he looked up at Jimin who was smiling down at him.

Jungkook chuckled, nodding his head humorously, " I get that a lot, actually. I'm glad I could make you smile"

Jimin looked from Seokjin's happy fade to Jungkook, the two sharing a knowing look, " Yeah, Jungkook and I wanna make you smile all the time. "

" We do. " the younger confirmed, " Okay, let's get to the questions, " Jungkook scribbled onto the paper. " How long have you been with Kim Namjoon? That's you previous owners name " Jungkook asked, his voice light and careful.

At the mention the of the dark and cruel man, Seokjin reached out for Jimin's hand, " I don't know...a long time for sure. Tae and I met because of him after he took me..." the little trailed off.

Sudden weariness and fear emitted off from the little , alerting the two care takers that Seokjin was uncomfortable and upset.

Jimin sprung to action, " Hey, it's okay, little one. You don't have to answer if you don't want too " Jimin spoke lightly and sweetly.

Jimin ran a soothing hand over Seokjin's bare arms, Jungkook smiling fondly at the scene, " Are you cold, Seokjin? Here-" Jungkook was pulling his hoodie off.

The little wore a baby pink, diy, crop top. Jimin chuckled softly at the uneven line, from where Seokjin's cut the shirt, just above his belly button, and long black leggings covers his legs. The little shyly accepted the hoodie, scooting out of Jimin's lap to move closer to Jungkook. Jimin sighed in relief, his leg had gone numb, and he quickly stretched his legs.

" Come here, little one " Jungkook coxed, " It might be big, " he warned.

He opens the head hole wider and Seokjin slipped his head through easily, Jungkook helping his arms through the arm holes, the little blushed.

" Ready, next question, is he you're father? " Jimin asked.

" No. "

Jungkook scribble onto the notepad, " Your age and birthday? "

" December 4, 1994. I'm 23 "

Jimin and Jungkook looked at each other knowingly and then smirked. After a series of questions the interrogation was over, Jungkook put the notebook to the side, and cleared his throat.

" Seokjinnie, " the little blushed at the name, " Jimin and I wanna adopt you. We want to take you home and we you to be our little. " Jungkook hesitantly took Seokjin's hand in his, " Will you be our little? "

Seokjin stared flabbergasted, he didn't know what to say, both care takers were staring at him with anticipation. A hopeful glint in their mocha brown eyes, Seokjin's felt pressured. Like all their hopes, dreams, and happiness relied on him, it was enough to make him cry. Seokjin's throat tighten and burned , like a fire had been set off, and brown honey eyes glistening with unshed tears. Seokjin whined and whimpered, unsure of what to do. The little truly wanted to go with Jimin and Jungkook, but what about Taehyung. His older brother who endured hell from the both of them, Seokjin couldn't leave him alone.

Seokjin smiled sadly, " T-taehyung. I c-can't leave him alone. " he chocked out.

Jimin wrapped his arm around Seokjin's back, pulling the little back into his lap, and hugging him close. The position felt natural already, having Seokjin's safety in his arms. " He won't be, baby. Trust us. " Jimin cupped the littles cheeks, " We already have a home for him our friend, Yoongi, he's willing to take Taehyung in . You can come home with us, Seokjin. "

Jimin looked desperately at the little, praying for Seokjin to be theirs. Jimin looked up longingly at Jungkook, " Please baby " Jimin licked his lips nervously, " Seokjin, we'll take care of you. And Yoongi will take care of Taehyung, I promise. " Jimin swore.

Seokjin glanced between Jungkook and Jimin, unsure of what he should, the weight on his shoulders felt heavier. Before he could stop himself Seokin was sobbing, his breathing erotic and rugged. Tears streaming down his already puffy and swollen cheeks. Jimin panicked not knowing what else to do but pull the little into his arms, shushing the little quietly. Guilt flooded the two care takers systems, as their most prized possession broke down in front of them.

