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Broken Body Standing Strong

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Akari screamed as the pain coursed through her body. The Daemonia’s spike had ripped through both clothing and flesh as easily as if they were both nothing but tissue paper stretched across the path of a charging rhinoceros. As her fingers released her sword and her body stumbled to the ground there was a part of her mind that was aware of the fact that this was her fault. She’d gotten careless and had missed the attack coming from the side when she’d been focused on what was in front of her.

“No,” Luna cried out.

Turning her head, Akari watched Luna run to her. Luna’s claws slashed at a spike that was about to hit her and continued running toward Akari, at one point even briefly dropping to all fours. The visible reminders of Luna’s time as a Daemonia stung at Akari even through the pain, but the fact that the quiet girl had managed to turn them into tools to make herself stronger outweighed any sort of emotional pain.

“I’m here,” Luna said as she dropped to her knees by Akari’s side. Akari looked up at her face, watched her canine ears following the sound of the fighting even as Luna’s moonlit eyes focused on her. “Oh no,” Luna said softly reaching out to the wound.

“Luna-chan, what’s wrong?” Akari asked.

“Nothing! Don’t worry. It’ll all be alright,” Luna said quickly, too quickly. The magic of the Moon Tarot began to envelop Akari, attempting to knit together broken and torn flesh, blood, and possible bone.

A sort of numbness crawled over Akari. She turned her gaze away from Luna and back to the fight. Seira and Ginka were keeping the Daemonia busy and away from Luna and Akari. It was getting harder to focus her vision, even on the fighting. She felt her eyes slowly begin to close.

“No, stay awake. You have to stay awake,” Luna pleaded.

Akari’s eyes snapped back open. The other two girls were strong, skilled, but they’d been fighting Daemonia non-stop for the past week. All of them were getting tired and it showed. What should have been a short fight had been dragging on.

“We need to help them, Luna-chan,” Akari said. Even though she could barely stay conscious she valiantly struggled to get to her feet.

“No, you don’t understand. That spike, it went through your chest. Your ribs, I-I can see them broken. If you move too much one of them might pierce your lungs or heart. I can’t heal you if you die!” Luna cried out.

“I-I have an idea. Luna-chan, don’t try to heal the injury. Use… use your vines, have them hold the broken bones in place,” Akari gasped out.

“I don’t know if I can do something on that small of a scale.”

“Yes, you can, you’ve been practicing. I know you can do this,” Akari reassured Luna with a smile as bright as the sun itself.

Luna took a steadying breath before nodding. She began to work as Akari tried her best to stay still. It hurt. It hurt more than almost any other physical pain that she’d ever had to endure, but it was nothing compared to the other forms of pain that Akari had experienced in her life.

“There, I think-Yes, I’m done,” Luna said.

Akari pushed herself slowly to her feet, picking up her sword once more. It still hurt, it hurt so much, but she could stand and she wasn’t feeling any fresh pain. Akari turned her sword around and put the hot blade to her flesh. She screamed as the heat in her sword scorched her skin closed, stopping the bleeding.

“Let’s go help them, Luna-chan.” Akari smiled as she took Luna by the clawed hand and rushed into battle once more. Even if Akari wasn’t at full strength at least Luna wouldn’t have to spend all of her time and energy trying to heal her. Three Elemental Tarot Users against the Daemonia was better than two.

Besides, Akari reminded herself, she could always provide a diversion for the other girls, distract the Daemonia for them. Until her body was nothing but dust she’d do anything she could to protect and help the other girls, her friends.