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Jimin and Jungkook stood outside Taehyung's hospital room, the tension between the two painfully obvious to the nurses, and doctors walking past them in the hall.
The couple trying to keep their argument in hushed voices.

" Jimin, iv'e been clear from the beginning- " Jungkook tries to explain but is cut from his upset husband.

" So, what? " he shrugged, " You're just gonna-leave toss them out in the world? " he stressed. " They don't know anything, Jungkook! how could you just..." Jimin's voice cracked at the force of his emotions. He sniffles roughly and doesn't give jungkook a second glance.

Jungkook sighs deeply and pinches the bridge of his nose, " Jimin, it's not that we won't we be able to support them, know how much I work. You've almost left me for that very reason! If you couldn't what makes you think two littles can?" he argued back, obvious frustrated with his husband.

Jimin hurriedly wiped the few tears that ran down his face, he didn't want to agree with jungkook and admit that he is right. They weren't able to care for two littles, and that was breaking Jimin. Jungkook was a true workaholic, yes they both worked for the same thing and company, but Jungkook worked a different potion then Jimin,who was a regular field worker. Jungkook worked in the field and behind the desk. He takes care of the paperwork with each mission and what would happen to the littes that they would save from the streets. In the begging of their marriage two years ago they were at the brink of getting divorce. Jimin was feeling neglected, physically, yes Jungkook told jimin how much he loved and cherished him. But it hurt more when he had to go to bed alone, cook for two and eat dinner alone, jimin always felt second to jungjkook' s job.

But Jimin was selfish sometimes.

" B-but i could- " he started.

"Jimin! " jungkook yelled, a few nureses looking thier way, " No. I'm sorry, but no.. it would just hurt them more " his soften at the end, his face soften when he looked at his husband with his head hanging low. The caregiver reached out to cup his face but Jimin stepped back and harshly slapped his and away. Jungkook sighed and accepted the rejection and walked into the injured littles room. Leaving Jimin to take a moment to himiself, Jungkook was sleeping on the couch for the rest of the week.

Seokjin turned around the sound of the door opening and jungkook smiled at him softly. " Hi " he said softly, his hand holding his brothers.

Jungkook walked up to the two sit beside Seokjin in a hospital chair, " Hi, sweetie. How's he been? "

Seokjin sucked a shaky breath in, " I don't know, Miss Lisa said Tae is really hurt. " he said sadly and then " It's all my fault. " the little burst into tears.

Jungkook rushed out his seat and pulled Seokjin into his strong chest, " Oh sweetie, shh. Nothing is your fault " he promised the little, who wrapped both arms around jungkook's middle. The elder rocked back and forth to sooth the little.

Jungkook didn't turn when the door opened again and hurried footsteps rushed to the two and Jimin was kneeling down next to the pair, " What happen?!" he exclaimed, looking to jungkook for an explanation.

The little turned ot jimin at the sound of his voice and sobbed harder, reaching out to him, "It's all my fault why Tae is sick." jimin caught the little easily, seokjin knicking the two back, and settled on the floor with the little on his arms.

" Oh baby, baby no " he said softly leaning back, " Look at me, please " he asked. Seokjin hesitantly looked up at the caregiver. Eyes swollen and tremblig lips, Jimin's heart broke at the sight and cupped the littles face, " Good, baby, good. Now, listen to me, it's not your falt. Taehyung was keeping you safe, you can't be sad that he loves so much right? " he smiled softly and continued, " Taehyung got hurt but kookie and I are gonna help you and your brother. So i want you to remember that none of this is your fault, and we took you from the bad man, so no one will ever hurt you or Taehyung again. "

The little nodded and weekly, " Okay, okay. " he leaned his head on Jimin's shoulder like a toddler would.

Jungkook sat on the floor and sat next to Jimin, the little reaching out to hold his hands, which jungkook gladly took. The three stayed that way and Seokjin would softly tell the couple about how sweet his older brother was and other fond memories. It relaxed the little but the next few words shocked the couple.

" Can i stay with you Jiminie, and kookie? "